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WikiLeaks: Will the world now intervene



over torture in Kashmir? W

ill the leaked communiqués mark a shift in western foreign policy, or is it to be business as usual in Kashmir? Almost every household in Kashmir has a story to tell of human rights violation by the local police or the Indian security forces. Generations have experienced violence amid a culture of impunity spanning six decades. Last Friday, leaked US embassy cables disclosed the findings of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on torture in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) between 2002-2004.

ICRC claimed out of 1,296 detainees it had interviewed, 681 had said that they had been tortured. Of those, 498 claimed to have been electrocuted, 381 said they were suspended from the ceiling, and 304 cases were described as sexual. Things haven't changed much since that period. Now, Kashmiris who have endured years of abductions, enforced disappearances, custodial killings, rape, torture and detentions want to know if the cables' release will make a difference. Will there be a change in policy on torture internationally? Will these revelations fortify India's justice mechanism after civil society's inter-

vention? Or will it propel the Indian mainstream media to report Kashmir's human rights issues from the highest militarised zone in the world?

Serious impediments to human rights can stall progress in any society. Kashmir is no different. In the Valley, the state feels free to flout its own constitution. Therefore, the people expect intervention from the international community. Continued on page 4



Pakistani engineers of IT have successfully launched a social network website like Facebook.

Ecuador Recognises Palestine as an Independent State QUITO: Ecuador formally recognised Palestine as an independent state on Friday, following the lead of its neighbours Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay earlier this month. President Rafael Correa signed “the Ecuadoran government’s official recognition of Palestine as a free and independent state with 1967 borders,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The border mention refers to the territorial limits of the Palestinian territory before the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. Ecuador’s decision, the ministry statement said, “vindicates the valid and legitimate desire of the Palestinian people for a free

and independent state” and will be a key earlier this month recognised Palestine contribution to a negotiated peaceful co- as an independent state, drawing a harsh existence in the Middle East. rebuke from Israel. The Ecuadoran resolution was being provided to Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian representative to the United Nations, the ministry said. Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay

Yousaf Fayyaz, one of the engineers who developed the website named “” told APP that they had introduced the website with a vision and aim to prove the world that Pakistani engineers were talented enough to run and maintain their own social network. He said running a social network was not an easy task as it required a lot of resources, adding the site would provide most of the features which were found on Facebook. He further mentioned that Buddyflick. com is still in its early stages of development, but at the moment it offers features like Photos, Videos Sharing, Chat Rooms, Wall Posts, Games, Quizzes, Fan Pages, Groups, Events, Photo Tagging, Custom

Profile Designs, Twitter integration and other services. BuddyFlick’s creator said the site had been designed to provide a place where Muslims could spend time without the fear of being humiliated. He commented that the site is focused on helping people stay in touch with friends, discovering new people, and things. Anyone could connect with friends, family, social groups, activities and interests from this website, he added. He said the delivered an easy-to-use, friendly and interactive platform where users could easily connect with anyone around the world.

Benazir murder probe should have started from Musharraf

ISLAMABAD: Central leader of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Aitzaz Ahsan said the investigation into former premier Benazir Bhutto’s assassination should have been started from former president Pervez Musharraf. Talking to a private television channel, he said the arrest of Saud Aziz was like getting to one of the pawns that will ultimately lead to the elements who were behind the orchestration


of the crime. He said the blood of Benazir Bhutto will not go waste and the PPP-led government would certainly put a noose around the neck of her murderers. If the assination of Benazir is not resolved during PPP governament then there is no hope that it will ever be resolved and it will go astray as the assination of the first prime minister of Pakistan Liaqat Ali Khan.

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Musharraf looking for Second Tier Politicians for his Party APML Former president of Pakistan is making a political comeback and has vowed to return to the country before the midterm elections. In recent interviews since he officially launched the new chapter in Pakistan politics, the All Party Muslim League (APML), Mr Musharraf has openly faced the media with a positive and confident attitude with the message that despite legal cases against him, he will return to the country. Dubbed an opportunist by many including the Pakistani press he goes on publicly voicing his opinions. Musharraf has said he himself will stand in a number of seats all over Pakistan but until then he is drumming up support from around the world until the right momentum has been created to suffice him a guaranteed support when he returns to the country. The former President dismissed talk of his party not having enough political heavyweights. “I am looking at second tier politicians – tehsil nazims and

union council nazims – who will come on board and win elections for the party.” He added “these are good people. I call them the electables.” He is expecting a lot of backlash and hurdles when he does return.

This includes the threat of militant groups but mostly the highly politicized legal issues pose a bigger threat to him on his return. Nevertheless he says he is prepared for the cases lodged against him and is taking it all in his

Assets & Preservation The views expressed above are those of Shabeer Consulting Limited and not that of ILM NEWS. We all want to protect the wealth we have accumulated through our hard work. For this reason, ILM News briefly talks to Shabeer Yousuf LLB, Chartered Tax Adviser, about how we can go about protecting our assets and the pitfalls to avoid. Asset protection is essentially the protection and preservation of wealth typically against bankruptcy, divorce, youthful improvidence of beneficiaries and/ or spendthrift spouses. Whilst Asset protection is a fundamental factor in considering estate planning, the principle of protection and preservation can be extended to afford protection in other circumstances too. For the purposes of this article it would be impractical to consider all the eventualities given the complexity of the subject matter; however we

