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POLITICAL CULTURE Sheffield has always produced strong MPs. David Blunkett, Meg Munn,Richard Caborn and now Nick Clegg. Showing that Sheffield has always had an active presence in politics and always will.Our region has always


been dominated with politics since trade unions have always been a big part of peoples lives. Now industry has changed from manufacturing to the service sector but the city is still a forrunner in producing distinguished MPs

Nick Clegg, ex MP for Sheffield Hallam has had a sudden forward sprint in the election polls. The political establishement in Britain is in uproar and the

Americans are suddenly noticing that they might have a slight problem on their hands. Why?. Because of his strong antiwar stance.

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(January 5, 1928–April 4, 1979) Bhutto-ism lives on. A hero of Pakistani politics who served as the fourth president of Pakistan (1971 to 1973) and ninth prime minister of Pakistan (1973 to 1977). This month commemorates the death of one of Pakistan’s most popular leaders. 31 years have commenced since his fate was sealed and he was executed aged 51 despite international protest. Cont p5 No 4




Colombo, April 20, 2010: Exclusive to ILM Newspaper, After a magical decade IIFA Awards in the exotic Emerald Island of Sri Lanka, this year. The 11th edition of IIFA will be held at the country’s capital, Colombo, from June 3rd – 5th, 2010. Cont p5 No










ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Incidentally it is also the death anniversary of Martin Luther King, the American black civil rights leader who was assassinated on 4 April 1968. Shaheed bhutto was the son of a rich and influential family. Bhutto was well educated in India, graduating from American and English universities, becoming a lawyer but always taking an interest in socialism and reform. As a young 17 year old visionary Bhutto wrote a letter to Quaid-e-Azam Jinnah in April 1945. He wrote: “You, Sir, have brought us on one platform, under one flag, and the cry of every Muslim should be onward to Pakistan. Our destiny is Pakistan. Our aim is Pakistan. Nobody can stop us. We are a nation by ourselves and India is a subcontinent. You have inspired us and we are proud of you. Being still in school, I am unable to help the establishment of our sacred land. But the time will come when I will even sacrifice my life for Pakistan.” And true to his word, he sacrificed his life for Pakistan exactly thirty-four years later in April 1979. The Bhutto family were a prominent political family and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto became involved in politics in 1958 when he was made the youngest cabinet minister in charge of


the energy ministry, by President Ayub Khan. Best known for founding the Pakistan peoples party (PPP) in 1967 which is still today one of the largest and most influential political parties in Pakistan. The PPP was declared after Bhutto made a legendary speech in 1966, “Islam is our

faith, democracy is our policy, socialism is our economy. All power to the people.” The PPP was established in Lahore, Bhutto and his party members gained a strong base of political support in Punjab, Sindh and amongst the Muhajir communities. Bhutto’s party became a part of the pro-democracy movement involving diverse political parties from all across Pakistan. Bhutto was hailed for being a nationalist, he gave Pakistan its third constitution,


raf who was ruling Pakistan as a military dictator stated that Imran Khan was his preferred Prime Ministerial candidate. General Ihtishaam Zameer affirmed the fact that Imran Khan was Musharraf’s favourite choice for the role of the Prime Minister. Also General Zamir of ISI, who was controlling the election process at the time confirmed that Imran Khan did not ask Gen (retd) Musharraf for any seats or help of any kind whatsoever. PTI rebuke’s Gen (retd) Musharraf for making fallacious allegations and we demand that he returns to Pakistan to face charges against the atrocities that he committed during his tenor - the after effects of which are still being suffered by the nation today.



Today, many people across the world are still denied the right to vote. Voting gives us a say on important issues that affect us, everything from roads and recycling in your area, to education and climate change.


Gen Musharraf rebuked for his false statement

This statement made by Gen (retd) Musharraf is false and baseless.The only reason we believe that this statement was made at this particular moment in time is to attract media attention and gain publicity as the ex-dictator has launched a political party in hope that the people of Pakistan will welcome him with open arms. The people of Pakistan are demanding his trial for all the crimes that he committed during his dictatorship including the Lal Masjid massacre, selling Paksitani citizens to the Americans(missing people), launching a war in Waziristan under American pressure, brokering NRO to stay in power, dismissing the Judiciary and many others. In August 2004 Gen Mushar-


oversaw Pakistan’s nuclear programme, held peace talks with neighbour India and was more of an internationalist with a secular image. As president in 1971, Bhutto addressed the nation via radio and television, saying “My dear countrymen, my dear friends, my dear students, labourers, peasants… those who fought for Pakistan… We are facing the worst crisis in our country’s life, a deadly crisis. We have to pick up the pieces, very small pieces, but we will make a new Pakistan, a prosperous and progressive Pakistan.” It is for these motivational speeches which gained him respect in the nation, and pushed forward the pro-democracy movement. Shaheed Bhutto was known as an autocratic leader but was respected internationally. As with most politicians Bhutto was not free from controversy but today he still remains the most popular leader of the country. President Asif Ali Zardari gave this message on the 31st death anniversary of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. “The Quaidi-Awam Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto awakened the people and led the collective national effort to give the country a unanimous Constitution that was federal, democratic and Parliamentary in character to keep the nation united.”

Traditionally the UK has had a number of safe seats but unusually, all the votes in this election are going to count. Uncertainty looms even for the safest seats. If there is a hung parliament the post-election mathematics will not simply be


a question of jumbling together a parliamentary majority it will also be a matter of putting together an arrangement that can plausibly be said to reflect the general will. In other words, the share of the vote will no doubt matter enormously.



Once again the fight was a sell out, local supporter were behind Israr to cheer him in his second professional bout for which he trained hard for 5 week for the fight, just a week before the fight Israr learnt that his actual opponent has pulled out and he has been fixed with the heavyweight from Pudsey.Sheffield's well supported Israr Asif gave away four stones to Pudsey heavyweight Lee Mountford, Izzy started off the fight with confidence utilising speed and

technique. He injured his right hand during the third round but still emerged a 60-54 six round winner having bossed the contest from the outset. Whilst Israr never looked overly troubled, he was quick on his feet and never allowed outsider to corner him and throw any heavy punches, Montford seldom hit back with anything troublesome and as such never looked like denying Israr his second straight victory.



Sri Lanka, famous for its 1,600 km of unspoilt beaches is a paradise island with an incredible history and a popular tourist destination. Speaking of the IIFA Weekend and Awards moving into its second glorious decade, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, IIFA Brand Ambassador said, “On behalf of IIFA, we are very happy to bring the IIFA experience to our hospitable neighbour, Sri Lanka. As a member of the film industry, I look forward to another luminous decad., Having taken the Weekend and Awards to various beau locales world over, from London to Amsterdam, Dubai to Johannesburg, IIFA has created lasting experiences in these countries, opening new markets for Indian Cinema and its cinematic culture. Conceptualized and produced by Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and supported by the key members of the Indian film fraternity, IIFA is the most respected South Asian film academy. Also, the IIFA Awards are India's biggest media event. With a viewership of almost 600 million, the IIFAs are among the world's mostwatched annual entertainment events.By M T Hussain.



