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MP Clive Betts says time is right to look at radical heating system for under the city’s major routes A RADICAL idea to keep Sheffield moving during snow and ice by under road heating is floated by MP Clive Betts. As the city experienced treacherous conditions because of freezing rain, Mr Betts suggests taking advantage of a massive road repair programme due to be rolled out across Sheffield from the summer of next


year.Roads will be dug up, so why not explore the potential for incorporating an under-road heating system, at least on all the main roads and through-

out the city centre? The MP is urging the city to be “bold and innovative” as it prepares to roll out a £2bn Private Finance Initiative designed to bring Shef-


field’s deteriorating road network up to standard over seven year period. Mr Betts, a former leader of the council, says examples of under-road heating can be found in Canada, Japan, Switzerland and the USA and on several airport runways. The council says it is currently pulling out all the stops to grit the main roads. It says it wants to see a debate over how improvements can be made to the road system in Sheffield.


“The Pakistani community has proved to be very entrepreneurial. You have created opportunities for yourselves and others, and businesses for yourselves. The community has given a lot to the economy”.

In an interview to Mahana ILM correspondants, he said, “that I once again congratulate the founder Fayyaz Hussain Syed and his team on publication of ILM newspaper. I

hope that the next interview I will give to ILM will be in the parliament, he added”. continue p6






Marvel Of

Construction It is hard to imagine a building rising almost a kilometre from the ground, but the Worlds tallest building is just that and has opened on 4th January 2010. The Burj Dubai, also known as Burj Khalifa, stands at over 828metres (2717ft) tall. It has more than 160 working stories and a further 40 maintenance floors at the top. Burj Dubai holds many records apart from being the tallest building and tallest free standing structure in the world. It also has the highest number of stories in the world, the highest occupied floor in the world, highest observation deck in the world, the elevator with the longest distance in the world, worlds fastest elevators at 40mph, the tallest elevator in the world, the worlds highest swimming pool and the worlds highest mosque. The marvels of this manmade magnificence are exhausting to even think about and it will certainly be a long time until these records are broken by any other building. The building has multiple functions. It incorpo rates observation deck, a sky high res-

taurant, 900 Burj Dubai residences, 37 office floors, 160 room hotel and suites, 144 private Armani residences, a 4 floor gym and 57 elevators. The rulers of Dubai have spared no expense to convince the world that their financial troubles are a myth. But Dubai has yet again become an icon of wealth and lavish extravagance. The tower is a global icon and stands as a powerful symbol for all the Arab world. It shows that despite the global credit crunch and the plummeting property market, determination and optimism still exist, and that Dubai is not afraid to take chances and create the unbelievable.




From Left Cllr Jhangir Akhtar, Leader of Rotherham Borough Roger Stone, Lord Nazir Ahmed, Mayor of Rotherham Shaukat Ali and Cllr Maroof Hussain

Labour Councillors in Rotherham recently met to appraise their work so far in the city and boost their leadership qualities in the run up to the election. The event was supported by the Rotherham Hackney Licensing Board and local business people. Cllr Roger Stone, leader of the council commended on the brilliant work done by the council and the great team-


Shipshape is working in association with Usmania Mosque in Netherdge, to bring health checks and health services closer to the local communities. The first session at Leyburn Rd for FREE mens health checks had a great impact on the local residents. The


drop-in sessions are open to all men from all communities and offer blood pressure checks, diabetes support, stop smoking support, oral health awareness, weight & height checks, body fat testing and advocacy support. The next sessions are to be held on Tuesday 2nd



February, Tuesday 9th February, and Tuesday 16th February. All are dropin from 1pm to 3pm at Usmani Mosque, Leyburn Rd, Netheredge. Contact Tanyat, Basharat at Shipshape for further informationon 0114 2500222

work everyone in the Labour team has displayed. Cllr and Mayor of Rotherham, Shoukat Ali, Cllr Mahroof Hussain MBE, Cllr Akhtar, Cllr Peter Wooten were among the speakers. Everyone praised the great leadership and were confident that they would again this year, secure and safeguard a Labour Council for the people of Rotherham. Hundreds of policies have

been brought in by Labour, which have benefitted all communities. It was mentioned that the people of Rotherham will suffer and struggle if Conservatives or Lib Dems came into power. They pledged that they would work hard on behalf of the people of Rotherham and in run up to the election and beyond. Lord Nazir commented that



The Labour Party has provided us with outstanding personalities to represent the city of Rotherham at all levels. He himself is a supporter of the labour party, the Mayor, the several Cabinet members and the councillors present here today, are all under the Labour party. What more can we say about Labour in Rotherham except that it is outstanding.





A new site has been bought to develop Yorkshire’s largest Muslim Community Centre on Petre St off Carlisle St West. The centre will be called Yorkshire Muslim Cen

tre, which will be developed into a Nursery, Girls School, Boys School, Madressa classes which will start with immediate effect also it will cater for Weddings services, Funerals Services within


the religious needs. The students will also be able to study secular curriculum e.g. English, Math’s Science and other subjects too. A proper mosque will be built in future to meet the

needs, meanwhile Umer Mosque on Barnsley Rd will continue to serve the community as usual, currently around 800 kids study in the Mosque. People from other cities will be welcomed and

will be able to use the centre from all over Yorkshire. The building has cost £825000. Message from the resident Imam (Molana Shoib Desai) has praised the community and urged for unity,

co-operation and tolerance, he has also asked the community people to donate generously for the development of the Community Centre. He praised the Launch of ILM Newspaper.



