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Aprestigelocationforyour businesscombiningsuperb traditionalexternalfeatures withmoderninternal officefacilities At Redlands we offer:-


Flexible office accommodation with immediate occupation.


Simple license agreement (subject to status).


No legal fees.


Single monthly charge includes rates, heating and lighting, electrics and building insurance.


Free car parking.


Serviced reception facilities.


24 hour access, 7 days a week.


Fully alarmed office suites.


Kitchen facilities on all floors.

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‘God Save the Queen’: Elizabeth II Approaches Her 90th Year

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Queen Elizabeth II, 90 years old this year, belongs to what Americans sometimes call the “greatest generation”: those who were young adults during World War II. In Britain, these are the men and women who, when young, counted themselves privileged to be alive, to be serving in the armed forces or in vital industries, and belonging to a nation with a profound sense of purpose. The queen married a serving naval officer in a war-battered London, and a few years later, she inherited the throne of Britain and an empire on the edge of enormous change. The 1960s swept away the post-war 1950s in a whirlwind of pop, pot and the pill. By the 1970s, the last vestiges of the British Empire were gone — and by the 80s, it was not even remembered. Today, we live in a world where even the era of Margaret Thatcher is history and America has a black president. In her 90th year, Queen Elizabeth II rules a nation where, among newborn boys, the annual most popular name is Muhammad. She is nominally head of a the Church of England. Amid societal change, she is, for many of her subjects — and not only them — a figure of stability, a fixed point in a random and muddled landscape. The 90th birthday celebrations for her April 21 milestone will include many of the usual trimmings: street parties, charity events and a thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s Cathedral

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Largest Council Tax Rises Households across England will face the biggest council tax rises this decade from April 1st , with annual bills for the average property set to rise by £54 in most parts of the country. Bills are set to rise by 3.6% in 2016-17 outside of London as councils hike taxes to cover the “spiralling” cost of social care and other services. Many councils outside the capital plan to take full advantage of the 1.99% maximum increase permitted without a local referendum, as well as the 2% precept which Chancellor George Osborne is allowing for authorities providing adult social care. “Even with these changes, council tax will still be lower in real terms in 2019/20 than in 2009/10 and this year’s increase will still be lower than the

average 6.2% annual increase between 1997 and 2010” Communities Secretary Greg Clark. People in Sheffield will pay almost 4% more on their tax bills – which councillors put down to government funding cuts. Sheffield councillors voted to increase council tax by 3.99%, made up of a 1.99% increase on the tax rate and a two per cent precept to fund adult social care. Money raised from the precept can only be spent on adult social care. The increase will mean an extra 66p per week for people in the cheapest council tax bracket. The move comes after the authority was told it would have to find £50million in savings, resulting in up to 400 job losses.

City Ready To Transform Sheffield City Council has announced that full demolition of the Grosvenor House Hotel block is to start within three months in preparation for a start to construction of a new retail, commercial, leisure and residential scheme, known as the Sheffield Retail Quarter (SRQ). Tenants in the building have been issued with notification to leave the building within three months to enable works to begin in earnest. Asbestos stripping of the building is now nearing completion after several weeks of work on site. The move comes as Sheffield City Council confirms it is close to finalising discussions with a major blue chip company to occupy the first phase of the SRQ, likely to be offices and retail, on the site of the Grosvenor Block. Over the coming months work will be undertaken to refine the design for the proposed scheme which will be shared with stakeholders and the general public as part of further consultation.

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SOME OF THE WORST SPEEDING IN THE COUNTRY IN SOUTH YORKSHIRE Some of the worst cases of speeding in the country over the last year happened in South Yorkshire. The Institute of Advanced Motorists says five drivers across the country were caught travelling at more than 100 miles per hour on roads where the speed limit is 30 or 40 last year - of those three were in South Yorkshire. Every police force in the country was asked for the location and speed of their top five highest recorded cases captured on speed cameras. The worst in South Yorkshire was a driver caught doing 109 miles an hour on York Road in Doncaster - the limit there is 40 miles an hour. And there were two cases in Sheffield - both on Prince of Wales Road - one driver was clocked at 102 miles an hour with another at 103 mph. The statistics were part of a Freedom of Information request by the IAM to every police force in Britain, asking for the location and speed of their top five highest recorded cases captured on safety cameras in their areas from 1 January 2015 to 30 January 2016.

Thirty-eight of 44 forces provided data. Of those, there were 11 cases where one of their top five fell in a residential 30 or 40mph area, covering five police force areas. Sarah Sillars, IAM chief executive officer, said: "These are the roads we all use on a day-to-day basis and as a result are rife with hazards for any driver. Schoolchildren, shoppers, the elderly - they are all using the same space and won't be prepared for anybody travelling at this speed." Sarah explained that at 30 mph a vehicle would travel 13 metres a second. The overall stopping distance at 30mph is 22 metres. At 100mph a vehicle would travel 45 metres every second. Seeing someone step out into the road, a driver would cover 30 metres in the time it takes to lift his foot from the accelerator and depress the brake pedal. That is if they have a reaction time of 0.6 of a second. The average driver would be much slower than that to react. At 100mph the stopping distance is 182 metres - and in a busy urban street a lot can happen in 182 metres.

MAKEOVER FOR INDEPENDENT SHOPS ON LONDON ROAD Local shops in a Sheffield district centre are getting a makeover in a project aimed at putting the heart back into the area. This will be the third such project for the city Work started this week to refurbish over 100 shop frontages on London Road, giving them new signage and guttering, and sprucing them up. The work is expected to take around 10 months and is part of Sheffield City Council’s strategy to help, support and promote District and local shopping centres. The cost is funded by the New Homes Bonus. Councillor Jayne Dunn the Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing said: “London Road has a strong community and excellent transport links, but has many shops in poor state of repair. Given that this is one of the main routes into the city centre, this project will help the area become more attractive to shoppers and boost the centre’s potential. “The scheme is about more than refurbishing some shop fronts. Regenerating shopping centres can put the heart back into a district and make it a place where people want to live and businesses want to invest, and encouraging housing development on nearby vacant sites. “With over 100 shops signing up to the scheme, work will be going

on throughout the spring and summer and into next year. Businesses will remain open at all times and we aim to keep disruption to a minimum. We can assure shoppers that it will be worth the wait.” The wider regeneration framework for the centre includes improvements to the general street scene to make the area feel cleaner and safer as well as training and support for traders.

MULTI MILLION POUND M1 DEVELOPMENT PLAN ANNOUNCED The widow of Labour MP Harry Harpham has been selected as Labour's candidate for the Brightside & Hillsborough by-election. Gill Furniss was the overwhelming choice of members of the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough Labour Party. The daughter of a steel worker, Ms Furniss is Sheffield born and bred, and is a former librarian and Northern General Hospital worker. She has served as a councillor in the constituency for more than 16 years. The by-election comes after Mr Harpham lost his battle with cancer earlier this year.

Plans for a £17.1m infrastructure development project near junction 36 of the M1 have been announced. Sheffield City Region (SCR) said the money will fund the redevelopment of about 34 hectares of land and has the potential to create 4,500 jobs. Funding for the project, which is expected to start later this year, will come from the SCR and private investors. SCR leader Sir Steve Houghton described the plans as a "huge op-

portunity". He said: "This £17.1m investment will open up all that land for future business investment, as well as solving the congestion problems that we've got at Junction 36. "The infrastructure work will take about 18 months to complete; then we'll be talking to businesses about coming and relocating to this part of the region and hopefully providing those much-needed jobs."

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Thoughts For Lahore Malala Yousafzai has condemned the "senseless killing" in her birth country Pakistan after a terrorist bombing left at least 70 dead on Easter Sunday. The country entered a three-day mourning period following the attack in a park in Lahore, carried out by a suicide bomber. The 18-year-old former Nobel Prize winner, who lives in Birmingham, said: "I am devastated by the senseless killing of innocent people in Lahore. "My heart goes out to the victims and their families and friends. I condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms." She called for Pakistan and the world to stand together adding: "Every life is precious and must be respected and protected." More than 300 were injured in the attack, many seriously, after a device was detonated near children's rides while families celebrated Easter in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore. A breakaway Pakistani faction of the Taliban claimed responsibility for the carnage and said it had deliberately targeted the Christian community.

However most of those killed were Muslims - with 14 having been identified as Christians, according to Lahore Police Superintendent Mohammed Iqbal. Prime Minister David Cameron, who used his Easter message to urge Britons of all faiths to stand up for Christian values, said he was shocked by the attack and promised British help. "My thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims. We will do what we can to help," the PM posted on his Twitter feed. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: "My thoughts are with the victims and the family of the victims of the horrific attack in Lahore. "Solidarity with the emergency services there." Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said British nationals were advised to avoid the area and monitor travel advice updates and local media. "We will continue to provide support and assistance to the government of Pakistan as they work to defeat those who plan and perpetrate these acts of terror."

Teachers Union Calls On Anti-Radicalisation Strategy To Be Withdrawn The Government's anti-radicalisation strategy has been rejected outright by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) over concerns it is silencing conversation in the classroom and damaging community cohesion. The union called on the Government to withdraw the Prevent strategy regarding schools, which since summer 2015, has obliged teachers to refer to police pupils they suspect of engaging in some sort of terrorist activity or radical behaviour. The duty has been largely considered a failure by teaching leaders partly due to the fact that around 90% of referrals end in no action being taken, with a catalogue of high-profile examples. NUT said "We want to keep children safe from those organisations who promote hatred and violence. But there are limits to what we can do, and Prevent is making that harder. "Four thousand referrals in the last 18 months is not a sign that the strategy is working, it's a sign that the strategy is flawed." In an appeal to Government, the Union said: "Listen to what we are saying, think about what we are saying, and stop what you are doing." NUT deputy general secretary, said children who were discouraged or too frightened to speak publicly in the classroom were turning online where they were potentially at risk of

being groomed. He said: "The best contribution teachers can make is to encourage discussion in the classroom. "But we worried that people are increasingly unwilling to talk about their view of the world - Muslim children in particular - because they are frightened or their parents are worried that their names will be put on some list." Examples of young people erroneously referred to Prevent included: :: A 17-year-old who had a Free Palestine leaflet in his possession :: A four-year-old who misspelled "cucumber" as something resembling "cooker bomb". :: A 10-year-old Muslim boy mistakenly wrote he lived in a "terrorist house" rather than a "terraced house" :: A 15-year-old student who clicked on the Ukip website to research attitudes to immigration And a citizenship teacher said his pupils were unable to research their politicians' voting record on foreign policy in Syria because the network which provides IT services to schools in London blocked any website mentioning IS - driving them to research the subject at home, alone. Latest figures show, on average, two teachers call the Government hotline every school day over concerns a pupil may be becoming radicalised.

Hundreds Of Thousands To Lose Up To £150 A Week Under Disability Benefit Cuts

Hard Shoulder To Be Used For Cars Hundreds of miles of hard shoulder on Britain’s motorways will be converted into lanes for traffic to use despite safety concerns. Almost 250 miles of all-lane running schemes, where the hard shoulder is used to ease the pressure on busy motorways, are to be added to the road network by 2020. Work on another 350 miles will be be started but not finished by the date, while a further 100 miles will be added in the five years after that. However, shadow transport secretary Lilian Greenwood said more needed to be done to teach drivers about the implications of ALR. “The lack of public consulta-

tion also means that many drivers will be unaware of the changes to the way the road network operates” she said. There are more than 80 miles of ALR in operation on sections of the M25, M1 and M6. They can be used as part of a managed motorway or with the hard shoulder in full-time use, with refuge areas placed at regular intervals for people to use in an emergency. The Commons transport select committee is conducting an examination of the safety of all-lane running schemes.

Hundreds of thousands of people are likely to lose out under changes to disability benefits in the next five years. They will be hit as the government makes it harder for those with disabilities and long-term conditions to qualify for the personal independence payments, charities say. But the government, which admitted 640,000 people would be affected by 2020/21, said the changes would ensure the system was fairer as money went to those who needed it most. “Many people are eligible for a weekly award

despite having minimal to no extra costs” Justin Tomlinson, minister for disabled people. PIP replaced disability living allowance and is designed to help people with the extra cost of coping with their impairments. But an independent review found that the assessment criteria “may not be working as planned”, the Department of Work and Pensions claimed. For instance, applicants were being awarded points on their assessments for aids and appliances they already had in their homes.

