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Aprestigelocationforyour businesscombiningsuperb traditionalexternalfeatures withmoderninternal officefacilities At Redlands we offer:-


Flexible office accommodation with immediate occupation.


Simple license agreement (subject to status).


No legal fees.


Single monthly charge includes rates, heating and lighting, electrics and building insurance.


Free car parking.


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24 hour access, 7 days a week.


Fully alarmed office suites.


Kitchen facilities on all floors.

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Sheffield takes its name from the River Sheaf. It was once called the Sceaf, which means border so it was the border river. Sheffield was founded in the early 12th century by the Lord of the manor, William de Lovetot .Sheffield only had a population of a few hundred, today it would seem tiny to us but settlements were very small in those days. During 1993, for the first time in the history of Sheffield we had our 1st Asian lord Mayor, his name was Councillor Qurban Hussain. This year we have our 2nd Asian Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Councillor Talib Hussain, he is the 119th lord mayor.

Hajj Scam Warning

SC - Before you enrolled as the Lord May- the lord mayor. or, what was your early life like? What lead you to become the lord mayor? LM - I was brought up in Azad Kashmir, and I came over here as a young man, my I was encouraged by my colleagues to take first job was a taxi driver. Through this job up the prestigious role. I built up my skills I got involved in community works, which and experience in politics so that when supported my interest in politics. As the opportunities arise, it would be an easy months went by I got elected as councillor transition. in 2010 and in 2014 I became the deputy Lord Mayor from that I got elected to be continued on page 4...

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CUT PIECE Press Association Voters in England go to the polls this week in a series of elections that will have consequences beyond just the make-up of town halls. Super Thursday will see councillors on 124 councils and the Greater London Assembly, mayors in London, Bristol, Liverpool and Salford, and police and crime commissioners in most areas all to be chosen. The build up to the elections however, has been overshadowed by campaigning for June's EU referendum. But the verdict of the electorate will be used as a barometer to measure the likely storms ahead for parties and leaderships - not least the security of Jeremy Corbyn's position at the head of a fractious Labour. The left-winger goes into the first national test of his tenure with the party openly at war over allegations of anti-Semitism and critics sharpening their knives if the performance falls short of their expectations. With experts forecasting though the party could lose hundreds of seats in England - and apparently on course for another mauling in Scotland and a tough fight in Wales where devolved governments are up for election - Mr Corbyn says he is "placing no arbitrary figures" on what would constitute success. It was in the wake of the Chancellor's 2012 "omnishambles" budget that this set of council seats was last contested, with Labour taking advantage to make significant gains under Ed Miliband, adding more than 500 councillors. That platform makes it hard for Mr Corbyn to emerge with an eyecatching result even if he should inspire a resurgence in support. His strongest hope of a headline-grabbing victory lies with Sadiq Khan wresting back the London mayoralty after eight years of Tory Boris Johnson at City Hall. But while the Labour candidate remains the bookies' favourite, the Tooting MP is engaged in a concerted effort to prevent his campaign being derailed by the anti-Semitism row and to distance himself from both Mr Corbyn and ex-mayor Ken Livingstone. It was no coincidence that the ex-minister was among the first to demand the suspension of Mr Livingstone as he fights off assaults by Conservative rival Zac Goldsmith over alleged links to extremists. continued on page13....

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What is Zionism?

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‘One In Five Of All Unemployed’ From An Ethnic Minority Group The British workforce is more diverse than at any point in history, with one in nine employees now from an ethnic minority background. The difference in employment rates between the overall population and ethnic minorities is also at its smallest for over 20 years. But the proportion of people out of work who are from minority backgrounds is at its highest since current records began. The new figures, from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), show that roughly 11% of Britain's 30 million workforce are from an ethnic minority background - up from 4% two decades ago. This is broadly in line with how the population as a whole has changed. Ethnic groups made up 5% of British citizens in 1995 compared with 12% in 2015. There is slightly higher diversity among the male workforce than for females. Almost one in eight men of working age are now from an ethnic minority background, while the figure for women is closer to one in 10. There is also a difference in representation among types of job. According to the DWP, people from ethnic minority groups are more likely to be employed in accommodation and food services, wholesale and retail trade, transportation and storage, and human health and social work. They are less likely to be employed in the manufacturing, construction and education sectors.

Britain To Take Thousands Of Refugee Children … But Still Won’t Help Those In Europe Thousands of Syrian refugee children considered to be at risk are to be resettled in Britain, it was announced in April. Up to 3,000 people in camps in the Middle East will be moved here but the priority will be unaccompanied children considered to be under threat from abuse and exploitation, the Home Office says. The refugees are in addition to the 20,000 Syrians David Cameron has already agreed to house in Britain but, crucially, will not be taken from migrant camps in Europe. Critics, who accused Mr Cameron of being heartless for refusing to help the children in Europe, said the latest announcement offered nothing new. “We have always been clear that the vast majority of vulnerable children are better off remaining in host countries in the region so they can be reunited with surviving family members.” Immigration minister James Brokenshire. The Home Office said the latest initiative was part of the “largest resettlement programme in the world” for children from the Middle East and north Africa. Immigration minister James Brokenshire said it showed the British government was “committed to providing lifesaving support and assistance to the vulnerable children who have been unjustly impacted by this ongoing humanitarian crisis”. The government will work with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to resettle the children and their families. However, Britain is still refusing to take children from European

camps for fear it would encourage more migrants to make the dangerous sea crossing to Europe. Labour’s Yvette Cooper said “This is the same announcement as the Government made back in January and includes nothing new to help the thousands of child refugees alone in Europe who are at risk of trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse.”

Child Car Seat Rules Being Reviewed New regulations for child car seats are in the pipeline, but no decisions have been made, the government has said. It comes as consumer rights group Which said backless booster seats will only be approved for use for children taller than 125cm and weighing more than 22kg under new rules set to be introduced. But the government said talks are ongoing and there was no date as yet. Existing rules say that children must use a child car seat until they are 12 years old or 135cm (4ft 5ins) tall. If approved, any changes will apply to newly sold products, not child restraint systems which are already in use and adhere to existing safety standards. Parents who use old booster seats that comply with the existing regulations will not be breaking the law if they continue to use them after any rule change, the Department for Transport spokes-

man said. They will not be required to buy new booster seats to meet any rule change, he said. The technical specifications for child car seats are set internationally by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Height-based car seats, known as 'i-Size' seats, must be rear-facing until the child is over 15 months old. A child can use a forward-facing car seat when they are over 15 months old. Weight-based car seats must be rear-facing until the child weighs more than 9kg and after that the seat the child can use depends on their weight. The Department for Transport works with representatives from other governments, the child restraint and vehicle manufacturing industries, and groups representing consumers on the specifications. What is the law? Children must use a child seat or booster A child can use an adult belt when they reach 135cm (4ft 5ins) or their 12th birthday, whichever comes first The driver can be fined up to £500 if a child under 14 years does not wear a seat belt or child restraint as required Anyone 14 and over not wearing a seat belt, must pay the fine themselves There are exceptions. For example, children can travel without a child car seat in a taxi or minicab if there is a fixed partition between the front and rear seats.

Sheffield Has One Of The UK’s Slowest Broadband Speeds According to data compiled by CityMetric, the average connection speed in Sheffield is just 15.4Mbps. By contrast, the figure in London is 20.4Mbps and Belfast has an impressive average of 25.4Mbps. Locations where internet users can be all but guaranteed superfast broadband on a network using fibre optic cables rather than phone lines are almost exclusively in the Midlands and the south. As a result, this questions the potential of the government's Northern Powerhouse project, which aims to rebalance the economy away from London and the south-east and stimulate growth in northern areas. The disparity in broadband speeds "raises a question: is a powerhouse really a powerhouse when it can't even stream Netflix?"

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SHUMILE CHISHTY INTERVIEW with THE LORD MAYOR OF SHEFFIELD From then onwards the chain was remained in use. We are very privileged to have you as our Lord Mayor, what message would you like to give to our younger generation and the Sheffield community? Well I think, education is the key, and every youngster should give priority to education, just work hard, and to be successful it is going to be a long process and there are no shortcuts, you have to work hard in order to be a successful person. Could you sum up how your journey has been as the lord mayor so far? Well it’s been a very interesting and very enjoyable year, I have met so many people across Sheffield from all walks of life. As a city we have so many people who volunteered to who work alongside¬ paid workers and I personally think that if we didn’t have those volunteers today then I’m not sure whether or not that we would be able to run our city as we are running at the moment, they are a massive help for the people of Sheffield and we value their contributions. As the lord mayor said education is key and hard work- you need to feel good from within. Education may not be the key to happiness, but it definitely is the key to a lot of other things which combine together to make you happy. It is only through education that you’d have multiple level goals and a numerous of ways to reach them. The uneducated may have better intellectual capacity but the lack of understanding of multiple ways to achieve their goals is often an Interview continued from front page obstacle. Education also helps you keep a healthy life style, Remember the world before vaccines? Or sanitary napkins? Or anti-biotics? Would you be aware of the medical or lifestyle finds which help What is the role of the lord mayor in the house and in the community? detect and cure a disease. Are you aware that almost every person is allergic to 5 foods in his lifetime which may cause auto immune diseases? An educated person would know about his/her health, My role as the Lord Mayor is promoting Sheffield as a city, I also forge links with business and comlive longer and healthier by resorting to healthier alternatives. Without putting your time and effort merce .I attend events organised by the local and regional societies as well as making presentations. in something it cannot lead you anywhere, for example if you was to become a famous singer, you In the house I am the chair of the council, and I chair the discussions that go on amongst other would need to compose songs, write lyrics and sing, but in order to do this you would need to be councillors, but being the lord mayor is a very demanding job and time management is imperative. committed and show consistency in your work. As lord mayor what was the most difficult decision you have made and how did come to resolve it? Well as the lord mayor I’m not the one to make the decisions, but as chair I have to manage those individuals in the chamber when they make a decision. Apart from being the lord mayor, what do you do for your living? I am a cab driver and being a cab driver I assumed that I knew the whole of Sheffield, but now as I have taken on the role of the Lord Mayor my knowledge has increased about the city in general. Where do you think Sheffield will be in 10 years’ time? Sheffield is a very diverse and prosperous city, the people are friendly and patriotic about their country. We are making progress to make Sheffield a better place and there are difficulties time to time, but it is a wonderful city to work and live in, it is going to be one of the most progressive cities in the U.K. Every lord mayor wears their full regalia and alongside they wear a gold chain, what does the chain symbolise? Well this is the chain of office, whoever is in this role as the lord mayor has to wear this chain to be official 1st citizen of Sheffield. The history behind this chain is that when the Sheffield city council bought this chain in 1856, the mayor at the time, was refused a good seat at the opening of the Paris Exhibition, as he did not have a chain of office. As a result, one was purchased the following year.

Early May Bank Holiday in United Kingdom The first Monday of May is a bank holiday in the United Kingdom. It is called May Day in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is known as the Early May Bank Holiday in Scotland. It probably originated as a Roman festival honoring the beginning of the summer season (in the northern hemisphere). In more recent times, it has been as a day to campaign for and celebrate workers' rights. What Do People Do? In many places, the first day or the first Monday in May is celebrated as the start of the summer season. Events are held to celebrate the end of the winter season and the fertility and hope of the approaching summer. A particularly widespread tradition is that of maypole dancing. Children, particularly girls, dance around a tall pole, from which ribbons are suspended. The aim of the dance is to create a decorative pattern on the pole with the ribbons. Many schools, particularly in rural areas, organize displays of maypole dancing. Another traditional form of dancing, Morris dancing, is also associated with the beginning of May. This type of dancing is nearly always carried out exclusively by men who dress in white with

bells on various parts of their costumes and carry scarves and long wooden sticks. The dancing is accompanied by loud accordion music. Groups of Morris dancers often hold displays on the early May bank holiday. Other traditions include making floral garlands, decorating houses with flowers and leaves and crowning a May queen as a living image of the Roman goddess Flora. In some areas, girls go out very early to wash their faces in the morning dew. This is supposed to make them very beautiful in the coming year. In Rochester, there is a festival of chimney sweeps. Traditionally, May 1 was the only day in the year that they did not have to work. In Derbyshire, villagers decorate, or dress, the wells with flowers. May 1 or the first Monday in May is also a day for large marches, particularly London, to celebrate and demand rights for workers. Many aspects of these marches are organized by the trade unions. Some people travel very large distances to join in the marches. In some years, the marches have ended violently, but in recent times they have remained peaceful. Public Life

The first Monday in May is a bank holiday and many people have a day off work. Many organizations, businesses and schools are closed, while stores may be open or closed, according to local custom. Public transport systems often run to a holiday timetable. Background Many types of May Day celebrations date back to fertility rituals performed in pagan times. This is particularly true of events to celebrate Flora, a Roman goddess. Through the ages, there have been some attempts to outlaw this type of celebration, because it was seen as unchristian. However, the celebrations have been remarkably robust. In Scotland, the Early May Bank holiday has been observed on the first Monday in May since 1871, but was only introduced in the rest of the United Kingdom in 1978. In 1995 and only in that year, this bank holiday was moved to the second Monday in May (May 8) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the allies accepting the surrender of the armed forces of Nazi Germany. This was the formal end of World War II and is known as VE Day.

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Homelessness ‘Rising Twice As Fast Among Ethnic Minorities’ A sharp rise in homelessness since David Cameron came to power has been driven by even steeper increases in people from ethnic minorities with nowhere to live. Official data shows that the number of those people classified as “black and minority ethnic” (BAME) accepted as homeless by councils has risen by 63 per cent since 2010 – around twice as high as the 33 per cent increase across all ethnic groups. In total 19,260 people from ethnic minorities were declared homeless by local authorities in 2015 – up from 11,790 in 2010. Labour, which produced the analysis, said the figures were being driven by welfare cuts and a lack of affordable housing exacerbated by the government policy.

