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Nick Clegg

Stop-And-Search Appeal Rejected

calls to

scrap bad laws Members of the public will be given the right to nominate unpopular laws they want scrapped, Nick Clegg has announced the Your Freedom initiative intended to begin a shift of power away from the state to the people. The “radically different” approach is part of the Coalition’s attempt to redress the balance between the citizen and the state, Mr Clegg argues. He says it is not for Government to tell people “how to live their lives” and that civil liberties should be restored and laws stifling businesses abandoned. As part of Mr Clegg’s initiative, is providing a Your Freedom link to the Cabinet Office website where people can put forward their suggestions for which laws should be targeted. In his article, Mr Clegg says: “Today we are taking an unprecedented step. Based on the belief that it is people, not policy-makers, who know best, we are asking the people of Britain to tell us how you want to see your freedom restored.

UK will provide more EU officials

The Home Office says it is reviewing counter-terrorism laws after a European court decided the government could not appeal against a ruling that said random stop and searches were illegal. The European Court of Human Rights came to its decision in January and it has now insisted it cannot be challenged. It followed a case brought by two people stopped by

police near an arms fair in London in 2003. Civil liberties groups say stopand-search should be scrapped. Campaigners say black and Asian people are targeted disproportionately by police, operating under the provisions of Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000, which gives officers the power to stop them without grounds for suspicion.

Foreign Secretary William Hague is seeking to increase UK influence over the European Union by pushing for more British officials in senior EU posts. In a speech, he will accuse Labour of neglecting to promote the national interest during 13 years in power. He will argue a "generation gap" exists, with UK representation in Brussels declining and input waning. Mr Hague will also call for a new focus on improving links with developing countries like India, China and Brazil. Speaking at the Foreign Office in London, Mr Hague will say that numbers of British officials at director level in the European Commission have fallen by one-third since 2007. He will add that, although it represents 12% of the EU population, the UK has just 1.8% of staff in entry-level positions at the commission. The speech the first of four setting out Mr Hague's foreign policy vision - is being billed as his most significant since taking over in May, BBC diplomatic correspondent James Robbins says. A call for a stronger and more ambitious Foreign Office will delight many British diplomats who think they have often been marginalised or ignored, our correspondent added.


South Yorkshire

Speeding Motorists To Get Visible Warning! Speeding motorists across Rotherham should beware - they will now get a visible warning if they go too fast for local speed limits. A new mobile Activated Sign bought by Rotherham Borough Council is to be used at certain locations where motorists regularly travel in excess of the speed limit. The sign unit can be attached to street lighting columns, allowing a number of sites to be targeted over a period of time. Once activated by a speeding vehicle, the sign will display the speed limit of the road and informs the driver or the rider to 'slow down'. During all other times the sign face remains blank. The unit will also record the speed of vehicles travelling past the sign, allowing the authority's traffic engineers to monitor the effectiveness of the sign at each site. Initially the sign has been installed on High Hazel Road in Treeton where concerns about vehicle speeds have been raised over a period of time, but will be moved to a number of other locations around the borough over the coming months, including Woodsetts Road and Penny Piece Lane in North Anston; Swinston Hill Road and Church Lane, Din-

nington; and Blyth Road, Maltby. Other locations will follow. Coun. Gerald Smith, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Planning and Transportation, said that according to information from the Department for Transport, speed is still one of the biggest contributory factors in fatal road accidents. He added: "We have bought the sign following complaints from the public about speeding motorists and concerns about road safety from residents living in several areas of the borough. This kind of sign has been found to be affective by other authorities because they do make the majority of motorists slow down and by being mobile it means we can target various speed 'hot spots' right across the Borough." According to the Department for Transport, in Britain during 2008, a total of 4,685 people were killed or seriously injured in crashes where speed was reported as a contributory factor - 586 of these were fatalities. Research into the effectiveness of Vehicle Activated Signs has shown that they can have a positive effect on reducing vehicle speeds, particularly those of the faster driver, and can also reduce accidents by around 50 per cent.


Sheffield City Council is warning residents who are interested in taking up their extremely successful free insulation scheme to make sure they sign up with the genuine scheme, and not another provider. The scheme, which has now moved into Stocksbridge and the Upper Don ward, is totally free to all residents in these areas no matter what their circumstances. There

have been reports of companies operating in Stocksbridge and other areas claiming to represent Sheffield City Council and asking people for a fee in order to fit their insulation. Councillor Andrew Sangar, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change, said: "I can't emphasise enough that the Council’s free insulation scheme is exactly that, completely free.

We are only working with one insulation company, Eaga. If you are contacted by any other company about our scheme, or want to find out if you are eligible, then please contact us on 0800 915 9096." The scheme has been selected by the national Energy Saving Trust as an example of good practice, and over 13,000 Sheffield residents have already taken up the free insulation.

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Rotherham's Ulley Dam Is Finally Back In Full Working Order!

At 11 am on Friday, June 25, - exactly three years to the day since the dam wall nearly failed - the massive rehabilitation works will be officially opened by Rotherham Borough Council. The innovative engineering works, costing ÂŁ3.8 million, include a new spillway in the centre of the dam wall. This has replaced the original overflow structure, which following heavy rain on the night of June 25, 2007, collapsed leaving the Victorian earth-embankment dam wall in danger of failure. At the time Rotherham Borough Council used around 2,600 tonnes of limestone to

shore up the erosion on the dam wall to make it safe on a temporary basis. The ensuing inspection report then detailed the measures Rotherham Borough Council had to carry out to meet safety standards. This resulted in detailed ground investigations, geotechnical analysis, the procurement of specialist consultants for the design of the new spillway, wave protection, the scour pipe and the dam core itself. Four months later in October, 2007, members of the council gave the go-ahead to carry out the rehabilitation work rather than drain the facility - ensuring the

country park will continue to be a model on the new spillway, was car- as improvements to the clay core of popular and much-loved spot with ried out by consultants Ove Arup. the dam wall. Representatives from walkers, anglers and sailors when The spillway work, including a new all the companies involved will be attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony on the top of the dam wall, which will be carried out by Couns. Gerald Smith, Richard Russell and Iain St. John. They are Rotherham Borough Council Cabinet Members for Economic Development, Planning and Transportation; Streetpride; and Cultural Services and the park itself re-opens to the public pedestrian bridge, was carried out by Sport respectively. Coun. Gerald later this year. The detailed techni- contractors Ringway, who also fitted Smith said: "This will be a landmark cal investigations and design work, a new scour pipe, carried out erosion day in the history of Ulley Country including the building of a working protection to the embankment as well Park - exactly three years since that


fateful night. This has been a major engineering project requiring innovative solutions, which have also had to meet stringent national standards. Now the work is complete we can look forward to eventually reopening the country park to visitors later in the year" *Ulley country Park will not re-open until the 35acre reservoir has re-filled and the water levels are sufficiently high enough to cover the now-exposed quarry workings and the steep-sided and silt-covered embankments. The timescale will depend on the amount of rainfall over the summer months.

