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Keeping Politics E in Family

d (left) and David Miliband Ed and David Miliband put brotherly love to one side to contest the Labour leadership Ed Miliband has proved victorious over his brother and been elected Labour leader. Now David is considering whether to take a job offer from his younger sibling. So what is it like to work with a brother or sister? Sibling relationships don't come much more stressful than what is being experienced by the Milibands at the moment. The younger brother triumphed over the older, defeating him in the Labour leadership race by the narrowest of margins. Cont p5 no 2...



Sheffield’s Local Economy in Show of Strength A new study released last month has revealed that Sheffield is becoming more resilient to withstand sudden changes in the economy. The news comes as a boost for the Lib Dem leadership on the Council who have made strengthening Sheffield ’s economy their number one priority. The BBC commissioned research suggests how England ‘s regions may cope with a reduction in public spending. The study looks at the ability of each local authority area

to withstand sudden changes in the economy. Encouragingly for Sheffield, the research showed that, out of 324 local authority areas, Sheffield was ranked 80th for it’s local businesses having an adaptive capacity, 136th for the number of ‘Business Births’ and 189th for having high growth business sectors. Overall Sheffield was judged to be 266th out of 324 areas in England for resilience. Cont p5 no ...


Musharaf Launches His Dream



Pervez Musharaf recently launched the new All Pakistan Muslim league UK chapter. Merger of all factions of PML still a dream, as all factions are indecisive to come together under one umbrella. PML-Q says merger will make no impact on national politics unless PML-N gives positive response to proposal and PML-N says party will agree if Nawaz Sharif leads group. This also encompasses the Awami Muslim League (AML) led by Sheikh Rashid, PML-F chief Pir Pagara and Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q).


South Yorkshire

LEGAL CORNER Mohammed Nazir Q I want to sell my property in auction, what should I do? A You can contact your solicitors who will prepare the initial pack, contract documentation and initial searches for the buyers and through your selected auctioneers the property can be sold in auction. Q I want to buy a property in auction, what precaution should I take? A Before you proceed with the purchase in auction, make sure your surveyor has checked the property and you have had a valuation of the property. Also make sure you have finances in place and your solicitors have checked the legal pack of the documents, especially the possible future use and provisions in the lease. The terms of the lease and the remaining years of the lease should also be checked because this could be very vital. You need to make sure that funds are in place as you have to complete the matter within a strict time limitation.

Property Law (28 days) Q Please advise me, I am 59 years old and I am gifting my property to my son. What are the possible risks? A If you are transferring your property to your son the possibility is that if your son goes bankrupt or has a possible litigation for matrimonial matters, the property can be lost and you can also lose your right to live in the property. If you want to transfer the property to your son, it is important that you should consider a possible challenge by the Local Council. If you have to go in a care home the Local Council can challenge this transfer. To protect your right to reside in the property your son should sign a Trust Deed in your favour so that you can live in the property throughout the life and then you can transfer it. If you are considering this please take independent legal advice from your solicitors before you decide to gift your property. Q. I am buying a Leasehold property, what considera-

tion should I take in mind? A If you are buying a Leasehold property make sure the lease has enough terms on it. If the lease term is less than 70 years most mortgage lenders do not accept this so it is advisable and recommended that you make sure your lease has enough years remaining so the mortgage lender can protect their interest and in future you don’t have any problems. Once the terms of the lease are minimised then it is very difficult to obtain a mortgage or doing a re-mortgage so there are possible risks for further legal costs and expense by the freehold or lease extension. It is therefore recommended that you should have enough years remaining on your title so you can raise the finances on the property. The solicitor should also check under the terms of the lease what rights and easements have been granted to you and what are the other restrictions on it.

Warning Against Bogus Charity Collections In the wake of the tragedies in Pakistan and other parts of the world, donating old clothes and goods to a charity might appear a good way of helping others, but local people are being advised to check before handing anything over.Leaflets advising of a doorstep collection often give a misleading impression of charitable purposes, when in reality the organiser is a commercial operator for profit. This is often reinforced by a reference to a registration number, easily mistaken as that of a charity, but very often a company number or simply made

checked by contacting the licensing department at the City Council. Consumers should look for a registered charity number. If an organisation has a charity number, it must be registered with the Charity Commission and must operate for fully charitable purposes. Sheffield Council’s Trading Standards Service advises caution with doorstep collections. Although the activity may not necessarily be illegal, your charitable donation might not be going where you think.

Coffee Morning with Paul Blomfield MP

Sheffield MP Paul Blomfield held a coffee morning recently at his constituency office in aid of the MacMillan Cancer Charity. Paul Blomfield gave an open invitation to all members of the public and the he said the morning was a big success in aid of a brilliant charity. Mr Blomfield spoke against the governments decisions to cut vital services in the country which will widely affect the whole population moreso the poor. He also menDisclaimer: Please Consult your own tioned that Sheffield has been targeted with cuts and he has devoted Solicitors for any legal advice.

up. While some companies allege they donate some of the proceeds to charity, such claims are hard to prove and the companies behind the leaflets do not usually last long enough to be investigated before they disappear.If the organisation is legitimately collecting on behalf of a charity, it should give clear information in its fundraising literature and state how much of your donation actually goes to the charity. Door to door charity collection should be registered with the local authority as organisations need to have a permit. This can be

himself to safeguarding funds for of Lib Dem Coucillors had already the people of Sheffield. Because defected to the Labour party as of the Lib Dems converging with their beliefs had been crushed. the Tories, he said that a handful


South Yorkshire

Sheffield Scoops Top Awards in Yorkshire in Bloom Sheffield’s reputation as the greenest city in the country was enhanced at this year’s Yorkshire in Bloom Awards. The city is celebrating after scooping a record 23 awards following the announcement of the coveted awards at the Royal Armouries

Museum in Leeds (14 September). Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Cabinet member for Communities added: “Congratulations to all those who did so well in the Yorkshire in Bloom Awards this year. A great deal of hard work was carried out by many organisations

and individuals to help make our city so attractive. I know that our officers worked very closely with all the entrants across the city and it culminated in the city winning so many awards this year.” Source;Sheffield City Council

Jammu Kashmir Self Determination Movement Europe - Halifax

A meeting was organised by Julie Hilling MP to discuss the latest situation in Kashmir, Andy Burnham MP candidate for the Labour leadership was chief guest. Also present were Jammu Kashmir self determination movement europe team, chairman Raja Najabat Hussain, Secretary general Mohammed Azam, Sardar Abdul

Supporting Post Offices

A report to Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet proposes to phase out taking cash payments for Council bills at First Point, the Council’s office for face to face customer enquiries. It is recommended to encourage those who

still want to pay in cash to use their local post office. They can also switch to the many other payment options available such as direct debit, standing order, or paying by phone or online. It is estimated that the move would

see local taxpayers save in excess of £240,000 a year. Also the report notes that the extra business directed through post offices would help to make Sheffield’s post offices more sustainable.

Parents have long suspected that food colourings and preservatives make their kids hyper, so researchers at the University of Southamptom, UK, decided to investigate. In a study of artificial colours and the preservative sodium benzoate, parents, teachers

and trained observers graded the kids on overactive, inattentive and impulsive behaviour before and after the six-week trial and determined that that the additivelaced drinks increased hyperactive behaviour by about 10 per cent. Experts disagree on wheth-

er that’s a significant rise. Still, if your child is hyper, consider removing or limiting additives in her diet (they’re found in everything from candy to ketchup) and see if it makes a difference.

Source;Sheffield City Council

Fake Food Jumpy Kids?

