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Section 1  –  The  Brief   In  order  to  meet  all  the  requirements   of  unit  23  I  had  to  follow  a  brief.     This  brief  was  set  by  E4  asking  us  to  produce  a  daily  30min  TV  show  that  

will run  during  the  day  and  its  target  audience  would  be  14-­‐20  yr  olds.  In   order  to  do  this  we  had  to  carry  out  different  tasks  firstly  in  pre   production  which  includes  researching  job  roles  for  my  role  and  also  all   the  other  roles  needed  in  the  production  of  a  live  TV  studio  including   jobs  such  as  Director  ,  VT  ,  graphic  mixer  and  even  floor  managers.  After   this  research  we  where  asked  to  represent  our  own  ideas  that  we   would  like  if  we  where  to  produce  a  show.  This  included  typography  ,   visual  ideas  and  even  how  the  running  order  to  should  be.  After  this  the   class  decided  on  one  persons  idea  which  they  thought  was  the  most   appealing  and  most  related  to  the  breif.  After  this  we  where  chocen  for   our  job  roles  and  then  spent  two  weeks  carrying  ourt  different  tasks  on   our  equitment  and  also  making  sure  we  where  practicing  and  getting   ready  for  the  Live  day  which  was  ahead  of  us.  After  the  live  day  I  will   now  evaluate  my  own  preformance  and  also  the  show  as  a  whole.  

Section 1  –  The  Brief   I  think  the  final  production  of  the  show  Trap  Star  meets  the  brief.  One   viewpoint  would  be  the  fact  is  aimed  at  14-­‐20  yr  olds  and  I  believe  that  the  show   provided  enough  entertainment  and  gained  interest  for  that  age  group.   Another  reason  would  be  the  fact  the  show  was  being  out  on  E4  as  a  daily  30   min  show  with  15min  of  live  content.  The  idea  we  had  was  first  thought  of  by   one  of  our  class  members,  she  decided  she  wanted  a  ‘urban  feel’  towards  the   show  as  the  show  was  being  targeted  at  teenagers.  Realting  back  to  the  brief   she  also  came  up  with  a  simple  walkthrough  for  the  show  which  was  later   finalised  and  editied  with  the  director  and  also  helped  put  set  design  ideas.   Looking  at  different  outlooks  of  the  show  I  believe  that  the  show  did  meets  its   target  audience  in  terms  of  what  the  show  was  providing  to  the  audience.  This   included  various  music  videos  and  many  game  shows  which  involves  the  guests   and  viewers  interaction  through  social  networking  sites.  Behind  the  sense  every   one  worked  as  best  as  they  could  to  make  sure  that  the  show  was  running   smoothly.  I  however  do  not  think  that  the  30min  was  used  wisely  as  many  parts   of  the  show  was  being  dragged  and  some  bits  where  also  unnecasry  as  these   moments  could  have  been  used  for  other  segements  which  could  have  been   inputed  into  the  show.  In  the  end  the  show  was  successful  with  a  bit  of   technical  difficulty  and  also  did  look  towards  a  professional  standards.  

Section 1  –  The  Brief   I  believe  that  the  production  team  worked  fairly  well  throughout   the  practice  runs  and  the  final  show.  The  communication  level  was   bad  at  one  point  when  we  started  practicing  for  live  day  and  this   was  because  everyone  was  just  starting  to  get  use  to  their   environment  and  the  equitment  around  them.  The  director  was   also  feeling  the  pressure  as  was  the  person  who  had  to  give  out  the   most  instructions  and  make  sure  that  everything  was  running   smoothy.  The  gallery  in  which  5  crew  members  where  preforming   their  tasks  (VT  ,  Sound  ,  Graphics  ,  Vision  mixer  and  Director)  ,  the   director  was  responsible  for  directing  members  in  the  gallery  and   also  the  floor  manager  and  camera  operators  outside  of  the  gallery   using  a  microphone.  At  first  the  lack  of  communication  and  team   work  was  low  as  the  director  found  it  hard  to  jugle  between  giving   instructions  in  the  gallery  and  also  outside  of  the  gallery.  After  a   couple  practices  everyone  knew  what  they  were  doing  and  also  a   lot  more  comunication  was  traveling  aroun  the  room.  I  felt  at  the   end  of  the  shw  many  of  the  crew  members  felt  comfortable  with   their  job  roles  and  put  in  a  lot  of  team  work  with  members  of  crew   around  them.  

