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Burmese Muslim Killings and the Blind World In the Age of Internet and 24x7, massacres of Burmese poor, innocent and hapless Muslims are continuing amid high felonious silence and complete boycott of international media. International community, which proclaims itself as the sole saviour of the world and is committed to stop all sorts of terrorism, has turned a blind eye to the massacres and inhuman behaviour meted out to Burmese Muslims, who are the most persecuted community in the world. Buddhist leaders in the world didn’t condemn this mass murder while they are united to hound terrorist elements in any other part of this planet. Dalai Lama, a spiritual leader of the Tibetan people and symbol of the struggle for Tibetan self-government, whose Facebook page says: “his life is guided by three major commitments: the promotion of basic human values, the fostering of inter-religious harmony and the welfare of the Tibetan people”, did not say a single word of condemnation asking the Myanmar government to recognise the rights of Muslims and stop this mass killing and displacement of this oppressed community. Aung San Suu Kyi, the poster girl of the pro-democracy movement, the strongest opposition leader of Burma and a Nobel laureate, didn’t say even a single word on dangerous growing violent activities by Buddhists in Burma against Muslims. When in London in June 2012, she said simply that this conflict should be dealt with wisdom, without expressing her extreme disappointment; even she does not consider Rohingyan Muslims as citizens. The United Nations that dispatched international observers to Syria to prevent citizens from violent groups loyal to the Syrian government understands that its sole condemnation would bring the climate to normalisation. Even though this is the world’s largest and powerful institution, it is not considering on any proposal to send a team of international observers to Rohingya to prevent the lives of children, men and women. The brutalities, which are not called “Buddhist Terrorism” because Muslims are the victims, throw light on the persecution as well as trials and tribulations the Rohingyan Muslims have been suffering there for decades.

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Make sure you can vote for upcoming elections Rotherham residents will receive their electoral registration forms through the post earlier than usual this year. This is to ensure the electoral register is as up-todate as possible ahead of the first Police and Crime Commissioner elections on Thursday 15 November. These are new elections and residents are being encouraged to complete their registration form and return it promptly

to ensure they can have their say this November. Residents who don’t receive their form can contact the electoral services team on 01709 823590 or print one off at www. Registering to vote is quick and simple. All you have to do is update the annual canvass form with the details of everyone in your household who is eligible to vote and

return it to as soon as possible. If your details haven’t changed you can also reply by using phone or via the internet. On your electoral registration form you can opt to have your details excluded from the edited register. This will mean your details cannot be bought by individuals and commercial organisations.

HAVE YOUR SAY ON COUNTY’S NEXT POLICE CHIEF Do you want more of a say about how your area is policed? Do you feel victims of crime need more of a say or that more needs to done to tackle anti-social behaviour on your street? People across South Yorkshire will be able to have their say in who will manage the county’s policing in November. An election to select South Yorkshire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner is to be held on 15 November and local people are being urged to ensure they are registered to vote. Electoral registration forms for the 239,000 homes in the city are being delivered earlier than normal this year to ensure the register produced in October is as up-to-date as possible ahead of the election. Even if no changes are needed to be made to the details on the tions for responding by telephone, the form and more information is registration form, residents are internet or text message. It is a available at encouraged to follow the instruc- legal requirement to respond to uk/elections .

Date Set For Alternate Weekly Bin Collections

Sheffield City Council and Veolia will begin alternate weekly collections of black bin rubbish across the whole city from 13 August 2012. Sheffield City Council has also confirmed that the flexible choice for blue bins or blue boxes will be rolled out across the rest of Sheffield on the same date, 13 August. This will mean all residents will be able to use their blue box or blue bin for paper and card and either their blue bin or blue box

for mixed glass, cans and plastic bottles - whichever suits them best. The change to alternate weeks will save £2.4 million a year but council leaders recognise that the change will not be popular with everybody. Under the new system a household’s black bin will be emptied on one week, and the blue box or blue bin for recycling materials will be emptied on the same day the following week. All other areas in South Yorkshire

and around 60 per cent of councils across England and Wales already use this system successfully. Residents living in large households or where a resident has a medical condition that produces a lot of waste, can apply for an additional or larger black bin. Further support will be provided through house visits in certain areas of the city to help the changeover go as smoothly as possible.

SHEFFIELD’S CITY DEAL FOR APPRENTICES Sheffield City Region (SCR) have announced a deal with the Government to take responsibility for funding major schemes at a local level. The ‘City Deal’ would mean that Central Government will transfer money into a £72m total investment fund in skills and will also put money into a transport fund that could be worth £500m to the City Region. This means that more de-

cisions on how money is spent on skills and transport in the Sheffield City Region will now be made by local businesses and partners who understand what is needed in the region. A key element of the ‘City Deal’ scheme will be focussed on job creation and skills, with 4,000 new apprenticeships created across the region and an additional 2,000 adults trained

in new skills to help the local economy grow. The Government is set to agree a three-year investment plan with the Sheffield City Region’s Skills and Employment Partnership. This will enable a joint investment scheme with £44.4m of local public and private sector investment, £23.8m of Government funding and an additional £4m from Government.

Best Year Ever For Children’s Festival

Record numbers of people attended this year’s Sheffield Children’s Festival - making it the best year so far. Early indications suggest that around 35,900 children, young people and families took part, including 5,400 children taking part in projects at their school. Sheffield City Council Leader, Councillor Julie Dore said: “It’s been another fantastic festival which has brought children their families and communities together through arts, music and dance. The stunning line up at this year’s event included some real stand out moments and some of the best street entertainment we have ever seen. The Arts Council England funded new and expanded family programme this year including an enchanted loft, a paint firing

cannon, a fort made of card- tival - the UK wide programme board boxes and a bicycle that of high profile art events celthinks it’s a submarine. Other ebrating the games. acts at this year’s Children’s Festival included a mass dance performed by 540 children in Tudor Square, called Platform Nine, on the day the Olympic Torch came to town. With the help of professional dancers the children worked hard for weeks on their routines to make their performance out of this world. As a result the project got recognised by London 2012 and was included in the London 2012 Fes-

London Olympics Means $26 bn Boost For Britain As the sporting extravaganza of London Olympics 2012 started Saturday, irrespective of the medals' tally for Britain, the country's stuttering economy is

all set to benefit from a 17 billion pounds (over $26 billion) bounce from the Games. Business experts believe the Games will deliver a much-needed boost which should help lift the country out of the double-dip recession. They reckon the positive impact on jobs and growth will continue to be felt for five years. London Mayor Boris Johnson assured that the sporting extravaganza would be a world showcase for the best of British business. He said: "It is our chance

to show the world what we are all about, our chance to throw a great party. "There are very, very important economic reasons for trying to get the best out of the Games. I want to see great economic benefits from these Games." A study from the Lloyds Banking Group earlier this year forecast a 16.5 billion pounds. "Olympic Effect" lasting up to 2017. Construction and tourism were likely to benefit most, and the tradition of allocating majority of contracts to suppliers outside the capital will help in spreading the benefits.


Burma Killings Cont... A report states that on June 3, 2012, eight Muslims returning to Rangoon in a bus after visiting a Masjid in the Arakan province were attacked by a mob of hundreds of Buddhists and slaughtered brutally. An eye-witness reported that after the mass murder “the culprits were celebrating triumph spitting and tossing wine and alcohol on the dead bodies lying on the road”.

hour a new press release over the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Syria; however, they don’t have a single word about Burmese Muslims and against Myanmar government.