Yousuf from Shipleys Tax

summarise two common areas. Protecting an Individual’s Assets Property & Shares Generally speaking, one of the most efficient ways you can protect assets is by transferring them into a relevant and properly constituted trust. The asset should then be protected against the bankruptcy or divorce of the beneficiaries; clearly one will need to ensure that all the tax implications are considered before such a transfer is undertaken. Pitfalls Firstly, setting up a trust for asset protection will in itself not afford any protection under insolvency or matrimonial laws for beneficiaries if the wrong type of trust is used. We have seen many trusts set up for this purpose that unfortunately do not afford the relevant protection. In such cases if one

tries to rely on an improperly constituted trust for asset protection the courts may look through it and seek to set it aside. Secondly, as you can imagine, the transfer of assets into a trust involves many issues. One which regularly tends to be overlooked (particularly regarding property) is the mortgage against the property. If the mortgage is more than the original “base” cost of the property (perhaps due to remortgaging) then Capital Gains Tax may be an issue if the mortgage is transferred into the trust, furthermore such transfer may potentially trigger aStamp Duty Land Tax charge A common misconception amongst many people is that an outright gift of assets directly to children, siblings, etc will automatically afford protection against


stride. Musharraf says he is hopeful that justice will be done with him. Musharraf has in a number on interview recently said that his government was doing well until it was brought down by the judicial crisis. He is confident that his divorce or bankruptcy. This may not be the case and is a potentially dangerous presumption to rely on therefore specialist professional advice should be sought to achieve the desired results. Also such transfers tend to trigger a Capital Gains Tax charge under the deemed disposal rules and again this is often overlooked with significant tax consequences. Protecting a Company’s Assets Company Property If you are setting up a new business or running a commercially sensitive business, you may wish to protect your property against commercial and business risks. Broadly speaking, one way this may be achieved would be by creating a particular type of group of companies and transferring the property into one of these group companies. The effect of this, if done properly, would be to “ring-fence” the asset against any claims of the individual trade in the group.

future government will be just as bold and have a positive impact on the country. The former president said he regretted introducing the NRO (national Reconciliation Ordinance) and sending the reference against the chief justice for the repercussions it caused. He says his actions against the Supreme Court Justice Iftikhar Chaudry were within the constitution but caused a negative impact on the country and his regime. These decisions made him unpopular with a number of people. “These were my two mistakes if you can call them that,” he said, adding “but I did nothing illegal.” He also talks about the betrayel within his own ranks and the regrets he has of taking advice from the Chaudry cousins of Gujrat. Musharraf confidently made a number of confident statements about former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He said he agreed with the Wiki leaks report in which PML-N is termed dangerous, and added that indeed Sharif

was dangerous to Pakistan and he and his party had political cooperation with and from terrorists. He said it was unfortunate that the present government has become so tolerable to extremism. He said things have gone from bad to worse in present day Pakistan and the government was increasingly ignoring the situation. He however gives us scope in telling us that and agreement on Kashmir is coming sooner that we expect. In a time when the state of the country seems as it is in the hands of the extremist, with 2010 being a fatal year for Pakistan, with 395 bomb blasts, we can only hope for a savior to run the country whoever it may be. As Musharraf travels the globe drumming up support for his party we wish him well. You can check out the exclusive interview of General Pervez Musharraf with ILM news on Youtube.

Pitfalls It is essential that the transfer of property is affected correctly to avoid the property sitting in a subsidiary company which is owned by the trade as this will afford no protection. Equally important is MON: that any debts between the comSabrang (7pm-9pm) panies would need to be dealt (Jawaid Qazi ) with correctly to provide any real protection; this would ........................................ mean the need for a legitimate TUES: business, commercial or invest- Punjabi Versa (7pm-9pm) ment driver for the transaction. (Saberjeet ) Punjabiversa@ Furthermore, it is crucial that any such restructuring does not fall ........................................ foul of insolvency legislation, WED: namely, the defrauding of crediApp Ki Awaz (7pm-9pm) tors. Asset protection is an invalu(Sajjad Ahmed ) able planning tool which can be used to protect, preserve and de........................................ volve family wealth in the right THURS: circumstances. Ghazal Shub (9pm-11pm) However, this is a complicated (Jawaid Ahmed ) area and specialist advice will need to be sought to ensure that .................................... the desired objectives are reached FRI: without falling foul of the comAaj Ki Shaam (7pm-9pm) mon pitfalls (Jawed Akhtar ) mentioned above.

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South Yorkshire

Police Check Up on Shisha Bars in Sheffield associated with these premises such as unsafe buildings, illegal smoking activity and anti social behaviour. Paul Scriven, Leader or Sheffield City Council said; “We want Sheffielders to have a good time in our City and enjoy themselves. It’s our job to keep people safe in the bars and lounges they frequent. For Shisha Bars this means protecting people who go to them from the harm associated with smoking. We are visiting these bars to ensure that this premises are being run safely and in comply with legislation to ensure that members of the public can enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

Sheffield City Council and South Yorkshire Police are working with Shisha bars or lounges in Sheffield to make sure they are safe places for local people to spend their leisure time. The Council and the Police want people to be able to enjoy Shisha in safe environments. From the 1st July 2007 it became illegal to smoke any lit material, including Shisha in any enclosed or substantially enclosed public space and workplace. This includes all permanent buildings and temporary structures such as marquees erected outdoors. Leading authorities in Sheffield have listened to local residents and businesses concerns about Shisha bars and together they have promised to tackle the problems

Roof Insulation can Save You upto £145 a Year

The record breaking snowy weather we have experienced already in December makes it very obvious which houses have adequate roof insulation. Snow melts much faster on roofs which are uninsulated, and as well as keeping your home warmer, installing loft insulation can reduce your energy bills by £145 a year! Councillor Andrew Sangar, Cabinet Member for Climate Change, said: “This is the perfect time of year to check out your roof insu-

lation, especially when you go up into the attic to get the Christmas decorations. If the snow on your roof is melting faster than your neighbours’ then it’s time to make sure you have the right amount of loft insulation. Many families across the city are eligible for free loft and cavity wall insulation under the Council’s groundbreaking scheme, so get in touch and get your insulation sorted.”

Households are also eligible if they already have less than 20cm of insulation, to bring it up to the recommended 30cm depth. The scheme also fast tracks those who need it most. Households which include someone who is aged 70 or over, or on an income or disability related benefit, can be registered you straight away, no matter where they live in Sheffield. 22,000 families across Sheffield have already benefited from the scheme.

