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PM Slams 'Appalling Mess Left by Labour'


Prime Minister David Cameron tore into Labour's record in office, claiming Gordon Brown's administration left the country in an "appalling mess". Addressing the Commons after Queen's Speech, Mr Cameron said Labour had left the country with a

deficit bigger than that in crisis-hit Greece. In his first major speech at the Commons despatch box since becoming Prime Minister, Mr Cameron promised to “ratchet up” the pressure on Iran over the regime’s nuclear ambitions. Cont P5 No 8...

First Muslim Woman

Cabinet Member of UK

Report By: Zeeshan Naqvi Pakistani Muslims across Britian feel proud of Sayeeda Warsi. Chief Editor and staff of ILM News congratulated her upon becoming the first muslim women cabinet member of Parliament. Molana Aslam Zahid , Mayor of Rotherham Shaukat Ali, Lord Ahmed, Haji Ghulam Nabi, and Muslim Community of Sheffield also congratulated Baroness Warsi, Cont P11...

Clearance Sale Everything reduced to



D u e t o p lan n in g of a Rest au ran t at Karachi Stores some part of t h e s t o re will b e Closin g Down Everyt h in g must go w ithin 2 w eeks


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Councillor Ali Qadar,

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Netheredge ward, Sheffield. Has been a Sheffield City councillor since 1996 and contested the Sheffield Central parliamentary elections in 1997. He is an accountant by profession but has strongly been commited to politics.

Jahangir Akhtar

Councillor and cabinet member for Rotherham West, for the Labour Party. He has excelled and been appreciated by many people due to his funloving speeches and hard work. He is always available and ready to help the community.

Cllr Paul Scriven has been reelected as the Leader of Sheffield City Council.

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Sheffield’s Lib Dem Council Leader Names His Top Team

Anti Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) can devastate people’s lives and runs down our communities and that is why the Government is committed to tackling it not tolerating it. Anti-social behaviour covers a wide range of selfish and unacceptable activity that can blight the quality of community life. Examples include:nuisance neighbours •yobbish behaviour and intimidating groups taking over public spaces •vandalism, graffiti and fly-posting •people dealing and buying drugs on the street •people dumping rubbish and abandoned cars •begging and anti-social drinking •the misuse of fireworks •reckless driving of mini-motorbikesCommunities and Local Government is supporting a range of activity as part of a cross-Government drive to en-

Lib Dem Councillor Paul Scriven has been elected as the Leader of Sheffield City Council at the Council AGM. After the Labour Group and Green Group withdrew from talks on the possibility of a coalition Cabinet, Cllr Scriven was left with the only option of appointing an all Lib Dem Cabinet. The Cabinet and portfolios are as follows: Leader - Paul Scriven,Deputy Leader - David BakerFinance -Simon Clement-Jones.Children and Young People’s Serv-

sure that the public is able to live in neighbourhoods free from the corrosive effects of intimidation and harassment. They want to see both police and local authorities using the ASB powers they have been given in a way that is effective and responds to people’s needs at the right time. Tackling anti-social behaviour is the joint responsibility of a range of agencies including the police, local councils and landlords, and the best results are achieved where these agencies work together in partnership. The community can also play an important role in working with local agencies to take successful action against anti-social behaviour. To report anti-social behaviour contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team on (0114) 273 4076 or call 101 for non emergencies.



ices – Colin RossIndependent and Healthy living (includes Social Care and Health) – Steve AyrisHousing, Regeneration and Planning – Penny BakerCommunities (includes Parks, Libraries, Safety and Streetforce) – Shaffaq MohammedClimate Change (includes Waste Management) – Andrew SangarCulture, Sport and Tourism – Roger Davison,Business, Transport and Skills – Ian Auckland

Paul Blomfield MP says “a big Thank you” Report by: Zeeshan Naqvi

Labour party’s newly elected MP from Central Ward MP Paul Blomfield held an event at Bramall Lane Sheffield United FC where he invited his colleagues, close friends and people who helped him out throughout his campaign and also to celebrate his winning the Sheffield central ward for MP seat during the general election 2010. Ed Miliband who is the labour party’s leadership candidate was also amongst his guests alongside Rtd MP Hon Richard Cabourn who Paul Blomfield succeeded. Mr Miliband was one the first speakers at the event which was organised to say thank you to Mr Blomfield’s

campaign team and helpers. MP Paul Blomfield personally thanked everyone who helped him during the election campaign and said “he was delighted to receive an over whelming response. He also thanked party leader of Sheffield Jan Wilson, party organiser Tom Hunt. Many other personalities also attended the event Cllr Ibrar Hussain, Maroof Hussain of Rotherham, former Lord Mayor of Sheffield Qurban Hussain, Raja Najabat, Ishfaq Kayani, Qayoum Ali, Haji Nazir newly elected Mohammed Maroof, and Talib Hussain. More than 200 people attended the party.


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Deputy Police Officer DPO Chiniot is giving awards to youngster who volunteered as security guards during Muharram.

Miliband v Miliband

He spoke about his ambition to lead the Labour Party during an event at Bramall Lane football stadium in Sheffield. It was organised to celebrate MP Paul Blomfield winning the Sheffield Central seat in the election. Ed Miliband, 40, kicked off Saturday's speech by joking that everybody had been asking whose bid their mother would support

- then said she was behind the left-wing MP John Cruddas. Mr Miliband said if he wins the position he hopes it would be South Yorkshire that would benefit. He said he would “absolutely” be ready to serve under David Miliband, should his brother win, and promised the leadership contest would be civilised.

PM Slams Appalling Mess Left By Labour Cont ... His comments followed acting Labour leader Harriet Harman’s response to the Queen’s Speech from the Opposition front bench. Mr Cameron said there was “something missing” from her speech: “Not one word of apology for the appalling mess that has been left in this country. “Nothing to say about leaving Britain with a deficit that is bigger than Greece’s. “Not a single idea for getting to grips with it. “Until they learn what they got so badly wrong I’m not sure people are going to listen to them again.” Turning to international affairs, Mr Cameron said “all the evidence”

Cont... Students

Loans Company

SLC struggled to keep up with demand. A damning report into the delays, published at the end of last year, found there had been “conspicuous failures” which had a "far-reaching impact" on students. A spokeswoman for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) said: "Universities Minister David Willetts asked Mr Goodfellow to step down and indicated to him that while it is a decision for the

Swimming Scheme Makes A Splash Hundreds of Sheffielders have taken the plunge into the city’s pools thanks to a bid by Sheffield City Council to help residents learn to swim. Over 500 local people have taken up the ‘8 for £10’ swimming lessons offer. Many of them can now swim and others have made great progress. The Council introduced the discounted lessons in Sheffield because a surprising number of people in the city (one in five adults) cannot swim. Amongst people aged over 65, 40% cannot swim, and 30% of adults on a low income cannot swim. When asked about it, people who do not do enough physical activity at the moment cite swimming as something they would like to try.


And it’s an activity that people of all ages can do. All of the public swimming pools in Sheffield offer the discounted lessons. For information on your nearest swimming pool and any other details of the discounted swimming lessons scheme, contact Activity Sheffield on 0114 273 4266 or go online at:, click on ‘activities’ and then ‘learn to swim’. As well as the discounted lessons for adults, the programme also includes top up school swimming lessons for primary school children. Already more than 1,500 children have had the additional lessons from 78 schools across the city with some spectacular results.

pointed to Tehran’s intention to acquire a nuclear bomb. Labour former cabinet minister David Blunkett became the first MP to intervene on Mr Cameron as Prime Minister, asking about the removal of child trust funds. “Is it fair, given that this Cabinet is asset-rich, that they should take away from those who are asset poor,” Mr Blunkett asked. But Mr Cameron said the country had “run out of money”, adding: “You broke the nation so badly that it’s schemes like these that can’t be continued.” “It’s a radical programme for a radical Government, and that is exactly what our country needs.”

board, he had no confidence in Mr Seymour-Jackson." "Having read the latest report on the SLC by PricewaterhouseCoopers, it is clear that urgent changes to the leadership are needed to ensure students get the service they deserve." Sir Deian has been appointed interim chair. The chairman of the SLC is appointed by ministers, while the role of chief executive is a matter for the SLC's board.