Rehman Vice Chairman, Ch Mohammed Akram Chairman Yorkshire region, Mohammed Sharif (chairman Northwest region, Gary Titley ex - European New vacancies have been filled in Shef- and former Lord Mayor Jackie Drayton was invited back on Shadow Cabinet afMP and many councillors and field City Councils shadow cabinet. is now Labour’s Spokesperson for Chil- ter stepping down as Labour’s EnvironLabour activists were present. Councillor Julie Dore’s election as Op- dren’s Services and Lifelong Learning, ment Spokesperson 18 months ago, due

Labour Welcome New Shadow Cabinet Members

report; (Raja Najabat Hussain Chairman Jammu Kashmir Self Determination Movement)

position Labour Leader a fortnight ago left a vacancy for the position of Labour Children’s Spokesperson, which has now been filled. Burngreave Councillor

with her previous role as Culture & Tourism Spokesperson being taken up by Beighton Councillor Helen MirfinBoukouris. Councillor Mirfin-Boukouris


to family commitments and studying for a MBA at Sheffield University.

Source; Sheffield City Council Labour Group

South Yorkshire

Town Hall ReOpens New Kerbside Collection of the public are being Arrangements across Rotherham Members reminded that Rotherham Town Recycling across Rotherham has been revamped thanks to a new fleet of special vehicles. As part of its programme to improve refuse collection services, Rotherham Borough Council has taken delivery of the first of a new fleet of vehicles that will support its recycling service. The new distinctive purple 23-tonne vehicles will allow for all recyclables to be collected at the same time - removing the need for separate collections for glass and cans, textiles and paper. Not only has this lead to increased efficiency in terms of collection, but will also make savings in vehicle and fuel costs. Rotherham’s kerbside recycling scheme generates approximately

14,000 tonnes of recyclable materials per year with the recyclable materials being sold to re-processors to help cover the cost of collection. Rotherham’s Cabinet Member for Safe and Attractive Neighbourhoods, Cllr Jahangir Akhtar, said: “Rotherham householders can now expect their recycling containers to be collected by the same vehicle at the same time on each collection and so will experience a much improved service. Obviously there may be some changes to normal collection times, so householders are asked to have both containers - the blue box and the blue bag - out at the kerbside by 07:00 am.” Source; Rotherham Newsflash

Liberal Democrats Delivering on Council Fat Cat Pledge Liberal Democrats on Sheffield City Council have revealed figures which show that they have reduced the number of highly paid staff within the Council even further than originally pledged. Lib Dems embarked on a drive to reduce non-school employees with a salary over £50,000 by 10% in January 2009. This reduction was successfully achieved, however Lib Dems have revealed that extra posts have been unfilled which has lead to an even further

reduction bringing the total to 17 less posts. The policy represents a major turnaround from when Labour ran the Council between 2002 and 2008. Under Labour the number of council employees paid over £50,000 a year virtually trebled from 46 to around 136. Lib Dems have reduced this number to 119. Source;Sheffield Liberal Democrat Group

Hall re-opened for business this week. The building - on Moorgate Street - has been brought up-to-date and is now more accessible to the public thanks to a £2.9 million refurbishment programme. The works, which have taken nine months to complete, has seen a total re-organisation of the accommodation to create more meeting rooms and conference facilities as well as the refurbishment of the Mayoral Suite. Press Release: Rotherham MBC

New Bin Charges Rotherham Borough Council is to follow other authorities in introducing charges for the replacement of some of its waste bins in an effort to maintain the borough’s growing recycling rate. Unlike many authorities across the country, the council has traditionally issued free waste bins to householders but in the face of a mounting bill for replacements feels that it can now longer afford to do this, particularly as now it offers a far more complex recycling service with more containers. Last year Rotherham provided over 25,000 replacement waste containers free of charge. This is a much higher number than other councils of the same size and cost the taxpayer over £200,000.


South Yorkshire

Pakistan Army Devoted To Helping The devastating floods in Pakistan have touched the hearts of people all over the world but no moreso than the Pakistan Army. The

stricken areas, saving numerous lives and keeping families together but they have housed these unfortunate people, fed them, shel-

army has been at the forefront of tered them and taken care of all the rescue mission. Not only has areas of there welfare while they the army got victims out of flood have lost their homes.



Keeping Politics in Family

David Miliband now has to consider whether he wants to put himself forward for a job in his brother's shadow cabinet. Nominations are open for the 19 posts, to be elected by a ballot of MPs. Ed will then allocate jobs to the successful candidates after the vote on 7 October. The brothers have put on a brave face, with David saying the party now has a "great leader" in Ed. But others fear their relationship may never recover. Continue reading the main story In today's Magazine * What is it like to work for a sibling? * Why are parents banning books? * Kicking against austerity - with cakes * Why are e-fits so tricky? "They cannot be the same after

this because that is how politics is," said former MP Oona King, an old school friend of the two brothers, in the run up to the election. "It doesn't matter how much blood is in there." But some brothers have pulled off a close working relationship in politics. Bobby Kennedy, the younger brother of US president John F Kennedy, was made attorney general by him. He is said to have been his brother's closest political adviser during his presidency. Brothers in particularly can be very motivational with each other, says author and behavioural expert Judi James. What is for sure, if David Miliband does pursue a post in the shadow cabinet, it could make for interesting meetings.



Pakistan Flood Appeal

Account Number: 117 87 616 Sort Code: 40 41 08 Contact Name: Mohammed Ali (Chairman PMC) Telephone: 07939441367 / 07956413098


Sheffield Economy

Cllr Paul Scriven, Liberal Democrat Leader of Sheffield City Council, said:- We know that we still have a long way to go for our local economy to reach its full potential. Therefore Liberal Democrats on the Council will continue with our drive to make Sheffield the UK ’s most business friendly city.� Source;Sheffield Liberal Democrat Group


South Yorkshire

Six Million Reasons For A Brighter Sheffield A record number of local people a million Spring bulbs from the to brighten up the city as well as have volunteered to bring a riot of Council to brighten up their parts bluebells and native daffodils for woodland areas. This year’s supply of bulbs brings the total number of bulbs planted in Sheffield over the last eight years to around six million. Councillor Shaffaq Mohammed, the Council’s Cabinet member for Communities said: “Local people have been really enthusiastic about brightening up their communities and the demand for the Spring bulbs has been greater than ever this year. About 320 groups from all parts of the city colour to Sheffield next Spring. of the city. will be planting bulbs that will Community groups, schools and The Council provided over half make Spring in Sheffield even organisations from all parts of a million daffodil and crocus more colourful then ever!” Sheffield snapped up over half bulbs for planting this Autumn


South Yorkshire

Politicians hit the Streets to Help Flood Victims

SHOPPERS in Sheffield city centre dug deep to help the millions hit by Pakistan’s disastrous flooding. MPs and councillors were out in force on Fargate recently in a final push for the Disasters Emergency Committee. Labour MPs David Blunkett, Clive Betts and Paul Blomfield joined Lord

Mayor Alan Law and Councillors Ibrar Hussain and Bryan Lodge. The team raised an astonishing £610 in just one hour. “It went very, very well,” said Burngreave Councillor Hussain. “We were joined by members of the Muslim and wider community who wanted to help our appeal. “People’s

generosity was quite astonishing. This money will go towards all the other funds raised in other events across the city.” The flooding has laid waste to a vast area of Pakistan and has so far killed more than 2,000 people. Report; ILM News

The Lord Mayor of Sheffield Cllr Alan Law JP was out on the streets of Sheffield collecting from shoppers in aid of the victims of the floods in Pakistan

Iftaar Party by Jammu Kashmir Self determination Movement Jammu Kashmir Self determination Movement Europe organised an iftar party and invited key individuals from Halifax to discuss the current situation in Kashmir and look at actions it can take.

Organised by the Vice Chairman of the Movement Ch Mohammed Akram. In the Picture are the MP for Calder Valley Craig Whattakerm his wife, Chairman of the Move-

ment Raja Najabat Hussain, Vice Chairman Sardar Abdul Rehman, The Parliamentary candidate Zahid Iqbal, Gerry Malik, Shahid Rasool and others. source; Raja Najabat Hussain


South Yorkshire

Tankersley Manor, Tankersley, Nr Sheffield

Self Catering Weddings at Tankersley Manor Tankersley Manor is ideal for self catering weddings, it can accommodate up to 300 people boasting a private reception area, car park and banqueting kitchen. Located just one minute off junction 36 of the M1 we are easy to find and have extensive free parking.

