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Davis Release shows Public Sector Cuts: the failure of PakiThe Worst is Yet to Come stan’s political system As the harsh reality of public spending cuts hits this week, Patrick Butler warns that the pain is just beginning.

Calamitous as they may seem, the spending reductions that begin to take hold on Friday are only the start. The first cuts – outlined in our analysis inside – may well be the deepest, but they will not be the last, and nor will delivering them be the only challenge facing public services. The UK's public services

are about to step into a long age of austerity that will present them with twin agendas, both requiring unprecedented skill and ingenuity: to manage the cuts in as clever, socially just and strategic a way as possible; and to design and create affordable and innovative ways of meeting social need. It might be tempting to

assume that the worst is over. The finance director's spreadsheet might suggest the spending cuts trajectory is "smoother" in future years. But how many of the thousands of cuts plans lined up for implementation on 1 April will be neat and self-contained?

Public sector cuts: What we know so far Sector Total Cuts The NHS £20bn Housing £5.8bn Disability services £4.4bn Local government administration £3.4bn Criminal justice £3bn Adult social care £1.2bn Children's services £819m Libraries, swimming pools and parks £350m Homelessness sector £211m Rubbish and street repairs £165m Domestic violence services £36m Drugs and alcohol £9m Mental health services 15.00%

Whatever the justification Davis’s release is more proof of the Pakistan Government’s subservience to America The release from Pakistani custody of the American Raymond Davis encapsulates the problem with the Pakistani politics. Davis killed 2 Pakistani citizens in broad daylight in the city of Lahore, another was killed by Davis’ accomplice whilst trying to save Davis

from arrest. The details of the case are well known what is also well known is the American effort to get him freed. Some say Davis was a CIA agent, others say that he was working... Cont Page 10...

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Cllr Mohammad Maroof

Addressed The Sheffield City Council Cllr Mohammad Maroof addressed the Sheffield City Council by congratulating Cllr Talib Hussain on his maiden speech and by thanking constituents from central ward who came and waited all afternoon to listen the debate on an important issue. Cllr Maroof said it is a great privilege for me to address the Council and I am proud to represent Central Ward, for all of us, the opportunity to work for our constituents is an honour and I will fight tirelessly for everyone living in my ward. I am also privileged to represent

a diverse ward with such a wide range of people, Pakistani, Kashmiri and Bangladeshi Community in Sharrow and Highfield, Somali and Arabs communities in Broomhall, from white working class estates to middle class people across the ward and student areas in and around the city centre, they all are dear to my heart. I will represent all of these people to the best of my ability. It is quite appropriate that I am making my first speech in the chamber on this issue where tenants. Cont P10...

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JKLF Prime Minister Sardar Atteeque and the Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Self Determination Movement europe Raja Najabat Hussain in Islamabad.

There will be a delegation of MPs departing for Kashmir in April and there will be a number of conference held in Kashmir and Pakistan.

Major Revisions in Freedom Bill Murderers, rapists, robbers and thieves could get away scot-free if the Government presses ahead with civil liberties plans to limit DNA and CCTV use, according to South Yorkshire’s highestranking policeman. Chief Constable Med Hughes is the first top officer in the country to voice his fears over the Government’s Protection of Freedoms Bill. He claims civil liberties are being put before crime-fighting - and warned the security of the country is at risk. Chf Con Hughes said he is concerned that, if the Bill gets approved, thousands of fingerprints and DNA samples taken from people arrested but not charged will be deleted from police databases. And he said he is “very worried” by suggestions put forward by politicians, including the introduction of a code of practice for CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera systems. A new ‘Surveillance Camera Commissioner’ would oversee new rules and make it more dif-

ficult for CCTV and ANPR to be used. But Chf Con Hughes warned the move would make life easier for criminals. Speaking exclusively to The Star, Chf Con Hughes said: “I am very worried about some of the provision contained within the Freedoms Bill. I do wonder whether those writing these proposals have, perhaps, listened to civil rights lawyers rather than listening to what the public want. “These proposals will increase bureaucracy and seem to reduce the security of the public on the basis of philosophy rather that the practical understanding of the way terrorism is fought in this country. The proposal to stop our country holding the DNA of those arrested may well lead to murders and serious crimes being unsolved in the future. The proposals in the Freedoms Bill seem to me to tip the balance in favour of the criminal - and I don’t believe the public’s interests are being well served by these changes.”

Chf Con Hughes said he was “disappointed” the proposals had been put forward without politicians speaking to police chiefs first. CCTV and ANPR are not just vital in murder inquiries, for example, but to ensure the public feel safe and secure the rest of the time.” When Nick Clegg revealed details of the Bill he said “sweeping reforms will put an end to unwarranted local authority snooping and unnecessary scrutiny of individuals”. He described the Bill as the coalition Government’s “commitment to restore hardwon British liberties”. A Lib Dem spokeswoman said: “The Freedom Bill is about restoring centuries old British liberties. “The police will always ask for more powers, but it is the role of government to find the right balance between the power of the state and the freedom of its citizens, and we believe the Labour government got this wrong.”

Britain Beaten By Germany In Popularity Contest

Britain has been named as the second most popular nation in the world – being pipped to the top spot only by old rivals Germany. It is the highest ever rating for Britain in the BBC World Service Country Rating Poll. Last year, it was placed third. Almost 29,000 people worldwide were asked to rate the positive and negative influence of 16 major nations. Britain’s positive rating for 2011 was 58 per cent, up from 53 per cent in 2010. Negative views of Britain decreased by two per cent, now standing at 17 per cent. Of the 27 countries polled, 24 were positive towards Britain while two, Pakistan and Mexico, have overall negative views. Those with the most positive views of Britain were in the United States, at 80 per cent.

They were followed by Australia at 79 per cent and Canada at nearly 70 per cent. Germany was the most positively viewed nation, with 62 per cent of those surveyed rating its influence as positive. A spokesman for Globescan, the company which carried out the survey, said: “To some degree everyone has done better this year – a reversal of the trend last year when the economic crisis affected ratings. “Aside from last year’s slump, for the UK the aftermath of Iraq is receding. It’s our role on the world stage. We were seen to play a prominent role in the aftermath of the financial crisis. We are high profile as a successful, democratic, stable, developed country with relatively little baggage.” He said Germany continued to benefit

from its reputation as a wealthy nation. “In terms of lifestyle and its high-quality products, Germany has a successful image and doesn’t have the baggage that countries like the US and China have, which can be seen as culturally controversial,” he said. Canada was the third most popular of the countries polled, followed by Japan, France and Brazil. The US came seventh ahead of China, South Africa and India. The three most negatively viewed countries saw their average ratings drop significantly. Iran was bottom of the poll with its negative rating at 59 per cent, up three points since last year, North Korea’s negative rating was up six points at 55 per cent. Pakistan’s negative rating was up five points at 56 per cent.

Across the country party planners will be closing their streets and celebrating the royal wedding of His Royal Highness Prince William and Kate Middleton on 29 April. The extra bank holiday this year provides the perfect opportunity for Sheffielders to organise a street

party. Sheffield City Council are providing a set of instructions to help local people celebrate in style. Street parties are a traditional part of community life and are open for anyone to join in. They are a great way to meet neighbours and mix with ther people within the commu-

nity. To apply for a street party in your area please visit www. and complete the application form. This should be submitted as soon as possible before the event as applications require at least 2 weeks to process.

Royal Wedding 29/04/11


Why Could KalaBagh

Dam Not Be Built? It is not correct to say that the Energy Sector was neglected during my tenure. Energy Sector was given the high priority it warranted. Facts which are visible on ground are being distorted or misinterpreted, either on purpose or due to lack of knowledge. Some pertinent details are given below for your reference: Till 2002 we were surplus in electricity by up to 1,200 MW due to poor economic conditions and negligible development in Pakistan throughout the 90’s. Under contractual obligations, we had to pay through our nose to IPPs for this excess power that we could not utilize. From 2002 onwards our industry grew in double figures at about 15% annually. There was tremendous economic/ commercial activity and about 125,000 villages were electrified in 6 years (as opposed to the 1,500 villages per year in the past). All this growth put pressure on our electricity generation capacity. However alongside this demand surge, total generation capacity between 2002 and 2007 was increased by about 3,700MW. This was the reason why despite development, power shortages and loadsheding were unknown

until late 2007. This was no mean achievement. I agree that we should have moved even faster to keep pace with the unprecedented upsurge in economy and rapid industrialization in the country. However we need to understand that the installation of generation capacity has to be balanced with the actual demand of the users. Otherwise, the imbalance places a heavy and avoidable pressure on the exchequer which has to pay power producers for their idle capacity. The demand by 2008 had grown unprecedentedly by 5,000MW. Therefore we suffered a total shortfall of about 1,300MW in spite of the additional 3,700MW that were added to the national grid. We initiated projects to meet even this shortfall that are coming on line now (Chichonkimalian-450MW, Nandipur-450MW, Chashma Power Plant-350MW). Today, the main problem being faced by the public is not due to deficiency of power but an inability to utilise 18,000MW of existing electricity production capacity. This is due to reduction in industrial/commercial activity and a circular debt problem whereby the power generators

By: Pervez Musharraf have reduced generation for not having their bills paid. It is indeed my regret that Kalabagh dam could not be started. I and my team tried our level best to take both the provinces of NWFP and Sindh along towards agreeing to construct Kalabagh. I spoke out in public gatherings and all my media interactions in order to evolve a consensus in support for the Kalabagh Dam. I constituted a political committee (headed by Mr. Nisar Memon), and a high powered Technical Committee comprising experts in this field from all the provinces under the Chairmanship of an expert of high standing (Mr. ANG Abbassi). The Planning Commission kept adequate allocation to commence construction of the Kalabagh Dam in the PSDP. Unfortunately the project was so misunderstood, politicized and riddled with suspicions, particularly in Sindh, that all political leaders became vehemently against it. Inaction was on account of advice of political leaders. We however did initiate the Bhasha Dam, which is a reasonable substitute.