Sheffield’s Roads


Blunkett presses Clegg for assurances on Sheffield road renewal programme Rt Hon David Blunkett, MP for Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough, has written to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg seeking assurances about Sheffield’s ten-year, PFI-funded road and street lighting renewal programme. The Liberal Democrat/ Conservative coalition government has announced that Private Finance Initiative money will now be counted as part of the public balance sheets. With the Government looking to make PAGE 5

swingeing cuts in public expenditure, Mr Blunkett has asked Mr Clegg to intervene directly to protect a programme agreed by the previous Labour Government to repair and renew Sheffield’s roads infrastructure. Mr Blunkett wrote: “Were the programme to be cancelled, it would not only lead to further decay and erosion of our roads, it would also diminish the likelihood of Sheffield’s future recovery.” This £650 million programme is one of only three in the whole country.


Property Corner

Commercial Property By M Mahroof

I had a wonderful response following my article last month. Very encouraging and a popular subject which resonated with many people. Property remains a favourite topic with the readers, which is good news for me. Commercial property is an area which readers have asked me to comment on. It has attracted many investors form the traditional residential investment market. Property investors in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, particularly from our community are becoming increasingly aware of the potential offered by commercial property investment. The market is quite challenging at the moment along with the rest of the property market, however rewards can be quite strong if properly advised. What is Commercial Property? It includes shops, retail units, offices, industrial units, market stalls, restaurants, takeaways etc. There are many investors who are involved in this sector of the

property market, providing opportunities for businesses to develop from renting a small shop to office accommodation. It is an important service in the economic development of the area and growth of businesses. Many people will be involved in businesses, whether they are restaurants, takeaways, newsagents, grocery stores, where the property is owned by a landlord and is leased to a tenant the business owner. Simply, they will be granted a lease for a length of time, typically any term above five years, at a yearly rent with regular rent reviews. There will also be many other issues which will be taken into account in drafting a lease. The law around Landlord and Tenant relationships is very complex, and whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, you should seek expert advice from a Chartered Surveyor and a Solicitor. Although, I have not gone into any great depth on this subject, I will do so in further articles. Please contact me though ILM for further topics you would like me to address.

GATEWAY TO DIVINE MERCY 2010 SUNDAY 20TH JUNE, THE SHERIDAN SUITE, MANCHESTER (UK). REFINING OUR CHARACTER. Guest Speakers; Shaykh Abdal hakim Murad, Shaykh amin al-Hasanat al-Qurashi, Shaykh Muhammad Pirzada, Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, Shaykh Muhammad al-Ninowy, Shaykh Noorud-

deen Durkee, Shaykh Yusuf Abu Sneina (Imaam and Khatib of al-Masjid al-Aqsa (Jerusalem), Hajj Ahmad Thomson, Imam Shahid Raza Na’eemi, Shaykh Hanif Haqqani Kareemi. Please Note Tickets are Ltd Book now to avoid dissapointment. Call 01777 706 441 or 07816 341 988

Medical Corner

Dr Mazhar Ul Haq

Tr e a t m e n t o f D i a b e t e s N u t r i t i o n T h e r a p y

Diabetes Mellitus –Type 2 and Metformin Consultant Physician I have briefly described about initial management of Type 2 diabetes in my previous articles which involves lowering weight, regular exercise, looking after your diet and basically changing ‘life style’. Once diabetes is diagnosed every patient should be seen by a dietician, diabetes nurse specialist and have a full medical assessment.The most common drug treatment after the above mentioned measures is ‘Metformin’. It is mostly known as ‘Glucophage’ in Pakistan and India. This is a very useful drug and has many benefits other than simply lowering blood sugar. The main advantage above other drugs is that it helps to keep weight under control as opposed to some other diabetes drugs. This effect on controlling weight helps people with diabetes to have better health outcome in the long term. I would emphasize again the imWWW.MAHANAILM.COM


portance of diet along with this medication as benefit would be more if dietary advice is also followed. The most common side effect is ‘stomach upset’ with this drug as Metformin can cause diarrhoea, abdominal bloating, indigestion and general abdominal discomfort. These side effects are mostly seen in the initial stages of starting the treatment and usually improve after a few days to few weeks. It comes in different strengths and also comes in powder form. The most common starting dose is 500 milligram and the dose is usually increased gradually to achieve maximum benefit.The good news for those who are on these tablets is that it would not cause very low blood sugar and hence mostly people do not need to check their sugar frequently. This is the reason that this tablet can be used during fasting in ‘Ramadan’ as it is safe to use without risk of dangerous low blood sugar. The ‘bad’ news is that if it causes

stomach upset then you will need to make sure that you are not too far from toilet especially during the start of this treatment! If stomach upset lasts longer than a few weeks then this tablet can be changed to a slow release formulation. I will discuss about further treatment options next month however if any one has any questions regarding Metformin or other diabetes related issues then you can write to the Mahana Ilm and I will try to address all questions in the form of question and answer session. I would strongly emphasize the importance of looking after your diabetes and strictly following your treatment regimen suggested by your diabetologist and your GP. Remember that this life is a special gift from Allah Taala and it is the sunnah of our beloved Prophet (Salloo Allaihay Wasallam) to find the best treatment and the best physician to treat any illness. SHEFFIELD

Sheffield Enterprise Agency Sheffield Chamber of Commerce By Amar Saleem

The Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the top ten Chambers in the UK and the leading business support and representation organisation in Yorkshire and Humberside. We provide advice for business start-ups through our enterprise agency, SENTA, and strategic guidance for businesses trading internationally through the SYITC. Whether it's a helping hand to get a new business off the ground or acting as a

voice for business in the city region, the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry at our Albion House headquarters provides fully inclusive business support to help business thrive.The Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers businesses a comprehensive range of services and real bottom-line benefits. Business development is our key activity and is delivered within a varied portfolio of services offered across all our divisions. Over 2,600 companies, nearly 23% of the Sheffield City region's businesses, are already taking advantage of membership. Membership is open to any business and we also have members from further afield

attracted by our services. So whatever your motivation; raising the profile of your business, networking opportunities, cutting costs, representation, creating time and resources to help grow your business or saving money on staff development, then membership of the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce offers you great value for money. For more information contact me on 01142018918 or 07776118290 Amar Saleem | Business Development Executive | Sheffield Chamber of Commerce | Tel: 0114 2018918 | Mob: 07776118290 | Email: amar. |

Is our Faith Tank full or leaking? By Mahnaz Madni

I remember a few years ago I had gone to visit my parents. The next morning there was no water in the taps… very strange!!! Because the night before they had got the water tank refilled… so where did those gallons of water disappear? Plumbers were called and they began digging to find the leakage… the whole house was in an uproar, with people coming in and out… nothing else could be done because everything depends on water. Finally the broken pipe was discovered and repaired, the tank was filled again and life restored back to normal. But when the same story happens with our tank of faith and knowl-

edge; it never becomes an issue of concern. We fill our hearts and minds with the knowledge of Quran and Hadith… but the next day when we face any situation and open the tap, nothing comes out… no patience, no gratitude, no kindness with others… where did all the knowledge go? No body is worried… no one tries to find the leakage of the heart… But we must realize that just as life stops if there is no water, similarly the soul dies if there is no faith… our very survival depends on it… so if the knowledge is not coming out in deeds then it means that there is some serious leakage problem. For me it remained a mystery for many years but Alhamdulillah I just found out

that every sin for which we do not feel guilty nor do taubah nor correct it… then it creates a crack in our heart from where faith keeps dripping out and we don’t even realize it. So whenever we feel lack of motivation, lack of energy, then immediately we should pray to Allah to show us where we went wrong and then honestly and sincerely ask Allah for forgiveness. So as to mend the crack and ensure that our tank of faith remains full.May Allah protect us from our self conceit and give us insight with which we might realize our mistakes and correct our ways. Because no one else can do it for us. Each one of us has to be responsible for his own life.

