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PAKISTAN TO CELEBRATE 68th INDEPENDENCE DAY August 14 is Pakistan’s Independence Day. It is “Youm-e-Azadi,” not only a day of celebration but also a day of remembrance of those millions of people who had sacrificed their lives, properties and migrated to a new country for a better tomorrow. But it can be a different “Youm-e-Azadi” this year, with the “Azadi march” of Imran Khan and Dr Tahir ul Qadri. Pakistans celebrations will begin on the 1st of August by hoisting the national flag at all the government buildings. Members of the National Assembly will visit Mazars of martyrs in their respective areas to lay floral wreath

and offer Fateha. The central flag hoisting ceremony of Independence Day celebrations and military parade will take place in front of the Parliament House on August 13 and will continue until noon on August 14. The 14th of August will dawn with the firing of guns and offering of special prayers for the country. Special programmes will be organized for assistance of IDPs. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will address the flag hoisting ceremony where he will pay rich tributes to Pakistan Army martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of motherland during the military

Ebola: ‘Precautions’ Taken To Keep UK Safe The Government's emergency committee meets to discuss the threat from the deadly disease as doctors are told to be vigilant. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said "precautionary measures" have been put in place to protect Britons from ebola, although it is "most unlikely" it could spread within the UK. Mr Hammond was speaking after a meeting of the Government's emergency committee, Cobra, to discuss what he earlier called a "new and emerging" threat. Doctors in Britain have been put on alert to

spot symptoms of the deadly disease,which has killed more than 670 people in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria since February in what is the largest outbreak in history. Infection results from direct contact with the blood, bodily fluids and tissues of infected animals or people. Prime Minister David Cameron regarded the disease as a "very serious threat", but Mr Hammond afterwards sought to reassure the public that there was little threat. I would emphasise again, in terms of the UK, the issue is about the possibility of somebody who has contracted the disease in Africa getting sick here," Mr Hammond said. "It is not about the disease spreading in the UK because we have frankly different standards of infection control procedure that would make that most unlikely." Those who experience symptoms

operation Zarb-e-Azb. The government will also renew its pledge to continue its efforts until the terrorism is routed out and peace is restored across the country. Prominent personalities including armed forces’ chiefs, foreign ambassadors, members of parliament along with other key personalities of the country will participate in the event. Meanwhile, Independence Day Train will depart from Peshawar on August 11 and reach Karachi on September 11. The nation will be united by one flag and one national anthem to mark solidarity, unity and oneness. should "immediately seek medical assistance", Dr McCloskey added. A Department of Health spokesman said: "We are well-prepared to identify and deal with any potential cases of ebola, though there has never been a case in this country. "Any patients with suspected symptoms can be diagnosed within 24 hours and they would also be isolated at a dedicated unit to keep the public safe."




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Sheffield Sees 22% Drop In Jobseekers Allowance Claimants Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat MP for Sheffield Hallam has revealed that the number of people in Sheffield claiming out of work benefits has reduced by 22%, a reduction of over 3,500 people. The news comes at a time when the number of people in work in the UK has equalled a record high - showing we are on the road to recovery. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that the number of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) fell

from 16,007 in May 2010 to 12,432 in June 2014 – a 22% drop. The ONS also said that between March and May 30.64m people were in work, 254,000 more than between December and February and 929,000 more than a year earlier. The employment rate has never been higher as the number of people in work reached a record high of 73.1 per cent only hit once before in 2005.

New Mayor Elected Cllr John Foden has been elected Mayor of Rotherham for 2014 / 15. Cllr Foden – who performed the role last year - will resume the duties for the remainder of this civic year, alongside his wife, Mrs Kath Foden, as Mayoress. It follows the resignation of serving Mayor, Cllr Barry Dodson, for personal reasons. This year’s chosen charities – Safe@Last, Rush House and Rotherham Military Community Centre (MCVC) – will continue to be supported. Cllr Maggi Clark is Deputy Mayor.

Bedroom Tax To Cause Rise In Sheffield Arrears Mounting debt caused as Sheffield residents struggle under the ‘bedroom tax’ could add £19million to the city council’s rent arrears bill, a report has revealed. Almost 4,000 people were affected by the reform –which changed the rules on social tenants having spare rooms – at the end of June this year. The council fears the changes could mean rent arrears rise to £29m in 2019-20 – an increase from £10m in 2012-13 and ‘far greater’ than estimated. The increase has been offset by higher than estimated funds for discretionary housing payment. But Coun Harry Harpham, deputy council leader and cabinet member for housing, said it would still impact on other services. He said: “In the long term what it means is that we have got less to spend on

services for tenants. “We are just going through a period of replacing boilers, so things such as that will take longer, things like repairing roofs or keeping areas clean. “It comes out of the revenue housing account, which includes the rent we collect, and that is ring fenced so its nothing to do with other services. “This is all the fault of the bedroom tax and we have always said it needs scrapping, not reforming. “All we can do is chase up the rent arrears.” The report to this Thursday’s Safer and Stronger Communities Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee also said 363 tenants had been awarded a rehousing priority to move to a smaller property because of welfare reforms. Since April, 35 tenants have downsized.

Government Hails Record Employment The Government has hailed an "important milestone" after figures showed record employment and another huge fall in the numbers out of work. More than 30 million people are in a job, an increase of almost one million over the past year, the best figures since records began in 1971, while u nemployment has fallen by 121,000 to 2.12 million, the lowest since the end of 2009. Prime Minister David Cameron told the Commons that 1.8 million more people were in work than when the coalition came to power. "That is a record to be proud of," he said. "We have reached an important milestone, with more people in work than ever before in our history." Business leaders said the figures showed the resilience of the labour market, proving that the economic recovery was well under way. But unions pointed to other figures showing that average earnings increased by just 0.3%

in the year to May - the lowest since 2009 - saying "serious questions" had to be asked about the quality of jobs being created. Other figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that the number of people claiming jobseeker's allowance fell by 36,300 in June to 1.04 million, the 20th consecutive monthly fall and the lowest total since 2008. More than 4.5 million people were self-employed, the highest since records began in 1992, after an increase of 404,000 over the past year. Long-term and youth unemployment have both continued to fall and t here was a drop in the number of people in a part-time job wanting fulltime work - down by 61,000 to 1.3 million. Job vacancies were up by 30,000 to 648,000, an increase of more than 100,000 on a year ago, but 48,000 fewer than the pre-recession peak at the start of 2008.

Housing Assessment Across Rotherham Questionnaires are currently dropping through letterboxes across Rotherham in an effort to determine the current housing market. Some 13,800 questionnaires have been sent to random addresses across the Borough as part of a Strategic Housing Market Assessment by Rotherham Borough Council. The assessment is a large-scale survey, which the local authority has to carry out every five years in order to comply with national planning guidance. This year the

project is being run in collaboration with the University of Sheffield. It will provide not only an insight into how the local housing market is working but also an estimate of housing need in the future. The information gathered will be used to assist the authority in its planning process and its investment decisions in the future. This current assessment has been driven by the authority's Local Plan process as the recent report from the independent Planning Inspector suggested that the authority should update its evidence base.

MP Calls for First Cousin Marriage Ban Shipley MP Philip Davies has called on the government to outlaw first cousin marriages. The Tory said 63 per cent of Pakistani mothers who were part of the Born In Bradford medical study were married to cousins and within that group there was a doubling of the risk of a baby being born with a congenital anomaly. Speaking in the House of Commons he asked much health issues from first cousin marriages cost the NHS and added "given these findings isn't it time that first cousin marriages were outlawed?" The research is tracking the

lives of 13,500 children as they develop. Health Minister Dr Daniel Poulter said: "We don't have any financial information as he requested, but it is important to point out that the Born In Bradford study showed that there was an increase from three per cent to six per cent risk of birth defects where there was a consanguineous marriage, but it's important to point out that that clearly highlights not all babies born to couples who are related have a genetic problem."

Over 9,000 Sheffield Carers Would Benefit From Carer’s Bonus Of Up To £250 Over 9,000 carers in Sheffield will receive a bonus worth up to £250-a-year under a Liberal Democrat government, it has been announced by Nick Clegg MP. The no strings attached Carer’s Bonus will help more than one million people who look after disabled loved-ones. The annual payment will help full-time carers get a bit of extra help and recognises the invaluable contribution they make to society. In total 9,180 in Sheffield will benefit from the Carer’s Bonus. What has this government done for carers? £800m Department for Education funding to local authorities to fund short breaks for disabled children and their families. £400m Department of Health funding to the NHS to support carers to take breaks from caring responsibilities. £3m Department of Health funding to improve awareness and understanding about carers among healthcare professionals. £2.7m Department for Education funding to increase awareness and support for young carers in education and training schools. Extending the right to request flexible working arrangements to all employees from last week.

faced depression because of their caring role. 49 per cent are struggling financially because of their caring role. How much will it cost? The Carer’s Bonus will cost £130m initially, rising to £280m by the end of the parliament. The cost will depend on the value of the Respite Bonus and the number of people entitled to Carer’s Allowance. The Carer’s Bonus is paid to people after they have been entitled to Carer’s Allowance for one year (which is 85 per cent of the caseload). Liberal Democrats estimate that around one million will be eligible in 2016/17 for a bonus of £125, which will cost a total of £130m. By the end of the parliament (2019/20) the eligible population will have risen to around 1.1 million who will receive a bonus worth £250, bringing total costs to £280 million.

Who is eligible? The bonus will be available to everyone entitled to Carer’s Allowance, including those on another income replacement benefit who receive the Carer’s Premium. The carer would be awarded the bonus after being in receipt of Carer’s Allowance or Carers’ Premium for 12 months (and then every 12 months afterwards). They would receive it on the Statistics from Carers UK About six in 10 of us will anniversary of their original become carers at some point in claim. Around one million carers our lives. Informal care provided by would benefit from the bonus. carers saves the state £119 What can carers spend the billion per year. 45 per cent of carers have money on? Anything they want. given up work to care. 61 per cent of carers have

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Eid Of Mourning level overlooking the worshippers. "We are suffering and will suffer but we need our rights, our houses, our lands and our farms to return to us and we will not accept living a miserable life," said one man, who fled fighting to seek shelter at the school. Meanwhile, in New York, an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council called for "an immediate and unconditional humanitarian ceasefire". And while it was the As Muslims began celebrating Eid al-Fitr, there council's strongest statement yet on the Gaza was fear and mourning instead of holiday cheer war, it was not a resolution and therefore not in large parts of Gaza. binding. Palestinian families huddled inside their homes, fearing more airstrikes, while those who came The world’s focus is now on the conflict in the to a cemetery in Gaza City's Sheik Radwan Gaza strip. Thousands have sought refuge in UN neighbourhood to pay traditional respects at facilities as Israeli air strikes continue to pound their ancestors' graves gathered around a large Gaza since 8 July. The death toll crossed the crater from an airstrike a week ago that had 1200+ mark by the end of July and over 7,000 broken up several graves. have been injured. The United Nations has Amid an eerie calm, the call to Eid prayer echoed estimated that 77% of the people killed in Gaza in the southern town of Rafah on Monday have been civilians. morning. Dozens of worshippers lined the rows of a severely destroyed mosque, with a Social Media is playing a vital role to raise collapsed roof and missing walls. Many of the awareness and stop the oppression. People faithful looked sombre during the traditional all around the world are protesting against the holiday sermon. brutality and praying for the peace in Gaza. In Gaza City, dozens of men prayed in the Boycotts of Israeli products and services are courtyard of a UN school surrounded by school beginning to make a difference as the financial desks. Children and women stood on a higher markets are being affected.

BRITISH KASHMIRIS COULD BE RECOGNISED ON CENSUS Earlier this year, a Labour MP called for British Kashmiris to be formally recognised on the national census. Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk told the Commons that, according to various Kashmiri organisations, "around one in four British Muslims are of Kashmiri origin". He said: "That is one quarter of the British Muslim population who live in our communities, who pay taxes and contribute to our economy. But the true accuracy of this statistic can never be known as there is no official documentation of their ethnicity in the census." He suggested by failing to include them on the census the Government was helping to "strip away" their sense of national identity. "Many Kashmiris have an incredibly strong sense of ethnic identity, they do not want to be counted as Pakistani or Indian, because this is not how they think of themselves," said Mr Danczuk. "Is it right for us as a democratic society, built upon the differences of the many, to help strip away the identities of the few?" Following 1991, the number of ethnicities included in the consensus has doubled, reinforcing the UK's commitment to diversity and ethnic opportunity. Mr Danczuk's request amounted to "a very small box on a very big

Ethnic Minority Population ‘To Double By 2050’ The proportion of UK citizens from ethnic minority communities is set to double over the next 35 years, a report has found. The report claims black and minority ethnic communities will make up almost a third of the UK population by 2050. Currently eight million people, or 14% of the UK population, are from ethnic minority groups. The report said that figure has doubled in the last decade alone and accounts for 80% of the UK's population growth. The majority of non-white Britons identify themselves as 'British only', it said. It said the UK's five largest minority groups have 'clear and meaningful' differences in experiences, traditions and attitudes, which policymakers have so far failed to address. It warned politicians must start appealing to the

differing views and concerns of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Black African and Black Caribbean ethnic groups over the coming years. These communities will continue to become an ever more significant part of Britain, especially in future elections. Ethnic minorities are not one homogeneous political group. From education to employment, housing to trust in the police, politicians from all parties must understand the different issues affecting individual communities. Voting intention was found to be one of the few shared traits between the different groups. The report said ethnic minority communities overwhelmingly identified with and voted for the Labour Party, with 68% having voted for Gordon Brown's party at the 2010 General Election. That compared with just 16% for the Conservatives and 14% for the Liberal Democrats.

Most UK Internet Users Reject ‘Porn Filters’ UK internet users are choosing to opt out of the so-called 'pornography filters' introduced at the behest of prime minister David Cameron. A new report from Ofcom found that on average only 13% of new internet users chose to activate the software provided by the big four ISPs — BT, Virgin Media, Sky and TalkTalk. Cameron announced the introduction of the filters in July last year when he warned of the impact the internet was having on children. Since then ISPs have been slowly rolling out the filters, offering them first to all new subscribers, with plans to place an "unavoidable choice" in front of all households in the future. Of the ISPs covered in the report just one - TalkTalk - had more than 10% of users agree to the filters. Four per cent of Virgin Media subscribers signed up; 5% of BT customers; 8% for Sky and a 36% of TalkTalk users. Although BT, Sky and TalkTalk all began to offer "family friendly network-level filtering" by the

end of December last year, Virgin Media has been slower to join the pack and the report found that it still only offered filters to around a third (35%) of new customers. Ofcom say that this is because the majority of new Virgin Media installations involve an engineer visiting the customer's home - who often ignores or bypasses the filter. Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media's chief executive, said that the company was taking "immediate action" to rectify this. The filter categories used by all four ISPs are supplied by third-party providers, with BT offering the most comprehensive blocking including site categories such as "social networking" and "fashion and beauty" and "search engines" categories that may not be deemed dangerous by all parents. BT, Sky and TalkTalk all offer varying degrees of customization while Virgin - the ISP with the lowest amount of sign-ups - only gives users an on/off choice.

