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HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM CITY LEADER PAUL SCRIVEN “I am positive that ILM will bring more people together�

Cllr Paul Scriven is a local Liberal Democrat councillor and parliamentary spokesman for Sheffield. He is also leader of Sheffield City Council.

Q What do you think of the Mahana Ilm newspaper? A I think this is a Mr Paul Scriven kindly took some brilliant innovative idea. time out from his busy schedule to cont page 5...


give us an interview.


WHEEL The Sheffield Wheel recently had

a group of nearly 750 visitors in one booking from nearby Barnsley. It took the wheel almost 2 hours to complete all the rides. The wheel is set to stay for another year by the looks of it. The owners have applied for planning permission for an extention. The wheel is seeing around 10,000 passengers per week and attracting more visitors to Sheffield than ever before.

Welcome to the first Urdu and English monthly free newspaper in Sheffield, ILM


Welcome also to 2010 and best wishes for the year ahead. We hope our readers find our first issue refreshing, interesting and informative. We hope to fill the gap between the Pakistani community and the City of Sheffield as a rich and diverse cultural centre with lots to offer. In Sheffield there are close to 25,000 ethnic Pakistani people, many of whom speak read and write Urdu. This newspaper is aimed to provide a better understanding of what is....cont page no 2 18







??..Did you know..??

20 interesting facts about humans only laugh 15 to 100 times a day. no blood supply is the cornea in the ? If you are right handed, you will tend to chew your food on your right ? The color blue has a calming effect. side. If you are left handed, you will It causes the brain to release calming tend to chew your food on your left hormones. ? Every time you sneeze some of side. ? If you stop getting thirsty, you need your brain cells die. to drink more water. For when a hu- ? Your left lung is smaller than your man body is dehydrated, its thirst right lung to make room for your heart. mechanism shuts off. ? Chewing gum while peeling onions ? When you blush, the lining of your stomach also turns red. will keep you from crying. ? Your tongue is germ free only if it ? The attachment of the human skin is pink. If it is white there is a thin to muscles is what causes dimples. ? The sound you hear when you crack film of bacteria on it. ? The pupil of the eye expands as your knuckles is actually the sound of much as 45 percent when a person nitrogen gas bubbles bursting. ? Human hair and fingernails conlooks at something pleasing. ? Laughing lowers levels of stress tinue to grow after death. hormones and strengthens the im- ? It takes about 20 seconds for a red mune system. Six-year-olds laugh an blood cell to circle the whole body. average of 300 times a day. Adults ? The only part of the body that has Upcoming Bollywood Movies releasing in January 2010 1. Chance Pe Dance – Fri Jan 1 2. Rajneeti – Fri Jan 22 Bollywood is going to witness another 3. Rann – Fri Jan 22 wedding, of the second most popular Upcoming Hollywood movies family in the film fraternity — the Kareleasing in January, 2010 poor’s. According to the sources, Bebo is 1. Case 39 - Fri Jan 1 set to tie the knot with Saif Ali Khan. 2. Youth in Revolt - Fri Jan 8 Since they started dating each other, they 3. Let Me In - Fri Jan 15 have not hidden their relationship from 4.Tooth Fairy - Fri Jan 22 the media or public. 5.When in Rome - Fri Jan 29

eye. It takes in oxygen directly from the air. ? Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair. ? The average person laughs 13 times a day. ? Women blink nearly twice as much as men. ? The human heart creates enough pressure while pumping to squirt blood 30 feet!! ? You are about 1 centimeter taller in the morning than in the evening!

President OBAMA receiving



Actors: Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor







cont page 1 Leader’s Interview...