Power of Attorney 1. What is a Power of Attorney used for? A Power of Attorney is a document which gives someone authority to act on your behalf. For example signing sale agreements, legal documents and dealing with civil proceedings etc. The Statutory General Power of Attorney (GPA) gives the Attorney very broad powers over an individual’s property and finances. 2. What is the difference between a Lasting Power of Attorney and a General Power of Attorney? A General Power of Attorney (GPA) is a relatively straightforward authorization for wide-ranging use or for specific periods or events. The need to create a GPA might arise, for example, if you go abroad and need to entrust the

management of business interests to your spouse. A General Power of Attorney can only be used to manage or deal with your financial affairs. Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) are more complicated to create and administer than GPAs because they permit the Attorney to make decisions that you are incapable of making. They require particular procedures and formalities to be followed. A GPA is automatically revoked if you become mentally incapable. 3. Can I charge for the work I’ve done as an Attorney? Unless it has been agreed with the Donor, the Attorney isn’t entitled to charge for his/her services, although s/he would be entitled to reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses 4. I am selling my land in Pakistan to my brother, can I appoint him as my attorney? No, please note you cannot appoint the same person if he is the buyer or tenant, so you will need to appoint a third person to act as your Attorney on your behalf. 5. How long does a General Power of Attorney last for? If you (the ‘Donor’) become incapable of

making the decisions conferred by the GPA, it is automatically annulled. Otherwise, a GPA remains valid until it is revoked. GPAs can be revoked orally, but to avoid any misunderstandings, it is wise to write ‘cancelled’ on the original Power of Attorney form or simply to tear it up. The General Power of Attorney would also be revoked by the death or bankruptcy of either you or the Attorney. If this has been revoked then the Attorney should be notified with the deed of Revocation. If the GPA has been sent to another country (Pakistan, India or Bangladesh); then the relevant District and registration authority (the registrar) must also be notified with the deed of Revocation. The Attorneys and Deeds of Revocation must be countersigned by the Solicitors and the relevant High Commissions in the UK. 6. What are the restrictions of a General Power of Attorney? Once a General Power of Attorney has been granted, the Attorney has the authority to take decisions and actions on your (the Donor’s) behalf regarding your property and affairs, as if you were taking them yourself, except that the Attorney cannot make gifts. Unlike a Lasting Power of Attorney

(LPA), there is no provision for limiting the scope of the Attorney’s powers in a GPA; but otherwise the extent and scope of the two are the same. A GPA is very wide-ranging and gives an Attorney a great deal of power (it’s possible to give a limited Power of Attorney, but further information should be obtained from a solicitor). In effect, an Attorney can do anything s/he thinks fit in relation to your property and affairs. However, the GPA does not cover the functions which relate to certain special personal responsibilities belonging to you. For example, an Attorney cannot normally perform in your role as a trustee or as a personal representative (i.e. administrator) of another person’s estate. An Attorney cannot sign your Last Will & Testament on your behalf, take action concerning your marriage or delegate your Power of Attorney. It is important to bear in mind that you remain liable for the actions of the Attorney. Clearly, the extent of the GPA is such that it should only be given to somebody you trust implicitly.

Shaykh Rehan Ahmad Raza Qadri is a student of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri and has studied at the MinhajulQuran International University for three years and at Damascus

for four years under some of the great Scholars of Syria. The live Mehfil will be broadcasted on

Disclaimer: Please seek legal advice from your solicitors before you proceed on any legal matter as this has been published for information only basis.

Mustafa Raza Qadri LIVE On Saturday 22nd May at 7pm till 9pm we will be having Mehfile-Naat with Mohammad Milad Mustafa Raza Qadri LIVE from Glasgow. MMMRQ will be reciting Nasheeds from his upcom-


ing Album and viewers can also request any Nasheed. Also, there will be a talk on the importance of Knowledge by Shaykh Rehan Ahmad Raza Qadri (Brother of MMMRQ).



SHEFFIELD ENTERPRIS E AGENCY Sheffield Enterprise Agency (formerly SENTA) is part of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and provides fully integrated support to new business start-ups and businesses up to three years old. The agency, under various guises, has now been providing its services to Sheffield’s entrepreneurs for a successful 25 years. The agency encourages new entrepreneurs in Sheffield to develop their ideas and skills, creating business growth, regeneration and new employment opportunities within the local economy. It is one of the largest enterprise agencies in Yorkshire and The Humber and also offers free practical advice to new business start ups and more established businesses, including help with business plans, cash

flow management, marketing and legal advice. Sheffield Enterprise Agency has been delivering the existing Business Support provision for Sheffield City Council’s Solutions for Business programme (formerly BiG: Make it Your Business), since the programme’s launch in 2007. As part of the programme, Sheffield Enterprise Agency works alongside a team of dedicated Neighbourhood Enterprise Coaches who operate across the city. The programme is supported financially by the European Union. The programme has attracted £4.6 million investment from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of Europe’s support for the region’s economic development

by Amar Saleem

through the Yorkshire and Humber ERDF Programme. Sheffield Enterprise Agency also delivers many successful events and workshops to help fledgling businesses find their way in the world of commerce. These include events like The BigSmall Event, where star speakers Claire Young from The Apprentice and Doug Richard from Dragon’s Den told more than 300 guest of their own entrepreneurial experiences. For more information on Sheffield Enterprise Agency phone 0114 281 4621.


FRUITS OF NATURE Get the most out of what nature has to courtesy of the fruit/vegetable and its corresponding body organ. A sliced Carrot looks like the human eye. The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human eye… And YES, science now shows carrots greatly enhance blood flow to and function of the eyes. A Tomato has four chambers and is red. The heart has four chambers and is red. Test research shows tomatoes are loaded with lycopene and are indeed pure heart and blood food. Grapes hang in a cluster that has the shape of the heart. Each grape looks like a blood cell and research today shows grapes are also profound heart and blood vitalizing food. Grapes helps to prevent the accumulation of harmful cholesterol. A Walnut looks like a little brain, a left and right hemisphere, upper cerebrums and lower cerebellums. Even the wrinkles or folds on the nut are just like the neo-cortex. Walnuts help devel

op neuron-transmitters for brain function as they have a high concentration of omega-3 fats. Kidney Beans actually heal and help maintain kidney function and yes, they look exactly like the human kidneys. When you get your protein from kidney beans, you also get the blood sugar stabilizing and heart health benefits of soluble fibre. Boosting iron stores with kidney beans is a good idea Celery, Bok Choy, Rhubarb and many more look just like bones. These foods specifically target bone strength. If you don’t have enough sodium in your diet, the body pulls it from the bones, thus making them weak. These foods replenish the skeletal needs of the body. Celery is rich in vitamin K and high in calcium which are both essential in making bone proteins Avocadoes, Eggplant and Pears target the health and function of the womb and cervix of the female - they look just like these organs. Today’s research shows that when a woman eats one avocado a week, it balances


hormones, sheds unwanted birth weight, and prevents cervical cancers. It takes around nine months to grow an avocado from blossom to ripened fruit. There are over 14,000 photolytic chemical constituents of nutrition in each one of these foods (modern science has only studied and named about 141 of them). Figs are full of seeds and hang in twos when they grow. Figs increase the mobility of male sperm and increase the numbers of Sperm as well to overcome male sterility. Sweet Potatoes look like the pancreas and actually balance the glycemic index of diabetics. Olives assist the health and function of the ovaries Onions look like the body’s cells. Today’s research shows onions help clear waste materials from all of the body cells. They even produce tears which wash the epithelial layers of the eyes… A working companion, Garlic, also helps eliminate waste materials and dangerous free radicals from the body.