New Minimum Income Rules For Foreign Spouses ‘Lawful’ form". He said: "I understand that neither the Indian nor Pakistani governments may be overjoyed by the United Kingdom Government recognising the Kashmiri identity as valid. "I am strongly of the view that we should not let our own domestic arrangements be dictated to us by our desire to keep other countries happy." He said inclusion in the census would send a strong message that "just because they are British, it does not mean that they are not also Kashmiri". Civil Society Minister Nick Hurd replied: "At this stage, it is too early to know whether or not there will be another census in England and Wales in the form that we have previously known, or what questions might be asked. "But you may be reassured to know that any questions on ethnicity in any future census will be based on a comprehensive programme of consultation and testing, to ensure that it will meet users' requirements, be acceptable and understandable to respondents."

The Government has won a challenge over the legality of new immigration measures affecting British citizens who want their spouses to join them in this country from abroad. Leading judges in London allowed an appeal by the Home Secretary over a ruling given in July last year that the measures were ''onerous'' and ''unjustified''. Although Mr Justice Blake ruled at the High Court at the time that it would not be appropriate to ''strike down'' the financial requirements set out in rules laid before Parliament in June 2012, he concluded that they amounted to a ''disproportionate interference with a genuine spousal relationship''. The case centres on three judicial review applications brought by two British citizens who are resident in the Birmingham area, and a ''recognised refugee'', relating to amendments made to the Immigration Rules, which include a mandatory requirement that a sponsor has a minimum gross income of £18,600. Allowing the Government's challenge at the Court of Appeal, the three judges declared that the new Minimum Income Requirement (MIR) rules "are lawful". Following the ruling, campaigners said that the decision "will be devastating for the families who continue to be needlessly separated across borders". Lord Justice Aikens, giving the ruling of

the court, said that on July 9 2012 "changes were made to the Immigration Rules which, in summary, created a requirement that a UK partner who wishes to sponsor the entry of a non-EEA (European Economic Area state) partner must have a 'Minimum Income Requirement' of £18,600 gross per annum and additional income in respect of each child who wishes to enter the UK". He added: "Various other new income and savings requirements were also introduced. The key question on this appeal is whether these provisions are unlawful as being a disproportionate interference with the UK partners' European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) Article 8 rights (the right to a private and family life)."

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Over the last few years, High Storrs School has been forging links with various schools in different parts of the world. This is not only to give education at our school a truly international perspective but also a sign of cultural respect for with each other, exchanging ideas, teaching always easy to maintain, often due some of our students whose parents hail from to circumstances beyond our control strategies and resources. these countries. such as the political situation in Our newest link, with the school in Pakistan, has Yemen. However we believe that Notable links in the past have been with schools been led by Mr Akram. He was inspired by a visit these links with other schools are an in Sri Lanka, Ghana, USA, Yemen and quite to a local secondary school close to his ancestral essential part of our own students’ education. It recently Pakistan. The main focus has been home near Islamabad. Mr Akram was amazed helps them realise how lucky they are that they to establish and maintain regular contact with by what could be achieved with enthusiastic have the right to go to school and that they should students and staff in these schools. There have leadership, hardworking staff and keen students, not take this for granted. It is their responsibility been photographic exchanges to highlight school and was determined to help in whatever way to make the best of this opportunity as it is one buildings, local environment and students’ daily he could. We have exchanged emails and millions of children on Earth do not have. lives. This has enabled students to compare our photographs and even English/Urdu language school with others; including their daily routine, recordings to help students in Pakistan develop Do you have any stories or pictures of your time school facilities and after school activities. at school, either here in the UK or abroad, that their English. you would be happy to share with us? Or do you Teachers have also benefitted from corresponding Links with schools in other countries are not know of schools in other parts of the world that

Over 85,000 Pensioners In Sheffield To Benefit From Lib Dem Manifesto Pledge Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat MP for Sheffield Hallam, has revealed that 85,698 pensioners would be guaranteed to earn at least an extra £790 per year by the end of the next parliament under new Liberal Democrat manifesto plans. These changes mean the state pension will be worth at least £131-a-week by 2020, up from just £97.65 four years ago. Thanks to the Liberal Democrats’ triple lock guarantee, the basic state pension has risen in each year of the last parliament by whichever is the higher of earnings, prices or 2.5%. The triple lock was a key demand from the Liberal

Democrats in Coalition negotiations. This means the state pension is £440 higher per year in 2014-15 than if it had increased in line with earnings from the start of this Parliament, and £800 a year more in total. Only the Liberal Democrats are committed to write this guarantee into law, giving pensioners more certainty that their pension will continue to rise in future. It is expected to benefit 85,698 pensioners in Sheffield. The state pension is set each October. Assuming that the state pension is increased rises by 2.5% this year, it would mean that from April 2015 the state pension would be worth £115.93 per week. Under the Liberal Democrats’ plans the pension would continue to rise at least 2.5% every year of the next parliament- worth over £2,000 to someone on the full state pension.

might be interested in developing a link with High Storrs School. If so, we would love to hear from you so we can continue to broaden our students’ understanding of the world around them. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact High Storrs School. (Tel no: 0114 267 0000, email enquiries@highstorrs.sheffield.sch. uk) Mrs Heggs and Mr Akram

England Pupil Numbers Set To Top 8 Million By 2023 The number of pupils in England's schools is expected to reach its highest level in almost half a century by 2023, figures show. The government estimates the number of schoolchildren will top eight million in the next nine years. There will be an estimated 4.6 million pupils in state primary schools, 9% higher than in 2014. Secondary pupil numbers are expected to start rising from 2016 - from 2.7 million to 3.2 million in 2023. The hike in numbers had been fuelled by the birth rate broadly rising since 2002, government statisticians said. The data suggests there will also be a further 106,000 pupils in special schools and 14,000 in alternative education provision by 2023. The Department for Education projections suggest there will be just over eight million youngsters in England's state schools by 2023, up almost a million from 7.1 million this year. It is thought that the last time pupil numbers reached these levels was in the mid-1970s. Pupil numbers by 2023 4.684 million in primary schools 3.218 million in secondary schools 106,000 in special schools

14,000 in alternative provision TOTAL = 8.022 million The new data comes amid a continuing concern about a squeeze on school places, particularly for primaryage children. Last year, a study by the National Audit Office (NAO) warned an estimated extra 256,000 primary and secondary school places would be needed by September 2014. Of these, 240,000 are required in primary schools, with more than a third (37%) needed in London alone. The government say local councils are on track to create enough school places for this coming September. Ensuring enough school places for the growing population they claim is one of our top priorities. The govt has more than doubled to £5bn the funding available to councils to create new school places, and are allowing good schools to expand without the restrictions and bureaucracy they faced in the past. This has already led to the creation of 260,000 new school places across the country with nearly 80% of new primary places created in good or outstanding schools. 212,000 new primary places had been created between May 2010 and May 2013.

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App Allows You To Access Council Services On The Move A new innovative idea by Bradford council may encourage other councils to do the same. A downloadable app that gives citizens access to council services in the palm of their hand. More than 2,500 people have already downloaded Bradford Council’s new app since it went live in May. Using the app, residents can sign up for alerts to remind them when their bin collection is due, when job vacancies are posted on the Council’s website and when schools are closed. They can also: •find out what they can recycle •get directions to leisure centres, libraries, museums or household waste recycling centres in the district •find out what’s on in the district and Council news •find information about sports facilities, prices and timetables •find information about key Council services, including recycling, Council tax, benefits and planning •find information about local road works •reserve or renew library books •report problems such as potholes and faulty street lights •make payments (via our website)

•keep up to date with latest developments and feedback on the app. Bradford council leader said: "Developing the app is an important step in our work to improve our digital services and encourage more people to access Council services online. We know that people like the convenience of being able to pay their Council tax, renew a library book, or find out when their bin collection is due online and we want to make that as easy for them as possible”. Improving digital services also saves the Council money as it means fewer customers are contacting them with simple enquiries via telephone, email or in our contact centres. This frees up staff to deal with more complicated enquiries and help people who are unable to use online services. Forty-two percent of the Council’s website traffic comes via either a mobile phone or tablet. The app is in the first phase of development and more features will be added in the future. The Council is currently working on an Android version that is compatible with older Android phones, resolving a few issues with the iPad version and a web-based version that will work on a Windows phone and this work should be completed by late summer.

Rotherham’s Adult Community Learning gets the thumbs up! Ofsted have officially given Rotherham Council’s Adult Community Learning team the thumbs up with a much-welcomed “good” rating. The service, which is responsible for helping those 19 and over, whether they are a an adult looking to gain new skills, parents hoping to support their children in school or residents with learning or physical difficulties, was previously rated as “needs improvement”. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Adult Community Learning team, that improvement was made, proving that they provided a service that

Rotherham could be proud of. The service, based at Riverside House, was particularly praised for its rates of attendance, retention and achievement, supporting learners, enabling learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities to achieve as well as improving employability and personal progression. Partnership working, the increased number of people participating on courses and helping those passing their courses into employment were also particularly praised by the inspectors.

Police Campaign Against Hajj Fraud Welcomed The Association of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) UK (ABH), a National Hajj specific charity working for the welfare and wellbeing of pilgrims, has welcomed the national campaign launched by London Police to warn prospective British Hajj/ Umrah pilgrims about the threat of rogue and unscrupulous tour and travel operators, who try to con the pilgrims with their malpractice and fraudulent activities. Every year over 125,000 British Hajj/ Umrah pilgrims travel to Saudi Arabia. It is highly deplorable that the rogue Hajj/ Umrah tour and travel operators indulge in all sorts of illegal and immoral activities, causing extreme hardship, trauma, financial exploitation, and mental anguish to a vast majority of these travellers, who lose out millions of pounds every year in Hajj scam. The most alarming aspect of this growing culture of exploitation and corruption is that these service providers prey on vulnerable pilgrims, including sick, elderly and disabled, and take undue advantage of these travellers by charging extortionate prices for their services, which are often not delivered as promised in the UK. It is a total rip-off compared to similar travel packages to other travel destinations around

the world, taking into consideration that many pilgrims are likely to have spent their life-savings to undertake what for many is a once in a lifetime trip. ABH UK has been campaigning tirelessly for over a decade to raise the plight of these vulnerable British travellers and the violation of the legislation which protects these travellers. Over the years, a number of MPs, Members of House of Lords, Ministers, and Law Enforcement Authority Chiefs have been unanimously condemning the exploitation of these Hajj scam victims. The London Police Chief Commander Steve Head, while speaking at a recent ABH meeting at the House of Lords which was attended by a number of MPs and Members of House of Lords, assured his full support to tackle the issue of Hajj/Umrah fraud. ABH is optimistic that these long awaited initiatives taken by the law enforcement authorities will be successful in eliminating exploitation and malpractice amongst Hajj/ Umrah service providers by upholding the rule of law

Real Madrid Top Sports Teams Rich List Thanks To $3.44Bn Worth European football clubs continue to dominate a rich list of world sport teams, with Champions League winners Real Madrid in the top spot. According to the annual Forbes list , the Spanish side are worth $3.44bn (£1.75bn), having reached the semi-finals of European football’s most valuable tournament for the past four seasons. They reached the milestone despite a third spot finish to La Liga - pipped by local rivals Atletico Madrid followed by Barcelona - and huge transfers including the world record £85.3m transfer of Gareth Bale from Spurs in last September. Barcelona - who count Lionel Messi and Neymar among their star names - followed Real in the Forbes table with a value of $3.2bn, with Manchester United some way back in third - valued at $2.81bn. The top five in the World’s 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams report is completed by US baseball side the New York Yankees, worth $2.5bn, and NFL side the Dallas Cowboys,

with a value of $2.3bn, helped by a $500m stadium naming deal with AT&T. Forbes said the values of all the top sports sides were being boosted by “exploding” TV rights fees alongside massive stock market wealth. As expensive as prime US sports properties have become, they can’t match the top European soccer clubs when it comes to value and global reach.

Ethnic Minority Faces Long Waiting List for Kidney Transplant In Organ Donation and Transplantation Activity Report by NHS it is revealed that out of every ten people waiting for kidney transplant in Britain, three belong to ethnic minority communities. In year 2013-14, 25% of the kidney transplant patients belonged to this community. On average they have to wait 1 year longer than the white people for kidney. Kidneys are donated considering various factors. The most important of these are blood and tissue matching. For this reason the donor and the recipient have to be genetically closely linked. On the other hand only 6% of people donate their organs posthumously. This makes

the recipient much longer. Last year record number of people, 4,600, received kidneys in ethnic minority communities. 3,509 of these were donated by the people after death. 1,320 people in Britain donated their organs posthumously. Out of these only 74 belonged to ethnic minority communities. These included 39 Asians, 17 black and 18 people from other communities. The statistics from NHS show that families only consent to organ donation when they know that the person had agreed to donate organs in his families.

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Tesco to Stop Selling Products Sourced from Conflict-Hit West Bank UK supermarket giant Tesco has suspended sale of products originating from the conflict zone of West Bank starting from September. However, a spokesman for the supermarket told the newspaper that the move was not "politically motivated" and not connected to the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Tesco say that the decision was part of a "regular product review process". The only West Bank product currently stocked by Tesco was dates, which are packaged in the territories but grown in Israel. They are being pulled for "commercial reasons", the spokesman said. Meanwhile, two separate health and beauty product suppliers to Tesco told the newspaper that the retail giant had asked them to list all their products and ingredients from Israel and the Occupied Territories. However, Tesco clarified that the suppliers were asked to do so because of inquiries from customers. "We have received some questions from customers about products we sell that are

sourced from Israel or the West Bank," the spokesman said. "To make sure we answered their questions with the most accurate and up to date information, we contacted suppliers to double check our own information, particularly for branded products." The company noted that it will not change its sourcing plans from Israel. "We have no plans to change our position on sourcing from Israel." In June, Britain's large trade union, UNITE, unanimously voted to boycott Israeli companies, calling "to vigorously promote a policy of divestment from Israeli companies." There have been several attempts in several countries to block the sales of Israeli products from West Bank's Judea and Samaria, as Israel has been widely criticised for its tough stance against Gaza and Palestine. In May, the European Union (EU) suspended imports of poultry and eggs from Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and from most of Jerusalem.

