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THE SONG = AMANDA KALETSKY WAIT If I had to climb the highest mountain-Alone Cross the sea-Would you wait for me.. With no word, no answer Tell me would you wait for me Because I have broken down my barriers and taken down my walls Took down my fortress, for you You can find yourself in somebody else And they can help you see Oh your true emotion shining through to the heart of me - Because I have to go now for a time And I don’t know how and-If you tell me to, ill come back for you Just tell me you will wait for me ‌

THE SONG = AMANDA KALETSKY WAIT Because I have broken down my barriers and taken down my walls Took down my fortress, for you You can find yourself in somebody else-And they can help you see Oh your true emotion shining through to the heart of me Because I have broken down my barriers and taken down my wallsTook down my fortress, for you You can find your self in somebody else, they can help you see Oh your true emotion shining through, To the heart of me You can break my heart in a million ways, Please no tonight You can be who you want to be - Be here with me Be you with me.

ARTIST -Name = Amanda Kaletsky -  Surrounded by a love of music at an early age, Amanda trained as a classical violinist from the age of four. Amanda eventually found a personal balance in singing/songwriting. Nurtured by influences such as Joni Mitchell her music ranges from blues inspired love songs to power-driven pop hits, all carried by her emotional vocal performances. -  Her song “Everything Lies” off of her second EP, “Between You & Me” was featured on season 3 of MTV’s “The Hills” -  She was also recently hand-picked by Coldplay to open for the band in her home state of Connecticut at the XL Center. -  Amanda is currently working on a third, fulllength, while continuing to perform at a variety of venues in the Northeast

THE IDEA = NARRATIVE The idea will be a simple narrative concept with a surreal twist at the end. The music video will start of with a couple asleep bed . The Husband will wake up to a letter near his bed which he Picks up and reads. It's a suicide note from his girlfriend which he is being dishonest with and abusing .While his reading the note the video zooms into the letter and actually shows the emotions that the girl Is feeling and what she’s gone through. These scenes will include : 1)The girl crying feeling isolated after a row , she heads out by Her self to get away for a bit. 2)Walking in Central London by her self, also miming to some of The lyrics while playing a guitar – feeling isolated 3)Getting abuse/shouted at 4)Imagery of Loneliness – Single shots in black and white We then cut back to her boyfriend who then wake’s up from the dream that he just had and realises that he is wrong (this is shown by him putting his hand on his face etc.) he looks at his girlfriend with a ‘sorrow face’ who is next to him facing the other way he kisses the girls head and goes back to sleep .. The Twist: But its too late as the camera zooms out of the room shutting the door in the end it reveals that the women cut her self to death and has left the suicide note next to her.

THE IDEA BROKEN UP IN 4 STAGES 1st shot opens up in a room with the couple


and final will be back into the room where the twist is revealed. THE SHOTS

3rd will be the imagery shown behind the letter : the two cross over shots between the women’s abuse and her time in central London

2nd the boyfriend finds the letter and reads it

RELATED ITEM'S This is a similar shot which I will have .This shot shows how the women is in the room trying to block the door so her abusive boyfriend can not enter the room and hurt her. We see a lot of emotion in this picture and the women's venerability is portrayed really well. We can see the aggression and anger in the mans body language

We can see she is hurt as she cry's fearing for her life . This shot shows someone on a train standing up while others are sitting down which makes her stand out from every one else. This is similar to a shot I would do as she is ‘alone; and also ‘ignored’ as others sit around her. I think a scene like this in the music video will show how isolated and how much she is shut away from every one because the only person feels that she can talk to his her boyfriend.

THE LYRICS AND THE CONTRAST To get the audience feeling the mood of this song there will be a good link between the lyrics and the visuals which the video will show . Here are just two examples ‌. the song’s lyrics say 'i have to go now , for a time' which can suggest an imagery of someone trying to take their own life , the video can be showing all the bad experience that the character is going through as this part of the lyrics plays. The end of the song tells us that she has been hurting = 'you can break my heart in a million ways , but please not tonight' she tells us that someone is breaking her heart or even hurting her but they cant tonight .. Because she will be ending her pain , so he cant hurt her anymore. This part of the lyrics are at then end and can parallel with the video showing that she has killed her self.

VISUALS The visuals for this music video was inspired by Ed Sheerans: A-team , I believe that the emotional lyrics in the ‘A-team’ song go very well with the visuals , this includes having the video black and white which shows a more emotional side to the video here is an example : The Ed Sheeran video has a similar shot in which I wish to put in my video . The shot shows lady wondering about in a busy area but still feeling even more lonely really shows the contrast. The tempo of this song is very slow paste and so is the lyrics. The tempo shows the actual feeling's behind the lyrics and also gives the audience a visual of what the video would be about relating the lyrics to - natural instruments , dark , lonely etc. These may be also included in the video…

TARGET AUDIENCE Gender: Both genders as a lot of people can go through similar things– but this video is from a girls prospective so it may attract more female audience.

Location: Worldwide – People are in relationship's all around the world Ethnicity: Any – Everyone no matter what colour can go through similar things shown in the video. Age: 16-30. The video also has a more deep and adult suited scenes/meaning to it so people below 16 may not understand the meaning. Interest: The target audience’s interest can be the music its self as it has some sort of country/ Ballad pop feel towards it which may appeal people from that audience. Also because this is a song about a relationships any one who is in one can be attracted to the song , another reason can also be the natural instruments at the back are being played so any one who plays instrument might think think this is a good song



WHO WILL BE INVOLVED IN MY WORK Involvement : actors The singer is obviously a girl and she will play the lead role. I have chosen ‘Shiriya’ as the singer who will mime to the song and also act out the different scenes through out the hole video. This is because I think she would fit perfectly in the role . Here are Some shots she will doing and certain clothes she could wear =

The singer/character's abusive boyfriend will be played by ‘unconfirmed’ And will only be in various shots , this actor needs to be able to portray the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ character and show a lot of angry and abusive facial expressions . Here are Some shots she will doing and certain clothes he could wear =


The locations of this music video will have two main locations : - The House - Central London

- Central London would be a good idea to film the music video because there is a lot of lighting and a lot of people. Having a lot of people will help to contrast and show the girls isolation even though she is surrounded by many people. The house would be where the shots of the abuse and loneliness that the women goes through. Shooting the central London shots would be at night because the video would look more deep and dark as it would reflect the emotions that the women is going through. The shot of the house will be filmed in somebody's home which we will be getting permission from. The city shots are in public areas which means we will be able to film within standard rules.

EQUIPMENT The equipment which we will use to film the video will be : HDC-HS300 = This is needed to film the scenes for the music video.

Tripod = This will be used to get a more stable shot while trying to keep the video ‘professional’ as possible.

IMAC = This will be used to edit the music video as soon as we get our footage on there. This would be done by an editing software called: IMOVIE

HOW WILL I STICK TO The : MY BUDGET? -Camcorder Sticking to my Budget :

-Tripod -Editing software Will be provided by our 6 form so this will not effect the budget The lead singer may need to purchase certain type of clothing for the video. Special Effect's make up such as the blood from the last scene may also need to be purchased from an arts and crafts shop. The money may also be spent on travel ‘to’ and ‘from’ the locations.


Music Video Pitch  

This is a Pitch in media yr 12 AS

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