MEDICAL CORNER Treatment of Diabetes Nutrition Therapy

Once diabetes is confirmed by blood test its management involves a multidisciplinary approach. Treatment of type 2 diabetes depends on the severity of diabetes and can go through different stages. I will discuss about dietary management and next month I can go through further treatment options. Nutrition therapy – this is very important part of treatment and its main aims are to reduce weight and optimise glucose control. It is interesting to realise that in many Asian

Dr Mazhar Ul Haq cultures being ‘big’ is a sign of ary foodsc. good health and more than 90% Use artificial of these healthy people are in fact sweeteners in overweight or obese. Nutrition or tea, coffee and other beverages dietary therapy would not be suc- d. Cereal, bread, pasta or pocessful until this cultural concept tatoes should be the main part changes significantly. Loosing of mealse. Use grilled meat weight is usually a major problem instead of frying and use less if people remain in denial about cheesef. Fish and pulses should their actual calories intake. Initial be used moreg. Use fresh fruits and vegetables however avoid dietary advice is as in the box. a. Use water or low calorie, car- fruit juices h. Olive oil and low bonated drinks (like diet coke, calorie fat spreads are healthier fanta zero etc) when feeling than butter i. Minimise salt inthirstyb. Avoid sugar and sug- take especially in high blood


pressureThere is evidence that many obese individuals underestimate their daily calorie consumption and this could be due to not counting their snacks or simply ignoring ‘portion size’ of their main meals. We have excellent services in UK to see dietician and many other sources are available for dietary advice and we should use these seriously to tackle issues of diabetes and obesity. There is a lot of evidence

to suggest that losing weight can even ‘cure’ or delay diabetes and this works for all races and genders. One particular issue amongst Asians from South East Asia e.g. India and Pakistan is that their foods are mostly fried and many dishes have high content of fat which include paratha, karahi and many sweet dishes. These should be avoided and can be replaced with healthy alternatives. Another practical point would be to

check your BMI (Body Mass Index) and this can be done by your GP or nurse. BMI is graded as below;Normal BMI – 19 - 25 Overweight - 26 – 30Obesity – 31 – 39 Extreme obesity– 40 and overIf diabetes does not control with dietary/nutrition therapy then further treatment can be added. Main principle in dieting is ‘eating to live rather than living to eat’ Please consult your own GP for any medical advice.


Fantastic News for Kids

Attatched ICE cream palour with AZAD buffet bar, 10 different flovours to choose from




P a r t n e r s a n d C o m m u n i t i e s To g e t h e r Inspector Tony Dobson leads the Darnall and Tinsley Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) who work closely with all partner agencies including Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Homes and Sheffield Futures to find solutions to issues that have been raised by the local community and affect the quality of life of residents. The SNT consists of six police officers and twelve Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and are based at Attercliffe Police Station. Also based at Attercliffe are uniformed officers who respond to incidents in the area 24 hours a day. A team of detectives is also dedicated to the Darnall and Tinsley area.

PACT meetings also offer you an opportunity to meet members of your local SNT and partner agencies. You will be able to obtain updates on local crime and policing issues, tell us your local neighbourhood priorities and have your say on how they are tackled.

The SNTs hold regular Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings, which everyone is welcome to attend, to enable you to tell us about the local policing issues that matter to you.

Inspector Tony Dobson said: “We are keen for all of the community to attend PACT meetings in their area and tell us what they are concerned about locally. We will then act on this information and update residents at future meetings.”

Our focus will be to realign people’s perceptions of crime with reality and to make people feel safer across the city by tackling antisocial behaviour and crime on a local level. We have made a commitment to neighbourhood policing, but to be successful we need your assistance.

( P A C T ) Pa r t n e r s a n d C o m m u n i t i e s To g e t h e r m e e t i n g s

Darnall PACT

Children’s Centre, 563 Staniforth Road, Sheffield S9 4RA at 18.00 on Thursdays:27 May, 24 Jun, 22 July, 24 Aug, 24 Sept, 22 Oct and 26 Nov

Greenlands PACT Greenland Court Community Centre, Darnall, Sheffield S9 5GD at 18.00 on Thursdays:20 May, 17 Jun, 15 July, 20 Aug, 17 Sept, 15 Oct, 19 Nov and 17 Dec

Tinsley PACT

Tinsley Methodist Church, Ingfield Avenue, Tinsley Sheffield, S9 1WZ at 20.30 on Thursdays:27 May, 22 July, 24 Sept, and 26 Nov.

To get in touch with the team, you can contact us on 0114 252 3995 or e-mail : sheffield_east_darnall&






Peer into Rotherham’s fascinating past Rotherham Archives holds more than 500 years of the town’s history in its vaults, all of it ready to be explored by the eager historians of the borough.May is Local History Month and to celebrate the fact Rotherham Archives and Local Studies Service is running a free research skills workshop on Thursday, May 20 between 10am and noon at Rotherham Central Library, Walker Place.If you have ever wanted to find out more about an aspect of local history - the story behind your own house, village or town, a local industry, education, life in the workhouse or the experiences of wom

en in the past then the skills workshop is the perfect place to start.There will be the chance to inspect some of the fascinating material held at the Archives.Assistant Archivist Celia Parker said: “People still think of archives as mysterious, dusty places full of old documents which are accessible only to a privileged minority. “Our Archivists are friendly, obliging and knowledgeable and are here to help the members of the public find the answers to their historical questions in any way they can.“It’s true that in order to use historic material you have to be willing to learn some new


skills, such as reading nineteenth century handwriting, but these can be acquired with a little patience and application.“No matter if you’re eight or 88, if you’re a professional historian or interested amateur, join us for this wonderful and eyeopening day of history.” The event is free but, because of limitations of space, places are limited to 12, which must be pre-booked. This can be done by emailing archives@ or phoning 01709 823616, or in person at the Archives Service, Central Library, Walker Square, Rotherham, S60 1JH.



SA NIA & SHOAIB uuuu The marriage between Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik is widely discussed as a unique union bridging the two nations’ bitter sporting and political divide. Or is this just another showbiz marriage, hyped to excesses by the media only to end in a breakup? Such was the excitement over Imran Khans marriage that incompatibilities prevailed and it ended in divorce. The marriage of Sania and Shoaib is already showing its fair share of blunders, with an ex-wife turning up asking for divorce, the constant pressure of being in the public eye, the falling over of Sanias mother, what more?. The news is so hot at the moment that in Pakistan Shoaib and Sania Mirza’s news has taken over Asif Zardari’s political fiasco. In India too, it is stealing headlines on all TV channels and newspapers. Good luck to the couple as they settle into married life. And the impact it may or may not have on the relations between both countries is yet to be seen.




THE MEANING OF THE MONTHS January : Januarius (latin), after Janus, the Roman god who faces two ways and was often represented on doorways. February : Februarius (latin), taken from Februa, a purification rite that took place on Feb 15th. March : Martius (latin), named after Mars, the Roman god of war. April : Aprilis (Latin) “to open” : blossoming flowers. May : Maius (larin), after the goddess Maia or “majores” (‘elders’) and referring to a period when older people were honored. June : Junius (latin), named after the goddess Jno or “iuniores (young people) indicating


a period when youth was celebrated. July : Named after Gaius Julius Caesar. August : Named after Agustus Caesar, the first Roman Emperor. September : Septem (latin), meaning ’seven’ originally the 7th month in the Roman calendar. October : Octo (latin), meaning ‘eight’ originally the 8th month in the Roman calendar. November : Novem (latin), meaning ‘nine’ originally the 9th month in the Roman calendar. December : Decem (latin) meaning ‘ten – originally the 10th month in the Roman calendar.