Young Zenab 9 Wins National Award

BME smoke alarm plea launched across the county. The fire service dangers of fire. More than 200 enby prize winning Sheffield young- is targeting BME groups in South tries were received and presented to the judging panel, which comprised of BME art and culture experts from around the country. Steve Makepeace, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue’s head of community safety, said: “It is brilliant to see children like Zenab using their creativity to help others learn the important messages of fire safety in the home. “Fitting free smoke alarms in BME homes is a priority for us as we seek to target our home safety checks at those areas of the community which are either most at risk of fire, or more likely not to ster Yorkshire as it seeks to work with have a working smoke alarm.” An arty Sheffield youngster has areas of the community which are The cornerstone of the SYFR’s picked up a top national award, most at risk from fire, in a bid to fire safety agenda is its free home after wowing judges with her de- further reduce deaths, injuries and safety checks. During a check, signs in a major kids fire safety incidents. The Fire Kills art com- firefighters or community safety contest. Nine-year-old art champ petition was launched by Com- staff will visit your home at a Zenab Kauser, from Tinsley, munities & Local Government as convenient time to carry out the was presented with a certificate a way of engaging children from Home Safety Check. During the and prize by managers at South different ethnic communities visit you can get advice on: Yorkshire Fire & Rescue’s Cen- to learn about fire safety in the • How to make your home safer tral fire station, after being named home. People without a working • What to do in the event of a fire as a runner up in the national smoke alarm are more than twice • What to do if you are trapped art competition aimed at raising as likely to die from a fire and by a fire They will also fit a awareness of fire safety in ethnic research shows that the Polish, free smoke alarm if your house minority homes. The presenta- Pakistani, Bangladeshi and So- is without one and explain how tion was used to launch South mali heritage communities are at to maintain it correctly. To arYorkshire Fire & Rescue’s own particular risk.Children across the range your Home Safety Check, fire safety campaign to fit more UK were challenged to come up or for general fire safety advice, free smoke alarms in black and with a new ‘Fire Safety Hero’ that call 0114 253 2314 or text FREE minority ethnic (BME) homes could be used to warn against the to 87023. A member of our comWWW.MAHANAILM.COM





Grand opening of a new fantastic Indian Cuisine

Azaad’s Indian Buffet Bar Woodburn Rd Sheffield S9 3LQ

• • • • • • • •

S9 3LQ

110 seats restaurant / Outdoor Seating 14 seat private function room Lunch time buffet offer 11-3pm Just £5 Special offer on Roti’s, first week 5Roti’s for £1 4Roti’s for £1 thereafter Buffet service also available from 4 – 11pm £9.90 per head Outdoor catering We also cater for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and other special occasions



Azaad’s Indian Ice Cream Bar • •

10 mouth watering flavours to choose from Kids play area (swings slides etc)


Azaad’s Indian Mobile Buffet Bar •

Azaad’s mobile buffet service also available for 20 or more people



Free and Exclusive Private Car Park





Blunkett says “No to 55” Rt Hon David Blunkett, MP for Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough, has attacked the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition’s proposal to raise the threshold for a successful no confidence motion in the House of Commons. The plan, announced in the two parties’ coalition agreement, would require 55% of MPs to agree to a motion of no confidence in the Government for it to fall. Historically, a simple majority of MPs was all that was required. Mr Blunkett said: “This is a profoundly anti-democratic move by the proponents of what is supposed to be the ‘new politics’. “The numbers mean that it would be impossible, even if every op-

position MP united against this coalition, for the House to express its lack of confidence in it “This is nothing less than a stitch-up by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats to overturn historic precedents for their own advantage. If Labour had attempted something like this in government, the Lib Dems in particular would have been incandescent. “Combined with David Cameron’s decision to downgrade the post of Leader of the House of Commons from a full member of the Cabinet, this speaks to a profound lack of respect for Parliament and to the sort of precedents which the Conservatives are supposed to hold so dear.”

The new Mayor of Rotherham, Councillor Rose McNeely, was instated last month. The Boston Castle ward member was installed as Mayor at the annual meeting of Rotherham Borough

Council at Bailey House on Friday, May 21. She takes over from Councillor Shaukat Ali, Rotherhams first Muslim Mayor and his neice Wajida Naseem as Mayoress



1. If you throw it off the highest building it will not break. If you place it in the ocean it will. What is it? 2. Feed me and I live. Give me drink and I die. What Am I? 3. What can fill a room but takes up no space? 4. What object has keys that open no locks, space but no room, and you can enter but not go in? 5. I went into the woods and got it I sat down to seek it I brought it home with me because I couldn’t find it. What am I? 6. Light as a feather, there is nothing in it; the strongest man can’t hold it for much more than a minute? 7. No sooner spoken than broken. What is it?

8. The rich men want it, the wise men know it, the poor all need it, and the kind men show it. What is it? 9. What is: 1. more powerful than God 2. more evil than the Devil 3. The rich need it 4. The poor have it 5. and if you eat it, you will die? 10. What kind of room has no windows or doors? 11. They come at night without being called and are lost in the day without being stolen. What are they? 12. The more there is the less you see... What is it? 13. What goes around the world and stays in a corner? 14. I run, yet I have no legs. What am I?

Top Universities ‘may have to Go Private’ Some of Britain's leading universities may consider radical options such as going private if there is no increase in higher education funding, the Government's inquiry into student finance was told yesterday. Dr Wendy Piatt, director general of the Russell Group, which represents 20 leading higher education research institutions including Oxford and Cambridge, acknowledged the move "would require a lot of serious consideration", adding: "We would hope not to have to go there but we would have to consider seriously

a more radical option." Dr Piatt was giving evidence at Leicester University yesterday to the inquiry into student finance headed by the former BP boss Lord Browne. Her group has already advocated lifting the present cap on top-up fees of £3,225 a year and letting universities set their own fees for students. It says the move would have to be made in stages. Universities have already been told of cuts in funding of more than £500m, with the prospect of more to come, as a result of the public spending axe.

15. What five letter English word does not change its pronunciation when four letters are taken away? 16. What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps? 17. It’s been around for millions of years, but it’s no more than a month old. What is it? 18. You are walking through a field, and you find something to eat. It doesn’t have bones, and it doesn’t have meat. You pick it up and put it into your pocket. You take it home and put it on a shelf, but 3 day’s later it walks away. What is it? 19. The more you take the more you leave behind. What are they?



The government has announced public expenditure cuts in 201011. As part of the £6.2 billion of cuts, it has announced the winding down and then total aboli-

tion of the Child Trust Fund by 1 January 2011. The Fund, created in 2002, provides a nest egg for young people to access when they reach the age of 18, which both


the Government and families can pay into. Payments are increased for children from the poorest backgrounds.


Free Delivery





KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Paul Blomfield MP attacks Liberal-Tory cuts to Universities

Direct Payments Report by Javed Khan What are Direct Payments? Direct Payments are money paid to people with assessed care needs so that they can choose, arrange, and pay for their own care services. Direct Payments make it possible for people to have more choice about and control of the type of help and support they have to meet their care needs. Direct Payments can be WWW.MAHANAILM.COM

given instead of community care services when care needs have been agreed after an assessment. you can also have a Direct Payment to pay for some of your care and ask Social Services to arrange the rest. this is a good way to see if a Direct Payment is really what you want. The Direct Payments Scheme is provided for Sheffield City Council by an organisation called A4e.

