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City students vent their fury on Clegg

THREE thousand students from schools, colleges and the city’s two universities marched on Sheffield Town Hall in protest against Government education cuts.One of the biggest demonstrations of its kind in years was in conjunction with action in towns and cities across the country.Police who closed all the main streets round the Town Hall to traffic said it was ‘noisy but peaceful’. Students marched from the Sheffield University concourse,

joined by hundreds of sixth formers and students from further education colleges.Speeches attacked plans to increase university tuition fees to as much as £9,000 a year, cut university funding and scrap cash allowances designed to help hard-up families keep their teenagers at school after the age of 16. Sheffield University student union president Josh Forstenzer felt the protest was a huge success. Cont p23...

Children’s Hospital Facing Cuts Sheffield Labour is leading the cuts. The hospital is a another fight to save Sheffield Children’s victim of the Com Dem GovernHospital from national funding ments brutal cuts. Cont p23...

ROYAL VISIT: Cathedral rocks to Queen's beat

HER grandson may have just delighted the family by announcing his long-awaited engagement on 29th of April 2011. But it was South Yorkshire school children who provided the smiles for the Queen when she visited Sheffield Cathedral. Cont p2...

Labour Launch Save EMA Campaign

Sheffield Labour Group has launched a campaign against the abolition of Education Maintenance Allowances. They intend to make a push to reinstate EMA, an allowance of between £10 and £30 per week, which is currently paid to 16-19 year olds continuing in further education and training, from households with incomes below £30,000. This has played a crucial role in encouraging young people from lower income backgrounds to stay in post-16 education and training due to financial pressures. Cont P23...


A New Deal For Sheffield’s Post Offices

Future for

Council Housing Sheffield Labour is developing plans for the future of council housing in the city. As the Con Dem Government plans to scrap secure tenancies for people in social housing and Lib Dem Council plans for the stock transfer of Sheffield’s council housing. Labour are therefore looking at plans to enable local people to have a greater say in the running of their neighbourhoods. They also want to protect Sheffield secure tenancies and prevent city council houses from being sold off and lost forever. Labour will not be pursing stock transfer, which would see Sheffield’s council housing sold-off indefinitely and leave tenants vulnerable. Labour are also proposing that tenants be consulted over the future of Sheffield’s council housing in a neighbourhood process, rather than the Lib Dem Council’s £500,000 citywide consultation.

Liberal Democrat Sheffield City Council have announced a radical new deal that will see the post office network in Sheffield dramatically improved and shaped according to the needs of local communities. Sheffield City Council and Post Office Ltd (POL) have agreed to pilot a groundbreaking new project whereby they will work in partnership with sub-postmasters and local people to develop a sustainable and thriving post office network in the city. A key part of the pilot will be allowing local people to influence

the way the Post Office network is run, creating a unique network of Post Offices shaped by local people’s priorities and local communities’ needs. As part of the deal POL have agreed not to reduce the number of Post Offices in the Sheffield City Council area. Post offices play a vital role at the heart of our communities. That’s why local people were outraged when the last Labour Government closed thousands of them across the country in 2008, including 15 here in Sheffield

The delivery of social care for adults in Rotherham continues to be excellent according to the national independent regulator. The Care Quality Commission, which regulates social care provision in England, has announced that Rotherham Borough Council is either ‘performing excellently’ or ‘performing well’ in the way that it delivers care for adults. Four out of seven areas have been rated as ‘performing excellently’ with the remaining three being rated

as ‘performing well’. The authority was judged to be performing excellently in improved health and emotional well-being; making a positive contribution; freedom from discrimination and harassment; and in economic wellbeing. In the remaining three categories of improved quality of life; increased choice and control and maintain personal dignity and respect, the authority was judged to be performing well.

A Department of Health memo exposed that a two third cut in funding for specialist childrens services. The childrens hospital is likely to be one of the first and hardest hits. Sheffield

Children’s Hospital is one of the best specialist facilities in the world. Cuts will affect the hospital’s ability to properly treat not only local children, but some of the most severely ill children in this country. This is yet another kick in the teeth for Sheffield from the Con Dems Government.

Rotherham Adult Social Care Excellent Performance

Cont P1....Children’s Hospital

Council Vote to Oppose Tuition Fees Sheffield City Council agreed to campaign against any rise in tuition fees and for the abolition of fees in the long term. On the day the government announced that the cap on tuition fees would rise to £9,000, the Council passed a motion which opposes any rise in tuition fees. The motion, which received cross-party support, also states ‘all tuition fees should be scrapped.’ The Council vote was attended by numerous local students who vocally supported moves by the Council to oppose the rise on a cross-party basis. Cllr Paul Scriven,: “I’m delighted that we’re achieved crossparty support behind this cause, putting the interests of Sheffield people before that of party politics.” “ Sheffield has thousands of stu-

Cont P1...

dents and families with young people wanting to go into higher education and we want to stand up for their interests.” “The Government’s proposals will create a market in higher education and will dash the hopes of many people in my constituency hoping to go to university. The prospect of graduating with at least £30,000 debt from fees will put bright, talented people from lower and middle income families off from applying to university. The top courses charging more will mean students are forced to choose courses on their ability to repay, not on their academic ability. These regressive plans create a market where those who have most will able to buy the most advantage and I strongly oppose them”


HER grandson may have just delighted the family by announcing his long-awaited engagement on 29th of April 2011. But it was South Yorkshire school children who provided the smiles for the Queen when she visited Sheffield Cathedral.Making her public outing, the Queen was welcomed on Church Street by a crowd of hundreds, many of whom presented Her Majesty with flowers.It was thought to be the first time a reigning monarch had ever made an official appearance at Sheffield Cathedral and well-wishers queued up for around an hour to

get a glimpse.Around 150 children, from various schools across the city, were taking part in the Cathedral's Sing! Project, which aims to bring singing back into the everyday lives of children in the more deprived areas of Sheffield.She also met students from the University of Sheffield's Raising and Giving (RAG) organisation and the Sheffield Volunteering initiative during the visit. Sheffield RAG, said the Queen had been impressed with the £170,000 raised by students last year, adding: "She said it was really good."

Missing the Big Wheel Local children are curious about where the fantastic Sheffield wheel has gone. For the past year and a half, the wheel has been a bright star on the skyline of Sheffield but now sad days have come again as the wheel moved on to another home. But kids are demanding some excitement. Let’s hope the City of Sheffield can give us another good landmark in the near future. For the time being

it’s the Christmas lights that are keeping Sheffield looking bright and sparkly. The Sheffield illuminations were first introduced in 1961 and people who have watched the lights over the years say they are getting dimmed down year by year. They still provide a magical glow and this year an estimated 35,000 people turned out in Sheffield city centre for the lights switch-on on 21st November.