MORAL & GOOD UPBRINGING FOR KIDS In Western countries, family members tend to be categorized. Some family members fall in the designation “immediate family;” others come under the heading “extended family.” For the families from Pakistan, the closeness of all family members obliterates the need for such categorization. In Pakistan, the closeness of all family members dictates the family in all circumstances. Many children share their home with one or both pairs of grandparents. When a child grows up in such a close-knit family, he or she learns to appreciate all members of any family. Among families from Pakistan, one can find many different types of what has come to be called a “joint family.” As mentioned, a joint family invariably contains one or more

grandparents. Each member of a Pakistani family has respect for the older family members. At the same time, families never fail to look at the children in the family as “gifts from God.” The parents feel responsible for teaching the children in the family the basic beliefs of the family’s chosen religion. In today’s world we all seem to be running after the best education, getting from A to B in the fastest time, keeping up with the Jones’, bigger, better, best. But have we stopped to think about whether family values, respect, manners, etiquettes or moral character still reign. Raising young minds is so much harder now as they are exposed to so much information. Parental obligation in this age is confined to the provision of food,


clothes and fulfilling materialistic needs. For good guidance, we firstly need to be a good role model ourselves. We must think about our own behaviour pattern. Adapt ourselves. Learn to differentiate ourselves as to what part of our culture is simply ritual and what part of our culture holds true value, and embrace that. The first classroom for a child is in the shadow of his/her parents. They then learn from school, the company they keep and many other outside influences…which as we know, is now an endless sea of information. One of the many compliments that elders bestow upon youngsters is – “What a well-brought up boy/girl!” We also hear praises heaped upon a child or youngster in the name of good breeding. On the other hand,

when a child misbehaves, the first people to get blamed are the parents. After all, they are the ones responsible for the behaviour of a child until he/she is old enough to assume individual responsibility. Actually, even after growing up, it is your parents who get blamed for your behaviour, because you cannot build a great house if the foundations are not strong and deep.A well-brought up person is instantly recognized as one. Such a person is usually courteous, calm, confident and willing to help. Often, he/she will also be talented and eager to listen to others. Good upbringing is all about training a child to be a good citizen and an asset to society. To this end, a parent has to think of the ideal citizen and try to encourage the child to become this ideal. We

all expect other people in society to be honest, forthright, incorruptible, hard working, learned, socially conscious, environmentally sensitive, generous, polite, broad-minded, non-violent and tolerant. The only way this is possible if our own children are brought up to be all these things. And the only way our children will submit to this sort of upbringing is when we also aspire to be the ideal. When you bring a child into the world and give him/her your name, you are forever linked to his fate and responsible for his values and his reputation. One golden rule – while teaching a child anything, do not insult him/ her. Children are entitled to their dignity too. You have to give advice and counsel, but most of all,


you have to show a child that it is possible to live with dignity and treat others with respect and kindness. You must teach them the difference between hoarding money and saving up for a rainy day. You can demonstrate that it is much more fun to share joys and toys, by sharing what you treasure. You can train a child to show respect to elders by treating your own elders with the utmost respect. You can help a child realise the value of education by continuing your own learning process, or taking up some course of study. Building up ‘good qualities’ is never easy. But the best, and perhaps the only, way to teach a child anything is to set an example. SHEFFIELD

Rebuild of Baitul Mukarram Jame Masjid

Baitul Mukarram is a Jame Mosque on 360 London Rd which will be going through a rebuilding phase. MothiurRahman has been involved with community for last 20yrs

at various mosques e.g. Elahi mosque Darnall. He is now an executive member of the new project at London Rd Baitul-Mukkaram. The mosque has already raised £60,000

and appealing to raise a further £640,000. Any donation should be made to the Yorkshire Bank Plc, Sort Code: 0508-43 A/C # 37103979 or contact Mohit on 07810444686.

Miracle In Dharbi a village of Chakwal District in Pakistan A miracle took place in chakwal district when at the eve of Eid Milad Nabi(Celebration of Birth of Holy Prophet PBUH). According to the report there appeared the footprint of Holy Prophet(PBUH).Peoples from all over the country are visiting

that place to see the footprints of Holpy Prophet(PBUH). Detail are such type that on the eve of celebration of Holy Prohet(PBUH)'s birth one of the family living in Dharbi a village in district chakwal saw that the luminous foot print of Holy

Prohet(PBUH) in their countryside of their house.Peoples gathered and they saw the phenomena whole night.Now that place has been secured by wall around it and placing glass on it. FREE Pothawari poetry CD of Raja Abidof Mankara available at CHINO’s, contact Bilal Fazal & Ifzaal Fazal.


Recently I had a personal insight. I went back to my area after a bit of an absence. I have served my people for eight or nine years as a Tehsil Nazim. Now that the term is over I was taking a break. Well on my visit to the area I had a strange experience. I feel the people treated me with a reverence usually given to holy men or spiritual leaders. Now for me this is not a comfortable situation. I have never worked for such an impression. My pride lies in my work towards more earthly goals like solid waste management, sanitation and disposal, safe drinking water, and so on so forth. These are the areas I would love to discuss and consider as being one of my better achievements in life. I used to think that it will be my legacy and I have set the performance bar for ones who will follow me. Alas that does not seem to be happening. My appreciation among the people does not lie inmy efforts as


when they meet me. They take me for some saintly figure who has rejected the worldly lures. In addition to that recent tragic personal losses have landed me a center spot in their sentimentality. So instead of becoming a hero for doer of deeds I have been awarded a niche in that fantastical untouchable hall of exceptional where not many follow. In a country which is in the clutches of ruthless selfishness, even a small good deed seems eccentric and mad. I feel shallow when my honesty is appraised. It should be a norm not an exception. When all is said and done I would rather have my epitaph say what I did with the solid waste disposal of Chiniot rather than what a spiritual man I was. I will be more comfortable in my grave with the knowledge that some one else might give our real issues a thought as we are more perceptive to our dead than the living

PM gets election battle on track in Sheffield are Andrew Lee (Conservative), ling made their way to the station

PRIME Minister Gordon Brown got his election campaign on track with a whistle stop visit to Sheffield railway station. He was joined by Chancellor Alistair Darling and the met Labour candidate for Sheffield Central Paul Blomfield - who is standing in place of retiring MP and former Sports Minister, Richard Caborn. The seat is a top target for the opposition. Standing for the Liberal Democrats, who already control the city council, is Council leader Paul Scriven. Other candidates

Z Ali Shah (PK) a problem solver and in the millions of worth of development I have done. Strangely some thing else has taken to their fancy. I am not a corrupt person by nature and in my years in seat no one could or still can point a finger at me. I am clean of any accusation of financial, moral or political corruption. Now for me this is no big deal. I think that you don't do these things because either you make a moral religious choice or you are already well to do and satisfied in the first place and lastly you are too cowardly to take a risk to give a bad name to your reputation. Whatever the case I was lucky to get through my terms without any blemishes. I am thankful to Allah for his blessings for it is he who saves face. This is what now seems central in people’s thoughts

