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Sheffield’s Newest Landmark

of the main building is attracting attention, with some saying it is not worthy of such a prominent site on a key route into the city. Supporters say it is highly distinctive and is a much needed superstore for the north of the city, which has relatively few similar developments. The development includes a new public square at Caborn’s Corner, a pedestrianised area on Carlisle Street at the junction of Spital Hill, and office buildings fronting Spital Hill and Savile Street, near the Wicker junction.

This is one of Sheffield’s newest landmark buildings - the Tesco superstore on Savile Street which is already dividing opinion in the city. The 10,000 square metre development on the eastern edge of the city centre will be one of the largest supermarkets in Sheffield. The site includes a petrol station and a multi-storey car park. It has attracted criticism from people fearing it will suck away trade from city centre shops, especially traders at the Castle Market. Now the design

Is It Worth Fighting Unfair Parking Fines?

SHEFFIELD parking officers dish out thousands of uncontested tickets every year - but challenging them can be well worth it, as one motorist discovered. In Sheffield in the year to March 2010, some 56,312 parking fines were issued, but only 162 people appealed, or a minuscule 0.29 per cent. But of those that did appeal, a huge 60 per cent won. Mohammed Bashir was one of them and to manage their own proper- and his case calls into question ties correctly without the council having to resort to formal or legal action. The quicker a landlord resolves a problem the less time a tenant has to live in poor housing conditions which may impact on With the announcement of GCSE results, Year 11 pupils in Sheftheir health and safety. To assist landlords in acquiring the field have plenty to celebrate and skills required to run a successful thirteen schools in the city letting business, the Council is have achieved their best working with the National Land- ever results. Local schools lords Association and the Resi- have proved that they are dential Landlords Association to teaching pupils well, with develop a free or discounted train- around half of the city’s Year 11 pupils achieving and accreditation package. In the mean time, the council pro- ing five A*-C grades induces a free quarterly news letter cluding both English and for private landlords. If any land- Maths this year. Cllr Jackie lord would like to receive a copy Drayton, Cabinet Member of the news letter please contact for Children, Young People and Families said: “A Paul Benson on 01709 336477 huge well done to all students in Sheffield for their hard work and preparation for these

Housing Landlords Pay for Failing to Keep Homes up to Standard

Irresponsible private landlords across Rotherham who fail to manage their properties correctly will now have to pay back enforcement costs incurred by the council. Private sector housing landlords who fail to deal with problems such as serious disrepair in their properties will now face a new charge by Rotherham Borough Council. This charge is to cover the authority’s costs in investigating and initiating legal action to get remedial works done. The charge for each notice will depend on the time spent on the case, but is expected to be around £400. Over 1,000 tenants of privately rented homes complain to the Council regarding sub standard living conditions. Poor housing

£12,000,000 CASH BONUS THANKS TO NEW HOMES Sheffield will see an extra £12,000,000 cash injection thanks to a new policy championed by the Coalition Government. The ‘New Homes Bonus’ rewards local authorities for the number of new homes built in their area, through the payment of an amount equal to Council Tax for each new home added for a period of six years. The Government has informed Sheffield City Council of its allocation for 2011/12, based on the new homes delivered between 2009 and 2010 by the then Lib Dem administration. The figure advised for Sheffield is £2m a year, coming to £12m over six years.

conditions can have a serious effect on the health of those who are living there and can also make a neighbourhood look run down and neglected. In the majority of cases landlords work with the Council’s enforcement officers, respond quickly and problems are resolved. However, in some cases landlords delay undertaking works, resulting in the Council needing to take legal proceedings, which includes serving notices on the landlord to require -kthe works to be undertaken. Ultimately, if the landlord fails to take on the works, court prosecution will follow. The aim of this change of approach by the Council is to encourage private landlords to take their responsibilities seriously

Neighbourhood Police Pledge

important exams. I would also results. Figures on which schools like to say a personal thank you have met the government’s ‘floor to the teachers and parents who standard’ will be available later in the year when the national median results can be calculated. Schools which have achieved a dramatic improvement in results include City School which has gone from 34 per cent to 41.3 per cent, Ecclesfield School from 46 per cent to 51 per cent, Handsworth from 44 per cent to 54 per cent, Notre Dame from 72 per cent to 83 per cent and have supported the young people King Ecgberts from 67 per cent in our city to achieve such good to 75 per cent.