These are Muslim countries, which have references from Qur’ān and Hadith as well as have Fatwas from prominent religious institutions to give their stand on war against terrorism a solid point, find no Qur’ānic verses When these Muslims flee to Bangladesh to save lives, Bangladesh authori- that ask Muslims to help and assist with all means to oppressed Muslim ties send them back to Burma again. Many unconfirmed reports suggest that community in any part of the world. In short, there is no word to express mass rapes and brutalities have taken what Burmese Muslims have been place against women. Many Muslim men pushed their wives, daughters and facing there. other female family members into sea It is known, that any country, Muslim fearing the consequences of returning or non-Muslim, will not come forward to Burma with women and girls when to save them as they are not directed authorities in Bangladesh not allowed by the United States. them to enter the shore of Bangladesh. We can just say to Muslims of There are various unconfirmed reports Rohingya that they are not getting humanitarian assistance only because of inhuman torture of Rohingya they are Muslim victims, not Muslim Muslims. oppressors. Secondly, providing assistThese brutalities are happening amidst ance for them is politically profitless criminal silence of the world. Muslim to anyone. countries, who always are on one plat- So, they have to suppose that they are form against terrorism and that cannot living in a world where humans do not live. see a single person having extremist ideas, too are keeping their mouth shut This is a blind world where blind over this madness by Buddhist monks humans live with no soul and with no sense of human values. and their followers. These Muslim countries issue every




Outstanding Centre Gets Inspectors’ Praise A Rotherham nursery for children aged 3 to 5 has been rated as one of the best by Ofsted inspectors. The nursery provision at the Arnold Centre in Herringthorpe was graded “outstanding” by Ofsted inspectors who visited the centre recently and said that “children make rapid progress in all areas of learning and achieve exceptionally well.” The quality of teaching was also described as “outstanding” and the behaviour of children was “excellent”. Leadership of the school was described as “setting a clear agenda for continuous improvement to ensure that children reach their full potential.” Among the other areas highlighted by the inspectors were: - Teachers’ high quality use of

questioning and consistently challenging dialogue that develops children’s thinking - Parents and carers are fully sup-

portive of the centre and feel their children are safe and exceptionally well cared for - The immediate action taken to evaluate and meet the needs of every child as soon as they start nursery - The exceptional support for

those children who are disabled or special educational needs as well as for those who have English as an additional language - The effectiveness of the governing body which receives very good information to enable it to act as a critical friend and work successfully alongside the staff to achieve the school objectives - The fact that the school is fully inclusive and all children have an equal opportunity to succeed. To continue this success the inspectors made just one suggestion for improvement by asking the school to provide more opportunities and resources for children to develop their language and communication skills during their outdoor activities.

British Kids Cannot Escape Maths and English anymore The British government is all set to ensure that pupils in the country do not skip learning Mathematics and English, as they will now be forced to study these subjects until they complete their school education. The latest step follows criticism from bosses that many school-leavers lack the basic skills required in the job market, The Sun reported. According to British ministers, the ones not sitting A-levels will be given work experience to make them more employable. Under the reforms, pupils fail-

ing to get a grade C or better in General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) Maths and English, will continue to study them in some form until they are 19. GCSE qualification, highly valued by schools, colleges and employers, is assessed mainly on

Sheffield equals Record Number of Green Flags Sheffield has maintained its reputation as the country’s greenest city as it retained the record number of awards for its parks and green spaces. Sheffield is the leading authority in the Yorkshire and Humberside region with 22 Green Flag Awards - the national standard for quality parks and green spaces. Sheffield is also one of the leading authorities nationally. The Keep Britain Tidy group,

who organise the awards, require winning entries to be welcoming and well maintained with support and involvement from the local community. Fifteen sites retained the coveted Green Flag status again this year: Cholera Monument Grounds and Clay Wood, Ecclesall Woods, Firth Heritage Park , Norfolk Heritage Park , Peace Gardens , Botanical Gardens, Weston Park , Winter

written exams. It can facilitate a number of routes -- work, further study or an apprenticeship. In its grading system, higher tier exams lead to grades A - D, while foundation tier exams lead to grades C-G. A Tory-led committee, however, condemned plans by Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove to set up a single exam board to stop the dumbing down of GCSEs and A-levels. The Education Select Committee opined that the move would be “disruptive”.

Garden, Devonshire Green, Tinsley Green, Wheata Woods and Meersbrook Park , Millhouses Park, Wyming Brook and Fretson Green. Heeley City Farm, Kettlebridge Doorstep Green, Meersbrook Park Walled Garden , Devon Gardens , Grenoside Green, Manor Fields and Charnock Recreation Ground all retained their Community Green Flag status this year.



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Legal Corner

Q&A FAMILY & DIVORCE LAW Mohammed Nazir Solicitor

Walk-In Centre Charges: Green Party Blames Privatisation of NHS

Head of Property/Immigration, Wosskow Brown

FAMILY & DIVORCE LAW is agreed between you and your Q&A spouse, your divorce could be concluded in approximately 6-8 Q. Why does somebody get di- months. However, disputes over vorced? finances and children can make A. Divorce is the legal process of extend the time that your divorce ending your marriage permanent- takes to conclude. ly. There is only one ground for divorce and that is the marriage Q. What happens to the family? has irretrievably broken down. A. this varies dependant on your However, to show this has hap- circumstances. There is no right pened you need to rely on one of or wrong answer. However, if five facts set out in the law. you wish to discuss your situaIf you are not sure whether or not tion, please contact us. to divorce, you may find that relationship counselling helps and Q. Can I prevent somebody from details of local counsellors can be seeing the children? found at A. Again this all depends on the circumstances. Generally Q. How long does the process speaking the courts would contake? sider it to be in the children’s best A. There is no such thing as a interests to be able to maintain a “quickie divorce”. If everything relationship with both parents un-

less it is felt that the children are at risk of harm. Again, we would suggest that you discuss this with us. Q. How much does it cost? A. We offer a fixed fee service for divorce where possible. How much this is depends on what agreements you have reached with your spouse. The court fees are £385 as a minimum - £340 payable when you petition for the divorce, £45 when you apply for the decree absolute. If other court applications become necessary, further court fees may be due. However dependant on your income you may qualify for a fee remission of this.

ANOTHER £1.1 MILLION INTO PARK HILL PROJECT Opposition councillors on Sheffield City Council have criticised the Labour-run authority for pouring another million pounds of taxpayers’ money into the Park Hill project. The decision, which will see £1.1 million allocated to the project, looks set to be approved by Labour councillors at the Council’s

Cabinet on 1st August. The decision follows embarrassing reports in August 2011 that Labour councillors planned to allocate £2.5 million of council funds to the project, despite previous promises that the development would come at no cost to the Council. The project will see most of the refurbished flats sold off with the

aim of making the private developers, Urban Splash, a hefty profit. However, Urban Splash have not been asked to pick up any of the additional cost. At the same time as approving the £1 million spend, Labour councillors look set to agree cuts of 20% to local residents’ council tax benefit.

1200 DVLA Job Losses The Sheffield DVLA office will close with the loss of 23 local jobs. Paul Blomfield MP has slammed the announcement from the Department for Transport that all of the DVLA’s 39 local offices and 10 enforcement centres will close by December 2013 with the loss

of 1200 jobs. The Sheffield office will close with the loss of 23 local jobs. Paul Blomfield MP said: “Closing the local DVLA offices is a false economy. The Roads Minister revealed to me in Parliament that redundancy payments for the loss of 23 jobs in Sheffield and

1200 jobs across the country will be £32m. The local economies where the offices are situated will suffer and the DVLA will provide a poorer service to the motor industry and the millions of UK motorists.

Britain to Axe 20,000 Troops

told the House of Commons that the number of regular soldiers will fall from the current strength of 102,000 to 82,000. He added that reservists will double to 30,000 as part of the Army 2020 plan. Hammond said now was a good time to plan cuts as Britain’s combat role in Afghanistan was coming to an end in 2014. He said the British Army will now be The British Army is to axe some that is aimed at making the force divided into two parts -- reaction 20,000 troops as it undergoes “more flexible and agile”. De- forces and adaptable forces. a “fundamental restructuring” fence secretary Philip Hammond

Council Fails to Deliver New figures have revealed that, in just one year, Sheffield City Council spent £32,000 on developing a 20 mph strategy, with nothing at the end to show for it. In February 2011, Labour councillors voted in favour of introducing a city-wide limit of 20 mph on resi-

dential roads. Funding was agreed for developing a strategy in September 2011; however, plans for a blanket city-wide limit have since been shelved. Now, despite having spent £32,000, the Labour-run Council has failed to deliver a single new 20 mph zone as part of their

Sheffield Green Party have issued the following statement on One Medicare charging whiplash patients £25 for treatment at the NHS Walk In Centre : “Sheffield Green Party believes that health services should be free at the point of need and provided by the public service, not private companies. It is hypocritical of Labour and Lib Dem politicians to criticise One Medicare, who run the walk-in centre in the city centre, for charging for treatment of road traffic accidents. The centre is a “poly clinic” of the type recommended by Lord Darzi and forced on Sheffield PCT by the Labour government in 2009. At national level the Tory/Lib Dem coalition supports sweeping privatisation of services. For instance, hospitals will be allowed to transfer half their work into the private sector, charging patients for the whole range of services and reducing their capacity for non-paying patients. More and more people will find themselves having to pay for treatment “at the point of need”. As for the specific issue of charging for the treatment of whiplash

injuries, this is not new. Under the Road Traffic Act (which has existed since1930 but was last refreshed under Labour in 1999) NHS hospitals can levy a fee for emergency treatment of road traffic accidents from the driver of the vehicle whether or not they were at fault. The same legislation allows private doctors to contact the driver and ask directly for payment. Without knowing exactly how One Medicare are operating their system for recouping costs it is difficult to comment on the legality of what they are doing. But the fact is that marketising the NHS and putting services into the hands of private companies whose rationale is to make a profit, was always going to make this kind of thing more likely. For the record, Cllr Jillian Creasy did object to the new clinic, both in her role as a councillor for Central ward and as a local GP. And she made the call to reverse the privatisation of the NHS, which became endemic under Labour, a major plank of her 2010 election campaign. We support the planned demonstration by Sheffield Save our NHS

outside the walk-in centre, but let us not forget who was responsible for setting up a privately run clinic in Sheffield.” The private company running Sheffield’s NHS Walk-in Centre is now dropping the controversial charge for treating whiplash patients following the news going national. One Medicare has been charging patients reporting to the walk-in centre on Broad Lane £25 to treat their whiplash injuries. But NHS Sheffield says that although private doctors are entitled to charge for whiplash treatment, One Medicare, the company in question, has now “suspended the policy”. An NHS spokesman said: “In Sheffield we believe that healthcare should be free at the point of delivery for all our patients.” Meanwhile, it has also emerged that the Accident and Emergency department at the Northern General Hospital does not operate any charging policy for whiplash. One Medicare runs the walkin centre service on a contract awarded by NHS Sheffield that runs up to 2016.