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Lib Dem Shame Over Digital Switchover

Sheffield’s Lib Dem Council have come under fire for leaving Sheffield pensioners high and dry ahead of the digital switchover next year. In flats and other properties that share a communal TV aerial, the Council promised to replace the old analogue format and switch over to digital. It is estimated that there are nearly 14,000 properties affected. However, despite making these assurances that the new digital aerials would be in place by the end of this year, many tenants living in

Birley have received a letter from the Council that stating that the analogue signal will be turned off in 28 days and they should make new arrangements themselves. Labour was shocked to learn that the Lib Dems have broken this promise and are calling for a full apology to be issued to all tenants affected. Labour Birley Ward Councillor, Bryan Lodge, said: “I really can’t believe that after guaranteeing people that the digital switchover would all be taken care of, the Lib Dems have gone

back on their word.” “People living in this accommodation believed that the Council would deal with this and now it has been sprung upon them that they have 28 days to deal with it themselves, the Lib Dems should apologise.” “It’s terrible that they can’t even follow through on a promise to make sure that these tenants will have a smooth transition to digital television, this really is not good enough. Birley tenants deserve better!” A Birley tenant, who wished to remain

anonymous, said: "When I got the initial letter I queried this with Sheffield Homes and was told not to worry about it. Then I got the letter at the end of May giving me 28 days notice of disconnection. Family members checked through various websites for me and there was no information saying that the area would be disconnected. I am a pensioner on benefits; it is not easy to find money like this at short notice."

Firefighters Issue Water Safety

Warning After Teenager Dies

Firefighters are again warning about the dangers of playing in water following the tragic death of a teenager in Wath-upon-Dearne. The boy was reportedly swimming with a group of friends in a large lake off Manvers Way yesterday afternoon when he got into difficulty. Fire crews and police were called to the area and located his body during a search of the water. SYFR’s Group Manager Steve Green, who was incident commander at the scene, said: “This is a tragic incident and our thoughts are with the young vic-

tim’s family and friends at what is an extremely distressing time. “I would take this opportunity to again warn people that playing in water presents a number of different hazards. Whilst the temptation during hot weather may be to cool off in lakes or rivers, it is impossible to gauge their temperature, flow or depth.” South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue is issuing the following reminders in relation to water safety: • Never fool around or run near to water • Always choose a swimming

pool or beach where there are lifeguards • Look for signs or flags which tell you if it is safe to swim • Take care on riverbanks where it may be slippery and can crumble • Keep away from the edge of canals where the water is often very deep • Beware of locks and weirs where the water flows very quickly

• Never go swimming, fishing or boating on your own • If you see someone in trouble in water never jump in yourself – call 999 South Yorkshire firefighters from Dearne station, including the Technical Rescue Unit, will be at Manvers Lake this Sunday. The crews will be on hand to speak to members of the public about water safety awareness and offer safety advice.

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ABUSIVE NEIGHBOURS CAUGHT ON CCTV GIVEN FINAL WARNING A couple who were caught on CCTV abusing and threatening their neighbours have been ordered to stop all harassment and offensive behaviour or run the risk of being evicted. Mr and Mrs Turner of Cotleigh Drive in Hackenthorpe, aged 55 and 56 respectively, have been in dispute with their neighbours since July 2008, with a catalogue of abusive and threatening incidents recorded by their neighbours in a diary as well as by CCTV footage. These incidents resulted in a Restraining Order being granted against Mr Turner in November 2009. Mr Turner broke his Restraining Order, and in March 2010 was sentenced to a four month Community Order and four month curfew. Mr Turner’s threatening behaviour continued, including one occasion which was observed first hand by Council and Sheffield Homes officers who

were visiting the neighbours. Sheffield Homes and Sheffield City Council then prepared a case for Possession against Mr and Mrs Turner, which came before His Honour Judge Robinson at Sheffield County Court on Monday 21 June. Mr Turner admitted to 17 allegations of Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) involving neighbours and three incidents of abuse of Sheffield Homes staff. Mr Turner relied on his and his wife's ill health in asking not to be evicted from the property. He agreed that he would not commit any further breaches of tenancy or acts of ASB against his neighbours. On this basis he was allowed to remain in his house, and given a Suspended Possession Order. The Order lasts for 18 months. The terms are that he must comply with conditions of the tenancy which relate to nuisance and harassment of neighbours, and abusive

and offensive behaviour to Sheffield Homes and Council staff. The Judge said that in the light of Mr Turner's conduct an order was inevitable, and that he was in the "last chance saloon". If the Order is breached the Council will be applying for a warrant to evict Mr and Mrs Turner. Councillor Jack Clarkson, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Advisor for Housing, Regeneration and Planning, said: “Mr Turner has subjected his neighbours to continued abuse over a number of years and this is not acceptable. Sheffield City Council is committed to supporting residents who want to live happily side by side with their neighbours, without the threat of abuse. If Mr Turner does not fully comply with this Suspended Possession Order we will not hesitate in applying for a warrant for eviction.”

Councillor Slams £300,000 Cost of Public Meetings

Labour can reveal that the Lib Dem Council have admitted to spending £300,000 on a process of consultation for Sheffield’s Council tenants. The revelation came at a meeting where Lib Dem Cabinet Member Penny Baker admitted, under heavy questioning from tenant representatives, that the string of meetings around the city cost a whopping £300,000. The news was met with fury amongst the representatives who have demanded an immediate enquiry. This news comes after the revelations in recent weeks that the Lib Dem Council have also wasted money on a £700 per day

temp filling the position ‘Head of Transformation Services’ and the creating a new Deputy Director of the Sheffield First Partnership, who will be banking a £58,000 salary. Labour Burngreave Councillor, Ibrar Hussain, said: “At the meeting on Thursday I was shocked when I heard how much money had been spent on these events. Spending £300,000 on the cost of staffing and publicity is far too much.” “Consultation is all about making sure tenants get the most for their money so the fact that so much can be wasted on the consultation exercise itself defies belief. When the tenants found out

about this they were very angry and wanted answers.” “This blasé attitude from the Lib Dems about how money is spent needs to be put to a stop quickly.”









