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Editorial Team.... Education fosters and brings out inherent capabilities and talents in us. The rigid educational structure rooted in mere bookish learning has become a thing of bygone era. The present day world demands vistas of creativity and imagination. Our school magazine is the site where imagination meets creativity, thoughts meet expression. We are happy to note that the students have enthusiastically given vent to their creative talent and self expression in the form of articles, stories, poems, drawing & painting. It is the freedom of expression that matters most in the present technocratic world which has turned human beings into passive numb recipients. A creative mind can break the shackles of all adverse forces that hamper individual development. Let all be awakened into that heaven "Where words come out from the depth of truth". Open the doors of that heaven which beckons you with creativity and self expression. Be expressive and the school magazine is the apt medium for that. The Magazine provides a platform for the children and teachers to express their feelings and imagination, to that its brilliance engulfs the dark spots.The views and expressions in form of writeups and poems are individual and personal contributions.


Surabhi Jain

Pawandeep Kaur

Patrons....the GUIDING LIGHT...

Mr. Pramod Maheshwari Director

Mr. Om Maheshwari Director

I feel extremely happy to see in you children a motivated lot. Your passion for excellence, ability to learn and guidance determines your success. The systematic approach, helps you to gain knowledge and inculcate a positive attitude, self belief and high level of confidence. It is our endeavour always to provide you children a student centric learning environment to stimulate intellectual development, analytical thinking and competitive ability. Always bear in mind that your own resolution to achieve success is more important than any other thing. To gain success a world of opportunities for gaining knowledge is a must. And that is why, it is important to persistently work towards reigning in your dreams to convert them to reality. So, don't be afraid of the hardships.

Thoughts that arise in us manifest themselves into actions. The quality of thought is ordered by the nature of our inner "belief" and "Faith" and "self discipline". No personal success, achievement or goal can be realized without self discipline which is singularly the most important attribute needed to achieve any excellence or outstanding performance. To possess it is to be able to make the decisions, take the actions and execute your game plan regardless of the obstacles, discomfort or difficulties that may come your way. Learn how to focus your mind on your goals and persevere until they are accomplished.

Mr. Shailendra Maheshwari Joint Director

Mr. Mithilesh Dixit Senior Vice President

Many time in crucial situation we feel that we cannot achieve anything but if we try continuously with best of our efforts we can come out of that situation and can achieve our goal. So results can be molded as per our needs but it requires a sincere and continous labor. I would rather say a logical approach or smart hard work, be logical and be a winner

When your grow up let it be said of you, when you were born the angels got together and said "It seems we have achieved perfection...."

Global Public School The Team Inspiring hearts and equipping young minds to serve humanity. Global Public School aspires to make learning a whole new experience, where every child learns in an environment of joy and motivation – one that nourishes latent talents and develops full potential.The school endeavors to inspire and empower our students to be lifelong harness, critical thinkers and productive members of an ever changing global society. Students are encouraged to channelize their potential in the pursuit of excellence holistically. The school plans to sensitize the ethics and cultural value of students. We have always tried to uplift the morale of our students. The mentors and students have always proceeded further making their alma mater proud.

As the world we inhabit continues to change, educators must frequently re-evaluate the goals of education, and the type of ‘minds’ we wish to cultivate. Though the vital goal for school education remains academic excellence within the disciplines, the future holds other important components as well.I firmly believe that it is through the alliance of such individuals that we will be able to acquire a happy world. Our first school magazine ‘Globazine’ is the mirror of the pulsating life of the school, a window to the thoughts and views of students through their imaginative expressions. I wish all the students past and present, a purposeful future and the institution many more milestones of glory and fame. Mrs. Sumati Paliwal

The edition of Globazine is a compilation of activities in GPS related to academic, literary, cultural, sport and games which gives us an overall view of active involvement of students, parents and staff in achieving the best possible. Mrs. Mamta Sharma

My message to you is that you have to study not to succeed but to be eligible. You have to show people the hidden talent in you. All the best, keep on studying and be happy. Mrs. Vijaya Khandelwal

Failure doesn't mean you were dumb to try, it means that you had the courage to explore and experiment to see that would work and what not. Remember: - To achieve anything in life you need courage. And courage is something you can never lose. It is something that you can always choose. Mrs. Namrata Vijay

Thank you for bringing these distinctive, delightful gifts which assure us that you all will join hands to meet the emerging challenges and will continue to contribute towards making yourselves and Global move towards dynamic, responsive and sensitive to the future demands. Mrs. Jonaki Datta 3

Mentorial... The School magazine is a consolidation of epitome of student's creativity and thoughts and ideas of young minds. We believe in introspection of this magazine, to find that each Globalite is loaded with talents, some qualities that they could share with others and thereby enrich them. They are not merely a face in the crowd. We are happy to note that the strict academic schedule has not killed the student's ability of self-expression which marks the beginning of human freedom. We take this opportunity to offer our special thanks to our dedicated Contributed By: Anshika Bhandhari Class (X-A)

Mayank Jha Class (X-A)

Mohit Yadav Class (X-A)

management for her constant support and guidance in publication of Stuti Maheshwari Class (X-B)

this magazine.