Who are Direct Payments for? The Sheffield City Council Direct Payments Scheme is open to everyone who has been assessed to have a care need. This will include: Older people. people with physical or sensory disabilities. people with learning disabilities. people with mental health problems. parents who care for disabled children and young people. PAGE 10

Paul Blomfield MP attacks Liberal-Tory cuts to universities Paul Blomfield, Labour MP for Sheffield Central, has attacked £200 million cuts to universities made by the Liberal-Conservative government. The massive spending cuts will mean 10,000 fewer extra places for students this year. Paul Blomfield MP said: “I am extremely disappointed that the Liberal-Conservative government has chosen to target univer-

sities in their first wave of spending cuts. Demand for university places has never been higher so their cuts which will mean a reduction in the number of university places couldn’t have come at a worse time. 10,000 people who would have had the opportunity to go to university this year have just lost out. “Hearing George Osborne include university funding in a package of what he calls ‘wasteful spending’ makes me even more determined to do all I

can to represent the students and staff of Sheffield’s two great universities, and lobby for the funding that they deserve. “I’m proud of Sheffield’s universities, proud of the opportunities they provide to people and proud of the contribution they make to the local and national economy. If the Liberal-Conservative government wants to encourage economic growth then they need to think again about cutting university funding.” SHEFFIELD


SAYEEDA HUSSAIN WARSSI Sayeeda Warsi's appointment as a minister and British Conservative Party's Co-Chairman is like a breath of fresh air for all of us. She represents the kind of leadership British Pakistanis ought to have and the British Conservative Party have had the right sense to have chosen her. Warsi was born in Dewsbury, Yorkshire in 1971 to Pakistani parents, who emigrated from Gujar Khan, Pakistan, and was the fourth out of five daughters. Her father ended up running a bed manufacturing company, which earns £2 million a year, after starting life as a mill worker. She was educated at Birkdale High School, Dewsbury College, and the University of Leeds, where she studied Law (LLB). She attended the York College of Law to complete her Legal Practice Course and trained with both the Crown Prosecution Service and the Home Office Immigration Department. Warsi Arrived at No 10 Downing Street in a traditional Shalwar Kameez, then hung her overcoat on the railings before facing the press photographers on her way to maiden cabinet meeting. She stated it was “humbling” to join the government, after taking part in new Prime Minister David Cameron's first full ministerial meeting, AFP reported. “For anybody to serve in government is a privilege,” said is the Conservative Party's chairwoman, after Cameron held

his first Cabinet meeting in 10 Downing Street, two days after being appointed premier by Queen Elizabeth II. “But to be born the daughter of an immigrant millworker in a mill town in Yorkshire, to have the privilege of serving in Cabinet at such an important time in Britain's history I think is terribly humbling,” she told the BBC. Warsi, who is the first Muslim woman to sit in the UK Cabinet, has been politically involved from her early college days when she was elected as the Vice President of the Students Union at Dewsbury College. She was a member of Cameron's shadow Cabinet, a former vice-Chairperson of the Conservative Party and adviser to Michael Howard. After qualifying as a solicitor, she worked for John Whitfield, the last conservative Member of Parliament for Dewsbury, at Whitfield Hallam Goodwall solicitors and then went on to set up her own specialist practice, George Warsi solicitors in Dewsbury. She has worked overseas on a research project for the Ministry of Law in Pakistan and is currently chair of the Savayra foundation, a women's empowerment charity based in Pakistan. Warsi describes herself as a “northern, workingclass-roots mum” -- says she joined the Conservative Party after being inspired by her father. As the youngest member of the House of Lords, on the recommendation of


David Cameron, she was conferred the title of Baroness of Dewsbury in 2007. So, the Asian community looks up to her in the hope of setting an example by proving that she is from different stock. PAGE 11

David William Donald Cameron at the age of 43, became the youngest British Prime Minister in 198 years. The Cameron Ministry is the first coalition government in the United Kingdom since the Second World War. His career began soon after leaving Oxford University with a first class honours degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He worked as a Special Adviser in government, first to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and then to the Home Secretary. Before he became an MP, David worked in business and government. A first candidacy for Parliament at Stafford in 1997 ended in defeat but Cameron was elected in 2001 as the Member of Parliament for the Oxfordshire constituency of Witney. He was promoted to the Opposition front bench two years later, and rose rapidly to become head of policy co-ordination during the 2005 general election campaign. Cameron was elected Leader of the Conservative Party in December 2005, on a mandate to change the Party and change the country. Since then he has set out plans to rebuild our battered economy, revive our beleaguered NHS and repair our broken society. With a public image of a young, moderate candidate who would appeal to young voters, he won the Conservative leadership election. His early leadership saw the Conservative Party establish an opinion poll lead over Tony Blair’s Labour; the first in over ten years. Although they fell behind shortly thereafter when Gordon Brown became Prime Minister, under Cameron’s leadership the Conservatives have been consistently ahead of Labour in the polls. Mr Camerons family has always

been the starting point of everything he has wanted to achieve in politics. He is proud of the values that were instilled in him when he was young. Today, as a father, he knows how important quality family time is, and has made shared parental leave a priority. David, Samantha and their young children live in London and West Oxfordshire, where he has been MP for Witney since 2001. Very sadly their much loved eldest child, Ivan, six, who suffered from cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy, died on 25 February 2009. Cameron has English, Scottish, and, more distantly, German and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. He is also a direct descendant of King William IV (great × 5 grandfather) and his mistress Dorothea Jordan (and thus fifth cousin, twice removed of Queen Elizabeth II). As an illegitimate royal descendant Cameron is not in the line of succession to the British throne. He has many famous living relatives, Boris Johnson, Sir William Dugdale (former chairman of AstonVilla FC) as well as having lineage from Barons and Lords. So what now for Cameron? The coalition with the liberal democrats has meant that some Tory pledges have been dropped to satisfy the Lib Dem deal. The document, entitled “The Coalition: our programme for government” promises to cover issues such as whether to split retail and investment banks, whether to create a new British Bill of Rights, to devolve more power to Scotland, how to fund long-term care for the elderly. This confirms that more Conservative manifesto pledges have been abandoned in order to compromise with the Lib Dems. At the general election, the Con-

servatives had promised a cut in stamp duty for first-time buyers. The coalition text promises only to “review” the merits of a tax cut. The Tory manifesto also promised to introduce a new levy on “nondomiciled” individuals. That plan has been replaced with a review of the tax status of non-doms. The decision to water down those policies comes after earlier moves to drop Conservative plans to cut inheritance tax, scrap the Human Rights Act and pass a Sovereignty Act curbing the power of the EU. Cameron has accepted that some of his own party members will be unhappy but has said it is necessary too form a strong and stable government. Let’s hope this new compromise of a government creates a better Britain and cuts less public services instead increasing public spending. We wish David Cameron all the best in his leadership of the country.


Syed Z. Ali Shah (PK) I have nothing new to say and unfortunately neither does anyone else. You turn on the tv, you read the papers. Its always the same routine. Some one’s misery and then some one’s deep analysis of that misery. Perhaps notes on how to get even more miserable. So for once maybe someone should take a shot at coming up with something a bit more positive a little bit new and fresh. Feels like a futile exercise but then why not? So what would be new in a land of corruption and rot? Where all is failing to rust and decay. May it be morals or rusty public transport, can there be a ray of hope? While racking my brains for a glimmer, I am distracted by the wailing

I have nothing new to say siren of a 1122 ambulance. Hey why not! This ambulance service has survived, actually flourished a change of regime. A brain child of the Chaudry’s, it has endured the wrath of Shrief’s against everything Chaudry. Unlike the charming food street which lies in ruins, the 1122 has received support and extension from our exalted chief minister. Perhaps his own illness and sense of impending doom has prevented him from striking it off. Perhaps we should take it as a cue and find something of worth in our immortality and short life spans. All of us have limited time but we feel the passage differently. I am not talking of individual time sense but a concept of time at a group level even at a national level. As Pakistani’s we have a really warped sense of time. We

perceive our environment as a blur but individually we have long laid out plans for our selves and our off springs. We live for a day. Our decisions for others are short sighted and hurried while we make elaborate plans for ourselves. Rulers want to rule this nation forever and have made huge investments to insure that their children do the same. But they fail to see to it that there is a nation worth ruling in the end. Also our time concept exists on a back ground of gloom and doom. History is dark and the future seems darker. So what would change this mind set? What will be the energizer to push us up a notch, to take the quantum leap into a different time zone? Now that is a billion dollar ques-

tion! I have absolutely no clue to what will be the miracle cure. Perhaps it lies in some surreal realm of quantum mechanics crossed with alchemy. Coming back to the 1122 service, I feel it should be studied closely. It is a fact that we have a deep respect for the dead and dying. May it be the shrines in Gari Khuda Bukhsh, Faisal mosque, Jati umrah, or edhi,s ambulance service or Imran Khan’s cancer hospital all our hero’s are related to the end game. Food street was on the other hand catered to the healthy and living. Perhaps it leads to a conclusion that one solution for our woes would be to push this nation close to dying before it will rise to grandeur. I don’t think it will be risky. Those of us who survive will excel

