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Leopold Square & Crystal Peaks RestaurantS


Early Bird Early Bird Buffet Buy any 2 starters and Mon-Thurs-5.30-6.30pm Sun 4.30-6.30pm

2 mains Get the least expensive Main dish free

Sun 4.30-6.30pm · Mon-5.30-6.30pm

£10.50 per person

Kids under 4 eat free when accompanied by an adult Kids 4-9 years £6.00 per person

After 6.30pm £12.95, Kids £7.95

Student offer Emergency Services Offer

10% discount on food

10% discount To Police, Fire & NHS staff

on production of student ID.

on Food on production of ID.

Aagrah Leopold Square, Unit 1 Leopold Square, Leopold Street, Sheffield, S1 2JG. Tel. 0114 2795577 Open: Mon-Thurs 5.30pm – 11.30pm · Fri- Sat 5.30-12 midnight · Sun 4.30-10.30pm Aagrah Crystal Peaks, 200 Waterthorpe Greenway, Crystal Peaks, Sheffield, S20 8LY, UK Tel: 0114 248 2049 Open: A LA CARTE & TAKEAWAY: Mon-Sat: 5:30pm - 11:30pm & Sun: 4:30pm - 10:30pm BUFFET: Mon-Sat: 5:30pm - 10:00pm & Sun: 4:30pm - 9:30pm Takeaway service available. *TERMS AND CONDITIONS Above promotions not valid on takeaways or throughout December. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Please contact the branch to check availability of these offers prior to coming to the restaurant.


Jeremy Corbyn appears to be well ahead of his rival Owen Smith in the first poll of those entitled to vote in the Labour leadership election. A YouGov survey for The Times puts the current Labour leader on 62% with Mr Smith trailing on 38%. Mr Corbyn received nearly 60% of the vote when he was elected to the job in September 2015. The poll puts found that 52% of full members intend to back Mr Corbyn compared to 40% for Mr Smith. Meanwhile, among registered supporters it was 70% to 25% in favour of Mr Corbyn - who also also has the backing of the union affiliates by 54% to 33%. Mr Corbyn said that if he defeated Mr Smith, the Labour Party would use “digital technology to mobilise most visible general election campaign ever”. “My leadership campaign is leading the way in harnessing the advances of new technology to organise political campaigning like we’ve never seen before.” Said Jeremy Corbyn.


Junior doctors are lining up strikes for a week every month for the rest of the year, as the row over a new contract being imposed by the government escalates. They have been given the go-ahead for more industrial action with leaked papers suggesting it could mean walk-outs from 8am to 5pm for five days in a row, with the first starting on 12 September. It could lead to the postponement of thousands of scheduled operations and the British Medical Association’s junior doctors committee admitted there would be a “regrettable impact on patient care”. “Junior doctors have been clear in their rejection of Jeremy Hunt’s imposed contract” say the BMA. BMA spokesman So far this year, there have been eight days of strikes so far this year as junior doctors fight proposals to introduce the new contract. In July, health secretary Jeremy Hunt said he would impose the contract after junior doctors rejected a remodelled version. Doctors leaders have already said they could not stand idly by while a contract, which would be bad for patients was introduced. A BMA spokesman said: “It should come as no surprise that BMA Council are discussing the issue of further industrial action. But at this stage, no decisions have been made.” “The BMA should be putting patients first, not playing politics in a way that will be immensely damaging for vulnerable patients” say the Department of Health.

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PAY & DISPLAY TO BE INTRODUCED AT CANCER HOSPITAL New parking charges are to be introduced at Sheffield’s specialist cancer hospital Weston Park - partly to deter people pretending to be patients to use the free spaces. The charges are expected to come into force in October but hospital bosses say concessionary rates will be available to long-term patients. The Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust which runs the site say the charges will be in line with other hospital car parks around the city and are designed to tackle the problem of people who are not patients at Weston Park taking up the limited spaces available there. The trust is due to launch a publicity campaign to inform affected patients and families about the changes. A spokesman said: “In response to patient feedback and complaints about limited availability of car parking at Weston Park Hospital, which often leads to patients queuing down the main road, we are creating an additional 60 car parking spaces at Weston Park Hospital. “Regrettably some of the problem is people parking in Weston Park car park who are not patients because it is free parking and this means less spaces available for those who really need to park close to the hospital. We also have different rules in place for patients receiving cancer care depending on where they happen to be cared for.”

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Massive Drop In School Fines Issued By Sheffield Council

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The number of parents being fined for taking their children on term-time holidays has plummeted by more than 99 per cent in Sheffield this summer as a result of a landmark court case. Figures show a massive drop in the fines being issued in June this year compared with 12 months ago. Sheffield Council issued 900 fines in June 2015. But, according to figures from the authority this year it issued just three - a drop of more than 99 per cent. Local authorities across the region have also massively decreased the number of fines being issued for term-time holidays. In Doncaster the number of fines issued by Doncaster Council dropped from 616 in July last year to 61 - a fall of just over 90 per cent. In Kirklees, the number of fines issued in July more than halved from 326 in 2015 to 145 this year. In June and July last year North Yorkshire issued 258 fines but this year it dropped to 29. Taking a child on an unauthorised absence is not a criminal offence - failing to make sure your child attends regularly is.

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Asylum Claims In UK Highest In More Than A Decade More than 36,000 asylum seeker claims were made in Britain in the first half of 2016, according to government figures, the highest number in over a decade. Between January and June this year, 36,465 people applied for asylum in Britain, a 41 percent increase on the same period in 2015, which had nearly 26,000 claims. The number of unaccompanied children seeking asylum in Britain rose to 3,472, a 54 percent increase since 2015, representing 10 percent of all asylum claims so far this year. The last time Britain had such a high number of applications was in 2004, when 39,746 people sought asylum. Over a million people fleeing wars and conflict in the Middle East, Africa and Asia reached the European Union (EU) last year in the continent's biggest migration crisis since World War Two. The largest number of asylum claims in Britain came from people who have left Iran (4,910),

Iraq (3,199), Pakistan (2,992), Eritrea (2,790), Afghanistan (2,690) and Syria (2,563). The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said nearly 3,500 refugees were resettled in the first half of the year. Across the EU, Germany received 665,000 asylum seeker claims in the first half of 2016, by far the greatest number, followed by Sweden (149,000)and Hungary (131,000) Britain had the eighth highest amount of asylum applications in the EU, according to ONS data.

Health Warning Issued Over Barbecued Burgers

Millions of people could be at risk of illness from eating barbecued burgers that are pink in the middle. The Food Standards Agency warned cases of food poisoning double in the summer months when barbecues are often held. The alert comes as an online survey of 2,708 people suggested one in 10 prefers their meat rare while 81 per cent of adults said they had eaten undercooked burgers at home. The FSA believe the spike could be as a result of people mistakenly believing rare burgers are safe to eat at home because steaks can be safely served this way. But experts stressed there are differences between steaks and burgers in how they should be cooked. It's important that people realise that burgers are not like steak. Harmful bacteria can be carried on the surface of cuts of meat. When a rare steak is seared these bacteria are killed, but burger meat is minced so bacteria from the surface of the raw meat gets mixed all the way through the burger. These bacteria can remain alive on the inside, unless the burger is fully cooked through, no matter how good quality and expensive the meat.

Fines Raised In Citywide Crackdown On Waste Those who fly tip or drop litter in Sheffield are set to be hit with increased penalty charges as the city council continues its drive to keep our city clean. This comes after a total of 27 people were taken to Sheffield Magistrates Court in just one day , and fined a total of more than £6,500 for dropping litter on the city’s streets. It has now been announced that, in new charges being introduced by Sheffield City Council, the Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) amount for dropping litter is set to be increased to £80 from £75, with the discount for early payment also being removed. Furthermore, new powers have been adopted which enable officers to deal with those caught fly-tipping by means of a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN). In suitable cases, offenders will be given an option to pay £400 or be taken to court. The amount is reduced to £300 if paid within 10 days. However, more serious cases of fly-tipping will still be subject to a prosecution. If fly-tipping cases go to the Crown Court, this can mean prison and an unlimited fine. These new fees and charges for litter are set to

be introduced from Thursday, 1 September. Councillor Bryan Lodge, Cabinet Member for the Environment at Sheffield City Council, said: “The message is simple. If you dump waste or drop litter in Sheffield, you will be given a new and increased fee to pay and, if, you fail to pay at that point, you will be brought before the courts. “As this decision and recent court cases prove, we can and will take strong action against those anti-social people who dump their waste on the streets of Sheffield. “We all need to do our bit to keep Sheffield clean and fitting of its title as the UK’s Outdoor City. While we know most Sheffielders are proud of where they live, we are not afraid to take strong action against the minority who seek to spoil it.” Environmental enforcement officers have issued nearly 1,100 FPNs to litter louts across the city in the last year. Most of these offenders admitted the offence and paid the fixed penalty. However, those that did not pay the fixed penalty have been prosecuted and Sheffield City Council has prosecuted 218 offenders in the last 12 months. This is an average of more than four people a week.

BLACK AND ASIAN PEOPLE IN SHEFFIELD HAVE THE HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IN THE COUNTRY Sheffield has the worst unemployment rate for black and ethnic minorities in the entire country - and it's more than 3 times that of the city's white population. The unemployment rate for BME people in England stands at 9.4%. In Sheffield, just over 20% of the BME community is unemployed.

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Chance To Learn How To Grow Your Own Veg At Sheffield Courses Community groups Grow Sheffield and Shipshape Health and Wellbeing are running a yearlong programme of free growing and harvesting courses. They will show both novice and experienced gardeners how to grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs. The ‘Seeds to Suppers’ growing course starts at Shipshape Health and Wellbeing Centre on Sharrow Lane on Monday, September 12, from 10am. The ‘Abundance’ training sessions are running every Thursday at the centre from 10am.

Abu Al Hassan

The Ethnic Penalty

Strong link between ethnic communities and higher car insurance costs Any motorist living in areas with a high proportion of ethnic minority households is being charged higher prices for their car insurance regardless of any other factor, according to a new study. The research, which used data provided by the AA for all 125 postcodes areas in the UK, found that people who live in multi-ethnic districts pay an ‘ethnic penalty’ in higher-than-average motor premiums of up to £458. In a report outlining their findings, data analysts say there is a ‘strong statistical relationship’ –

accounting for 60% of the variation – between ethnic minority prevalence and higher insurance premiums in a postcode. The study found that the additional cost affects an estimated 12 million people – more than one in five UK residents – regardless of the driver’s own ethnic origin. The study concluded that the variations cannot be accounted for by prevalence of crime, fear of crime, available claims data or relative affluence. The study says with confidence that the process of premium setting has definitely produced an inequality of outcome to the detriment of black and ethnic minority groups. Motor insurance profits are huge and now there is evidence that they are making those bloated profits through bias and stereotyping. It is clear from research that the ethnic penalty exists in all regions and in areas of affluence as well as poorer areas. Publicly available government data demonstrates that high levels of vehicle crime are unlikely to be linked to ethnicity; and analysis shows that the ethnic penalty persists even in areas populated by prosperous minorities.

Private Landlords Received £9.3bn In Housing Benefit Private landlords received £9.3bn in housing benefit last year - almost double the amount they did a decade ago, according to a new report. The increased number of private renters receiving the benefit and the higher costs of private rentals have contributed to the rise, the National Housing Federation (NHF) said. The NHF, said it was "madness" that the money was being spent on the private sector and not being invested in affordable homes. But the Government said it was taking steps to manage the bill. In 2006, £4.6bn was paid out in housing benefit to private landlords, but since 2008 there has

been a 42% rise in the number of private renters receiving housing benefit, according to the NHF analysis. An additional £1,000 is spent every year on each family renting privately and claiming housing benefit - a £5,705 cost compared with £4,638 for those in the social rented sector, the report said. In London, £3,300 more is spent every year on each family claiming in the private sector, it added. The Government could save £1.5bn a year if all those housed in the private rented sector lived in affordable housing. Housing associations want to build the homes the nation needs. By loosening restrictions on existing funding, the Government can free up housing associations to build more affordable housing at better value to the taxpayer and directly address the housing crisis." A Government spokesman said it had taken action to reduce the private rental sector housing benefit bill. "The reality is we have taken action to bring the housing benefit bill under control, and since 2012 the amount going to private sector landlords has actually been falling - something which the National Housing Federation fails to recognise," he said. "We are also committed to building the homes this country needs and investing £8 billion to build 400,000 more affordable homes."