New Pakistani Lords Announced New members of the House of Lords were announced recently. Among them two members of the Pakistani community in England. Merton Councillor Tariq Ahamad, a business man and vice-chairman of the Conservative Party, is also the first member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association (AMA) to receive a peerage, having served as the association’s national vice-president since 2003. Cllr Ahmad – or Lord Ahmad as he will become known, was appointed in 2008 as David Cameron’s vice-chairman for Cities and was lauded for his wealth of experience as a businessman and his roles in the voluntary

sector. Qurban Hussain - Deputy Group Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Luton Borough Council. LIBERAL Democrat Councillor and former Luton South parliamentary candidate Qurban Hussain is one of 50 new peers after being made a Lord. Biscot ward Councillor Hussain was one of 15 Liberals to be given a seat on his party’s benches in the House of Lords. Another Asian businessman Sir Gulam Noon MBE, Chairman and Founder of Noon Products and of the Noon Foundation has also been named a peer. Sir Noon is a major Labour Party donor.

The Leader of Sheffield City Council has won a top Europeanwide award for the work he and his Liberal Democrat colleagues have done to put power into the hands of Sheffield people. The awards were held with the aim of ‘recognising the work of outstanding local and regional liberal and democrat politicians’. Cllr Paul Scriven received the Achievement in Local Government Award. Others up for award included local politicians from a range of countries such as France , Croatia and Holland . Paul has been recognised for

his work to move power away from the Town Hall and into the hands of local people. Since becoming the Liberal Democrat Leader of Council in 2008 Sheffield has seen a raft of new ideas to devolve power. This includes creating powerful local decision making bodies called Community Assemblies, drastically reducing low level crime re-offending rates through Community Justice Panels and holding ‘participatory budgeting’ events which involve local people voting to decide which community projects will go ahead in their local area.



Council Leader Wins Top European Honour



Chamber of Commerce

by: Amar Saleem

Amar Saleem says the Government's top priority must now be to stimulate growth in the private sector following the comprehensive spending review. Chancellor George Osborne MP announced the biggest cuts in public spending for decades with the potential of almost half a million jobs being lost during the next four years. The Coalition Government will now be looking to the private sector to help fill the gap in employment. Like everywhere else in the country there will be massive consequences to Sheffield and the surrounding City Region but now the cuts have been identified we need to look forward and focus on supporting economic growth because the country has no alternative. The government has challenged the private sector to generate the jobs needed to offset the redundancies that will result from the spending reductions and there is a lot of pressure on businesses to achieve this. The emphasis must be on sustainable employment in competitive businesses and a clear strategy is required for future development to give small and medium sized enterprises the confidence to invest. The Sheffield City Region is a trading region, particularly reliant on external markets for wealth creation and hence employment. Because of international competitiveness manufacturing businesses in particular are already having to improve their productivity year on year. Therefore a growth rate of approximately three per cent per annum is necessary just for employment in the private sector to stand still. Consequently, an above average rate of growth of around five per cent will be needed to increase employment. This is a tall ask and something we have not achieved historically, therefore the government will have to intervene and support critical projects and

Focus must now be on Growth

sectors where the UK can earn wealth into the future. It is just not enough for them to say that the job of government is to "get out of the way" as we often hear. We have to address the budget deficit by both exporting more and importing less or forever into the future we will be left arguing about how we divvy up an ever decreasing pot of money. While we recognise the need to cut costs to get expenditure under control we must remember that neither businesses or countries cost control themselves a future - they have to innovate and trade themselves one. It is therefore disappointing that the budget for export promotion has taken such a substantial hit. The 25 per cent cut in funding for UKTI programs which deliver direct export support to businesses is not good news and will leave companies in this region in a weaker position against international competitors. In terms of in-work training we were aware subsidies were being cut back and note with trepidation the decision to axe Train to Gain which was the major support for developing the existing workforce to meet future requirements. We should remember that by far the majority of the workforce in 2020 is already in work but will need re-skilling against the skills profile necessary then. In fairness the city has made great strides in this over the last few years but businesses insist that any future funding must be focused on providing people with the appropriate skills needed to both get into work and to be able to do the higher skilled jobs necessary in the future, as this is still seen as a barrier to growth. Amar Saleem | Business Development Executive | Sheffield Chamber of Commerce | Tel: 0114 2018918 | Website: | Email: amar. |

Lord Mayor Leads Sheffield’s First interfaith Remembrance Day Leading figures from the city’s religious communities joined the Lord Mayor in a special tribute to men and women of all faiths and none who lost their lives in war. Representatives from the Bahá’í, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh faiths joined children from local schools as they looked forward to a more hopeful future. The commemoration was held at Barkers Pool cenotaph on Thursday, 11th November. The Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Cllr Alan Law JP, said: “Sheffield is a modern multicultural city and it is important that this extra act of

remembrance has taken place to recognise the losses borne by all communities. ” Abdool Gooljar, President of the Islamic Society of Britain (Sheffield Branch), said:“Around half a million Muslims fought for the British in World War One, with many losing their lives in the trenches of northern France and Belgium. It is important to remember that the terrible death toll sustained was shared by people from all different backgrounds, and it is only by working together today that humanity can pursue a peaceful future.”

Blue Badge Fraud Rotherham Borough Council successfully prosecuted two people in Rotherham Magistrates Court for fraudulent use of disabled persons’ blue badges. One man was fined a total of £185 for using his neighbours blue badge in parking whilst the badge holder was not present. A woman was fined a total of £80 for using her mothers badge. Cllr Richard Russell, Cabinet Member for Streetpride, said: “Some people think it’s acceptable to use a blue badge which doesn’t belong to them, but it’s not. Even if they’re using it to pop to the shops they’re still potentially depriving someone who has genuine mobility problems of a much needed convenience. “Blue badges are there for a reason. They remove some of the stress of travel from people, who otherwise potentially wouldn’t leave their homes, and the parking spaces themselves cater especially for wheelchair access and extra wide door opening. “We will remain relentless in our pursuit of these individuals who flout the law and continue to abuse this much needed and valuable amenities. We are watching and you will be prosecuted”.

Charity Fashion Show Raised Over £1200 A charitable fashion show hosted by South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue in association with other partners such as the Sheffield City council and world aid foundation has raised more than £1200 for the Pakistan Floods Appeal. An evening which was supported by more then 200 members from South Yorkshires diverse community who contributed towards the fund raising for the victims of the recent Pakistan floods , an array of inspiring East and West Fashion showcased by very passionate models on the catwalk accompanied with live Bollywood entertainment art, culture and of course the Indian cuisine which was thrown in has good measure , An evening which has encouraged the organisers to concentrate on larger scale event for the future. The well-attended event at SYFR’s Handsworth training centre featured clothing ranges from BHS, Suits Me, Ashard Textiles, Melody and George at Asda. Attendees were also entertained by dancing performances from a street dance troupe and

a Bollywood dancer. Cash was raised through ticket sales, a prize raffle, donations and a fundraising auction. The money will go to the Disaster Emergency Committee’s Pakistan Floods Appeal, after more than 20 million people were affected or displaced by the floods earlier this year. Siddra Nazir, one of the volunteers who organised the event, said: “The event was a huge success and we are extremely grateful to all those who attended and contributed to the night. We were overwhelmed with the amount of money raised and are really pleased to see the money going to such a worthwhile cause. Shahbaz Ramzan SaferNeighbourhood Officer a volunteer with the charity said Although many displaced people are now returning to their homes, they still require emergency shelter, remain vulnerable to potentially deadly diseases and need help to rebuild their lives. So every penny raised from this night will make a massive difference to the lives of those affected.