JANTELA PARTNERSHIPS Working together, Working better Founded in 2007 by 5 refugee and migrant organisations, Jantela Partnerships (meaning “umbrella” in Amharic, one of the languages spoken in Ethiopia) has grown with funding from the Big Lottery Fund (BASIS 2) to 14 partner organisations across Yorkshire & Humber. Set up to provide regional coordination and support to locally based refugee/migrant voluntary sector organisations; Jantela’s goal of ‘working together; we’re working better’ is to create new services, help re-configure services, attract funders and share resources. Jantela Partnership’s new website went live on 22 December 2010. It is more interactive than the old site with an area highlighting news both from our partners and other key agencies; downloadable documents and a twitter feed.

Examples of the type of support Partner comment… (From 2010 project evaluation report) provided by Jantela to partners: “… In the present economic cliSheffield Association for Vol- mate it is very difficult for small untary Teaching of English organisations to cope with these (SAVTE), recruits and trains changes….we strongly depend volunteers to teach English to on Jantela and in the last 12 mths excluded groups such as refugees they have had a successful record & asylum seekers. They have in helping its members. …. We received support in sourcing and appreciate what Jantela has done completing funding applications; for us” training for staff on accounting We offer advice on funding, fipackages and financial/account- nance, governance and office systems to partner organisations; ing advice. Refugee & Asylum Seeker Ad- who benefit from opportunities vocacy Project (RASA) based in for partnership working and colWakefield offers a range of serv- laboration on consortium bids ices to support refugees and asy- whilst still keeping their individlum seekers eg advice on welfare ual identity. Our partners provide benefits, employment, health and a range of services to support the housing. Jantela have supported regions refugee and migrant comRASA by providing training for munities. their board of trustees in roles and For more information visit: responsibilities and a review of governance documentation.

Volleyball Tournament in Sheffield

A National level Volleyball Tournament was played in Sheffield last Sunday. Teams from all over UK travelled including Glasgow, Birmingham, Oldham. A total of 16 teams participated. Birmingham and Sheffield teams

reached the Final. Both teams played extremely well but on the day Sheffield Stars shined Mohammed Fiaz and Waseem from Manchester outplayed Birmingham and Fiaz won man of the match award. The tournament

was organised by Nazir Ahmed and Executive Committee from Sheffield. Awards were give by Cllr Ibrar Hussain and a Trophy was also given to M Fiaz by ILM NEWS.



£68M SCHOOL IMPROVEMENTS Local Liberal Democrat Councillors on Sheffield City Council have revealed that a £68m programme of local school building improvements will go ahead. It had previously been claimed by Labour that six schools receiving funding under Building Schools for the Future would face reductions of 40%.

However, after intense lobbying by Lib Dem councillors, Partnership for Schools, who administer the fund, have accepted savings from the six projects of under 4%. These reductions will be met largely from efficiency savings and will mean little impact to outcomes of the investment. Work on the six schools

So far across Sheffield, 80 people have been arrested in relation to the supply of controlled drugs, gangrelated activity and violent crime. The majority of those arrested have been charged with offences and are either remanded in custody or are on strict bail conditions before their

next appearance at court. A small number of individuals have been bailed to return to police stations whilst potential charges are considered by the Crown Prosecution Service. This is an ongoing operation and more arrests are anticipated in the coming days.

Since 2001,the US has given Pakistan at least $22 billion in aid, so Americans certainly should expect something in return. That’s nearly enough money to erase one American States budget deficit. The US is complaining that the money is going on lining the pockets of senior political and military leader and to train and equip the Pakistani military to fight al Qaeda yet al Qaeda is still there. More so they accuse Pakistan to have its own agenda to upgrade its military in the unlikely

event of war with India. Now the US was in uproar over the detention of Raymond Davis, one man against the countless Pakistanis held in US prisons. The Economic Survey of Pakistan 2010, which estimates economic losses due to the war on terror at over $43 billion between 2001 and 2010, considers lost exports, damage and destruction to infrastructure, diversion of budgetary resources, capital and human flight and exchange rate depreciation. Pakistan has lost

is going ahead as scheduled. The six schools Bradfield, Handsworth Grange, Notre Dame, Birley, Meadowhead, and Westfield have put forward savings between 3% and 5%. The investment will be used to improve the buildings and IT systems for the schools.

Crime Update

Is Pakistan a Bad Investment For U.S?

HAVE YOUR SAY IN LOCAL ELECTIONS Sheffielders will be able to have their say in how their city is run in May’s elections and also on the UK ’s Parliamentary future voting system. This year’s local council elections will be held on Thursday 5 May, with a third of Sheffield ’s seats being contested – a total of 28 altogether. The Government has also decided that a referendum on the voting system to the UK Parliament should be held on the same day. Polling cards for the local elections and the referendum are due to be distributed over the next couple of weeks, but the booklets giving information about

the referendum will follow early next month. Local councils are responsible for a wide range of services that you use and rely on every day - from housing to street lighting, education to pub licensing, parking to sports facilities, and park maintenance to care for the elderly. That’s why your vote can make a real difference. The deadline for any requests for new postal votes or to change or cancel an existing postal vote or proxy appointment is Thursday 14 April at 5pm. Forms can be requested by contacting the Electoral Services Office on 0114 273 4093.

Burngreave labour Councillor Ibrar Hussain has started a campaign with other colleague’s to help support him having direct flights to Saudi Arabian airlines in the north of england ie manchester/ leeds bradford airports. Cllr Ibrar Hussain has contacted local MP’s and is asking everyone to join him across all political parties to help bring this very important service to people of sheffield( south yorkshire). Cllr Ibrar Hussain is asking all ILM readers to write to your local MP/ Councillor. Cllr Ibrar Hussain said “Many constituents in my ward and across sheffield value this very important direct flights to saudi arabia for umrah and hajj. I will be writing to my local mp and I urge others to do the same”. Anyone can contact him at the following address: Council-

lor Ibrar Hussain, Councillor for Burngreave Ward, Sheffield City Council, Labour Group Office, Sheffield, S1 2HH. Office: 01142735588. Tel: 07866571750. Email: ibrar.hussain@sheffield. “We want saudi airlines to provide direct flights from north of england ie manchester airport/ leeds/bradford airports, direct flights to the holy land. Direct flights are now only available from heathrow airport for saudi arabia” “ I have now set up a petition for everyone to sign and support this noble cause and I want people to help me get as many signatures as possible via internet,outside mosques sign on hard copies” Please sign the petition online now at http://www.gopetition. com/petition/43935.html

Your Cllr Working for You

over 3,000 soldiers, 10,000 civilian live and the countless people have been displaced. The cost of war has no doubt out weighed the aid making the aid insufficient for the price Pakistan has to pay for cooperation with the US. The USA has spent over $1,000 billion on the war against terrorism since 2001 and still gained no control, and yet they want accountability and answers for why $22 billion to assist Pakistan has not given the results they hoped.

Supermoon If you missed it, it was indeed a sight to be seen and a confirmation of the vastness and greatness of this universe we live in. The phenomenon which is also known as Lunar Perigee scientifically and so obvious to the naked eye proved the moon to be closer to the earth that usual. It is in fact at the same distance as its always been but the oval shape of the moon meant the bigger area face was towards the earth at that time. It is an ellipse with one side about 50,000 km closer to Earth than the other. That means we saw 14% percent more of the moon than usual. The Moon is the “closest” it has been to Earth since 1993, making it a so-called Supermoon and increasing its gravitational effect on the tides. Many astrologers have linked the Japan earthquake and subsequent tsunami to the closeness of the Moon to the Earth. The phenomena caused irregular tides all over the world, with unlikely things being washed up on shore, including almost 100 second world war bombs being washed up on a beach. Several ships have been reported being grounded offshore around the UK and many scientists have argued a correlation with natural disasters including earthquakes and tsunamis occurring within a few days of a supermoon occurring but this has not yet been proved as the cause.

