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Pakistan Failed to Make Hockey World Cup



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China warns U.S. against attack on Syria

In what has become a predictable refrain from Beijing, the Chinese government Thursday warned the United States against conducting airstrikes against Syria. All of the major Chinese news organizations railed against military action, saying Syria could turn into another Iraq. The Chinese also said they were not convinced that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government used chemical weapons against its own people, as asserted by the White House. In a statement posted on the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s website, Foreign Minister Wang Yi implied that Beijing would exercise its veto power on a U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing the use of force. The point is somewhat moot because Russia already has said it would block such a resolution. "External military intervention is contrary to the U.N. charter aims and the basic norms governing international relations and could exacer-


bate instability in the Middle East," Wang said. President Saddam Hussein’s regime possessed weapons of mass destruction. "Turning Syria into another Libya or even Iraq "Who used the chemical weapons in Syria isn’t is the last thing most people around the world clear,"’ said Li Wei, director of the Beijingwant to see," opined the English-language based Institute of Security and Arms Control Studies at a briefing for journalists Thursday. China is Syria’s largest trade partner, with exports from China totaling $2.4 billion in 2011. But analysts said economic relations with Syria, which has modest oil reserves, were not a primary factor in Beiking's opposition to military action. Yin Gang, a widely quoted Middle East expert at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said airstrikes against Assad’s regime would strengthen the hand of Al Qaeda and other Islamic militants. "A democratic Christian country should not be Chinese scholars pointed to the errors of U.S. interfering in an Islamic civil war. It would be intelligence in 2003 claiming that former Iraqi a big mistake," Yin said. China Daily in a strongly worded editorial on Thursday. "Before the crisis takes a turn for from bad to worse, it is high time the U.S. learned from its past mistakes."











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Millions Of Families ‘In Danger Due To Damp Leaks And Negligent Landlords’ Millions of people living in privatelyrented homes are suffering from damp, condensation and leaky roofs because landlords are unable – or unwilling – to intervene, new figures suggest. As many as 2.8million tenants have condensation issues, 2.5million complain of damp, while 1.2million have leaky roofs and windows. Housing charities say one in four renters have asked for repairs without having them fulfilled – potentially putting millions of families’ health at risk. The findings come from what has been described as the largest survey of pri-

vate renters, revealing declining standards as the number of tenants rises. Some 9million people are now believed to be privately renting homes in England, including 1.3million families with children.

The buy-to-let was worth £16.4billion last year, up 19 per cent on 2011, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders. The study suggests 2.84million renters suffer from condensation, 2.56million from damp, 1.18million from leaky roofs and windows and Yet as many as one in three privately- 704,000 from electrical hazards. let homes in the country fail to meet the government’s Decent Homes Another 2.26million will have seen reStandard for England. Only one in ten pairs not dealt with within the past 12 landlords are accredited or members months, while some 900,000 will not of a landlord body, a ratio tipped to fall have had a gas safety check during that even more as the number of buy-to-let same period. mortgages continues to grow.

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Back to School Safely Parents are being urged to make sure their child's journey back to school is as safe as possible. Safer Roads Groups around the region are advising parents to put in some preparation before schools re-open in September. If children walk to school they need to be reminded of crossing the road safely, from suitable crossing places, being alert and avoiding distractions such as mobile phones or headphones. The Partnership also recommends safety checks for children who cycle to school

- getting their bikes checked over and practising the route if it is the first time they are cycling in so that they are familiar with junctions. Parents are also advised to ensure children wear helmets and high visibility jackets as well as having lights fitted to their bikes. Parents who drive their children to school should keep clear of zigzag road markings near school entrances, show courtesy to other road users and leave themselves extra time for the journey.

One in five children bullied online: NSPCC Almost one in five children who use social networking sites suffered a negative experience last year, research by children's charity the NSPCC (National Society for Preventing Cruelty to Children) shows. This included bullying, unwanted sexual messages, cyber stalking and feeling pressure to look a certain way. The NSPCC also said a "large number" of users of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were under the minimum age of 13. A full report of the survey of

1,024 11 to 16-year-olds from across the UK will be published in November. The survey also showed that the most common bad experiences among children were bullying and trolling. This involves insulting or intimidating others, usually under a pseudonym, to provoke a reaction. The NSPCC said there is increased concern around what children and young people were being exposed to on the internet. In recent years we have become inundated with terms like

cyberbullying, trolling, and the use of social networking sites. There is also concern that there are ‘blind spots’ in the way social networking sites were dealing with underage children. Last month, Prime Minister David Cameron called on people to boycott websites that fail to tackle online abuse. The call comes after the suicides of 2 teenagers last month following online bullying.

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Students acr been celebr ing great res academies th Councillor Ja field City Member fo People and Families said: “I would like to congratulate all of the students for

Burka Avenger Ready for Global Audience cluding English and French, and screening it in 60 countries, Rashid said. The issue of girls’ education in conservative, militantplagued northwest Pakistan hit world headlines last October when Taliban gunmen shot teenage activist Malala Yousafzai. Malala, who campaigns for the right of girls to go to school, survived the attack and last month delivered a powerful speech at the U.N. in New York. Rashid said Malala was a “real life superhero” for her courage and said the attack on her had come as they prepared an early episode of Burka Avenger.

Pakistan’s new cartoon superhero, who fights bad guys disguised in a flowing black burka, is set to go global, according to her creator who has shared plans to broadcast the show in 60 countries. The Urdu-language animation Burka Avenger, showing the adventures of a mildmannered teacher who uses her superpowers to fight local gangsters trying to close

down the girls’ school where overwhelmed by the reshe works, hit Pakistani TV sponse. “The reception has screens last month. been absolutely phenomenal, beyond our expectaThe kids’ action-comedy tions,” he said. struck a chord in a country where Taliban militants have “We were making this little prevented thousands of girls animated TV series for Pafrom going to school in the kistan but it seems like the northwest and attacked ac- whole world wants to know tivists campaigning for their about the Burka Avenger.” education. A TV distribution company The man behind Burka in Europe has been in touch Avenger, pop star Haroon with a view to translating the Rashid, said he had been show into 18 languages, in-

“We were all stunned because we were working on the exact same story about a little girl who stands up to the bad guy who tried to shut down her school,” he said. “I had never heard of Malala before then—it was like life was imitating what was on our screen while we were developing.” Nearly half of all children in Pakistan and almost three quarters of young girls are not enrolled in primary school, according to U.N. and government statistics published late last year.

Labour to Pledge to Lower the Voting Age to 16

School leavers could get increasingly political under possible plans drawn up by Labour to pledge to reduce the voting age to 16. The amendment, which has been devised by Sadiq Khan, one of Labour leader Ed Miliband’s right hand men, is believed to be an attempt to capitalise on the assumed liberalism of young people. The proposed reform is only in consideration and has not yet been officially placed in their election manifesto, however if Labour is voted back into power in 2015, it could be passed into law in time for the 2020 election. Shadow justice secretary Khan is a proponent of getting young people interested in politics, as well as teaching them about the democratic system. Speaking to The Sunday Times he said: ‘The evidence we have is that if you vote the first time you are entitled to, you will carry on doing so through your life. ‘There

are more and more things that 16 and 17-year-olds can do – work, pay national insurance and tax, have sexual relationships, get married and enter civil partnerships and join the armed forces.’ Khan has been hotly tipped as Labour’s next mayoral candidate for London. He is also reportedly a supporter for making voting compulsory for those entering the electorate for the first time after reaching voting age. The campaign to lower the voting age has been raging for longer than some may realise. ‘Votes at 16’, a coalition of young people and organisations, have been calling for the reduction in voting age since 2003. A blurb on their website states: ‘We want our political system to recognise the abilities of 16 year olds. To properly include us in our society and show us the trust and respect that society expects of us by giving us the right to vote. ‘When the Electoral Commission last consulted the public about extending the right to vote to 16 and 17 year olds, 72% were in support. What’s stopping Parliament ending this injustice?’

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Council Tax - Single Occupancy Warning Rotherham Borough Council is once again repeating its warning against people fraudulently claiming Single Person Council Tax discount. A 25 per cent council tax discount is given each year to more than 37,000 households across Rotherham where there is only one adult resident at the property. However, last year Rotherham urged those who were claiming but who no longer qualified for the Single Person Discount, to notify the authority and no further action would be taken. As a result, 1,960 discounts were cancelled last year resulting in increased revenue to the authority of up to £563,000. However, Rotherham believes that many more people have changed cir-

cumstances and now need to pay and so is repeating its warning that if discount cheats continue to claim they will be found out and investigated. The Audit Commission has reported that over £200 million of Single Person Discounts may be inappropriately awarded nationally making a huge impact upon the alreadyoverstretched budgets of local authorities right across the country.

"These people are taking advantage of not only the system but also the genuine Council Tax payers," said Coun. Jahangir Akhtar, Deputy Leader of Rotherham

Benefits Service. "When the Council Tax charge is set, the council has to take into account the reduction in the amount due because of people claiming discounts or exemptions. We value our residents and it is not fair that some people try to dodge paying. "Obviously, some fraud will be unintentional as some people simply forget to tell the authority when Borough Council, who is also re- their circumstances change. But sponsible for the Revenues and it is a statutory requirement for

council taxpayers to tell us within 28 days if they think they should no longer qualify for a discount. So, if you receive a discount you think you should not receive, this is your final chance to tell us, before we contact you." Stuart Booth, Director of Financial Services for the authority, added: "As the Council Tax scheme is a form of tax, we are obliged to amend any records we find to be incorrect back to the date of the change. This means that householders do not benefit from withholding information from us, and it makes the system fair for everyone. It could mean some households will find they have a considerable amount of council tax arrears to pay. "

News in Brief £47,000 Taxpayer Bill For Parking Hikes City-centre businesses have been left fuming as new information revealed that controversial hikes in city centre parking charges cost local taxpayers £47,000. The hikes, which were agreed by Labour councillors in March, have proved unpopular

with city-centre retailers, who claim they have driven away business. However, the cost to the Council of changing pay and display signs as well as machines to fit the new charges has now been revealed as a staggering £46,589.