Section 2  –  Self  Evaluation   I  chose  to  be  put  into  the  sound    mixer  job  as  I  felt  that  I  have  had   already  had  basic  knowledge  of  how  the  equitment  worked  and   have  had  expericne  doing  the  same  job  last  year  for  a  year11  live   day.  The  professional  started  of  my  work  I  had  researched   beforehand  on  an  earlier  blog  post  in  which  I  described  all  the   key  duties  and  skills  for  all  the  of  the  crew  members.  The  sound   mixer  has  different  skills  and  responsibility  but  the  sole  purpose   of  the  job  would  have  to  be  making  sure  that  the  sound  is   successful  and  works  all  fine.  The  concentration  of  the  sound   mixer  needs  to  be  at  a  high  standered  as  they  need  to  be  aware   of  everything  which  is  going  on  around  them  ,  this  can  effect  the   output  of  the  final  product.  Qualifications  might  be  needed  to   work  the  sound  mixer  ,  but  overall  the  person  for  this  job  needs   to  be  very  confident  with  the  mixer  and  how  to  use  it.    

Section 2  –  Self  Evaluation    

These are  some  of  the  skills  needed  in  the  job  which  I  stated  on  my  blog  post   while  researching  about  this  specific  job  role.  I  found  out  that  not  a  lot  of   practiucal  skill  is  needed  for  this  job  except  the  fact  that  the  sound  mixer   needs  to  be  able  to  know  what  they  are  using  and  what  each  button  is  used   for  and  when  to  use  it  which  I  already  had  a  basic  knowledge  for.  The  main   skills  needed  for  the  sound  mixer  role  was  concenration  and  being  aware  of   what  is  happening  around  you  so  the  sounds  could  be  played  at  he  right  time.   The  other  skill  would  be  working  under  a  lot  of  pressure  which  I  lacked  as  I   was  very  hesitant  on  what  sound  effect  to  play  when  we  started  on  the  live   day  as  I  have  never  experienced  using  sound  effects  on  a  show.  

Section 2  –  Self  Evaluation    I  believe  i  met  these  expectation  needed   for  this  job  role  in  different  ways.  The   first  would  be  that  I  already  had  some   pre  knowledge  about  the  soundboard   and  what  some  of  the  buttons  and   controls  on  it  meant  ,  this  gave  me  a   more  upper  hand  than  everybody  else.  I   also  believe  having  the  right   concentration  skills  and  being  able  to   take  a  lot  in  at  once  was  a  key  thing  that  I   had  as  someone  working  as  the  sound   manager  needed  a  lot  of  awarness  of   whats  happening  around  them  and  also   being  able  to  make  sure  that  the  sounds   are  also  working.  


Section 2  –  Self  Evaluation  

The improvements  I  could  have  made  to  my  contribution  would  be  firstly  that  I   should  have  worked  more  closely  with  the  director  sorting  out  the  answers   which  the  guests  will  give  during  a  quiz  segment  on  the  show.  My  job  was  to   pick  out  the  sound  effects  for  the  correct  and  wrong  answer  which  would  be   played  when  the  guests  answer  ,  after  I  have  finalised  the  sounds  with  the   director  I  thought  an  answer  script  for  the  guests  was  being  made  in  which  I  can   read  off  on  the  live  day  and  play  the  sounds  at  the  same  time.  When  we  started   the  first  live  week  I  realised  that  they  have  not  make  a  script  for  the  guests  and   that  they  will  be  replying  with  their  own  answers.  This  meant  that  I  had  to  juggle   between  the  sound  and  make  sure  that  the  right  one  is  played  ,  this  put  me  on   more  stress.  On  the  Live  day  however  during  the  test  runs  the  sound  effects   where  being  delayed  and  played  quite  slow  ,  I  knew  that  the  show  wouldn’t  go   according  to  plan  so  in  the  last  minuite  we  decided  to  script  the  answers  for  the   first  quiz  which  helped  a  lot  as  now  I  cold  play  the  sound  effects  at  the  right   time.  Finally  on  the  last  recording  all  went  according  to  plan  except  a  little   mistake  due  to  the  graphics  repeating  its  self  I  played  the  wrong  sound  effect   but  this  was  quickly  stalled  by  the  presenters.  


Section 2  –  Self  Evaluation  

Another improvement  which  I  could  have  made  to  my  contribution  would  be   that  I  could  have  been  more  aware  of  the  equipment  and  done  a  lot  more   Equipment  check  before  the  live  day.  During  this  week  of  rehersals  we  had   some  run  throughs  and  while  practicing  i  only  set  up  two  of  the  four   microphones  which  where  going  to  be  used  on  the  final  day.  When  I  started   setting  up  the  equitment  on  the  final  day  I  realised  that  the  fourth   microphone  was  actually  missing.  This  put  me  under  a  lot  of  pressure  as  it  was   the  final  day  of  filmming  and  this  small  problem  could  ruin  the  final  show.   After  searching  for  another  replacement  which  could  not  be  found  we  came   up  with  a  last  minute  solution  which  was  to  switch  the  mics  during  a  VT  and   when  both  guests  are  speaking  together  this  is  when  we  would  have  one  of   the  guests  to  clip  the  microphone  to  their  sleves  so  in  this  case  both  sounds   from  the  two  guests  could  be  picked  up  with  one  mic.    