‘Patients At Risk’ From Length Of GP Consultations Patients are being put at risk by GPs being forced to carry out complex consultations in 10 minutes or under, the British Medical Association says. The doctors' union said patient care was undermined when GPs were forced to see as many as 60 patients a day. It called for more funding to allow GPs to spend at least 15 minutes with each patient. NHS England said consultation lengths were up to doctors and there were no national limits suggesting 10 minutes. However, the NHS Choices website does state that "GPs spend an average of 8-10 minutes with each patient" and advises patients to "plan ahead to make sure you cover everything you want to discuss". The BMA, which published a report on "safe working in general practice"earlier this month, called for a reorganisation and warned that GPs faced "unsustainable pressure" from increasing workload and staff shortages.

Health think tank the King's Fund said its analysis showed GPs were under "huge pressure due to an increase in workload which has not been matched by a growth in funding or the workforce". It also found the average length of consultations had increased due to the rising number of older patients with more complex conditions. NHS England said the length of appointments was "at the discretion of individual GP practices, based on patient need, and there are no national limits suggesting 10 minutes should be the norm". It accepted that GPs were "under pressure", and said it was "substantially increasing investment and reforming care to free up GPs to spend more time with patients". In 2013, a rule saying GP appointment slots in England must be for a minimum of 10 minutes was scrapped.

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Tackle Employment Inequalities Faced By Muslims Targeted support must be introduced to help tackle employment inequalities faced by Muslims in the UK, MPs have said. A new report by the Women and Equalities Committee highlights the fact that Muslim people face the highest level of unemployment of all religious and ethnic groups at 12.8% compared to 5.4% for the general population. The report calls on ministers to introduce a coherent cross-Government strategy by the end of 2016 focused on helping specific groups, including Muslims, to run alongside a commitment to tackle disadvantages faced by black and minority ethnic (BME) people. The report argues that the Government must directly address discrimination in the workplace and do more to support people into work. It also highlights a need for the Government to work to rebuild trust with Muslim communities after concerns were raised during the committee's inquiry about integration programmes being linked to counter-extremism. The report recommends that such programmes should not be conducted through the lens of counter-extremism but should instead stress how they can improve the life chances of those taking part. The report places a particular emphasis on the

need to address employment discrimination faced by Muslim women. There is evidence that stereotypical views of Muslim women can act as a barrier to work. The data suggests that in communities these patterns are shifting across generations but the shift is happening too slowly and that not all Muslim women are being treated equally. The report calls on the Government to introduce a role models and mentoring programme specifically aimed at Muslim women to increase equality and help them realise their potential. Other recommendations include calling for increased awareness among employers of what constitutes illegal discrimination, urging universities to introduce a dedicated careers advice service for BME students to include the use of role models and mentors, and that Jobcentre Plus staff must be trained to understand the issues faced by Muslim people. Meanwhile, in areas where there are high levels of Muslim unemployment there should be tailored support schemes put in place and employers should pay close attention to the impact of discrimination and the fear of discrimination in the workplace for Muslim women who wear cultural or religious dress.

Manchester More Liveable Than London Manchester is a better place to live than London, according to annual rankings of cities around the globe. The capital held its place as the 53rd most liveable city in the world, but was 10 places behind Manchester, due to the increased threat of terrorism and petty crime in London. The northern city, cradle of the Industrial Revolution, was placed above San Francisco and Seattle. London was behind Iceland's capital and fishing hub, Reykjavik. Across the world, Melbourne remained the most liveable city, followed by Vienna, with the worst place being Syria's war-torn capital, Damascus. The annual Global Liveability Ranking by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIUn) provides scores for lifestyle challenges in 140 cities worldwide. Despite the 10 places between the two cities, the only UK ones surveyed, just 1.6% separates London's "liveability" score of 87.2 from Man-

chester's of 88.8. Dublin beat both cities with a score of 89.5 and was ranked at number 40 globally. Though London has more cultural attractions and a more robust infrastructure compared with Manchester, London's lower score reflects the perceived higher risk from terrorism and crime. Neither city's scores changed this year from last, but Manchester improved its ranking as other European cities "liveability" fell due to terror and political and economic instability. Eight of the top 10 most liveable cities are in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, with only Helsinki and Hamburg in Europe in the top 10. The survey attempts to quantify the challenges that might be presented to an individual's lifestyle in each of the cities surveyed. Each city is assigned a score for more than 30 qualitative and quantitative factors across five broad categories of stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

Childhood Obesity Plan Fails To Impress Theresa May’s new childhood obesity plan has been panned by health experts, MP’s and more The government’s plan to tackle childhood obesity has been attacked on all sides for its weak strategy, backing out of promises and even pointlessness. The plan calls for the food and drink industry to cut 5% of the sugar in products popular amongst children within the next year. Public Health England is to monitor the changes over the next four years. In addition, primary schools are to deliver a minimum of 30 minutes’ physical activity a day and to ensure parents and carers deliver the same amount at home. School sports are to receive more funding and a tax on sugary drinks will be introduced in 2018. Dr. Sarah Wollaston, also a Tory MP, accused her own parties plan of bearing the mark of “the hand of big industry lobbyists.” Wollaston, chairwoman of the health select committee, calls the plan “really disappointing” and points out that“whole sections of the original draft have been dropped.” Much of the promises made for the initial child obesity plan have disappeared in the new one, including introducing measures for advertising junk food and two-for-one deals. Wollastan added that it puts the “interests of advertising marketers ahead of the in-

terests of children.” The British Medical Association said the government had rowed back on its promises by announcing what looks like a weak plan rather than the robust strategy it promised. Although the government proposes targets for food companies to reduce the level of sugar in their products, the fact that these are voluntary and not backed up by regulation renders them pointless. The chief executive of Sainsbury’s, Mike Coup, called for a tougher regime including mandatory sugar targets as opposed to May’s voluntary targets. TV chef and celebrity Jamie Oliver chimed in, saying: “It was set to be one of the most important health initiatives of our time, but look at the words used- ‘should, might, we encourage’- too much of it is voluntary, suggestive, where are the mandatory points?”

Doctor Shortage Crisis Not Affecting Sheffield A&E

Health bosses have confirmed that Sheffield is not affected by a severe doctor shortage which has brought some A&E units to the brink of closing. Hospitals in the East Midlands and the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust warned of temporary A&E closures recently due to the shortage of doctors. A spokesman for the Lincolnshire trust revealed that patients may now be put at risk if action is not taken. There is a ‘real crisis in emergency

medicine’ as workforce numbers struggle to keep pace with rising numbers of patients. But Sheffield teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have said that they are not hard hit by the crisis – and there is no immediate threat of the city’s A&E closing. Dr David Throssell, medical director at the trust, said: “As one of the largest teaching hospital trusts and major trauma centres we are fortunate to attract and retain high quality consultants for our A&E department. “As a result we currently don’t have any unfilled consultant posts and provide the full range of emergency care services.” Costs have risen between 3.5 per cent and 4 per cent every year due to population growth and the cost of new treatments. However the health service has only received a 1 per cent funding rise between 2010 and 2020.

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PROPERTY & FUTURE GENERATIONS Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant Mark Jenkinson & Son be difficult simply from a supply and demand principle, without taking into account all the other potential selection criteria. So the new Private Rented Sector may be a solution for some young people. At present such accommodation is in short supply. As this sector develops it will become a real choice for people. The aim of this developing sector is to provide quality accommodation as a long term option.

Following on from my articles of the past I am focussing on the aspirations of the younger generation. The reason I have picked this topic was following a conversation with a young person who questioned how someone young on an average salary can aspire to get on the property ladder. The dream of owning your own property for a lot of young people is just that and at the rate property prices are rising with salaries not keeping pace, the aspiration gets further and further away. Current headlines are commenting on rising house prices, with average house prices being close to £250k. If you are on a salary of £15/£18K the chances of you securing a mortgage is going to be very difficult. Even if you were to secure a mortgage you would need a minimum of 5% deposit which for some young people is difficult to achieve, unless they are living at home. The chances are that the young person would be renting a property, with rents being at a level not seen before, coupled with household bills, travelling expenses to work, food and other expenses. The opportunity to save just for a deposit becomes a challenge unless the “bank of mum and dad” helps out. Even then you are faced with the mammoth task of finding a property, there is a shortage. So what options are available to the young? The first is to continue to live at home with parents. There are clear statistics which highlight the fact that more and more people are staying at home for much longer, in some cases into their forties. In some cultures of the world this is a normal way of life, with the extended family living in the same house for generations. In fact they would not choose to live in any other way. Clearly there are many benefits to living as a family - sharing the costs and benefiting from a rich family life but clearly this form of living is not a panacea for all cultures. A version of this that allows families to live together is splitting the home into individual units. For example, having three floors and converting these into single family units is a common way of living in many countries. In some countries in South Asia properties are designed to be used in this way. I was actually having this conversation with a concerned parent this week. The benefits of this form of living are many, it creates a network of support in the family, being able to help in child care, care for the elderly and companionship especially amongst the elderly. It goes to prove the ideas of many years ago are and will return.

Another option available to young people is Housing Associations. Many of these are trying to tackle this important need. I believe we will see this sector becoming more significant in the future, providing a secure affordable option for the younger generation. Council House building is another option worthy of consideration. After all this was the sector that provided affordable quality housing for thousands of people following the second World War. There has not been a major social house building programme in this Clearly it is much more difficult in this country. The properties are country for many years which has contributed to the ever growing not large enough, the need for detailed statutory consents, just waiting list for such property. to mention a few issues. A trend I have seen beginning to develop in this country is communal living. The rationale behind this is Building more homes whether for sale or rent is the panacea acthat a group of people buy a large property which they convert cording to many people for equalising a market that has become into individual units which they share. Generally these individuals a challenge for emerging generations. It is fantastic that so many have either sold their own property or it is the first time they are people are concentrating on finding an answer which is much buying a stake in a property. I have also talked to household own- needed. ers who have sold a high value property along with a few friends and bought a large property in grounds to share, thereby releasing Finally, in answer to the young people who posed this question, in a changing houscapital for their own use. I feel this type of living will become a there are many options ing market. The future key seems to developing trend. be a major house building proof high quality I believe another scenario we will see is a few friends buying prop- gramme which is After all as erty together, combining their resources to get on the property and affordable. son once ladder and in time building a stake which could help in climbing one young persaid to me, isn't housthe ladder further in future years. of life rather So back to the question, if you cannot afford to buy what other ing a necessity ment. I will options are available to young people? As I have mentioned in than an investjudge of the previous articles, we are witnessing the rise of the Private Rented let you be the Sector, more and more Corporate Companies are entering this answer. market. There are already a few such developments in the pipeline, particularly in the south of the country. One of the reasons is the lack of social housing with many people on the waiting list. With limited numbers of property becoming available the chances of a young person managing to secure such a property is going to

Public Health Charity Supports Sheffield’s ‘Sugar Tax’ On Fizzy Drinks A national public health charity has thrown its weight behind a new ‘sugar tax’ on fizzy drinks in Sheffield. The UK Health Forum has backed the decision to add a 20p levy to the cost of all drinks with added sugar sold at cafes and vending machines at Sheffield International Venues’ 11 facilities. The leisure centres, including Ponds Forge, iceSheffield and Beauchief Golf Course, were the first in the UK to introduce a charge on unhealthy sugary drinks, which came into force last month. Money raised will be go towards obesity

and type 2 diabetes prevention programmes for young people, with SIV - part of the Sheffield City Trust - pledging a minimum of £25,000 to the initiative. All age groups in the UK are consuming too much sugar and sugary drinks are the biggest source of sugar in our diets, especially among children and young people. Taxes on sugary drinks have been identified as one of the most effective and costeffective interventions to reduce consumption of sugar and tackle associated conditions such as obesity.