Taxi Rank Enforcement in Rotherham Taxi ranks in Rotherham Town Centre are to come under the spotlight as the local authority undertakes evening enforcement operations to ensure the proper use of the ranks on weekend nights! Joint patrols are to be carried out in the near future by the Licensing Team and Parking Enforcement Officers from Rotherham Borough Council with support from South Yorkshire Police. It is hoped that the patrols will encourage proper use of the taxi ranks so helping to keep the town centre roads clear for the free movement of traffic. Coun. Rose McNeely, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods for Rotherham Borough Council, said: "Drivers bringing cars into the town centre should always ensure they park legally,

including later in the evenings. They should take note of signage because all parking restrictions are marked on the road or on roadside signs. "Currently, we are experiencing difficulties caused by unauthorised vehicles being parked in taxi ranks and other prohibited areas. It is hoped that drivers will accept advice, which will be given by the Joint Enforcement Team. However, if vehicles are observed parked in a taxi rank with no driver present, it is highly likely that Penalty Charge Notices will be issued.” The taxi ranks in Rotherham Town Centre are available for Hackney Carriages to wait for customers to approach them. The ranks are located on Moorgate Street, Ship Hill, Effingham Square, High Street and Corporation Street.

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What’s Halal About Food? “O mankind! Eat of that which is lawful and wholesome in the earth, and follow not the footsteps of the devil.” 2:168 Lawful and wholesome—“halal wa tayyab”. The Qur’an is clear. It would seem that we spend a lot of time discussing the former, but rarely the latter. Perhaps we feel that if the food we eat is declared halal, it will inevitably be wholesome. Perhaps we do not care whether it is wholesome. The halal food industry is reportedly worth £2.8 bilion in the UK and £30 bilion worldwide. It is big business, but what does that really mean for consumers? But our Muslim lifestyle perspective requires us to ask some tough questions. Can we industrialise our food chain and still eat wholesomely? Is a halal chicken McNugget an oxymoron? If ‘we are what we eat’, then are we a community of fat, fear-ridden automatons addicted to chemicals? Due to the explosion of junk food in Muslim societies, traditional diets are being replaced by “halal” McDonalds, KFCs, and Burger Kings. However, if one begins to look at the ingredients and the production chain behind some of the global brands, whilst the animals’ throats may have been slit, the blood drained, and the bismillah recited, it is difficult to see how they are wholesome. Chicken nuggets, for example, are generally made with me-

chanically separated meat. So, once the good parts of the chicken such as the breasts and legs have been removed, the skin and carcass—including the offal and connective tissues—are ground up. The paste—referred to as white slime—then has a variety of ingredients added to it, such as hydrogenated soybean oil with TBHQ, and dimethylpolysiloxane (DMPS)—used as an antifoaming agent. TBHQ is a petroleum derivative used as a stabiliser in perfumes, resins and varnishes. Laboratory studies have linked it to stomach tumours. DMPS is a type of silicone used in sealants, as filler for breast implants, and in head lice preparations. Yummy! Such information is readily available, but our scholars continue to sign off products as halal, and we, as consumers, continue to demand “halal” fast food for our families. We want our children to be happy with their Happy Meals, but we appear less concerned with their health. One can blame the corporations; however, the food chains of many of the Muslim community’s own companies are flawed. We are churning out our own varieties of nuggets, sausages, and cold meats, which follow similar production processes to the global chains. We are not offering a greater vision for halal in the 21st century. The problem is not confined to processed food, however. When

purchasing a chicken at my local halal butcher, I often find the bird has a wing or leg broken, or the meat is bruised. The butcher explains that when the abattoir mass-slaughters several thousand birds, the chickens flap around when they are unstunned. This leads to the broken wings and legs, and bruising. He assures me that this is not a problem, and that I should be grateful that the slaughter process is “fully halal” given that it follows “the sunnah of being unstunned”. The sunnah however was not to slaughter thousands of birds in a brutal mechanised process. In addition to broken bones and bruising, if an animal dies in the midst of experiencing the death of its fellows, the stress hormones it releases are multiplied. This invariably affects the content of the meat. Do we really want to ingest the flesh of an animal that died in fear and pain? The Muslim community consumes huge amounts of meat. In the UK, whilst making up approximately 3% of the population, Muslims consume over 20% of the mutton. There are also increasing health problems. Obesity, heart diseases, strokes, and diabetes all disproportionally affect Muslims. These health problems are food and lifestyle related. In the Qur’an, the Merciful is not putting forward an option about lawful and wholesome. The ‘and’

in between is important. Yet it would seem that “wholesome” has become redundant. This has to change. We have to begin to see halal and tayyab, lawful and wholesome, as indivisible injunctions. There has to be a food movement from the Muslim consumer. Muslims have to seriously question what we eat. Our scholars have to stop signing off products as “halal” based upon a reductionist understanding of the moment of slaughter. They have to start asking broader questions about ingredients, processes, chemicals, hormones, and farming, in order to protect the health and wellbeing of future generations. Increasingly, our food is becoming devoid of nutritional value, yet we are consuming everincreasing quantities. We are becoming overfed but undernourished, obese but nutrientdeficient. By returning to homecooked meals, using wholesome ingredients, we can potentially save ourselves and our children, from the nutrient abyss that we are staring into. Food from a Muslim lifestyle perspective cannot simply be about a halal sign; it has to be a considered understanding of the food chain and our place within it. The Islamic world was once exporters of the finest scientific ideas, goods, and social philosophy. We must not now become importers of junk.

Prudent Property Programme Up For National Award Bradford Council has been shortlisted for a national award for saving money. In the last five years the Council has saved over £50 million through its property programme. The project has cut backlog maintenance by £25.5 m, generated £21.2m of capital receipts through the sale

of surplus properties and achieved £3.8m annual recurring savings on running costs. The Council's regeneration department is now one of ten councils shortlisted for a Best Efficiency Initiative from the Association for Public Sector Excellence.

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Jury Age Limit to be Raised to 75 People up to the age of 75 will be able to sit This is about harnessing the knowledge and on juries in England and Wales, according to life experiences of a group of people who new plans announced by the justice minister. can offer significant benefits to the court process." The proposal to raise the upper age limit of jurors from 70 to 75 is part of a drive to make Each year, around 178,000 people in Engthe criminal justice system more inclusive land and Wales undertake jury service, but and to reflect modern society, the Ministry currently only those between 18 and 70 can of Justice said. sit as jurors. Criminal justice minister Damian Green said: The age range was last amended by the "The right to be tried by your peers is, and Criminal Justice Act 1988, which raised the remains, a cornerstone of the British Justice upper limit from 65 to 70, and the latest prosystem laid down in the Magna Carta almost posed changes to the age range would re800 years ago. quire a new law, to be brought forward early "Our society is changing and it is vital that next year. the criminal justice system moves with the times. It would mean that those aged 70-75 who are summoned would be expected to serve The law as it currently stands does not take on juries, although the original Juries Act into account the increases to life expectancy 1974 still allows people to be excused if they that have taken place over the past 25 years. can show a good reason why they should be.


Three more shopkeepers found themselves in court recently as the crackdown on shops selling black market cigarettes and alcohol continued in Sheffield. They were found to be in possession of thousands of fake and illicit cigarettes and hand rolling tobacco, and one with over two hundred bottles of non-duty paid and misdescribed vodka and brandy. They were found hidden behind packets of soup, jars of pickles and sweets on the shelves in the shop. When Trading Standards officers searched a flat above one of the shops, they were amazed to discover them hidden under the mattress, on top of the wardrobe, in the pots, pans, deep fat fryer and even in the freezer!

per cent of the total market was made up of illegally imported cigarettes, although Customs and Excise estimated the figure to be no more than 21 per cent. Tobacco smuggling was costing the Government more than £3 billion a year in lost revenue.

Action by HM Revenue and Customs (formerly Customs and Excise) since 2000 has helped reduce the proportion of smuggled cigarettes to about 10 per cent of the UK market. There has also been progress in reducing the trade in illicit hand-rolled tobacco: For the financial year 2009-10 it is estimated that just under half (46 per cent) of hand-rolling tobacco smoked in Britain was smuggled, down from 60 per cent in 2005-06. The estimated revenue loss for tobacco fraud and smuggling in Councillor Jack Scott, Sheffield City Council’s the UK ranged from £1.1bn - £3bn in 2009Cabinet Member for Environment, Recycling 10. and Streetscene said: “We are determined to crackdown on the sale of these illegal goods Impact of Illicit trade on society: and however well-concealed, we will find Smuggled tobacco may be sold on the black them and prosecute the offenders.” market at up to half the price of legitimate “This has been a tremendously successful products and, therefore, undermining the operation and highlights our determination use of tax to raise the price of tobacco. Into reduce the number of people smoking in creasing the price of tobacco above the rate the city and the criminals who profit from this of inflation is recognised as the most effective activity. means of reducing tobacco consumption. Poorer people are more likely to be tempted “Illegal tobacco is routinely sold in Sheffield by cheaper prices, and access to smuggled for as little as half price. This illegal and un- tobacco therefore undermines efforts to quit safe tobacco increases teen smoking, wors- smoking, exacerbating health inequalities. ens health inequalities and is linked to crime Research commissioned by ASH found that at many levels. one in four of the poorest smokers bought “We are determined to address health in- smuggled tobacco compared to one in eight equalities in the city and reduce tobacco use, of the most affluent. especially in children and young people. We are tackling the illegal sale of tobacco and Other research has shown that four times it’s really good to see that progress is being more people die from the effects of smuggled made.” tobacco than from all illicit drugs combined. Furthermore, researchers estimated that Scale of the problem: eliminating smuggling could lead to an overBy the late 1990s, cigarette smuggling in the all fall in the number of cigarettes smoked by UK had reached epidemic proportions: Ac- around 5 per cent, resulting in 4,000 fewer cording to tobacco industry estimates 25-30 premature deaths.

More iPhones..... iPhone 5S and budget version iPhone 5C expected to be unveiled by Apple at special September event Apple is reportedly set to release the new ‘iPhone 5S’ and also a budget version called the ‘iPhone 5C’ on September 10. The tech giant is expected to unveil the yearly upgrade to its main smartphone, which is thought to include a fingerprint detector as well as a few minor improvements next month. A more substantial move for the US company will be the introduction of a much cheaper version of its gadget, which is a first

for the company. Apple had previously relied on older versions of its iPhone, which it would cut in price, in order to appeal to the cheaper end of the market. The firm’s chief executive Tim Cook had seemed enthused by the idea of a scaled back model of

the business’ smartphone when asked about it at a recent conference. He said the iPhone 4 had been ‘very, very impressive’ and added ‘we want to attract as many of these buyers as we can’.

Light Savings Made in Rotherham Rotherham Borough Council has 'seen the light' when it comes to making huge savings on its energy bills!

will result in a massive 50 per cent energy saving per lamp and approximately £200,000 per annum saving to the authority.