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£600 FOR ILLEGAL TOBACCO SALES A Sheffield man caught selling illegal tobacco is £600 out of pocket after ending up in court this week. Gary O’Brien (61) of Halsall Drive, Darnall appeared before Magistrates in Sheffield on Tuesday (8 June) and pleaded guilty to possessing counterfeit cigarettes and tobacco products without proper health warnings and offering tobacco for sale that was not legal in the UK, as no tax had been paid. Officers from Sheffield Trading Standards and South Yorkshire Police confiscated the tobacco and cigarettes

in a raid to clamp down on the availability of cheap and illicit tobacco in local pubs and communities. Mr O’Brien was fined and also ordered to pay towards the City Council’s investigation costs. Philip Glaves, Sheffield Council’s Chief Trading Standards Officer said: “We are aware of the trade in illicit and counterfeit tobacco within our communities and, with support from colleagues from South Yorkshire Police and other agencies, we are making a considerable effort to tackle the problem. “This is

not a victimless crime. The trade in illegal cigarettes is linked to serious crime, it costs the economy millions each year in lost revenue, undermines the Department of Health’s strategy to reduce smoking and leads to the distribution of illegal cigarettes to people of all ages, including children. Combating the sale of illicit tobacco remains one of our top priorities.” Lynsey Bowker, NHS Sheffield Tobacco Lead added: “Cigarette smuggling is also a health issue as cheap cigarettes encourage people to smoke

more and plays a key role in starting or sustaining smoking among children and young people. “It is all too easy to become addicted to cigarettes, and to forget that even legal tobacco kills half of its long term users. Counterfeit tobacco has also been found to contain arsenic, rat droppings and far more tar and carbon monoxide than legal cigarettes.” Anyone with information about illegal sales of tobacco and alcohol should call the Consumer Direct helpline in confidence on 08454 04 05 06 (calls charged at local rate).

Inspiring the Next Generation in Rotherham DISCLAIMER ILM (The Knowledge) Newspaer does not represent any political, religious or any other group. It is purely for providing general information and entertainment to its reader.

Schools and colleges in Rotherham are showing how they are inspiring future generations with the support of Rotherham Ready – the town’s internationally acknowledged enterprise education programme. Rotherham Ready, part funded through the European Regional Development Agency, works from 4-19 and beyond to create a culture of enterprise in education. Its conference – Made in Rotherham 2010, will showcase just how the development

of enterprise skills in Rotherham is equipping future generations with the skills and ambitions for success.

The conference, attended by a national audience, will include a young person led enterprise learning market, practitioner led workshops and an

exciting keynote speech by Richard Gerver. He will be endorsing enterprise as a powerful driver for change in education – and supporting Rotherham’s vision of creating a culture of enterprise in education. If you want a 21st Century curriculum for your students and staff, then look no further than ‘Made in Rotherham 2010’ to discover the secrets to enterprising success. Rotherham Ready Project Manager Jackie Frost said: “Rotherham

is recognised nationally and internationally for its enterprise teaching and learning and should be proud to know that teachers are travelling from far and wide to come to this conference and find out more. Made in Rotherham 2010 promises to be a great day and will demonstrate how Rotherham’s culture of enterprise in education is helping to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and enterprising employees.”


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Paul Blomfield MP Speech in Parliament Paul Blomfield, new Member of Parliament for Sheffield Central, has made his Maiden Speech in Parliament. Speaking for the first time in Parliament since being elected Paul Blomfield said it was an ‘extraordinary privilege’ to represent Sheffield Central constituency and paid tribute to his predecessor Richard Caborn who served as MP for Sheffield Central between 1983 and 2010. Mr Blomfield’s speech highlighted the academic and economic importance of Sheffield’s two universities and expressed his concern at the new Government’s cuts to higher education funding and places. After having made his Maiden Speech Paul Blomfield said: "It was an honour to make my Maiden Speech early in Parliament, and to highlight key issues facing the constituency. It feels like I have hit the ground running and started the real work of representing Sheffield Central in Parliament." Commenting on Sheffield’s universities and higher education funding, Paul Blomfield MP said: “Both universities are leaders in their sectors, and they make Sheffield an increasingly popular destination for students. To-

gether, their students account for 10% of the city's population, and the direct economic benefit is more than £1 billion. I therefore speak for many people in Sheffield when I express concern that the new Government have chosen to target universities in the first wave of cuts. Reducing funding and university places will damage economic development and crush the hopes of thousands of young people. Funding the nation's universities must be a priority for this Parliament. When we consider the Browne review, we should ensure that it considers all the options and does not limit itself to a debate about the level of tuition fees.”






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Sharrow Festival

More than 7,000 people are expected to attend this year’s Sharrow Festival – which celebrates everything good about the area. The 2010 festival will take place on July 3 at Mount Pleasant Park, running from 12pm to 8pm, and is free to attend. The Sharrow Festival is organised by volunteers and continually need people from the local community to help out, anyone interested in offering their support should contact Mark Cohen on


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I Have Nothing Against People's Beliefs

Syed Z.Ali Shah

I have nothing against people's beliefs. Actually It is better to have one however farfetched it might be rather that not having one at all. Life would be dull indeed without believing in something. People have done fantastic things with their beliefs. There are hundreds of examples which can be cited to promote the cause for belief. Now if it’s such a good thing then what's all the pain and misery about? The troubles start when we try to push our beliefs onto others. A person who is perfectly happy with twenty deities which give meaning to his life may feel a bit airy with only one. Someone might not even need a single one. So why are we so concerned for their salvation that we are willing obliterate them for their own good? There is something seriously wrong with this scenario. Salvation in the hereafter seems to take over here and now. Recklessness, brutality and hatred in the name of benefactor, merciful and forgiving takes over common sense, compassion and love for our fellow beings. We destroy in the name of the creator. We take revenge in the name of the forgiver. We be-

come beasts in the name of the most refined. We are looking for contentment and happiness through our beliefs are we not? So what is with the attitude that they can only be achieved your way and no other way? The funny thing is that the way we are so ardent about is not ours in the first place. We were born into it. We inherit all the beliefs and whatever else goes along with them. It’s rare to find original thinkers. They are usually labelled heretics fit for the loony bin. Anyway beliefs form the nexus of our lives. They are important to us because they bring a sense of order to our otherwise chaotic, short painful lives. We are willing to sacrifice for them. From our wealth to our lives. The question is why do we fight over trivial details when the main message behind most beliefs is nearly always the same? Most religions talk about good, piety, charity, justice, tolerance and social harmony. In actuality we never find anyone fighting over these issues. I have never heard of a fight breaking out over who is more just or who has a better charity system. Or who protects the rights of the

weak better than the other. Fight over faith is usually over trivial matters which have nothing to do with the basic tenants of the religion in question. So will we ever learn? Will logic ever prevail? I guess not. We seem to be rigged to make silly of our selves time after time and history stands witness to it. It’s my belief (oh, oh) that Pakistan has a future. (Please don't be afraid I will not inflict bodily harm to press my belief). Now that might sound offensive to some but I too have a right to my beliefs as far-fetched they may be. If someone is willing to believe that by killing innocent people and by killing himself in the process he will achieve eternal bliss, then I too have the right to believe in impossible things. Why would you ask is the future for Pakistan impossible when it should be a given? Why have I shifted it to the realm of esoteric? It is impossible because we don't think or plan for it. When future happens we say what hit us? This is impossible? How did we land in this mess? Planning should have stood for the "P" in Pakistan but unfortunately we are not even close.

