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Attack on Pakistan will be Counter Productive

David Cameron's attack on Pakistan will be counter-productive and help neither India nor Pakistan a former Foreign office minister has said. "David Cameron should be seeking to lower tensions between India and Pakistan and not involve Britain in one-sided policies which will alienate the important British-Pakistani com-

munity in Britain,"said Denis MacShane MP, who served for 8 years at the FCO as PPS and Minister " Pakistan is on track to become the world's biggest Muslim nation on 20 years and should be handled with care not with foolish insults. 70,000 Muslims have died at the hand of Indian soldiers and security forces and

there is still no explanation for the terror attacks on Gujerati Muslims in 2002. Both states and both Indian and Pakistani politicans and fanatics share responsibility for the violence that has taken so many lives. Mr Cameron must stop blundering into foreign policy arenas where he makes matters worse," added MacShane.

Cameron Sparks Diplomatic RowWith Pakistan!!! David Cameron said Islamabad could no longer “look both ways” by tolerating terrorism while demanding respect as a democracy. A furious diplomatic row erupted between London and Islamabad after David Cameron accused elements of the Pakistani state of promoting the export of terrorism. Speaking on his visit to neighbouring India, the prime minister launched the strongest British criticism yet of Pakistan, warning that the country could no longer "look both ways" by tolerating terrorism while demanding respect as a democracy. Angry responses followed from Pakistani officials in the UK and the foreign ministry in Islamabad. The row comes as Pakistan’s president, Asif Ali Zardari, prepares to visit Britain next week. He is due to stay at the prime minister’s country retreat of Chequers. The leaked documents suggest that the ISI, one of Pakistan’s two military intelligence agencies, Cont P18No 9

Cont P 7 No 12


Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah

South Yorkshire


The next phase of Sheffield’s new household recycling service is now being rolled out to around 50,000 households. New blue boxes with information packs are being dropped off to people living in the second phase of collections, covering the Stannington, Fulwood, Shirecliffe, Sharrow, Crookes and Crosspool areas. People in those areas will be receiving the boxes

for recycling their paper and card, with the existing blue bins being used for glass bottles and jars, cans and plastic bottles in future. The 50,000 households will now be able to recycle their paper and card in the blue boxes and glass bottles and jars, cans and plastic bottles in the existing blue bins at the kerbside. The collections will be every two weeks, an increase on the cur-

rent monthly collections. Black bin collections of general waste will continue to be weekly. This follows two rounds of citywide consultation last year to find out which waste services local people really wanted. Councillor Andrew Sangar, the Council’s Cabinet member for Climate Change said: “This new service will allow Sheffielders to play their part in achiev-

ing our key aims of helping more householders to recycle, increasing Sheffield’s recycling rate and minimising the amount sent to landfill.” Any queries about the new services can be answered by calling Veolia Environmental Services on 0114 273 4567 or visiting their web site at

Blunkett Welcomes Government Move on Retirement Age Former Work and Pensions Secretary, Rt Hon David Blunkett MP, has welcomed the coalition Government’s move to scrap the compulsory retirement age. Mr Blunkett began the debate on the removal of the compulsory retire-

ment rule when in office in 2005. Mr Blunkett said: “Just for once, I can actually applaud the coalition for taking a measure which I tried and failed to complete five years ago. “Despite overwhelming arguments in favour of lifting the

restriction, the best I could do in office was to persuade colleagues to review the situation at a later date. That later date has now fallen to the new Administration. “This is one example of where the Labour Government might have

acted to take a popular and necessary move, alongside raising the retirement age and addressing the major issue of ageing – which I did manage to successfully argue back in 2005.”




South Yorkshire


South Yorkshire

Azaad’s Azaad’s Azaad’s


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South Yorkshire


Political Posturing


£200 Million Pain

“None of the issues raised by the Home Secretary should be off-limits for review. After all, parading one’s civil libertarian credentials has become an article of faith for the true believers within the coalition. “However, a review that is already pre-determined in its outcome by the nominees to serve on it and the individual to oversee it is an insult to the intelligence of the British people. “In particular, the idea that we should not hold suspected terrorists pre-charge for anything more than the seven days which existed before September 2001 is a demonwhich has been brought about thanks to the need to reduce the mountain of debt run up by the previous Labour Government. Cllr Simon Clement-Jones, Liberal Democrat Sheffield City Council Cabinet member for Finance, said: “We can now see the consequences of having to tackle the £900 billion debt that Labour have left this country with. There is no doubt about it, reducing the Council’s spend by this amount over four years will be tough and painful. Local Labour MPs and councillors should hang their heads in shame. “Liberal Democrats are determined to protect the essential services that local people tell us they value the most. That’s why we will be starting a

8 Steelworks


stration of dangerous naiveté which can only provide succour to those who would use our democracy in order to destroy it.” Mr Blunkett added: “The voice of the worried, the insecure and the fearful; that of the honest, decent, lawabiding citizen, is woefully absent from Theresa May’s review. “Political posturing is no substitute for leadership and for demonstrating a grasp of the enormity of the terrorist and organised criminal threat which, when allowed free rein, devastates the lives of the innocent.”


consultation so that everyone can have their say about what should be our priorities over the coming years.” The size of the UK ’s debt run up by Labour means we owe about £22,400 for every man, woman and child. Every household will pay nearly £2,000 this year, just to cover the interest. Simon added “Today the Government spend more on debt interest than we do on running schools in England . There is no option other than to get the spiralling UK debt under control as interest repayments are crippling the country. But we are still waiting for one single idea from Labour on how to reduce spending, what’s more we are still waiting for an apology.”

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will help put Sheffield at the forefront of the new green economy. It’s a boost for the local steel industry and a boost for local jobs. I’m delighted that Nick Clegg and the Coalition Government are investing in Sheffield .” Cllr Andrew Sangar, Liberal Democrat Cabinet member for Climate Change said: - “Liberal Democrats believe in large scale investment in low carbon technologies such as offshore wind, so I am pleased that the Coalition Government is making our ideas a reality. This investment will help our businesses reap the benefits of moving to greener forms of energy production, as well as lowering costs for consumers around the country.”

Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah with Rt Hon Paul Blomfield MP on a visit to British Parliament

Rotherham Central Library is on the Move

'One-stop' service provision in Rotherham is to get even better in the future with the news that the town's Central Library is to be housed within the new civic building. Rotherham Borough Council's Cabinet Members have agreed that the Rotherham Central Library will move into Riverside House - the new civic building currently being built off Main Street. The inclusion of a new ground floor library, the infor-

mation service and the children's library within the new building will mean that the public will be able to access a huge variety of council services all under one roof. Being built on the former Guest and Chrimes site, Riverside House will become Rotherham's new Civic Building. It will greatly improve the services being provided to the Rotherham people by housing all services in a 'one-stop' shop. As well as the new library,

the public will be able to access a Customer Service Centre and a public cafe. Once the 172,000 sq ft building is completed - in the spring of 2012 - the upper floors will also provide office space for council staff currently using various buildings around the town. These valuable town centre sites will then be freed-up allowing further redevelopment works to take place as part of the Rotherham Renaissance regeneration plan.

Ed Miliband speaks to prominent member of the muslim community in Sheffield on a visits the biggest purpose built mosque. Sheffield Islamic Centre Madina Masjid Trust.


