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POLICE are bringing in millions of pounds by passing on crash details to lawyers and insurance companies, figures show. Forces are accepting ‘administration fees’ for handing over copies of reports on road traffic accidents. The Metropolitan Police has received more than £5 million in this way since 2009, while the Hampshire force pulled in more than £480,000 since 2010. Fife Constabulary made almost £2000,000. The country’s 48 other police forces did not reveal how much they made following a request under the Freedom of Information Act by car insurance company LV=. The Met said the money it made is simply an ‘administration cost’for providing copies of its reports.‘Any suggestions that the MPS has sold these details are untrue’ a spokesman said. The Met’s own figures show it made an average of £371 for each of the 13000 requests it received over the last three years. ‘That is a lot of money for administration’ said a spokesman for LV=.

The news came as separate research by the company claimed two thirds of accident victims are contacted by claims companies or lawyers – sometimes within hours of accidents. Some opportunistic claims management companies go to the scene of the accident, while others go to the hospital where victims are being treated. Managing director John O’Roarke criticised the ‘aggressive’ hounding of crash victims. ‘The heavy-handed tactics of the “claims farming” industry has resulted in record levels of compensation claims for whiplash and

other personal injuries – despite falling accident rates,’ he added. Last year David Cameron promised to clamp down on a compensation culture which had made Britain the ‘whiplash capital of Europe’. From April it will be illegal to receive payment for referral fees in personal injury cases and there will also be a cap on lawyers’ fees on successful claims. But the pending legislation has prompted a whiplash ‘gold rush’ with claims companies hounding people regardless of whether they have been injured or not, says LV=.











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Poorest families face new council tax blow

Poor families may have to pay hundreds of pounds more in council tax from April but many have no idea about what is about to hit them. Up to 3million low-income households will be worse off as council tax benefit is scrapped, according to the Resolution Foundation think-tank. Some will have to pay nearly £600 a year more, with single parents on minimum wage likely to be the hardest hit. The foundation’s Gavin Kelly said: ‘Millions of England’s poorest households – both in and out of work – are already very close to the edge given falling wages, tax credits and benefits. ‘Very few of those currently exempt from paying the full rate of council tax are expecting a large new bill to drop on to their doormat this spring. When it does, they are going to find it hard to cope.’ As well as scrapping council tax benefit, the government has handed responsibility for the discounts available to the less welloff to local councils. But it has also told them to find savings of ten per cent and banned them from penalising the elderly. Three out of four councils have been forced to cut the discounts, says the Resolution Foundation. It means families with no one in work and hitherto exempt from the tax will have to pay some of the bill for the first time – typically between £96 and £255 a year. A single parent, working part-time on minimum wage and currently paying £173 a year for a modest home, will become liable for up to an extra £577 a year. If they live in a bigger home, their bill will rise by more than £600. Councils which choose not to trim back the discounts have been ordered to find the ten per cent savings from other services. Critics point out the changes come in at the same time that millionaires get a ‘huge tax cut’. Local government minister Brandon Lewis said the reforms would cut fraud and get people into work. He added: ‘We are ending the something-for-nothing culture.’

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New national figures released show Sheffield’s 2012 GCSE results bucked the national trend by showing a marked improvement. In the city results, improved by 5.8 per cent and over 55 per cent of students achieved five good passes at GCSE including both English and mathematics. Nationally there was a slight fall in the percentage of students who achieved this benchmark.

In a large number of schools in Sheffield, students achieved record results. Many schools made double figure improvements including: Hinde House, Firth Park, Birley, Westfield, Parkwood Academy, Park Academy, Ecclesfield, Chaucer, Newfield and All Saints. At 'A' Level similar positive outcomes for students were also achieved. Sheffield's schools have leapt up the league tables of students achieving the highest grades at 'A' level of grades A, A, Particularly pleasing was the rate of B which means that students taking 'A' progress which many students made in levels in Sheffield have achieved some both English and mathematics and this great results. places Sheffield at its highest position for many years in the league tables of Councillor Jackie Drayton, Cabinet Local Authorities. Member for Children, Young People and

affordable, with mortgage payments typically standing at 14.9% of disposable earnings. Across the UK, the share of wages taken up by mortgage payments has held steady at 28% since mid-2011.

Typical mortgage payments for both first-time buyers and home movers have plummeted to 28% of average incomes, from a peak of 48% in 2007, said the study by Halifax. The average monthly mortgage payment for someone with a 30% deposit is £580, while the typical take-home wage is £2,062. Lenders have been slashing their mortgage rates in recent Camden in north London was months following the launch named as the UK's least af- of a Government Funding for fordable area, with mortgage Lending scheme giving banks payments taking up 56.5% of access to cheap finance. Howtake-home pay for new bor- ever, Halifax said this has rerowers. Copeland in the North sulted in the share of income West was found to be the most spent on mortgage payments

“I am passionate that every child and young person in Sheffield should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, and we have to remember that the process for achieving good GCSE and A Level results begins much earlier on. These results follow record improvements in our primary school SATS results last summer, so it is encouraging that we are seeing this level of improvement at every stage of school life.”

PROPOSED CLOSURE OF DON VALLEY STADIUM Commenting on the proposed closure of Don Valley stadium, Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Leader of the Lib Dem Group on Sheffield City Council, said: “I’m disappointed by this announcement. When the Lib Dems controlled the Council closing the Stadium was proposed, but we refused and found the savings from elsewhere.

we have even finished paying for it. What a damning example of Labour’s complete mismanagement of the city’s finances.

“Whilst we’ve heard a lot from the Council of the cuts they’re planning to make, they continue to waste money in the Town Hall. The £2.2 million Labour are planning to spend on Town Hall meeting rooms dwarfs the refurbishment costs of the Don Valley stadium. There are difficult decisions to be made, but by prioritising Town Hall offices over front line services Labour are making the wrong choices for Sheffield.”

Labour councillors opened Don Valley with a great fanfare and local taxpayers will continue pay over £20 million a year for its construction for at least another decade. Yet now the Labour-run Council want to shut the venue before

Mortgages Most Affordable in Decade Cheaper mortgage deals have helped keep payments for new borrowers at their most affordable levels for a decade, research by a major lender has found.

Families at Sheffield City Council, said: “These are excellent results and show that Sheffield is moving in the right direction. It’s a tribute to all the hard work by pupils, their parents and carers, and staff in our schools.

also remaining steady rather than falling further because the cheaper deals have been balanced out by house prices edging up. It is still early days for the Funding for Lending scheme, but there is evidence that mortgage affordability is increasing, as rates are down by 0.5% in recent months. However, the impact on affordability isn't as positive as it could have been, as house prices slightly increased at the end of 2012. Halifax said that mortgage payments have fallen by at least a quarter as a proportion of average earnings in 95% of local authority areas since 2007. Some 25 areas have recorded improvements of 50% or more.

Sheffield City Council Against Planning Free-For-All

Sheffield City Council has submitted objections to the government's proposed changes to planning which would effect planning decisions made in Sheffield. Government plans would allow a planning free-for-all in the city, allowing home owners and businesses to significantly extend their properties without permission, regardless of the impact on neighbouring residents, and the transfer to the government of some major planning decisions for big schemes like office and retail parks, without input from local authorities, thereby denying local people a say.

construction and the economy, despite evidence to the contrary. Currently in Sheffield, 90% of planning applications are granted after negotiation with planners, with the majority passed within 8 weeks.

The typical cost of making an application for an extension is just a fraction of the The government says the build cost at just £150, and changes are needed to boost there are hundreds of plan-

ning applications approved but waiting to be actioned, with hold ups more often due to issues with obtaining bank loans or mortgages, not the planning process. The government's plans to take away local accountability by centralising power in the hands of the Secretary of State, flies in the face of localism and will make it easier for unscrupulous developers to build without taking local opinions into account. Labour believe removing planning permission will do nothing to boost the economy but would create resentment and conflict between neighbours. And the council will have no powers to intervene.

Over 66 % of British Electorate want Poll on EU Membership

More than two-thirds of British voters want a referendum on whether they should stay as members of the European Union (EU) though a majority would vote to stay in if given the opportunity to vote, according to an opinion poll.

questioned over 2,000 people on the referendum options and voting intentions in the 2014 European Parliament election, showed major gains for Labor and the anti-EU UK Independence Party which pushed the Conservatives into third place.

for full EU withdrawal, just 27 per cent of Conservative voters said they would do so. A quarter of Labor voters polled said they would vote for withdrawal, with just 17 per cent of Lib Dem voters saying likewise.

The Comres opinion poll, which

While two-thirds of Ukip voters (67 per cent) say they would vote

Four in five Ukip voters believe EU membership has been a mistake.

But so too do half of all Conservative voters polled and four in 10 of all those who indicate their support for Labor, figures which leave the possibility that anti-EU sentiment could grow significantly.

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Disunited Kingdom

A majority of the British want to leave the EU (fast moving towards the United States of Europe). The United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland is in a civil divorce proceeding. Scotland is leaving the UK. Once Scotland is out, how ling till Wales will leave too. Under these circumstances, the UK is leaving the EU.

Union. Mr. Cameron however clarified that he wants Britain to remain in a looser union, and does not support a tighter. “To try and shoehorn countries into a centralized political union would be a great mistake and Britain would not be a part of it”. Cameron angered the Europeans at World Economic Forum in the Swiss resort of Davos.

Prime Minister David Cameron doesn’t want anything to do with the future of Europe, United States of Europe. The Englishmen however feel that they are better than Continental Europeans. Cameron has shaken Europe’s political landscape by offering Britons the prospect of leaving the 27-country European

Many in the EU, specially the 17 countries that use the Euro as their common currency, are striving for a closer union. Britain, a nation of shopkeepers view the EU as an economic trade block, while the EU sees itself as a political rival to the USA. “If you mean that Europe has to be a political union, a country

called Europe, then I disagree,” Mr. Cameron

Mr. Cameron revealed he intends to hold a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU if he wins the next general election, expected in 2015. This after a tough struggle by the UK to join the EU, after opposing it for decades. The UK had formed an “Outer Eight” to oppose the French and German led European Common Market. France opposed the British inclusion for decades, finally accepting it in the European fold.

Top 20 burglary hotspots A quarter of the country’s 20 November 2012. worst postcode hotspots for home burglary insurance claims The other Bradford postcodes are in the Bradford district. which appear in the list are BD10 (Eccleshill, Idle, ThackAnd the BD12 area, which cov- ley and Greengates), BD17 ers Wyke, Low Moor and Oak- (Baildon), BD18 (Shipley) and enshaw, has the second high- BD6 (Buttershaw and Wibsey). est claims rate in the country, according to analysis of 3.49 The Leeds postcode LS28 (Pudmillion applications for home sey, Calverley and Farsley) is insurance quotes made between also named among the burglary December 2011 and the end of hotspot areas.

The only area that fares worse than Bradford is London, which has seven of the top 20 hotspots. The Home Office figures show overall crime has dropped by nine per cent in West Yorkshire from September 2011 to 2012. There were 17,929 fewer victims of crime, burglary of dwellings was down by 27 per cent and vehicle crime dropped by 12 per cent.

Queen Ensures William And Kate’s Girl The Princess Title Making a significant change in existing Royal rules, Queen Elizabeth II has ensured that a daughter for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be given the title of Princess. Hitherto, rules provided that a girl born to Prince William and Kate would be known as Lady, not Her Royal Highness, and only a first-born boy could get the Royal title. The Queen - by issuing new Letters Patent - changed the rules so that her greatgrandchild, due this summer, has a title suitable for a future monarch. The alteration was anticipated, and the amendment "seemed logical" to bring to an end the discrimination against women succeeding to the throne.