Made In Sheffield Takes To The Skies

A new flag is gracing Sheffield’s skyline for the first time celebrating what’s ‘Made in Sheffield’ for Cutlers’ Feast. "Sheffield's UK City of Culture 2013 bid, which will be submitted later this month, also strives to reflect our industrial heritage and will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the invention of stainless steel. The Sheffield bid will set out the city’s commitment to deliver a diverse and world-class programme of events and activities in 2013 which will

Talbot Specialist School SEN

By Mr Mazhar Hussain Talbot is an outward looking Specialist School for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Talbot is the first school in the north to be co- located with a mainstream secondary school. The school’s leadership team and the governing body are genuinely interested in developing strong partnerships with local community groups, voluntary organisations and different faith groups. The School has an open door policy and would be delighted to give you an informative, interesting and exciting tour of “The state of the art new built School”. The school has a range of qualified and accredited instructors and tutors

in Makaton sign language, moving and handling and behaviour management. We are very happy to offer free taster/training sessions in these areas. Talbot Specialist School & Pakistan Muslim Centre partnership Launch has been very successful. Prominent members of the community were delighted to visit the school. If you are inter-


engage everyone in the city. The programme has therefore been described as a modern take on ‘Made in Sheffield’, attracting visitors from across the UK and beyond. "This is a great opportunity for us to show the quality of our city's rounded offer, whether it’s our industry, people, venues or businesses, to the rest of the world." Charles Turner, Chair of the Made in Sheffield Mark Committee said: “I think it is great that Sheffield City Council is supporting manufacturing in Sheffield,

on such an important day for the Cutlers Company. Manufacturing is a large part of what we do as a city and our city has a long and proud association with quality, and that’s what the Made in Sheffield mark is all about.” The Cutlers’ Feast is one of Sheffield’s most high profile events. It has been held every year, with only a few exceptions, since 1625. For more information about Made in Sheffield go to www.

ested in visiting the school or in developing a partnership then ring the school on 011425807394 and ask for a member of Leadership Team, Mazhar Hussain or Amanda Costello. We believe, “Together” we can make a difference in the lives of children and young people with Special Educational Needs. We look forward to hearing from you.





Q1: Who can be my referees for my Naturalization Application (British Citizenship)? A: Please note each referee must have known you personally for at least 3 years, however, the Home office will not accept a referee who is or appears to be your relative. The Home Office will not accept a referee who has been convicted of an imprison able offence during the last 10 years and the sentence has not become spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. One referee should be a person of professional standing, such as a doctor, a minister of religion, civil servant or a member of a professional body e.g. accountant or solicitor (but not representing you with this application). The other must be the holder of a current British citizen passport and each should be: - aged 25 years or over, - not related to you, - not related to the other referee, - not your solicitor or agent representing you with this application and

- not employed by the Home Office. Q2: Please give me the List of the professional referees? A: Please note one of the following can be your professional referees - Accountant, Articled clerk of a limited company; Assurance agent; - Bank or building society official; - Barrister; Broker; Chairman or director of a limited company; - Chemist; Chiropodist; - Christian Science monitor; Local/county councillor; - Permanent member of the civil service; Dentist; - Designated premises supervisor; - Director or manager of a VAT registered charity; - Director or manager of a PLC registered company; - Engineer who holds professional qualifications; Fire services personnel; - Funeral director; Insurance agent of a recognized company; - Journalist; Justice of the Peace; Legal secretary; - Local government officer; Manager of Personal Officer of a limited company; - Member of Parliament; Minister of religion; Nurse (SEN/SRN); - Officer of the armed forces; Person holding honours (OBE/ MBE); - Personal licensee holder; Pro-

fessional photographer; Police Officer; - Post Office official; President or secretary of a recognised organisation; - Salvation Army officer; Social worker; Solicitor; Surveyor; Teacher/lecturer; - Trade Union officer; Qualified travel agent; - Valuer or auctioneer who are members of an incorporated society; - Warrant officer; Chief Petty officer. Q3: I am sponsoring a visit visa for a family friend/ relative, what documents are required for this application? A: Please note you need the following documents for this application: • Sponsorship letter or Statutory Declaration • Job confirmation Letter • Bank Statements with enough savings for the proposed visitor • Accommodation Survey report for the proof of accommodation • Certified copy of the Sponsor’s Passport • Proof of ownership of Accommodation or Tenancy Agreement copy • P60 and latest Wage slips • In case of Self Employment, confirmation letter from your Accountants with proof of National insurance contributions Q4: Is there a right to appeal if my relative’s visit visa application is denied? A: Yes, the applicant will be

granted right of appeal and he or she can apply within 28 days for appeal and the applicant can also ask for a review of the decision by the same entry clearance officer. If in the review the entry clearance officer is not satisfied then he/she will send this review to immigration tribunal and this will be dealt with as an appeal. Q5: Is there a right to appeal if a visit visa application for a nonrelative is denied? A: No, there is no right of appeal in non-relative sponsorship cases, but a request for review can be made in these sort of applications. Q6: I am the sponsor in a relative’s visa application, can I attend the immigration tribunal as sponsor? A: Yes, you can attend the immigration tribunal on the hearing date providing the appeal form has been completed in a manner that the sponsor will attend the hearing. Please note you can also make a request for an interpreter if your English is not very good. Q7: I want to apply for indefinite leave to remain but I have not passed my English language test, what should I do if my visa is expiring in the next few weeks? A: Please note you should apply for extension of your visa before its expiry and try to pass (ESOL) or Life in UK test as soon as possible. Once you have passed it then you can apply for indefinite leave to remain with other required documents.


* Painting * Flooring * Extension * Plastering * Plumbing * Brick Laying * Kitchen Fitting * Damp Proofing * Roof Tile Fitting * Wall & Floor Tiling * Painting & Decorating *Full Bathroom Installations

Professional & Reliable Service For Free Quotation Call Haji Masood & Brothers 077 2829 8871 / 078 3184 7195







NOISY TENANT’S DAYS ARE NUMBERED A 43-year-old woman who disturbed her neighbours by shouting abuse and playing loud music has lost her Council flat in Hackenthorpe. A date will now be set to evict her. The woman has already served a 90 day sentence for breaking a solemn promise she made to Sheffield County Court to behave herself, and for breaching a previous injunction. She repeatedly shouted abuse and played music very loud. The granted immediate posession of the flat back to Sheffield homes. The Judge said this was “one of the worst kinds of case involving not only abuse but threats over a considerable period of time which amounted to a campaign of persecution.” Sheffield City Council’s Executive Director of Communities, said: “This woman has subjected her neighbours to a prolonged campaign of shouting, swearing, loud music and sleepless nights. She has shown no respect for other residents or the courts.” INTERNATIONAL ATHLETE REVOLUTIONISES ROTHERHAM GYM New owner, Jon Clark, is revolutionising the 25-year-old Physique Health & Fitness Studio on Bridgegate with former IBF Light-Heavyweight Champion Clinton Woods. As a result, Revolution Gym is now home to ‘Clinton Woods’ Boxing Revolution’, where Clinton and his team use boxing as a means to increase confidence, while achieving fitness targets. ‘Revolution’ aims to provide Rotherham town cen-

tre with a gym to be proud of and as part of the Renaissance of Rotherham, is investing in the town centre by making health and well-being affordable and enjoyable for everyone.