Care for the Whole Community LIKE many other people throughout Sheffield, Bashir Khan admits that he was intrigued by what actually happens at St Luke’s Hospice. He had a good idea of what the hospice movement is about but it wasn’t until he had first hand experience of the high level of St Luke’s service that he could fully appreciate what that service actually entails. But now, after seeing for himself what St Luke’s has to offer to all the people of Sheffield, he has taken that knowledge back to the city’s Muslim community and actively encouraged them to add their support to one of Sheffield’s most popular charities. For Mr Khan, the real turning point was visiting his mother, Mrs Ghulam Jannat, when she became a patient in the St Luke’s In-Patient Unit. “I had been curious about it but seeing the level of care my mother received was very important,” says retired city councillor Mr Khan. “She was looked after so very well and she was happy there – she never made any complaints. “My wife was not well at the time so there was nobody at home to

look after my mother in the way she was looked after at the hospice.” Throughout Mrs Jannat’s final days, the family were able to make daily visits, finding out for themselves that the St Luke’s approach embraces not only the patient but also the entire family. And when Mrs Jannat finally died, the whole family

UK aid to Pakistan could more than double, reaching 446 million pounds a year, under plans announced by the International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell. Half of the investment would be on education, one of Pakistan’s greatest weaknesses. More than 40% of children under 9 here don’t go to school. Some of those who do find no one to teach them - a phenomenon known as ‘ghost schools’. The UK aims to supply 6 million sets of text books, train 90,000 teachers and get an extra 4 million children into schools over the next 4 years. The new aid programme has ambitious targets well beyond the classroom - to save the lives of 110,000 children by expanding community health services, prevent 3,600 mothers dying in childbirth, and get anoth-

er 2 million people to vote in the next general election. Officials stress that UK tax payers will be watching, and will need to be convinced that Pakistan deserves the extra help. The government has outlined plans to stop direct development aid to 16 countries and freeze the level of assistance given to India. But there will be more for Bangladesh, Nigeria and Pakistan as aid is “tightly focused” on those most in need. International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell said the changes showed “compassion” as they would help the world’s poorest people. The Department for International Development’s overall £7.8bn budget has been unaffected by the government’s deficit-cutting measures. But the UK will stop direct aid to 16 countries, including Rus-

was present to share her final moments. “Throughout that time, everything we asked for, the nursing staff said okay,” Mr Khan recalls. “They did everything they could for us, not just myself but my whole family, our children, our close friends. “Everybody

said that were very pleased because my mother was in the right place, where she could be looked after.”Prompted by that high level of treatment, and also by the fact that another member of the city’s Muslim community died in the hospice not long after, Mr Kahn decided that he wanted to do something to raise awareness of St Luke’s services and also raise some money for the charity. He went and spoke to the head of the Madina Mosque, on Wolseley Road, and put to him the suggestion that there should be a collection. That first fund-raising effort raised a marvellous £700 in less than one hour and Mr Khan now hopes to organise other fundraising events for the hospice. “I understand now that St Luke’s is not part of the National Health Service and that it is a charity that mostly depends on donations,” he says. “And we also know now that St Luke’s really is for everybody, for all the people of Sheffield!” For further information call John Highfield on 0114 2357559 or email:

More Development Aid

sia, China, Vietnam, Serbia and Iraq. Some, such as Vietnam and Bosnia, are seen to have “graduated” out of poverty. Others are judged to be adequately served by United Nations agencies. Five countries will have their budgets increased substantially: Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Pakistan. In a statement, Mr Mitchell told the House of Commons: “We have decided to focus British aid more tightly on countries where Britain is well-placed to have a significant long-term impact on poverty.” He said the funding changes would be a “phased process”. Mr Mitchell added: “I believe that the millions of pounds given around the world will make this country proud.” Source: BBC

770 miles of Sheffield’s roads to be fixed The Coalition Government has today confirmed funding for a £2.1bn pound scheme to improve Sheffield’s roads. The Streets Ahead scheme has been given the green light with around £600m of PFI funding from central government. The total value of the PFI scheme is £2.1bn over 25 years. The scheme will fix more than 770 miles of road in Sheffield, as well as 350 bridges and

replacing 69,000 street lights. The Government has also confirmed a £150,000 grant to press ahead with developing a continentalstyle tram-train linking Sheffield and Rotherham. Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Liberal Democrat Cabinet member for Communities, said: “I’m delighted that the Coalition Government has delivered the required investment for all of

Sheffield’s roads to be repaired, after decades of Labour politicians allowing our roads to crumble away. Despite the squeeze on public spending brought about by Labour, Sheffield will see hundreds of millions extra spent on bringing streets up to standard from Spring 2012 thanks to Liberal Democrats both in the Town Hall and in Government. The end of Pothole City is in sight.

SHEFFIELD IS UK ’S LEADING SOLAR CITY A world leading energy and climate change firm has revealed that Sheffield is the leading city in the UK for the micro-generation of green energy through solar panels.Sheffield is generating

1.07MW of energy through Photovoltaic Solar Panels, is the leading city and is second out of all local authorities in the UK. The Lib Dem Climate Change fund has made £100,000’s available

to local groups over the last two years for projects to reduce carbon emissions. Dozens of groups have taken advantage to fund the installation of solar panels and other green measures.




Q & A on PROPERTY LAW Mohammed Nazir Solicitor

by: Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant Mark Jenkinson & Son We are going through what can only be described as history in the making, the like of which we may not see again in our lifetime. The world is changing and the property market is no different. There are many Middle Eastern investors who have invested heavily in British property, in particular around London. The British property market has been seen by many overseas investors as a safe haven, and many people from all over the world bring their wealth here which for many years has contributed to strong prices in the south of the country, even now we are seeing property prices in and around London rising. There are two scenarios which may develop as a result of the changing climate in the world, one is that investment will continue as investors become fear-

ful of investing in their own countries, and see investment here as being safe. Alternatively we may see a reduction in investment as new governments restrict overseas investment in favour of internal investment. Whichever way you look at it the current situation is certainly having a bearing on many contemporary property issues. As capital becomes difficult to source through the banking system, the existing stock is beginning to see a rise in rental prices, again quite a strong attraction for overseas investors. The crisis in the Middle East and other parts of the world with the potential of rising commodity prices to include oil has in my opinion seen many people in this country become very cautious. There are too many issues which are coming together,

which are causing tension in the Q I have a leasehold propproperty market. We need staerty and I want to extend the bility to bring back confidence kitchen. Can I do this? in the market for people to reA You can do the extenengage. sion but make sure you have The best way to describe the planning permission for this British property market is that and you have taken the coninvestors consider it a strong sent of the Landlord because investment, in a safe environusually there is a provision ment, and eventually they will in the Lease that if you want see capital gains. to do any structural changes Although it is difficult at the you need permission from the moment to see the light at the Landlord. end of the tunnel, I believe we Q If I am buying a propare heading in the right direcerty and I am waiting for my tion. mortgage offer. Can I exIf you want to contact me I am change contracts without a a consultant at Mark Jenkinson mortgage offer? and Son, telephone number: A You should not exchange 0114 2760151/0787 9015095, contracts without a mortgage and will be more than happy to offer in place otherwise you advise on any property issues could be in breach of contract you may have. Please feel free as there is the possibility that to contact me or through ILM, and do keep requesting topics you want me to write about. Report By: Z. Naqvi

Bradford primary set to expand classes over a five-year period A five-year plan is proposed to expand a Bradford primary school to help plug the district’s shortfall in places. Plans have been submitted to Bradford Council to begin a five-phase extension at Thornton Primary, beginning with a new classroom being built for September. It will see the school go from a two-form to a three-form entry school, with the number of new starters increas-

ing from 60 to 90. Headteacher Adrian Cogill said: “This year the work will involve an extra classroom. In subsequent years there will be a new building for Years 5 and 6 and an extra reception classroom. “While that work is being done, some of the classrooms that are a bit smaller will be made bigger. “It’s a case of expanding the school to make sure we have the accommodation for

Head of Property/Immigration, Wosskow Brown

three-form entry and bringing up to standard the rest of the school.” The school was oversubscribed last September and it already has 90 pupils in reception and Year 1. To cope with recent increases, a double portable classroom was added to the school grounds. Another portable building is used jointly as a children’s centre and as a ‘nurturing room’ for children who need extra support.

Family Time events Event

Britian’s got Asian Talent show was organised by Mercury Malik in Bradford where many well known artists and actors performed including Bonafide, Navin Kundra, Hot Fashion Show by Mevish and Catwalk Crew, MC Sifty and many more, stand up comedy was performed by Nadeem Needoo. The show was sponsored by many established businessess. DVD’s go on sale for £20, contact Mercury Malik on 07870762737.





































































































Monday 11th April

10.00am – 1.00pm

Darnall Children’s Centre Staniforth Road Sheffield S9 4RA

A family fun activity! Come along and take part in activities, explore the Little Library Bus and have something nice to eat!

Tuesday 12th April

1.00pm – 4.00pm

189 Centre Blackstock Road, Gleadless Community Forum 189 Blackstock Road Sheffield S14 1FX

Want to help make a giant piece of art? Come along and work with Art in the Park to create a giant story book, try your hand at illustration.