The iphone 7 Is Coming On September 7th Apple has sent out invites for a September 7th event where it is expected to unveil the iPhone 7. The firm sent the cryptic invite - and some Apple watchers say it reveals what appears to be

the much rumoured double camera lens of its upcoming handset. The event will be held in San Francisco, and could also see the release of new MacBooks and a second generation Apple watch.

UK Births To Women Born Abroad Reach Record Number Last year saw the highest ever number of UK births to women who were born outside the country, official figures have revealed. Data from the Office for National Statistics showed that 27.5 per cent of all births in England and Wales were to women who had arrived here from abroad. It comes as the latest ONS data also showed the Government has significantly overshot its target to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands. Both sets of figures will add to fears that Theresa May is planning a major crackdown on immigration, with foreign students and low-skilled workers potentially targeted. Over a quarter of births in England and Wales in

2015 were to women born outside the UK, the highest level on record. It means there were 192,227 live births to women born outside the UK and 505,588 to UK-born women. The new data showed that the small increase in births between 2014 and 2015 resulted from a 2.5 per cent rise in births to women born outside the UK, while births to UK-born women decreased by 0.4 per cent. Poland was the most common country of birth for mothers born outside the UK, followed by Pakistan and India. Pakistan was the most common country of birth for fathers born outside the UK, followed by Poland and India.

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This Public Meeting at Nether Edge Bowling Club is your chance 20 September, 15:30–17:00 Marmadukes Café Deli, 22 Nor- to tell Paul Blomfield MP your concerns and ask him questions about any issues. folk Row, Sheffield S1 2PA

Paul Blomfield MP’s Big Conversation 16th September – 8th October

Paul Blomfield MP is holding a relaxed and informal drop-in at Marmadukes Café, opposite the Cathedral, where you can pop by and have a chat about issues you think he should focus on as your MP.

Join Paul Blomfield at Park Library Café 30 September, 12:00–13:00 Park Library Centre, 243 Duke Street, Sheffield S2 5QP

Paul Blomfield’s Big Conversation with Social Enterprises Public Event 20 September, 17:30–19:00 The Holt, 156 Arundel Street, S1

Paul Blomfield’s Big Conversation in Highfield 30 September, 15:30–16:30 U-Mix Centre Sheffield, 17 Asline Road, S2 4UJ

Paul Blomfield MP will be at Park Library Café where you can join him for a cuppa and a chat. He’s there to answer your questions and then he’ll take your concerns to Parliament.

Paul Blomfield MP be at the U-Mix Centre in Highfield for this public meeting where you can find out what he’s up to as your MP and let him know the issues he should raise in Parliament. Paul Blomfield MP is meeting with Sheffield’s social enterprises to Organised in association with Football Unites – Racism Divides. Make your voice heard – tell Paul what you think. chat about areas of concern and what he should be raising with Government ministers. If you’re involved with social enterprises Brexit - What Now? Public Meeting with Paul Blomfield Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield is holding his annual commu- or interested in their work, please attend this event. Organised in 2 October, 18:00–19:30 nity consultation the Big Conversation to listen to people’s con- partnership with Sheffield Social Enterprise Network. St Mark's Church, Broomfield Road, Sheffield S10 2SE cerns and then raise them in Parliament. Events include Q&As, themed discussions and informal chats at local cafes. The result of the EU referendum will have huge consequences for Come and have a cuppa with Paul Blomfield at Zest Café generations to come. Please join Paul Blomfield MP at St Mark’s 21 September, 11:00–12:00 For a full list of events & to find out more visit: paulblomfield. Zest Cafe, Zest Centre, Upperthorpe, S6 3NA Church in Broomhill to discuss what our priorities should be Brexit vote. Paul Blomfield MP will be at the Zest Centre on Upperthorpe for you to drop by to let him Paul Blomfield’s Big Conversation in Walkley know your concerns and what he should be 3 October, 19:00–20:00 Walkley Ebenezer, Greenhow Street, S6 Sheffield raising with the Government in Parliament. 4RE

Paul Blomfield’s Public Meeting in Manor Park 21 September, 17:30–19:00 William Temple Church, 197 Harborough Avenue, Manor Park, Sheffield S2 1QT

Events: Paul Blomfield’s Breakfast 'Big Conversation’ with Small Businesses - Public Meeting 16 September, 8:30–10:00 Copthorne Hotel, Bramall Lane, S2 4SU What can Government do to help small businesses? What are the barriers to growth? Small businesses in Sheffield Central are invited to this breakfast discussion where Paul Blomfield MP will listen to concerns and answer questions. Co-sponsored by the Federation of Small Businesses and the Copthorne Hotel. Join Paul Blomfield at Madina Masjid Mosque Open Day 18 September, 11:00–13:00 Madina Masjid Mosque, 24 Wolseley Road, S8 0ZU Paul Blomfield MP will be at the Madina Masjid Mosque Public Open Day to talk to regulars and visitors about their concerns and what he should press in Parliament. It will also be a great opportunity to learn more about the Mosque.

Paul Blomfield MP is holding a Public Meeting at the Walkley Ebenezer Church so you can press him on issues important to you and let him know what he should raise in Parliament.

Paul Blomfield’s Big Conversation in the City Centre 4 October, 18:30–20:00 Paul Blomfield MP is holding a Public Meeting Sheffield Quaker Meeting House, 10 St James Street, S1 2EW at the William Temple Church in Manor Park where you can come and ask him questions Paul Blomfield MP is holding a Public Meeting in the City Centre and tell him about issues that matter to you. so you can raise your concerns and let him know what he should be campaigning for in Parliament. Organised with Sheffield City In partnership with Manor Assembly. Centre Residents Action Group. Paul Blomfield’s Big Conversation with Young Join Paul Blomfield at Primoz Café Restaurant People 5 October, 11:30–12:30 22 September, 17:00–18:00 Sheffield Futures, Star House, 43 Division Primoz Cafe Restaurant, 257 Fulwood Road, Sheffield S10 3BD Street, S1 4GE Sheffield Paul Blomfield MP will be at Primoz on Fulwood Road in BroomThis open event is a great opportunity for young people to raise hill so please drop by for a cuppa and a chat about your concerns concerns and grill Paul Blomfield MP on issues, from jobs to the and what he should be pressing the Government on. NHS, education to housing – and anything else as well. Organised Meet your Police and Crime Commissioner in partnership with Sheffield Futures. 5 October, 18:30–20:00 Abbeydale Picture House, 387 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield S7 1FS Big Conversation Women's Event with Kate Green MP 22 September, 19:00–20:30 Paul Blomfield MP will be joined by South Yorkshire’s Police and St Mary's Church, Bramall Lane, Sheffield S2 4QZ Crime Commissioner Rev Dr Alan Billings at the Abbeydale PicPaul Blomfield MP is holding this Big Conversation event for wom- ture House to talk about how to make local communities safer, en with former Shadow Spokesperson for Women and Equalities hear your concerns and answer your questions. Kate Green and hosted by BBC Sheffield presenter Paulette Edwards. Kate and Paul will be there to hear women’s concerns and Join Paul Blomfield at Gerry’s Bakery and Coffee House 6 October, 12:30–13:30 answer questions. Gerry's Bakery & Coffee House, 299 South Road, S6 3TA Paul Blomfield’s Big Conversation in Nether Edge Please join Paul Blomfield MP at Gerry’s Bakery and Coffee House 29 September, 18:15–19:15 for a cuppa and a chat about any issues you want to raise with Nether Edge Bowling Club, 8 Nether Edge Road, S7 1RX Paul as your local MP.

Paul Blomfield’s Big Conversation in Sharrow Vale 19 September, 19:30–20:30 The Crowded House, 215 Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield S11 8ZB This Public Meeting at the Crowded House Church in Sharrow Vale is your chance to ask Paul Blomfield MP about issues important to you, from the NHS to HS2, schools to Europe. This meeting has been organised in association with The Crowded House. Sheffield Together – Public Meeting with Paul Blomfield & the Sheffield Cohesion Advisory Group 20th September, 10:00 – 12:00 Broomhall Centre, Broomspring Lane, Sheffield S10 2FD What creates a sense of community in Sheffield? What can we do to build a truly inclusive city? The Sheffield Cohesion Advisory Group and Paul Blomfield MP will discuss these issues and answer your questions. Join Paul Blomfield for a cuppa at Marmadukes

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Joy In The Night

Poet: Shaheryar A. Chishty

Joy is the moon crescent smiling down at you with vivid, silver, lips Shining luminously as it watches over you, creating sprightly shadows that dance The trees revel at the spectacle of their own silhouette As they bounce buoyantly between the winds whistles, Slowly whistling sending the trees to sleep Cradled in the arms of the wind The dragon flies flutter with flavescent leaf wings Their bodies are varnished in a sapphire ink, illuminating the night sky Attached to the eyelashes of the fern lays still the dragonfly Waiting for the giant jacinth fire ball to be tossed in the horizon To start the new day.

Panama Papers Scandal To Get Hollywood Movie Treatment The Panama Papers financial scandal is going to Hollywood. Streaming service Netflix said it had acquired the rights to a book written by two German investigative journalists and was turning it into a feature movie. It is the second proposed movie on the scandal that thrust tax havens and transparency into the spotlight after the details of hundreds of thousands of clients’ tax affairs were leaked from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca in April by an anonymous whistleblower. American director Steven Soderbergh is also producing a movie about the scandal based on a different book, the upcoming “Secrecy World” by U.S. reporter Jake Bernstein. The Netflix film will be based on the account of German journalists Frederik Obermaier and Bastian

Obermayer, the first to break the story. Netflix said it had acquired exclusive rights to their June book “Panama Papers: Breaking the Story of How the World’s Rich and Powerful Hide Their Money”.


0786 0624786

Parents Worried About Terrorism And Radicalisation Can Call NSPCC Helpline Posters in Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, and Somali will appear in GP surgeries across the country to raise awareness of an NSPCC helpline for parents worried about terrorism and radicalisation. The charity’s posters, which will also be written in English and Welsh, will appear in waiting rooms to let people know about the service which was set up after a spate of terrorist attacks and the growing problem of extremists targeting children. The charity does say that if counsellors believe that a child is at risk of harm, they will alert appropriate authorities as they would with any other contact where a child’s safety is questioned. The NSPCC posters will appear in 1,000 surgeries, aiming to reach 6 million people a month. The NSPCC started receiving calls from adults worried about the problem, which prompted the children’s charity to offer advice and help. Previously adults could raise their worries about radicalisation and terrorism through Government agencies, including MI5 and anti-terror hotlines and law enforcement agencies. The NSPCC service will provide a national point of support to parents concerned their children are being radicalised, or who need advice on how to talk to them about wider concerns related to the impact of terrorism. Its counsellors have been trained to spot the

warning signs of radicalisation so they can advise adults who are worried about a child being groomed. Part of the training, which detailed how recruiters befriend vulnerable targets, feed them ideologies and –in the worst case scenario - persuade them to commit terrorist attacks, was provided by Home Office experts. Adults calling the helpline will be advised about the signs which may hint at a child being radicalised. These include: Isolating themselves from family and friends; Talking as if from a scripted speech; Increased levels of anger and Becoming disrespectful and asking inappropriate questions. An NSPCC spokesman said, “We have seen a wave of terrorist attacks in recent weeks and months and both parents and children tell us how frightened they are by what is happening. “So it is vital that we are here for parents when they need our support and are able to provide them with non-judgemental advice on issues ranging from the wider terrorist threat to the dangers of radicalisation. “We have circulated posters around the country to try and reach as many parents as possible, and make the line as accessible as possible. “Of course, the fact that a young person might hold extreme or radical views is not a safeguarding issue in itself. “But when young people are groomed for extremist purposes and encouraged to commit acts that could hurt themselves or others, then it becomes abuse. “That’s why we’ve trained our counsellors to cope with this fresh danger to young people.”