Court On Camera TV cameras are set to be allowed in Crown Courts for the first time under a new scheme which could take the UK a step closer to televising cases. Under the pilot scheme, which is expected to start within weeks, sentencing remarks made by senior judges will be filmed. As it stands, Crown Courts are open to the public but filming is strictly prohibited. The move is hoped to lead to more openness and transparency as to what happens in our courts. If legislation on the historic three-month pilot is formally approved, it will be rolled out in eight courts around England and Wales. They are the Old Bailey and courts at Southwark in

south London, Manchester (Crown Square), Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Leeds and Cardiff. According to The Ministry of Justice, measures will be put in place to make sure the administration of justice is not affected by the scheme. Cameras will only be allowed to film the judge, meaning the filming of victims, witnesses, defendants, advocates and staff remains banned. A number of countries already televise high-profile cases, including the US and South Africa, which saw parts of the trial of Oscar Pistorius, the former Olympic athlete, broadcast live in 2014.

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Drivers Spend Five Days A Year Stuck In Traffic Jams Drivers in the UK’s 25 most congested cities are wasting the equivalent of five days a year stuck in traffic, according to a new study. An investigation into journey times for the TomTom Traffic Index showed that congestion added an average of 127 hours to drivers’ journey times in 2015. And the problem is only getting worse. The study found congestion across the UK has grown by 14% over the past five years. In the rest of Europe, it’s eased by 3% in the same period. TomTom say if we only 5% of us changed our travel plans we could improve traffic congestion on our main roads by up to 30%. They say more must be done to better manage existing road space and to spread demand. People simply aren’t doing enough to change their travel habits - such as working flexible hours, avoiding peak commuting times, making use of real-time traffic information and trying alternative travel modes. Sheffield is one of the most congested cities in the UK - with city traffic jams getting worse.

The TomTom Traffic Index has said Sheffield is the tenth most-congested city in the UK, with average journey times 30 per cent slower than if traffic was flowing freely. The three worst cities for traffic jams are Belfast, London and Manchester, but Sheffield was named as having bigger problems than Liverpool, Birmingham and Leeds. Also above Sheffield in the list was Edinburgh, Brighton and Hull, as well as Bournemouth, Newcastle and Bristol. Nationally, congestion was four per cent worse than 2014, with the problem increasing in 17 of the 25 towns and cities in the report, including Sheffield. Mexico City face the worst congestion, followed by Bangkok, Istanbul and Rio de Janeiro, which is due to host the Olympic Games later this year. Congestion in the UK is nothing compared to Bangkok in Thailand where traffic causes journey times to increase by 57%.

‘90% Of Teenagers Nervous About Interacting With People’ A lack of social integration with people from different backgrounds is damaging social skills in younger people, research has suggested. Insufficient social mixing means that 90% of teenagers are nervous about interacting with people who come from a different background from their own, a study found. The report on "social intelligence" among adolescents also discovered that an increased use of social media did not lead to low social skills in the "real" world. In fact, it found that teenagers who spent more time online were better able to make friendships in person, suggesting more internet use could actually support the development of social skills. The research, carried out by King's College London and the National Citizen Service (NCS), explored social intelligence - how we interact with each other based on our understanding of people's emotions - in an increasingly diverse, technology-reliant and connected world and why it could become increasingly important for future generations. More than two thirds of adolescent peer groups were found to be made up of people from similar backgrounds, and the study recommended social mixing should play an "integral part" in developing social intelligence among teenagers. Six in 10 adolescents admitted to sometimes feeling lonely, and the study suggested that failing to develop social intelligence skills when young could lead to increased loneliness and re-

duced well-being later in life. But higher levels of social intelligence were found to be beneficial in the workplace, potentially boosting earning potentials by up to 30%. Natasha Kizzie, from the NCS Trust, said: "We know sometimes there is a nervousness amongst young people towards meeting people from different backgrounds. "It is therefore important to build young people's social skills within their peer groups before giving them the confidence to break out of these groups in environments where they feel comfortable to do so." She added: "Although our workplaces and communities are becoming more and more globalised, connected and diverse, social trust between different cultures and social mobility is still a huge issue. "In order for the next generation to successfully navigate this changing environment, we need to build social skills sets from a young age." :: The NCS is a government-backed programme set up in 2011 to tackle social cohesion, engagement and mobility in young people.

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Early Spring Misery For 12m Hayfever Sufferers The first sounds of spring are traditionally the call of the cuckoo and the bleating of newborn lambs.This year, the sneezes of Britain's 12million hayfever sufferers are just as likely to be heard. Scientists say this is because the allergy season is arriving earlier and earlier in the wake of global warming. Many trees and grasses are flowering sooner and for longer, creating more of the pollen which is the main trigger of hayfever. Last year, the hayfever season began as early as January 30. Hazel and birch trees were quickly causing allergic reactions in many hayfever sufferers. Research showed varieties of common grass were flowering up to 13 days earlier than in 2001. Warmer temperatures also mean that in some parts of the country mowing the lawn has become a year long chore.

The findings are part of the world's largest phenological survey - the science of recording the timing of natural events - by the Centre and the Woodland Trust. Already this year hazel trees are in flower as far north as the Humber. That means that for hayfever sufferers sensitive to hazel pollen, the season has started. Last year, the grass pollen season was exceptionally long because it was wet and warm. The season extended into August instead of ending in July.' Hayfever, otherwise known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, is caused by an allergy to pollens and fungal spores. Young people appear to be worst hit, with 36 per cent suffering from it. The figure in the wider population is 15 to 25 per cent, with rates doubling since 1965.

Nether Edge Community Star Awards

Nether Edge Councillors ‘We are here to help’ Nether Edge Councillors Monthly Surgery: 1st Saturday of the month Dalton Court Community Centre S8 0YU 11am - 12pm No need to book

Councillor Nasima Akhter 07872476638

Councillor Mohammad Maroof 07790017298

Councillor Nikki Bond 07971961803







On Thursday 16th March Nether Edge Ward Councillors hosted a Nether Edge Community Star List of nominated groups and community Awards event at Citadel on Psalter Lane. organisations:Cllr Mohammad Maroof, Cllr Nasima Akther and Cllr Nikki Bond said "we are grateful to volunteers and community organisations that do an amazing job for the residents of Nether Edge. The o Ecclesall Live at Home Scheme purpose of the Community Star Awards event was to recognise their hard work and bring them o Kings Centre Lunch Club together to provide an opportunity for networking for more effective delivery of their work" o I-Aspire Foundation It was a fantastic evening and it was nice to hear back from some people who attended who re- o Cheryl Mahmoud – Drop the Knife Camally appreciated the evening and would like to see this run again next year. paign List of nominated individuals nominated and received Awards:• In memory of Ian Wallce • Thildy Lowe • Hendrika Stephens • Jeni Vine • Jean Cromar • Waheed Akthar • Chris Venables • Hannah Peck

• Andy Stovell • Kubra Assim • Amran Amer • Shazia Amer • Afseer Ahmed Shaheen • Shahid Ali • Zahid Saleem • Carly Mountain

• Stephen Woolner • Nighat Basharat • Zameer Khan • Ali Qudar • Stewart Holmes • Wajid Adam Nazir • Sohail Mumtaz • Llyod Samuel

o Usmania Education Centre o Nether Edge Neighbourhood Group o One Nation Community Centre

(Chris Venables, Councillor Maroof, Councillor Akther) Chris Venables was the previous Chair for Nether Edge Neighbourhood Group for over several years, she was instrumental in setting up the Nether Edge Farmers Market, she helped set up the Pocket Park , developed the idea of the History Walks and History Group and she continues to raise funds for Chelsea Park. (Wajid Nazir, Councillor Maroof, Councillor Akther) One Nation is providing fitness and boxing activities, six days a week, for men, women and young people since opening in 2011. It was developed in response to the problem of escalating criminal activity in the area. They engage disengaged young people who have been involved in Anti-Social Behaviour.

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REGENERATION & ECONOMIC RECOVERY Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant Mark Jenkinson & Son Over the last few years there has been a great deal of discussion around the construction industry and how this could stimulate regeneration and the economy a subject which many people have commented on. Regeneration can take many forms from new homes, infrastructure to whole new towns being developed. It has been talked about that we as a nation should be looking at building new towns like Milton Keynes and others built many years ago. It is a thought which is gaining support amongst strategic thinkers as the population increases.

Secondly, there has been the debate around IKEA and their wish to locate in Sheffield, which is now on the cards to happen. It was clear from media coverage that the majority of Sheffielders want this development to happen. The positive benefits are that it will create much needed employment, improve Sheffield's retail offer and create an environment for further investors to locate in Sheffield. Investor confidence in a city is very important. Just look at Leeds and Manchester, where the retail offer is attracting not only shoppers but businesses to locate there.

Clearly there are people who need to be convinced about the merits of such large retail projects. In the Sheffield experience there is a worry it will impact on the regeneration of the city centre, taking retailers to out of town locations, thereby affecting the viability of the City Centre. There are other reasons such as the impact on the environment, traffic If you take Sheffield as an example, the regenera- congestion and the effect on small local business. I believe that these issues can be tion of the city centre has been on the horizon for the last fifteen years. For many rea- worked through for the benefit of Sheffield's economy. sons the start has been delayed, with Sheffielders asking if it will ever happen. HopeWhy is it that so many of us go to Leeds, Manfully it will happen but possibly not to the expectations that were first hoped for. City Cen- chester, Birmingham and even Newcastle? tres are lot more than just retail hubs, they are The answer is simple they offer a good retail exthe identity of a Town or City a hub, meeting place perience and a vibrant evening and administrative centre. Look back in history environment. the bazaars and market places defined an area or city. Clearly a well thought out attractive centre is I was recently in Bradford to look at the new City Centre Shopping Centre, it is not huge a huge economic stimulus for other activity. but the feel good factor it has bought into the City In Sheffield City Centre there were thousands of was there to be seen. It even had household Asian retailers showing the diversity of square feet of empty offices some of which are now being converted to much needed the City. housing others could be filled with businesses helping regenerate the City Centre. In the economic climate we are now going People generally comment on the plight of city centres and how they are suffering from declining economic activity. There are only a few exceptions in Yorkshire where this is not the case. Most people will have witnessed this first hand, walking any High Street.

through it is imperative that any city not only hikes up any opportunities but actively promotes itself. Sheffield is arguably the fourth largest city in the country. Does it feel as though it is? I am sure everyone will have their own views on this. Furthermore, many large cities have other attractions beyond retail, such as major venues. Sheffield has the potential through its reputation as a sporting venue. This clearly needs to be built upon further. Or the city needs to attract a major crowd-pulling facility into the city.

What attracts us to visit other cities? Bradford, for its Asian shopping experience and its "Curry Capital" fame. Manchester, for shopping, the Curry Mile, China Town and more. Leeds, for its retail offer and vibrant city centre. Any city needs such attractions. Sheffield could have a good retail offer in places such as Ecclesall Road, London Road and a revamped city centre. Out of town shopping experiences such as Meadowhall, developments like IKEA and others could and It is excellent to see cranes in Sheffield, with should be considered a stimulant and built developments at the bottom of Bramall Lane upon. and around the University. The Universities are a great asset to Sheffield which attract not only Clearly these are mere views. I am sure people have equally valid ones but I hope we all people but investment. become active in promoting and supporting our It is, therefore, important that any city recognises region and cities in a world market. its potential and promotes itself on the world market. Investors should not only be atAnother major issue for Sheffield is that it does not have an airport. All the major cities in the country do have one. Communications with other major European cities is important as the city will be competing not only in this country but worldwide to attract investment. The world is a much smaller place and companies take decisions regarding the location of businesses on many variables.

Mental Health Issues Do Exist! If you have a physical health problem you receive much sympathy and rarely get blamed for your misfortune. But regrettably this isn’t the case with mental health, especially in Asian and Muslim communities. Unfortunately in such cultures often we get blamed for our mental health or even worse, expect to have control over it. Sometimes you’re expected to “just shake it off”, or be told to “stop being so worried all the time”, or simply to just “chill out”. Despite a significant rise in mental health awareness in the UK, many remain unaware of what depression or anxiety actually are. For instance, take depression; if you haven’t been motivated to meet your friends or join a family gathering and often your response to things in life is just “I can’t be bothered” or “I just don’t have the energy”, then yes you may well some form of depression. However depression sits on a wide spectrum and is not limited to ‘feeling sad and tearful’. Depression can be anything from change in appetite, sleep or motivation and signs become easily misinterpreted or missed. Another common problem is panic attacks; that feeling of tightness in the chest, sweating, shaking, increased heartbeat and breathing, and numbness in your legs/arms. These symptoms can sometimes mistakenly be confused as heart attacks, or just “a sense of dread”. Experiencing a panic attack may result in anxiety and a fear of your symptoms, leading you to think that you have a serious physical health problem.

tracted to a city or region but actively helped with support. It is imperative on us all whether we are in the public or private sectors to work together for the benefit of the city and the economy.