FIRST PAKISTAN TEAM OF CLIMBERS SCALE K2 SUMMIT The first team of Pakistani climbers to scale the world's second tallest mountain, K2, has arrived at the summit on 25th July. K2 lies in Pakistan, near the northern border with China. The climbers made it to the summit at 02:30 local time. Mountaineers regard K2 as more challenging to conquer than Mount Everest, the world's highest peak. However descending from the top is more dangerous and manhy have died returning to the base camp. The Pakistani climbers were undertaking their expedition on the 60th anniversary of the first successful ascent of K2. Two Italians - Achille Compagnoni and Lino Lacedelli - reached the top of K2 on 31 July 1954. The current expedition - called K2 60 Years Later - includes six Pakistanis: Hassan Jan, Ali Durani, Rahmat Ullah Baig, Ghulam Mehdi, Ali and Muhammad Sadiq. Three Italians are also part of the group. Individual Pakistan climbers have reached the top before - but this is Pakistan's first successful team attempt.

UK Driving Licence Fees To Fall This October New proposals would save motorists £18million a year The cost of renewing or applying for a driving licence is set to fall under proposals announced by the government. Fees would fall by a third for digital applications and 15% for paper. Drivers who apply for their first licence online would see a saving of £16, with the cost dropping from £50 to £34. Drivers who renew their licence after 10 years would benefit from a fee reduction from £20 to £14. And all driver tachograph cards would reduce to £32 from £38.

The proposals are part of a public consultation on driver licensing fees - the changes would save drivers nearly £18 million and the industry around £2 million every year. The reduction would be funded as a result of savings made by the DVLA on running costs. It's hoped the changes will come in by the end of October this year. The changes are part of a wider push to bring down the cost of driving in the UK. In this year’s Budget the Chancellor announced that fuel duty would remain frozen for the fourth year in a row.

Malala Dares Boko Haram

The most famous teen in the planet, Malala Yousafali, arrived in Nigeria to support the release of 200 girls abducted from their school by Islamic militants in April. The teenager, who was shot by the Taliban, defied security warnings to fly to Nigeria on her 17th birthday. “I want to highlight this issue so world leaders will keep their word to help bring back those girls,” she said. “It was on the world radar for a few days then everyone stopped talking about it.” “I often think of those girls, who are girls like me wanting to go to school, and whenever I see the word Nigeria, even in football, I think of those girls,” she added. Malala ignored threats to her own security to fly to the Nigerian capital, Abuja. She spent three days meeting campaigners, the parents of the girls and some of those who escaped their captors in the first few hours. Her birthday has been declared international

Malala Day by the United Nations. Last year she addressed the UN Youth Assembly in New York, calling for education for all 57m children worldwide currently not in school. She also recently announced the biggest project to date of her Malala Fund, with a £145,000 grant for scholarships. Some of the money came from the sale of a portrait of Malala by British artist Jonathan Yeo, which fetched £49,000 at auction in New York. Malala was one of the first celebrities to embrace the #Bring Back Our Girls campaign that took off on social media in May. She was joined by David Cameron, Michelle Obama and other high-profile figures who pledged to do all they could. Both America and Britain sent military support, as well as police and intelligence experts and the RAF has lent Nigeria a Sentinel surveillance plane. But it is now 90 days since the girls were abducted from their schools in Chibok, northern Nigeria. They were captured by Boko Haram militants dressed in army uniforms and taken into the Sambisa forest. While she was in Nigeria, Malala met other girls risking their lives to go to school. “I was in the same situation as them,” she said. “Taliban closed our schools, destroyed more than 400 schools. Like them, I was one of those students who dreamt of having a good future and a successful career and I believe they have the same dreams.” She added that she remains hopeful the Chibok girls will be released. “My message to the Nigerian girls is they should never lose hope that their voices will be heard,” she said.

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Allama Iqbal Sunday Cricket League Afraz Khan It appears my first edition was either missed by most readers or you actually liked it, either way I've been asked to write again! So let's start with the Wosskow Brown sponsored cup final 2014. This year we've booked Abbeydale Sports Top wicket to reflect the two teams in the final. Kashmir take on Al-mahdi on August the 11th. This is already looking a great final on paper, let's hope they live up to expectations. The final will commence at 5pm. Both clubs beat Earl Marshall and Sharrow respectfully in their semi-finals. Will it be Nabeel Abdul's cup or is Tahir Nawaz taking the cup to Rotherham? clash of post codes or two great team's. We'll soon find out. I trust most of you will be attending to make it a spectacular event. The league has also planned its annual 6 a side tournament, which will be held on the 25th of August. This year Allama Iqbal Sunday Cricket League will donate its proceeds to charity. Most of you know the script but for any new comers, it's 5 overs, each player balls an over, apart from keeper. 16 teams and it's first come first serve this year, so fill your entry forms and pay your fee's to avoid disappointment. Cut off point for entry forms is the 11th of August. Forms can be obtained from ILM OFFICE Abbeydale Road. Finally there is Alison Law sponsor's Cup which will be held on 31st August. Only teams sponsored by Alison Law will take part. There are some interesting fixtures in first round. Pick of them are Sehnsa A v Al-mahdi, Kashmir v Earl Marshall and Abbeydale v Sharrow. I can't forget to mention the league which has opened up again after Sehnsa A dropped points. Kashmir and Sehnsa A joint top with Al-Mahdi only 3 points behind. Kashmir still to play Sehnsa A, a game which could be title decider. This could possibly be my last post for season 2014. Unless I'm asked for a third time. You know what they say third time lucky, so fingers crossed. It's shaping to be a great season, good luck to all teams involved.

NASA Celebrates Moon Landing Anniversary "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," said NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong from the surface of the moon 45 years ago— signalling the dawn of a new age for the world of science. July 20, 2014 marked the 45th anniversary of the day when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon on July 20 1969, along with astronaut Michael Collins. Apollo 11 spaceflight was the first successful space mission to transport humans to the moon and and bring them back safely to Earth. Armstrong and Aldrin stayed on the moon for about 21.5 hours, then blasted off to rejoin Collins in the command module. The trio splashed down safely in the Pacific Ocean on July 24, 1969, bringing their historic mission to a successful end. Controversies have been surrounding Apollo 11

mission as many remain doubtful of its success. Those questioning the success of Apollo 11 have been pointing at irregularites on the pictures taken in the mission, such as the waving of the US flag on the moon and the absence of stars when the pictures were taken.

Superbugs could send us back to the ‘Dark Ages’ Britain is to lead the fight against antibiotic-resistant superbugs which risk sending Britain “back to the Dark Ages”, according to David Cameron. Tens of thousands of people around the world are dying from infections caused by bugs that have become resistant to treatment including malaria, salmonella and tuberculosis. The WHO has warned that unless coordinated action is taken the world is heading towards a post-antibiotic era in which common infections and minor injuries can once again kill. If we fail we are looking at an almost unthinkable scenario where antibiotics no longer work and we are cast back into the dark ages of medicine where treatable infections and injuries will kill once again.

David Cameron raised the issue with U.S. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel when they met at the G7 summit in Brussels last month. Mr Cameron has now ordered a review into why so few new anti-microbial drugs are being introduced. The initial £500,000 cost of the review will be met by the Wellcome Trust. Drug-resistant bacteria, viruses and parasites are driving a global health crisis. We are heading for a post-antibiotic age. “We must act now on a global scale to slow down antimicrobial resistance”. Said Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer for England

Sham Marriages ‘Rising At Alarming Rate’ In UK Tens of thousands of immigrants could be coming into the UK every year through sham marriages, the head of an influential committee of MPs has warned. The number of immigrants using bogus weddings to gain entry into the country has increased at an "alarming" rate. The number of suspect couples referred to the Home Office in three years has doubled - and the Government estimates there are up to 10,000 sham marriages taking place each year. Home Affairs committee chairman Keith Vaz cautioned that the number could be significantly greater than that because UK residence rights extended to the couple's family members. Mr Vaz said the situation "is spiralling out of control". "There is an industry of deceit in the UK which uses sham marriages to circumvent immigration control," he said. The estimated 10,000 sham marriages appears to be increasing at an alarming rate. One sham marriage can provide UK residence rights to an entire extended family

who would otherwise have no right to be here. David Cameron has pledged to get net migration down to the tens of thousands by next year, but it is suggested that he is unlikely to meet that target. The most common problem is people from outside the European Economic Area seeking marriages with EEA residents in order to gain rights to live in the UK not just for themselves and their families. Women in Portugal, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia are reportedly being offered cash for marriage. In 2010 there were 934 reported suspect weddings, and that rose to 2,135 by 2013. The MPs also said the worst-offending nationalities should be warned by UK embassies and the prosecution of couples who tried to cheat the system should be highly publicised as a deterrent. A Home Office spokesman said: "We are taking ever tougher action, including through the new Immigration Act, to crack down on those who try to cheat our immigration system by abusing marriage laws."

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We Did It Against South African Apartheid - We Can Do It Against Israeli Apartheid Contribution from Richard Pitt Sheffield PSC An important part of the work of Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign consists of raising money for our children’s projects in Gaza. As we raise money we explain that Gaza is under siege, and its economy has been destroyed by Israel. Even the Prime Minister calls Gaza a prison. We also have regular protests outside Sainsburythey claim to support Fairtrade in farming but buy goods from the illegal Israeli settlements. The Government and big business want Israel to be treated as a normal country while it is consolidating what even a former Israeli ambassador has called an Apartheid State.[i]

The current slaughter of defenceless civilians has altered our activities. Suddenly thousands of people realise the brutal nature of the Israeli state. We have had big protests in Sheffield of up to 1000 people on several weekends running. Last Saturday as well as a strong protest in Sheffield we sent a coach down to London. It was a huge protest that went largely unreported. With noble exceptions the media is poor over Israel / Palestine. It does not report that Israel is an expansionist state that steals Palestinian land and water. It does not report the 50[ii] laws that discriminate against Palestinians with Israeli

citizenship. It does not report that Palestinian civil society has called for a Boycott of Israeli goods. British Politicians are not grilled as to why Britain sends weapons to a racist regime that slaughters innocent people. Like others the BBC has a pro Zionist line so we have had large protests there. In order to move the rich and powerful in the country we need more people to get involved. Call a meeting of your community, trade union, church group. Discuss what you can do to help. If you have doubters invite someone from Sheffield PSC to speak. Boycott Israeli Goods – get rid

London 26th July

Firefighters are urging people to stay safe near open water as the current warm weather continues. Over 400 people die in the water every year in the UK, and firefighters are urging people to follow some basic rules to stay safe. Officers say people should avoid open water- like rivers and lakes- because they may not always be aware of the danger it poses. River flows can be unpredictable and water is often deeper, colder and faster than expected. People should enjoy water safely in swimming pools or safer, specialist facilities instead. South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue head of community safety Kevin Ronan, said: “It shouldn’t take tragedy to bring the issue of water safety to public attention, but recent cases from elsewhere in the country of people drowning in open water are another reminder of the dangers rivers, lakes and reservoirs can present. “We regularly receive 999 calls in the summer about

people getting into difficulty in water, so it’s only a matter of time before someone’s safety is really put at risk unless people listen to our advice. “It can be tempting to cool off in hot weather, but stick to a swimming pool. Hundreds of people drown each year in the UK and places like rivers, lakes or flooded quarries places are completely unsuitable for swimming as they hide a number of hidden dangers.” The dangers of open water are: • The water can be much deeper than you expect • Rivers, lakes, canals and reservoirs are much colder than you think • Cold water dramatically affects your ability to swim • There may be hidden currents, which can pull you under the water • You don’t know what lies beneath, like pieces of rubbish or reeds which can trap or injure you [i] [i] [ii] [ii]

Sheffield Town Hall 19th July

BBC in Sheffield 23rd

Water safety warning for school holiday scorcher

of investments in Israel – introduce sanctions against Israel. We did it against South African Apartheid – we can do it against Israeli Apartheid.

UK To Stem Phoning While Driving Ministers are considering doubling the number of penalty points drivers are given when they are caught driving while speaking on a mobile phone. The transport secretary, is considering the plans to double the penalty points in the current sanction to six. The move was recommended after the first increase in deaths and injuries from dangerous driving on the capital’s streets in more than a decade. It would mean a driving ban for anyone who was caught twice in three years. The transport secretary is closely considering the proposal because the “amounts of casualties there have been are absolutely appalling. The person using their phone doesn’t realise the damage or the danger they can be in. It ends up ruining different people’s lives – those who are driving as well as those who are injured. “It is

one that I want to look at. There could be some difficulties about it but I think we’ve got to get that message across to people about safety” he said. “We have been very lucky in this country in seeing, year on year, the number of road deaths and casualties actually falling. But one death is one too many and we need to look at those and see where we are going.” Driving while holding a mobile phone has been illegal since 2003. The current deterrent just isn’t working. Many drivers seem addicted to their phones and just can’t resist looking at a text or tweet at the wheel. A concerted effort to crack this addiction is needed with harsher penalties linked to an information and enforcement campaign. Ultimately it will take more cops in cars to get motorists to hang up behind the wheel.

Dilip Kumar’s House For Sale In Peshawar – Price Rs. 80 Million The first and ancestral home of actor Dilip Kumar is in great demand as the recent owner of this house Akram Ullah wants to sell this house in Rs. 80 Million. The house which is situated at Peshawar’s Qissa Khwani Bazaar is a 4-Marla house which was demanded to Rs. 35 million by the owner before the declaration of national heritage. According to the further details, provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was willing to buy this house in order to rebuild and renovate the ancestral home of Dilip Kumar in Rs. 20 million before its declaration to be a national heritage. Owner of this house, Akram Ullah is taking advantage of this house and demanded Rs. 80 Million as it has become the

most demanded house after termed as national heritage of Pakistan. With respect to the statement of an official of the KP Culture Department that government has warned Akram Ullah that they even do not need to pay money for this house as it is now a national heritage so these tricks and actions will not work for him. Secretary General of Cultural Heritage Council, Shakeel Waheed Ullah also notified that KP government is permitted to take the house with respect to the reasonable price according to the Pakistan’s 18th Amendment. However, it has also become the duty of provincial government of Peshawar now to renovate the house as soon as possible.