There are no long term plans in place anymore. We have given up on them as futile. Midterm plans don't work either. We have invented new terms like action and strategic planning which basically mean annual budgeting. There are rolling plans which can be changed over time as per need. The need seems to be every other month. In the end we don't even adhere to them. Among other things which are 'wrong' with Pakistan, planning for the future is also nonexistent. So if we are in such a dire straits where the future lies which I believe still exists for Pakistan? My hope lies in the present state of things. All systems and institutions around us are failing. Given time and luck if the present leaders and parties continue to rule we will have a situation in say about five years when all is lost and we will have to start anew. Therein lies my hope. The present setup is so badly patched up that it keeps springing leaks. it will have to be completely replaced right down to its roots. The change will happen when the threshold of pain is breached. When life becomes so painful that there is

no avenue of relief is available. Then we will change and Pakistan will have a future. I am really obliged to our present rulers for doing a hell of a job to that end. They need to keep up the good work. The common man needs to be squeezed even further. Let’s bring on the VAT or whatever else the IMF wants. It will do well in the future. Let’s suck out every last drop of blood out of this nation of poor who select rich as their leaders. They deserve this in return for their mindless "aaway he aaway" and "jaway he jaway". Let’s trample them. Let’s push them to oblivion. Extreme pain is the answer. Only through the trial by fire will this nation have a future and that's hopefully on its way. My apologies for getting carried away. The gloom and doom was really extreme even by my standards. No problem. I have an alternate belief to fall upon in case the first one gets too heavy. It is the belief of every simple soul who wants betterment for this nation but is not willing to do anything about it. To tell you the truth I feel a stirring of deep emotion when

it is mentioned. We believe this nation was created in the name of Allah and he will take care of it. Well why not? True beliefs require a bit of blind faith. Nothing wrong with that. There is just a wee problem. Allah the all mighty, the magnificent, has an agenda of his own. Mainly he wants us to take the first step! Still nothing to worry about. Maybe if we pray hard enough we might be exempted from that as well. He has been so magnanimous in his blessings so far he might as well let go with that small technicality as well. Lots of people really truly believe in this which is fine. It is as good a belief as any. As I have said in the beginning I have no trouble with people's beliefs and all is fine if they keep them to themselves. I too would have kept mine to myself and not bothered anyone if it wasn't was for Fiaz Shah and Zeeshan Haider who have strange beliefs about my beliefs. They get really worked up and I don't want them exploding in my face. In the end I have come to the conclusion that things can get really complicated in this belief business.


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The Benefits Of Having AWebsite To A Business

Getting yourself a properly planned and well built website may be one of the smartest business decisions you ever make, and I should know: In the last few years I’ve been involved in helping businesses with their sales and marketing from start-ups and sole-traders to large blue-chip organisations such as the BBC, National Geographic and Motorola. A good website opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your business. It will work tirelessly for you, promoting your products and services twenty-four-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. It’ll save you money in print advertising and it’ll even help you break through geographical boundaries to reach people you could never normally have hoped to reach! From a potential customer’s point-of-view, the internet will often be the first place they look to check your credentials! Your website will help you to quickly differentiate yourself from the cowboys out there by providing customer testimoni-

als and a clear and open means of communication. Also, having your own domain name and email address @ your domain will show people you’re not a fly-by-night organisation. Businesses who think they’ll be ‘just fine’ without a website run the risk of being left behind. Every day, people become more and more likely to use the internet as the first place they look for products, services, tradesmen and suppliers. That ‘over-thefence’ recommendation is now an ‘over-the- internet’ one and the convenience a website provides to a potential customer has become less of a luxury and more of an expectation. Over the past decade, business has changed, meaning traditional marketing methodologies have evolved. A website means there’s a good chance you’ll be there at the right time, when your potential customers are ready to buy. Without a website, however, you run the risk of being, effectively, invisible. For more information about how Sheffield Chamber of Commerce can help you get online, contact Amir Saleem on 01142018918.

Paul Blomfield MP condemns Israeli attack

Labour MP for Sheffield Central Paul Blomfield has condemned the Israeli attack on the humanitarian flotilla, and called for tough international action

on Israel. Paul Blomfield MP said: "It appears that Israel has again flouted international law by attacking this humanitarian flotilla in international

waters and the world should respond firmly. The flotilla was itself a response to the illegal blockade of Gaza and the desperate need of people

there for food, medicines and building materials. The international community needs to speak with one voice in condemning this action,

seeking an immediate end to the blockade and renewing efforts to bring about a political solution which provides for secure states of Palestine and Israel within internationally recognised borders."

Legal Corner Property in Auction

by: M NAZIR Question 1 I am buying a property in auction, what precautions should I take? If you are buying a property in auctions you should make sure, before you proceed that you have funds in place and the property has been surveyed. A solicitor should check the legal pack, documentation, the title of the property and all searches. If the property you are buying is subject to a lease, or tenancy your solicitor must check all the provisions of the tenancy or lease to see if they are suitable and according to the mortgage lenders requirements. Question 2 What is the Stamp Duty Land Tax Return? This consists of detailed infor-


mation about the property, which your solicitors send to the HM Revenue & Custom. It has the details of the sale price and possible stamp duty. Your solicitors are bound to send this to HM Revenue & Custom within 30 days of the affective date of the transaction. It is compulsory on some leasehold transactions, when you are taking a lease of a commercial property. Question 3 I am a first time buyer and I’m buying a property for £240,000, please advise me on this transaction. As you are a first time buyer there will be no stamp duty. In the 2010 budget it was stated that there will be no stamp duty to be paid by first time buyers up to the purchase price of £250,000.00. Please note you still need to submit the Stamp Duty Land Tax Return to HM Revenue & Customs. Question 4

I am buying a property and the finance is being provided by my father. My father does not want his name on the title of the property, but he wants to protect his interest. How do I go about this? If your father is providing the funds for the purchase of the property and he wants to protect his interest there are two ways of doing this. The first is to create a declaration of trust, which will be used to set out the interest of your father in the property. Alternatively, the interest of your father can be noted as a lender and a charge can be registered on the property. Your father would require separate legal representation. Question 5 I own the Leasehold title to my property can I purchase the freehold title? Yes - You may contact the owner of the freehold title to negotiate a purchase price.