Down The memory Lane Memories of My Child's GPS - Our GPS

Along with a humble beginning, this school gave me respect and a promise to inspire my child to go higher and higher and to teach my child that how to travel on to the path of achievement and how to climb the mountain of difficulties and reach the summit of success. I think this school is a package of a sum total of all activities which are like flowing water which fills the heart of children with happiness and washes their brains with knowledge.

In this school many activities along with the studies are organized which is very good for the children who inspite of studies can build up their career into different vocations and inspire children. Here the system of learning and teaching is comprehensive and creative. This school has implemented the devised new CCE pattern which is very helpful for the children also. When my child came in this school she was very weak in studies and inactive in class. Humble nature of teachers and a good and

The child's perspective With a sweet and a wonderful starting, this school promised to the parents that they will teach their child how to become a successful person in life. Teachers flow like the great milky way in the sky. They flourish their students with warmth of love, knowledge, and show them the path to reach the summit of success. The teachers here first see in their students a seed which wants to burst out with happiness and grow and develop in a beautiful tree of knowledge. They want their teacher to fulfill their requirements and acknowledge them to achieve its aim. Here I have learnt that one should be always selfless and eager to outstretch his endeavor till the optimum level of his power. They taught us that the real and meaningful aspect of life, is charity and being compassionate towards others. We also learnt that one should scatter the seed of courage, honesty and patience to have lovely flowers of success. One should be 5

particular about the quality of seeds that he/she scatter today so that one is able to harvest a rewarding tomorrow! Contributed By: - Aasiya Mansoori (VIII-A)

Expressions by: Mehul Gautam, Class (VIII-B)

Expressions by: Pratiksha Naniwal, Class (V-C)

cheerful environment has transformed my child completely. My child who didn't come in top 10 ranks is now stepping ahead on the path of success and comes into the list of top three. I am very happy with this. After ten years this school has kept its promise and I am proud to be a member of the Great Global family. Contributed By: Mrs Shabina Mansoori Mother of Aasiya Mansoori - VIII-A

GPS is a school which incorporates into its pupil's not o n l y g o o d education but also good values. Being a student of GPS, I have everything the teachers, friends, and infrastructure. The best part is healthy and competitive environment since the kick start of school in 2002, I have been here. All these years, I have met a host of loving and loved teachers who have guided me in life. I have also made a lot of friends without whom perhaps my school life would not have been memorable. In addition, there is the large number of activities held at the school. Be it Teacher's Day, Annual Function, Sports day, Fete, Dandia Mahotsav, Inter house competitions like folk dance, debate, mock parliament etc. I am sure I will remember everyone of it forever. GPS has provided me the opportunity to recognise my talents and use them in a positive manner. For this I will be grateful to the GPS family. Contributed By:- Anupreksha Jain (IX-B)


My idea of dream school If I were to draw up our list of miracles and moments then at the apex would be definitely "The moments at School". A "Dream school" is just a 'Home away from Home', soothing, warm and cozy‌.. with an exquisite locale‌.. and exciting ambience. Classes would be held in the breezy out doors! Shantiniketan style! And a big garden full of bloomy flowers, litchi , mango and star fruit trees. My Dream school would be where every child could discover him/her self anew. Let him discover the inborn talent, the uniqueness and specialty that has been instilled by God. Every child must enjoy studies. It could be simply anything ranging from painting, dancing, singing to tickling the mind in gadgets or just even playing with butterflies. The kid would do the job of his own interest so that he

gets the 100% out of it. Every child must explore himself or else learning without fun is like a bird given food but trapped in a big cage or in other words I should say it would be burying the enthusiasm of the kid. Even at a tender age, if the child is able to sweat out and hone his skills, only then can he carve a niche for himself in his favorite vocation. My Dream school would mould every kid in such a way that positive tendencies are manifested in him, 'The thought of care and concern.' Full of cocurricular activities and sports. In this Herculean world, the child would be Expressions by: able to cultivate a healthy sense of Stuti Maheshwari, Class (X-B) humour. Having lived in such a euphoric environment, I would automatically have the anxiety and longing to come back to my Alma mater and tell this world my wondrous moments at my school. Contributed By:- Stuti Maheshwari (X-B)

THE FLIP SIDE Expressions by: Khushboo Agarwal , Class (V-C)