WORKING WITH PEOPLE FOR A MORE FAIRER EQUAL SOCIETY Paul Blomfield is the Labour Parliamentary candidate for Sheffield Central. During an exclusive interview with Ilm, Mr Blomfield told us more about why he joined politics and what he would like to achieve from his service to the people of Sheffield. He is a dedicated campaigner for racial equality. He got involved in politics at a very early age, while still at school. He was passionate about the injustices of racism around the world particularly in South Africa. In Sheffield he has been involved in numerous anti apartheid groups and anti racism campaigns. He has been a member of the Labour party since 1978 because he wanted to fight inequality and injustice in this country. Q What change would you bring if you became MP for Sheffield Central? A I firstly believe in creating jobs, housing and improving education in Sheffield. Sheffield is a diverse cultural constituency, with people from all different backgrounds, its an excellent place to live but we need to invest more in jobs and create more affordable hous

ing. Sheffield has recently been approved £2million to build more affordable council housing. Apart from this I strongly think we need to reconstruct public services by securing more funding. The present city council is run by the Liberal Democrats; I think we need more

in these things and am General Manager at the students union, so I’m still very in touch with these things. I was very proud when Nelson Mandela was released from prison because I worked on the campaign to release him. Q How do you see

positive change because Labour can make that difference. Labour has secured loans to improve Sheffield roads and pavements. We are also working hard to promote our venues for the 2012 Olympics. Q What is your background and how has it shaped you? A I am from a working class background and initially qualified as a teacher after university. My first job was at Sheffield University. While at Uni I got involved in anti racist activities and defending multicultural rights. I still strongly believe

the Pakistani community in Sheffield? A The Pakistani community has proved to be very entrepreneurial. You have created opportunities for yourselves and others, and business for yourselves. The community has given a lot to the economy and the success of Sheffield is down to many various people including the majority of the Pakistani community. In the future I would like to see more manufacturing and small businesses taking off and creating jobs. Q What is your opinion on the restriction on


cabs in Sheffield? A The Labour council put the restriction on cabs but when the Lib Dems came in they lifted that. I think that has done more damage to services. Q What do you think about international problems? A Personally I was opposed to the war in Iraq but unfortunately our government went ahead with it. There are particular circumstances for intervention for war, and if the UN weapons inspectors had been given the necessary authority then we wouldn’t have been facing what we are today. The UN needs strengthening and having more authority to inspect possible weapons of destruction, in order to keep peace in the world. Q What is your advice to anyone interested in getting into politics? A We need new people in politics. Unfortunately the expenses scandal has taken some of trust of politics. This is a crisis for democratic politics and has resulted in less people engaging in politics. It has become a less well regarded profession now, but infact we can’t get away

from politics, somebody will always govern the country but we will always need democratic politics or else something worse may take its place. There is a need for more young people to get involved. Labour has a consistent range of policies. We promote fairness, justice, equality and build social cohesion. I enjoy my job. Hypocrisy, injustice and poverty make me angry, that’s why I do what I do. I believe firmly in democracy. Q What are your comments on our newspaper? A I would like to congratulate you on this good initiative. I’d like to see what issues affect the Pakistani community, and hope you bring them up in your paper so we can also create dialogue to improve our service to the community. I’d also like to see your paper bring up all relevant issues which affect all members of the Sheffield community, such as climate change and housing.



P a r t n e r s a n d C o m m u n i t i e s To g e t h e r Inspector Tony Dobson leads the Darnall and Tinsley Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) who work closely with all partner agencies including Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Homes and Sheffield Futures to find solutions to issues that have been raised by the local community and affect the quality of life of residents. The SNT consists of six police officers and twelve Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and are based at Attercliffe Police Station. Also based at Attercliffe are uniformed officers who respond to incidents in the area 24 hours a day. A team of detectives is also dedicated to the Darnall and Tinsley area.

PACT meetings also offer you an opportunity to meet members of your local SNT and partner agencies. You will be able to obtain updates on local crime and policing issues, tell us your local neighbourhood priorities and have your say on how they are tackled.

The SNTs hold regular Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings, which everyone is welcome to attend, to enable you to tell us about the local policing issues that matter to you.

Inspector Tony Dobson said: “We are keen for all of the community to attend PACT meetings in their area and tell us what they are concerned about locally. We will then act on this information and update residents at future meetings.”

Our focus will be to realign people’s perceptions of crime with reality and to make people feel safer across the city by tackling antisocial behaviour and crime on a local level. We have made a commitment to neighbourhood policing, but to be successful we need your assistance.

( P A C T ) Pa r t n e r s a n d C o m m u n i t i e s To g e t h e r m e e t i n g s

Darnall PACT

Children’s Centre, 563 Staniforth Road, Sheffield S9 4RA at 18.00 on Thursdays:28 Jan, 25 Feb, 25 Mar, 22 Apr, 27 May, 24 Jun, 22 July, 24 Aug, 24 Sept, 22 Oct and 26 Nov

Greenlands PACT Tinsley PACT Greenland Court Community Centre, Darnall, Sheffield S9 5GD at 18.00 on Thursdays:18 Feb, 18 Mar, 15 Apr, 20 May, 17 Jun, 15 July, 20 Aug, 17 Sept, 15 Oct, 19 Nov and 17 Dec

Tinsley Methodist Church, Ingfield Avenue, Tinsley Sheffield, S9 1WZ at 20.30 on Thursdays:28 Jan, 25 Mar, 27 May, 22 July, 24 Sept, and 26 Nov.

To get in touch with the team, you can contact us on 0114 252 3995 or e-mail : sheffield_east_darnall&