It’s very important that we are using Urdu and English as it brings the news in and around Sheffield to a wider audience and it is a good discussion point. I am positive that this will bring more people together. Q What qualifications did you gain from school? A I left school at 16 with no qualifications and started work as a manual labourer. It was a good hard working job and I was considered very lucky to be doing it. But at the age of 18 I understood the value of education and went back to college to get my O levels and A levels. I then went on to Manchester University to do a degree. Q What will you do next for Sheffield? A People know what I work for. I have been selected as the parliamentary candidate for Sheffield central. If I am selected, then it will mean that the people of Sheffield wanted me to be in that position. Q What did you want to be when you were younger? A I never dreamt that I would go into politics. I wanted to be a bus driver. I came from a very humble background, my mother was a hospital cleaner and my father was a dustbin man. I strongly related to my background and really valued hard work and commitment. I believe everyone has a dream and everyone should be helped to meet their dream. This spurred my passion for social justice, making sure that Sheffield becomes a city where people can be helped to meet their dreams. My dream of being a bus driver never came true but I am more than happy in the job I am doing because I believe so strongly in this. Q Why did you choose

to be in politics and why choose the Liberal Democrats? A My passion for making a difference and for a just society led me into politics. I initially joined the Labour Party but later understood what the Liberal Democrats stood for. They believe no one should be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity and that we are all different. We are all special people. Through that difference people should be able to choose what is right for them and their family. That is what a government should provide its citizens. Social justice and fairness for all. Q What do you do in your spare time? A I don’t get much spare time. I work from 7am till 10pm then usually do 2 hours of reading. If I do get any spare time I try to go to the gym. I really enjoy walking in the Peak district. Sheffield is very fortunate to have the Peak District right on its doorstep. I believe that if you work hard then you must also play hard. I also like to travel as it broadens the mind. Q What do you regard as your best achievement? A My greatest personal achievement would be getting my degree. Because of the way I was bought up, education wasn’t valued. We were bought up to think that we didn’t need to and couldn’t achieve it. Professionally my best achievements are, when I help an individual to achieve something to make their life better. It’s good to give opportunities to enable someone to move forward. Q How would you like to see the community tackle issues? A A great example of this is dealing with anti social behaviour. To sit down with the victim of crime, the accused

individuals and the family, and make a deal or agreement with them about how best to deal with their crime. The best way to deal with low level crime is work with the victim and those who caused the crime. We have created community justice panels, part of the criminal justice system. We are the first country to do this and the reoffending rate has gone down from 70% to 5%. An example is of a crime a young boy committed which led to the father getting involved in resolving the issue. The young shoplifter, his father and the victim of the crime sat down together. The young boy had to listen to the shopkeeper, how the crime affected him, what it meant to him in terms of profit and loss. The boy in the end realised the consequences of his actions and apologised. He had to repay by working for free in the shop. This is a different way of dealing with crime and some people think it is a soft option. It is a very different approach but it has proven to cut crime, in particular reoffending rates. The young boy could have gone to court and got a criminal record which would have affected his future. Q What are your views on Sheffield as a multicultural diverse society? A We are the most diverse city in the UK after London. 28 languages are spoken in Sheffield schools. Diversity is strength for the city. This contributes to our culture as a city, our education our economy and our social life. We all celebrate our differences together. I am proud to lead such a multicultural city and will defend peoples rights till the end as a Liberal. No matter who they are or where they come from on the condition


that they don’t harm anyone else. Q What can the multicultural community bring to Sheffield to make a difference? A We don’t expect big changes. Everyone is free to be who they want to be just as long they are not harming others. Believe in who you are and believe in what you do but mix together and share together. We should share one another’s experiences, and spaces and cultural community centres to understand one another. Q If you became MP what changes would you bring to Sheffield? A As a Liberal Democrat I would give young people the best start in life. By lowering class sizes and abolishing the child tax fund. Instead investing the money into bringing class sizes down to 15 for 5-7 year olds. I would create more fairness by working towards raising the tax threshold to £10,000. This would mean an average family are £700 better off per year. Q Why do you want people to vote for the Liberal Democrat party? A We offer something radical which is about a fairer society, looking to our childrens future, and respecting individuals as individuals. We want to give the best start in life at a young age. We believe in civil liberties and stand against ID cards. Q What advice would you give to someone interested in politics? A Think about what party you believe in, go to a few meeting and get involved in a few campaigns. Check out my website at www.paulscriven. . This has a link to the Lib Dem website. Q Would you prefer national level or European level