Even worse, it could bully you into avoiding situations that remind you of it. Therefore you might stop going to a certain restaurant altogether because of that one time you felt you were “dying” or “fainting”. Sometimes problems and emotions fill us so up that at some point it can overflow, that’s when someone would start feeling anxious and low. Often this is the case with common mental health problems, sometimes it’s more than just one thing, it’s the little things you are often not even aware of. Your bucket starts filling up and all of a sudden you lose that automatic ability to drain it. Psychological therapies are no longer the typical image of sitting on a chair and being analysed by someone – that does still exist and is very helpful for many, but there are now also less intrusive methods that you can seek help from. Common mental health problems are, as the name suggests, common, in fact 1 in 4 suffer from them! If you experience anxiety, low moods, lack of motivation or fear of being in certain situations, don’t brush this under the carpet, seek some help, speak to your GP. Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPTs) are mental health services every borough has, many of which accept self-referrals. The age of shying away from mental health problems are beginning to be forgotten, but unfortunately they continue in our communities. If you suffer, be the first to seek some support, help yourself and educate others.

Cancer Patient To Have World’s First Virtual Reality, Live-Streamed Operation A cancer patient is to have his operation streamed live using virtual reality technology in a world first. The colon cancer sufferer, who is in his 70s, is said to be excited about the prospect of having the procedure watched by thousands of people across the globe. Viewers will be able to watch the surgery this month using a smartphone and virtual reality headset, making them feel as if they are in the operating theatre at The Royal London Hospital. Shafi Ahmed, who has championed virtual reality technology in surgery will perform the operation and called it a game-changer for healthcare innovation and education. “(The technology will) address the global inequalities in surgical health and will allow trainees and surgeons to connect and train remotely across the world” said Dr Shafi Ahmed. The immersive broadcast will run a minute or so behind the surgery in case of any unforeseen complications. It is expected to last up to three hours and will be filmed using several specialist cameras placed above the operating table. Dr Ahmed, a consultant surgeon at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, said: “It showcases virtual reality for what it should be used for - education. Trainees usually struggle to see over a surgeon’s shoulder during an operation or have to stand in the corner and that way of learning has been accepted for the last hundred years. This is a game changer and they can see if anything goes wrong how we react to it.”

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Every Little Helps Tesco has pledged to wipe out food waste through an innovative tie-up with 5,000 charities and community groups. Britain’s biggest grocery chain said it would step up its involvement with the FareShare food redistribution charity from 14 to about 100 stores. The initiative, which uses a digital open platform so food shops and charities can liaise to distribute surplus food, will reach the 800 largest outlets by the end of the year. The retailer also plans to introduce a Perfectly Imperfect range of mis-shapen vegetables in about 200 stores. “We believe no food that could be eaten should be wasted. That’s why we have committed that

no surplus food should go to waste from our stores” Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis. Tesco said its plan followed a “farm to fork” commitment to tackle food waste from its suppliers, through stores and into customers’ homes. Its latest figures showed 55,400 tonnes of food were thrown away at its stores and distribution centres in Britain last year. About 30,000 tonnes could otherwise have been eaten - equivalent to 70 million meals. A six-month pilot of its Community Food Connection scheme with FareShare has generated more than 22 tonnes of food, the equivalent of 50,000 meals, from just 14 stores.

Average House Price £300,000 The average price tag on a home has passed the £300,000 milestone for the first time, according to a property website. Across England and Wales, the typical price of a property coming to market increased from £299,287 in February to £303,190 in March, Rightmove said. Asking prices have jumped by more than £100,000 typically over the last decade. Rightmove said the new record across England and Wales is being driven

by momentum spreading across the north and west of the country, rather than in London, which has previously been the engine of house price growth. On average, 30,000 properties have come to market each week over the past month, up by 3% on this time last year, but there are insufficient numbers of newly listed properties in many parts of the country to meet demand. Some reports have said that a three percentage point stamp duty hike for buy-to-let investors, which starts on April 1, has prompted a rush of people snapping up homes in recent months to beat the deadline. More firsttime buyers and existing home owners who want to trade up are ill-equipped to cope with current prices, amid stricter mortgage lending rules and average earnings lagging well behind the pace of house price growth.

India Has The Most People In The World Without Clean Water India has the world’s highest number of people without access to clean water — imposing a major financial burden for some of the country’s poorest people, according to a report. The international charity Water Aid says 75.8 million Indians — or 5%t of the country’s 1.25 billion population — are forced to either buy water at high rates or use supplies that are contaminated with sewage or chemicals. That accounts for more than a tenth of the 650 million people worldwide without clean water access — more than any single country in Africa or China, where 63 million have no access. “…a world where one in 10 people are trapped in a cycle of poverty and disease for want of a safe, affordable water supply of their own” say water Aid. Poor Indians without water access are forced to spend an average of about 50 pence to buy 50 litres (13 gallons) of water a day, the amount recommended by the World Health Organization, according to the report.

That’s nearly 20% of their typical daily income, according to the report. By comparison, people in Britain spend about 7 pence a day for 50 litres. Within 15 years, the country is expected to have only half the water it needs to meet competing demands from cities, agriculture and industry. Experts worry the water crisis could exacerbate community conflicts or regional tensions, and have urged authorities to impose strict regulations on water pumping and water use.

Sharif Cancels UK Visit Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has cancelled his visit to Britain following the deadly Easter Sunday suicide attack in a Lahore city park that left at least 70 people killed According to a spokesman at the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Sharif was scheduled to leave for Britain the next day but he cancelled his trip after the blast at Gulshan-eIqbal Park, where Christians were celebrating Easter. Sharif was to go to London for a meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron on way to the US for the Nuclear Security Summit 2016.

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PAKISTAN BOMBING: WHO ARE TALIBAN SPLINTER GROUP JAMAAT UL-AHRAR? The Easter Sunday suicide attack on Gulshan-eIqbal amusement park in Lahore, Pakistan has claimed more than 70 lives. A rescue services spokeswoman confirmed that at least 29 children, seven women and 34 men were killed and more than 300 were wounded. On the fateful day, the popular resort was crowded with people marking Easter. Pakistan is in a state of shock and dismay as eye witnesses on television screens recalled scattered body parts and pools of blood across the park, and hospital officials tweeted calls for blood donations. Jamaat-ul Ahrar, a breakaway faction of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP),claimed responsibility for the attack. Ahsanullah Ahsan, the spokesman for Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, said the group had targeted Christians celebrating Easter, although the police are still investigating the claim. Warning Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that “we have entered Lahore”, the capital of the Punjab province and the political power base of Sharif, the militant group threatened further attacks. Jamaat-ul-Ahrar has so far launched several attacks on Pakistani civilians and security forces in recent months in an apparent attempt to boost its profile among Pakistan’s increasingly fractured Islamist militants, who since June 2014 have been at the receiving end of a fully-fledged military operation in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). So far, the military has killed and arrested hundreds of suspected militants in the operation. This has eased militant violence to some extent but certain groups, such as Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, retain the ability to launch devastating attacks. In March 2015, the group claimed responsibility for two suicide attacks on Christian churches in Youhanabad, Lahore, that killed at least 15 people. The Easter Sunday bombing is the fifth attack by the group since December 2015. Omar Khorasani is the head of Jamaat-ul Ahrar and former TTP leader of the Mohmand Agency chapter. He established the splinter group in August-September 2014 after he was ousted by the incumbent TTP chief, Mullah Fazlullah, following internal differences. Jamaat claims to be fighting for the establishment of an Islamic state in Pakistan. It is likely to have some support in Mohmand, and the other FATA agencies: Bajaur, Khyber and Aurakzai. Some media outlets recently reported the group’s allegiance to Islamic State (IS) but there is no evidence of any active involvement at present. The latest attack was the deadliest since the December 2014 massacre of 134 children at the Army Public School in Peshawar by the Pakistan Taliban. This attack prompted Pakistan’s civilmilitary leadership to resolve to take on the terrorists and their facilitators, not only in the tribal areas but also within Pakistani cities. Protests in Islamabad Some in Pakistan are of the opinion that the

bombing in Lahore may be seen within a broader context. At a Corps Commanders’ conference on March 21, the army chief, General Raheel Sharif, emphasised the need to consolidate gains of military operations for long-term stability. For this he stressed the escalated pace of intelligence-based operations across the country to destroy the entire terrorist infrastructure in the country. The very next day an alliance of more than 30 religious groups that run madrassahs and religious charities—and are generally known to sympathise with the militant’s Islamic agenda—set March 27 as the deadline for the Punjab provincial government to withdraw a recent law protecting women that they oppose as un-Islamic. At the same time, supporters of Mumtaz Qadri, a police guard executed last month for the 2011 killing of the Punjab governor, Salman Taseer, for publicly advocating reform of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, also launched a protest. On Easter Sunday, as the suicide bomber played havoc in Lahore, several thousand Qadri supporters occupied the high-security zone, known as the Red Zone, outside Pakistan’s parliament in Islamabad. After the complete failure of the civilian administration to control the situation, the army has been deployed and at the time of writing the situation appears to be under control. Whether or not the two incidents are connected is anybody’s guess at the moment. Military crackdown It is ironic that despite democratic governments in Pakistan since 2008, it is the military, under the incumbent army chief Raheel Sharif, that the general public sees as willing to take on the militants. Conversely, the Nawaz Sharif government is increasingly perceived as lacking the political will to take on the Islamist militant groups in southern Punjab because of parochial political interests. In the aftermath of the bombing, Raheel Sharif chaired a high-level meeting late Sunday night and ordered concerned commanders and intelligence officials to immediately start operations to detain perpetrators of the attack. According to the latest media reports, an army and paramilitary crackdown is being launched against banned terrorist outfits across Punjab. The prime minister addressed the nation on Monday night. It is likely that the government will allow a full-scale paramilitary rangers operation in the Punjab province—something it has been resisting until now. An ongoing operation in the southern city of Karachi already gives powers to the paramilitary rangers to conduct raids and interrogate suspects—a strategy that has brought about some stability in the port city after years of violence and lawlessness. Talat Farooq is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham.

New Police Custody Suite Media representatives are invited to the official opening of South Yorkshire Police’s new Custody and Crime Centre serving the Sheffield and Rotherham areas. The purpose-built facility on Shepcote Lane near Meadowhall includes a fifty-cell custody suite replacing the existing suites in Ecclesfield, Moss Way, Sheffield city centre and Rotherham. The £12m site will also house the services that wrap around a police investigation with investigative officers and partner agencies working from the same building. For example, health and social services staff will be on site working with those who commit crime to address the causes of their criminal behaviour in order to reduce fur-

ther offending. South Yorkshire Police received planning permission for the centre in November 2014 and contractors Willmott Dixon moved onto the site in January 2015. The building is now complete and will open for operational business on Tuesday 5 April. Replacing outdated custody suites in Rotherham and Sheffield with one purpose-built centre will enable the force to save approximately £1.2m a year. Work on a new £7m custody building in Barnsley continues and is expected to be complete in Autumn 2016.

Obama Lines Up Birthday Lunch With Queen President Barack Obama will have a private lunch with the Queen at Windsor Castle this month as he visits Britain. He will arrive just after the Queen celebrates her 90th birthday on April 21. In what is likely to be his last visit as US president he will also hold a joint conference with David Cameron at 10 Downing Street. It comes days after he said he shared the prime minister’s desire for Britain to remain in the European Union ahead of the 23 June referendum. “The visit will allow the president to offer his gratitude to the British government and people for their stalwart partnership with his administration and the American people throughout his presidency” said a White House spokesman. Mr Obama and his family have developed a close affinity with the British monarchy during his term in office. When the Queen hosted the

US leader and his wife, Michelle, at Buckingham Palace during a state visit in 2011, the First Lady was seen putting her arm around the monarch’s waist, showing how the women had become firm friends. Before coming to Britain, Mr Obama will visit Saudi Arabia on April 21 for a summit of Gulf countries to discuss the threat from Islamic State. After leaving Britain, the US president will travel to Germany to meet chancellor Angela Merkel and visit Hannover Messe, the world’s largest trade show for industrial technology.

Amazon Patents Plan To Pay With A Selfie Amazon has filed a patent application to allow users to pay for items by taking a selfie. The tech giant argues the move would improve people’s security as they carry out more and more tasks online. Amazon said the “selfie pay” option would also be safer than using facial recognition software, because this “can often be spoofed by holding a picture of the user in front of the camera, as the resulting two-dimensional image can look substantially the same whether taken of the user or a picture of the user”. In order for users to pay for items using this method, they would need to take a selfie to confirm their identity, and then take another photo that confirms “the person contained in

the first image corresponds to a physical being in proximity of the computing device”. This could include people smiling, blinking, or tilting their head, the application said.