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Saudi King Invites 1,400 Pilgrims To Perform Hajj Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman has ordered the hosting of 1,400 Muslims from 60 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe to take part in this year’s Hajj pilgrimage. A total of 24,000 pilgrims from all over the world have performed Haj under this programme. In other news - The stoning ritual which led to the deaths of about 2,300 people during last year’s Hajj will be more tightly controlled during this month’s pilgrimage. The period during which pilgrims can perform the Jamarat ritual will be reduced by 12 hours. The symbolic stoning of the devil will be performed as usual over three days beginning September 11 at Mina, about five kilometres (three miles) east of Makkah’s Grand Mosque, Islam’s holiest site. But this year there will be no stoning allowed from 6:00 to 10:30 am on the first day, from 2:00

to 6:00 pm on the second day and from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm on the final day, the Hajj ministry said. “This procedure will enable the pilgrims to throw stones easily and will prevent any stampede that may result from overcrowding,” quoted the ministry.

Sharp Fall In GCSE Grades GCSE grades have fallen across the country. Just over two-thirds (66.9%) of entries in England, Wales and Northern Ireland were awarded A*-C - deemed by schools to be a “good” pass. However, this was a 2.1 percentage point drop on the previous year, representing the biggest 12-month dip since the creation of the GCSE format in 1988. Education expert Prof Alan Smithers said: “The fall this year is larger than might have been expected.” However, exam board bosses said looming changes to grades and re-sit procedures had created “a very complex national picture”. The overall pass rate - those achieving A*-G

- dropped, albeit it only slightly, from 98.6% in 2015 to 98.4% this year. Girls also continue to outperform boys, the figures show. The figures may also have been distorted because they include older students being made to re-sit English and maths until they get at least a C grade. This is the last year in which GCSE results in English literature, English language and maths are scored with grades A* to G. From next summer pupils will take reformed courses, marked with numbers from 9 for the top-performing students down to 1. The changes will be implemented for another 17 subjects by summer 2018.

Sheffield’s Top 10 Vehicle Break-In Areas Revealed More than 9,000 thefts from vehicles were reported in Sheffield in three years between 2013 and 2015. But only 126 people - 1.4 per cent of thieves were caught and charged. Darnall was the area with the most break-ins in 2015, followed by Burngreave, Southey and Fulwood and Ecclesall. Sheffield’s Southey councillor Tony Damms said: “I wasn’t aware that it was that sort of scale, and it’s quite shocking considering the technology of cars has got much better. “I find it disturbing. There are less police officers in the area at the moment. I’m not sure what we can do about it on our own.” Motorists across Sheffield have been warned to be vigilant after it was revealed theft from cars went up six per cent year on year. South Yorkshire Police stressed they take car break-ins ‘extremely seriously’ and are pushing for greater awareness about crime prevention among drivers. South Yorkshire Police’s current policy is to get call handlers to assess a break-in over the phone. If call handlers cannot identify a ‘viable line of enquiry’, the case is closed and an officer is not sent out. Car owners have been warned to remove valuables like sat-navs and stereos from vehicles in a bid to thwart thieves, as the number of crimes has increased six per cent in Sheffield year-on-year. With warm weather comes an increase in Summer related crimes. According to Police, thefts from homes and cars rise as people leave windows and doors unlocked.

The figures show that 9,446 break-ins were reported in Sheffield in 2013, 2014 and 2015 combined, with 3,006 in 2015. Last year, just 34 people out of those 3,006 were charged with a crime, a total of 1.1 per cent. SYP said: “Unless you have forensics, such as a fingerprint, blood, DNA from a drinks bottle, or there’s CCTV, or we find items being sold on, without a viable line of enquiry, it’s very difficult to identify offenders. “If we had resources to send an officer to every single vehicle crime, that

would be fantastic. “But we have to trust the CRB operators, who are trained. “But I accept that the figures are concerning.” She said that some of the crimes were not charged separately, but ‘taken into consideration’ when later admitted by offenders. Anyone with information about a crime should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. * 98.6% of motor crook in Sheffield get away with it

Diabetes Amputations Hit Record High The number of diabetes-related amputations in England has reached an all-time high of 20 a day, according to new analysis. Diabetes UK says there is an alarming difference in quality of care seen across the country and while the best-performing areas have consistently reduced their amputation rates, the worst-performing areas have made no improvements. Experts estimate that up to 80% of diabetes-related amputations are preventable. Most are caused by foot ulcers, which are avoidable and easy to treat if detected early. Using Public Health England figures, the charity discovered there are now 7,370 amputations a year - considerably more than the earlier figure of 7,042. Diabetes UK wants the Government and the NHS to improve diabetes foot care, especially in areas where amputation rates are stagnant or getting worse. Data

suggests some NHS trusts are 10 times more likely than others to resort to an amputation than others. Chris Askew, the charity’s chief executive, said: “We know the devastating impact they have on people’s lives as well as the huge cost to the NHS, yet we are not seeing action happening quickly enough across all areas of the country to address this.”

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World’s Largest Aircraft Embarks On Maiden Flight The world's “largest aircraft” embarked on its maiden flight last month. The Airlander 10 — part plane, part airship — took to the skies amid cheers and applause from crowds gathered at an airfield in Cardington, central England. The successful flight comes 85 years after another airship — the ill-fated R101 — took off from the same airfield in October 1930 before crashing in France, killing 48 people and effectively ending the development of airships in Britain. Originally developed for the US army as a surveillance aircraft, the 92-metre-long Airlander 10,

also has potential uses in the commercial sector, such as carrying cargo, according to makers Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV). The firm, which describes the Airlander as the “largest aircraft currently flying”, received a British government grant of $3.7 million to develop the project. The Airlander can fly at up to 4,880 metres and reach speeds of 148 kilometres per hour, according to HAV. Filled with helium, it can stay airborne for more than two weeks unmanned and up to five days if manned.

A Decade On, Vaccine Has Halved Cervical Cancer Rate The world's first cancer vaccine was administered in Australia exactly 10 years ago. Since then, the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine has been rolled out across 130 countries and halved the number of new cervical cancers. The HPV vaccine also protects against cancers in the throat and mouth in both men and women. The vaccine could eradicate cancers caused by HPV within 40 years. It helps not only control cervical cancer but also the oropharyngeal cancer - the cancers inside the mouth that are caused by these viruses. HPV is a very common virus that lives on our skin and other areas of the body, including the mouth, genital areas and anus. It can be passed through skin-to-skin contact and genital contact. The papilloma viruses that cause cancer are very common. Most people get rid of the virus themselves without knowing they've contracted it, but 1% of the population that get it get persistent infection that lasts over five years. If they do that they've got a very good chance they'll get a cancer. With millions of doses of the vaccine adminis-

tered worldwide, the number of new cases of cervical cancer has reportedly halved with 170 million doses of vaccine given out. Some parents have reservations about their children being vaccinated on the grounds that it may encourage promiscuity. Others object to vaccinations over safety fears.

Polish People Now Make Up The Largest Group Of Immigrants In Britain

UK Increases Number Of ‘Chevening Scholars’ From Pakistan

United Kingdom’s government has increased the number of scholars on the Chevening Scholarship , it was announced at a series of events held in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. The Chevening Scholarship is fully-funded by the UK government and allows scholars to pursue Master’s degrees in the UK in a course of study of their choice. The three events were attended by departing scholars from across Pakistan and

officials from the British High Commission. Speaking at one of the pre-departure events in Islamabad, British Deputy High Commissioner Patrick Moody said, “I am pleased to announce that the number of Chevening scholars being sent from Pakistan to the UK has again increased. The number has risen from 73 candidates in 2015 to 81 scholars this year.” “This is also the first time that we are sending a scholar from Balochistan on the Chevening Library Fellowship and a scholar from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for CheveningOxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) Fellowship,” Moody said. He said that the Chevening programme not only benefits the scholars – in terms of future career prospects and development – but also delivers long-term benefits for both Pakistan and the UK. Applications for Chevening Scholarships and some Chevening Fellowship awards are open till November 8.

Poland is now the most common overseas country of birth in Britain after overtaking India for the first time. There were an estimated 831,000 Polish-born residents in 2015 - eight times higher than in 2004, the year the country joined the EU. This compared with 795,000 people born in India, which had been the most common country of birth for the previous 11 years. The revelation came as figures showed net long-term migration dipped slightly - but remains close to record levels and more than three times the government’s target. Traditionally the UK’s relationship with Ireland and the former colonies have been key factors in shaping its migrant population. What we can see from current data is that in recent years the EU has played a similar role. Overall, one in eight people living in Britain last year was born abroad, while one in 12 had non-

New £84,000-Per-Year Schools Commissioner To Be Hired In Sheffield Sheffield Council is to hire a new £84,000-peryear schools commissioner. Part of the role will involve supporting Sheffield schools needing to attract sponsors to become academies as they move out of local authority control as part of an ongoing Government shake-up of how education is delivered. The Children and Schools Commissioner will also be responsible for setting up a new commissioning unit that works with local NHS bosses to improve children’s health and the ‘value for money’ of services related to that aim. They will replace current commissioner Antony Hughes, who is leaving the council. A spokesman from Sheffield Council said: “The commissioner will work with our elected members and key partners Learn Sheffield, schools and Sheffield’s Clinical Commissioning Group to ensure all our children achieve their potential, be healthy and resilient, and are ready for the next stage of their lives. “The children’s and school’s commissioner role is responsible for ensuring that parents, children and young people have a

British nationality - compared with one in 11 and one in 20 in 2004 respectively. There were 3.2 million EU citizens in Britain in 2015 - a figure which has almost tripled in just over a decade. Although the Polish influence is growing, the latest figures showed net migration dipped because of a recent drop in the numbers coming to Britain from eight central and east European countries such as Poland. It was partly offset by record levels of immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria. “Unfortunately, these figures show no progress in reducing net migration from the record level of one third of a million a year. The referendum result demonstrated public concern about the scale of immigration. It simply cannot be allowed to continue” says Lord Green, of campaign group Migration Watch UK.

voice in improving the services that they receive, as well as acting as an advocate for those facing disadvantage and experiencing difficulties accessing services. It says the commissioner will also work with partners from education, health and social care to develop a strategy to ‘transform outcomes for vulnerable groups in school and beyond’. The strategy must also improve parental confidence and ensure the city’s education and health services are using ‘innovative and evidence-based practice from within and outside Sheffield’. The job description states one aspect of the role will be to ‘provide effective strategic leadership to the council’s approach to the Government’s academies programme’. The commissioner will also have to make sure schools can attract good sponsors and establish a good relationship with the Department for Education and Regional Schools Commissioner to ensure school converting to academies ‘lead to improved outcomes’.