South Yorkshire

LIB DEM SET TO RESOLVE STATION ACCESS DISPUTE Liberal Democrats on Sheffield City Council have instructed Council officers to investigate using legal powers to create a public right of way through Sheffield Station. The move could end the long running dispute with East Midlands Trains (EMT) over public access to a bridge. Only last week the Lib Dem Leader of Sheffield City Council, Cllr Paul Scriven, criticised EMT refusing members of the public access over the bridge unless they had a ticket. Previously the Government had directed that EMT should not install barriers until a second bridge had been constructed. However, in the meantime EMT has been blocking access using members of staff. Cllr Ian Auckland, Liberal Democrat Cabinet member for

Business, Transport and Skills, said: “Liberal Democrats believe that as the existing bridge was built using taxpayer’s money, local people should have a right to use it. To spend millions more to build a second bridge would simply be a waste, especially when we are facing Labour’s national mountain of debt. “The Council does have some powers around creating public rights of way. So I have asked Council officers to report back on how we can use these to create a compulsory public footpath through the Station. This might be difficult but we will use every means possible to try and stand up for local people and prevent them being denied access through their Station.”

Sharrow Festival Was a Roaring Success

This year’s Sharrow Festival was a roaring success. The sun was out and the crowds came too. Probably the biggest that the festival has been and this year there were three stages, the new area being the Hip-Hop stage in the five-a-side courts where the graffiti walls were being painted. The festival kicked off with the Noise Blasters on the community stage giving a taster for their longer drumming set on the main stage later in the afternoon. The community stage, hosted by MC Nige saw a boxing demo by a local gym, a Kurdish singing group that got the audience dancing round in circles a belly dancing display and an amazing rendition of “I’ll be there” by a young lad


called Pallav and some fantastic African Drumming. On the main stage we had sets from The Noise Blasters, the Mojo All Stars, EYP, Sun, The Bell Hagg Orkestar, Root One, King Capisce and Robert Masekoe. Musically it was all there except for bhangra, which we sadly can’t afford because the big names in that scene simply charge way too much. A 40 minute set from a well established bhangra act would have eaten up more than half the festival budget. So if any up and coming bhangra stars want a place on next year’s stage get in touch. Away from the Music we had over 75 stalls at the festival selling and promoting a wide range of things. There were food stalls offering tasty treats

from all over the world, several South Asian food stalls, oriental meals, Mexican, Caribbean barbeques a chips and burger van and vegetarian food were all available along with tea and scones and strawberries and cream in the Tea tent. The FURD street kicks was popular as ever with people competing against each other all day and Sure Start provided plenty of activities for the younger crowd. People were collecting money for charities, providing information about a range of social and health issues, giving out their political message, meditating bouncing on the inflatable castles riding the bucking bronco and generally having a wonderful time on a summer afternoon in the park.

South Yorkshire

DISCLAIMER ILM (The Knowledge) Newspaer does not represent any political, religious or any other group. It is purely for providing general information and entertainment to its reader.

Labour call to oppose BSF cuts Labour have launched their campaign for the Sitwell ward by-election for Rotherham Council by urging local residents to send a message about Tory/Lib Dem cuts to the Building Schools for the Future programme in Rotherham. Labour Candidate, Judy Dalton said: "The Conservative and Lib-Dem coalition have mounted an unprecedented attack on front line services in Schools, the NHS and the local authority."This goes well beyond the efficiency savings promised in the general election. "As a physiotherapist who has worked extensively in Sitwell Schools and the community I know how much Sitwell residents value these services and will be campaigning to protect them. "Now is the time for residents to make their vote count and pass judgment on these unfair and damaging cuts."

Sporting Hero Goes on Display at Rotherham’s Clifton Park Museum Visitors to Clifton Park Museum are being invited to “dive in” and catch a glimpse of the bust of one of Britain’s, and Rotherham’s, great unsung sportsmen. Going on display for the first time in the twice-nominated “Museum of the Year”, the bust is of Thomas William Burgess, who was the second man to swim the English Channel in September 1911. The bust was on display in the old Sheffield Road swimming baths in Rotherham for many years and it was supposedly good luck to rub its nose. Collections Officer for Rotherham Borough Council, Karl Noble, said: “Burgess really is one of those sporting greats whose name has slipped from the

record books somewhat, but, he was, without doubt, one of our local greats and we’re glad to be able to celebrate him as such. “He managed to cross the channel, which was an even more massive feat those days than it is now, at the sixteenth attempt. Maybe he rubbed his nose on that sixteenth time and that’s where the legend came from.” The bust is part of a display of Rotherham Sporting Greats, which includes four Olympic and Paralympic athletes, Paul Goodison, Peter Elliott, Kevin Hayes and cyclist Ben Swift. It is part of the museum’s new semi-permanent displays and will be viewable on the run up to the 2012 Olympics.

Blunkett Welcomes Grant Made to Youth Project Rt Hon David Blunkett, MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, has welcomed an award of £10,000 given to Burngreave Youth Development Centre by the Big Lottery Fund. The money will go towards the setting-up of the Centre, including internet and telephone connections and volunteer transport costs. It will


also provide social activities for young people and is aimed at helping to reduce anti-social behaviour in the local area. At a time when the Lib Dem leadership of Sheffield City Council are cutting thousands of pounds to youth development projects, Mr Blunkett welcomed the grant. Mr Blunkett said: “Of course,

this money cannot replace what is being pulled by the Government and the Council. “However, it is a recognition of the willingness of people locally to help themselves – and the determination that there is in our community to stand by young people as they try and do a good job of self-help.”

South Yorkshire

PUTTING PEOPLE IN CONTROL OF THEIR CARE More than 1,000 people in Sheffield are now benefiting from an innovative scheme which puts people in control of their own social care. Self Directed Support is a new way of allocating money to people receiving social care. People have a personal budget which means they can decide which services best meet their needs. Since Sheffield began to pilot the scheme in March 2008, 1,356 people have received a budget. Now Sheffield City Council is as acknowledging the success of Self Directed Support so far and is making sure that it is more widely available. Currently just less

than eight per cent of the total numbers of people receiving support from adults’ services have a personal budget. But at tomorrow’s Cllrs will note that Self Directed Support will be available to all new and existing service users from August this year.






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South Yorkshire

Marketing your Small Business by: Amar Saleem

Sheffield’s Green Spaces For Protection Liberal Democrats on Sheffield City Council are set to give local people the opportunity to put forward local green fields to be protected from development. Lib Dems have put a proposal to next weeks Council meeting which, if successful, will see local people asked to nominate a local green field to be protected as a ‘Queen Elizabeth II Field’. The move is part of the national Field’s in Trust to scheme to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The scheme requires local authorities to nominate fields that satisfy Fields in Trust’s criteria, and then a national public vote will take place in 2011 to select the fields to protect. Cllr Shaf-

faq Mohammed, Liberal Democrat Cabinet member for Communities, said: “We know just how much Sheffielders love their local green spaces, so I’m sure many people will take advantage of our offer and nominate a field for this national scheme. Not only will this be a great way to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, it will be yet another policy the Liberal Democrats on the Council have put in place to protect local green spaces.” If the proposal is passed Lib Dems will ask Council officers to bring forward details of how local people will be able nominate a field for this scheme.