Saturday 16th April

12.00am – 3.00pm

Firth Park (St Catherine’s Entrance) Ever wanted to make a den? St Catherine's Road Join Art in the Park to create some exciting dens in Firth Sheffield S5 6HH Park and then join in a poetry session.

Tuesday 19th April

11.00am – 12.00pm & 1.00pm – 2.00pm

The Furnival 199 Verdon Street Burngreave. Sheffield S3 9QQ

Family fun for all ages. Ever wanted to try your hand at African Drumming? Come along and have a go! Have you got the rhythms! For younger children there is also singing, stories and puppets!

Wednesday 20th April

11.00am – 12.00pm & 1.30pm – 2.30pm

The Gallery Sheffield Cathedral, Church Street Sheffield S1 1HA

An exciting workshop allowing families of all ages to come along and mould their own hands and feet, creating a trail throughout the Cathedral.

Thursday 2nd June

11.00am – 12.00pm

Oasis Meadowhall Shopping Centre Sheffield S9 1EP

In partnership with Meadowhall come and join us to celebrate 'Family Time'. Take part in singing rhymes and songs and listening to stories.

































All events are free of charge and aimed at families with children aged 0-13 years. For more information please telephone 0114 2930984 or just come along on the day!

Q I have been offered to buy my council house from the local Council what should I do? A. Please complete the offer form and send it to Local Council’s relevant department with your solicitors details. Please note you should also have the home buyer’s survey before accepting this offer. Q Why do Solicitors conduct searches before exchange of contact? A. Search results provide information from different departments about the property and if there are any concerns then these could be remedied or dealt with. If there are any dangers or apprehensions the same could be raised with you and the mortgage lender.

Britian’s Got Asian Talent



the mortgage lender could refuse to make the mortgage offer. Therefore you would be without funds and you would be in breach of contract resulting in you losing your deposit. Q If I am buying a leasehold property and my solicitor has mentioned that there is a missing landlord what should I do? A If there is a missing landlord you can ask the sellers solicitors to purchase indemnity insurance for an absent landlord policy and this will cover any losses to yourself in the future. The solicitor should also make sure that he asks for six years ground rent from the vendor solicitors.


Be Wary of Census Scams Rotherham Borough Council Trading Standards team have issued a warning to residents to alert them and advise them to protect themselves against bogus callers posing as Census collectors. The warnings come after Leicestershire County Council Trading Standards received a complaint from a resident who had been targeted. The public are now being reminded that they should never disclose credit card or bank details to somebody posing as a Census collector or, indeed, any cold caller. Trading standards officers are also reiterating awareness that many bogus callers use doorstep tactics as a deterrent whilst an accomplice gains access to a property via another route. From 6 April, a small number of householders may be visited by Census collectors, but that will be because they are yet to submit their forms. Formal ID will

be presented to residents. The Census does not ask any questions about personal finance and people should report anyone claiming to be from the Census team who requests bank account or credit / debit card details, as these are not required. Cllr Paul Bettison, chairman of Local Government Regulation, said: “Fraudsters are known to take advantage of any situation. If they can make money from it, then they will give it a go. “Anyone visiting a household for official business should be able to provide photographic identification and unless that it the case, nobody should allow anyone access to their property. “If a resident thinks that they may have fallen victim to this or any other doorstep crime, they should contact Consumer Direct on 08454 040506, the police, the Census helpline (0300 0201 101), or Crimestoppers (0800 555 111) immediately.”


Vi s i o n F o r A Better Energy City Sheffielders can look forward to a greener future and move towards being self-sufficient in energy. The Council’s Cabinet considered a report today (9 March) reviewing the many alternative sources of energy as well as other options available to reduce the city’s carbon footprint. Sheffield already has a strong and diverse economy, including high technology manufacturing, with an emerging and strengthening low carbon sector generating £433 million a year for the local economy. The city is recognised as a leader in the field of decentralised energy due to the city centre district heating network connected to the Energy Recovery Facility at Bernard Road . The plant can generate up to 45MW of thermal energy and 21MW of electrical energy, and there are numerous smaller scale community heating schemes across the city. Last years energy statement stated that overall, energy import de-

pendency is set to rise from 27% in 2009 to 46 - 58% in 2020.” The total market value of the low carbon environmental goods and services sector for Sheffield City Region is estimated at £1,620 million with 326 companies and about 12,240 employees. There is a range of low carbon and renewable microgeneration technologies available at a domestic or small community and commercial scale that support the decentralised energy agenda. There are examples of each of these technologies in the City: • Solar photo-voltaic panels • Solar thermal panels • Ground and air source heat pumps • Wind turbines • Hydro (including water mills) • Combined heat and Power (CHP) units • Fuel cells • Heat and power generation from biomass, bio-liquids and biogas including from anaerobic digestion.

Keeping an Eye on ASB The North East Community Assembly area is a safer place to be now, as two ‘MOCAM’s (mobile cameras) have been installed to monitor anti social behaviour (ASB) and fly tipping hotspots. They have made difference to local businesses, as people committing the anti social behaviour can be identified. The cameras help reduce bullying and people drinking on the streets. Councillor Peter Price, said: “Local people have been very clear with us that a top priority is reducing anti social behaviour and fly tipping

in key trouble spots. But these cameras are not about playing Big Brother, they are about keeping people safe in the area. “The cameras mean that if anyone experiences or witnesses ASB in these areas they can inform the police, and the incident will have been recorded or we can move the camera if a location is becoming a hotspot for trouble. We are calling for local residents to come forward and report any incidents by calling the 101 non-emergency number.”

Poorest Paying the Price Former Work and Pensions Secretary, Rt Hon David Blunkett MP, reacted angrily to the announcement by the coalition that it would be abolishing a number of Crisis Loans available to the poorest in society through the Social Fund. He said the poorest are paying the price for the coalitions cutbacks. The Liberal Democrat

pensions minister, announced in a Written Statement the House of Commons that, from April, Crisis Loans would no longer be available for certain items, that he would be reducing the rate paid for living expenses and that he was capping the number of Crisis Loans available to an individual in any 12-month period.

Home Office Job Losses

With endless cuts on the horizon, Sheffield is facing a threat of a large number of job losses at UKBA. The offices of the UK Border Agency and the Home Office in Sheffield is the largest UKBA site in the Yorkshire and

Humber region. David Blunkett challenged the decision for job losses. UKBA’s regional director for Yorkshire and the Humber, wrote to Mr Blunkett with the news that the Border Agency will be reduc-

ing its worldwide workforce by 5,200 by 2015 –adding that UKBA “will be looking to significantly reduce staffing levels within our region over the next four years”.

Rotherham Votes On 5 May Figures published by the Office of National Statistics recently show that there are 192,921 people registered to vote in Rotherham. The Electoral Registration Office, is urging some residents that they need to act now if they are to have their say at the Local Government Elections and UK referendum on the voting system to the UK Parliament taking place on Thursday 5 May. You can request an application form from Electoral Services on 01709 823590 or print off the forms from www.aboutmyvote. To vote in the Local Government Elections on 5 May, people need to be on the electoral register and either a British or qualifying Commonwealth citizen, or a citizen of the Irish Republic, or a relevant citizen of the European Union. To vote in the referendum on the voting system to the UK Parliament, people need to be on the electoral register and either a British or qualifying Commonwealth citizen, or a citizen of the Irish Republic.

2,300 NEW HOMES TO BE BUILT IN SHEFFIELD The private sector companies together with Sheffield City Council that make up the Sheffield Housing Company have announced that they are planning to build around 2,300 new homes over the next 15 years, providing long term and effective regeneration for neighbourhoods in the city.Councillor Penny Baker, said: “Even in the challenging financial climate we’re all facing at the moment, we are coming up with innovative ways to make sure the regenera-

tion of our city goes from strength to strength. This will be a 50:50 partnership between the Council and the private sector in order to provide new high quality homes for sale, shared ownership and rent. These homes will be built in areas where regeneration is needed most, and will have the added effect of stimulating the local economies with labour initiatives, training schemes and support for small, medium and community enterprises.

Local School Must Improve A Sheffield primary school has been given an official warning by inspectors after they found pupils were failing to make sufficient progress. Whiteways Primary at Grimesthorpe has been given a ‘notice to improve’ after it was found to be significantly underperforming. Inspectors warned major improvements are needed to ensure youngsters do better, especially in English and maths. Pupils, who between them speak 19 different languages and mostly speak English as an additional language, were found to be starting school with abilities below expected levels. By the time they left, their attainment levels were well below what they should have

been. Girls and more able youngsters were not doing well enough in national tests. Literacy skills, spelling, punctuation and grammar were below expected levels. Speech and language skills were improving because of the priority given to providing effective support for those pupils who were at an early stage of speaking English as an additional language, with satisfactory progress made. Pupils with special educational needs and disabilities were making acceptable progress thanks to effective support from teachers and assistants. The standard of teaching was improving due to a comprehensive training programme, with strong support

from the local education authority. Staff were effective in using school routines, including lining up for lunch, to train pupils and establish clear expectations. Pupils behaved well around school and showed consideration to adults and other children, and were consistently well trained in lessons. The quality of care, guidance and support provided was a particular strength and the school effectively met the social and emotional needs of all children. But families needed to understand regular attendance was important if youngsters were to reach their potential.