politics? A It depends on the policy or issue. The environment is best tackled on a European level. The war in Iraq would have been better tackled if Europe had stood in a united position and could have acted better against the USA. Q How can we bring peace in war affected areas? A I don’t think military intervention is the solution in Iraq or Afghanistan, a wider political solution is needed. Focus has recently been shifted from the Middle East Palestine/Israel issue. Kashmir should have self determination as laid out by the UN resolution. The world needs to put pressure on such UN resolutions. Q What is your opinion of American politics? A Obama clearly wants to put more emphasis on Palestine/Israel. USA prompting of military intervention hasn’t solved anything in Afghanistan. The USA is not concentrating on the political process to find a way forward. We are grateful to Paul Scriven for his cooperation. He is an inspiration to us all, to school leavers, budding entrepreneurs and budding politicians. We wish him good luck in his quest to become an MP for Sheffield and good luck to the Liberal Democratic party in Sheffield.




JANUARY 2010 HOROSCOPES ARIES March 20th - April 20th Unfinished business and people from the past surface and it’s finally time to complete things and form certain closures. Possibly some of this has to do with real debts like money, since it takes place in your 8th house of credit cards and joint finances. While the Sun and Mars traverse your house of intensity, you might also feel inspired to take more risks. You Rams are famous for living life as an adventure and this month you’ll be more daring than usual! Satisfaction comes from meeting life head on, so just do it! TAURUS April 20th - May 21st This month you’ll feel a need to be noticed and appreciated by others. With both Mars and the Sun in your seventh house of relationships you’ll find plenty of dynamic interaction with partners. Mars has a reputation for heating things up so take care to avoid heated conversations. If you are a single Taurus you’ll be happy to hear that the new moon in your partner house is considered to be a sign of someone new entering your life. Take some initiative mid month to grow your circle of influence, by passing out business cards, or joining a new group or organization. Others will be attracted to your self confidence and you’ll be ready for exciting new adventures! GEMINI May 21st - June 21st Fun galore for you Gemini’s! Jupiter, Venus and Mars all in the house of romance could make your love life

As 2009 comes to a close and the ex-

citement of what’s to come in 2010 fills us, we find ourselves reflecting on this past year. The most imminent things we may remember are the recession, USA having a first black president, the death of Michael Jackson, the ongoing casualties of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and England winning the Ashes. The recession bought with it much doom and gloom and there was doubt whether we would ever return to former levels of prosperity. The world around us was concerned with war and

dreamy! Single Gems will be lucky and could meet someone wonderful. Taken or not, it’s time to attend some social events! The new moon on the 12th is a perfect time to begin paying better attention to your health. You’re likely to have more energy than usual, and may be ready to take on a new fitness program or even change your appearance or wardrobe. It’s a great time to purchase some dramatic clothing or personal adornment. CANCER June 21st - July 22nd November’s new moon lights up your fifth house of romance, and brings fun and pleasure into your life. Single Cancers could meet someone new! It’s a good time to begin a new creative project or even start investing more aggressively. Making smart business moves bring good results! While Venus zips through your house of home and family it’s the perfect time to redecorate or plan a gathering. LEO July 22nd - Aug 23rd Both your ruler the Sun and Mars are putting some focus on your inner life and home. This could result in an obsessive compulsion to do things around the house. Cleaning closets, moving furniture or adding decorative touches could bring a real sense of satisfaction. While Uranus trines Mars from the 8th house you could also decide that it’s finally time to make an expensive home related purchase. Meanwhile Venus and Jupiter in your third house is promising to refine and enhance the way you communicate with others. It’s a favourable time for public relations and diplomatic communications. Success comes from short trips con-

nected with social activity, pleasure, romance or even business pursuits! VIRGO Aug 23rd - Sept 22nd This month both Sun and Mars in your third house of communication will give you a thirst for new knowledge. Taking a course, workshop or a new study proves satisfying. You feel a sense of pride when you share your ideas with others. It’s a good month to find new ways to improve or handle your communications. Try cleaning out your inbox or computer files. With Venus in the house of money it’s a perfect time to invest in possessions of beauty, quality and refinement. Business transactions flow. Money and loans come from banks or wealthy people. LIBRA Sept 23rd - Oct 23rd It’s time to take the lead in business and finance this month as you are determined to achieve some material status. The Sun and Mars in your house of money inspires you to take action towards obtaining your financial goals. You’ll be more than willing to spend some of your money to enhance your personal attractiveness and charm. A strong desire for wealth could lead to new business associations and dealings with VIPs. With Jupiter in your sign, it’s a good time to ask for favours. When you take the initiative to create changes at work you get the satisfaction you are looking for!