My dear students today I want to share all my feelings while I teach you in the classes. I too had spent these glorious days which you all are enjoying now. All the flashes of my school life capture my mind when I see you smiling, laughing and fighting even for the very small things. How these small things

were important for us when we too were kids. I remember the times, when teacher used to scold us, when we don't do the homework, when we talk too much in the class and even when we ate someone else's lunch in the class. Friends used to be the most important part of our school life. Sharing tiffins, fighting for notebooks, tantrums to classmates, laughing uselessly and getting serious for stupid things. Participating in school activities was most awesome. Waiting for the next day to tell our feelings and happenings to our best friends. Revealing others secrets, teasing the friends, tuning ourselves on the latest songs, giving excuses for not bringing the books, cycle race, waiting for the bell to ring in boring subjects or boring teachers, whispering in others ears and escaping from the teachers in

fear of punishments. All friends are placed in jobs and some are married with families. This part of life is the best. What we learn in school days is memorable. So students enjoy this life but concentrate in your studies too as it will decide your future. Realize the importance of these small things. They will never comeback again. No more childhood friends, no more masti and fun. No fightings on the weird things, more money to spend but no more friends to share, no more parents scolding us and even no teachers to guide you. This is the life when you get mature and grow up. So, do all the things which you are supposed to do and be happy. Be achievers in life. Contributed By: - Kirti Gandhi (Faculty) 6


The idea of MY ideal Teacher A teacher in a student's life is like a gem in the jewellery. Today as the world is going fast; it's the teachers who have the ultimate responsibility of shaping a child's future. In my tenth and probably the last year, when I'll be called a school student, I can summarise what all a perfect teacher should have. I have come across from most strict and discipline loving teachers to most lenient but still practical teachers. I think a teacher should be fully devoted to students, like a candle is to light. If he is so, then it doesn't matter whether he is strict or lenient. It is a known saying that "what teacher is, is more important than what he teaches." One other attractive quality should be the way he talks to students. A teacher being energetic will not be ignored by even worst of students. There should be practicality in what he says a proper systematic approach in what he does, and a model to behold. For me a teacher is not the one who comes to class, takes a lecture, makes us learn the concept and helps us to score in exam. God has been kind enough to bless us with brain of unlimited potential. But it is the teacher who tells us how to use that mind. Therefore, a teacher should have a quality to motivate the pupils, he should not only tell what is right or wrong, and he should also explain it why a certain act is undesirable. Today every kid finds his inspiration in film personalities, sports stars and philosophers. Rarely do they take their teacher as their idol. In my view, every teacher has his own qualities and drawbacks. Throughout his career, whether he is a HOD or a simple subject teacher, he shouldn't feel ashamed to ask his students the areas where he can improve. Today, the students of my generation don't want to enter teaching profession, so all my readers I'll end, stating that Teaching is not a lost profession it's the respect Expressions by: Twinkle Sachdev, Class (X-B) from our side which is lost .Contributed By:- Mayank Jha (X-A)

Teaching Children the Art of Self-Control

Of the responsibilities parents tacitly accept when they bring a child into the world perhaps the most important is teaching how to regulate thoughts, emotions and behaviour. u The term

self-control describes the conscious effort to change behaviour, while self-regulation encompasses this as well as more automatic processes- and both are important in human development.

u Self-regulation

includes conscious, purposeful decisions to direct emotional responses, attention or behaviour by replacing an unconscious, automatic action with one that requires thought and effort, such as in delaying gratification or controlling anger.

u Automatic self-regulation is the control of thought, emotion

or behaviour without conscious, purposeful intent. It's possible to convert self-control from conscious to automatic, and to carry out the automatic response rapidly, even under stress. u Self-regulatory Expressions by: Ishita Sharma, Class (X-B)


strategies seem to be learned as a result of positive encouragement from parents Contributed By: .Manan Bordia (VI-C)


Discipline The Student Perspective

Expressions by: Alina Saher, Class (V-C)


he concept of discipline is as old as man's desire to form society. In fact, discipline is pre-requisite of civilized life. It is indispensable to peaceful and orderly social life. The sun rises and sets, the moon waxes and wanes, the night follows the day in due order. All these phenomenon are governed by some law of nature. Because of discipline there is perfect harmony and beauty in nature. Discipline is the very condition of progress, stability and strength. Discipline in all walks of human life. The strength or weakness of a nation can be judged by the presence or absence of discipline in the national life of its people. Discipline is the national virtue of great people. It is the sign of the greatest national strength. Our happiness and safety lies in training of the mind and has to come from within. Thus, Wise men preach discipline, Great man practice it while fools defy it. Contributed By: Astha Gandhi (VIII-B)