The authority is investing £3 million in replacing around 6,000 street lights across the borough with new energy-efficient LED units. The replacement of the high wattage lamps

Work started last month on the first phase of the three-year programme that will see around 2,000 high wattage lighting units per year being replaced on main traffic

routes through the borough. The street lights along West Bawtry Road - between Whiston and Canklow - will be replaced first, followed by the replacements on columns along Centenary Way, Bawtry Road , Rotherway and the Parkway.

Bradford’s Plans for a Better Start in Life Better Start Bradford, a major lottery application which aims to improve the lives of babies and young children in the Bradford District, has been approved to go though to the final application stage. If successful, the project will see around £50m from the Big Lottery invested in Bradford over a 10 year period. The project has been awarded a development grant of £347,000 to submit a full detailed bid by the end of the year. The multi-agency application to the Big Lottery Funding Programme, which is being coordinated by Bradford Trident, is looking to improve outcomes in three

main areas of child development from pregnancy to three years of age. The areas are: communication and language development; social and emotional development; and nutrition. The expected results would be: Families will benefit from more coordinated and seamless support services which recognise and can deal with their needs at an early stage. More children will enter school with the language, social and emotional skills they need to help them to learn and develop effective friendships. More families will be able to

provide healthy and nutritious food for their children and encourage their children to be active from an early age. More children will benefit from early learning, having good opportunities within the home. Around 40 areas across the country applied for the funding in stage one of the process. The lottery’s decision means that Bradford now goes through to the second stage along with 10 to 15 other areas. A final decision is expected to be made by the end of March 2014, when three to five areas will be chosen to receive funding.

Find Out More About “Born in Bradford” Born in Bradford, one of the biggest and most important medical research studies undertaken in the UK , will be the next topic for the Public Forum for Education. The forum takes place in the Banqueting Hall, City Hall, Bradford BD1 1HY on Wednesday, 18 September from 4.30 - 6.30pm. The aim of Born in Bradford

is to find out more about the causes of ill health by studying children from all cultures and backgrounds as their lives unfold. The project started in 2007 and is looking to answer questions about health and well-being by tracking the lives of 13,500 babies and their families and will provide information for studies

across the UK and around the world. Anyone with an interest is welcome and we would particularly like parents and young people to attend. To confirm your attendance, either e-mail or telephone Heidi Hardy on (01274) 431806.

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Ali (RA) On Governance Dr. A.Q.Khan


Ali (RA) on governance Recently I wrote about the exemplary rules of Hazrat Umar bin Khattab (RA) and Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz (RA) and gave an abstract from the letter sent by Hazrat Ali (KW) to Hazrat Malik Al-Ashtar, who was governor designate of Egypt. The Prophet (PBUH) said that, while he was the treasury of knowledge, Ali (RA) was its key, meaning that he had been given knowledge by Allah Almighty but the people would benefit from it through Ali (RA), who was a veritable genius. It is reported that transcripts of Ali’s letter were kept at the UN by Secretary General Kofi Annan and that Rajiv Ghandhi gave a copy to his ministers for guidance. A lengthier translation of this historic letter is given here for general information with the hope that our leaders may read it and take some hints on good governance. “In the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful.” “These are the orders issued by Ali, son of Abu Talib, to Malik, son of Ashtar, when he appointed Malik as governor of Egypt to collect Zakat there, to combat the enemies of Islam and Egypt, to work for the welfare of its people and to look after its prosperity. “I order you, Malik, always to keep fear of Allah in your mind, to give priority to His worship and to give preference to obeying His commands over every other thing in life, to carefully and faithfully follow the commandments and interdictions as are given by the Holy Book and the traditions of the Holy Prophet. “I order you to use your head, heart, hands and tongue to help the creatures of Allah because Almighty Allah holds himself responsible to help those who sincerely try their best to help Him. “I am sending you as governor to a country which has seen many regimes before this; some benign and others tyrannical. People will judge your regime as critically as you have studied the activities of other regimes and they will criticise you in the same way as you have censured or approved other rulers.

par with Allah, never to think of matching your power with Him and contesting His glory and never to pretend that you possess might and power like Him, because the Mighty Lord will always humble pitiless tyrants and will degrade all pretenders of His power and might. “As far as your own affairs or those of your relatives and friends are concerned, take care that you do not violate the duties laid down upon you by Allah and do not usurp the rights of mankind; be impartial and do justice to them. If you give up equity and justice, then you will certainly be a tyrant and an oppressor. “You must always appreciate and adopt a policy which is neither too severe not too lenient. A policy which is based upon equity will be largely appreciated. Remember that displeasure of common men overbalances the approval of important persons. The displeasure of a few important people will be excused by the Lord if the people are happy with you. “Be careful in forming contacts (whether with important people or commoners); keep those people away from you who are scandalmongers and who try to find fault with others and carry on propaganda against them because everywhere people have weaknesses and failings and it is the duty of the government to overlook (minor) shortcomings. “Be fair, impartial and just in your dealings with all, individually and collectively, and be careful not to make your person, position and favours act as sources of malice. Do not let any such thing, or such person, who does not deserve your nearness and your favor, come near you. Never lower your dignity and prestige. “Do not accept the advice of misers; they will try their best to keep you away from acts of kindness and from doing good to others. Similarly, do not allow cowards to act as your advisers because they will make you timid in enforcing your orders, will prevent you from handling important affairs boldly. “Your worst ministers will be the men who had been minister to despotic rulers before you and who had been a party to atrocities committed by them. Such persons should not be taken into your confidence and should not be trusted because they have aided sinners and have assisted tyrants and cruel rulers. In their stead, find persons who are equally wise and learned but who have not developed sinful and criminal mentalities, who have neither helped the tyrants in their tyrannies not have they assisted them to carry on their sinful deeds. “From amongst such honest and humane companions and ministers some would receive your fullest confidence and trust. They are those who can always speak out the bitter truth to you unreservedly and without fear of your status. “Select honest, truthful and pious people as your companions.

Geo News to Stay Free Pakistani news channel, Geo News, will remain a free-to-air channel and will get its audience officially measured after signing a deal with BARB (Broadcasters Audience Research Board). Geo News has been free since the Pakistan elections. Geo Network also launched new channel Geo Tez replacing Aag TV around the same time. Previously, Geo News was bundled up with Geo UK (entertainment) and the now defunct Aag TV, however, now Geo UK is sold as an individual channel, while both Geo News

and Geo Tez have become free-to-air. Geo News joins the likes of ARY Digital, Aaj Tak and News18 India all of which have their audience offi-

cially measured by BARB. Geo News’ first official viewing data will be made available post Monday 2nd September.

AILING PARK HILL PROJECT COULD SEE TAXPAYERS PICKING UP HEFTY BILL New concerns over the ill-fated Park Hill development have left taxpayers facing the potential of a hefty bill for the project. A major corporate restructure of developer Urban Splash was agreed this month in the face of mounting debts; however, funding of the Park Hill project remains uncertain. [1] Local taxpayers have already seen £2.8 million of Council

money squandered at Park Hill, despite previous promises from Labour politicians that the project would come at no further cost to local taxpayers. Having already seen millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money poured into this project, it’s extremely concerning to hear that Sheffield Council are in discussions over even more funding for this extortionate white

elephant. Since Labour councillors promised that the project would come at no cost to local taxpayers, £2.8 million of spending has been agreed at Park Hill. At a time when every penny counts, it would be unacceptable to ask local taxpayers to pick up the tab for a failed political pet project.”

“You must know that a good and virtuous man is known and recognised by the good that is said about him and the praise which Allah has destined him to receive from others. “You must create in your mind kindness, compassion and love for your subjects. Do not behave towards them as if you are a voracious beast and as if your success lies in devouring them. “Amongst your subjects there are two kinds of people: those who have the same religion as you have; they are brothers to you, and those who have religions other than that of yours; they are human beings like you. Men of either category suffer from the same weaknesses. Let your mercy and compassion come to their rescue and help in the same way “Try carefully to realise that a ruler can create and to the same extent that you expect Allah to goodwill in the minds of his subjects and can make them faithful and sincere to him only when he is show mercy and forgiveness to you. kind and considerate to them, when he reduces “You must never forget that, while you are a ruler their troubles, when he does not oppress them and over them, the caliph is the ruler over you and Al- when he never asks for things which are beyond lah is the Supreme Lord over the caliph who has their power. Let your attitude be such that they do not lose faith in you because good faith on their appointed you as governor. “Do not feel ashamed to forgive and forget. Do not part will relieve you of many worries and anxieties. hurry into giving punishments as anger and desire As far as your confidence and trust is concerned, let for vengeance are not going to help you in your ad- it rest with those people whom you have tested in difficulties and whom you have befriended.” ministration. “Take care never to think of bringing yourself on To be continued

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Government Denies NHS Patients Will Be Flown to India A Department of Health spokeswoman said: "We have no intention to send NHS patients to India for treatment. "NHS patients will always come first, but we should help and support the health service to compete internationally for the benefit of its patients in England. "Under no circumstances will the quality of NHS services at home be compromised by the sharing of NHS expertise abroad." Ms Hewitt, who served as Health Secretary between 2005 and 2007, said it would take time before trusts saw significant revenue from Indian contracts but added that the income could help them close the NHS' funding gap. A cross-government unit, Healthcare UK, was set up last year to link UK health providers with possible clients overseas. Up to 20 NHS trusts are planning to go into business with health providers in India to boost their income. Labour's former health secretary Patricia Hewitt, who now chairs the UK India Business Council, said the move would bring mutual benefit to the UK and India who would be able to share expertise. The Government denied suggestions that the plans could lead to NHS patients being flown to India for cheaper treatment. In an interview, Ms Hewitt said between 10 and 20 trusts are in talks with Indian companies, mainly regarding doctor swaps. "Our ambition is to get as many [NHS trusts, health companies and charities] there as we can". "I would certainly hope by 2015 we will be able to say... here is what they are doing and selling and here are the benefits that are accruing both to Britain and to India." But are these proposals just a "huge scandal". If trusts do not have enough money to treat patients in Britain, they should only be getting help from the Government. Could the next step will be patients being flown to India for treatment because these trusts think that it could save them money. Doctors and consultants should not be sent to India to make money for cash-strapped trusts.