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We’ve Used Up The Planet’s Resources For 2016 In Less Than Eight Months Humans will have used up the Earth's budget of natural resources for the year in less than eight months, environmental campaigners warn. People are putting more carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere than the forests and oceans can absorb, and catching fish and cutting down forests more quickly than nature can replenish them. As a result, the world has reached 'Earth overshoot day' today, the point in the year when humans have exhausted annual supplies such as land, trees and fish, and outstripped Earth's capacity to absorb greenhouse gases. Experts warn the problem is worsening, with the planet sliding into 'ecological debt' earlier and earlier. The day on which the world has used up all the natural resources available for the year has shifted from late September in 2000 to 8 August in 2016. But the rate earth overshoot day is creeping up the calendar has slowed in the past few years, according to the Global Footprint Network, the organisation behind the measurement. Among the worst offenders for living beyond their ecological means are Australia, and the US, the organisation claims. Both nations are renowned for their soaring rates of meat consumption. Carbon emissions are the biggest contributor to the overshoot,

with the greenhouse gas now making up 60 percent of humanity's demand on nature, or the ecological footprint. To meet goals to tackle climate change agreed at United Nations talks in Paris in December the world's carbon footprint must fall to zero by the second half of the century. Meeting the goals will require a new way of living on the planet, the Global Footprint Network said. The organisation said some countries were already embracing the challenge, pointing to Costa Rica which generated 97 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources in the first three months of this year. The UK, Germany and Portugal are also setting new records for renewables, while China's government has outlined a plan to reduce its citizens' meat consumption by 50 percent, which could cut the

Thailand’s Highest & Most Atypical Skyscraper Completed Thailand’s tallest building, MahaNakhon, put on a spectacular light and sound show on Monday to celebrate the completion of the megastructure. The skyscraper, with fragmented architecture, has been a show-stopper in Bangkok’s Silom central business area since it started taking shape. The 314-meter-high all-purpose skyscraper was designed by a Berlin-based architecture firm that was behind CCTV’s iconic headquarters in Beijing, and is made up of condominiums, a hotel, a shopping center and observation deck on its 77th floor. The shopping mall and an activity ground are already opened to the public while other services are slated to open next year.

emissions from the livestock industry by a billion tonnes by 2030. In the UK, solar outperformed coal over the course of a month for the second month on record in July, while overall renewables contributed a quarter of the country's electricity generation in 2015.

REASONS WHY YOU’RE HAVING CHEST PAIN! Chest pain should never be ignored, although it may not be caused by a problem associated with your heart or lungs. Chest pain may also occur as a result of problems in your lungs, oesophagus, muscles, ribs, nerves, or other health issues. Depending on its cause, chest pain may vary ranging from a sharp stab to a tight, squeezing or crushing sensation. Whatever the causes may be, seeking immediate medical care may be lifesaving. Here are some possible causes of chest pain which is one of the most common reasons that people visit the emergency room: Angina - A type of chest pain that occurs when the heart muscle doesn’t get enough oxygen-rich blood flow. The pain may spread to your arm, shoulder, jaw or back. Myocardial infarction - This occurs as a result of blood clot that blocks the blood flow to the heart and damages heart muscle. Here the pain is more severe and is accompanied by shortness of breath, sweating or nausea. Many lung problems such as pneumonia, pleurisy, etc, can give rise to a variety of types of chest pain which is also accompanied by other symptoms such as cough, breathlessness, etc. Pneumonia - an inflammation of the lungs caused by an infection of the fungi, bacteria or viruses. Pleurisy - an inflammation of the tissues that line

the lungs and chest cavity, commonly caused by bacterial or viral infections. A strained muscle in your chest wall can result in chest pain. For example: Costochondritis - this condition occurs when the cartilage of your rib cage - particularly that joins your ribs to your breastbone - becomes inflamed and painful. Rib problems - a bruised or broken rib can cause chest pain, and they may worsen with deep breathing or coughing. Muscle strain - strain of the muscles and tendons between the ribs can cause chest pain. Chest pain can also occur due to digestive system disorders such as heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux - a burning feeling in the lower chest, along with a sour or bitter taste in the throat and mouth. You get heartburn when stomach acid backs up into the oesophagus. Stomach ulcer or gastritis - burning pain occurs if your stomach is empty, but feels better when you eat food. Gallbladder or pancreas problems - gallstones or inflammation of your gallbladder or pancreas can result in abdominal pain that radiates to your chest. Chest pain can also occur as a result of an anxiety or panic attacks. Symptoms may include - heart palpitations, sweating, dizziness, breathlessness, trembling, etc.

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Thousands Driving Legally Despite More Than 12 Penalty Points Thousands of motorists are driving on Britain's roads despite having racked up enough penalty points to qualify for a driving ban, according to new figures. Some 8,600 drivers have 12 or more points on their licence but are still legally allowed on the roads, a Freedom of Information request found. Two motorists, in Liverpool and Basildon, have clocked up 51 points each but are still driving, the research by esure car insurance revealed. Road safety charity Brake blasted the figures and called on the Government to "get tough" with "selfish, irresponsible and potentially deadly drivers". The figures mark a 25% increase from last year, when 6,887 drivers had 12 or more points on their licence, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) data shows. Drivers with 12 points must attend court and usually face a six-month ban, but magis-

trates can use their discretion if the offender can show that losing their licence will cause them "exceptional hardship". More than half of the 2.8 million people who currently have points on their licence were caught speeding, the figures covering England, Scotland and Wales showed. Other reasons for the points include careless driving, driving without insurance and failing to stop at an accident. Birmingham is the area with the highest number of drivers who have points on their licence, followed by Nottingham and Sheffield. As for drivers still on the roads despite having 12 or more points, Croydon tops the list, followed by Cardiff and then Leicester. In separate research carried out for the company by Opinium, more than 1.5 million people admitted taking points for others, with many saying they wanted to protect a driver who feared losing their job.

Wayne Rooney Will Remain England Captain

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney will stay on as England skipper under new manager Sam Allardyce. “Wayne has been an excellent captain for England and the manner in which he has fulfilled the role made it an easy decision for me to ask him to continue,” Allardyce said. Rooney, 30, took over as captain from Steven Gerrard in 2014 and is on course to become Eng-

land’s most-capped outfield player. If he plays in the World Cup qualifier against Slovakia on Sunday, the forward will be making his 116th international appearance, overtaking David Beckham. Only former goalkeeper Peter Shilton (125) won more England caps. “Wayne’s record speaks for itself,” said Allardyce who took over last month after England crashed out of the European Championship in the round of 16. “He is the most senior member of the squad and is hugely respected by his peers. All of these factors point towards him being the right choice to lead the team.” Rooney said earlier this month that he would make himself available for England through to the 2018 World Cup in Russia and would then decide on his international future.

Over 1,000 Asthma Patients ‘Dying Needlessly’ Every Year A charity has called for an overhaul of the way asthma is treated after it was revealed the condition costs the UK at least £1.1bn a year. Researchers found that at least three people die each day from asthma attacks and experts say the majority of asthma deaths are preventable. The report’s authors said there needs to be a greater focus on basic care to cut the rates of severe attacks. The team, led by the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research at The University of Edinburgh, found that there were around 6.4 million GP and nurse consultations for asthma each year and more than 270 hospital admissions each day because of asthma attacks. Asthma UK, said: “Despite the fact we’re spending over a billion pounds a year on asthma, many people are still not receiving care that meets even the most basic clinical standards. It’s clear this has to change and a different approach is urgently needed. We strongly believe new technologies such as smart inhalers are the likely game changer that could reduce asthma attacks and ease the burden on the NHS.” An NHS England spokesperson said: “The NHS is a world leader in medical innovation - from hip replacements, new vaccines, IVF and life-saving new medicines. The next frontier includes technologies which help patients, particularly those with long-term conditions like asthma and COPD, better understand and manage their own health without the need for costly and

inconvenient hospital treatment.” The research was drawn together from national health surveys and anonymised administrative, health and social care records in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. “This is unacceptable for a condition that, for most people, can be managed effectively with the right support from their GP. Greater focus on primary care is needed if we are to cut rates of severe asthma attacks, hospitalisations and deaths” Asthma UK Centre.

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Hundreds Of Years Of History Ends In An Instant The death toll in the Italian earthquake stands at 290 as rescuers continue efforts to find survivors. Dozens of people are believed trapped in ruined Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara del Tronto, in mountainous central Italy. There have been hundreds of aftershocks since the quake struck, hampering relief efforts and damaging already unstable buildings. More than 4,300 rescuers are using heavy machinery and their bare hands. Another powerful aftershock struck the town, sending a huge dust cloud into the air. Many of the earthquake’s victims were children, the health minister said, and there were warnings the toll could rise further. The heaviest death toll was in Amatrice – 184, officials said. Another 46 died in Arquata, and 11 in Accumoli. A further 264 people have been treated in hospital. The 6.2-magnitude quake hit at 03:36 (01:36 GMT) on Wednesday 24th August, 100km (65 miles) north-east of Rome. It seems unlikely too that this ancient little place, that has stood for centuries, can ever be rebuilt. Hundreds of years of history ended in an instant. A tented camp has been set up, as so many buildings are now unsafe.

Over the last century, Italy has suffered a series of deadly earthquakes. The Eurasian and African tectonic plates meet in central Italy; the Apennine Mountains, which form the country’s spine, witness frequent seismic activity. The consequences of this geologic activity can be tragic. The country has a long history of earthquakes, with one in Sicily dating back to 1169, killing at least 15,000 people. Here are some of the most destructive quakes are May 6th 2016 marked the 40th

anniversary since an earthquake struck Italy’s northeastern FriuliVenezia region, killing 989 people and injuring 2,800. Most of the town of Gemona was completely destroyed, as were the nearby towns of Buia, Colloredo, Osoppo, Venzone, Forgaria and Maiano. Some 157,000 people were left homeless while over 70,000 buildings were declared unusable. On September 8th 1905, an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale struck the southern Calabria region, from the city of Cosenza in the north to Reggio Calabria in the south, killing at least 2,500 people and destroying 25 villages. Just a few years later, on December 28th 1908, a double catastrophe reduced Reggio Calabria and Messina, Sicily’s second-biggest city, to rubble. The 7.2 magnitude earthquake was followed by a tsunami, which between them claimed 80,000 lives. On January 13th 1915, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the town of Avezzano, in the central Abruzzo region, killing at least 33,000 people. Some 1,400 people were killed and up to 7,000 injured when a quake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale hit Irpinia, a region of the southern Appenine Mountains on July 23rd 1930. Fifty years later, on November 23rd 1980, 2,700 people died and more than 7,500 were injured when a 6.5 magnitude quake struck the southern Campania and Basilicata regions. The next deadliest earthquake occurred in the Abruzzo region in 2009, with L’Aquila, a 13th century city, being the worst affected. The 6.3 magnitude quake left 308 people dead, more than 1,500 injured and over 65,000 homeless. Although not as deadly, there were several equally as pow-

erful earthquakes in the intervening years, including: September 26th 1997: Two quakes, within just a few days of eachother, and measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale, claimed 13 lives in the Umbria region. October 31st 2002: Thirty people, mostly children, were killed when a school collapsed amid a 5.9 magnitude in Campobasso, in the south-central Molise region. May 20th-29th 2012: Two major earthquakes struck the northern Emilia-Romagna region, killing 27 people and causing widespread damage. August 24th 2016: A 6.0 or 6.2 magnitude quake hits mountain villages in a remote area straddling the regions of Umbria, Marche and Lazio. At least 290 people are killed and dozens more are injured, trapped or missing.

