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New Theme Park in South Yorkshire DRAGONS, enchantment and the mysteries of ancient China are perhaps the last thing visitors expect to find in a former pit in South Yorkshire. All that could change, however, with the arrival of the multi-million-pound Visions of China “cultural theme

would enter the theme park in a Chinatown-themed street, based on “one of the most vibrant streets in Shanghai”. They could then sample the luxury of an Oriental spa, restaurants, a traditional tea house, a Chinese hotel and an “enchanting” children’s area, all

under way. Everything will be authentic and it will really be a place of enchantment. Visions of China will introduce visitors to the culture of one of the most pre-eminent civilisations and one of the super powers of the world stage. It will

Soaring Car Insurance

Spiralling car insurance costs in Bradford are the fault of a massive increase in personal injury claims, according to research carried out by a Bradford MP. David Ward is now embarking on a campaign to lobby Parliament for changes to the law in the wake of huge increases in premiums that have seen Bradford people quoted thousands of pounds to insure their cars – if they can get cover at all. The investigation has found that rising costs are not due mainly to companies increasing premiums because of incidents involving uninsured drivers, as previously thought. Instead it is because the biggest percentage of insurance payouts is not to cover damage to vehicles, but for personal in-

jury claims. Mr Ward produced his report into the escalating costs of motor insurance in Bradford, sparked, he said, by complaints and concerns of his constituents, one of whom was quoted £26,000 to insure his son’s first car. More than 1,000 residents have responded to a survey by the MP, who also gathered evidence from the Association of British Insurers, the police and Bradford insurance brokers, doctors and driving instructors. In just three years, the average annual cost of car insurance for respondents rose from around £550 in 2009 to just under £900, an increase of 63 per cent, the report found. According to the report, despite the fall in the number of road ac-

cidents, the number of personal injury claims has risen by more than 70 per cent over the last ten years, and the proportion of accidents involving third-party injury claims is now approaching 25 per cent. In Bradford the figure is close to 38 per cent, giving the city among the highest level of personal injury claims in the UK. In 2010 the Motor Insurers’ Bureau identified the BD3 postcode as the area with the highest number of uninsured drivers in the UK for the 13th consecutive year, with nearly seven times more uninsured drivers than the national average. The report also states Bradford is one of the worst areas of the country for organised insurance fraud.

We reveal the best ways to put a stop to suffering Back pain – Use a heat wrap. These self-heating bandages heat for eight hours and a study found they reduced pain by 52 per cent. Do a cat stretch. Physiotherapists suggest getting on all fours, knees under your hips, hands under your shoulders and back relaxed. Arch your spine up and relax your head down. Hold for five seconds, then return to the start. Repeat five to 10 times for instant relief. See your GP… If you’ve had ongoing pain for more than 10 days. Jesus (PBUH), whilst fasting may Joint Pain - Wear flats. Researchbe lost to the contemporary Chris- ers have found that high heels tian Church (If you don’t include make knee joints work harder. ‘Lent’), it remains the preserve of the Muslims. For my part a very rare, but truly egalitarian Ramadan experience was to be had by myself at The Masjid Kuba, in Attercliffe, Sheffield. A converted building, with high ceilings, with a resident Imam, Sheikh Dr Abdullah Zoubie, who is of Syrian extraction and a graduate of The University of Medina , the recipient of a PHD from a Scottish University, resident Imam since the mid eighties, who also lectures part time in Arabic Studies at a Sheffield College. A warm man of impeccable knowledge and manners, Sheikh Abdullah illuminates the mosque with his humorous banter and gentle wit. Apart from very beautiful and eloquent oratory of the Koran, the Sheikh presides over a congregation whose own diversity and backgrounds truly strike of Islam’s globalism. Apart from a variety of Middle Eastern students, Africans, Chechnyens, Russians, Pakistanis and English worshippers all attend. One such gentleman a former EDL member, now married to a Somali an. Steve Scott an English teacher joined us to open the fast, whilst the in house Chef attended to the daily cooking on mass of meat and rice, to feed the eclectic worshippers. Although I had initially attended to meet an old friend of my family, who was recuperating from an illness, David Pidcock, the leader of The Islamic Party of Britain. Whilst David had left for Manchester by then, the world seemed to have come to Sheffield. By: Jaan. M. Khan

Save high heels (more than 12 inches measured on the inside of the heel) for special nights out. Lose 10 pounds If you’re overweight, dropping just 10 pounds can reduce the risk of osteoarthritis in the knees by around half. Eat oily fish Between one to two portions a week provides enough omega-3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation and joint twinges. Try flaking grilled salmon into a vegand-noodle stir-fry with some sweet chilli sauce. See your GP… If pain and stiffness is unexplained, or getting worse. Arthritis can hit in your thirties and forties, so get it checked out.