Check out our Top Priorities for Health and Wellbeing Rotherham health chiefs have published six top priorities for improving the health and wellbeing of local people – and are asking for views on whether they have got them right. Rotherham’s Health and WellBeing Board – which brings together local councillors, experts in public health, commissioners and providers of NHS services, voluntary and community groups – has identified a range of areas where local organisations should channel their time and money in tackling the major public health issues in the area over the next three years. The six key areas are published in Rotherham’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy, a plan which will be used to guide all agencies across the borough in how they plan and deliver their services, and the targets they aim to achieve. They were identified

following a survey of people’s views at last year’s Rotherham Show and a series of other consultation events. The strategy presents a shared commitment to ensuring that every person in Rotherham is able to make positive choices about how to improve their mental and physical wellbeing, and to making sure that public services do everything in their power to address the root causes of ill-health. The six priorities identified are:* Prevention and early intervention – providing help to people early so they can stay healthy and increase their independence * Delivering services to standards that meet the expectations of Rotherham people and which are tailored to the individual * Making sure that people are increasingly able to identify their

own personal needs and choose solutions that suit them best * Rotherham people will be aware of the risks to their own health and be able to take up opportunities to adopt a healthier lifestyle * They will be able to manage their own long-term health conditions in a way that helps them to enjoy the best possible quality of life * Poverty will be reduced through decision-making that allows people to play a full part in everyday social activities and the creation of more opportunities to broaden their skills and gain employment The Health and Well-Being Board has a statutory duty to involve local people in the preparation of a so-called Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and in developing local priorities.


One Sheffield Many Cultures Festival

Council Tax Bombshell Hits Vulnerable Sheffield City Council have announced that they plan to cut council tax benefit for all working age residents by 20%, meaning a family in a Band A property could pay an extra £3.76 a week. However, the Council have decided not to proceed with new powers to tax empty homes and second homes, which the Government estimates would save the authority £3.3 million. In addition to this, while the Council passes on a council tax bomb-

shell on to vulnerable residents, Labour councillors have agreed to spend £3.5 million this year refurbishing council offices and £400,000 on consultancy fees in one month. Despite the total cut received from the Government being 10%, under the legislation pensioners are protected which results in a 20% reduction for the remaining working age recipients of Council Tax Benefit. Sheffield is consulting on a scheme which

would equalise this 20% cut across all working age recipients. The Council has also confirmed that consideration is being given to provide additional support to households experiencing severe financial hardship who will be hit hardest by the Government’s cut. The Government have been criticised for hitting hardest councils in the most deprived areas of the country whilst authorities in the wealthiest areas of the country will receive a smaller cut.

Imran Khan Awarded Honorary Fellowship by: Royal College of Physicians Parkwood Academy school has been announced as the winner of June’s One Sheffield Many Cultures festival, which saw multicultural music and dance acts from eight Sheffield schools entertain a lively crowd in Barkers Pool. Both the judges and the audience showed their appreciation to all the schoolchildren taking part, recognising the impressive array of talent on display and celebrating the contribution of each community present. The One Sheffield Many Cultures festival was organised and backed by local people including faith leaders, Football Unites Racism Divides, Northern Refugee Centre, local branches

of UNISON & NUJ, Yorkshire & the Humber TUC, Hope not Hate, Unite Against Fascism and Love Music Hate Racism. One Sheffield, Many Cultures aims to promote the unity of the city and celebrate the contribution of

people from all communities and backgrounds. The movement is non-party political and urges people from all walks of life to speak with one voice in opposing racism, bigotry and prejudice.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder Imran Khan has been awarded an honorary fellowship by the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (RCPE) in recognition for his contribution to cancer services. The fellowship has been awarded for his contribution through the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre. The RCPE is a professional membership organisation with a membership of over 10,000 “fellows” in 91 countries. Imran Khan founded Shaukat Khanum on December 29, 1994. The inspiration for the hospital and research centre came after the death of his mother, Mrs Shaukat Khanum, due to cancer. The trust uses donations to help

patients with cancer through the application of modern methods of curative and palliative therapy free of cost.

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PROPERTY CORNER by: Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant: Mark Jenkinson & Son BUYING A HOUSE

for problems they did not expect. Therefore, money spent on a surWHAT PRICE PEACE OF vey is a good investment because MIND a house purchase would be one of biggest transactions in your life. A GUIDE TO RESIDENTIAL SURVEYS AND VALUA- The survey should be carried out TIONS by a chartered surveyor with expertise in residential property. Just This month I am going to concen- as a side note, it takes 5-6 years to trate on the technical side of sur- qualify as a chartered surveyor, veying, and in particular, residen- and many years of experience to tial surveys and valuations. Most be regarded as an expert. readers will resonate with this, as most of you will have either Now moving on to the types of bought or sold a house. residential surveys and valuations you can commission. In many people's minds there are a lot of misconceptions about the RICS Homebuyers Report reasons for a A survey concentrating on urgent residential survey and valuation, and significant items, providing a with many buyers either not un- concise report derstanding or not including an overall opinion and bothering with a survey. The mis- valuation, suitable for standard conceptions are: construction properties. This is arguably the most common sur“A survey is like a guarantee.” vey that is commissioned. “A survey is purely a way to find reason to reduce the house price.” Building Survey “A survey enables the surveyor This is a more detailed survey to find trivial problems for a big and report format, including comfee.” ments on construction, repair and “If I've got my mortgage arranged maintenance which includes a I don't need a survey.” photographic appendix and valuation if required. This survey is All these statements are wrong. suitable for most ages and type of property and can take up to a day A Homebuyer's Report or a build- to carry out, so it is very compreing condition report is provided to hensive. minimise the chances of a buyer finding unpleasant surprises if Pre-sale Report defects in property come to light A limited inspection and report, after purchase. A report will pro- to highlight issues likely to be vide peace of mind. raised on a prospective purchasers mortgage valuation There are many defects which inspection, to enable these to be an untrained person may not addressed if appropriate. spot. But there are common defects which are very expensive Valuation Report to rectify – such as dry rot, wet This is a limited report which will rot, damp, structural problems. give you a value but it is unlikely There are times when you hear of to comment any further. This is horror stories where people have suitable for people who are combought properties and have been petent in the property market and burdened with substantial bills would an opinion on value for

peace of mind. There are many other types of valuations which not many people will have had cause to come across. These are: i) acquisition valuations ii) probate valuations iii) matrimonial/partnership proceedings iv) taxation v) Charities Act vi) sales by auction and tender vii) compulsory purchase valuations viii) valuations for bank purposes Clearly this is not an exhaustive list and there are other types of valuations. The question you need to ask is, is it worth spending anything between £50,000 to £1,000,000 and not getting a survey for a fee of between £500 £2,500. Most people would agree that this is a nobrainer but the reality is that many people do not have a survey carried out which can lead to major problems in the future. Good advice would be to have a survey carried out. This is only a short guide. For further advice please contact a chartered surveyor. In future articles I will talk about other types of surveys and valuations, to include development appraisals, rent reviews and lease renewal, investment appraisals and many more. I would like to wish you Ramadan Mubarak and Eid Mubarak (in advance) and, as ever, if you want to contact me please call me on 0114 2760151/0787 901 5095 or through ILM.