Halal . FOOD REVIEW: Make Amigos your New Mexican Friend We are in Amigos Mexican kitchen on London Road, the place painted green at the corner with Sharrow Lane, a memory of what it used to be, Bohan's Irish Kitchen.The place has swapped taters for tacos and champ for chilli but I'm a bit dubious before our meal as to how things will turn out.It's not hard to find Mexican food in Sheffield these days but it is very hard to find anything that even resembles the real deal, that is if your interest runs a little more than wearing a funny hat and knocking back the Tequilla.Mexican food is not wrapping chilli con carne with a damp tortilla. Now I've never been to Mexico but I once got pretty close in Texas and have enjoyed the food in Mexican restaurants there, accompanied by a mariachi band.One notable breakfast of huevos racheros, scrambled egg with chilli, stayed with me on a trip to see the Alamo. And the Mexicans are still surrounding the famous fort. They run the food stalls outside."Mexican places in the

United States are like Indian restaurants in Britain," says Ammigos owner-chef Khalid Wani. "They're everywhere." Now his name may not strike you as Mexican but 33-year-old Khalid from Kashmir has travelled and cooked all over the world including Mexico and the Southern United States, so that gives him a head start.For the last two years or so he's been in Sheffield as head chef at the Kenwood Hall Hotel, formerly the Marriott, and when the time came to strike out on his own Khalid looked for a gap in the market."There are one or two similarities between Indian and Mexican food - the chillies are quite similar - but the food looks entirely different," he says.Amigos is open all through the day and into the evening and runs a simple but tasty menu - burritos, quesadillas, gordita’s, tacos, enchilado’s and nachos, all with a choice of three fillings, plus wraps, salads, and, if you know how to ask, a little cactus, senor?It comes pickled al-

though I missed the tins and bottles of it on display. "It's a little like gherkin," says Khalid.We had chicken mole burrito (£3.95), meat beans and rice with pico de galio (an onion, tomato and coriander salsa) with jalapenos and dips in a flour tortilla. The other dish was a piquin beef mince gordita (£4,25), which means the heat was powered by a piquin pepper.The first thing to note was that neither dish blew your head off but as you ate you did become aware of a complexity of flavours, rather more than you expect for less than a fiver.The result was highly satisfying. Amigos also offers a range of non-Mexican desserts for office workers and shoppers who like to drop by for coffee.We ordered cheesecake (£1.80) and lemon drizzle cake (£1.50). "This must be the best I have ever had, very light, fluffy and lemony with little bits of zest run through. And that cheesecake is impressive, nice and firm,". With a couple of decent coffees our bill for lunch came to £17.

More than £20,000 handed to ATI for Pakistan Flood Victims

More than £20,000 was handed over to the Chairman of Al-Mustafa Trust International (ATI) for the flood victims in Pakistan. The funds were raise as a joint campaign by Sheffield City Council, Radio Ramadhan, ILM NEWS, PMC and Pakistan Advice Centre. ATI were specifically advised to work on Education and clean water and Mobile Medical Units.



Q & A Immigration Mohammed Nazir Solicitor Head of Property/Immigration, Wosskow Brown

Q1 Can I apply for my mother’s visa as she is 65 years old and can she come to this country permanently? A You can apply for your mother’s visa as she is 65 years old and if she has no other close relative to look after her. If she is financially dependent on you and you can afford to maintain your mother without the recourse to public funds and you have enough accommodation then you can apply for the permanent visa for your mother. Q2 If I am applying for my mother’s permanent visa in this country what documentation do I have to provide for this application? A- Please note that you will need to provide the following for the permanent visa application for your mother’s visa in this country:-

Cont page 1

1. Proof of your employment 2. Your accountant’s letter if you are self employed 3. Proof of your income/ wages slips for last six months 4. Bank statements for the last six months 5. Documentation that proves you are providing financial and assistance to your mother back home 6. Accommodation survey letter 7. Office copy entries or tenancy agreement for the house 8. Confirmation from your mother that she is totally relying on you financially 9. Savings-bank account statements 10. Any other documentation which your solicitors consider that may be important for this type of application.

Q3- I am applying for my brother’s visit visa whether he needs to demonstrate that he can speak and understand English? A- Your brother does not need to pass the English language test. Please note that only nonEuropean migrant who wants to enter or remain in the UK as the partner of a British citizen or a person settled here will need to show that they can speak and understand English, which allows them to cope with everyday life in the UK, by taking an English language test. Q4- What is the time scale for the visa applications from Pakistan? APlease note it could take from 2 working days to 120 working days, and this information has been taken from the UK Border Agency ‘s website.

Kashmiris Want Answers

The summer of 2010 brought on a significant change in the Kashmiri struggle for independence from India. From being a pan-Islamic militant movement sponsored by Pakistan in 1989, it has now transformed into a non-violent indigenous people's movement. But the response of the state has not altered since the 1990s. Kashmiris expressed themselves against what they view as an illegal military occupation by India through peaceful protests, civil strikes, sit-ins, internet and graffiti campaigns, rallies and demonstrations. Despite the fear of arrest, young people have used the internet to post blogs, photographs of human rights violations and videos of killings, while the government gagged the press for weeks. Since June, over 100 men, wom-

en and children have been killed at demonstrations for protesting against widespread human rights violations. All of this happened as the world watched silently.The leaked US cables stated that, in 2005, ICRC's findings were also communicated to the UK, France and Holland. They chose to stay silent. And why shouldn't they, when there are defence deals to be signed and investments to be made in the soaring Indian markets? Diplomacy, coupled with the prospects of a burgeoning economy, have shielded India from criticism by the global community. Even the UN only issued a statement, urging India to tone down its response to the protesters. Responding to ICRC's allegations, an official spokesperson from the Indian ministry of external affairs said: "India is

an open and democratic nation which adheres to the rule of law. If and when an aberration occurs, it is promptly and firmly dealt with under existing legal mechanisms, in an effective and transparent manner." Meanwhile, J&K's chief minister Omar Abdullah said the government doesn't condone torture. Passing the buck, he added, "I am not getting into it... it pertains to 2005, and you know who was in power that time." Omar was referring to the coalition of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Congress that ruled the state from November 2002-August 2008. It is doubtful that India will make changes after these leaks, but hope never dies in places where violence is a way of life. Kashmiris are still hoping, against all odds, for a change.

AIOU M.A Education Workshop Completed M.A workshop has been completed in Govt Islamia College Chiniot. On last day all student of M.A education had arranged a ceremony. Chief Guest was Dr Shafqat Hussain G.C University Faisalbad. Dr Shafqat told the

students about education and describe the character of good teachers. Moreover Mr Riaz Hussain (Principal Government Elementary College Chiniot), Dr Qaiser Abbas Janjua addressed the stu-

dents and also the workshop. Special contribution of Prof. Tariq Majeed, Ch Saeed Ahmed and assistant co-ordinator Mr. Sarwar Khan made the event successful.