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Energy Drinks Should Be Banned For Under-16S And Here’s Why! For a few years now, health campaign group have called for the sale of ‘energy’ drinks to youngsters to be banned, after research found that some products contained up to 20 teaspoons of sugar – more than three times the maximum an adult should consume in a day (25g/6 tsps). Out of a total of 197 energy drinks surveyed by Action on Sugar, 78% of these would receive a ‘red’ (high) label for sugars per serving – with about half (101) containing the same amount or more sugars than Coca Cola per 100ml – the equivalent of a massive 9 teaspoons of sugar per 330ml can. Per portion, the worst offender was Rockstar Punched Energy + Guava, which contained 20 teaspoons of sugar per 500ml can (78g). Per 100ml, examples of high sugar energy drinks included: Sainsbury’s Orange Energy Drink (1L) – 15.9g Rockstar Juiced Energy with mango, orange and passion fruit – 15.2g Red Devil Energy Drink – 15g Lucozade Energy Pink Lemonade/Caribbean Crush – 14g The level of sugars in a typical can is alarming. Children are being deceived into drinking large cans of these drinks, thinking it will improve their performance at school and during sports. In reality all they are doing is increasing their risk of developing obesity, type 2 diabetes or dental

caries which will have lifelong implications on their health. Type 2 diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, limb amputation and kidney dialysis – hardly the image of a healthy, active person. Energy drinks in particular should have no part in children’s diets. The body can generate energy, glucose (a type of sugar) from any food, such as fruits, vegetables, breads, pasta and rice and there is no need whatsoever for added sugars. There is no reason why energy drinks need to be high in sugars, indeed there are similar products on the market with much less sugar; for example Monster Khaos Energy + Juice contains 7.8g/100ml, about 50% less sugar than the highest sugar containing energy drinks. Sugar-free options are available from some manufacturers, which suggest that sugar itself is not essential to boost energy. But be aware, these still contain high levels of caffeine or other stimulants, so are not a ‘healthy’ option, particularly for children and teenagers. Alarmingly many of these products do not clearly label the exact caffeine content per serving, which is a scandal in itself but where it is labelled, some products contain as much as two cups of coffee. Would any parent give their child two cups of coffee? It is important parents play a part in protecting their children from drinking these products but the government needs to help parents by banning the sale of these products to children under-16.

Owners Of Killer Dogs Face 14 Years In Prison Under New Guidelines Dog owners who deliberately train their dogs to be more aggressive will face harsher sentences under new guidelines for judges. The owner or person in charge of a dangerously out of control dog where a victim dies faces between six and 14 years in prison if they are deemed to have “high culpability”. This is where the dog is being used as a weapon or is a banned breed. People who are already disqualified from owning a dog will also face the toughest penalties. The Sentencing Council is publishing new guidelines for how

courts should approach dangerous dog offences. The guidelines are needed because changes were made to the Dangerous Dogs Act in made in 2014. The majority of dog owners are responsible and ensure their pets do not put anyone in danger, but there are some irresponsible owners whose dogs do put people at risk of injury and in some cases even death. For the first time, the Act includes attacks on private property as an offence - and this covers incidents such as a guest being injured by a dog in someone’s home, or a postal worker being attacked in a front garden. Under the guidelines, there will be sharp jumps in maximum sentences, with the harshest punishment for an offence where someone is killed increasing from two to 14 years. The guidelines will help judges to assess how much blame can be attached to dog owners, with some people deliberately training dogs to be dangerous, while other offences may involve a momentary lapse of control over a dog by an otherwise responsible owner.

Exams – and I have no idea where to start! So within the blink of an eye, the exam season will be upon us and the question for students is, WHAT DO I DO AND WHERE DO I START? Most of you should have reached the stage where you have finished the actual content you needed to cover for your exams and you’re at the stage of limbo whereby the exams haven’t started yet. So how do you start revising for those scary exams, which are now the focal point of your life? Here are a few pieces of advice that you can consider working with. Remember, these don’t work for everyone and just how everyone learns in different ways, people also revise in different ways, so you really need to find what works best for YOU.

First and foremost, you need to be starting early. As much as we like to think we have mastered what we’ve learnt, cramming in last minute revision is the worst thing you can be doing as you would be putting yourself at a serious disadvantage. A good amount of time would be to start a good 2-3 months before your exam. With over a month for revision, you could easily split up your time to ensure that you have covered all the content you need to before the exam comes along. Within that time, you can not only familiarize yourself with the content but, you can also recognize what kinds of things you need to spend longer on for revision, and what you can afford to only touch upon. When you have done so, you can spend the final month or last few weeks focusing solely on responding to past papers and working through how you can master the questions in the past papers. And this brings us quite nicely onto the subject of past papers themselves. All the question from the years of past papers will be repeated again in the new exam paper you will be sitting in the summer. For example, if you are studying history and you have a source-based paper, every single one of those sources have been used before. The only difference this year will be how the question is phrased. Similarly, with subjects such as Maths and Sciences, the formulas and topics will remain the same; they will only be asking you new ways to answer the same thing year in, year out. Even for a subject like English where there’s supposedly no right or wrong answer; familiarize yourself with the style of questions and ensure your technique has been mastered by the end of your revision cycle. It’s simply a matter of using those same answers and same set of skills on a new question that will address something you’ve learnt inside out. After you have finished with your past papers, get someone other than yourself to mark it if this is possible. That way they can mark it subjectively without giving yourself what I like to call “pity marks.” If they can do so, they can ensure that they tell you what to work on. This brings us onto your peers and friends. They will be studying the same things as you, so set up a study session where you can go through problems or gaps in knowledge and not only would you be helping one another, but you would be refreshing your own knowledge. If you do so, however, make sure that you don’t spend the time chatting and chilling. Put some rules in place or go somewhere like a library

where it would be harder for you to talk or be distracted by one another fully. Don’t be afraid of going to your school, college, university or local library to work. This place may have a stigma attached to it, as being the place for nerds but if you want those grades, work for it and it is often in such an environment that you will find equally driven people that will motivate you to work. Now you’re probably thinking, all work, no play? You, of course, have better knowledge of your attention span. If you know that you can study for a full hour, great! Two hours, even better! If you think you can only do about 30 minutes, that’s fine! You need to work at your own pace and not burden yourself because more likely than not, you will end up boring yourself or finding any kind of distraction to prevent you from working. So for example, study for a full two hours, and then take a 45-minute break, or maybe do a full hour and take a 15-minute break. See what works for you and then slot hours for your revision so you know that Monday morning, from 9-11, you’ll be studying a set subject or topic, take a break, and then move on to the next one. Put your phone away! That being said, self-control is really important here. You need to avoid distractions such as your phone while studying. So maybe switch your phone to airplane mode, or switch it off completely if you know you’ll jump to it at the first notification sound you get. If you struggle, give it to someone else or put it somewhere that you will really be too lazy to get up and check it. This is also where friends and peers can make or break it for you; if your friends are of the motivated type, they can tell you off for grabbing your phone or if they’re the one who is usually texting you, then there will be no reason to even use your phone!

Above all, revision shouldn’t feel like a punishment and you will definitely be needing some time off while studying, else it will be boring, stressful and very little will actually make it into your brain. Treat yourself with a binge session of Netflix at night if you finish a whole topic, or maybe arrange some time out with your friends on the weekend as a reward of sticking to your timetable. Do something that will motivate and encourage you to get things done. Finally, spend the last few days before your exams focusing on you. Ensure you are eating and sleeping well, especially on the days before your actual exams. Sleep early and wake up early so that you feel refreshed and have enough time to travel to wherever your exam may be. On the day of your exam, rest assured that you have tried your absolute best and leave the rest in the hands of Allah (swt). If you have done your best, your hard work will not go to waste.

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ILM NEWS POEM Poet: Shaheryar A. Chishty

A MOTHER FOR ME Having a mother is a huge gift Never push her away, it is a heart breaking risk Mother is a light, never put her in remorse She is my closest friend, she is my love source My mother’s love will last forever She keeps me under her shelter, in the stormy weather My mother is heavenly, so she repetitively shines Her attributes are impeccable, she is sublime I appreciate her more, when I am in dismay She prostrates to Allah and she asks for mercy and pray My mother is superior, always the elite Her courtesy and kindness is impossible to beat My mother, has always given me strength and hope When I am feeling blue, she has strategies to help me cope. My mother to me is definitely the best I could not possibly leave her cosy nest No matter where I may be, I am protected with a shield of love I am guarded with blessings I wear it like a glove

Scientists Discover Molecule That Could Help Heal Spinal Cord Damage A molecule that helps broken spinal cords to heal has been identified by British scientists. The discovery of the neuregulin-1 signalling molecule could one day lead to new therapies which aid the self-repair of spinal cords, say the researchers. Such treatments could potentially restore movement and sensation to people paralysed by devastating spinal injuries. The research also raises hopes of finding new ways to tackle multiple sclerosis. It was once thought severed spinal nerves could never be fixed. Spinal cord injury could happen to anyone, at any time. In an instant your life could change and you could lose all feeling and function below the level of the injury. Now it is known that the central nervous system does possess some limited capacity to repair itself naturally. The new research identified one of nature’s spinal

repair tools, neuregulin-1, which sends signals from the surfaces of damaged nerve fibres. Existing treatments are largely ineffective, so there is a pressing need for new regenerative therapies to repair tissue damage and restore function after spinal cord injury. These new findings advance the understanding of the molecular mechanisms which may orchestrate the body’s remarkable capacity for natural repair.”

Buy-To-Let Lenders To Face Tougher Checks The Bank of England is to impose new, tougher quality checks on buy-to-let lenders amid worries about a bubble in the property investment market. The Bank's Prudential Regulation Authority said it was putting in place a "guardrail" to prevent banks from making dangerous loans, warning that one in five lenders was not carrying out the right checks. Its clampdown comes amid growing concerns there is a bubble in the buy-to-let market, which could cause a wider housing market slowdown. The vast majority of the increase in total net mortgage lending in the UK in recent years was

due to buy-to-let lending. However, the Chancellor last year imposed a 3% stamp duty surcharge on the sector, and limited the amount of interest landlords can write off against their tax bills. Now the Bank has weighed in, saying lenders should impose affordability checks on buy-to-let landlords. It said lenders should take into account how much cash borrowers had to cover their interest payments, even if borrowing costs went up to 5.5%. At present five of the 20 lenders scrutinised by the bank do not impose those standards. The Bank said the measures should reduce the expected growth rate of buy-to-let mortgage lending from about 20% a year to around 17%. It said it may impose further measures later in the year if it remains concerned. The actions were less aggressive than some had feared, but many expect house price inflation to dip later in the year as the Chancellor's stamp duty levy kicks in.


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Seminar To Express Solidarity With BOL At Rotherham Mohammed Nazir

Partner , Head of Property & Immigration Wosskow Brown Solicitors LLP Email: Special Correspondent ISLAMABAD: A Seminar on the topic of “BOL Ko Bolney Do” was organised the Rotherham City of Britain against the uncalled for ban on BOL TV and to express solidarity with the BOL workers in Pakistan, says a message received here from Rotherham the other day. Lord Mayor of Sheffield Counselor Talib Hussain was the guest of honour while those who participated in the Seminar included journalists, legal fraternity from all over Britain, representatives from the journalist organisations and renowned overseas Pakistanis. Lord Mayor of Sheffield, in his address on the occasion declared that independence of media is integrated with the country’s development. Anchorperson and Solicitor Muhammad Nazir declaring the ban on BOL contrary to the development of Pakistan has said that BOL workers and journalists were looking towards the higher courts and the Parliament for justice for the last one year. He said the restrictions on BOL TV are also causing immense loss to the electronic media industry as well as creating negative impacts on the country’s economy and foreign investment. Pakistan Press Club UK’s Senior Vice-President Arshad Rachyal highlighted the media’s independence and problems of the journalists in detail. Other speakers who expressed their views at the Seminar included: Pakistan Muslim Senator Sheffield ROTHERHAM: A group photo of chief guest Lord Mayor of Sheffield Counselor Talib Hussain, Pakistan Press Club UK’s Senior Vice-President Arshad Rachyal, Anchorperson and Solicitor Muhammad Nazir, and others at the conclusion of Seminar on the topic of “BOL Ko Bolney Do” to express solidarity with BOL workers and journalists. Chairman Muhammad Ali, renowned businessman Abdul Qayyum Khan, BBC Sheffield journalist Muhammad Yasin, Nawa-e-Jang London’s Bureau Chief in Sheffield Mansha Khan, Ilm News Sheffield’s Chief Editor Syed Fayyaz Hussain Shah, Barrister Muhammad Nadeem Liaquat, Solicitor Abdul Sattar, Aslam Bhutta, Nasir Mir, Muhammad Rafique Mughal, Muhammad Munir Mughal, and others. Expressing complete solidarity with the BOL workers and journalists, they demanded from the Government of Pakistan to give permission to the BOL TV to work with independence. They termed the BOL TV a symbol of progress. The participants of the Seminar also decided to lodge protest and organise seminars in all big cities of the Britain for the restoration of BOL. They also framed themselves in a group photo expressing solidarity with their slogan “BOL KO Bolney Do”.