ABUSE SERVICES AND ADVICE The Sheffield Domestic Abuse Partnership has launched a helpline which will act as a one stop shop for Domestic Abuse support services and advice in the city. GREENS CRITICISE DAN- The new helpline number - 0808 GEROUS ROAD SAFETY 808 2241. FUNDING CHANGE Green Party Councillors have TWO NEW PLAY AREAS IN condemned the Lib Dem redistri- DARNALL’S PARKS bution of road safety funds equal- Young people in Darnall have ly amongst the separate Commu- welcomed two new play areas in nity Assemblies. They point out the heart of their community. Both that accident statistics over the parks have received new play and last 5 years show up to 20 times sports equipment, new seating more injuries from accidents in areas and new trees and landthe middle of Sheffield compared scaping. These improvements to the outskirts. The Greens have have transformed the neglected praised the work of the South sites into safer and welcoming atYorkshire Road Safety Partner- tractions for the communities to ship in reducing road accidents share. and pointed out that the SYRSP Young people across Sheffield uses road accident data to priori- now have even more opportunitise new work on a ‘Worst First’ ties to get active during the school basis. The argument is that rural holidays. Eleven new-style active areas have fewer traffic problems. play areas have been completed Broomhill Ward has suffered 21 across Sheffield in time for the deaths and serious injuries in the Spring Bank holiday as part of last 5 years compared to just 4 the city’s Play Project scheme. in Dore and Totley”. Both will Each of the playgrounds features however receive an equal share of a range of play equipment chofunds removed by the Lib Dems sen by local children. Councillor from the city-wide pots for pe- Shaffaq Mohammed, the Coundestrian, child safety and other cil’s Cabinet member for Comimprovements. munities said: “One of the things we said we would do is provide SYFR’S NEW REALISTIC extra investment to improve our FIRE TRAINING BUILDING much loved parks and green spacWork has finished on a new £4 es right across the city. Despite million Realistic Fire Training the terrible weather conditions Building (RFTB), through the winter, the first phase which will vastly improve train- of the scheme has been successing facilities for firefighters in fully completed. We consulted South Yorkshire. with local people, including the SHEFFIELD’S FIRST ONE young people who will actually STOP SHOP FOR DOMESTIC use the equipment, to ensure the



play areas meet their demands”. Last year Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet approved the injection of around £2 million into 23 play spaces across the city over a two year period. LABOUR ASKS CLEGG TO PROTECT STEEL CITY FROM SAVAGE CUTS Public services in Sheffield may not face savage cuts if Nick Clegg gives the City the same assurances to as he gave Liverpool. Earlier in the week, Sheffield MP Nick Clegg assured Councillors in Liverpool that the city will not face savage cuts, as reported in the Liverpool Daily Post. Now Sheffield Labour have written to the Deputy Prime Minister to ask he give this City the same protection. Opposition Labour Leader, Councillor Jan Wilson, said: “Local people will remember the recessions of previous decades, when the Tories were in charge and people were left to fend for themselves. Labour thinks that if Sheffield MP Nick Clegg feels able to assure the people of Liverpool that they will be safe from savage cuts then surely he can give the same hope to Sheffielders.”

Community Assembly Officers – year by the then Labour Govern273 6849 ment, who wanted to increase the availability of affordable housing BLUNKETT PRESSES ON as well as create jobs and apprenPARKWOOD AND FIRVALE ticeships for Britain’s building SCHOOL FUNDING industry. Rt Hon David Blunkett, MP for If agreed, construction of new Sheffield Brightside and Hillsbor- family sized properties for rent ough, has written to the new Edu- off Ellesmere Road in Burngreave cation Secretary, Michael Gove, and off Wordsworth Avenue in to press him for an early decision Parson Cross will begin at the end on funding for Fir Vale School of the year. and Parkwood Academy. The Liberal Democrat/Conservative QUIET LIFE FOR NEIGHGovernment’s commitment to re- BOURS AS COUNCIL TENview all current funding promises ANT AGREES TO GET RID OF and to slash billions of pounds NOISY DOGS from public expenditure contin- A 34-year-old woman whose dogs ues to raise worries for the future repeatedly disturbed her neighof important projects across Shef- bours has agreed in Sheffield field. County Court to get rid of the animals, and never have a dog again CASH FOR NEW COUNCIL in her Sheffield Council flat. If HOUSING IN SHEFFIELD- you are affected by a neighbour’s Labour are urging the Lib Dem antisocial behaviour then you can Council to agree the finishing visit any First Point in the city touches, at a meeting next week, for advice or email FirstPoint@ to build 27 new council homes, or call the Shefin Parson Cross and Burngreave. field Homes Advice Lines: North Money for new council housing 0114 293 0000 or South 0114 205 was allocated to Sheffield last 3333.

CENTRAL COMMUNITY ASSEMBLY UPDATE The next Central Community Assembly business meeting is on Thursday 24th June at the Quaker meeting house in town from 6pm. Everyone welcome. The Central Community Assembly are seeking your views on what you like and dislike about your area and what you think the Council needs to do to make things better. Jane Bullimore/ Naomi Hinch, Central SHEFFIELD

Releases in June


June 4 2010 Get Him To The Greek Killers Marmaduke Splice June 11 The A-Team The Karate Kid June 18 Jonah Hex Toy Story 3 June 25 Grown Ups Knight And Day June 30 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

JUNE 2010

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04 June Raajneeti Ek Second… Jo Zindagi Badal De? 11 June Krantiveer – The Revolution 18 June Raavan 25 Jun Peter Gaya Kaam Se Milenge Milenge

Thursday Gazul Shaab 9pm-11pm Presented by: Javed Ahmed Friday 7pm-9pm Aaj Ki Shaam Presented by: Jawaad Janjua


Children should be good. They should listen to their parents and their teachers. The teacher is like their parent too. By Mehek Fatima Syed

Lord Ahmad’s speech on Palestine in the House of Lords

her father’s brain being shot out of his head. Some 29 members of the Samouni family were killed during Operation Cast Lead. The Samouni families do not belong to Hamas or Al-Fatah. They are not political; they are an ordinary Palestinian farming family. I also met the mother of a six year-old who was shot twice in the I strongly believe that representa- chest at point-blank range after he tion should and must be made to protested and cried when his father the Israeli Government in view of was shot right in front of his eyes. their human rights violations and The mother of this child showed us continued disregard for international photographs of the little boy and her law. The first article of the Univer- dead husband. I was humbled by sal Declaration of Human Rights Mona’s resilience but also deeply should be our first and foremost con- shocked by how the international cern. “All human beings are born community remains silent about the free and equal in dignity and rights”. suffering of Gazan children. Without We have a global responsibility to renewed, clear and urgent represenuphold this in both our domestic and tation from the British Government, foreign policies, as it is our human- our dedication to securing human ity that makes us human. Earlier this rights will be in question on the year I was part of a large European global stage. I will briefly outline parliamentary delegation led by Sir Israel’s breaches under international Gerald Kaufman to Gaza, where we law with regards to both Gaza and met members of the Samouni fam- continued settlement building in the ily. Mona Samouni was born free West Bank and east Jerusalem. Sir and equal in dignity and rights, but Gerald Kaufman, as the leader of the our ability to protect her and thou- British parliamentary delegation to sands of Gazan children like her has Gaza, spoke for us all when he said been thwarted by Israel’s disregard that, “if Europe does not take politifor international law. The 14 year- cal action to bring about the end of old showed me and approximately the siege, we are culpable”. That is, 60 European parliamentarians the we are culpable for the 75 per cent remains of her family house. She de- of Gazans who are malnourished scribed how her father was shot and and the 50 per cent of Gazan chilkilled in front of her eyes. She saw dren under the age of 12 who do not WWW.MAHANAILM.COM

have the will to live. The laws of occupation incorporated in the Hague Convention of 1907 and in the fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 apply to a state if it has “effective control” over the territory in question. No one can deny that Israel has effective control of the Gaza Strip. On my visit, UN representatives told me that the borders are so tightly controlled that even they could not obtain building materials to rebuild their own buildings, which were destroyed in January 2009. Two days ago, aid agencies spoke once more of serious shortages of food, medicines and essentials. Goods have been held in Israel’s ports since 2007 and the first small cargo of clothes and shoes was allowed through two days ago, most of it damaged. With the people of Gaza imprisoned like this, what hope is there of recovery? Gaza has had a four-year prison sentence. Many have described it as the largest prison in the world. The blockade is in breach of Article 33 of the fourth Geneva Convention of 12 August 1949, which prohibits collective punishment. It is also stipulated that non-combatant civilians must be protected during armed conflict and that the free passage of medicines, medical assistance teams and essential foodstuffs must be allowed. There were 1,400 fatalities during Operation Cast Lead. Since then, a further 90 Palestinians PAGE 15