conquered Kashmir larly Kashmir. After a mass der British rule but owed sov- Pakistan. The UN has main- over the line of control. It The Origins orto Akbar firmly establish Muslim uprising against Hari Singh ereignty to the British Crown. tained a presence in the dis- was infact a meticulously calinfluence. Akbar was grand- in 1931, Sheikh Mohammad The rulers of these states were puted area since 1949. culated plan by the Pakistani of Babur, who had estab- Abdullah formed Kashmir’s given the choice to freely join In 1957 the State of Jammu Army to capture mountainof Unrest; son lished the most influential of first political party, the All either India or Pakistan, or & Kashmir was incorporated ous areas the Indian Army all the Muslim dynasties in Jammu & Kashmir Muslim to remain independent. On 19 into the Indian Union under believed to be to deserted to Kashmir India (in 1526). Akbar toler- Conference in 1932. In 1934 July 1947 the Muslim Confer- a new Constitution. In 1965, even have a military presence Cradled in the lap of majestic mountains of the Himalayas, Kashmir is the most beautiful place on earth. On visiting the Valley of Kashmir, Jehangir, one of the Mughal emperors, is said to have exclaimed: “If there is paradise anywhere on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.” Kashmir, the “Paradise on Earth”, is known for its captivating beauty. It is encircled by three mountain ranges of the Himalayas- Karakoram, Zanaskar and Pir Panjal, running from northwest to northeast. Forming the backdrop of Kashmir, these snowcapped ranges make Kashmir look like a picture straight out of a fairytale. Dazzling rivers, serene lakes, splendid gardens, flowering meadows, etc are some other features of the landscape of the Kashmir valley. The breathtaking beauty of Kashmir has earned it the name of the “Switzerland of the East”. This land of beauty enjoyed peace for long periods but has had its share of conflict long before India and Pakistan took to arms over it Kashmir was inhabited by the Brahmins when Buddhism was introduced by missionaries of Asoka in 274BC. Various Hindu dynasties ruled over the area for many centuries. By 1001 Muslim armies raided the area sporadically but never managed to conquer it. The last Hindu king was replaced by Shams-ud-Din in 1346, whose dynasty ruled until 1586 when the Moghul (Persian for Mongol) emper-

ated local religions and married a Hindu princess. (Akbar’s grandson, Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal.) In 1752 Afghanistan leader Ahmed Shah Durrani defeated the Mughals and annexed Kashmir. Disputes between Muslims and Brahmin Hindus flared up, a situation that persisted and today is the prime cause of conflict in Kashmir. In 1819 Sikh Ranjit Singh conquered Kashmir, but his disorganised empire fell to the British in 1846 when they took control of Punjab. Kashmir was then sold to the self-entitled Maharajah (Indian King) Ghulab Singh of Jammu for 7.5 million rupees (app US$166) under the Treaty of Amritsar. Ghulab Singh also brought Ladakh, Zanskar, Gilgit and Baltistan under his control. A succession of Maharajahs followed, marked by several uprisings by the Kashmiri people, of whom a large percentage was now Muslim. In 1889 Maharajah Pratap Singh lost administrative authority of Kashmir due to worsening management of the frontier region. The British restored full powers to the Dogra rule only in 1921. Meanwhile in India, the freedom movement gained strength under Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s leadership. (The Indians gave him the name “Mahatma” meaning “Great soul”.) The call for freedom soon echoed in several princely states, particu-


the Maharajah gave way and allowed limited democracy in the form of a Legislative Assembly. The Muslim high priest of the Kashmir Valley, Mirwaiz Maulvi Yusuf Shah, joined in the Conference rally, but when it became apparent that he was accepting a monthly stipend from the Maharajah, Sheikh Abdullah steered away from the Muslim Conference to a secular base and formed the National Conference in 1939, comprising Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. In 1947, Mahatma Ghandi led the Indian continent to independence from the British in a remarkable display of perseverance. But it came at great cost. While Gandhi was leading a largely Hindu movement, Mohammed Ali Jinnah was fronting a Muslim one. Jinnah advocated the division of India into two separate states, Muslim and Hindu. When the British left, the Muslim League created the separate states of Pakistan (from the West Pakistan province in India) and Bangladesh. Violence erupted when Muslims and Hindu minorities were stranded in various areas, and within a few weeks half a million people had died. The British returned to help restore order. The area reached stability, except for Kashmir. During the time of partition of India in 1947, Jammu & Kashmir was one of some 560 Princely States, which were not part of the territories un-

ence gave their verdict against India, opting for independence. By 15 August deadline, Maharajah Hari Singh hesitated, and by default the State of Jammu & Kashmir became independent. By this time, Jammu & Kashmir was a divided state, with friction between the Muslims and the Hindi. The Maharajah, fearing tribal warfare, then agreed to join India through an Instrument of Accession on 26th October 1947. Since, this Instrument of Accession has remained an issue of dispute between India and Pakistan, the latter disputing the validity of the documents, also pointing out that India has never allowed the referendum that the Governor General of India, Lord Mountbatten, called for on 27th October 1947. Unrest excalated between hindus and muslims, and between those who favoured to be a part of India and those who didn’t. Pakistan infiltrated and moved as far as Ladakh in the eastern part of Kashmir. They had control over one third of Kashmir, so India sent in troops to evict them at Srinagar airfield on 27 October 1947, and heavy fighting continued throughout 1948. The ceasefire of 1st January 1949 created the first Line-of-Control in Jammu & Kashmir, separating the area: the east (the valley of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh) guarded by Indian troops, the west (known as ‘Azad [Free] Kashmir’), administered by

heavy fighting broke out again, with India capturing the valley between the Dras and Suru rivers. They returned the area in agreement with Pakistan, but recaptured it when civil war broke out in East Pakistan in 1971. In 1987, The Muslim United Front was formed and lobbied and won the right to hold elections in Kashmir in 1989. Only a small percentage of people turned out for the voting, putting the National Conference in power. By the end of that year there was a renewed struggle for the freedom of Kashmir. The number of armed separatists grew from hundreds to thousands, the most prominent being the pro-Pakistani HizbulMujahideen. The Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) was the largest proindependence group, but its influence is thought to have waned. Other groups have joined under the umbrella of the Hurriyat (Freedom) Conference, which campaigns peacefully for an end to India’s presence in Kashmir. India dissolved the state government and placed the state in direct control of the governor. From January 26, 1990 onward, Kashmiris faced almost continuous curfew for 8 months as martial law was imposed. More than half-amillion Indian troops patrol Kashmir. In May 1999, India mounted a military attack in response to the presence of Pakistanbacked Muslim insurgents

there, They took advantage of the large gaps that exist in the defences in the sector of Kargil. The conflict escalated in Kargil, Dras and Batalik, three sectors whose heights command positions threatening the vital highway between Srinagar and Ladakh. Situated in a valley between the Dras and Suru rivers and dominated by mountains on all sides, Ladakh lies at an altitude of about 2100m (7000ft), making it the highest battlefield on earth. In the end, the Pakistani fighters were pushed back behind to their original positions behind the LOC. Western governments demanded Pakistan to withdraw immediately. They pressured diplomacy as the biggest threat was that both countries had nuclear weapons. The risks of war in Kashmir are frightening. Apart from the severe economic cost on all parties involved, India and Pakistan are tied in a race of nuclear capabilities.. When the subcontinent was divided in 1947, Mahatma Gandhi proclaimed that Kashmir stood out of the circle of holocaust as a “shining example” of “secularism”. Today, both the Indian and Pakistan governments toss words such as “ethnic cleansing” at each other, yet both India and Pakistan still reject independence for Kashmir. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have pointed out human rights abuses on both sides.