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email: Islamic history is resplendent with great saints, Waliullahs, Sufis, philosophers, religious scholars and patriotic warriors. Unfortunately, there are traitors too. On the Sufi literature side we have Shaikh Muslihuddin Sadi, Shaikh Fariduddin Attar, Hafiz Shirazi, Omar Khayyam and Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi. It was only in the fourteenth century that the west started taking a keen interest in Islamic scholars and their poetic and mystical works. Edward Fitzgerald was the first to translate Omar Khayyam and the beauty of the work immediately won great popularity. After that, T E Lawrence’s book ‘The Seven Pillars of Wisdom’ about the Arabs and their culture caught the imagination of the western world. However, the most influential and everlasting work has been that of the great and indomitable Maulana Rumi. Even 800 years after his death, his work is still extremely popular. The west considers Rumi to be the father of Islamic Sufism and mysticism. Sufism is regarded to be the mystic side of Islam and is associated with the rough, woollen clothing that followers of this tradition (Fiqh) used to wear. Usually this took on the form of long white robes with red, tasselled, Turkish caps. They danced in circles with outstretched arms, all the while remaining in the same place. The movement of the dance often put them, as well as those present, into a trance-like state. Maulana Rumi was born on 6 Rabiul Awwal, 604 Hijra at Balkh (in Persia at that time). His father, Shaikh Bahauddin, was a renowned religious scholar of his time. Rumi obtained his early education from his father and then travelled to Halb and Damascus for further education. He was

soon recognised as one of the greatest Islamic thousands of devotees visit his grave throughout the year. Of his four famous books in Persian, scholars of his time. ‘Shahnama Firdausi’, ‘Gulistan Sadi’, ‘Diwan-eThe famous Arab explorer, Ibn Batuta, mentioned Hafiz’ and ‘Masnavi Rumi’, the last is the most in his travelogue that once when Maulana Rumi famous and immortal. It has been translated into was instructing his disciples, a merchant selling many foreign languages. It contains 2,666 verses. sweets happened to come by. All his sweets were Maulana used to recite these verses in trance and everyone thought they had been given by Divine small pieces costing one coin. revelation. Maulana took a piece and put it in his mouth, forgetting to first pay the vendor. When he later Why all this discussion about Rumi, you might looked for him, the man was gone. Maulana wonder. Well, if we look around us we see that, hurriedly left the gathering in search of the unlike Rumi, our leaders, rulers, politicians, vendor. When his disciples found him after quite sportsmen and women have all become arrogant some time, he was unable to speak but only and ungrateful to the Almighty for the gifts recited verses. These verses they wrote down that have been bestowed upon them. They continuously brag and boast as if everything is and they later became known as the ‘Masnavi’. of their own doing, never adding ‘Inshallah’ for Another story goes that once, while sitting future events and tasks. surrounded by many books, the famous saint, Shams Tabrez, came by and asked what all that was In the Holy Quran (18:22-23) it is written: “Never for. Maulana replied that there was something he say of anything ‘I shall be sure to do so and so couldn’t understand. At that instant all the books tomorrow’ without adding ‘if Allah wills so’ and caught fire and turned to ashes. Maulana asked call your Lord to mind when you have forgotten Shams Tabrez what had happened. Came the and say: ‘I hope my Lord will guide me ever closer casual reply that the problem was beyond Rumi’s even than this to the right path’”. comprehension and with that Shams left. Maulana Rumi mentioned this same edict in one Rumi then searched for Shams and they spent of his verses, saying: Beware, never say “I will 40 days together in meditation at the house of do it tomorrow”. Never postpone today’s work Ahahuddin Zarkab. During that time the two are till tomorrow. It never helps. Be generous and reported to have eaten and drunk the barest philanthropic. The prayer of body is to abstain minimum. Maulana described his love for Allah from worldly pleasures and sexual lust. in these words: “I swear to Allah that when I am praying I forget what part of the prayer has been There is a Hadith that states that generosity is a branch of a tree in paradise and it does not completed and who was leading the prayers.” leave you until it takes you into paradise with it. Maulana Rumi died on 5 Jamadiu Sani, 672 Hijra Thank God he has shown us the way to repent. at Konia in Turkey and is buried there. Hundreds of We should try to understand the secrets of the

unknown. We can only see what is before our eyes, but Allah’s disciples can see deeper. What we see is a shadow of the present and will vanish while the real thing is a secret of the future. Those who are gifted are easily recognised through their actions and deeds and need not brag about themselves. Whatever gifts we have are received at His orders and according to His pleasure. When we face trouble, we should consider it as written in our destiny and face up to it without bickering. Everything is in the hands of Allah and He can change whatsoever He wills in the twinkling of an eye. The Mount Tur accepted the ‘Glance of Allah’. How shameful it would be if human beings did not do the same. Human beings who have been in trance report feelings of being a part of Allah in the same way as iron, when put into a blazing fire, melts to take on the shape the fire indicates. However, this is a parable and should not be taken literally. It is better to keep one’s own counsel on such matters as words fail to adequately describe them and even hundreds of scholars like Rumi would not be able to solve all the puzzles facing humanity. I have referred to the edict relating to the word ‘Inshallah’ which, most unfortunately, has now been almost forgotten and is almost totally ignored by all. We hear boasts of: ‘Hum jeetenge, hum jeetenge, Pakistani shaheen will force …to bite the dust’… and then we lose! Losing is no disgrace – someone has to lose – but sportsmanship should reign supreme and modesty should always remain. Email:

What is the Commonwealth of Nations? The British Empire In Transition - 54 Member States With the commonwealth games in full swing as we go the press, do we actually understand the meaning of the term “commonwealth”? Lets take a look As the British Empire began its process of decolonization and the creation of independent states from former British colonies, there arose a need for an organization of countries formerly part of the Empire. In 1884, Lord Rosebery, a British politician, described the changing British Empire as a "Commonwealth of Nations." Thus, in 1931, the British Commonwealth of Nations was founded under the Statute of Westminster with five initial members - the United Kingdom, Canada, the Irish Free State, Newfoundland, and the Union of South Africa. (Ireland permanently left the Commonwealth in 1949, Newfoundland became part of Canada

in 1949, and South Africa left in 1961 due to apartheid but rejoined in 1994 as the Republic of South Africa). In 1946, the word "British" was dropped and the organization became known as simply the Commonwealth of Nations. Australia and New Zealand adopted the Statute in 1942 and 1947, respectively. With India's independence in 1947, the new country desired to become a Republic and to not utilize the monarchy as their head of state. The London Declaration of 1949 modified the requirement that members must view the monarchy as their head of state to require that countries recognize the monarchy as simply the leader of the Commonwealth. With this adjustment, additional countries joined the Commonwealth as they gained independence from the United Kingdom so today there are fifty-four member countries. Of the fifty-four, thirty-three are republics

(such as India), five have their own monarchies (such as Brunei Darussalam), and sixteen are a constitutional monarchy with the sovereign of the United Kingdom as their head of state (such as Canada and Australia). Although membership requires having been a former dependency of the United Kingdom or a dependency of a dependency, former Portuguese colony Mozambique became a member 1995 under special circumstances due to Mozambique's willingness to support the Commonwealth's fight against apartheid in South Africa. The Secretary General is elected by the Heads of Government of the membership and can serve two four-year terms. The position of Secretary General was established in 1965. The Commonwealth Secretariat has its headquarters in London and is composed of 320 staff members from the member countries.

The Commonwealth maintains its own flag. The purpose of the voluntary Commonwealth is for international cooperation and to advance economics, social development, and human rights in member countries. Decisions of the various Commonwealth councils are nonbinding. The Commonwealth of Nations supports the Commonwealth Games, which is a sporting event held every four years for member countries. A Commonwealth Day is celebrated on the second Monday in March. Each year carries a different theme but each country can celebrate the day as they choose. The population of the 54 member states exceeds two billion, about 30% of the world population (India is responsible for a majority of the Commonwealth's population)

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14th August - PAKISTAN INDEPENDENCE DAY On 14 August 1947, Pakistan was made an independent country, and on 15 August 1947 India was made independent as the British transferred their power over at midnight. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who had trained as a barrister in London and lived in London again in the 1930s, was sworn in as Governor-General of Pakistan. Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India who had overseen this transfer of power, became Governor-General of India for the interim. Jawaharlal Nehru, who had studied at Harrow School, Cambridge, and as a barrister in London, took up the position of Prime Minister of India. Independence was celebrated in Britain by South Asians. At 11am on 15 August 1947, Indians gathered at India House in Aldwych to salute the flag. Pakistanis gathered in celebration at Lancaster House. In the afternoon, the Indian Conciliation Group held a celebration at Friends House in London where High Commissioners for India and Pakistan were present. They were both new in that position from 15 August: Habib Ibrahim Rahimtoolah for Pakistan, and V. K. Krishna Menon for India. A celebration was also held at the International Club in Croydon for students where the Dean of Canterbury blessed the Indian and Pakistani flags. Despite the celebrations in London, the partition of the Indian sub-continent was not a peaceful process. With the migration of millions of refugees across the borders in Bengal and Punjab, rioting continued in India and Pakistan for many months with cases of horrific violence. The estimates of people killed vary, but there were probably over a million killed. The sacrifice of so many lives and the biggest exodus of refugees in history should not be forgotten in the atmosphere of celebrations. Many of our grandparents were witness to the atrocities and their stories which have passed down over the subsequent generations may one day fade away, but the struggle has gone down in history and what Pakistan is today is due to those sacrifices.

14th August Independence Day For Pakistan And What We Can Learn From A Great Leader “Few individuals significantly alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. Mohammad Ali Jinnah did all three.“ Stanley Wolpert

He showed us that management theories won’t bring much to the table and Management plans won’t work either. It’s about the people, who will either get the job done or mess it. Lead the people, show them the right path, trust them and empower them.

On December 25, 1876, Mithibai gave birth to a son, the first of seven children. The fragile infant who appeared so weak that it ‘weighed a few pounds less than normal. But Mithibai was unusually fond of her little boy, insisting he would grow up to be an achiever and later that turned out to be true. The boy name was choosen as Mahomedali Jinnahbhai but was later changed to Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other name used are Quaid-eAzam (Great Leader) and Baba-e-Qaum (Father of the Nation). “Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah will be referred as Quaid in the article” Although this is by far from being an exhaustive list and the more you read and know about this great man, the more it will continues to evolve and unfold, just the way life does.

Persuasion: He not only persuaded the muslims to have a seperate nation but also made it realize to the british empire and the hindu samraj. “I particularly appeal to our intelligentsia and Muslim students to come forward and rise to the occasion. You have performed wonders in the past. You are still capable of repeating the history. You are not lacking in the great qualities and virtues in comparison with the other nations. Only you have to be fully conscious of that fact and to act with courage, faith and unity.” Message to Pakistan Day, issued from Delhi, March 23, 1943

Follow your dream: “Muslim India was beset by socio-economic frustration. At such a time Jinnah guided a virtually rudderless Muslim League. Aziz refers to Quaid’s moto: Unity, Faith and Discipline. Jinnah as the greatest Muslim leader of the 20th Quaid, a lawyer, who always abide law, follow rules century who was able to turn a dream state of and play by the rules of the game have already Pakistan into a reality.“ set trends for other leaders by making himself as (Quttabuddin Aziz) an example and any modern leader can achieve excellence by following his footsteps. When it “He was the originator of the dream that became comes to speech, persuasion, management, Pakistan, architect of the State and father of the people skills, negotiate, influence Quaid, really world’s largest Muslim nation. Mr. Jinnah was the sets the bar. But that’s not it, he was a fashion recipient of a devotion and loyalty seldom accord icon as well, who was famous for his dressing. to any man.“ (Harry S Truman, US President) Secrets of success: Work hard, work hard and work hard. Think before you speak: Quaid was a man of his words, he thought well Management: before he spoke. If he made a promise he make Quaid, showed a new technique of management. sure he kept his words. During his last days,

although he was extremely ill but made it to the inauguration of the State Bank of Pakistan because he had promised he would be there. He advised, “ if ever you make a promise, think a hundred times, but once you make a promise, honor your promise.“

without. We want to live peacefully and maintain cordial friendly relations with our immediate neighbours and with the world at large.“ Lahore, August 15th, 1947

Find a way: Where there is a will, there is a way. There’s Never get Corrupt: always a way and there’s more than one way to If we look at history, may be very few very people skin the cat. Never get stuck. If you really want were backed up by hundred million people but it, you’ll find a way. Quaid was the sole voice of those hundred million Muslims and yet remained uncorrupted by that Equal rights: power. Equal rights for everyone and no distinction. “Jinnah is Incorruptible and Brave“ “I have always maintained that no nation can ever be worthy of its existence that cannot take (Gandhi – Interview with Louis Fischer) its women along with the men. No struggle can Devotion: ever succeed without women participating side “Gandhi died by the hands of an assassin; Jinnah by side with men. There are two powers in the died by his devotion to Pakistan.“ world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. (Lord Pethick Lawrence, My Brother(1987), There is a great competition and rivalry between biography by Fatima Jinnah.) the two. There is a third power stronger than both, that of the women.“ Push your limits: Speech at Islamia College for women, March 25, Never give up. Nothing should stop you, no matter 1940 what the circumstances are, target should be the “Whatever you may be, and whatever you are, focal point and eyes should be on the goals. An you are a Muslim , you have carved out a territory, old aged ill man with tubercloses showed us by a vast territory . It is all yours. It does not belong an example. to a Punjabi or a Sindhi or a Pathan. There is white too in the lovely flag of Pakistan. The white Challenge: signifies the non- Muslim minorities.“ Quaid, never afraid of challenges, rather he challenged the pros in their own backyard. Honesty, sincerity, faith and loyalty: “Work honestly and sincerely and be faithful and Companions: loyal to the Pakistan Government. I can assure Quaid, showed us to surround oneself with smart you that there is nothing greater in this world people, Smart people will guide you, raise you up than your own conscience and, when you appear and help you grow to your full potential. before God, you can say that you performed your duty with the highest sense of integrity, honesty and with loyalty and faithfulness.“ Vision: Quaid, was a visionary leader, he had a huge (Broadcast Message February, 1948) vision about the creation of Pakistan. He showed us that if you want to dream, dream big. If you can “He set a great example to other statesmen to dream it, you can do it. follow by his skill in negotiation, his integrity and his honesty.“ Director, Center of South Asian Studies, Gordon Focus to be positive and not negative: Quaid, used all his energy in positive exposure of Johnson himself and his followers. “Our object should be peace within, and peace

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Amar Saleem

Business Development Manager Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Many people start their own business because they hope it will provide more income. Others seek greater flexibility to balance work with family life. However, the reality of running your own business can be a bit of a shock. Working for yourself To fund your new business, you might have to invest personal savings or use your possessions to guarantee money you borrow. Alternatively, you might borrow money from friends or family. You and they need to consider the full implications if the business were to fail and you couldn’t afford to repay them. Running a small business is unpredictable – starting one even more so. It can take years to become profitable, no matter how good your idea. At first, you might not be able to draw a wage, which might mean relying on someone else’s income (ie spouse, parent, etc). The longer this goes on, the more likely it could place strain on the relationship. You must be prepared to accept a lower wage or even none when establishing your business. You might be fine with that – but what about others who will be affected? You’ll probably have to forgo perks, pension, holidays, overtime and even sick pay. Many

small-business owners will tell you they could earn more money and have an easier life if they worked for someone else. Being your own boss You must be prepared to work long hours. The daily demands of running your own business can overtake your life, as the lines between home and work become blurred. You might have to give up your evenings and weekends. Many business owners use such times to catch up on admin tasks – some of which can

EU bans PIA flights carrying cargo British authorities imposed a temporary ban on cargo service of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), forcing the national carrier to suspend delivery of goods to the entire European Union, officials said. The ban was unexpected after the British Transportation Department had ‘validated’ the airline’s operations just last month, a PIA spokesperson said. “We are contesting their decision. Our officials met British counterparts in London today to try and figure out what has happened,” PIA spokesperson Mashhood Tajwar said.