UK Student Visas to Become Easier Soon

The tough visa restrictions that were imposed for the students’ entry to UK would soon be eased said David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain. He has anticipated that the tough impositions of the foreign students for the visas would be a danger to the £8 billion revenue generated by applications from the foreign students. A vast majority of the students come from China and India. The PM’s office had reached the conclusion that Indian students would be discouraged from

applying to the UK due to immigration problems. An official from Cameron’s office has reported that “The PM understands these concerns and would make necessary changes in the policies soon”. India had been discussing the issue with UK at every possible meeting with a major initiative being taken by the high commission. In 2010, a manifesto has been promised stating that the net immigrations would be restricted to be under 100,000. One in 10 undergraduate or

Disappointment Over Decision to Close Leeds Cardiac Centre Rotherham councillors have expressed their “bitter disappointment” at the decision to close the children’s congenital cardiac surgical centre in Leeds. Borough Councillors Shaukat Ali and Ken Wyatt said they were “very, very concerned” at the news that NHS chiefs have axed the heart surgery unit at Leeds General Infirmary as part of a review of surgical provision across the country. Coun. Ali, who is Rotherham’s representative on the Regional Joint Health Scrutiny Committee set up to examine the proposals to re-organise services, said the campaign would continue. “The concerns of local parents and health professionals were fed into the Scrutiny Committee’s final report - confident that it reflected the strength of feeling, both locally and across all of the

Yorkshire and Humber region, gion, the unit currently provided who did not want the Leeds unit by the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust must be retained and to close. included in any future plans for Last October, the Joint Health congenital cardiac surgical cenScrutiny Committee published tres. its review of Children’s Congenital Cardiac Surgical Centres. It The imminent closure means a lack of co-located and interdependent surgical services, including maternity and neonatal services, at any of the alternative surgical centres available to Yorkshire and the Humber patients and their families. In addition it would mean families would face considerable additional journey times and expense and would result in the fragmentation of the very strong network concluded that in order to meet across the region and impact the the needs and growing demand recruitment and retention of speof the 5.5 million people living cialist staff in clinics. in the Yorkshire and Humber re-

Murdoch Quits as News International Director Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has stepped down as a director of News International, the group that owns The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun, in a move that has fuelled speculation that he is preparing to sell off his British newspapers. 81-year-old Murdoch still remains “fully committed” as

chairman despite relinquishing his positions on a number of British boards, including News International. The move was in line with plans to restructure his News Corporation empire. Murdoch has already outlined plans to split the group into two. Under the proposals, US-based Fox TV and 20th Century Fox

film studio will be separated from the publishing businesses, including The Wall Street Journal, alongside Murdoch’s British and Australian newspapers and HarperCollins book publishing. Earlier this year, a parliamentary committee said Murdoch was “not a fit person” to run an international business.

Litter Pilled in Streets

Local people have been left outraged as litter piles up in Sheffield streets, with just weeks to go until the city moves to fortnightly black bin collections. Local residents have reported a number of cases of litter pilled in the streets, with a particular problem of departing student tenants. Incidents have been reported in densely student populated areas, including Crookesmoor, Broomhall, and Sharrow Vale. In some cases litter has been left strewn across the street. The problems come at the same time as Labour councillors an-

nounce the transition date to fortnightly bin collections will be moved forward to August.

Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Leader of the Lib Dem Group and a local councillor for Broomhill, has report a number of incidents to the Council. He has also spoken to the Chief Executive of the Council to ensure ongoing problems in densely student populated areas are addressed. Shaffaq has also contacted officers at the University of Sheffield Students’ Union to see how they can work together to tackle the issues.

postgraduate students in the UK comes from outside the country, with China followed by India providing the main inflow. With Britain scrapping post-study visas, those outside the EU who can afford to pay full fee for university education in the UK have been deterred from doing so. Germany, which has recently increased the intake of Indian students, with its high quality education at cheaper tuition fees, is a considerable threat to the Universities in UK.


2 Cour ses for £10 .00 Every Sun - T hur

Welcome to t n a r u a t s e R n a ic x e M Italian & El Paso is located in the centre of Sheffield and offers a fine variety of cuisine with the very best Italian and Mexican food being the order of the day. Having been in business for 20 years, the restaurant has recently been given a fantastic refurbishment to become a modern and contemporary venue with exposed brick walls and comfortable leather seating. Function Room / Disco Available, Ring for more details

8 cumberland street, Sheffield (bottom of the Moor)

Fuenl ction D RoSoemi/vDeirsy rviceco AN vaO ilaW ble Ring for A v moraeilda etb aille s

0114 2739523 Car park to the rear of the building


Sheffield’s Summer Schools Welcomed by Clegg

Wikileaks Releases 2.4 Mn E-Mails On Syria Whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks said it has begun publishing more than 2.4 million e-mails from Syrian officials, government ministries and companies between August 2006 and March 2012. The documents originate from 680 Syria-related entities or domain names, including those of the ministries of presidential affairs, foreign affairs, finance, information, transport and culture, WikiLeaks said.

“The material is embarrassing to Syria, but it is also embarrassing to Syria’s opponents,” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was quoted as saying in a statement published on its website. The archive “helps us not merely to criticise one group or another, but to understand their interests, actions and thoughts. It is only through understanding this conflict that we can hope to resolve it”, Assange said.

The leaked documents include around 400,000 emails in Arabic and 68,000 emails in Russian. It stressed that “it is not possible to verify every single email at once”, but that the group was “statistically confident that the vast majority of the data are what they purport to be”. All initial stories to be published have been verified, it said.

Parking Fine Incompetence Staggering new figures have revealed that Labour-run Sheffield City Council lost as much as £20,000 over the past six months due to their own incompetence - this time on parking fines. It was revealed by Labour’s Cabinet Member for Business, Skills

& Development, at last week’s Council meeting, that the Council had to cancel 278 Penalty Charge Notices within the last 6 months because they failed to reply to appeals within 56 days. The fines – worth up to £70 each – could equate to £19,460 lost

because the Council could not organise themselves efficiently. At the same time Labour councillors plan to increase their income by £20,000 by introducing car-parking charges in Hillsborough Park, Graves Park and Millhouses Park.

Britain returns Stolen Artefacts to Afghanistan

Helmand province to Kabul. British Prime Minister David Cameron and President Hamid Karzai confirmed its safe arrival at a press conference in Kabul Thursday. The consignment included objects found in three separate seizures by customs officials as they were being

£50m worth of extra brain training that will give tens of thousands of disadvantaged pupils across the country a flying start at secondary school, including here in Sheffield. It’s two weeks in the summer holidays where pupils can catch up on learning and get to grips with life in secondary school – in short, get on the starting blocks ready for the off in September. Those who struggle to make the transition are often among the poorest in society, but two weeks of activities can really help to bridge the gap.

The schools offering a Summer School in Sheffield are: -

All Saints Catholic High School Chaucer Business and Enterprise College Ecclesfield School Fir Vale School Firth Park Community Arts College Heritage Park Community School High Storrs School Hinde House 3-16 School Holgate Meadows Community Special School King Edward VII School Meadowhead School Newfield School Parkwood Academy Silverdale School Talbot Special School Tapton School The City School Yewlands Technology College King Ecgbert School

‘Obama as a Muslim’ - Myth Still Exists He is hoping to be elected president for the second time but a new poll claims some Americans still think their Commander in Chief is a Muslim. Forty-nine percent of those sAurveyed said that Obama was Christian while 17 percent inaccurately said he was Muslim. But nearly two -thirds did not know the religion of the President according to a poll in the US. More people knew presidential candidate Romney, was Mormon than knew which religion Obama was.

Historical artefacts dating back to the Bronze Age (3500 to 1200 BC) that were stolen from Afghanistan and smuggled to Britain have been returned by the British armed forces. Some of the items were looted from Afghanistan’s museums during civil wars in the country over the past two decades while others came from illegal excavations of

archaeological sites. The precious cargo, weighing more than two tonnes and containing 843 individual objects, left Royal Air Force Station Brize Norton in Oxfordshire on board a transport plane, and was then transferred from the British military base Camp Bastion in

19 Sheffield schools will be opening their doors this summer to help some of the most disadvantaged pupils in our area with the big step up from primary to secondary school. Many pupils find the move to a bigger school and a more challenging curriculum daunting. This can lead to falling results and they often never catch up again. To help pupils who are especially vulnerable to falling behind, those on free school meals (FSM) or looked-after children, Liberal Democrat Leader, Deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield Hallam MP, Nick Clegg has launched the first Summer Schools programme.

smuggled into Britain, while other items came to light following investigations by the Art and Antiques Unit of the Metropolitan Police. Additional objects were saved by private individuals. Experts at the British Museum identified them as originating in Afghanistan and they were stored at the museum in London.