Some areas of the country, notably the capital, are facing an acute housing shortage - while changes to housing benefit have put more homes out of reach of people on low incomes. In December the Independent reported a warning from social housing providers that the Government's new Universal Credit scheme was throwing 90 per cent of social tenants into rent arrears thanks to a deliberate waiting period before a benefits claim comes through. Failure on housing have resulted in the number of people sleeping rough on our streets doubling and thousands more people finding themselves without a home. For every person behind these figures there are personal stories of hardship, families falling apart and children growing up without a stable home.

Mobile Phone Usage Whilst Driving ‘Far From Being Stamped Out’ Almost two-thirds (64%) of motorists witnessed at least one driver using their phone illegally during their last hour on the road, according to a survey. Some 6% of the 2,120 people polled reported seeing between five and seven drivers breaking the law, while only 26% did not see any wrongdoing. A spokesman for the RAC, which commissioned the research, said: "Thirteen years after the introduction of the current law forbidding use of a hand-held phone at the wheel of a vehicle, this behaviour is far from being stamped out. "In fact, the results of our research suggests the problem has got worse rather than better. "Using a hand-held phone should be regarded as

being as socially unacceptable as drinking and driving." In 2014 the use of a mobile phone was a contributing factor in 21 fatal accidents and 84 which were classed as serious, according to Department for Transport (DfT) statistics for Britain. The Government is currently examining responses to a consultation held earlier this year which proposed introducing tougher punishments for drivers caught using their phone behind the wheel. Ministers are considering raising penalty points for those caught from three to four, while fines could rise 50% to £150. Drivers can be banned from the road if they receive 12 points within three years.

Hormone Can Stem Type 1 Diabetes Blocking a hormone that raises sugar levels in the blood may increase insulin levels while keeping blood sugar levels down, thus treating Type 1 diabetes, says a study. The findings showed that using insulin therapy and blocking “glucagon” hormone as a combined treatment could, in some cases, provide a more effective and safer way to maintain a healthy balance and avoid the peaks and troughs of blood sugar levels. “Inhibiting the hormone ‘glucagon’ has recently been explored as an alternative or

supplement to insulin injection, but it has limitations,” said lead the study author from University of Geneva in Switzerland. “Our research reveals why the body needs to have some residual insulin production in order for a treatment blocking glucagon to work,” he added. In patients with Type 1 diabetes, blocking “glucagon”, in addition to insulin replacement, could help keep blood sugar levels in check. It could also result in some glucagon-producing alpha cells converting into beta cells and producing more insulin.

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Council Considers Housing Options For Wider Page Hall Area The safety and quality of private rented homes, and how they are managed, are being looked at in an area around Page Hall in north-east Sheffield. The council is writing to each property in the area to tell landlords and residents they will be collecting information about homes, how many are rented, who the landlords are and any issues. This follows housing improvements made in the central Page Hall area after the introduction of a selective licensing scheme two years ago. Landlords are legally obliged to comply with this. But a voluntary scheme in the surrounding area has not been widely taken up. Janet Sharpe, Director of Housing and Neighbourhoods at Sheffield City Council, said: “Selective licensing has been very effective with almost 96% of eligible properties now licensed in the central Page Hall area. Homes have been

made safer and we are working with landlords to secure other improvements and ensure tenancies are managed responsibly. “We introduced the voluntary scheme in the surrounding area because landlords said they wanted to work with us on a voluntary basis. We’re disappointed that only a few have signed up to the scheme so we’re looking again at the area and issues to see whether further action is needed.” The voluntary registration scheme covers the area around Page Hall and Fir Vale, with around 520 privately rented homes. Landlords are encouraged to get in touch with the Council’s Private Housing Standards service or by calling 0114 273 4680. Landlords, tenants and residents will be consulted on any potential housing options considered for the area.

Nether Edge Councillors ‘We are here to help’ Nether Edge Councillors Monthly Surgery: 1st Saturday of the month Dalton Court Community Centre S8 0YU 11am - 12pm No need to book

Councillor Nasima Akhter 07872476638

Councillor Mohammad Maroof 07790017298

Councillor Nikki Bond 07971961803







Minister Scraps Leaked Spelling Test

Measles Cases Are On The Rise More parents are being urged to get their children vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). Public Health England (PHE) is calling on parents to help it reach the World Health Organisations (WHO) target that 95 per cent of two-year-olds should have the vaccination. The call to get vaccinated coincided with European Immunisation Week, which is run by the WHO with the theme to “close the immunisation gap”. It also coincides with an increase in measles cases currently being seen in England. PHE said that vaccine uptake rates in England are currently among the highest in Europe, but an increase is still needed to reach the target nationally. The measles immunisation gap in England equates to approximately 24,000 children in England every year (2,000 a month) who are who remain susceptible to the diseases the vacnot currently receiving MMR vaccination at the cine protects against. scheduled time (from 12 months of age) and Measles is a highly infectious viral illness that can be very unpleasant and sometimes lead to serious complications. It’s now less common in the UK because of the effective MMR vaccination programme. Dr Mary Ramsay, head of immunisation at PHE said: “We’re asking parents, young people and healthcare professionals to help us eradicate measles in this country. This is an opportunity to consign measles to the history books. The cases we are seeing currently in England are mainly in adolescents and young adults and it’s never too late for them to have the vaccine.”

A spelling test due to be taken by tens of thousands of primary school children has been ditched after it was accidentally published. The Key Stage 1 grammar, punctuation and spelling test was scrapped by schools minister Nick Gibb amid fierce criticism from unions and teachers. Mr Gibb said the incident was “clearly regrettable” and that this year’s pupils would not have to sit the spelling test. He added: “To remove any uncertainty and clarify the situation for schools, I have decided that we will remove the requirement on them to administer the Key Stage 1 grammar, punctuation and spelling test for this year only.” About 500,000 Year 2 pupils were due to take

the test as part of their Sats assessment this month. It was accidentally uploaded as a sample on the Department for Education website and the blunder was only noticed when a teacher conducting a trial of the exam noticed one pupil appeared to know all the answers. It prompted a fierce backlash against assessment in primary schools. The Standards and Testing Agency said it has launched an urgent investigation into the incident. Chief executive Jennifer Coupland said: “We believe this issue has arisen as a result of human error by a member of staff within the agency and a failure to follow appropriate clearance processes.”

Sheffield MP Ends Benefits Delay For Thousands Of Terminally Ill Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield’s change to benefit rules, helping thousands of terminally ill people, came into effect last month. A loophole in benefit rules has meant that some terminally ill claimants entitled to extra financial support have been waiting up to eight weeks before receiving it. After pressure from Mr Blomfield, the Government changed the law so that terminally ill claimants will get the extra support immediately. The change was included in the Government’s Budget and will affect about 4,000 people across the country. The hardship being caused by the rules was raised with Mr Blomfield by Sheffield Citizens Advice, which has supported a number of termi-

nally ill benefit claimants who lost out on extra support. Paul Blomfield said: “Starting today there will be a little more humanity in the benefits system for people in their final days. It will mean so much to the people affected. It could be the difference between being able to afford to travel to see a loved one for the last time or the peace of mind of settling household bills. I’d like to thank Sheffield Citizens Advice for raising this issue on behalf of terminally ill people.” Frances Potter, Head of Service Delivery at Sheffield Citizens Advice & Law Centre said: “Today’s rule change will help people in their final weeks receive the cash they need in time to remain as independent as possible, get their affairs in order and reach out to family and friends. It’s great to see our campaign has been understood and acted on.”

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BUYING A HOUSE Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant Mark Jenkinson & Son

WHAT PRICE PEACE OF MIND A GUIDE TO RESIDENTIAL SURVEYS AND VALUATIONS This month I am going to concentrate on the technical side of surveying, and in particular, residential surveys and valuations. Most readers will resonate with this, as most of you will have either bought or sold a house. In many people's minds there are a lot of misconceptions about the reasons for a residential survey and valuation, with many buyers either not understanding or not bothering with a survey. The misconceptions are: “A survey is like a guarantee.” “A survey is purely a way to find reason to reduce the house price.” “A survey enables the surveyor to find trivial problems for a big fee.” “If I've got my mortgage arranged I don't need a survey.” All these statements are wrong. A Homebuyer's Report or a building condition report is provided to minimise the chances of a buyer finding unpleasant surprises if defects in property come to light after purchase. A report will provide peace of mind. There are many defects which an untrained person may not spot. But there are common defects which are very expensive to rectify – such as dry rot, wet rot, damp, structural problems. There are times when you hear of horror stories where people have bought

properties and have been burdened with substantial bills for prob- petent in the property market and would an opinion on value for lems they did not expect. Therefore, money spent on a survey is a peace of mind. good investment because a house purchase would be one of bigThere are many other types of valuations which not many people gest transactions in your life. will have had cause to come across. These are: The survey should be carried out by a chartered surveyor with exi) acquisition valuations pertise in residential property. Just as a side note, it takes 5-6 years ii) probate valuations to qualify as a chartered surveyor, and many years of experience to iii) matrimonial/partnership proceedings be regarded as an expert. iv) taxation v) Charities Act Now moving on to the types of residential surveys and valuations vi) sales by auction and tender you can commission. vii) compulsory purchase valuations viii) valuations for bank purposes RICS Homebuyers Report A survey concentrating on urgent and significant items, providing a concise report including an overall opinion and valuation, suitable Clearly this is not an exhaustive list and there are other types of for standard construction properties. This is arguably the most valuations. common survey that is commissioned. The question you need to ask is, is it worth spending anything between £50,000 to £1,000,000 and not getting a survey for a fee of Building Survey This is a more detailed survey and report format, including com- between £500 - £2,500. Most people would agree that this is a ments on construction, repair and maintenance which includes a no-brainer but the reality is that many people do not have a survey photographic appendix and valuation if required. This survey is carried out which can lead to major problems in the future. Good suitable for most ages and type of property and can take up to a advice would be to have a survey carried out. day to carry out, so it is very comprehensive. This is only a short guide. For further advice please contact a chartered surveyor. Pre-sale Report A limited inspection and report, to highlight issues likely to be raised on a prospective purchasers mortgage valuation inspection, In future articles I will talk about other types of surveys and valuations, to include development appraisals, rent reviews and lease to enable these to be addressed if appropriate. renewal, investment appraisals and many more. Valuation Report This is a limited report which will give you a value but it is unlikely As ever, if you want to contact me please call me on 0114 to comment any further. This is suitable for people who are com- 2760151/0787 901 5095 or through ILM.

175 Nations Ink Climate Pact

Representatives from 175 countries met last month at the UN to sign the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and made clear the urgency of taking action to stop global warming. In order for the accord to take effect, at least 55 countries responsible for 55 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions must complete the ratification process. So far at least 15 countries, mostly small island states, have already done so. The two countries leading the world in emissions of greenhouse gases, the US and China, committed themselves on Friday to complete the ratification process this year. The speeches by world leaders highlighted their sense of urgency about the need to stop global warming and go beyond the commitments of the Paris Agreement. “Record global temperatures. Record ice loss. Record carbon levels in the atmosphere. We are in a race against time,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said. “Today is a day for our children and grandchildren and all generations to come. Together, let us turn the aspirations of Paris into action. As you show by the very act of signing

today, the power to build a better world is in your hands,” Ban said. France was given the honour to sign the pact first, in recognisation of its hosting of the UN climate change conference in Paris in December 2015, which gave birth to the pact after nearly two weeks of tough negotiations. The more than 60 leaders and hundreds of national representatives meeting in the chamber of the General Assembly listened to a strong speech by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, a UN Messenger of Peace on the subject of climate change. “This is the only body that can do what is needed. You, sitting in this very hall. The world is now watching. You will either be lauded by future generations, or vilified by them,” he said. Many leaders underscored the need to go far beyond what was established by the Paris Agreement, which among other measures set a worldwide commitment to keep the world’s average temperature increase well below the two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5 degrees Celsius. However, there remain quite a few obstacles for the achievement of this ambitious goal, particularly the divergence between developed and developing countries over thorny issues like funding, responsibility and technology transfer. Scientists said the monthly global temperature record has kept being broken over the past 11 months, and that 2015 has become the planet’s warmest year since the late 19th century.

PROSTATE AWARENESS ‘DANGEROUSLY LOW’ IN BRITISH MEN British men are dangerously ignorant of the prostate gland, according to a men's health charity. The gland is crucial as it helps produce semen and is involved in ejaculation but it is also the leading cause of cancer in men, with 40,000 diagnosed each year, Prostate Cancer UK says. A survey by the charity showed nearly one in five men did not even know they had a prostate and men were "blind" to the risk of cancer. Nearly 11,000 men die from prostate cancer each year. The gland, which is about the size of a walnut, sits below the bladder and in front of the rectum. It produces the fluid that nourishes sperm. The survey of 1,900 men found: 92% were clueless about the gland's role 54% did not know where it was 17% did not know they had a prostate It can have few symptoms in the early stages, and because of its location most symptoms are linked to urination: needing to urinate more often, especially at night needing to run to the toilet difficulty in starting to urinate weak urine flow or taking a long time while urinating feeling your bladder has not emptied fully Prostate Cancer UK said "Men are very ignorant about prostate cancer and it's dangerous because it is actually the most common cancer in men. A man in his 30s with none of the risk factors shouldn't be overly worried - but for men at higher risk, they should have a conversation with their GP or one of our specialist nurses. "If they have a family history, are black [black men are twice as likely to develop prostate cancer as the overall population] or are over 50, then, generally, they should be thinking about having a conversation. "As a country, we need to wake up and stop men dying needlessly. Ignoring prostate cancer won't beat it - only fighting it will."