The Teachers Perspective Discipline is one of the biggest problems that every parent faces. You probably have wondered. "Was I too harsh?" "Did I do the right thing when I spanked?" "Am I being too easy on my children?" or "What on earth am I going to do now?" Learning to discipline children is a real challenge. Your child is fortunate to have a parent who is interested in learning more about discipline. Discipline is helping a child learn to get along with his family and friends. Teaching a child to behave in an agreeable way. Allowing freedom to learn from mistakes and experience consequences of decisions. Effective discipline is helping, teaching and learning. Some parents think discipline is getting a child to behave and teaching him to be obedient. Some think it is what you do when children are naughty or misbehave. Whereas punishment focuses on the child, discipline targets the act. When we punish a child we are in effect saying to him, "You are loved (or not loved) because of the things you do", Punishment teaches the child to be "good" as long as we are looking but as soon as we turn our head, watch out! Discipline separates the child's "goodness" from how well he does on a task. Our message now says. "You are OK even when your behavior is NOT OK." We love the child but reject the behavior. The purpose of discipline is to raise responsible, confident children who grow up to be persons who think for themselves, who care about others, and who live satisfying and useful lives. Contributed By:Mrs Sonia Bhargava (Faculty) 8


Does anybody say STRESS AMONG "STUDENTS" "STRESS" - a word with a different meaning for different people, but with a same impact. I personally feel, that it is usually found in the dictionary of people aged between 25 - 40, but as a breaking news for me, for some people, it is also found to be existing in the dictionary of school students. Now if I give a look to it, thinking about what can be the reasons for stress among "school students"? Well I got some reasons and answer. For a school student, doing homework ● and updating the class notebook can act as a stress (seriously amazing).

● Management of both school as well as coaching can make a student fully stressed out (stupidity). Last but not the least, listening to the ●

Expressions by: Rahul Jain, Class (VIII-B)

lectures of parents, teachers and other elders is like the biggest stress for them on earth (now that's the height of stupidity). Can anyone give me a simple and sensible reason that how one can be stressed due to these idiotic reasons? If somebody gives me these reasons to be stressed then I

Relevance Of INTELLIGENCE Test In every progressive society the impact, influence and miracle of intelligence has its own significance. Who will attain what status and what place in the race of competition and progress - this all depends on his/her innate intelligence potential and necessary diligence. Of course, in arts, music and games etc. sometimes with the support of intentness and craze, good practice, hard work and imagination even the person with lower IQ may excel. Normally in these areas too, the role and contribution to intelligence is none the less. The difference in achievements in exams and competitions depend very much on difference in IQ level and hence the knowledge of intelligence level of their children is essential and useful for the parents. But in our country the scientific, reliable intelligence testing facility is very rare. Of course there are books easily available which can help in knowing and assessing children's IQ level. 9

would say, go and ask the definition of stress to your parents who are working hard day and night so that they can provide you a self sustainable life. Go and ask about the stress of those people who work in offices from morning 8 o'clock to evening 8 o'clock, who are still not paid good and are not even enjoying their job and …… there are lot many like this. Now, comparing all this, how can a student say that his / her life is stressed out. In fact, I would say that it is the time in which one can explore the most and make the most of their life. Now, coming to the reasons, I can just say that, a student itself owns his / her life and they themselves better know that how they can make their life stress free. Contributed By: Ayushi Bhatt (X - B)

The only fear related to intelligence testing is that the lower score in intelligence may disappoint and discourage both parents and children and the higher score may make them feel too brilliant. It is good to know whether your child is a genius. It will help you in planning his or her proper education and future profession. Most of the parents from the elite class are possessive of delusion regarding their children's competence. Through IQ testing justice will be done to the education of the so called dullard from the elite class and higher IQ children from the middle class. It is important to keep in mind that if your child's IQ is found disappointing, don't curse, blame, humiliate or call him indolent. To be good and virtuous is important but more important in a man or woman are those qualities which makes his personality impressive and effective. Without a higher IQ one can be successful in many fields. Hence, not being centered only on the IQ see to other attributed to and take care of these. Don't see the child with a particular angle, see the whole of him or her and his very attitude of parents is necessary and appropriate for the personality development and successful life of the child. Contributed By: - Mrs. Alpana Bhatnagar (Faculty)


Expectations From The Society


shatters? But when I see, people smiling to & felicitating each other, when Sachin scoring a century; when Abhinav Bindra winning a gold, Sushil Kumar winning Rs5 crore and Anna Hazare leading thousands of people including the youth & youth showing great concern, I see India growing & fulfilling my expectations. Let each individual know that he has come into life with a purpose, life is not a brief candle, it is a sort of splendid torch, we have got to hold for a moment, so it should be our best endeavour to make it burn as bright as possible & let our nation glow, shine through this light. THAT IS WHAT I EXPECT. And I strongly believe that, the day is not far when all my expectations will get fulfilled. Contributed By: Anshika Bhandari (X - A)