Why Gold is Not Gold

Medals of any shade are priceless to the competitors at London 2012 - but they may still be surprised to learn that some of them cost less than a sandwich from a petrol station. The medallions given out at this year's Olympics are the largest and heaviest ever seen at a Games, measuring 8.5cm in diameter and weighing a hefty 400g - almost as much as a normal bag of sugar. But the bronze medals are worth less than £3. The gold medals, ironically, are barely gold at all: they are, in fact, 92.5 per cent silver, with just one per cent gold and the rest copper. Their basic value is

£410. At least the silver medals are what they say on the tin, being made up of the same 92.5 per cent silver, with the remainder copper. The bronze medals, though, are 97 per cent copper, 2.5 per cent

zinc and 0.5 per cent tin. Bronze alloys usually consist of around 88 per cent copper and 12 per cent tin. Tin is more than twice as expensive as copper, however, and keeping the level of it down makes those bronze medals


Lost Keys, Mystery Intruder, Wrong Flag: London Olympic Blunders and Gaffes are Piling Up

An appearance by the hapless comic character Mr. Bean was one of the highlights of the London Olympics opening ceremony. Yet a series of Keystone Cops moments has games organizers hoping they don’t keep up this slapstick routine in real life. London police acknowledged Monday that last week they lost a set of keys to Wembley — one of the most famous soccer stadiums in the world and an Olympic venue in London — and had been forced to hastily change the stadium locks.

Local students and troops are getting free tickets to the London Games after blocks of prime seats were left empty at some of the Olympic venues, organizing chief Sebastian Coe said Sunday. A rogue cast member captures the world media’s attention after gatecrashing the London Olympics opening ceremony. The mystery woman in red was seen marching with India’s athletes and officials. It was the latest unintentionally comic moment to beset the games and has raised fears of what else may be in store. News of the lock debacle followed a diplomatic tiff with India, triggered when a woman who was not part of the country’s athletic delegation marched right beside India’s flag bearer at Friday’s opening ceremony. Olympic officials insisted there was no security risk from either incident. Games chief Sebastian Coe said the Indian team’s interloper was an accredited cast member from the opening ceremony who “got slightly over-excited.”

Police said the Wembley keys appeared to have been lost rather than stolen and “measures were taken immediately to secure all key areas of the venue.” Earlier Olympic glitches ranged from worrying to merely embarrassing. Security arrangements were thrown into chaos weeks before the opening ceremony when private security contractor G4S acknowledged it would not be able to provide all the guards it had promised. Thousands of soldiers, sailors and air force personnel — some just back from Afghanistan — had to be drafted in to plug the Olympic security gaps. Then last week, as the Olympic soccer competition kicked off, organizers mistakenly displayed the South Korean flag on a jumbo screen while introducing the North Korean women’s team. There could hardly have been a worse mix-up — the two countries are still technically at war. Britons, at least, are quick to see the humor. Opticians Specsavers

A rogue cast member captures the world media’s attention after gatecrashing the London Olympics opening ceremony. The mystery woman in red was seen marching with India’s athletes and officials.

ran a full-page ad displaying the two completely different-looking Korean flags and suggesting that anyone who can’t tell the difference should stop by for a checkup. Then Welsh footballer Joe Allen was listed as English in the British team’s official program, prompting a wave of mocking commentary across Twitter. Over the weekend, television shots of so many empty seats at Olym-

pic venues enraged many ordinary Britons, who had struggled for months to get tickets, many unsuccessfully. Organizers are now scrambling to fill rows of empty seats allocated but not used by members of the “Olympic family” — national federations, sponsors and the media. Among the remedies: 150 British soldiers were told to stop handling security duties for a few hours Sunday and go watch the Olympic qualifying for women’s gymnastics. “I was told to let the boys come in and enjoy the show,” Staff Sgt. Marc Robson of the 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery told The Associated Press. “Look at them, they seem to be liking it just fine.” Ellis Cashmore, professor of culture, media and sport at Staffordshire University, said the sheer number of Olympic errors has had a numbing effect.


British Women Shortest in Europe, Wear Highest Heels

Women in Britain are the shortest in Europe but wear the highest heels - up to 3.3 inches - to compensate, says a new study. The height of stilettos worn by British women is almost an inch higher than French women

who go for 2.4-inch heels, the Daily Express reported citing a poll of 3,792 women by footcare brand Compeed. Close to the British are Spanish women, who prefer 3.2-inch heels, and Danes who wear three inches

and Germans 2.7 inches, the report said. Around 25 percent of British women confess to wearing even four to six-inch stilettos in a bid to appear more striking and successful.

Blindness Can be Cured by Simply Injection in Eye, Claim Scientists

Scientists in the US used the approach to restore a level of vision to congenitally blind mice. They hope an improved version of the compound may help people with inherited and age-related forms of blindness. The chemical, called AAQ, works by making normally ‘’blind’’ cells in the retina sensitive to light. It was tested on mice with genetic mutations which left them blind

within months of birth. After injecting very small amounts of AAQ into the animal’s eyes, the scientists were able to confirm restoration of some degree of light sensitivity. Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley, said the approach offered advantages over electronic chip or gene therapy treatments. ‘’The advantage ... is that it is a simple chemi-

cal, which means that you can change the dosage, you can use it in combination with other therapies, or you can discontinue the therapy if you don’t like the results,’’ they said. ‘’As improved chemicals become available, you could offer them to patients. You can’t do that when you surgically implant a chip or after you genetically modify somebody.’’

A Million British Workers Pumped up with Drugs Over a million people in Britain are pumped up with drugs, a study suggests. Statistics from a drug-testing firm have revealed that around one in 30 employees tested at work last year had taken narcotics, with the most commonly-used drugs being cannabis, opiates and cocaine, Daily Mail reported. Earlier this year, a senior British police officer asked employers to consider drug-testing middle-class professionals to help stem country’s spiralling cocaine trade. The commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said affluent workers were fuelling the one billion pound annual market in the drug. Many of them, he said, were working in roles, including surgeons, teachers and drivers, where cocaine use risks

lives. ployers, including public transThe latest figures have come port firms, freight hauliers and from an analysis of 1.7 million the emergency services. tests carried out for 856 UK em-

Progress: Education or Industry

Developing countries are those which require the maximum attention. Since these are like growing children, the growth years need attention for them to grow up into successful entities. Inadequate care and ignorance can lead to adverse results so planning forms the essence of nations and careful execution forms the need of the hour. Strategies are essentially required to steer development of any country in the upward direction. And for the development of these strategic plans one needs an able government and intelligent leadership. In these developing countries, allocation of funds is also an important aspect. Since the funds are limited, careful and judicious allocation of funds is required. That’s where the main question arises, due to different thought processes of individuals. The question is, should developing countries concentrate on improving industrial skills or should they promote education first. The answer is simple; we need to find the balance between the two

factors. Since both factors are equally important for the growth and development of a country. Education forms the basis of what an individual’s turns out to be and ultimately how much

they give back to society. With education one makes a more informed decision about the different aspects of his/her life. Since education incorporates a sense of good and bad in the conscious, an individual is less likely to get influenced without knowing what he/she is getting into. That is the power of education. It forms the root for all individuals and their progress in future. Education not only imparts knowledge but also cultivates a sense of wrong and

right into the individuals. On the other hand, industries form a separate division in whole. Industries depict the growth of an economy and a growth of people who are able to be self sufficient and provide for their family members and themselves. Therefore development of industries forms an important aspect of the development of a country. Hence allocation of funds to industrial development is also necessary. Education makes an individual perform efficiently at his workplace, thus making sure that the work is performed with efficiency thus decreasing the throughput time. With education forming the base of everything and industrialisation forming the base of the development and growth, its high time both are given equal attention. With careful research, one would be able to allocate funds to the exactly the right sector, thus helping in the development and progress of the nation. Because it is rightly said, progress has little to do with speed, but much to do with direction.


Soft drinks make it harder to Lose Weight Avoid soft drinks, as they could alter the way your body burns fuel and make it harder still to lose weight, says a study. The study proves our concerns over sugary drinks have been correct. Not only can regular sugar intake acutely change our body metabolism. In fact, it seems that our muscles are able to sense the sugars and make our metabolism more inefficient, not only in the present but in the future as well.

