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Thrill-seekers will soon be able to take in the heights of Sheffield when the Sheffield Starflyer, the UK’s largest transportable attraction standing at a thrilling 220ft tall, is installed in the heart of the city this month. The ride will sit at the top of Fargate and operate from 18 March to 5 June, at the site of former attraction the Wheel of Sheffield, which saw thousands of people taking in the views of the city. Councillor Leigh Bramall, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Business, Skills and Development at Sheffield City Council said: “This is a fantastic attraction which will bring many visitors to the city centre. The location is perfect for shoppers and those enjoying an evening out, plus families using other city centre leisure facilities like the Central Library or theatres – it will be a thrilling experience with spectacular city centre views day and night. “The Sheffield Starflyer will make a valuable contribution to the vitality of our city centre. Working alongside the city centre BID this is one of many events and attractions planned to make our city centre a busier and vibrant place to visit. I hope that all those who dare, will take this opportunity to look on Sheffield from a whole new angle.” The ride will be available for 3 months, from 18 March to 5 June and open between 10am to 10pm. Riders must be above 1.2m in height and at least 6 years old and children under 1.4m tall and age 8 must be accompanied by an adult. A dedicated website will be available from 24 February at plus a Facebook page where you can find more information and share your snapshots and video clips of the city from above. More than 96% of pupils starting secondary school in September have been given a place in one of their preferred schools. Although only an increase of almost 2% on last year, parents and children can breathe a sigh of relief. Sheffield Council bosses said they have been able to offer a higher number of places in schools of choice this year by providing some 150 extra places for new Y7 pupils throughout the city. In total, 96% of pupils were allocated one of their three preferences, with 5,335 pupils – 87% being allocated their first choice school. Last year, 94% of pupils were allocated one of their three choices, with 5,194 – 86.48% allocated their first choice. Sheffield Council is also commissioning two new secondary schools. A 750 place school in the north east, on the site of the former Pye Bank School and

The Residential Market

Congratulations Shafqat Mirza Sahib

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a 1200 place school in the south west, for the Holt House Area. The council needs to meet the increased demand for places. They will open in time for the new term in September 2018. A steady rise in birth rates over the past decade has meant more children coming through primary schools. More than 4,500 primary school places have already been created across the city, but more are needed, especially for the secondary phase. Children who were not allocated a place at any of their three preferences have either been referred back to their catchment school or been allocated the nearest school with places available. Information and advice is available for anyone not satisfied with the school they have been allocated. Parents also have the right to appeal. Appeals take place between April and July.

International Women’s Day

UK To Decide EU Fate On June 23 The fate of 28-member European Union hinges on the decision of British voters. Britain will vote on whether to remain in the European Union on June 23, Prime Minister David Cameron has said. He said that the government’s position was to recommend that Britain remains in the EU once the referendum goes underway. The decision to hold a referendum still has to be formalised by the British parliament, but it is widely expected to be adopted since Cameron’s Conservative party holds the majority. Cameron would campaign to remain in a reformed EU. He described the vote as one of the biggest decisions “in our lifetimes”. “My recommendation is clear. I believe that Britain will be safer, stronger and better off in a reformed European Union,” he said. A string of ministers have come out in favour of remaining — but others will campaign against Cameron. Cameron warned that leaving the European Union would be a “leap in the dark” as he urged voters to back his reforms deal. Home Secretary Theresa May heads the list of those who have announced they will campaign to stay — but Justice Secretary Michael Gove has signed up to the leave campaign. Despite vows by Cameron to campaign in full-out efforts for Britain to remain in the EU, the outcome of the referendum is far from certain as opinion polls indicated that British voters are evenly divided, and even many senior members of the Tory party declared support for the “Leave EU” campaign.

International Women’s Day on 8 March is a global celebration of the economic, political and social achievements of the past, present and future. International Women's Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. International Women's Day first emerged from the activities of labour movements at the turn of the twentieth century in North America and across Europe. Its origins are rooted in the struggle for women’s suffrage and equal rights. It has been celebrated worldwide since 1911. Since those early years, International Women's Day has assumed a new global dimension for women in developed and developing

UK BENEFITS SYSTEM ‘AMONG THE TOUGHEST IN EUROPE’ The UK has one of the most frugal benefits systems in Europe, suggesting this country is no longer an "easy ride" for benefit claimants, according to a new study. Research of 14 countries by jobs site Glassdoor showed that the UK was third from bottom in terms of unemployment benefit, annual leave, sick pay and maternity entitlements. The most generous welfare and workplace benefits were in Den-

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countries alike. The growing international women's movement, which has been strengthened by four global United Nations women's conferences, has helped make the commemoration a rallying point to build support for women's rights and participation in the political and economic arenas. The 2016 theme is #PledgeForParity. Worldwide, women continue to contribute to social, economic, cultural and political achievement and we have much to celebrate today. But progress towards gender parity has slowed in many places. The World Economic Forum predicted in 2014 that it would take until 2095 to achieve global gender parity. Then one year later in 2015, they estimated that a slowdown in the already glacial pace of progress meant the gender gap wouldn't close entirely until 2133.

mark, France and Spain, said the report. Glassdoor said: "No governments have limitless budgets, but the general perception has always been that the UK provides a generous benefit scheme for all. For the UK, it could be argued that parental leave, sick pay and unemployment benefits are particularly meagre. Social policy across Europe is generally far more generous than in the US. There is, however, considerable variation across the region. Providing workplace entitlements is a complex responsibility for governments. Striking the right balance is never easy." The study found that Denmark was the best country to be unemployed, while Belgium and the Netherlands also offer attractive welfare packages. Paid sick leave is most generous in the Netherlands, where workers can be absent for up to two years and receive 70% of their salary. The UK is the most generous for maternity leave, while Finland offers fathers 45 days off, well ahead of other countries. The UK is near the bottom for annual leave, added Glassdoor.

£1 MILLION HOMES WILL TRIPLE IN NUMBER BY 2030 A quarter of London’s homes will be worth £1 million ($1.4 million) by 2030, according to a report which warns of vast rises in property prices across Britain. Research published by the Santander bank predicts that over the next 15 years, the number of properties worth more than £1 million will triple, from almost half a million now to 1.6 million. Where just 1.77 percent of British homes currently top the million mark, in 2030, the research said, 5.14 percent will. These headlines figures also mask a growing inequality around the U.K. In Northern Ireland, just 0.28 percent of homes will be worth over £1 million, the report said, and less than 1 percent are in the northeast, Yorkshire and The Humber, the northwest, Wales, Scotland and East Midlands. The overall trend is of rising prices and worsening affordability, particularly for poorer people and those in London and the southeast. However, this is good news for many existing owners, particularly those at the top end of the market, occupying more expensive properties. For those who still aspire to buy a home, it will make taking that step on to the ladder increasingly difficult.

The rising cost of housing remains a hot political issue in the U.K., with all major parties offering up ideas to tackle it but little concrete action carried out. About a quarter of British voters rank housing as one of the three most important issues facing the country.

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Britain To Reduce Parliament Seats England will soon have 501 constituencies, 32 fewer than currently. Prime Minister David Cameron to implement another manifesto promise as the independent Boundary Commission for England (BCE) has begun redrawing the map of parliamentary constituencies. The move follows a decision by Parliament to reduce the number of constituencies in the UK, and to ensure that there are roughly the same numbers of electors in each constituency. The BCE is tasked with making independent recommendations about where the boundaries of English constituencies should be. The total UK electorate has been announced by the Office for National Statistics as 44,722,004,

William and Kate to visit The Taj Mahal

which means the number of electors in each mainland English constituency must be no less than 71,031 and no more than 78,507. England will therefore have 501 constituencies, 32 fewer than there are currently. The Commission has also decided how those constituencies will be distributed among the English regions. The review will take place over two and a half years to ensure that the recommendations made are thorough and take public views into account. Final recommendations must be submitted to the Parliament in September 2018 to allow changes to come into effect at the General Election scheduled for 2020.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will follow in the footsteps of Diana, Princess of Wales on a visit to the Taj Mahal when they tour India later this year, a Kensington Palace spokesman has confirmed. William and Kate are "very much looking forward" to the week-long trip around India and the nearby Kingdom of Bhutan, the spokesman added. Their trip comes 24 years after the Duke's mother was photographed sitting alone on a bench outside the Taj Mahal while visiting the world heritage site with the Prince of Wales in 1992. They separated just months later and

NEW COURSE TO HELP TAXI DRIVERS PROTECT COMMUNITIES Taxi drivers in Sheffield will be equipped to support vulnerable passengers following the launch of a new course that helps them recognise when passengers need extra help, or when they see suspicious behaviour. The Safeguarding Vulnerable Passengers course was officially introduced this month at The Sheffield College. It has been developed over the years to help taxi drivers become the eyes and ears of the community, so they’re better able to identify and report situations where a customer appears

vulnerable. This includes passengers who may be suffering financial exploitation, those who have communication difficulties, or people used in child sexual exploitation or human trafficking. Sheffield has led the way in developing innovative approaches to safeguarding over the years and has received national recognition for this and a number of awards along the way. This course was piloted back in 2012 but is now widely available. Other authorities and national groups are adopting the approach. The feedback so far has revealed an increase in the number of taxi drivers reporting their concern. Councillor Jackie Drayton, Cabinet Member for

Children, Young People and Families at Sheffield City Council, said: “We recognise the role that taxi drivers play in promoting our city and being our ambassadors. We also recognise that they can play an important role in helping us safeguard the most vulnerable people in our city. “We’ve had good feedback from the drivers who have attended the training and I’d like to thank all of them who have been involved. “These courses have been recognised nationally and have been shared with authorities across the country. This is partnership work at its best – it benefits the most vulnerable people in our community and the business and we look forward to continuing with this safeguarding partnership approach.” The course was developed through a partnership including Sheffield City Council’s Licensing service, The Sheffield College and Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board. The course is mandatory for new drivers who are applying for a driver’s taxi licence. Existing drivers are also encouraged to take it. The move has been welcomed by the trade who often find themselves dealing single-handedly with safeguarding situations. The course will be hosted at the Sheffield College. Heather Smith, Principal, The Sheffield College, said: “I am pleased to hear that successful partnership working with the local authority has led to the development of this important course. The College is committed to doing all it can to aid the social and economic prosperity of the city. Making sure the city's citizens are safe is key to this.”

the picture became a lasting image of her loneliness. This tour, coming shortly before the Queen's 90th birthday, will also allow the Duke and Duchess to pay tribute to Her Majesty's huge contribution to diplomacy in Britain and the Commonwealth." William, 33, and Kate, 34, who are both visiting the countries for the first time, will arrive in India on April 10. They will see a variety of aspects of contemporary Indian life, focusing on young people, sport, entrepreneurship, efforts to relieve urban poverty, the creative arts, and rural life, the Palace said.

Beijing Beats New York As World Billionaire Capital Beijing has surpassed New York City to become the "billionaire capital of the world" with 100 resident billionaires to the US business and cultural capital’s 95, a survey showed. The number of Beijing billionaires rose by 32 from last year, while New York’s tally rose by just four, according to the China based Hurun Report. Moscow came in third, with 66 billionaires. Despite its own slowdown and falling stock markets, China minted more new billionaires than any other country in the world last year, mainly on the back of new listing. Last year, Greater China surpassed the US to become home to the largest population of billionaires in the world. Its new figures, said that the region is now home to 568 billionaires -- 90 more than last year -- with a combined net worth of $1.4 trillion, a sum comparable to the GDP of Australia. Just over 40 percent of the world’s billionaires under 40 reside in China, the report added.