Our Indian society is multifaceted to a great extent. From happiness to sorrow, honesty to corruption, fights to festivals, Anna Hazare to Kasab, it's full of everything! But still something is missing! Gender distinctions are pronounced, although we live in the 21st century, we still differentiate between a girl & a boy. Why? Although we are a democracy, still we have no hearsay in the decision making & when people like Anna Hazare come up, they are suppressed, why? Although, they have numerous universities, school & colleges in India, but still illetracy and unemployment rates touch the sky. Why? And even all those who are educated they are eager to work for any country except India, the working of various schools in rural areas is not proper. Why? Alcoholism, corruption, incest, hatred, poverty, racism, greed, road rage, a liberally biased media, celebrity worship, corruption, shall I go on? The list is long!! When I see all this around, there emerge so many expectations. I want my society to understand that girls are equally talented than boys; that it is high time that we truly bring democracy in here; that government understands that there little concerned efforts towards rural education can change the future of India & transform my lives; that educated people hear the call of our country's development; that youth understands the need of being responsible citizens. But, seeing the reality, the flame of my hope 10


WEAR a SMILE one size fits all It is a well known fact that happy people perform better than others. In a way, happiness and success are directly related. Happiness is internal. It is a state of mind and is a result of our thinking and attitude. We can choose to be happy by choosing happy thoughts. Happiness lies in our own way of thinking and not in worldly things. We will be happier and more satisfied if we focus on what we have rather than what we want. To remain happy we have to count our blessings and not the limitations. Life is too precious to waste time on brooding over what you don't have. Greed is one of the main reasons for unhappiness. Forget your difficulties and think of your blessings and learn to enjoy what you have.

Story time‌ A man was sitting sadly by himself. A close friend asked him, "Why are you so sad? "The man began to cry and said, "My uncle died a couple of months ago. He left me all his wealth in his well." His friend tried to console him, but the man went on crying, "You don't understand my grief. Last month, another uncle of mine passed away, leaving me his property worth millions." He now began to sob uncontrollably. His friend was confused; nevertheless, he tried to pacify him. The man now started wailing," My sorrow is even greater. My grandfather, who was almost a hundred years old, died 11

yesterday bequeathing his mansion and a large plot of land in my name. His friend was now irritated with him and said, "I can't understand why you are crying so much". The man, wiping his tears, replied, "Because my uncles and grandfather are now dead. I have no more uncles left to die!" What would you do if today was the last day of your life? This thought will give you new perspective in life. There is no assured tomorrow. Do not ignore your near and dear ones; express your love to them. Tell them how much you value them and how important they are to you. Do what you have always thought is important to you. There are people who spend their entire lives preparing to live, but they never actually live life. Happiness is here and now. Be at your absolute best at every moment. Do what you love first. Cultivate an attitude of patience and tolerance. It is important in life to have a goal. It gives you direction and purpose in life and fills you with positive imagination and enthusiasm. Keep learning and keep working. Focus on your duties and responsibilities, not on the gains. Knowledge and work enhance your self-worth and enriches your sense of well-being. Always use positive language. Positive words have an inspiring effect on you as well as all those around you. Refrain from selfpraise. Self-admiration is a sign of weakness and complacency. Be helpful and nice to others. When you laugh, you automatically reduce your stress level. You can either be happy or worried. You can't be both happy and worried at the same time. So, always choose happiness, As it lightens your journey to success. Contributed By: Suparna Paul (Faculty)

Expressions by: Kapil Soni, Class (VII-C)


Academic Assignments a Burden or A Boon???

As an involved parent I have kept a tag on govt policies and school endeavours towards growth of children. I have always felt that there are three important aspects of teaching-learning process in a school:1- Effective teaching 2- Regular home work and follow up program 3- Evaluation of teaching I have always felt that no matter what the school does but the over all goals for our children can be achieved only when we as parents get involved. To realize the total aim of teaching- learning process, the teacher, the students and the parents are supposed to help each other with their sincere efforts. It is the duty of the teacher to teach and evaluate the progress of the students. Largely parents get involved in home assignments and it becomes incumbent on them to guide their wards at home in doing home tasks regularly. The objectives of assignments are as follows 1) Through these home assignments a teacher can evaluate his method of teaching and can prepare a follow-up programme for improving the standard of students. 2) It is a record of work done by teacher in the school. 3) Develop a habit of