After last months validation, another team of English experts was supposed to visit Pakistan to give the final nod of approval to the airline. Instead, a decision to stop the airline’s cargo service was taken. As per EU protocols, the assessment of the British officials will be accepted by all the members of European Union. The temporary ban follows a deadly attack on Karachi airport and another aircraft coming under attack while landing at Peshawar airport. But PIA officials claim that it was strange that no such restriction has been imposed on other private airlines operating out of Pakistan. A delegation of PIA officials are now expected to take up the issue with officials in England on July 31. PIA does not have any dedicated plane for cargo. But it uses Boeing-777 and Airbus-310 aircrafts to haul cargo overseas. The airlines’ has a cargo business to EU of around Rs2 billion.

Police to seize mobile phones in all car crashes to cut deaths Drivers involved in all car crashes will have their mobiles seized by police. The move aims to cut deaths, with police using phones as evidence in prosecutions to determine whether motorists may have broken the law by phoning or texting at the wheel in the moments before any accident. The advice to check phones at the roadside was issued to officers by Gloucestershire Chief Constable, who is responsible for roads policing at the Association of Chief Police Officers. According to the new initiative, the phone checks will apply to any accident, whereas previously they were made only in accidents where people

Email: be dull and draining. You might have to do this while the kids are making a racket or you’re being pressured to take care of domestic chores. And don’t expect time off. Many people who work for themselves can’t take four weeks' holiday each year. You might have to give up social activities you enjoy, for a time, at least. Friends and family might not get to see you as much as you or they would like. It’s easy to get carried away with the attractive aspects of starting a business, but the reality is

you’ll probably have to be your own receptionist, admin assistant, delivery person, cleaner and caretaker, too, initially, at least. The responsibility of running your own business Running your own business will inevitably involve greater responsibility. You’ll have to make many important decisions, which creates pressure, especially when your livelihood and possibly that of your employees is at stake. You might also have a family to support – what if things go wrong? You might not always be able to seek advice, which can leave you feeling isolated. Family and friends can be a great source of support – and being able to share your trials, tribulations and triumphs is important. Of course there are free professional sources of support available, so be sure to use them. Starting your own business remains one of the most exciting decisions you can make. The rewards – financial and otherwise – can be great, as many millions of people in the UK have found out. But there are implications you need to consider carefully. Running your own business can be a rollercoaster. There’ll be days when you wonder why you did it – and others when you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Delhi To Top Populous City List Delhi, currently the world’s second most populous city after Tokyo, is expected to retain the spot till at least 2030, according to a UN report. Acc ording to the Population Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Delhi’s population — presently pegged at 25 million by the UN report — is projected to reach 36 million by 2030. The 2014 revision of the World Urbanisation Prospects report, found that the world’s largest city is Tokyo with 38 million inhabitants and its population is expected to decline to 37 million by 2030. Still Tokyo will remain at the top. Shanghai with 23 million inhabitants retains the third spot. Mexico City, Mumbai and Sao Paolo, each with 21 million inhabitants, followed by Osaka with just over 20 million people have found place in the top five spots. The report said that the urban population will grow by 37 percent in India, which currently has the largest rural population. The urban population will increase rapidly in China and Nigeria as well.

Today, 54 percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 66 per cent by 2050. Africa and Asia remain mostly rural, housing nearly 90 percent of the world’s rural population. Urban areas are on the rise in these two continents, however, at least 40 percent of the population in African and 48 percent in Asia lives in urban areas. Africa and Asia are projected to be home to 56 and 64 percent urban population respectively by 2050. It also highlighted the need for a successful urban planning agenda and greater attention to be given to smaller cities where nearly half of all people currently reside.

were killed or seriously injured. Drivers caught using a hand-held phone at the wheel to call or text face a fixed penalty notice of £100 and three points on their licence. In 2012, more than 10,000 drivers caught using their phone at the wheel opted to take a road safety course instead of the points. Those who cause a crash and kill someone while using a phone could face up to 14 years in prison, but the vast majority of sentences are much shorter. Offenders need to know they will be caught, they will be prosecuted, and there will be serious consequences. The move may be unfair to those involved in minor shunts.

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ICC Bans England Cricketer From Wearing ‘Save Gaza’ Wristbands England's Moeen Ali has been warned by world cricket chiefs not to wear wristbands declaring his support for the people of Gaza again during international matches. But the International Cricket Council (ICC) said Ali would face no disciplinary action on this occasion after being warned about his future conduct by match referee David Boon, the former Australia batsman. Worcestershire all-rounder Ali wore wristbands during the third Test match against India on Monday that read “Save Gaza” and “Free Palestine”, while batting during England's first innings at the Rose Bowl in Southampton. The conflict in Gaza is entering its fifth week, with the Palestinian death toll passing the 1,200 mark and 56 people losing their lives on the Israeli side. That prompted the ICC to say they were investigating the incident and a spokesman for the global governing body told AFP on Tuesday: “The ICC equipment and clothing regulations do not permit the display of messages that relate to political, religious or racial activities or causes during an international match. “Moeen Ali was told by the match referee that whilst he is free to express his views on such causes away from the cricket field, he is not permitted to wear the wristbands on the field of play and warned not to wear the bands again during an international match.“ The 27-year-old Ali, a Birmingham-born practising Muslim of Pakistani descent, was photographed recently helping raise funds for Gaza relief efforts in his home city in central England. Ali's wristbands were only on public display for 42 minutes on Monday while he made 12 runs off 28 balls before he was caught off India seamer Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Meanwhile other cricketers expressed their

support of Ali on Twitter. “Absolutely love this! Well done Moeen bro! Keep showing your support! #Pray4Gaza” wrote former England cricketer Ajmal Shahzad. “Good on brother mo! #prayforGaza” wrote Lancashire and former England bowler Kabir Ali, Moeen's cousin. “We have always worn wristbands or ribbons when showing support 4an incident or raising awareness,we do it for animal rights too, y not humans, “wrote former Pakistan all-rounder Azhar Mahmood. Other sports have also had to confront the issue of competitors making political, pro-Gaza protests. Malaysian cyclist Azizulhasni Awang was warned he risked being thrown out of the Commonwealth Games if he repeated wearing gloves bearing the message “Save Gaza”. Awang could have been ejected from the 2014 Glasgow Games after wearing the gloves in competition on Thursday. Instead the 26-year-old was given a reprimand and warned not to wear them again. Though Awang insisted his message was “humanitarian” rather than politically-charged, he issued an apology.

‘End Of The World’ 260ft Siberian Crater Baffles Scientists Scientists have been baffled by the discovery of a 260ft-wide hole in the ground in north Siberia. It has the appearance of a wide crater at the edges, but continues down into an underground chamber of unknown depth. The sides of the crater are said to be fresh earth, which experts say indicates that it was created in the last few years, according to the Siberian Times. The crater has a diameter of around 40 m (130 feet) on the inside and 60 m on the outside. Its appearance prompted conspiracy theories and speculation that it may have been caused by something otherworldly, with some even suggesting aliens might be behind it. Initial theories suggesting the crater was caused by a meteorite, however, were dismissed by scientists. In an effort to discover its mysteries, a group of scientists have ventured into the tundra in the Yamalo-

Nenetsky peninsula A team of experts launched an expedition to the site. It was found by engineers who were flying past in a helicopter and filmed it, posting the footage on YouTube. Theories as to what caused the hole have been fuelled by the name of the location it was found. Yamal means “end of the world” in the local language. Experts say the

Emergency Relief Measures For IDPs In Pakistan Monitoring by a leading Islamic UK charity has revealed the state of IDP camps in Bannu, Pakistan. The team from the Al Mustafa Welfare Trust (AMWT – UK) has checked the residence, food and medical facilities being provided by the federal and provincial governments of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the people who migrated from the war zone of North Waziristan. It was found that no government organization was found to be busy in relief activities. The army had established a camp for IDPs but they were not allowing charity organizations for relief work there. Some six hundred thousand IDPs were given shelter in school buildings, open areas, private properties or rented buildings and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Disaster Management Authority (KPDMA) was supplying food items to these families. The provincial authority has failed in providing facilities like electricity, clean drinking water, milk for infants, cattle's fodder, education and books for school children, arrangements against heat stroke and security to women in IDPs camps. The provincial government has set up medical

camps but there was acute shortage of medical staff and medicines. There was only a District Headquarters Hospital at Bannu where medical facilities were available for IDPs but the government was not providing proper indoor facilities and medicines to the poor patients. Due to power load shedding, the contaminated water and unhygienic food fed to most of the people, was creating problems for the displaced people.

Driverless Cars ‘On UK Roads By January’ The government has announced plans to put driverless cars on public roads as early as January 2015. The vehicles are guided by a system of sensors and cameras, and the trials will last between 18 and 36 months. UK cities can now bid to host the trials, with up to three cities being selected. This will put the UK at the forefront of this transformational technology and opening up new opportunities for our economy and society. Driverless cars have huge potential to transform the UK's transport network. They could improve safety, reduce congestion and lower emissions, particularly CO2. But motoring groups say they are sceptical about the move. Many drivers are still resistant to change as 65% enjoy driving too

much to ever want the vehicle to take over from them. It will be difficult for people to come to terms with giving up control of their vehicle to a computer." The British Army already uses autonomous vehicles, supplied by automotive design specialist MIRA, which is also developing systems for civilian use. Researchers in Oxford have also developed an autonomous car that can be controlled using an iPad. Trials on public roads have already been held in Japan, Singapore and Germany, and Sweden will soon follow suit. In California, driverless cars are already road legal. Google's self-driving cars have already logged 700,000 miles. In May, the web giant unveiled a new model - without pedals.

most likely explanation is that it was created by an explosion of gas that had built up in a naturally occurring chamber under the surface. The authorities are keen to work out what caused the hole as the area is used to extract natural gas.

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What defines ‘success’ in Operation Zarb-i-Azb? Zarb-i-Azb: Widen the operation

The operation to cleanse North Waziristan of Al Qaeda and Taliban militant carries immense national, regional and international significance. Thus, the barometer of its success varies and differs if you look at it with the eyes of people of Pakistan and the binoculars of the international community especially the US. It needs to be seen with fresh eyes and renewed perception beyond the stereotypes of the terms of good and bad militants and the so-called strategic depth doctrine. The US would like to see its success because it doesn’t want to face embarrassment to witness the same script rewritten on Afghan soil post withdrawal unlike unstable Iraq despite spending 2.2 trillion dollars.” The military seems determined to strengthen the western borders and establish the writ of the state in the tribal belt before the withdrawal of US troops to counter any threat coming from across the border where anti-Pakistan Taliban have made sanctuaries. It also wants to erase the tainted image of Pakistan that the tribal belt, particularly North Waziristan, was the epicenter of global terrorism. But it needs to expand its operation beyond the tribal belt to eliminate the tentacles of terrorism across the country to ensure it’s not half-baked this time around. It also faces the biggest challenge of rehabilitating over half a million uprooted tribesmen. For many in Pakistan, the real success will be measured when the nurseries of extremist and militants groups are eliminated across the country. But that cannot happen in days or months as the seeds of extremism which were sown during Zia’s regime, have now grown into deadly plants. To me, it’s a forward movement as is used in diplomatic lingua. It warrants cautious support but also greater transparency. The ties with extremists groups is like a quilt sewn with threads of blood, so unraveling the seam needs extra care because it’s painful.

Zarb-i-Azb: Build a counter-terrorism strategy

The operation looks on course as far as regaining the territory of North Waziristan is concerned. It would serve [as] a significant symbolic as well as psychological blow to many jihadis who had developed a deep affinity with this area. However in the long run, there are quite a few challenges. First, as a state, we still lack a comprehensive counterterrorism strategy. There is no clarity of thought over Islamist militancy within the general public at large and much of the ruling class. Even most of our policy-makers have fallen for the very propaganda narratives they once created to delegitimise the enemy. As a result of this, many of the policy-makers continue to consider some militants as allies and strategic assets when in fact those militants are hand-in-glove with Al Qaeda. There are way too many contradictions in the Pakistani narrative on jihadi groups. My research into militancy shows that this flawed narrative serves as the quickest and most convenient approach to draw many Islamists into the fold of militant Islamism. We need to realise that the formulation of a successful

Solve the IDP crisis

c o u n t e r terrorism s t r a t e g y would require some serious introspection and analysis of our worldview and strategic focus.


Success will depend not merely on a military operation results but on how we deal with the IDPs and their safe return. At the end of the day, it is war for hearts and minds. So the IDP factor is crucial as is the treatment of the major tribes especially those that broke away from TTP and sought dialogue like Mehsuds.