China’s richest man Wang Jianlin, is a real estate and entertainment magnate with a net worth of $26 billion In comparison, 535 billionaires call the US home -- two fewer than last year. China’s richest man, real estate and entertainment magnate Wang Jianlin, ranked 21st on Hurun’s list of the world’s richest people with a net worth of $26 billion, behind the likes of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and investor Warren Buffett.

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PAKISTANI AIRLINE TAKING OFF A Pakistani airline will commence a new service between Manchester Airport and Islamabad next month, in aeroplanes that have 326 seats and fares that start from £540. The Pakistani airline, Shaheen Air, will offer three services a week to Benazir Bhutto International Airport from 15th March 2016 with A330-200 aircraft. The services will operate inbound on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. With departing flights on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from Manchester Terminal Two at 22:00 and arriving at 18:30 on an Airbus A330. Shaheen Air UK said: “We are proud to announce the return of Shaheen Air to the UK by launching direct flights between Manchester and Islamabad. “We are pleased to offer a fantastic service at the lowest fare and maximum baggage allowance of two piece 60kgs.” Manchester Airport, said: “delighted that Manchester Airport has been chosen by Shaheen Air

as they resume flights into the UK. Islamabad continues to be a popular destination with the 22 million people across our catchment area and this new service will provide them with additional choice for reaching the city, and also connecting around Pakistan, with Shaheen’s extensive network.” Shaheen Air is the biggest private airline of Pakistan with a fleet of 19 aircraft comprising of A330-300, A320 and B-737-400 planes, with the planned induction of four A330-200 and three A320, the fleet size will increase to 26. Currently Shaheen Air serves 13 international and seven domestic destinations, and has plans to operate flights to Copenhagen, Oslo, Milan, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok in the near future. Manchester Airport is the UK’s third largest with over 210 destinations served by 70 plus airlines. It has in excess of 23m annual passengers.

Nether Edge Councillors ‘We are here to help’ Nether Edge Councillors Monthly Surgery: 1st Saturday of the month Dalton Court Community Centre S8 0YU 11am - 12pm No need to book

Councillor Nasima Akhter 07872476638

Cheap Fuel Boosts British Car Sales Fall in fuel prices adds £4.3 billion boost to car sales. A survey of over 1000 car owners shows that the fall in fuel prices meant a significant number of people would now think about buying their next car sooner than they had planned. Five per cent car owners in the survey, conducted by Online car buyer We Buy Any Car, said the drop in fuel prices has made them think about buying another car earlier than they would have done. Using industry statistics, this could mean up to 485,000 additional new and used cars could be purchased over the next year giving a £4.3 billion boost to the automotive industry. Over 15% of car owners indicated they may well

opt for bigger and better models and said they’d be less bothered by fuel economy next time they bought a car. Lower fuel prices also signify an increase in traffic as over 13% of car owners thought they’d go on longer journeys and use their car more often. British drivers have not abandoned the environment or the need to save cash, however, as over 50% of respondents still think fuel economy is important. In fact, over 28% of those surveyed said that, when they’re ready to change their car, fuel economy will still rank highly in choosing a specific make and model to buy.

Controversial £35k Migrant Pay Threshold MPs are set to debate Theresa May’s “ill-considered, destructive and discriminatory” plans to deport skilled migrant workers if they fail to earn more than £35,000. Campaigners have been fighting the controversial change, which could see tens of thousands of teachers, tech entrepreneurs, charity workers and NHS staff deported from the UK when it comes into effect in April. A petition urging the Home Office to reconsider the threshold has now received more than 100,000 signatures, and on Wednesday the parliamentary petitions committee confirmed a debate has now been scheduled for 7 March. Under the new rules, skilled non-EU migrants who have lived in the UK for five years will have to prove they get paid the new minimum threshold in order to stay in the country. The debate next month will be the first time the proposal has been properly scrutinised in Parliament – the salary requirement was pushed through as part of a raft of Immigration Rules changes in April 2012 without a Commons vote. According to the Home Office’s own impact assessment at the time, the change will cost the

Treasury up to £575 million in reduced economic output over 10 years – while only making a “modest” contribution towards lowering net migration.

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Beware Of Bogus Help Centres Fraudulent UK help centres are charging hundreds of pounds for fake identity cards for visafree travel to Pakistan. National Identity Cards for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) were launched in 2012 to simplify travel. Online applications opened in August 2015. Self-styled advice bureaux - some run from homes - have since opened, charging for help to submit web forms. But some are not authorised and put people at risk of identity fraud, the High Commission of Pakistan has warned. Anyone fraudulently using logos belonging to the Government of Pakistan will be prosecuted and the High Commission will not be responsible for any money lost or information stolen from applicants, it warned. The benefits of NICOP cards include visa-free entry into Pakistan, official citizenship and the right to open a bank account and buy or sell property. One woman lost £300 when her family used a

fake advisor. They had to travel to consulates in Birmingham and Manchester to get real ID cards. She said: "We heard that a man in the community was offering the service; we thought he was something to do with consulate. "He applied for our cards online but, when they arrived, one had the wrong name on it, another the wrong address and one stated the person lived in the United States." She said they paid £90 for each card and were told it would cost £100 per card to have the details amended. Another advice session was closed down by authorities after a businessman advertised the service at a mosque in Greater Manchester. Consul General of Pakistan in Manchester, Zahoor Ahmad, said: "The Consulate does not hold surgeries in private places and had not authorised it." There are around 1.17 million Pakistanis living in the UK and around 3,500 NICOP applications are processed each week.

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THE RESIDENTIAL MARKET - Realities & Myths Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant Mark Jenkinson & Son As we approach Spring, the season when people start looking at moving, improving or marketing their properties, market forecasters and pundits start predicting on the state of the market and I do not think this year will be any different. DIY stores will begin a massive advertising campaign aimed at improving your home in readiness for marketing.

Also we are witnessing the building of new social homes. Take for example Sheffield, there have been new homes built on the Manor and new council houses are being built in Darnall. It is clear such house building will be taking place in other towns and cities across the country. Without doubt there is a need for such house building programmes.

In the last few weeks I have been observing programmes on television, where after Cookery property is a major topic. Many of these programmes talk about how to buy a house, improve or make major architecturally inspired changes. Therefore it is no wonder the nation is verging on obsessional in their love of all things property related.

There are examples of the private sector getting involved in building homes for the rental market with large institutional and foreign investors leading the way. It is without doubt that in the next decade the private rented sector will be a major provider of homes in this country. It is a positive response to demand, we will see a rise in the quality and standard of homes being provided. It will also provide people with security to put down roots rather than relying on short term lets. The rented sector is much stronger in other countries, the UK is catching up with world trends.

So what is the reality. Quite simply we are going through a structural change in the market. Clearly over the recession years there have been no or limited homes built. As our desire for home ownership shows no sign of waning it was inevitable the need for new home building will be the next big challenge for the country. It is becoming clear as we move out of recession house builders are returning, the demand for land is beginning to rise. I can say from my experience of operating in Urban Regeneration the last six to eight years have been very challenging for the land market. The demand for land was almost non existent, many builders just decided to land bank rather than build new homes. Although demand is showing signs of improving we are nowhere near the heights of the property boom, when buyers were agreeing sales off plan and house builders could not obtain enough land. Without doubt demand for land is going to rise, maybe not on a wholesale basis but in selected areas. In my experience this is always the case. Again without contradiction a fact that we as a nation continue to fuel demand which can only be met by new build. There has been a rise in new homes built in England. The Depart-

A word of caution, a lot is reported on house prices in London and how that effects the rest of the country. When you hear a small one bedroomed ex council flat sells for ment for Communities and Local Government said about 37,000 new homes were started in the last quarter of 2015 up 23% on the nearly £1M it does fuel aspirations elsewhere. The most important fact to bear in mind, London is competing on the global marprevious year. It is clear we will see more homes being built. ket. Quite a substantial number of sales are to foreign investors So what is the state of the market. It is clear that demand for as they see the London market as being safe and rising in prices. houses is very strong in some areas, for example the south west of Sheffield is very popular amongst buyers. Many houses which As always one needs to be cautious in the property market, even come onto the market in these areas attract a huge number of in times of rising demand there are certain areas where values are offers often selling for more that the asking price. The trend is actually decreasing for various reasons. Believe it or not there are showing a rise in prices with predictions that we could see the re- people still in negative equity so always take advice from a Charturn of gazumping. If one turns their memory to the height of the tered Surveyor and other property professionals before engaging property boom of 2005 onwards, many houses were being put to in the biggest acquisition of your life. sealed bids or even auction. There has been an increase in sealed bid offers in the last few months as a way of deciding who is the In conclusion we will see an increase in demand for properties, thereby increasing demand for land and a much more buoyant successful bidder, a clear sign of buoyancy in the market. market.

Pakistan Nowhere Close To Reaching 2015 Education Goals Pakistan, Yemen and several countries in subSaharan Africa were nowhere close to meeting their 2015 education goals, according to the UN annual report. The intergovernmental organisation gave a third of the world’s countries a passing grade for efforts to provide universal basic education, but said most governments had failed on a pledge made 15 years ago. In 2000, 164 countries agreed at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (Unesco) World Education Forum to ensure basic education for all by 2015. But in its latest annual report, the UN body said that only a minority had passed the test. Several European countries as well as Cuba, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia are among those who managed to meet the education goal, said the report. Only around half of the 164 countries have suc-

ceeded in providing universal primary education, the report said. In 15 years, “the world has made significant progress,” the director general of Unesco, Irina Bokova, said. “Millions more children are in school than would have been had the trends of the 1990s persisted.” But governments need to “prioritise the poorest – especially girls”, she added. The world’s poorest children are four times less likely to go to school than the richest, the report said. Around 58 million children are still out of school globally and 100 million children fail to complete primary education. Gender parity at the primary and secondary levels has improved but girls’ education is often hindered by “early marriages and pregnancies”, said the report.