Labour leaders on Sheffield City Council have been left red-faced after being forced to back-down on a plan to provide i-pads for councillors, for a second time. Last month, Labour councillors proposed a pilot which would have seen councillors provided with i-pads or i-phones for free. However, following the intervention of Lib Dem councillors, Labour leaders have now dropped the scheme. With the latest i-pad costing up to £659, an i-pad for all 84 councillors would have seen a total of £55,356 taxpayers’ money blown on the scheme.

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News in Brief Council House Rents in Rotherham

The average council house rent in Rotherham will be £73.81 (paid over 49 weeks) in 2013/14 - making them still some of the lowest rents in the country. Members of Rotherham Borough Council's Cabinet agreed to an average rent increase of 6.19% or £4.30 per week over a 49 week period. Coun. Rose McNeely, Cabinet Member for Safe and Attractive Neighbourhoods for Rotherham Borough Council, said that once again the authority had little choice but to increase it rents as required by the Government's plan to bring in line all social housing rents. She said: "I know only too well that many people living

King Khan Visits Janan No Punches Thrown

in council properties across the Borough are facing a very challenging time at the moment and that they will be looking to us to constrain any rent increase. We have done what we can, but our historically-low rents have resulted in us having to increase them year-on-year to meet the Government's rent convergence target in 2015/16." In the council's recentlybuilt 132 energy-efficient homes, the authority is setting rent levels at an average of £98.39. This is a lower rate of increase as the council has more discretion over homes that have already met the Government's rent convergence policy.

'Millions of Low-Income Households' Face Council Tax Rise Council tax benefit changes are set to come into force next April Continue reading the main story Related Stories

between £100 and £250 a year, but some could rise as much as £600, according to think tank the Resolution Foundation. Its report coincides with the deadline for local Watchdog warns over authorities to submit their council cuts plans for changing council Councils 'dodging democ- tax benefit. racy' on tax Jobless to pay full council Responsibility for the tax? benefit is being moved Millions of the poorest from the government to households face council councils. tax rises because most councils in England At the same time, the will pass on a 10% cut total spent on the benin funding from April, efit, which is to become research suggests. known as council tax supA typical bill will rise port, is being cut by 10%.

The Fashion House hosted a visit by the British Boxer Amir Khan recently. Khan Brothers turned their vision into reality by opening JANAN in August 2011, an exceptional fashion empire, in Bradford at 14 Shearbridge Road, BD7 1NP. JANAN caters for the fashionable man as well, and Amir happily tried the garments with interest particularly the Sherwanis. He was appreciative of the quality and variety available under one roof.

Janan’s stock ranges from party wear to burqas to casual wear. Their perseverance for new and exclusive brands gives Janan the lead in the industry, including pieces from popular fashion designers such as Junaid Jamshed, Needlez and Sana Safinaz. Also available is a whole variety of designer unstitched suits.

Shopping at JANAN is an enjoyable experience as the knowledgeable staff who is committed to help you make that all important decision The fashion outlet takes pride in of- by guiding you as required during fering a wide range some of the most your visit to the Fashion House. So luxurious designs available in today’s whether its clothing, accessories or eastern culture and sharing them with shoes you are looking for they will western clientele. ensure your needs are looked after.

JANAN stocks a breath taking bridal collection and has the expertise in accessories to assist you choose and prepare for the most important days in your life. The Bridal Suite is just the perfect thing for both brides and grooms to explore the exceptional attires. JANAN is persevering to put its stamp on fashion with a service designed to adorn everyone, and its recognition as a value-formoney fashion house gives it the leading edge in the stiff competition. They hope to continue to build on their reputation as one of the most stylish and high quality Asian couture fashion houses in this country.

Over 13,000 British Households Have Black And White Tvs

CHEESED OFF? By: Saeed Ahmed Sayed

Have you ever wondered which the world’s most expensive cheese is? Guess! Is it Cow’s, Buffaloe’s, Sheep’s, Goat’s or Soya ..........? Which one? The answer is none of these! Surprised? So am I!!! So which is the one? To my astonishment, it is made from the milk of an animal considered unjustly as lazy, perhaps as I am thought of, whereas it is not only a very useful animal in most corners of the world but the one I consider very hardworking. This is a big clue! Any idea? Be patient - can you wait till the next ILM (THE KNOWLEDGE) issue? I guess you can but may be the editor’s patience under the pressure of meeting copy

deadline may be running out? You never know; I hope not InshaAllah! So, what animal is it? I have been wondering about it as they say in Yorkshire for “donkeys ears” ! Yes, you have got it; it is cheese made of donkey’s milk. And none other than Novak Djokovic has bought next year’s entire supply of this cheese. The tennis star intends to sell this delicacy, costing about £ 800 a wedge in his chain of restaurants he is opening in Serbia. He has earned a fortune from the tennis circuit but this is about milking the donkey/s. Watch out, horsemeat, donkey’s milk cheese..........what next? I am cheesed off! Are you?

Despite the steady stream of plasma, flat screen and high-definition TVs on offer, over 13,000 British householders still have black and white sets. Almost half a century after colour programmes were first beamed into British homes, people are still paying 49 pounds a year for a licence to watch in

monochrome. The number of people with black and white licences - which are nearly 100 pounds cheaper than the colour equivalent - has declined from 212,000 at the turn of the century to fewer than 50,000 in 2006. Last week that number had fallen

to 13,202. Though 13,202 monochrome licences may sound a lot, it's now a tiny percentage of the 25 million licensed viewers in the UK. The numbers of black and white TV sets in regular use has fallen dramatically over the last few years, hastened by the fact that it's now almost impossible to

replace them. There will always be a small number of users who prefer monochrome images, don't want to throw away a working piece of technology or collect old TV sets.

Top Education Conference in Sheffield One of the UK ’s most prestigious education conferences took place in Sheffield last month. Over 350 world renowned experts, policy makers, education leaders, headteachers, Academy Principals and leading academics descended on Sheffield for the North of England Education Conference. The conference – which was organised by Sheffield City Council, the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University – explored the cutting edge think-

ing, new ideas and innovative ience’, was focussing on the mind munities, specifically investigatpractice that will shape the future and brain in relation to learning, ing the link between neuroscience education landscape, both in and schools, parents and healthy com- and education. out of the classroom. The conference, now in its 109th year, took place at Sheffield Hallam University. The aim of the conference was to deliver a legacy of collaboration between academics, policy makers, practitioners and service users that will last well beyond the conference itself. The conference entitled ‘Mind, Brain, Community: Inspiring Learners, Strengthening Resil-

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Come and Help Save Sheffield’s Libraries

Sheffield City Council has issued a call for action to communities, businesses and entrepreneurs to find alternative ways of delivering library services in response to the Government’s devastating cuts to Sheffield. The call has gone out as the Council is facing a massive budget gap of £50m for 2013/14 which comes after it has already cut £140m in the last two years due to Government’s drastic cutback in council funding.

of the cuts means that all areas of the council are facing drastic reductions and the saving required from the library service is £1.6 million, from a budget currently standing at £6.4m a year. The scale of the budget gap means that major changes are now unavoidable.

The Council has conducted a review of library services looking at how the city’s library service can be delivered in the long-term. The Government’s Autumn Statement confirmed that they will impose even furTo date, Sheffield Council has ther cuts in future years due to managed the cuts in library their failure to secure economfunding through reductions in ic growth. opening hours, reducing staff through voluntary redundancy As a result the council looking and cutting vacant posts where for support from Sheffielders they fall. However, the extent and beyond to develop a vi-

able and economically sustainable library service for the future and will at the end of this month launch an eight-week period where interested groups can come forward with ideas to help run their local library services. Once the expressions period ends in March, the Council’s Cabinet will consider the responses. If no ideas come forward that provide a sustainable solution then the council will have no choice but to look at major service changes, which could mean up to 14 libraries, given the amount of money to be saved, could be at risk of closure. No decisions on which libraries could be at risk have been made.

Britons Make Switch From TV Sets A third of Britons would rather watch programmes on a tablet, smartphone or laptop than a traditional television set, according to a survey. Just over a quarter of people (26%) watch less TV through a standard set than they did 10 years ago, while 33% would "happily" swap it for a gadget capable of streaming pro-

grammes. Internet TV watched on gadgets such as tablets and smartphones is becoming the default choice for many people as faster fibre optic broadband is rolled out across the country, offering the advantage of viewing on the move.

survey found that Britons are watching an average of 1.5 hours more video, film and television content a day than they were 10 years ago. It is predicted that the television set will be replaced as the primary viewing device by gadgets working off broadband And despite the decrease in connections in most British traditional TV viewing, the homes by 2017.

US Congressman Compares Obama to Saddam

A senior US congressman, angry at President Barack Obama's policies after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, compared him to the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein.

use executive orders to combat gun violence. Stockman ended the interview by comparing Obama's "use" of children to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

President Obama introduced a com- Since Sandy Hook, Republicans have prehensive plan to tackle gun violence, compared Obama to various dictators, surrounded by children who wrote to including Hitler and Stalin. him after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX), who has already threatened to impeach Obama over his efforts, attacked Obama for inviting concerned children to his press conference. Speaking with Fox News a host, Stockman explained his intent to pursue impeachment if Obama tried to

Sheffields Uncollected Debt Opposition councillors on Sheffield City Council have accused the Labour-run Council of failing to stand up for Sheffield as millions of pounds of debts from neighbouring councils remain uncollected.

maintain there is a risk that outstanding contributions will not be recovered. Liberal Democrat councillors are calling on Sheffield Council leaders to stand up to other Labour politicians across South Yorkshire The accusations relate the £14m of debt and ensure the funds are recovered. accumulated following the collapse of the South Yorkshire Trading Standards Unit. The unit, which was a joint operation between Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster, was closed when evidence of serious fraud surfaced in 2006. However, £7.9m of debt remains outstanding and council finance officers

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ILM NEWS - 3 Years on At the start of this month I was invited by Nasir Mir (Apna Restaurant) to attend a celebration event on behalf of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, celebrating 3 years of ILM. As I sat there a number of times it was mentioned that people criticised ILM and the people who bought it together, when it first started and continue to do so. For a monthly community newspaper to be still going after 3 years is an achievement in itself and the commitment and dedication by the contributors and the team who bring it together is worthy of praise and recognition. But the constant theme of criticism is one that I would like to explore. I was watching a movie with my child called ‘Ratatouille’ recently and in it the Character ‘Anton Ego’, offers up the following at the climax of the movie. I enjoyed it and think you may find it relevant to this article.

tion over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face is that, in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. But there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the *new*. The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations. The new needs friends..…” Too many times we take criticism as a personal attack, as an insult to who we are. But it’s not. Well, perhaps sometimes it is, but we don’t have to take it that way. Take it as a criticism of your actions or product, not your person. If you do that, you can detach yourself from the criticism emotionally and see what should be done. But the way that man

y of us handle the criticisms “In many ways, the work that we see as personal atof a critic is easy. We risk tacks is by attacking back. very little yet enjoy a posi- “I’m not going to let some-

By: Shahid Ali

one talk to me that way.” a good thing. For example, Especially if this criticism is this criticism: made in public, such as on radio. “The same old people are writing the same old things", You have to defend yourself, can be read: “We need to and attack the attacker … increase the variety of conright? Wrong. By attacking tributors and write about a the attacker, you are stoop- variety of topics.” That’s ing to their level. Even if the just one example of course person was mean or rude, — you can do that with just you don’t have to be the about any criticism. Somesame way. You don’t have times it’s just someone havto commit the same sins. Be ing a bad day, but many the better person. times there’s at least a grain of truth in the criticism. Below are some of the attributes a person should have Thank the critic. Even if when receiving criticism: someone is harsh and rude, thank them. They might Listen carefully. In any have been having a bad situation listening carefully day, or maybe they’re just a is a key skill. If you ignore negative person in general. critical comments, you're But even so, your attitude of doomed to repeat the same gratitude will probably catch mistakes. them off-guard. Thanking a critic can actually win a few The first step is the most dif- of them over. All because of ficult, as it can mean that one a simple act of saying thank must "suck up" one's pride you for the criticism. It’s unand admit one's responsi- expected, and often apprecibility in one's work-related ated. errors. It can be seen as an opportunity to improve — Even if the critic doesn’t and without that constant take your “thank you” in improvement, we are just a good way, it’s still good sitting still. Improvement is to do — for yourself. It’s a

way of reminding yourself that the criticism was a good thing for you, a way of keeping yourself humble - not cocky. Learn from the criticism. After seeing criticism in a positive light, and thanking the critic, don’t just move on and go back to business as usual. Actually try to improve. That’s a difficult concept for some people, because they often think that they’re right no matter what.

not pay ILM to publish their piece or for ILM to cover an event.