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Happy New Year


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PROPERTY CORNER Australia says US responsible for leaks, not the Wikileaks founder PROPERTY REVIEW OF THE YEAR

This has been an interesting year for me and the property market. Personally, having moved from the public sector to the private sector has been a major change and has brought me into contact with numerous people who have developed very successful property related businesses, for whom I have the utmost admiration, and look forward to working with next year. In terms of the property market, it is now a time to reflect and look forward to what next year may hold for us. I believe people are becoming more positive, having heard endless commentary about the difficulties we face through economic crises, funding problems and many more. Clearly the property market has not been immune from this but people are bouncing back and becoming more active. Over the year, I have talked about many sectors of the market. For the end of the year I would like to summarise where I feel the market is. This is only my opinion and many people may have differing views which is what makes the marketplace what it is - exciting! Residential This is a sector most people are familiar with, and almost everyone is affected by it. I believe

BRISBANE: The Australian government on Wednesday blamed the United States, not the by Mohammed Mahroof WikiLeaks founder, for the unauConsultant Mark Jenkinson & Son thorised release of about 250,000 there has been active interest in tively popular, as people venture secret US diplomatic cables and the right properties with a real- into self-employment. said those who originally leaked istic price. The auction room is Demand will, I believe, increase the documents were legally liwitness to this with success rates in the next year.Overall one can- able. Foreign Minister Kevin hitting 90%. If you price it right, not say that this year has been property will sell. I believe inves- easy for anyone in the property tors will start to return because market but there are signs of demand for rental property is in- growing confidence and, as I creasing. This could potentially have said in previous articles, have a positive effect on prices. this is a time for entrepreneurial Commercial property investors to benefit, As one can bear witness as you and people are, and will.Another walk or drive in the city, there are change is seeing some frustrated many to let boards on offices and investors looking further afield retail premises. The office mar- and investing in the Middle East, ket in particular has been very Morocco, economy sensitive and there is a North Africa and other locations. great deal of space available with The passion for property investsome city centre rents being as ment is infectious and people Rudd also said the leaks raised low as £5 psf. I believe there is will always find a way to stay questions over the “adequacy” of a long and difficult road ahead involved. The local property US security over the cables. for the office sector.Retail has, I investor is certainly becoming “Mr (Julian) Assange is not himthink, fared a lot better. Demand international.I have seen a few self responsible for the unauthorhas been good for properties recessions. ised release of 250,000 docualong many popular locations This may be deeper than most ments from the US diplomatic such as Ecclesall Road, Shar- but the ability of people to adapt communications network,” Rudd rowvale Road,London Road, and and rise has never ceased to told Reuters in an interview. the fringes around the city. The amaze me. We have to look forlatter part of the year has seen in- ward to next year in property as vestors returning to this sector of well as generally, and I believe the market. it will be a year of consolidation Industrial. and slow improvement.May I This sector of the market has re- take this opportunity to wish all mained rather quiet with demand readers a happy new year, and as Rotherham Council tax payers for freeholds with a rental pass- ever, please feel free to contact are being asked to keep an eye ing being quite strong.Also small me on 0114 276 0151 or 0787 out for any scams regarding tax that might come their way. The industrial units have been rela- 901 5095. scams, which are being carried out across the country, have been reported in Rotherham, with local residents of all ages being targeted. Fraudsters are telephoning tax payers and claiming that they are entitled to a refund then asking for bank details to be given over the telephone for the money to be paid into. Rotherham Borough Council are advising all tax payers to beat the scammers by asking for the full name of the person calling, along with the department that they work in and telephone extension number. To verify if the caller is genuine, hang up, ring the Rotherham

More WikiLeaks Cables UK, US tried to influence madrassa curriculum: WikiLeaks Governments of the UK and the US attempted to influence Islamic education in Bangladesh as part of their counter-terrorism strategies, a WikiLeaks release of US embassy cables said. British newspaper The Guardian reported that James F Moriarty, US ambassador to Dhaka, mentioned in one cable how the British asked Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to develop and implement a 'standardised' curriculum for unregulated madrassas. The move followed a proposal for a madrasa 'curriculum development programme' to the Bangladeshi government by the US government development agency, USAID. Bangladesh government last week ordered an investigation into funding for madrassas after claims that banned Islamic militant group Hizb-ut-Tahrir had been establishing bases here.

“The Americans are responsible for that,” said Rudd, who had been described in one leaked US cable as a “control freak”. WikiLeaks founder Assange defended his Internet publishing site on Wednesday, saying it was crucial to spreading democracy and likening himself to global media baron Rupert Murdoch in the quest to publish the truth. Assange has angered the United States and governments across the globe by publishing details of secret US documents. The original source of the leak is unknown, though a US Army private who worked as an intelligence analyst in Iraq, Bradley Manning, has been charged by military authorities with unauthorized downloading of more than 150,000 State Department cables. US officials LABOUR’S GREEN have declined to say whether APPRENTICES those cables are the same ones A Labour-run Community Assemnow being released by WikiLebly has hired five young apprenaks. tices to spruce up local parks and open spaces. The local lads will be trained by successful Manor-based social enterprise Green Estate, who specialise in environmental maintenance and horticulture. Council Switchboard on 01709 Sheffield’s East Community As382121 and request the extension sembly, which covers the wards of number you have been given. Arbourthorne, Darnall, Manor and Rotherham Borough Council Castle and Richmond, has invested say: “These fraudsters are very £112,000 in the scheme to increase clever, they’ll tell you anything opportunities for the area’s young to get your details out of you, people and improve the environand when they do, they are mer- ment. Labour Community Assemciless. But, by having your wits bly Chair Councillor Martin Lawabout you, you can beat them ton said: “This is the first project of at their own game. “Try ques- its kind to be sponsored by a Comtion them as much as you can, munity Assembly and we are proud a genuine Rotherham Council to be investing in our young people. employee will do all they can Local residents will reap the beneto help you, but remember, do fits too when they see the difference not give any details out over the it can make to their local area.” phone until you are sure your call was authentic. The smallest EMPTY HOMES FAILURE bit of information you give could lead to them getting hold of your details.”