action! You feel ready to take on the world and find your leadership qualities are noticed by others. If you are a single Scorpio, don’t be surprised when you finally feel like you’ve met your match! With Uranus your house of love, you’ll easily attract a dynamic partner that is ready to build the kind of life you’ve been dreaming of! Single or not, you’ll find pleasure doing something physical with a partner. Try rock climbing, kayaking, ballroom dancing or any other challenging activity. When you sweat, you’ll find fun! SAGITTARIUS Nov 22nd - Dec 21st You’ll find plenty of pleasure and fun with friends this month. With two benefits in the house of groups, it’s an ideal time to join one! This month you may find that you are privy to some important information regarding the business affairs of others or even your own love life! Inspiration comes from deep within, so be sure to take some time out to reflect. By the end of the month you’ll be ready to take on new projects or share your recently new acquired insights. Your words will have a powerful effect on everyone!

SCORPIO Oct 23rd - Nov 22nd Mars and the Sun are in your sign for the first time in years! Expect to be super charged with a sense of personal power along with increased energy, a competitive drive and enough self confidence to take

CAPRICORN Dec 21st - Jan 20th The dynamic duo of Mars and the Sun bring Powerful and Important new friends into your social circle. These people could motivate you into taking some action. Jupiter enhances your chances of getting ahead, it’s a great time to update your resume and get ready for bigger things. Even outside of your professional goals, you’ll feel a real desire to play a leadership role in groups or organizations. Romance and pleasure are connected to busi-

third behind the Conservatives and the UK Independence Party. The BNP returned its first ever MEPs, Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, thanks to proportional representation. Britain saw a surge in “pro Britain” protests in a number of cities around the UK. Barack Obama took office as the 44th US President, and was “surprised and deeply humbled” to be awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, accepting it as “a call to action”. But he struggled to get landmark healthcare reform through Congress and admitted that no binding agreement on climate

change would be reached in Copenhagen in December. The Obama administration plunged into foreign issues. President Hamid Karzai was sworn in for a second term after Dr Abdullah Abdullah refused to contest an election re-run. Somali pirates took hostages, including two British sailors. An Air France Airbus went down killing 228. A swine flu pandemic was declared. Morgan Tsvangirai was sworn in as Prime Minister in Zimbabwe. Jenson Button, the second British driver running to claim the Formula One Grand Prix title. England won the Ashes and


areas of destabilization, though nothing has really been resolved. Population growth and climate change were also on the agenda. For Britain, 2009 was the year when the human cost of the post-9/11 conflicts was most bitter. Death tolls rose of troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. British military presence went above 10,000. America’s new President Barack Obama announced a troop surge in the spring, but by autumn had to contemplate a much greater increase in combat numbers. In politics, the European Parliament vote resulted in Labour coming



ness and group affairs this month. If you meet someone new, they are likely to be from a good social circle, with plenty of charm and energy! AQUARIUS Jan 20th - Feb 19th If you are typical of your sign then your restless spirit will inspire you to take some action towards creating a future where you have more freedom. If you need motivation, hire a professional coach to help you get on the fast track. You won’t want to miss a great opportunity coming your way! With Mars power housing through your career house and the new moon taking place there, this month could be the perfect beginning of a new professional life. Jupiter and Venus in Libra could bring a dreamy romance or pleasure with people from afar. Travelling is favoured, so is relocating for work! PISCES Feb 19th - March 20th The new moon in your house of travel could bring family members from afar or inspire you to travel. Expect exciting adventures if you journey! It’s time to prepare yourself for mind expansion and a greater status in life. Taking a quick course that will help you advance your profession will soon pay off. You’ll want to be ready to tackle projects when the Sun moves into your Career house next month. With your ruler Jupiter and Venus in your eighth house, social and business contacts could lead to good encounters. You’ll be more psychic than usual and find you benefit from other’s resources and finances. It’s a good time to partner up!

qualified for the 2010 football World Cup. After repeated terror attacks, Pakistani forces counter-attacked Taliban havens in tribal heartlands. Pakistan faced a surge in terrorist and suicide attacks. 2008 saw 61 attacks, with 889 people killed and 2072 injured. This year has unfortunately seen some kind of attack on a daily basis. Only since the beginning of October Pakistan has suffered around 33 attacks, killing roughly 533 people and injuring more than 1109. Lets see what the next decade brings for Pakistan and indeed the rest of the world.