Court Ruling to Spell End of Council Parking Permit Rip-Off

A historic court ruling could see Sheffield’s parking permit rip-off of local motorists ended. The High Court recently ruled that Barnet Council had acted unlawfully by driving up parking permit fees to plug gaps elsewhere in its budget. [1] Local media outlets revealed last year that Sheffield City Council made a profit of almost £500,000 from parking permits.[2] However, since this revelation Labour council-

lors have forced through two rounds of fee hikes, raising the cost of a first permit from £10 to £36. Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, local Liberal Democrat councillor for Broomhill, where a number of permit zones exist, said: “When Labour forced through these hikes we warned that not only would this damage local motorists and families, it could potentially be unlawful as well. “It simply isn’t fair for the

Labour Council to fleece local motorists and businesses to plug gaps in their budget elsewhere. These zones were created to tackle local problems – not to make a profit for Labour’s Town Hall bosses. “In light of this ruling I am calling on the Council to review the parking permit charges immediately. If local residents have been overcharged then they should be entitled to a full refund.”

The Camel’s Prayers! ABDUL KHAYUM- Social Commentator Email:

Maulana Tariq Jameel, in one of his speeches, related a very interesting little story that brought home to me the reality of what we as Muslims are living through today. The story goes something like this: A camel that was being taken to the market by its owners, came running to the Prophet (saw) and started to cry. After a while the Prophet (saw) said to the owners, “where are you taking this camel?” They replied, “Oh Prophet of Allah, we are taking it to the market to sell for slaughter because it is now too old to do any work, and not much use to us”. The Prophet said, “Would you gift this camel to me?” They said, “Oh Prophet of Allah, we are happy to sacrifice for you our lives and everything that we own”, and they happily gifted the camel to

Ummah always’, and at this I could not help but cry because my Allah has already told me that a time will come when there will be disunity and discord amongst my Ummah!!” One cannot help but feel that the era that the Prophet (saw) was referring to is here and now and we are witnessing that disunity and discord amongst the Muslim Ummah on an unprecedented scale! Is this not one reason why Muslims are being trampled on all over the world, and we see not unity, but near- enmity between individuals, sectarian groups and even Nations who all happen to be Muslims. The plight of Muslims all over the world demonstrates the disunity that abounds amongst the Ummah today, and as a result, Muslim life has become so cheap that they are being killed like flies all over the

the Prophet (saw). The Prophet (saw) then world. Whether it is Egypt, Syria, Burma, said to the camel, “you are free to go” and Palestine, Kashmir or Bengladesh…. it is set the camel free. the Muslim who is being killed. And what is more tragic and sad, is that there are The camel then put its head at the feet of now more Muslims being killed by fellow the Prophet (saw) and the Prophet (saw) Muslims than there are being killed by nonsaid ‘Ameen’, twice, ….and then started to Muslims. We only have to look towards cry! The Sahaba who were with the Prophet Syria and Egypt and the bombings in Iraq, (saw), and were watching all this said, “Oh Afghanistan and Pakistan. Prophet of Allah, we do not understand!” There are approximately 1.6 billion Then the Prophet said, “ When the camel (1,600,000,000) of us in the world, but we first ran up to me, it was complaining that are so divided into thousands of groups and it had worked for his owners so hard all factions, and into Nations that don’t see his life and now that he was old and weak, eye to eye. As Muslims, we have miserably and could not work any more, they wanted failed to derive any benefit from our huge to sell him to be slaughtered for meat, and numbers. asked me to save him from slaughter”. ( Allah’s Prophet (saw) had the god-given If we were even a little more united, our ability to understand animals)…. “And numbers alone would give us immense that’s why I asked the owners to gift the strength, mutual support, confidence, and camel to me and I set it free.” He went on massive bargaining power not only politito say, “ the camel then offered prayers on cally and militarily but also economically. my behalf and first said, ‘May Allah rid Yet most of us rank amongst the world’s you of your fears as you have helped to rid poorest, under-nourished, under-developed me of mine’, at which I said, ‘Ameem’, it and the most down-trodden of all people. then said, ‘May Allah grant you peace and And one of the biggest causes of this plight tranquillity’, and I said, ‘Ameen’….. it then is disunity. No wonder the Prophet (saw) said, ‘May there be unity amongst your cried all those centuries ago!

On-the-spot fines for tailgating and lane-hogging Drivers spotted tailgating and lane-hogging now face onthe-spot fines. The new fines are part of changes giving the police powers to issue fixedpenalty notices for careless driving. The penalty will be £100 with three points on the driver's licence. The most serious examples will continue to go through court, where offenders may face higher penalties. The police will also be able to offer educational training as an alternative to endorsement. Drivers will still be able to appeal against any decision in court.

The changes give the police greater flexibility in dealing with less serious careless driving offences, freeing them from resource-intensive court processes. The level of fines for some existing offences, such as using a mobile phone while driving,

will also rise. Various fines, for which drivers do not have their licence endorsed, rise from £30 to £50. These include such offences as not having an easily-seen car tax disc and failing to give way at a junction. Other fines, such as using a mobile phone at the wheel, and some speeding offences, rise from £60 to £100. These offences lead to an endorsement on the licence. The fine for failing to wear a seatbelt also goes up from £60 to £100, while the driving-without-insurance fine rises from £200 to £300.

Qazi Munir Anwar met With mohtaram syed Adam Umer, the Mutawali of Roza-e-Rasool ( Sallalahu Alaihi Wasalam) Masjid-e-Nabwi, Medina Munawarah ! At dua held at mehmood trunkwalas office on 19th August 2013 Present : Munir Anwar , Mehmood Trunkwala , Imran Anwar , Qazi Mahboob with Syed Adam Umer

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Ofcom Fines Islamic Channel Noor TV £85,000 Ofcom has imposed a financial penalty of £85,000 on Al Ehya Digital Television Limited in respect of its service Noor TV, an Islamic channel that broadcasts both in the UK and internationally. On 17th December 2012, Ofcom found the channel in breach of the Broadcasting Code for broadcasting statements that it was acceptable, or even the duty of a Muslim, to murder any person thought to have shown disrespect to

• Rule 4.1: “Broadcasters must exercise the proper degree of responsibility with respect to the content of programmes which are religious programmes.” the Prophet Mohammed. Ofcom found the broadcaster was found in breach of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code in respect of: • Rule 3.1: “Material likely to encourage or incite the commission of crime or to lead to disorder must not be included in television or radio services”.

In addition, Ofcom considered that the channel should be directed to broadcast a statement of Ofcom’s findings in this case, on a date and in a form to be determined by Ofcom, and be directed not to repeat the programme.

British Gas Offers Free Electricity, But, As Always, There’s a Catch British Gas is to offer customers ‘free electricity’ on Saturdays. But there is a catch – weekday charges could increase. The announcement came as bosses refused to rule out further price rises, despite profits going up three per cent to £356million. The scheme would be offered to customers with smart meters and who are willing to concentrate energy use at weekends, when overall demand is low. There are already 1million smart meters in British homes and the scheme could be launched next year. British Gas say the tariff

could benefit the poorest families and reduce the strain on the power grid during the week. British Gas, which has 16million customers, has come under fire for raising prices six per cent in November – more than double inflation or about £80 a year. The company blamed the government’s green energy taxes to reduce carbon emissions, as well as volatile prices on the wholesale gas market. British Gas, whose average dual fuel bill is now £1,340 a year, attracted more than 56,000 new customers in the first half of the year

and said gas consumption rose 13 per cent following a freezing winter. But price comparison experts uSwitch said almost 69 per cent of households went without heating at some point to keep bills down.

‘Flash for cash’ fraud warning Motorists are falling foul of a new insurance fraud scheme dubbed "flash for crash". The latest tactic sees cars lying in wait for victims to exit from shops, car parks or fuel stations. Fraudsters flash their headlights, offering the victim a right of way to join a main road, but then speed up to ensure their car is hit side-on. The new tactic has been spotted, and given its name, by automotive anti-fraud investigation specialist APU, which said the flash-for-crash phenomenon had emerged as a worrying trend

since the turn of the year. It is yet another example of how criminal gangs are becoming more sophisticated and attempting to stay one step ahead of suspicion. The adoption of flashing headlights and beckoning the driver results in a 'your word against mine' situation when it comes to apportioning blame. By appearing to offer the right of way, the criminal simply continues his journey into a collision, holding the victim at fault for turning across him which, of course, cannot be denied under APU said some 380 false insur- costing the motor industry £1.7 ance claims are made daily, million a year and pushing up law.

insurance premiums. It added that the Insurance Fraud Bureau is currently investigating 49 rings, responsible for around £66 million in false claims. This kind of fraud is manipulative and can be incredibly traumatic for the innocent individuals who get embroiled in claims against them, which are usually for whiplash and personal injury - not for damage to the car as you might think. While this may seem like an individual act of selfishness or stupidity, often this kind of behaviour is linked to serious, organised crime. Unfortunately,


following an accident this means that now more than ever motorists need to have their wits about them as much as the situation will allow. This is also reminder to all drivers to be vigilant. The Highway Code says that you should only flash your headlights to let other road users know that you are there. Do not flash your headlights to convey any other message or intimidate other road users. Never assume that flashing headlights is a signal inviting you to proceed. Use your own judgment and proceed carefully.

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High Blood Pressure:

Symptoms, Advice And How to Manage Hypertension Unlike heart conditions and various forms of cancer, high blood pressure is called the 'silent killer' because there are virtually no symptoms. 16 million people suffer from high blood pressure and a recent study by Cambridge Uni-

versity has found that 10% of sufferers - 1.6 million could be cured if they were diagnosed early. But what actually is high blood pressure or hypertension as it is officially called? High blood pressure, defined as over 140/90mmHg, is very widespread across the UK population. However many people don’t know it, as they don’t have their blood pressure tested. Even if your blood pressure is in what is considered to be the ‘normal’ range (around 130/80),

you can still benefit from lowering it, as the risks start much lower." WHAT IS BLOOD PRESSURE? Blood pressure measures how strongly blood presses against the walls of your arteries (large blood vessels) as it is pumped

around your body by your heart. If this pressure is too high it puts a strain on your arteries and your heart, which makes it more likely that you will suffer a heart attack, a stroke or kidney disease. High blood pressure is also not exclusively some that happens to older people, and if it is managed early on, can prevent more serious diseases of the heart and could ward off strokes. So what should you do in the first instance? Book an appointment with your GP - you only need to have yourself tested