Waste at Kimberworth Park A Rotherham woman who accumulated five van-loads of rubbish in her garden was fined by the town’s magistrates for failing to remove it. She was ordered to pay costs of £472.20 after the court heard that she ignored all requests and warnings from Rotherham Borough Enforcement Officers to remove the rubbish, which took four people working for four hours to remove it in five vanloads. Rotherham Borough Council solicitors told the court that officers visited the property in June after receiving complaints from neighbours about the state of the property. The experienced

News in Brief


enforcement officers found a large accumulation of household waste in ripped-open black bags. Speaking after the case, Coun. Jahangir Akhtar, Cabinet Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods for Rotherham Borough Council, said that all householders had a responsibility to keep their gardens clear of rubbish. He added: “This amount of rubbish caused neighbours in the area a great amount of stress and despite several warnings the authority had no choice but to serve an order and then ultimately take this tenant to court. This rubbish was a health hazard and could not be ignored.”

Sheffield Labour have criticised the Lib Dem Council for failing to bring empty homes back into use. A recent report to a scrutiny committee outlined that to date only 8 empty homes have been brought back in to use this year and none have been completed in the last three months. The Lib Dem Council have failed to use powers available such as Enforced Sales or Empty Dwelling Management Orders, which would allow the council to take control of private sector properties that have been empty for long periods of time or force private sector sales. Research from charity, Empty Homes, indicates that in 2009 the number of empty properties in Sheffield stood at 5773. New Sheffield Labour Leader, Julie dore, said; “the Lib Dem Council is failing to deliver on empty homes, they should be using the powers that are available to bring empty homes in Sheffield back into use.”

South Yorkshire

News in Brief

Education Allowances Education Maintenance Allowances help to support young people to stay on in education and training, evidence has proven that they have a positive impact on recruitment retention and achievement. The Government’s decision to scrap them will lead to fewer young people staying on in school and college post 16. It will particularly impact on the chances of children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds to continue in full time education and training. Giving young people the best possible opportunities and supporting them in education and training should be a top priority and I hope that the Government will listen to the young people who have protested against the cut. I urge everyone in Sheffield to support the Save EMA Campaign.

Cllr Ibrar Hussain.

Around The World To Get Sheffield Moving

Sheffield’s gritters have covered the equivalent of a trip around the world in their efforts to keep the city’s road clear. Since the start of the recent extreme winter weather in November 2010, the Council has treated the road network so many times it has now salted over 43,000 kilometres of highways, a distance equivalent to more than the circumference of the earth.

Blue Badge Prosecution Rotherham Borough Council continued its fight against Blue Badge parking fraud with a further three prosecutions. Martin Beard, Rotherham Council’s Parking Services Manager, said “These are further significant results in our fight against this crime. “We have now successfully prosecuted 10 such cases during 2010 and we have a further 7 cases to be heard in court in January 2011. “We will continue with our investigations and action. My message to those people who believe they can flout the law is ‘We will catch you and we will prosecute.’”

Golden Number

US urged NOT to make Pakistan a Scapegoat WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US has urged the United States and its allies not to make his country a scapegoat for their collective failure in Afghanistan. Talking to White House correspondents at his residence in Washington, Ambassador Husain Haqqani said that the US and its Nato allies should not indulge in playing the blame game on this important and crucial issue. “Rather than blaming Pakistan, they should concentrate and focus on how to end increasing radicalisation in their societies,” he said. Mr Haqqani said that Pakistan was doing its best to fight against terrorism, and that no other country had sacrificed as much as the Pakistan Army and people there had done so far to make the world

a terror-free place. “It is not the time for US or Nato countries to blame Pakistan for their failures in Afghanistan, but to focus on united efforts to defeat the terrorists,” he added. Mr Haqqani’s assertions are

backed by two recent articles in The Washington Post and The New York Times, both urging the Obama administration not to push Pakistan for more military actions against the militants at this stage. David Ignatius, a Washington

Post associate editor, quoted a senior US military official in Islamabad as telling him that the US debate about Pakistan was becoming “hyper-focused” on a demand that the Pakistani army attack North Waziristan. The official told Mr Ignatius he believed that Pakistan was incapable of meeting this demand because their forces were “stretched too thin”. “The harder Washington pushes for a crackdown, the more Islamabad seems to resist. And the explanation is simple. The two countries’ interests differ on this one: America, with its forces exposed in Afghanistan, wants action now. Pakistan, facing a nationwide campaign of terrorism, wants to concentrate on its internal threat,” Mr Ignatius observed.

Wikileaks: US worried over Pakistani Nuke Material

PARIS: According to a report by a French newspaper, Once-secret US diplomatic cables have revealed concerns by US officials that extremist militants might get access to Pakistani nuclear material. The revelation was published Tuesday night on the website of the newspaper Le Monde, one of the dailies that document-discloser WikiLeaks provided some of its more than 250,000 leaked American diplomatic files to. The newspaper says in the cable traffic through Islamabad that President Barack Obama reportedly confided Pakistan was his ‘‘private nightmare.’’ A February 2009 memo from then-US Ambassador Anne Patterson in Islamabad said ‘‘our main worry’’ wasn’t that an entire bomb might be stolen, but that a worker at a Pakistani nuclear site ‘‘might bring out enough fissile material to build a bomb.’’Le Monde also reported that in 2007 Pakistan had agreed ‘‘in principle’’ to an operation to remove highly enriched uranium from a

Over 38,000 callers have used the “Golden Number” since April in 2010 By calling the local rate number 0300 100 2010, callers were able to speak to a specially trained member of 2010 RotherThankyou to sister Sabha Kanwal ham ’s First Contact Team and Hussain who was honoured to gain expert housing advice. Since have witnessed a beautiful miracle the number’s launch, staff have dealt with queries ranging from rents, to new property allocations, to nuisance neighbours – and even a question about how many chickens a Council tenant can keep.The team deal with all housing enquiries except for repairs – both general and emergency - for which Council tenants should continue to ring 01709 336009.