Free Homeopathic Surgery (1) Every Tuesday in Pakistan Community Association, Page Hall Rd, Firvale, Sheffield(2) Every Thursday in, Dr Israr Khan First 4 Claim, Attercliffe Rd, Sheffield.

Marketing is a key element of small business survival and expansion. Once you decide to go ahead with a new plan for a business or its expansion, you need to put on your salesman hat and start marketing the idea. Your marketing strategy The first thing you need to do is research the market you are targeting. Who will your competitors be? How is the sector going to fare in the next five years? Is there really a gap in the market that you can exploit? Approach all these questions objectively - don't get carried away with the excitment of a new venture. Assess who your potential customers are and work out how you are going to reach them. It is also a good idea to know who your most lucrative customers will be. Do your research There are various forms of market research you can use, such as free Government statistics and business reports, professional paidfor research carried out on your behalf and research done yourself in the form of surveys and fieldwork. Testing the waters If you are testing a new product, ask as many people as possible, from as many different age ranges and walks of life as possible to try it. Try not to use only family and friends as guinea pigs - they are more likely to give you good feedback, even if they don't like the product! Promotion and selling How should you promote your products? Options include ad-

vertising, direct marketing, exhibiting at trade fairs and online marketing. How you tell people about your business will be determined by the type of customer you are going for and your advertising budget. What is the best way of distributing and selling your products? You could sell directly to a few key customers, or go through retailers. Setting up shop online can keep overheads down. If you are selling a product, you could approach other firms to sell it, or license it to them. But don't talk to them unless they sign a confidentiality agreement (usually drawn up by a specialist solicitor) first, so they don't steal or reveal your idea. For the best chance of success make a prototype and stage a smart presentation. If they want to buy your idea or license it from you, you both sign an agreement. This usually gives you an upfront fee - often quite small, anything from £500 to £5,000 - and a royalty on sales, usually 2%-7% of the selling or manufacturing price of the invention. Consult a patent agent about what is a fair amount. Other marketing outlets Fairs and exhibitions typically charge around £400 for a stand. You may meet interested companies, get tips from more experienced inventors, garner some publicity or even win a prize for your invention. For more info contact: Amar Saleem Business Development Executive, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce on Tel: 0114 2018918 or E-mail: amar.

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Appalling Cuts To Council Budget

Rt Hon David Blunkett, MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, has reacted with dismay to the proposed cuts to the Children and Young People service’s budget published by the Lib Dem controlled Sheffield City Council. The Council has published its Interim Budget Report 2010-11 and 201112, in which it proposes a £3.15 million, cut in the local education budget by the end of this financial year – and a £70 million cut over four years. Mr Blunkett said that he was “appalled” that the


proposed cuts also target the Area Based Grant, which is directed by its very nature at the most vulnerable areas of the city. Mr Blunkett said: “I will be meeting the executive director of children’s services, Sonia Sharp, this Friday – and I hope to discuss with her the extent of the catastrophic consequences of these proposed cuts on provision for early years right through to child protection. “Even at this late stage, I hope that we can persuade the City Council to abandon their policy of targeting cuts at the most

disadvantaged communities.” Mr Blunkett added: “The reductions in the Area Based Grant sit ill at ease with David Cameron’s rhetoric about the ‘Big Society’. On the one hand the Prime Minister lectures us about the need for individuals to help themselves; on the other, his Government pulls the plug on any possibility of them doing so by slashing the Area Based Grant – while the Lib Dems meekly go along with it.”

South Yorkshire

Syed Z.Ali Shah


What changes Behaviour? Among other things in Pakistan there is always talk about change in peoples attitude. Why are we the way we are? Why can’t we be more refined? Well one solution lies in the motorway. Motorway has been criticised for being very expensive. It has been hailed as a grand achievement of the Shareef’s. Well the debate can go on forever. What I find most fascinating is what it does to the unruly traffic in Pakistan? All of a sudden everybody starts driving like as if you were in some other country. Actually the whole experience is different. It is as if you have suddenly left the chaos which is so rife in our countryland landed in an island of peace.

How do such massive behaviour changes take place? How can we translate this transformation to the society in general? Well there are two things. A good facility and even handed justice. You provide both and you can expect change. Anybody who claims to bring the change or anyone who wants to bring the change needs to cater for two things. Even handed justice is a must for any nation to move on. We are by far not even close. Right now the fight is not about justice. It’s about a justice. When the time comes and we can differentiate between the two of them we can expect change. Till then sit in the heat and wait out the VIP movement.

Charity Curry Night

Blunkett Blasts Clegg’s Forgemasters “Failure” Rt Hon David Blunkett, MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, has responded to a joint press release issued on Tuesday by Sheffield Forgemasters and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. In the statement, Forgemasters confirm that they will be unable to attract sufficient private sector investment to replace the £80 million loan axed by the Lib Dem/Tory coalition Government. The news follows coverage in the Financial Times on Tuesday, which confirmed that the directors of Forgemasters had, contrary to public statements by Nick Clegg and David Cameron, offered to dilute their shareholdings in the company. Mr Blunkett said: “Forgemasters offered to give up 40% of their holding, but any more than this would have simply meant that the company no longer existed - and

A Charity Curry Night was held • Rob Johnson from Thompsons • Cllr Mohammed Maroof Chair in aid of Sheffield Girls College, Solicitors, • RT Hon MP Paul of the Charity) • Abdul Assim Bagh, and charity chosen by lord Blomfield • Cllr Talib Hussain (Charity Co-Coordinator) • Cllr mayor of Sheffield Cllr Alan law. The dinner was held on the 18th July 2010 at 6:30pm. In attendance were: • Lord Mayor Cllr Alan Law • Nasar Raoof ( Organiser for the evenings charity curry night) • Cllr Ibrar Hussain

in any case, would have opened them up to a Japanese takeover. “They are now concentrating on stabilising existing business but three things arise in addition to the half-apology from Nick Clegg. Firstly, the Government were wrong in presuming that there was a private sector solution without selling the company. Secondly, they were wrong in claiming that the company were not prepared to relinquish substantial equity. And thirdly, this is not simply a matter of the £80 million loan, but an unwillingness on the part of government even to 'ensure' or act as guarantor to an alternative loan solution. “Nick Clegg is entirely responsible for his failure to even begin to understand what was happening at Forgemasters or the nature of the company; and he should be ashamed of himself." Martin Lawton• Cllr Ray Satur Donations came from Arshad Textiles £100 and Burngreave Builders £100 and Nasar Raoof (Organiser) £200.00. A total of £860.00 were raised from the event alone. A short presentation was given and all above spoke about the charity and future plans to support it and raise funds for it.


Cllr Mohammad Maroof, Town Hall, Surrey Street,Sheffield, S1 2HH Tel: 0114 273 5588, Mob: 07790017298 First Sunday of every month after Namaz-e- Zohar at Madina Masjid Wolsley Road, Sheffield S8 0ZU and First Saturday of every month between 12 noon to 1.00pm at Highfield Library on London Road.


THINK KINAARA Eat as much as you like!