SHEFFIELD ‘can be the hub of UK’s Nuclear supply industry’

SHEFFIELD has the po-

tential to become the hub of the UK’s expanding civil nuclear industry, Business Secretary Lord Mandelson told the House of Lords. Following his announcement of a £25m research centre at Waverley on the Rotherham-Sheffield border, Lord Mandelson raised hopes the region can benefit from “new jobs, new industries and new ties to the global and European economies”. The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre will build on the success of the existing manufacturing research centre that the University of Sheffield runs with aerospace giant Boeing on a former opencast site off the Parkway near Catcliffe. Now the university is teaming up with Rolls-Royce in a development expected to create up to 80 jobs for researchers, technicians, engi-

neers and apprentices. Rolls-Royce has also indicated in principle its intention to build in the region a factory making components for the civil nuclear industry, backed by £45m from the Government. Now Sheffield has the potential to be a hub for the UK’s civil nuclear supply chain.” The new Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre is being financed by £15m from the Government’s Department of Business, Industry and Skills and £10m from the regional development agency Yorkshire Forward. “The mantra developed for the aerospace industry of ‘better, faster, cheaper, greener’ is equally applicable to the resurgent nuclear supply industry. We are confident that the success of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre which has worked

so closely with global aerospace companies such as Boeing and Rolls-Royce can be translated into the nuclear industry which is so crucial to our energy sustainability.” David Fletcher, director of business investment at Creative Sheffield, said: “We are already home to key companies in the civil nuclear supply chain, including Sheffield Forgemasters and DavyMarkham, and this new centre of excellence will enhance further the region’s role nationally and internationally.” which is so crucial to our energy sustainability.” Local business leaders say the Government’s announcement cannot be underestimated in terms of its significance in promoting the Sheffield region as the centre for UK advanced manufacturing. But anti-nuclear campaigners in South Yorkshire are


dismayed at the Government’s strategy. Dave Webb, convener of the Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, said: “Nuclear is a dirty, dangerous and expensive form of power. It adds to the threat of nuclear proliferation, contamination by toxic radioactive nuclear waste and nuclear accidents. “We only need to look at the consequences of Chernobyl to see how dangerous nuclear really is.”



* Luton - Sunday 3rd Jan 2010 @ 1pm

* Burnley - Sunday 10th Jan 2010 @ 1pm * Blackburn - Sunday 17th Jan 2010 @ 1pm * Birmingham - Sunday 24th Jan 2010 @ 1pm * Northampton - Sunday 14th Feb 2010 @ 1pm For more information please contact Syed Rukhsar Naqvi on 07976702475 & Nasir Abbas on 07989344151.



Kashif Walayat I think its fantastic news for the community.

Raja Qurban Hussain(Former Lord Mayor of Sheffield)

Maroof Hussain (Labour) Amjad Malik (a renowned Nazir Awan (Solicitor) Better late than never, its lawyer) Lets spread the Its a great news for Sheffield, a great news. Congrats!!! THE KNOWLEDGE ... lets support the good cause.

Ibrar Khan (Secretary Sangita Basudev (Sheffield PMC) It was long over- Glenn Bagshaw (ECB Live) Congratulation to all the Course Teacher) Well done & due Good Luck!!! ILM team and Sheffield Good Luck to ILM staff.


Rob (Sheffield City Council) I think its a fantastic idea, it is something very UNIQUE to Sheffield.

Shafqat Mirza (Correspondant Daily Jang)

I wish to commend you all on behalf of STTA for you dedicated commitment to the community work that you are involved in. This new project of yours is something that was lacked in Sheffield and we sincerely appreciate your hard work in making this a reality and offer our support to you unreservedly best wishes. Hafeas Rehman (Chairperson, STTA - Sheffield)



It’s been long time coming, we really appreciated this effort and we hope that long may it continue. This new newspaper will be full of community news and its a great way to intigrate with multicultural society. Best of LUCK.