Supermarket Shoppers are ‘Seduced By Special Offers’ Supermarket shoppers seduced by "special offers" and "bogof" deals end up forking out over £1,000 more a year on average than planned, according to a Government-backed body. The Money Advice Service (MAS) found that threequarters (76%) of people regularly spend more than they meant to in the supermarket due to special offers and bogof - or buy one get one free - multi-buy deals. On average, people said they spend £11.14 more than they intended to per shop. As the average shopper visits the supermarket more than twice (2.2 times) a week, the Service calculated that this could lead someone to spend around £1,274 per year more than intended. The Service also asked more than 2,000 consumers to select the cheapest options when presented with four sets of offers as they might be found in a supermarket. Just one in 50 (2%) people selected the bestvalue option from all four sets of offers. Three quarters (74%) of people answered at least one question correctly. Hunger, boredom and children's "pester power" were also common reasons people gave for piling more into their trolley than they had intended. Six in 10 (59%) people said shopping on an empty stomach makes them spend more. In this scenario, women were more likely to stock up on chocolate, sweets and pastries, while hungry men were more susceptible to buying meat and alcohol. One in three (31%) people spend more when they are bored in the supermarket, while one in

four (26%) said pressure from children makes them stuff their trolley with extra purchases. The research also found that people who made a shopping list, and stuck to it while in the supermarket, typically spent £200 a year less than those who rarely or never made a list. Those who stuck to a shopping list spent £6,374 per year on average in the supermarket - £217 less than the £6,591 typically spent a year by those who do not bother making a list. Often deals can be difficult to understand and compare with other prices. Then there's waste even if the offers are cheaper, bigger packets or 50% extra are not always good value for money if we end up chucking most of it away. The best thing to do if you want to save cash is to write a shopping list and try to stick to it. You can also try shopping when you've just eaten and you're not tired. Here are the percentages of shoppers who say they spend more due to certain circumstances, and the average amount extra they say they spend on a shop because of these circumstances: :: Special offers, 76%, £11.14 :: Hunger, 59%, £10.87 :: Not having a clear idea/plan of what they want to buy beforehand, 49%, £13.44 :: End of aisle displays, 45%, £11.91 :: Boredom, 31%, £14.53 :: Children/pester power, 26%, £15.50 :: Till displays, 23%, £16.28 :: Tiredness, 22%, £13.94

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Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy Wins Second Oscar For Honour Killing Documentary Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy won the Academy Award for a documentary short about honour killings. The Pakistani-Canadian film maker won the Oscar for 'A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness', about honour killings, told through the eyes of Saba Qaiser. After winning the award Sharmeen said, "When you live in a country like Canada, you begin to realize how right things can be." "Then when you travel back to Pakistan and to other countries which are in conflict, you can see what's going wrong." "She wanted her story told," "The impact of her story is tremendous, because it is going to change lives, and it's going to save lives, and there can be no greater reward than that." "I think it's important to see what human beings are capable of." Obaid-Chinoy, now lives in Pakistan but has spent a lot of time going between Toronto and her home country. The filmmaker and journalist also won an Academy Award for her 2012 documentary Saving Face, about women in Pakistan searching for justice after suffering acid attacks.

Pakistan Bill For Protection Of Women Against Violence Is Approved The historic Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Bill 2015 which faced much opposition from within government quarters has finally been passed by the Punjab Assembly. For the first time in the history of the country, the bill gives comprehensive protection to women against a range of crimes. The list of crimes includes abatement of an offence, domestic, emotional, psychological and economic abuse, stalking and cyber crime. It was approved by the provincial cabinet in May 2015 and could not be passed by the assembly because of in-house objections even by those belonging to the ruling party. The bill was drafted by Chief Minister’s Special Monitoring Unit (Law and Order), which is headed by Salman Sufi, in collaboration with departments concerned and civil society. It introduces for the first time an in-built implementation mechanism through the district Violence Against Women Centres (VAWCs), court orders (residence, protection and monetary), introduction of GPS tracked electronic braceletsanklets to enforce protection orders and power to enter any place to rescue the women victims. It also encompasses cyber crime, domestic violence, emotional, economic and psychological abuse within the ambit of ‘violence against women’ crimes. The stated aim is to ensure justice to women victims and to empower them, placing them on an equal footing with the male population. The bill stands out, as compared to previously passed bills, on domestic violence as it also provides civil remedies -- protection, residence and or monetary order -- for all the offences it covers. This is in addition to, and not contradictory to or abrogating, the existing laws on violence against women crimes. Through a residence order, the victim has a right to stay in the house if she doesn’t want to vacate it or the defendant has to provide an alternative accommodation to the victim if she wants. If she is being harassed or stalked, she can claim a protection order which ordains the defendant to not communicate with her or stay a certain

distance from her. In addition, the victim can also seek monetary relief from the defendant to meet expenses occurred and losses suffered through monetary orders in this bill. Provisions exist to punish acts of domestic violence and other VAW crimes in the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), however the issue lies in the implementation of these sections. Women victims of violence currently have to go through a snake-and-ladder game for merely getting a case registered. This bill aims to solve the problem of FIRs registration through establishment of 24-hour women-run VAWCs where the case-flow process would be streamlined by bringing all the needed facilities under one roof - first aid, police reporting, FIR lodging, prosecution, medical examination, forensics and post-trauma rehabilitation. VAW centres will provide facilities like legal assistance, immediate protection to the aggrieved, evidence collection within due time to facilitate investigation, audio-visual record of all actions. They will initiate VAW cases, establish a tollfree helpline, mediate between the aggrieved and the defendant for non-cognisable offenses if requested by the victim, and act as community centres to guide women in all governmentrelated inquiries. A ‘District Women Protection Committee’ will supervise the centres and shelter homes, ensuring that all VAW cases registered in any of the district’s police stations are referred to these centres. The District Women Protection Officer (DWPO) will have power to enter any place to rescue the aggrieved with her consent. The officer can also file a habeas corpus case on the basis of any credible information of wrongful confinement of an aggrieved person. Under this legislation, the aggrieved or any authorised person or the DWPO can submit a complaint to the court to obtain civil remedies. Several penalties (imprisonment and/or fine) have been laid out in the Bill, including those for obstructing a protection officer, filing a false complaint and breach of court orders or tampering with the GPS tracked system.

Sindhi Culture Sindh is one of the four provinces in Pakistan located at the Southern border. The province of Sindh has been named after the famous River Indus. In Sanskrit, the province was dubbed Sindhu meaning an ocean. Around 3000 B.C, Dravidian cultures urbanized and gave rise to the Indus Valley Civilization. According to the Historians, Indus Valley Civilization declined due to the natural disasters such as floods but the invasions of Indo- Arians caused the sudden collapse of it. In the recent history, Sindh was conquered by the British in 1843. Sindh province remained the part of British India until 1947 when it was made one of the provinces of Pakistan. Language Sindhi language evolved over a period of 2400 years. The language of the people of Sindh, after coming in contact with the Aryan, became IndoAryan (Prakrit). The language therefore, has a solid base of Prakrit as well as Sanskrit, the language of India, with vocabulary from Arabic, Persian, and some Dravidian – descendants from Mediterranean sub-continent. Initially, Sindhi had close contacts with Arabic- speaking Muslims therefore the language adopted many of the Arabic words. The Sindhi language is an ancient language spoken in Pakistan and many other parts of the world. It is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by approximately 41 million people in Pakistan, and 12 million people in India; it is the second most spoken language of Pakistan, mostly spoken in the Sindh province. It is a recognized official language in Pakistan, and also an official language in India. The Government of Pakistan issues National Identity Cards to its citizens only in two languages; Sindhi and Urdu. Sindhi language is also greatly influenced by Sanskrit and about 70% of the words in Sindhi are of Sanskrit origin. Sindhi is a very rich language with a vast vocabulary; this has made it a favourite of many writers of literature and poetry. It has been the inspiration for Sindhi art, music, literature, culture and the way of life. The language can be written using the Devanagri or Arabic script Festivals The people of Sindh love their religion and the two festivals of Eid-ul-Adha and Eid-ul-Fitr are celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. On other occasions, the Folk dance of Bhagat is also performed by professionals to entertain the visitors. Hence, a Sindhi Cultural Festival is a compound of folk dances, music and cultural entertainment for local people. Lifestyle The people of Sindh are more inclined towards an agricultural based lifestyle. The fertile Indus Plains provide a valuable source of income for the local people who practice farming on these lands. Inland fishing is also practiced along the Indus River in Upper Sindh providing further opportunities for local people. An itinerant way of life is commonly seen in the desert regions of Thar where people move from place to place to source drinking water with their families and livestock. Arts and Music Sindhi society is dominated by great Sufis, the mystics and the martyrs. It has always been the land of peace, love, romance, with great cultural and artistic values. There were the great theologians of the Naqsh bandi order in Thatta who translated the fundamentals of the religion of Islam into their mother tongue. There were the great Sufi (mystic) poets like Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai who was the cherisher of truth and spent all his life in its propagation, pursuit and quest. Bhitai was also an excellent musician. He invented a new type of musical instrument, Tambura (drone instrument), which till today, is a primary source of music in rural Sindh. The beauty of Shah’s verses is enhanced by his blending of traditional Indian rag with the Sindhi folk songs and music. Cultural character The ancient Sindhi civilization was the place, where the aesthetic utilization of leisure was freely indulged. There has been evidence of excavations of sites dating back to 3000 B.C. indicating the ancient cultures and artefacts from that era. Around 1200 years ago Jaina Dakshiniya Chihna (778 A.D.) described the distinguished features of Sindhi’s in this way: “Elegant, with a lovely, soft and slow gait, they are fond of the art of harvas (that is, songs, music and dancing) and full affection towards their country.” Sindhi’s celebrate Sindh Cultural day worldwide on 6th December by wearing Ajrak & Sindhi Topi during the festival.

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Bahadur Shah Zafar Bahadur Shah Zafar, also known as Bahadur Shah II, was the last Mughal emperor of India who reigned from 1837 to 1857 for a period of 20 years. As the second son of Akbar Shah II and Lal Bai, he was not his father’s original choice to ascend the throne. However, circumstances ultimately led to his ascension to the throne after his father’s death. Even as an emperor he did not rule over a large empire; his empire barely extended beyond Delhi's Red Fort. By that time the East India Company was gaining political power in India and the emperor was no longer accorded any real power over the country which had by now fragmented into hundreds of kingdoms and principalities. He was not a very ambitious ruler and thus the British believed that he posed no real threat to them. However, Zafar did play a prominent role during the Indian Rebellion of 1857, fighting for India’s independence from British Rule. Though most famous for being the last Mughal emperor, Zafar was also a very talented Urdu poet and musician in his own right. He had written a large number of ghazals and his court was home to several Urdu writers of great repute including Mirza Ghalib, Dagh, Mumin, and Zauq. He was born on October 24, 1775, as one of the 14 sons of Mughal emperor Akbar II. His mother was a Hindu Rajput, Lal Bai. His full name was Mirza Abu Zafar Sirajuddin Muhammad Bahadur Shah Zafar. As a young boy he received education in Urdu, Persian and Arabic. Being a prince, he was also trained in the military arts of horsemanship, swordsmanship, shooting with bow and arrow and with fire-arms. He developed a love for poetry from two of his teachers, Ibrahim Zauq and Asad Ullah Khan Ghalib. He was not much ambitious from childhood and had more interest in Sufism, music and literature than in the political matters of the country. He became the 17th Mughal emperor on 28 September 1837 after the death of his father. In fact, he had not been his father’s preferred choice to succeed him. Akbar II was planning to name Mirza Jahangir, son of his wife Mumtaz Begum as the successor but could not do so after Mirza Jahangir got into serious conflict with the British. Zafar was not an ambitious person and did not exercise much power even after becoming the emperor. The British, who were by now gaining much political control over India, did not consider him to be a threat. His empire barely extended beyond Delhi’s Red Fort; he had

power only over a limited area of land though he had the authority to collect some taxes and to maintain a small military force in Delhi. As an emperor he saw to his best that all his subjects belonging to different religions were treated fairly. He believed in the equality of religions and felt it was his duty to protect the religious rights of the Hindus along with the Muslims. During his reign, he ensured that the major Hindu festivals like Holi and Diwali were celebrated in the court. He was very sensitive towards the religious sentiments of Hindus and did not support the extremist views of some Orthodox Muslim sheikhs. He was a devout sufi, a poet and a dervish. He was a noted Urdu poet who composed several ghazals which were known for their emotional and intense content. He was a prolific writer and even though much of his poetry collections were destroyed in the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the remainder of his poems was later complied into Kulliyyat-i-Zafar. In 1857, as the Indian rebellion against the British was spreading, Sepoy regiments seized Delhi. Rebelling Indian kings felt that Zafar would be the most suitable person to be the Emperor of India under whom the smaller kingdoms would be united in the fight against the British. He gave his public support to the rebellion and even appointed his son Mirza Mughal as the commander in chief of his forces. Mirza Mughal was very inexperienced, and did not lead the army competently. The city’s administration was in disarray and the army was in a chaos. When it became apparent that the British would emerge victorious, Bahadur Shah sought refuge at Humanyun’s Tomb at the outskirts of Delhi. However, British officials led by Major William Hodson discovered his hiding place and forced him to surrender on 20 September 1857. Many male members of Zafar’s family including his sons Mirza Mughal and Mirza Khizr Sultan were killed by the British, while the surviving members, including Bahadur Shah himself, were imprisoned or exiled. Bahadur Shah Zafar was exiled to Rangoon, Burma, in 1858, along with his wife Zeenat Mahal and some of the of the remaining members of the family. He had four wives, Begum Ashraf Mahal, Begum Akhtar Mahal, Begum Zeenat Mahal, and Begum Taj Mahal. Of all his wives, Zeenat Mahal was the closest to him. He had several sons and daughters from his wives and concubines. After his surrender to the British forces, he was sentenced to exile in Rangoon, He died on November 7, 1862 at the age of 87.