S Z Naqvi

What issues is our community facing? Labelling - Islamaphobia - crisis in Pakistan - education or lack of - opportunities - drugs - have your say. write to us and tell us what topics you want to hear about. Our great team of writers will give an objective view of the issues that affect you.

British right wing party UK Independence Party called for a ban on face covering muslim veils in public places. The Government has commented that forbiding the veil would violate British values of tolerance. How many people are happy with a society where people were told how to dress when they walked down the street?

Did You Know?


The length from your wrist to your without water. elbow is the same as the length of your You’ll drink about 75,000 litres (20,000 foot. gallons) of water in your lifetime.


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Your heart beats 101,000 times a day. Men loose about 40 hairs a day. WomDuring your lifetime it will beat about 3 en loose about 70 hairs a day. billion times and pump about 400 million The muscle that lets your eye blink is litres (800 million pints) of blood. the fastest muscle in your body. It allows Your mouth produces 1 litre (1.8 pints) you to blink 5 times a second. On averof saliva a day. age, you blink 15 000 times a day. Women On average, people can hold their blink twice as much as men.

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breath for about one minute. The world Unless food is mixed with saliva you record is 21 minutes 29 seconds. cannot taste it.



The human head contains 22 bones. The liver is the largest of the body’s More on the head and brains internal organs. The skin is the body’s On average, you breathe 23,000 times largest organ.


a day.


? About 13% of people are left-handed ? Our eyes are always the same size from

On average, you speak almost 5,000 words a day - although almost 80% of birth. speaking is self-talk (talking to yourself). Approximately two-thirds of a person’s It is impossible to sneeze and keep body weight is water. Blood is 92% water. one’s eyes open at the same time. The brain is 75% water and muscles are 55% of people yawn within 5 minutes 75% water.

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of seeing someone else yawn.



? We actually do not see with our eyes -

A person can live without food for we see with our brains. The eyes basically about a month, but only about a week are the cameras of the brain. One-quarter of the brain is used to control the eyes.




ILM Newspaper Congratulated for its innovative ideas Ilm newspaper recently held a launch party to celebrate the success of the first issue of the new community newspaper. Council Leaders from both Sheffield and Rotherham attended, South Yorkshire Police Chiefs and businesspersons from both cities were amongst the guests at the event. All were praiseful of the initiative and pledged their support to this valuable local media source. Almost everyone present wanted to say a few words in praising the project and gave feedback as to what more they’d like to see in the future. Labour Party Candidate for Sheffield Central, Muhammed Mahroof sees it as a great tool of empowerment. It can raise our issues and voice our concerns, most importantly to the policy making issues, so the right action and initiatives are taken to resolve the problems. He said he wants the paper to address all issues which are faced by our community. The media is a powerful pillar of the state. Ibrar Khan “Media is a powerful source”. Jawad Sahib (Civil Engineer, Barnsley) “a newspaper conveys all kind of messages to whoever picks it up so we hope for a continua-


tion on the broad range of Shabir Mughal, local busi- ness, with balanced reports issues you have touched” nessperson “Congratula- representative of all sides. Cllr Jahangir Akhtar tions to all the hard workers This newspaper will give a (Rotherham) “It’s a great who got this paper together. good cross working relainitiative and I pledge full A lot of hard work has gone tionship and hope we can support from all in Rother- into this media but com- keep good relations in the ham”. He joked about the ri- munication brings commu- Sheffield community”. valry between Sheffield and nities together and issues Shoukat Ali, Mayor of Rotherham but is confident forward” Rotherham “Ilm is empowthe newspaper will bring all Shafkat Mirza, Jang Writer erment, Ilm is knowledge, communities together. “We see a lot of negativity Knowledge is power, and Haji Ghulam Nabi wished towards our people and this power creates a good comILM great success. paper gives us a chance to munity and leadership. We Cllr Mahroof (Rotherham) express ourselves. Its for want to make certain that “To do something like Why oh why do our close neighbours we all support our methis with skill and finesse, in Rotherham feel they need to make dia in order to sustain openness and honesty is a point about how they are no less it as it’s so valuable to difficult, but the ILM team than Sheffield. Dont worry guys, we our people”. have these qualities in feel you are always by our side. Dont Paul Scriven, Shefthem. ILM gives us more be so competitive Little Brother!! field City Council opportunity to learn and Leader “The paper read Urdu. Knowledge is our community who don’t is really good, what other an important key that we all otherwise get mentioned”. paper would have picneed. We are proud Brit- Paul Bloomfield, Labour tures of Benazir Bhutto, ish Muslims and we need Candidate Sheffield, “Mul- Lord Ahmed, the Sheffield a voice”. He hastily added ticultural Sheffield has wheel and Paul Scriven on that the best thing to come bought together so many the front page? The timing out of Sheffield is the road people. Pakistan commu- of the paper is good as it to Rotherham!! nity is very important and gives people the message Waheed Akhtar, Radio ILM is providing a voice for to counteract the bad imSheffield “Radio Sheffield that community. The tab- ages. It’s about spreading has been representing the loid press only divides com- knowledge, stories, issues, Sheffield community for munities and doesn’t unite, cultural issues, social isthe last 40+ years. This and so we need an authen- sues, and its broad and balnewspaper is a celebra- tic voice to speak out so anced. Great variety of toption of our achievements, this community cannot be ics. I hope people from all who we are and what we misrepresented by the tab- communities can increase have achieved. The range loids”. their understanding and deof issues covered is good Chief Superintendent South velop a way forward to help and we are all supporting Yorkshire Police “We want community cohesion (espehe community through this people to be satisfied that cially bring Rotherham and newspaper and we are in- we are working with them, Sheffield together!!). he paterested to see how the pa- for them. We need this me- per has the power to lead per develops” dium to create more aware- through language”.