Pakistani nuclear reactor, but it was never carried out. Pakistan said Monday it refused the operation because its own nuclear security would prevent the material from getting into the wrong hands.

the original in English but it was not immediately available. US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has said that WikiLeaks acted illegally in posting the leaked documents. Officials around the world have

If the Pakistani press were to find out about such a withdrawal of highly enriched uranium it would cast the operation as a US seizure of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, one Pakistani official told US embassy staff. The newspaper published the comments in a French translation. The Associated Press requested

said the disclosure jeopardizes national security, diplomats, intelligence assets and relationships between foreign governments. Five international media organizations received the documents in advance. WikiLeaks is also slowly posting all the material on its own website.


of Allah. She tells us “It was on Sunday 14th November 2010, the day before Hajj around 4.00pm in Sheffield, when I saw Allah’s name in Arabic clearly spelt in the clouds. I was lucky enough to capture a few Photographs on my mobile phone as me and my husband Mosan Razzaq drove down the Parkway in Sheffield”. Thankyou sister for sharing this good fortune with all our readers.


ILM (The Knowledge) Newspaer does not represent any political, religious or any other group. It is purely for providing general information and entertainment to its reader.

A Man Fined £465 for Littering One cigarette proved to be very expensive for a Barnsley man recently after he was seen throwing his cigarette end into the car park on McDonalds in Rotherham. He has been ordered to pay a total of £465 within 21 days. Seven smokers who threw their cigarette ends on the ground have also been prosecuted for littering by Rotherham Borough Council. Commenting after the case, Rotherham Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods, Coun. Jahangir Akhtar, said: “We hope that cases like this will act as a warning to anyone who drops litter in Rotherham, whether it be fly tipping or one cigarette

end. Most people hate seeing litter because it blights local neighbourhoods and we hope that this case sends a clear message to anyone who drops any kind of litter to think again!” “Individually, cigarette butts are only small, but smokers must realised that 122 tonnes of cigarette ends and other cigarette-related litter is dropped everyday in the UK - making it a huge problem for local authorities, such as Rotherham. In addition, every cigarette end contains up to 4,000 different chemicals including hydrogen, cyanide and arsenic, and the filters, which are made up of cellulose acetate, which can take up to 12 years to degrade.”

Students Celebrate their Achievements

Over 60 students aged 5-16 from Rotherham had their achievements officially recognised last week at a special event held by the Arabic Language School at the Unity Centre on St Leonards Road in Rotherham , which is run by the Rotherham Yemeni Community Association (RYCA). The pupils were presented with certificates by Councillor Mahroof Hussain, Cabinet Member for Community Development Equality and Young People and Joyce Thacker, Strategic Director of Children and Young

People’s Services. Mr Abdullah Mohamed explained how the Arabic Language School has been running in Rotherham since 1993 and is now recognised as one of the highest achieving schools of its kind in the area. The school, which runs alongside mainstream education with students studying over every weekend, gives the young people the chance to pass a GCSE in Arabic. The school has a very high achievement with 95 per cent of students recently achieving Grades A*-C.

Sheffield City Council has approved its transport vision for the next 15 years. The ambitious strategy puts local people at the heart of change, giving people more choice about the way they travel and, more importantly, giving the local community more say on how money is spent. The vision empowers people to make informed travel choices and sets the Council up as an ‘enabler’ rather than ‘doing things to people’. One example of this is the City Car Club. The pay-as-you-go car club gives Sheffield people even more travel options through hourly car and van rental. The car club gives

its members access to locally parked, self-service cars that can be booked online or over the phone at a moments notice for less than £4 an-hour. It’s a cost effective and greener alternative to owning a car and the club has experienced unprecedented growth during the recession as motorists and businesses have looked to tighten their belts. The Car Club now includes vans to complement the fleet. Each low emission vehicle is available to hire out for as little as half an hour from a cost of only £3.96 per hour. Rates for longer bookings can be as low as £2.06 an hour.

Appeal after five-figure cash theft at Sheffield supermarket Police are appealing for information after a five-figure cash theft from a supermarket in Sheffield. The high value theft happened at the Morrisons Store in Halfway, Sheffield, around 4.45pm on Saturday, 23 October 2010. A security officer arrived to find the money had been stolen from a vault inside the store. Police believe a blue Vauxhall Vivaro SWB van wearing false plates was involved in the theft of the cash. The van was fitted with a tow bar and both grey and black electrics.

Detective Constable Tony Allen said: "Initial enquiries have brought minimal results so I'm now appealing for the public's help in tracking down those responsible for the theft of this substantial sum of money. "I want to hear from anyone with information about this theft but I'm also keen to hear from people who may have seen suspicious activity involving a blue Vauxhall Vivaro van near to ATM machines in the Sheffield area over the last few months." Anyone with information should contact DC Tony Allen on 0114 2202020, extension 722539.

Travel Choices for Sheffield

Police Appeal

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Armani plans to tap Chinese market with online stores

MILAN: Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani plans to tap the Chinese market with a new online store that opened Friday for Emporio Armani in one of the first such initiatives in China by a major fashion brand. “In view of the increasing enthusiasm for online shopping and the growing importance of the Chinese market, I have decided to open an Emporio Armani online store in China,” Armani was quoted as saying in a statement. “We have identified a significant group of fashion consumers who will certainly appreciate this new approach to shopping, one that becomes more popular every day,” Armani said, referring to the Chinese market. Online retail sales in China, which has the world’s largest web population of at least 420 million,

soared 117 per cent last year to 39 billion dollars (29 billion euros), according to iResearch, a Beijingbased research firm. US fashion giant Gap launched an online store in China earlier this month and Wal-Mart — the world’s biggest retailer — has said it too plans an Internet presence in China soon. Apple opened an online store in October.Armani said it was “the first fashion brand to offer a ‘flagship store’ online experience in China.” The website is backed by Yoox, an Italian online fashion retailer that has grown rapidly during the global economic crisis.The Armani Group has more than 5,000 employees and 13 factories, producing clothes, as well as accessories, eyewear, watches, jewellery and perfume. The group has 609 stores in 46 countries around the world.