City Remembers Dark Days of the Blitz Next month the people of Sheffield will get the chance to cast their eyes back 70 years to one of the darkest periods of World War Two, the Blitz. On the nights of December 12 and 15 1940 Sheffield was heavily bombarded by Hitler’s Luftwaffe destroying large parts of the city. That first night, people were going about their business as usual: the Empire Theatre was almost full, the cinemas were busy, students were working in the city libraries and a public dance had just started at the City Hall. Unknown to the public the first quiet warnings were being sent to official posts: a yellow warning at 6.15pm, purple at 6.45pm and at 7pm the red warning was received. The wail of sirens immediately arose. Five minutes later the drone of planes was heard and heavy guns began to sound. The first wave of fire bombs were dropped

over Norton Lees and Gleadless. Sheffield sustained nine hours of continuous bombing with devastating effects. It’s believed over 330 German aircraft attacked the city. Thick ground fog over Attercliffe was the only thing that prevented the city’s steelworks from being destroyed. Sadly it didn’t prevent the Moor being devastated and every building in Angel Street being bombed or damaged by fire. When the All Clear sounded at 4.17am, people emerged from their cellars to the smell of burning and an all-pervading dust. Two nights later the bombers returned and hit the industrial east of the city: Attercliffe, Grimesthorpe and Burngreave in particular. In villages twelve miles away people heard the terrible thuds which rattled their windows. Brown Bayley’s Steelworks were hit, as were Hadfield’s Hecla and East Hecla Works, Arthur Lee

Sheffield City GP Health Centre along with NHS Sheffield and Sheffield Taxi Trade Assoc. have been successfully shortlisted for a health industry award by the eminent Health Service Journal. The entry, entitled Champions for Achieving Better Health in Sheffield (CABS) was a 2009 campaign, designed to get Asian taxi drivers in Sheffield to think more about their health and wellbeing. Hafeas Rehman, Chairman of the Sheffield Taxi Trade

Association,said: “The CABS campaign was a great way to get South Asian Taxi Drivers in Sheffield to think more about their unhealthy ways and put them on the pathway to better health. I now believe that many taxi drivers have improved health and lifestyles and feel confident this will continue . The message will spread. Great thanks and appreciation go to One Medicare for this”.

Medicare Shortlisted Award

and other sites. The damage caused by the raids over Sheffield was widespread and severe: 47,000 incendiary bombs were dropped on the city, 785 people were killed or reported missing; 1,817 people were injured, 3,473 business properties were ruined and over 82,000 houses out of Sheffield’s 150,000 were damaged. To mark the seventieth anniversary of the Blitz in Sheffield the Council has organised a series of free events including talks, workshops and exhibitions. An exhibition of photographs and documents called ‘Operation Crucible’ will be at the Central Library during the whole of December showing how Sheffield was a key Nazi target during the war. They wanted to destroy Sheffield’s industrial east end and the steelworks during the Blitz. This exhibition shows their plans for attack, the nights

of the Blitz in Sheffield and the aftermath. Rare and unseen ‘secret’ documents which tell the story of the Blitz in Sheffield will be on show. Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Cabinet Member for Communities from Sheffield City Council said: “These were extremely frightening times, when Hitler took the fighting from the fronts to attack our major cities, wreaking devastation and death. Sheffield was in the thick of it, because of being a major city and our steelworks, which were at the forefront of the war effort. “This programme is an opportunity for us to find out what happened to our city and its people during those terrible days. And for some Sheffielders who lived through it, it’s a chance to remember and reflect.” To book a place on any of free these events simply call or email Sheffield Archives

Rotherham Named Most Enterprising Place in Britain A town that teaches four-yearolds about enterprise has beaten off stiff competition from across the country to be crowned as “The Most Enterprising Place in Britain” 2010. Rotherham wowed a panel of tough private sector judges to take the top prize in the prestigious “Enterprising Britain” competition for their

innovative model for creating a culture of enterprise. Rotherham Ready, the enterprise education programme, entered the competition under the category of ‘enterprise culture’ showcasing the town’s achievements over the last five years to inspire children and young people about business, enterprise entrepreneurship.



Cuts are Nuts - Students Protest in Sheffield Warning Against Council Tax Scam received have been truly touching. Different people have described very personal reasons for why they support our occupation. We stand alongside all those affected by the

plications of the proposals and to respond to them in the most effective manner." Children from several schools, some only 13 or 14, took part in Wednesday's protest.

cuts."Trades unionists sent messages of support. Jim Board, of Unison in Doncaster, said: "Your example is an inspiration and you all deserve our heartfelt thanks."A Sheffield University spokesman said: "The University of Sheffield fully supports the right of students to express their views within the law. However, the University does not condone occupation of lecture theatres, which will undoubtedly cause disruption to lectures and seminars for other students. "The University of Sheffield understands the concerns over proposed changes to higher education funding. "We are working very strong protest outside Sheffield of Sheffield Anti-Cuts Campaign. closely with the funding body, Town Hall.Fears that rebel student In a statement, the campaigners other universities and student groups were planning to storm the said: "Some of the emails we've groups to recognise the full im-

Nina Fellows, aged 16, said up to 200 pupils from her school, King Edward VII, joined the protest. They were told their absence was unauthorised.The Y11 pupil said many brought notes from their parents to excuse them. She said: "It's a worrying time for us all. I've got my heart set on going to university."Sheffield Council said all schools were briefed to instruct pupils not to attend the protest. But youngsters from a number of schools ignored the plea. - Sheffield Council leader Cllr Paul Scriven, who is opposed to tuition fees, said it was "fantastic" so many young people participated in the peaceful protest but action such as occupying the Hicks Building was wrong and undermined the cause.

STUDENTS occupied lecture theatres at Sheffield University for almost a day in protest about cuts and higher fees. The sit-in came after a heavy police presence thwarted rumoured plans to storm the Town Hall during a council meeting or to target Nick Clegg's constituency office. The protest, at the Hicks Building, off Western Bank, involved at least 30 demonstrators who refused to leave unless the university met their demands, including joining the campaign against Government plans. Students, including members of a group called the Anarchist Federation, dedicated to "abolishing capitalism and all oppression to create a free and equal world" began the occupation at 3pm on Wednesday, soon after they dispersed from a 2,000-

Town Hall during a public meeting of the ruling Lib Dem cabinet led to the main entrance being gated shut with police on guard. Protesters occupied the Hicks Building until about 1pm yesterday, when a fire alarm forced them to evacuate. Security staff stopped them regrouping. The university denied setting off the fire alarm. An eyewitness said: "The protesters were still pretty high and, as they left the building, continued to shout chants of 'Tory scum' and obscenities about Nick Clegg. Some tried to get into Firth Hall across the road but the group was broken up by security guards." Protesters were buoyed by messages of support posted to their website, from "as far away as Berlin, Chicago and Montréal," plus donations of food and money from members


Council tax payers are being warned to be on their guard against a scam.council customers are reporting that they have been telephoned by someone claiming to be from Sheffield City Council who says that ‘as they have been good council tax payers they are eligible for a payment of up to £7000.’ The bogus caller then leaves a London telephone number for the resident to use to claim their money.Andy Dolling, Assistant Director of Finance from Sheffield City Council, said: “These calls are not from Sheffield City

Council, they are bogus callers. Under no circumstances whatsoever should anyone give out any personal information, especially their bank details. If you have been contacted by these scammers please get in touch with us immediately, with as much information as you can give us. We also need you to report it to the Police. They are investigating the scammers.”To get in touch with the Council,call the helpline 0114 273 6633. South Yorkshire Police can be contacted on 0114 2202020.