Standard package includes: • Hire of the Tankersley Suite for your reception • Use of a private banqueting kitchen for your caterers • Tables with white linen, napkins and chairs • Red carpet on arrival • No additional charges for providing your own soft drinks • Private bar facilities if required • Prayer room *Terms and conditions apply. Service staff not included

We are extremely flexible and can tailor a package to suit you. Please contact our Events Office and we can give you an individual quote for your specific requirements. Call us on 01226 744700 or email us at Tankersley Manor Tankersley, Nr Sheffield Church Lane, Tankersley, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S75 3DQ

1774 Tankersley Asian Wedd Ad.indd 1


Hotel Group of the Year 2008 - 2009

South Yorkshire

7/9/10 09:40:00

Sheffield Residents walk 30 miles In Aid of Pakistan Flood Appeal On 12/09/10 Sunday morning 20 residents of Sheffield took part in a 30 charity walk in aid of Pakistan flood appeal. This event was

organised by Sajid Rasul in order to raise awareness and raise funds for the flood victims of Pakistan. The 30 mile charity walk started 6.30am from Sheffield Meadowhall to Doncaster and then back to Sheffield Meadowhall at 11pm This event was promoted through various media outlets including BBC radio Sheffield. This fundraising event is registered with the Disaster Emergency com-

and mentally exhausted at the end but despite this people maintained a good sprit and helped and motivated each other all the way to the end” Said Sajid Rasul who organised & completed the 30 mile charity walk. Because of the nature of this event many people came forward to help for the good cause. Mr Asif Rafique of Scott rd Burngreave kindly donated Sandwiches and drinks to the walkers. And another altruistic chap drove all the way from London. He came up with his minibus and drove alongside the walkers and allowed the walkers access to water bottles and other drinks and also to load their bags and belongings into the minibus so that they can walk comfortably. “Every one was helpful and I have to say that without the guy from London this would have been impossible , we all needed to stop and have a drink. The fact that we didn’t have to carry bags

mittee and all funds raised will be donated to the DEC Pakistan flood appeal. “20 people took part in the charity walk from all walks of life and backgrounds. It was an amazing experience. Indeed it was tiring and many of us were physically

etc also made it very helpful. So we all would like to thank the man from London.” said Waheed Bhati who completed the 30 mile charity walk. Nearly all the walkers suffered injury and pain due to the prolonged walk. Many have suf-

Eid was celebrated in Pakistan amidst mixed emotions as it has come at a time when the floods have left millions of people destitute and many died as a result of the tragedy.A time to reflect on the calamities that are taking place in the parts of the world. Eid-ul-Fitr is not just a time for festivity. Removing social disparity, overcoming discrimination and remembering the spirit that we are all for all are the lessons of the occasion.The core message of Ramadan is to show compassion to those less fortunate than ourselves.How can we enjoy an extravagant

party when images on our TV screens are showing us the human tragedy unfolding in front of our eyes. My own children will be giving a part of their budget for gifts to flood victims and help pack Life Food parcels at PMC from their own pocket money, so children in Pakistan can have something to eat on Eid. It will make virtually no difference to us in the UK if we spend a little less on our own families and more on those affected by the floods. That extra money that we are able to save and send will make the difference between life and death.We

fered muscle pain, general body stiffness & blisters. One walker when asked to describe their injury they replied “it’s like I am paralysed. “ Although everyone suffered pain and were hobbling they kept the momentum by reminding themselves that it was for a good cause. “The aim was to raise £1000 for the flood victim ap-

peal. The walkers, after completing this walk are now recovering from the suffering but we all will start to collect and calculate the sponsor amount. Once we get the final figure we intend to make that public via media and we also will hand out a copy of the formal receipt from the DEC. I am pretty sure we will achieve our set target” said Sajid Rasul the organiser . We were lucky that the weather was on our side, but having said that we were prepared for all eventualities. End of the day this was to help the people of Pakistan that are at risk of dying due to the devastating floods. We are all doing our bit for the sake of humanity Said Mohsin Sulhari who completed the 30 mile charity walk If you wish to donate or would like further information then contact: charitywalk2010@hotmail. or phone: 0794456396

S o m e K i n d Wo r d s . . . . .

observed the season in peace, continue to share the spirit of love, humility, kindness and justice, which had been taken as guiding principles throughout the Ramadan period. It is our duty as Muslims to extend a helping hand to the poor, neglected and deprived. Pray and think of those who are in a lot more need and are helpless. Thanks for all your assistance and support over the past year. Lets all keep working together Ramzan Shahbaz , Safer Neighbourhood Officer, SYP


South Yorkshire

While some vitamin supplements can boost your health, others may actually harm you... Search for “vitamins” on any search engine and you get nearly 50 million results and the wildest claims you can imagine. That’s almost ten times more than what you get for “Aishwarya Rai,” but the descriptions are just as breathless. As you navigate the maze of sites, you see phrases claiming vitamin supplements can “increase energy,” “stimulate brain function” etc. There are promises of “reversing cancer” and “removing plaque” from your arteries. It all helps explain why some of us hope that vitamin supplements will prolong life, slow ageing and protect against a bevy of illnesses. But new research not only refutes many of these claims, it also shows that some of these vitamins may in fact be harmful. Antioxidant Paradox. The antioxidant study, in particular, surprised a lot of people and has prompted a heated debate. Antioxidants such as vitamins A, beta carotene (another form of vitamin A), E and C have long enjoyed a reputation as disease fighters because they’re thought to protect against free radicals that can damage cells and speed up ageing. But researchers found that taking vitamins A, beta carotene and E, alone or in combination, actually increased a person’s risk of dying by up to16 per cent. Reputed medical experts deemed the study alarmist and silly. Still, others wonder, why

The Vitamin Myth

take the risk if you can get what you need from the grocers or the farmers’ market? Unless your doctor says you need supplements for a specific diagnosis, there is no reason to take them and no need to spend the money. Multi-problems. Researchers found that men taking multivitamins more than once a day increased their risk of advanced prostate cancer by 32 percent and nearly doubled their risk of fatal cancer, compared with men who didn’t take multivitamins. The risk was highest in those who had a family history and also took selenium, beta carotene or zinc supplements. Don’t throw away those bottles yet, though. Many experts agree that taking a daily multivitamin is a smart move, especially for those of us who don’t regularly eat whole grains, fresh veggies and fruit. Still, you may want to think twice about swallowing handfuls of certain supplements. C Is For Colds. Even if a vitamin does no harm, it may do, well, nothing. Take the ever popular myth that popping vitamin C will stave off colds. A review of 30 studies involving more than 11,000 people who took at least 200 mg of vitamin C daily found that it offered little protection in reducing the length or severity of common colds for most people. It did work for some people, such as marathon runners and skiers, who undergo periods of high stress, but the study’s authors say the rest of us shouldn’t bother

taking it. Dosage Dangers. Most people think of vitamins as natural and safe since they’re sold over the counter everywhere, including health-food stores. And many consumers figure you can’t get too much of a good thing. But you can, particularly if you’re on prescription drugs. Mega doses of vitamin E, for example, can increase the risk of bleeding if you’re already on heart meds like blood thinners. Taking too much niacin without a doctor’s okay can lead to liver damage and other problems over time. And too much vitamin A increases the risk of liver and lung cancers, and can cause birth defects and reduce bone density. What consumers tend to forget is that many processed foods and so-called diet foods, from crackers to energy bars, are “fortified” with additional vitamins and minerals. Even some bottled waters, juices and soft drinks have added them in an effort to appear more healthy. Eat and drink enough of these products, take a few pills, and you could be overdosing. Though rare, bad side effects and even deaths do happen from a vitamin overdose. The Real Benefits. Not all the news is disappointing. Studies show that vitamin D plays an important role in the absorption of calcium and in boosting bone health. Several studies suggest a link between vitamin D deficiency and cancer, as well as other diseases. And there seems to be little down side to taking vitamin D supplements. But some people