ADULTS £11.50 UNDER 10’s £5.50 UNDER 3’s FREE


South Yorkshire

Exclusive Interview

with Sheffield Born Nasheed Artist Ahmad Hussain We speak exclusively to Sheffield Born Nasheed Artist and TV Personality Ahmad Hussain on the International launch of his debut album “I Turn To You”. Brother Ahmad, Jazakallah for agreeing to take the time to do the interview with the Monthly Ilm.No problem at all, Shukran and Assalaam AlaykumFirstly we would like to congratulate you on the successful launch of your album “I Turn To You”, please tell us a little about the album. Jazakallah, I feel that this album reflects the inspiration and feelings that have shaped my life during the last few years. This album has been in the making over one year and I have put a lot of effort in to it. The album features some traditional nasheeds in the Arabic and Urdu language as well as nasheeds that I have written personally in order to express my experiences and to create awareness of Islam.How do you find the inspiration and motivation to write the nasheeds in this album? Inspiration comes from Allah Almighty. When I look at the world at present, I witness a lot of pain, suffering, egoism and lack of respect. This, along with my personal experience gave me

the inspiration and dedication to write some of the Nasheed’s that feature on the album. I also became very inspired and motivated by the life of our Beloved messenger Muhammad (SAW); truly he was a mercy to the whole of mankind. From the first Revelation to the last sermon, he educated us on how to live our lives and how to develop into better humans. Your debut video “Aye Khuda” was very successful; please tell us about your new video “Children of The World”.You just have to watch the news for a few hours to understand the current situation that we are living in, by the time we have completed this interview, approximately 10 – 12 innocent children will die in this world due to war, poverty and other crimes committed by Humans. This is unfortunately the heartbreaking and somewhat appalling reality that millions of children have to face. I pray to Allah that this nasheed will create awareness so that we can at the least reflect on the plight of these innocent children.Please tell us a little about how you spend your time when you are not producing Nasheeds.I try to spend as much time as possible in learning more

about Islam and I also spend a lot of time around my family and friends especially with my parents, May Allah Bless them. I am keen on keeping fit so I play a lot of Cricket and football. Alhamdulillah I have been fortunate enough travel extensively around the world as I really have a high regard for diverse foods and cultures. What message would you give to young Muslim’s living in South Yorkshire?All I can say is that we are first and foremost Muslims that have been blessed with the gift of Islam; it is our duty to present this gift to our communities in the best way possible. Unfortunately, Islam is constantly under attack in most forms of the media, it is the duty of the youth to carry Islam in a positive manner just like many of the Sahaba did. I would recommend that the youth take time to read about these influential individuals, and especially the Seerah of our beloved Messenger Muhammad (SAW).Tell us about your role as a judge on Ummah TalentUmmah Talent has become one of the most watched and talked about programme on Islamic Television. I am one of the three Judges that has the re-

sponsibility of finding the next biggest Naat/Nasheed artist. I feel that it is a blessing to be part of such a programme and to see how much enthusiasm and talent the Ummah have. What are your plans for the near future?I will Inshallah be commencing work on a full length feature movie to be filmed in Sheffield. I will also be back in the studio to produce Kamal Uddin and Wajid Akhtar’s new albums. You can join me on Facebook or visit to keep up to date with all our future projects. Well, Thank you very much for your time and we wish you all the best for the future and on the release of your album.Jazakallah, and May Allah Bless everyone as we approach the Holy month of Ramadhan, please pray for me and I would like to thank everyone for the support and encouragement. I Turn To You, the thought provoking debut album by Ahmad Hussain is now available to buy from all leading retailers. Please visit www.ahmadhussain to sample the album or visit the Iqra Promotions Facebook or You Tube page to view the videos.


A Sheffield man has been hit by a £590 fine after being caught fly-tipping. The City Council’s Environmental Protection team successfully prosecuted the man after an eagle-eyed witnessed the fly-tipping incident. The witness saw the male driver of a vehicle near Handsworth Avenue tipping waste in December 2009 and had the presence of mind to record the vehicle registration plate. Environmental Enforcement Officers followed up the enquiry and traced the vehicle back to the owner, Mark Elliot (28) of Ashbourne Road, Sheffield. When interviewed, Elliot initially claimed he had lent the vehicle to a friend, but he would not identify the person to the in-

vestigators. But the law allows the person having control of the vehicle to be prosecuted if it is used in a fly- tipping incident. At Sheffield Magistrates Court Elliot pleaded guilty to the offence and was fined £200. Costs of £300 for cleaning up the mess and legal costs of £75 were also awarded, along with a victim surcharge of £15, making a total of £590. Cllr Andrew Sangar, Cabinet member for Climate Change said: “We are pleased that the Courts once again have supported the Council in the fight against fly-tipping. This result should send a message to anyone considering disposing of their waste illegally. If they are caught they may face a criminal record and a hefty fine.”

Legal Corner Mohammed Nazir Q1: How will my assets be divided if I do not leave a Will, will they be divided according to my faith? A: No your estate would not be divided in accordance with your faith. It would be administered in accordance with the Administration of Estates Act 1925. Q2: What is the difference between normal Will and Islamic Will? A: The basic principles would be the same but an Islamic Will would be drafted in accordance with Sharia principles. Q3: Who can be the executors of my Will?


A: Anyone over the age of eighteen can be an Executor, but for an Islamic Will it would be advisable to appoint a person or persons with knowledge of Sharia principles. Q4: What are the benefits of Islamic Will? A: Mostly people of the Muslim faith wish to ensure that their estate is administered in accordance with their faith, and an Islamic Will would take into account the principles relating to gifts to charity, such as a gift to the Mosque, to people outside the family, and also to necessary provisions being


made in relation to a second wife and family. Guardians of infant children could also be appointed by the Will in the event of a husband and wife dying together. Q5: What are the possible costs of making an Islamic Will? A: The Will would be a Full Discretionary Trust Will in accordance with Sharia Principles. The costs of making this type of Will together with a Letter of Wishes would be in the region £350.00 plus VAT at the current rate. (Disclaimer: Please consult your own solicitor for any legal advice).

South Yorkshire


South Yorkshire


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Please Note: This Ramadan timetable is according to Madina Mosque, Wolsley Rd, Sheffield, Other people are asked to follow thier own mosque timetables. Donation Appeal: The Masjid is in need of your generous donations. Please help to pay off all the Qarz E Hasna this Ramadan. You can pay direct into the bank account (HSBC Bank, Sort-code: 40-37-25 Account No: 72862824) or donate in person at the Masjid. Eid-ul-Fitr prayer will be held at 10am sharp. Fitraana: ₤2 per person Sheffield Islamic Centre Madina Masjid Trust, 24 Wolseley Rd, Sheffield, S8 0ZU Telephone: 0114 258 5021 email:

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Holy & Blessed Month of Ramzan1431H