have been killed by Israelis. In the same amount of time, two Israeli soldiers have been killed in armed conflict. The response to this was 13 air strikes. The target was supposed to be a weapons factory, but a milk factory, a metal workshop and farms were also hit. According to the WHO, Israeli bombs hit more than half of Gaza’s 27 hospitals and 44 clinics. The Geneva Convention makes it clear that medical staff and hospitals are not legitimate targets. The list of violations continues. When Britain abstained from the UN vote on the ratification of the Goldstone report that detachment showed not only lack of interest in the plight of the Palestinian people but also support for Israel’s conduct. However, representatives from both Houses have campaigned for the UN-ratified Goldstone report to be implemented and reflected in our foreign policy towards Israel. We must continue to do so or we will appear to hold double standards and make a mockery of UN law. The 10th EU-Israel association agreement council meeting will be held next Tuesday to decide whether Israel meets the conditions set by the EU-Israel association agreement, one of which is to, “respect human rights and democratic principles”. We should be making representations to the Israeli Government, but we should also make it clear to

the EUIAA council that its actions should be suspended until the Israeli Government complies with international law.Europe would not be alone in calling for this. America has taken a historically strong stance and shown its resolve in making the road map to peace a reality. We could join it and call for an end to the continued settlement construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. Hillary Clinton stated that such construction “undermines mutual trust and endangers the proximity talks that are the first step toward the full negotiations that both sides want and need”.By systematically building settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank, Israel breaches the rules of international humanitarian law governing occupation, in particular Article 49 of the fourth Geneva Convention of 12 August 1949, by which Israel has been bound since 6 July 1951. Israel’s most recent provocation was its announcement that 122 new settlement buildings would be constructed. These violations of international law have happened and will continue unless a strong stance towards the Israeli Government is initiated. Since 1967 Israel has been the subject of 138 resolutions and has violated 40 of them. In comparison, Iraq has been the subject of 69 Security Council resolutions. It is time that Her Majesty’s Government stopped appeasing the Zionist

lobby and took a firm step towards ensuring that international law is respected. We have a duty to children like Mona and thousands of other Palestinians who deserve a brighter future.


I DONT KNOW GIRL! by Hina Fatima Syed

In a city lived a girl named Sophia. And she always said I don’t know! I don’t know! She never thought about anything, she didn’t want to answer any questions or learn anything, this made her very dumb. But she never knew she was, she thought she was the cleverest girl on the planet. Everybody thought she was dumb, even her parents because she never gave any response when they asked her something. They always said study and study or you will be nothing she you grow up but she would never listen. One day there was a test at school and she did not do well in it, the teacher said it would be better if she went to boarding school. Her parents took her to the doctor who said her brain had stopped thinking because she had never used it. One day her mum approached her and said she would help her learn. Sophia finally understood how to do it. When she learnt she started to pay more attention in school and then no one called her dumb again. SHEFFIELD

Asylum like a Prison

Asylum centre extension 'like an oppressive prison'Plans to create Europe's biggest asylum removal centre at Heathrow Airport have been condemned by inspectors, who say detention conditions will be like an "oppressive prison". The controversial extension to Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre will more than double the number of refugees and immigrants held there from 259 to 623 when the new wing opens next month. The super-removal

centre was brought in by Labour as part of its policy of deporting more failed asylum seekers at faster rates. David Wood, strategic director for criminality and detention at the UK Border Agency, said: "The expansion of Harmondsworth will allow the UK Border Agency to remove even more foreign criminals and failed asylum seekers. We will work with our contractors to make sure the improvements praised by the HMCIP report continue."

GREEN PARTY FIELDS MOST FEMALE CANDIDATES The Green Party has been shown to have a higher percentage of female election candidates than any other party in the General election. The Centre for Women & Democracy (CFWD) has released a comparison of the main political parties that reveals that the Green Party is ahead of all the rest with 33% of its candidates being women. Labour comes second with 30%, followed by the Conservatives with 24%. The Liberal Democrats have the lowest proportion of women candidates of any major party, with 21% (1). Cllr Jillian creasy, the leader of the Green group at Sheffield City council, said, “I’m delighted but not surprised that the Green Party

has the highest percentage of women candidates and that our Sheffield percentage is similar in both elections. We are committed to real gender equality, and have the strongest equality policies of any party. These include ensuring that 40 per cent of board members of companies are women, encouraging more women to get involved with politics and closing the disgraceful pay gap that still exists between men and women doing the same job.” “Talent is spread across the whole of society, men and women, young and old, black and white, people from all walks of life. That is why we must make sure there is the widest possible representation.” Report from Green Party

Jammu Kashmir The Jammu Kashmir Self Determination Movement Europe held a meeting on 21st of May with the newly elected Member of Parliament Mr Andrew Stephenson MP for Pendle. In the picture after

the meeting are: Abdullah Zaid information Secretary UK, Abdul Rashid Choudhry information Secretary Kashmir, Mohammed Azam Secretary general, Raja Najabat Hussain Chairman, An-


drew Stephenson MP, Sardar Abdul Rehman Vice Chairman and Salar Mumtaz Ahmed Chishti amongst others. In the meeting the issue of Kashmir was discussed it was impressed on the

Izzy The Cruiserweight Back In Action Israr Asif (Izzy) is ready for his third professional fight. The cruiserweight will be in action on 25th of June at Doncaster dome. He will be fighting in front of a sell out crowd. Izzy’s opponent is yet to be confirmed, top of the bill is Jamie Macdonnel who will be defending his European title for the first time. The show will be televised live on Sky Sports and should be a very good night of boxing. Israr "training has gone fantastic and I’m feeling very good and looking forward to putting a

elected member to raise the issue in Parliament by raising an early day motion (EDM), having a debate in the Commons, Joining the All Party group on Kashmir amongst others.


good display on the 25th June and getting my third straight win Inshallah." This will be my first fight outside my home town Sheffield in front of a large crowd.


Allama Iqbal Sunday Cricket League PMC Sheffield




Mohammed Ali Chairman PMC Allama Iqbal Sunday Cricket League PMC Sheffield has been running very successfully since last year. PMC chairman Mr Mohammed Ali and the executive committee have provided and facilitated all the league organisation for members of the community. A separate branch was created from the normal activities of the PMC to cater specifically for the sports. Sports section chairman, Mr Fayyaz Hussain Syed, has over-

Treasurer Afraz Khan seen and organised all events of the Allama Iqbal sports section. The sports section was created and an executive committee with Zeeshan Naqvi (secretary), Afraz Khan (treasurer), Zahid Salim (PMC representative) and Ibrar Khan (PMC representative), who have jointly made the tournaments possible over the last 12 months. The previous year has seen 6 teams participating in the PMC league, 4 teams in the

Group A

Al Mahdi XI CC sponsored by Freddies Chicken; 6 points Darnall CC sponsored by Claims 4 U; 6 points Abbeydale CC sponsored by Khushi Restaurant; 6 points Legends XI CC sponsored by Butler Balti House; 6 points Sharrow A XI CC sponsored by Mahmoods; 9 points Sehnsa CC sponsored by Kebabish Express; 12 points

Global CC with captain Nadeem Mehmood & squad cup match and Azadi/Independence day tournament saw 16 teams taking part from Sheffield and the surrounding areas. Last years League winner, Cup winner and Independence day tournament winners were the Al Mahdi team. The captain of the Al Mahdi team is Zeeshan Naqvi. A badminton tournament was held with 36 teams participating from all over Sheffield and as far away as Manchester and Bradford. Snooker

Secretary Zeeshan Naqvi

and volleyball tournaments have also been successful. All teams have been multinational bringing together many groups and communities. Over the past year the league has been so successful, bringing together players of all ages and bringing communities closer, football will also be included in the list of sports for this year. The sports section of the PMC have not only been involved with players and

Group B

Master XI CC sponsored by South Yorkshire Police; 0 points Global XI CC sponsored by Kirtley Qureshi & Co; 12 points Tinsley XI CC sponsored by Dixy Chicken; 6 points Sharrow B CC sponsored by Easy Foods; 3 points Yorkshire Leopards CC sponsored by Orient Express; 13 points Presidents XI CC sponsored by Imrans Diner; 10 points

teams but also have got local businesses involved. Players have had the opportunity to become more professional in their game by being sponsored by local businesses. 13 businesses have sponsored and worked in conjunction with the teams. 12 teams have been sponsored and a separate sponsorship has been secured for the umpires team from Harmain Homeopathic Clinic (Dr Iftikhar Dad).