I have been a party to many critiquing conversations with ILM, where they have listened patiently at times and explained their point of view. I have found them willing to listen and it is where they asked me to write monthly in the newspaper. ILM is the sum of parts from a large number of contributors and behind the But no one is always right. scenes staff, who we should You, in fact, may be wrong, appreciate and encourage. and the critic may be right. So see if there’s something Finally one of the ripples you can change to make that ILM has caused in our yourself better. And then community along with the make that change. Actually radio fraternity is a ‘media strive to do better as a com- revolution’ in the Pakistani municator. You'll end up be- community in Sheffield. ing glad you made the extra effort. I have seen increasing enMany of the criticisms made thusiasm and commitment are in regards to ILM itself, from participants that has but year on year the newspa- been developed over the per has been developing of- last 3 years and I hope that fering new insights, new ar- ILM does go from strength ticles and giving a platform to strength and establishes for people to express them- greater routes into commuselves and their views. Con- nity and encourages younger trary to some peoples belief participants to contribute the contributors actually do over the next year.

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4,000 Foreign Criminals ‘Cannot be Deported’

As many as 3,980 criminals of foreign origin, who should have been sent back to their own countries, are freely roaming the streets of Britain. The criminals include murderers and rapists.

the Human Rights Act. designed to help foreigners remain “Lax immigration and border con- in Britain when they should have no trols inherited from the previous Labour government have left this legacy and the current government must take all steps necessary, including abolishing the Human Rights Act, to Though the government wants to get these people removed from Britdeport them, many cannot be sent ain," the MP was quoted as saying. back because of their human rights. A Tory MP, who asked a question The public deserve to have a robust that led to the publication of the immigration system in place to keep figures, called for the abolition of them safe instead of laws and rules

right to be here." "Hard-pressed taxpayers will be disgusted to learn that they are footing the legal fees and living costs associated with this number of foreigners overstaying their welcome," Patel said. Officials say thousands of criminals use the Human Rights Act, which guarantees the "right to family life", or fears about violence in the countries they left as a way to dodge


Ministers said that last year a string of murders and sex attacks were committed by foreign nationals who should already have been sent back. Foreign criminals on immigration bail have committed three murders, three kidnappings and 14 sexual offences, including rape. Official figures show that there have also been arrests in relation to 27 other "violent crimes" and 64 thefts.

Police Activity Increased After a Rise in Burglaries Across East Sheffield Police in the East of Sheffield are undertaking an operation to address an increase in house burglary. The operation will involve a significant number of police officers both uniform and plain clothes officers together with partner agency activity. The areas where these burglaries have been committed are around Frecheville, Handsworh, Woodthorpe, and Darnall, and occurred mainly late evening into the early mornings. There will be an increased police presence in these communities in an effort to reassure residents and target offenders. Officers and PCSOs

from the local safer neighbourhood teams will endeavour to visit every homeowner or resident, who have been unfortunate to become a victim of burglary, and will offer reassurance and crime prevention advice, to avoid them becoming a repeat victim. In addition, officers will be visiting local second-hand shops in the area to make them aware, and liasing with partner agencies to help police identify and arrest those responsible. South Yorkshire Police want to encourage the public to pass on in formation about burglars and the handling of stolen goods by calling

101, the non-emergency number, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Phone 999 if a life is at risk or a crime is in progress. South Yorkshire Police offer the following advice about home security. Remember to lock all your doors

and windows, even if you are at home • Review your locks, upgrade your locks to one that is specifically designed to prevent lock snapping • Consider installing a burglar alarm and use it, even when you’re in bed • Leave a light on when you go out • Keep your valuables - including car keys in a safe place awayfrom doors and windows • Fit outside security lighting and review your boundary security

• Be nosey - report any suspicious people or vehicles in your neighbourhood • Protect your valuables with a property marking solution like SmartWater or an ultraviolet marker pen and register your things free on,this may help recovered stolen property to be returned to its rightful owner. For further crime prevention advice, please visit home-safety/burglary content/protecting-your-property

Oxfam hits out at ‘extreme wealth’ the 100 richest people was 240 billion US dollars (£150 billion). In contrast, people in "extreme poverty" live on less than 1.25 US dollars (78p) per day, and the charity called on world leaders to commit to reducing inequality to levels last seen in 1990. Barbara Stocking, Oxfam's chief executive, said a "global new deal" was needed to reverse decades of increasing inequality. She said: "We can no longer pretend the creation of wealth for a few will inevitably benefit the many - too often the reverse is true. Concentration of resources in the hands of the top 1% deReleasing The Cost Of Inequal- presses economic activity and ity: How Wealth And Income makes life harder for everyone Extremes Hurt Us All, Oxfam else - particularly those at the said the net income last year of The world's richest 100 people earned enough last year to end extreme poverty for the world's poorest people four times over, Oxfam has said. The charity said an "explosion in extreme wealth" was hindering efforts to tackle poverty.

bottom of the economic ladder." Oxfam said world leaders should learn from countries like Brazil, which has "grown rapidly while reducing inequality”. We need a global new deal to reverse decades of increasing inequality. As a first step world leaders should formally commit themselves to reducing inequality to the levels seen in 1990. From tax havens to weak employment laws, the richest benefit from a global economic system which is rigged in their favour. It is time our leaders reformed the system so that it works in the interests of the whole of humanity rather than a global elite.

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Samsung Shows off ‘Unbreakable’ Phone which Rolls up Like Paper

Samsung wowed an audience in Las Vegas with a working mobile phone screen which can be rolled and unrolled like a sheet of paper. The screen kept working as it

was rolled and unrolled - showing off that it is far more flexible than previous 'bendable' screens. The screen uses the same OLED - organic LED - technology as many current smartphones, but

encased in plastic instead of glass. The prototype device is built to be "virtually unbreakable", Samsung claims. The new form factor will really begin to change how people interact with their devices, opening up new lifestyle possibilities. The new display is called “Youm." Samsung also showed off a smartphone prototype equipped with a curved edge, which works almost like a 'second screen' around the edge of the device. The Korean technology company remained quiet on when flexible phones might go on sale.

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There may be trouble ahead

By:Jaan. M. Khan E: Mail

be it the Senate( whom every President needs to enact legislation), the powerful Pro-Israeli Lobby along with Christian Zionists or and possibly most crucially in the long run American sensibilities for the Jewish state.

As President Barak Hussein Obama gets sworn in for a historic second term the Middle East was rapping its welcome back President gifts. Egypt was offering death sentences on football After inheriting a legacy of might is right along with American imperialism fans and rioting. Libya Evacuation of as propagated by the regime of George foreigners and killings. Iraq with its mass suicide bombing and death squads (same as the president got 4 years ago), and Israel with its Benjamin... (I’ll build all the settlements I F...... like on occupied Palestinian land and what you gona do about it BO) Netanyahu. Now it’s no state secret that The President of the United States has no love lost for the newly re-elected Prime Minster of Israel Benyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu. Having been fed a diet of baloney followed by more baloney by the Israeli Prime Minster since he came to power in 2009, Obama is quite aware that far from having a partner in the historic America Israel double act for peace. He does actually have a rival act with opposing goals vying for the confidence of Americas power base,

Bush the second and his cohorts. Obama was tasked with confidence building in the vision of America as a land of hope and opportunity a stabilizing factor in a world of uncertantity and crucially not anti-Islamic. The principles of the founding fathers of the United States and the reality of its young history of immigration and multiple communities making America one of the most diverse countries in the world had well and truly been over-

run by that of a conquest seeking, self interested cruel empire.

An empire which had now set its sights firmly on Islam and Muslim lands full of the world’s most important natural resource, oil. Whilst Obamas land mark Cairo speech in his first term, together with pronounced withdrawals from both Iraq and Afghanistan showed his intentions, his attempts to tackle the essence of instability in the middle east namely the Israeli Palestinian conflict and Israelis continued expansion into the occupied territories, was rather less successful for one reason and that reason has now again been elected as Israelis prime minster Benyamin Netanyahu.

Frances former President Nikolas Sarcoxie’s off the cuff remark to Obama, which was captured by the microphones that he couldn’t stand Netanyahu as he was a liar who to paraphrase didn’t want peace, indicates the wider assumption by the international community that Netanyahu is essentially an impediment to any peace process in the middle east. And hereby lies the dilemma for the

manifest its self into policy. The driving force for the propagation of Israel and its blatant disregard for international laws is the lack of a nuanced American Israeli foreign policy. No other prime minster can lecture the President of America about what he should and shouldn’t do as Netanyahu palpably has done. And a lecture from no other prime minster in the world would be tolerated by the US President as he does with Israel. It seems that any actual change towards Israeli policy has to come from within.

That is to say an organic process from within the Jewish American intellectual community as espoused by professor Noam Chomsky and Professor Norhumble citizen who follows these man Finkelstein. Or a size mick shift However Obama will show some relief affairs and an incumbent American in international realities as the newly President. What can you actually do, as Netanyahu’s’ center right coalition emerging nations from the Arab spring if the Prime Minster of Israel doesn’t and Likud Party is somewhat weakened, by the emergence of other Israeli want to play ball? Well the answers my develop democratic models and Institutions and emerge as free voting dear friends are not much at best and centrist parties, who have done far nations thereby dispelling the myth better than expected and it would seem absolutely nothing at worst. Although at the cost of Israelis right wing parties, the tide of opinion for Israel is changing propagated for so long that Israel is the around the world and most importantly only democratic state within the middle who have lost votes and diminished east and by extension a western surrotheir power within any future coalition within the United States, it will take a gate nation within a sea of dictatorships. lot longer than the next ten, fifteen or government. twenty years for that shift to reflect and

Community’s Fears Over Charging Plans

Muslim community leaders have urged NHS managers to drop plans to charge for male circumcisions carried out for ‘non therapeutic’ reasons. Sheffield NHS clinical commissioning group is proposing the change from April, because of government cuts putting pressure on budgets. However, representatives from Sheffield’s Muslim community fear the move could see some families use ‘back-street’ providers – potentially risking the health of boys and leading to greater cost for the NHS in the long-term. Tim Furness, chief of business planning and partnerships for the group, said “we are proposing to

cease to commission circumcisions for non-medical reasons as this diverts funding away from mainstream health activity.