Jillian Creasy (Green) and Jeffrey coffee shop where they met the Shaw (UKIP). Surrounded by local Labour Party faithful. photographers, Brown and Dar-




SUMMER ACTIVITIES IN SHEFFIELD’S GREAT OUTDOORS Dozens of activities for all ages are now available to help local people enjoy Sheffield’s great outdoors this Summer. Whether your interests are walking, kite flying, learning about nature or trying your hand at rural crafts there are lots of great activities listed in a booklet produced by Sheffield Council’s Parks and Countryside Ranger Service. A series of Ranger activities are planned in Mount Pleasant Park in Sharrow and Shire Brook Local Nature Reserve in Woodhouse as well as active play days in woodland areas at Rivelin, Parkwood, Gleadless Valley and Hillsborough.There’s also information about the major events taking place this Summer, from the

Highland Fling at Graves Park next month to Art in the Gardens in the Botanical Gardens in September. All the activities are free of charge, although some are subject to weather conditions and everyone is recommended to wear appropriate clothing. Some of these activities are so popular that booking is essential to be sure of a place, but for most of them you can just turn up on the day and get stuck in. Copies of the Ranger Events booklet are now available from local libraries, the Town Hall, First Point and other Council offices. http:// or phone 0114 250 0500.

A scheme which is bringing cheaper fuel bills to thousands of Sheffield residents is setting the standard nationally. The City Council’s innovative Free Insulation Scheme is being promoted by the Energy Saving Trust, the UK’s independ-

ent national body focused on energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions. A case study heralds the scheme as an example of ‘best practice’, setting a benchmark for other areas of the country.So far over 11,000 households have

By: Cllr Ibrar Hussain Sheffield Bereavement services recognise people’s cultural and religious beliefs. The service is available 365 days a year with cemeteries opening from 9am – 8pm during summer time (April – Sept) and 9am – 4pm during winter time (Oct – March). Muslim burial areas are provided at Abbey Lane, City Road, Shiregreen and Tinsley Park cemeteries. Earthen and concrete lined graves are available (with the exception of Abbey Lane cemetery). Additional costs are incurred for a concrete lined grave. Death registration must be completed and a burial certificate obtained be-

fore the burial can take place. For burials abroad, a certificate from the Coroner’s office is required and sometimes a certificate from the Registrar’s office is needed. MONDAY – FRIDAY Bereavement Services 0114 2396068 (9.00am – 5.00pm) WEEKEND Medico Legal Centre 0114 2738721 (9.00am – 5.00pm) From Monday to Friday, 0114 2039427 to register a birth, stillbirth or death. On weekends or Bank Holidays, Sheffield Registration Service: 07854 183921 (Line open 10.00am – 5.00pm).

COUNCIL’S FREE ROLL OF INSULATION GOES FURTHER signed up to free loft and cavity wall insulation provided by the Council, which is working in partnership with eaga Insulation.Although the scheme is being rolled out area by area, priority customers - defined as aged 70 or over or on quali-


Sheffield Bereavement services recognise people’s cultural and religious beliefs. The service is available 365 days a year with cemeteries opening from 9am – 8pm during summer time (April – Sept) and 9am – 4pm during winter time (Oct – March). Muslim burial areas are provided at Abbey Lane, City Road, Shiregreen and Tinsley Park cemeteries. Earthen and concrete lined graves are available (with the exception of Abbey Lane cemetery). Additional costs are incurred for a concrete lined grave. Death registration must be completed and a burial certificate obtained before the burial can take place. For burials abroad, a certificate from the Coroner’s office is required and sometimes a certificate from the Registrar’s office is needed. Unemployment Soars in South Yorkshire to 55 000 The figures represent a doubling in unemployment since 2005. Young people, in particular, have been hardest hit and we need to make sure they get a step on to the jobs ladder urgently." plans to get the economy back on track would help those who are in greatest need. Local MP calls for Safer Medicines Labour candidate for Sheffield Attercliffe, Clive Betts , signed a parliamentary motion in the last parliament calling on the Gov


fying benefits - can sign up at any time no matter where they live in the city. To find out more about the scheme, and to see if you are eligible, please call our free phone number 0800 915 9096

ernment to modernise the safety testing of new drugs. Early Day Motion 29: Safety of Medicines could radically overhaul the way in which new drugs are tested before going into human trials. A million Britons are hospitalised each year by side effects of prescription medicines, killing more than 10,000 people and costing the NHS millions of pounds. Free Saturday parking A major initiative is being launched in Rotherham town centre to enable shoppers to park for free throughout Saturdays.The scheme, developed by Rotherham Borough Council with the Local Strategic Partnership, applies to all onstreet parking and council-run car parks in the town centre. The partnership is made up of a range of local organisations, from the council and Chamber of Commerce to emergency services and voluntary bodies. The Free After 3 campaign will also continue for another year, further encouraging people to visit during the week, as well as at weekends, to support town centre businesses. Awards for ‘unsung heroes’ An annual award scheme is to honour Sheffield ‘s residents who have shown exemplary service or support or have done something special for the city, its communities or residents,

and deserve recognition for their efforts.The Lord Mayor’s Civic Awards is a scheme developed by Sheffield City Council and the Lord Mayor’s Office to honour Sheffielders who have been nominated by local people as being worthy of an award. Sheffield has a range of awards from the granting of the Freedom of the City to the Legends, the ‘superstar’ stars outside the Town Hall. The evening awards ceremony will take place in the Town Hall on Tuesday May 11. Blunkett outrage at tyredumping in Shiregreen Cemetery Rt Hon David Blunkett, MP for Sheffield Brightside, has expressed his outrage at the dumping of 50 tyres in Shiregreen Cemetery. It was reported in the Star on Wednesday that a lorry had been backed into the cemetery on Monday and that dozens of car and lorry tyres had been unloaded.“This was an act of mindless vandalism, with total disregard for the feelings of the bereaved”. Swinging into action Paul Scriven, the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Sheffield Central, has opened much-needed, new playground equipment at Dorset St in Broomhall this week. The improvements were achieved through the hard work of local residents and was supported by


the Liberal Democrat Sheffield City Council as part of their £2m plan to create and improve a total of 23 playgrounds across Sheffield. Other sites that have seen improvements included in phase one include Beaver Hill, Rolling Acres, Richmond Park, Charnock Rec, Fox Hill, Millhouses, Hillsborough Park, Darnall, Phillimore, and Beechwood Road. Under the Lib Dem plans an additional 12 sites in phase two will be completed by April 2011. Faith leaders unite to endorse statement: vote to stop the BNP Representatives of South Yorkshire’s diverse faith communities came together recently to deliver a clear message to voters: ‘use your vote to stop the BNP’. By showing their support for our multi-faith society and to encourage voters to turn out on 6th May to ensure that the racehate politics of the BNP cannot succeed here. “It is our responsibility to celebrate our multifaith community and defend the values of unity and respect that we have worked so hard to accomplish” said Abdool Gooljar, President of the Islamic Society of Britain (South Yorkshire). “If we don’t vote and the BNP get elected, we have no-one to blame but ourselves.”