self-study. 4) The students will have stock of question-answers which are useful at the time of examination. 5) The students will learn to write the answer at their own and thereby a habit of writing is developed through regular practice. As a parent whose children have measured up to the current academic standards of the country and going by my experiences I feel: â—† Teachers should be trained, qualified and interested in teaching profession, so that the students may learn the facts during the period. The questions based on the facts learnt during the period may be given as home task so that the students can do their home assignments without seeking any help from the parents or good students or other sources. â—† The teachers should ensure that all the students have written their home-work in their pupil's diary. If possible the teacher should frame his own questions to be answered as home-work and not the questions written in the text books. â—† The parents should take interest in getting the home-work done by their wards. If they are educated, they can guide the students but if uneducated they can ask their wards to study. They should keep close watch on the progress of their wards. Contributed By: - Mr Sanjay Bangur Expressions by: (Former parent of the school) Astha Gandhi, Class (VIII-B) 12


The Benefits of Team Sports Some parents ask, should I subject my child to competitive team sports if that's how it goes ?

Here are some things that team sports teach that go well beyond scoring, batting, shooting, and winning.

Today's generation of children is fighting the worst obesity epidemic in history. Giving kids an excuse to exercise

Ego Checks : Any parent knows that a child can be extremely egocentric. But that "my way or the highway" attitude will have to stay in check on a team sport. When a kid sees that everyone gets to play, they hopefully start to think about the group as a whole, and not just themselves. Even better, they learn to be happy for other player's successes because they see how it benefits the greater team.

is reason enough to consider enrolling them in team sports. But calories aside, team sports have other benefits to kids - Social, Psychological, and Physical ones. Social Benefits :Team sports opportunity to develop and their social skills. Successful ion in team sports requires to learn how to cooperate with their teammates, how to follow directions and how to develop friendships. Participation in team sports can also teach children about being "good sports" ..... helping them develop the ability to show appreciation and respect to others.

provide children with the streng t h e n part icipat chil dren

Psychological Benefits : Team sports are teaching children how to cope with competition in a healthy way. A child will likely function in group environments in his entire life. The ability to cooperate in a team setting helps children build relationships Other psychological benefits of team sport participation include learning how to think critically, solve problems, develop patience and persistence, and become self-disciplined. Physical Benefits : Children who participate in regular physical activity have reduced risks of "many adult health problems, including diabetes, obesity, and heart disease." This is why one of the biggest benefits of team sports is that they provide children with the opportunity to be physically active and develop Confidence, NeroMuscular Coordination. 13

Po s i t i v e thou chi

Mentors : A dedicated, ghtful, and skilled coach can have an amazing impact on ldren. In fact, sometimes your child will respond better to an objective coach then they will to their own parent. When kids have early, positive experiences with coaches, they continue to seek out and learn from mentors who can help them with school, jobs, and other interests.

The Two "Ps" : Just as they must practice spelling, m a t h problems, and any other skill, kids need to learn that being part of a sport teams requires the three "Ps" .... practice, and persistence. Another Reason for Family Time : Playing catch in the yard, heading down to the local soccer field for some drill practice .... these types of outings with your kids can mean a great deal in our busy parenting culture. While the official reason may be practicing for the team, an even greater benefit is the time you get to spend together. Sometimes, in between dribbling and lay-ups, an important truth is revealed or an opportunity presents itself to teach a value.Contributed By: Kushal Raj Sharma(Faculty)


LIFE: Partial or Impartial Does existence believes in fairness and justice. Is the world running according to a system where there is natural justice ? Or is everything here disorganised, random and chaotic ? These are questions that often come to our mind, especially when we see injustice around us. Many of us would say that life is not always fair. We have our own set of grouses against people, events, occurrences and circumstances. But everyone of us would like to believe that natural justice does exist. As and when someone insults us or does harm to another, we want justice. However, we also know that justice is not done every time. If someone has harmed us physically or mentally, we always are looking for that person to suffer in some form or the other. And we ourselves set out to mete justice, or hope for divine intervention against our tormentor. It is our nature to compare and compete and feel dejected especially when we see others having more money, huge properties, better relationships or good health. We they try and find some flaw in their lives, look out f o r someth i n g

that is not right with them and would try and see how we are better off than them in some area of life or the other. And consciously or subconsciously, we often wish that something bad happens to them, because it seems unfair that others should be having an apparently better life than us. However existence does not work according to our needs, desires, wants, ideas or beliefs. In fact, no one really knows for sure how existence works, why life unfolds for each of us the way it does. You might feel that the person who is having some benefits today must have done some good in the past and is reaping the rewards of his past good deeds. And so we are advised to be good, honest, humble, giving, fair and forgiving. Despite many of us living good, honest lives, existence does not seem to shower its blessings on us. It is then that we wonder if life is unfair. In reality, life or existence is neith