Driving Lessons for 11 - 17’s

CHILDREN as young as 11 are offers children aged 11 to 17 Ibizas. driving in Sheffield and getting the chance to get behind the Qualified instructors teach away with it - at a new driving wheel of a car and have lessons youngsters how cars operate and how to drive, including reversing, parking and threepoint turn manoeuvres. The aim is to give children the chance to clock up experience before they have lessons on the roads in the hope they will be safer drivers when they pass their tests. Research shows one in five newly-qualified drivers crash within the first six months of passing their tests and that novice drivers and their passengers lesson centre launched in the before they are legally allowed account for one fifth of deaths city. The Young Driver centre to drive on the roads. Young on the UK’s roads. Lessons on Alsing Road, off Meadow- Driver Training Limited offers cost £29.99 for 30 minutes or hall Way, opened recently and lessons in dual- controlled Seat £57.99 for an hour.



Cont from P1:

Cllr Maroof ‘s Council Address

I represent have been let down again by this Government. The Decent Homes Programme was introduced by the Labour Government to make sure that every home is brought up to a good standard. It is not acceptable that tenants should have to live in homes that are not considered decent. Nationally we now have a position where thanks to the Decent Homes Programme, nine out of every ten social homes are up to the Decency Standard as the previous Government worked to tackle the 19billion pounds backlog of council and housing association repairs when 40% of social homes were in an unacceptable condition. In Sheffield over 36,000 homes will have been improved by the end of 2010/11, with 632.7milion invested. The percentage of stock made decent will be 87.7%. We have seen success in this and many homes have now been brought up to a good standard. However 87% of Homes Decent means that nearly 13% of people are still living in homes that are not considered to be decent. This is why it is important that the Decent Homes Programme is completed properly.

In Central Ward, in Lansdowne and Hanover work is still needed to make improvements on the external features of maisonettes that are in poor condition, this was a considerable part of the bid that was made to the Government. However, this bid was rejected and the money will have to be found elsewhere. This will mean further delay for people who are living in these properties. Also the money has to come from somewhere, if it will not be funded by the government then it is going to have to come from the council. The total bid that we made was 23 million, this would have helped to complete the Decent Homes Programme in Sheffield but it has been rejected. 23 million is not a lot out of 1.6 billion fund, but the Government has refused to give us any money at all, when we still have homes in this city that fail to meet the Decent Homes standard. We are hoping that the Government will look again at their decision not to fund this bid. Tenants in my ward need this work to be completed, just as much as they do in other parts of the country, Sheffield meets the eligibility criteria

to bid for this money but we have been rejected. As I said at the beginning, this debate is reflective of many others we have heard in this council chamber over the past year, another kick in the teeth for Sheffield from the government, another cut. The impact that this cuts agenda will have on real families is demonstrated by the people that we have seen in the gallery today, who are worried by cuts to their Sure Start Centres. One Government minister, Bob Neill said ‘Those in greatest need ultimately bear the burden of paying off the debt.’ This is seen in the spending reductions throughout the public sector, which will also impact on my constituents, in welfare, the housing benefit changes will put great pressure on many families in my ward who already struggle with their living costs. Lastly, I would like to say that in my role as Councillor for Central Ward I will try to ensure that despite these cuts that will have a massive impact on people living in my ward, I will continue to do everything to stand up for council services.

Pakistan Day: 23rd March “Muslims are a nation according to any definition of nation. We wish our people to develop to the fullest spiritual, cultural, economic, social and political life in a way that we think best and in consonance with our own ideals and according to the genius of our people”. On the basis of this quotation of

Quaid-e-Azam, A.K.Fazl-ul-Haq moved the historical resolution which has since come to be known as the Lahore Resolution. It was on this historic day, 71 years ago, that the Muslims of the subcontinent unanimously

passed a resolution for an independent country, where they could live in accordance with their wishes and aspirations. Soon thereafter, they launched a struggle under the inspiring leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and despite numerous hardships, succeeded in transforming their dream into a reality. To mark this day in Pakistan, the armed forces present a parade to the public. The day always begins with the 21 gun salute. The “salami” is a way of paying tribute to all the people who worked and died in the birth of the country. Had the idea not been floated at that time, we would not have had the identity that we have. To mark this very important day, the monument of Minar-e-Pakistan was constructed in 1968. This tall white tower stands in the middle of, then known as,

Minto Park. A very fascinating fact about the construction is that, when you climb all those stairs (if you don’t have the energy, you can always take the lift), and get to the top, the view from above is beautiful. You get a bird’s eye view of Lahore. If you look down directly below, the base of the tower is shaped like a crescent and a star, the two very same symbols that are there on our national flag. These monuments stand as a reminder of all the people who sacrificed their lives for a beautiful country, rish in resources. Lets hope with this 23rd march that has passed, that Pakistanis all over the world made a promise to show respect for what they have and start rebuilding the image of Pakistan. Let’s start to work towards making this country a peaceful nation where all religions, cast and creed can live in harmony.

Cont from P1:

Remond Davis Release

for Blackwater or Xe services the private military contractors, no one knows for sure. What is known for sure is that 3 Pakistani Muslims lost their lives when Davis and co. turned downtown Lahore into a scene out of the Bourne trilogy. It is indeed a little sad that the best analogy available to describe the disregard for life that the Americans have in Pakistan is a fictional Hollywood film. It does seem sometimes that what is occurring in Pakistan on a daily basis is something from another reality. Drone attacks (although stopped whilst Davis was in custody), Black ops teams roaming around Islamabad and Lahore in cars with darkened windows and murder in broad daylight. It can be hard to fathom how this can happen in a sovereign country. Now that the Pakistani

government has let Davis it leaves many asking the question what next? Over the last decade Pakistan has become nothing more than a tool that the Western world uses to beat up Muslims of the region with. If it’s not in Afghanistan then it is in Waziristan, the mighty Pakistan army has been used as a tool to enact US policy for far too long. Although very grim the Davis case isn’t the real problem with the Pakistani government it is just a symptom of a system which puts the interests of America first before those of its own people. It makes no difference who is in charge the real power lies with others who see Pakistan as a way to achieve their interests in the South East Asian region. If there is anything Pakistan can learn from the uprising in the Arab world it is that the masses

DISCLAIMER ILM (The Knowledge) Newspaper does not represent any Political, Religious or any other groups. It is purely for providing general information and entertainment to its reader. By ILM NEWS

need to start accounting their rulers with real action and not through the corrupted democratic elections that seem to symbolise the only hope for Pakistani politics, but bring only more misery. If there is anything Pakistan can teach those who have overthrown their dictators in the Middle East is that don’t trust democracy to bring you any true change. Pakistan has tried every system available to man, democracy, socialist democracy, martial law, military coups and a combination of all of these. They have all failed and have left Pakistan as a slave to anyone who fancies playing master. It is about time Pakistan tried the only system it was formed for and that is Islam, after all the saying goes “Pakistan ka matlab Kya , La ilaha il lilah”.

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Labour Make The Case For High Speed Rail

Sheffield Labour Group are throwing their weight behind plans for high speed rail for Sheffield. The high speed project appeared to have cross party support, however, it has now been made subject to a parliamentary enquiry following dissent from a number of Tory MPs who are unhappy that the high speed network would cut through their constituencies. Following the announcement of the enquiry Secretary of State for Transport, Phillip Hammond MP, called upon areas such as Shef-

field which will benefit from the project to speak up for the benefits that high speed rail will bring to their area. Labour will be outlining the case for high speed rail at a council meeting next week, attempting to send universal approval for the project back to the Government. The High Speed Rail project would see the Sheffield to London journey reduced to just 75 minutes. Research commissioned by Sheffield and Leeds City Region Board’s, published last September, comprehensively outlines the economic benefits high speed

rail would bring to Yorkshire. Labour Spokesperson for Transport, Councillor Harry Harpham, said: “Yorkshire has been identified as an area that would particularly benefit from high speed rail. “Improving our transport links to London and other major cities in the UK provides an opportunity to bring business and jobs to the area. It would be appalling if we were denied this opportunity because of the NIMBYism of a few Tory MPs in the South who do not want the trains running through their constituencies.