Women’s 2017 Cricket World Cup Women’s 2017 cricket World Cup venues announced. The International Cricket Council (ICC) confirmed that Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, London and Somerset in England will be hosting the women’s 2017 World Cup matches. The tournament will be held from June 26 to July 23. It will be the first time that the tournament will be held in England since 1993 when the hosts defeated New Zealand in the final at Lord’s ground. “In this country, last summer’s record-breaking attendances for the Women’s Ashes series showed there is a growing audience and appetite for women’s cricket – we witnessed excellent crowds, including full houses at Chelmsford and Hove, coupled with growing media and commercial interest,” Clare Connor, the ICC women’s cricket committee’s chairwoman said in a statement. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) said: “This is a very exciting time for the women’s game in this country and staging a Women’s World Cup here will really help drive interest and participation in women’s cricket at every level.”

“It’s critical we use this event to reach out to young children in particular so we’ve moved the tournament start date to earlier in the summer – a decision which will help our host venues encourage attendance by engaging with schools in the build-up to the event.” According to the format of the tournament, eight sides will participate in a single-league format with each side playing the other once. The top four sides following the conclusion of the league matches will progress to the semi-finals with the winners clashing at Lord’s on 23 July. A total of 31 matches will be played during the 28-day tournament.

AIR POLLUTION CLAIMS 5.5 MILLION LIVES A YEAR You probably don’t think of air pollution as a factor that affects how long you will live. It’s actually the fourth greatest risk of death, though, right after high blood pressure, dietary risks and smoking. More people die from air pollution than die from alcohol and drug abuse, or unsafe sex. New research from the Global Burden of Disease Study shows that every year 5.5 million people across the world die from diseases—such as cardiovascular disease and stroke—related to air pollution, making it the leading environmental cause of disease by far. More than 85 percent of the world's population now lives in areas where the World Health Organization Air Quality Guideline is exceeded. Power plants, industrial manufacturing, vehicle exhaust and burning coal and wood all release small particles into the air that are dangerous to a person's health. Indoor and outdoor air pollution in two countries, India and China, account for 55 percent, or 3 million, of those 5.5 million deaths. The study also found that more such deaths are expected over the next two decades unless stricter limits on carbon emissions are imposed. We have probably seen the worst from China where levels of air pollution may have already peaked. The negative effects on people’s health are still relevant, however, because the Chinese population is aging and prior exposure to air pollution could still play a role in many diseases. For example, exposure as far back as 20 years ago could influence a person’s susceptibility to lung cancer in particular. Heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and chronic lung disease are all diseases disproportionately affecting people over 65 that can be caused by air pollution exposure, even if that exposure was decades old. Even as China takes steps to reduce the amount it pollutes, with so many Chinese entering old age the country will see the impacts of air pollution on health for years to come.

dung for cooking and heating. Millions of families, among the poorest in India, are regularly exposed to high levels of particulate matter in their own homes. The researchers see this in China too, but there government has been somewhat successful educating its people about the negative impact of these practices. India hasn’t yet begun to successfully address the risks of indoor pollution among its many rural-based populations. The good news is that in countries where a concerted effort has been made to reduce air pollution levels, associated deaths have dropped. Still, air pollution exposure is the 13th highest risk factor for death in the U.S., responsible for 80,000 deaths in 2013 alone. That same year, the study found that outdoor air pollution from coal alone in China caused 366,000 deaths. Unless the country adopts even more ambitious efforts to reduce air pollution, China’s research predicts another 990,000 to 1.3 million people will die from exposure by 2030. Of course, a move to greener forms of energy like wind and solar could have an impact on air pollution and health outcomes throughout the world.

Because India’s population is demographically younger than in China, the same issues over aging aren’t a concern even as the country has seen a sharp rise in air pollution. A cause for concern is the widespread practice of burning wood and

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Mobile Online Market Boom More than half of all online sales in Britain are now made by smartphone or tablet, new figures show. Mobile devices accounted for 51% of online sales between November and January, a substantial increase on the 45% recorded in the previous quarter. It is also well up from 40% in the same period the year before, according to latest figures. This is a very significant milestone in the history of the online retail sector and reflects the work retailers have put into improving the customer experience on smartphones. The leap in mobile sales appeared to be driven by increased confidence in using smartphones for online shopping, probably helped by the trend for larger screens but also by significant improvements made by many mobile retail sites. Tablets accounted for 33% of sales, smartphones for

18% and desktop or laptop computers for 49%, the figures showed. Visits to retail websites via mobile devices accounted for two-thirds (66%) of traffic over the past quarter. Smartphones have played an important role in the overall online shopping process for a long time - often used for research and comparison on the go - but over the past year they have really started to become a major component of the checkout process too and that is what is driving this leap in mobile penetration. Mobile is becoming the glue between our shops and online. Increasingly, customers are using the two channels combined and for example use their mobiles to check ratings and reviews and further product information when in-store.

No-Selfie Zones Declared In India Following Deaths Mumbai has declared 16 areas no-selfie zones, following an increase in deaths linked to the photo craze. Major Indian cities are awash with people, arms outstretched, mobile phones in hand, smiling widely and clicking away. Even prime minister Narendra Modi has embraced the medium, posting pictures he has snapped with various world leaders online. But the pursuit of the most epic selfie can have lethal consequences. India is home to the highest number of people who have died while taking photos of themselves, with 19 of the world's 49 recorded selfielinked deaths since 2014, according to San Francisco-based data service provider Priceonomics. The statistic may in part be due to India's sheer size, with 1.25 billion citizens and one of the world's fastest-growing smartphone markets. Now Mumbai, alarmed by the trend, has banned selfies across the city, as authorities warned people against taking unnecessary risks. Last month, an 18-year-old woman fell and drowned in the sea while taking a photo of herself at Mumbai's Bandstand Fort, a popular tourist spot. An engineering student sustained fatal head injuries when a rock he was standing cracked

and sent him tumbling. He had been trying to take a selfie with friends in front of the Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu. And in January 2014, three students aged 20 to 22 died when they stopped to take a photo with a speeding train approaching and were hit. They been on their way to visit the Taj Mahal. In Mumbai, police have declared selfies off-limits in areas perceived as risky - particularly along the coastline in spots with no railings or barriers. Anyone venturing into off-limits areas, even if they take no photos, risks being slapped with a fine of 1,200 rupees, about £13. Despite clearly marked signs demarking the selfie-free zones, people can still be seen clicking away and often going to the edges or standing on ledges to get the most thrilling shots.

Sham Marriages Have Increased By Almost 850% A Freedom of Information request has shown the number of enforcement visits over sham marriages has surged from 204 in 2010 to 2,488 in 2014 - an increase of over 1,100 per cent over just four years. Arrests from the practice rose from 137 in 2010 to an astonishing 1,545 in 2014, which is over 840 per cent. A sham marriage is described as a marriage of convenience entered into purely for the purpose of being able to enter the country, not of a genuine couple. The numbers of people abusing the system through sham marriages has increased alarmingly. The evidence is clear, criminal gangs are arranging sham marriages for huge profits all over the country. Enforcement raids have increased, with a record 2,488 enforcement visits at weddings in 2014, but despite their best intentions the authorities appear overwhelmed by the sheer number of cases. At the moment registrars do not have the power to cancel weddings rather than just refer suspected sham marriages. A 2013 sham marriage report by the Home Office said bogus weddings pose a "significant threat to immigration control”. The Government department estimates 4,000 to 10,000 applications a year to stay in the UK,

under the Immigration Rules or under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006, are made on the basis of a sham marriage or civil partnership. On March 2, 2015, a new scheme to tackle sham marriages and civil partnerships was introduced across the UK under the Immigration Act 2014. All couples where one or both parties could gain an immigration advantage from the marriage or civil partnership are now referred by the registration official to the Home Office. When the Home Office has reasonable grounds to suspect a sham, they can extend the notice period from 28 days to 70 days in order to investigate the genuineness of the couple’s relationship and, where a sham is established, take appropriate enforcement or casework action. The response from the FOI request revealed there were 204 enforcement visits in 2010, while in 2011 there was 628, the 2012 figure was 757, in 2013 there was 1,268 visits and the figure peaked in 2014 with 2,488. Last year the number dropped slightly to 2,278. This correlates roughly with the number of arrests due to marriage abuse. In 2010, it was 137, in 2011, it was 310, in 2012, it was 322, in 2013, it was 760, in 2014, it was 1,545 and in 2015, it was 1,156.

Israel Boycott Ban

The Government’s ban on public boycotts of Israeli goods from the occupied territories contradicts its own advice on doing business with the country, official documents show. A number of public authorities, including local councils, have passed procurement policies stating that they will not buy goods or services from Israel’s occupied Palestinian territories. The Government however recently notified councils that these boycotts were now against official procurement rules and would be subject to penalties – an announcement coinciding with a ministerial visit to Israel. Longstanding official government advice on doing business with Israel appears to directly contradict the new rule, however – warning that procurement from the occupied territories is unwise. The Foreign Office’s Overseas Business Risk assessment for Israel states that the Government does “not encourage or offer support” to business with the occupied territories. “The UK has a clear position on Israeli settlements … settlements are illegal under international law, constitute an obstacle to peace and threaten to make a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict impossible,” the advice says. “There are therefore clear risks related to economic and financial activities in the settlements, and we do not encourage or offer support to such activity.” The business guidelines also note that: “Financial transactions, investments, purchases, procurements as well as other economic activities in Israeli settlements or benefiting Israeli settlements, entail legal and economic risks stemming from the fact that the Israeli settlements, according to international law, are built on occupied land and are not recognised as a legitimate part of Israel’s territory.” The Foreign Office confirmed that the advice still

stands and has not been affected by the new Crown Commercial Service rules. The Government also says citizens and business should “be aware of the potential reputational implications of getting involved in economic and financial activities in settlements” as well as potential human rights abuses in the area. Disputed titles to the “land, water, mineral, or other natural resources which might be the subject of purchase or investment” also raise issues about doing business with suppliers based there, the advice reads. Finally the Government advice says: “We understand the concerns of people who do not wish to purchase goods exported from Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.” The new policy banning boycotts is not limited solely to Israeli goods – and effectively stops public authorities from take ethical considerations into account when procuring goods. Campaigners have said the ban will affect activity against the arms trade, fossil fuels, tobacco

products and Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. The Government however trailed the rule as being especially applicable to Israel and announced it on the day of a ministerial visit to the country. It says such boycotts damage “community cohesion” and the UK’s “international security”. Councils across the UK have put pressure on suppliers to cease business with Israel, which is illegally occupying and building settlements on Palestinian land, according to the United Nations. Labour-controlled Birmingham City Council warned last year that it would not renew its waste disposal contract with French waste management company Veolia unless it pulled out of the West Bank. In 2014 Leicester City Council passed a policy of boycotting products produced in illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Cavendish Cancer Care Cavendish Cancer Care, a local independent charity based in Sheffield, that offers support, counselling and a wide range of complementary therapies free of charge to anyone who is affected by cancer. The service is also offered to the patient’s carer and children because cancer affects families and not just the patient themselves. Working in an integrated way with traditional

NHS services means there is always a place where local people and their families can go to talk in confidence about their feelings and receive free sessions with professional counsellors, physiotherapists and complementary therapists. Over 1500 people each year benefit from the services provided by Cavendish Cancer Care and thanks to the tireless supporters who help fund their work, many more local people will continue to benefit from the unique and personalised service on offer. On behalf of the City of Sheffield, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Cllr Talib Hussain was there to support the charity at a recent live auction. The invaluable service provided by local charities is reliant onthe generosity and support of local businesses and people. If you feel you need support with a completely confidential service get in touch 0114 278 4600 / www.cavcare.