Ramzan is the ninth month according to Islamic Lunar calendar. Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed. The Quran clearly says "O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you many learn piety and rightousness" - Al Baqarah, 2:183. Fasting is to be done by all able bodied men and women and children who have reached puberty. If a person is sick or has some medical reason or if a women is pregnant then they are waived from fasting. During Ramadan the people who fast are not allowed to eat or drink anything (including water) from dawn to after sunset. Also one has to restrain

other body parts, which may render the fast worthless despite the main factor of hunger and thirst; so the tongue, for instance, must avoid backbiting, slander, and lies; the eyes should avoid looking into things considered by the Lawgiver as unlawful; the ears must stop from listening to conversation, words, songs, and lyrics that spoil the spirit of fasting; and finally restraining of the heart, and mind from indulging, themselves in other things besides zikr or Allah (remembrance of Allah). Also when one is fasting and feels hunger and thirst he has to remember other people in the world who do not have food and water. Charity is one of the extremely


recommended acts during fasting. Muslims are required to give minimum of 2.5% of their annual savings as charity to poor and needy people. Also there are various sayings of the prophet (pbuh) where he has said that any charity made in Ramadan is multiplied upto 70 times. If some people are poor and cannot afford to give money then even a smile is an act of charity. In recent years lot of research has been done about the medical benifits of Ramadan. The physiological effect of fasting includes lower of blood sugar, lowering of cholesterol and lowering of the systolic blood pressure. In fact, Ramadan fasting would be an ideal recommendation

for treatment of mild to moderate, stable, non-insulin diabetes, obesity and essential hypertension. There are psychological effects of fasting as well. There is a peace and tranquility for those who fast during the month of Ramadan. Personal hostility is at a minimum, and the crime rate decreases. Muslims take advice from the Prophet who said, "If one slanders you or aggresses against you, say I am fasting.'" This psychological improvement could be related to better stabilization of blood glucose during fasting as hypoglycemia after eating, aggravates behavior changes. There is a beneficial effect of extra prayer at night.

South Yorkshire

British Crime Survey

Former Home Secretary, Rt Hon David Blunkett MP, has reacted to today’s figures from the British Crime Survey, which have shown a fall in crime of 9% year-on-year – and that crime is now lower than at any point since records began in 1981. The BCS also indicated that crime fell by 43% during Labour’s 13 years in power. Mr Blunkett said: “This very welcome fall in the crime figures is a tribute first and foremost to the hard work of the

police service, whose efforts we should applaud. “It was said at the start of the global economic meltdown that recession would lead, as night follows day, to a rise in crime. The fact that that has not happened is a testament to the strategy which the Labour Government put in place – of neighbourhood policing teams at the heart of every community. “It is a strategy which must not fall victim to either the coalition’s refusal to protect front-line

spending on the police, or their widely-criticised plan for elected local police commissioners.” Mr Blunkett added: “The contrast between the fall in crime under Labour during this economic downturn and the increase during the Tory recession of the early 1990s is marked. During the ’90s recession, crime shot up by 18%.

Private Hire Drivers Association (P.H.D.A)


Meeting Of All Taxi Drivers At Pakistan Muslim Centre (P.M.C) Woodburn Road, Sheffield, S9 3LQ. On Tuesday 3rd August 2010 at 1830hrs Are You Fed Up? Are You? Then It’s Time To Act? Please Attend And Discuss Your Problems So That We Can Find The Solutions Of Our Problems. Unity Is Strength (P.H.D.A).


by Mohammed Mahroof An EPC is required when a building is constructed, sold or let, basically if you are thinking of selling your house or commercial building or renting it you will need an Energy Performance Certificate. The legislation behind this is the Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates and Inspections) Regulations 2007. What is the Purpose of an EPC? It is simply there to promote the improvement of the energy performance of buildings. When is an EPC Required? It is required when a building is built, sold or let. The definition of a building for the purposes of this Act is:¬“a roofed construction having walls for which energy is used to condition the indoor climate and a reference to a building includes a reference to part of a building which


has been designed or altered to be used separately” It must have a roof and walls, and use energy to condition the indoor climate (where a building has any of the following fixed services, heating, mechanical ventilation or air conditioning. Where a building is expected to have heating, mechanical ventilation or air conditioning installed it will require an EPC based on the assumed fit-out. In general terms an EPC should reflect the accommodation being sold or let. What Happens with a Common Heating System? You can either have an EPC for the whole building, or an EPC for part to be used separately and being offered for sale or to let. When is an EPC Not Required? • If it is a place of worship • Temporary buildings with a planned time of use of less than

2 years. • Stand alone buildings with a total useful floor area of less than 50 sq. m. • Industrial sites, workshops, agricultural buildings with low energy demand. • Buildings due to be demolished What if I do not get an EPC? It is a requirement to have an EPC, and the responsibility lies with the seller or landlord. There is a penalty if the EPC is not carried out, which I believe is 12.5% of the saleable value of the building subject to a minimum of £500 and a maximum of £5,000. This article is only for guidance, and you should take professional advice. If you want to contact me I am a consultant at Mark Jenkinson and Son (0114 276 0151 or 0787 901 5095) and I will be more than happy to advise on any property issues you may have.

South Yorkshire

National Award for local Post Office

Rt Hon David Blunkett, MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, has congratulated the Barrow Road Post Office in Wincobank for its success, after it was named as one of the top outlets in the country. The staff at Barrow Road have been awarded the national “Golden Ticket” Award, which is given by Post Office Ltd to highlight the top community outlets. Mr Blunkett said: “I am very pleased indeed to congratulate the staff at the Barrow

Road Post Office on their award. “It is a great accolade and recognition of the tremendous service that they have provided.” Reflecting on the fact that seven years ago, the Barrow Road outlet was due to be closed, Mr Blunkett added: “Post Offices play an essential part in the life of our community. This award is a measure of the effort which has gone in to saving the store and involving local people in securing provision for the future.”


Unlicensed waste operators beware – the authorities are cracking down on the illegal dumping of rubbish in Sheffield. Sheffield Council’s Environmental Protection Service, working with South Yorkshire Police, recently stopped over 20 vehicles in the city on a high profile ‘stop and search’ operation. The officers checked out vehicles suspected of carrying waste illegally at the roadside. Nine of the vehicles stopped were found to be carry-

ing waste without a licence. Follow up enquiries are being made that may result in the prosecution of the offenders, although if the offenders get licensed in the meantime, the Council will consider a caution instead of a prosecution for a first offence. Ian Ashmore, the Council’s Head of Environmental Regulation was delighted with the success of the operation. He said: “Some unlicensed operators have been known to dump the waste they

have collected and we hope this action will send out a strong message that anyone who breaks the law will get caught. This was just one of a number of ‘stop and search’ operations we will be doing alongside the police.” Anyone wanting to check whether an operator is authorised can confirm their status by contacting the Environment Agency on 08708 506 506 or online at http://www2. index.asp

vironmental Health Officers were informed that a party of Summer School Students who had eaten at the premises had been taken ill the morning after their meal. It proved to be poisonous and a later inspection showed there were poor practises in place for cooling the food. Ian Ashmore, the Council’s Head of Environmental Regulation

said: “We are proud of the many eating places in Sheffield, but we cannot allow food unfit for public consumption to be sold in the city and are pleased to have support from the local magistrates to send out a clear message to anyone who tries to break the accepted hygiene standards.”

£1,800 Fine for Sheffield Restaurant A Sheffield restaurant owner is £1,800 out of pocket for attempting to sell food that could have poisoned his customers. Dr Godson Ugwidire of UK Mama on Fulwood Road, Broomhill was fined £1,815 in Sheffield Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday (6 July). He pleaded guilty to placing unsafe food on the market. Sheffield Council's En-

Public Urged to have their say on Fire Service People in South Yorkshire have less than two weeks left to give their views on the future of South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue. The service launched a public consultation back in May, asking local people for their opinions on a wide range of topics, including funding, emergency response, fire stations and staffing, community safety initiatives, joint-working options, and fire service priorities and values. Hundreds of people have already responded to the consultation document, and the

fire service is reminding those who haven’t yet had their say that the consultation period ends on Monday 2nd August. Chief Fire Officer Mark Smitherman said: “We want to make sure everyone has a chance to give us their views on how we cope with the inevitable reductions in our funding. We will use the feedback from local people and our own staff to help form our plans for the next three years, which will be published this autumn for further consultation.” “Since the consultation began we

have had some excellent responses that will help us as we plan for the challenging times ahead. There is still time left for others to have their say, and I would urge people to look through the consultation document and give us their views.” People can view the consultation document and complete the survey by visiting uk, or request a personal copy of the pack by texting FIRE to 87023 or writing to: Consultation, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, 197 Eyre Street, Sheffield, S1 3FG.