may need more than the standard recommended amounts of certain vitamins, including pregnant women, who require extra folic acid to help prevent birth defects, and the millions of young women with anaemia, who may benefit from iron supplements. Post-menopausal women can take calcium and vitamin D to reduce fracture risk, and those at risk for age-related muscular degeneration may benefit from antioxidant and zinc supplements. Food Versus A Pill. One thing is clear, though: getting vitamins and minerals from pills is not as effective as getting them from food. No one knows for sure why a food source may be more beneficial, but one theory is that nature provides a perfect balance of compounds that isn’t fully replicable in the lab. While there’s evidence that vitamins C and E and beta carotene protect the heart when you get them from food, a recent study found that they don’t provide protection when you get them from a supplement. Rather than just turning to pills as a remedy, eating a healthy, balanced diet may help you avoid those conditions in the first place. There have been many studies looking at supplements but the most consistent evidence we’ve had over the past 30 years is that eating a healthy diet, low in salt and saturated fat, losing extra weight, exercising moderately, reducing stress and quitting smoking are our best guarantees against disease and premature death.

Water Purfication System 10 Not To Take. Everyone needs vitamins and minerals, which are crucial for good health and long life. What we don’t need are megadoses of these essential nutrients in pill form. The greatest health benefits come when we get our vitamins from a balanced diet – but few of us eat well enough for that. Read labels to see how much you’re getting of each nutrient, and ask your doctor before starting any vitamin regimen, especially if you already take prescription drugs. Based on the latest studies, here are ten you can skip: Vitamin A: Excess amounts can accumulate. Too much A can blur vision, cause headaches and vomiting and also lead to liver, bone and central nervous system problems, among others. Other sources: Fortified cereals, dark leafy greens, fruits and sweet potatoes. Beta Carotene: The body converts this into vitamin A. Supplementation is not recommended for the general public and should be avoided especially by smokers, who have a greater risk of lung cancer with regular use. Other sources: You can get what you need from dark green and orange fruits and veggies. Vitamin C: There’s no conclusive evidence that it prevents colds, heart disease, cataracts or cancer. Other sources: A glass of orange juice will give you almost all you need.


H i 2 O Hi20 is a newly developed water purfication system that can convert dirty river or any surface water into clean drinking water using NO ENERGY at all. It can process 1000 litres of water at one time. It is a world first and there is nothing like it anywhere. On-going there are NO MAINTENANCE costs. This system is guaranteed for up to 10 years but will last up to 25 years. Hi20 will kill all Bacteria known to man including Cholera, Typhoid, E-Coli, MRSA, Salmonella and many more. Forward Technology UK Ltd based in Sheffield is the sole global distributor of the Hi20 system. Forward Technology is donating 2 of these systems (worth over £6000) to Pakistan Flood relief and will be delivering them during the month of October. Forward Technology is proud to be associated with World Aid Foundation based in Rotherham, which is a totally volunteer charity and does not deduct any admin costs from Donations received. If you want find out more about the Hi20 system go to: www.hi20. and World Aid at

South Yorkshire

Cont from p1...

sent a strongly worded protest reminding the military alliance that its mandate for operations ended at the Afghanistan border, the security force reportedly informed Pakistani commanders that it was trying to ensure that helicopters did not cross into Pakistani territory. That the US-led military alliance appears to have realized its mistake is encouraging at a

Nato’s Stance

number of levels. First, the reversal regarding the legitimacy of including Pakistani territory in operations focused on Afghanistan will act as a deterrent to future temptations to resort to the ‘rules of hot pursuit’. As Pakistan has reminded Nato, no such agreement exists and such incursions can only be termed a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty. Secondly,

while it is true that the militants recognize no borders and the terrain is uncertain, it is important for allies to respect each other’s mandate and territory. The only hope for effectively breaking the militant-terrorist nexus lies in close cooperation and coordination among the various stakeholders, including theUS,Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Killing Of Dr Imran Farooq DrFarooq, a founding member of the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), was stabbed and beaten to death outside his north-west London home on 16 September. The latest theory is that MQM senior party leader, Dr. Imran Farooq may have been killed due to conflicts in his own party, a report in the Guardian stated. He was living in the UK since the past 10 years after gaining asylum. Mr Farooq had toned down his political involvement in recent years after his marriage and the birth of his two sons. He was working in a local pharmacy and was on his way home from his job when he was attacked as he approached his home. MQM has longstanding rivalries with ethnic Pashtun and Sindhi parties in Karachi. The MQM has also been driven by occasional internecine violence. Detectives and colleagues of the senior Pakistani opposition politician stabbed and beaten to death in a residential street in north Lon-

don said they were working on the assumption it was a political assassination. The theory emerged as Scotland Yard’ s Counter Terrorism Command took charge of the investigation into the murder of Dr Imran Farooq. Dectives believe he may have been about to

Chief, Altaf Hussain said that the “international establishment” and a few powerful countries had planned a conspiracy to eliminate him and Farooq’s murder was a part of this plot The MQM groups deny reports that he was leaving the party to

join a new political party set up by former president Pervez Musharraf and his assassination could have been linked to that. MQM

join with former president Musharaff and instead said the Taliban may have ordered the brutal murder of the exiled Pakistani politi-


South Yorkshire

Heart Truths The heart is on everyone’s mind What we have learned? It’s Not Unisex Male and female hearts differ when it comes to heart disease. Women’s hearts are much more affected by emotion. Their arteries are more likely to spasm under emotional distress, while men’s arteries tend to be rigid. It Sets The Pace The heart is more than a pump;

it’s your body’s metronome. It gives a rhythm to your body that lasts until the day you die. It’s Selfish The heart doesn’t sacrifice itself. Before it sends blood to the brain, lungs - any-where - it sends blood to the coronary arteries. It feeds itself first so it’s always there to keep pumping, no matter what. It’s a good lesson for many mothers, who sacrifice their own health to benefit their children.

Egg Noodles: A Tasty Accompaniment

INGREDIENTS * 1 packet of plain noodles * 2 eggs * 2 onions * 2 tbsp tomato juice * 1 tsp ginger garlic paste * 1 tsp pepper powder * 2 tsp chilli powder * 1 tsp garam masala * 1 tbsp oil * Salt to taste


METHOD Boil, peel and cut eggs into long slices. Cook noodles in boiling water so that they do not get sticky. Sauté onions in oil till they turn pinkish brown. Add the ginger garlic paste, pepper powder, chilli powder, garam masala and fry briefly. Add egg and mix well. Pour the tomato juice and cook for a minute. Add salt to taste and mix well.

South Yorkshire

Sheffield To Host Wild Planet

Esteemed figure visits Rotherham

Rotherham Jamia Masjid Gerrad Rd Wellgate , Hazrat Allama Pir Allahudin Saddique visited. More than £6000 was raised in span of a short period for the victims of Pakistan Flood disaster. A special istemai dua was performed for the victims. Pir sahib also collected more than £34,000 in one day from Rotherham and Meeting with Muslims at Rotherham Jamia Masjid and Mushtaq Tufail Sheffield collectively.

Sheffield has been chosen by the Natural History Museum as the host city for its breathtaking Wild Planet Exhibition. Sheffield is the second city to host the tour and the first venue in the North of England thanks to the partnership between the Natural History Museum and Sheffield City Council. The outdoor exhibition features 80 of the most spectacular images from Wildlife Photographer of the Year – the world’s most prestigious wildlife photography competition and the Museum’s longest-running and most successful annual exhibition. Visitors will delight at photographs of the world’s wildest landscapes and most endangered species. Popular retail area The Moor will host the free exhibition, which opens to the public on Wednesday 6 October 2010 until 27 March 2011. Visitors can experience wondrous photographs of wild animals, creatures and landscapes whilst finding out more about some of the worlds most highly acclaimed wildlife photographers. Wild Planet merchandise and memorabilia will be available from the Wild Planet store, located at the heart of the exhibition.