Britain and Pakistan: Time for New Relationship

Rt Hon Dr Denis MacShane is the Labour MP for Rotherham and was deputy to Jack Straw as Minister Mfor State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The next British government, whoever wins the election, must step up its relationship with Pakistan and use the talents of Britain’s Pakistani and Kashmiri community to build bridge between Britain, Europe and Pakistan. Instead of ignoring the views and voices of British Muslim political activists who work within British political parties – Labour, Lib-Dem and Conservative – and see themselves as British citizens and community leaders, the next Government should build on the lead from Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. They have opened No 10 and key ministries to Britain’s Pakistani-Kashmiri community. The giant Eid celebrations at the House of Commons and smaller celebrations of Muslim community events in 10 Downing Street have changed the relationship between British Muslims and the national political leadership of our nation. Hard-working ministers, like Saddiq Khan and Shahid Malik as well as peers like Lord Nazir Ahmed have been promoted by Labour as well as councillors like my friend Shaukat Ali who is just finishing his term of office as the first Muslim Major of Rotherham in South Yorkshire. In Rotherham the outstanding young Labour councillor, Mahroof Hussain, will

have a big political career after the election as will Jahangir Akhtar, the South Yorkshire councillor who is leading a house building programme in Rotherham. These voices have to be listened to as we enter a decisive era of British foreign policy in which Britain should seek to build up relations with Pakistan instead of focusing almost entirely on India. Good relations with India are essential. India’s economic growth and her giant size of over 1 billion makes India an indispensable element in any 21st century global settlement. But Pakistan has three times the population of Britain. Its growing urbanised middle class with strong links to the UK is changing the face of Pakistan rapidly. Britain must treat Pakistan on its own terms as a Muslim state just as Britain has a Queen who is also a head of the Church of England and allows bishops to sit in the House of Lords as legislators. Pakistan is the lynch-pin to both Afghanistan and India. Without Pakistan’s help and support there will be no settlement in Afghanistan. President Obama’s war has now cost more lives of British soldiers than the Falklands conflict or the fighting in Iraq. In Iraq we now have peace for the first time in the Kurdish area of Iraq after the mass genocidial killings of Kurdish Muslims by Saddam Hussain. A fully democratic election has taken place with as many people participating as in a British election. To be sure. there are tensions and continuing terrorism. But in Spain the fascist ETA terror group has killed nearly 900 innocent people in its terror campaign and even in Britain, Irish fanatical terrorism is not completely silent. After 1945 we adopted a philosophy of containment rather than military destruction of opposing ideologies. So too in Afghanistan


we cannot keep on sending British soldiers to die in the will-‘o-thewisp search for an ultimate military victory. Instead of warcraft we need statecraft and that must involve a stronger relationship with Pakistan. There has been much talk about Pakistan and the solution to Afghanistan. But there will be no solution in Pakistan until India changes its strategic approach in the area. As is well known, in 1989 democracy was suspended in Kashmir, and 500,000 Indian troops moved in. Since then, between 50,000 and 70,000 people have been killed in probably the biggest bloodbath of Muslims in recent times under the Indian army occupation. Some of that was in response to Pakistan-initiated terrorism-the horrible explosions at Srinagar and elsewhere, but India is not even on the way to finding a political solution to the problem of Kashmir, and it is under pressure given the Mumbai massacres and other issues. When the Pakistani army faces on its eastern flank an army of up to 500,000 troops from a power that openly talks of planning to invade Pakistan, the basic national security of Pakistan demands that it put the bulk of its armed forces there. Britain and the West might wish for many Pakistani soldiers as possible on the north-western front to sort out the insurgency there and to end the protected area for the Pakistani Taliban, al-Qaeda and the people moving across to cause trouble in Afghanistan. In addition, Islamabad might wish to bring the tribal areas into the realm of modernity so that normal economic development like tourism with its huge economic impact can sink roots. But those wishes cannot become reality as long as India refuses to talk or to find a political and peaceful solution to the Kashmir imbroglio

which must respect the wishes of the people of Kashmir. Britain has long been in thrall to its 250 year old love affair with India. Today India fits the lines from Oliver Goldsmith “Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey Where wealth accumulates and men decay.” India has more billionaires and millionaires than Britain does but this fabulous wealth co-exists side by side more absolutely poor people than live in sub-Saharan Africa. After more than six decades of democracy India sill has hundreds of millions of its citizens who cannot read or write or who do not have access to clean water and sewers. But whereas Pakistan has to put up with a condescension and patronising sneers from a pro-Indian establishment in London, India’s failure to create peace on its border with Kashmir rarely if ever gets criticised. I have sought on several occasions in the House of Commons to get the Shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague, to acknowledge that India should do more to bring stability to the region by seeking to become part of the solution to Kashmir instead of remaining part of the problem but the Conservative leadership is totally India-obsessed. As any visitor to Pakistan as can see the nation has a vibrant civil society and a very good, free and energetic media and legal-judicial system. It has a strong women's movement and a strong human rights movement. Yes, it is very poor, so the real answer is to improve Pakistan's economic and growth perspectives. Foreign Secretary David Miliband has taken the lead in pushing the European Union hard to open a dialogue and to try to increase trade between Pakistan and the rest of Europe. That is certainly where we should focus some of our efforts with our Pakistani and Kashmiri diaspora, of whom I know many in my constituency. They are men

and women of peace and they are as horrified as any of us are by the language of jihad and fundamental Islamism. We have to look again at the ideology that spurs on the Taliban and other extremists. That ideology is not of the Islam religion, which should have the same respect as any other Abrahamic faith, but is a coherent world ideology of Islamism that is rooted in the Muslim Brotherhood that was founded by Hassan al-Banna in the 1920s and that has developed steadily since. London focuses too much on Muslim Brotherhood linked organisations when the real representatives of the Muslim community in Britain are to be found in elected councillors, community leaders and mosque councils. For the anti-Muslim extremist racists like the BNP and other right-wing xenophobic politicians the answer is to cultivate a antiMuslim political discourse. The better way forward is to engage with the Muslim world and Muslim politicians much more strongly and seriously. We must try constantly to explain to them why any endorsement, however soft, of aspects of Islamism that lead to attacks on the universal values of human rights-whether those rights are freedom of expression, parliamentary democracy, the rule of law, or the right of women to control their own lives-feeds what is a cause of deep repression and oppression in Afghanistan. We have to find ways of engaging our British Pakistani and Kashmiri community. We have MPs, Lords, and many councillors who could play a leading role by talking in Pakistan, in Kashmir and to the community here about the need for a new approach from Britain that respects the faith of Islam but utterly rejects any ideological or violent expressions of it. The Government needs to work with our Pakistani British citizens to increase economic rela-

tions with Pakistan. We should set up effective structures using the Department for International Development, the Foreign Office, the Departments that deal with education and other Departments to find ways of explaining that what is happening in Afghanistan is a threat, not just to the region and not just in terms of providing incubators for terrorism in our country, but to everything that we should value if we want a peaceful and prosperous world. The outcome of the election will be decisive for the future of relations between Britain and Pakistan. Since 1997, the Pakistani and Kashmiri Muslim community has been welcomed into the heart of government under Labour. Progressive policies like the working family tax credits, Sure Start children centres, and the abolition of the Conservative primary purpose rule have helped my Mirpuri constituents. These policies will all come under question if a new government that looks after the rich as a priority wins office. The hate campaign against immigrants from the right-wing press like the Daily Mail and Daily Express is no different from the Enoch Powell right-wing conservatism that gave rise to “Paki-bashing” in the 1970s. Of course immigration must be controlled. But the antiMuslim ideology now growing in strength on the right-wing of politics in Europe is now entering Britain. There is an alternative. It is to build a strong UK-Pakistan relationship to promote economic growth, shared prosperity, increased democracy and human rights and a withering down of the ideologies that justify terrorism. That will also mean asking India to make a contribution by finding peace in Kashmir. These are ambitious goals. But a happy 21st century for Britain and Pakistan and for British citizens connected to both nations requires no less.