Section 2  –  Self  Evaluation   Another  improvement  I  would  have  made  would  be  making  sure  that  I  learnt  more   about  the  equipment  I  was  working  with  ,  even  though  I  did  have  some  experience   with  the  soundboard  most  of  the  equitment  last  year  was  already  set  up  for  me  to   use.  This  year  for  this  project  I  had  to  set  everything  up  when  I  was  using  the   equitment  around  me  and  also  when  I  am  done  with  it  all  put  it  back  into  its   oroiginal  form.I  also  didn’t  know  what  some  buttons  meant  on  the  soundboard  and   this  was  something  that  cost  us  having  to  film  a  segment  of  the  show  again  which   was  the  artists  interview.  I  had  not  realised  that  someone  had  already  pushed  a   button  back  up  down  which  was  meant  to  be  down  because  this  was  the  button   that  allowed  the  sound  being  picked  up  from  the  mics  to  be  recorded  onto  the   video.  After  the  segment  was  recorded  we  foud  out  that  the  sound  was  not   recorded  so  we  had  to  do  this  interview  again.  

Section 2  –  Self  Evaluation   The  challenge's  I  faced  during  production  was  that  I  thought  I   would  be  more  confident  with  juggling  the  sound  effects  but  as  I   came  to  terms  with  using  the  sound  board  an  extra  feture  which   was  the  mac  put  me  in  more  pressure  as  I  now  needed  to  control   both  the  sound  board  and  the  mac.  This  was  something  I  found   hard  as  I  have  never  used  the  mac  connected  to  the  soundboard   before.  Another  challenge  which  I  faced  was  working  under  a  lot   of  pressure  as  like  everyone  else  was  taking  a  lot  of  instructions   from  different  directions  which  is  why  every  one  had  to  react   quickly  .    

Section 2  –  Self  Evaluation   The  Solutions  for  my  first  struggle  was  that  I  learnt  on  controlling   both  the  sound  board  and  the  mac  together.  During  the  first  half   of  the  Live  day  I  was  able  to  get  to  grips  with  using  both  and   making  sure  my  concentration  towards  both  equipment  was  good   but  even  though  I  was  struggling  I  found  a  keyboard  short  cut   which  I  could  use  rather  than  having  to  move  the  mouse  which   causes  me  more  frustration.  The  second  problem  was  also  quickly   resolved  as  I  got  use  to  handling  directions  from  the  director  and   the  graphics  by  making  sure  that  I  was  sticking  to  the  script  and  I   knew  what  time  each  crew  member  would  talk  or  give  me   direction  so  I  could  get  ready  for  it.  

Section 2  –  Self  Evaluation  

I think  during  production  I  gained  a  lot  of  variety  of  skills  and  here  are  some  that  I  have   stated  :    

-­‐Communication: I  think  I  gained  a  lot  of  communication  skills  ,  I  think  the  most  important  skill   gained  was  communication  within  a  team.  I  was  working  in  the  gallery  with  4  other  crew   members.I  believe  we  all  worked  together  fairly  well  and  communication  was  very  important   as  the  director  who  was  part  of  the  gallery  had  to  give  directions  to  everyone  and  everyone   had  to  response  very  fast.   Team  work:  I  think  I  learnt  a  lot  of  team  work  skills  as  everyone  had  to  work  with  each  other   and  carry  out  different  tasks  and  also  accomplish  their  own  goals  ,  an  example  for  this  would   be  when  the  graphics  and  the  sound  effects  need  to  go  together  the  graphics  person  who   was  ‘Keren’  gave  me  an  early  single  so  I  could  get  ready  to  play  the  music  along  with  the   graphics.   Under  pressure:  :  other  skill  i  have  gained  is  working  under  pressure  i  had  a  lot  of  pressure  put   on  me  on  the  Live  day  with  dealing  with  last  minute  changes  but  i  believed  i  handled  it  well   and  its  one  of  the  key  skills  i  have  learnt  during  the  live  day.   Meeting  deadlines  :  I  think  during  pre  production  we  was  set  work  every  week  such  as  the   relflection’s  which  we  had  to  put  on  our  blog  ,  this  did  also  help  me  build  my  deadline  skill  up   as  I  stuck  to  all  the  deadlines.   Working  with  equipment:  I  believe  I  also  gained  an  aditional  skil  which  is  gaining  more   knowledge  about  the  equitment  used  for  sound  on  a  live  TV  studio  and  I  also  learnt  how  to   use  them.  This  gave  me  basic  knowledge  which  I  can  apple  to  future  job  roles  in  the  future.  