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition is owned by the Natural History Museum, London and BBC Wildlife Magazine. Each year, the best of the entries are showcased in a highly popular exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London before touring regionally and internationally. Dr Michael Dixon, Director of the Museum said: "The Natural History Museum is delighted to be bringing this new free touring exhibition, Wild Planet, to Sheffield . Wild Planet celebrates stunning images from past years of the highly successful annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition which is an international leader in providing new insights into the natural world. Through Wild Planet the Museum aims to give new audiences the opportunity to be inspired by these dramatic images of nature and to take individual responsibility to care for the future of our planet." Councillor Roger Davison, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and Tourism, said: " Sheffield is absolutely delighted to welcome the Natural History Museum and the wonderful images from its new


exhibition, Wild Planet, to the city. The museum has such a renowned reputation globally and the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition has attracted an international following that underlines the superb quality of the photography that can be enjoyed in the Wild Planet exhibition, photography which captures the natural world spectacularly and with such imagination and skill. "We believe the exhibition will be a must see for all Sheffielders and the many visitors to the city over the next six months and will help highlight yet again why Sheffield is the perfect location to host such a spectacle. To be chosen as the first location in the north of England is an accolade indeed and I'd urge everyone to go to The Moor and see and experience Wild Planet for themselves." • Visitor information • Venue: The Moor • Dates: 6 October 2010 until 27 March 2011 • Opening times: 24hrs (out door exhibition) • Visitor enquiries: City Centre Management 0114 273 6895 • Website:

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Chamber of Don’t Just Stand There, ‘If Commerce it’s not broken, Don’t fix it’

by: Amar Saleem For most, running a business over the past couple of years has been as difficult as any time in living memory, and there are not many businesses that will have escaped the effects of the banking crisis, the slowdown in high street expenditure and the general economic downturn. Not a good time at all. So what about the future? Well, the new administration seems to be doing the sensible thing with plans to reduce the UK debt mountain; but that in itself will have an impact as taxes rise and public spending is cut back to pay for the excesses of the past ten years. But that’s not all, inflation is rising steadily – RPIX was 5.4 per cent in April although you might be forgiven for thinking it was higher! The way forward in Euro zone is far from clear and any thought that exporters can take advantage of the fall in the value of the pound, is flawed given the global downturn and a lack of demand in foreign parts. With a large proportion of the la-

bour force in Sheffield and South Yorkshire working in the public sector, the prospects of job cuts and pay reductions will have its inevitable effect. But the problems created by the current economy are not new to businesses, although maybe not as concentrated in a time frame as they are now. The opening of a supermarket in the suburbs has always caused problems for local retailers; the out of town shopping centres have seriously changed the shape of the internet, whether you are a business or a consumer, has created pressures at all levels. Business proprietors today need the highest skills of professional acumen to survive and grow with these market forces. There seems to be a common problem in many of the businesses that fail, in that the management or proprietor either seems to be unable to see what is going on, or unable to adapt and to change. A ‘cradle to grave’ attitude seems to exist, with the acceptance that the firm and its products do not

need to match the changing needs of the marketplace; whereas a ‘cradle to grave’ policy of continuous improvement in the manufacturing process, its product design or its presentation would have ensured sustained prosperity. There is also another maxim that businesses take too seriously – ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ – but if its not broken it probably will be soon, so why wait until things start to wither? Is it not better to work on the next business concept whilst the current business is still going strong? There are plenty of examples of successful businesses in Sheffield and South Yorkshire that just do that – they work hard at it, understand their markets, change, innovate and succeed, and they are quite different businesses to what they were 20 years ago. If you would like to find out more on how I can help your business to be more efficient and grow, then call Amar Saleem on 0114 201 8918.

At their full Council meeting Sheffield’s Councillors put their money where their mouths are to donate money to the Pakistan Flood Appeal, and they are urging the people of Sheffield to do

Pakistan Advice & Community Association. The Lord Mayor, Councillor Alan Law JP, says: “The scale of the tragedy in Pakistan is impossible to ignore. Over 1,600 people are reported to have

same.” Donations can be made at the Pakistan Muslim Centre on Woodburn Road, at the Pakistan Advice & Community Association at 58 Owler Lane, or at the Town Hall or First Point at How-

the same. A total of £437 was raised at the meeting in September, which will be donated to the Sheffield City Region Pakistan Flood Appeal launched by local community groups including the Pakistan Muslim Centre and the

died and 20 million people are believed to have been affected by the floods. We as a Council had to respond to this, we are happy to donate from our own pockets to this cause and would urge the people of Sheffield to do the

den House. Donations can also be made to the Disaster Emergency Committee national appeal via the Council website at

Cllrs Dig Deep for Pakistani Flood Victims

Editor’s Five of the BEST

1. 'Rich list Britain': UK is home to 284,317 millionaires... and that's before they count the value of their homes 2. Standing room only: Passengers on Russian tourist flight forced to stand due to lack of seats 3. Is this the world's tallest toddler? Not-so-little

two-year old Karan is already 4ft 5in 4. Bogus NHS dentist with fake qualifications earned £230,000 over nine years 5. Duke's £2.5m car boot sale, including the racy dinner party table decorations you wouldn't expect to find in an aristocrat's attic


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Excellent Family Enviroment


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Blunkett celebrates clean technology

Rt Hon David Blunkett, MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, has taken a tour of ITM Power, the business in his constituency at the cutting-edge of innovative technological developments aimed at reducing carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. The company has pioneered an electrolysis process which produces hydrogen from water rather than natural gas – and which is now used in experimental programmes aimed at transforming this cheap, non-polluting and entirely renewable energy source for powering commercial and private vehicles. Source; David Blunkett Parliamentary Office

More than 600 Aid boxes sent to Pakistan for Flood Victims

Yorkshire Politicians Hope For Miliband Boost Mahroof Hussain said South Yorkshire would benefit from Ed Miliband's appointment Labour politicians in South Yorkshire are hoping the appointment of Doncaster MP Ed Miliband as leader will put local issues higher up the party agenda.Rotherham councillor Mahroof Hussain said: "It's great to have a leader from South Yorkshire. Let's take maximum benefit from this." He hoped the row over axed government funding to Sheffield Forgemasters "can now be on the agenda at senior level". "Let Ed come and see the issues in South Yorkshire," he added. Sheffield Brightside MP David

Blunkett said: "It will be very good to have someone feeling, hearing, responding to Doncaster, to South Yorkshire and Yorkshire as a whole. "I have now seen eight Labour leaders and this is the second one from Yorkshire, Harold Wilson being the first while I've been a Labour Party member. "I'm hoping that Ed will find time to spend more time in Yorkshire because I think we are the route of the path back to success. David Blunkett urged his new leader to spend more time in South Yorkshire "We lost 10% of our vote in the general election in Yorkshire.

Winning that back, and winning the south of England, is winning he next general election." Yorkshire and Humber Labour MEP Linda McAvan said she believed Mr Miliband's communication skills, honed on the streets of his South Yorkshire constituency, would stand him in good stead. "I can remember when he first came to Doncaster and I went out with him on the streets," she said. "He really listens to people on the doorstep to hear their story, not just saying 'This is what I can do'. He engages with people, particularly the younger generation."