“ It is acknowledged this decision would have a particular impact on the Muslim community and certain ethnic groups.” He said discussions were taking place with Sheffield Children’s Hospital to develop a private

service. But Muhammad Ali, chairman of the Pakistani Muslim Centre, Attercliffe, said “it is important the procedure is carried out in a safe environment, but there is concern poorer families might go down the route of using backstreet providers. This could be counter-productive, because it could put children at risk and lead to more costs for the NHS. Circumcision for males has been a fundamental part of the faith since the start of Islam and representations have been made to the NHS urging against this proposal.”


Though health-conscious fitness enthusiasts are never seen without bottled water, and it is subject to less stringent safety tests than tap water, the bottled variety is much more likely to be contaminated, says a new study. Bottled water costs more than tap water but is more likely to become a source of infection. On average, Britons drink 33 litres of bottled water annually, whether ordinary mineral, fizzy, or "purified" tap water. Almost a quarter of people who drink bottled water at home say they do so because they believe it is better than tap water. But what consumers do not

realise is that tap water is checked daily under a rigorous inspection regime. It also contains trace amounts of chlorine that prevent the spread of anything harmful such as bacterial infections.

Batches of bottled water have had to be removed from British supermarkets because of questions over contamination. In 1990, a firm had to withdraw millions of bottles worldwide after traces of benzene were found in the In contrast, makers of bot- water. tled water are only required to undertake monthly testing at source. Once filled and sealed, a bottle of water might remain in storage for months before it is sold. Bottled water contains no disinfecting additives such as chlorine. After a bottle of water is opened, it has no way of remaining sterile, and so must be drunk within days.

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Don’t Hurt Kashmir

It is unfortunate that India and Pakistan could not resist the temptation to err on either side of the cease fire line (LOC) at the start of 2013. The loss of life and the manner in which the bodies of the soldiers have been treated does not conform to laws of chivalry and rules of engagement. A violation of cease fire line could have been corrected in due course but the act to mutilate a fallen soldier is unmanly and inhuman. Armies around the world have started giving up the killing instinct and are engaged in peace keeping. The Indian and Pakistani soldier is equally engaged around the globe in promoting and supervising peace. Why does he fail at home, needs a thorough examination? It is an irony that business has remained as usual between the two countries and the party which has fallen prey to this hostile situation are the people and the interests of the people of Kashmir. Trade and travel across the Line

of Control have been suspended. India would be preparing itself to meet any future challenges from Pakistan across the LOC and inside the Valley of Kashmir and vice versa. It means putting the military, police and security apparatus on a high alert at the cost of general convenience of a common Kashmiri. Those of us who primarily don’t write for a financial benefit and the members of the civil society have a lead role to play to ensure that the two countries “Don’t Hurt Kashmir”. We need to make sure that our politics of either manner (Separatist and Mainstream) conducts itself in the best interests of all the people of Jammu and Kashmir. We have an on-going dispute with the Government of India in regard to the final say on the bilateral agreement (provisional) made on 26 October 1947, J & K Constitution and the Indian case presented at the UN Security Council in January 1948. It is all a question

of law and does not entail any violence against the union of India or the people of Kashmir. Kashmiri people in fact have been identified as victims of oppression by Lord Hardinge, Secretary to the Government of India in his letter dated 7 January 1848 addressed to Maharaja Gulab Singh. The history of our oppression is 165 year old. People of Kashmir endured all this until the Government of Kashmir entered into a Stand Still Agreement with the Government of Pakistan in August 1947. Pakistan was the first sovereign State to have a diplomatic foothold and share in the running the affairs of Kashmir. It is unfortunate to point out that post 1947 Pakistan has remained one of the main factors in aggravating the sufferings of the people of Kashmir and their ill placed trust in Pakistan has remained a cause of the death of a generation and the death of selfdetermination. Most Kashmiris are sick of conflict and desperate for a peaceful settlement. But for both India and Pakistan the symbolic importance of the Kashmir dispute means that they will inevitably follow their own perceived national interests rather than those of the people of Kashmir. If the Kashmiris had been conducting a straightforward fight for independence in the same way as the Chechens or East Timorese, they would have had a greater chance

‘A Fair Deal for Sheffield’

Sheffield MPs, Faith Leaders, representatives of the Voluntary and Community Sector, and trade unions are coming together to call for A Fair Deal for Sheffield. The ‘Fair Deal for Sheffield’ campaign is being supported by a wide range of Sheffield’s faith leaders, the voluntary and community sector, unions and local politicians. On Friday 25th January at 1pm they will be launching a People’s Petition for fair funding for Sheffield, which challenges the Government’s unfair distribution of public spending cuts to city serv-

ices. There will be a campaign launch and photocall outside the Town Hall. The Fair Deal campaign highlights the unfairness of the Government’s cuts on Sheffield, compared to wealthier areas which are receiving much lower reductions in funding. The people’s petition calls on the Government to give Sheffield and South Yorkshire the fair funding that we deserve. The Fair Deal briefing document sets out the background to the unfairness of the Government’s cuts on Sheffield. Paul Blomfield MP, Mem-

ber of Parliament for Sheffield Central, said: “The campaign highlights the disproportionate Government cuts affecting Sheffield and makes the case for fair funding. The cuts forced on the Council show the devastating local impact of the Government’s unfairness, but it’s about more than the Council. The unfair cuts to public and voluntary services, combined with the impact of changes to benefits will hit our city harder than wealthier areas. We can’t go on like this. Sheffield deserves a fair deal.”

A Decade of War is Ending: Obama

Saying "a decade of war is now ending," President Barack Obama began his second term in office by exhorting Americans to seize the moment and "answer the call of history" as he laid out a progressive agenda to tackle challenging issues such as gun control and immigration reform. "Progress does not compel us to settle centuries-long debates about the role of government for all time - but it does require us to act in our time," Obama said in his second inaugural address making a forceful plea to "answer the call of history". "My fellow Americans, we are made for this moment, and we will seize it - so long as we seize it together," said Obama outlining the vision for his second term. Extolling the importance of

democracy across the world, Obama said: "America will remain the anchor of strong alliances in every corner of the globe." "For no one has a greater stake in a peaceful world than its most powerful nation," he added, suggesting "a decade of war is now ending" without making a direct reference to the impending drawdown of American troops from Afghanistan next year. The media reaction to the President's speech was on expected lines. "With this speech, he has made a forceful argument for a progressive agenda that meets the nation's needs," said the influential New York Times in an editorial hoping "he has the political will and tactical instincts to carry it out".

In the Washington Post's view Obama had offered "concrete goals at home, wishful thinking abroad". "America's adversaries are not in retreat; they will be watching Mr. Obama in his second term to see if the same can be said of the United States," it suggested. But in the conservative Washington Times, columnist Robert Knight suggested in an opinion piece Obama was "shooting holes in the Constitution". "Leave it to Barack Obama to come into his inaugural weekend with a bang, and not just on guns. He's made it clear that he intends more spending, more regulation, more radical appointees and less national defence in his second term," he wrote.

of success. The tragedy of Kashmir is that the voices of its own people have been drowned out by the Islamists, nationalists and ideologues in both Islamabad and Delhi. Has Pakistans leadership has failed in its duty and responsibility to keep examining the political developments in Pakistan in particular and Pakistan’s Kashmir policy in general? Our leaders should have taken a due cognizance of the fact when in October 1958 Martial Law Government changed the designation “Islamic Republic” and declared that the “Republic [was] henceforth known as Pakistan”. It was the first sign of being uncertain about the title of the State. The designation to “Islamic Republic” was reverted back in 1973. In January 1959 Military Government established the Bureau of National Reconstruction. It was tasked “to coalesce all the divergent linguistic, sectarian and social groups into a single cohesive nation”. Unfortunately the experiment to “encourage the development of local culture as part of the nation building process” failed in 1971. The values and approaches between the two people from East Pakistan and West Pakistan remained at variance. All other princely States that had acceded to Pakistan started feeling uncomfortable and oppressed. The history of treatment of Kashmiri leaders, in particular the

By: Dr. Syed Nazir Gilani

Mohajir leaders and the Kashmiri refugees (2.5 million) does not make a good read. They could not attract any rebuke on physical appearance, like Bengalis, but continued to face distrust and gaze of secret agencies all their lives. Pakistan disabled their input in the right of selfdetermination in all manner. It took over the control of Gilgit and Baltistan and instructed the President of AJK in respect of Act 1974 for its passage in the Assembly and secure a direct and an indirect control of these territories. Kashmir was not raised at the UN from 5 November 1965 to 15 September 1996. It resulted in the deletion of Kashmir as a regular item on UN Security Council agenda in September 1996. Kashmir had continued as a regular item for 48 years from January 1948 to September 1996.

It is now a subject of an annual reminder rule. Both countries continue to use Kashmir as a theatre for proxy and this proxy took a physical shape of Kashmir militancy in 1990. It was very late in 2006 that President Musharraf proposed, “to curb all militant aspects of the struggle for freedom”. By then the people of Kashmir had lost a generation, lost the right of self-determination and had suffered unprecedented loss of ‘life’, ‘honour’ and ‘property’. It is high time that we revisit the various aspects of our politics, the singular role of Pakistan in Kashmir case and seek its ownership. It would mean actively and ably engaging the Government of India and the people of India. Civil society has to address India and Pakistan in equity according to their respective jurisprudence/ interest in the dispute.

2 BILLION TONNES OF FOOD : HALF OF ALL PRODUCED IS WASTED - By:- Syed Iftikhar Shah UK:- Households throw away £10 billion worth of food every year US:- Supermarket penalties encourage producers to grow too much food as a form of insurance against poor weather India:- 21 million tonnes of wheat is wasted Sub-Saharan Africa + South-East Asia:- Bruising, mould, water damage, birds, insects and rodents all destroy large quantities of food China:- 45% of rice is lost between the field and the table Vietnam:- Up to 80% of rice is lost between the field and the table Australia:- 0.75% of grain harvests is wasted Ukraine:- 25-30% of grain harvests is wasted Ghana:-50% of maize was wasted in 2008

Hospitals to Face Closure if They Cover up Blunders

UK hospitals are likely to be threatened with closure if they covered up doctors' mistakes and poor treatment of patients, following a public inquiry into one of the country's worst health scandals. The £11million review into serious failings at Stafford Hospital will demand hospitals also face fines while incompetent managers will be weeded out. There will also be better training for nurses and healthcare assistants.

conditions, will recommend a major overhaul of health service regulation. The report paints a devastating picture of the state of the National Health Service (NHS) and condemns the "culture of fear" from Whitehall to the wards which allowed bullying and secrecy to continue while patients were neglected.

Thousands of patients at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust were affected by pital between 2005 and 2009, the scandalous lack of care The Francis report about where up to 1,200 people which left many unwashed what went wrong at the hos- needlessly died in horrific and crying in pain.

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Irregular Heart Beat Elevates Risk of Kidney Failure Researchers found that the risk disease. trum are the people who have of kidney failure is greater for people with chronic kidney disease who also have atrial fibrillation, one of the most common forms of irregular heart rhythm in adults. Many people who suffer from chronic kidney disease progressively lose their kidney function over time and eventually develop a condition called end-stage renal disease - the complete failure of the kidneys - placing them in need of lifelong dialysis or a kidney transplant. Now researchers have found that the risk of kidney failure is greater for people with chronic kidney disease who also have atrial fibrillation, one of the most common forms of irregular heart rhythm in adults. The finding opens the way for further studies into the relationship between the two factors, which could lead to new treatment approaches that would improve outcomes for people with chronic kidney

Doctors have known that patients with chronic kidney disease or end-stage renal disease commonly have atrial fibrillation and as a result are more likely to have a stroke or to die. However, the longterm impact of atrial fibrillation on kidney function among

patients with known chronic kidney disease has been unknown. People who have chronic kidney disease fall into a spectrum in terms of how severe their disease is. At one end are those who have very minor loss of kidney function. They may not have any symptoms at all, and only by applying a simple blood test can doctors properly diagnose their disease. At the other end of the spec-

progressed to end-stage renal disease, which is basically complete kidney failure. They require lifelong dialysis or a kidney transplant. Some people progress rapidly to end-stage renal disease while others may live for decades without ever progressing. Doctors are interested in understanding the factors that place patients at greater risk for end-stage renal disease, because it may be possible to address those factors through medications or lifestyle changes like diet or exercise. However, that while the two conditions are intertwined, scientists do not know exactly which specific genes, pathways and biological mechanisms connect irregular heartbeat to declines in kidney function. Neither do they yet know the extent to which treating atrial fibrillation will improve outcomes for people with chronic kidney disease.