Olympic Hopes The head of Pakistan’s contingent to the Olympic Games wanted the athletes to parade in national dress, so that’s the way

national culture, rather than the shalwar kameez for the men it might have made more sense to wear the national dress, the sher-

it ended up during the opening ceremony in London on Friday evening. Pakistani Olympians strutted their stuff in shalwar kameez instead of the gear the organisers had sent. According to the chef de mission, this was done “to show our culture.” Pakistan was not alone, for others — such as the Saudis in flowing thobes and Indians in bright yellow pagris — also displayed their cultural attire during the opening of the games. If the ideas was to promote the

wani, or even regional dresses to highlight the cultural diversity of Pakistan. But sartorial preferences are really secondary; what truly matters at the Olympiad is performance on the field. This time around we have sent athletes to compete in the disciplines of athletics, field hockey, shooting and swimming. While Pakistan has been competing in the games since the 1948 London Olympiad, over the past few decades the country’s performance at the Olym-

The researcher warned that soft drinks can compromise long-term health and advised people to substitute it with plain water instead. Researcher also showed that isolated muscle cells identify and respond to the sugary diet, and switch how they use the fuel. The move to an inefficient metabolism was seen in male and female participants who were lightly active, and drinking soft drinks for just four weeks. These factors show that regular use of sugar sweetened soft drinks drives alterations in muscles similar to those found in people with obesity problems and type 2 diabetes. What is clear is our body adjusts to regular soft drink consumption and prepares itself for the future diet by changing muscle metabolism via altered gene activity - encouraging unhealthy adaptations similar to those seen in people with obesity problems and type 2 diabetes.

pics has been highly unsatisfactory. The last time the country won a medal was at the Barcelona games in 1992. Compare this two-decade long dry spell with the fond memories of how Pakistan dominated Olympic hockey for nearly 30 years, starting with a silver medal at 1956’s Melbourne games to 1984’s unforgettable gold at Los Angeles. Sadly, the condition the national sport is currently in is quite depressing. Observers say chances of a medal in hockey are slim. For one, the team has not performed well in the warm-ups. Politics and mismanagement are partly to blame, while experts say the players are also having issues adjusting to the new blue turf. Aside from hockey, Pakistani athletes have also won medals in wrestling and boxing in past Olympiads. Despite the considerable odds, we will keep our fingers crossed in the hope that Pakistani athletes will bring home medals. Ultimately, however, it is hoped that the country’s athletes simply give it their best at the biggest sporting spectacle in the world.

Eid Mubabrak to all Muslims from Ch M Zahur and Staff


Britons now Prefer Text to Making a Phone Call 69% “can’t live without” SMS messaging A surge in the number of text messages sent across the UK has relegated traditional phone calling to a secondary option for adults. According to research by watchdog Ofcom, sending an SMS or instant-style message is now more popular than ringing someone up or meeting them face-to-face. The average Brit sends 50 texts a week, a number that has doubled in four years and boosted the number of messages delivered across the country in 2011 to more than 150billion. Fewer phone calls are being made on fixed landlines and mobiles - with a drop of 5%. This traditional form of communication has instead been replaced by an average of 90 minutes a week accessing social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter, sending emails or using a mobile to check the internet. In just a few short years, new technology has fundamentally changed the way that we communicate. Talking face-to-face or on the phone are no longer the most common ways for us

to interact with each other. In their place, newer forms of communications are emerging which don’t require us to talk to each other – especially among younger age groups. This trend is set to continue as technology advances and we move further into the digital age. Texting continues to be popular because of its simplicity and due to an emotional bond we

have with it. The average 18-25 year old sends 133 SMS messages a week, double any other age group. Men also use it more than women, but send shorter more functional messages. Running in the back of the human mind is the need to do everything with the least possible effort, and we instinctively search for the easiest way to communicate. This is why we rely on and still love text messaging.

Only 63% of 16-24s say they talk face-to-face with friends and family on a daily basis but 96% admitted to using some kind of textbased application to do so instead. UK households now own an average of three different types of internet-enabled device with 15% owning six or more and tablets such as the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab are now in 11% of homes compared to just 2% in the first three months of last year. The report also revealed average broadband speeds in Britain are 7.6Mbit/s; four in 10 adults now owns a smartphone up 12% since 2010; more than a third of TVs sold in Britain in 2011 were above 43 inches and 37% of Brits with the internet use it to watch catch-up TV instead of tuning in for traditional appointment viewing. It also states eight out of 10 people in the UK now have access to the internet with a massive increase in web connectivity among the 65-74 age group, up nine per cent to 64%. Ofcom added the total number of fixed broadband connections passed 20 million for the first time in 2011, with over five million mobile broadband connections.

Building Your Brand Name By: Amar Saleem

Business Development Manager Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Email: Many people think branding is just about logos for big businesses. It isn't. If you're in a competitive market, you need to offer customers something special. More than that, you need to make sure customers know you're offering something special. That's what branding is. A brand goes much deeper than just your company logo. You could define a brand as a set of associations that an existing or potential customer has of a company, product, service or individual. These associations can be the result of your own efforts and actively promoted through marketing and corporate identity. Branding also reflects your customers' experiences of your business and affects every interaction you have with your customers and suppliers. The intelligent use of design, advertising, marketing, service proposition, and corporate culture can all help to generate associations in people's minds that will benefit your business. Branding is your attempt to harness these associations to help your business perform better. Any business or organisation can benefit enormously by creating an accurate brand, ie one that represents their true values.

Therefore, it is important to always be clear about what your business stands for. Successful branding is about promoting your strengths. You need to be sure that you can always deliver your promises using these strengths, sometimes referred to as 'brand values'. You can start by thinking about what your business is good at and what you believe in as a business. Effective branding can elevate your product or business into something unique, instead of being just one commodity among many similar others. Standing out from your competitors is particularly important in competitive markets. Experience shows that customers expect to pay more for a branded product than for unbranded products. Would you expect to pay the same for a can of a supermarket's own lemonade as you would for a brand you recognise? So how do you go about creating your own brand? Start by thinking about what's good about your business and what your values are. You may find it helps to think in terms of a brand personality - the kind of image you would like your business to

have. A r e you cheap and cheerful or luxurious and exclusive? Does your business care about the environment? Your core brand values need to run through everything your business does. If you're creating an upmarket brand, you'll need to do more than just charge high prices - you'll want excellent customer service, expensive stationery and so on. Everything works together, reinforcing the brand and reminding the customer who you are and why they buy from you. All of your employees will play a crucial part in managing your brand because they can affect what customers and colleagues think of your business. Therefore, it is important to ensure that they understand your brand and believe in what it stands for. If they do, their actions will communicate this to other colleagues and customers. Providing a consistent and high quality service is also essential - as it's all too easy to damage your reputation. Branding is about creating a long term relationship!

Pakistan Team Wins Debating Championship

A team of Pakistani students won the Karl Popper Debate (KPDC) 2012 Championship against Korean students in the final. The Pakistani team included youngsters, Zainab Hameed, Azeem Liaquaat and Ahmed Shujjan. The event took place at the 18th edition of IDEA Youth Forum held in Mexico from 2 July to15 July. Pakistan and Korea went to the finals. The finals took place in the ”Teatro Juarez”in the city of Guanajuato. The Teatro Juarez is known as one of the most beautiful theatres in

Mexico. The topic selected by the KPDC for this year was “Guantanamo Bay Prison Should Be Closed Down Immediately”. Pakistani students were defending the topic to close down the prison where as Korea had to prove that the prison should not be closed down. More than 200 students from 45 countries participated in IDEA Youth Forum. 21 debate teams took part in KPDC 2012. There were 6 preliminary rounds with 3 elimination rounds and the grand final.

The Pakistan team coach Daniyal Asad said that “It is our first time ever at the IDEA Youth Forum and the amount of support that we have had here is unbelievable from Mexico and around the world, and we just want to thank you. Viva Mexico.” Zainab Hameed from Pakistan finished the tournament as the top speaker of KPDC 2012.