Help has been flooding in to send flood relief boxes to flood victims in pakistan. The South Yorkshire Pakistan Flood Relief group that has been set up has worked to their full capacity in raising awareness, getting donations, getting supplies, packing lifesaving boxes and organising the boxes to reach the appropriate victims in pakistan. Volunteers have been plenty throughout South Yorkshire, to help pack and load the boxes but the initiative has primarily been driven by local Sheffielders. The idea to send lifesaving boxes was launched by PIA and has been promoted by PMC Sheffield, ILM newspaper and

Radio Ramazan. Since the relief programme was started, local businesses have donated various items of necessity such as cups, soaps, blankets, sheets, and water bottles. Approxiamately 600 boxes have been sent weekly during this month. The people of Pakistan still desperately need help and these relief efforts will be ongoing so work still needs to be done and donations still need to come in. Inshallah this initiative is being embarked in partnership with muslims across South Yorkshire. The drop point is Pakistan Muslim Centre, Woodbourn Road, Sheffield. This is the only real viable place which can handle some of the lo-


gistics of the collections. Boxes will be provided and leaflets will inshallah be distributed through the mosques. Following items are be included in the box: · 2 x Bottles water (1.5 Litres) · 2 x Six pack of fruit juices (250 ml) · 2 x Packets of sweet biscuits · 2 x Packet biscuits (salted) · 1 x Whole UHT long life Milk (1 Litre) · 1 x Packet of dates · 6 packets of crisps (salted) · 1 x Box of Blocks · Sanitary pads and a blanket if possible. We will be adding a blanket and maybe some other lightweight things to complete the box.

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A Poem in Memory of my Beloved Uncle

Among a lot of relations known for kindness and patience No one else, but he….stepped in all difference! As in thousands of stars and moon alone Completes the distinct and compares his instinct Nature of all enshadowing and a brim attitude Forgiving kept him up in each fenny hour going… All enshadowing and forgiving later mislead towards hastier All emergence of pure heart. Hence, stood apart! Provided neither peace nor stroll ‘but writing on his wall’ Softness of heart and speaking. Lost! Rotted his rosy being… Life and end of unbearable recuity, clarify folds of concrete reality Faith, certainty, and optimism for once, he kept in firm Been optimised never dislocate well for others, stood desperate! For he compelled in absolute depth. Having a lot of

shoulders ….but all cold! More to the unfaithfulness of love and indifferent inhere situations… Not so bold! Found himself least confidential, for all ill-fortunes, thence… Embroiled himself as responsible, in overall life’s inference… But these are all earned, end-up one day, un-eternal In abundance of skies and earths now evident of all… His royalty of life, for deep in many hearts, He is living! And loyalty of his nature now hidden but prevail… everlasting! Goodness and memories of his morality nobody would cease… May his soul always rest in definite peace…

Ameen, Maria Zia

Lib Dems Slowly Walking Away

Ex Liberal Democrat Cllr Ben Curran (Walkley Ward) who recently defected to the Labour party has been reported to the police after it became known he had downloaded personal information of Nick Clegg 2 days before he resigned from the Lib Dem party. Ben Curran had this to say in his resignation letter, “I struggled with the coalition government from the moment it was formed. Despite my unease, I feel I gave it a chance. As time has gone on the government has announced more savage cuts to the welfare system, a reduction in police numbers and has launched

attacks on the NHS we all depend on. These are not the things that I campaigned for in the last election and do not fit with my person values nor the values I stood for election on. Equally, these values do not match the expectations my constituents had at the time of the election.” On his departure, Leader of Sheffield City Council Paul Scriven of the LibDems said he was surprised at Mr Currans sudden decision on the eve of the Lib Dem Party Conference. He added he had no idea that Mr Curran felt so much unease within the party as he was only elected a council

member back in May.5 days after Cllr Currans resignation and defection to Labour, Paul Scriven took the step of handing the matter of downloaded personal data to the police. He also urged the Labour group to rethink Mr Currans situation. "Today I have written to the Leader of the Labour Group to ask that Cllr Ben Curran is suspended from their group until the conclusion of the police investigation. In view of the circumstances I think this is the very least Labour should do to indicate they understand the seriousness of the situation."

Rent Increases Postponed For Rotherham Market Traders.

Potential rent increases for Rotherham's market traders are to be deferred. Rotherham Borough Council has confirmed that following consultations with the traders at the town’s Centenary Market it has agreed to defer any increases in rent until next year. The decision was made following a recent meeting with market trader representatives who reported that the Centenary Market, with its indoor and outdoor sections, continues to attract shoppers despite the economic difficulties. However, the authority agreed that any increased charges could have a detrimental effect on some traders. It has therefore been agreed to delay any rent review until the end of the current 2010/11 financial year. The Indoor and Outdoor

Markets currently provide stalls for more than 260 independent traders and attract in excess of 85,000 visitors each week. Coun. Richard Russell, Rotherham Borough Council's Cabinet Member for Town Centres, said the authority was very keen to support local market traders and will work together with them to help guarantee the future success of the markets complex. He added: "Although our Centenary Market continues to attract a loyal core of shoppers, the current retail environment is still tough and any increased charges at this time could have a negative impact on those traders who are suffering hardship during the current economic climate. "We are aware that the market’s

fees and charges relating to the Centenary Market complex are subject to VAT and as such will rise by 2.5 per cent when the new rate comes into effect from January 4." Market Trader Representative Mike Smithson from ‘Mikes Famous Bookstall’, said: "The Council decision to defer any rent increases until 2011 will certainly be welcomed by all the traders at Rotherham Markets. Retailing in the current economic climate is not easy, but it is reassuring to know that the Council recognises this and is prepared to work with the traders to help keep a thriving Rotherham Markets complex."

Paul Blomfield has welcomed Ed Miliband’s election as the new Labour Party leader. He announced his support for Ed Miliband in May, and was one of the first MPs in the Labour Party to nominate Ed Miliband at the start of the contest. Paul Blomfield MP said: “Ed Miliband is the right choice for Labour leader. I backed him for Leader from the beginning because he has the right vision and

values for Labour. As our new leader Ed will build on Labour’s achievements, learn the lessons of what we got wrong in government and tackle the deeply damaging policies of this government. I am confident that Ed can inspire people and win the support we need to take Labour back to power.” South Yorkshire now has two leaders in Government. Both Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband represent

our local constituencies. But talk of Nick Clegg leaving Sheffield behind is quickly spreading. Cuts have already been planned for Sheffield in a time when people are still suffering from the effects of the recession and credit crunch. We will just have to see how this new government favors us, or will this government be ousted in the next general election and leave all its reforms in mid air?

Paul Blomfield Welcomes Ed Miliband As New Labour Leader




South Yorkshire

Anti-Social Behaviour In Spring 2010, HMIC carried out a review of anti-social behaviour (ASB) in England and Wales. This included a survey in which ASB victims were asked about their experiences and what happened when they called the police. HMIC also inspected the quality of the processes that forces use to tackle and respond to the problem. Working with the Universities Police Science Institute at Cardiff University, we then used these results to identify how the police can best tackle ASB. What works? Forces have the best chance of providing victims with a good service if they do three key

things: 1. Brief all relevant officers and staff (including neighbourhood policing teams, officers who respond to emergencies and CID officers) regularly and thoroughly about local ASB issues; 2. Regularly gather and analyse data and information about ASB places, offenders and victims in their area, and use this information to allocate resources to tackle the problems; and 3. Provide their neighbourhood policing teams with the right tools and resources to tackle ASB, and then monitor the plans the teams put in place to resolve local ASB issues.

“South Yorkshire Police take antisocial behaviour [ASB] very seriously and we work very hard with all our partners to reduce the number of incidents in the county. For example, we’ve set up the 101 number with Sheffield City Council where people in Sheffield can report incidents of ASB and non-emergency issues and receive a multi-agency response. “We’ve also been effective in tackling certain crimes that are linked to ASB, including a 20 per cent reduction in criminal damage incidents between April and July 2010 (compared to the same period in 2009). “As with all HMIC reports we

Sheffield Labour Group have slammed proposals for elected Police Commissioners, labeling the reforms as "reorganization for reorganization’s sake." In a response to a Home Office consultation exercise, which considers proposed changes to policing, Labour criticized proposals to create a Directly Elected Police Commissioner, which will see an expensive reorganization at the same time that police authorities are facing budget cuts. Labour

also praised the developments in community policing in recent years and have raised concerns that these proposals could put the role of such community organizations in jeopardy. Labour Representative to the South Yorkshire Police Authority, Councillor Ibrar Hussain, said: “We do not believe that introducing directly elected police commissioners meets the challenges facing policing at present, in fact it will be a backward step.