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ILM NEWS POEM Poet: Shaheryar A. Chishty I know someone who can Produce a newspaper plan He is always in a hurry Never stopping to worry His name is Mr. Syed Passing through the busy junction You will find him dining at a function Rushing to arrive on time! He meets the lord mayor Who Stands tall and fair Ready to deliver a speech The newspapers are printed at an express pace They are distributed so quickly it’s almost like a race Behind all this hustle and bustle of a long long day The brain continues to work it has a lot to say Not everyone has an a aptitude for stringing a concoction of words A poet at night, he should not be disturbed! He sustained his love of God through the power of his writing It is what he enjoys, it is very enlightening I’m writing this poem for what Mr. Syed has done Giving people opportunities that would never have come! I’ve been in the newspaper for over a year Writing poems for you and your peers.

London Police Return MQM Chief’s Passport

Pakistan Claims Koh-i-Noor Diamond A Pakistani court has accepted a plea to petition asking Britain's Queen Elizabeth II to return the Koh-i-Noor diamond more than 150 years after it was taken from Lahore by colonial forces. The 105.6 carat stone, which has also been claimed by a group of Indian businessmen in a separate court case, adorns a crown that was last worn in 1953 by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother at the coronation of her daughter. Originating in the Golconda mines of central-southern India, it passed through the hands of conquering Mughal princes, Iranian warriors, Afghan rulers and Punjabi Maharajas before being surrendered by a young Sikh prince to Britain following the conquest of Punjab in 1849. Literally translated as "Mountain of Light", the Koh-i-Noor was recut from its original 189 carats in 1852. It is currently on display in the Tower of London along with other precious ornaments that comprise Britain's crown jewels. The Lahore High Court held a preliminary hearing into the case following a petition by Javid

Iqbal Jaffry, a 76-year-old Anglo-Pakistani lawyer and abstract painter, whose work has appeared in the Tate Modern and who has been seeking the return of the diamond since 1958. "The Koh-i-Noor rightly belonged to Punjab province and was forcibly taken by the British from the local ruler and should be returned to Pakistan," he said. India, Pakistan's main rival, has also long claimed the diamond. Last November a group of Indian businessmen and a Bollywood actress said they would mount a legal bid in an English court and in the International Court of Justice. But David Cameron told NDTV television in 2010 "It is going to have to stay put."

testament to Altaf’s innocence. London police had cited ‘insufficient evidence’ in the case leading to cancellation of bail, but it had denied that the charges were dropped. On October 6 2015, the leader of the Karachi-based party was granted bail for the fifth time since beginning of the investigation over undocumented cash found at the MQM London office in December 2012. The MQM founder had arrived in the UK in January 1992 seeking asylum after he esMuttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Al- caped the country following an ‘assassination’ taf Hussain has retrieved his passport following attempt. He was subsequently awarded a British cancellation of bail in a money laundering case passport in 2002. earlier last month. On February 1, the bail of the party’s supremo was cancelled in the case, exempting him from appearing before London’s Metropolitan Police during future proceedings in the case. There was, however, no confirmation if his bank accounts were also restored which were seized along with the passport after the investigation was initiated. While confirming the development, a party spokesperson said returning of the passport was actually a proof that the allegations of money laundering were false, and termed it a


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LEGAL CORNER - Q & A Property Section Mohammed Nazir

Partner , Head of Property & Immigration Wosskow Brown Solicitors LLP Email: Questions and Answers – Legal Corner ILM property Section 1. What is a retention on a mortgage offer and how does it work? A retention is the amount which will be retained, by the Mortgage company, until certain repairs at the property have been carried out. Once the required work has been done at the property then the mortgage lender will send a valuer to inspect the property and once satisfied they will release the retained amount of money to you. 2. Could you please advise on new Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) changes? Anyone who buys additional residential property, including second homes and buy-to-lets, will have to pay an extra 3 percentage points in stamp duty from April 1, 2016. The additional charge applies above the current “stamp duty land tax” rates. This means there will be 3pc tax (currently zero) to pay on homes worth up to £125,000, 5pc tax (instead of 2pc) on homes that cost between £125,001 and £250,000, and 8pc (currently 5pc) on homes worth between £250,001 and £925,000.

Homes worth up to £1.5m will be subject to 13pc stamp duty and to get the works carried out to rectify it and split the cost of the bill. It is important that you always check the local search propthose over this amount will incur a 15pc charge erly otherwise there could be further expense that you haven’t 3. What are my options if problems with the property are high- budgeted for. lighted in my survey report? 5. I am buying a repossessed property from a bank and the esIf there are any problems highlighted in a surveyors report, you tate agents have said that completion has to be within 28 days, have several options available to you. You could ask the vendor for what steps should I take? a reduction in price so that you can use the remaining monies to get the work done yourself or you could request that the vendor If you are buying a repossessed property, you have to proceed gets the works done before you complete. Please be aware that if quickly. The first thing is to get your mortgage offer in place and your surveyor advises you not to buy the property then this means get the survey done as soon as possible. You need to make your the property has many problems and it is safer to take the profes- solicitor aware that the property is a repossession and advise of the day that you have to complete by. With a repossession, the sional advice and not purchase. property is kept on the market right up to exchange of Contracts, 4. What does it mean if the local search reveals that the road is meaning that anyone can put in a higher offer right up until the end and the repossessor may accept it. This is why it is so impornot adopted and maintainable at the publics expense? tant to get things moving as soon as possible. If the road is not adopted or maintainable at the public’s expense then it means that you have to contribute to the maintenance of Please note, these answers are for general information only and the road yourself. This means for example that if there was a pot they do not amount as specialist advice. If you want to seek adhole in the road all of the people who live on the road will have vice, please contact your solicitor.

Eye Color

Eye colour is often the genetic trait that fascinates parents the most as a child develops. Will the child's eyes be black, brown, blue, gray, green, hazel or some combination of colours? Even in Asian children we see variations in colour and shades, so it’s not all brown eyes! How a child looks depends on the genetic material each parent contributes to the child. But the parents' genes can mix and match in many different ways. The influences from each parent aren't known until — surprise — after the child is born! The coloured part of the eye is called the iris, which has pigmentation that determines our eye colour. Human eye colour originates with three genes, two of which are well understood. These genes account for the most common colours — green, brown, and blue. Other colours, such as grey, hazel and multiple combinations are not fully understood or explainable at this time. We used to think of brown being "dominant" and blue being "recessive." But modern science has shown that eye colour is not at all that simple. Also, eye colours don't come out as a blend of the parents' colours, as in mixing paint. Each parent has two pairs of genes on each chromosome. So multiple possibilities exist, depending on how the "Wheel of Fortune" spins. Most babies are born with blue eyes that can darken in their first three years. Darkening occurs if melanin, a brown pigment usually not present at birth, develops with age. Children can have completely different eye colours than either of their parents. But if both parents have brown eyes, it's most likely that their children also will have brown eyes. The darker colours tend to dominate, so brown tends to win out over green, and green tends to win out over blue. However, a brown/blue parent mix doesn't automatically produce a brown-eyed child.

Some children are born with irises that don't match in colour. Usually this is caused by faulty developmental pigment transport, local trauma either in the womb or shortly after birth or a benign genetic disorder. Other causes can be inflammation, freckle (diffuse nevus) of the iris and Horner's syndrome. Having an early eye exam is important to make sure nothing serious is going on — and "nothing serious" is the most common finding. The iris is a muscle that expands and contracts to control pupil size. The pupil enlarges in dimmer lighting and grows smaller in brighter lighting. The pupil also shrinks when you focus on near objects, such as a book you are reading. When the pupil size changes, the pigments in the iris compress or spread apart, changing the eye colour a little. Certain emotions can change both the pupil size and the iris colour. That's why some people say their eyes change colours when they're angry or loving. Eye color also can change with age. This happens in 10 to 15 percent of the Caucasian population (people who generally have lighter eye colors). Note that if your adult eye color changes pretty dramatically, or if one eye changes from brown to green or blue to brown (called heterochromia), it's important to see your eye doctor. Eye color changes can be a warning sign of certain diseases, such as Fuch's heterochromic iridocyclitis, Horner's syndrome or pigmentary glaucoma. Ultimately, if you don't like the eye color you inherited, you can always change it with colored contact lenses. But remember, even colored contact lenses are a prescription medical device and must be prescribed and monitored by an eye doctor. Don't buy them over the Internet or get them from a friend without having an eye doctor's prescription!

BBC ‘To Build Mosque’ On New £15Million Eastenders Set The BBC is reportedly planning to build a mosque into the new EastEnders set. The soap’s famous set at Elstree Studios is set to be demolished after 30 years and rebuilt at a cost of £15 million. The new site will be 20 per cent bigger and feature a mosque on a street off Albert Square among a number of new buildings. It will be the soap’s first religious building and form part of the producers’ efforts to create a more “authentic” version of east London. Producers were also said to

be considering a plotline involving a key character becoming radicalised by Muslim fanatics. But an EastEnders spokeswoman said: “There are no current plans for a radicalisation storyline."

Children Guilty Of Dangerous Driving More than one child a week was prosecuted for dangerous driving last year, new figures have revealed. A total of 66 under-age drivers were convicted of the offence in 2015, according to statistics released by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. One person under 17 was convicted of death by dangerous driving, while children were also guilty of drink and drug driving and failing to provide a specimen. Churchill Car Insurance, which complied the figures through Freedom of Information requests, said the number of offences was “frightening”. While the volumes of offences concerning under-age and under the influence drivers are low, the impact on the victims and their families involved in accidents with these drivers is immeasurable. Twelve children

were convicted of drink-driving last year, while four were prosecuted for failing to provided a specimen, according to the figures. A child under 17 was also convicted of driving or attempting to drive with drugs in their system, Churchill said. Highlighting these frightening statistics will hopefully act as a catalyst for the government and educators to address this issue as a matter of urgency.