South Yorkshire


South Yorkshire

Imam Ali’s Name Appeared On The Moon

Ali Was The Only Person Born In The Kaaba Sanctuary In Mecca Alī ibn Abī ālib (Arabic: Transliteration: Alī ibn Abī ālib,ali ibn æbi tlib]; 13th Rajab, 24 BH–21st Ramaān, 40 AH; approximately October 23, 598 or 600 or March 17, 599 – January 27, 661 was the cousin and son-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and ruled over the Islamic Caliphate from 656 to 661. Sunni Muslims consider Ali the fourth and final of the Rashidun (rightly guided Caliphs), while Shi'a Muslims regard Ali as the first Imam and consider him and his descendants the right-

ful successors to Muhammad, all of which are members of the Ahl al-Bayt, the household of Muhammad. This disagreement split the Ummah (Muslim community) into the Sunni and Shi'a branches. Most records do indicate that during Muhammad's time, Ali was the only person born in the Kaaba sanctuary in Mecca, the holiest place in Islam. Although, from the point of view of Sunni Muslims, this on its own does not give him special religious significance. His father was Abu Talib ibn Abd al-Muttalib and

his mother was Fatima bint Asad, but he was raised in the household of Muhammad, who himself was raised by Abu Talib, Muhammad's uncle. When Muhammad reported receiving a divine revelation, Ali was the first male to accept his message, dedicating his life to the cause of Islam. Ali migrated to Medina shortly after Muhammad did. Once there Muhammad told Ali that God had ordered him to give his daughter, Fatimah, to Ali in marriage. For the ten years that Muhammad led the community in

Medina, Ali was extremely active in his service, leading parties of warriors on battles, and carrying messages and orders. Ali took part in the early raids against caravans from Mecca and later in almost all the battles fought by the early Muslim community. Ali was appointed caliph by the Sahaba (Muhammad's companions) in Medina after the assassination of the third caliph, Uthman ibn Affan. He encountered defiance and civil war during his reign. In 661, Ali was attacked while praying in the


mosque of Kufa, dying a few days later. In Muslim culture, Ali is respected for his courage, knowledge, belief, honesty, unbending devotion to Islam, deep loyalty to Muhammad, equal treatment of all Muslims and generosity in forgiving his defeated enemies, and therefore is central to mystical traditions in Islam such as Sufism. Ali retains his stature as an authority on Qur'anic exegesis, Islamic jurisprudence and religious thought. Ali holds a high position in almost all Sufi orders which

trace their lineage through him to Muhammad. Ali's influence has thus continued throughout Islamic history.

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he “invention” of language is not known except for references in the Bible. It is not known what language Adam and Eve spoke, but in the Bible it reads “whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name there of”. The divine origin of language in Islam is the theory that it is a gift from Allah to Mankind. In the Holy Qur’an we read “and He(Allah) taught Adam the names of All things....” (Surat 2, Verse 31). Today, there are more than 2700 different languages spoken in the world, with more than 7 000 dialects. In Indonesia alone, 365 differ-

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ent language More than 1 languages a Africa. The most dif to learn is B is spoken in Spain and France. It is any other la world. Manda spoken lang world, follow But as hom Spanish is th spoken in the The younges the world is A ken by South a mere 100 second mos guage in Sou

Labour Listens to Local People in Darnall Darnall’s Labour Councillors were out in force this weekend, listening to local people. Darnall residents are shocked at the Lib Dem Council’s decision to secretly change plans to for gypsy and traveller sites from leafy Lib Dem suburbs such as Graves Park, to deprived communities such as Darnall.

Hundreds of Darnall residents signed the petition, outside Darnall Post Office, opposed to the way the Lib Dems secretly changed the original locations planned for gypsy and traveller sites. The petition is due to be presented to the Lib Dem Council at the Town Hall. Darnall Labour Councillor, Harry Harpham, said “It’s disgusting how the Lib Dems secretly changed the locations originally recommended for gypsy and

travellers to live. “It’s wrong for Lib Dems, such as Sacked Housing Boss Bob McCann to be able to fiddle these locations so gypsies weren’t able to live in his area of Graves Park, but instead in areas like Darnall; which already suffering from high demand for local services such as schools and doctors.” “The Lib Dems say that Sheffield is a City where everyone matters except, it seems, if you live in Darnall.”


THE BUZZ OF AUCTIONS •Basically you need to have all the by telephone. They will continue

by Mohammed Mahroof Buying or selling at auction can be very exciting. You can buy or sell a property within minutes. When the hammer falls the property is either yours or you have sold it. The buzz of an auction can be quite infectious, and people go just for this alone. What are the benefits of selling at auction? •Intensive marketing period •When the hammer falls a binding contract is in place - the buyer cannot back out. •All interested parties have an opportunity to bid and are in the room. •A 10% deposit is paid and completion is normally within 28 days. What are the benefits of buying at auction? •When the hammer falls the property is yours. •Completion is normally within 28 days. •No gazumping or back word Preparing to buy at auction? •Carefully read the documents and conditions of sale. •Ensure you have a 10% deposit in place and means to complete within 28 days. •Ensure you have a mortgage in place. If you do not then you may lose the 10% deposit. •Have any surveys or land searches carried out and take advice from a solicitor around possible legal issues.


necessary arrangements in place before bidding at auction. Do not bid blind or on a whim. Can I buy before the property goes into the auction room? •Offers can be made prior to the property going to auction but you may not always succeed. If many people want to do this then sellers will sell through the room to create competition. •On the other hand, sellers may decide to sell the property before auction if the offer is acceptable. What if I change my mind? •Once the hammer falls you are in a binding contract and if you change your mind the 10% deposit will be lost. •The seller may pursue you if they sell it again and there is a difference for the shortfall. •Changing your mind can be quite expensive, so go in with a clear understanding of what you are bidding for. Believe me, people do bid for lots they are not interested in without realising. What should I bid? •You should always have a maximum amount you want to bid. Sometimes in the excitement of the auction room people do get carried away and bid more than their budget. You should never do this. What is the role of the auctioneer? •The auctioneer is the seller's agent. •The auctioneer will take bids from people in the room or sometimes

taking bids until there are no more bids. •In some cases when there are no further bids, the auctioneer may say this lot is "withdrawn, see me after the auction". This basically means that bids have not reached the reserve which is set by the auctioneer and the seller, and you can make a further offer which may or may not be accepted. •The auctioneer is the main person in the room. They have the authority to refuse a bid, without explanation, and also resolve any problems which may occur as a result of the bidding. Their decision is absolute and final. •Auctioneers are quite entertaining which adds to the buzz of the room. Auctions can be quite daunting for first timers but the attraction is quite exciting with people returning again and again. This article is merely a guide and you should always consult with an auction specialist and solicitors if you are considering buying or selling at auction. If you want to contact me I am a consultant at Mark Jenkinson and Son, 0114 2760151/0787 9015095, and will be more than happy to advise on any property issues you may have. Please feel free to contact me or through ILM, and do keep requesting topics you want me to write about.