Kids from mosque were really exited to hear about the new newspaper. 2 cont from front page... going on in the Sheffield area and how to make the most of it. This would benefit a big chunk of the community and create better integration.

Zahid Saleem (Local Businessman) I fully support this idea and I think this will benefit the local community.

Afraz Khan I think this will bring all types of community together, its a great idea and involves youths. Go on spread The Knowledge...

Fran (Sheffield Childrens Hospital Charity Rep) Its really exiting, we can help people through this newspaper. From Sheffield Childrens Hospital. Good Luck.


I was very happy to hear about and look forward to reading the newspaper. I wish it every success. Its brilliant news for Sheffield and Rotherham

with us if you want to get your message across. Please also let us know of any important events, big or small, as we can provide great publicity citywide and attract a lot of attention in making your events Our aim is to provide information a success. on local issues, politics and events and to get messages across from We would like to thank everyone who local services and businesses. has kindly contributed to, agreed to distribute, and helped us in any For all those who prefer to read shape or form with the successful English, we hope this newspaper launch of Ilm. Please keep sending can just as efficiently create an your comments, contributions and insight into everything cultural and ideas for future editions. informative with refreshing readable articles of different tastes. We hope you enjoy our first edition of Ilm. Don’t forget to pick up We invite any ideas and articles your free copy next month! from anyone wishing to contribute or make any comments. This newspaper is for you, so please tell us your story or send us any article worth publishing in our next edition. We want to promote your local businesses so please get in touch









The City Wins The Bid England 2018 has recently announced that Sheffield has been selected as a Candidate Host City as part of their bid to stage the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World CupTM. Sheffield is one of 12 cities to be chosen following an intense bid process throughout 2009 where 16 cities battled it out to be part of the England bid. Staging games would see the city benefit from a number of social and economic benefits in the period leading up to and during the event. Sheffield was assessed on a number of criteria including the facilities at the football grounds, locations for FIFA fan fests, public viewing areas, training sites, accommodation and event infrastructure etc.

Sheffield's bid included both grounds but England 2018 have selected the Sheffield Wednesday Football Stadium as their preferred venue to host games in the city. Councillor Paul Scriven, Leader of Sheffield City Council, said: "I'm delighted that Sheffield has been chosen as a Candidate Host City. We believe that the strength of our bid was our team work and working as a unified force, after all, our bid was a city bid. If England is successful in bringing the World Cup to the nation, Sheffield stands to gain so much and be recognised, yet again, as a city of sport." This is a great prospect for the future of Sheffield. It will be a great boost to businesses and to the city nationwide as providing great

sports facilities and great facilities for fans from all over the world. Lets hope Englands bid will be successful. England 2018 / 2022 will deliver their final bid to FIFA in May 2010. FIFA hope to announce the winning destinations in December 2010.



PMC’s achievements and its future continues to look brighter than ever before. It has managed to employ a new Chief Executive (Tariq Kataria) at PMC, who is young and full of ideas and has a great personality. He is very talented cricketer and also a successful Barrister. He praised the new venture of Monthly Newspaper for the community, Mahana ILM, “This will give Sheffield and its Community a big boost, and its another step forward for Sheffield’s development. I wish to congratulate its team and wish them GOOD LUCK for future”.




The Life of Benazir Bhutto (b.1953-2007)

In her lifetime, this remarkable woman made many notable achievements gaining respect in the hearts of the Pakistani people and on the international political arena. She chaired the Pakistan Peoples Party and was the first woman to be elected to lead a Muslim state. She was Pakistans first and to this date only female prime minister, was wife of the current President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, and the eldest child of former prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto She received the United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights of 2008 after her death. This was to “honour and comment people and organizations which have made an outstanding contribution to the promotion and protection of the human rights embodied