Banned Pakistani Film Maalik Releases In UK The controversial political thriller Maalik which has been banned in Pakistan is now released in UK cinemas from August 26, 2016. Directed by Ashir Azeem, the controversial Pakistani film was removed from cinema screens only a few weeks after its initial premiere on April 8, 2016. This is in spite of it being cleared by all three censor boards. Described as anti-government and in opposition to Pakistani sentiments, the film has caused great uproar among the higher powers of Pakistan. The Pakistani government later attempted to ban the export of the film on August 9, 2016, barring it from being shown overseas. However, despite these attempts, the film will now release in the UK and internationally on August 26, 2016. Maalik is a political thriller telling the story of a former SSG officer. After experiencing personal tragedy, the special forces commando is hired to protect a corrupt feudal lord turned chief minister. Set in Karachi, the film sees an ensemble cast of Hassan Niazi, Adnan Shah Tipu, Sajid Hassan and Farhan Ally Agha. The film was flagged by the Sindh government after they accused one of the characters portraying a corrupt former Chief Minister as being too similar to the present Chief Minister of Sindh province. An unnamed ministry official also reportedly said:

“The information ministry reserves the right to ban any film at any time. Maalik has been banned because it shows a former chief minister as a man of corruption and opulence.” Additionally, the film was thought to parallel incidents of real life, including the murder of Punjab governor, Salman Taseer by his own guard in 2011. It also brings to life the suspected corruption of Pakistani politicians and the judiciary, threatening government interests. Following numerous appeals from Sindh, the film was eventually banned by the Federal Government across the rest of Pakistan. After being banned, the film ignited the debate of freedom of expression versus state control, something which Pakistan is all too familiar with: “The real issue is how the voice of a common man is being suppressed by the ban on the film. “Just because the movie is hurting the egos of some of our baday sahabs, it doesn’t give them the right to block the exhibition of the film. That is not right,” argues Ashir Azeem. Director Azeem said that the failed attempt to ban the export of the film was to protect the government’s image overseas: “Authorities in Pakistan are very concerned with how they are perceived, especially abroad. “Whereas this might be considered an

overreaction in some countries, it has become the go-to method for the authorities to ban content they deem offensive or controversial. The role of the state in the creative and entertainment industry has long been debated in all parts of South Asia. Maalik is by no means the first or the last to threaten the contentment of Pakistan’s authorities. Earlier in 2016, Indian film, Udta Punjab faced severe censorship after objections made by the Punjab government. The ambitious film, Maalik, boasts itself as being one of the biggest films to have ever been made in Pakistan. The film shoot reportedly lasted over 100 days, and featured T55 tanks, C 130 aircrafts, MI 17 and MI 35 helicopters. Maalik also features three separate languages, including Urdu, Pashto and Punjabi. A film which centres on love, loyalty and honour, and one that reflects the struggles of ordinary Pakistanis, Maalik is now in cinemas.

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THE FUTURE OF “EYE-PHONE” Engineers at the University of Washington have developed a creative way of communicating that would allow medical aids such as contact lenses and brain implants that would send signals to your own smartphone. The new tech, called "interscatter communication," works by converting Bluetooth signals into Wi-Fi signals. Instead making your own Wi-Fi now you can convert Bluetooth transmission signals in to Wi-Fi by using your own devices, such as smart watches. Interscatter communication is based on an existing method of communication called backscatter-which lets devices swap in-

formation by reflecting back existing signals. "Interscatter" works similarly the same way, but the difference is that it allows for intertechnology communication — in other words, it allows Bluetooth signals and Wi-Fi signals to talk to connect to each other. Interscatter communication would allow devices such as contact-lenses to send data to other devices, according to the researchers. Until now, such communication had not been possible, because sending data using Wi-Fi requires too much power for a device like a contact lens, and chances are that the contact lenses itself will be damaged. To demonstrate interscatter communication, the engineers designed a contact lens equipped with a tiny antenna. The Bluetooth signal, in this case, came from a smartwatch. The antenna on the contact lens was able to manipulate that Bluetooth signal, encode data from the contact lens and convert it into a Wi-Fi signal that could be read by another device. And though the concept of "smart contact lenses" may seem daedalian, they could, in fact, provide valuable medical information to patients and help to prevent lots of other problems. For example, it is possible to monitor blood sugar levels from a person's tears. Therefore, a connected contact lens could track

World’s Oldest Person Discovered In Indonesia At The Age Of 145 The world's oldest man has been named as Indonesian Mbah Gotho, who is 145 years old, with documentation that says he was born in 1870. Mbah Gotho said he began preparing for his death in 1992, even having a gravestone made, but 24 years later he is still alive.

He has now outlived all 10 of his siblings, his four wives and his children. Though his age is impressive, Gotho told a regional news network, "What I want is to die." For the past three months he has needed to

bathed and spoon-fed, and is becoming increasingly frail. Gotho has official documentation which shows his age, and the Indonesian records office says it has confirmed his birth date as December 31 1870. If this is correct, this would earn him the title of the oldest person ever, a title currently held by French centenarian Jeanne Calment, who was 122 when she died - 23 years younger than Gotho. If the documents cannot be independently verified, however, Gotho will not go down in the record books. There are a number of people who claim to have broken Jeanne Calment's record, such as Nigerian James Olofintuyi, who claims to be 171, and Dhaqabo Ebba from Ethiopia, who claims to be 163, but without verifiable documents they cannot be given her title. The centenarian, from Central Java, says he spends his time listening to the radio, as his eyesight is no longer good enough to watch television. When asked the secret to a long life, he said: "The recipe is just patience".

Mr Shumile J. Chishty

blood sugar levels and send notifications to a person's phone when blood sugar levels went down. The researchers also said interscatter communication could be used to transmit data from brain implants that could one-day help people with paralysis regain movement.

New Technique Turns Entire Bodies Transparent So Scientists Can See Through Bones It is normally an ability associated with superhuman comic book heroes, but scientists have discovered a way of peering through the skin, muscles and bones of animals. The technique turns the layers of tissue transparent, allowing researchers to peer into the body so they can see more delicate features like nerves and veins while they are still inside an animal's body. They have demonstrated the technique to provide high resolution 3D images of the brain and

nervous system of an entire mouse. Their technique could help in the study of diseases like Motor Neuron Disease, Alzheimer's' Disease and Parkinson's Disease. The scientists say they have already been able to use the technique to render large rodents like rats transparent and believe it could even be applied to larger mammals like monkeys. Ultimately they hope to use it on human tissue to help map the human brain.

Airline To Use Smart Chips On Luggage An airline has announced it will use smart chips attached to passengers' luggage to make sure belongings do not go missing. Delta Airlines, based Atlanta, said it will use Radio Frequency Identification chips placed on travellers' bags to track their location. Baggage handlers will be able to identify each bag from a distance from a chip placed inside a paper tag on baggage. Under the new system, conveyer belts will have sensors that flash a green light if the suitcase is on track to the correct plane and a red light if not, meaning a handler can redirect it. In April Delta unveiled a $50 million investment to overhaul its existing barcode bag tracking system. The airline's existing system involved the scanning of individual barcodes on each

piece of baggage. The airline is hoping the new system will help to tackle the problem of lost luggage. Airlines spend thousands of pounds each year replacing passengers' belongings when they go missing en route. The RFI technology has been around for decades and was developed during the Second World War to help distinguish between friendly and enemy aircraft. The technology is already used in the hotel industry to keep track of towels and linens, in libraries and even in nursing homes for vulnerable patients who may be at risk of getting lost. Earlier this year a separate airline revealed an enormous 40,000 pieces of checked baggage missed their planes.

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Rulers, Criminals And The Juciciary Dr A Q Khan

The whole country is in the grip of lawlessness. The government’s writ is totally absent. Contrary to the tall claims of those in power, terrorists strike at will and have the upper hand. World media and various institutions have declared that Pakistan’s police and judiciary are corrupt and are responsible for the malaise we are in. I agree that not everyone is “rotten”, but as the saying goes: “A single rotten apple spoils the whole barrel”. We could consider terrorist activities as being the work of a few misguided or brainwashed people who are probably unaware of the Divine Edict stating that a Muslim who kills an innocent Muslim is doomed to hell. Our ulema and religious scholars should be emphasising this again and again in their Friday sermons. As far as justice is concerned, this should merely be an unprejudiced decision to settle the dispute between two parties. However, in practice, if a decision does not fall in our favour, we tend to blame the judiciary for favouritism. Since time immemorial, rulers have tried to have a pliant, submissive judiciary who will work in their favour. We all still remember how a judge appointed by Bush saved him from defeat by not allowing the recount of a few hundred votes, which might have given victory to Al Gore. It is no different here. Judges are often blackmailed by various means, including favouring or harassing their relatives. In the olden days there were many instances of Qazis being badly treated by the rulers. However, on the whole they were respected and even the rulers were afraid of them In Islam there is a lot of emphasis on good governance and the dispensing of justice. In a way, good governance ensures justice and alleviates the problems faced by the people. Some of the relevant Divine Edicts are: Surely Allah loves the just (5:42). Believers! Be upholders of justice and bearers of witness to truth for the sake of Allah, even though it may be against yourselves or against your parents and kinsmen, or the rich or the poor, for Allah is more concerned with their well-being than you are (4:135). Believers! Be upright bearers of witness for Allah and do not let the enmity of any people move you to deviate from justice. Act justly, that is nearer to God-fearing. And fear Allah. Surely Allah is well aware of what you do (5:8). And when you speak, be just, even though it concerns a near of kin (6:152). Surely Allah enjoins justice, kindness and the doing of good to kith and forbids all that is shameful, evil and oppressive (16:90). Say to them (O Mohammad) “I believe in the Book that Allah has sent down. I have been commanded to establish justice among you (42:15). If the two parties of the believers happen to fight, make peace between them. But if one of them transgresses against the

other, fight against the transgressor until it reverts to Allah’s command. And if it does revert, make peace between them with justice and be equitable, for Allah loves the equitable (49:9). Indeed, We sent Our Messengers with clear signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance that people may uphold justice (57:25). The problem in Pakistan is that, almost from its inception, administrators have been incompetent, usually corrupt and perpetrators of favouritism and nepotism. Bad administration leads to corrupt police and judiciary. Our judiciary system fails to deliver and most of the blame lies with the administration. Our police can play games with the law – send innocent people to jail, name absentees in murder cases, etc. to extort money, etc. The judiciary is often too “cautious” to meddle in their affairs. The law of evidence is a curse, which has made our judiciary toothless, tying down their hands even when they are capable of finding out the truth. Cases are decided on the basis of evidence provided by the police and this evidence is usually tailor-made. In the olden days, Qazis sat on mats in mosques, deciding even difficult and complicated cases in one sitting. They would listen to all parties and then pass judgement. I do not propose that our judges leave their air-conditioned offices and sit on mats in mosques. However, we do expect quick judgements and that simple cases do not drag on for months or even years. Often the defending or prosecuting lawyers do not turn up and the judge, rather than deciding the case, postpones it for weeks, which is exactly what the lawyers wanted in the first place. The judge may show anger at this behaviour, but that has no effect and “crooks” laugh at being able to cheat in court. The judiciary in the West never falls for such ploys and judges decide their cases, irrespective of who is present or absent. Irreparable damage was done to the reputation of the judiciary by the likes of judges Munir, Anwarul Haq and Irshad Hassan Khan. They not only validated the rule of a usurper, but also (illegally) allowed changes in the constitution. It was an unforgiveable crime for which they should have been punished. I sincerely believe that, if our judiciary plays its role honestly and efficiently, we can become a well-disciplined nation. In my particular case, totally ignoring court orders, the interior secretary, Kamal Shah, handed over my case judgement to US ambassador Patterson almost immediately. Punished? On the contrary, he is enjoying the patronage of Rehman Malik and Asif Zardari! The cases of Musharraf, Ayan Ali, Hussain Haqqani, etc. are black chapters in the history of our judiciary. Those with influence can get away with anything while the poor are often jailed and/or hanged. That is our system! Email:

Sitting In A Traffic Jam Really Is Bad For You Sitting in a traffic jam is enough to send even a calm person's blood pressure soaring. But new research has found it could be even worse for your health than previously thought. Being stuck at a red light exposes motorists to deadly pollutants which could seriously damage health, scientists warn. They found pollution levels inside cars are up to 40 per cent higher in queues and at a busy junction. And fans which draw in air from outside could be adding to the danger. The World Health Organisation has warned outdoor air pollution is as carcinogenic to humans as smoking. It is expected to kill more than 6.5 million people a year worldwide by 2050 - twice the current number, a study has found. Globally, the problem causes around 3.3 million premature deaths annually - mainly in Asia. The premature deaths are due to two key pollutants - fine particulate matter known as PM2.5s - and the toxic gas nitrogen dioxide, both produced by diesel cars, lorries and buses. The pollutants affect a person's lung capacity and growth, and are linked to ailments including lung cancer and heart disease. And emissions created by traffic queues take more time to disperse, especially in builtup areas. They end up accumulating

in the air at traffic lights, a known pollution hot spot for pedestrians and road users. But contrary to popular belief, it is drivers who are the most affected. Researchers from the University of Surrey found those who have their windows open breathe in seven times more PM10 - pollutants up to 10 micrometres in diameter - than pedestrians at junctions. Particles of this size can be inhaled deep into the lungs and can also become trapped in the nose, mouth or throat. From here, they can then be absorbed into the blood and have a negative effect on the body. The study monitored pollution levels at traffic lights and inside a car under five different ventilation settings over 6km, passing through 10 different junctions. However there is a simple solution. Motorists caught up in queues can slash the levels of pollutants inside their vehicle by more than threequarters by simply closing the window and switching off the fan. Drivers should also leave more space between bumpers so exhaust fumes have greater chance to disperse, the researchers say. They found the safest option is to put fans onto the setting where they recirculate air within the car, without drawing polluted air in from outside.