David Blunkett Gives ongoing Support Ilm readers may be aware that community integration. we gave you an exclusive interview earlier this year the Rt Hon MP David Blunkett. We recently had the chance to meet him again and he told us how he’s been reading ILM news regularly and congratulated the team on a year of publishing the bilingual newspaper. Mr Blunkett vowed to keep his accessibility open to the entire community by giving us regular updates of his work, hot off the press - press releases, and would promote any initiative that promotes community cohesion. We are grateful for his full cooperation and help towards



Consultant Mark Jenkinson & Son People have invested in property for many years as a hobby, somewhere they conducted their business from or lived in. Within our community the passion for property is very strong. There is a tradition of property investment. The interesting scenario was that very few people considered this as a main business. Times are changing and I am witnessing a change in people's thinking and aspirations. Property is being seen as a business, just like any other commodity you buy and sell. Many successful businesses are developing that are property based which originated from the humble beginnings of owning a few properties as a supplement to their main income, or simply as an investment, and have developed into multi-million pound businesses. I am at the coalface of this change and have had the opportunity to work with and see these businesses developing into multi-million pound portfolios. The skill and judgement I have seen has been absolutely great, which has seen some fantastic property based decisions being taken by people whose main business was not property, but their success in other businesses has given them the entrepreneurial skills to succeed in property. If you venture into any auction room in the country our community would be well represented. To witness this please pop into an auction room, like our editors

Fiaz Shah and Zeeshan Naqvi did on 2nd November at the Mark Jenkinson and Son auction at Bramall Lane. The buzz and excitement is tremendous, and you do not have to buy. Most property companies which have become established across the country and here in Sheffield and South Yorkshire have a few key ingredients. The entrepreneurial skill of the owner and a strong team of advisers to include chartered surveyors, solicitors, architects, financial advisers and other building construction related professionals, working with the owner. What has been very encouraging to see in South Yorkshire is young people are taking a lead in joining the already established property companies. There is a clear hunger and passion for property amongst these new developing property businesses and entrepreneurs of the future. Whatever business background people seem to originate from, property is a major pull which has magnified tremendously in recent years. I believe that the companies which exist and are developing will become the catalyst for other people to follow. Times are hard but the challenging property entrepreneur is on the hunt for bargains. The passion for property is growing stronger. If you require any further information or wish to discuss any property issues please feel free to contact me on 07879 015095 or 0114 2760151.


Mohammed Nazir Solicitor


1. What is a Will? A Will is a legal document which sets out how you want your estate to be divided and who you want to give the responsibility to of making sure your wishes are carried out. 2. Why make a Will? You can decide what will happen to your property and belongings after your death,ensuring that your family are taken care of. If you do not make a Will, the intestacy rules will take effect and your estate may not go to the people you want it to. Having a Will will also make it easier and less worrying for your family on your death, as it will avoid any possible confusion or disputes between your family. 3. I live with my partner and We are not married. Should I make a Will? Yes. Under the intestacy rules, unmarried partners are not provided for. Therefore, to make sure your partner is taken care of, it is very important that you make a Will, as otherwise you risk leaving them in financial difficulty.

4. What are the benefits of making a Will? You can make sure that certain belongings such as paintings or family heirlooms go to the individuals that you want them to go to. This can ensure that items of sentimental value are retained by your family. If you have young children under the age of 18, then you can also appoint guardians for those children and make provisions for their inheritance, to be held in a suitable Trust until they reach the age of your choice. 5. How do I make a Will? It is advisable to make your Will via a Solicitor, to make sure that the legal formalities of making a Will are fulfilled and you are able to obtain expert advice. You will also have the peace of mind of knowing that the firm is insured and a Member of the Law Society. It is also possible to make a Will yourself, however, this is perhaps unadvisable as if any errors are made, your wishes made in your home-made Will may not be valid. A Solicitor may also be able to advise you in relation to any relevant

steps to protect your assets and reduce any potential inheritance tax liability that you may have in the future. 6. What issues should I think about before visiting a Solicitor to make a Will? (i) What assets do I have? For example money in Banks, shares, property and insurance policies. (ii) Is there anyone financially dependant on me? Who may need the money from my Will? (iii) Who would I like to benefit from my Will? (iv) What would I like to do if one of my beneficiaries has already died at the time of my death. (v) Who would I like to care for my infant children and be appointed as their Guardian? (vi) Who is going to be appointed as my Executor and carryout my wishes and deal with my estate at my death? (vii) Would I like the provisions for my funeral to be placed in my Will (be aware however that your Will may not be read until after your funeral takes place so other people should be informed).

DISCLAIMILM (The Knowledge) Newspaer does not represent any political, religious or any other group. It is purely for providing general information and entertainment to its reader.


Selfless fundraisers' gift to flood victims on other side of world

Proud: Members of St Wilfrid's 'Good Old Days' variety show, also welcomed leader of the Centre in Sheffield with the Con- as well as a sponsored swim car- council Cllr Paul Scriven and Lord Mayor Cllr Alan Law. Cllr Scriven said: "Sheffield should be proud of the centre and its efforts in raising money for people who are worse off on the other side of the world." Kevin added: "I feel delighted our clients could be so selfless in helping others when they experience many problems themselves." Whilst talking to ILM News corresspondant, the Consul General said that “if the community need s any help or assistance; the consulate will be happy to help. He sul General of Pakistan Syed ried out by the centre's women's also announced that the consulte Sail Abbas, centre, and Sheffield group at Heeley Baths. services are now open on SunMayor Alan Law. Centre director Kevin Bradley days for 2 hours between 12 MEMBERS of a Sheffield cen- and 20 clients visited the Town 2pm as an emergency service”. tre for the vulnerable and socially Hall for the presentation, which excluded enjoyed tea in the Lord Mayor's Parlour with the Consul General of Pakistan - when they handed over the proceeds of a series of fundraising events for the country's flood victims. Clients from the St Wilfrid's Centre in Queens Road presented Syed Sail Abbas with a cheque for £1,180 which will go to the Pakistan Flood Appeal. The sum was raised at collections following two performances of a