Zarb-i-Azb: Stop the empty rhetoric

If we define success as dealing a devastating blow to militancy in Pakistan, then the answer is a resounding “no.” Even if the operation manages to eliminate dozens or hundreds of militants, then this won’t solve the broader problem. Militancy is no longer restricted to North Waziristan or even to the tribal belt—it has become a nationwide affliction that has spread to Pakistan’s cities. In my view, though, the operation won’t actually eliminate scores of militants. Since this operation has been hinted at for so many months, there’s a very good chance that many of North Waziristan’s top commanders and their fighters left the area long before the troops arrived. All this said, if we define the operation’s success as stopping all the terrorist attacks in the country, then there is cause for hope. There have been very few terror strikes in Pakistan since the operation began. What I fear, though, is that this is merely the calm before the storm. The operation has scattered militants into other tribal areas or into Afghanistan. Once they regain their bearings, they will likely relaunch their attacks with a vengeance.

Zarb-i-Azb: Define goals, timelines

Just like operations in other FATA agencies, again there are unconfirmed reports that ‘Good Taliban’ have been provided a safe passage or allowed to leave well before the commencement of the operation. Independent media access is being controlled so it is very difficult to verify claims of targeting and killing terrorists. Civilian casualties too are not being reported or verified. By flushing out or allowing 'Good' terrorists safe passage from one location to another is not a sustainable solution to a much deeper problem. The root of the problem lies between Rawalpindi and Islamabad and has to be dealt with at that level. The nation is faced with existential threats because of the flawed and self destructive strategic depth policies. There are still some terrorists groups regarded as strategic assets who use our soil to carry out terror attacks in other countries or are used to intimidate and build pressures internally. With such policies we cannot expect to receive flowers from the other side. Outsourcing of our first line of defence to proxies has weakened the country's internal security. The scourge of terrorism and extremism cannot be handled through knee jerk reactions but need a clear and demonstrated shift in security and foreign policies.

Zarb-i-Azb: Tackle local resistance

The operation is bound to succeed eventually because the start has been quite emphatic. The militants need a planning centre, which traditionally was [Miramshah], to stage any significant resistance. This they do not have now. Moreover, the force ratio is heavily in favour of the state and new technology like home-made drone and a flying command and control system for real time operational directives has made it almost impossible for the retreating militants to hold on to territory. They are being pounded from above as they go back into the mountains, primarily the Shawal area. Drones have done the maximum damage as they have taken out major leaders from areas like Datta Khel. Further, the militants have dispersed into different regions: some have gone to the Middle East, others have crossed into Afghanistan, yet others have even ventured as far out as China through the Nuristan route. The locals have melted back into the population, even though it would be difficult for them to keep their identities hidden as years of violence have earned them many enemies every willing to point them out from among themselves. With territory gone, command structure demolished and leadership killed or on the run, the last bastion as practically fallen. Now the Army only has to mop up localised resistance and de-bomb the area. Hit and run attacks will continue but with IED factories being uprooted that stockpile of terror is also running out quickly. From here onwards the operation is likely to proceed without a major set-back. One or two spectacular attacks cannot be ruled out, but these are likely to be in the nature of last hurrah and not the beginning of the much-dreaded blow back engulfing the whole country.

The definition of success will morph over time. The goals of the operation are not clear. What's also not clear are the timelines of the operation. Commanders on the ground say things are murky. And the fragility of the civilian-military balance between Islamabad and Rawalpindi is always a factor. The US-Afghan endgame next door must be considered, and there is little clarity about whether this is, in terms of military tactics, the fabled 'hammer and anvil' game with the US and its drones, or something newer, like 'hammer and tongs'. And lets not forget: where does the Kabul regime, which is in the middle of a tectonic shift, fit into this? Frankly, this broth is still cooking. But there are guys in NWA who are wanted in Beijing, Washington and other friends Zarb-i-Azb: Transfer power to civvies and foes in the middle. So the stakes are high. That's why The benchmarks of success and failure used in a the press is at the fringes. conventional war cannot be applied to irregular war, which subsumes several categories of armed conflict and almost Zarb-i-Azb: No more 'Good Taliban' invariably is fought among the people. Zarb-i-Azb is a The much needed clearing of North Waziristan of terrorists limited operation meant to physically dominate the Tochi and establishing the state's writ is several years too late – Valley and the main towns and arteries. unfortunately, it is still bogged down with the ‘Good, Bad How successful the operation will be in terms of establishing Taliban’ policy. the state's writ will, therefore, depend on how effectively The operation is a reaction to the Karachi Airport terror and how soon can the area be transferred to the civilian attack as well as regional developments ad international authorities within the existing administrative arrangements pressure and not the result of a substantive shift in our that govern FATA. Whether that governance framework is foreign or security policies. adequate or relevant is another important question.

Going by the past experience of military operations, as also case studies of such conflicts in other parts of the world, the post-operation phases -- build and transfer -- will be a tough call and will depend on several other factors, including the effective and coordinated use of non-kinetic means.

Zarb-i-Azb: Target the commanders

It seems to me that the armed forces are serious this time to root out the evil, judging from the number of drone strikes which have been known to take out the most vicious of the terrorists in the past. The problem is the 'commanders' of the terrorists who are said to have escaped into Afghanistan. The Afghan and ISAF forces must be co-opted in the fight to block and hit them on the other side: what is known as the ‘hammer and anvil’ tactics. The factors most important to the operation’s success are the elimination of cruel and heartless 'leaders of the faithful' like Fazlullah, Muslim Khan and others of their ilk. Why not Mullah Omar himself, the Emir of the so-called Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and Pakistan! Remember that the TTP have called him their Ultimate Leader!

Zarb-i-Azb: Establish writ, change minds

The ongoing military operation in NWA is on the right track while the army is in the process of achieving its target. It is always difficult for the military and the government to start an operation in its territory. The government should restore and maintain its writ in conflict areas after the operation. It’s important for the government to defeat the mindset which creates such militants across Pakistan. It will be difficult for the government to work for the rehabilitation of the IDPs after the operation.

Zarb-i-Azb: Catch em' all, or...

The success of the operation depends on how success is defined. The military, which is controlling the narrative and the operational aspects of Zarb-i-Azab, has repeatedly said that it will not allow anti-state elements to exist in this region. From what we know, looking at the very recent past, prostate militants like Gul Bahadur, the Haqqani Network and other such groups who fight outside Pakistan's territory also occupied space with these anti-state militants in North Waziristan. There are multiple reports and on ground sources that suggest that the pro-state militant leadership escaped. In the recent visit to Miranshah arranged by the military, the commander stated the same about all Taliban leadership, which includes anti-state factions too. So if success means clearing the area, that will be achieved. However, with majority of them escaping, the operation has already failed in my opinion. Continuing to have a soft spot for pro-Pakistan militants — especially in light of allowing extremist and militant organisations setting up relief camps for the IDPs of North Waziristan (which I reported on for Dawn last week) — it seems the military is yet to abandon its support for pro-Pakistan militants that it has historically used as a foreign policy tool. The consequence of this policy has been the creation of the Pakistani Taliban and other such militant groups which now fight the Pakistani state. And if we target the consequences and not the root cause, success will be short-lived. In the immediate short term, Pakistan may see a decline in terror acts but that is because they are scattered. But they will regroup, since they still enjoy sanctuaries not just in Afghanistan (as is always propagated by the Pakistani press) but also in Pakistan, especially in central areas of the country like Punjab and Karachi.

Sheffield & Sylhet Connection: British Bangladeshi Success Story British-Bangladeshi community in Sheffield and South Yorkshire has been celebrating double success for their share of contribution and achievements in this particular region of the UK. It is more than half century ago since the first ever (early) Bangladeshi migrant settlers arrived in Sheffield, UK’s 4th largest City; ever since they have played a crucial role in the economy and social life of the region. At the time, Sheffield was aptly known as the capital of steel industry, both nationally and right across Europe. It was seen as very a good opportunity for Bangladeshi migrants and triggered their early arrivals. Most of them as unskilled, illiterate and also with low confidence, the first generation of Bangladeshi migrants worked very hard even in worst conditions. They accepted all challenges without any resistance and also with very low financial gains. They had no choice but to work hard to improve their lives, as they were from poor rural background and had to support their family in making ends meet. Gradually, their families also got settled here, thus increasing their community by significant numbers. Most of these migrants were from Sylhet district of Bangladesh. Now the well-settled local British Sylhety community feels it is time to pay respect and tribute to the first generation for sacrifices they made to establish themselves and their families to integrate in their adopted society. They feel it is also their duty and moral obligation to

revive share and right to celebrate the efforts made by the first generation and celebrate their success and achievements. They also want to acknowledge the British society which provided them the platform, equality and opportunity to become integral members of the local community. To do achieve these aims, various members of the communities in Sheffield got together to form The Sheffield & Sylhet Connection 2014, a non-political organization. Currently working on a project that will liaise with and gather support from the Bangladeshi community (of Sylhety origins) of Sheffield and South Yorkshire Surrounds, TSSC desires to improve understanding to share experiences and views, and celebrate cultural and national events to create a coherent and clear sense of community and emerge as a symbol of unity. Significant emphasis is laid on education and awareness campaigns through media highlighting cultural diversity and efforts of integration while maintaining social and cultural values of Britain and their distinct British identity. Chair of Sheffield & Sylhet Connection 2014, Shahinur Jahanghir was the patron of a recent visit to Bangladesh's Sylhet District, by a local delegation to gather research information through meetings with the families of relatives of those who are no longer alive, and were from

Sheffield. A great number of Interviews were conducted and photos taken which will be used in educational exhibitions and displayed in conferences. It intends to strengthen the ties and consciousness of roots amongst the Young British Bangladeshis, residing in Sheffield. To declare open this project, a small gathering of Sheffield's prominent community activists and business persons met with the newly elected Cllr Nasima Akther from Sheffield, who happens to be the first female British Bangladeshi to have achieved this feat. The event was organised at the Sheffield Town Hall, and Ms Akhter was bestowed the honour of inaugurating the Sheffield & Sylhet Connection 2014. She cited this as a unique and diverse cultural project which will work towards creating cohesion in Sheffield's community and is also a good way to celebrate and share the very vibrant

& enriched culture of Bangladesh for the host and indigenous community. She expressed her pride in representing the entire Sheffield Community and that it was pleasant surprise for her to receive in gift the Bangladeshi national fruit - Jackfruit (Khattal). It was a token gesture to welcome the newly elected councillor at the launch of this project. The People expressed their pleasure at and gratitude for recent developments. Chair for the Darnall forum Sheffield Mothiur Rahman said that his striving and hard work in the community has been paid off, and that it was a historical day for the Sheffield Bangladeshi community in marking and celebrating the twin achievements. He also congratulated Sheffield's first British Bangladeshi-Origin Cllr and referred to the opening of the Sheffield-Syhlet Connection which was no longer overdue.

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THE RISE OF THE PRIVATE RENTED SECTOR Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant Mark Jenkinson & Son There is a quite revolution in housing tenure taking place ,the rise of the private rented sector. Traditionally the aspiration for most people has been to buy their own property as prices rise this is no longer a option for many people. In London the average house price is over half a million,whereas the average house price is around £250K. With this as a backdrop it is clear to see that many people on average incomes would not been in a position to take on a mortgage,coupled with a stricter mortgage regime it becomes even more difficult. Therefore it is no wonder the private rented sector has become a major option for a great number of people in particular the younger generation.

of purchasers is also changing, most buyers see property as an investment, which has further fuelled prices, to the extent that overseas investor see this country as a place to invest in property. Clearly the dynamics of supply and demand are at play here.

2. Land Supply. Lets look at why we have reached this One of the key position,and a number of scenarios come to light reasons prices are remaining high are immediately, I will attempt to look at these: that the supply of land is in theory not 1. Supply Of Housing. Traditionally there was a strong social housing there. Why I say in sector, mass council house building following theory is that it is not the second world war,this was the backbone in the areas people of accommodation supply in this country. want to live, so as Alongside this was a strong private house land comes on the building programme. With all this activity in the market the price is housing market ,the price of your house was high, hence property no more than three times your annual salary, a prices. much more acceptable equation. At that time the economy was very much predicated by house One of the ways this situation can be overcome is through the building, which saw many jobs being created. release of more land. It is a challenge most The planning system was geared towards local authorities are facing in particular around releasing land for house building, lots of land identifying the five year supply of land in their and a willingness to build meant that there was areas. Clearly at some stage the sensitive a substantial supply of housing keeping prices question of the Green Belt will become a further reasonable. Housing was seen as a necessity of challenge for the authorities. life. 3. Population. The predicament we now face is that demand Clearly we live on a island as the population of seems to be outstripping supply in most parts of this country increases so does the demand for the country. Faced with this scenario prices can housing. Coupled with demand from investors only go one way which is higher. The thinking and overseas buyers you can see how prices

are likely to continue that they would like to rent rather than buy. In many cases this would be akin to the traditional increasing. scenario of renting from Local Authorities. The private rented sector has grown tremendously 4. People Mobility. A strong private rented over the last few years with statistics putting the sector can provide a figure at over 16.5% of all households others put mobile workforce. A it higher than that ,whatever the exact figure, it mobile workforce could is abundantly clear that it is a tenure on the rise. in theory contribute to the improving The government seems keen to support this economy. It is quite sector, which I believe will result in a better normal in many parts structured higher quality accommodation tenure option. The government has followed this up of the world. with a £1b Build to Rent Fund, this will help I have only touched provide finance for purpose built private rented on a few key points properties. The intention is it will see a rise in the here, there are many number of properties being provided. Coupled others, and one could with this a supportive network for tenants could easily write a book provide a environment for this sector to not only on this subject. The become a first choice option but also flourish. culmination of this discussion is that In London and the surrounding areas we are demand for housing already seeing large property companies is increasing at a rate both British and overseas actively working on faster than the supply. providing private rented accommodation, it has It also highlights the become a real investment option. I can only see stark fact that many this spreading throughout the country. potential purchasers have or will be priced Another argument that has been put forward is that more land should be released for housing out of the market. development,as more housing stock comes onto Clearly people will still need housing, therefore the market prices and rents will adjust to the we will see the rise of the private rented sector. supply. It was a equation that worked quite well There are developers who are seeing this as in the 40,s and 50,s. In the end price comes down the emerging market and beginning to invest in to supply and demand if there is more supply the private rented sector. As we go through this then logically this will see a reduction or at the transition period we will see rising rental levels, very least a equalisation of price. It is a easy but as we get a increase in supply rental levels scenario, but fraught with great difficulty. Or dare I say it we embark on a wholesale council house will begin to equalise. building programme. Arguably the private rented sector will mature into a real investment option for investors. The In conclusion I would argue the private rented key for me is that prospective tenants will look sector will no longer be a quite revolution in for longer term agreements, making a choice housing tenure but a real option.