Neck Pain - Have a Swedish massage. People with chronic neck pain reported improvement in pain and neck movement when they had a weekly Swedish massage, an American study shows. This therapeutic treatment releases tension and is particularly helpful in reducing emotional stress that can add to neck pain. Change your pillow Use a pillow that offers extra neck support and a deeper depression where the head lies, keeping you in alignment whether you sleep on your back or side. See Your GP… If acute pain lasts more than a week, or a minor niggle lasts several months.

Get to Grips with Pain

park”, which developers say will be the “pride of Yorkshire”. Bosses at Rotherham Council selected the £110m development as the preferred option for the Pithouse West colliery site, which lies adjacent to Rother Valley Country Park, close to junction 31 of the M1 motorway. Visitors to Visions of China

set around 15 acres of lakes and Suzhou gardens. The development, described as being as iconic as the Eden Project in Cornwall, is intended to attract both national and international visitors to the region. Visions of China will create 400 permanent, non-seasonal jobs and will take two years to build once construction work gets

be one of the most original developments to be created in Britain for decades and will showcase enchantment, entertainment and excitement – everything that is mysterious about China. It is also hoped that the hotel will attract Chinese weddings and host conferences for business people from all over the country.

FASTING, CHARITY AND PRAYER: What Have These Muslims Been Up To ? For one special month of the year, August just gone, around 1.5 billion of the world’s population, from America to China, across all continents and cultures, through poverty and opulence, observed a very particular timetable for their daily routines. That is the month of Ramadan, where you fast throughout the day, observing abstinence from all food and liquid from the early hours of the morning before dawn, to the late evening up to sunset. Apart from the 5 daily obligatory prayers, extra worship and supplications are offered in the evenings, (known as tharawee) after the opening of the fast, throughout the mosques of the world. Although not compulsory, the congregations are packed, as the recital of the Holy Koran, in its authentic Arabic, is led by the Imams and Hafez’s (Those who have learnt the Holy Koran by heart): comprising of 114 chapters, 6,666 verses and 77,701 words. This recitation is completed usually within the 29 or 30 days of the month of Ramadan. Obligatory to this process of abstinence through fasting from the needs and pleasures of our daily lives, is that of charity. Apart from the obligatory alms (known as zakat) due on every Muslim as a percentage of their wealth (2.5 %), criss-crossing the financial systems of the world, as people usually send to the poor and underdeveloped, or the countries of their origin, to be distributed amongst the poor, an abundance of cash is donated to the multitude of charities, development projects and schools, throughout the UK and beyond. The sincerity with which these donations are made is unquestionable, yet for the Mus-

lims the reward is two fold: for the preservation of their fellow humans in this world and reward in the next life. For the Muslims universally there is no greater a puritan act or obligation other than charity. This is synonymous with the history of the three Semitic faiths. The prophets of the old testament from Abraham to Ishmael, Isaac, Noah Joseph and Moses (Peace be upon them), all spoke of and practiced that of Alms giving by way of thy Lord God. The life of Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) and the apostles, consisted of Worship at the Temple on the required times, observing the Sabbath, observing Kosher ( Prescribed manner of the slaughter of animals & dietary laws as done by the prophet Moses), Observing circumcision and once a year gathering all their wealth and distributing one tenth amongst the poor. The month of Ramadan, when the Holy Koran was revealed to the Prophet Muhummad (PBUH) through the Angel Gabriel, was chapter and verse of the Final Testament, cementing the revelations in Arabia from the Scrolls of Abraham, The Torah of Moses, The Psalms of David, The Injil (Gospel of Jesus) to the Holy Koran. The month of Ramadan for me overarches that of history. A time of contemplation, prayer and Charity. The founding fathers of America, who brought with them and practised Thanks Giving, a Public Holiday when all Americans far and wide come together with their families to break bread and give thanks for what they have, is in essence Ramadan for the Muslims, when families gather and say grace and give thanks. Although practised by


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September Edition 2011  

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