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Rotherham’s Renaissance continues

Rotherham’s Renaissance continues \to go forward despite the current national economic downturn. Rotherham Borough Council, their partners Evans Regeneration Investments Ltd, and key Stakeholders joined together last Friday to celebrate developments which are largely underway for the project which has been in the planning pipelines for the last three years.The steel structure emerging from the ground for the purpose-built 172,000 sq ft (16,000 sq m) civic office building, on the former Guest & Chrimes site, is a major step forward for the £2bn Renaissance plan to regenerate the heart of Rotherham town centre. Guests at the event heard from the Leader of Rotherham Borough Council, Cllr Roger Stone: “This devel-

opment will go a long way to further boost the town centre’s Renaissance programme by not only regenerating this site and encouraging further major players to help do this, but by also freeing up several valuable town centre sites to allow further re-development works to take place. “This project, in fact, really highlights Rotherham Council’s commitment to pushing the town forward by forming one of the most significant public sector property transactions outside of London in the last year. “We must not let today ruin tomorrow for the people of Rotherham.” The Renaissance programme can boast significant achievements over the past three years. For example, the £11m Leisure Complex open in the town

centre; a state-of-the-art walk-in healthcare facility; over 120 apartments in the town centre which are 100% let, as well as quality, niche independent shops starting to open in Imperial Buildings – along with Rotherham’s first mini arts hub. Chief Executive for the council, Martin Kimber, added: “It will provide the town centre with a modern building that will greatly improve the services we provide to Rotherham people. “By housing all services under one roof, the council will become even more efficient and will continue to provide an excellent standard of service to our residents from a single building, rather than dispersed across the town.” Artwork for the 85m stretch of hoardings surrounding the develop-

ment site along Main Street was also unveiled by local artist, Adam Mileusnic. Civic Building 2 Multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Yorkshire, Adam, won the commission set by Rotherham Borough Council, in partnership with Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance (ROAR), on the basis of his strong design and ideas of how to engage with members of the public and young people to ensure their ideas were also incorporated in the finished piece. The finished public art aims to reflect the history of the site whilst also raising awareness and celebrating all of the public services the council offer coming under one roof due to this exciting development.

Councillor Welcomes Improvements In Burngreave Bus Services

148 LondonRoad, Sheffield, S2 4LT

Labour Burngreave Councillor, Ibrar Hussain has successfully campaigned for improvements to the M20 and 5 bus services. From the end of July the services will now operate through Pitsmoor,

Sturton Road, Pexton Road, Grimesthorpe, Carwood and Castlegate. These changes will provide a more comprehensive service for Burngreave residents. Labour Burngreave Councillor, Ibrar Hussain,

said: “The changes will mean that the services will cover areas that have been requested by residents.” “Many local people depend on a good bus service and I am pleased to see that we have managed to

achieve some success in making the improvements.” “It is good that residents’ views have been taken on board in this case and they have got the improvements that many were looking for.”



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Rotherham’s Renaissance continues

Rotherham’s Renaissance continues \to go forward despite the current national economic downturn. Rotherham Borough Council, their partners Evans Regeneration Investments Ltd, and key Stakeholders joined together last Friday to celebrate developments which are largely underway for the project which has been in the planning pipelines for the last three years.The steel structure emerging from the ground for the purpose-built 172,000 sq ft (16,000 sq m) civic office building, on the former Guest & Chrimes site, is a major step forward for the £2bn Renaissance plan to regenerate the heart of Rotherham town centre. Guests at the event heard from the Leader of Rotherham Borough Council, Cllr Roger Stone: “This development will go a long way to further boost the town centre’s Renaissance programme by not only regenerating this site and encouraging further major players to help do this, but by also freeing up several valuable town centre sites to allow further redevelopment works to take place. “This project, in fact, really highlights Rotherham Council’s commitment to pushing the town forward by forming one of the most significant public sector property transactions outside of London in the last year. “We must not let today ruin tomorrow for the people

of Rotherham.” The Renaissance programme can boast significant achievements over the past three years. For example, the £11m Leisure Complex open in the town centre; a state-of-the-art walk-in healthcare facility; over 120 apartments in the town centre which are 100% let, as well as quality, niche independent shops starting to open in Imperial Buildings – along with Rotherham’s first mini arts hub. Chief Executive for the council, Martin Kimber, added: “It will provide the town centre with a modern building that will greatly improve the services we provide to Rotherham people. “By housing all services under one roof, the council will become even more efficient and will continue to provide an excellent standard of service to our residents from a single building, rather than dispersed across the town.” Artwork for the 85m stretch of hoardings surrounding the development site along Main Street was also unveiled by local artist, Adam Mileusnic. Civic Building 2 Multi-disciplinary artist and designer based in Yorkshire, Adam, won the commission set by Rotherham Borough Council, in partnership with Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance (ROAR), on the basis of his strong design and ideas of how to engage with members of the pub-

lic and young people to ensure their ideas were also incorporated in the finished piece. The finished public art aims to reflect the history of the site whilst also raising

awareness and celebrating all of the public services the council offer coming under one roof due to this exciting development.

Forgemasters Petition 1300 people sign Labour MPs’ Forgemasters petition. Sheffield’s Labour MPs today launched a petition calling for Nick Clegg and the coalition Lib DemTory government to rethink their decision to scrap the £80 million loan to Sheffield Forgemasters. In the space of just three hours between 11am-2pm 1300 people had stopped Ch Tajamal Khan. In attendance to sign the petition outside Sheffield at the meeting with Kevin Barron Town Hall and the Peace Gardens. MP were a number of Councillors, There will be further opportunities to sign the Forgemasters petition Party members and activists. every day next week outside Sheffield Town Hall. The Forgemasters petition, which is titled “Invest for Jobs, for Manufacturing, for Sheffield, will be delivered to Mr Clegg. The full text of the petition is: “To Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield Hallam MP We, the undersigned, urge the Lib DemTory Government to rethink their decision to scrap the £80m loan to

Kashmir Self Determination Movement The Jammu Kashmir Self Determination Movement Europe officers had a meeting in the Rother Valley Constituency with the reelected MP to discuss the issue of Kashmir and the Community issues in the area. In the picture are Moahmmed Azam Secretary General of the Jammu Kashmir Self Determination Movement Europe with the Chairman Raja Najabat Hussain, Yorkshire region vice chairman Choudhary Mohammed Akram and Rotherham organizer

Sheffield Forgemasters which will cost the city jobs and economic growth.” Paul Blomfield MP, Member of Parliament for Sheffield Central, said: “People are very angry about the Forgemasters loan being scrapped and the huge amount of support we got today reflects that. People were queuing to sign the petition and register their strong opposition to this disastrous decision by Nick Clegg and his Conservative partners.” Clive Betts MP, Member of Parliament for Sheffield South East, said: “Scrapping the loan to Forgemasters is madness and people in Sheffield know that. The loan would have created jobs and the Government would have got the money back with interest. It’s not too late for the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to listen to the people of Sheffield and think again.”