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Eastwood – Rotherham 7500 sqft premises with car park Doncaster Road / Fitzwilliam Road Suitable for Asian Supermarket Contact Zaheer Hussain

07774635643 / 07818090769 UK’s First Pakistani News Channel Set For Launch

The UK’s first Pakistani news channel is set for launch in September. The service known as Channel 44 will replace the Urdu speaking Muslim Ummah TV on Sky Digital. It has been christened Channel 44 after the international telephone code for calling back to the UK. Channel 44 will focus on current affairs for the Asian demographic locally. It will also have news

updates from Pakistan. It is owned by the same group as Channel 24 and City 42 (Lahore channel) in Pakistan. It is thought that the group has invested a substantial sum in its London based studios, along with local reporters in London, Birmingham, Manchester and other areas, covering news for all UK Asian communities. All programmes will be shot in HD but broadcast in SD. Channel 44 will be available from Thursday 15th September on Sky channel 854. It will be handled by Evolution, the same company, which looks after Hum TV in UK/Europe. Channel 44 will rival broadcasters ARY News, Geo News, SAMAA TV and Dunya TV. However, Channel 44’s USP will be its focus on UK based content. Existing services show very minimum UK based content due to rolling news coverage from Pakistan.

Dwayne Johnson Tops Forbes List Of Highest-Paid Actors Dwayne Johnson elbowed Robert Downey Jr. aside to become the highest-paid actor with a fast and furious income of $64.5 million, according to Forbes magazine. The former wrestler beat out Jackie Chan with $61 million and Matt Damon, who earned $55 million. The rest of the top five on the list included Tom Cruise with $53 million and Johnny Depp with $48 million. The top guys make more money than the top ladies. Forbes' list of the highestpaid actresses put Jennifer Lawrence on top with $46 million, Melissa McCarthy with $33 million and Scarlett Johansson with $25 million. The amount of money Johnson can command has risen sharply after the strong box office performances of his recent films, including the 2015 disaster movie San Andreas, Forbes said. Jackie Chan ranked second in the rich list with 61 million dollars (£46.2 million) followed by Matt Damon, who earned 55 million dollars (£41.6 million) following the success of The Martian. Tom Cruise was placed fourth with 53 million dollars (£40.1 million) and Johnny Depp - who has been involved in a highprofile divorce from wife Amber Heard - ranked fifth with 48 million dollars (£36.4 million).

Four Bollywood actors made the top 20, while the previous highest earning actor, Downey Jr, finished ninth with 33 million dollars (£25 million). The five highest-paid actors each earned more than the world's highest-paid actress, Jennifer Lawrence, who received 46 million dollars (£34.9 million) over the same period. Forbes said the listed earnings are calculated before management fees and taxes.

Here is the full list: 1. Dwayne Johnson - 64.5 million dollars (£48.8 million) 2. Jackie Chan - 61 million dollars (£46.2 million) 3. Matt Damon - 55 million dollars (£41.6 million) 4. Tom Cruise = 53 million dollars (£40.1 million) 5. Johnny Depp = 48 million dollars (£36.4 million) 6. Ben Affleck = 43 million dollars (£32.6 million) 7. Vin Diesel = 35 million dollars (£26.5 million) 8. Shah Rukh Khan = 33 million dollars (£25 million) 9. Robert Downey Jr = 33 million dollars (£25 million) 10. Akshay Kumar = 31.5 million dollars (£23.9 million) 11. Brad Pitt = 31.5 million dollars (£23.9 million) 12. Adam Sandler = 30 million dollars (£22.7 million) 13. Mark Wahlberg = 30 million dollars (£22.7 million) 14. Salman Kahn = 28.5 million dollars (£21.6 million) 15. Leonardo DiCaprio = 27 million dollars (£20.5 million) 16. Chris Pratt = 26 million dollars (£19.7 million) 17. Will Smith = 20.5 million dollars (£15.5 million) 18. Amitabh Bachchan = 20 million dollars (£15.2 million) 19. Matthew McConaughey = 18 million dollars (£13.6 million) 20. Harrison Ford = 15 million dollars (£11.4 million)

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Celebrating Pakistan Day Hosted by Iftikhar Shah

Ways To Cure Scar-Tissue Naturally It's rare for anyone to go through life without getting a few scars. And if you happen to be someone, who's gone through surgery, scars easily, or have a serious bout of acne, you know how embarrassing and distressing it is to show off your skin, especially when the unsightly mark is on your face. Even if the scar is hidden underneath your clothing, you know that the blemish exists and this somehow affects your self-confidence. And as if that's not enough, scars can be itchy and sore, making you even more uncomfortable. If you're looking for an inexpensive and natural way to minimize the severity of your scar, you can look into your kitchen or medicine cabinet for some natural cures. Honey is a popular kitchen staple that's valued

not only for its health benefits, but also for its medicinal value as well. Commonly known as liquid gold, honey contains antibacterial properties that speed up wound healing. Honey is acidic, which increases the flow of oxygen to the wound to expedite the healing process. Apply raw or Manuka honey on the scar. Massage the scar for 10 minutes. Leave it on for about an hour before rinsing with warm water. Apply twice a week for best results. If you're using baking soda, apply mixture only once a week to gently remove dead skin. Apple cider vinegar has received plenty of attention recently because of its numerous health benefits. Aside from its ability to lower blood sugar and cholesterol and detoxify the body, ACV is also known to be effective in reducing the appearance of scars by exfoliating the skin. Dilute one-part apple cider vinegar with one-part water. Dip a cotton ball into the solution and apply it on the scar. Leave it on for about 15 minutes before rinsing the area with water. Apply twice a day. Aloe Vera is a versatile plant that's prized for its nutritional and medicinal properties. It's also the go-to remedy for soothing sunburns and insect bites. Aloe Vera gel also works well in minimising scars. Cut an Aloe Vera leaf in half and squeeze out the gel. Apply the gel directly to the scar. Massage the area if possible and rinse off after 10 minutes. Apply thrice a day.

The Real Reason You’re Unlucky In Love That stereotypical break-up line may not actually be true When figuring out whether a new relationship will work, people tend to focus on a potential partner's negative traits, even if he or she actually has many positive qualities. In fact, just one or two negative qualities can be enough justification to stop seeing that person. We have a general tendency to attend more closely to negative information than we do to positive information. The study conducted by researchers, examined information from six independent studies to determine the top relationship deal breakers and the effect they have on the formation of romantic relationships. The top deal breakers, in no particular order, were unattractiveness, unhealthy lifestyle, undesirable

personality traits, limited social status and differing relationship goals. Interestingly, the findings show that women and people in committed relationships are generally more sensitive to deal breakers than other segments of the population. Friendships, on the other hand, are not as strongly affected by negative traits. But some deal breakers, like dishonesty, are universally avoided. Things that can harm are generally more important than things that can help you. But it's important to note that what's considered a deal breaker for some may be a deal maker for others. For example, some individuals may be attracted to an impulsive person, others will prefer someone more predictable.

Coffee Habit Helps After A Heart Attack It sounds like an unlikely prescription, but drinking at least one coffee a day could be the secret to survival after a heart attack, British researchers have found. Patients who drink one to two cups a day are 20 percent less likely to die prematurely from heart damage than those who never touch coffee, while those downing more than two are nearly half as likely to die early. The findings support other recent research suggesting coffee - once considered a potential danger to the heart - may actually have a protective effect when drunk in moderation. Around 70 million cups of coffee are consumed every day in the UK. The popular beverage has been shown to protect against liver cancer, Alzheimer's disease and even strokes. Last year, experts at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, US, found three to five cups a day reduced the risk of dying from heart disease, as well as incurable conditions like Parkinson's. Now a British team has found coffee may also help those who have already had a heart attack. The findings are potentially very significant be-

cause this group of patients is at high risk of another heart attack, or developing heart failure as a result of severe scarring in the cardiac muscle. 'Heavy' drinkers - those consuming two or more cups a day - were the least likely to die prematurely. 'Light' drinkers who got through just one or two daily were also at much lower risk of an early death, with the dangers reduced by about a fifth. Heart disease remains one of Britain's biggest killers. On average, every seven minutes some in the UK has a heart attack and it's estimated more than a million men and half-a-million women after living with the after effects of one. It's still not entirely clear how coffee might boost the heart but noted there are a whole host of potentially beneficial ingredients in coffee beans, not just caffeine. These include healthboosting plant chemicals, called flavonoids, as well as compounds called melanoidins, which can reduce the build-up of fatty deposits. Some evidence also suggests coffee improves the health of the body's blood vessels.

Mediterranean Diet Better Than Statins For Treating Heart Disease A Mediterranean-style diet is better at treating heart disease than cholesterol-lowering drugs, a new study has claimed. The research discovered that those who had a diet rich in vegetables, nuts, fish and oils were a third less likely to die early, in comparison with those who ate larger quantities of red meat, such as beef, and butter. Speaking at a global conference on heart disease in Rome, Italy, a leading heart disease expert said: “So far research has focused on the general population, which is mainly composed of healthy people. What happens to people who have already suffered from cardiovascular disease? Is the Mediterranean diet optimal for them too?” The Mediterranean diet is more powerful than any drug at reducing death rates in patients with cardiovascular disease. Those who ate mainly along Mediterranean

lines were 37% less likely to die during the study than those who were furthest from this dietary pattern, the conference was told. In the past, cholesterol-lowering drugs such as statins were thought to be the most effective way of fighting heart disease, the leading cause of death in the UK. Statins, the most widely-prescribed drug in the UK, are said to help reduce major heart problems by around 24%. The drug’s seven million users cost the NHS £285m a year. It’s the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of foods such as olive oil, nuts, oily fish and vegetables where the benefits lie, and unlike cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, come without side effects. It’s time for the NHS to embrace lifestyle medicine to save it from the collapse being predominantly driven by diet-related disease.

Is It Possible To Make Hair Grow Faster? Pay attention and you'll find yourself talking about hair - the lack or excess or loss or temperament of every single day. Being such a prominent part of our appearance, it is also a cause of stress when it misbehaves. So it's only natural that there's a huge industry cashing in on our concerns: from frizz to flakes and everything in between. While many products are great at what they promise - improving shine and increasing strength and pumping up volume, there are some grey areas where over-the-counter products just won't deliver. If you've tried a range of oils, shampoos and treatments hoping you'll grow a lush, long mane super-fast, you'll know that speeding up hair growth, unfortunately, is one of them. While the average rate is the same for people, some people's hair will grow faster than others. That's simple genetic luck I am afraid! On average, hair grows at the rate of 1.25cm per month. It may vary from person to person, depending on their genes, diet, lifestyle, stress and the chemical treatments they use.