Pakistan TV Shows Pakistani TV shows are breaking down Lohar who are well known in India, the folk songs to the day we can also see Sakhawat Naz, Iftekhar Swaraj, Abdullah Abdullah and even Gen. David walls of mistrust and delusions and of Musarrat Nazir have been (and still are) staple Thakur, and the Albelas – Honey and Saleem Petraeus. It is no different with Dr Younis Butt’s “Ham fare at any Punjabi wedding ceremony, and the perform before us. creating a craze in India. “Mulk taksim huye, dil to abhi ek hai/Isi liye hamne khidkiyan kat rakhi hai deewaron mein (The nations were divided, but hearts are still one/That is why we’ve cut windows into the walls (between us)”, wrote an Urdu poet. Divided amid bloodshed, experiencing long spells of adverse relations punctuated by armed conflict, Indians and Pakistanis have however never lost their fascination for each other – despite the prevalent stereotypes. The enthusiastic response to a bouquet of Pakistani shows on an Indian cable TV channel is proof enough. It is also a major step to breaking down these walls, which were rendered quite redundant by those with internet, but the importance of a symbolic measure cannot be underestimated. The long, shared culture has always been a unifying element. Not only Bollywood films, there is a craze for Indian TV shows – soap operas, sitcoms and game shows – in Pakistan and mutual interest in India for Pakistani music, TV shows, drama and even their over-the-top films, despite the huge variety already available here. Leave alone singers like Noor Jehan, Mehdi Hasan, Ghulam Ali, Farida Khanum and Alam

raw but melodic rendition of Reshma’s “Dama dam Mast Qalandar” is the benchmark version for this qawwali, sung by anyone seeking to display credentials to perform “Sufi” music. Then there is an entire generation of people of the 1980s who will remember queuing up at video rental stores to get the latest installments of the popular “Dhoop Kinare” and “Ankahi” or even “Khwaja Sahab and Son” about a venerable patriarch and his family of six daughters and a sole son, or of “Chor Machaye Shor” about a noveau riche Punjabi landowner and the burlesque goings-on in his mansion one night. Many will also remember erupting in guffaws at the madcap antics and mimicry of Umar Sharif in “Bakra Kishton Pe”, with the splendid accompaniment of the incomparable Moin Akhtar whose impersonations of Indian and Pakistani actors are among the finest ever done. Pakistani stage tradition has prepared some uproariously comic actors with a impeccable sense of timing – and they have been much in demand in Indian TV stand-up comedy shows. Sharif, Amanullah Khan, Naseem Vicky and Babbu Baral are among those who have made millions of Indians break into helpless laughter, but they are just the tip of the iceberg and I look forward

On the other hand, if you want to gauge how much Indian culture has permeated life across the border, see talk shows on current issues like Geo’s “Khabarnaak” and “Hum Sab Umeed Se Hai” which also display the irreverent way Pakistanis see politicians – not only their own but of their neighbours and their overseas “ally”, as well as sportsmen, actors and cultural personalities such as Anwar Maqsood. Hosted by Aftab Iqbal, “Khabarnaak” has not spared anyone. The gifted Ali Mir has essayed brilliant parodies complete with uncanny voice resemblance, of not only Shahbaz Sharif, Pervez Musharraf, Imran Khan, Bilawal Bhutto, Asaf Ali Zardari, Yousuf Raza Gilani, Sheikh Rasheed, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, Rehman Malik, and Maulana Fazlur Rehman, but also of Manmohan Singh, Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Lalu Prasad, Bal Thackeray, Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Hamid Karzai. The ensemble cast – Amanullah, Sakhawat (both till 2013), the Albelas – as well as Agha Majid, Ruby Anum, Wajid Khan, as well as co-hostesses like Zainab Jamil and Sofia Mirza have done for a lot of others including Sushma

Sab Umeed Se Hai”. The parody song segment frequently features an Indian song – film or TV theme – to satirize Pakistani politics. Can you resist Hina Rabbani Khar singing “Sasural Genda Phool” for a drone-firing Hilary Clinton before the duo along with Zardari and Obama hold hands and dance around? Facilitating access to each other’s TV, films, newspaper, magazines and books will not only be the biggest people-to-people contact that the governments of India and Pakistan can accomplish – something that will allow them to see each other as they really are, rather than through a skewed ideological prism of the past decades.

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Partner , Head of Property & Immigration Wosskow Brown Solicitors LLP Email: A The Overriding Interest Form is a new form introduced into the Conveyancing process. It gives information to the purchaser’s Q What is a fixtures and fittings form? solicitors as to whether there are any additional A A fixtures and fittings form is one of arrangements or rights that have been created the important documents when you are selling a over the property in recent years. residential property and it provides information What is the meaning of Vacant of what items will be left in the property. Please Q. fill this form in very carefully as it becomes part Possession in a sale agreement? of your sale contract. A This is a very important clause of the Q. What is a Property Information Form sale agreement and it means that once your solicitor has received the purchase funds, you (PIF) will hand over possession to the purchaser and A This gives details of your property and there will be no occupiers, items or rubbish left contains information and changes to the property at the property. If you do not provide vacant in the past. This form should be completed very possession then potentially you are in breach of carefully and in full as this information is very contract and the purchaser can ask for damages important. If you are not sure about anything and gain possession through the Court. you should speak to your legal advisor before you Q. What is a redemption figure and what hand over this form to the purchasers. is its importance in the sale process? Q What is an Overriding Interest A A redemption statement is information Form? SALE OF PROPERTY

British Arms For Russia And Israel? The British government has been accused of double standards over arms sales to Russia and Israel. The latest document revealed that officials have approved a massive increase in weaponry to be sold to Russia to more than £130m. MPs warn that at least 251 export licences for the sale of controlled goods – ranging from sniper rifles to night sights – remain in place despite a call from Prime Minister David Cameron for other countries, in particular France, to halt lucrative arms deals with Moscow. In the case of Israel, Britain has issued 400 licences. Downing Street insisted that any arms licences granted for equipment to the Russian military had been suspended in the wake of the MH17 disaster after Mr Cameron singled out French President Francois Hollande’s refusal to call off a £1bn deal to sell Moscow two helicopter carriers. The increase of 52 per cent in the last 12 months took place despite Britain’s increasingly strident criticism of Russian support – including the supply of arms – for Ukrainian separatists, who have now been blamed for the killing of 298 people on board flight MH17. In another development, Arab Organization for Human Rights in the UK (AOHR UK) calls upon the British government to take a legal and moral stand vis-à-vis the Israeli crimes against innocent civilians in Gaza by suspending all military contracts with the Israeli government. A British arms export controls parliamentary committee’s annual report published revealed that more than 3,000 current export licenses for arms and military equipment worth more than £12bn were approved for 27 countries classified by the Foreign Office as “of concern” because of their poor human rights record but that no measures have been taken to rescind these contracts. According to the report, Israel received the bulk of this equipment, valued at nearly £8bn in the form of 400 export licenses. Weapons include components for body armour, parts for “all-wheel drive vehicles with ballistic protection”, assault rifles, pistols, military support vehicles, crowdcontrol ammunition, a spare parts for tanks, and F16 and Apache fighter jets, and combat drones. On the 21st of April 2009, the then secretary of state David Miliband admitted in an official statement that the equipment Israel used in attacking Gaza during Operation Cast Lead 200-2009 “almost certainty’ had components manufactured in the

UK. He added that equipment used in the attack on Gaza contained British-supplied components included in cockpit displays in US F-16 combat aircraft sold to Israel, and components for the fire control and radar systems, navigation equipment and engine assemblies for US Apache. He also admitted that the equipment also included armored personnel carriers adapted from Centurion tanks sold to Israel in the late 1950s and components for the 76mm guns and radar in Israeli Sa’ar-class corvettes which took part in the operation in addition to supplying Israeli reconnaissance satellites used in preparing for the attack with British components. None of the abovementioned contracts has been suspended even following Operation Cast Lead and Operation Pillar of Cloud on Gaza and the current operation, nicknamed Protective Edge, thus confirming that the British government is in stark violation of the rules that govern arms sales to countries which breach human rights. It ought to be mentioned that 17 companies with headquarters or branches in the UK provide Israel with spare parts for F16 and Apache fighter jets, tanks, naval ships, and other military and security equipment. F16 and naval ships with components manufactured in the UK have so far killed 223 Palestinians during the most recent offensive on Gaza, 46 of them children, 26 women and 14 elderly people. The rest were innocent civilian men. The random attacks have also injured 1887 Palestinians, many of them remain in critical condition, in addition to destroying 1800 homes and 89 public buildings. The Arab Organization for Human Rights in the UK (AOHR UK) calls upon the British government to take a legal and moral stand vis-à-vis the Israeli crimes against innocent civilians in Gaza by suspending all military contracts with the Israeli government. AOHR UK considers the British government’s decision to continue to supply Israel with military technology which is then used to murder innocent civilians a breach of all human rights laws and could mean that British officials are complicit in the crimes against humanity committed by Israel. AOHR UK also urges EU countries to suspend all military deals with Israel especially Israel’s participation in the Horizon 2020 military and security research programme sponsored by the EU at a cost of 80 billion Euros.

from the existing mortgage lender detailing the amount outstanding on the property. You cannot proceed without an updated redemption figure. Your solicitor will need this to complete the sale of your property as they have to give a promise to the purchaser’s solicitors to clear the property from financial liability. In new sale contracts the vendor is also bound to clear any financial charges on the property but it also depends on the wording of the sale agreement.

Disclaimer: This is information only and do not act on this information as legal advice and always seek advice from your solicitor according to the circumstances of your case.

Q. What are early Repayment charges ? A. If you pay your mortgage within the fixed period then you have to pay the adiantial money its called early repayment charges. If the fixed term for the interest rate has passed then there should not be any penalty.

A Reality Coming to Pass The foreign lands and people have fascinated human beings since time immemorial. They would evince a great curiosity to know about the lands and people they had not known about. However, due to limited means of access it was not possible for people to have quick information about other societies and countries. Traders and travellers were the only source of information about alien lands but they were not easily accessible. Even their words of mouth would reach to public at large after a lapse of considerable time. Fast forward to twenty first century and information about any part of the world and it habitants is just a click away. During the last half century the rapid growth in the means of communication, knowledge and inventions have brought closer corners of the world. Global village and globalisation have become the buzz words in academia discussing zeitgeist of the modern world. The integration among different societies of the world is seen as a possibility. But at the same time there are some who do believe that globalisation is an illusion and the world would remain divided among different societies. The top most factor bringing the world together is interdependence of economies. As we have seen in recent financial crisis the economies of the world are affected by performance of each other. The spread of multinational companies have connected different countries in a web of globalisation. The Apple company alone has outsources hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs to countries like Mongolia, China, Korea and Taiwan. The emergence of global trade is very strongly in favour of globalisation. The need for education has become a global aspiration. People all over the world are more conscious about the education of coming generations. The rising literacy rate among backward areas of the world is visible and significant. The world renowned universities are finding it difficult to accommodate the rising

number of applications from underdeveloped countries. The big names in education are opening franchises in other countries. Even in the less developed countries literacy rates are increasing. The rising cost of health in some advanced countries has allowed developing countries to offer same level of health facilities at a lower cost to the patients from different countries. From organ transplant to surrogacy all the treatments are becoming available in various countries. The health tourism is a new form of business drawing the world closer. It is said the democracy is not a perfect system but it is the best among available political systems. Increasing number of societies finding it as a system that can provide solution to their myriad problems. The democracy is becoming another bond between different countries. The advent of social media has accelerated the communication between people of different societies. Facebook and Twitter has connected people world over. Information about any event in any part of the world can be had in real time. Interracial marriages and marriages across the borders are taking place and people are coming closer. Though the hopes of globalisation are high but there are some very potent factors still working against the trend. The concept and existence of nation state itself is hobbling the movement of globalisation. The political leadership of each country takes decision protecting its own interests without any consideration for the globalisation. Many developed countries are still failing to ratify treaties of global nature. The phenomenon of terrorism has stunted the globalisation. Countries have become more fearful of opening their borders lands to people of other countries. Unless terrorism is routed out it would be difficult to transform the dream of globalisation in to a reality. The groups in trade and politics having vested interests are another impediment in the way of globalisation. History tells us that once a movement takes root it grows, however slow it may be. Globalisation is a movement that would ultimately flourish and bring more benefits to the humanity. It will turn the world in to a village where people would have freedom to move around and their lots will be ameliorated by economic and social developments.

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Controversial Move By HSBC Closes Muslim Accounts In UK In a controversial move, global private banking major HSBC has closed a number of “risky” accounts belonging to Muslim groups and individuals in the UK. HSBC has written to one of London’s biggest mosques at Finsbury Park and other organisations, including an Islamic think tank, saying that to continue providing services would be outside the bank’s “risk appetite”. It said decisions to close accounts were “absolutely not based on race or religion”. The bank’s statement said, “We do not discuss relationships we may or may not have with a customer, nor confirm whether an individual or business is, or has been a customer. “Discrimination against customers on grounds of race or religion is immoral, unacceptable and illegal, and HSBC has comprehensive rules and policies in place to ensure race or religion are never factors in banking decisions,” it said. One of the trustees of Finsbury Park mosque, questioned the motives behind the letters. “The letters that have been sent and the letters that we received do not give any reason why the accounts were closed in the first place,” he said. “That has led us to believe that the only reason this has happened is because of an Islamophobic campaign targeting Muslim charities in the UK,” he added. Until 2005, the mosque was run by Abu Hamza, who in

May this year was convicted of terrorism offences in the US. “The positive work we have done since taking over from Abu Hamza to change the image of the mosque, there is nothing really that can explain (HSBC’s decision),” mosque chairman Mohammed Kozbar told the BBC. In December 2012, HSBC had to pay US authorities USD 1.9 billion (1.2 bn pounds) in a settlement over money laundering, the largest paid in such a case. It was alleged to have helped launder money belonging to drug cartels and states under US sanctions. In August last year, it was reported that HSBC asked more than 40 embassies, consulates and High Commissions in the UK to close their accounts. At the time, the bank said “HSBC has been applying a rolling programme of ‘five filter’ assessments to all its businesses since May 2011, and our services for embassies are no exception”.