7 Surprising Health Benefits of Ramadan

According to Islamic traditions, dates are an important item for breaking the fast during Ramadan and the increase in their consumption comes as a good sign, especially in matters related to health. Dates are the most popular item compared to any other fruit in Ramazan. Besides breaking the fast with dates, people prepare many dishes and use dates in deserts during Ramadan feasts. As the demand for dates increases in Ramadan, so do the prices. One the first day of Ramadan, date prices went up by 50 percent in many Arab countries, making it difficult for the common man to purchase these important items. The most popular type of dates being sold in Pakistani markets include Iranian dry dates, Arabian dates, Pakistani Aseel, Karblain, Iranian Rabai, Mazafati, Shareefa and others. There are more than 150 varieties of dates produced in Pakistan. Out of these, a large number of varieties, dates of Balochistan, Aseel of Sindh and Dhakki of Dera Ismail Khan are the varieties which are sought after all over the world due to their exotic taste. Here in the UK we will often see Tunisian, Palestinian and Zaytouni dates in local grocery stores. Although dates are eaten at the start of Iftar every day during Ramadan for spiritual reasons, they also come with the added bonus of multiple health benefits. One of the most important aspects of fasting is getting the right amount of energy, and considering an average serving of dates contains 31 grams of carbohydrates, this is one of the perfect foods to give you a boost. Dates are also a great way of getting some much-needed fibre, which will aid and im-

prove digestion throughout Ramadan. Add to that their high levels of potassium, magnesium and B vitamins, and it quickly becomes apparent that dates are one of the healthiest fruits out there. Surprising health benefits of Ramadan - dates Boost your brain No doubt you’ll be aware of the positive effects fasting can have on your mental wellbeing and spiritual focus, but the brainboosting powers of Ramadan are even more significant than you might think. A study carried out by scientists in the USA found that the mental focus achieved during Ramadan increases the level of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which causes the body to produce more brain cells, thus improving brain function. Likewise, a distinct reduction in the amount of the hormone cortisol, produced by the adrenal gland, means that stress levels are greatly reduced both during and after Ramadan. Ditch bad habits Because you will be fasting during the day, Ramadan is the perfect time to ditch your bad habits for good. Vices such as smoking and sugary foods should not be indulged during Ramadan, and as you abstain from them your body will gradually acclimatise to their absence, until your addiction is kicked for good. It’s also much easier to quit habits when you do so in a group, which should be easy to find during Ramadan. Fasting’s ability to help you cut out bad habits is so significant that the NHS recommends it as the ideal time to ditch smoking. Lower cholesterol We all know that weight loss is one of the possible physical outcomes of fasting during Ramadan, but there’s also a whole

host of healthy changes going on behind the scenes. A team of cardiologists in the UAE found that people observing Ramadan enjoy a positive effect on their lipid profile, which means there is a reduction of cholesterol in the blood. Low cholesterol increases cardiovascular health, greatly reducing the risk of suffering from heart disease, a heart attack, or a stroke. What’s more, if you follow a healthy diet after Ramadan, this newly lowered cholesterol level should be easy to maintain. Lasting appetite reduction One of the main problems with extreme fad diets is that any weight lost is often quickly put back on, sometimes even with a little added extra. This isn’t the case with Ramadan. The reduction in food consumed throughout fasting causes your stomach to gradually shrink, meaning you’ll need to eat less food to feel full. If you want to get into the habit of healthy eating then Ramadan is a great time to start. When it’s finished your appetite will be lower than it was before, and you’ll be far less likely to overindulge with your eating. Detoxify As well as being great for spiritually cleansing yourself, Ramadan acts as a fantastic detox for your body. By not eating or drinking throughout the day your body will be offered the rare chance to detoxify your digestive system throughout the month. When your body starts eating into fat reserves to create energy, it will also burn away any harmful toxins that might be present in fat deposits. This body cleanse will leave a healthy blank slate behind, and is the perfect stepping stone to a consistently healthy lifestyle. Absorb more nutrients By not eating throughout the day during Ramadan you’ll find that your metabolism becomes more efficient, meaning the amount of nutrients you absorb from food improves. This is because of an increase in a hormone called adiponectin, which is produced by a combination of fasting and eating late at night, and allows your muscles to absorb more nutrients. This will lead to health benefits all around the body, as various areas are able to better absorb and make use of the nutrients they need to function.


A headache (cephalgia in medical terminology) is a condition of pain in the head; sometimes neck or upper back pain may also be interpreted as a headache. It ranks amongst the most common local pain complaints. The vast majority of headaches are benign and self-limiting. Common causes are tension, migraine, eye strain, dehydration, low blood sugar, and sinusitis. Much rarer are headaches due to life-threatening conditions such as meningitis, encephalitis, cerebral aneurysms, extremely high blood pressure, and brain tumors. When the headache occurs in conjunction with a head injury the cause is usually quite evident. A large percentage of headaches among females are caused by ever-fluctuating estrogen during menstrual years. This can occur prior to, during or even midcycle menstruation. Treatment of uncomplicated headache is usually symptomatic with over-the-counter painkillers such as aspirin, paracetamol (acetaminophen), or ibuprofen, although some specific forms of headaches (e.g., migraines) may demand other, more suitable treatment. It may be possible to relate the occurrence of a headache to

other particular triggers (such as stress or particular foods), which can then be avoided. While, statistically, headaches are most likely to be harmless and self-limiting, some specific headache syndromes may demand specific treatment or may be warning signals of more serious disorders. Some headache subtypes are characterized by a specific pattern of symptoms, and no further testing may be necessary, while others may prompt further diagnostic tests. Headache associated with specific symptoms may warrant urgent medical attention, particularly sudden, severe headache or sudden headache associated with a stiff neck; headaches associated with fever, convulsions or accompanied by confusion or loss of consciousness; headaches following a blow to the head, or associated with pain in the eye or ear; persistent headache in a person with no previous history of headaches; and recurring headache in children. The most important step in diagnosing a headache is for the physician to take a careful history and to examine the patient. In the majority of cases the diagnosis will be tension headache or migraine, both of which can be managed on the basis

of a clear-cut clinical picture. Where doubt remains, or if there are abnormalities detected on examination, further investigations are justified. Computed tomography (CT/ CAT) scans of the brain or sinuses are commonly performed, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in specific settings. Blood tests may help narrow down the differential diagnosis, but are rarely confirmatory of specific headache forms. Tension headache — Tension headaches, which were recently renamed tension type headaches by the International Headache Society, are the most common type of headaches. Cluster headache — Cluster headaches are rare, extremely painful and debilitating headaches that occur in groups or clusters. Migraine — Migraine is a neurologic disease, of which the most common symptom is an intense and disabling headache. Bacterial meningitis — Bacterial meningitis is a condition in which the dural layers lining the brain (the meninges) have become inflamed.


The Oldest Quran in the World

The Othman Koran is the oldest in the world

the seventh century.” Sacred verses

In an obscure corner of the Uzbek capital, Tashkent, lies one of Islam’s most sacred relics - the world’s oldest Koran. It is a reminder of the role which Central Asia once played in Muslim history - a fact often overlooked after seven decades of Sovietimposed atheism. The library where the Koran is kept is in an area of old Tashkent known as Hast-Imam, well off the beaten track for most visitors to this city. It lies down a series of dusty lanes, near the grave of a 10th century scholar, Kaffel-Shashi. The Mufti of Uzbekistan, the country’s highest religious leader, has his offices

About one-third of the original survives - about 250 pages - a huge volume written in a bold Arabic script. ”The Koran was written on deerskin,” said Mr Akhmedov. “It was written in Hejaz in Saudi Arabia, so the script is Hejazi, similar to Kufic script.” It is said that Caliph Othman made five copies of the original Koran. A partial Koran now in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul is said to be another of these original copies.

The Othman Koran was compiled in Medina by Othman, the third caliph or Muslim leader. Before him, the sacred verses which Muslims believe God gave to Muhammad (pbuh) were memorised, or written on pieces of wood or camel bone. To prevent disputes about which verses should be considered divinely inspired, Othman had this definitive version compiled. It was completed in the year 651, only Historical text 19 years after Muhammad’s The story of how the Othman there, in the courtyard of an old (pbuh) death. Koran came to Tashkent is a remadrassa. Just across the road stands a non-descript mosque This priceless Koran is kept in a markable one. After Othman’s and the equally unremarkable special glass-fronted vault built death it is believed it was taken Mui-Mubarak, or “Sacred Hair”, into the wall of a tiny inner room. by Caliph Ali to Kufa, in modmadrassa, which houses a rarely seen hair of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) , as well as one of Central Asia’s most important collections of historical works. ”There are approximately 20,000 books and 3000 manuscripts in this library,” said Ikram Akhmedov, a young assistant in the mufti’s office. ”They deal with mediaeval history, astronomy and medicine. There are also commentaries on the Koran and books of law. But the oldest book here is the Othman Koran from

ern Iraq. Seven hundred years later, when the Central Asian conqueror, Tamerlane, laid waste to the region, he found the Koran and took it home to grace his splendid capital, Samarkand. It stayed there for more than four centuries, until the Russians conquered Samarkand in the 1868. The Russian governor then sent the Othman Koran to St Petersburg where it was kept in the Imperial Library.

But after the Bolshevik revolution, Lenin was anxious to win over the Muslims of Russia and Central Asia. Initially he sent the Koran to Ufa in modern Bashkortostan. But finally, after repeated appeals from the Muslims of Tashkent, it was returned once more to Central Asia in 1924. It has remained in Tashkent ever since.

of Islam, and still views much of its own Islamic history with suspicion. The mufti’s official religious establishment is closely watched and takes care not to attract too much attention to itself.