Hundreds Of Children Left Home Alone More than 500 people were arrested on suspicion of neglect last year for leaving a child alone. The youngest child involved was a baby just six weeks old, the BBC learned through a Freedom of Information request. In the last year, police arrested 510 people when they deemed a child might be at risk having been left alone. The actual number could be much higher as only 28 of the 43 police forces in England and Wales responded to the request. Although the oldest child deemed at risk was 15 years old, the majority of the arrests related to children under 10 years old. There are no laws

about the age a child can be left alone, but police can take action if they deem a child to be at risk. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) has guidance on its website and suggests that babies and toddlers are never left alone and under-16s should not be left alone overnight. But the charity said it received 2,500 calls from adults worried about children left alone, many in the summer holidays. There is a dire need to consider what is optimal, what is ill-advised and what should be criminal or require action from the local authority.

World Health Organisation Downgrades Ebola Risk The global health body said that the Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa no longer constitutes as a "public health emergency of international concern". Although new clusters of cases continue to occur, t he risk of international spread is now considered to be "low", according to WHO's Emergency Committee. Countries affected by the outbreak now have the capacity to respond rapidly when cases emerge, it said. Any restrictions on travel and trade with Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone should be lifted immediately, the committee added. As of March 13, there have been 28,639 cases of Ebola virus disease and 11,316 deaths, according to WHO figures. Dr Margaret Chan, director general of WHO, said: "The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is no longer a public health emergency of international concern.

£520m SUGAR TAX A sugar tax is to be introduced on soft drinks in two years’ time to tackle a growing obesity crisis, chancellor George Osborne said in the Budget announcement. Just months after the government ruled out a sugar tax, Mr Osborne said the planned levy would be imposed on companies to raise £520 million to support school sport. He told the Commons: “I am not prepared to look back at my time here in this parliament, doing this job and say to my children’s generation: I’m sorry, we knew there was a problem with sugary drinks. We knew it caused disease. But we ducked the difficult decisions and we did nothing." He also increased insurance tax but stopped short of raising fuel duty, while blaming the perilous global economic situation for derailing his fiscal plans. Mr Osborne also announced sharply lower growth forecasts, blaming the slowdown in the

global economy and weak productivity growth at home. The economy was on track to grow by only 2% this year, much slower than the 2.4% forecast in November, and by 2.2% in 2017, down from November’s 2.5% estimate. He conceded he would miss a target he set for himself as the budget forecasters said public debt would rise this year. However, Mr Osborne insisted the outlook would be worse if Britons voted to leave the European Union in a referendum in June.

"However a high level of vigilance and response capacity must be maintained to ensure the ability of the countries to prevent Ebola infections and to rapidly detect and respond to flare-ups in the future. "These countries continue to require the full support of the international community." Ebola is one of the world's deadliest diseases with around half of cases resulting in death. The disease spreads from person to person as a result of direct contact with the blood, organs or other bodily fluids of those infected, with healthcare workers among those most at risk. The symptoms of Ebola are severe, with patients often overcome by a sudden onset of fever as well as weakness, muscle pain and headaches. Vomiting, diarrhoea, rashes, kidney and liver problems follow as the virus grips the body.

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WORLD’S WEALTHIEST COUNTRIES HAVE SETTLED 1.4% OF SYRIAN REFUGEES Wealthy countries have resettled less than 2 percent of the world’s Syrian refugees, a “fraction” of the 5 million Syrians who have fled the country over the past five years, according to Oxfam. Oxfam said countries should take in their “fair share” of Syrian refugees and offer resettlement or another form of admission to 10 percent, or 481,220 people, by the end of 2016. Rich countries have so far pledged 129,966 places to refugees, but only slightly more than half of those Syrians have made it to the third country. A country's “fair share” is calculated based on the size of its economy and thus its ability to take in large numbers of people. Having pledged 9,000 spaces and having a “fair share” total of 3,612, Norway has been the most welcoming of the rich countries, followed by Canada and Germany, according to Oxfam. Australia, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and New Zealand have pledged more than half of their fair share of resettlement spaces. Greece, Japan, South Korea, Russia and Slovakia have pledged zero resettlement or admission spaces for Syrian refugees, despite the com-

bined “fair share” total of the five countries exceeding 105,000 places. The United Kingdom has pledged 22 percent of its “fair share” total, while the United States, which has a fair share total of more than 170,000, has pledged 7 percent. “Six years into this terrible crisis, more than 4.8 million Syrian people are now refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and elsewhere in the region,” the director of Oxfam International, said in a statement. “The most vulnerable of them— women, children, the elderly—can’t go back, but don’t have the resources or support to live properly where they are. They need help moving forward to a better future.” Nearly 150,000 refugees and migrants have entered Europe via the Mediterranean Sea this year, according to the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR). The majority of them are women and children from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. A recent deal signed between the EU and Turkey aims to stop the migrant flow to Europe by detaining refugees and migrants on the Greek islands, where they risk being sent back to Turkey.

Sheffield’s Worst Robbery Hotspots Revealed Figures obtained by the Star newspaper, reveal 25% surge in robberies at businesses, and a nine per cent overall increase, has prompted Sheffield councillors to call for more funding to help police tackle the crimes. Robbery is theft from a person or place, and often violence is threatened or used. A total of 3,875 robberies were reported across Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster between 2011 and 2015, an increase of nine per cent from 2011 to 2015. But South Yorkshire Police pointed to a 5.5 per cent fall from 2014 to 2015 as evidence the crime is falling. During the incidents, there were 5,949 weapons used – although some offences involved multiple weapons and 2,142 involved ‘fist or hands’ as a weapon. Knives, handguns, hammers and machetes were the most used weap-

Top locations for business robberies: 1. Supermarket 113 2. Bookies 46 3. Newsagent 44 4. Off licence 30 5. Petrol station 25 6. Greengrocers 19 7. Jewellers 10 8. Fish & chip/takeaway 7 9. Travel agents 4 10. Frozen food shop 2

Human Colony On The Moon By 2022 Highly Likely

A human colony of ten astronauts could be permanently stationed on the Moon by the year 2022, say NASA scientists. They claim that the cost of sending humans to the Moon has declined considerably since the Apollo missions, and modern technology makes it much cheaper, faster and feasible to build a lunar outpost. Placing ten humans on the Moon during the Apollo missions cost a total of $25 billion, which in today’s money is about $170 billion. According to NASA scientists, the cost of sending astronauts to the Moon and setting up a Lunar base today would come to a very small fraction of that total. In fact, they say lower costs and current technologies have made it possible and highly likely that by the year 2022 we will have a permanent lunar base with ten humans living there. Since the Apollo missions, those wanting to have a presence in the Moon have presented their cases assuming that the only way to get a mission approved is with the blessing of the US President and its government. However, recent history shows that none of the past several presidential initiatives intended to galvanize space exploration has resulted in either major increased funding for space exploration or achievement of the stated space exploration goal. Indeed, each successive president has shifted the goalposts! They believe costs can be pushed down even further, which would open the doors for alternative

ons for business robberies, with supermarkets, bookmakers, newsagents and off-licences top targets. Across all robberies, there were 123 instances of handguns being used, 76 involving a metal bar, 74 a baseball bat. A total of 492 knives were used, including 293 kitchen knives, 10 lock knives and 71 machetes. But South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Billings stressed the crime had fallen year on year. He said: “When we talk about ‘armed robberies’ we need to reassure the public that that includes imitation guns and plastic guns, and none of them were discharged. “I don’t think we have a gang problem or a gun problem in Sheffield, or a big problem around armed robberies. “We have a problem, but not a big one.”

ways of getting support and funding for a lunar base project. A base on the Moon would provide several technologies and programmatic precedents which could support a long-term NASA research base on Mars. By bringing down the cost of a Moon mission, the possibility of private and commercial endeavors starts to emerge. When a short stay on the Moon for one person falls into the tens of millions of dollars, it taps into the private spaceflight market. Over the past ten years, several major changes have occurred that affect space exploration in a positive way. Since NASA adopted new mechanisms for buying services, the cost of launching spacecraft from Earth has declined dramatically, while load capacity has increased. Since the beginning of this century, the emergency of NewSpace industry has pushed technology forward much more rapidly. European Moon Village project - In January 2016, Jan Woerner, head of the European Space Agency, announced a ‘crazy’ Moon Village project, which he says should succeed the International Space Station mission, which will be shut down in 2024. Prof. Woerner plans to build a Moon Village, which would be constructed by 3-D printers and robots using moon rocks and dust as raw materials.

Sheffield 2011-2015 – top police wards for robbery, number of incidents in descending order 1. Centre 463 - 36.1% up from 2011 to 2015 2. Burngreave 255 - 1.9% up 3. Sharrow & Highfields 220 - 21.2% down 4. Broomhill 138 - 43.4% down 5. Firth Park 132 - 23.2% down 6. Darnall 126 - 29.1% up 7. Manor Castle 109 - 44% down 8. Gleadless Valley 79 - 47% down 8. Southey 79 - 33.3% down 10. Arbourthorne 76 - 7.7% down

Top locations for personal robberies: 1. Dwellings (all combined) 620 2. Alley/gennel/footpath 274 3. Outside premises 193 4. Land/waste ground 52 5. Bus stop 18 6. Prison 17 7. Churchyard/cemetery 15 8. Private flat car park 14 9. Bus station 13 10. Skate park 10

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Which tea reigns supreme?

The single most important question of any Asian household; Desi Chai or English tea? For centuries, chai or tea making has been a cherished craft among Asian families. A perfectly brewed chai with spices and sugar is an indulgently exotic escape from daily toils. The British are also well attuned to tea drinking, having turned it into a regular pastime, where an assorted array of tea varieties is enjoyed with other sweet and savoury finger food treats. But for those British Asians who are able to appreciate both the art of English tea and Desi chai, which type of tea reigns supreme? Is Desi tea better than English? TOP BRITISH TEAS

It is actually a blend of black tea and the oil of a bergamot orange rind. It was discovered by an English aristocrat called Charles Grey. Earl Grey has also been linked with many health benefits. It is known to improve digestion and keep you regular. It is also great for your teeth because it contains fluoride which fights cavities and decay. It is also a great source of antioxidants that can stem cancer and other diseases. Because of its citrus element, Earl Grey has also been linked to weight loss which is why adding a slice of lemon works much better than cream or sugar. Assam Tea Tea from Assam is a popular tea variety in the UK. It has a rich, amber colour and a strong malty taste. It is the perfect cup for the early morning. Traditionally, milk was always poured first to protect the fine bone china cup – so whether you wish to add milk before or after is entirely up to you!

English Breakfast English Breakfast Tea is one of the more popular type of teas in Britain. Originally invented in Edinburgh, the tea is actually a blend of several different black tea varieties from India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Malawi and China. Twinings English Breakfast Tea is one of the more popular varieties. It has an amber colour to it with a rich source of antioxidants. In general loose tea is thought to provide a better flavour of tea, as tea bags are ground more finely and can leave a bitter taste. Earl Grey Earl Grey is commonly recognised to be a posh type of tea that is famously enjoyed among posh people. Staunch Earl Grey drinkers believe that the tea TOP DESI TEAS should be enjoyed without any milk or sugar, and with a slice of lemon. Desi tea or chai has been a pastime that is enjoyed from generation to generation across South Asia. Traditionally, Desi tea is cooked within a saucepan, where water is boiled with spices, milk and any variety of black tea. Because chai is such a sacred activity in many Desi households, preferences of Desi tea vary greatly. Some of us add spices like cardamom, aniseed and cinnamon for an exotic kick that perfectly the black tea leaves. Others prefer a higher milk quantity than water, resulting in a heavily

Here is how to make Kashmiri Chai: Ingredients: 900 ml of milk 1 litre cold water 1/4 tsp salt 2 heaping tbsp. Kashmiri Chai or Green Tea 1/2 tsp baking soda cinnamon stick (about 2 inches long) 6 green cardamom pods 4 tbsp. sugar Pistachios and almonds for garnishing Method: In a large saucepan, add 900ml of cold water, Kashmiri chai, salt, baking soda, cinnamon stick and cardamom pods and bring to boil. Lower the heat and allow the spices and chai to cook for 30 minutes. Add 350 ml cold water and stir continuously for 5 minutes. Add milk and sugar and let it boil. Partially cover the saucepan with lid and let the chai steep for 10 minutes. Strain the chai into cups and garnish with pistachios and almonds. Serve immediately. creamy tea that is perfect for cold days. Masala Chai Widely enjoyed across the Indian subcontinent, the origin of masala chai, or spiced tea, is an interesting one. Masala chai actually goes back thousands of years. Traditionally, it was used for medicinal wellbeing, and used to contain a lot more spices. The grandmother would brew a blend of spices together in the early morning. This hot masala drink would be a natural cure for all ailments and colds, and it actually contained no tea at all. It was only with the arrival of the British to India, that tea leaves, milk and sugar were added to make the masala chai as we know it today. Doodh Patti Doodh patti is a more popular chai option in Pakistan. It differs from masala chai because it has only two to three main ingredients – milk, tea, and sugar. Some Desis enjoy the tea with a few added cardamom pods for added flavour.