once every five years, which doesn't sound like much. People usually only find out they have high blood pressure when they have it routinely checked by a nurse or doctor. The fact is that unlike a lot of other conditions, high blood pressure is very easy to detect. The good news is that you lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of having a stroke or heart attack at any age. You are never too young or too old to take steps to reduce your blood pressure! Some people are genetically predisposed to high blood pressure, while many find they have it due to lifestyle choices. Poor lifestyle factors, such as smoking, eating a poor diet (especially one high in salt) and drinking alcohol excessively, can contribute to causing high blood pressure. But it is manageable. Even small modifications can help lower it. Those most likely to be at risk are people who are overweight, have a relative with high blood pressure, are of African or Caribbean descent, eat a lot of salt (over 6g a day), don't eat enough fruit and vegetables, don't do enough exercise, drink a lot of alcohol or caffeine, or are aged over 65, also if they are diabetic or have problems with their kidneys. This accounts for most people in the UK popula-

tion. It is also recommended to take on some form of exercise to aid weight loss and strengthen the heart. Some of us might just shrug this off, but the consequences of ignoring high blood pressure and the effect it can have on your body can be devastating. Even more so, considering how preventable it is. High blood pressure puts extra strain on your heart and blood vessels. This can cause them to become weaker or damaged over time; the higher your blood pressure, the higher your risk of serious health problems in the future. Unfortunately,

the consequences can be severe, and are often fatal. High blood pressure can cause you to have a heart attack; it can also cause heart failure – the biggest causes of death in the UK. High blood pressure is a leading cause of strokes, a third of people who have a stroke diet from

the condition, a third survive but do not make a full recovery. It has also been closely linked to some forms of dementia. High blood pressure can cause kidney disease, and if you have kidney problems already, can exacerbate the problem. If you have other health conditions, such as diabetes or high cholesterol, this increases your risk of health problems even more. One of the biggest culprits, which we've known about for some time, is salt. Cutting back is the simplest thing you can do to help your high blood pressure. As salt is added to so many of our favourite foods, including breads, cheese, processed meat, sauces and cereals, we are all eating far above the recommended limit of 6g (about a teaspoon) a day. If you stop adding salt to your foods, try and eat less salty foods, and ideally check the label and choose less salty options of your favourite foods – most people can see their blood pressure lower within weeks. The biggest benefits from salt reduction are seen when you also increase your potassium levels – potassium is a mineral that works in opposition to sodium to reduce your blood pressure, and can be found in fruits and vegetables, another good reason to have your ‘five a day’.

House Price Inflation Continues to Rise

The rate of house price inflation in the UK is continuing to accelerate, according to official statistics. Prices in the year to June rose by 3.1%, said the Office for National Statistics (ONS), up from 2.9% in May. A separate industry survey suggests that home buyer activity is increasing fastest in parts of the UK where prices have been the most depressed. The largest rise in activity came in the West Midlands and the North East. New figures also suggest there has been an accelerated takeup of the government's Help to Buy Scheme. Every region saw prices rise, although London and the areas around it continued to see the biggest price increases. But the ONS said there were price falls in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Double Yellow Parking Ban Could Be Lifted

Ministers hope a 'grace period' allowing drivers to park for 15 minutes could attract consumers back to the high street. Drivers would be able to park on double yellow lines for 15 minutes under proposals to boost trade in high street shops. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles wants to introduce a "grace period" that would allow motorists to pop into local shops

without being hit by hefty penalties. Higher fines could be introduced outside London for motorists who park dangerously in order to secure support for the move. The high street is in danger of shrinking or dying off, and over-aggressive parking enforcement is part of the reason why. If people are worried about paying a fortune in parking fines, it will make them more likely to do their shop online or go to out of town shopping centres. For too long, parking has been a revenue raiser. It's time to end that. Councils have time after time been accused of an over-zealous

culture of municipal parking enforcement. They should adopt a common-sense approach. Ministers are considering what further steps can be taken to ensure that town hall parking policies and practices support local high streets. A thorough review of lines would be far more effective as a first step. However, Lib Dems warned the plans could be flawed and are reportedly keen to raise the current £70 cap on fines for all illegal parking outside London. They say idea of actually having cars parked for a very long period of time on a double yellow line actually undermines the purpose of a double yellow line.

Sheffield Chosen to Lead on Public Service Transformation The Government has announced that Sheffield has been chosen to be the first city to champion its Public Service Transformation Network (PSTN). The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, chose the city along with eight other local authorities for the PSTN to work with public services in Sheffield. Mr Pickles said that the nine areas would receive support to help them break down the barriers and focus on people’s issues rather than public organisational structures. The areas will receive support to help them develop practical reforms and deliver better services for less at a local level. Sheffield will now need to

demonstrate progress by the end of this financial year with the aim to begin implementation of at least some business cases in 2014/15. Leader of Sheffield City Council, Cllr Julie Dore said: “I am really pleased that our bid to be involved in this work has been successful. We will prioritising this important work, as it is built into our key priorities and strategy and in many cases work is already underway. “We will begin working with the Government office shortly to develop the detailed objectives and strategy that will guide the support needed to help drive our agenda for the way we work together on key issues as a city. ”There are two areas that we would wish to prioritise:

The integration of health and social care, and developing our programme on work and skills to target the harder to reach groups of young people. These would form the core part of a broader programme of change.” The next step is to agree the scope, scale and pace of a programme of work with the Government to ensure they are able to support Sheffield in developing business cases and preparing for the introduction of transformational reforms during the next financial year. The aim is also to develop this work so that Sheffield can potentially contribute to the learning and development in other areas of the country in the future.

Education Secretary Michael Gove has announced the national curriculum will be revised to include a module on the history of Islam. The changes were made after an early draft of the new history curriculum sparked widespread criticism for failing to make any reference to Islam. An estimated 10% of children in Britain's schools are Muslim. Muslims were especially outraged with the draft and the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), which represents some 500 Islamic institutes in Britain, said it was “deeply disappointed” that the curriculum made no reference to Muslims and Islam. "British Muslim children will see no place for themselves in their country's history, creating the risk of alienation," the MCB said in a statement. "At the same time non-Muslim children will grow up believing that Muslims have contributed nothing of value

to Britain". This is good news for all of us that wish Islam to be portrayed in the way it should be, the contribution for example that Islam made to the fields of mathematics, astronomy and medicine. Instead of the mostly negative media attention of Islam (usually you see some goons in a hot country screaming Allahu Akbar just before they maim or kill someone) most of which our impressionable youngsters see, which creates an unhealthy view of

Islam. Educating children on the true nature of Islam might also prevent them falling into the clutches of far right groups such as the English Defence League (EDL) or the British National Party (BNP) that demonise Islam and its followers. If one were to be cynical about this, the proposed changes are due to take place in 2014, a year before the next General Election.

Sheffield Primaries to See Massive Investment Sheffield primary schools look set to benefit from an additional £11 million this year through the Liberal Democrat Pupil Premium, alongside a massive increase in primary school places. The pupil premium, which will be worth £10.9 million for primary schools in 2013/14, is targeted to help schools support the most disadvantaged pupils. The funding, which was

secured by Liberal Democrats in Government, will rise to £15.7 million for Sheffield primaries in 2014/15. In addition, Liberal Democrat Schools Minister, David Laws, has announced funding to create an additional 1,927 primary school places in Sheffield, including two new schools. Securing yet more investment through the pupil premium

targets and supports the most disadvantaged pupils. The attainment gap facing the poorest pupils in Sheffield cannot be justified and this massive investment will give headteachers the freedom to help those children as they see best. Further funding has ensured Sheffield has the number of primary school places it needs for the future.

School Dinner Costs Kept Low

Council Offers Support for Careers in Childcare Bradford Council is looking to support people who want to work in childcare across the district. New legislation is set to provide free childcare places for disadvantaged two-year-olds. In September 2013, a projected 2,100 twoyear-olds across the district will have a legal entitlement to a funded place. By 2014 this will increase to 5,200 places for eligible two-year-olds. Bradford Council is already in the process of developing additional places by investing in children’s centres and schools, but is also seeking to increase the number of people with the necessary skills to deliver childcare for those places. The Council’s Workforce Development Unit has secured additional funding for Qualification Grants that will pay for part of the cost of qualification fees for people who want to work, or who are already working in, early years and childcare.

Islamic History to be Part of The National Curriculum

The grants are available to residents living in the Bradford district and to people already working in childcare in the district. In addition, a number of apprenticeship options are available for careers in childcare, and Bradford Council is working with local training providers to help ensure additional spaces are available on early years and childcare qualifications. To find out more about the Qualification Grants and Apprenticeships, contact Waseem Mirza 01274 431762. Or search online at The majority of children and their families accessing the new places may not have experienced childcare before and may need extra support, so additional training is being offered to childcare providers who are offering new places.

HARD working families on low incomes are set to benefit from the Council stepping in to help keep school meal prices the same as last year. Sheffield City Council has confirmed there is to be no increase next year on the cost of a school meal, which will stay unchanged at £1.98 per meal for primary school children for the second year running. The rising costs of food and fuel does have an effect on school meal prices, but the Council has worked in partnership with Taylor Shaw, the school dinners’ contractor, and schools to stop this impacting on parents. The Council is aware the important part that healthy nutritious meals play in helping children

and young people reach their full potential educationally, as well as keeping them healthy, strong and resilient. Councillor Jackie Drayton, Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families, said: “We know things are tight for hardworking families who are not entitled to free school meals and that any increase could be the last straw for them. “There is no doubt that making sure children get a decent nutritious school dinner every day helps them achieve well academically. “But with the drastic cuts imposed on us all by this Coalition Government we are all being forced into having to watch eve-

ry penny we spend. “I don’t want parents to be put in a position where they might consider stopping school meals for their child because they can no longer afford it. That is why I have been firmly behind plans to keep these costs down so parents can rest assured that their child will eat well at least once a day, and ultimately may well do better at school as a result.” The cost of a meal will stay the same - £1.98 to primary children and £2.03 for secondary pupils. This is the same price as a notional free school meal. Schools can offer a range of options for children having lunch at school

TV Channel Could be Free for Viewers An Indian TV channel will be going free-to-air starting this month. Colors is planning of converting itself from a “pay service” to be available free on Sky Digital. Colors will join sister channel, Rishtey, which remains the most

watched free-to-air Hindi entertainment channel in the UK. Colors was launched in the UK in 2010 and has been a part of the VIEWASIA package ever since.

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Legal Corner

Pakistan Floods Affect 300,000

Q&A PROPERTY Mohammed Nazir

Partner , Head of Property & Immigration Wosskow Brown Solicitors LLP Email: Q. I am buying a Leasehold property. What does this mean? A. This means that the property is owned temporarily for a fixed period under the terms of a Lease. Once the Lease has expired, the property will then revert back to the owner of the land the property is built on i.e. the Landlord.