The cricket season is in play at the moment with league matches being played every week. 4 matches have been played so far with 12 teams playing in the league. 2 groups with 6 teams each. Points are awarded as 3 points for the winner, 2 points for a draw, 1 point for a cancellation and 0 point for losing. Until now the teams have gained these league points;

Legends CC

with Captain Nadeem Najib / Sajid Quader

Al-Mahdi XI CC

with captain Zeeshan Naqvi & Sponsors Asim Dar & Shakeel Ahmed

Sehnsa CC

with captain Azhar Khan & Umpire Cllr Ibrar Hussain

Sheffield Wednesday Target out of Contract Players Alan Irvine has been told he has a transfer budget to recruit eight new players - as long as they are all free-transfers. After lengthy discussions with acting interim chairman Howard Wilkinson and the rest of the board, the Sheffield Wednesday boss has learned he has limited funds to improve his squad following relegation into League One. The Scot says he wants a minimum of 18 outfield players by the time the Owls kickoff the new season in the third tier on August 7. The Chicago-based company's original offer, of ÂŁ1.6m for 40% of the club's shares, was deemed unacceptable by the Owls last week. However, the would-be investors have not given up hope of buying the club and will table one more proposal.But a Sheffield Wednesday spokesperson told

The Star last night: "We have not been in contact with them so as far as we are concerned nothing has changed from last week."





First flown in 1969, Concorde entered service in 1976 and continued for 27 years. Operations ceased on 24 October 2003. The last “retirement” flight occurred on 26 November 2003. Flying from London to New York by Concord (now retired), due to the time zones crossed, you can arrive 2 hours before you leave. An ice meteor? The largest piece of ice ever to fall on our little blue planet was six meters across. It fell in Scotland in 1849. No one was killed. When is ice not ice? When it occurs naturally as a crystalline solid it is then scientifically approached as a mineral consisting of hydrogen oxide. Although diamond is the hardest substance on Earth, when heated to 763ºC (1404ºF) it vanishes. A bit of CO2 is released, but not even ash remains. Diamonds were first discovered in the riverbeds of the Golconda region of India over 4,000 years ago. The largest diamond that was ever found was 3106 carats. It takes eight and a half minutes for light to get from the sun to earth. By weight, the sun is 70% hydrogen, 28% helium, 1.5% carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen, and 0.5% all other elements. We can produce laser light a million times brighter than sunshine Hydrogen is the most common atom in the universe.

If all the gold sitting in the oceans and seas were mined, every person on this planet would get about 20 kilograms of gold each. There has only been 193,000 metric tonnes of gold discovered to date. The iron disulfide (Pyrite) is considered “fool’s gold” because it looks very similar to gold. In only eight minutes, the Space Shuttle can accelerate to a speed of 27,000 kilometres per hour. The first domain name ever registered was on March 15, 1985. The speed of sound must be exceeded to produce a sonic boom. The tip of a bullwhip moves so fast that it breaks the sound barrier. The crack of the whip is actually a tiny sonic boom. There are mirrors on the moon. Astronauts left them so that laser beams could be bounced off of them from Earth. These beams help give us the distance to the moon give or take a few metres. The world’s first underground was the London Underground in1863. It has 275 stations and 253 miles of track. Every day, the Hubble telescope transmits enough data to fit 10,000 standard computer disks. It takes the Hubble telescope about 97 minutes to complete an orbit of the Earth. On average, the Hubble uses the equivilent

amount of energy as 30 household lightbulbs to complete an orbit. The Hubble telescope is so powerful that it is like pointing a beam of light at a dime that is two hundred miles away. Natural gas does not have any odor. In order to detect a gas leak, some gas companies add a chemical that smells similar like rotten eggs. There are approximately 90 people that have been frozen after their death. Just by recycling one aluminum can, enough energy would be saved to have a TV run for three hours. It would take twenty new mid-size cars to generate the same amount of pollution that a mid-size 1960’s car did. Just by recycling one aluminum can, enough energy would be saved to have a TV run for three hours. Every second, 630 steel cans are recycled. Japan uses the most energy per year than any other country. One tree can filter up to sixty pounds of pollutants from the air each year. Using recycled aluminum cans and making news cans out of them saves 75% energy compared to making it from new material. A jiffy is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second. Thus the saying, I will be there in a jiffy. Bamboo plants can grow up to 36 inches in a day.

British Kashmiri’s should take part in UK Politics Barrister Sultan

In an exclusive interview to ILM news Former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mehmood said that “Kashmir issue cannot be resolved without involvement of Kashmiri’s. It is imperitive that the British Kashmiri’s raise this issue with the their politicians so that they can raise thier voice in the parliament and House of Lords which can be very effective for the people of Kashmir. British Kashmiri’s should also take part in politics he added”

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Support Sheffield’s bid to be the first UK City of City and will be part of England’s bid to stage the Culture in 2013 at 2018 FIFA World Cup. Show your support at www. Sheffield has been selected as a Candidate Host, text ENGLAND to 62018.

C O U N C I L ’ S G R E E N E N E R G Y FA I L U R E

Sheffield City Council has failed to meet this year’s targets for renewable energy. The city has a Regional Spatial Strategy target of 10.6 megawatts of renewable energy generation by

2010 and a Sheffield Development Framework commitment of 12 megawatts by 2010. But Sheffield currently has no large-scale developmentsfeeding energy into the national grid.

The House on the Rock

By Laiba Athar, age 7 ................................... Here is a man. He is looking for a place to build a house. He climbs to the top of a big grey rock. Ah! There is a good place. The man begins to build his house. It is hard work. He puffs and pants and

Shahbaz Ramzan Climbs Ben Nevis



All proceeds will go towards the 2nd and final phase of rebuilding the Sheffield Girls College, destroyed by the earthquake in Oct 2005 in the BAGH region of Kashmir. 200 young women students died as a result of this tragedy. The construction started in 2007, since our visit to the affected area we have been involved in other minor projects such as sewing classes, clean water projects and teaching classes where teachers from South Yorkshire and surrounding areas, have visited the area in summer holidays providing teaching classes in the tents. There is still much more to be done. My pledge is to raise a further £1000.00 Any donations would be most welcome “Can I request that the monies/donations are sent by post, please make cheques payable to Kashmir Earthquake Relief Fund (Sheffield) and send to Kashmir Earthquake Relief Fund, c/o Kashmir Educational Trust, 24 Nether edge Road, Sheffield S7 1RX (ref S. Ramzan, Ben Nevis).All donations need to be collected by 14th of June 2010.

grunts and groans all day until the work is done. “just in time” he says. “It looks like rain”. The rain pours down. The lightning flashes. The thunder booms. The water washes round the house and splashes at the rock. The rock stays firm. The man was wise to choose the rock. THE KNOWLEDGE F






Ilm newspaper does not represent any political, religious or any other group. It is purely for providing general information and entertainment to its readers. SHEFFIELD




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Student Loans Company Chairman Sacked The chairman of the beleaguered Student Loans Company was sacked by ministers, it emerged. Chief executive Ralph SeymourJackson has also stepped down after new universities minister David Willetts indicated he had "no confidence" in him, the Department for Business, Inno-

vation and Skills (BIS) said. It comes after a healthcheck of the SLC - ordered after last year's widespread delays to payments - found there are still causes for concern. Tens of thousands of students faced delays to their loan and grant payments last year as the Cont P5 No 9...

Miliband v Miliband Ed Miliband takes on brother David in Leadership Battle

Ed Miliband has confirmed he is to stand for the Labour Party leadership against his older brother David Miliband. Speaking exclusive to ILM newspaper the former energy minister Ed Miliband said that the party must renew itself and Labour needed to be "clear and honest" about the scale of its election defeat. Cont P5 No 10...




Report by M. A. Shah Temperatures in Pakistan have hit a record high as mercury rises to 54c~. Destpite the scorching heat, electricity remains a big problem as loadshedding is common. Cities are more effected than rural areas as they are very compact and densely populated. Businesses are effected on a daily basis from the high temp and limited electricity supply. Nevertheless people are going about their life as normally as possible because as a Leader of Pakistan People Party once said “We will survive eating grass but we will succeed in becoming an atomic power�. Now Pakistan has atomic capabilities but no electricity.


June 2010  

First URDU / ENGLISH newspaper of South Yorkshire UK

June 2010  

First URDU / ENGLISH newspaper of South Yorkshire UK