Sheffield Ladies Celebrate Eid Milad-un-Nabi

Muslim women celebrated the birth of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) with a Milad. The host Misbah Akhtar is seen here on the extreme right with (left to right) Shahida Javed, Iffat Hamid, Fayyaz Zahoor, Yasmin Shah and others


Starting Your Own Business & Property Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant Mark Jenkinson & Son

Over the last few weeks I have noticed the demand for commercial property to rent. In particular, retail property has seen a rise in enquiries. Therefore, some good news for a change in the property market. On one property I have had over twenty enquiries, from a range of people either wanting to set up a new business, expand their existing business, or relocate. This is not an isolated case. Other cases have similarly seen a rise in enquiries. Could this be down to the long holiday period over Christmas, where people have had time to think about the future with one thought being to start your own business. Or is this a clear sign that people are taking things into their own hands and becoming responsible for their own futures. Whatever the circumstances, one issue is for certain – that you will need a property to operate from. There are certain principles you need to consider in picking the right property. I will try to highlight some. Location It is one of the most important decisions you will ever make – picking the right location could make or break your business decision. You will need to consider if the property you are considering is suitable for your proposed business. Consider the make up of the area, what other businesses are operating there, are they multinationals or independent traders? Multinationals do attract people to a shopping centre and have a positive knock-on effect on surrounding businesses. It is always advisable to visit the area at different times of the day to gauge footfall. It will give you a good feel as to whether or not it is the right location for you. Also talk to other people already trading in the area.

It is the old adage of LOCA- Dilapidations TION, LOCATION, LOCA- Always keep a record of the condition of the property on TION which still holds true. signing the lease. The record should be agreed between the Planning It is important to find our early landlord and the tenant. if the use you are considering is Your chartered surveyor should acceptable in planning terms. be able to advise on this both at Therefore, a quick call to the the beginning of the lease and Planning Department of your at the end. Dilapidations is a local authority is an absolute specialised area, therefore you would be well advised to leave must. If you do need planning permis- this to your professional advision, then discuss this with your sors. It is quite common at the potential landlord as it could end of the term that issues can take up to three months to gain arise which you need to leave to planning permission. It is there- your advisors. fore important to make your ofMarket Conditions fer subject to planning. At this stage it is advisable that It is not very often in the last you take good professional ad- few years that you could say vice from your chartered sur- that the market is showing signs of improvement, but if the last veyor and lawyer. few months are a sign of the future it is clear demand for retail Leases Lease terms you may be of- shop units is beginning to imfered can range from 3 years prove. to 25 years, with regular rent The key ingredient in this marreviews. Once you get to this ket is that landlords need to be stage it is important to consult realistic in the rent they ask and your solicitor as the lease will tenants need to be aware of the need to be drawn up between commitment they are entering into. Flexibility is a key comyourself and the landlord. Another issue to consider is on ponent of ensuring this market what basis you are taking the continues to improve. The release – whether it is on FRI covering is very fragile neverterms or IR terms. FRI terms theless it is moving in the right means the tenant is responsible direction. for the full repair and insurance The right property in the right of the property. IR terms mean location will find tenants, therethat the tenant is responsible for fore investors need to bear this all internal repairs. Don't worry in mind when buying retail about these terms as your pro- property for investment. fessional advisers will help you In conclusion this article is for discussion, it is important that if through these. you embark on leasing a property that you take the advice of Business Rates Most leases do not include a lawyer and chartered surveybusiness rates. Therefore, do or, equally landlords should do the same. bear this in mind in your budgeting process as this will be another cost in addition to If you want to contact me I am a consultant at Mark Jenkinson your rent. The landlord should be aware and Son, telephone 0114 276 of the rateable value of the 0151 or mobile: 07879 015095 property. If they are not then and I will be delighted to advise you can contact your local au- on any property issues you may thority and ascertain the value. wish to discuss.

History comes to life at Boston Castle

Rotherham’s historic Boston Park Museum or over the Castle is set to bring history phone on 01709 336633. to life with a very special talk this month. Please note that card payments under £5 will incur The recently-restored an additional 50p charge per landmark will be hosting a session. “Medical Detectives: Fighting Cholera and Typhoid” Also for history buffs, due talk with historian and to overwhelming demand, author Tony Dodsworth on there will be an additional Friday February 15 from “Archives Skills Workshop 1pm - 2.30pm. on School Records” to be held in the Rotherham Talks are charged at £2 per Archives and Local Studies person.Bookings must be searchroom. made in advance. Book or The additional session will pre-pay in person at Clifton take place on February 8

between 1pm-3pm.

Resources available in Rotherham Archives, which is now based in Clifton Park Museum, will include school admissions registers, school log books, school magazines and old photographs. There is a charge of £3 per person. Advance Booking is essential as places are limited. Vsit Rotherham Archives and Local Studies in Clifton Park Museum.

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THE LAST WORD - Pervez Musharraf The former president of Pakistan on how he sees 2013 shaping up

After almost five years of democracy, is Pakistan better off today than it was under your presidency? There’s always a visible upsurge in socioeconomic development during military-led regimes, but having said that, we have to make democracy functional in Pakistan. The last few years have seen very little development—in any field. There is despondency, loss of faith in Pakistan, and negative sentiment about the direction the country has taken.

Several of the people who worked with you have been given very prominent roles in this government. Have these former comrades delivered? The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Have they improved the lives of Pakistanis? No. So, therefore, I really can’t say these people have succeeded. They bear collective responsibility for the government’s inability to have improved the lot of the people. How do you see the political landscape after the upcoming elections? There’s a likelihood of a weak coalition government emerging with the same forces currently in power and with minor adjustments. The environment that exists today will continue for another five years unless a new party or political

alliance captures the imagination of the mentum will come whenever I go back The National Reconciliation Ordinance and my moving against the chief justice to Pakistan. electorate and shatters the status quo. both negatively impacted the country. Are newly-formed groups like the De- Will last year’s Mehrangate court verIs the judicial demand for redrawing fense of Pakistan Council the Army’s at- dict affect Army morale? tempt, as some analysts allege, to break This was an ancient case. There was a constituencies in Karachi a fair one? certain environment in the past, and the Delimitation is required across Pakithe status quo? stan. Focusing on just one I don’t think they’re suparea is not feasible. ported by the Army. Pakistan needs to end damaging With Balochistan, like itself. People have to decide with much else in Pakistan, whether they are for an exthere is major gap between tremist, religious model of facts on the ground and governance as propagated perceptions. In your opinby the Taliban or are we to ion, how grave is the situahave a country according tion in Balochistan? to the wishes and vision of As you know, the SuQuaid-e-Azam. We are an preme Court has spoken Islamic country—we cannot out against the Balochistan uproot that reality—but we government and quesneed to promote tolerance tioned its right to stay in and moderation and support office. This surely doesn’t political forces who believe help matters. in the same. behavior of the Army chief and the ISI There is interference from outside, antiYour party, APML, has been adversely chief was in accordance with that envi- Pakistan elements in Balochistan which affected by your not being in Pakistan, ronment. We shouldn’t start dwelling on needs to be blocked. This meddling is where you face threats from militants the past because then there really is no something that’s been happening since and other opponents. Will APML par- end to it. There is so much that needs to the 1950s. Elements who dare speak be done for the people. That should be against the geographic and constituticipate in the elections? tional integrity of Pakistan have to be The party is not as visible as others. But the focus. we are organizing at the grassroots and What do you consider your honest mis- dealt with. There are several countries which face similar threats—for examgrowing reasonably well. The real mo- takes while in office?

ple, Spain from the ETA, and India from the Naxalites—and their positions are clear and decisive. If the government of Balochistan can’t hoist the country’s flag on Pakistan Day, then there are no two ways about it: it has failed. How do you see Afghanistan shaping up in 2013? Afghanistan could revert to civil war like it did after the Soviets left. Or it could revert to a 1996-like situation with the Taliban and Northern Alliance carving up the country. But most likely, since there is a strong security force in place and since the U.S. will continue to lend military muscle to Kabul, we are likely to see things staying as they are. Pakistan should and will take measures to guard its own security interests. Another civil war in Afghanistan will be in no one’s interest. Do you see America’s interest and involvement in Pakistan running out? With China rising and deeper U.S.-India engagement, Pakistan’s significance will remain. The West will continue to see Pakistan as the hub of terrorism, despite our being the principal victims of this scourge. We have to ensure that interest in Pakistan does not result in offensive actions detrimental to Pakistan.

Shah Rukh Khan Tops Celebrity List

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan tops the first Forbes India Celebrity 100 with annual estimated earnings last year of $37.7 million. According to the magazine, in the list — a ranking of the country’s biggest entertainers based on income and popularity — fellow actor Salman Khan came in second with estimated earnings of $30 million. In third place was India’s cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni with $25 million. “Both Salman Khan and

Dhoni are ahead of SRK (Shah Rukh Khan) in terms of popularity and fame,” the magazine said.

“But ‘King Khan’ came out tops courtesy of his earning power, mainly riding on massive income from brand endorsements,” the magazine said, referring to Shah Rukh Khan. Actor Akshay Kumar came in fourth place while veteran Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan came fifth. The highest-ranked woman on the list was actor Kareena Kapoor in seventh place.

Blow As Retail Sales Volumes Fall Retailers suffered a worse Christmas than previously feared after official figures showed a surprise drop in volumes in December. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said retail sales volumes fell 0.1% between November and December, after economists predicted a return to growth of 0.2%. It will fuel fears that the economy contracted at the end of last year. Household goods, including electrical appliances, furniture, hardware and music and video recordings, showed the sharpest month-on-month drop with a decline of 3% - the biggest fall since January

2010. But it was a better festive period for department stores, which saw volumes grow 0.4% month on month. Clothes and shoe shops were the only other sector to fare better in December, posting a rise of 0.7%. The ONS said that retailers' internet sales helped to boost overall sales and provided a much greater proportion of business in December than they were expecting. This has increased the pressure on the high street, where HMV, Jessops and Blockbuster UK have all gone into administration this month.

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Legal Corner

Q&A PROPERTY Mohammed Nazir Partner at Wosskow Brown Solicitors LLP Questions and Answers 1. At what stage should I insure the property which I am purchasing?

ing you an incentive in that a percentage of the purchase price will be considered as your deposit. For example if the property is priced at £100,000.00 and you purchase for £95,000.00 with the remaining £5,000.00 being the gifted deposit.

You should put buildings and contents insurance in place just before the exchange of Contracts as the legal title property passes to you at this Always ensure that your fipoint. Your solicitors will ad- nancial advisor notifies the vise you once they are ready lender of the gifted deposit. to exchange. 4. I want to purchase a 2. Please confirm what the property at auction, what NHBC is? do I need to do? This is a guarantee for the building works that were carried out when the property was first erected. There are also similar policies available. If you are purchasing a property which has been built in the last 10 years then your solicitor should obtain the relevant certificates.