er fair nor unfair. Existence just is ; life flows as it is meant to. Is there a master blue print somewhere which has the details of how life should proceed every second on earth for each of us. There is no concrete evidence or proof of this. In reality, existence does not favour anyone more than the other. Swami Vivekanand said "Not even an atom in this universe can be different than how it is, for that would destroy the balance of the universe and the entire system would collapse. For the universe to run smoothly, events and occurrences have to be in a certain way, and life moves not in a straight line, but in infinite cycles. This much we know by looking at life, where rich and poor, good and bad, happiness and sorrow, life and death - all come in cycles. While life may seem unfair, if things changed as per every individual's desires and wishes, imagine the chaos and confusion that would result. In a matter of few days the world would come to an end. The apparent unfairness that we see is needed for continuity. Contributed By:Roopal Jain (VIII-A)




The End of The Road


On the way of my classroom I walk down the long corridor Past the hundreds of books, Their picture colorful and bright

It is the end of the road Time has passed so fast I have reached the last class People and faces have changed With the past my eyes are stained.

They have all reached somewhere And we know not to go where For ourselves we have not time to spare Excluding some, all our thoughts we share



Each one a window out to a world I have never visited, See the elephants on the Plain in Africa, for about the waterfall and Icebergs and a caveman fighting a cyber tooth. Such places, such world!

There was a time I wanted to grow up And the First day at school I did throw up It's my fifteenth year now ! I ask myself 14 years have passed, but how ? The end new quickly nears Besides these I have conquered all my fears My friends and I recall our peers Whose memory makes shade tears


Back in the classroom there are the Windows looking out to a world I see a Dusted playground, the grey November Sky, rows of houses beyond the shop.

I wish I had heart of stone In pain today I wouldn't have to grieve In a few months I will be left all alone The day my Globals curtain falls I will remember it all, the field, the trees, The people and even the classroom walls.

I'm willingly to take the register to The office or messages to other classroom For them I walk long corridors through the books and windows out of the world

Contributed By: - Rachit Rathor (X - A)

Contributed By: Sanchi Yadav ( VII-A)



Hindi English Maths and Sanskrit How does a candle lit? Asks my teachers Exams are like curse I believe this and I believe that My exams are very sad. They come six time a year And I tremble with fear All year we do plays But when come exam days We all forgot all ways But then exams are needed To know how are babies feeded, What is 2 + 5

And how to use a knife I want to say the last That in exams don't fear and Don't take fasts Study well before and after Then exams will be laughter.

Contributed By: Simran Ahuja (VII - A)

Expressions by: Deepshika Vaish, Class (VIII-B)



I found a world within... This poem is dedicated to the one who has nurtured me in her womb for nine months and has brought me forth on the earth to enjoy his supreme blessing that is "LIFE". She turned this soft, helpless and innocent creature into the powerful, confident and successful "ME". She is not only beautiful, but passionately young and sweet. God made this wonderful mother, And gave it to me, She is very different from others, I see the same world that she sees..... Mothers love is something that no one can explain, It is full of sacrifice and pain, She is epitome of love and care, When she is with me, I have nothing to fear With the birth of every child, a mother is born..... She adorns this world by her love, Her love is the rush of life, that's endless, About which i always obsess, Nothing in this world can destroy it, If someone thinks it to be destroyed, then that's the matter of pit.... She prides herself watching me grow, Expressions by: With a slight rise in her eyebrow, Azra Tabasum, Class (X-B) She guides me through my infancy and childhood, But I was never out of wood..... Contributed By: Twinkle Sachdev (X - B)

"Who was on the top?" There comes, there comes the silvery cloud,

I waited a long for rain to stop,

How could I wonder, will they weep out,

because I don't know who was on the top.

Drops like blood falling form the wound,

Finally my dream proved to be true,

It they can make a difference wont I would.

Who was on the top, I got a clue!!

Toads and frogs coming out the hole,

The farthest cloud was on the top,

Wandering here and there in search of their goal,

My dream come true, the rain was stop!

The race between clouds continued whole night,

There comes, there comes the silvery cloud, How could I wonder, will they weep out???

I cannot imagine what'll be the morning sight My imagination became my creation, Till the morning the race was in continuation

Contributed By: Prateek Khandelwal (X - A)




School Days When we are of three years

in class eight starts chemistry

To go to school we tremble with fear

We study the life's mystery

But then in class one

Its fun in class nine

We see that exams are fun

But class ten is not fine

Class three comes with science

Choose a subject and study more

We get marks 10 out of 9

And its fun to go to tours

Maths is harder in class five

In class twelve

We study how to use a knife

The school days end

Class six comes with Sanskrit

Whole the life we can remember them

And we study formulas

Enjoy these days in many ways

How does a candle lit?