Releases in MAY


An Event was organised at the Islamic Jamia urdu teaching centre Rushby Street Firvale Sheffield on Wednesday 21st April, the purpose and objective of this was to highlight and refresh the mainstream politicians about

jabat Khan, Kashmir Freedom movement UK. Former cllr of Oldham Mr Mohammed Azam, Qari Mohammed Ali (Principle and Imam of the urdu teaching centre) the event was hosted by local businessmen and commu-

Bollywood 93.2FM 01142814082 Monday 7pm -9pm Aj Ka Sabrang Presented by: Jawaid Qazi and Jawed Akhtar Tuesday 7pm-9pm Punjabi Virsa Presented by: Saberjeet Nagra Wednesday 7pm -9pm Aap Ki Awaz Presented by Sajjaad Ahmed Thursday Gazul Shaab 9pm-11pm Presented by: Javed Ahmed Friday 7pm-9pm Aaj Ki Shaam Presented by: Jawaad Janjua

the ongoing Kashmir issue of independence and to bring this subject attention during the UK 2010 general election campaign. The former home secretary Mr David Blanket was greeted by members of the local Firvale and Pagehall Sheffield community. Other dignitaries at the meeting were Mr Waheed Nazir treasure Firvale Pakistan advice and community centre, Haji Sulemen, Haji Nazir, Haji Malik, Professor Hafiz Saleem Akhter (Imam ) of Jamia Ghosia Mosque Owler Lane Sheffield, Raja Na-

May 7 Basmaash Company Bumm Bumm Bole It’s a Wonderful After Life Virsa May 14 Knock Out Mr. Bhatti on Chutti May 21 Kites May 28 Raajneeti Raavan

nity activist Haji Mr Mohammed Qasim of Firthpark. Kashmir issue should be promoted on a regular basis and a round the table dialogue should be intervened and feedback should be given back at the parliament to any government comes into power. “It is important to develop positive strategies on this matter” said Raja Najabat Khan. “Mr Blunkett, reassured he will highlight these concerns and raise the issue if re-elected in upcoming election”.

Hollywood May 05 The Book May 06 Hubble 3D May 07 Mother and Child Iron Man 2 May 14 Robin Hood Letters to Juliet Just Wright May 19 American Asian May 21 Shrek Forever After MacGruber May 22 The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

Tel: 0114 275 3939 Fax: 0114 275 0484 E-Mail:









Consulate General of PAKISTAN (Bradford) Tariq Iqbal Sumro

Afraz Khan Treasurer

Aslam Bhutta

Ibrar Khan Abbeydale CC

Sajid Quader

Khizar Qureshi

Nadeem Najib Legends CC Global CC

Ibrar Khan PMC Rep

Allama Iqbal

Syed Fiaz Shah Mohammed Ali Sports Chairman Chairman PMC

Ch Abdul Qadir

Tariq Ali

Jawad Haider Waheed Khan Yorkshire Leopards CC Sharrow A

Zeeshan Naqvi Secretary

Sahid Saleem PMC Rep

M Arshad

Asim Dar

Imran Ali

Aqeel Rasool

Andy Barrs

Azhar Abbas Sharrow B

Zeeshan Naqvi Al-Mahdi XI CC

Owais Ali Presidents XI

Arbi Khan Darnal CC

Ibrar Hussain Masters XI CC

Council general of Pakistan Tariq Sumro, business sponsons and captains of the league are addressing in an annual meeting of Allama Iqbal Sunday Pervez PJ Cricket League in PMC Sheffield. Speakers from left Khizar Qureshi, Aslam Bhutta, Zeeshan Naqvi, Sajid Quader, Nasir Mir, Nawabi Khan, Nadeem Tinsley CC Najib, Rasib, Syed Fayyaz H Naqvi, Ch Qadir, Zahid Saleem, Ch M Ali, Nadeem Khan, Asim Ali, Azhar Khan, Waheed Khan, Ibrar Khan, Ibrar Hussain. PMC aims to promote city’s business personalities and also encourage youngster in sports.

Azhar Khan Sehnsa CC

Dr Iftikhar Dad Abdul Islam Qasim Asim are also sponsors of teams in Allama Iqbal Sunday Cricket League PMC - Sheffield 2010. The league officials would like to thank all its sponsors, if anyone is interested to sponsor the league please call 07894010808.





At any time there are some 44,000 storms; lightning strikes the earth 100 times every second, and there are on average 35 earthquakes per day. Those are all acts of God, one may argue, but us humans don’t make it any easier on mother earth. Every year more than 2 million cases of arson is reported, and more than a million trees are chopped just to make toothpicks. But not all is doomed, 400,000 babies are born every day! More importantly at any stage, there can be many volcanoes erupting around the world. After a week of volcanic turmoil, everyone is asking how one eruption in Iceland can disrupt airspace. What is volcanic ash? And why can it affect our airspace? When a volcano, charged with gases such as sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide, erupts it can result in large amounts of ash being generated. Add to this an eruption under ice and you have the added explosivity to pump the ash high into the atmosphere. Ash is made up of very fine particles of volcanic glass formed by the breaking up of bubbles during the

eruption. As the magma gets close to the surface the gases expand forming a volcanic froth, which then fragments into thousands of particles of ash. In the case of the eruption in Iceland, we have added water coming into the system from the ice which flashes to

steam under the heat and causes more explosions. If the volcano is powerful enough, as with Eyjafjallajokull, it can eject this ash high into the sky into high atmospheric

winds, which can then blow the ash around the globe. These high winds are where our planes fly, so when volcanic eruptions result in ash clouds we have to be careful not to fly through them. In the past, when planes have accidentally flown through an ash cloud, the engines have been clogged up with ash causing engine failure. The jet engine can have temperatures up to 2000 degrees centigrade, which will re-melt the ash back to lava and stick to the engine parts. In extreme examples, planes have had to literally glide their way out of the ash cloud before engines can be restarted. So when you think of volcanoes as wonderful examples of earth heat and power, with lava flows, fountains and explosions, don’t forget they can influence our lives, even if we live a long way away. Our modern day lives are more reliant on air travel than ever before. Volcanic ash is not a new phenomenon but new measures will need to be put into place to provide solutions from the lessons learned in Europes volcanic ash crisis.