Aldi And Lidl ‘Victors In Supermarket War’ The bitter supermarket war continues to harm Britain's four big chains, as nimble discounters continue to attract more customers. Discounters Aldi and Lidl have seen their market share surge as Britain's four biggest outlets suffer in the ongoing bitter supermarket war. Researchers said in the three months to June 20, both of the German-based retailers saw significant growth compared to the same period last year. It said Aldi's share rose from 3.7% to 4.8%, while Lidl expanded from 3.1% to 3.6%. Meanwhile, supermarket giant Tesco saw its share of the sector fall from 30.3% last year to 28.9% in the period ending in July. Asda, Britain's second biggest chain, remained flat at 17%, while Sainsbury's also remained static at 16.6%. Struggling supermarket Morrisons was the second biggest faller out of the major retailers, seeing

its share fall from 11.5% last year to 11% this year. Both Tesco and Morrisons recorded sales losses of 3.8% compared to the same period last year, researchers said. Britain's big outlets have become increasingly embroiled in a price war during 2014 that has harmed their margins. They have also invested heavily in convenience store and online

delivery services. The hard discounters have avoided entering the online delivery sub-sector, which is seen by analysts as costing the majors more than £100m a year. Grocery price inflation has also fallen for the 10th consecutive periods and now stands at 0.4%. Price slashing and deflation in staple items like milk, vegetables and bread have driven food price inflation down to its lowest level since late 2006, when the research first started.

Britain Cuts EU Migrants' Access To Welfare Payments Prime Minister David Cameron has set out new welfare rules to cut European migrants' access to social security payments, marking the latest in a string of British measures aimed at addressing voters' concerns over immigration. Writing in The Daily Telegraph newspaper, Cameron said that from November migrants coming to Britain from the European Union to find work would be entitled to claim unemployment and child benefits for three months, rather than the previous six months. Opinion polls show immigration is one of voters' biggest concerns going into a national election in 2015, fuelling a rise in eurosceptic sentiment that has helped the anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP) draw voters away from Cameron's Conservatives.

In a bid to stop voters defecting, Cameron has said he wants to cut net migration and has targeted those who he says come to Britain solely to tap its benefit system. "We’re ... making sure people come for the right reasons – which has meant addressing the magnetic pull of Britain’s benefits system," Cameron said. He said that by restricting job seekers' welfare access to only three months he was sending a clear message to potential migrants: "You cannot expect to come to Britain and get something for nothing." The Labour party has criticised Cameron for not doing enough to stop low-skilled migrants driving wages down. Other rule changes introduced since January have included tightening the

criteria for claimants and mandating longer waiting periods before migrants become eligible for payments. European Union officials have in the past criticised Cameron's approach to immigration and said that there is no evidence to show migrants move to Britain to claim benefits. Nevertheless, other European countries such as Germany have expressed sympathy with Cameron's concerns, and it is one of only a few policy areas where he has support for changes to EU rules. In the face of eurosceptic sentiment within his own party and the wider electorate, Cameron has promised to renegotiate Britain's ties with the EU if he is re-elected, and then put the country's continuing membership to a public vote in 2017.

New “Keep It Out” Campaign Launches Across Bradford To Tackle Illegal Tobacco A new campaign has launched in Bradford to tackle the trade in illegal tobacco and stop dealers who sell to children in the Bradford district. The trade in cheap, illegal tobacco might seem like a victimless crime but it makes it easier for children to smoke and brings crime into local communities. While all smoking kills half of all long term smokers, illegal tobacco bypasses age of sale laws. Illegal cigarettes and tobacco are usually sold at half or even a third of the price, in a range of locations such as pubs and clubs, shops, from private houses or from street hawkers. Smokers are urged to think about the impact local illicit sales have on enabling children to smoke before they buy. Anyone who knows where it is being sold is being urged to call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. The campaign is being run by West Yorkshire Trading Standards across the Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield areas and City of York Council. The six local authorities are collaborating to launch the Tackling Illicit Tobacco for Better Health in West Yorkshire and York Programme. The work is being commissioned by the six local authorities’ public health teams and involves trading standards, health and HMRC working together. Nationally, the illegal tobacco market has halved, with around 1 in 10 cigarettes illegal in 2013 compared to 1 in 5 in 2000. But the trade is still a problem in some areas.

Petrol and diesel prices fall as Middle East oil supply fears ease The price of petrol at the pumps has fallen as Middle East oil supply concerns diminish, AA figures show. Average UK petrol prices are now at 131.60p a litre - down from 131.70p a week ago, but still above the 130.47p a litre average a month ago. Diesel forecourt prices have also fallen, from 136.37p last week to a mid-July average of 136.08p. A month ago, they were 135.70p. The European Commission was pushing for greater openness in the pricing of fuel and even regulation to

make it happen. After five years of surging pump prices, many UK drivers may actually welcome this bit of EU ‘nannying’ as a way to get a fair price at the pump. Regionally, Northern Ireland currently sells the most expensive petrol, averaging 132.4p a litre, while drivers in Yorkshire and Humberside enjoy the lowest, at 131.2p. The fuel price climate has been settled for the moment by slack fuel demand, over-supply and a stronger pound.

Apple iPhones allow extraction of deep personal data Personal data including your text messages, contact lists and photos can be extracted from your iPhone without you knowing it. The same techniques to circumvent backup encryption could be used by law enforcement or others who have access to the “trusted” computers to which the devices have been connected, to access your personal information. A security expert revealed the insight in a presentation this week, prompting Apple Inc to admit they knew about it. Researcher Jonathan Zdziarski showed how the services take a surprising amount of data - much more information than was needed, with too little disclosure. “This data is far too personal in nature to ever be needed for diagnostics. The user is never prompted to give their permission to dump all of this data, or notified in any way on-screen” said Zdziarski. Users are not notified that the services

are running and cannot disable them. There is no way for iPhone users to know what computers have previously been granted trusted status via the backup process or block future connections. Apple denied creating any “back doors” for intelligence agencies, and said the services are meant for their engineers. Apple also posted its first descriptions of the tools on its own website, and Zdziarski and others who spoke with the company said they expected it to make at least some changes to the programs in the future. Apple said: We have designed iOS so that its diagnostic functions do not compromise user privacy and security… A user must have unlocked their device and agreed to trust another computer before that computer is able to access this limited diagnostic data.

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Al-Mahdi. CC 2014 Muhammad Ali Khizar Al Mahdi CC

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(Reg Charity No: 1139948)       250                                              1       600                                                               2       50                                                   3       700                                                           4



                                         Join with us and become closer to Allah in this blessed month to increase your blessings ÂŁ250 supports an orphan and brings you closer to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in Jannah ÂŁ600 supports a family with no income and is equivalent to increased blessings from prayers ÂŁ50 buys a sewing machine - an essential source of income for a widow or young orphan girl ÂŁ700 helps a derelict mosque prosper again and reinforces your iman for the here and after ÂŁ2000 helps finance the marriage of an orphan girl and you gain blessings for yourself and our family By making provision for Sehri and Iftar for the needy in the Holy month of Ramadan you can gain forgiveness and sawaab from those fasts and work towards a place in

Yorkshire Bank, Account Number: 19842710 Sort Code: 05 08 58 Alhabib Welfare Foundation is a UK registered international relief and development charity. It was founded by Molana Aslam Zahid who is the imam of Usmania Education Centre and the Vice Chairman of Jamiat Ulma-e-Britain. With your support Alhabib Welfare Foundation aims to help poor families, orphans, and widows across Pakistan and other countries around the world. We ensure 100% of your donation reaches the poor. Please donate generously on the above account number or online by visiting our website...

Molana M Aslam Zahid visited local Madressa during his recent visit to Bagh, Azad Kashmir...

Alhabib Welfare Foundation is relying on your support this Ramadan to help survivors of the Pakistan floods. Donate your Zakat and Sadaqa to us this Ramadan and we will use it to help orphans, widows and those who are in need.

The prophet saw said “Whoever helps any muslim and makes them happy in the process, they have made me happy. Whosoever makes me happy has made Allah happy. And whosoever makes Allah happy, Allah will provide a place in Jannah for him�. Come let us all help the poor, disabled, widows and orphans who desperately need our help,and gain the approval of Allah the Almighty You can give your Zakaat, Sadaqatul Fitra to help towards our ongoing support of these needy families. We invite you to come and be a part of a good and worth cause and gain nearness to Allah and the blessed Messenger (peace be upon him). We are offering you the opportunity to extend your good practice in the month of Ramadan by gaining sawaab for helping our fellow Muslims who need your help.



Molana M Aslam Zahid donated computers during his recent visit to Bagh, Azad Kashmir...

Orphans Widows Tel: 01142811927, Mob: 07894540303 Web:



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Public WiFi not Secure as you think The increase of broadband rollout and the growth of WiFi in public spaces is providing society with the huge benefit of access to the Internet quickly and easily. But not all WiFi is as secure as we might think it is. Europol’s Cybercrime Division warns that attacks are rising on public WiFi and are a major security risk. In the UK, key cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham are increasing public WiFi access, whilst restaurants, cafes and bars are also keen provide free WiFi to attract customers. For most smartphone users public WiFi is always seen as a great way of saving data usage included in their phone tariffs but if you are going to use public WiFi for personal transactions, sensitive data and banking, this may not be the best method. We are now seeing an increase in the misuse of wi-fi, in order

public WiFi and only use it for non-sensitive data activity if you are unsure about it’s security. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe when using public WiFi: Always use reputable internet security software on all your devices including your laptop, PC, MAC, tablets and smartphone. If a WiFi connection does not require a password, it is insecure. So, don’t send any confidential information over this network e.g. username, passwords, private data etc. Look for public places that do offer free WiFi but require a password which you obtain from them. Look out for the https in the web address in your browser and the padlock symbol when using websites for personal transactions. Always check your credit card or Therefore, it is important to be debit bills for any odd transacextremely vigilant when using tions, especially if you use public WiFi a lot. Always keep your device software up-to-date especially if security updates are available. Security using the Internet has been and always will be an issue as hackers find new ways of executing attacks but as long as you stick to the rules of keeping your confidential data secure, you can lower he chances of experiencing theft of your data. to steal information, identity or passwords and money from the users who use public or insecure wi-fi connections. The important thing is to distinguish if the public WiFi you are using is secure and not public. When you connect to it, if it requires a security access password, it means it is secure but if you can just connect to it with no password, it is insecure. Something known as ‘man-inthe-middle’ is being applied to commit these attacks on public networks. Where, the hackers capture data being passed between a user of the public WiFi and the Internet. Attacks of these kind are targeting people when they communicate with a bank, do online shopping or log in to social media sites.


An explosive matchup of our very own world-class fighter, Amir Khan is happening in May. The British superstar and former Unified Super Lightweight World Champion Amir “King” Khan will face current WBA International Welterweight champion Luis Collazo in the 12 round event. "I'm looking forward to fighting in Las Vegas once again, and my intention on May 3 is to make a statement that I belong on this big stage," said Khan. "Luis Collazo might be coming off of a big win, but I am in incredible shape and am ready for this challenge. A win on May 3 is what I need to prove that I truly am one of the best welterweights in the sport." A British standout who represented his nation in the 2004

Olympic Games, where he won a silver medal, Bolton's Amir "King" Khan (28-3, 19 KOs) went from local hero to international star when he won his first world title at 140 pounds in 2009.After five successful defences that included wins over Marcos Maidana, Paulie Malignaggi and Zab Judah, Khan lost his title by way of a controversial decision to Lamont Peterson in 2011. Winner of two straight over Carlos Molina and Julio Diaz since, the flashy, flamboyant 27-year-old boxer-puncher is now campaigning at welterweight, where he seeks championship gold once again.

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EID MUBARAK BUFFET BANQUET Fabulous selection of Dishes

Eat as much as you like

Only £11.99 and £6.99 for under 10’s Under 5’s eat FREE A la carte Menu is also available daily

BANQUETING SUITE for 500 plus Meetings, Weddings, Birthdays & Parties Outside Catering delivered to your Home, Business premises or any Venue 20 Peoples or more Catered for...

DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE, 7 Nights a Week FREE DELIVERY ON ORDER OVER £9 within 4 Mile Radius The Old Masbrough Railway Station, Princes Street Rotherham , S60 1HX Tel: 01709 555 527 - 550 155 Advance Booking Mob: 07831 202 354 www.

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Car Breaker Specialising Volkswagen BMW Audi Mercedes Skoda Black Cab

Car for Sale LD

Vauxhall Corsa 07 Reg


BMW 520D 57 Reg



VW Touran 55 Reg Black (7 Seater)

VW Touran 55 Reg Silver (7 Seater)

VW Sharan X Reg

Toyota Celica 02 Reg

VW Touran 1.6 Diesel 2011



Vauxhall Vivaro Van 53 Reg

VW Touran 1.9 Diesel 2009 Blue Motion

Toyota Corolla Verso 7 Seater 55 Reg

VW Touran 1.6 Diesel 2012

Toyota Yaeis 2012 Hybrid



Much moor

125 Liverpool Street, Sheffield, S9 2PU

01142 442222 0784 6467175 0793 8567247 Page 39



For a initial FREE Consultation Call us Today... Call our Rotherham


Solicitors With a passion for winning, you will find our local lawyers confident, friendly and easy to work with. We pride ourselves on our open and innovative approach in providing clear and straightforward advice. Above all we are committed to putting you FIRST. We make it Simple and Easy.

Branch on:


We provide Legal services in:

Immigration Law Human Rights Asylum & International Protection Nationality Spouse Visas All Points Based Applications Appeals Judicial Review











Family Law Solicitors Divorce & Separation Sharia Divorce Child Contact Orders Injunctions All Family Court Proceedings

Civil & Commercial Litigation Breach of Contract Landlord and Tenant Disputes Company and Partnership Disputes Debt Recovery Bankruptcy Proceedings

All cases are dealt with quickly and efficientlyto ensure that we take away from you the Stress.

Rotherham Branch Mansfield House 34 Mansfield Road Rotherham S60 2DX

Personal Injury No Charges Win or Lose 100 % Compensation Speedy Settlements

01709368603 Greater Manchester Branch 298 Lees Road Oldham OL4 1NZ ADVOCATING YOUR RIGHTS

This firm is authorised and regulated by the solicitors regulation authority

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August edition 2014