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How Far Has The Kharghar Development Plan Reached After Nearly Three Decades? Navi Mumbai is one of the top new cities that the country boasts of, along with cities like Noida, Chandigarh, Gurgaon and the outskirts of Pune. Originally built to accommodate more and more migrant population coming from other parts of the state and the rest of the country, the city has ever since become not a satellite city of Mumbai but a competition. Vashi which is known to be the crown of the city has always been the significant center for both its commercial as well as residential status. However, since the last decade, it has been the other suburbs of Navi Mumbai that are gaining importance over Vashi and these are mostly the ones that lie towards Panvel. With CBD Belapur being designated more of a business district; Kharghar is the called to be the new Vashi. The good thing about Kharghar is that it is not only congestion free and more open in spaces as compared to Vashi, but is also cleaner and less crowded. Since the last decade, Kharghar has seen great progress being done in three main areas, namely infrastructure, residential areas and then commercial hubs and buildings. Given the fact that Vashi and the suburbs that lie to the north of it are getting increasingly crowded and occupied, more and more people moving into Navi Mumbai are going for finding homes in Kharghar. With an exception of the Ghansoli node, which lies towards the north of Vashi, Kharghar has not lost its significance.

But what is it exactly that makes Kharghar development one of the most discussed topics even after the founding of the city thirty years back. What Kharghar has and Vashi doesn’t, is that Vashi node was mostly developed by the public sector CIDCO in the early stages. However, Kharghar node was developed much later, mostly in the late nineties and the early 2000s and hence the area is all developed by high standard private builders. These are the spacious and well maintained posh housing areas in the city.

Also the municipal corporation is planning to initiate a mini SEZ in Kharghar, which will have offices as well as residential areas of high-tech companies. This will be more like an integrated township where you can find them all. In matters of public space Kharghar can boast of the Central Park which is said to be Asia’s biggest park. In an open space starved city like Mumbai,

where there are not many open spaces, this comes as a breath of relief. The node also has its own share of natural beauty called as the Pandav Kada, which is like your own hill station right in the middle of the city. However, the biggest asset that Kharghar has got is the upcoming international airport that is planned between Komthe and Taloje. Though it is not in Kharghar, those who are living in the node will have a much better access to the airport, rather than travelling all the way to Mumbai. So finally it seems that the Kharghar development plan has succeeded in the long run when it was planned thirty years back.

Kharghar development  

Navi Mumbai is one of the top new cities that the country boasts of, along with cities like Noida, Chandigarh, Gurgaon and the outskirts of...

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