South Yorkshire

YOUNGSTERS DEMONSTRATE THEIR FIRE FIGHTING SKILLS A group of youngsters from Barnsley showed off their newly learnt fire fighting skills at Barnsley Station on Thursday 22nd July, as part of a multi-agency scheme to boost youngsters’ community spirit and promote good citizenship. The group of ten youngsters aged 10 – 11 have spent one day a week, over the last nine

weeks with South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, South Yorkshire Police, Barnsley Council and other local agencies to see how their area is being developed and improved, in order to promote their community spirit. At South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, the group have learnt about fire safety in the home, the impact of deliberate

fires on the community and other skills, such as first aid. The scheme which started on Wednesday in May and concluded on July with a Passing Out Parade, where the youngsters demonstrated their new skills in front of friends, family and local councillors. Station Manager Andy Strelczenie said: “The scheme has

given these young people an insight into several organisations within their area and has educated them about all the work that is going on in their community. The programme has taught the youngsters about the importance of teamwork and has hopefully given them a real sense of achievement.”

Paul Blomfield MP reacts to graduate tax proposal Paul Blomfield MP has reacted to announcement by Vince Cable that the coalition government will explore the option of a graduate tax to reform higher education funding. Mr Blomfield has long been a supporter of a graduate tax to replace tuition fees. But commenting on whether Vince Cable’s proposals would create a fairer university funding system, Mr Blomfield said that the

devil will be in the details of the proposals. Paul Blomfield said: “I have consistently argued for graduate tax because it offers a fairer funding system, but really the devil is going to be in the detail in what the government are proposing. For me there are three tests for any new funding system. Will it enable all students who can benefit to go to university? Will students be able to choose

their university on the basis of ability, not cost? Will it provide our universities with the funding that they need to maintain the quality of teaching and research, and to compete internationally? “Behind the graduate tax headlines, there are worrying signs of the Government’s real intentions. They are targeting universities for some of the deepest cuts, they are reducing places when demand is

growing, and they are encouraging the development of private universities. As I outlined in my maiden speech, university funding will be one of the key issues for this Parliament and I will argue strongly for the role our universities play in transforming the opportunities for young people and contributing to our economic success.”

Chief Editor of Mahana ILM

Syed Fayyaz Hussain Naqvi, the Chief Editor of Mahana ILM, is born in a village Kot Ahmed Yar, Rajoya Sadaat District Chiniot. Initially studied in boarding school in Faisalabad, he also completed his O-levels, FSC and then went onto complete his graduation in geography and journalism. He was always a very active member of the community, since he has political background, he was involved in students politics and local politics where he was elected as President of (Peoples Democratic Alliance) PDA. He then moved out of Pakistan to Germany in 1992 where he resided for more than 12 years,

F.H.Syed was socially a very active member where he helped many immigrants to settle in Germany as well as other social work. Mr Syed then moved to United Kingdom in 2005, he settled in Sheffield, being a very active social worker, he launched a very first bi-lingual (Urdu/English) newspaper in the history of Sheffield called Mahana ILM. He also introduced a new sports department in an organistation called (Pakistan Muslim Centre) PMC, and currently is a chairman of Sports Section of PMC for last 3 years. Everyone in Sheffield refers to him as SHAHJI.

50 Jobs Created as MTL Group Contract manufacturing specialist MTL Group, will create 50 jobs in new premises situated in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Following a management buyout in 2006, the business has more than doubled in size and is now relocating from its current premises to a new 300,000 square feet advanced manufacturing facility in Rotherham, which will house the company’s state of the art equipment and will provide space for continued expansion. MTL Group, which laser cuts, bends, machines and fabricates steel to customers’ requirements has a global

blue-chip customer base including BAE, Caterpillar, Babcock and Renault Truck Defence. High profile projects include the supply of armoured belly-plates for increasing IED protection on British Army Vehicles in Afghanistan and key structural components for offshore wind farms.The company has recently signed its largestever export contract worth £4m to supply components to a German defence and aerospace group. It has expanded its export markets beyond Europe to North Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North America.



South Yorkshire

Burngreave Bus Services Labour Burngreave Councillor, Ibrar Hussain has successfully campaigned for improvements to the M20 and 5 bus services. From the end of July the services will now operate through Pitsmoor, Sturton Road, Pexton Road, Grimesthorpe, Carwood and Castlegate. These changes will provide a more comprehensive service for Burngreave residents. Labour Burngreave Councillor, Ibrar Hussain, said: “The chang-

es will mean that the services will cover areas that have been requested by residents.” “Many local people depend on a good bus service and I am pleased to see that we have managed to achieve some success in making the improvements.” “It is good that residents’ views have been taken on board in this case and they have got the improvements that many were looking for.”

PUTTING PEOPLE IN CONTROL OF THEIR CARE More than 1,000 people in Sheffield are now benefiting from an innovative scheme which puts people in control of their own social care. Self Directed Support is a new way of allocating money to people receiving social care. People have a personal budget which means they can decide which services best meet their needs. Since Sheffield began to pilot the scheme in March 2008, 1,356 people have received

a budget. Now Sheffield City Council is as acknowledging the success of Self Directed Support so far and is making sure that it is more widely available. Currently just less than eight per cent of the total numbers of people receiving support from adults’ services have a personal budget. But at tomorrow’s Cllrs will note that Self Directed Support will be available to all new and existing service users from August this year.

End of Forgemaster talks is ‘a Shameful Breach of Trust’

Paul Blomfield MP has responded to today’s joint press release by Sheffield Forgemasters and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The statement announces that talks between Forgemasters and BIS which aimed to replace the £80 million loan axed by the Tory–Lib Dem Government ended without private sector investment being brought in. Mr Blomfield said that the end of talks was a ‘shameful breach of trust’. Paul Blomfield MP said: "After the Tory-Lib Dem government scrapped the £80 million loan to

Forgemasters, Nick Clegg said he would work with the company to find a different way forward. He then failed to meet them as promised. Today's announcement that talks between the Business Department and Forgemasters have ended after one brief meeting, confirms that Clegg's words were just empty rhetoric and hot air. This is a shameful breach of trust with Forgemasters and the people of Sheffield, who have lost out on new manufacturing jobs and investment."