Royal Wedding - it's on Friday, April 29, 2011 PRINCE William and Kate Middleton have named the day - Friday, April 29, next year at Westminster Abbey. St James's Palace said their wedding - including the costs of the church service, music, flowers, decorations reception and honeymoon would be paid for by the Royal family and the Middleton family. The public will pay for associated costs like security. Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, private secretary to Prince William, said the couple chose Westminster Abbey for its "staggering beauty", 1,000-year Royal history and intimacy despite its size. He told reporters in a briefing at St James's Palace: "The venue has long associations with the Royal family it is in many ways the Royal family's church - and of course with Prince William personally."The abbey was also the venue of William's mother's funeral. As a 15-year-old boy the Prince walked behind the coffin of Diana, Princess of Wales as it was led to the imposing church in September 1997.Mr Lowther-Pinkerton said those planning the nuptials were very conscious of Britain's precarious finances: "All parties involved in the wedding, not least Prince William and Miss Middleton, want to ensure that a balance is struck be-

tween an enjoyable day and the current economic situation." Mr Lowther-Pinkerton said William and Miss Middleton were

Lowther-Pinkerton added: "We know that the world will be watching on April 29, and the couple are very very keen indeed that the spectacle

"completely over the moon" about their engagement: "I've never seen two happier people, which is absolutely fabulous to work in that sort of environment."They're now getting stuck into organising their wedding. They are very much in charge of the arrangements for the big day. They're giving us and the Household office very firm direction indeed."Mr

should be a classic example of what Britain does best."William has requested that as far as possible members of the armed forces involved in the wedding should be drawn from those already on ceremonial duties to ensure personnel are not taken off operations or training.



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X-Factor performs as the City Illuminates UP to 35,000 people are thought CBeebies’ newest pop craze The to have thronged Sheffield city ZingZillas playing on The Moor and pantomime and musical stars popping up in different places. Joe McElderry, who won X-Factor last year, played hits such as Ambitions, while Scouting For Girls performed their She’s So Lovely chart-topper. Council cabinet member Roger Davison said: “Between the Real

The Moor, the Christmas Light Switch-On event was a fantastic fun family day out.” The ice rink and Christmas market in the Peace Gardens are now open every day until December 23. The ice rink, the first outdoor rink in the city centre, opens at noon, with the last skate starting at 8.45pm. Lolly Murs, runner-up in the 2009

centre on Sunday for the switching on of the Christmas illuminations. Focal point was Barker’s Pool where X-Factor winner Joe McElderry and the group scouting for Girls joined Real Radio presenters Dixie and Gale to perform the ceremony. The turnout delighted council leaders, who had estimated an attendance of around 20,000. As well as the stage in Barker’s Pool, Radio star line-up on the Barker’s X-Factor, includes Sheffield City the celebrations were spread Pool stage and the guest appear- Hall on a UK & Ireland tour next across the city centre, with TV ance from The ZingZillas on year – on May 18.

Largest Sheesha Lounge In South Yorkshire

Rawal Lounge is the largest Sheesha lounge in South Yorkshire. If anyone is wondering what Sheesha is? Then read on FAQ’s:If you’ve never smoked a sheesha, it’s a lot less harsh than cigarettes. The tobacco sits in a little clay pot on top of the pipe, covered with a piece of tinfoil on which pieces of glowing charcoal are placed. When you suck at the pipe, air is drawn through the charcoal, becoming hot and causing the tobacco to give off smoke. The smoke is drawn down to swirl around a glass chamber where it’s cooled by the water that fills the bottom. Traditionally the tobacco is sweetened and moistened with honey or molasses – this is the mix that’s smoked throughout the Middle East, and particularly in Cairo, the sheesha-smoking capital of the world. Back in the 1980s Egyptian tobacco companies began experimenting with fruit additives as a way of appealing to women and the youth market; now, in a smokers’ version of alcopops, sheesha comes in all kinds of flavours from the relatively pleasant apple, cherry and mint to the frankly nauseating raspberry, cappuccino and rumand-raisin. Places like Sheesha Lounge, youth-oriented sheesha lounge in South Yorkshire. FAQ’s of Sheesha pipe Do you mean the hubbly bubbly pipe? Yes, in Egypt its correct name is the sheesha, elsewhere the water pipe is known as the Narghile, Hookah, or Kalian And it looks like a bagpipe with a specimen jar attached? Please, show a little respect. The sheesha is a sophisticated smok-

ing device evolved to perfection in Istanbul and taken up throughout the old Ottoman Empire. Is it popular today? Less so in Turkey but very much so in the Middle East, particularly Egypt where it continues to provide the smoothest smoke known to man and now in you town Sheffield. So are you a big fan? Well if you are going to smoke this is the most civilised and social way to do it. The large pipe is practically a piece of furniture so you have to sit still and relax with it and Sheesha Lounge is the best place for it. Better than a quick drag on a fag? The etiquette and traditions of the sheesha makes it the cordon bleu of smoking compared to the fast food of the new fangled cigarette. Where is the best place to enjoy this sublime smoke? Sheesha Lounge Sheffield, this place offers you Buy 1 sheesha and get Second half Price, it’s Sheffield’s premium Sheesha Garden with outdoor electric heaters. Rawal Lounge also offers home cooked Curries, Panini’s, Desserts and Milkshakes. So how should one proceed? Simply take a seat and when the waiter comes round add the magic word, sheesha to your order of tea or coffee. If given the choice the best tobacco to start with is the milder fruit flavoured Tofah, Apple being the most common. The pipe will arrive a few minutes later with a comforting pile of glowing charcoal on top. Make sure the waiter gives you a fresh plastic smoking tip, then sit back and enjoy a leisurely paced twenty minute puff that should set

your toes tingling. Any smoking tips? 1Suck hard enough to create the satisfying bubbling in the water jar, but don't inhale. 2 Occasionally check the top of the water jar for smoke. If it is cloudy gently blow down the pipe and the stale fumes will escape through a special side valve. 3 Like any civilised pastime there are rules of manners to obey: it is greatly frowned upon to light a cigarette on the sheesha fire because it is felt that it disturbs the rhythm of the burning charcoal and always keep the pipe on level ground, never on the table. Is there anything special about the water in a water pipe? Any fresh water will do, just ask the waiters to change it if it is brown with nicotine. The Egyptians sometimes put a slice of lemon into the water to freshen it or add pomegranate juice or rosewater to give it a sweet flavour. You can now hold Corporate Events, Outdoor Catering, Birthday & Private Parties, Stag & Hen Nights, Themed Party Nights, EID, Christmas and New Year Parties at Rawal Lounge. It’s a fun packed place where events like Belly Dancing Nights, Bollywood Karaoke and Bhangra Nights will be held from time to time where you can hear your favourite singers. Rawal Lounge also offers play station area, Wi-Fi and Student Loyalty Cards and much much more. Rawal Lounge is situated at 110 John Street, Sheffield opposite Bramall Lane SUFC, For more information ring Majid on 0114 270 0162 / 07927 557746 or visit the website