If you would like to purchase a property at auction, we would advise you to make sure that you have a full structural survey done on the property and that a solicitor checks the legal pack before you make a bid for the property.

5. What is a buy to let prop3. I am purchasing a prop- erty? erty from my brother and he is giving me the deposit. This is when you purchase a How do we go about this? property for investment purposes and put tenants in their This is called a gifted deposit, for a rental income. You must meaning that the seller is gift- take independent advice from

your financial advisor on these transactions and ensure that the property is insured according to the terms of your mortgage conditions. 6. What is the Conveyancing Quality Scheme? The Conveyancing Quality Scheme is a scheme run by the Law Society for Solicitors offering Conveyancing services. It is a quality mark showing that high standards of Conveyancing work are being carried out within the practice. 7. What is Japenese Knot Weed? Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant originating in Asia. The plant is known for getting into the cracks of houses and the foundations and causing major structural problems. The presence of Japanese Knotweed can be determined by having a survey of the property carried out. Lenders do not normally lend on properties where Japanese Knotweed is present.

Why Maulana Qadri and Cricketer Khan, Can’t Save Pakistan

By Pervez Hoodbhoy The writer retired as professor of physics from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad

Pakistan has two angry messiahs, the Maulana and the Cricketer. Both are men of fine oratory — the former being more gifted. They promise to kick wicked leaders out of government, reward the righteous, and deliver a new Pakistan. Before a coup-plagued nation that has spent many decades under military rule, they preach to adulating under-30 crowds about the corruption of the present rulers. But neither dares to touch Pakistan’s real issues. Both are careful to castigate only the corruption of civilians; there is nary a word about the others. Inspired by his fiery rhetoric, for four days the Maulana’s youthful Lashkar-e-Qadri had occupied D-Chowk, Islamabad’s version of Tahrir Square. The cheering, chanting, flagwaving crowd was joyous at the verdict ordering the arrest of Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf. The precise timing owed to another one of Pakistan’s putative saviours — the honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan. In this age of discontent, assorted demagogues have mastered the art of mobilising the credulous masses. Corruption, say the Maulana and the Cricketer, is Pakistan’s central problem. Utopia will come if honest and pious men — perhaps themselves — are in power. But is crookedness and dishonesty the real issue? Countries which are perfectly viable and livable may still have corrupt governments. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been convicted of everything from tax fraud to soliciting minors for sex, and yet Italy keeps getting richer and better. No one dares call it a failed state. Mitt Romney — who Barack Obama only barely defeated — parked his assets in the Cayman Islands and paid only a little more tax than Pakistan’s unscrupulous parliamentarians. Corruption in the US is institutionalised to the point that Washington spent 10 trillion dollars of taxpayer money bailing out banks and corporations but no politician or CEO (with one exception) ended up behind the bars. Interestingly, according to the 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), 70 per cent of the world’s people see their countries as more corrupt than good. So then, what are Pakistan’s real problems today? If the lives of Pakistanis are to be improved, what is it that really needs to be done? First, address the population problem. Demographers estimate the expected number of Pakistanis in 2030 at a staggering 258 million, which must be compared with 28 million in 1947 as well as the

current population of 180 million. This growth is the second highest among major Muslim countries in the world. Even if we miraculously acquire the most perfect of political systems, it may be impossible to provide most Pakistanis with employment, education, food, housing, electricity, water, and a clean environment. Short of renting another planet, there is no way that the constraints of fixed land and water can be overcome. This emergency situation demands that population planning must be reinstated and contraceptives be made freely available. Once upon a time, Pakistan had a population planning organisation. But it has essentially folded up in the face of religious opposition. The Jamaat-e-Islami’s party manifesto, and those of other religious parties, specifically forbids family planning. As for the Taliban: they suspect that polio vaccines are designed to reduce Muslim fertility and so have issued dire threats. Last month, the TTP brought the immunisation programme to a halt by murdering five women and a man who were administering the shots in Karachi. So, instead of getting claps and cheers, our messiahs might have to face bullets and bombs should they dare to rally people around this real issue. Second, the terrorism of religious militias must be confronted head-on. Their daily slaughter of Pakistani soldiers and citizens, and recently the Hazara Shias, elicits only the barest whimper of protest in the media or the public. In shameful surrender, there is talk of negotiating with terrorist groups. The lesson of Swat — where kowtowing to Sufi Mohammed’s ever-escalating demands led to increased ferocity from the other side — is forgotten. The army and the state stand in muddled confusion. They know they should actually negotiate only from a position of strength and not in their present condition of weakness. Unfortunately they cannot summon the courage to do this. The Maulana is silent on this critical matter, but the Cricketer prefers to attack those who might target Pakistan’s enemies. He would rather shoot at the drones than the terrorists. Third, the promise of the messiahs that they shall bring prosperity to everyone by some-

how equalising the distribution of wealth is fake and dishonest, and un-implementable. One would certainly welcome extending the tax net, and doing so would be a huge achievement. But to actually bring prosperity, wealth must be created rather than simply expropriated from somewhere. The only party that seems to give this any consideration is the PML-N. But industrial progress and a post-agricultural economy require cultural change, and so Pakistani society will need to transition from being a progress-unfriendly culture to one that welcomes and promotes progress. From the time of the 19th century German sociologist Max Weber, social scientists have observed that culture and progress go hand-in-hand. Progress-friendly cultures demand planning, punctuality, deferred gratification, belief in rationality, and the rule of law. Without acquiring these features, wealth generation is slow and uncertain. Fortunately, as it turned out, the ‘million-man march’ turned out to be a damp squib. Its victory would have resulted in indefinite postponement of the forthcoming national elections and Pakistan would have returned to a dreary tradition where no government has successfully completed its term in office. During the occupation, messiah-junior was caught in a dilemma. Eclipsed by his senior and unable to join in the demand for postponement, he now seeks to clamber his way back into the public eye. Pakistan’s restless young are out on the streets demanding change, but they must not become pawns of fake messiahs. The fist-shaking, rostrumpounding orations of Maulana Qadri and Cricketer Khan are empty thunder; they offer nothing real. Of course, the DChowk youth rightly protested Pakistan’s pseudo-democracy and its venal and incompetent civilian leaders. But the military’s attempt to landscape national politics — which is probably what rocketed the Maulana into his present prominence — could be disastrous and would go the way of the army’s past failed interventions. At a time when Pakistan is seriously threatened by internal terror, the military would do well to perform its real duty which is that of protecting Pakistan’s people.

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T h e Fo r b i d d e n F r u i t : T h e T s u n a m i T h a t N e v e r Wa s As we head towards a final showdown during election year in Pakistan, the phrase ‘All is fair in love and war’ comes to mind after watching the shenanigans that have taken place in the first month of 2013. Dr Tahir Ul-Qadri’s successful long march established one fact and that is the people of Pakistan want CHANGE. Whatever else is said about TUQ, the status quo setup or the feeble face saving agreement, it was clear that people want to bring about a change in the country by voting out the corrupt coterie in the next elections. There has been a hot debate amongst PTI supporters within Pakistan and outside during the long march. The call to join from supporters was strong and emotional. There were PTI supporters in the long march encouraging others and lamenting that the leadership of PTI was letting the people of Pakistan down and the hawkish element of PTI wasn’t letting Imran Khan join the march and the same can be said for the opposite. It is safe to say that opinion was split within the ranks of PTI supporters and much emotional rhetoric was spoken and written. Since the agreement and talking to members of the CEC, it has emerged that whilst those around Imran Khan wanted to join the long march, it was Imran Khan’s steadfastness in not joining the march, that has possibly saved him falling from grace. Imran Khan said that the PTI had unanimously taken the decision

not to participate in the Qadri’s long march after a thorough brainstorming and it had decided to stay away from the long march. “We thought that any untoward incident in the long march might lead to the postponement of the elections and derailment of the democratic process,” he added. Imran Khan reiterated the PTI’s demand from President Zardari to step down, stating that a partisan president who was a cochairman of the ruling PPP was a major hurdle in holding of free, fair and transparent election. “PTI believes that a true political change could only take place through free, fair and transparent elections in the country. Dr. Tahirul Qadri’s demands are the same as of the PTI, however, there was a difference over the modus operandi,” he added. Imran Khan said that Qadri’s long march had set a new history and it had been proved that the people wanted a change in the country. The PTI chief said that the parties of status-quo were violating the constitution and the laws of the land. “The Federal and Punjab governments are running their respective electoral campaigns through taxpayers’ money. Programmes like BISP, laptop scheme, yellow cab and tractors’ scheme and the jobs-for-vote policy are a part of the pre-polls rigging but the election commission has failed to stop such schemes,” he added. Recently so called ‘electables’ were leaving PTI and there was

a ‘much ado about nothing’ by fellow colleagues from PML-N. We had made the statement that these are people who are wanting a definite election ticket and fortunately PTI could not offer that to anyone. Therefore they were jumping ship to PML-N’s open arm policy of promising tickets to everyone who came. Now that the same ‘nazriyati’ policy has come to bite them, with established politicians jumping ship to other parties. Nelson Mandela once said, ‘A Politician Thinks of the Next Election; A Leader Thinks of the Next Generation.’ This is the difference you clearly see when you look at the actions of Imran Khan and then the people around him and this is the reason no one other than him is acceptable to us as a leader. Just look at how parties are looking for candidates and working on alliances, whilst PTI is working for the next generation, through intra party elections. There will be much mud slinging of individuals in the coming months from many corners and one thing I have learnt is, don’t take anything on face value. Research, Explore and Learn. Finally as we end this month I can say that those who thought PTI was losing its support base, could not be further from reality, the support base is increasing and becoming more resolute and stronger. Shahid Ali PTI Sheffield

Want to Become a British Citizen?

New citizenship test will quiz people on all aspects of British life including comedy, music, history and science Foreigners who want to settle permanently in the UK will be quizzed on their knowledge of everything from life in the stone age to the engineering achievements of Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the writing of Robert Burns under a new test to be launched by the Home Office as part of government attempts to cut net migration.

was included in the book but was not tested, meaning that migrants did not have to show they had an understanding of how modern Britain has evolved," the Home Office said in a statement.

"The new book and test will focus on events and people who have contributed to making Britain great. This includes writers like William Shakespeare and Robert Burns, the great scientists Isaac Newton and Alexander Fleming, engineers and industrialists like Isambard The new examination was announced by Kingdom Brunel and Richard Arkthe minister for migration, Mark Harper, wright and politicians including Winston who said it replaced one drawn up un- Churchill and Clement Attlee." der the Labour government and removed "mundane information about water me- The history chapter moves from the ters, how to find train timetables, and us- stone age, through the Romans, Norman ing the internet". "Instead of telling peo- conquest, Magna Carta, the Reformaple how to claim benefits it encourages tion and break with Rome and beyond. It participation in British life," he said. looks at the development of parliamentary democracy, achievements of the Knowledge of British composers, writ- industrial revolution and the Victorians, ers and even Monty Python and the Two right up to the present day. Ronnies, who reportedly appear on the new syllabus, will be tested when the "The book also covers many aspects new exam comes into effect in March. A of British cultural and artistic heritage score of 75% from 24 questions will be including the music of Purcell and the a pass and the test will only be open to worldwide influence of modern British people who speak English to a required composers, from Benjamin Britten to standard (level 3 of the English for the Beatles and Andrew Lloyd Webber," Speakers of Other Languages system). the Home Office said. "It features artistic achievements from medieval stained glass to David Hockney, our national Applicants will be expected to study a love of gardening and garden design and new book called Life in the UK which work produced by influential architects goes on sale at the beginning to Febru- including Christopher Wren and Norary. "In the past, historical information man Foster."