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Stop Lunch 1. Donner Meat, Chips & Drink 2. Rolo Meal 3. 6 Chicket Nuggets Meal 4. Fish Finger Meal 5. Classic Chicken Burger Meal 6. Beef Burger Meal 7. Chicken Donner Meal 8. 2 Piece Chicken Meal 9. 6 Spicy Wings Meal 10. 6 Spicy Nuggets, Wedges

Heather Samosas Delivered straight to your door ! (atleast 12 hours notice required) 50 Meat Samosas = £18.00 50 Veg Samosas = £16.00 100 Meat Samosas = £35.00 100 Veg Samosas = £30.00 Rolls also available

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World Snooker Championship stay in Sheffield until 2014

The tournament has been staged at the city's Crucible theatre since 1977, however Chinese officials were keen to take it to the Far East. World Snooker's deal with the Sheffield authorities had been due to expire after the 2010 event. However, it was confirmed at a news conference on Tuesday that a three-year extension has been agreed. The deal comes after talks between World Snooker, Sheffield City Council and the Yorkshire Tourist Board. World Snooker chairman Sir Rodney Walker said: "It guarantees that the event will stay in Sheffield now for at least five further years. "There is an option for a further year subject to a decision yet to be taken on expanding the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield." Sheffield City Council

leader Paul Scriven said: "We feel like Stephen Hendry did this morning - we feel we've got a 147 break. "We continue to be a good friend and ally of World Snooker

"Standing up to anti-social behaviour can take courage," says Councillor Cllr Jahangir Akhtar

China or Dubai,"The world order is changing, the economic power Rotherham Council has appointed base is moving East, that's for two Victims and Witness Champisure," said Walker. "We couldn't ons to offer community support in afford to close the door on an tackling anti-social behaviour. Funding for the new posts comes from £2.8million allocated by the Home Office for the national Justice Seen Justice Done campaign - a cross-government programme to address public concerns about crime and justice and to raise public awareness and understanding of the services they are entitled to from the police and other agen-

cies - including those for victims. "Standing up to anti-social behaviour can take courage," said Councillor Cllr Jahangir Akhtar, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods. "It can be a particularly difficult thing to go to court and give evidence against someone who you may have to return home and live next door to. "These Champions posts are important so that people in Rotherham know that they will get help if they are a victim of anti-social behaviour, and so

are more likely to come forward, but also to help support people if a case goes to court." The overall aim of these new posts is to deliver practical help to those taking a stand against antisocial behaviour Steve Parry, the Safer Rotherham Partnership co-ordinator, said: "We are delighted to be working in partnership alongside Victim Support in supporting victims and witnesses of anti-social behaviour through what can be a very traumatic time for them”.

Rotherham Council's Cabinet Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods, Councillor Jahangir Akhtar, studied proposals to help free up larger family housing by encouraging those tenants whose needs have changed and no longer require large houses to move to smaller properties. The council hopes this will increase the availability of larger homes for families, whilst also helping those that want to move down to a smaller property to

save money and the work that comes with living in a large house. "We hope this will be a real win - win situation; hopefully more families will get the space they need whilst their children are growing up, and those that are past this stage of their lives will get the benefits of living in a smaller property, if that is right for them," said Councillor Akhtar "But we are not going to force anyone to do anything they don't want to. We are very

conscious of the fact that many people have lived in these properties for some years. They will be part of the community and we understand when people are reluctant to move. The latest figures show that RMBC has 142 under occupied four-bedroomed houses and 5,025 under-occupied three-bedroomed ones. Priority status is already given to anyone wishing to downsize to a flat or bungalow.

“More families will get the space they need” says CllrAkhtar

and will ensure we do all possible to ensure snooker is retained here beyond 2014." Walker has previously suggested that the tournament could one day be held in

opportunity that might see the event in the Far East in the future. "Their interest was very serious. We also had a provisional expression of interest from Dubai." Said

KEVIN BLACKWELLREMAINS OPTIMISTIC KEVIN Blackwell remains confident his Sheffield United side can force their way into the Coca-Cola Championship play-offs. The Blades host Scunthorpe at Bramall Lane tomorrow lunchtime having returned from away trips to Doncaster and Cardiff unbeaten. They now trail the Bluebirds in sixth by five points and Blackwell believes they, and even Swansea and Leicester above them, can be caught in the closing weeks of the campaign. The United boss told

his club's official website: "We still have a great opportunity to make the play-offs and I think the lads showed that at Cardiff where Steve Simonsen was outstanding and Paul Connolly terrific."That performance told me a lot about how much the new lads can handle pressure. It is difficult to go somewhere new and be accepted straight away - you usually do that by playing well.

The new compitition for June 2010 Edition is article writing, If any kids want to get involved in article writing please send in your articles with your photo and the best article will be be published in following edition. Send your responses to 4 thorp Close, Sheffield, S2 4 SL or E-mail: mahanailm@yahoo. com (please seek parents permission before sending your photographs). Winner will be contacted for prize.







Winner of April’s drawing compitition Amaar Ali

HOW IT WORKS If you live in the Sharrow area and would like to know how services work with local partners reducing anti social behaviour and promoting Community Safety, then Sharrow community forum have organised a programme focusing on community safety. Over the four weeks of the programme there will be the opportunity to talk to the local police, councillors, representatives from the Community Assembly and the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, youth providers and representatives from the Sheffield Youth Council. The sessions begin at 6.15p.m until 8.45p.m Tuesday evenings at St Peters Church Hall on Empire Road from 4th - 25th May. For more information contact Ruth Passey at Sharrow Community forum, on 0114 2508384.


Ilm newspaper does not represent any political, religious or any other group. It is purely for providing general information and entertainment to its readers.







Y A M 07894010808



E E 07855514705




ISRAR TOPPLES THE PUDSEY HEAVYWEIGHT Report: Zeeshan Naqvi A short introduction to Israr Asif. Also Known as Izzy. Professional boxer from Sheffield, UK. Izzy is an up and coming cruiserweight trained by Sean Thickett at the S14 Gym in Gleadless Sheffield

Gen Musharraf rebuked for his false statement Rabia Zia PTIUK General (retd) Musharraf in his recent press statement in the Middle East said that he did not offer the role of a Prime Minister to Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf (PTI), Imran Khan. Cont p5 No 6

and managed by the famous promoter Dennis Hobson. Izzy has had a few amateur bouts and two professional bouts. All though Izzy has a short career so far he is tipped for the top by many boxing insiders. Cont p5 No 7



Ilm news report; Across the world people have died fighting for the right to vote and be part of a democracy. By registering to vote we can show that we think that right is important. In the UK, less than 100

years ago, people were killed during their struggles to get the vote for women. In South Africa, not until the end of apartheid in 1994 were black people able to vote for the first time. Cont p5 No 5

Representatives of South Yorkshire’s diverse faith communities came together this morning to deliver a clear message to voters: ‘use your vote to stop the BNP’.

Some of the 74 signatories to the statement gathered in front of Sheffield Town Hall to show their support for our multi-faith society and to encourage voters to turn out on 6th May to ensure



that the race-hate politics of the British National Party cannot succeed here. “It is our responsibility to celebrate our multi-faith community and defend the values of unity and respect that we have worked so hard to accomplish. We need to make sure that racists cannot destroy what we have achieved,” said Abdool Gooljar, President of the Islamic Society of Britain (South Yorkshire). “If we don’t vote and the BNP get elected, we have no-one to blame but ourselves.” “We must stand together as different faiths and say to the whole community: ‘get involved and help shape your future’”, said Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield. “Cast your vote for love, hope, good neighbourliness and a cohesive community. We have no time for racism in politics.”

VOTE IS POWE R Voting is a basic right of every person. We should use that right for our country, for law, for developement and for the interests of the state. Political parties have devloped over the years to serve the interests of the state as they think fit. A person votes for a party because his thoughts match

that political ideology but today many political parties serve the interests of the state and not the individual. Therefore it is important that we vote for the party that we think serves our interests as an individual.As a muslim, as a student, as an underpaid worker, or as a low income family.



May 2010  

First URDU / ENGLISH neewspaper of South Yorkshire UK

May 2010  

First URDU / ENGLISH neewspaper of South Yorkshire UK