Ah! When remembered these days

Class seven is more typical

gives smiles on one's face.

Maths with XYZ and science with Nickle

Expressions by: Kanchi Vijay, Class (VII-A)

Contributed By: Simran Ahuja (VII - A) Expressions by: Harsh Rishiwal, Class (VIII-B)

I BelievE

I believe in my dreams, I will never lose hope. I believe in my ambition. So with competition I can cope. I believe in my strengths, I want to lead the throng, I believe in Almighty God, Who keeps us from wrong? I believe in my talents, And will make the best of it, I believe in my future For which I will work bit by bit.

Expressions by: Kanjoli, Class (IX-B)


I believe in my vision, I trust my instincts. I believe in reality, So my fate never gets jinxed.

I believe in my abilities, I will make my own name. I believe I can do it, So I can win life's game. I believe in myself, Though the world may not. Now anything is possible, Because I believe it is. Contributed By: Sankalp Barjataya (VI - C)

Expressions by: Aasiya Mansoori Class (VIII-A)


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Develop You in Yourself As rightly said from pre-medieval yogis to modern business tycoons, the gist remains the same. The father of western psychology Sigmund Freud, also believed that if you really want to know your strength and weaknesses you need not consider your friend or any astrologer . You need to look into yourself and have patience and all the staggering events will depict your saga of success and you will realize when you change, the world changes." Most essential time when this notion is to be noticed is the one when a person in his life plays the role of a student. It is the time when life is too much amalgamated with the quagmire of the first position with the accomplishment of knowledge and respect as a sincere student. It is not necessary that you always care about your first position but to care about your knowledge and social behavior is essential. If you are not so good at Newton's laws, focus yourself into your idea about motion, your own understanding and then try to understand basic concepts behind it and you will see into your sense of classical mechanics. Mantra of success is to develop you into yourself and that to become the 'Master of your own destiny' become the 'Master of yourself' and all will be yours. Contributed By: Raunak Khandelwal (X-B)

Expressions by: Aasiya Mansoori, Class (VIII-A)

Pillars all through the growth I want to congratulate the school for its success in its 10th year with a remarkable memory in 2002. The school started with only 150 students which reached to 1500. Discipline and personal attention are its foundation.

Mr. Laxman Singh (Administration) 19

I am happy being a part of Global Public School since 2002. Here students have tapped their toes as a toddler and are able to excel in their life with discipline gained in the school.

Mr. Jasveer Singh (Guard)






Sports-Too Sporting



Sportingly Yours within the walls and roof



Creative Artist



Academically Enthusiastic



Globzine Global Public School Yearly Magazine

Humour is

A new student came to the class. After asking his name the teacher said, 'What does your father do?' Student: Whatever Mom says.


Teacher: Suppose, you have 4 coins in your pocket and there is a hole in the pocket. All the four coins fall down from that hole. What will you have in your pocket?

Student B: Thats so bad.

Student: A hole.

Student A: Well, I didnt do my homework.

Math teacher: Tell me Jenny, if a milkman mixes 2 litres water and 1 liter milk, he will get 3 litres. What will happen if he mixes 6 litres of water and 3 litres milk?


Jenny:I am not a milkman, how can I solve it?

The first applicant, an American engineer, was asked how much he wanted to be paid for going. "A million dollars", he answered, "because I wish to donate it to M.I.T."

Teacher: Robin, I always see that when I start teaching in the class, you always talk with your friends. Robin: But Sir, I don't talk when I sleep. Teacher: Which one is closer, Sun or Australia?

NASA was interviewing professionals to be sent to Mars. Only one person could go, and he will not return to Earth.

The next applicant, a Russian doctor, was asked the same question. He asked for two million dollars. "I wish to give a million to my family, he explained, "and leave the other million for the advancement of medical research." The last applicant was a Indian politician (Lallu Yadav). When asked how much money he wanted, he whispered in the interviewer's ear, "Three million dollars."

Student: Sun Teacher: Why? Student: We can see the sun all the time, but can't see Australia.

Why so much more than the others?" the interviewer asked.

Teacher Student Exam Shop Ben got 100 out of 100 in the exam. So the teacher gave him a gift and said, I hope you will do the same in the next exam.' Ben: Thank you Sir. I hope you will also print the question paper from my uncle's printing shop next time. Kid: My teacher has gone crazy Mom. Mother: Why do you think so? Kid: Yesterday he said that 3 times 4 is 12. Today he is saying that 12 is 6 times 2. FUNNY STUDENT Student A: My teacher caned me for something I didnt do? 25

The Indian Politician replied, $1 million is for you, I'll keep $1million, and we'll give the American engineer $1million and send him to Mars."


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