Both agree that what is genetically determined, in this case, the rate of growth of your strands, is difficult to change. But here's the catch; while you can't make your hair grow faster than what's programmed in your DNA, you could unconsciously be slowing down the normal process. Hair growth is hampered by crash dieting or fad diets. Stress and a bad lifestyle can also have a negative impact. Chemical treatments, if not done correctly, can damage the hair shaft and prevent hair growth. To promote growth, check the basics. Are there any nutritional deficiencies? Is your hair care appropriate? If you've had trouble growing your hair, see if any of these factors could be responsible. There are some treatments available, but it's possible that with just a few changes in your diet, care and lifestyle, you could see a big improvement in the not just the growth, but the quality of your hair. It definitely won't be as easy as picking up a bottle of shampoo, but your long, healthy mane will thank you for it.

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Travelling Makes Us Far Happier Than Any Material Wealth Ever Does Why do we head for the shops with such determination as soon as we have money in our wallets? With every new purchase we feel a little happier, but a few days later that satisfaction is often gone without a trace. It turns out that the main impediment to happiness is adaptation. As soon as something we've bought becomes ordinary and unexciting, the level of life satisfaction we feel falls, and we're forced to search around for the next purchase. This process is repeated again and again. However, research carried out at Cornell University has found a way to break this damaging cycle. We experience the same increase in happiness, when we buy something we want and when we go traveling. But and here's the most important point - the amount of happiness we derive from our purchase falls over time, whereas the memories of our travelling experience continue to supply us with happiness hormones for much longer. Going to various kinds of unusual events, going on trips, learning new skills, even extreme sport - all of these are an ideal source of happiness for each and every one of us. A new device or even a new car will eventually become just another ordinary object we own, or will otherwise become old and outdated. Every new memory, on the other hand, becomes a real source of joy that stays with us for our whole lives.

Cracking Your Knuckles Can Actually Be Good For Your Hands The myth that cracking your knuckles is bad for you can be finally put to bed, after a study involving 40 volunteers showed that no short term damage was caused by clicking your fingers. Researchers from the Radiological Society of North America, used ultrasound to analyse knuckle-cracking in real time. Using the imaging they were able to see exactly what was going on inside the joint at the exact moment of the "pop". The patients were measured for grip strength, range of motion and laxity, pre- and post-crack, to determine if any short-term damage was caused. The results? The cracking didn't cause any hand problems. In fact, in some patients, the crack increased the range of

motion compared with knuckles that hadn't been cracked. So what causes a knuckle to "crack" out loud? Essentially when you crack your fingers, you pull apart two surfaces of the joint, which reduces the pressure. As the pressure drops, so small bubbles of gas are released from the fluid in your

joints. While one of life's great mysteries may finally be solved, it doesn't stop some people finding the habit a little offputting. So the myth that cracking your knuckles is bad turns out to just be a little white lie told by parents!

Is Butter Healthy? Butter is a kitchen essential and is actually a very beneficial part of your diet, considering the immense health benefits that if gives if taken in moderation. Over the years, the white substance, which is made from churning fresh or fermented cream or milk, has been unfairly blamed for cardiovascular disease, mostly due to the high saturated fat content. However, recent research has suggested that consuming butter in limited quantities may not increase the risk of heart disease or stroke, instead it might actually be slightly protective against diabetes. Butter has also been found as a healthier choice in comparison to sugar and starch-enriched food like white bread or potatoes. We bring you a few health benefits of

butter, one which is loved so much and that doesn't let anyone stop themselves from stealing it. Butter is rich in fat soluble vitamins - vitamins A, E and K2 which can have powerful health benefits. Vitamin A is necessary for thyroid and adrenal health. Butter contains anti-oxidants that protect against free radical damage. Butter contains a lot of healthy saturated fats that have strong anti-tumour and anti-cancer properties. Contrary to the belief that butter is fattening due to its high fat and calories content, it does not promote weight gain and obesity when eaten in normal amounts as part of a healthy diet. Butter contains lecithin, essential for cholesterol metabolism.


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0786 0624 786 07860624 0624786 786 0786

Thorp Close Sheffield S2 4SL Tle: 0786 0624 786 ThorpClose CloseSheffield SheffieldS2 S24SL 4SLTle: Tle:0786 07860624 0624786 786 444Thorp - --- Page 31 Page 31 Page 31 31 Page


UK 2010



Sheffield . Rotherham . Bradford . Manchester . Leeds . Doncaster . Chesterfield . Barnsley










98 Abbeydale Rd Sheffield S7 1FF 0786 0624 786 / 0114 3270504 -

4 Thorp Close Sheffield S2 4SL Tle: 0786 0624 786 0114 - 327 0504 / 0786 0624 786

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Public WiFi not Secure as you think to steal information, The increase of broadband rollAn explosive matchup of identity ouror out and the growth of WiFi in passwords and money from the or insecure public spacesown is providingworld-class society users who use public very fighter, with the huge benefit of access wi-fi connections. Amir Khan is easily. happening in May. The important thing is to distinto the Internet quickly and But not all WiFi is as secure as we guish if the public WiFi you are The British superstar former secure and not public. might think it is. Europol’s Cyber- using isand When you connect to it, if it crime Division warns that attacks Unified Super Lightweight World are rising on public WiFi and are requires a security access password, it means it is secure but if a major security risk. Amir “King” Champion Khan will In the UK, key cities like London, you can just connect to it with no face current WBA International it is insecure. Manchester and Birmingham are password, increasing public WiFi access, Something known as ‘man-inWelterweight Luisto the-middle’ is being applied whilst restaurants, cafes andchampion bars are also keen provide free commit these attacks on public Collazo in the 12 round event. networks. Where, the hackers WiFi to attract customers. passed beFor mostlooking smartphone forward users capture data "I'm to being fighting public WiFi is always seen as a tween a user of the public WiFi the Internet. greatLas way ofVegas saving dataonce usage and in again, andAttacks myof included in their phone tariffs these kind are targeting people intention 3 istheyto makewitha a communicate but if you are goingon to useMay public when WiFi for personal transactions, bank, do online shopping or log statement thatthisI inbelong to social mediaon sites. this sensitive data and banking, may not be the best method. big stage," said Khan. We are now seeing an increase Therefore, it is important to be vigilant whenoff using in the misuse of wi-fi, inmight order extremely "Luis Collazo be coming of a big win, but I am in incredible shape and am ready for this challenge. A win on May 3 is what I need to prove that I truly am one of the best welterweights in the sport." A British standout who represented his nation in the 2004


Olympic Games, where he won a silver medal, Bolton's Amir "King" Khan (28-3, 19 KOs) went from local hero to international star when he won his first world title at 140 pounds in 2009.After five successful defences that included wins over Marcos Maidana, Paulie Malignaggi and Zab Judah, Khan lost An explosive matchup of our own world-class fighter, his title by way of avery controAmir Khan is happening in May. British superstar and former versial decision to The Lamont Unified Super Lightweight World Amir “King” Khan will Peterson in 2011. Champion Winner face current WBA International Welterweight of two straight over Car- champion Luis Collazo in the 12 round event. "I'm looking los Molina and Julio Diazforward to fighting in Las Vegas once again, and my since, the flashy,intention flamon May 3 is to make a statement that I belong on this boyant 27-year-old boxbig stage," said Khan. "Luis Collazo might be coming off er-puncher is nowof a bigcamwin, but I am in incredible shape and am ready for this chalpaigning at welterweight, lenge. A win on May 3 is what I need to prove that I truly am one where he seeks championof the best welterweights in the sport." ship gold once again. A British standout who repre-

public WiFi and only use it for non-sensitive data activity if you are unsure about it’s security. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe when using public WiFi: Always use reputable internet security software on all your devices including your laptop, PC, MAC, tablets and smartphone. If a WiFi connection does not require a password, it is insecure. So, don’t send any confidential information over this network e.g. username, passwords, private data etc. Look for public places that do offer free WiFi but require a password which you obtain from them. Look out for the https in the web address in your browser and the padlock symbol when using websites for personal transactions. Always check your credit card or debit bills for any odd transactions, especially if you use public WiFi a lot. Always keep your device software up-to-date especially if security updates are available. Security using the Internet has been and always will be an issue as hackers find new ways of executing attacks but as long as you stick to the rules of keeping your confidential data secure, you can lower he chances of experiencing theft of your data.

Olympic Games, where he won a silver medal, Bolton's Amir "King" Khan (28-3, 19 KOs) went from local hero to international star when he won his first world title at 140 pounds in 2009.After five successful defences that included wins over Marcos Maidana, Paulie Malignaggi and Zab Judah, Khan lost his title by way of a controversial decision to Lamont Peterson in 2011. Winner of two straight over Carlos Molina and Julio Diaz since, the flashy, flamboyant 27-year-old boxer-puncher is now campaigning at welterweight, where he seeks championsented his nation in the 2004 ship gold once again.

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50 The Wicker, Sheffield S3 Tel: 0114 275 8589

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(Reg Charity No: 1139948) Molana M Aslam Zahid donating sawing machines during his recent visit to Bagh, Azad Kashmir...

                                                      250                                               1       600                                                               2       50                                                   3       700                                                           4                      






6 APPEAL 2014

Join with us and become closer to Allah in this blessed month to increase your blessings ÂŁ250 supports an orphan and brings you closer to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in Jannah ÂŁ600 supports a family with no income and is equivalent to increased blessings from prayers ÂŁ50 buys a sewing machine - an essential source of income for a widow or young orphan girl ÂŁ700 helps a derelict mosque prosper again and reinforces your iman for the here and after ÂŁ2000 helps finance the marriage of an orphan girl and you gain blessings for yourself and our family By making provision for Sehri and Iftar for the needy in the Holy month of Ramadan you can gain forgiveness and sawaab from those fasts and work towards a place in

Yorkshire Bank, Account Number: 19842710 Sort Code: 05 08 58 Alhabib Welfare Foundation is a UK registered international relief and development charity. It was founded by Molana Aslam Zahid who is the imam of Usmania Education Centre and the Vice Chairm an of Jamiat Ulma-e-Bri tain. With your support Alhabib Welfare Foundation aims to help poor families, orphans, and widows across Pakistan and other countries around the world. We ensure 100% of your donation reaches the poor. Please donate generously on the above account number or online by visiting our website...

Molana M Aslam Zahid visited local Madressa during his recent visit to Bagh, Azad Kashmir...

Alhabib Welfare Foundation is relying on your support this Ramadan to help survivors of the Pakistan floods. Donate your Zakat and Sadaqa to us this Ramadan and we will use it to help orphans, widows and those who are in need.

The prophet saw said “Whoever helps any muslim and makes them happy in the process, they have made me happy. Whosoever makes me happy has made Allah happy. And whosoever makes Allah happy, Allah will provide a place in Jannah for him�. Come let us all help the poor, disabled, widows and orphans who desperately need our help,and gain the approval of Allah the Almighty You can give your Zakaat, Sadaqatul Fitra to help towards our ongoing support of these needy families. We invite you to come and be a part of a good and worth cause and gain nearness to Allah and the blessed Messenger (peace be upon him). We are offering you the opportunity to extend your good practice in the month of Ramadan by gaining sawaab for helping our fellow Muslims who need your help.



Molana M Aslam Zahid donated computers during his recent visit to Bagh, Azad Kashmir...

Orphans Widows Tel: 01142811927, Mob: 07894540303 Web:



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261 Stanniforth Road Sheffield S9 3FP 0114 244 9199 / 0785 2276 646 Open 7 Days, 5 pm - 12 Midnight

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