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Restaurants Advised To Give Children Tap Water Restaurants should offer free tap water to families eating out rather than waiting for customers to ask for it, says a body representing councils in England and Wales. They say this would offer a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. Councils, which have responsibility for public health, want restaurants to do their bit to tackle childhood obesity. All licensed premises have to provide free tap water in England, Wales and Scotland - but not Northern Ireland. Yet one in five people are not aware of the rules, says the Local Government Association. And a survey found that 15% of people who usually drink tap water at home never think of asking for water in cafes and restaurants. While most restaurants will happily provide a glass of tap water on request, we're saying it shouldn't be something you have to ask for. Some people may be too embarrassed or find it awkward to ask for tap water. Others may sim-

ply forget it's an option. Water brings important health benefits and keeps people hydrated. For children it's an alternative to a sugary drink, while for adults it might dissuade them from ordering another alcoholic drink. The LGA has previously called for tap water to be made more available in schools, nurseries and children's centres. It wants the government to introduce initiatives to encourage children to drink more water as part of its childhood obesity strategy, which has been delayed and will probably not be published until the summer. The Chancellor, George Osborne, recently announced a new sugar tax on the soft drinks industry to help tackle childhood obesity. It will be introduced in 2018. One in 10 children in England is obese at the start of primary school and that rises to one in five by the age of 11.

‘Hidden Poverty’ Thousands of families turn to charity for basics such as beds and clothes. Northern cities are home to the highest numbers of vulnerable children and families but southern and coastal areas are facing “hidden” poverty, analysis shows. The cities in the North of England, Midlands and Scotland which have the highest numbers of families in crisis - defined as being on a very low income and dealing with complex social issues - include Sheffield, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and Bradford, according to an analysis of 10 years of applications to the grant-giving charity Buttle UK. Lone parents account for nearly

two thirds of crisis cases (63%) and almost half of families who apply (44%) lack basic material needs such as beds, washing machines, cookers, fridge freezers and children’s clothing. The report also identifies five “main drivers of family crisis” - parental problems with physical or mental health, learning difficulties or an inability to cope (56% of grants), children with health or development issues (17%), young people facing estrangement or isolation (15%), children with behavioural or emotional problems (7%) and abuse or neglect (5%).

Good News For Young People In Nether Edge And Sharrow

Cllr Nasima Akhter

Probe Finds Contamination In KFC Drinks Fast food chain KFC launched an investigation after a BBC researcher was served ice with bacteria from faeces on it. The discovery was made at the KFC branch in Birmingham's Martineau Place by researchers from BBC One's Rip Off Britain show. They were looking into food hygiene standards at several big name takeaways and coffee shops. Most of the samples turned up low and harmless levels of bacteria, they said. On examination, scientists found high levels of bacteria in the ice. The presence of faecal coliform suggests that there's faecal contamination

either on the water that made the ice, or the ice itself, and so it increases the risk of getting sick from consuming such ice. In a statement KFC told the programme that it was "extremely disappointed" by the ice test results adding that it had "immediately launched an investigation". KFC also said they were undertaking "a retraining programme with all team members on our standards for touch point cleaning and procedures". The restaurant chain added that it takes "food safety and hygiene extremely seriously".

Since the coalition government between Tory and -Lib-DEM's, we have seen growing inequality and injustice for young people. Nether Edge and Sharrow Labour Party are pleased that in our area it will be different. We value our young people as they are our future. In March 2016 a grant was approved by Sheffield City Council to provide budgets for a number of projects for the youth. An independent organisation PET-XI has been commissioned to deliver 2 fantastic tailored projects for our Children. Homework Club – 15 sessions once a week (From September 2016) Target Group (12 – 15 years old) Week 1 - Math Week 2 - English Week 3 - Math Week 4 – English Helping young people in to employment/ Apprenticeship / Career Advise– 15 session once a

week (Designed for 16-20 years old) This would include: -Team building, E&D, CV Building, Nutrition and healthy lifestyle, Money management and budgeting, problem solving, Communication, Customer service, Behaviours and image, Interview techniques, Job search and applications, Job search and application And for all ages and all the community there will be a Nether Edge and Sharrow Carnival. 10 workshops will be held with a final event in November. This as a community carnival and children’s workshops will create the fancy dresses and Lantern making. Also includes cultural and creative activities that will aim to engage local people. The workshops will be starting mid September, so there is momentum and excitement about the event for November. For information please contact Gary Drake ;

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Drivers More Aggressive Behind The Wheel Than Face To Face More than half of drivers act more aggressively behind the wheel than they do elsewhere, according to new research. Nearly a third admit to swearing at strangers while in their car and more than a quarter shout at others while driving. However, one in eight would do so face to face. A third have beeped their horn aggressively and one in ten deliberately tailgated another vehicle. Psychologists have known for years that cornered animals behave aggressively and being trapped in a metal box in heavy traffic can change even the most mild-mannered of drivers. The findings come from a survey of more than

ON THE GO During her reign, the Queen has travelled more than 1 million miles on official trips, visiting 106 of the 193 current official members of the United Nations.

2,000 drivers by Churchill Car Insurance. Excuses for driving aggression included the belief that the other person probably could not hear them and feeling protected inside their car, the report found. Psychologists say the key to avoiding aggression was not to over-react. "If we became angry at every perceived injustice that occurred to us on the road we would damage our mental and physical health and probably end up in an accident.“ The only way to make driving safe and more tolerable on our congested roads is to show each other patience and consideration.

Every Diesel Car Breaks Pollution Limits All diesel cars tested after the Volkswagen emissions scandal exceed laboratory pollution limits in real-world conditions, a study shows. None of the 37 top-selling vehicles met the legal nitrogen oxide level of 180mg/km when observed out on the road, the Department for Transport report revealed. The measurements were all “substantially higher” than those recorded in the laboratory, according to the research. The worst performer was the Vauxhall Insignia, which emitted more than 1,800 mg/km. The £1 million investigation found no evidence that car manufacturers other than Volkswagen

fitting devices to cheat emissions tests. But it did reveal the widespread use of systems to prevent engine damage, which can also lead to higher emissions in the real-world when the temperature is lower than during the approved laboratory test. Even the best performer, the Citroen C4, was found to emit around three times the legal laboratory level. Real-world emissions tests will be introduced next year although diesel cars will be allowed to pollute more than double the legal level because of problems reducing emissions in the short-term.

Overweight And Smokers Are Becoming Soft Targets For NHS Overweight patients and smokers are becoming soft targets for NHS savings, the Royal College of Surgeons has warned. Their health is suffering as more than a third of clinical commissioning groups are denying or delaying routine surgery to patients until they lose weight or stop smoking. The practice, which affects common procedures such as hip and knee replacements, contravenes national clinical guidance, the RCS says. “While it is difficult to categorically prove such policies are aimed at saving money, it is unlikely to be a coincidence that many financially challenged CCGs are restricting access to surgery.” “Our worry is that smokers and overweight patients are becoming soft targets for NHS savings” RCS say.

According to the College, 34% of the 200 health bodies that took part in the Freedom of Information survey had policies restricting access to surgery by body mass index or smoking status. More than a fifth set mandatory weight limits on patients who can be referred for hip or knee replacements - nearly double the number who imposed restrictions in 2014. NHS surgical treatment should be based on clinical guidance and patients should be dealt with on a case by case basis. In some cases patients might need surgery in order to help them to do exercise and lose weight. There is no clinical, or value for money, justification for refusing to fund hip or knee replacements based on BMI or smoker status.

Adele Named Britain’s Richest Ever Woman Musician With £85M Fortune Adele has been named Britain’s richest ever female musician - but is one of only three solo women to make it onto a new list of the top 50 wealthiest pop stars in the British Isles. The Hello singer is estimated to be worth £85 million, £35 million up from a year ago, putting her in 30th place on the Music Millionaires Top 50 list from The Sunday Times. She is also ranked at the top of the Young Music Rich List of performers aged 30 and under this year. Men dominate the list, and members of male bands by and large. Adele is the exception. No woman has been increasing her wealth like Adele - she’s even outstripping young male performers. Enya is still Ireland’s wealthiest female performer with a fortune of £91 million, earning her the 28th spot, while Australian singer Kylie Minogue is worth £55 million and at position number 42. Minogue is tied alongside Coldplay’s Guy Berry-

man, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion, and The Rolling Stones’s Ronnie Wood. Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell top the list once again, with a joint fortune of £760 million, which is up £30 million from last year. Irish rockers U2 share a worth of £500 million landing them in third position, with Sir Elton ranked fourth with his fortune of £280 million. The Rolling Stones Sir Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood - have a combined fortune of £630 million, making them the wealthiest band in Britain and Ireland.

Death of the PC? Smartphones and tablets are starting to replace they have used before. The trend, which is parPCs and laptops, new figures suggest. They are ticularly prominent in over-25s, “points to a narnow the only devices used by one in six people to rowing use of the internet”, Ofcom concluded. go online, according to an Ofcom study. The figure is almost treble of that recorded last year. Seven in ten of us now have a smartphone, which is the most popular way to access social media, while mobile phones have overtaken the TV set as the device people would miss most. Ofcom also found that half of adults who use search engines do not realise that the top items on many results pages are adverts or sponsored links. it indicated “there is a need for people to be more aware or savvy about the content they are accessing online”, the report said, There has also been a one in ten increase in the proportion of internet users who say they only use websites or apps that

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Devotion To Humanity Deserves The Nobel Prize

ILM NEWS POEM Poet: Shaheryar A. Chishty

The Miraculous Night Journey Miraj un Nabi

The humble Abdul Sattar Edhi has served as a beacon of hope for millions in the country over the last many decades. His is the name that brings the highest level of pride to one when discussing heroic Pakistani figures. Mr Edhi has suffered through uncertain health in recent times, which has saddened the nation and Pakistanis stand united in praying for his health. The nation also hopes that Mr Edhi, a true national treasure, will also be honoured for his selfless dedication to humanitarian causes by being awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize, an honour that he should have been bestowed with a long time ago. However, the humility of the man hailing from a small village in Bantva, Gujarat, is so immense that he would respond to such wishes by saying that he is a human first and serving mankind is simply the purpose of his life. Mr Edhi has said in the past that he does not need any award for his work and that he has received enough in the way of contentment and life satisfaction. In a coun-

try where greed, connivance, selfishness and the ‘survival of the fittest’ are often seen in practice, Mr Edhi’s work counters this stereotype. Pakistanis from every background will have only praises to sing of the man as his work exceeds any manmade divisions such as nationality and class. Whether it is his orphanages, world-class ambulance service, homes for the elderly, shelters for various vulnerable groups or clinics, Mr Edhi and his crew have come to citizens’ rescue regardless of their religious, cultural or ethnic affiliations. Mr Edhi deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for his devotion to humanity — spanning six decades — unmatched by any other Pakistani and few individuals worldwide. For Pakistanis, he ranks among the world’s greatest heroes, such as Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi. Indubitably, it would be the biggest regret for Pakistanis and all those who have any knowledge of Mr Edhi’s feats, if he does not win the Nobel Prize, which he so richly deserves.

New Project To Tame Major Diseases Britain is undertaking the world’s largest health imaging study with the launch of the biggest ever collection of scans of internal human organs. The $61 million project will transform the way scientists study a wide range of diseases, including dementia, arthritis, cancer, heart attacks and strokes, said Britain’s Medical Research Council (MRC). The project is being funded by the MRC, the Welcome Trust and the British Heart Foundation. It will involve imaging the brain, heart, bones, carotid arteries and abdominal fat of 100,000 current participants of UK Biobank, a project set up in 2006 by the MRC and Welcome Trust to create a research resource of half a million people across Britain to improve health. A spokesman for MRC said the multi-organ scans would be analysed alongside the vast data already collected from UK Biobank participants. This extra layer of data, for all health scientists to access, will give new perspectives on the best

way to prevent and treat multi-faceted conditions. It will also spark novel ways to analyse and interpret scans, with potential benefits for research as well as for the investigation of patients in the future. This imaging will help understand risk factors that could prevent future diseases, just as the discovery of smoking and the link to cancer has changed the entire prevalence of that disease. The MRC said this large-scale study would improve researchers’ understanding of what happens in the brain before dementia, stroke and other neurological disorders are diagnosed. It could result in the development of new treatments or preventative measures. For the last 10 years, UK Biobank has gathered huge quantities of data on its 500,000 participants including their lifestyle, weight, height, diet, physical activity and cognitive function as well as genetic data from blood samples.

The Benefactor for the worlds The most distinguished and illustrious Muhammad “Noor un ala- Noor” Oh crown and glory of the universe The most sublime Oh eminent one God sends prayers and peace Always and forever Engaged in “salaat” Immersed in love Prostrating down to the almighty above The fragrant night, waited courteously for the prophet to take rest Secretly, ALLAH had put the sky to the test A volcano of light erupted with millions of glistening flecks Angel Jibraeel had forwarded a message from ALLAH The Prophet were to embark on a trek Rasool Allah mounted the prodigious “buraaq” A beautiful “buraaq” with flapping white wings, like a thousand diamonds dazzling awaiting for the king The Prophet flew to masjid Al-Aqsa He led the prayer with an awe inspiring power The Prophet led the Immamat with blessings that would shower Advancing towards the holy sky reaching for the divine Ascending through the majestic clouds To the throne that radiates and shines. Two blazing lights of intense white An intoxicating union of an immortal light

Population Of India Is Growing According to UN estimates, India will become the most populous country in the world - overtaking China - in just 14 years' time, when it will have about 1.45 billion inhabitants.