Kashmiri Chai Kashmiri Chai is a popular tea that is enjoyed in the Himalayas. It is also referred to as Pink Tea, Nun Chai or Shir Chai. The most interesting thing about this tea is that it is actually savoury as opposed to sweet, and it suits the winter climate of the mountains in Asia. Kashmiri chai mixes ingredients of masala chai with salt and bicarbonate of soda. This gives the tea a unique pink colouring. It is usually made in large batches and many Pakistanis will serve it at weddings or big celebrations. Many Asians love the classic, homely taste that Desi chai brings, but don’t like the time it takes to make – especially when compared to normal English tea that will only take a few minutes.

Here is how to make Masala Chai: 4 black peppercorns 1 stick of cinnamon 6 green cardamom pods 6 cloves 1 inch ginger root, sliced and peeled 1 tbsp. loose black tea or 2 black tea bags 3 cups water 1 cup whole milk 2 tbsp. sugar Method: To make, put all the spices together into a saucepan with water and bring to boil. Cover the pan and let the spices simmer for about 5-10 minutes on a low heat. Return to a boil and add tea. Brew for 3-5 minutes. Add milk and sugar and stir over a low heat for several minutes. Strain into cups and serve immediately.

Child Terror Arrests Climb To New High

Record numbers of children are being arrested in connection with terrorism-related offences, new figures show. Sixteen youngsters under the age of 18 were arrested in 2015, up from 10 in the previous year, according to the Home Office. That represents the highest number of children held in a calendar year risen sharply in the past year - up by 15 per cent to 45. In total, there were 280 terrorism-related arrests, slightly down on 2015 when there were 289. "The overall fall in terrorismrelated arrests was driven by a fall in the number of arrests for domestic terrorism, which decreased to 15 in the year ending December 2015 compared with 28 in the previous year,“ the Home Office said. Arrests for international-related terrorism increased slightly. Britain is on its second-highest threat level, meaning an attack is considered highly likely.

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Self Healing Plastic? Mr Shumile J. Chishty During 1972, plastic transcended early self-healing plastic, now sold by spinoff company Autonomic stance produced by trees): and a catalyst, which reacts to fill the steel as the most commonly used Materials, has microcapsules embedded throughout it. When the crack. material in the world. The cheap plastic cracks, the capsules burst, releasing resin (a thick stick sub“What if you had a material that didn’t age?” and supple polymers have brought For things made entirely of composites, like car bumpers or plenty of uses to the present life airplane wings, microcapsules won’t cut it. Once the capsules (laundry bags, rain coats, and welare consumed, no more healing can occur there. One of Sotlies!) as well as taking on more important roles, in airplanes, tos’ newest composites is laced with channels that can deliver cars, and smartphones. There’s a catch, however: Unlike many the self-healing agent to fill cracks again and again. The material of the metals it replaces, plastic is really hard to fix, even invishad the capability to heal the same spot 30 times in the lab. But ible cracks can compromise its strength. A new class of smart Sottos says it could be 2 decades before it’s reliable enough for plastics can heal a fracture all on their own, to mend a cracked safety-critical applications (i.e., we’ll have self-healing bumpers phone screens or to stitch up airplane wings, similar principal to long before self-healing airplanes). how the human skin heals. Materials in extreme environments require even more ingenuNancy Sottos helped pioneer in this field during the ’90s. Her ity. Instead of relying on an on-board catalyst, engineer Melik team at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has deDemirel of Pennsylvania State University created a polymer veloped compounds that can repair themselves using a range whose healing reaction is triggered by water, alongside with variety of methods. heat and pressure. One extends the life span of ships, bridges, and windmills by re“Hydrogen bonding is how nature puts everything together,” pairing plastic coatings on metal structures. “Scratches comproDemirel says, so the mended material is restored to its original mise traditional coatings,” Sottos says, which can lead to rust. An chemical state and therefore regains its original strength.

Self-Driving Trucks To Be Tested On UK Motorways

World’s Longest Aircraft Readies For First Flight In Britain

The world's longest aircraft, an airship spanning more than six double-decker buses, is set to make its maiden flight later this Spring, British manufacturer Hybrid Air Vehicles said. The 92-metre Airlander 10 vessel could stay airborne for up to two weeks. The slow-moving, helium-filled Airlander 10 will catch the eye of potential customers who might want to use it to carry or deliver aid, for surveillance, communications or leisure purposes. It can carry 48 passengers. The Airlander can take off and land vertically meaning it does not need a tarmac runway. It

can also operate from open fields, deserts, ice or water, meaning it could be useful for humanitarian missions or coastguard monitoring. Airships have a long history stretching back to the nineteenth century, although their use was curtailed by competition from aeroplanes in the twentieth century and highprofile accidents such as the Hindenburg disaster in 1937. Hybrid Air Vehicles is a privately-held firm funded so far by £17.5m raised from 1,000 shareholders, and which has benefited from U.S. investment and British and EU grants. It will undertake additional ground testing before a first flight in the coming months. The airship could then become a familiar sight over the central English countryside as it aims to complete 200 hours of test flights before demonstrations to would-be customers. Hybrid Air Vehicles hopes to be building 12 of the airships a year by 2018.

Driverless cars will be tested on UK motorways from 2017, the government has announced. In his latest budget, chancellor George Osborne announced that driverless cars would be trialled on a "strategic road network" as soon as next year. The government announced it would launch a consultation this summer to remove regulatory barriers within this parliament to allow driverless cars on England's major roads. A £15 million 'connected corridor' will also be built between London and Dover to enable vehicles to communicate with infrastructure and other vehicles as part of the trials. Trials will also be carried out on "truck platooning", with fleets of connected trucks driving in a line on UK roads. All trucks in the group retain control of steering, but acceleration and braking is all automated based on the movements of the lead truck, which is controlled by a human. The announcement of driverless car trials for 2017 is one of a number of measures that Osborne says will put Britain in a position to "lead the world in new technologies and infrastructure." Funding for driverless car trials will come from the government's Intelligent Mobility Fund, announced earlier this year, which has £100 million budget to invest in a range of new innovations in transport. Currently, £20 million of the fund has been allocated to eight autonomous vehicle projects, rang-

ing from driverless shuttles for disabled people to the development of autonomous vehicle testing centres. The first fully autonomous vehicles are due to come to London in July. The electric pods, developed by the GATEway group, will be located at Greenwich Peninsula, where they'll service local residential areas and the O2 Arena. The system has been used at Heathrow Terminal 5 for the last five years, where they run on tracks. Each pod can carry six passengers, although one will be a steward who can send out an alert in case of emergency. In Milton Keynes, two-seater electric LUTZ Pathfinder pods are being trialled in pedestrian areas. They have a maximum speed of 15mph, although they're designed to go more slowly if they detect congestion. Following piloted trials to help the puds understand the layout of the urban environment, an extended program will see 40 fully autonomous pods used in both Milton Keynes and Coventry. The Venturer Consortium is carrying out similar work in Bristol, involving full-sized road vehicles. Meanwhile, in February's Pathway to Driverless Cars report, the Department for Transport praised the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group’s autonomous Nissan Leaf, while Nissanhas announced that its first driverless car, the Qashqai crossover, will be built in Sunderland.

Doctor Has Three Wives, 35 Children And Plans For More A Pakistani man is the proud father of 35 children and wants to have a hundred. Jan Muhammad, aged 43, from Quetta has 35 children from 3 wives, as reported by Muhammed who is a doctor by profession now has 21 daughters and 14 sons. He told, ‘My target is 100 children. ‘Thank God, I am able to manage the growing expenditures of my family. ‘I spend about Rs100,000 (approximately £1058) a month on family expenditures.’ Whilst the eldest child is 15, the newest 2 arrivals were born this month. The entire family of 39 reside together in a mud brick house.

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Pope Francis Gets Better Poll Ratings Than Obama And Merkel More than half of the world’s population thinks that Pope Francis is an all-round good guy, putting him ahead of other world leaders in the global popularity stakes. A poll published by WIN/Gallup International found that 54% of people around the world have a favourable opinion of the Argentine pontiff, 79, who succeeded Benedict XVI in March 2013. Predictably, the pope was most popular among Roman Catholics—85 percent of whom held a positive opinion of him—but more than half of atheists and agnostics also viewed Francis favorably. Pope Francis has been described as a leader who transcends his own religion. The pope’s net score—the difference between favorable and unfavorable opinions—was calculated by the polling organization as +41. This puts him at the top of the pile in terms of popular world leaders, ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama on +30 and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on +13. The pope is some way ahead of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who lies bottom of the pile on -10. Geographically, Portugal and the Philippines— both countries with strong Catholic majorities— gave Francis the highest approval ratings, followed by his native Argentina and his adopted home Italy. Only three countries recorded more negative opinions than positive ones—Turkey, Tu-

nisia and Algeria—while 87 percent of respondents in Azerbaijan said they did not know who the pope was. In other news, Pope Francis has celebrated his third year in the role by joining Instagram, in what he describes as “beginning a new journey… to walk with you along the path of mercy and the tenderness of God”. The Pope, who already has 8.89m followers on Twitter, opened his Instagram account on Saturday and posted his first image a private moment of prayer, which he captioned: “Pray for me” in nine languages. I want to walk with you along the way of God’s mercy and tenderness. As his follower numbers passed the 500,000 mark, Pope Francis posted a second picture and completed his short profile In less than an hour, the picture had gained the Pope more than 20,000 ‘likes’ from the 129,000 followers he had gathered since joining the social network - a number that was growing by thousands each minute. Instagram chief executive and co-founder Kevin Systrom was at the Vatican for the occasion and said: “Images transcend language and bring us all closer together. Pope Francis joins a global Instagram community who share a common passion for creativity and expression - his messages of humility and compassion will leave a lasting mark.”

Shah Rukh Khan Khan was born on 2 November 1965 in New Delhi, and brought up in Mangalore for the first five years. His father, Taj Mohammed Khan, a Pathan, was an Indian independence activist from Peshawar, present day Pakistan. According to Khan, his paternal grandfather was originally from Afghanistan. His mother, Lateef Fatima, was the adopted daughter of Major General Shah Nawaz Khan of the Janjua Rajput clan, who served in the Indian National Army.Khan's father came to New Delhi from Qissa Khawani Bazaar in Peshawar before the partition of India, Regarding his origins, he described himself on Twitter as "half Hyderabadi (mother) half Pathan (father) some Kashmiri (grandmother)". His father died from cancer when Khan was 15 years old, and his mother died in 1990 after prolonged illness. Khan was very attached to his parents as a child and describes their early deaths as a turning point in his life and as his biggest motivation for hard work. He explained that his ideology in life is ".. To make movies so damn bloody big..that my parents somewhere sit down on a star and from there also can look at their son and say 'I can see his movies from here better than I can see the Wall of China or anything. We see his movies covering the face of this earth'. Khan has an elder sister named Shehnaz. Growing up in Rajendra Nagar neighbourhood of Delhi, he was a brilliant student and an all-rounder. At St. Columba's School, he won the prestigious

Salman Khan Pleads His Innocence In Antelope Case Bollywood superstar Salman Khan plead not guilty last month, in a long-standing case that alleges he used unlicensed arms to shoot antelopes in western India, saying he was framed. The actor is accused of using weapons with an expired licence to target black bucks in a protected forest area, where hunting the animals is illegal, in 1998. Khan, said in court that forest officials had pressured him to sign a statement saying he had procured the arms from a contact in Mumbai. "I am innocent and have been framed by the forest officials," Khan said in his plea to the judicial magistrate in a Jodhpur district court. The Bollywood actor was previously found guilty of poaching endangered gazelles in a separate case in 2006 and is appealing a year-long jail sentence. The case was registered nearly 18 years ago when Khan was shooting for the Bollywood mega-hit "Hum Saath Saath Hain" at a village near Jodhpur.