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Treatments for Digestive Problems Digestive discomfort isn't something you have to put up with. Learn about the possible causes and how to get on the road to relief. Diarrhoea, heartburn, stomach pain and constipation. Many of us know the misery of digestive problems all too well. By some estimates, 25 per cent of adults suffer pain and discomfort from digestive issues. While some such as irritable bowel syndrome are more prevalent among women, others hit men harder. We take a look at some of the most common digestive problems and recommend effective remedies for relief.

1000s Of Children Wrongly Diagnosed With Asthma Hundreds of thousands of children diagnosed with asthma do not have the condition and are receiving unnecessary treatment, according to new research. Half of youngsters are wrongly told they have the condition because GPs do not always perform the proper tests to confirm it, say researchers. The findings have prompted

1. Acid Reflux and Gerd Acid reflux is the result of stomach acid flowing up into the esophagus. It can cause burning pain under the breastbone, a bad taste in the mouth, and sometimes regurgitation. The discomfort of acid reflux can differ and it all depends on what you eat. It usually occurs after heavy meals, caffeinated drinks, and alcohol. Lying down too soon after eating can be when you feel the pain the most. Acid reflux is also referred to as heartburn. It is caused by a lazy or confused sphincter, the muscle that separates the esophagus and stomach. To help prevent the pain of acid reflux, steer clear of greasy and spicy foods, chocolate, caffeine, and alcohol. Also, be sure to eat dinner two hours or more before bedtime. If you have acid reflux occasionally, try taking chewable antacids or over-the-counter acid reducers, such as Gaviscon, Zantac, Rapidol, Ranitidine or Omeprazole. But if it flares up more than twice a week, immediately see your doctor as you may be suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (Gerd). If left untreated, it can increase the chances of getting oesophageal cancer. Treatment often involve prescription medication, along with lifestyle changes. In some extreme cases, surgery may be required. 2. Ulcers Ulcers are painful open sores that develop on the stomach or duodenum (the upper part of the small intestine). For unknown reasons, ulcers occur more frequently in men. This is especially true of duodenal ulcers. The most common reported ulcer symptom is a gnawing pain in the abdomen, which can wake you up from sleep. In the past, ulcers were incorrectly thought to be caused by stress. They are in fact caused by a certain type of bacteria, as well as overuse of pain killers, like aspirin and ibuprofen. Be sure to see your doctor if you suspect an ulcer is forming. If left untreated, digestive juices and stomach acid can eat a hole in the intestinal lining, causing unbearable pain that may require hospitalisation or surgery. Prescription medication can help heal ulcers, but it may take several months. For day-to-day relief, eat small meals throughout the day (ulcers hurt less when there’s food in your stomach) and nix the ibuprofen and aspirin.

moves to establish new guidelines to help doctors diagnose children correctly. Over-diagnosis gives rise to over-prescription and incorrect use of medication, and to anxiety in parents and children. But over-diagnosis of childhood asthma is common in primary care, leading to unnecessary treatment, disease burden, and impact on quality of life. More than 1.1million children in Britain have the condition. However, researchers in the Netherlands found that in 53.5% of children, "the signs and symptoms made asthma unlikely and thus they were most likely over-diagnosed”. They also found that only 16.1% of children told they had asthma had the diagnosis confirmed with spirometry - a simple test to monitor lung function. “Some useful diagnostic tests are already available in primary care in the UK, but we need increased investment so that we can broaden GP access to this equipment,” say the Royal College of GPs

UK Sees A 12% Increase In Cancer Cases More than 352,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in Britain each year, which is a 12 percent increase in the rate since the mid-1990s, according to the figures by Cancer Research UK. Some 540 cancer cases were diagnosed for every 100,000 local people between 1993 and 1995 when there were 253,000 diagnosed cases a year. The rate rose to 603 per 100,000 in the period of 2011 to 2013. While the chances of getting cancer have increased, the chances of surviving the disease have also climbed. Survival has doubled over the last 40 years thanks to better treatments, more accurate tests, earlier diagnosis and screening programme, according to the Cancer Research UK. Cancer death rates in the country have fallen by nearly 10 percent over 10 years.

The rise in the number of people being diagnosed with cancer is down to an aging and growing British population, which means there is more pressure on public health services to diagnose and treat an expanding population, the organisation said. While one in two people will develop cancer at some point in their lifetime, more than four in 10 cases of cancer could be prevented through changes including not smoking, according to the charity. People often think cancer is down to their genes or just bad luck. Although genes do play a role there are still many things people can do to reduce their cancer risk. The most important is to not smoke. Most people know smoking causes lung cancer, but it’s also linked to at least 13 other types.

3. Constipation If all your time is spent by going in and out the bathroom, you’re likely to have constipation. Despite widespread belief, constipation is not necessarily a sign of getting older. The main symptom is the absence of bowel movements for days on end, while feeling uncomfortably full. Constipation can be caused by diet (usually not enough fibre), lack of activity, side effects of medication, and sometimes stress. Try using a laxative or stool softener to ease constipation. Avoid regular use or your bowels can become dependent on it, making the constipation worse. Increasing your fibre intake also does the trick. Fibre adds bulk to stool, helping it move through your intestines and out of your body. Good sources of fibre include bran and bran cereals, whole wheat bread, nuts, beans, fruits, and vegetables. Aim for 38 grams of fibre per day if you’re 50 or younger, or 30 grams if you’re older. Exercising and drinking plenty of water can also help relieve constipation. If your stomach looks swollen or you experience severe pain, consult your doctor instantly as this could indicate a more serious digestive issue. 4. Food Poisoning

Are we all getting fatter? While Body Mass Index (BMI) is found to be rising across both sexes and within all social groups, there has been a significantly larger increase in those who already have the highest BMIs, reveals a new study. The BMI average was found to be at a higher level for both males and females, and also across all social groups. However, when the researchers looked at the figures for those participants in the top and bottom of the study they found that there were marked differences, with much greater increases at the top end of BMI values.

“The results confirm that the median – that is the average – figure for the BMI isn’t increasing much, but there are big increases at the top end of the scale – for men, women and each level of social class – which aren’t being accounted for,” said the University of Liverpool. BMI is a widely used method for assessing a person’s weight and is calculated by dividing a person’s weight by their height. Currently, 66 percent of men and 57 percent of women are classified as overweight or obese.

Stomach cramps/pains, diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting that come on 24 to 72 hours after eating could point to food poisoning. The major cause of food poisoning is bacteria in food, usually salmonella, campylobacter, or E. coli. The best treatment for food poisoning is time. Most adults recover in a day or two without any treatment as the toxins are flushed from the body. Skip diarrhoea medications like Imodium, and make sure to check with your local GP to confirm that it’s food poisoning. If you can keep anything down, sip clear liquids, especially sports drinks, to prevent dehydration. However, if you’re still camping out in the bathroom after 48 hours or develop a fever, you could have a more serious bacterial infection. Immediately consult a doctor in this instance. While digestive issues are no fun, they are usually mild and easily treatable. Always see a doctor if symptoms persist for more than a week.

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Inauguration of LinkFM 96.7

Pakistan Muslim Centre is delighted to announce the start of its brand new radio station.


MR SAJID QAZI - CWC PAKISTAN CONSULATE MANCHESTER Lord Mayor of Sheffield Cllr Talib Hussain gave a special invitation to the Community Welfare Counsellor of the Pakistan Consulate Manchester. CWC Mr Sajid Qazi was welcomed in the Lord Mayors Parlour at the Townhall in an official engagement with notable members of the Sheffield Community

0786 0624786

Friends congratulated Shahid Nawaz on his recent marriage in Pakistan.

CONGRATULATIONS TO SHAFQAT MIRZA SAHIB Ilm News Reporter and photographer - seasoned journalist extraordinaire Shafqat Mirza Sahib was honoured by his friends, on his appointment as GEO News representative for the Sheffield Area. For decades Mirza Sahib has provided coverage of local news stories to various media agencies including Jang London. His enthusiasm and devotion to journalism was celebrated along his new appointment at GEO News. Ilm News wishes him all the best in his expanding portfolio of journalism.

Sheffield Traffic Signal Junctions Benefit From New Technology Over 100 traffic signal junctions and pedestrian crossings across the city have benefitted from upgrades and innovative new technology, thanks to the Streets Ahead project. The new traffic signals with pedestrian crossing facilities can now monitor how long it is taking for a pedestrian to cross the road and make sure that the green man displays for enough time. They can also detect whether pedestrians who have pushed the button to cross are still waiting or if they have crossed or walked away. If there are no pedestrians waiting after the button is pressed, the new technology will automatically cancel the green man demand. Some of the major sites across Sheffield to have already undergone the transformation include Hunters Bar roundabout, which benefitted from five new pedestrian crossings, and a number of junctions along Penistone Road in conjunction with the

with the road widening scheme. The Streets Ahead team also designed and installed a new pedestrian crossing on Normanton Hill, known locally as ‘Jazzy’s Crossing’. Cllr Terry Fox, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said: “It is great to see that the Streets Ahead project is not just upgrading our roads and streetscene but is also bringing in new technologies to make our roads safer to use.” As part of the upgrades teams are also installing intelligent technology at pedestrian crossings and signalised junctions to make it easier for people to cross roads, but also to help improve traffic flow. The implementation of this new technology is also bringing innovation to the city, which puts Sheffield up there with other major cities across the UK. All existing pedestrian crossings in the city will also benefit from these innovative upgrades.

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Designer Baby’s or Not? Mr Shumile J. Chishty Sickle cell anemia, for example, is caused by a single mutation in the beta globin gene. Gang Bao, a bioengineer at Rice University, is among the researchers working with CRISPR to edit out this mutation. The gene will be modified in a somatic cell, which means that any change made to it affects only the individual and can’t be inherited. “Those modified stem cells have a finite life span,” Bao says, “and won’t be passed on to the patient’s children.”

When Chinese researchers reported using a technique called CRISPR , which stands for clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats which edit the genome of human embryos this past April (2015). They flashed a worldwide debate over how this technology could (or should) be used. Scientists expressed valid fears: What are the side effects? Will this open the floodgates to designer humans? How popular will it be?

In order to better assess the risks, scientists at the December summit agreed that basic research should progress. But they essentially called for a pause on editing human embryos for pregnancies. George Daley, director of the stem cell transplantation program at Boston Children’s Hospital, says CRISPR is still too unpredictable for a baby to be brought to term. “But the science is essential for informing the debate,” he says.

The world’s leading geneticists, biotechnologists, and bioethicists gathered in Washington, D.C., in December to address those questions and map out the future of human-gene editing. CRISPR isn’t the first genome-editing tool, but it is by far the best. With CRISPR, scientists can make precise changes much more rapidly, a capability that promises to prevent certain diseases and revolutionize the treatment of others. “CRISPR’s potential to treat human diseases is very high, but so is its potential damage.” —Gang Bao, bioengineer at Rice University

Such discussions can’t just occur within the walls of a conference centre. As CRISPR’s power comes into focus, public discussion should proceeded as well. Without societal buy-in, Daley says, ‘’gene-editing research could be misunderstood or condemned— and that would weaken its many potentially life-changing benefits.’’