This is a reorganization for reorganization’s sake and it will waste valuable resources at a time when budget cuts are putting front line police officers at risk. Community policing has been strengthened a lot in recent years and this has produced great improvements in the service. I am worried that placing power in the hands of one individual may lead to power being taken away from community policing.”

Drivers would be pursued in their own country for crimes committed abroad. Traffic police heads across Europe are urging the EU to adopt new rules so drivers can be punished for offences they commit abroad. The European Traffic Police Network (Tispol) says at least 400 lives could be saved each year if people knew they would still be punished for offences. They say such a system would be both fairer and safer. Belgium, which currently holds the EU presidency, says reaching agreement on the issue is one of its top priorities. EU figures suggest that foreign drivers account for around 5% of traffic, but around 15% of speeding offences. Most go unpunished, with countries often unable to pursue drivers once they return home. Tispol officers are urging the EU to make possible cross-border policing of traffic offences.

Ad Hellemons, Tispols's director, denied that it would be a complicated process. "It just needs an agreement between the countries of the EU that they will all follow a certain procedure and that they will accept each other's enforcement activities," he said. "In the end it's directly about

a system would be fairer - with foreign drivers no longer able to escape the punishments given to domestic drivers - and safer, with greater enforcement acting as a deterrent. It is likely that a driver's home authorities would pursue them on behalf of the foreign country. And it would be

will take on any recommendations that they do have to help us continue to improve on these reductions and our service to the public.” Between January and August 2010, SYP saw the following reductions in reported incidents of ASB, in comparison to the same period the previous year: Doncaster: 10.4% reduction Barnsley: 7.8% reduction Rotherham 8.9% reduction Sheffield 11.7%reduction ...that’s 9,477 fewer incidents across the whole of the country

Labour Respond To licing Consultation

EU urged to adopt foreid river prosecution system

human lives and people being injured and that should be, let's say, the number one priority that stands up front - and all the technical, legal stuff is, in fact, secondary." Tispol argues that such

up to drivers to m ake sure they know the rules of the country they are visiting - drink-drive laws in particular can vary widely.

Students say £10,000 tuition fee would be 'unviably' expensive University students are waiting to find about increased student charges and funding cuts Students are calling on the government to rule out suggestions that tuition fees in England will be increased to £10,000 per year. The National Union of Students says such an increase would make degrees "unviably" expensive. Reports have claimed Lord Browne's review will recommend an increase in fees, plus a levy on higher earners. A government spokeswoman said it would be premature to comment before the review had been published. Next month Lord Browne

will deliver his recommendations on funding higher education in England - including how much students will be expected to pay. At present, tuition fees are £3,290 per year - but a report in the Sunday Times claimed that Lord Browne was considering raising fees to £7,000 per year, with the option of a further £3,000, if universities would underwrite the risk of loans for fees at this level. There is also the suggestion that high-earning graduates would pay an extra premium. If teaching budgets are substantially cut in the public spending review, then a fee of £7,000

per year could leave universities at the same level of income for some courses, even though students will be paying twice as much as before. "You need to look at the overall package of funding," he says. There could be "quite dramatic" increases in student contributions without much financial advantage to universities, he says. The political balance on fees has also changed with the election of Ed Miliband as the Labour party leader. Mr Miliband has campaigned to scrap tuition fees and to replace them with a graduate tax.

Black cab driver banned for driving wrong way on M6

This is the shocking moment a taxi driver was captured on camera driving the wrong way up a motorway. Cars were forced to swerve out of the way as Robert Thompson, 59, drove for three miles down the fast lane of the M6. Police were alerted by CCTV on the M6 Toll road near Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands

and raced to the scene in a bid to prevent a fatal collision. A court in Cannock, Staffordshire, heard it was a ‘miracle’ no one was hurt as Thompson headed north on the southbound side between junctions four and three. Thompson’s solicitor told magistrates that his client had only recently taken up a career as a taxi


driver. ‘He took a wrong turning. This was made because he was inexperienced,’ he said. ‘Luckily his passengers had just been dropped off.’ Thompson, of Nuneaton, admitted dangerous driving. He was banned from driving for 18 months, given a 12-month supervision order, and ordered to pay £85 costs.

South Yorkshire

W h y K i n d n e s s I s G o o d F o r Yo u From Mother Teresa to Bill gates, we’ve always admired those who are kind and giving. Now we’re discovering that kindness will not only make you happier, it might just help you live longer. So many things that make life rough around the edges, an indiscriminate dent in your car, a door slammed in your face, are due to lack of consideration. Imagine, for a minute, a world where everyone is just a little kinder. When you’re trying to merge in traffic, someone lets you in. At the supermarket, you allow a person in a hurry to go ahead of you. A new theory called ‘survival of the nicest’ says that because of kindness, the human race prospered as a species. In ancient societies, kindness was a key component of the survival of communities. Groups with many altruists tend to survive. In other words, we have an in-built capacity to help others, especially those close to us, to ensure the survival of our community. Give And Receive Research shows kindness can also make us happier. It makes no difference to your happiness if you help a loved one or a stranger, but it may have different results. A small, anonymous act might make you feel like a good person. But a big kind act to an acquaintance may have social consequences:

you might make a new friend or be generously thanked. So paying for a stranger’s coffee may give you a temporary buzz, but helping an elderly neighbour to shop may help you forge a better relationship. Kindness is good for you in other ways. Being kind is good for your health. A study found that those who regularly helped others had better mental health and lower rates of depression. Other studies found helpful people were less likely to fall ill from chronic diseases, and tended to have better immune systems. A strong correlation exists between the wellbeing, happiness and health of people who are kind. Kindness can help regulate emotions, which has a positive impact on our health. If our in-built ‘fight or flight’ response becomes overactive due to stress, it affects our cardiovascular system and weakens the body’s immunity. It’s difficult to be angry, resentful, or fearful when one is showing unselfish love towards another person. It Can Be Tough Kindness may be a virtue, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. There’s some level of cynicism towards kindness. The label ‘do-gooder’ isn’t a compliment. We all like the idea of being kind, but at the same time, don’t nice guys always finish last? Acting from the goodness

of your heart goes directly against the ‘survival of the fittest’ theory of evolution, which says that humans are driven to compete for existence quite selfishly. Back in 1968, researchers discovered a phenomenon known as the ‘bystander effect’: When someone needs help in a public place, they are less likely to receive help if there are more people around. Researchers believe that the effect arises because everyone takes their cue from the crowd and assumes someone else will take responsibility. In big cities, people may also feel unsafe interacting with strangers. Feel-good Factor But none of the above explains why we are kind when we choose to be. Sana Murad made one of the greatest sacrifices possible for someone she loved; she donated a kidney to her 57-year-old father. “It was one of the easiest things I’ve ever had to decide,” says she. It was a profound act of kindness, but one she feels she could do only for a loved one. “I don’t know why, but I don’t think I could have just randomly given a kidney away - I would probably only consider it for a family member,” she says. “At the same time, giving my dad my kidney did help someone else, because dad’s no longer on the organ donor wait-

ing list, so someone can take his place.” Sana’s father may be able to thank his genes twice over for his daughter’s kindness. A 2005 study found a link between kindness and a gene that releases dopamine, a feel good neurotransmitter in the brain. A research found that helpers reported a distinct physical sensation when being kind. Many reported feeling more energetic, warm, calmer and greater self-worth, a phenomenon he calls the ‘helper’s high. Some scientists say that because we’re altruistic only for the good of the group and to get a dopamine rush, it means kindness is actually, well, selfish. Probably most altruism is self-interest at some level. Giving Freely Kindness has another similarity with happiness - it can’t be bought. Economists often make the mistake of assuming people are inherently selfish and that we will only do something good for a financial reward or to avoid a fine. A report based on research at six childcare centres that started inflicting fines on parents who were late picking up their children showed otherwise. After the fines were introduced, parents were twice as likely to be late. A similar study also found women were actually less likely to donate blood if they were paid.