Up Coming Events

Up coming events which may interest you.

13th February 10.00am – 16.30pm Sheffield City Hall The BiG Valentine Market An event for networking, workshops and trade fair for anyone thinking about starting up in business in Sheffield or who has an existing business. Workshops available to explore being your own boss. Visit www. to pre register. Free event 13th February 10.00am – 12.30pm Central Library

Open University Information Session If you’ve never studied with The Open University before, or not in the last few years, this session is for you. Come along for an informal discussion about courses, learning methods, financial assistance and other general topics. Open University staff will be happy to answer your questions and guide you through our prospectus. Free event 24th February 10.30am – 1.30pm Frith Park Methodist Church Healthy, Wealthy and Warm in Firth Park

This is the latest of the HEAT Sheffield Roadshows and has been organised in partnership with Sheffield City Council and NHS Sheffield. Organisations provide information and advice at a local level. Free refreshments available throughout the day and free buffet lunch provided. There will be free energy saving powerdown plugs. Information and chance to sign up for Sheffield City Council’s Free Insulation Scheme. Come along and find out how to save money on your fuel bills, live a healthier lifestyle and get some freebies as well. Free event


The Harmain Homeopathic Clinic holds its surgery at PMC every Wednesday. The very first surgery was a success and the Pakistani community were glad for this service. The clinics will continue to take place at the usual time and place.









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We Need More Positive Role Models In The Public Sector in Sheffield... ILM reporters recently interviewed Mr Mohammad Mahroof. He is a hardworking successful second generation British Pakistani living in Sheffield. He is a positive role model for young Asian people to get good qualifications and have a successful career in the public sector. He works for the City Council as Head of Property, Strategy and Business Development. He has over 20 years experince in the public sector. He was the Head of Corporate Property until transfering to his present job, specialising in Schools PFI’s Elderly Care, Leisure, Residential, Commercial, Retail & Project Developments. Quite a mouthful but the list does not end there. He is also Guest Lecurer in property and external Examiner at Sheffield Hallam University for the MSc Property Appraisal and Management course and an assesor for The Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors as well as a local branch member. Mr Mahroof came to the UK at the age of six and lived in

the Attercliffe are of Sheffield. council, but only as a transiHis association with property tional job and hoped to move on. But he stayed at the council and stayed because he saw that Asians were not being presented in these higher ranking jobs within the council. Mr Mahroof wants to encourage youngsters to get into these kind of professions. He sees that there is a lack of knowledge amongst our community that the public sector has nothing to offer, and that began at a young age when they we have an expectation Attercliffe residents were fac- to succeed quickly rather ing demolition of their houses. He spoke excellent English at a very young age and at 10 years old he was negotiating house buying for his father with the estate agents. Rather than take the route than rise through the ranks. his father took into the steel “I’d like to see more Asians in factories, he pursued educa- higher grade jobs in the city tion instead, knowing that he council. We need to promote wanted to succeed in some our kids more to get good cakind of urban and land plan- reers, to get more influential ning. He completed his BSc people involved in the cities in Urban Land Economics and decision making processes”. completed another two years This can help our community of training to gain a qualifica- very much he says. tion in Chartered surveying. Being originally from Azad He subsequently joined the Kashmir and having visited


the region on several visits to Pakistan, he sees the culture there being very work orientated and not towards education. He would like to see this changing as when people come from there to live in the UK they bring with them no qualifications. He personally would like to make all the difference and do what he can to see education given more importance back home in Pakistan. He says we are an intelligent community but with the right kind of guidance we can close the gap between education and opportunities. He commented that we are a very intelligent community, succeeding mostly in businesses but we are becoming insular and just creating and catering these businesses around our own community. He believes that we have resigned ourselves to just living amongst our own people because we cant influence people higher

up. He would like to see this balance changing in Sheffield. We can definitely look around us and see that people from Muslim and Pakistani backgrounds need to work 110% more than others to make our mark, but we have given up to easily. His advice to young people would be get into areas where you can make a difference, where you can influence people and decisions. He thinks that we should all give something back to the community whether it be here or in Pakistan. Mr Mahroof thinks the Sheffield community is more tolerant than ever but at the same time some gaps are widening. We are not being outward reaching but becoming insular. Nevertheless he comments that the amount of progress our community has made in 40/50 years since arriving in the UK is remarkable.



HOROSCOPES FEBRUARY 2010 ARIES Mar 21 - April 20 You can count on receiving new much needed energy. Your own affairs should be very important to you at this time and you may find the answers you have been looking for. You have enough strength and energy to present yourself in a positive light and secure your position in life. Try to maintain objectivity when dealing with others because at this point in time you have a tendency to overemphasize your own problems. This could be a time for you to develop your creativity and make changes to your self image. TAURUS Apr. 21- May 21 Currently your primary concern is improving your income, but you like to think about the meaning your possessions have for you. You try to free yourself from obligations of everyday life concerning money, property or valuables. Learn not to overestimate the material aspect of life and share your resources with needy people. Ethical and moral questions can become more meaningful for you. Maybe you will acquire things which you have been planning for a long time. Rethink your attitude toward