Life Expectancy Falls Deaths in England and Wales hit a 12-year high last year, triggering a drop in life expectancy for men and women. There was a surge in deaths between 2014 and 2015, with flu claiming the lives of more people aged 75 and over. than usual. As a result, life expectancy fell by 0.2 years for men, down to 79.3 years, and 0.3 years for women, down to 82.9 years. Dr Richard Pebody, head of flu surveillance for Public Health England, said: "Winter 2014/15 was unusual because the circulating flu strain also drifted, making the vaccine 34% effective, lower than the typical 50% we had seen in recent previous years.“ An outbreak of flu can have a big impact, especially on those who are most vulnerable or experiencing other illnesses, such as dementia.

Across England and Wales, there was a rise of 28,189 deaths in 2015, up from 501,424 deaths in 2014 to 529,613 in 2015. This is the highest number since 2003 and the highest percentage increase since 1967 to 1968. The vast majority of the extra deaths in 2015 were registered in the first three months of the year. There were 24,065 more deaths in the first three months of 2015 compared with the same period in 2014, with 11,865 of these extra deaths registered in January alone, when flu was circulating at its highest levels. These findings serve as a stark reminder of the need for good community care to support the most vulnerable.

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Is £50m Enough To Tackle Potholes? Councils ‘need 230 times more than the £50m pledged to tackle potholes’ Councils claim they need 230 times the £50m pledged by ministers to fix potholes across England. The Department for Transport said the cash would pay for one million potholes to be fixed in England over the next year. While the Local Government Association (LGA) welcomed the announcement, it claimed councils would only be able to “patch up” inadequate roads not resurface them. While £50m is a step in the right direction, councils need more than 230 times that amount to cover the £11.8bn cost to bring our roads up to scratch. The South West is getting the most money at £8.4m, while the North East is receiving the least at £3m. Breakdown organisations and the Road Haulage As-

sociation welcomed the extra cash but agreed it was not enough - with the AA calling it “a drop in the ocean”. Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said the £50m was part of an “unprecedented investment” of £6.1bn for local roads over the next five years.

Early To Bed, Early To Rise We’re all familiar with the old proverb "Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". But since the advent of electricity, the amount of sleep we are getting has been in steady decline. We spend nearly a third of our lives asleep but how much sleep an individual takes and actually needs can vary greatly. Da Vinci, Edison, Napoleon and Margaret Thatcher all survived on less than four hours a night but many of us aren't getting enough shut-eye to function properly. Sleep is our body’s way of maintaining important cognitive skills such as speech, memory and thinking. While asleep you move through a series of sleep phases lasting 90-120 mins. Each cycle consists of light sleep, deep sleep and a dream state known as REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) which allow our brains to digest and process information.

A shift in cultural attitudes, coupled with an ondemand 24/7 lifestyle and technology at our fingertips has changed the way we view sleep. It's now seen as something we can do without and skipping it has become the norm. The problem is sleep isn't optional, it's a crucial biological function, and more than 28 million people in Britain are believed to be sleep deprived. In many cultures an afternoon nap or siesta is a way of life and the health benefits are impressive with increased stamina, reduced heart disease, improved mental ability and better moods. Studies have shown that a one hour nap can actually improve our mental alertness by up to 10 hours. So the next time you're being chastised for nodding off, remember this – some of the world's greatest minds have been advocates of the power nap – including Leonardo da Vinci who is said to have taken a 20 minute nap every four hours. Lots of mammals sleep irregularly throughout the day too, it's just us humans that choose to sleep in large chunks throughout the night. We're actually pre-programmed to sleep twice a day with our perfect nap zones around 2am and 2pm which explains why we're often tired after lunch, especially after eating carbohydrates which contain tryptophan that can make us drowsy. So, getting closer to eight hours of sleep a night can make a huge difference to your health in just a few days and potentially be even more beneficial than hitting the gym. Remember, if you're feeling sleepy during the day it's your body's way of telling you that you need more sleep.

Mobile Phone Roaming Charges Cut Within EU UK consumers using their mobile phones in Europe will see reductions in their bills from 30th April. Further caps are coming into effect on roaming - or connection - charges within all 28 countries of the European Union (EU). From June next year, roaming charges in the EU will be abolished completely. The government said that those making calls, downloading data or texting would save millions of pounds in charges following the latest changes. "Roughly a million Brits stay the night in Europe every day, and they spend around £350m a year on roaming charges," said Ed Vaizey, the minister for the digital economy. "So by realising these changes, we're going to save British consumers millions of pounds a year." Consumers pay roaming charges whenever they connect to an operator based abroad. The charges are in addition to the cost of the call itself, and for short calls they can make up a large proportion of the overall fee. The biggest reductions will be for people downloading data - such as emails, pictures or social media - where the roaming charge will be cut by about 75%. Charges for outgoing phone calls will be cut by a similar amount. The charge for texting will be reduced by about 66%.

So whereas those making a phone call in Europe would previously have paid roughly 16.5p to get connected, they will now pay just 4p. Data downloads, which previously cost a maximum of 17.4p, will also now cost 4p. When the call charges themselves are taken into consideration, the government says the average total cost of a phone call should fall by more than half. Not all customers will see a reduction, however, as some operators include roaming charges within special packages. O2 said most of its customers would see immediate reductions, while EE said the majority of its customers would not be affected. Three already provides free roaming for most of its customers in a limited number of countries. Images The controls on charges are being introduced under an EU regulation - not a directive - which means they have not been specifically incorporated into UK law. So if the UK voted to leave the EU, it could decide whether it wanted to keep them or not. The Vote Leave campaign said the UK would be able to retain the price caps if it wanted to. "These charges are being abolished across Europe and abroad. There is no evidence to suggest that they will go up if we vote leave," said Vote Leave.

EU roaming charges from 30 April 2016 Service

Previous maximum charge (approx)

New maximum charge (approx)

Outgoing phone calls Incoming call Data download Text

16.5p 4p 17.4p 5p

4p 1p 4p 2p

source: EE/Vodafone/ O2


0786 0624786

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Sharif’s Summer Of Discontent It is quite evident that Nawaz Sharif is not willing to give in to the opposition pressure. He has already addressed the nation twice since the Panama Papers leak. To many, it is reminiscent of his embattled days in the twilight of his first term in office in 1993. The parallel may not be fully relevant here, but what is common is the desperate situation in which the prime minister has landed himself. Sharif has never been a great communicator. But his speech last week betrayed a perceptible sense of despair as he struggled to defend himself and his family against the allegation of graft. It is not merely an issue of being implicated in a scandal. The charges against the prime minister have come when he already has enough problems — each one more difficult to resolve than the other. It now appears that he is fighting a desperate battle in the face of growing political opposition. Apparently conceding to the opposition’s demand, Sharif has now called upon the chief justice to appoint a judicial commission to investigate the allegations of corruption. He says he is willing to step down if any wrongdoing is proved against him.

It sounds quite rational: a sitting prime minister presenting himself before a court of inquiry for the first time in the country’s history. But that gracious offer has failed to calm a vociferous opposition. There is still no clarity about the scope of the investigation to be undertaken by the judicial commission that is yet to be formed. It seems that the commission will not be only probing the Panama Papers leak but all the corruption charges spanning over the past several decades. That takes away the focus from the Panamagate scandal which directly involves the Sharif family. Moreover, it is not certain that the chief justice would respond positively to the prime minister’s request given his earlier refusal to get the Supreme Court involved in the graft investigation. Besides, the commission has already become controversial even before it has been formed, thereby making it more difficult for the chief justice to reverse his previous decision. There is no indication yet of the government agreeing to the opposition demand for framing mutually acceptable Terms of Reference (ToR) for the commission. This stand-off seems to have worsened with Imran Khan threatening to take to the streets. Meanwhile, Sharif has also decided to go to the masses to counter the opposition, making the situation more precarious. It is certainly the biggest challenge Sharif has faced in his third term in office. The situation is far more serious than it was during the 2014 Imran-Qadri dharna. This time he and his family are directly implicated in the scandal with not much to defend himself with against the allegations of ill-gotten foreign wealth. He is on a sticky wicket with his moral authority at its lowest. What could still save him though is his overwhelming majority in parliament. Furthermore, though the PPP and the PTI appear to be united on the demand for limiting the scope of the proposed judicial commission to the investigation of the Panama Papers scandal and the sources of Sharif’s foreign wealth, the PPP is not willing to take to the streets. That effectively leaves the PTI alone in the field to challenge Sharif. For sure, the PTI’s mass support base has remained intact despite the setback the party had received during the prolonged dharna and as a

result of its policy of perpetual agitation. Its impressive show of strength in Islamabad last week on the 20th anniversary of the party’s founding has proved detractors wrong. But can the party on its own bring out enough people to put the government under pressure? That is not a certainty. A major challenge for the prime minister is how to deal with the situation if the stalemate over the formation of the judicial commission and its mandate persists. Sharif’s own moral and legal legitimacy is at stake if the Panamagate scandal remains unresolved. Another factor adding to Sharif’s worries is the role of the military in the current scenario. It is quite obvious that the generals will not sit on the fence watching the political crisis affecting governance. The unprecedented statement by the army chief calling for “across-the-board accountability” is quite ominous. Many analysts see it as a warning to the government. It is quite interesting that the names of some senior army officers sacked on corruption charges through an internal inquiry surfaced soon after Gen Raheel Sharif’s accountability statement. Such actions are routine in the military, but they are never made public. Though the news was not officially released by the ISPR, it is quite obvious that the leak was a deliberate move to claim the high moral ground. Widespread media coverage of the action was meant to boost the image of the army and add pressure on the government for a conclusive investigation into the Panama Papers. The Panamagate scandal has changed the entire political dynamics in the country. Until the leaks, the balance of power seemed to have tilted more towards the civilian government though the military continued to maintain an upper hand in internal security matters. But with the credibility and legitimacy of the government in question, the situation allows the military greater space. With both Sharif and the PTI taking their battle to the streets, there is little hope of the political crisis being defused very soon. It is déjà vu all over again for Sharif who lost power twice in the past halfway through his terms as a result of confrontation between the various centres of power. The situation may be heading towards the same end if the political parties fail to reach an agreement on an impartial and transparent investigation into the scandal. A prolonged political stand-off may irreversibly damage the democratic process in the country. A leadership tainted by allegations of corruption cannot protect the system. Can Sharif survive this summer of discontent? The situation does not augur well for the third-time prime minister. Zahid Hussain Dawn News

Pilgrims Warned Over Scams Linked To Hajj

Police forces across the country have launched a campaign to tackle fraud related to Hajj. Around 25,000 British Muslims make the pilgrimage to Makkah in Saudi Arabia each year and many will book their travel arrangements over the coming months. Action Fraud - the UK's fraud reporting centre was informed about 49 cases of Hajj fraud from April 2015 to last month. The average loss was over £2,600 and hotspots for offending were London, Birmingham, Manchester and Blackburn. But detectives believe the extent of the problem is much worse than the reported cases. Law enforcement and figures within the Muslim community remain convinced these numbers represent just the tip of the iceberg, with many victims feeling too embarrassed, ashamed or frightened to report what has happened to them. To try and break down remaining barriers, 16 police forces will be engaging with their local Muslim communities through meetings and via their own social and digital media channels. The campaign is being supported by the British Council of Hajjis, travel association Abta and Atol, a financial protection scheme from the Civil Aviation Authority. South Yorkshire Police Sergeant Murtaza Awan said: “Our message to people in South Yorkshire planning to perform Hajj later this year is to please do your research before booking anything, and talk to people you know who have already made the pilgrimage, for their advice. “We’ll be distributing advice leaflets around lo-

cal mosques as part of the City of London Police campaign, to help prevent people falling victim to fraudsters. The leaflets are also available in seven languages, just go towww.southyorks. to find these. If you do need any further advice please call us on 101 and we can help.” The best ways to protect yourself and loved ones from Hajj fraudsters is to: - Do your research – don’t book without carrying out some basic check on your travel agency/ tour operator. Go online to see if other people have commented on their services and check the company is a member of ABTA. - If you are booking a flight-based package make sure your travel company is ATOL (Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing) protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. - Get everything in writing and make sure your flight details, accommodation and Hajj visa are valid. - Do not pay the travel company by cash or by direct bank transfer into an individual’s account as if they turn out to be fraudulent it will be virtually impossible to get your money back. Atol's head of compliance, commented: "It is really important that anyone looking to travel to Mecca this September as part of a Hajj pilgrimage looks beyond the price, c hecks that the travel business has Atol protection and ensures they receive an Atol certificate once they pay any money towards their trip."

Voters Go To Polls

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Anything but a win is unthinkable in Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough where a parliamentary by-election is being held to find a replacement for Harry Harpham, who died in February less than a year after being elected its MP. At the general election Mr Harpham won with a majority of 13,807 and secured more than 56% of the votes. The elections will take place in the shadow of the looming referendum on Britain's EU membership which is held just seven weeks later. Deep divisions within the Conservative Party - thrust into the public gaze by Iain Duncan Smith's dramatic resignation - may affect the party's attempts to build on last year's poll-defying general election victory. In London, both Mr Goldsmith and Mr Johnson are pro-Brexit - at odds with Prime Minister David Cameron - while Labour's Mr Khan is in the "remain" camp. May's polls are an opportunity for the Liberal Democrats to show whether they are on the road to electoral recovery after the trauma of being almost wiped out at Westminster in 2015

after five years of coalition government with the Tories. The party, whose growth was built on local representation, has enjoyed some council by-election successes since but is fielding no candidate in nearly one in 10 of the councils holding elections. The Greens' performance will also be under scrutiny after its million-plus votes at the Westminster poll translated only into the retention of its one Commons seat. It will be only the second time the police and crime commissioner elections have taken place. The first time was in November 2012 after the new police commissioner role was created. Those polls were mired in controversy over a low turnout and a lack of information for voters. Two subsequent by-elections have failed to inspire the voting public, recording low turnouts. The PCC election due in Greater Manchester has been cancelled as the commissioner's powers are due to be transferred to a new directly-elected mayor next year. London similarly has no PCC as powers overseeing the Met fall to the mayor.