Sheffield needs to prepare for more school places as the city sees a rise in births. Councillors are keen to see places provided in the areas where the population is increasing – the city reached a low point of 5,530 births in 2002 but it rose to 6,654 in 2008. Further places need to be sought after Abbeydale Grange School will finally close for business in

the summer of 2011. Education chiefs say finding alternative places at other schools will cost £10m – still saving more than £3m from the costs of running the Millhouses secondary. Proposals are being made as a steady rise in impending births is expected and following another closure at Wisewood school.

History of the Beautiful Game Pakistani IT firm ‘on Top of the world’ in apps CRICKET ISLAMABAD: Photo editing software developed by a Pakistan technology firm Five Rivers became the best selling paid-for application for the Blackberry, the firm said. Lahore-based Five Rivers said its Photo Editor Suite had hit

its way to the number one spot,” she said. Photo Editor Suite allows users to crop, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast, recolour and resize photos, Husain added. The website of Five Rivers, which opened a year and a half

the top spot across all sectors on Blackberry’s AppWorld store. “This is extremely good news for us and especially for the Pakistani IT industry,” Mahe Zehra Husain, the head of operations and product management at Five Rivers Technology, told AFP. “We feel we are on top of the world. This is incredible.”The application “has been in the top five paid applications for quite a while now and on Sunday made

ago, says it has developed and run out more than 100 mobile applications for the Blackberry and iPhone as well as other smartphones. Pakistan, a nuclear-armed conservative Muslim country of 167 million people, is in deep recession, exacerbated by years of Al-Qaeda-linked bombings, an energy crisis, poor foreign investment and this year by catastrophic flooding.

bat is made out of Kashmir or English White Willow, the best quality would be the English Willow. In the manufacturing process, the bat gets treated with unboiled raw Linseed oil this helps protect the bat from weathering. White Willow is used in the making of cricket bats because it is very tough and shock resistant; the wood will not splinter either when struck at high speed for example by a cricket ball. White willow is also very lightweight. This new bat design which comes with a spring design where the cane handle meets the blade was invented by Charles Richardson back in the 1880′s. The blade itself, is flat at the front with the back of the blade being pointed, this helps make the bat lighter, making it easier to maneuver but, still giving strength at the

North America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and India. Cricket really took off in 1963 when counties in England Introduced the Limited Over’s Rule, This then led on to stage the First Limited over’s cricket world cup in 1975.Cricket bats have really transformed over time as well, the original shape resembled a hockey stick which was very thin and have a slight curve at the end. The modern day cricket

middle of the bat, where the ball will be striked.When you first purchase a bat you must remember to knock it in, this is to help maximise the life span of the bat, to do this you must first apply linseed oil and then strike the surface of the bat with a cricket ball or a bat mallet, this will help compact all the loose soft fibres and prevent the bat from splitting when in use.

Katrina Kaif reveals her Wish List Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif has Aamir Khan’s name on her wish list. She said that she wants to pair with the Mr. Perfectionist for her dream role.

Speaking about her dream role, Kat quips, “It’s not one, I have three roles which I wish to do. First on the list is a period film, which are not made enough now. Second on my list is a romantic-tragedy – just like ‘Devdas’. And thirdly, I want to do an action film like Salt or Charlie’s Angels”. When asked with whom she would like to pair up, she said: “I want to team up with Aamir. In the last few films he way he has romanced on screen I loved it, especially in Ghajini. Kaif was born in Hong Kong to an Indian Kashmiri father, Mohammed Kaif, and an English mother, Suzanne Turquotte both of whom are British citizens. Her parents divorced when she was very young. Kaif has seven siblings. She was raised in Hawaii and later moved to her mother’s home country, England

First ever exact mention of “Creckett as it used to be called” was in 1598 at a school named Royal Grammar School, in Guilford. Another recorded example of the sport was back in 1624 when a player called Jasper Vinall died while playing the sport during the local Parish matches in Sussex. Jasper was hit in the head by the Batsman Edward Tye as Edward tried to hit the ball for a second time to prevent him from being caught out. In 1774 a law was introduced to stop the batsman from being able to hit the ball twice. Further into the 18th century there were more laws brought in like the LBW – Leg before wicket and 3 stumped wickets. The 19th century brought in over arm bowling, towards the end of the 19th Century cricket was well known throughout


Amir Khan Win over Marcos Maidana ‘Fight of the Decade’ says De La Hoya OSCAR DE LA HOYA believes Amir Khan is ready to star in some blockbusting bouts in 2011 after proclaiming the Bolton fighter’s WBA light-welterweight title defence against Marcos Maidana as the “fight of the decade”.Khan was awarded a unanimous decision at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Casino, but was forced to overcome some harrowing moments after tasting the full force of the Argentinian challenger’s concussive power. The 24-year-old champion dished out plenty of punishment of his own, flooring Maidana with a devastating left to the body in the opening round and regularly leaving his opponent with no answer to some precisely executed combinations delivered at dazzling speed. The brutal nature of the bout was confirmed afterwards when reports suggested Khan voluntarily took himself to hospital for a CAT scan despite no recommendation from the ringside doctor.Asked for his reaction to the show-stopping action,

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To Be Human By: Syed Z.Ali Shah

Ramadan and ten days of Muharram have always been times for soul searching for me. They divert my attention to higher things. Things which I usually overlook otherwise. Things which stir a yearning to find my place in this universe. A universe which grows staggeringly bigger and complex as our knowledge grows. It gives us no slack as we are able to peer deeper and deeper into the heart of the universe or keener and keener into the heart of the matter itself. For me the mystery grows at an exponential rate as we get better at science. Our existence grows smaller as the universe becomes bigger. But does it really? The question is what is it to be really human? Are we really special and unique as we would like to believe? For me the answer is yes and no. Mainly we are like any other life forms which live or die around us. Fixated to their physical existence. But once in a while we come up with such an exceptional human being that his existence even though short lived against the celestial time is like a supernova in our mundane existence. Some of us shine so bright that they lighten our dark and pathetic lives and give us a ray of hope which tells us what is meant to be truly human. These individuals in our history have always been people who went through ordeals due to causes higher than their basic human needs. They actually shunned these needs to move toward higher grounds. Through their selfless acts and ultimate sacrifices they have given