money and possessions - you follow it, it will be worthwhile. could have fruitful insights. LEO GEMINI July 23 - Aug 22 May 22 - June 21 This month is related to things This month you are in a posi- beyond career and home life tion to enthusiastically take on which is important to you. You the obligations you usually try will make new friends and see to avoid. This will earn you the old friendships differently. You respect of your colleagues and recognize the values which are especially your boss. Fortu- most important to you and see nately, there is no danger that how much you have in comyour loyalty and responsibilities mon with your friends. Sudden will distract you from respect- transformations may come ing the rights of the people about by abstract causes and around you. Rather you in- new group projects can arouse clude others in your way of do- your interest. You should use ing things. Your self-discipline this time to question your previis important to you. There ous behaviour and work on iniis no need to fear resistance. tiating sensible changes for the future. Think about what you CANCER could do for your community. June 22 - July 22 Turn your attention to your VIRGO family and invest your enAug 23 - Sept 23 ergy in personal relationships. Your challenge is to define your Home will have more meaning position in life. This includes to you. You want everything to your profession, your social go smoothly. Redecorate your status and all activities which home or invite your parents bring forward the building of over. Harmony and free ex- your character. Explore what is pression will fill your circle of important to you and rethink friends with positive relation- your goals. You take your reships. Devote some attention sponsibilities serious but know to spiritual life and your inner when to have fun. You should being. Your goal is emotional try to see your role within the stability. Achieve this by devot- larger system realistically. At ing yourself to the people and this time the most important topics you trust. If you sense task is to find your strengths and a creative urge, go ahead and weaknesses and explore them.

LIBRA Sept 24 - Oct 23 You are encouraged to indulge in a negative expression of your ego powers. This may include clearing up conflicts with others. Too much energy makes you feel nervous and edgy as circumstances prevent your expression. You may be too concentrated on yourself. It may help to take part in communal activities and place some of your excess energy at the disposal of friends and family. If you are only out to assert your ego, people will avoid you and you will end up feeling dissatisfied. SCORPIO Oct 24 - Nov 22 It is time for expansion on all levels, the time is also favourable for learning something new. A trip, seminar or an adult education course could be good for you and set things in motion. You may meet people from far away who provide new insights into foreign cultures. On another level a test of your own significance will occur. External experiences will allow you to see your role in the world in a more comprehensive context and redefine yourself.


SAGITTRIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21 This month you will get deeper in to your psyche and your spiritual life. If your daily obligations keep you from taking time for yourself, try to find the golden balance between your own needs and the needs of others. Personality traits which you dislike may come to the surface. Don’t suppress them but learn to accept this part of yourself. When you manage this you will return to a state of inner harmony. Talk to others more. CAPRICON Dec 22 - Jan 20 You will be creative and feel great on all levels. As the centre of attention, you treat everyone especially affectionately. You don’t intend just to take, but to give to others. The harmonious energies are flowing towards an enjoyable encounters with others. Your charm arouses attraction, you can expect it to have positive effects. Have a good time, go out, explore, buy yourself something nice. You won’t be prone to overdo things. Its a good time for a party, and meet people in a relaxed atmosphere. Looking back on this month will be especially satisfying.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19 Ask yourself the question do you fulfil your obligations willingly and are prepared to take on responsibility. You have the chance to recognize the meaning of your work and deal rationally with the challenges of your daily life. If you are not in tune with yourself and are trying to avoid your obligations, this could make itself noticeable on the physical level in the form of an illness. Maybe you have conflicts at work, but you have the energy to convince others of your point of view, because you have better mental clarity. PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20 You have a lot of energy and ability to express yourself creatively and individually. Don’t take everything seriously but give in to your playful instinct. You will get along with kids well at this time. People will be attracted by your radiance of strength and personality. This could lead to romantic adventures and generally more fun. Have fun but don’t forget that there are other things which are important in life. Take notice of this and get some problems out of the way.


! Age is whatever you think it is. You are as old as OR COMMENTS CALL you think you are. ! Your true value depends entirely on what you are 07894010808 OR EMAIL compared with. MAHANAILM@YAHOO.COM ! If you think education is expensive, try Ignorance. ! The greatest risk is to risk nothing at all. ! A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. ! To be upset over what you don’t have is to waste what you do have. ! The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. ! Use soft words and hard arguments. ! Good judgement comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgement. ! Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. ! Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. ! If everybody’s thinking alike, somebody isn’t thinking. ! Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind. ! It usually takes a long time to find a shorter way. ! It is the province of knowledge to speak and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen.





1 What is a HIP or Home Information Pack? A HIP is a package of information which must be assembled by a vendor (Person Who Is Selling The Property) or an estate evant to the particular agent prior to marketing area. a residential property. 3 What is an EPC? 2 What goes into a HIP? The Energy Performance A HIP or Home informaCertificate or Energy Eftion pack includes docuficiency Certificate is ments that are required similar to the certificates when homes are bought found on many domestic and sold. Some docuappliances. ments are mandatory A Certificate for a buildand others optional. ing gives the building an The mandatory docuasset rating based on its ments are: energy efficiency. Data is 1 Index (i.e. a list of the collected by the domestic contents of the HIP); energy assessor such as 2 Sale statement (sumfloor area, construction, marising the terms of insulation, heating and sale); lighting and inputted into 3 Evidence of title; a management software 4 Standard searches (i.e. programme. Certain aslocal authority enquiries sumptions are made on and a drainage and wahow the home is used by ter search); the occupiers. 5 Energy Performance The EPC produced will Certificate (EPC); give the building a rating 6 Commonhold informafrom A to G. An A rating tion (where appropriate); shows it’s very efficient, 7 Copy of the lease meaning lower fuel bills, (where appropriate); while G is inefficient, 8 Certificate (or interim meaning higher fuel bills. certificate) showing the The Certificate will also Code for Sustainable show the building’s enviHomes rating or a nil-ratronmental impact by indied certificate (new builds cating its carbon-dioxide only). emissions. Optional documents inThe EPC will also show clude: recommendations as to 1 Home Condition Report how the property could (HCR); be made more energy 2 Additional leasehold inand cost efficient. The formation; Potential ratings included 3 Guarantees and war- within the Energy Survey indicate the effects of ranties; 4 Other searches rel- each recommendation.

Programmes Development Manager of British Council in Pakistan Martin James Daltry, Mayor of Rotherham Shaukat Ali, Zeeshan Naqvi (ILM) Martin of British Council who is based in Pakistan brought a delegate from Kotli District in Azad Kashmir. The aim of the delegates is to build

a greater understanding of cultural differences in UK. he is involved in linking more than 200 schools from Azad Kashmir and UK.