It is not known exactly how many but the latest figures were that 108 are dead and 104 injured so far. Heavy monsoon rains triggered floods affecting more than 334,764 people across Pakistan and killed 108 others, disaster management officials say. The rains have hit 770 villages and completely destroyed 2,427 houses across Pakistan. The NDMA has established 44 relief camps in flood-hit ar-

eas to accommodate affected people. Pakistan has suffered from monsoon floods for the last three years and has been criticized for not doing more to mitigate dangers posed by seasonal rains washing away homes and farmland. Streets in all major cities including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad suffer intermittent flooding due to downpours, damaging roads and private homes.

In 2010, the worst floods in the country’s history killed almost 1,800 people and affected 21 million. What were the lessons learned from last floods. Pakistanis should not expect foreign aid and assistance if they cannot take preventive measures and find ways to help themselves. It is thought the generals, bureaucrats and politicians usurped most of the aid monies in 2010 and disaster management authorities.

Q. I am buying a flat. Why do I have to pay charges to a management company/ agent? A. In addition to the Ground Rent, most flats and apartments will have a management company or agent that will arrange cleaning, repairs, etc. of the buildings and communal areas. The charges Q. Why do I have to pay you pay to them are known as ‘Service Charges’. They are genGround Rent? A. Because when you erally payable once or twice a own a Leasehold property, you year. own the right to the property I have to sign a Deed but not the land it is built on. Q. This land is owned by a Free- of Covenant. What is this? This is a document holder, or Landlord, and you A. pay a ‘Ground Rent’ to them to you have to sign where you agree with the owner of the live on their land.

land and/or the management company that you will observe all the covenants, or obligations, contained in the lease, and you will indemnify them against any losses caused by any breaches. Q. What length of lease will be acceptable to a Mortgage Lender? A. The normal rule is that a Lender will not accept a Lease that is under 70 years in length. However, each Lender has their own rules which will vary. If you are unsure you can check the CML Lenders’ Handbook for a specific lender at This will tell you what is acceptable to each Lender.

Ethnic Votes Crucial In British Elections The ethnic minority vote could be decisive in the next general election, according to new research highlighting the enhanced power of black and Asian voters in 2015. A study by Operation Black Vote suggests there are more ethnic minority voters than the majority of the incumbent MPs in 168 constituencies - up from 99 in 2010. The 70% increase suggests the

battle to win over the black and Asian vote will play a critical role in the coming campaign. Mainstream parties were alerted to the potentially decisive nature of ethnic minority voting in the Bradford West by-election of 2012, when George Galloway's grassroots campaign soundly beat a tired Labour operation. Labour will be hoping to repeat its 68% support among ethnic

minority voters at the last general election. The Tories will be worried too, after Cameron's party took just 16% in 2010. Last month the centre-right think-tank Policy Exchange's former deputy director, David Skelton, launched a new campaign group seeking to improve the Tories' performance outside its south-eastern heartland.

Sona Loans Launched By Pawnbrokers A high street pawnbrokers has launched a new service dedicated to Asian gold. Sona Loans, is said to be the UK’s first high street branch to offer gold-backed loans to the Asian community and has been launched in Southall by the H&T group. The store that offers Asians the opportunity to take out a financial loan against your gold holdings. Research shows that over the past three years there has been a 53% increase in Asian gold (22-carat) being used to fund loans. Demand for gold-backed loans at Sona Loans has shown that the average loan is around £1,500, and the average loan duration is around four months. However, the firm believes that increasing amounts of Asians are using their gold assets to take out as much as £35,000 in a single transaction. The breakdown of nationwide demand for gold-backed loans is highly concentrated in UK areas where there are significant Asian communities. A ‘gold heat map’ demon-

strates that these hot areas are the Midlands (including Derby and Nottingham), Birmingham, North and South London, and Scotland. The firm is looking at opening more Sona stores in Blackburn. Bolton, Bradford and Rochdale.

There is a particular emphasis on identification of the gold. Sona Loans say, “We would want proof and ownership and if need be we will even visit the home of the customer to ensure identification.”

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How much should I worry about communication ability? Billal Jamil is a public speaking expert and Director in the UK Civil Service

H o w much should I worry about communication ability? The answer is probably a lot more than you think! How much attention do we pay to our communication skills? Sadly it tends to be only the elite that truly understand the value of such skills and reap the benefits. In reality and especially in the Asian community we invest so heavily in the tangibles, the house, the car, the weddings, the proud graduation photo moment….which is all well and good but how many have placed the same emphasis on the skill of speaking, direct communication that we use every day? Our education system fails miserably in this area and this is apparent in the growth of slang and accented English which may have a place but is still frowned upon by many in the professional, business or even political community.

roles the good news is that with the right approach, the right training and coaching progress can and should be made. Clients I work with have gone on to grow in confidence and extended their business reach in to the mainstream developing both themselves and their business. Enhance your communication ability in 3 steps. 1. Listen and Watch the News! – rather than just watching the news, really study it notice how words are presented, the emphasis, the tone, the vocal variety and when in private repeat it (copy it). It’s a quick way to increase your speaking range and abilities

2. Ask for feedback – your key to evolving is to ask people you interact with, whether it be family, friends, teachers, your customers or even your managers to advise you and if necessary correct you. If we are open to feedback we learn and grow. Don’t take it personally it is a gift –so The most powerful tool value it! in communication tool box remains the spoken 3. Invest a profesword, the ability to repre- sional speaking coach sent ourselves, our people – a skilled coach who is and community through passionate about commuour inter-personal skills. nication and genuinely For those establishing understands your unique themselves in business, needs will be able to sigcareers or in community nificantly transform the

impact you have. A professional coach will help guide you along your communication journey to ensure you achieve the aims you may well have written off and are able to enhance your confidence and add value in your personal and business life.

Students across Sheffield have been celebrating after scooping great results at schools and academies throughout the city. Councillor Jackie Drayton, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for Children Young People and Families said: “I would like to congratulate all of the students for the hard work which they have invested in to their studies, and to thank all those teachers, school staff and par-

ents who have all worked extremely hard to support the students to achieve some remarkable results. “This is a celebration of the achievements of our young people and to praise them for their hard work and dedication. “More young people have done well this year with some wonderful outcomes and now have access to sixth forms, colleges, apprenticeships or other forms of training. ”We wish them well in their endeavours.”

5 Benefits of Good Business communication 1. Better relationships: with customers, suppliers, employees. 2. Profile: as a good communicator, more people know who you are there and listen to what you say. 3. Business image: how you communicate is synonymous with the way people perceive your business. If you are clear and professional they will think more highly of you. 4. Negotiate better: negotiation is founded on straightforward, clear and assertive communication. 5. Trust: if they trust you, they trust your business the more they do business with you / will work harder for you.


For those in the know strong communication is the lifeblood of effective business practice.

Rotherham Students Continue To Buck The National Trend In GCSE Grades Rotherham students have again recorded outstanding GCSE results with pass rates rising to a new all-time high, up for the 12th year in a row. A total of 3420 students took GCSEs this year and 64.6% achieved 5 A*-C including English and Maths, up 4% on last year. 86.4% achieved passes at 5A*-C overall, up 2.2%. The trends are in contrast to the national picture which saw a slight fall in the numbers achieving these pass rates. These figures put Rotherham 5.2 % ahead


of the 2012 national average. Among the biggest improvers at 5A*-C including English and Maths were: Dinnington – Up 16 % Saint Pius - Up 10.9% Thrybergh - Up 17.4% Wales – Up 11.8% Wath –Up 6.8% Wickersley –Up 8.5 %



10 Wostenholm Road, Sheffield S7 1LJ

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10 Wostenholm Road, Sheffield, S7 1LJ

Popular location Planning permission for the sale of hot takeaway food Good trading prospects

* Popular Location * Planning permission for sale of hot takeaway food * Good trading prospects TO LET * Rent £6,500 per annum 8 Norfolk Row, Sheffield, S1 2PA T: 0114 276 0151 F: 0114 275 6370 W:

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The Bazaar Centenary Market Hall Howard Street, Rotherham South Yorkshire, S65 1JQ

@ TheBazaar Bradford Stall Info: 07545 022 271 Opening Times: 10am - 4pm

Indoor Market also opened all day !!!

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£237 Cost of Simply Renewing Car Insurance as Drivers Fail to Shop Around


By Jaan. M. Khan

Popular Deputy Leader of Rotherham Borough Council Steps aside temporarily to let police investigate allegation. The Deputy Leader of Rotherham Council Cllr Jahangir Akhtar voluntarily steps down temporarily, in order to let police investigate allegations that he knew about a relationship between a grooming suspect and a teenage girl. Nearly one in three drivers automatically renews their car insurance each year, missing out on an average annual saving of £237. An estimated 8.5million drivers a year roll-over their car insurance without shopping around.

their insurer to automatically extend their annual policy. The survey showed 37 per cent of drivers have stayed with the same insurer for three years or more. Of those drivers who rolled-over their car insurance policy at their last renewal, 37 per cent believed that because their insurer was cheapest last year they would offer good value again.

The new 63 registration plate is released this month and September is one of the busiest months for renewals and car insurance quotes. But research reveals that 30 per cent of British motorists allowed Twenty six per cent auto-

renewed out of loyalty and 15 per cent said changing was too much hassle. ‘Many insurers offer you the chance to simply auto-renew your policy,’ said, which conducted the survey. ‘That may seem an easy and convenient option but it could leave you hundreds of pounds out of pocket – loyalty seldom pays.’