in the Universal Declaration of Parliament in Strasbourg in 1985. Human Rights and in other UN “When the conscience of the human rights instruments”. world is justly aroused against She began her struggle against the apartheid and against human rights martial law of General Zia-ul-Haq violations….then that conscience following the 1979 execution of ought not to close its eyes to the her father under the martial law murder by military courts which court of Zia. She began raising takes place in a country which concerns about the mistreatment receives… aid from the West of political prisoners in Pakistan itself.” under the Zia ul Haq regime The speech was responded by the mainly during the early 1980’s. Zia regime with announcement of Restrictions on press and media death sentences of 54 PPP workers were intensified and persecution in a military court in Lahore. of political activists was common under Zia’s regime. On 16 November 1988, in the As pressure increased Zia was first open election in more than forced to hold a referendum to a decade, Bhutto’s PPP won the legitimise his government but largest bloc of seats in the National this turned out to be a farce. Her Assembly. Bhutto was sworn in political party boycotted the a as Prime Minister of a coalition subsequent election on the grounds government on December 2, that they were not being held in becoming at age 35 the youngest accordance with the constitution person and the first woman—to of Pakistan. Gross violations of head the government of a Muslimhuman rights continued by the majority state in modern times. regime and she continued to raise a In 1989, Benazir Bhutto was voice and addressed the European awarded the Prize For Freedom


by the Liberal International. Her accomplishments during this time were initiatives for nationalist reform and modernization. During the election campaigns the Bhutto government voiced its concern for women’s social and health issues, including the issue of discrimination against women. She announced plans to establish women’s police stations, courts, and women’s development banks. Bhutto was an active and founding member of the Council of Women World Leaders, a network of current and former prime ministers and presidents. Despite her many achievements, she was fatally wounded in bomb explosion in Rawalpindi in December 2007. The Pakistani government honoured her on her birth anniversary by renaming the Islamabad International Airport as Benazir Bhutto Inernational Airport after her. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani, a member of Bhutto’s


PPP also asked President Pervez Musharraf to pardon convicts on death row on her birthday in honour of Bhutto. The city of Nawabshah in Sindh was renamed Benazirabad in her honour. Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), a program which provides benefits to the poorest Pakistanis, is named after Bhutto. She was a regular visitor to Western capitals, delivering lectures at universities and think-tanks and meeting government officials. Benazir Bhutto followed her father into politics, and both of them died because of it - he was executed in 1979, she fell victim to an apparent suicide bomb attack. The family was somehow cursed with tragedy but both Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto fought for their country and left a great legacy. The legacy however ended with Ms Bhutto as her brothers lives were sadly cut short, both killed at an early age.


PMC MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN EVER BEFORE less than one year it has successfully Sunday Cricket League. Chief Ex-

Pakistan Muslim Centre (PMC) has had an excellent year 2009, it is surely moving onto bigger and better things. This year it has overcome the biggest concern of the community and has managed to sign a 25years lease with Sheffield City Council. It has also expanded and has introduced a new section for Sports. In

accomplished many different sports such as a nail biting Volley Ball match between PMC Sheffield v Cardiff, it organised a Snooker Tournament, a Badminton Tournament for Sheffield Children’s Hospital Kids Scanner Appeal in which it raise £1,000. It is also running a very successful


ecutive Tariq Kataria and Chairman PMC has praised his Sports Section team involved who has brought a thrilling sporting activities to Sheffield and to its youths. He also expressed that this will introduce a more healthier and disciplined life style.



Blackwell plans for new arrivals

Sheffield United manager Kevin Blackwell is already planning an overhaul of his squad in January. The Blades have slipped out of the promotion picture in recent weeks and Blackwell has said he is willing to wheel and deal in an attempt to strengthen his squad.

“We’ve got four of five lads on loan who will be out of cont- ract in January so would have to go back,” he said. “We’ll have to make one or two permanent signings. “We’ll be trying to bring the right ones in and we’re looking everywhere, including abroad. “There are only a handful of the team which reached the play-off final last season still here and that’s too big a turnover.”





The first Urdu/English monthly Newspaper in Sheffield

in which you’ll get to read the local stories, news on your local football clubs and much much more...