WHAT’S HAPPENING........ ASSEMBLIES KEEPING SHEFFIELD SPICK AND SPAN Local community assemblies set up by Lib Dem Sheffield City Council have tackled all the extra work the city needed to keep clean and tidy. Extra work has been done, over and above the normal jobs done by Streetforce, including tidying up flower beds, cutting back weeds and overhanging branches, cleaning up grot-spots, clearing leaves and unblocking drains.

gested this proposal was going ahead, simply to secure planning permission for office development on the site.

BRIGHT FUTURE FOR SHEFFIELD COMMUNITY GROUPS A review of the citys estimated 3000 voluntary sector organisations was carried out last year. The recommendations of the review focus on the introduction of a clearer relationship between voluntary, community and faith sector and the public STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS OR A BUSINESS IDEA YOU sector bodies in the city, based of ‘buying, giving and investing’. WOULD LIKE TO PROGRESS The council spends around £40m per year on the voluntary secSheffield Chamber of Commerce can help move your idea for- tor and hopes the recommendations will improve the benefits ward no matter how big or small. They can offer additional sup- to people who need and rely on these services. port to existing businesses. All services are free and range from, counselling sessions with business advisors, business skills MPs CALL FOR ADEQUATE BEREAVEMENT LEAVE training course, tailored practical workshops and seminars and MPs have called on the Government to introduce a legal right two years continued aftercare for your news business. Financial to paid bereavement leave for the close relatives of those who start ups can be offered in some cases. For more info contact die in conflict. A statutory right to bereavment leave exists but 0114 2018918 not on a paid basis. They want to acknowledge the bravery and selflessness of our Armed Forces personnel by giving relatives SECURITY AND COUNTER-TERRORISM who have unfortunately lost a loved one this way, legal right to The Prime Minister announced further measures to strengthen paid bereavement leave. the protection of borders, maximise aviation security, and enhance intelligence co-ordination at home and abroad. He wants LOCAL COUNCILLOR TAKES THE LEAD ON DANGEROUS DOGS to extend the Home Office watch list and improve intelligence Labour Burngreave Cllr, Ibrar Hussain has called for a debate on sharing with foreign security agencies. Flights from Yemen to the problem of dangerous dogs in the city. Following reports UK with Yemenia Airways have been suspended as of immedi- in the past year of people, including children, being attacked ately for the security of our citizens, he stated. in Sheffield, Cllr Hussain would like to see a public debate to fully understand problems people have experienced, in order VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to move forward in tackling this issue. “I am urging members The search is on for volunteers to help out at one of Sheffields of the public to engage in this very serious debate and should major sporting events happening later this year. The Council anyone wish to become involved in this campaign please feel need people to act as car park marshals, ticket sellers, and spec- free to get in touch.” tator and access monitors at the British University Championships in March. No previous experience necessary, just friendly ROTHERHAM LIONS CLUB AIDS CUMBRIAN FLOOD VICTIMS outgoing people over 18 needed. Contact 0114 2736681. Cabinet member for Housing & Neighborhoods, Cllr Jahangir Akhtar as continued his support for the Cumbrain Flood Victims NO PROSPECT OF GOVERNMENT DEPTS RELOCATING TO by organizing a Charity Dinner at the Orient Express in RotherWAVERLEY ham. The dinner has been arranged for 6.45pm, on Sunday 7 Councillors in Rotherham and Sheffield have dismissed myths February 2010 at the Orient Express, Princess Street, Rotherthat and Government departments are relocating to this site. ham. The tickets are £15 each with proceeds going to the CumThe site was proposed but the proposal dropped due to lack brian Flood Appeal. Cllr. Jahangir Akhtar said “I am proud to be of public transport access. The developers nevertheless sug- able to support the Rotherham Lions on this project”.



BRITIAN OUT OF RECESSION THALASAEMIA AWARENESS Paul Blomfield, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sheffield Central, has welcomed today’s announcement that Britain is officially out of recession. The Govern-

ment’s approach has prevented the international recession becoming a deep depression in the UK. The economy’s now moving in the right direction.


Thalasaemia and sickle cell anaemia exists in all social groups but more so in Asian people. In some communities, 1 in 7 Asian people may be a carrier of thalasaemia unbeknown to them. This is a life threatening and devastating genetic blood disorder. There is no cure but every newborn baby is now screened for both thalasaemia and sickle cell anaemia. This often flags up carriers of the

faulty gene who wouldn’t severe anaemia during the have otherwise known they first year of life. If left are affected. Thalasae- untreated this condition can lead to severe anaemia and liver and heart problems. Treatments are available to control the condition. The Sickle Cell Anaemia & Thalasaemia Project on the Wicker in Sheffield is trying hard to raise awareness mia has minor and major amongst Asian people. forms, the most severe be- They can provide informaing the major, which may tion, offer counselling, ofcause stillbirth. Children fer a screening programme born with the thalasaemia and provide access to exmajor condition are nor- pert professionals. mal at birth but develop


Children from low income families who receive certain benefits can receive free computers and free broadband under a new government initiative. The home access programme allows for families with children aged 3 to 9 to apply for grants to buy computers and internet access. To see if you qualify call 0333 200 1004.




Akshay Kumar badly injured while shooting Akshay Kumar’s dare devil lifestyle and love for the adrenaline rush seems to be taking a toll on his health. The actor, who is known to perform his own stunts and jump off great heights for almost all his films, has badly hurt himself and has sprained his back. The macho hunk was gravely injured while shooting a stunt sequence for his production `Patiala House`.






Kareena (Bebo) becomes the Highest paid Actress !!! Despite just one hit in the year 2009, Kareena Kapoor has reportedly been signed for a whopping Rs. 7 crore for ‘Golmaal 3’. Till date this is the highest amount paid to any Bollywood ac-

Releases in February

tress. She has left close competitors Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra way behind, even though the other two had more number of releases and more number of hits in 2009 as compared

to Kareena.Despite getting such a huge amount, Kareena has made it clear that she will not work in a multi heroine project. Hence she will be the only lead actress in the film.