As a result, its greatest treasure, the world’s oldest Koran, continVisiting dignitaries from the ues to sit quietly in the medieval Muslim world often turn up to quarter of old Tashkent. see the Othman Koran in the depths of old Tashkent, so it is odd that it is still kept in such an out of the way location. But the authoritarian Uzbek government has inherited a Soviet-era distrust

End May be in Sight for 10-Year Baby Boom as Overall Birth Rate Falls

as a generation of highly-educated career women play catch-up, having families in their late thirties and forties. Figures show that there were 723,913 babies born last year, against 723,165 in 2010. This was an increase of just 0.1 per cent and contrasts with An analysis by the Office for steadily rising numbers since National Statistics said the poor 2001, when fewer than 600,000 economic outlook and govern- babies were born. ment policies, including benefit and tax credit cuts, may have Fertility rates have dropped to affected birth rates last year, 1.98 children for each woman with many couples deterred in the population, down from 2.0 last year. from having children. The decade-long baby boom may be drawing to a close. The number of children born in England and Wales barely changed last year while the overall birth rate has fallen, with most women now having no more than two children.

Other factors – including immigrants who were largely behind the baby boom now settling down to similar levels of childbirth as British-born women – may also have played a part.

The figures show the proportion of babies in England and Wales born to mothers who were themselves born abroad reached 25.5 per cent last year, more than a quarter, compared to 25.1 per cent in 2010.

The reduction in birth rates came among women aged in their twenties and younger. Numbers of babies born to older women continued to rise

The proportion of babies born to foreign mothers was 11.6 per cent in 1990 and 16.5 per cent in 2001.

Older women continued to have more children. Fertility rates for women in their late 30s were up by more than 3 per cent, but the most dramatic increase is among women over 40. The fertility rate for women aged 40 and over increased by 6.7 per cent. The average age at which a woman has a baby notched up again by 0.1 per cent, to 29.7.

108 Fitzwilliam Road Rotherham, S65 1PX

Numbers of women who have children outside marriage also continue to rise towards the point where fewer than half of all babies will have married parents. Some 47.2 per cent of babies were born outside a marriage or civil partnership in England and Wales last year, up from 46.8 per cent in 2010 and 40 per cent in 2000.


Records Broken as House Fires Fall to Lowest South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue previous year. 2011/12 2003/04 Accidental dwelling fires*



Deliberate fires



Road traffic collisions attended



False alarms (faulty fire detection systems) 1,272

down to an all-time low of 387, whilst the number of hoax calls attended was also the lowest ever, at 80. Another record low was the number of arson incidents which involved property such as buildings and car, down to 1,046.

Texting at the table and eating with your mouth open...

How mealtime manners have slipped


A dry summer meant arson fires involving grassland and rubMalicious false alarms (hoax calls) 80 804+ bish were up to 5,079, but this remained the third-lowest total (SYFR) has set a number of The figure was over 1,000 eight ever recorded by SYFR. records for falls in emergency years ago. Cooking-related inciincidents, its performance fig- dents continue to account for al- South Yorkshire people are safer most half of all accidental house than they have ever been before. ures for 2011-12 show. However, Metropolitan fire fires. services are hit hard by the cuts Targeted prevention work to make local communities safer Five people sadly died, and 58 for 2011-13. If the cuts fall unthan ever before has led to a were injured, in those accidental fairly on services like South continuing fall in fires involving house fires. The majority of the Yorkshire again, the result will recorded injuries were a result of be the closure of fire stations property. and longer response times. The smoke inhalation. risk to local communities will The number of accidental house fires in South Yorkshire fell in The number of road traffic col- increase. 2011/12 to 618, from 647 the lisions attended by SYFR was

Time was when the slightest brush of an elbow on the table during dinner would have been enough to raise eyebrows. Now, though, it seems standards have slipped somewhat. A study of dining habits has revealed the poor state of modern table manners. It found that the majority of Britons no longer eat together as a family – and even when they do, many bring their mobile phone, laptop or games console with them. Putting the knife and fork together when they have finished, and closing their mouths when they eat are also no longer seen as necessary by many, the research revealed. The study of 2,000 adults found that four in ten would think nothing of using a smart phone to make calls, text or check emails while eating with the family. Ten per cent work on their laptop while eating, and 13 per cent of families allow a mountain of toys – including games consoles – to rest next to the dinner plates. More than half of the

adults surveyed said they did not even bother cutting up their food properly, preferring to tear pieces off with their teeth, while 36 per cent scoff all their food in a couple of minutes. Four out of ten don’t wash their hands before dinner, the study found. Food is an important part of family life and dining together is a

great way to spend quality time with loved ones, which should be an enjoyable experience for all. With family meal times becoming more and more rare, people should be making the most of the time they do have together – without the distractions of magazines, laptops and mobiles.

East vs. West: How we treat our Elderly?

When people grow old in many parts of the world, family and friends care for them at home until the end. In Europe, the elderly are more typically sent to an assisted living or a skilled nursing facility, a contrast that may appear selfish, uncaring and even callous. It’s easy to make harsh comparisons between the East and West when it comes to the issue of elderly care. Values of Western cultures tend to celebrate youth, self reliance and individualism. Eastern cultures place enormous value on family and the elderly,

often adhering to traditional age hierarchies. A traditional Asian household is far more likely to include a grandparent, whereas nursing homes in the many parts of the West are increasingly overcrowded. Asian culture simply means showing obedience, respect and deference to your elders. It’s considered a privilege to be in the enlightened company of an elder, and ancestral reverence remains vitally important today. In these and other cultures, it is considered utterly shameful not to take care of your aging parents. The

same goes for Mediterranean cultures, where multi-generational families live together in the same house. In stark contrast, Western culture encourages families to strike a balance between allegiance to the elderly and individual freedom. Quite often, the pursuit of individual freedom assumes priority, resulting in a meltdown of harmony and any reasonable sense of family dependence and unity. Routinely, seniors do not live with their children and it’s often considered a big hassle to take care of your parents, even if

you really want to do so. The idea that it is human nature for parents to make sacrifices for their children and, in turn, for their grown children to sacrifice for their aging parent, is believed to be a ‘naïve expectation by some in the west. This assumption ignores undeniable conflicts of interest between generations. Western culture believes that from a common sense perspective, Parents and children both want a comfortable life — there are limits to the sacrifices that they’ll make for each other. Yet the fact remains, that many societies treat their elderly better than in the west. In some cultures, children are so devoted that when their aging parents lose their teeth the children will prechew their food. A closer look at how traditional societies value (or don’t value) their old people might teach us what to emulate and what to avoid. While modernization has brought many benefits to the elderly — most notably improved health and longer life spans — it has also led to a breakdown of traditions. For example, multigenerational families are becoming a thing of the past in many modern cities in China, Japan and India,

where today’s young people want privacy, want to go off and have a home of their own. In America, a “cult of youth” and emphasis on the virtues of independence, individualism and self-reliance also make life hard on older people as they inevitably lose some of these traits. Then, there is America’s Protestant work ethic, which holds that if you’re no longer working, you’ve lost the main value that society places on you. Retirement also means losing social relationships, which, coupled with America’s high mobility, leaves many old people hundreds or even thousands of miles away from longtime friends and family. Modern literacy and its ties to technology are also putting the elderly at a disadvantage. Modern literacy means that we look up things in books or on the Internet — we don’t go ask an old person. Formal educational systems, such as western universities, replace old people with highly trained professors for transmitting specialized knowledge. And lightning-speed technological advances mean that the things that old people do understand got technologically outdated.

Still, steps can be taken to improve the lives of our elderly. Understand their changing strengths and weaknesses as they age, and appreciate their deeper understanding of human relationships and their ability to think across wide-ranging disciplines, to strategize, and share what they’ve learned. So if you want to get advice on complicated problems, ask someone who is 70; don’t ask someone who’s 25. Old people can have new value … although we often don’t recognize that this is possible.” Please note that I am not crusading, advocating or presuming to be knowledgeable enough about this matter, to suggest or imply whether a particular tradition, society or culture is right or wrong, better or worst. That’s not the point. I simply wish to explore the general differences between cultures in an effort to increase awareness of same. Individuals from all cultures and backgrounds go to extraordinary lengths for their elderly parents and loved ones out of sincere love, respect and a strong sense of duty. In the end, there is no doubt that we can all learn a lot from each other.


Your black bin and recycling service will change in August Your black bin containing waste that can’t be recycled will be emptied one week and your blue bin and blue box containing recyclables will be emptied the week after. If you have a large family or have a medical condition that generates a lot of waste you may be eligible to apply for a larger bin. The changes to the blue bin and box mean you will be able choose which container is used for glass, cans and plastic bottles and which one is used for paper and card. Please look out for the leaflet coming through your letterbox soon. For more information call 0114 273 4567 or visit

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