Is Child Benefits Shake-Up Unfair?

108 Fitzwilliam Road Rotherham S65 1PX T: 01709 85 33 55 108 Fitzwilliam Rotherham S65 1PX

Sweeping benefit changes have prompted much debate. Child benefit is the latest financial support to come under scrutiny. For families who are comfortably off, child benefit could be seen as ‘pin money’, but to those less well-off that little extra can go a long way. While higher-wage earners may argue that they pay more tax, so are justified in claiming some benefit, ordinary taxpayers could argue that in these financially-challenging times they shouldn’t be expected to contribute to benefits for those families who don’t need it. The review of the benefits system is aimed at addressing injustices, but critics claim that people on low incomes, or who are genuinely prevented from working due to ill health, are among those who are caught up in the cuts. Surely in the 21st century we should not have pensioners being forced to make the decision whether to heat their homes or eat, and families shouldn’t be worrying about whether or not they can afford to feed their children? As it stands, families with one parent with a taxable income of more than £50,000 will lose some of the benefit, and it will be withdrawn

entirely if one parent earns above £60,000. However, where two parents work and both earn just under £50,000, they can keep their benefit, while a family with a single earner – or single parent – on £51,000 will lose part of theirs. Changes in housing benefit, childcare and other financial assistance have also left many ordinary working families struggling to make ends meet. However, the system coming into force is fraught with potential problems. Many people feel it is very unfair that a family where two earners each take home £49.5k making a combined income of £99,000 will keep the benefit while a sole earner family on £51,000 will begin to lose it. This is viewed as an attack on families where one parents stays home to care for the child, and also on single parents working very hard to provide for their family. There is also huge concern from families whose income varies, such as the self-employed or those with commission-based jobs, as to whether they will lose or keep their cash. Furthermore there are worries about the cost of administering the tax returns needed to claw back the money from those families on over £50,000.

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March Madness in January

Considered the usual month for political madness in Pakistan, March came early this year, the turmoil complicated by election-year factors. The obstacles of the federal and Punjab governments notwithstanding, the Tehreek-e-Minhajul Quran’s (TMQ) ‘long march’ came nowhere near the “million” mark claimed by Dr Tahirul Qadri. People in small numbers continued to join those assembled in the kilometreplus D Square space in front of parliament in Islamabad. By late afternoon the calculation was close to about 100,000. A former professor of international constitutional law at the University of Punjab, Dr Muhammad Tahirul Qadri is a prominent authority on Islam, with more than 400 published works on Islamic scholarship, law and Sufism. Born on February 19, 1951, in Jhang, he was educated at the Christian Sacred Heart School, going on to study Hadith at the Muhaddith al-Hijaz. Briefly becoming member of National Assembly during Gen Musharraf’s democracy before leaving for Canada, Dr Qadri

considerably expanded Minhaj-ulQuran International (MQI) using that base. Representing a moderate vision of Islam, its long term strategic vision is promotion of peace, love, harmony and modern Islamic sciences. The MQI explicitly rejects terrorism and all other unjust violence as being entirely un-Islamic. Elections in the present circumstances would mean a mere change of faces, and Dr Qadri wants them delayed indefinitely until Pakistan’s endemic politics-based corruption is rooted out. These calls for sweeping reforms have riled both the ruling PPP and the loyal PML-N opposition (the late Gen Ziaul Haq’s “club of politicians”). The means Dr Qadri is advocating to pursue demands for ‘good governance’ may be wrong. Political parties decried such means quite rightly, but why did they remain silent about people’s cries for good governance? Most politicians view him not as a champion of reform but as a tool of those with their own agenda. The question bedevilling most analysts, a majority of whom trashed Dr Qadri’s “invis-

ible” agenda without taking issue with the stated one, is: who put Dr Qadri forward? In her piece in Foreign Policy ‘Who is Tahir ul-Qadri, Shamila N Chaudhary, writes “Could Qadri be another Imran Khan prototype, informally sponsored by the military? At least Khan can deliver the people. We should not overlook the meaning behind Qadri’s interestingly timed, well-organised and wellfunded return. He says he wants to put “true democracy on track,” but Qadri comes at a time when the PPP-led government and the main opposition party the PML-N are near agreement on the timing of elections and the caretaker government setup.” She goes on, “Speculating on the military’s connections to Qadri is unavoidable, but it is not the only issue Qadri brings to the fore. Something else much more tangible and visible is at work, the desperate desire of ordinary Pakistanis for change.” That aspiration for change is very visible, not only on primetime TV but in streets throughout the coun-

CONFERENCE GLORY OF MUHAMMAD MUSTAFA (Peace be upon him) and the PROPHETS (Peace be upon them)

SUNDAY 10th February 2013 After Maghrib Prayers at 5.30 PM Eminent Scholars will address the conference


d As ad mma am ufti Muha att Muf azrra * Haz Britain -e-Ulema err, Jamiatt-e ee Ame

kefield ak h, Wa ah ha


Hazrat Molana Abdul Rasheed Rabbani Patron, Jamiat-e-Ulema Britain Molana Muhammad Aslam Zahid Khateeb, Jamia Masjid & Usmania Education Centre


Sh m Ali S am sla a IIsl ana ollan Mo * M m, Rochdale am Ikra Muhammad Ikr afiz Ha * H eld sfiield ersf der dd Hud el, Hu ameel, Ja aJ na lan Mola * Mo n an a w zw z Ri hammad Muha * Molana Mu jid, mia Masjid Khateeb, Jami ld e i fie f eff e Sh , d a ad o Ro ry R usttry Ind Indus ad shad Arsh d Ar ma m am ha h Mu a na lan Mola * Mo d sji sjid Ma a mi a Ja J i dn Khateeb, Ma a Abdul Kabir na lan Mola * Mo l-Uloom rkaz-ul-U b, Marka eb tee ate ha Kh K am ha r h er the h t o Ro R ia, -Islamia, Al-Is

Hazrat Molana Qari Muhammad Ismail Secretary General, Jamiat-e-Ulema Britain Hazrat Molana Muhammad Shoaib Desai Khateeb, Masjid-e-Umar, Sheffield Rt Rev Dr Steven Croft , Bishop of Sheffield Rt Hon Paul Blomfield MP Cllr Julie Dore Leader Sheffield City Council

* * * *

NA AT z a Qari Mumta * Hazrat Molan Masjid ia Khateeb, Jam Rotherham Chapel Walk, n Hassaan Kha * Muhammad

Prizes will be presented to children who have achieved top positions in their exams. Separate arrangements in place to facilitate girls and ladies. All Muslims are Welcome to show the love for ALLAH (swt) and his Messenger (pbuh) by attending. Food will be served. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:

Raja Muhammad Azad Chairman Jamia Masjid and Usmania Education Centre Phone: 0114 2582070 - Mobile: 07534368831

try. Whose agenda Dr Qadri is pushing is certainly important, but far more important are his objectives: ushering in electoral reforms for a genuine democracy in Pakistan to replace the fraud in practice today. How can those who break the law at will become framers of the laws of the land, and be expected to uphold the rule of law? While the vast majority of Muslim clerics are targeted and labelled “terrorists,” with so much anti-Islamic propaganda in the media, why has Qadri remained unscathed and unmentioned, heralded as an advocate of world peace? As with all politicians, corrupt leaders and other such exploiters of the human race, one finds multiple flows of financing as a result of self-started organisations, political ties, and memberships. From where does Dr Qadri get his primary funding? If the present regime has made bad governance into an art, what did others do before it? This democracy only functions to fulfil the needs and greed of the rulers and their functionaries. This stood out in stark relief during the recent Balochistan crisis when no one of any consequence visited the Shia protestors, a majority of them women and children braving the cold for several days and nights, beside the dead bodies of their loved ones. The provincial government was dismissed by presidential diktat only when it became apparent that the crisis could possibly derail the federal government itself. Asif Zardari was helped along in his decision when a large group of Shia protesters, somehow evading the strict security cordon in Clifton, gathered to stage a dharna near Bilawal House in Karachi. Democracy cannot work where its practitioners have no sincerity of intention or purpose. Most analysts agree that there is nothing wrong about the present constitution, even though some do not agree with how the Supreme Court interprets it from time to time. Rulers, present and

By: Ikram Sehgal past, flouted the constitution at will, and at the same time remained holier-than-thou about everyone else but their kith and kin. Many TV analysts who bad-mouthed Tahirul Qadri (and his objectives) never once mentioned the crass criminal activity blatantly indulged in by the rulers, their friends and relatives under the camouflage of the constitution. Dr Qadri’s contention that elections will simply replace faces is correct, for the most part. All this dissolved into a constitutional crisis on Tuesday when the Supreme Court ordered the prime minister be arrested along with more than a dozen others in the ‘Rental Power Projects’ (RPP) case. This is no coincidence, claim the conspiracy theorists, only the fulfilment of an invisible agenda to derail democracy. Qadri helped this perception along by immediately claiming partial “victory” in the middle of his speech, promising to continue the ‘sit-in’ till the fulfilment of the rest of the demands for change. If the Shia protesters could sit out the freezing cold of Quetta till the Balochistan government was shunted out, Qadri’s supporters can brave Islamabad’s freezing rain. Certainly there is need for elections to sustain democracy but what if this democracy continues to sustain corruption? Do not confuse SC’s orders for Raja Pervaiz Ashraf’s arrest as an attack on democracy. A coincidence perhaps, but orders for his arrest for corruption as an individual coincided with him being PM. Let another PPP stalwart become prime minister or simply announce general elections! The country cannot afford a constitutional crisis because of the likely confrontation between the government and the Supreme Court. Previous experience shows that Asif Zardari will back down if push comes to shove, so why let it come to shove? The writer is a defence and political analyst. Email:


season for both league and for Attock by winning the best batsmans averaging 45.50, the highest in the league. Irwin Mitched league is a popular midweek cricket league, it was founded in 1928, it has a membership of 30 clubs across 4 divisions. We should all be proud in general and cricket lovers in particular of the Yet again, Attock CC lifted the fact that Attock has topped the Premier Division, season 2012 Premier Division for the last 10 trophy. Attock Cricket Club is years except in the year 2008 in a Sheffield based club turned out which Sheffield Collegiate CC broke the deserving winners of the Irwin Mitchell Sheffield Alliance Midweek the winning streak of Attock. We wish them best of luck for the Cricket League. cricket seasons in the future. They seem to have made a habbit of On the other hand Al-Mahdi CC this. Captain Liaquat Ali said “ he won the surprise Ellsie Ratcliffe was over the moon for setting high Trophy for its highest average standards, all the lads worked very throughtout the league. Sharrow hard during the season he added” Mr Ali also collected Jacko Castle’s CC winning Division B and were promoted to Divison A. award who has been the star of the

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Saudi’s Take a Bulldozer to Islam’s History in the HOLY CITIES

Authorities are building a mosque so big it will hold 1.6m people – but are demolishing irreplaceable monuments to do it. Three of the world’s oldest mosques are about to be destroyed as Saudi Arabia embarks on a multi-billionpound expansion of Islam’s second holiest site. Work on the Masjid an-Nabawi in Medina, where the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is buried, has started after 2012 Hajj pilgrimage. When complete, the development will turn the mosque into the world’s largest building, with the capacity for 1.6 million worshippers. But concerns have been raised that the development will see key historic sites bulldozed. Anger is already growing at the kingdom’s apparent disdain for preserving the historical and archaeological heritage of the country’s holiest city, Mecca. Most of the expansion of Masjid an-Nabawi will take place to the west of the existing mosque, which holds the tombs of Islam’s founder and two of his closest companions, Abu Bakr and Umar.