suspect and his address in the search for a missing girl. Cllr Akhtar obliged the police by knocking on the door of the family home of the suspect to inform them that the authorities were searching for young girl and sought their assistance in the matter. This quite innocuous event would be far from the blazing headlines, suggesting Cllr Akhtars intrinsic involvement in this matter. Ahhh... but not if you’re the Deputy Leader of a Council. And did I mention this seems to be an all Asian affair with people who have Cllr Akhtar, who vehemently denies Muslim names? any wrong doing, has made the move in order for the Police to be able to carry If as is being alleged that Mr Akhtar out their enquiries, without any accu- back in 2000 had some superior insations of partiality or undue influence sight into this affair, then it surely due to his position, in light of which he must have been common knowledge has also resigned as Vice Chairman of at the time, for we know that both sothe police and Crime Panel. And what cial services and the police were aware of the allegation against Mr Akhtar? of the underage girls relationship with the then 24 year The times newsold male suspect. paper has alWe know that this leged in its artiwas condoned if cle by Andrew not encouraged by Norfolk that Mr the two authoriAkhtar new of a ties and no chargrelationship bees were brought tween a 24 year against the 24 year old man and a old man, despite 14 year old girl the 14 year old back in 2000. girl being made The article furtwice pregnant by ther alleges that him. Mr Akhtar was present in a biAstonishingly to zarre hand over date no charges of this girl, after have been brought she had disappeared and the police against the perpetrator of the crimes were searching for her, from the 24 against the girl, yet an assumption of year old grooming suspect to safety. involvement by knowledge, Mr Akhtar The incident is said to have taken denies being at any handover rendezplace in a Petrol Station on Ferham vous, is quite casually made against Rd, Rotherham. someone who is now Deputy Leader Now if we are to understand this cor- of Rotherham Council. rectly Mr Akhtar who was then a taxi driver and not an elected politician Now if at this point you begin to deand certainly far from the position of tect a bad odour emanating from this Deputy Leader of Rotherham Council, whole affair, similar to shall we say a is accused of assisting to resolve the highly used but never flushed public disappearance of a teenage girl. toilet, then I would sympathise with the average reader, because you are A civic duty you would have thought, probably wondering about all the ruas a citizen, well yes but not if you go mours and innuendo you have heard on in life to have success and become over the years about the guy next the Deputy Leader of a Council, then door, the Smiths across the road or the the case is one of suspicion and malice. Quereshis up the street. You see the interesting question here is since when was it appropriate for an Are the police to come knocking with individual to be guilty of lawful assist- a brain test of your innermost thoughts ance, in what was by all accounts so and then charge you with being guilty far another tragic young girls life, in of having knowledge about knowlfoster care, vulnerable and victim to a edge of a rumour? Oh and they knew predatory paedophile. about it all the time as well. No as ludicrous as it would seem, because we Cllr Akhtar has stated quite unequivo- are mostly normal working people, cally that the first he was aware of the holding down ordinary jobs, but if one missing girl was when quite at random day we became elected council memhe saw a police car near his home and bers and god forbid deputy leader of asked the police what was happening. a Council....well then I will let you be In that instance he was informed of a the judge of that. 19 Page 17



Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant Mark Jenkinson & Son

If you have been following the media over the last few months we are sleepwalking into a housing crisis of significant proportions. It is clear as the population of this country increases and more and more people are moving into major cities, the demand is certainly going to increase. In the south of the country we have seen the “beds in sheds” scenario simply because there is no affordable housing. The vast majority of people are priced out of the market around London and this includes the ability to rent, this scenario seems to be spreading throughout the country. I will comment on each sector of the residential supply

market. Social Housing Local Authority/Housing Association housing is generally termed “social housing”. The local authority housing stock generally has reduced in number over many years, since the “Right to Buy” legislation came in. This has further dented numbers. Right to Buy is defined that as a council tenant you can apply to buy your property, terms and conditions will need to be followed but generally speaking you will get a discount depending on the number of years you have been a tenant. Many people have taken advantage of this legislation since it was intro-

duced over 20 years ago. Coupled with hardly any new build local authority housing stock is very scarce in numbers. Arguably there are now thousands of people on council house waiting lists up and down the country, such numbers are not unusual, and are likely to rise. The days of when you could walk into council offices and be offered a property to rent are long gone, you could be waiting years to climb the waiting list.

schemes, just look around your area, where is the new build. If there are developers willing to build, there is a strong cohort of potential purchaser's who just cannot afford to buy – obtaining a mortgage for most people is difficult.

In some quarters it is argued that council housing will just become a service of the past, unless a major social house building programme is put into place.

So how do we address this problem, apparently over 80% of this country is not developed, for good reason it is green belt, agricultural land or open space, but this is an interesting statistic if it is accurate, should we be looking at developing land in and around cities which is at present open space, a controversial thought, for the sake of creating a backlash.

Prices in this sector are arguably beginning to rise, with good quality properties in good locations selling very quickly. In the South West of Sheffield I have seen sold signs going up within Housing Associations although a few days of the property being smaller in number are following marketed. a similar surge on their scarce resources as local authorities For many people being able to cannot cope with the demands purchase a property is going to become more and more difficult. placed upon them.

Private Rental Sector As the social housing sector has struggled, the private sector has become the only sector that people can turn to for rented accommodation. Again, here demand is outstripping supply in the major conurbations of the country. Rents are just unaffordable for many people especially in the south of the country which may cause people to move to the north where accommodation is cheaper, but for how long?

public land could be another way of supplementing residential deThe other area we could look velopment. into is mixed tenure where you purchase part of the property Support for non profit organiand rent part. We should look at sations to build housing would incentives for investors to attract also be a positive move. This is them into the private rented sec- clearly an area the statutory bodtor. I think this will be a positive ies should look into. more. There are other tenure Housing Associations are anothsolutions we could look into. er possible area of supply which Local Authorities and Central could be supported to develop Government own vast amounts affordable rented properties. of land, this land should be released for development on fa- Arguably a housing crises is devourable terms to encourage veloping in this country, which is further development. There are only going to get worse unless all Authorities and Central Govern- the statutory bodes, developer ment who are already looking at communities and financial orthis and are taking positive steps ganisations work together. to encourage this, so releasing not been developed.

Also there are many potential housing projects which have planning permission but are not being built – they are what is termed as “land banked”. Should we look at these are ensure development is carried out. There are allegedly vast numbers of land banks covering a number House Purchase The major issue here is that there of hectares across the country are very few new build housing which for various reasons have

We’ve Exhausted Earth’s Natural Resources For 2013 Already Humans have exhausted the supplies of natural resources that Earth can provide for the year, prompting campaigners to warn that we’re now ‘overdrawn’. Last month saw the ‘Earth overshoot day’, where our use of resources such as land, trees and fish overtake what the planet can sustainably provide each year. This makes it more difficult for waste products such as carbon dioxide to be absorbed. Entering into ecological debt can have dire consequences for the environment, damaging land and diminishing stocks of forests and fish, the Global Footprint Network claims.

The UK consumes and produces waste at a rate three-and-a-half times greater than we can sustain, and today, humanity has already exhausted what the planet’s ecosystems can provide in a year. Campaigners say we are in the red and gambling with ecological bankruptcy. If it chose to, the government can always print more money, but it can’t print more planet. China has the biggest total ecological footprint, because of its large population, but other countries have much higher demands on resources per person. If everyone were to live like US residents, four planets would be needed to satisfy demand.

UK Wages See Largest Decline In Europe Wages in the UK have seen one of the largest falls in the European Union (EU) during the economic downturn, according to official figures. The figures show average hourly wages have fallen 5.5% since mid-2010, adjusted for inflation. That is the fourth-worst decline

among the 27 EU nations. In contrast, German hourly wages rose by 2.7% over the same period. Across the EU as a whole, average wages fell 0.7%. Only Greek, Portuguese and Dutch workers have had a steeper decline in hourly wages, the

figures revealed. Other countries that have suffered during the eurozone debt crisis also fared better than the UK. Spain had a 3.3% drop over the same period and salaries in Cyprus fell by 3%. French workers saw a 0.4% increase, while the 18 countries

in the eurozone saw a 0.1% drop during that period. But the government says it has tackled the higher cost of living by raising the tax-free personal allowance threshold to £10,000, taking 2.7 million people out of tax, and other measures such as freezing fuel duty.

Overseas students charged four times as much for degrees Overseas students are being charged up to four times as much for some degree courses than those from the UK. In some cases, foreign undergraduates are being asked to pay up to £35,000 for their courses. The National Union of Students (NUS) warned that overseas students should not be treated as "cash cows". Tuition fees for UK and EU students were trebled last year, and universities can now charge them up to £9,000 per year for an undergraduate degree. Undergraduate degree fees for 2013/14 vary between £7,450 and £35,000 for overseas students, depending on the type of course - classroom based, laboratory or clinical - that the student is taking. Medical-based, or clinical are among the most expensive. A total of nine universities will be charging foreign students over £30,000 for an undergraduate clinical degree, with King's College London setting its tariff at £35,000. One further institution - Edinburgh - is asking overseas

students in the third, fourth or fifth year of a medical degree for £36,600. Recent figures for UK and EU students show that in 2014/15, the average tuition fee is expected to be around £8,600. More than a quarter (27%) of institutions will charge the maximum £9,000 as standard in 2014/15 and almost three in four (72%) will charge the top price for at least one degree course. Scottish universities ask for a standard £1,820 fee for all Scottish and EU students. The new survey also gives details of postgraduate fee levels - which are not subjected to the same fee level controls. It suggests that taught postgraduate courses range in price from £2,000 to £27,552 for home and EU students, and between £7,900 to £38,500 for overseas students. MBA (Master of Business Administration) courses can cost more, the survey claims. The most expensive is Oxford's one-year MBA at £41,000. This applies to both home, EU and overseas students.

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Mohammad Sarwar Sworn In As Punjab Governor Britain’s first Muslim M.P. has surrendered his British nationality for the position. Mohammad Sarwar was sworn in as governor of Pakistan’s most populous province.

low literacy, inadequate health facilities, and terrorism, according to the state-run Associated Press of Pakistan. He “expressed resolve that the government would send one million children

Sarwar, who served as a member of the British Parliament from 1997-2010, has become the new governor of Punjab and is considered a close confidante of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Following a ceremony in the province’s capital Lahore, Sarwar said: “I have come to Pakistan with a heavy heart, leaving behind a companionship of 35 to school in order to overcome years in England but my heart poverty”. Sarwar, who was a Labour M.P. beats for Pakistan.” in Glasgow, had surrendered his Sarwar said a collective effort British nationality to take up the was needed to face the challeng- top job in Punjab. He will have es of poverty, unemployment, no executive powers, as the post

is ceremonial. More than 55 percent of Pakistan’s 183 million population lives in Punjab province, which covers 26 percent of the country’s landmass. It is home to several militant and sectarian groups. Former governor Salmaan Taseer was shot dead by his bodyguard outside an Islamabad coffee shop in January 2011. Sharif won a commanding general election victory in May, which marked the first time a Pakistani civilian government completed a full term in office and handed over to another at the ballot box. But his government faces an uphill task, with a stagnant economy, a debilitating energy crisis, and complicated relations with the United States over drone attacks targeting Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives.