Britian is Hotspot for Immigrants Immigration is a hot topic in Britain which much of the general public finding immigration bad for the country. Britain sees thousands enter the country every year for to look for work or to meet family. Some people come for legitimate reasons and return to their native country once their purpose is fulfilled, but some obviously “disappear”. The government needs to keep a positive impact on businesses in the UK or there is fear of companies outsourcing due to a lack of a qualified workforce. . The UK now has a points based system under which visas are given to people who have certain specified skills. Under this system, 50,000 visas were issued in 2009 but the idea is to bring it down to between 37,000 and 44,000. The main new flow of immigration is from Eastern Europe, of white Christian people and the cultural clash is not so great. But this is the inflow which the government cannot control. These people make sense economically as they bring with them skills such as plumbing, carpentry, builders and electricians, and they do the job for a fraction of the price. On the other hand, they have drastically increased competitiveness and driven a lot of local tradesmen out of work. The Government is in the proc-

ess of implementing a cap on economic migrants from outside the UK despite opposition from industry and human rights organisations. The “anti”-immigration initiative seems to be pleasing the right wing people towards immigrants and see them mainly as benefit scroungers and living off the social security system. But their feelings are mainly directed towards the second, third and subsequent generations who now stand up and talk back. Let’s not forget that 1 in 4 people in London are a Migrant. The new skilled immigrants are far from this, they are not a burden on the social security system because their qualifications place them in employment easily, so why then a cap on numbers. Curbing the number of visas will obviously have a big effect on Pakistanis entering the country including students. But not skilled workers because most of the visas already go to Indians. The Migration Advisory Committee has already said that students and family reunion cases will have to bear 80 percent of the target to reduce immigration from 196,000 in 2009 to the government’s target figure of 50,000 by 2014. Muslims in general will no doubt have to bear the brunt of the reaching the targets and the government may not always an-

nounce its plans openly. There is already worrying evidence that the United Kingdom Borders Agency (UKBA) may be unlawfully discriminating against Pakistanis, according to an independent inspector appointed to scrutinize the UKBA. He said that it is harder to enter the UK from Pakistan than it may be from Bahrain, Abu Dhabi or Dubai and that UKBA staff applied higher evidential requirements for entry and made ‘worryingly inconsistent’ visa decisions for applicants from Pakistan. Pakistan is the fourth largest source of applications to enter the UK. Plans to tighten the visa system for foreign students would not damage the country’s universities. Students represent almost two-thirds of non-European Union migrants coming to Britain. Students coming to universities contribute over £5bn ($8bn) each year to the UK economy through tuition fees and off-campus expenditure. There is genuine concern for the Government in this country that unless immigration is checked, the population could get out of control and one of the main factors fuelling this apprehension is the fact that people are now beginning to live much longer than they used to.


Enterprise Zone To Benefit Regions Businesses

By: Amar Saleem There was some welcoming news announced in the budget for businesses with the announcement of an Enterprise Zone in the city, which I believe will offer a needed boost to a host of businesses. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne MP said Sheffield is one of ten places in England chosen to receive an Enterprise Zone, which will provide businesses with discount on rates, access to superfast broadband and be of benefit to companies with a high-value manufacturing focus. The 2011 Budget provided some encouraging signs with a strong focus on providing more support to small businesses and entrepreneurs. I am delighted that Sheffield has been chosen to receive an Enterprise Zone and we look forward to working with the Government and local authorities on the specific details to ensure businesses across the city region can benefit. This follows the announcement last week that the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre on the Advanced Manufacturing Park will become a major part of the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Innovation Centre and really bodes well for the future economic growth of the region. Developing a more competitive tax system; making it easier to

start, finance and grow a business; building exports through capital and new product development investment, and providing skills support for the future workforce were the key areas of the Chancellor's Budget. The reduction of Corporation Tax by two percent in April 2011 was announced, as well as plans to begin consultation on merging National Insurance contributions with Income Tax. Mr Osborne also revealed a moratorium of three years for small businesses on new domestic regulations, the rates relief holiday extended to October 2012 for small businesses, tax credit on research and development and a delay in the planned five pence inflation rise in fuel duty until next year, opting instead to reduce fuel duty by one penny per litre. I welcome the reduction in Corporation Tax and plans to simplify the tax system to make it the most competitive in the G20. This, along with a reduction in red tape through reduced regulations, will enable companies to spend more time on growing their business, serving their customer-base and providing a platform for continued investment. It is also pleasing to see that the Chancellor has listened to the concerns of the private sector with a reduction in fuel duty to combat against the rise in glo-

bal oil prices. Companies which rely heavily on transport costs have been struggling to cope with increasing costs and this is a step in the right direction." Providing support to the future workforce was another key element of the Budget and the Chancellor announced a creation of 12 further University Technology Colleges (UTCs) for the country. We hope that one of these will be in Sheffield. The colleges will offer vocational training to more young people and provide them with the skills and expertise in key sectors, such as advanced manufacturing and engineering. Providing more centres for learning and increasing apprenticeship placements in key industries will offer the foundations for long-term growth in the Sheffield City Region, The fact is that this region is increasingly being seen as a place to be and a place to invest. We have an enormous opportunity to become a real contributor to solving the nation's economic difficulties and the city has not been in that position since the 1970's. It's up to us to grab that opportunity. Business Development Manager | Sheffield Chamber of Commerce | Tel: 0114 2018918 | Website: | uk

184 Main Road Darnall Sheffield S9

Ground Floor:-

Shop with A3 Planning, Hot Food Takeaway

First Floor:-

2 Bed Rooms Flat Available on Flexible Lease Terms

Second Floor:-

2 Bed Rooms /Kitchen/ Reception WC and Shower

Contact: Globeline Estates 0114 2425900 0114 3276123


Children protest at Council’s threat We need Local Writer’s & Salesto close swimming-lessons facilities People from Bradford, Schoolchildren who could miss out on swimming lessons if Manningham pool closes are making their feelings known today. More than 500 children from 11 primary schools visit the pool for lessons each week, and dozens of pupils were due to stage a protest outside the baths in Carlisle Road this morning. The gathering has been organised as part of a campaign being orchestrated by a group of local residents who hope to force Bradford Council to rethink its budget proposal to shut the pool to save £119,000. A representative of the Victorian Society is also expected to attend the protest. The Society says it is one of only 14 listed Victorian and Edwardian pools still in use across the country. Kevin Holland, head teacher of Green Lane Primary School, said the closure would be a great shame. “The school works really hard to raise standards, and if we have to take our children to another pool it’s going to increase travelling time. Instead of an hour and a half, it’s going to take half a day,” he said. Bryan Harrison, head teacher of Miriam Lord Community Primary School, believes the costs attached to transporting pupils to other pools would run into

thousands of pounds. “It’s an incredibly well-used community resource and we would have to travel all the way to Shipley at a cost of £5,000 a year so our children could go swimming,” he said. Victoria Rehman, a Year 6 teacher at Whetley Primary School, said it would deprive her pupils of important opportunities to learn a life skill. She said: “I don’t think they will go swimming if the pool closes. This is something we need to fight for.” Karl Dallas, a regular senior swimmer at the pool who organised a recent ‘swim in, sing in’ protest at the pool, said an action committee was being set up to carry the residents’ campaign forward. He said: “Already, hundreds of signatures have been added to a petition on the issue.” Caroline Carr, acting head teacher at Atlas Community Primary School, said: “To close it for a relatively small amount of money seems ridiculous. It’s a valuable asset to the community and once it's gone it’s hard to get back.” The action committee will meet at St Paul’s Church, Manningham, on Friday, April 8, at 12.30pm. Anyone who wants to take part in the campaign is invited to attend.

Evan Harris and Madeleine Bunting join Tom Clark and Anne Perkins to discuss the government's NHS reforms; an interview with health minister Simon Burns; plus the best prime ministers the country never had. The government calls it modernisation, critics call it the destruction of the NHS, but they all agree that the health service is about to undergo the biggest reform in its history. Ed Miliband used his questions to the prime minister this week to go on the attack against previous assurances from the government that there would be no "top-down reorganisation" and Lifelong Learning and Elenore of the National Health Service. Fisher – Cultural Services Manag- And the Liberal Democrats voter at the Council. ed to reject the reforms at their The event was chaired by Cllr spring conference. Health minisMahroof Hussain, Cabinet Member for Community Development, Equality and Young People, with special guest Mr Fiyaz Mughal The Council's groundbreaking free OBE, who is founder and direc- insulation scheme is moving into tor of an organisation called Faith Firth Park ward (which includes Matters, which works to reduce Southey Green, Longley, Stubbin, extremism and develop interac- Brushes and Flower, and parts of tion between different faith groups Wincobank and Parson Cross), as the number of households who across the UK. Cllr Hussain outlined how a school have taken up the scheme in the linking programme had been es- city hits 25,000. tablished, involving 18 Rotherham The scheme has been moving schools, which is already starting across Sheffield ward by ward into break down barriers and build stalling cavity wall and loft insurelationships between young peo- lation to residents who own their ple from different areas within the own home or rent from a private landlord, as well as making hunborough dreds of referrals to other services

Leeds & Manchester.

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Community issues Raised at Rotherham Event

Over 50 members of the local community attended an event held at the Orient Express restaurant in Rotherham recently, which gave attendees the opportunity to raise any issues directly with a “Question Time-style” panel, which consisted of representatives from the police, voluntary sector, health and education services in Rotherham. The panel consisted of Dr John Radford, Director of Public Health at NHS Rotherham, Chief Superintendent Richard Tweed from South Yorkshire Police, Haji Saghir Alam – Chair of the Rotherham Council of Mosques, Janet Wheatley – Chief Executive of Voluntary Action Rotherham, Matthew Gladstone – Director of Commissioning, Policy and Performance at the council, Dorothy Smith – Senior Director of Schools

The future of the NHS

ter Simon Burns joins us to take on some of the criticisms. With such high political stakes, the debate in parliament is already heated. Is the current structure of the NHS sustainable? Do patients really want more choice? Can bureaucracy really be cut at the promised rate and who will be the real winners and losers from the reforms? Evan Harris is a medical doctor and a former Liberal Democrat MP. He says the government measures will allow private healthcare providers to "cherrypick" the most lucrative patients for treatments. Meanwhile, columnist Madeleine Bunting argues that the Conservatives risk huge political damage by meddling with the NHS.