Talbot Specialist School Newly located in the south of the city, Talbot is the city’s first and only Specialist Special School for young people with Learning and Cognition Difficulties, aged 11- 19 years. We are co-located with Newfield Secondary School, with whom we share dining and other social/sport facilities. It is the first co-located school to be built in the country under the BSF programme. At Talbot we provide outstanding teaching and learning opportunities for all our young people, based on a personalised learning plan which is developed in close collaboration with our parents and carers. Student Voice, Person Centre Planning and “stage not age” are just a few of our key themes. Progress and attainment are closely monitored through effective student tracking, monitoring the achievements of young people from P1 to Level 3 NC. Ofsted in December 2009 judged the school to be Outstanding in all categories, and described the school as: “A landmark in inclu-


sion” We are a Team Teach Gold Standard school (July 2009), ensuring that holistic approaches to managing complex behaviour are embedded within our practice. We have also been awarded the ICT Quality Mark (July 2010) and the Inclusion Quality Mark (October 2010). We provide training both across the city and in-house, for Makaton signing and Moving and Handling. Our innovative facilities include specialist resources for Science and technology, Food Technology, ICT, Sport and Leisure, Art, Music and Drama, and the city’s first totally interactive and multisensory Hydrotherapy Pool. Official Opening – Friday 5th November On 5th November 2010, the school officially opened by Leon Taylor, Olympic Silver medallist, Diving 2004, who has been assisting his friend and colleague, Peter Gill in working with the young people to access the state-

of-the-art Hydrotherapy Pool for Yoga sessions. This is both an innovative and imaginative use of this environment, which enriches the lives of these young people, in so many social and health ways. Young people attending Talbot often face challenges in their social, communication and physical development can enjoy freedom and independence that it’s not possible to replicate on “dry land”. Leon is excited to be a part of this project, and delighted to have been asked to perform the official opening. The ‘ceremony’ took place in the school, to which members of the community, councillors and partnership representatives were invited. Talbot is delighted to be contributing to the city’s Inclusive Learning Strategy, through its collaborations with partnership schools, the local authority and other specialist provision.

Charity Fashion Show For Flood Appeal A charitable fashion show hosted by South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue in association with other partners such as the Sheffield City council and world aid foundation has raised more than ÂŁ1200 for the Pakistan Floods Appeal. The well-attended event at SYFR's Handsworth training centre featured clothing ranges from BHS, Suits Me, Ashard Textiles, Melody and George at Asda. Attendees were also entertained by dancing performances from a street dance troupe and a Bollywood dancer. Cash was raised through ticket sales, a prize raffle, donations and a fundraising auction. The money will go to the Disaster Emergency Committee's Pakistan Floods Appeal, after more than 20 million people were affected or displaced by the floods earlier this year.

Siddra Nazir, one of the volunteers who organised the event, said: “The event was a huge success and we are extremely grateful to all those who attended and contributed to the night. We were overwhelmed with the amount of money raised and are really pleased to see the money going to such a worthwhile cause. Shahbaz Ramzan SaferNeighbourhood Officer a volunteer with the charity said Although many displaced people are now returning to their homes, they still require emergency shelter, remain vulnerable to potentially deadly diseases and need help to rebuild their lives. So every penny raised from this night will make a massive difference to the lives of those affected.

Miliband: 'Move Beyond New Labour' ple who can represent the hopes, the dreams, the aspirations of the British people," he said."So please join us on this journey. Join us on this journey which makes us once again the people's party, the party of people's hopes and aspirations, back on people's side, back in power making for the fairer, the more equal, the more just country we believe in."Mr Miliband said that while there was deep anger at the "broken promises" of the

Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, it was not enough simply to wait for the coalition to fail."I know that we have got to change in order to win," he said."There is no short cut or quick fix to this. We shouldn't mistake the anger we feel at what the coalition is doing to the country for a sense that it isn't as much about us as it is about them. The strategy that says wait for them to screw it up, simply be a strong opposition, is not

a strategy that is going to work for us. We need to do that hard thinking of our own."Mr Miliband said that he made no apology for speaking up for what he describes as the "squeezed middle" - despite criticisms that the term was too vague and ill-defined."People were feeling squeezed before this Government. They are feeling much, much more squeezed now this Government is in power," he said.

Ed Miliband has warned that Labour could not afford simply to wait for the coalition to "screw up" if it was to regain power at the next general election. Launching a wholesale review of party policy, he said they had to move "beyond New Labour" and demonstrate that they could re-connect with the "hopes and aspirations" of the British people. Addressing MPs, tradeunionists and activists at the party's National Policy Forum in Gillingham, Kent, he said that they had once again to become a "campaigning force" throughout the country."We have to show again we are the people who are the idealists, we are the people who are the optimists, we are the peo-


Boost for Homeless Mandaric Pays Around £10m For Owls

THE Sheffield Cathedral Archer Project, which helps homeless and other vulnerable people, has been awarded £388,800 from the National Lottery in its 20th year. Over three years, the money from the Big Lottery Fund will support activities such as gardening, catering, art, jewellery making, football and swimming. Chief executive Tim Renshaw said: “The grant will develop new work within the project to help clients take the first steps to a more stable lifestyle by delivering activities for them to learn new skills and gain accreditation.

A significant need for long-term homeless people is the chance to make something of their lives, to achieve in learning and to have the opportunity to work. “The grant will support a volunteer programme giving clients opportunities to hold responsibility in a safe, non-judgemental environment and learn skills relevant to employment.” The Queen met staff and volunteers at the Archer Project when she visited the Cathedral last Thursday as part of a day in Sheffield.

Tevez Cash Eases Blades £18m Loss SHEFFIELD United have announced losses of £18.6m for the last financial year as it emerged that the club will use compensation of £18.1m from the Carlos Tevez affair to free themselves of outside debt.United say they are in a strong position to move forward and will be clear of all bank debt by 2013.United chief executive Trevor Birch said around £10m of the retained loss was due to property write-downs as assets fell in value and re-organisation of the group, leaving the loss figure for day-to-day operations at Bramall Lane at approximately £8m.This compares to what would have been a loss of £12m for the previous year had the £18m from the Carlos Tevez affair not been included in the accounts, allowing the Blades to post a profit of £6m. United borrowed £15m from Santander against the staged payments from West Ham and intend to repay the money within the next three years to “put us in good shape compared to a vast number of other clubs,” said chairman Kevin McCabe.“As the money comes in from West Ham, the debt reduces,” he said.McCabe admits the current player wage bill is “£2m or £3m higher than we would wish” and warns that the challenge in future is to achieve success on a break-even basis.United envisage that by 2013 - by when the Tevez money

will have been received in full their only liabilities will be to the McCabe family and Mr McCabe’s property group, who are committed via shares and loans to the tune of around £60m. The chairman’s holding will only dilute if there is investment in the club as talks continue with various parties. Other measures taken by the board include: The sale of Chengdu Blades previously funded by McCabe’s group at up to £2m a year - to a Chinese investor.Disposal of a 50 per cent interest in Blades Realty Ltd.Sale of the club’s interest in the Copthorne Hotel, adjoining Bramall Lane, to Scarborough Partnership Ltd - with an option to re-purchase it if economic conditions improve.McCabe insisted he remains ambitious for a return to the Premiership but felt his first responsibility to the club and fans was to safeguard the future by reacting to dangers not heeded by many other clubs. “I’d be a poor chairman if I didn’t readjust the way the club is run,” he said in a conference call with the media from Australia yesterday. “Common sense dictates. We’ve had to shake ourselves down and reorganise.“The game has changed. None of us could envisage that banks in the UK could go bankrupt. If you’ve got debts, you have to repay them.