CALL FOR INNOVATION TO SECURE FORGEMASTERS FUTURE Paul Scriven, Leader of Sheffield City Council has called for innovative thinking and united action to secure an £80m loan for manufacturing giant Sheffield Forgemasters. Today Paul and Deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg met with business leaders in the city to discuss options for securing a loan to allow the Steel heavyweight Forgemasters to buy a 15,000 tonne press, which would make it a leader in modern manufacturing and steel production. Speaking after the meeting, Paul said: ‘It was a really useful meeting, based on the decision of Forgemasters’ board yesterday to pursue every

avenue to make sure this investment happens. ‘Forgemasters will be working with the business community, central government and the city council to secure best deal for future of Forgemasters and for manufacturing in this city. ‘We want to ensure that Forgemasters can fulfil their hopes, dreams and ambitions of expansion, but it is clear that with the public finances as they stand, the loan from government couldn’t be found this year. So we are looking at any and all options to support Forgemasters to find a way for them to expand and find the finance they need to do that.’

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Tracking £15 All In For Taxi’s Including Hackney Carraiges


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DEBT ADVICE SERVICE HELPS TENANTS GET BACK ON TRACK An innovative project aimed at helping social housing tenants in Sheffield with debt problems has helped 93 people in its first three months. Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Homes and eight housing associations have joined forces to fund the project, which gives tenants access to expert debt help and advice. The initiative is in response to the growing numbers of residents facing financial difficulties, and aims to stop problems spiralling out of control by stepping in at the early stages. Launched in January, the Debt Support Unit provides free, impartial

and confidential advice on all aspects of debt and benefits. Many tenants, some who are traditionally less likely to seek advice, are now getting their lives back on track after finding out how to manage their debts more effectively. Councillor Penny Baker, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Regeneration and Planning, said: “It’s so important that tenants get the advice and help they need, as soon as they need it. We are really pleased to be working in partnership with housing providers to make sure this happens. It means there’s less

risk of them turning to ‘loan sharks’ or some other organisations whose debt rescue products might make the situation worse. “This is one of several measures we’re taking to improve the prospects for Sheffield residents who find themselves facing financial difficulties, at risk of losing their homes or struggling with mortgage repayments.” Sheffield Homes, one of the key partners in the scheme, refers over 40 customers each month for help and advice. The housing associations taking part in the project are Acis, Arches Housing, Chevin Housing

Group, Great Places Housing Association, Guinness Northern Counties, Pennine Housing, Sanctuary Housing and South Yorkshire Housing Association. Tenants of Sheffield Homes or any of these organisations can book an appointment for free, impartial debt advice by their local housing office Tenants of Sheffield Homes may also telephone 0114 2052571, or for further advice on managing money visit the Sheffield Homes website http://www.

Sheffield City Council is inviting the city’s residents, community groups, businesses, licensees and other agencies to have their say on licensing in the city. They are being asked to comment on a revised licensing policy for Sheffield, which has recently been reviewed to offer more information and guidance not only to applicants for licences, but also residents and businesses. The consultation runs to August 9 2010. After the consultation the policy will be revised to take into account the comments received, and the fi-

nal version will be agreed by the Council. Chief Licensing Officer, Steve Lonnia, explains: “The policy must be reviewed every three years in accordance with the law. Although the policy has worked well we wanted to give much more information and guidance to everyone who uses it so that they find it helpful and easy to use.” The Chair of Licensing, Cllr Clive Skelton, said “We want to hear the views of everyone. Having a good policy in place will help us ensure that we have a city that people want to live,

work and visit on a regular basis and where they are safe to enjoy their leisure time. Please let us have your comments.” Paul Thompson, Assistant Manager of the Frog and Parrott pub who was crowned Sheffield’s first winner of the Best Bar None awards in January, said: “The revised policy should help everyone ensure that Sheffield is the place to visit and that we continue to offer safe and well-managed licensed premises for everyone to enjoy.” Comments on the policy from residents, community groups and

businesses are welcome. You can see the policy on the Council’s website at policyconsultation. A hard copy of the policy can be obtained by contacting the Licensing General Section on 0114 203 7752. You can email your comments to uk or, alternatively, write to “Licensing Consultation”, Licensing General Section, Sheffield City Council, Town Hall, Pinstone Street, Sheffield, S1 2HH. All comments need to be received before 5pm on August 9 2010.


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New Inspector on the beat Newly appointed Inspector for Broomhill and Sharrow Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) Ian Roberts is an experienced officer with 16 years service in the force and has trained in many fields that will assist his new role. He was born and raised in Sheffield and after leaving school, he studied at Manchester University completing a degree in business administration before joining South Yorkshire Police in 1994. During his 16 years service he has worked in most areas within Sheffield and Rotherham. In relation to his new role Insp Roberts said: “The role is a challenging one, but I have a dedicated team who demonstrate their commitment to this community each and every day. Our links with partners are excellent and I’ve been absolutely bowled over by the welcome I’ve had from all sections of the community I’ve met so far. I look forward to meeting many more local residents in the coming weeks and months”. Broomhill and Sharrow SNT consists of one Inspector, three sergeants, 13 police constables, 16 PCSOs and two safer neighbourhood officers, Shahbaz Ramzan (Sharrow) and Phil Ashford (Broomhall) and Caroline Jennings (Southwest). Benefiting from two operating bases, the dedicated team covering the Sharrow area operate out of Meersbrook Police Station, and covers Sharrow, Highfield, Broomhall,