Just outside the western walls of the current compound are mosques dedicated to Abu Bakr and Umar, as well as the Masjid Ghamama, built to mark the spot where the Prophet is thought to have given his first prayers for the Eid festival. The Saudis have announced no plans to preserve or move the three mosques, which have existed since the seventh century and are covered by Ottoman-era structures, or to commission archaeological digs before they are pulled down, something that has caused considerable concern among

the few academics who are willing to speak out in the deeply authoritarian kingdom. “No one denies that Medina is in need of expansion, but it’s the way the authorities are going about it which is so worrying,” says Dr Irfan al-Alawi of the Islamic Heritage Research Foundation. “There are ways they could expand which would either avoid or preserve the ancient Islamic sites but instead they want to knock it all down.” Dr Alawi has spent much of the past 10 years trying to highlight the destruction of early Islamic sites. With cheap air travel and booming middle classes in populous Muslim countries within the developing world, both Mecca and Medina are struggling to cope with the 12 million pilgrims who visit each year – a number expected to grow to 17 million by 2025. The Saudi monarchy views itself as the sole authority to decide what should happen to the cradle of Islam. Although it has earmarked billions for an enormous expansion of both Mecca and Medina, it also sees the holy cities as lucrative for a country almost entirely reliant on its finite oil wealth.

Heritage campaigners and many locals have looked on aghast as the historic sections of Mecca and Medina have been bulldozed to make way for gleaming shopping malls, luxury hotels and enormous skyscrapers. The Washington-based Gulf Institute estimates that 95 per cent of the 1,000-year-old buildings in the two cities have been destroyed in the past 20 years.

the holiest site in Islam and a place where all Muslims are supposed to be equal, is now overshadowed by the Jabal Omar complex, a development of skyscraper apartments, hotels and an enormous clock tower. To build it, the Saudi authorities destroyed the Ottoman era Ajyad Fortress and the hill it stood on. Other historic sites lost include the Proph-

et’s birthplace – now a library – and the house of his first wife, Khadijah, which was replaced with a public toilet block. The government has previously defended its expansion plans for the two holy cities as necessary. It insists it has also built large numbers of budget hotels for poorer pilgrims, though critics point out these are routinely placed many miles away from the holy sites.

Until recently, redevelopment in Medina has pressed ahead at a slightly less frenetic pace than in In Mecca, the Masjid al-Haram, Mecca, although a number of early

singer Kajjan Begum. One of her most memorable works is Master Piece. Master Piece is a painting that she created when she was taking a drawing class in college. She never married. President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf have condoled the death of Mehnaz Begum. President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf expressed grief and sorrow over the demise of renowned singer Mehnaz Begum. In his condolence message, the president lauded the invaluable contributions of Mehnaz Begum in the field of music and said that with her demise, the music industry has lost a great asset. He said that her melodious voice would

eight times its current size with a new pulpit. There are also plans to demolish the prayer niche at the centre of mosque. The area forms part of the Riyadh al-Jannah (Garden of Paradise), a section of the mosque that the Prophet decreed especially holy.. “Their excuse is they want to make more room and create 20 spaces in a mosque that will eventually hold 1.6 million,” says Dr Alawi. “It makes no sense. What they really want is to move the focus away from where the Prophet is buried.” A pamphlet published in 2007 by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs – and endorsed by the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz al Sheikh – called for the dome to be demolished and the graves of Mohamed, Abu Bakr and Umar to be flattened.

Renowned Singer Mehnaz Begum Passes Away

Well-known playback singer Mehnaz Begum passed away after a protracted illness last month, at the age of 55. Mehnaz had been suffering from multiple diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes and lungs infection. The legendary singer died in Bahrain when she was on her way to the US for treatment. Born in 1958, Mehnaz was living in the US for a few months. She had sung a variety of genres but specialised in ghazal, Thumri, Dadra, Khayal, Drupad and reciting Salam, Noha and Marsiya. Mehnaz Begum sung over 2,500 songs for radio, TV and film. She was known for her distinct style of singing and had a huge fan following. She is the daughter of celebrated sub-continental

Islamic sites have still been lost. Of the seven ancient mosques built to commemorate the Battle of the Trench – a key moment in the development of Islam – only two remain. Ten years ago, a mosque which belonged to the Prophet’s grandson was dynamited. Pictures of the demolition that were secretly taken and smuggled out of the kingdom

By: Dr Irfan al-Alawi

be remembered for long. Expressing sympathies with the bereaved family and her millions of fans, the president prayed to Almighty Allah to grant eternal peace to the departed soul and to give courage to the bereaved family to bear the loss with fortitude. Prime Minister Raja conveyed his heartfelt condolences and sympathies to the bereaved family and also prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul. He said that Mehnaz Begum was a popular singer of radio, television and the film industry who entertained music lovers with her melodious voice for decades. The songs sung by her would remain in the hearts of the people for a long time.

“Muslim silence over the destruction of Mecca and Medina is both disastrous and hypocritical,” says Dr Alawi. “The recent movie about the Prophet Mohamed caused worldshowed the religious police celebrat- wide protests… and yet the destrucing as the building collapsed. tion of the Prophet’s birthplace, where he prayed and founded Islam In most of the Muslim world, shrines has been allowed to continue have been built. Visits to graves are without any criticism.” also commonplace. Dr Alawi fears that the redevelop- Mecca and Medina in ment of the Masjid an-Nabawi is numbers 12m. part of a wider drive to shift focus The number of people who visit away from the place where Mecca and Medina Mohamed (pbuh) is buried. every year 3.4m The spot that marks the Prophet’s The number of Muslims tomb is covered by a famous green expected to perform Hajj (pildome and forms the centrepiece of grimage) this year 60,000 the current mosque. The current capacity of the Masjid an-Nabawi mosque But under the new plans, it will be- 1.6m The projected capacity of the come the east wing of a building mosque after expansion

Imran Khan Confident of Winning Elections

Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan said he is more confident than ever that his party will win upcoming national elections and that he will become Pakistan's next leader. The reason is very simple, he said on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland: "People want a change." The elections later this year would mark the first time a civilian government has completed a full five-year term and transferred power through the ballot box in Pakistan. Past governments have been toppled in military coups or dismissed by presidents allied with top generals. Although few expect a coup this time, there is widespread unhappiness with the ruling Pakistan People's Party's performance at a time when the country is plagued by high unemployment, rampant energy shortages and frequent attacks by Islamist militants. Mr Khan said the party he founded 15 years ago after retiring from professional cricket - Tehreek-e-Insaf or the Movement for Justice - now has 10 million members, most of them young people and women. He estimated that 40 million young Pakistanis will be voting for the first time in the elections, out of a registered electorate of 90 million, and said they are "the engine for change".

But he predicted an "epic battle" by the "political class" and parties that have a vested interest in preserving the current "crumbling system" and status quo to stop change. He said he does not think the country's powerful army will be part of this campaign, which would be a first. He has in the past denied allegations that his movement is backed by Pakistan's powerful military. The former cricketer - who few analysts expect to outright win the polls - accused the entrenched Pakistani political parties of closing ranks and giving huge amounts of money to the media to criticise his party. He said his party is currently holding internal elections - a rarity in Pakistan.

The audience burst into laughter when he referred to the People's Party, which is led by the husband and son of murdered ex-prime minister Benazir Bhutto, and the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-N, whose leader, former prime minister Na-

waz Sharif, has relatives waiting in the wings to succeed him, as "family limited companies". "I often ask, at least hold elections within the family," Mr Khan said. "That would make them more democratic." Mr Khan led a convoy of thousands which was blocked from entering a lawless tribal region along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in October to protest at American drone strikes, but he denied being pro-Taliban. He alleged there is "a state propaganda campaign... done deliberately by parties that want to tell the US that they are moderate and they are pro-US voices against extremism and this man is pro-Taliban". Mr Khan was asked whether, after painting such a bleak picture, he was confident of surviving in a country with a history of political assassinations. "No-one knows how long they're going to live," he said. "But I believe that in Pakistan the movement for change is so powerful now that anyone who's going to try and stop it - even by trying to go for someone like me - I do not think that they will be able to cope with the repercussions." With his party able to reach millions of followers in minutes with text messages, he claimed: "We have the sort of street power that no-one has ever had in Pakistan."

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News in Brief ON THE WAY TO S / ELECTION ? Munawar Khan, a community activist is optimistic about being selected by the PML(N) Party Ticket to be a candidate in the forthcoming elections in Pakistan. He expressed his pleasure about his party recognising and considering the potential in him to competently represent his constituency. Mr Khan has long been active in politics in Azad Kashmir. Whilst speaking to ILM NEWS, in a statement he emphasised that “in the current political situation it is vital that Pakistan is led by Mr Nawaz Sharif

Political Jugglers

whose commitment and courage has been proven in many situations”. Nowadays, before travelling to Pakistan Mr Khan is engaged in discussions with his party colleagues to formulate a strategy to pursue his desire to formally represent his constituents in Ward Number 4, Charhoi, Azad Kashmir.


sadullah Khan Ghalib was an indomitable and versatile figure. He could, in simple verse, express human characteristics in all aspects. The following verse is a masterpiece in describing the contradictions within a human being – i.e., the difference between the persona and the inner self. Hen kawakib kuch nazar aatey hen kuch Dete hen dhoka yeh bazigar khula (The stars are not what they seem; so are cheaters) Ghalib was a large-hearted, humble person. He graciously accepted

the greatness of Mir and Bedil in the following verses: Rekhte key tumhi ustad nahin ho Ghalib Kehte hen agle zamane men koi Mir bhi tha (You are not the only expert in composing versus, Ghalib; there used to be Mir in yesteryears.) Tarze Bedil men rekhta kehna Asadullah Khan qayamat hey (To compose verses in the style of Bedil is an almost impossible task.) But I digress (I can’t help doing that when I am talking about Ghalib). What I was going to discuss was the political jugglers and cheats who are now croaking like frogs after the first rains. Since the matter is very serious, I am venturing to approach it through an indirect, philosophical route so that the readers are able to understand the full implications of the problem. Who has not heard of the famous saint, Maulana Rumi? His spiritual status in known, both in the eEast and the west.

By: Dr A Q Khan

He was an intellectual par excellence. He could explain the most intricate problems in very simple words. He frequently chose allegories of simple stories. Difficult matters relating to religion, politics, individuals or groups, even purely philosophical and physical phenomena, were explained in such an attractive, simple manner that the reader was able to understand and grasp their meaning without even realising that these were the questions discussed by such great men as Socrates, Aristotle and Plato, who had not found satisfactory answers to them. No wonder his Masnavi, presented in his versatile Persian style, was referred to as a holy book.

riod, his bright disciple, Maulana Hisamuddin, was the first to hear these divine inspirations and he would memorise them and write them down. Rumi narrated thousands of verses to his disciples, who memorised them and wrote them down. Then one day, quite suddenly, the divine inspiration stopped. So suddenly, in fact, that one verse broke off in the middle. It was many centuries later that one Mufti Elahi Kandehlvi from India was blessed by the Almighty with the ability to complete that verse.

The Masnavi is not only considered to be a classic, but also a spiritual treasure. Even Michael Jackson, the famous pop singer, used English translations of selected verses from it for some of his songs and music, which made it Let us ponder on how this book extremely popular with the young originated and on its sudden ap- generation. pearance. For a long time Maulana Rumi had had some kind of divine Read More in March 2013 guidance in putting important mat- Edition... ters in poetic form. During that pe-

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