Five Amazing Benefits Of Mint Mint, known as podina locally, has several uses from being used in the kitchen to various cosmetic products to flavoring. It has remarkable medicinal properties which were discovered 100 years ago. Health benefits of mint include: Digestion Mint has served to be a great appetizer and used in lots of side lines with food. Using mint with food helps clean the palate (roof of the mouth) where food gets stuck. Once in the gut, it helps with digestion of the food.

Sword of Honour. He was also the captain of his football, hockey, and cricket teams all at the same time. He graduated with honours in economics from Hansraj College and did his master's in mass communications from Jamia Millia Islamia. After sustaining a football injury, he started to consider acting as a career. Khan then went on to study theater under the reputed Barry John, whom he credits for carving out the actor inside him. Shahrukh began his journey by landing the lead role of a commando in 1988 drama series "Fauji" (1988). He was much applauded for his work and soon became the heart throb of teenage girls, bagging roles in other serials such as "Circus" (1989) and _"Dil Dariya" , the former was delayed because of various reasons. He also had a minor role in a made-for-television film called In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones (1989) (TV) After the death of his mother, Khan moved to Mumbai in 1991. He married Gauri Chibber, a Hindu, in a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony on 25 October 1991. According to Khan, while he strongly believes in Islam, he also values his wife's religion. At home, his children follow both religions, with the Qur'an being situated next to the Hindu deities. They have three children, son Aryan (born. 1997) and daughter Suhana (born. 2000). In 2013 they became parents of a third child named AbRam via a surrogate mother. Khan's older sister Shehnaz also lives with them.

Other cast members from the film, including well-known actors Saif Ali Khan and Sonali Bendre, are co-accused in the case. The black buck is a species of antelope native to India and has been listed as near-threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature since 2003. One of the Indian movie industry's biggest boxoffice draws, Khan was last year cleared of killing a homeless man in a hit-and-run crash. Khan has starred in more than 100 films and television shows since his first hit "Maine Pyar Kiya" in the 1980s.

tory congestion. Aroma of mint helps clear congestion due to its cooling and soothing effects. It also gives relief from irritation which causes chronic coughing. Depression and Fatigue Mint acts as a stimulant through your olfactory senses. Simply smelling mint can help elevate your mood and restart your brain to make it function at a higher level. Mint oils are helpful if you are feeling depressed, tired, sluggish or just not willing to continue with your work.

Skin Care Nausea and Head Ache Not only mint oil is a good The strong aroma of mint antiseptic and anti-pruritic, also helps with nausea mint juice is equally useful and headache. Nausea due as a great skin cleanser. Mint to motion sickness, pregjuice from fresh mints can be nancy and altitude sickness is applied directly on the skin as a what mint helps with. Freshly mask as a cure for acne and pimcrushed mint leaves or mint ples. It has soothing effects on skin flavored chewing gum are used that helps with irritation, itchiness and to help with nausea and stomach ailments. Mint based balms are pharmaceutically pruritic properties of pimples from mosquito used topically on forehead and nose for head- and other insect bites such as bee sting, wasps and hornets. Anti-inflammatory effects of mint ache help bring down swelling. Another benefit of mint aroma is that it is unappealing to insects Cough and Respiratory Tract Disorders Asthma and common cold often cause respira- that can prevent further bites.

Britain’s Highest Mountain Just Got 100cm Higher Ben Nevis is officially one metre taller than previously thought, experts have revealed. It stands at 1,345m rather than the 1,344m recorded when the mountain was last measured in 1949, according to a new Ordnance Survey calculation. However, Ben Nevis has not grown; rather, it is the result of improvements in technology that allow for a more accurate reading. In 1949, it took a team of seven surveyors 20 nights to measure the mountain. The new measurement was calculated by positioning a survey grade GPS receiver at the summit of

Ben Nevis for just two hours. In 1949, they had hauled 200lbs of equipment up Ben Nevis then only had three clear nights out of 20 to make their calculation.

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Benefits Of Good Sleep Your Burngreave Ward Councillors

Cllr Jackie Drayton 0114 2435388

Cllr Ibrar Hussain 0786 657 1750

Lord Mayor of Sheffield Cllr Talib Hussain 0114 2735588


Burngreave surgeries are shared between Councillors Jackie Drayton, Ibrar Hussain and Talib Hussain and are held at:• Burngreave Library, Spital Hill 2nd Saturday of the month from 11.00 a.m. -12.00 noon • Pakistan Advice Centre, 127 Page Hall Road 3rd Thursday of the month 2.00-3.00 p.m. There are no surgeries during August. A surgery is also held on 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month (except August) from 10.00 to 11.00 a.m. at Firth Park Advice Centre, 9 Stubbin Lane. (These surgeries are shared on a rota basis with Cllrs, Peter Price, Peter Rippon, Sioned-Mair Richards and Jackie Drayton. Councillors Alan Law and Chris Weldon also share the surgery on the 1st Thursday).

Sheffield MP Raises £750 For Women’s Charities At Annual International Women’s Day Event Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield teamed up again with Sheffield Students’ Union Women’s Committee and Unite the Union to celebrate International Women’s Day and raise funds for women’s charities. Paul Blomfield launched the annual event with the two unions five years ago, and has subsequently raised thousands of pounds for dozens of women’s charities. This year’s event, raised funds for Sheffield Rape Crisis, Sheffield domestic abuse charity Ashiana and Women for Refugee Women. Paul Blomfield MP said: “Hundreds of Sheffielders turned out last night, not simply to celebrate International Women’s Day but also to do something positive for women in our community and beyond. We still have a lot to do to make gender equality a reality and to tackle violence against women. The generosity people have shown will help enormously with that work.” Sharmin Jahan, Sheffield University Union Women’s Officer said: “It’s been great to team up with Paul and Unite again to celebrate International Women’s Day, and with such a powerful film. Sheffield students play an important part in the fight for gender equality, both on and off campus. It is important we have events like this to remind us how far we have come, and to work together in the battles we still face.”

Good sleep is essential for both body and mind . . . . We spend one third of our life sleeping. There must be a good reason why nature makes us sleep for this long. Large number of studies all over the world has shown the beneficial effects of good sleep. Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, results in impairment of judgement, depression, heart problems, obesity and drastic reduction in general well-being of an individual. In an extreme case, sleep deprivation has also resulted in death through heart failure. In fact, the first sign of sickness is fretful sleep. How lack of sleep produces ill health has remained a mystery. Now, slowly, scientific investigations are solving this puzzle. One of the accepted theories so far has been that sleep helps in both consolidation and removal of memories. We perceive the world during the day through our senses and it results in memory formation both shallow and deep. Sleep, it seems, helps in consolidating and removing some of these memories uncluttering the brain. Another recent, but fascinating, theory (backed with experiments) has shown that sleep helps in flushing out toxic protein waste and biological debris from the brain, formed during waking hours. It seems that during sleep the relaxation of brain helps in opening up the channels through which the debris flows into the blood streams and is removed from it. Studies have also shown that sleep helps flush out harmful protein plaque (beta amyloid) which is responsible for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Thus good sleep is extremely essential for a healthy brain and body. The build-up of toxins in the brain due to inade-

quate sleep also affects the body. Though there is very little understanding of how this happens, a probable cause is the passage of this information by the vagus nerve to different parts of the body. Scientific investigations have also shown that information of any slight change in the brain chemistry is transmitted to various organs by the vagus nerve, which plays an important part in keeping the brain and body in unison. As the brain starts getting affected by the debris build-up, the message via vagus nerve to various organs might be to slow them down, resulting in their lethargic action. Just like deep sleep, meditation also enables dissolution of memories. In fact, deep sleep and meditation have similar characteristics and it is quite possible that during meditation the flushing of toxins from the brain may also take place. A possible mechanism could be that since meditation results in the relaxation of brain, it may help in opening up the channels for flushing off the chemical debris. Memory is formed both by producing new neural pathways and certain chemical changes in the brain. Memory removal therefore is affected by changes in both these mechanisms. In deep meditation (where the focus is on a single thought for a long time), new neural pathways are formed and the old ones get dissolved. This dissolution may have a chemical signature thereby producing toxic debris which needs to be flushed out. How can we induce good sleep? Generally when the body is healthy and the person follows a good exercise regime, then this helps to produce deep sleep. Production of deep sleep can also be helped by meditation. Studies world over have shown that long term practice of meditation helps in toning both the mind and body. A good meditation practice to follow for quickly falling asleep is to close the eyes and focus attention onto the centre of forehead. This can be done just before going to sleep and also when one wakes up at night and has difficulty in falling asleep again.

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Charity Dinner In Aid Of Cavendish Cancer Care Netheredge Councillor, Nasima Akhter will be hosting a charity dinner for Cavendish Cancer Care on 7th April. The Dinner has been arranged by the Lord Mayor and community representatives. The aim of the evening is to raise awareness in the BME community, of the work and support offered to cancer patients, families and carers. At the moment there is a gap in the BME community using the free service provided by Cavendish Cancer Care free of charge service users.

Nether Edge Labour Party and Sheffield Labour Party women's officer Nasima Akther, celebrated the International Women's Day at the Heeley Swimming pool last month. It was a very successful event where over 30 local women got together and shared their views about local issues, women's health, ESOL classes and women's activity. There was an increase worry about funding cuts from central governments and how it will affect local organisations. Over all there was a sense of relief that Holt House and Carterknowle school was saved by the Nether Edge Councillors and Parents and governors.

MAN WITH A PRAM GIVES BOOST TO EL PASO CHARITY BASH Macmillan fundraiser John Burkhill and the Lord Mayor of Sheffield helped Cumberland Street’s El Paso raise a bumper amount for charity recently. Kind-hearted customers raised £800 for Macmillan at the restaurant’s 2nd birthday bash. John Burkhill, otherwise known as the ‘Mad

Man With The Pram’, was on fundraising duties throughout the night complete with his trademark green wig. El Paso’s Nasir Iqbal said: “I lost my mum to cancer and I’ll always be grateful to the Macmillan nurses for the care they gave. “I’m very glad the money raised at our night will go to help fund care for others.” The Cumberland Street restaurant originally opened its doors in January 2014 and has gone on to enjoy regular top reviews, host scores of live music nights and even organise a fundraiser for the city’s Women of Steel campaign. El Paso originally occupied much smaller premises next door. But the decision was made to transform the former Moorfoot Tavern into what has now become their new-look thriving eatery.

World Health Day 2016 Every year, the World Health About 347 million people world- propriate care. Not just a health issue Organization selects a priwide have diabetes But diabetes – the main ority area of global public There is an emerging global health concern as the theme epidemic of diabetes that can be forms of which are type 1 for World Health Day, which traced back to rapid increases in and type 2 diabetes – is not falls on 7 April, the birthday overweight, including obesity and just a health issue. Diabetes and its complicaof the Organization. physical inactivity. tions bring about substantial The theme for World Health Day 2016 will be diabetes, a noncommunica- economic loss to people with diabetes and their ble disease (NCD) directly impacting millions of families, and to health systems and national people of globally, mostly in low- and middle- economies through direct medical costs and loss of work and wages. income countries. Diabetes is a chronic, metabolic disease char- The main goals of the World Health Day 2016 campaign are to increase acterized by elevated levels of blood glucose which may There are two major forms of dia- awareness about the rise in betes diabetes, and its staggering over time lead to serious damage to the heart, blood Type 1 diabetes is characterized burden and consequences, vessels, eyes, kidneys, and by a lack of insulin production and in particular in low- and nerves. The prevalence of type 2 diabetes results from the middle-income countries; diabetes has been stead- body's ineffective use of insulin. and to trigger a set of specific, effective and affordable ily increasing in the past few decades, in particular in low- and middle- actions to tackle diabetes. These will include income countries. Knowledge exists to reverse steps to prevent diabetes and diagnose, treat this trend through targeted prevention and ap- and care for people with diabetes.

A third type of diabetes is gestational diabetes This type is characterized by hyperglycaemia, or raised blood sugar, with values above normal but below those diagnostic of diabetes, occurring during pregnancy. Women with gestational diabetes are at an increased risk of complications during pregnancy and at delivery. They are also at increased risk of type 2 diabetes in the future. Cardiovascular disease is responsible for between 50% and 80% of deaths in people with diabetes Diabetes has become one of the major causes of premature illness and death in most countries, mainly through the increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). In 2012 diabetes was the direct cause of 1.5 million deaths 80% of diabetes deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries In developed countries most people with diabetes are above the age of retirement, whereas in developing countries those most frequently affected are aged between 35 and 64.

Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, amputation and kidney failure Lack of awareness about diabetes, combined with insufficient access to health services and essential medicines, can lead to complications such as blindness, amputation and kidney failure. Type 2 diabetes is much more common than type 1 diabetes Type 2 accounts for around 90% of all diabetes worldwide. Reports of type 2 diabetes in children – previously rare – have increased worldwide. In some countries, it accounts for almost half of newly diagnosed cases in children and adolescents. Type 2 diabetes can be prevented Thirty minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most days and a healthy diet can drastically reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented. Diabetes is predicted to become the 7th leading cause of death in the world by the year 2030 Total deaths from diabetes are projected to rise by more than 50% in the next 10 years.

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RESULT Following the Taxi consultation meeting held last week and the emails that I sent to respective Cllrs. The Liberal Democrats put together the motion below to be presented at full Council meeting tomorrow led by Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed. It was announced on Mohammed Shafaqat Iman FM Drive Time that Sheffield City Council have withdrawn the issue of age and signage. We await official confirmation on the exact outcome. It is an excellent result of people coming together and working towards a common cause, with political pressure applied. Well done to Aftab Ahmed, Aamer Hanif, Lee Ward (ALPHA), Hameed Rehman (Taxi Talk), Muhammad Yasin (GMB), Hafaes Rehman (STTA), Mohammed Shafaqat (Drive Time) and Cllr Shaffaq for his lead on these contentious issues.

Production Of The New And Highly Secure £1 Coin Has Now Started The new £1 coins started rolling off the production line at a rate of over 4000 a minute, as the Chancellor, George Osborne, announced that they would enter circulation in March 2017. The current £1 coin is being replaced for the first time in over 30 years because of its vulnerability to sophisticated counterfeiters. The new 12-sided coin resembles the old ‘threepenny bit’ and will be the world’s most secure coin in circulation. Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne said: I am delighted that the Royal Mint are now producing the most secure circulating coin anywhere in the world. With ground-breaking technology, developed in Wales, the new coin will help secure our economy and get rid of counterfeits. In a year’s time, the new coin, which will incorporate emblems from all four of our home nations, will line millions of pockets and purses around the UK. Levels of counterfeit £1 coins have been as high as 3% in the past few years, equating to around 45 million coins. The new, highly secure coin will reduce the costs of counterfeits to businesses and the taxpayer. HM Treasury and The Royal Mint also announced that the new coin will be introduced in March 2017 and that there will be a six-month period of co-circulation, where the current £1 and the new £1 coins will both be in circulation. As with any re-coinage, all businesses that handle cash need to plan and prepare for the introduction of the new coins.

For those who said not to make it a political issue. Eventually politics has had the desired immediate outcome.

April is National Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, IBS Awareness Month, Stress Awareness Month, Mathematics Awareness Month, April 1st is National Walk to Work Day, 2nd-8th April - World Autism Awareness Week, 2nd April – International Children’s Book Day, 7th April – World Health Day, 11th -17th April – National Gardening Week, 18th-24th April – Parkinson’s Awareness Day, 22nd April – International Mother Earth Day, 23rd April – English Language Day, 23rd April –St Georges Day, 5th April – World Malaria Day


The consultation is still there, we all still need to respond and not rest on our laurels and think it is over. There are many issues still to fight for and I hope people are joining the Union or Associations, to make them stronger and more influential. Shahid Ali

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Rumi on Death Dr A Q Khan

In a column last year I had written about Jalaluddin Rumi. Now I would like to write about his approach towards death. Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi’s work is well known to those who speak Urdu and Persian. His ‘Masnavi’ is world famous and has been dubbed as “the Quran in the Persian Language”. Maulana Rumi and Omar Khayyam are the two Persian poets/writers who are extremely popular in the West and whose works have been translated into a number of European languages. Omar Khayyam’s work (‘Rubaiyat’) consists of romantic poetry while Jalaluddin Rumi’s work is spiritual and highly instructive. First some information on the life of Rumi. He was born Muhammad Jalaluddin, but was commonly known as Maulana Rumi. He was born in 1207 in Balkh and belonged to the family of the first caliph, Abu Bakr. He was the grandson of King Khwarism Shah and his father was Shaikh Bahauddin. In 1213 the family migrated to Neshapur and there Rumi met the most famous, illustrious religious scholar of his time, Shaikh Fariduddin Attar, who presented his famous book, ‘Asrar Nama’, to him. Rumi married at the age of 18 and when he was 25 they migrated to Damascus for higher learning and from there to Konia. It was here that he met the famous saint, Shams Tibriz, and became his disciple. His famous Masnavi was written in 1263 and he died in 1273 in Konia at the age of 68 and was buried there. Rumi’s style of writing in the Masnavi is very interesting and captivating. His descriptive essays are highly instructive and laced with invaluable

comments, suggestions and advice. According to Maulana Shah Hakim Muhammad Akhtar, no other book in Persian contains such complicated and difficult matters, yet these are dealt with in simplicity and lucidity. It is not only a book of philosophy, but also one of learning, faith and spirituality. Those who are familiar with the works of Shaikh Sadi will notice a certain resemblance between the writings of these two great saints. Maulana Rumi’s love and devotion to Almighty Allah was profound and manifests itself in the following verse: “When I am offering prayers, by God, I don’t know which part I am in and who is the Imam.”

Four books from Iran are well known all over the world – ‘Shahnama’ by Firdausi, ‘Gulistan-e-Sadi’ by Shaikh Sadi, ‘Dewan-e-Hafiz’ by Hafiz Shirazi and ‘Masnavi Rumi’. The number of verses in the Masnavi is 12,666. Because of the way Maulana Rumi became entranced and fluently narrated these verses, it was believed that they were inspired by divine guidance. Those of us who regularly read the Holy Quran with translation so we are able to understand

the meaning, are familiar with the edicts set by Almighty Allah, one of them being that all living things will one day die, at a time and place ordained by Allah. They also know that we will be raised again on the Day of Judgement and will be asked to answer for all our deeds. These deeds will decide our destination – heaven or hell. This process of rebirth has been explained by Allah Almighty in simple terms; He tells us how clouds are formed, how they are laden with water, how they are carried by wind currents to predetermined places and how the rain falls to turn dry lands into lush green ones. This process is referred to more than once. We are told that after death, we will be raised again in a similar way. This phenomenon of dying and rising again has been beautifully described as follows in ‘When I Die’ in Rumi’s Masnavi: “When my coffin is being taken out, you must never think I am missing this world. Don’t shed any tears, don’t lament or feel sorry: I am not falling into a monster’s abyss. When you see my corpse being carried, don’t cry for my leaving. I am not leaving: I am arriving at eternal love. When you leave me in the grave, don’t say goodbye: remember a grave is only a curtain for the paradise behind. You’ll only see me descending into a grave: now watch me rise. “How can there be an end when the sun sets or the moon goes down? It looks like the end, it looks like a sunset, but in reality it is dawn. When the grave locks you up, that is when your soul is freed. Have you ever seen a seed fallen to earth, not rise with a new life? Why should you doubt the rise of a seed named human? Have you ever seen a bucket lowered into a well coming back empty? Why lament for a soul when it can come back like Joseph from the well. When, for the last time, you close your mouth, your words and soul will belong to the world of no place no time.” What a beautiful way to describe our departure from earth to the Almighty.

Incidentally, most of the Muslims in Bhopal State were Pathans – Yousufzai/Orakzai – from Tirah. During the reign of the Moghul king, Auranzeb Alamgir, one Sardar Dost Muhammad Khan went to Delhi from Tirah and joined the Moghul army. As he was a brave warrior and showed his mettle in many wars, Aurangzeb appointed him as ‘qiledar’ (brigadier commander) of the Raisen Fort, 25 miles from Bhopal City in Central India. This post served the Moghul armies with reinforcements when they marched towards Deccan, where they were always at war with local Muslim rulers. After Aurangzeb’s death, the Moghul Empire

broke apart and the local rulers/commanders became independent. And Sardar Dost Muhammad Khan became ruler of the area. He then invited many tribal groups from Tirah to join him. Later, by a twist of fate, he was given sovereignty of the State of Bhopal by Rani Kamla Pati. Pathans were never afraid of death and when somebody in the family died, there was never any crying or wailing. It was simply accepted and Tilawat-e-Quran and Fateha offered for the departed soul. Email:

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Public WiFi not Secure as you think to steal information, The increase of broadband rollAn explosive matchup of identity ouror out and the growth of WiFi in passwords and money from the or insecure public spacesown is providingworld-class society users who use public very fighter, with the huge benefit of access wi-fi connections. Amir Khan is easily. happening in May. The important thing is to distinto the Internet quickly and guish if the public WiFi you are But not all WiFi is as secure as we The British superstar former secure and not public. might think it is. Europol’s Cyber- using isand When you connect to it, if it crime Division warns that attacks Unified Super Lightweight World are rising on public WiFi and are requires a security access password, it means it is secure but if a major security risk. Amir “King” Champion Khan will In the UK, key cities like London, you can just connect to it with no face current WBA International it is insecure. Manchester and Birmingham are password, increasing public WiFi access, Something known as ‘man-inWelterweight Luisto the-middle’ is being applied whilst restaurants, cafes andchampion bars are also keen provide free commit these attacks on public Collazo in the 12 round event. networks. Where, the hackers WiFi to attract customers. passed beFor mostlooking smartphone forward users capture data "I'm to being fighting public WiFi is always seen as a tween a user of the public WiFi the Internet. greatLas way ofVegas saving dataonce usage and in again, andAttacks myof included in their phone tariffs these kind are targeting people intention 3 istheyto makewitha a communicate but if you are goingon to useMay public when WiFi for personal transactions, bank, do online shopping or log statement thatthisI inbelong to social mediaon sites. this sensitive data and banking, may not be the best method. big stage," said Khan. We are now seeing an increase Therefore, it is important to be vigilant whenoff using in the misuse of wi-fi, inmight order extremely "Luis Collazo be coming of a big win, but I am in incredible shape and am ready for this challenge. A win on May 3 is what I need to prove that I truly am one of the best welterweights in the sport." A British standout who represented his nation in the 2004


Olympic Games, where he won a silver medal, Bolton's Amir "King" Khan (28-3, 19 KOs) went from local hero to international star when he won his first world title at 140 pounds in 2009.After five successful defences that included wins over Marcos Maidana, Paulie Malignaggi and Zab Judah, Khan lost An explosive matchup of our own world-class fighter, his title by way of avery controAmir Khan is happening in May. British superstar and former versial decision to The Lamont Unified Super Lightweight World Amir “King” Khan will Peterson in 2011. Champion Winner face current WBA International Welterweight of two straight over Car- champion Luis Collazo in the 12 round event. "I'm looking los Molina and Julio Diazforward to fighting in Las Vegas once again, and my since, the flashy,intention flamon May 3 is to make a statement that I belong on this boyant 27-year-old boxbig stage," said Khan. "Luis Collazo might be coming off er-puncher is nowof a bigcamwin, but I am in incredible shape and am ready for this chalpaigning at welterweight, lenge. A win on May 3 is what I need to prove that I truly am one where he seeks championof the best welterweights in the sport." ship gold once again. A British standout who repre-

public WiFi and only use it for non-sensitive data activity if you are unsure about it’s security. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe when using public WiFi: Always use reputable internet security software on all your devices including your laptop, PC, MAC, tablets and smartphone. If a WiFi connection does not require a password, it is insecure. So, don’t send any confidential information over this network e.g. username, passwords, private data etc. Look for public places that do offer free WiFi but require a password which you obtain from them. Look out for the https in the web address in your browser and the padlock symbol when using websites for personal transactions. Always check your credit card or debit bills for any odd transactions, especially if you use public WiFi a lot. Always keep your device software up-to-date especially if security updates are available. Security using the Internet has been and always will be an issue as hackers find new ways of executing attacks but as long as you stick to the rules of keeping your confidential data secure, you can lower he chances of experiencing theft of your data.

Olympic Games, where he won a silver medal, Bolton's Amir "King" Khan (28-3, 19 KOs) went from local hero to international star when he won his first world title at 140 pounds in 2009.After five successful defences that included wins over Marcos Maidana, Paulie Malignaggi and Zab Judah, Khan lost his title by way of a controversial decision to Lamont Peterson in 2011. Winner of two straight over Carlos Molina and Julio Diaz since, the flashy, flamboyant 27-year-old boxer-puncher is now campaigning at welterweight, where he seeks championsented his nation in the 2004 ship gold once again.

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