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Food-Borne Diseases Causing Havoc Worldwide Almost one third (30 per cent) of all deaths from food-borne diseases are in children under the age of five years, despite the fact that they make up only nine per cent of the global population, according to a report of the World Health Organization (WHO). The report estimated the burden of food-borne diseases caused by 31 agents – bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins and chemicals – stated that each year as many as 600 million, or almost one in 10 people in the world, fell ill after consuming contaminated food. Of these, 420,000 people die, including 125,000 children under the age of five years. “Until now, estimates of foodborne diseases were vague and imprecise. This concealed the true human costs of contaminated food. While the burden of food-borne diseases is a public health concern globally, the WHO African and South-East Asia regions have the highest incidence and highest death rates, including among children under the age of five years. “These estimates are the result of a decade of work, including input from more than 100 experts from around the world. They are conservative and more needs to be done to improve the availability of data on the burden of food-borne diseases,” the report added. Diarrheal diseases are responsible for more than half of the global burden of food-borne diseases, causing 550 million people to fall ill and 230,000 deaths every year. Children are at particular risk of food-borne diarrheal diseases, with 220m falling ill and 96,000 dying every year. Other major contributors to the global burden of food-borne diseases are typhoid fever, hepatitis A, taenia solium (a tapeworm), and aflatoxin (produced by mould on grain that is stored inappropriately). Certain diseases, such as those caused by non-typhoidal salmonella, are a public health concern across all regions of the world, in high and low-income countries alike, he added. Other diseases, such as typhoid fever, food-borne cholera, and those caused by pathogenic are much more common in low-income countries, while campylobacter is an important pathogen in high-income countries, he maintained.

The risk of food-borne diseases is most severe in low and middle-income countries, linked to preparing food with unsafe water; poor hygiene and inadequate conditions in food production and storage – lower levels of literacy and education, and insufficient food safety legislation or implementation of such legislation. Food-borne diseases can cause short-term symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea (commonly referred to as food poisoning), but can also cause longer-term illnesses,

Cllr Jackie Drayton 0114 2435388

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Burngreave surgeries are shared between Councillors Jackie Drayton, Ibrar Hussain and Talib Hussain and are held at:such as cancer, kidney or liver failure, brain and neural disorders. These diseases may be more serious in children, pregnant women, and those who are older or have a weakened immune system, he added. Children who survive some of the more serious food-borne diseases might suffer from delayed physical and mental development, impacting their quality of life permanently, the report added. Food safety is a shared responsibility, said WHO. The report’s findings underscored the global threat posed by food-borne diseases and reinforce the need for governments, the food industry and individuals to do more to make food safe and prevent food-borne diseases. It said that there remains a significant need for education and training on the prevention of food-borne diseases among food producers, suppliers, handlers and the general public. WHO is working closely with national governments to help set and implement food safety strategies and policies that will in turn have a positive impact on the safety of food in the global market, it added.

Roses set for Revamp! Good old fashioned Cadbury’s Roses are set for a brand new look. Cadbury’s Chocolate has been a long-selling staple in Birmingham’s confectionary history. But now it seems the traditional chocolatiers are changing up their Roses selection. The new advances see alterations in the shape of two major favourites as well as the introduction of sealed flow-wrappers with easy-tear jagged edges, “in a move to address consumer complaints.” As well as an outer revamp, customer favourites like Hazel in caramel and Coffee Escape have been privy to the make-over treatment The Sweet-treats have been redesigned with smooth contours to ensure they “melt in the mouth easily and result in a longer moment of joy. Cadbury, said: “Holding the chocolate in your mouth and letting it melt slightly before you bite will allow for maximum flavour and the moment of enjoyment will last even longer. “That’s why

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we’ve opted for this new design, as the more rounded and smoother shape fits better to the contours of your mouth, creating a better melt in the mouth experience.” The £3 million makeover unravels the new packaging, which sees the blending of Cadbury’s signature purple with the distinctive sky blue of the Roses Box. Cadbury, recently taken over by American firm Kraft, has assured customers that both pack sizes and recommended retail prices remain the same. Last year, the renowned chocolatiers caused outrage amongst choc-lovers when it replaced traditional wrappers and reduced the tub size for the fourth time in four years. But Cadbury insisted the wrapper makeover addressed complaints that chocolates were likely to fall out of the old fashioned foil-wrapping as well as stronger flavoured treats like Coffee Cream infusing with the other chocolate selections.

• Burngreave Library, Spital Hill 2nd Saturday of the month from 11.00 a.m. -12.00 noon • Pakistan Advice Centre, 127 Page Hall Road 3rd Thursday of the month 2.00-3.00 p.m. There are no surgeries during August. A surgery is also held on 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month (except August) from 10.00 to 11.00 a.m. at Firth Park Advice Centre, 9 Stubbin Lane. (These surgeries are shared on a rota basis with Cllrs, Peter Price, Peter Rippon, Sioned-Mair Richards and Jackie Drayton. Councillors Alan Law and Chris Weldon also share the surgery on the 1st Thursday).

High Tech Facts About Apple And How It Made Technology Cool There are few companies that have changed the world as much as Apple. Started in a garage by a couple friends, it has since grown to be one of the biggest and most influential companies in the world. In terms of total assets, Apple is actually the world’s largest technology company. To paint an even more accurate picture, Apple has more cash in its pocket than the US government. Do you want some more fun facts? There are more than 1 billion Apple gadgets being used around the world right now. Of course, no big company or government is without criticism and Apple has had its fair share. From sweatshops to dubious tax practices, the company’s reputation is nowhere near as clean as its designs. But we won’t go into that too much here. Today we’re going to talk about those sleek, cool, incredible little gizmos and gadgets that Apple has taken over the world with. You’ll soon see why Apple is richer than most countries. So whether you’re a proven Apple maniac or not, get ready to dive into the world of i-this and i-that. These are some high tech facts about Apple and how it made technology cool! In July of 2011, Apple had more

cash in the bank than the US government By using iTunes, you have agreed to not use Apple products to build nuclear weapons Smoking near an Apple computer voids the warranty Employees at Apple Headquarters earn an average of $125,000 per year Every minute, Apple earns $300,000 1983 brought the first iPhone design. It looked more like an iPad with a landline attached. Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne sold his shares for $800. Today they would have been worth $35 billion Apple can't use the iPhone trademark in Brazil because a company called Gradiente Eletronicas registered it in 2000 The iPhone is nearly twice as expensive in Brazil as it is in the US A teenager in China sold his kidney to buy an iPhone Pilots like to use iPads as a replacement to traditional pen and paper Every iPhone ad has the time at 9:41 AM. This is when Steve Jobs unveiled it in 2007 The processor for the iPhone is actually made by Samsung

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Grey Hair Gene Discovered By Scientists Scientists have pinpointed a gene responsible for grey hair - a discovery that could lead to new ways of delaying or preventing this natural sign of ageing, they say in Nature Communications. Hair dyes can cover up greying but gene manipulation may, in future, banish it altogether. The international team collected DNA samples from "a diverse melting pot" of more than 6,000 volunteers of European, Native American and African ancestry. The gene IRF4 regulates a natural hair, skin and eye pigment called melanin. It sits on chromosome six and while it is unlikely to be the only gene controlling greying, it provides a new target for researchers. Hair gets its colour from pigments produced by cells called melanocytes that sit in the hair follicle - the root of the hair. As we age, the melanocytes stop producing the pigments and the hair loses its natural colour and goes grey. Experts believe there are many genetic as well as some environmental factors involved in this ageing pathway - IRF4 is now an example that we now know about. As well as the greying gene, the researchers also found a gene linked to monobrows and others linked to beard and eyebrow thickness.

Doctors Wave Aside Health Fears As They Push For Promotion Of E-Cigarettes Electronic cigarettes should be widely promoted to help smokers quit, leading doctors have said. They pose substantially less harm than tobacco and could make “a major contribution” to cutting deaths and disease among smokers, the Royal College of Physicians claims. E-cigs might carry some longer-term risks, the RCP said, but it waved aside the “increasingly common misconception” they were just as dangerous as tobacco. The report also dismissed suggestions they were a gateway to smoking or normalised the habit. Smokers should be reassured that these products can help them quit all tobacco use forever. The findings come after the college looked into the science, public policy, regulation and ethics surrounding e-cigarettes. It concluded some regulation was needed but not so as to inhibit their development and promotion as a sensible alternative to smoking. With careful management and proportionate regulation, harm reduction provides an opportunity to improve the lives of millions of people. The report was backed by Cancer Research and Public Health England, although some experts said more research was still needed into the effects of e-cigs. Tobacco kills more than 100,000 people in the UK every year.

Islamic Finance Takes Flight Ethical investing proves its worth and broadens its appeal. In the wake of the global financial crisis of 2007–2008, conventional banks lost much more than their capitalization. The abrupt demise of institutions once seen as bulwarks of the international financial system, along with government bailouts of many others, eroded public trust in banks, regulators and auditors alike. It took years of reforms to clean up bank portfolios and restore investor confidence. However, throughout the crisis, not a single Islamic financial institution required a bailout. While market regulators in Europe and North America were stiffening the rules for capital adequacy and liquidity risk, Islamic financial institutions were seizing the opportunity to grow their markets at home and abroad. Today, the rapid spread of Islamic finance in its various forms - banking, sukuk issuance and takaful - has shown the appeal of ethical investing to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Born in Egypt and Malaysia in the 1970s, Islamic finance has demonstrated that applying ethical principles to financial markets can provide a safeguard from the kinds of abuses that led to the current crisis. Industry advocates argue that financial products and services that comply with Shariah law have thrived precisely because they are based on principles, not solely on maximizing profit. The concept of shared risk and rewards, they say, instills a sense of community and promotes financial inclusion. Though concentrated in the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Malaysia, the Islamic finance industry’s assets have grown exponentially in recent years, from $200 billion in 2003 to $1.8 trillion by year-end 2013. The potential growth remains enormous, given that Islamic assets still represent only 1.25% of the global total. The ethical, risk-averse nature of Islamic finance was central in shielding the industry from the global crisis. The banks were spared, for example, from the global contagion of toxic derivatives, largely because Shariah law requires profit to derive from shared business risk in real assets and prohibits speculation. In the end, Islamic banks as a whole suffered only a dent in their balance sheets, as a result of the slump in property markets. The demographics are also on their side. With 1.6 billion Muslims spread around the globe, most of whom still don’t use banking services, 24% of the world’s people are a potential market. Islamic

banks have access to a huge pool of potential savings waiting to be mobilized. As global policymakers seek to press the “reset” button on capitalism, the Islamic finance industry has adopted a more aggressive expansion strategy. Having already succeeded in niche markets, the industry is now spreading its wings worldwide and entering new segments of finance. Going global The year 2014 saw the first issue of a sovereign sukuk by a nonMuslim country, a watershed event for the industry. The United Kingdom’s 200 million pound sterling issue had an order book of 2.3 billion pounds, showing the huge investor appetite for these securities. The UK issue was followed by similar ones in Luxembourg, South Africa and Hong Kong. Senegal, meanwhile, carried out the first sukuk issue by a sub-Saharan African country. The United Kingdom has been a leader among non-Muslim countries in promoting Islamic finance. There are now six Islamic banks in Britain and 20 more that offer Shariah-compliant products and services. An Islamic index has been created on the London Stock Exchange and Islamic student loans have been introduced. UK Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hugo Swire called Islamic finance “a fast-growing sector that the British government considers of vital importance to the success and prosperity of the United Kingdom.” Sukuk today accounts for 15% of the Islamic finance market worldwide. During 2015, global issuance of sukuk is forecast to reach $120 billion, up from $114 billion in 2014. The appeal of the Islamic bond is such that it as of last year, it had been issued in 23 different currencies. Takaful Growth With insurance penetration below 2% in the Middle East, the potential demand for takaful, or Shariah-compliant insurance, is vast. Companies vie to sell premiums to highly-educated young urban elites and use the concept of mutual aid as a marketing hook. As with home mortgages, the Islamic answer to life insurance is slightly different. The members of a group pay contributions into a fund that then allocates money to those who have incurred losses. Islamic insurance could grow five times before reaching the global average of 7.1% for conventional insurance. In this scenario, takaful insurers could set off a battle for premiums with conventional insurers by drawing on the added value of their products. However, the challenges for the new, Sharia-compliant instruments include a lack of critical mass and economies of scale. Institutions in the insurance sector will increasingly need to develop family products to address country specificities. While high demand has driven the growth of Islamic bonds and insurance policies, the industry has also ventured into new segments of fee-based services: leasing, equity, investment, insurance and microfinance. The common denominator is that they must all be contract-based. The range of Sharia-compliant products now includes profit and loss-sharing instruments such as the Musharaka, the sale of previously owned goods via regular installments. The equivalent of leasing goods such as industrial trucks and vehicles is known as Ijara. These instruments were designed with Shariah precepts in mind, but the products are either debt-like or profit-and-losssharing models. In terms of new fee-based services, the safekeeping contracts for current deposits known as Wadiah have lately taken money markets by surprise. The latest array of Islamic finance instruments is designed for convenience. In the GCC, the Islamic credit card works by buying and selling commodities at international trading floors. The bank then extends the specific amount required by the consumer. Despite its success, Islamic finance faces a number of challenges before it can realize its full potential. To begin with, the industry operates within a regulatory framework that was largely designed for conventional finance. More Islamic product standards and consumer protection measures will be key to managing risk.