Labour were disappointed to learn that Sheffield would not become the UK’s first City of Culture, as the mantle was instead granted to Derry this evening. Sheffield’s defeat was declared live from Liverpool, 2008 European City of Culture, on the BBC’s One Show

and local Labour Cllrs heard the news of Derry’s victory, as it happened, at the City Centre’s Winter Gardens. The UK City of Culture title would have bagged Sheffield more major events and cultural attractions, helping to increase not only visitors to the city, but

also boost participation in culture within Sheffield itself. Labour Spokesperson for Culture, Sport & Tourism, Councillor Jackie Drayton, said: “This really is sad news for Sheffield, the City of Culture bid team worked extremely hard to get this mantle,

A Sheffield man is £700 out of pocket after being unable to account for the disposal of his business waste. The trader was arrested as a result of a prosecution case brought by the Environmental Protection team at Sheffield City Council. Khalid Parvez (48) of KP Plumbing, Abbeydale Road pleaded guilty at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court this week (13 July). Environmental Enforcement officers first attended KP Plumbing in early June 2009, after reports of waste accumulating there. Al-

though there were commercial bins at the premises, officers found that they had not been provided to the business by the waste companies and there was no contract in place with those companies for waste to be removed. Written advice was given to Parvez on how to dispose of commercial waste.A visit later that month showed that despite the advice, Parvez had not made any arrangements with any waste contractor to have the shop waste collected. Officers served a Notice on Parvez to produce doc-

uments showing how he had disposed of the shop waste. Despite a warning no documents were produced. A fixed penalty was offered to Parvez in a bid to resolve the matter, but it was not paid and the matter was referred to the Magistrates’ Court. Parvez was summonsed to court but failed to attend. A warrant was issued and, when he failed to attend again, Parvez was arrested and brought before the court. At court Parvez pleaded guilty and was fined £585 with £150 costs and £15 victim

Labour Sad to See City of Culture Defeat

but it obviously just wasn’t to be.” “With or without this title, Sheffield will still be a city of culture. We have a long cultural tradition on screen, on stage and on canvass. Sheffield is bursting with culture, and long may this continue.”


surcharge, a total of £700. Councillor Andrew Sangar, the Council’s Cabinet member for Climate Change said: “This was a clear case of our officers taking a firm but fair line with traders. Written advice was provided to the trader, clearly explaining how he should dispose of his waste. This advice was ignored and officers had no alternative but to take formal action. We are delighted that the courts once again backed Sheffield Council’s efforts to keep the city clean.”


South Yorkshire

Steel Firm Corus Expands The Liberal Democrat Leader of Sheffield City Council has written to Corus, a local steel manufacturer, to welcome the announcement that they plan to take on over 150 new members of staff. The announcement by Corus brings the total number of new jobs at the Stocksbridge and Rotherham sites to over 310 since just a few months ago. Cllr Paul Scriven has expressed his delight at the extra jobs in Sheffield ’s local economy and has pledged the Council’s support for Corus going into the future. Cllr Paul Scriven, Liberal Democrat Leader of Sheffield City Council, said: - “I’m delighted that Corus have announced

Sheffield Steelworks Blown Away By Government Grant

Sheffield steel manufacturers are set to be at the forefront of producing a new generation of offshore wind technology after being awarded a £250,000 grant announced by the Coalition Government. Specialist metal manufacturers MTL Group employ more than 200 local skilled staff and are based on Darnall Road in the east end of Sheffield. They have been awarded the £250,000 grant to develop mass manufacturing techniques for components for offshore wind turbines. The com-

pany was visited by Nick Clegg MP and the Leader of Sheffield City Council Cllr Paul Scriven in the run up to May's General Election. MTL Group is one of seven firms in the UK who will be sharing £5m of government grants aimed at increasing the UK supply chain for components for offshore wind turbines. Cllr Paul Scriven, Liberal Democrat Leader of Sheffield City Council, said: - “This grant, which wouldn’t have been available through commercial opportunities, Cont P5 No 8...


Cameron Sparks Row

, was encouraging the Taliban as recently as last year. Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Pakistan's high commissioner, wrote: "One would have wished that the prime minister would have considered Pakistan's enormous role in the war on terror and the sacrifices it has rendered since 9/11. "There seems to be more reliance on information based on intelligence leaks which lack credibility of proof. A bilateral visit aimed at earning business could have been done without damaging the prospects of regional peace."


Cameron ‘Loudmouth’

The prime minister stood by his warning that Pakistan should not be allowed "to promote the export of terror" in the world, despite the anger his comments have provoked. Cameron said he would always talk "frankly" to Britain's friends as he insisted he had caused no offence and had not blamed the Islamabad government for promoting terrorism. Speaking in New Delhi this morning on the second and final day of his visit to India, the prime minister said: "I don't think the British taxpayer


these plans for expansion, brought about by an outstanding entrepreneurial sprit from the management. It’s a boost for our local economy and it shows how strong Sheffield businesses are. I know the Stocksbridge area in particular will be delighted with this as the success of Corus is vital for the vitality of the local community. “As Council Leader I gave my support to Corus in the tough times. But I also want to ensure that the Council supports local businesses in the better times too. It’s vitally important for the message to go out that Sheffield businesses are strong, expanding and successful going into the future.”

wants me to go around the world saying what people want to hear." Miliband rounded on Cameron's comments, claiming there was a "big difference between straighttalking and being a loudmouth". Miliband said everyone had "two ears and one mouth" and it was important to use them "in that proportion" when it came to foreign policy. While Pakistan must go "further and faster" in dealing with the terrorism that has been launched from its own midst, it was also important to recognise

how much Pakistan itself has suffered from the terrorism that afflicts the whole of south Asia, said Miliband, who insisted that he was not seeking to score points as part of his leadership bid. He told BBC Radio 4's World At One: "It is very, very important that the prime minister, who in three unscripted appearances at press conferences has gone off script ... understands that we have got two ears and one mouth and it is very important to use them in that proportion."

South Yorkshire


South Yorkshire

The Broomhall and Sharrow Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) covers the Sharrow, Highfields and Broomhall areas and operates from Meersbrook Police Station. The team provides a visible, accessible and familiar service to your neighbourhood, working closely with partner agencies and the local community to tackle the issues that matter the most to residents. Sergeant Murtaza Awan from the SNT is dedicated to dealing with the problems that matter to you. Acting on concerns raised by members of the community the SNT have achieved the following results between June 2009 and June 2010. A total 47 warrants have been executed across the SNT area following information received from the community regarding drug activity. Seventy-eight people have been arrested for drug and other various offences. A further 12 people have been given fixed penalty notices for a range of minor offences. Information provided by the community enabled officers to seize and destroy cannabis plants with an estimated street value of over one million pounds. Hydroponic equipment used for the cultivation of cannabis that was set up in a number of houses in the area was also recovered. Sgt Awan said: ”The team and the community can be proud of what we have achieved together in addressing local issues. We will continue to work with residents to tackle local issues. “A priority for the SNT is the ongoing work with different communities living in the area and form relationships through various forums. This allows the public to have first hand contact with their team and get to know the officers on a personal basis.” Community meetings are held every month where members of the community can have their say on how what should be a policing priority. Broomhall community meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month between 6 pm and 7pm and alternate between Broomhall Community Centre and Sunny bank meeting rooms.