Campaign to save Abbeydale

Grange School !!! I’m a senior teacher and a community liaison manager at Abbeydale grange school I think the campaign has been a absolutely fantastic. I’m lost for words, I’m speechless, I think the parents, students and the teachers have been

very very supportive, because we all feel very passionately about saving our school, and it’s a genuine passion, it’s a passion that every time we asked for a meeting, there are people that are working way and above and beyond their legal hour to make sure this is a success. I think that the record speaks for itself weather it Labour or Liberal democrats, I think they have let Abbeydale Grange down and they should not be allowed to do the same now. The voters,

the constituents, when they vote in the next general elections will reflect what the feelings are, strength of feeling, I mean I was a Labour supporter, since the war on terror now I kind of moved over to Lib Dems but really what they have done to my school, I feel that the Liberal Democrats are letting us down. I ask all friends, family and colleagues to support us in this cause. Ibrar Hussain.











A new initiative has begun to increase levels of safety in taxis by the STTA (Sheffield Taxi Trade Association).This project is about highlighting the safety aspect of wearing (or not wearing) a seat belt. The aim is to encourage drivers to ask their customers to wear seat belts and empower them with knowlege about the dangers of not wearing a seat belt. The STTA needs more participants to highlight the need for these basic safety measures. In return for attending a short presentation and some data collation, we will supply taxis with a cctv for their help with this project.

We have allocated 16 Hackney carriages with cctv and have 26 cctvs for private hire drivers. We still have 10 cctvs to allocate to private hire drivers living in the Sharrow area. Any private hire drivers interested to participate in this project (living in the Sharrow and surounding area) should text the word ‘CCTV’ with their name and street name to 07966204473, then we will contact you. SHEFFIELD TAXI TRADE ASSOCIATION.






F R E E 1431 H



Maulana Syed Sibtain Kazmi

M u h a r r a m

for taking great care that one’s Musa and his people from the D ecember 18, 2009; Al Hi- aims are correct, one’s inten- Pharoah during the month of jra is the Islamic New Year, observed on the first day of the month of Muharram, the month in which The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) emigrated from Mecca to Medina. It is one of the four sacred months of the Islamic year. The other months are Dhu’lQa’dah, Dhu’l-Hijjah and Rajab. Muharram is so called because it was unlawful to fight during this month; the word is derived from the word ‘haram’ meaning forbidden. It is held to be the most sacred of all the months, excluding Ramamdan. It is the same month when Hussain(a.s), the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w), was brutally massacred in Karbala alongside his family and compannions in the year 680 A.D/61 hijri. Instead of joyous celebration, muslims mark the beginning of the new year by taking up sorrow of this great sacrifice. The New year is a new beginning and a beginning is a time

tions are pure, and that one’s energies are correctly directed and not wastefully spent. It is a time of looking back at what has passed with the intention of setting right that which has gone astray within ourselves and our society. This is a serious task and a weighty duty, but one which if approached with the correct intention and attitude, is a deeply satisfying and rewarding activity. ISLAM HAS A RICH AND LONG HISTORY Allah is supposed to have created the heavens and the earth in this blessed month. He gave His infinite blessings and bounties to many of His Prophets and delivered them from the clutches of their enemies. Allah created Hazrat Adam in this month and pardoned him of his mistake. Hazrat Noah’s Ark landed successfully on Mount Judi during this time centuries ago. Allah is also said to have saved Hazrat Ibrahim from fire and rescued Hazrat

Muharram. You must be wondering what there is to mourn about then? The tenth day of Muharram or Ashura is of supreme importance to many muslims as they commemorate the death anniversary of Hussain(a.s). Hussain(a.s), who held the title of Imam, meaning spriritual leader of Islam, refused to swear allegiance to Yazid, the second Umayyad Caliph. He tried to travel from Medina to Kufa but was surrounded by forces loyal to Yazid in the desert at a place now known as Karbala. Hussains(a.s) followers were greatly outnumbered and dying of thirst, indeed his brother Abbas was killed trying to bring water back to the camp. On the 10th day of Muharram, Hussain’s(a.s) followers were massacred and their leader beheaded after declaring, “death with dignity is better than life with humiliation” Imam Hussain (a.s)



Mourners commemorating the martadom of Imam Hussain (A.S) Prophet Muhammad (P.U.B.H) grandson at a procession in Manchester. Pic by: Zilay Hasnain Bradford.


January 2010  

Sheffield's first URDU / English Newspaper. January Edition 2010

January 2010  

Sheffield's first URDU / English Newspaper. January Edition 2010