New owner: Milan Mandaric MILAN Mandaric is the new owner of Sheffield Wednesday. The 72-year-old Serbian American last night agreed a deal worth around £10 million when he shook hands with former chairman Dave Allen who had held out for £1.5 million for his loan notes of £2.4million.The breakthrough heralds a new era for the 143-yearold club and will allow the Owls to make a fresh start virtually debt free and 100 per cent under the control of Milan Mandaric.It is understood that all parties concerned have signed a contract and Mandaric's takeover must now be rubberstamped by the club's shareholders at an extraordinary general meeting.It is understand Mandaric, who

will now resign as chairman at Leicester, has agreed a £7million settlement with the club's main

creditor, the Co-operative Bank, who were owed £23million.

Fine for

Littering A man has been convicted of dropping litter from his car and fined a total of £354 and another man has been ordered to pay nearly £350 after dropping a receipt in a Rotherham carpark. Councillor Jahangir Akhtar, Rotherham Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods and Cabinet Member for Safe and Attractive Neighbourhoods, said: “ “This is a continuation of the zero-tolerance approach that this authority takes on these issues. We want our actions on these priorities to have a real effect in the Borough. Improving the quality of life is a priority for the Council. Taking pride in our neighbourhoods and keeping them free from litter, dog fouling, graffiti and fly-tipping is a particular local issue. In a recent Streetpride survey of Rotherham residents, fly tipping came out as an important issue that people wanted to see action taken against offenders.”



Jammu Kashmir self Determination Movement Europe is continuing to highlight the Kashmir issue in the United Kingdom and Europe, It recently set up various sub groups including Women’s wing of JKSDM. Here in Manchester the Women wing organised a meeting with Arlene McCarthy, the European Member of Parliament for the Labour Party in the Northwest. She was given a programme of activities that the movement has arranged in the coming months. “Arlene listened to the programmes we have organised and agreed to support the activities of our movement” said Raja Najabat Hussain chairman of the Movement. “The Situation in Kashmir is of concern to us all, we want an early resolution to the dispute in line with the United Nations resolutions” said Arlene McCarthy MEP. “I applaud the work JKSDM is doing to keep the Kashmir issue on the international community’s agenda, and I am committed to supporting you” “I know women and young people are on the receiving end of Human Rights violations that are taking place in Kashmir, these must stop immediately” “We want to see peace in the sub continent, and are asking both Pakistan and India to resolve this issue at the earliest” “Yesterday was the International day to eliminate violence against women, on this occasion I want to ask everyone to stop all violence that is taking place in Kashmir, especially against women and children”“I will be writing to the Prime Minister of Britain and the President of the European Union,

regarding Kashmir”“You must continue to organise the community and take up issues, politicians need to be put under constant pressure, the more the pressure the better chance of them raising the issue” “We have organised a Women’s Conference on the 18th December 2010 in Manchester, and Arlene McCarthy has agreed to attend and speak at the conference” Said Samina Khan Mohammed Yousaf Bandoorvi, the newly elected Political Co-ordinator of the Prime Minister of AJK Government said. “I have extended an invitation to Arlene to visit Kash-

We are seeing a repeat here” Arlene McCarthy agreed to raise this with the relevant authorities. “She also agreed to support the seminar in Brussels taking place on the 8th of December 2010, she is very supportive of the Kashmir cause and has agreed to help and assist in every way possible” “While the JKSDM continues to raise awareness of the Kashmir issue, it is also encouraging young British Kashmiri’s to engage in the political process and to join a political Party of their choice” added Raja Najabat Hussain. Other sub groups include Professionals, re-

mir and see for her self some of the victims of the atrocities, and she has agreed to visit Kashmir at the earliest availability” “The World needs to see what the Indians are doing in Kashmir, and they also need to see the suffering and the Plight of the Kashmiri people” said Mr Bandoorvi. Raja Najabat Hussain said. “Only yesterday a Kashmiri Political leader was attacked, while addressing the crowd, Mirwaiz was attacked, his father was assassinated by the Indian forces and then blamed militants for it.

ligious group and community organisations. “While we have support from the politicians, we need the British Kashmiri’s to play their role and the business community also needs to take an active interest in this issue” Said Raja Najabat Hussain. The meeting was also attended by Samina Khan, Saiqa Parveen. Samaira Anjum, Mrs s, Manzoor, Councillor Suezanne Richards, Rachel Tatlock, Raja Najabat Hussain, Councillor Afzal Khan and Mohammed Yousaf Bandoorvi.


Fire Service faces Huge Cuts

CUTS to front-line fire services, which could include closing three stations and axing more than 200 fire fighters’ jobs, are among plans being considered by South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue in response to the Government’s slashing of its budget. The fire service has been told it must save £9m over the next four years and has already found £2.5m. Seven options to find another £6.5m will be discussed by the authority on Monday. All or

none – which add up to savings of £11.56m – could be chosen, although a decision to cut the numbers of fire stations or engines would have to go to public consultation. Two of the most drastic courses are not being recommended by fire service mangers but will be put to the authority. The first involves closing up to three smaller stations, which would see a loss of 28 jobs and a saving of £1m at each station. The second in-

volves bringing in “close proximity crewing” which would see 66 jobs lost – a saving of £1.61m. Night shifts at some quieter fire stations would be dropped and staff working day shifts would be offered a payment to spend the night in a house close to their place of work in case of emergency. A spokesman said: “As a result of the Government funding cuts, we are looking right across the organisation for potential savings.”

SHEFFIELD is set to be positioned as the City of The Peaks in a new tourism partnership. The council is teaming up with the organisation Visit Peak District & Derbyshire with the aim of attracting more visitors from the UK and overseas. Sheffield’s venues and attractions will feature in

Peak District materials and the city’s festivals and other events will appear in Peak District publicity.Council leader Paul Scriven said: “Our vast amount of green space and proximity to the Peak District National Park allows us to promote a unique package – a city which combines the great

outdoors, including walking, mountain biking and Chatsworth, with the benefits of a modern and lively city, including fantastic restaurants, spas, hotels and festivals.”One hope is to maximum the tourism potential before, during and after the 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games.