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Amir Khan on UK Athletes Rich List 2016 Amir Khan has entered The Sunday Times Rich List 2016, which reveals the top ten richest athletes under the age of 30 in Great Britain. The 29-year old boxer, from Bolton, shares the tenth spot with Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard, who also ranks at £18 million. Apart from being the only British Asian athlete to make it on to the list, he also appears as the only boxer on a list largely made up of footballers. Khan carved his niche into the boxing world after becoming one of the youngest ever British World Champions, winning the WBA light-welterweight title at 22. He has fought at lightweight, light-welterweight and welterweight weight classes and is the current holder of the WBC Silver welterweight title. Khan is due to fight Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez for the WBC Middleweight title in Las Vegas on May 7, 2016. Topping this year’s list is Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney (£82 million), moving up from his number two position on last year’s chart after increasing his wealth by a staggering £10 million. Tennis brothers Andy and Jamie Murray also make the cut, along with Irish golfer Rory

McIllroy. The Sunday Times Rich List 2016 is the 28th annual survey for the wealthiest citizens of the UK, updated in April each year. The list categorises athletes based on ‘identifiable wealth’ – which includes property, land, racehorses, art, significant shares in publicly quoted companies and various other assets, and excludes bank accounts. Here is the full list of The Sunday Times Rich List 2016 for athletes under 30: 1. Wayne Rooney ~ £82m (+£10m) 2. Andy and Jamie Murray ~ £58m (+£10m) 3. Rory McIllroy ~ £56m (+£18m) 4. Gareth Bale ~ £34m (+£13m) 5. Sergio Aguero ~ £33m (+£7m) 6. David Silva ~ £31m (+£5m) =7. Cesc Fabregas ~ £29m (+£6m) =7. Radamel Falcao ~ £29m (+£9m) 9. Samir Nasri ~ £22m (+£5m) =10. Amir Khan ~ £18m =10. Eden Hazard ~ £18m (+£6m) Each and every sportsman’s commitment and consistent dedication to their chosen sport is no doubt a huge contributor to their success. They are an inspirational example of successful sportsmanship.

England Degree Debt ‘Highest In English-Speaking World’ English graduates are more in debt than their American, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand counterparts by the time they leave university, a report has found. Those who graduated from English universities last year - under the £9,000 fees regime - owe an average of more than £44,000, data from the Sutton Trust shows. American graduates owe between 29,000 US dollars (£20,500) - for students at public or private non-profit universities, and 32,600 US dollars (£29,000) - for those at private for-profit universities. Called Degrees Of Debt, the report also highlights the growing complexity of arrangements in the UK nations, with different fee levels in Scotland for those from the rest of the UK. The charity is now calling the Office for Budget

Responsibility (OBR) to investigate the impact of the changes to grants and loans, to ensure value for money for students and taxpayers. The abolition of maintenance grants this September will leave the poorest students with debts in excess of £50,000. These debt levels are by far the highest in the English speaking world and are more than double average debt levels at universities in the United States, where students study for four year programmes, rather than three. Students who left Canadian universities last year were on average 28,500 Canadian dollars (£15,000) in debt, those leaving Australian institutions were 39,700 Australian dollars (£20,900) in debt, and graduates from New Zealand universities owed on average 50,000 NZ dollars (£23,300).

White Pupils ‘Lag Behind Because Of Lack Of Parental Support’ White pupils are falling behind students from other ethnic backgrounds by the time they reach their GCSEs because of a lack of support from their parents, according to a report. The research, by the CentreForum think tank, suggests white British children are among the top three highest achievers at the age of five. But by the age of 16, the group’s performance slips to 13th in a table behind those of Chinese, Indian, Asian and black African heritage. “We are talking about things such as parents attending parents’ evenings at school, talking to their children about subject options, supervising homework, ensuring that the family eats together and has regular bedtimes” say CentreForum.

Researchers said parents’ aspirations played a smaller role than their support for the pupil, with those from ethnic backgrounds being more supportive of their children than white parents. A Department for Education spokeswoman said: “We welcome this report which shows the stark choice we face in education today - either we prepare today’s young people to compete with the best in the world, or we don’t." Most parents actually want their children to continue in education and be successful in education. What sometimes differs is the extent to which they have the knowledge and the tools and resources to help them to make that aspiration real.

Daily Vitamin D Dose ‘Can Improve Function In Damaged Hearts’

£15m A Year Spent On Taxis For NHS Patients NHS hospitals and ambulance services are spending millions of pounds every year on taxis for patients. Some are paying more than £700,000 while others spent just a few hundred pounds, according to figures from 170 health organisations across England. The total cost, thought to be approaching £15million, was described as exorbitant by campaigners. Unions warned patients health was being put at risk because they were not travelling home with qualified medical

staff. The Patients Association say “There is an exorbitant amount of waste and inefficiency in the NHS and we’ve got to stop it.” Among the high spenders are the North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, which spent £722,000 on taxis, while South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust spent £617,008. Several other trusts spent well over £200,000. NHS England say that or several decades it has been common to contract with non-emergency patient transport providers so as not to tie up emergency ambulances on routine but necessary trips to hospital by patients who qualify for public support While taking ill and elderly people to and from hospital in a cab is clearly preferable to making them take the bus or train, taxis are no substitute for an ambulance or a hospital car containing someone who is medically trained. If something were to go wrong, it could be dangerous for the patient, and wouldn’t be very fair on the cabbie either.

A daily dose of vitamin D can improve the blood-pumping performance of damaged hearts, a study has shown. Researchers studied 160 patients being treated for heart failure using a variety of proven drug treatments and pacemakers. Participants who took a vitamin D3 supplement daily for one year experienced an improvement in heart function not seen in those given a dummy pill. The researchers measured “ejection fraction”, which shows how much blood is pumped from the heart with each heartbeat. A healthy person’s ejection fraction is usually between 60% and 70%. Among the heart failure patients taking part in the study it taking vitamin D might reduce the need for an averaged 26%, but increased to 34% for those implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), a detaking vitamin D. For some patients, regularly vice that corrects abnormal heart rhythms.

Doctors Too Quick To Diagnose Asthma In Children Inhalers are being dished out like “fashion accessories”, leading doctors have said as they warned that medics are over-diagnosing asthma in children. The diagnosis of asthma has been “trivialised”, two leading respiratory doctors said. Over-diagnosing the condition matters, not only because of the cost of inhalers but also because of their side effects, which are more likely to occur in patients who are prescribed an inappropriate dose, they said. “It’s astonishing in the 21st century that there

isn’t a test your child can take to tell if they definitely have asthma” the charity Asthma UK. The authors highlight a previous study in which half of 100 children with chronic cough received an asthma diagnosis, but once the coughs were thoroughly investigated, the number actually thought to have asthma dwindled to 5%. The result is the fact that asthma is a killing disease, if not correctly managed, is overlooked,“ they wrote.

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Having Skull Echos As A Password

Mr Shumile J. Chishty

As the year goes on our memory becomes stronger, but then comes a time when we start to forget things easily, the strength of the average human memory is weak, and so we pick familiar terms. Logins require, long passwords, with numbers and capitalization and special characters. Sometimes the humans forget these, because they’re complicated, and so they have to answer security questions, which are things familiar to the person, and therefore discoverable. The greatest failure in online security is often weak memory. Researchers from Perceptual User Interfaces have a better idea, located inside people’s heads. It uses the unique sounds their skulls make. Andreas Bulling ‘’We present SkullConduct, a biometric system that uses bone conduction of sound through the user’s skull as well as a microphone readily integrated into many of these devices, such as Google Glass. At the core of SkullConduct is a method to analyze the characteristic frequency response created by the user’s skull.’’ Every skull is different just like our fingerprints, when the device plays a specific sound pattern into a person’s head, it will make a unique sound back, as it bounces around and echoes through the user’s head , the echoes will vary based on the size of the skull and bone density. Once set up, the device can recognize the pattern again when re-worn, creating a new kind of useful password. The study was kept private and small, with just ten users, and it focused on Google Glass. But the science behind bone conductivity passwords seems quite perplexing but same time it’s impressive, so we should keep an eye out for more similar designs in the future.

Mahrez Named Player Of The Year Leicester City's Algerian winger Riyad Mahrez became the first African player to be named English football's Player of the Year, as voted for by his fellow professionals. The 25-year-old French-born Algerian international, outstanding in Leicester's incredible charge towards the Premier League title, received the trophy at a lavish awards ceremony in London. Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli was named Young Player of the Year at the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) awards. Mahrez succeeds Chelsea's Eden Hazard as the winner of the prize. Mahrez is the first African to win the award and just the second non-European, after Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez, then of Liverpool, in 2014. A £400,000 ($580,000, 514,000 euro) signing from French Ligue 2 side Le Havre in January 2014, Mahrez has contributed 17 goals and 11 assists to help put Leicester on the brink of becoming English champions for the first time. He had scored the opener in the Foxes' 4-0 thrashing of Swansea City earlier in the day at the King Power Stadium, which left Claudio Ranieri's side eight points clear of second-placed Tottenham with three games left to play. Mahrez was then flown by helicopter to the ceremony as he pipped club colleagues Jamie Vardy and N'Golo Kante as well as West Ham United's Dimitri Payet, Tottenham's Harry Kane and Arsenal's Mesut Ozil to the award. Alli, 20, held off competition from Kane, Stoke

Each Pakistani Pilgrim To Get Personal Tracker Pakistan intends to keep track of all its Hajj pilgrims by fitting them with lockets or bracelets that can monitor their movements and ensure that they don’t go missing in the event of a stampede. The plan was drawn up in the wake of a string of tragedies during Hajj-2015, which left people searching for their near and dear ones. “Each pilgrim will be tracked and accounted for,” Religious Affairs Minister Sardar Yusuf told reporters. After long deliberations, the government decided to issue the devices for protect-

City goalkeeper Jack Butland, Liverpool midfielder Philippe Coutinho and Everton duo Romelu Lukaku and Ross Barkley to take the young player gong. Alli, who won Football League Young Player of the Year 12 months ago, joined Tottenham from third-tier Milton Keyes Dons in 2015 and was expected to be used sparingly in his first season at White Hart Lane. However, he has been outstanding in midfield for Spurs and has already won six caps for England, scoring once. Manchester United great Ryan Giggs, now the assistant to manager Louis van Gaal, followed in the footsteps of his former manager Alex Ferguson by winning the PFA Merit Award. Manchester City midfielder Izzy Christiansen won the PFA Women's Player of the Year award, with Sunderland forward Beth Mead taking home the young player equivalent.

OUT OF PUFF One in five people in Britain say they could only manage to run 100 metres, according to a new poll. Research by the British Heart Foundation showed nearly half of UK adults admit to getting out of breath when running for a bus. Around 47% felt they could run up to half a mile, the survey of 2,000 adults by One Poll showed. Even of those who believed they could run a mile, three in 10 (29%) said they had last done so more than a decade ago. These statistics are concerning, and paint a worrying picture about the nation’s fitness levels.

ing Pakistani pilgrims from getting lost during accidents. The trackers will be attached to a centrally controlled monitoring system working round the clock in both the cities of Saudi Arabia, he explained. About frequent complaints regarding residential complications for pilgrims, Sardar Yusuf said that it had been decided that all Pakistani pilgrims would have their dwellings within 500 meters of the holy places in Makkah and Medina.

The charity has launched a new fundraising campaign called MyMarathon, which urges the public to run the marathon distance of 26.2 miles over the course of a month. "Running a marathon is no easy feat, but with the MyMarathon challenge you decide the place and the pace, so it’s a great way for people of all fitness levels to get active and help support our vital research,“ said a senior cardiac nurse at the BHF. "Now everyone can say they’ve run a marathon this May!”

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Cricketers Who Use Dominant Hand At The Top Have ‘Winning Advantage’ Cricketers who bat the "wrong" way - with their dominant hand at the top instead of the bottom of the handle - have a winning advantage, research has shown. Batsmen who overcome their right or left-handed preference and adopt a reversed stance are far more likely to reach the top level of their sport, it is claimed. In fact, professionals are seven times more likely to play this way than amateurs. The 'conventional' way of holding a cricket bat, with the dominant hand on the bottom of the handle, has remained basically unchanged since the invention of the game and is modelled on the stance used for other bi-manual hitting tasks. For instance, the first MCC coaching manual instructs batters to pick up a bat in the same manner they would pick up an axe. While that might be beneficial for beginners, switching to a reversed stance gives elite players a technical and visual benefit. Researchers are now saying the top hand is typically responsible for controlling and guiding the path of the bat when striking out at the ball so ideally the most dexterous hand should be assigned this role. Secondly, a reversed stance increased the chances of the dominant eye being the "front" eye in a side-on activ-

ity such as batting. People tended to rely on input from their dominant eye. Right-handed international cricketers who have used a left-handed stance when batting include Brian Lara, Clive Lloyd, David Gower, Adam Gilchrist, Alistair Cook and Justin Langer. The over-representation of top-level reversestance batsmen were seen in the ICC T20 World Cup recently. England's Eoin Morgan, Ben Stokes and Liam Dawson all batted the "wrong" way. Michael Hussey, one of Australia's finest cricketers, is right-hand dominant but learned to bat left handed to emulate his childhood idol, Allan Border. In cricket, by adopting the conventional stance, batsmen may have been unintentionally taught to bat 'back-to-front' and might not have maximised their full potential in the game. The research is reported in the journal Sports Medicine.