us hope that our lives are not a mere accident of nature as some like to believe. There is a meaning to our existence which goes beyond our changing surroundings. Good and bad exist. We are not just animals who go about their way. We have been granted free will and we can act above and beyond what appears to be the norm if we can put our minds to it. It is in the honour of these ultimate humans I dedicate this article. They have made our race seem better than we are. In their light our dull faces shine as well. Even though we roil in the gore of our existence we can stand proud that we belong to the same human race as them. Through their brilliance we too can find our way. Even if we are ruthless, cruel, destructive, and unjust, their existence creates for us a pathway in the darkness of our pathetic lives. If nothing else we can recognize our wrongs in the background of their right and that leads to possibilities that we too may be able to overcome our weaknesses and rise to higher grounds. To these few belongs the salvation of the human kind and to them we stand in debt for they give meaning and direction to our lives. They exalt us from being mere animals and make humanity very special indeed and give us our rightful niche in this universe. That's saying a lot if you look at the size of it. May Allah bless Muhammad (saw) and his AAL and their companions for they make us look better than we are.

A letter to Foreign Secretary William Hague on Indian Torture of innocent KASHMIRI’s Rotherham MP Rt Hon Denis MacShane, who is very passionate about the plight of Muslims in Kashmir has again proved active ove the cause. Last month the MP addressed a letter to the Foreign Secretary William Hague clearly stating statistics and observations by the international Red Cross who are present in Kashmir. The letter reads as follows; I was very concerned to read of reports sent by US diplomats in India outlining the systematic torture of Muslims in Kashmir. For some time I have been urging you both as Shadow Foreign Secretary in opposition and now as Foreign Secretary to discuss openly the abuse of human rights in Kashmir which is a cause of very great tension and concern in Britain’s Muslim community. According to the new information the International Committee of the Red Cross believes that that India “condones torture” and that Indian officials tortured civilians and killed militants campaigning for Kashmiri rights. We now learn that he ICRC made 177 visits to detention centres in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere in India between 2002 and 2004, and had met 1,491 detainees. The Red Cross officials interviewed 1,296 people held by India under private conditions. In 852 cases, the detainees reported

ill-treatment. 171 described being beaten and 681 said they had been subjected to one or more of six forms of torture. The Kash-

miri Muslims suffered the following tortures at the hand of Indian security forces. 498 had suffered torture from electricity - 381 who had been suspended from the ceiling - 294 who had muscles crushed in their legs by prison personnel sitting on a bar placed across their thighs - 181 whose legs had been stretched by being “split 180 degrees” - -234 were tortured with water - 302 “sexual” cases were reported involving rape or sexual assault. The ICRC said the Indian security forces in different units used these forms of ill-treatment and torture. Senior Indian officials were involved. “The abuse always takes place in

the presence of officers and ... detainees were rarely militants (they are routinely killed), but persons connected to or believed to have information about the insurgency”. It was very distressing to read these details of torture on Muslims carried out by India, a charter member of the Commonwealth and a close friend and ally of Britain. India is a democracy but one must question what kind of democracy exists that allows such systematic torture to take place. I hope you can take up thje ICRC report with the Indian authorities. For too long the issue of Kashmir has been turned into a non-issue by the British government – including the last one. The silence of British ministers is deeply disturbing to British citizens with links to Kashmir. No-one seeks to excuse the provocation or use of armed militants by some Pakistani politicians to stir up trouble in Kashmir. But the Kashmir problem can only be solved in people tell the truth about the appalling crimes committed by Indian security forces in Kashmir. The time has surely come for the international community to speak out clearly to India that a new approach is needed. I hope in 2011, we can see a new approach from HMG on the Kashmir problem that puts the rights of the Kash-

miri people, not the demands of politicians at Islamabad or New Delhi, at the forefront of our policy.These facts are clearly shouting out not to be overlooked, but a world dominated by politics of interest, we are still far from a resolution for Kashmir. We only hope the British Government will not overlook the cruelty inflicted on these people by the Indian Forces. Lets hope justice is served to the abusers of power.

£5.5m for Children

Local Liberal Democrat Councillors have welcomed a major investment of £5.5m in 2011/12 for Sheffield ’s schools through the coalition government’s pupil premium. The pupil premium is targeted at investing money in helping disadvantaged children. Headteachers will have freedom to decide how to use the investment to help children from poorer families. In its first year the programme will target £625m extra funding to the poorest children in schools. In year one, every school will be guaranteed an extra £430 from the Government for every deprived child. By 2015 the premium will be worth £2.5bn nationally each year. In South Yorkshire this will see around £15m in extra cash in 2011/12, with £5.5 million going direct to Sheffield ’s schools.

AIMING TO CHANGE THE FACE OF FOOTBALL Zesh Rehman, 27, was the first British Asian to play in the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Carling Cup. The former Bradford City defender has launched a foundation in the hope that the next generation can build on his achievements. “When I was nine or 10, a scout told me I’d never make it because my diet was wrong, I’d wouldn’t grow tall enough, I was scared of the weather, and

I would like cricket more. “But those negative mindsets made me stronger, and now I feel it’s almost my duty to pass what I’ve learned on to these kids. ” He hopes that more British Asians get involved in all aspects of the game, after many high profile campaigns have gone a long way to kick racism out of football.


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Dr Masood Raza, who is afďŹ liated with Al-Khair Foundation, recently visited Pakistan to hand over newly built houses by Al-Khair as a lets rebuid Pakistan Project. He handed over 75 houses to the ood affectees in the worst affected area. 200 more house will be given in January 2011. Dr Raza also visited Muzaffargarh, Faislabad, Lahore, Mansehra, Sawat and also Kashmir. Al-Khair Foundation also wants to build similar types of

Pakistani Siyasi

DANGLE, 2011


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Dontion Hotline : 0207 0847199


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A dinner party ws given to the Assistant Tehsildar Nasir Aurangzeb, Admin OďŹ cer Tariq Mehmood and Gulzar Hussain of Chaksawari by Cabinet Member of Rotherham Council Cllr Maroof Hussain who is the parliamentry candidate of up comming election.


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