Death of Ron Windle former Mayor of Rotherham

West Yorkshire’s Chief Con- licing. He declared: “Anybody stable pledged that Neighbour- could be forgiven for thinking A long-standing ex-councillor hood Policing Teams were that, with 20 per cent cuts in and former Mayor of Rotherham has died. Ron Windle, who was Mayor of Rotherham in 1998, died on August 22 aged 89. Mr. Windle served on Rotherham Borough Council for 24 years from 1975 until 1999. During that time he represented the former Brinsworth, Catcliffe and Treeton ward and was acknowledged as an exceptionally hardworking representative of local people. Born and brought-up “here for good” in the fight police funding, neighbourhood in Treeton, Mr. Windle started against crime. During a visit to policing could be dwindling work at the former Treeton Cola mosque in Bradford, where away. “I am saying quite the liery when he left school at 14. he met teenage community reverse, the very last thing we However, his life of a miner was ambassadors, Sir Norman Bet- are going to do without is the interrupted during the war years tison insisted that budget cuts NPTs. Neighbourhood Policwould not impact on local po- ing is here for good.”

and then an additional £1.2m for 2012/13. Previously the entire cost of the project was being met by the private developer and previous central government grants. Local taxpayers money will go into the project that will see most of the refurbished flats sold off with the aim of making the private developers, Urban Splash, a hefty profit. Urban Splash have not been asked to pick up any of the new £2.5m cost. The news comes at a time when the Labour run Council are warning of future service cuts and job losses due to a lack of funds.

Penalty Tribunal - and won. Adjudicator Stephen Knapp said he had ‘no hesitation’ in accepting Mohammed’s version of events. The business studies lecturer, of Page Hall Road, Page Hall, said: “I feel very relieved, but if even those policing these bays are confused then how are ordinary drivers supposed to know? Officers act as judge and jury, yet they can make mistakes.” Lawyer Safiya Hussain, of, said: “I expect the local authority to do the fair thing and give refunds. My advice to people who receive a fine is to take photographs of the signs and road markings and have them checked by us regardless of whether they believe it was rightly given or not. There’s a 60 per cent chance it is not legally valid. Inadequate signage is the most common reason.”

Schools Break GCSE Records

when he became a professional footballer at various local clubs and then other leading national clubs of the day such as Notts County, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Aston Villa and Hull City. A larger-than-life character who put all his energy into helping people, he was a long-standing member of both the former Social Services and Education Committees. Well-known throughout the Treeton area, he was a very gregarious man who loved people. “He put all his energies into helping people and although he might not have been the most articulate of men he always managed to get his mes-

Who is Anna Hazare?

Park Hill Broken Promise

Labour controlled Sheffield City Council intends to spend £2,500,000 of local taxpayer’s money on the controversial Park Hill development. The move will break a key promise Labour politicians made when the project began in 2005. In 2005 Labour promised that “the cost to the city would not extend beyond paying wages of council staff working on the project”. However, local Liberal Democrat councillors have learned that Labour have earmarked £1.3m of the council’s coffers for the project for this financial year

the validity of dozens of tickets. In February he stopped in one of four bays outside Barclays bank in Barkers Pool, Sheffield city centre. He crossed double yellow lines, which continue straight down the street, to enter a bay. There are no other lines or signs. Unsure, Mohammed, aged 29, asked a parking officer whether he was free to stop there and was told ‘yes’. The officer also said some colleagues and senior managers were confused as to whether a restriction applied. But on his return a different warden had slapped a ticket on his car for £70 - or £35 if he paid it within two weeks. He appealed to the council but was turned down. He then appealed to the Traffic

Anna Hazare is the face of India’s fight against corruption. He has taken that fight to the corridors of power and challenged the government at the highest level. People, the common man and well-known personalities alike, are supporting him in the hundreds swelling to the thousands. For Anna Hazare,

it is another battle. And he has fought quite a few, Including some as a soldier for 15 years in Indian Army. In 1978, he took voluntary retirement from the army and returned home to Ralegaon Siddhi, a village in Maharashtra’s drought-prone Ahmadnagar. He was 39 years old. He found farmers back home struggling for survival and their suffering would prompt him to pioneer rainwater conservation that put his little hamlet on the international map as a model village. Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption began here. He fought first against corruption that was blocking growth in rural India.

His organization - the Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan (People’s movement against Corruption). His tool of protest - hunger strikes. And his prime target - politicians. But his weapon is potent. In 199596, he forced the government in Maharashtra to drop two corrupt Cabinet Ministers. In 2003, he forced the Congress-Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) state government to set up an investigation against four ministers. In April this year, four days of fasting brought thousands of people out in support of his crusade against corruption. They also made the government realise it could not be dismissive about Anna Hazare

sage over,” said his eldest son, Barrie Windle. In recent years Mr. Windle had moved away from Treeton and into residential care after a long struggle with both Alzeimer’s and cancer. He died peacefully in his sleep at Dinnington’s Davis Court Residential Home only hours after sharing memories with staff of when he and his late wife, Margaret, who died in 2002, were Rotherham’s Civic Couple. Mr. Windle leaves six sons - twins Barrie and Douglas, David, twins Paul and Kevin, and Neil - as well as 14 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. and his mass appeal. The Gandhian is soldiering on. From one battle to another in his war against corruption. He fought from the front to have Right to Information (RTI) implemented. He is now fighting for the implementation of the Jan Lokpal Bill, the anti-corruption bill drafted by his team of crusaders. Sometimes, when you stand alone with determination, you are truly outstanding. Was there no intelligent and experienced hand to lead a crusade like this, or is it the simplicity of human nature seen through one’s character and integrity that truly endears itself to the angry mind? Today, when global society is bereft of role models, we have one in Anna Hazare.


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