Sheffield Sets Its Sights On A Tourism Peak


Syed Z.Ali Shah

Call of The Wild Since I was young I have loved to survive. A vivid scene from to go hunting. That passion has the African savanna. Some of subsided and arisen over time. It our leaders actually think themwas not always the thrill of the selves of as animals. Sher e kill but the mysteries of the wild Punjab comes to mind. I mean which held a strong allure. Wild- what an image for a leader: do life and forests impelled me into as I tell you or I will eat you. a mystical realm of unbound Others have taken up the role fantasies and dreams. I still go of the scavengers. Living off out once in a while but the old dead flesh and misery. It may be dreamscape is gone. Its replaced my over strung imagination but by ravaged nightmarish torn up there is definitely some merit to places, destroyed by deforesta- this thinking. If we were to put tion and over grazing. Now its in some quality brain storming just about good company and we can find many connections nostalgia. Alas like all good to the wild and present day Pathings in Pakistan the wilderness kistan. So in this whole scenario has also scumbed to our greed who would be the hunter? Drone and lack of interest. I don't know attacks should point out in that how long the remnants of our directions. Its like a hunter takwilderness will last but I feel it ing trophies with his excellent won't hold out against the relent- weapons. And this hunter is a less onslaught of human popula- true sportsman! He not only tion. But then I could be wrong. hunts but he provides food for Once in a while I get this crazy the game and insures that the idea that something strange has number does not dwindle. He happened and wilderness has has watch dogs for his purposes changed its form and moved on. who obey his every command The question is where? Perhaps and wag tails for his pleasure. the terms urban jungle, law of They insure that the game is well the jungle, its a jungle out there cared for their masters pleasure. and so on need a closer look to Master rewards and punishes answer this mystery. Maybe according to his whim. He can the wild has migrated to human be callous at time but is a good populations and settled its self master. At least the dogs believe around us. Instead of its physi- it to be so. cal manifestation it has taken A jungle it indeed has become. up root in our hearts. We are Unfortunately this jungle holds becoming closer to nature but no allure for me. I miss the junto the dark side of it which goes gle of old which was out side against what we hold dear as hu- me. This new jungle saddens me man beings. We are falling and scares me. That's why I still victim to our animal nature. trudge in the lost wilderness. Some of us are becoming preda- Old habits take long to change. tors and most predated. The I still yearn for simpler times predators keep feeding on the when humans were humans and weak and the predated keep run- animals were animals or least ning counting on their numbers they pretended to be so.

Bid To Remove Street Clutter TOO many unnecessary signs on Sheffield roads and pavements? Too much street clutter? A council initiative aims to give people the chance to say what should go – in a similar fashion to the consultation that has led to changes to road layouts. Ruling Liberal Democrats will set the ball rolling next Wednesday with a motion to the council in line with guidance from the Coalition Government to reduce street clutter. Cabinet member Ian Auckland said: “Local people tell us that our streets have become too cluttered with silly signs and unnecessary bollards. Now that the new Government is relaxing the rules, we can give local people the chance to de-clutter

by nominating streets and signs themselves. “Just like the ‘Driving Me Crazy’ scheme, in which we made it possible for local people to vote on changing unhelpful highways junctions, we are putting power into the hands of local people and moving away from the ‘Town Hall knows best’ attitude.” Local people would be asked for nominations, then the most popular suggestions would be put to a public vote. Council officers will also draw up plans to ensure that clutter is kept to a minimum in future schemes. Coun Auckland added: “We believe that uncluttered streets are safer, more attractive and easier to maintain.”


Registered Laser, IPL & Skincare Clinic

0114 244 8232

599 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield S9 3RD

OPENING TIMES MON - Sat 10am - 7PM 21

ss o ir L trol a H on ic C lin C

MON: Sabrang (7pm-9pm) (Jawaid Qazi )

........................................ TUES: Punjabi Versa (7pm-9pm) (Saberjeet ) Punjabiversa@

........................................ WED: App Ki Awaz (7pm-9pm) (Sajjad Ahmed )

........................................ THURS: Ghazal Shub (9pm-11pm) (Jawaid Ahmed )

.................................... FRI: Aaj Ki Shaam (7pm-9pm) (Jawed Akhtar )

DISCLAIMER ILM (The Knowledge) Newspaer does not represent any political, religious or any other group. It is purely for providing general information and entertainment to its reader.

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Students Fury “The universities, the vast majority of colleges and many schools were all represented at the demonstration - I have never seen anything like it in Sheffield. “It was good to see a lot of 16 and 17-year-olds making their voices heard. They are losing the Education Maintenance Allowance and will be directly affected by the changes to university funding. “Spirits outside the Town Hall ran high. Young people showed that they really care about these issues and are very angry and upset. The increase in fees will see them paying a great deal more for a good deal less.” Anger was directed at Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy PM and Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg on what was nationally dubbed Day X.

Nine arrested during EDL protest Police have made nine arrests during a protest by supporters of the far-right group the English Defence League. Around 1,000 people joined the demonstration by the EDL in Preston city centre, and 150 counter-demonstrators from Unite Against Fascism also gathered nearby. A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: "Although there were minor scuffles amongst the EDL

demonstrators, there were only a handful of arrests for drunken or disorderly behaviour. "Today's demonstrations have been relatively incident-free and the majority of demonstrators have left the area." Police said officers remained in the city centre after the protest to ensure that any remaining demonstrators left the area in a peaceful manner.

Cont P1...

EMA Campaign However, as part of the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review in October the allowance has been scrapped. The scrapage will make it increasingly difficult for youngster to stay in post 16 education and will impact over 6,000 young people in Sheffield.




be r

De ce m







07894010808 SHEFFIELD



House Prices on the Move

House prices in Sheffield have leapt 8.7% in the last 12 months. The rise is equivalent to an extra £11,000 on the value of the typical property, average prices now being £138,053. It means on average prices in Sheffield are only £3,400 below their highest ever levels but homeowners are still benefiting from a 7.8% leap in prices in June. However, in the short term, values have fallen slightly in November and are cur-

rently one per cent down on October, dragging the average asking price down by £1,400. Studies have shown Sheffield homes sell in 78 days typically, much faster than the county average which was more than a month longer. Affluent areas of the city have benefitted while the north of the city has been badly hit. Some ex-council houses were still down 25 per cent on previous highest prices.



Picture of former President of Pakistan Rt Gen Pervez Musharraf is reading ILM Newspaper, also in picture Syed Zeeshan Naqvi Editor ILM.

CONGRATULATION to ILM readers on 12th Edition

ILM News would like to conratulate all its readers, writers, advertisers, volunteers, photographers, correspondants, board of directors, editors and friends of ILM for their support throughout the past 12 months. This is the 12th edition in your hands. We hope that your sup-

port will continue in the future, if your have comments, views or any ideas of how we can improve this newspaper in future. If your have any stories, photographs you want to publish, send in your comments on

US slams WikiLeaks ‘attack’ as new memos drop

lies were left red-faced by embarrassing revelations in a vast trove of leaked memos. Meanwhile new diplomatic cables WASHINGTON: Top US diplo- accused WikiLeaks of an “attack” continued to trickle out, including mat Hillary Clinton on Monday on the world as key American al- one saying Iran’s supreme lead-


er has cancer and will be dead “within months” and another saying that China would eventually accept a reunited Korea.

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