Section 3  –  Final  Production   Practical  Reasons  :   Studio:  

I believe  that  the  studio  when  first  planned  and  stated  was  a  very  creative  and  good  idea.   The  idea  was  to  have  an  urban  and  funky  feel  towards  the  studio  set  This  was  a  great  idea   as  it  would  appeal  to  the  brief  and  the  target  audience  which  are  14-­‐20  year  olds.  The  set   was  also  presented  similar  or  the  same  style  as  the  set  that  can  be  seen  on  the  popular   channel  4  magazine  show  called  ‘T4’.  


As you  can  see  from  the  example  I  have  chosen  the  T4  Show  really   has  a  variety  of  color's  in  the  background.  We  also  have  a  vintage   looking  sofa  which  also  matches  with  the  set  and  the  theme  of  the   show  aimed  at  young  adults  and  teenagers.  

Our final  out  come  of  the  set  on  Trap  star  was  maybe  not   as  planned  as  many  things  where  lacking  such  as  color  and   props  as  we  used  a  black  background  ,  sofa  for  the  guests   and  director  chairs  for  the  presenters  with  instruments  at   the  back.  I  thought  it  should  have  had  a  lot  more  variety  of   props  and  colors  to  make  it  appeal  to  its  target  audience  ,   but  I  also  understand  that  this  was  based  in  a  classroom   which  we  had  to  keep  in  mind  as  not  a  huge  studio  was   used  and  we  had  to  keep  into  limits  with  props.  This  is  why   I  believe  as  an  end  result  we  tried  out  best  and  the  set   including  the  lighting  was  very  creative.  

Section 3  –  Final  Production   The  Coverage  of  action:   The  coverage  of  action  on  our  Trap  Star  was  also  done  fairly  well  as  we  used  three   locations  one  was  at  the  start  of  the  show  when  the  presenters  where  introducing  the   show  while  walking  along  the  corridor  ,  and  the  other  was  the  main  studio  and  finally   the  rate  and  slate  wall.   The  studio  was  the  main  basic  set  up  and  a  very     simple  camera  angles  where  used.  Right  next  to     the  studio  was  the  rate  and  slate  wall  ,  this  was  a     segment  of  the  show  when  the  presenters  and     guest  rate  and  slate  latest  muisc  ,  news  and     artists.  This  was  influenced  by  the  hit  tv  show     callled  ‘Top  gear’  in  which  they  also  had  a  wall  in   which  they  add  names  to  .  Because  we  do  not   have  a  sperate  camera  for  this  the  coverage  of   action  was  made  sure  by  camera  2  panning  as  the   guest  walks  towards  this  part  of  the  studio.  

Section 3  –  Final  Production   Multi  Camera  use   I  believe  that  the  multi  camera  use  in  the  final  production  of  Trap  Star  was  used  very   wisely  and  controlled  very  well  by  the  director  and    the  vision  mixer.  The  multi  camera   used  across  the  show  where  set  up  on  three  camera.  This  was  the  basic  set  up  …   During  filming  the  shows  where  also   transformed  with  close  ups  also  on  each   guest  or  presenter  to  show  more   creativness  and  different  shot  angles.   This  gave  a  lot  of  flow  to  the   conversation  and  keeeping  in  mind  that   teenagers  and  young  adults  where   watching  the  show  never  kept  hold  of   one  shot  for  a  long  time  because  people   would  get  very  bored.   Action  wise  everything  was  picked  up  from  all  three  cameras  and  as  the  show  was  being   similtaniously  recorded  the  three  camera  operators  did  their  best  to  fit  eveyything  into   their  shots.  I  also  think  when  the  presenter  had  to  get  up  and  walk  over  to  the  rate  and   slate  wall  for  that  part  of  the  segment  the  panning  of  the  camera  was  a  good  idea   because  it  added  and  showed  more  intrest  and  creativness  to  the  how.    

Section 3  –  Final  Production   Visual  Style  &  Maintaining  viewer  interest:   Maintaining  viewer  interest  through  out  the  show  was   quite  hard  as  it  was  only  a  30  min  show  which  meant   everything  had  to  move  in  fairly  swiftly.  This  why  to   keep  a  viewers  intrest  a  lot  of  things  where  cut  out  and   replaced  with  during  pre-­‐production  until  the  director   decided  on  a  final  running  order  for  Trap  Star.   Audience  interaction  was  also  put  in  to  mke  sure  that  the   viewer  intrest  was  kept  and  also  that  there  was  some   audience  interaction  representeed  in  the  show  which  meant   that  the  audience  also  has  an  input  to  the  show  .Other  ways   in  which  the  viewers  intrest  was  kept  would  have  been  that   the  different  segments  which  was  put  into  the  show.  These   would  be  things  like  the  ‘rate  and  slate’  wall  and  also  the  quiz   which  involved  the  guests  and  also  the  presenters.  These  are   also  part  of  what  made  the  viewers  interest  .  



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