‘Too Much Meat Can Make You Old’

Eating too much red meat and not enough fruit and vegetables could increase the body's "biological age" and contribute to health problems, according to researchers. Scientists found that a moderate increase in levels of serum phosphate in the body caused by red meat consumption, combined with a poor overall diet, increases a person's biological age, in contrast to their chronological age. Deprived males were found to be the worst affected by those factors. Experts describe chronological age as a person's years of age while biological age is more like their "miles on the clock". The project, led by a team at the University of Glasgow, analysed people from the most deprived to the least deprived areas covered by NHS Greater Glasgow.

The results suggested accelerated biological ageing and diet-related phosphate levels among the most deprived males were directly related to their frequency of red meat consumption. Researchers believe excess red meat particularly affects this group because of their poor diet and "sub-optimal fruit and vegetable intake". High phosphate levels in deprived men were also found to be linked to reduced kidney function and even underlying mild to moderate chronic kidney disease. Phosphate is naturally present in basic foodstuffs, including meats, fish, eggs, dairy products and vegetables. But high phosphate levels, as a consequence of dietary intake, have previously been linked to higher mortality risk, premature vascular ageing and kidney disease.

What are Autoimmunity Diseases? Your symptoms are vague: fatigue, occasional tingling in arms or legs, aching muscles, a headache. Are you sick, or imagining things? Doctors may dismiss people who report these symptoms as hypochondriacs, but the real diagnosis can be serious. These symptoms can signal a host of autoimmune disorders/diseases that develop gradually, and strike women many times more often than men.

Autoimmune Disease is a disorder that is caused by an immune response to the body of the patient himself or herself. Autoimmune Diseases cover as many as 80 (maybe even more) different illnesses that affect the immune system. Many have been known for years, but it is only recently that they have been grouped together under the umbrella term 'Autoimmune Diseases'. These are illnesses that are caused by a person's own immune system attacking some part of the body - for example, the heart, kidneys, joints, or skin. Over time, the immune system permanently damages and disables the structure under attack, leading to chronic disease. The blood cells in the body's immune system help protect against harmful substances. Examples in-

clude bacteria, viruses, toxins, cancer cells, and blood and tissue from outside the body. These substances contain antigens. The immune system produces antibodies against these antigens that enable it to destroy these harmful substances. When you have an autoimmune disorder, your immune system does not distinguish between healthy tissue and antigens. As a result, the body sets off a reaction that destroys normal tissues. The exact cause of autoimmune disorders is unknown. One theory is that some microorganisms (such as bacteria or viruses) or drugs may trigger changes that confuse the immune system. This may happen more often in people who have genes that make them more prone to autoimmune disorders.

Myasthenia gravis Pernicious anemia Reactive arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis Sjögren syndrome Systemic lupus erythematosus Type I diabetes The Hidden Link that all Autoimmune Disorders share All Autoimmune Disorders have two factors in common

vitamin B12, or insulin, due to the autoimmune disease • Blood transfusions if blood is affected • Physical therapy to help with movement if the bones, joints, or muscles are affected Many people take medicines to reduce the immune system's abnormal response. These are often called immunosuppressive medicines. Exam-

1. A hereditary predisposition thought to be a combination of certain (as yet mostly unknown) genes. 2. An environmental trigger or triggers. Again many are unknown. It often occurs after An autoimmune disorder may result in: recovery from infection. Some bacteria produce The destruction of body tissue toxic products that cause T cells to bind to macroAbnormal growth of an organ phages - perhaps this is how T cells learn to recChanges in organ function ognize the body's own tissues, which they now An autoimmune disorder may affect one or more attack. (Autoimmune disorders are caused when organ or tissue types. Areas often affected by au- cytotoxic T cells and normal antibodies attack an individual's own body cells). toimmune disorders include: Blood vessels In addition, Autoimmune Disorders can be diffiConnective tissues Endocrine glands such as the thyroid or pancreas cult to diagnose. Symptoms may vary from person to person. Remission (where no outward signs of Joints the disorder are present) is common, sometimes Muscles for many years. There is no known prevention for Red blood cells ples include corticosteroids (such as prednisone) most autoimmune disorders. Skin and nonsteroid drugs such as azathioprine, cyclophosphamide, mycophenolate, sirolimus, or tacA person may have more than one autoimmune Treatment rolimus. Targeted drugs called tumor necrosis facdisorder at the same time. Common autoimmune The goals of treatment are to: tor (TFN) blockers can be used for some diseases. • Reduce symptoms disorders include: Outlook (Prognosis) • Control the autoimmune process Addison disease Maintain the body's ability to fight dis- The outcome depends on the disease. Most auCeliac disease - sprue (gluten-sensitive enteropa- • toimmune diseases are chronic, but many can be ease thy) Treatments will depend on your disease and controlled with treatment. Dermatomyositis Symptoms of autoimmune disorders can come symptoms. Types of treatments include: Graves disease • Supplements to replace a substance and go. When symptoms get worse, it is called a Hashimoto thyroiditis that the body lacks, such as thyroid hormone, flare-up. Multiple sclerosis

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Shahid Afridi Steps Down As Pakistan T20 Captain Afridi captained Pakistan in 43 T20Is, scoring 597 runs at 15.71 and taking 40 wickets at 27.12. He confirmed: "Today I wish to inform my fans in Pakistan and all over the world that I am relinquishing the captaincy of the T20 Pakistani team of my own volition. "On this day, I thank Allah…for His kindness and mercy which enabled me to discharge my leadership duties, to the best of my abilities, for the sake of the honour and prestige of my motherland. Afridi walks away after their final defeat in the tournament "For me it was a great honour to lead my country in all three formats of the game. My profound thanks to the PCB and its chairman Mr. Shahryar Khan Sb. Who gave me the honour to lead the national team. "I would also like to inform that InshaAllah I intend to continue to play the game for my country and league cricket, and request my fans to kindly keep Alam said Afridi was "absolutely clueless in terms praying and supporting me for my best future performances for Pakistan (as a player); and in all of on-field tactics and off-field leadership." He added: "The captain failed to optimally utilise other arenas of the game, world over." the talent at his disposal... his bowling changes Afridi will play for Hampshire in this summer's and field placement, too, left a lot to be desired NatWest T20 Blast competition. Shahid Afridi has stepped down as Pakistan's Twenty20 captain but wants to continue to play for his country. Pakistan flopped badly at the World Twenty20, winning just one match against Bangladesh and losing to Australia, India and New Zealand. Afridi was heavily criticised after Pakistan's exit. Afridi, who had already retired from Test and 50over cricket, came under heavy criticism from team manager Intikhab Alam, writing in his posttournament report.

Children As Young As 6 Self-Harm Over ‘Exam Stress And Cyberbullying’ Primary school pupils are being driven to selfharm owing to anxiety caused by pressures at school and on social media, teachers have warned. Some staff said cyberbullying and the desire to feel popular were among the most common causes of stress among their pupils. Of the more than 400 Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) members answering a survey, 81 said they were aware of pupils attempting suicide in an effort to combat stress. A head teacher in Norfolk described mental health issues as “the biggest barrier to academic progress”, while a school councillor in Warwickshire said the assessment system and time spent

in front of a computer meant it was “not surprising children are getting increasingly mentally ill”. The research showed 89% of staff polled claimed testing and exams contributed to stressed children. Pressure to do well (70%), a fragmented home life (68%) and an overcrowded curriculum (59%) were also key contributors to negatively affecting a child’s mental health, according to the study. “Tests are a key part of ensuring young people master the skills they need to reach their potential and succeed in life” said a Department for Education spokesman.

What Is Zionism? The Difference Between Anti-Zionism And Anti-Semitism The Labour Party is at the centre of an antiSemitism and anti-Zionism row. Two members have now been suspended for their remarks on Israel, Ken Livingston and Bradford West MP Naz Shah. Livingstone, the former mayor of London, was suspended after claiming Hitler supported Zionism before he ‘went mad’ and killed six million Jewish people during the Holocaust. Malia Bouattia, the new president of the National Union of Students, has also been criticised for her anti-Zionist comments. Which brings us to the question – what is the difference between anti-Zionism and antiSemitism? Here’s an explanation of the main issues. Zionism is a Jewish political movement aimed at stamping out anti-semitism by establishing a Jewish state. ‘Zion’ means Jerusalem in Hebrew, and so ‘Zionism’ centres around having a homeland in the land around that area – which at the time was Palestine, controlled by the Ottoman Empire. Key goals of early Zionism, before Israel was established, was to liberate Jewish people from discrimination and persecution through repatriation to this homeland. But some Zionists went further, opposing Jewish people integrating with non-Jewish societies and believing all Jews must return. The movement emerged in Europe for the first time in the 19th century but the Balfour Declaration of 1917 in Britain, establish British support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine under Prime Minister Lloyd George. Israel as a state was admitted into the UN on May 11, 1948 and gained its first president Chaim Weizmann, the president of the Zionist Organisation in 1949.The original founder of Zionism is believed to be Theodor Herzi after he spoke of an independent Jewish state in his 1896 book Der Judenstaat. And so anti-Zionism…? Since the establishment of Israel in 1948, some people in Jewish communities have started to see ‘Zionist’ used as a term of abuse, with some suggesting the word itself is now used as another form of anti-semitism, bigotry and racism. An example of this is the word ‘zio, which has been used as an ethnic slur by student members of the Oxford University Labour Club, according to former co-chair Alex Chalmers. Lord Levy, the Labour peer, told the BBC’s News-

night: ‘There can be criticism of the state of Israel, but anti-Semitism – using the word ‘Zionist’ as another form of anti-Semitism – frankly can no longer be tolerated.’ Some disagree. Ken Livingstone claims being anti-Zionist is not anti-Semitic and people should be able to disagree with Israeli’s political policies without fear of being labelled anti-Jewish and their criticisms silenced. Other anti-Zionists go one step further suggesting Zionism itself is a racist ideology because of how the Palestinian people are treated by Israel and what The Palestinian Solidarity Group call the Palestinian-Israeli ‘aparteid’. Others disagree with that stance, saying being anti-Zionist delegitimises the existence of a Jewish state and anti-Zionist language is used to disguise anti-Semitism. Being Jewish and Zionist are not synonymous it’s a debate where emotions run high, but it is worth noting that Zionism is synonymous with being Jewish. There was Jewish opposition to the state of Israel being established before 1948, with ultraOrthodox groups like Neturei Karta opposing the state of Israel as they do not believe a true state can be established before the coming of the Messiah. Those who support Zionism are not always Jewish either, with non-Jewish western governments supporting the Israeli state as well as dozens of Christians and evangelical groups. Why is Jeremy Corbyn now under fire? The Labour Party was once considered a supporter of the state of Israel, but these ties have begun to wane in recent years.after numerous accusations of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. When Jeremy Corbyn succeeded as leader of the Party from Ed Miliband, the son of Jewish Europeans who fled to Britain, last year he was accused of failing to properly address these concerns. The difference between anti-Zionism and antiSemitism The two terms are so intertwined that establishing a clear difference between them is difficult. So should people be allowed to freely criticise policies in Israel without fear of being labelled anti-Jewish?, but it is also true that there are anti-Semites who identify as anti-Zionists.

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Vitamin D Deficiency: Symptoms, Causes, and Health Risks If you shun the sun, suffer from milk allergies, or adhere to a strict vegan diet, you may be at risk for vitamin D deficiency. Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is produced by the body in response to skin being exposed to sunlight. It is also occurs naturally in a few foods -- including some fish, fish liver oils, and egg yolks -- and in fortified dairy and grain products. Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, because it helps the body use calcium from the diet. Traditionally, vitamin D deficiency has been associated with rickets, a disease in which the bone tissue doesn't properly mineralize, leading to soft bones and skeletal deformities. But increasingly, research is revealing the importance of vitamin D in protecting against a host of health problems. Symptoms and Health Risks of Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms of bone pain and muscle weakness can mean you have a vitamin D deficiency. However, for many people, the symptoms are subtle. Yet, even without symptoms, too little vitamin D can pose health risks. Low blood levels of the vitamin have been associated with the following:

Research suggests that vitamin D could play a role in the prevention and treatment of a number of different conditions, including type1 and type 2 diabetes, hypertension, glucose intolerance, and multiple sclerosis. Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency can occur for a number of reasons: You don't consume the recommended levels of the vitamin over time. This is likely if you follow a strict vegan diet, because most of the natural sources are animal-based, including fish and fish oils, egg yolks, cheese, fortified milk, and beef liver. Your exposure to sunlight is limited. Because the body makes vitamin D when your skin is exposed to sunlight, you may be at risk of deficiency if you are homebound, live in northern latitudes, wear long robes or head coverings for religious reasons, or have an occupation that prevents sun exposure. You have dark skin. The pigment melanin reduces the skin's ability to make vitamin D in response to Increased risk of death from cardiovascular dis- sunlight exposure. Some studies show that older adults with darker skin are at high risk of vitamin ease D deficiency. Cognitive impairment in older adults Your kidneys cannot convert vitamin D to its acSevere asthma in children tive form. As people age, their kidneys are less Cancer able to convert vitamin D to its active form, thus

increasing their risk of vitamin D deficiency. Your digestive tract cannot adequately absorb vitamin D. Certain medical problems, including Crohn's disease, cystic fibrosis, and celiac disease, can affect your intestine's ability to absorb vitamin D from the food you eat. You are obese. Vitamin D is extracted from the blood by fat cells, altering its release into the circulation. People with a body mass index of 30 or greater often have low blood levels of vitamin D. Tests for Vitamin D Deficiency The most accurate way to measure how much vitamin D is in your body is the 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood test. A level of 20 nanograms/milliliter to 50 ng/mL is considered adequate for healthy people. A level less than 12 ng/mL indicates vitamin D deficiency. Treatment for Vitamin D Deficiency