Netheredge, Abbeydale and Southwest areas of the city. The team provides a visible, accessible and familiar service to your neighbourhood, working closely with partner agencies and the local community to tackle the issues that matter the most to members of the public. The SNT hold monthly community meetings which everyone is welcome to attend. The meetings are an opportunity to meet members of your local SNT and partner agencies and have your say on what should be a policing priority in your area. Recent figures show that between March and May 2010 overall crime across the Sharrow Safer Neighbourhood area fell by almost 16 per cent, that’s 173 fewer incidents compared to the same period last year. Here are just a few examples of where crime has reduced: House burglaries dropped with 65 fewer incidents, there were 49 fewer criminal damage reports, and 47 fewer incidents of vehicle crime. Your next community meetings will be held on: Sharrow community meeting, Wednesday 7 July at 6pm at the Old School, South View Road. Then on the first Wednesday of every month. Broomhall community meetings Thursday 29 July at the Broomhall Centre, Broomspring Lane. Then on the last Thursday of every month. To find details of forthcoming community meetings type in your post code at www. or call 0114 2202020


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Pension Changes Are “the ultimate hypocrisy” Blunkett: Former Work and Pensions Secretary, Rt Hon David Blunkett MP, has reacted to the announcement by the Lib Dem/Tory coalition that they intend to review the process of automatically enrolling workers on to workplace pension schemes. Mr Blunkett agreed to auto-enrolment during his time as Work and Pensions Secretary in 2005, after a long period of negotiation between employers, trade unions, the Confederation of British Industry, the Trade Union Congress and the Small Business Federation. Mr Blunkett said: “Any retrenchment in this area would be a massive backwards step in terms of providing for the future of millions of Britons. “Before I announced our agreement to this change, we went round

month after month with the widest possible consultation programme to ensure that millions of workers had provision for a secure retirement. “To retreat from this would be a betrayal of the future generation which the coalition has itself said must not suffer a terrible legacy of austerity in ageing.” Mr Blunkett criticised the composition of the team leading the review, saying: “It is deeply regrettable that those who were intended to gain from this change are not represented on the review, which is clearly only about employers.” He added: “The announcement of this review on the back of George Osborne’s deeply regressive Budget shows that it is young people and families who are in the sights of this

Government. “To go back on their promises about protecting people’s future well-being would be the ultimate hypocrisy.”

Clegg Kicks Sheffield With A Triple Whammy Clive Betts MP (Sheffield South East) said: “The Liberal Democrats in the coalition government have kicked the City and people of Sheffield in the teeth today, with their triple whammy: - cancelling the agreed loan to Forgemasters - stopping regeneration of the city centre, and - stopping the purchase of the Outukumpu site Liberal Democrat Ministers hold the 4 key government positions - Energy, Trade, Treasury, and Deputy Prime Minister – who together have made these appalling decisions.” On Forgemasters, Clive Betts said: “It beggars belief that the government is rejecting massive inward investment in the UK and what was a huge vote of confidence in Sheffield and UK manufacturing. This was not a grant, not a gift, not a subsidy – but a loan


at market rates. If this project does not proceed, it will have a massive impact on investment and jobs in Sheffield, the region and the UK. It would cut exports and increase imports.” “It is absolutely staggering that, from the day of the election until today, there has been no contact at all between the government and Forgemasters. The first contact was to say that the new government was reneging on a promise made by the previous government after a lengthy, independent appraisal process which clearly demonstrated that this was a good investment” Clive Betts added: “Before the election, I warned that the Lib Dems opposed this investment because part of the production would provide key components for the international nuclear industry, which they oppose. I was told I was scaremongering, but today I’ve been proved correct and it gives me no joy at all.” Clive Betts

described the Outukumpu decision as “Amazingly short-sighted. Yorkshire Forward had been given permission to buy the former steelworks’ site, adjacent to the M1 – to clean it up and then sell at a profit when the property market picks up. Now, the site will remain derelict and Outukumpu will not have a capital receipt to re-invest in Sheffield steel production.

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Voucher Expires on 31/07/2010


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Abbeydale CC

Sharrow A CC Allama Iqbal Sunday Cricket League PMC - Shefield. The League has been a very competitive one, Division A table has been wide open all through the season for any team to take the League Championship. Defend-

ing champions Al-Mahdi initially struggled to make an impact but later recovered its form back and is now at the top of the league. The trophy is between the defending champion Al-Mahdi v Sehnsa on Sunday 4th of July

Al-Mahdi XI CC

Sehnsa CC

Darnal CC 2010 in the very last game of the season, whoever wins the final game take the championship trophy. Teams from right ( Abbeydale CC, Sehnsa CC, AlMahdi XI CC, Sharrow A CC, Darnal CC and Legends CC. Cup

Legends CC

Matches follow on 11th of July and Inependance day Tounament will be held on eithr 1st of August or 8th of August 2010.



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blames referee

England v Germany: Fabio Capello blames referee and linesman for World Cup exitFabio Capello refused to blame his players for England's woeful exit from the World Cup at the hands of Germany, instead focusing on the decision to disallow Frank Lampard's equalising goal. Assistant referee Mauricio Espinosa failed to spot it, though, and instead of drawing level at 2-2, England capitulated in the second half to lose 4-1, their worst ever World Cup defeat. "It was one of the most important things in the game," Capello said.

Budget: The impact on people and households The tax and welfare changes in George Osborne's first Budget are the most dramatic for more than 20 years. For instance, the rise in VAT to 20% will raise £2.9bn this tax year and will eventually raise an ex-

tra £13.5bn by the year 2014-15. On the other hand, the personal income tax allowance is going to rise by £1,000. But with numerous changes to other taxes and welfare benefits - some in favour of taxpayers and

claimants - how will the average individual or family be affected? Income tax For the first time, the Treasury has published such an analysis in its traditional Budget document, the Red Book.

How Goldsmith changed advice on legality of war For seven years, Britain has wanted to see how the legal case for invading Iraq was made. Yesterday, at a public inquiry that is going on unnoticed, official documents were released for the first time that showed the grave reservations of the Attorney General, his remarkable U-turn, and how the basis for the Iraq war as built on sand Documents about how the legal case for the Iraq war was formulated by the Blair government seven years

ago were made public yesterday, revealing the grave doubts of the Attorney General over impending military action. The drafts of legal advice and letters sent to the Prime Minister by Lord Goldsmith had been kept secret despite repeated calls for them to be published. Yesterday they were released by the Chilcot Inquiry into the war, after the head of the Civil Service, Sir Gus O'Donnell, stated that the "long-standing convention" for

such documents to be kept confidential had to be waived because the issue of the legality of the Iraq war had a "unique status". It had been known that Lord Goldsmith had initially advised the government that an attack on Iraq would not be legal without a fresh United Nations resolution. However, just before the US-led invasion he presented a new set of opinions saying that a new resolution was not needed after all.


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July 2010  

First URDU & ENGLISH newspaper of South Yorkshire UK.

July 2010  

First URDU & ENGLISH newspaper of South Yorkshire UK.