CITY AIMS TO TAKE TITLE FOR THIRD YEAR RUNNING Bradford’s renowned curry chefs are hoping to cook up a storm as the city bids to retain its Curry Capital title for the third year running. Public voting has now begun in the spicy annual contest – and with a record number of rival competitors hoping to snatch the title, locals are being urged to back Bradford. Last year a quarter of a million foodie fans voted for their favourite city, with Bradford narrowly beating Glasgow and Wolverhampton to take the Curry Capital crown for the third time in the contest’s history, and for the second successive year running. This year, Bradford faces competition from a record 20 areas hoping to claim the title as their own during National Curry

Week in October. Each participating city will be represented by four local restaurants, which will campaign to win over the judges. Local councils will also be producing dossiers about the importance of their curry houses in the wider community. The restaurants representing our district have been announced as Akbar’s in Thornbury, Omar Khan’s in Little Horton, Kipling’s inGreengates and Shimla Spice in Keighley. Shimla Spice manager Faisal Hussain said Bradford deserved to retain its title.

taza Riaz, known as Bobby, urged people to back Bradford in the public vote. He said: “The locals have tasted and tried everything. They know what’s in Bradford, they’ve probably travelled all over and know that what they get in Bradford they can’t get anywhere else.”

This year there will also be a new award, the Hungryhouse Top Takeaway award, for the best takeaway restaurant in the winning city. Judges will take the results of the public vote and the councils’ dossiers into account when making their final He said: “I’ve been up and down decision, with the winning city the country – London, Glasgow, announced on October 13. To Cardiff – and you never have a vote for Bradford, visit better meal than in Bradford.” And Omar Khan’s manager Mur-

Malala Yousafzai Gets Peace Prize Pakistani student Malala Yousafzai was the latest in a line of notable recipients of the Tipperary International Peace Award. The 16-year-old education activist was attacked by Taliban gunmen last October after she campaigned for girls to go to school without fear in part of the country where fundamentalists had once imposed strict Sharia law. In her acceptance speech before an audience of around 200 in Tipperary, she appealed to governments around the world to change laws that discriminate against women and children. She also said she would rather be remembered as someone who campaigned for the equal right to education than as someone was shot by the Taliban. Malala now joins the illustrious list of past recipients of the peace prize, which includes former prime minister of Pakistan, the late Benazir Bhutto. Since the age of 11, Malala had been secretly writing a blog for the BBC which described the struggles faced by girls trying to receive an education under the Taliban. When her identity was uncovered, a Taliban militia boarded her school bus and shot her at point blank range in the head. Malala, from the town of Mingora in the Swat district of Pakistan, was hit just above her left eye by a bullet which grazed the edge of her brain. She was eventually airlifted to Britain and treated at Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where she had a titanium plate and cochlear implant fitted. She was visited by the president of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, in hos-

pital. The teenager has remained in the UK where she returned to school in March and continues to campaign for every child's right to education. Malala's story has struck a chord across the world. This young campaigner has become an inspiration to millions. However, we must not forget there are millions of 'other Malalas' across the world; a whole generation of girls and boys who are excluded daily from learning by violence, discrimination or harmful traditional practices. One in five girls globally are denied an education and one in three girls is forced to enter a child marriage. The Tipperary Peace Prize was established in the early 1980s for an individual who has made a special contribution to the

cause of peace is selected and honoured. Others short-listed in 2012 included US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, president of the Indian National Congress Sonia Gandhi, former Kenyan journalist John Githongo and Pax Christi International, a non-profit Catholic peace movement. Previous recipients include former South African president Nelson Mandela, former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev and ex-US president Bill Clinton. Last year's recipients were former president of Ireland Professor Mary McAleese and her husband Senator Martin McAleese. Malala, who has been called the world's most influential teenager, is a nominee for this year's Nobel Peace Prize.

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Pakistan win ODI series against Zimbabwe

Captain Misbah-ul-Haq led from the front with a half century and two brilliant run outs as Pakistan defeated Zimbabwe by 108 runs in the final one-day international to clinch the series 2-1.

Zimbabwe, which has not won over before Waller and Prosper an ODI series against a major Utseya (23) delayed the inevitateam for the last 12 years, looked ble with a 58-run stand. threatening briefly in their run-

Misbah made a resolute 67 off 85 balls which lifted Pakistan to 260-6 and then ignited the Zimbabwe collapse by running out Taylor (26) and Sean Williams (2) before Pakistan spinners eventually dismissed the home team for 152 runs in 40 overs. Malcolm Waller fought a lone battle with 48 off 71 balls before he was the last man to be dismissed. Spinners Saeed Ajmal (2-15), Abdul Rehman (223) and Mohammad Hafeez (2-40) all were among wickets as Zimbabwe struggled to come to terms with Pakistan's experi- chase at 66-2 in the 15th over enced spinning trio. before Misbah ran out Taylor off a brilliant direct throw from “There was a little inconsistent covers. bounce and pace (in the wicket) so I wanted to make sure we Highly rated Sikandar Raza (6), played the 50 overs and post playing his first match of the something around 250-260,” series, was trapped leg before Misbah said. by Mohammad Hafeez before Misbah inflicted another dent by Zimbabwe shocked Pakistan running out Williams as Zimbawith a seven-wicket win in the bwe lost three wickets in space first match before Pakistan lev- of nine runs. eled the series with a convincing 90-run win. Afridi then had Elton Chigumbura leg before wicket in his first

his score to remain unbeaten on own bowling to end Amin's in26. Fast bowler Tendai Chatara nings. (3-48) was the pick of Zimbabwe bowlers. Zimbabwe bowlers lost their grip in the last six overs with wicketkeeper batsman Sarfraz Ahmed (22) adding another brisk 48 off 28 balls before he was brilliantly caught low down by captain Brendan Taylor behind the wickets. “The openers gave us a good start but the game changed when Amin came in and Sarfraz (Ahmed) also batted well and we managed a good total,” Misbah said.

Earlier after being sent in to bat, Misbah made 67 off 85 balls with six boundaries, and opening batsman Ahmed Shehzad also faced as many deliveries for his 54, hitting three fours.

Misbah was out in the last over while attempting a big hit when he holed out in the deep to Raza which gave Shingi Masakadza (1-65), younger brother of Hamilton, his only wicket of the inZimbabwe's part-time bowl- nings. ers – left-arm spinner Williams and medium fast Hamilton Ma- Both teams now compete in a sakadza – conceded just 36 runs two-test series with the first test in between their 10 overs with beginning next Tuesday. “We the latter claiming the wicket of have a very settled test squad Shehzad as Pakistan struggled to and everyone is performing,” 130-2 in 35 overs. Misbah said.

Shehzad and Nasir Jamshed (38) provided a steady start of 66 runs before Pakistan was pegged back when Hafeez pulled a ham- However, left-handed Umar “They know their role and most string in the 23rd over and had Amin (33 off 25 balls) lifted the of them are seniors now so it's to retire. scoring tempo by adding 51 runs not a problem for us.” off 48 balls with Misbah before Hafeez returned in the second offspinner Utseya made a good last over and added 14 more to two-handed reflex catch off his

Darkest hour of Pakistan hockey, as they fail to qualify for World Cup, says Islahuddin

Former captain Islahuddin on Friday expressed his utter disgust at Pakistan’s failure to qualify for next year’s World Cup in Holland after the semi-final loss against South Korea in the Asia Cup and said this is clearly the darkest hour of Pakistan hockey. “I really feel disgusted that Pakistan which launched and pioneered the World Cup competition has today failed to make the event,” Islahuddin, who led Pakistan's triumph to the 1978 title in Buenos Aires, said on Friday. Pakistan — once a force in world hockey — won the World Cup titles in 1971 (Barcelona), 1978 (Buenos Aires), 1982 (Bombay) and 1994 (Sydney).

Islah blamed Pakistan forwards teams in the World Cup in India, for letting the team down in the the PHF targeted the London Olsemi-final. ympics where they secured 7th spot and now they have crashed They lacked imagination and out of the Asia Cup,” he lamentspark which is deeply disap- ed. pointing for me. “Our forwards went all out mid- Islah said apart from being a way through the second session poor show by the forwards, the but they failed to test South Ko- Pakistan team could convert only rean goalie,” he observed. one of their four penalty corners which was a poor display on their “The failure of the team has been part. brought due to the poor policies of the Pakistan Hockey Federa- He said although it was a good tion (PHF) which has been fool- attempt by the team management ing people by making excuses to bring out goalkeeper Salman and by setting false goals of ‘new Akbar and include an extra forcompetitions’ after every defeat,” ward but it failed to work. he pointed out. He regretted that the Pakistan “After finishing last out of 12 hockey pool of players was

shrinking and instead of 30-40 players, hardly 25 players were available for selection in the national team. Ex-Olympian Ayaz Mahmood was also dismayed at the loss and said what happened in Ipoh was expected because of the poor administration and policies of the PHF. He said,

gles Olympics gold medal winning team, said there was no domestic hockey, which he termed the biggest cause of Pakistan hockey decline. “While the PHF barred 30 players in domestic hockey, there are plus 30 years age players in Pakistan hockey team with veteran Wasim Ahmed leading the way,” he asserted.

The academies failed to produce a single player of international calibre. He questioned the credibility of coaches working in PHF academies across Pakistan. “There was no quality coaching. So how can you expect to produce good players?” he questioned.

He said the PHF policy of non inclusion of over 30 years caused a great damage to hockey as many department excluded their players and cancelled their contracts.

“Hockey’s revival can only be made possible if we introduce 6-a-side floodlight format which can attract investors and sponsors Ayaz, a member of 1984 Los An- if done properly,” he concluded.

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Teams Teams PP 1. Sehnsa CC 18 1. Sheff Friends CC 14 2. Sheff Friends CC 18 2. Kashmir XI CC 14 3:Kashmir XI CC 18 3:Al-Mahdi XI CC 14 4: Osgathorpe 18 4:Sehnsa CC CC 14 5:Al-Mahdi XI CC 18 5:Osgathorpe CC 14 6. Sehnsa B CC 18 6. Sehnsa B CC 14 7.Abbeydale CC CC 18 7.Abbeydale 14 8:Sharrow CC 18 8:Sharrow CC 14 9:Global CC 18 9:Global CC 14 10:Madina Masjid CC 18 10:Madina Masjid CC 14

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Teams 1. Al-Mahdi XI CC 2. Sheff FriendsXI CCCC 1. Al-Mahdi 3. Osgathorpe CC CC 2. Sheff Friends 4. Sehnsa CC CC Osgathorpe 5. Kashmir XI CC Sehnsa CC 6. Global CC Kashmir XI CC 7. Sehnsa CCCC 6. Sehnsa 8. Abbeydale CC 7. Global CC 9. Madina SharrowMasjid CC CC 10.Abbeydale Sharrow CC CC

P 5 5 10 5 10 5 10 4 10 5 10 4 10 4 10 5 10 410

Madina Masjid CC 10

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