Believe It Or Not Dr A Q Khan

Seeing how our rulers squander public money, it is interesting to note how some other personalities were very conscious of using funds; but first an instance where public money should have been spent. In one of my columns long ago I had expressed serious reservations on the way the late president, Iskander Mirza, had been deported to London. He was the president and was illegally bundled out of the country. He should have been given a flat in a reasonable area in London with a pension of a few hundred Pounds. That would have saved him from the ignominy of having to serve in an Indian restaurant to earn a living. Late Qudrutullah Shahab mentioned his pitiable situation. On the positive side, the narrative by Ayub Khan’s Naval ADC, Vice Admiral (r) Ahmed Tasnim, reflects the former’s honesty and integrity. It was Capt Ahmed Tasnim who, using our submarine PNS Hangor, torpedoed the Indian naval ship INS Khukri. He had a brilliant career, retiring as vice admiral, and received many civil and military awards. He is the only naval officer to have earned SJ twice. He has been a prolific writer with many books to his name. The following is his write-up of an official visit to the US: “We travelled by [a] PIA commercial flight which proceeded on schedule with a full load of passengers. Ayub Khan shook hands with every passenger once the flight was airborne. The president shared the toilet with other first class passengers and no one was offloaded for any reason. For the transit stop at London (both ways), the president stayed with the high commissioner and I roughed it out in a small room next door. “There were only about a dozen people in the official delegation, including one lady (daughter Nasim). No maids. She will help herself with a

borrowed iron from the hotel. Only one batman, Havaldar Abdus Salam. For short trips outside Washington needing change of dress, etc, the president helped himself, politely asking for my assistance, if required. Anybody taking a spouse in the delegation paid for it. A strict code of conduct was expected from delegation members, including personal staff. “Though unbelievable, yet it is true, the president never went shopping. Some ties and shirts were purchased by personal staff from his personal account. During my tenure at least, shopping for the president never exceeded a couple of hundred pounds. Let me add another point; during Ayub Khan’s time, the office of ADCs and their living quarters were not air-conditioned, as we were not entitled. Now compare the royal style of our rulers from 1972 onwards ….. of course present ones have beaten all record for spending taxpayers’ money.” (Courtesy my dear friend, Sardar Najmus Saqib Khan.) The second example is of US President Harry S Truman, who became president unexpectedly when President Roosevelt expired in office. “Harry Truman was a different kind of president. He probably made as many, or more, important decisions regarding our nation’s history as any of the other 42 presidents preceding him. The only asset he had when he died was the house he lived in, which was in Independence, Missouri. His wife had inherited the house from her parents and, other than their years in the White House, they lived their entire lives there. “When he retired from office in 1952, his income was a US Army pension, reported to have been $ 13,507.72 a year. Congress, noting that he was paying for his stamps, granted him an ‘allowance’ and later, a retroactive pension of $ 25,000 per year. After President Eisenhower was inaugurated, Harry and Bess drove home by themselves. There was no Secret Service following them. “When offered corporate positions at large salaries, he declined, stating: ‘You don’t want me. You want the office of the President and that doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to the American people

and it’s not for sale.’ Even later, on May 6, 1971, when Congress was preparing to award him the Medal of Honor on his 87th birthday, he refused to accept it, writing: ‘I don’t consider that I have done anything which should be the reason for any award, Congressional or otherwise.’ “As president, he paid for all of his own travel expenses and food. Modern politicians have found a new level of success in cashing in on the presidency, resulting in untold wealth.” (Courtesy my former very competent PSO, Maj Islamul Haq.) The third case was told to me by my respected, dear friend, Wajid Ali (Shahji), brother of Babar Ali of Packages and LUMS. After Partition, Shah Sahib lived in Karachi in a bungalow on the road to Marriott Hotel, just opposite Metropole Hotel. Around the corner was the residence of the PM, Liaquat Ali Khan. Shah Sahib told the story in these words: “It was the PM’s habit to send his servant to invite me to tea when he got back from work. He would discuss national affairs with me (law and order, business, public opinions, etc.) One day, after visiting him and reaching back home, the PM’s servant again came and said the PM would like to see me again. I was surprised and assumed that it must be something important. “I went there and the PM received me, held my hand and took me to the door opening into the back garden. He pointed to a small marble fountain in operation. I said it was beautiful. The PM said: ‘Shah Sahib, my wife had it erected without my knowledge at a cost of Rs6,000. It is public money. I can’t use it for personal luxuries. I will have to refund it to the government in monthly instalments.’ “I had tears in my eyes and my throat choked. The biggest landlord of undivided India could now not afford Rs6,000. How ironic!” We should dig up the three gentlemen and clone them in order to put our house in order! Email:

Treatment for vitamin D deficiency involves getting more vitamin D -- through diet and supplements. Although there is no consensus on vitamin D levels required for optimal health -- and it likely differs depending on age and health conditions -- a concentration of less than 20 nanograms per milliliter is generally considered inadequate, requiring treatment. If you don't spend much time in the sun or always are careful to cover your skin (sunscreen inhibits vitamin D production), you should speak to your doctor about taking a vitamin D supplement, particularly if you have risk factors for vitamin D deficiency.

Tips Should Go Straight To Staff Tips left by customers should go to workers in full and not their employers, the Government has said in a report. Restaurants and bars could also be stopped from adding service charges to bills to remind customers they do not have to tip if they don't want to. The eight-month review of of tipping practices follows claims that some "well-known" chains were counting tips as part of a worker's pay and were withholding some or all of the money. The Government has announced a consultation on the proposals which include: :: Updating the current voluntary code of practice and putting it on a statutory footing to increase employer compliance :: Increasing transparency for consumers to make it clearer that tips are discretionary :: Preventing or limiting any employer deduction from tips except for those required under tax law. Business Secretary Sajid Javid said: "As a one nation Government we want workers who earn a tip to be able to keep it. That's why I, like many others, was disappointed by the tipping practices of some of our well-known chains. This has to change. "I'm setting out our proposals to make tipping fairer, clamping down on unfair practices and securing a better deal for the millions of workers in the service industry. We will look closely at all the options, including legislation if necessary." A call for evidence received nearly 200 responses and there was broad agreement that current practices were not clear for workers or consumers, and change was needed to better understand how tips are distributed. This should be great news for consumers, too, who are often appalled to learn that the tips they left for their waiter or waitress never made it to them. The problem has always been that tips paid on a credit card and service charges are deemed the property of the employer. As they own them they can do what they like with them.

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Public WiFi not Secure as you think to steal information, The increase of broadband rollAn explosive matchup of identity ouror out and the growth of WiFi in passwords and money from the or insecure public spacesown is providingworld-class society users who use public very fighter, with the huge benefit of access wi-fi connections. Amir Khan is easily. happening in May. The important thing is to distinto the Internet quickly and But not all WiFi is as secure as we guish if the public WiFi you are The British superstar former secure and not public. might think it is. Europol’s Cyber- using isand When you connect to it, if it crime Division warns that attacks Unified Super Lightweight World are rising on public WiFi and are requires a security access password, it means it is secure but if a major security risk. Amir “King” Champion Khan will In the UK, key cities like London, you can just connect to it with no face current WBA International it is insecure. Manchester and Birmingham are password, increasing public WiFi access, Something known as ‘man-inWelterweight Luisto the-middle’ is being applied whilst restaurants, cafes andchampion bars are also keen provide free commit these attacks on public Collazo in the 12 round event. networks. Where, the hackers WiFi to attract customers. passed beFor mostlooking smartphone forward users capture data "I'm to being fighting public WiFi is always seen as a tween a user of the public WiFi the Internet. greatLas way ofVegas saving dataonce usage and in again, andAttacks myof included in their phone tariffs these kind are targeting people intention 3 istheyto makewitha a communicate but if you are goingon to useMay public when WiFi for personal transactions, bank, do online shopping or log statement thatthisI inbelong to social mediaon sites. this sensitive data and banking, may not be the best method. big stage," said Khan. We are now seeing an increase Therefore, it is important to be vigilant whenoff using in the misuse of wi-fi, inmight order extremely "Luis Collazo be coming of a big win, but I am in incredible shape and am ready for this challenge. A win on May 3 is what I need to prove that I truly am one of the best welterweights in the sport." A British standout who represented his nation in the 2004


Olympic Games, where he won a silver medal, Bolton's Amir "King" Khan (28-3, 19 KOs) went from local hero to international star when he won his first world title at 140 pounds in 2009.After five successful defences that included wins over Marcos Maidana, Paulie Malignaggi and Zab Judah, Khan lost An explosive matchup of our own world-class fighter, his title by way of avery controAmir Khan is happening in May. British superstar and former versial decision to The Lamont Unified Super Lightweight World Amir “King” Khan will Peterson in 2011. Champion Winner face current WBA International Welterweight of two straight over Car- champion Luis Collazo in the 12 round event. "I'm looking los Molina and Julio Diazforward to fighting in Las Vegas once again, and my since, the flashy,intention flamon May 3 is to make a statement that I belong on this boyant 27-year-old boxbig stage," said Khan. "Luis Collazo might be coming off er-puncher is nowof a bigcamwin, but I am in incredible shape and am ready for this chalpaigning at welterweight, lenge. A win on May 3 is what I need to prove that I truly am one where he seeks championof the best welterweights in the sport." ship gold once again. A British standout who repre-

public WiFi and only use it for non-sensitive data activity if you are unsure about it’s security. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe when using public WiFi: Always use reputable internet security software on all your devices including your laptop, PC, MAC, tablets and smartphone. If a WiFi connection does not require a password, it is insecure. So, don’t send any confidential information over this network e.g. username, passwords, private data etc. Look for public places that do offer free WiFi but require a password which you obtain from them. Look out for the https in the web address in your browser and the padlock symbol when using websites for personal transactions. Always check your credit card or debit bills for any odd transactions, especially if you use public WiFi a lot. Always keep your device software up-to-date especially if security updates are available. Security using the Internet has been and always will be an issue as hackers find new ways of executing attacks but as long as you stick to the rules of keeping your confidential data secure, you can lower he chances of experiencing theft of your data.

Olympic Games, where he won a silver medal, Bolton's Amir "King" Khan (28-3, 19 KOs) went from local hero to international star when he won his first world title at 140 pounds in 2009.After five successful defences that included wins over Marcos Maidana, Paulie Malignaggi and Zab Judah, Khan lost his title by way of a controversial decision to Lamont Peterson in 2011. Winner of two straight over Carlos Molina and Julio Diaz since, the flashy, flamboyant 27-year-old boxer-puncher is now campaigning at welterweight, where he seeks championsented his nation in the 2004 ship gold once again.

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(Reg Charity No: 1139948) Molana M Aslam Zahid donating sawing machines during his recent visit to Bagh, Azad Kashmir...

                                                      250                                               1       600                                                               2       50                                                   3       700                                                           4                      






6 APPEAL 2014

Join with us and become closer to Allah in this blessed month to increase your blessings ÂŁ250 supports an orphan and brings you closer to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in Jannah ÂŁ600 supports a family with no income and is equivalent to increased blessings from prayers ÂŁ50 buys a sewing machine - an essential source of income for a widow or young orphan girl ÂŁ700 helps a derelict mosque prosper again and reinforces your iman for the here and after ÂŁ2000 helps finance the marriage of an orphan girl and you gain blessings for yourself and our family By making provision for Sehri and Iftar for the needy in the Holy month of Ramadan you can gain forgiveness and sawaab from those fasts and work towards a place in

Yorkshire Bank, Account Number: 19842710 Sort Code: 05 08 58 Alhabib Welfare Foundation is a UK registered international relief and development charity. It was founded by Molana Aslam Zahid who is the imam of Usmania Education Centre and the Vice Chairm an of Jamiat Ulma-e-Bri tain. With your support Alhabib Welfare Foundation aims to help poor families, orphans, and widows across Pakistan and other countries around the world. We ensure 100% of your donation reaches the poor. Please donate generously on the above account number or online by visiting our website...

Molana M Aslam Zahid visited local Madressa during his recent visit to Bagh, Azad Kashmir...

Alhabib Welfare Foundation is relying on your support this Ramadan to help survivors of the Pakistan floods. Donate your Zakat and Sadaqa to us this Ramadan and we will use it to help orphans, widows and those who are in need.

The prophet saw said “Whoever helps any muslim and makes them happy in the process, they have made me happy. Whosoever makes me happy has made Allah happy. And whosoever makes Allah happy, Allah will provide a place in Jannah for him�. Come let us all help the poor, disabled, widows and orphans who desperately need our help,and gain the approval of Allah the Almighty You can give your Zakaat, Sadaqatul Fitra to help towards our ongoing support of these needy families. We invite you to come and be a part of a good and worth cause and gain nearness to Allah and the blessed Messenger (peace be upon him). We are offering you the opportunity to extend your good practice in the month of Ramadan by gaining sawaab for helping our fellow Muslims who need your help.



Molana M Aslam Zahid donated computers during his recent visit to Bagh, Azad Kashmir...

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May edition 2016

May edition 2016