93.2FM 01142814082 Monday 7pm -9pm Aj Ka Sabrang Presented by: Jawaid Qazi and Jawed Akhtar Tuesday 7pm-9pm Punjabi Virsa Presented by: Saberjeet Nagra Wednesday 7pm -9pm Aap Ki Awaz Presented by Sajjaad Ahmed Thursday Gazul Shaab 9pm-11pm Presented by: Javed Ahmed Friday 7pm-9pm Aaj Ki Shaam Presented by: Jawaad Janjua







Sheffield stepping up a GEAR through its major Regeneration project Sheffield is undergoing a remarkable regeneration. The city has experienced unprecedented physical development over the last 5 years, particularly in the city centre. Over the last 20 years, Sheffield has undergone a startling metamorphosis through a programme of regeneration orchestrated by the forward thinking City Council and Interserve has made a significant contribution to the changing face of the city. Major development projects include the Heart of the City, Castlegate and the New Retail Quarter, bringing Sheffield up to the standards expected of a modern European city. In the mid 1990s the Council embarked on an ambitious regeneration plan with the Peace Gardens. This first phase of the “Heart of the City” project involved creation of a public area, as an amphitheatre in front of the imposing Town Hall, with its centrepiece the Millennium water feature complete with 89 water jets.

The plan to revitalise the city centre involved the creation of a journey - one would begin the walk at the train station, along Hallam Street, through two landmark buildings, on into the Peace Gardens and thus to the Town Hall. The Winter Gardens is one of the most important temperate plant houses built in the UK in the last 100 years and links from the Gallery, providing a green sanctuary for the people of Sheffield to escape the city’s bustle. This sustainWWW.MAHANAILM.COM

able building comprises a timber framed Glulam structure, creating a spectacular wide open space to house the sub-tropical

vegetation. Work is also starting on a £2.9m revamp for the lower section of The Moor. Part of the shopping precinct opposite Atkinson’s department store is to be repaved to a similar standard to Howard Street, the Peace Gardens and Bark-

ers Pool. Stretching from Cumberland Street to Earl Street, the scheme is designed to link with the proposed markets hall. Revised plans for a replacement for the Castlegate markets have been approved by the council but a final financial agreement with Moor owners RREEF is still awaited. Money for the facelift is coming from the Government-backed regional development agency Yorkshire Forward. Despite the recession, council and business leaders are trying to maintain some momentum in the city centre, especially with the £600m Sevenstone retail quarter. Parkhill Flats Parkhill flats are undergoing a massive remaking that has stalled in the current economic climate. One of the things that gives it listed building status is its pioneering use of a freestanding concrete skeleton, panelled in coloured brick. This picture from the summer of 2008 shows the process of knocking out the brickwork getting underway, the bricks to be replaced eventually with aluminium panels. Taken from Duke Street, it also shows

something of the impact of the building on the city landscape. Beyond the city centre, ambitious plans to develop further the Lower Don Valley is progressing at a pace, to meet the needs of the evolving economy of the city. English Institute of Sport, a national centre of sporting excellence providing an indoor athletics area incorporating running track and associated athletics infield, plus facilities for judo, table tennis, badminton, netball, boxing and multi-sports. Forgemasters Plans have been submitted to transform a 200 year old Sheffield steel works, radically improving the appearance and environmental credentials of the historic industrial site. Sheffield architects Race Cottam Associates have submitted proposals for the first phase of their master plan to rejuvenate the 64-acre Sheffield Forgemasters site, which aims to become a showcase for environmental best practice in industry. The plans include the external redevelopment of Sheffield Forgemasters. Key projects and programmes include: New Retail Quarter (Sevenstone) New Business District Digital Campus (Sheaf Valley) Riverside Business

District Integrating the Universities Tudor Square Cultural Quarter Castlegate/Victoria Quays City Neighbourhoods Parks, Open Spaces, Green Networks Sustainable Sheffield Moving Sheffield In summary, the City of Sheffield story of regeneration - economic, social and cultural - is one of several chapters. PAGE 19

In & Around Sheffield Sheffield

will receive £2,146,572 to build 27 new homes. 19 new homes will be built at Ellesmere and 8 will be built at Chaucer. More than half new homes will be three and four bedroom family homes. Paul Bloomfield, Labour Parliamentary candidate for Sheffield, thinks this will be the first step towards building more affordable council homes in Sheffield.

The Liberal Democrats are working hard to

get firm restrictions on late night noise disturbances. Paul Scriven, Leader of Sheffield City Council wants the voice of residents to be heard as priority. This comes after a takeaway in Broomhill had its right of appeal upheld to trade late into the night regardless of objections from local residents.


City Council is making parking enforcement fairer for the people of Sheffield. A review of the City’s Civil Enforcement Policy encourages Council Officers to use fairness, transparency and common sense. It also recommends a number of changes that should see parking enforcement become more reasonable, including: Consideration of urgent or unforeseen circumstances beyond only “emergency” situations

New legal rights for patients will come into

effect in 2010. The two new rights for all patients coming in from April 2010 are: the right to see a cancer specialist within 2 weeks if your GP suspects you may have cancer, and the right that all treatment, for any illness, should be within 18 weeks of a referral by your GP. SHEFFIELD


M O N T H L Y 07894010808







“What other paper would have

pictures of Benazir Bhutto, Lord Ahmed, The Sheffield Wheel and Paul Scriven on the front page? continue 10...



A BRIGHT FUTURE OF PAKISTANI CRICKET Pakistani cricket has a very bright future for the foseable future. A young star Hammad Azam rose above all the odds and


steered Pakistan cricket team into U19 world Cup final. He is the only player who has maintained the record of staying unbeat-

en in whole of the world cuptounament and has been the most consistant batsman in the world cup 2010 in Newzealand.



Feburary 2010  


Feburary 2010