Spreading The Warmth To Firth Park across Sheffield. Eaga Insulation is the only contractor appointed to complete the surveys and install the insulation. The scheme is still open to residents in various areas in Sheffield The scheme is also open to those who are aged 70 or over, and those on qualifying benefits no matter where they live in Sheffield. For more information, or to sign up to the scheme, go to or call 0800 915 9096 (8am - 6pm Monday to Friday.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss Expertise and understanding Legal advice from Irwin Mitchell

Do you suffer from hearing problems or noises in your ears? Irwin Mitchell have extensive experience in handling claims for noise induced hearing loss. We have helped thousands of people in the UK achieve compensation for their hearing loss due to noise exposure at work.

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Irwin Mitchell is holding FREE advice clinics in Sheffield and one of our specialist legal advisors and an audiologist will be available to talk through any concerns you have relating to noise induced hearing loss and to investigate whether you have a claim for compensation.

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Join us for a free consultation: Tuesday 10th May: Pakistani Advice Centre,127 Page Hall Road, Sheffield, S4 8GU Thursday 26th May: Pakistani Muslim Centre, Woodbourn Road, Sheffield, S9 3LQ


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Kashmir: New Report Reveals Hundreds Held Each Year Without Charge Or Trial

Detention used to keep opposition ‘out of circulation’. The Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir is holding hundreds of people each year without charge or trial in order to ‘keep them out of circulation’, a new Amnesty International report released today shows. A Lawless Law: Detentions under the Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety Act documents how the Public Safety Act (PSA) is used to secure the long-term detention of individuals against whom there is insufficient evidence for a trial. Estimates of the number detained under the PSA over the past two decades range from 8,00020,000, with 322 reportedly held from January to September 2010 alone. Sam Zarifi, Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific Director, said: “The Jammu and Kashmir authorities are using PSA detentions as a revolving door to keep people they can’t or won’t convict through proper legal channels locked up and out of the way. “Hundreds of people are being held each year on spurious grounds, with many exposed to higher risk of torture and other forms of ill-treatment.” Detainees include political leaders and activists, suspected members or supporters of armed opposition groups, lawyers, journalists and protesters, including children. Often, they are initially picked up for ‘unofficial’ interrogation, during which time they have no access to a lawyer or their families. Over the past decade there has been a marked decrease in the overall numbers of members of armed groups operating in Jammu and Kashmir. But in the last five years, there has been a resurgence of street protests. Sam

Zarifi added: “Despite this apparent shift in the nature of the unrest, Jammu and Kashmir authorities continue to rely on the PSA rather than attempting to charge and try those suspected of committing criminal acts. The PSA undermines the rule of law and reinforces deeply held perceptions that police and security forces are above the law.” Amnesty International research shows how the implementation of the PSA is often arbitrary and abusive, with many of those being held having committed no recognisably criminal acts. The Indian Supreme Court has described administrative detention, including the PSA, as ‘lawless law’. Those held under the PSA can face up to two years in detention. But the Jammu and Kashmir authorities consistently thwart High Court orders for the release of improperly detained individuals by issuing successive detention orders. Many detainees are thus trapped in a cycle of detention and remain, in the words of one high-ranking Jammu and Kashmir official, ‘out of circulation’. The PSA provides immunity from prosecution for officials operating under it. Amnesty International acknowledges the right, indeed the duty, of Indian authorities to defend and protect their population from violence. However, this must be done while respecting the human rights of all concerned and abiding by international law. Sam Zarifi said: “Those being held have no access to legal representation and cannot challenge their detention in any meaningful way. Once released, they cannot seek any redress or compensa-

tion for the wrongful detention they have endured and virtually never receive justice for the torture and ill-treatment. “The use of administrative detention does not conform to international human rights legal obligations and agreements that the Indian government is a party to. The Indian government must ensure that Jammu and Kashmir authorities repeal the PSA and end the odious system of administration detention once and for all.” Amnesty International is calling on the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to: Repeal the PSA and end the system of administrative detention, releasing all detainees or charging those suspected of committing criminal acts with recognized offences and trying them fairly in a court of law. End illegal detentions and introduce safeguards ensuring those detained are charged promptly, have access to relatives, legal council and medical examinations and are held in recognised detention facilities pending trial Amnesty International is calling on the Government of Jammu and Kashmir and the Indian Government to: Carry out an independent, impartial and comprehensive investigation intoallegations of abuses against detainees and their families, including allegations of torture and other ill-treatment, denial of visits and medical care, making its findings public and holding those responsible to account.Amnesty International is calling on the Indian Government to:Invite and support visits of UN officials, including the Special Rapporteur on Torture and the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.

Fast food chain KFC is trialling halal meat in certain restaurants, but some Muslims say it hasn’t been killed in the correct Islamic way. Catrin It may claim its food is “finger lickin’ good”, but until recently strict Muslims might have seen a problem with it. Now fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is trialling halal meat - meaning it has been killed in accordance with Islamic dietary laws - in eight of its UK restaurants. But the trial has sparked a debate over what is and what isn’t halal, with some Muslims boycotting the restaurants because they say the meat has not been killed correctly. The issue is whether meat can be halal if it has been slaughtered using mechanical methods. Traditionally, halal meat is killed by hand and must be blessed by the person doing the job. But some Muslims say a mechanised form is also now acceptable. Halal is the description of food and drink Muslims are allowed to consume under Islamic dietary laws defined in the Quran and in the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Classifying of halal food can only be carried out by a Muslim expert in the laws. The meat is traditionally prepared by slaughtering the animal with a quick cut to the throat with a sharp knife to allow all blood to drain out, the idea being that the meat is cleaner. The slaughterman is required to say the traditional proclamation of faith in one god as the animal is killed. At present two separate organisations regulate the halal food industry in the UK. The Halal Food Authority (HFA) says using machines is OK, as long as the meat is still blessed. It argues that advances in technology mean methods have to change and though a machine does the killing, the meat is still blessed by a Muslim slaughterman. But the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) says animals should be slaughtered by hand and using a machine is not halal and not permissible. It argues mechanisation contradicts a fundamental principle of halal - that the person who slaughters the animal is the same person who recites the words over it. “Halal is a very sacred part of a Muslim’s diet and many Muslims

do not even know what they are eating when it’s certified as halal in this way,” says YunusDudhwala, chairman of the HMC. “I think the majority would be very upset to find out that it’s been mechanically killed.” KFC says it is following the guidance offered by what it considers a reputable adviser. “We are working with the Halal Food Authority, one of the most widely recognised bodies in the UK and overseas, who have audited and approved our halal suppliers, distribution and our trial store environments,” says a spokesperson for the company. The debate has prompted calls for a single body to regulate the halal food industry which has a clear set of guidelines on animal slaughter. “The onus is not on individuals to identify each and every item that they eat, if the seller says it’s halal that’s enough,” says AjmalMasroor, an Imam and spokesman for the Islamic Society of Britain. He neither approves nor disapproves of either certification process and therefore does not endorse or reject KFC’s methods. Source BBC

Squash Champion

Talented Teenager Saad Shahid from Karachi has acheived double success in some of Europes top U17 championships. He took the top spot in Munich, Germany on 27th March in the German Junior Open 2011. He also successfully got through to the Welsh Junior Open 2011 and didn’t disappoint when he reached the finals. The teenager is no newby to playing on the international circuit and has many offers to play exclusively and professionally. With a vision to make it even bigger in international squash, he still firmly has his feet on the ground and will by all means pursue his education and follow his brothers, parents, and grandpar

ents into the medical profession. Congratulations from all at ILM News. Welsh Junior Open, played on 18th-20th March in Cardiff, Wales. Saad Shahid (Pak) beat Edward Tinwell (Eng) 11-5, 14-12, 11-7 Saad Shahid (Pak) beat Joel Makin (Wal) 11-6, 11-9, 4-11, 11-7 Saad Shahid (Pak) beat Alex Pedleton (Wal) 11-7, 6-11, 11-8, 11-7 Saad Shahid (Pak) beat Lyell FUller (Eng) 11-13, 11-1, 11-8, 6-11, 12-10 Finals: Saad Shahid (Pak) lost to Daniel Polischuk (Isr) 11-8, 7-11, 11-13,

12-10, 9-11 German Junior Open, played on 24-27th March in Munich, Germany. Saad Shahid (Pak) beat Richard Schrader ((Netherlands) 11/8, 11/13, 11/6, 6/11 11/7 Saad Shahid (Pak) beat Roshan Bharos (Netherlands) 11/8 11/9 12/10 Saad Shahid (Pak) beat Sean Conroy (Ireland) 11/13 10/12 11/3 11/8 12/10 Saad Shahid (Pak) beat MARTIN SVEC (Czech Republic) (World No.1) 11/8, 11/9, 11-8 Saad Shahid (Pak) beat

Tax Relief for Low Paid Workers

250,000 low paid workers in Sheffield will pay £200 less in tax next month, while 6000 will be lifted out of tax altogether. The news comes as a result of the Liberal Democrat policy of raising the income tax threshold, which take effect in April 2011. Next month the income tax threshold will rise by £1,000 seven and a half thousand pounds from the current level of £6,475 they earn. This means 800,000 in to £7,475, meaning that tax pay- the UK will no longer pay iners will pay no tax on the first

come tax at all, with 6,000 low paid workers in Sheffield alone being lifted out of tax. In addition to this, 250,000 Sheffielders – those earning under £42,475 - will receive a £200 tax break. The coalition intends to continue to raise the income tax threshold so that it reaches £10,000 in 2015. Based on current earnings, this would be 37,000 low paid workers in Sheffield being lifted out of income tax.