Lesser-Known Savings Accounts You Should Be Looking At

If you want a decent return on your money, then you need to look beyond the high street to less familiar names. If you check out the savings best buy tables you'll spot some unfamiliar names. Companies such as RCI Bank, Milestone Savings and Fidor are proving serious competition for high street banks and building societies. But who are these new providers. And can you trust them with your cash? RCI Bank RCI's Freedom Savings Account tops the easy access table at a rate of 1.65%. Unlike many other savings accounts there aren't any hidden catches such as an introductory bonus or limits on withdrawals. RCI Bank is French and part of the Renault car group, one of the world's largest car companies. RCI Banque has been operating in mainland Europe since 1974, with the UK branch, RCI Bank, opening last year. UK savings with RCI are protected under the European Economic Area (EEA) passport scheme. This means that in the unlikely event of RCI going bust, savers would rely on the French deposit protection scheme which protects the first €100,000 of savings per person. As well as a table-topping easy access account, RCI also offers a oneyear fixed bond at 2.06%, a two-year bond at 2.35% and a three-year fixed rate at 2.7%, all very competitive rates.

Rayan Bank, formerly known as the Islamic Bank of Britain. It's offering a one-year fixed rate at 2.17%, two years at 2.78%, and three years at 2.88%. But, as with Milestone Savings, these returns are "expected profit" rather than guaranteed rates. Al Rayan Bank also offers a number of notice accounts, children's accounts and cash ISAs. Money that you save with Al Rayan Bank is protected under the FSCS. Fidor Bank Fidor Bank currently offers a one-year bond paying 2%, an 18-month bond paying 2.1%, a two-year bond at 2.4% and a three-year fixed rate at 2.75%. The German bank launched in the UK in September 2015 and you need a Fidor Smart Current Account in order to open a savings account. UK savings with Fidor are protected under the European Economic Area (EEA) passport scheme which means savers would be reliant on the German deposit protection scheme if Fidor were to cease trading.

Life on Mars One of the world’s most famous astronauts believes that a human colony should be established on Mars. Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin became the second man to set foot on the Moon in 1969 and believes humans could touch down on the red planet by 2040. He says those from the generation born around the year 2000 are likely to be the first making the journey. Dr Aldrin says an outpost on Mars would require people to live on the planet for long periods to set up a colony that would be fully self-sufficient. But reaching the planet would be “the easy part”, he said. “We know how to do that. We know how to get people there. It is being able to sustain yourself” said Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin. The 86-year-old said “cyclical” transportation would be needed to get people there and keep them supplied with what they need to survive, but added getting to the planet is still “very realistic”. Dr Aldrin was speaking at the Science Museum in London, where he told people that our focus should shift from the Moon to breaking new ground with travel to Mars. "I look at where we were 47 years ago leading the world in space exploration, having six landings on the moon, no one has done anything like that ever since …“ He said that simply sending people to Mars and then bringing them back would not be as worthwhile as concentrating on making one base self-sufficient.

Ikano Bank Ikano Bank started offering savings products to UK savers in December 2015. It's currently offering just one product: a three-year bond at 2.55%, just below the best rates on offer. Ikano was founded by the same family behind furniture chain Ikea Milestone Savings and has been operating in the UK since 1994 offering loans and sales Milestone Savings is part of Gatehouse Bank, an investment bank finance. based in London. It launched last year and is now offering a one-year Deposits with Ikano Bank are protected under the Swedish equivalent fixed rate bond at 2.1%, a three-year bond at 2.65%, and a five-year of the FSCS, the Swedish Deposit Insurance Scheme, up to the value fixed rate at 3.2%. of €100,000. However, the savings rates are not set in stone. Milestone is a Shariahcompliant provider which means it doesn't technically offer interest United Bank (UBL) but states an "expected profit" instead. Its website says it will contact United Bank of UBL is another Islamic Bank. It was formed in 2001 savers if the expected profit cannot be achieved and savers can with- from the merger of the UK branches of two Pakistani banks, United draw their cash before maturity if the rate doesn't live up to expecta- Bank Limited and National Bank of Pakistan, who had been operating tions. in the UK since the mid-1960s. The other thing to note is that Milestone's fixed term accounts require UBL is offering a two-year bond at 2.15%, three years at 2.5%, five a hefty £10,000 minimum deposit. years at 3.04% and seven years at 3.12%, all of which are either marMoney with Milestone Savings is protected by the Financial Services ket leading or close to it. The accounts have a £2,000 minimum investCompensation Scheme (FSCS) which protects up to £75,000 per per- ment and, as UBL has a UK banking licence, deposits are covered by son per banking licence. the FSCS. Al Rayan Bank So the message is: if you stick with a high street bank or building sociAnother Shariah compliant provider offering competitive rates is Al ety you will lose out.

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AGM ALLAMA IQBAL SUNDAY CRICKET LEAGUE AISCL Annual General Meeting took place at the Pakistan Muslim Centre, Sheffield. Teams and players were hosted by Committee members and a special welcome from Syed Muhammad Abbas. Awards and trophys were presented the by the official League sponsor, Alison Law Solicitors, to League winners, Yaum e Azadi Cup winners and Cup Match winners.


Ilm News held a celebration to mark stepping into the 7th year of publication. Awards were presented for special achievement and merit to the Ilm News community. The evenings special guests included the Lord Mayor Cllr Talib Hussain, Sheffield City Councillors, Community Welfare Counsellor Sajid Qazi from the Consulate General of Pakistan Manchester and Hassan Bukhari from Nottingham College. Ilm News would like to thank all contributors and readers for their ongoing support.

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6th Annual ILM NEWS Function Through Shaheryar’s eyes Your Burngreave Ward Councillors

Cllr Jackie Drayton 0114 2435388

Cllr Ibrar Hussain 0786 657 1750

Lord Mayor of Sheffield Cllr Talib Hussain 0114 2735588


Burngreave surgeries are shared between Councillors Jackie Drayton, Ibrar Hussain and Talib Hussain and are held at:• Burngreave Library, Spital Hill 2nd Saturday of the month from 11.00 a.m. -12.00 noon • Pakistan Advice Centre, 127 Page Hall Road 3rd Thursday of the month 2.00-3.00 p.m. There are no surgeries during August. A surgery is also held on 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month (except August) from 10.00 to 11.00 a.m. at Firth Park Advice Centre, 9 Stubbin Lane. (These surgeries are shared on a rota basis with Cllrs, Peter Price, Peter Rippon, Sioned-Mair Richards and Jackie Drayton. Councillors Alan Law and Chris Weldon also share the surgery on the 1st Thursday).

Church Leaders Slam Extending Sunday Shopping Hours Church leaders from across the country have written an open letter to the Government warning that allowing shops to stay open for longer on Sundays would “disrupt the rhythms of community life”. Senior figures from the Church of England, the Catholic Church, the Church in Wales, the United Reform Church, the Methodist Church and the Salvation Army have written in the Daily Telegraph, saying: “In a world of increasing commodification the space for shared time and activities is becoming increasingly rare. Needlessly extending Sunday opening hours will

only exacerbate this trend.” “We are concerned that the further deregulation of Sunday trading laws is likely to disrupt the rhythms of community life that are so integral to the common good” Open letter from church leaders in the Daily Telegraph. As part of the Government’s Enterprise Bill, Chancellor George Osborne wants local councils to have the freedom to allow larger supermarkets and department stores the right to trade all day. The letter from church leaders follows opposition from Labour MPs, shop workers’ unions and some backbench Tory MPs. The SNP are also actively opposing the changes due to fears that it may affect the conditions of Sunday workers in Scotland who get better pay during relaxed Sunday trading in the country. However, 200 other MPs and councillors also signed a joint letter at the beginning of February in support of the changes. Supporters say it will help struggling high streets cope with competition from online shops which are increasingly popular on Sundays.

It was the first time I had been to this Kind of event I have to say gladly I was very content The host was about to announce a name I knew it was me ,I could feel it in my veins Coincidentally it happened to be me My blood was rushing happily Once I had finished everyone started clapping I was so elated my heart was throbbing The praises were my lungs they helped me breath The comments were oxygen they put me at ease The more praises poured on to me, the more I had power The young boy that I am, bloomed like a flower The principal of Nottingham college quoted I was creative I used my brain, I used my initiative The council General acknowledged I spoke great vernacular It was spectacular He really lifted up my ego It affected me so much, I was a flaming torpedo! The environment was very tranquil Everyone was feeling blissful The Lord Mayor wore a golden black regalia He is always a busy man, in politics paraphernalia Thanks to uncle Sayed for making this function happen He is full of amazing ideas clap for his wonderful passion The meal we had was a delectable delight It topped everything up, what an extravagant night To end the occasion I was rewarded the trophy of merit This came from my Dadyjan it is what he inherits

Afridi To Reconsider Retirement After World T20 Pakistan Twenty20 International (T20I) captain Shahid Afridi is reconsidering his retirement after huge pressure from family and close friends following his decision to quit T20 cricket after ICC World T20 2016 ends in April. “I’m not saying that,” he told ESPNcricinfo in Dubai, when asked if he was going to continue playing. “I am saying there is a lot of pressure on me that I shouldn’t retire from T20. That I can play on, and as such there is no real talent coming through in Pakistan whose place I am taking.” “For a while now there is a lot of pressure from my family, a lot of pressure from my friends, in-

cluding my elders, who say there is no need for me to retire from T20. That is a huge pressure. For now, in truth, I am focusing only on the World Cup. That is a huge challenge for me,” the captain said. “First I want to see where Pakistan stand in the World Cup. Whether I am capable of taking the team forward on the back of my performances. I want to check where I am standing myself. As far as playing goes my fitness is zabardast (awesome). Energy is also there. I can play cricket. But I would be able to tell things clearly after the World Twenty20,” he said.

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Sanjay Dutt Freed From Jail Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt said freedom was "the most amazing thing" after he left prison upon completing his five-year sentence for illegal weapons possession in a case linked to the 1993 terror attack in Mumbai. Dutt's wife Maanyata and noted filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani greeted the actor as he came out of the prison gate in the western city of Pune. He saluted the Indian national flag at the prison building and thanked fans, including some who came in person to see him, for their support. "There is no easy walk to freedom, my friend," he told reporters before leaving in a chartered plane. At his home in Mumbai, he told reporters that he

fought legal battles for 23 years to be a free man. "I wanted to taste freedom. It's not sinking in yet. To be free is the most amazing thing." He said he learned small jobs such as making paper bags and entertained other prisoners by spending time as a radio jockey while in prison. He said he plans to spend his time looking after his family and working in films. Dutt, 56, asked journalists not to describe him as a terrorist as he was sentenced for firearms offences. His sentence was reduced by 144 days for good behaviour. Prosecutors said Dutt's guns came from underworld gangs involved in the 1993 terror attack, when 13 powerful bombs packed into cars and scooters exploded across the city of Mumbai, India's financial capital and home to the Hindi-language film industry. The bombs killed 257 people and injured 720. Dutt has said he knew nothing about the bombing plot and wanted the guns to protect his family after receiving threats during the religious riots that preceded the bombings. His mother was Muslim and his father Hindu. His mother Nargis Dutt and father Sunil Dutt also were top Bollywood actors. Dutt became wildly popular for his Hindi film roles as a reformed thug who follows the teachings of pacifist freedom fighter Mohandas Gandhi.