We resent the idea that our principles can be bought: we prefer to do good deeds for their own sake. People enjoy being kind to others much as they enjoy eating icecream. It gives us pleasure. Little Seeds of Love One synonym for the word kindness is the term humanity. Kindness is essentially a recognition of the fact that we’re all human, an acknowledgement that we’re all in this together. Most of what makes life worth living depends on at least some of us being altruistic some of the time. We cannot address problems like global climate change, the spread of disease and political violence by appealing only to selfish motives. The good news is that it’s easy to train ourselves to the kinder. People should simply do more acts of kindness than they usually do, and do them on a regular basis, like five sets of kindness every Monday. Kindness, then, is just a matter of choice, an attitude you carry with you that you can make a difference, however small, in someone else’s life. Kindness has to begin within ourselves. Sometimes we keep people out to keep ourselves safe, but that also isolates us from the rest of the world. Every major religion has love as a universal principle. Kindness takes love to a gentler and more accessible level that most people feel comfortable with. Showing a little bit of kindness to people recognises that everyone around you is just like yourself.


DISCLAIMER ILM (The Knowledge) Newspaer does not represent any political, religious or any other group. It is purely for providing general information and entertainment to its reader.

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Franchising And Commercial Property Demand Over the past year or so there has been a trend developing in Sheffield in particular amongst our community which has followed other big cities such as Leeds, Birmingham, Bradford and London to mention but a few where franchising has become a way of developing a business with an already established name. A lot of potential entrepreneurs have joined this bandwagon. If you walk along London Road, you will see a whole range of new businesses, which have established with recognisable names. Once you have decided to open a franchised business and secured a franchise you will need to find suitable properties to work from. This is where you will need the help of a commercial agent. They will help you find a suitable property and negotiate a lease for you. What do you look for in finding a suitable property:¬ 1. Location – this is the most important criteria and will dictate whether your business is successful or not. 2. Other occupiers – these are likely to be your neighbouring businesses, this is important because they will create what is known as “footfall” or customers. 3. Competition – this is not always a bad thing because it attracts customers who are then faced with choice which is good, and it creates a venue for people to visit rather like Wilmslow Road in Manchester, Bradford, Southall and Leicester to mention a few. It becomes a tourist attraction like the “Curry Mile” in Birmingham, so competition is really good! And should be embraced. 4. Lease Terms/Rent -it is a good

by Mohammed Mahroof

idea to employ a chartered surveyor to negotiate this for you and then a solicitor to draw up the lease. This is money which will be wisely spent. These are just a few points to bear in mind when looking for a property but in the economic times we are currently experiencing many people will decide to set up small businesses. I have seen a significant increase in demand for retail/commercial space along London Road, Abbeydale Road and Ecclesall Road in Sheffield, these locations are bucking the trend of the recessionary market, in some cases I believe demand will eventually outstrip supply because there are very few opportunities to build new retail premises on these roads, therefore the existing stock will potentially increase in value. London Road and in particular Ecclesall Road are seeing a lot of activity at present. Other potential locations which are showing signs of demand are Firth Park Road, Barnsley Road and Owler Lane and Sharrow Vale Road. I feel this is a time of change and bold entrepreneurship, and there are lots of enterprising people in the community, and many new businesses will set up in the next few years. This article is only my opinion and for guidance, you should take professional advice. If you want to contact me I will be more than happy to advise on any property issues you may have. Mohammed Mahroof Mark Jenkinson and Son Tel: 0114 276 0151 Mobile: 07879 015095


South Yorkshire


South Yorkshire

Bollywood Superstar Aamir Khan hopes for third time Oscars MON: Sabrang (7pm-9pm) (Jawaid Qazi ) ........................................ TUES: Punjabi Versa (7pm-9pm) (Saberjeet ) ........................................ WED: App Ki Awaz (7pm-9pm) (Sajjad Ahmed ) ........................................ THURS: Ghazal Shub (9pm-11pm) (Jawaid Ahmed ) ........................................ FRI: Aaj Ki Shaam (7pm-9pm) (Jawed Akhtar ) ........................................

By -AFP -In a picture taken on August 15, 2010 Indian farmers burn a poster of Bollywood actor-producerdirector Aamir Khan in Yavatmal district of the western Indian state of Maharashtra. A satirical Bollywood film on the divide between urban and rural India has led to pro-

tests from farmers, with calls for it to be banned and even threats of a hunger strike from a movie censor. Activists claimed that Aamir Khan’s “Peepli Live” trivialises the real-life issues facing India’s impoverished farmers. Aamir Khan hopes for third time lucky at 2011 Oscars

Paul Blomfield MP:

Reject calls to increase tuition fees Paul Blomfield MP recently gave a press release saying support for a graduate tax to reform higher education funding is building. Mr Blomfield called on the Government to introduce the new university funding policy and reject calls to increase tuition fees. Mr Blomfield made his comments as he hosted a meeting in Westminster with Million

Plus, the highly respected university think-tank, and Labour MPs to discuss higher education funding. Million Plus announced their support for a graduate tax yesterday. They join the National Union of Students in supporting a graduate tax, along with Labour leadership candidates Ed Miliband and Ed Balls. Source;Paul Blomfield MP

How Do You Want To Spend Money In Your Community? Many of the city’s Community Assemblies are issuing a call for local people to get involved in deciding how money is spent in their area. Community groups and organisations have been applying for ‘You Choose’ funding and now it’s time for local people to come along to meetings throughout the city and vote for the projects they would like to see get funding to make a positive difference in their local area. Woodseats and Gleadless Valley Neighbourhood Watch group was awarded a previous ‘You Choose’ grant to spend on 100 signs throughout the area. Councillor Paul Scriven, Leader of Sheffield City Council, said: “The ‘You


Choose’ events are a key part of our drive to move power out of the Town Hall and into local communities. So rather than Town Hall officials deciding what local projects should be funded, it’s the real experts on what is best for local neighbourhoods who get to choose - the local residents themselves.” “You have the chance to decide how money is spent in your local area. We are asking people to get involved, come along to the meetings and vote for the projects they would like to see funded in their communities. We look forward to seeing as many residents as possible at these meetings.” Source;Sheffield City Council

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Nato’s Stance

After initially defending the recent aerial attacks inside Pakistan, Nato appeared to change its stance on Monday evening. More than 50 people have been killed

in the three recent air strikes. The Isaf spokesman had earlier invoked the right of self-defence but after Pakistan cont....Page 11

Izzy Ready For His Next Fight In Jersey Israr asif (izzy) will be back in ring for his third professional boxing fight. The crusierweight

will be flying off to Channel Island off Jersey to be in action for the 9th of October 2010 showdown. Israr will be boxing Carl Wilson. This show will also be watched by one off boxing all time great Roy Jones Junior, who is making a guest apperance at the show. "Training has gone fantactic. There was a bit of rest in training during the Holy month of Ramadhan, but after ramadhan I have been sparring regularly and doing pleanty off road work to peak my fitness and I feel I am in good shape and fully confident that I will win the fight which will give me further confidence for my next fight in November in Sheffield said Izzy�.

PCB Chairman Apologises

Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt has withdrawn his statements linking England's team with deliberately losing a One-Day International earlier this month. Butt had said he had heard from bookmakers that Eng-


land's players were paid to throw the third match of the One-Day Series against Pakistan on September 17. The England team had threatened Butt with legal action unless he apologised for making the accusations.

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October 2010  

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October 2010  

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