KFC Halal or NOT?


Khan v McCloskey CONFIRMED

Amir Khan will defend his WBA light-welterweight title against Paul McCloskey. Amir Khan will defend his WBA light-welterweight title against European champion Paul McCloskey in Manchester's MEN Arena on April 16. The announcement from Team Khan has put to bed months of speculation regarding who he would fight in his homecoming bout after two successive fights in the US.Khan, who made successful defences against Paulie Malignaggi and Marcos Maidana on the other side of the Atlantic, will return to the US on February 9 to begin his training camp with Freddie Roach at the Wild Card gym in Hollywood. The 24-year-old is relieved to

finally have an opponent confirmed after negotiations broke down first time around with McCloskey. "I am delighted that this fight has finally been put together following some tough negotiations," said Khan, 24-1 (17 KOs)."This is a matchup the British public want to see and will be a fantastic fight between two of the best light-welterweights in the country."Khan will be a step up in class for McCloskey, whose most recent outing was a seventh round stoppage of Motherwell's Barry Morrison.However, McCloskey has earned a shot at the world title after accumulating a 22-0 (12 KOs) record, not to mention the EBU strap.

SPORTS Sachin Helps India into World Cup final

Sachin Tendulkar helps India past Pakistan and into World Cup final• India 260-9; Pakistan 231• India win by 29 runs and face Sri Lanka on Saturday Remarkably, after all the hype and all the politicking, the second World Cup semi-final turned out to be an excellent game of cricket. India beat Pakistan by 29 runs and the victory was celebrated without inhibition by a euphoric crowd. Now the India team have one day to recover, before they face Sri Lanka in the final in Mumbai on 2nd of April 2011. The Indian dream has nearly come true. There is a scenario that has Sachin Tendulkar hitting his 100th international century in his home town and winning the World Cup for the first time in the process. But even in the home of Bollywood fairytales can never be guaranteed on a cricket field; and in any case Sri Lanka have their own dream scenario. It involves a certain Muttiah Muralitharan. This was a pragmatic victory by

the India team. Unusually it was their discipline rather than their flair that saw them over the line. Only when Virender Sehwag was at the crease, in the first 40 minutes of the game, was there enchantment in the air. He pulverised the new ball for 38 from 25 balls. Thereafter even Tendulkar, who hit a flawed 85, was struggling to time the ball with his usual panache.Pakistan fielded with great zest, even if their catching was fallible, and their spinners bowled shrewdly. For once Afridi was wicketless but he could return home proud of the spirit displayed by his side in the tournament. For Dhoni, the cool cat of Indian cricket, one little hurdle remains. On the other hand Kumar Sangakkara decided to waste absolutely no time and took the next immediate flight available for Mumbai with his team on Wednesday morning to be in the right atmosphere where Sri Lanka will play their third World Cup final and the second successive one.

garage, with Clarkson telling viewers: "It's just a shame that in the real world it doesn't seem to work." Tesla complained about the show at the time, with the BBC admitting some of the footage was shot to show what could happen. Tesla was placated… until this week. The Californian company said that they had to act, as the episode is still being repeated, available on DVD and streaming on Netflix in the US. They said: "[The show] in-

Pakistan Centre-Back Zesh to make long-awaited return. Zesh Rehman has today announced that he will appear for Pakistan in the upcoming fixtures in Malaysia for The AFC Challenge Cup. Pakistan face arch rivals India before fixtures against Turkmenistan and Chinese Tipea for the right to compete in The Asian Cup in Australia in 2015. Rehman’s last competitive match for the National side was a Word Cup qualifier game back in 2008 when he put in a commanding performance in the goalless draw again then Asian Champions in Iraq.

ing on the international stage. "I have had 1000's of messages from fans wanting me to return to the team which is nice. "It's always an honour to represent Pakistan but now it is more practical now to come and play due to my current location. “I’m very excited about joining my team mates and help us climb the world rankings". The 27 year old added to his impressive list of ‘firsts’ by becoming the First British Asian to play in the Thai Premier League and the First Pakistani International to play in Thailand. Rehman continued: “The club is very supportive

British born Muslim Rehman signed a two year deal with Thai Premier League Champions Muangthong United in January after 10 seasons of professional football in England said: “I have missed play-

and are happy for me to play for Pakistan. “They know how much it means for me to represent my country. I want to one-day be the manager of the national side”.

World Snooker Championship 2011

SUED OVER 'RIGGED' TEST 'Top Gear' is in hot water again, with the headline-grabbing show now being sued by supercar company Tesla for defamation. Back in 2008 'Top Gear' broadcast a race between the petrol-powered Lotus Elise S and the electric Tesla Roadster. During the test Jeremy Clarkson said the Tesla ran out of power after 55 miles, compared to the 211 miles claimed by the manufacturer.The episode featured footage of the Roadster having to be pushed back into the

Zesh Rehman RETURNS

tentionally and/or recklessly, grossly misled potential purchasers of the Roadsters… Its reputation has been severely damaged." A Tesla spokesman said "The BBC's conduct has given us no choice but to sue them and clear up their lies." Tesla Motors Inc issued a writ at the High Court claiming defamation and malicious falsehood. They said the Roadster had been certified under a European Union regulation for measuring electric vehicle range at 211

miles. 'Top Gear’s allegations that the brakes had also broken were false, they claimed. A BBC spokesman said: "We can confirm that we have received notification that Tesla has issued proceedings against the BBC." It’s not the first time 'Top Gear' has faced condemnation. In January the Mexican ambassador Eduardo Medina-Mora Icaza complained after Richard Hammond described Mexicans “lazy, feckless, flatulent [and] overweight”.

The 2011 World Snooker Championship, which takes place between 16th April and 2ndMay in Crucible Theatre Sheffield, has thrown up some exciting match-ups in the first round, as some of the tournament favourites have been handed tough draws. Chairman of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Associ-

ation (WPBSA), Barry Hearnhas made a lot of changes to the sport this year and there have also been record ticket sales for the event. The best 32 players of the world are going to battle it out for the most prestigious snooker event, and after 17 days the winner will take away £250,000 along with the world title.



is a new type of medium to large scale water purification system that can convert large amounts of River, Pond, Well, Canal or most types of dirty water into Clean Drinking Water using NO ENERGY at all. Bearing in mind the amount of power cuts in countries like Pakistan this is useful.It also kills all known bacteria, the Hi20 system has no on- going maintenance costs and will run for up to 25 years. It can be set up in different configurations starting from 1000 litres upwards. Our recent project in Pakistan helped villagers near Rajanpur who were drawing water from a dirty bacteria infested pond to enable them to clean that water making it safe to drink. Shortly before our team’s arrival there, two young children had died from water related diseases.

We are happy to report that now all those using water from our system do not have to worry about the quality of water anymore. (Jan 2011)Rajanpur is generally a poorer part of Pakistan with average incomes much lower than the Northern areas, North Punjab and Azad Kashmir. Right now those villagers get 2000 litres of clean drinking water every day. Here in the UK we take clean drinking water for granted and indeed quite often waste much more than is necessary. Our proposal for 2011 is to raise around £150,000 to provide more units of Hi20 to those areas in Pakistan where water quality is seriously compromised. WE NEED YOUR HELP. If you are interested in contributing or helping us in anyway please contact us.

Although we are not a charity, from our profits we will be funding all transport, logistics, accommodation and installation costs from here to Pakistan for every stage of the project. Bearing in mind that most UK Islamic ‘so called’ charities deduct around 65-80% of your donations for their own ‘Admin’ costs, our offering represents much better value as 100% of your donation will go towards those who need it, namely- the Poor Flood Victims in Pakistan. If you are serious about helping the poor then please contact us. During the course of our projects we only ask for assistance from those organisations who are willing to work on a voluntary basis, organisations like the World Aid Foundation based in Rotherham UK and the University of Lahore (Lecturer and Students) voluntary group who are already doing excellent work helping the flood victims in Pakistan. Even now in 2011 there are still millions of people still displaced without proper shelter or clean water.


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