As the UK Parliament is crumbling and wrapped in polythene sheets desperate for a makeover, Pakistan’s parliament is the first in the world to go totally green. Pakistan’s parliament has become the first legislature in the world to totally switch to green energy with a solar power production project. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inau-

gurated the switch-on ceremony at the parliament where Senators, National Assembly speakers, ministers, parliamentarians and other officials were also present. Speaking on the occasion, Sharif thanked the Chinese government for its support in the materialising the Green Parliament Project and termed it a testimony of the solid friend-

Winners of the Zee Cine Awards 2016 Hosted by Shahid Kapoor and Karan Johar, the 2016 Zee Cine Awards took place in Jlo Garden in Mumbai on February 20, 2016. The big winner of the starry night was Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s epic romance, Bajirao Mastani. It has swept up major awards across the Popular category and the newly introduced Jury category, including Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Film. Deepika bagged Best Actress for her role in Piku in the Jury category. Another actor who won two acting awards was Nawazuddin Siddiqui for Badlapur and Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan also enjoyed a wonderful evening, having scored a number of acting trophies. Here are some of the winners of the Zee Cine Awards 2016: CRITICS CHOICE BEST ACTRESS Deepika Padukone for Piku CRITICS CHOICE BEST ACTOR Amitabh Bachchan for Piku and Ranveer Singh for Bajirao Mastani CRITICS CHOICE BEST DIRECTOR Sanjay Leela Bansali for Bajirao Mastani BEST FILM Bajirao Mastani LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Veeru Devgn INTERNATIONAL ICON AWARD Anil Kapoor BEST DEBUTANT MALE Vicky Kaushal for Masaan BEST DEBUTANT FEMALE Bhoomi Padnekar for Dum Laga Ke Haisha and Harshaali Malhotra for Bajrangi Bhaijaan SONG OF THE YEAR Prem Ratan Dhan Payo BEST ACTOR Salman Khan for Bajrangi Bhaijaan BEST ACTRESS Deepika Padukone for Bajirao Mastani BEST FILM Bajrangi Bhaijaan

ship between the two countries, and urged the public and private sectors to follow the exemplary project. He said, “Pakistan has launched a number of power projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor initiative, which will help Pakistan overcome its energy crises. Pakistan, with the Chinese cooperation, will be able to control its energy woes in 2018.” The environment-friendly project that was completed on December 7 last year has zeroed the electricity bill of the Parliament House.

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Ghause Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani Dr A Q Khan We all know that, after the prophets, the Auliyae Karaam (saintly personalities) were instrumental in spreading the message of Islam. There are numerous such personalities in Islamic history. The most famous reference work in this respect is Tazkiratul Auliya by Shaikh Fariduddin Attar, written more than 800 years ago and giving insight into the lives and extraordinary powers/character of about 95 auliya. Whoever finds time to read this wonderful book will notice that most of those auliya came from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc. In the Subcontinent we had giants such as Baba Tajuddin, Hazrat Nizamuddin Aoulia, Khwaja Moeenuddin Chisti and Data Sahib in Lahore, while there were others in Multan, Pakpattan, Jalalpur Shareef, Uch Shareef, etc. The Muslims of the Subcontinent are quite fond of visiting the graves and tombs of these holy figures. They go in thousands, even in hundreds of thousands, to participate in annual celebrations and/or commemorations at tombs. There is definitely a respectful place for the auliyas and there is no harm in offering fateha at their graves or praying to Allah using the good names of these saints, but Islam forbids personal veneration. Both Hazrat Karkhi and Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani had, in fact, advised Muslims to invoke their names when praying to the Almighty for acceptance of their prayers, but that is very different from venerating their persons. Today I would like to mention some sources for a better understanding about the life of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani of Baghdad. In the Quran the Almighty has ordained: “Behold! On the Aoulias of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve.” (10:62) “For His Benevolence He specially chooses whom He pleases. For Allah is the Lord of bounties unlimited.” (11:73) Ghause Azam’s full name was Abdul Qadir, tribal name Abu Muhammad and Mohiuddin, Ghause Azam – titles. He was born in 470 AH in Jilan, a suburb of Baghdad, and he died in 561 AH in Baghdad. The word Ghaus means “one who has the plight of others at heart and helps them”. Most Muslims consider him to be the helper, sympathiser and rescuer of the aggrieved, hence the title Ghause Azam – the great helper. From his father’s side he was

a descendant of Hazrat Imam Hassan (RA) and from his mother’s side of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA). His ancestors belonged to the religious notables of Jilan and Baghdad. There are many reliable books and documents testifying that our Holy Prophet (pbuh) had given good tidings to Ghause Azam’s father, Abu Saleh, of the birth of his son in these words: “O Abu Saleh! The Almighty has blessed you with a son who is a saint; he is loved by the Almighty and me. He will have the same status amongst saints as I have amongst the prophets. All auliyas will be subservient to him and his foot will be on their necks” (meaning

it on how to lead a good, blessed, blissful life. Of the many things written by Ghause Azam, I will name only one – Ghaniatul Taebeen (translated by Allama Muhammad Iqbal Qadri and published by Akbar Book Sellers, Zubaida Centre, Urdu Bazar, Lahore). It is a veritable treasure of invaluable knowledge. This book can be considered to be a simple but precise explanation of the Holy Quran and is very useful for those who have, so far, been reading it without translation. It allows for a much greater understanding of things we have read before without knowledge of its real meaning. I would strongly advise everyone to read this invaluable book of wisdom. There were reports that Ghause Azam once went to the grave of Hazrat Maroof Karkhi (RA) and offered fateha. He then requested Hazrat Maroof Karkhi to pray for him, but a voice was heard coming from the grave saying: “Abdul Qadir, please pray for me for the Almighty has blessed you with a much higher status than mine – Alhamdulillah”. My dear friend, a fine human being, a great social worker and philanthropist, Maulana Muhammed Bashir Farooq Qadri, is a great admirer of Ghause Azam. He is a living example of someone who practises what Ghause Azam preached and follows his instructions and advice on his way of life. Bashir Bhai is president of the International Saylani Welfare Trust, Karachi. This organisation, under his guidance, provides lunch to at least 100,000 people every day, supplies meat regularly to poor families in the suburbs of Karachi, offers scholarships to deserving students, offers free medical care to thousands of poor people every day, provides financial support to people to start small businesses in order to be able to stand on their own feet, provides sewing machines to women to enable them to earn an honest living, runs vocational training centres for poor students, runs an excellent IT training institute and publishes thousands of books on Islam, manners, morals and ethics. I have had the pleasure of attending some of their functions and it has always been heart-warming. May Almighty shower His unlimited blessings on Bashir Bhai and his colleagues for doing such fine humanitarian work in the same spirit as Ghause Azam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani used to do and preach – Ameen.

that they would have a much lower status than he did). The most famous auliya to have forecast these good tidings were reported to be Shaikh Hassan Basri (RA), Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi (RA) and Shaikh Abu Baker (RA). Maktab Al-Madinah Babul Madina, Karachi, has published a brief but invaluable booklet on the life and super human abilities of Ghause Azam. This booklet has so far had 60,000 copies published in eight editions. It consists of 108 pages and contains an invaluable treasure of information, giving complete details about Ghause Azam’s childhood, his education, knowledge, extraordinary kindness, his charitable and philanthropic nature, patience, super human abilities like knowledge of the unknown, curing the incurably ill and the general way of life by which he achieved such a high position in the eyes of the Almighty. Readers can learn much from Email:

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7 Sheffield All Stars CC 8 Kashmir SHEFFIELD 2016CC 9 Pindi waal CC 7 Sheffield All Stars CC 10 Abbeydale 8 Kashmir CCCC 9 Pindi waal CC 11 Narmando CC 10 Abbeydale 12 AL Mahdi BCC CC

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Public WiFi not Secure as you think to steal information, The increase of broadband rollAn explosive matchup of identity ouror out and the growth of WiFi in passwords and money from the or insecure public spacesown is providingworld-class society users who use public very fighter, with the huge benefit of access wi-fi connections. Amir Khan is easily. happening in May. The important thing is to distinto the Internet quickly and But not all WiFi is as secure as we guish if the public WiFi you are The British superstar former secure and not public. might think it is. Europol’s Cyber- using isand When you connect to it, if it crime Division warns that attacks Unified Super Lightweight World are rising on public WiFi and are requires a security access password, it means it is secure but if a major security risk. Amir “King” Champion Khan will In the UK, key cities like London, you can just connect to it with no face current WBA International it is insecure. Manchester and Birmingham are password, increasing public WiFi access, Something known as ‘man-inWelterweight Luisto the-middle’ is being applied whilst restaurants, cafes andchampion bars are also keen provide free commit these attacks on public Collazo in the 12 round event. networks. Where, the hackers WiFi to attract customers. passed beFor mostlooking smartphone forward users capture data "I'm to being fighting public WiFi is always seen as a tween a user of the public WiFi the Internet. greatLas way ofVegas saving dataonce usage and in again, andAttacks myof included in their phone tariffs these kind are targeting people intention 3 istheyto makewitha a communicate but if you are goingon to useMay public when WiFi for personal transactions, bank, do online shopping or log statement thatthisI inbelong to social mediaon sites. this sensitive data and banking, may not be the best method. big stage," said Khan. We are now seeing an increase Therefore, it is important to be vigilant whenoff using in the misuse of wi-fi, inmight order extremely "Luis Collazo be coming of a big win, but I am in incredible shape and am ready for this challenge. A win on May 3 is what I need to prove that I truly am one of the best welterweights in the sport." A British standout who represented his nation in the 2004


Olympic Games, where he won a silver medal, Bolton's Amir "King" Khan (28-3, 19 KOs) went from local hero to international star when he won his first world title at 140 pounds in 2009.After five successful defences that included wins over Marcos Maidana, Paulie Malignaggi and Zab Judah, Khan lost An explosive matchup of our own world-class fighter, his title by way of avery controAmir Khan is happening in May. British superstar and former versial decision to The Lamont Unified Super Lightweight World Amir “King” Khan will Peterson in 2011. Champion Winner face current WBA International Welterweight of two straight over Car- champion Luis Collazo in the 12 round event. "I'm looking los Molina and Julio Diazforward to fighting in Las Vegas once again, and my since, the flashy,intention flamon May 3 is to make a statement that I belong on this boyant 27-year-old boxbig stage," said Khan. "Luis Collazo might be coming off er-puncher is nowof a bigcamwin, but I am in incredible shape and am ready for this chalpaigning at welterweight, lenge. A win on May 3 is what I need to prove that I truly am one where he seeks championof the best welterweights in the sport." ship gold once again. A British standout who repre-

public WiFi and only use it for non-sensitive data activity if you are unsure about it’s security. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe when using public WiFi: Always use reputable internet security software on all your devices including your laptop, PC, MAC, tablets and smartphone. If a WiFi connection does not require a password, it is insecure. So, don’t send any confidential information over this network e.g. username, passwords, private data etc. Look for public places that do offer free WiFi but require a password which you obtain from them. Look out for the https in the web address in your browser and the padlock symbol when using websites for personal transactions. Always check your credit card or debit bills for any odd transactions, especially if you use public WiFi a lot. Always keep your device software up-to-date especially if security updates are available. Security using the Internet has been and always will be an issue as hackers find new ways of executing attacks but as long as you stick to the rules of keeping your confidential data secure, you can lower he chances of experiencing theft of your data.

Olympic Games, where he won a silver medal, Bolton's Amir "King" Khan (28-3, 19 KOs) went from local hero to international star when he won his first world title at 140 pounds in 2009.After five successful defences that included wins over Marcos Maidana, Paulie Malignaggi and Zab Judah, Khan lost his title by way of a controversial decision to Lamont Peterson in 2011. Winner of two straight over Carlos Molina and Julio Diaz since, the flashy, flamboyant 27-year-old boxer-puncher is now campaigning at welterweight, where he seeks championsented his nation in the 2004 ship gold once again.

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