Sharrow community meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month between 6pm and 7pm at the Old School, on South View Road. Engaging with young people and building relationships in the community is a key role for the SNT. A number of initiatives for young people have recently taken place including the South Yorkshire Police (SYP) recruitment event. The SNT held two separate SYP recruitment events for local youngsters. The events took place at Broomhall Community Centre and the Israac Somali Centre. The aim was for local people to learn about SYP and to see the police as an employer of choice. As a result ten referrals of young black minority ethnic people were passed on to SYP recruiting department. Activities including the Kickz football project in Broomhall and Sharrow and Miss Unique, a confidence boosting session aimed at girls aged 12-19 and are held at Broomhall Community Centre and Old Sharrow School. Officers also visit local schools on a regular basis to talk with pupils and parents, and to encourage them to speak to officers and raise any issues or concerns they may have. Sgt Awan added: ” These initiatives and the efforts of the local SNT and community have contributed in the reduction in crime in the area. However there is always room for improvement, members of the public and our partner agencies are crucial element in our effort to curb crime”. For detail of your next community meeting or to get in touch with your local Safer Neighbourhood Team type in your postcode at


South Yorkshire

150 NOT OUT 1860 – 2010

Celebrating 150 years of cricket at Millhouses Park. In 1860, Millhouses Cricket Club was formed. This year sees the Club celebrate 150 years of cricket in picturesque Millhouses Park by hosting

HMRC Winding Up Order for S . W. F. C Speaking in response to the winding up order presented to Sheffield Wednesday Football Club by HMRC, and as the Member of Parliament for the Brightside and Hillsborough constituency which includes the Club, the Rt Hon David Blunkett said: “I will be in immediate touch with Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, as I would for any other enterprise in my constituency, to offer every possible assistance - including intervention with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.” “I share the club’s concern about pre-emptive moves particularly where, with the Co-operative Bank, constructive discussions were in progress. Action of this

kind can only cause both deep distress to the fans and the club’s management, and undermine the club’s efforts to obtain substantial funding for future development.” “Quite simply, this move is deeply unhelpful in every respect and I hope that HMRC will move immediately to allay fears and to find a sensible solution. In the meantime, I am making preliminary contact with the HMRC Chief Executive, Lesley Strathie, in order to facilitate the necessary behind the scenes work to get this matter resolved.” Mr Blunkett is also meeting the Chairman of the fan’s group, Wednesdayite, at lunchtime to review the situation.

Cricket Club nearly ceased to exist 12 months ago with waning interest and a steep decline in numbers. The Club, now part of Millhouses Works Cricket Club after an amalgamation with the

Left to Right (standing) Hassan Ahmed, Aiman Naeem, Mehtab Khan, Shahrukh, Front Akheel Khan, Bilal Afzal, Noman Hussain, Ali Abass, Zain Raja, Amir Riaz. Other players not photographed Moshin Ahmed, Qaiser Mohammed, Mazaffar Hussain,Usman Aslam.

a cricket week at the beginning of August. The week will see a game against the Yorkshire and Derbyshire Cricket League Representative team on Sunday 1st August, 20/20 evening matches versus a Millhouses ‘Legends’ team on Tuesday 3rd August and a BBC Radio Sheffield Celebrity XI led by Seth Bennett on Thursday 5th August. The team will include local sports stars and celebrities such as Radio Sheffield presenters Andy Giddings, Paul Walker and Toby Foster, boxer Curtis Woodhouse, football summarisers John Pearson and Keith Edwards, ex-Blade Tony Currie, former MP Richard Caborn and many others. The week of celebration concludes with a prestigious all-day match against the MCC on Friday 6th August. Millhouses


Sheffield Works Department Cricket Club, boasts three Saturday teams, two Sun day teams, two Midweek teams, one indoor team and three junior teams. The club also are looking for past players and officials of Millhouses CC and Sheffield Works Department CC to make contact and join the Club as “MAWLers” – Millhouses and Works Legends. Further details about the Millhouses 150th Anniversary Cricket Week or information about how to join or sponsor the events can be obtained at www.millhousesworks. or email Iain Mallett at

South Yorkshire


South Yorkshire











13 10


Youm-e-Azaadi (Independence Day) Tournament is on Sunday 8th of August 2010, Anyone interested in entering a team, please contact any member of the Executive committee of Allama Iqbal Sunday Cricket League. Entry forms can found at PMC, forms must be handed in by Thursday 5th of August 2010. Enrty Fee is ÂŁ30. Any money collected for the tounamenmt will be donated to St Lukes Hospice, Sheffield. Please donate generously for the good cause.


League Winning Party given to Al-Mahdi & Global CC Al-Mahdi XI CC formally known as Parkway CC. It changes its name over 3 years ago when it was taken over by Syed Zeeshan Haider Naqvi. He first started playing for this club when it was formed in 1994. The club also play in a midweek cricket league called Irwin Mitchell Alliance Midweek Cricket League and is currently doing quite well in Division A and should be promoted to the premier division in the season 2011. Just over 3 years ago there was as new Sunday cricket league was started in Sheffield call Allama

Iqbal Sunday Cricket League PMC – Sheffield, the initially started with 4 teams, gradually the league started to become very attractive and popular to all local of Sheffield and now the league has grown from 4 teams to 12 teams in season 12 and already the another 4 teams have registered to participate in season 2011. In 2008 the league title was won by Sehnsa CC, In 2009 a new league winner emerged called Al-Mahdi, the team is captained by Zeeshan Naqvi and has been running the team for the past 4 years. Zeeshan Naqvi is also the league

secretary and he is very dedicated contributor to the league. The team has some fantastic overseas student player. It was a very successful season for AlMahdi XI CC, not only it had won the league but also won a further two more competitions the Cup Competition and also the Youm-e-Azaadi (Pakistan Independence Day Tournament). After a successful 2009 season, they started with a slow 2010 season but slowly they picked up their form and started to get some wins under their belt, season recently finished and Al-Mahdi successfully de-

fended their title and won the league consecutively for the second time, unfortunately it lost it cup title in semi-final to Sharrow XI non the less it was ago fight. After winning 2010 season, the league chairman Syed Fayyaz Hussain Shah gave a big congratulation party and invited more that 40 players, captains and friends. (Team Players) Syed Zeeshan Haider Naqvi, Nathan Bandari, Khalid Rehman, Harsha, Madhu, Shokat Ali, Mani Setty, Krishna Bautalla, Liaqat Ali, Sarath Babu, Lucky)


Syed Fayyaz Hussain Shah Chairman PMC Sports

Al-Mahdi XI CC Div A Winner

Global CC Div B & Cup Winner

Sharrow A CC


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Political Posturing is no Substitute for Leadership Former Home Secretary, Rt Hon David Blunkett MP, has reacted to the announcement by Theresa May of a review of key counter-terrorism powers, including the 28-day limit of detaining terrorism suspects

without charge. Mr Blunkett, who was responsible for putting anti-terror legislation on the statute book after the events of 11 September 2001, said: Cont P5No 6...

Former foreign secretary criticises PM for warning that Pakistan 'should not be allowed to promote the export of terror' David Miliband said there was a 'big difference between straight-talking and being a loudmouth'. Photograph: Graeme Robertson David Cameron was to-

day accused of being a "loudmouth" by David Miliband, the former foreign secretary and Labour leadership contender, over his claims that elements of the Pakistani state are responsible for exporting terrorism abroad. Cont P18 No 10

David Miliband attacks 'loudmouth' Cameron over Pakistan comments

£200m of Pain to

Clear Labour’s Mess Council officers have advised members on Sheffield City Council that they estimate up to £200m of savings from the Council’s budget will need to found over

the next four years. The savings are required mainly because of the reduction in central government grant, Continued P5 No 7

Lord Nazir Ahmed & Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah outside House of Lords


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