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Queens Diamond Jubilee 5 June 2012 One of the most important celebrations to mark Her Majesty the Queens ascension to the throne will be held on 5 June 2012 all over the United Kingdom to mark the 60th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen’s diamond jubilee was decided to be held on this date to honour the queen for the decades of service her majesty has provided to the people of the United Kingdom and all of the territories which are under her good-

History of the diamond jubilee


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The diamond jubilee was held only once before, for Her Majesty Queen Victoria. This monumental event was held all the way back in 20 June 1897. This event was marked by huge celebrations and events all across the UK and the territories and colonies of the British Empire, which is now referred to as the commonwealth realms. Since there has only been one diamond jubilee in the past, the one scheduled for 5 June is truly a special occasion. For those who will                               be able to attend the ceremo-  nies, the event will be truly          2500 40                  remarkable. Queen Elizabeth 6 n a h ^ n j ‰  Ă? e ^ _ Ăš 1 Ă’ Â… J Â… Â? 1 Ă’ ¸ Â? 1 Ăž ^ ĂŁ Ă’ Â… ĂŚ ] ( p † Ă’ ] † Ă’ ( Ă&#x; 9 n ‰ II is currently the queen over many independent areas of 286 Attercliffe Rd realms such as New Zealand, Jamaica, Sheffield S4 7WZ Australia, Canada and of E mail: Web: course the countries which make up the UK. 07951943395 01142757786 07855507125

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ROTHERHAM TO TRIAL FREE EARLY EDUCATION Rotherham has been successful delivering training to practitioners involved in supporting children accessing two-year-old in a bid to operate a trial to provision and their famisecure free early education lies. places for two year olds. Joyce Thacker said: The authority has been cho“Rotherham is delighted sen as one of ten to receive to be taking part in the tribacking from the Governals which will help more ment. two-year-olds to enjoy the The bid will deliver an adbenefits of early educaditional 89 early education tion. We are already seeplaces for two year olds in ing those benefits in action Rotherham. Capacity will from our existing delivery be increased in each area by of early education for twothe creation of new proviyear-olds and are keen to sion in the private, volunextend this, particularly tary and independent sector in the private, voluntary through reshaping existing and independent sectors in delivery and increasing the preparation for the statutouse of flexible session times ry entitlement being introso that the early education duced in September 2013. offer is more accessible. This will really help boost Take-up will be increased our efforts to give children through work with health, the best possible start in social care and voluntary life and extend the support sector organisations. Qualion offer to their families.” ty will be improved through

Indian Boy Solves 350-Year Newton Math Puzzle A 16-year-old Indian origin schoolboy in Germany has managed to crack puzzles that baffled the world of maths for more than 350 years. Shouryya Ray, from Dresden, has been hailed a genius after working out the problems set by Sir Isaac Newton. Ray solved two fundamental particle dynamics theories w h i c h physicists have previously been able to calculate only by using powerful computers. His solutions mean that scientists can now calculate the flight path of a thrown ball and then predict how it will hit and bounce off a wall. Ray only came across the prob-

lems during a school trip to Dresden University where professors claimed they were uncrackable. “I just asked myself, ‘Why not?’,” explained Ray. “I didn’t believe there couldn’t be a solution,” he added. Ray began solving complicated equations as a six-year-old but says he’s no genius. After arriving f r o m Kolkata four years ago without knowing any German, Shouryya is now fluent in the language. His intelligence was quickly noted in class and he was pushed up two years in school - he is currently sitting his exams early.

Councils Giving Out More Parking Tickets More parking tickets than ever are being issued by local councils despite a cutback in the number of traffic wardens on the beat. A total of 6.8 million tickets were issued in 2011 - one every 4.6 seconds, the statistics showed. The amount raised from the fines was more than £234m. There is no excuse for town halls using parking fines and motorists as cash cows. There are plenty of other ways for councils to raise extra income or make savings like better procurement and sharing back-office services. One in four tickets was disputed, with those appealing having a 39% success rate. The number of traffic wardens fell from 3,882 in 2010 to 3,693 in 2011.

The chief ticket issuing council was Westminster in central London which dolled out as many as 461,000 of the tickets. Outside the capital, the largest number of fines handed out last

year was from Liverpool City Council ahead of Manchester City Council and Birmingham City Council. As a result of the higher numbers of fines, there was also a rise in drivers lodging a protest, with more than 1.7 million park-

ing ticket disputes lodged with local councils and Transport for London - or 146,547 each month. But the success rate for challenges was down dramatically falling from 47% in 2010 to 39% for last year, with a wide discrepancy of success between different councils. Shortage of parking has become a huge issue in towns and cities across the UK in the past five to 10 years. There are plenty of other ways for councils to raise extra income or make savings like better procurement and sharing backoffice services. We want to see councils use parking to support the high street and help their local shops prosper.

Global Cuts ‘Will Reverse Progress On Child Poverty’ Government spending cuts will reverse progress made on tackling child poverty, a report for children’s charity Unicef warns. The report on 35 wealthy countries says the UK did better than many others at protecting children from the impact of the global financial crisis. Unicef warns poverty puts children’s future health, education and employment prospects at risk. Ministers say they are investing in early years to tackle child poverty. The report highlights the UK’s success in reducing child poverty to date, saying it is linked to the previous Labour government’s focus on increasing household income. Tax credits, cash transfers and accessible public services played a key role in reducing child poverty in the UK and protecting children from deprivation, it finds. Even

though the UK missed its own targets to reduce the number of children living in poverty to 1.7m in 2010, it still saw one of the largest reductions following government intervention, it says. The report also warns that in a downturn, the first thing to happen is that children drop off the policy agenda. It added: “Yet it is arguable that the child poverty rate is one of the most important of all indicators of a society’s health and well-being. “For the here and now, it is a measure of what is happening to some of society’s most vulnerable members. “For the years to come, it is a pointer to the wellbeing and cohesion of society as a whole.” Unicef chief executive David Bull said: “The UK should be proud that our commitment to end child poverty by 2020 in the

past has seen a clear improvement in reducing child poverty and protecting vulnerable children from deprivation. “However, we know that the number of children living in poverty in the UK is set to increase due to spending cuts. This will be a catastrophic blow to the futures of thousands of children, putting at risk their future health, education and chances of employment.” There is no overall ranking of one country against another, rather performance on a number of measures is compared. The UK comes second only to Sweden in protecting children in jobless households and ninth in the report’s table for the lowest percentage of children classed as deprived by its own deprivation index. This relates to what Unicef describes as 14 basic requirements of children includ-

ing access to suitable books at home, three meals a day and money for school trips. A spokeswoman for the Department for Education said: “We are pleased that Unicef’s conclusions affirm the investment this government is making to improve education and early intervention as fundamental to tackle child poverty. “That’s why, despite a tough financial climate, we are putting more money into early years and nursery education than ever before. We have set out clear plans to support families to give their children the best start in life.” Fifteen hours of nursery education for three and four-year-olds and disadvantaged two-yearolds, trials of parenting classes and the pupil premium for disadvantaged pupils were all aimed at tackling child poverty, the spokeswoman said.

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ing to an increa in unannounced loadshedding, t state-run power company has said. According to Pakistan Electric Power

Clegg hails £2 billion QUESTIONS UNANSWERED highways project as AS COUNCIL WAVE THROUGH HOMES CLOSURE ‘once in a lifetime boost’ Nick Clegg, Liberal DemoAmey’s plan to create dozens News in Brief

Labour councillors on Sheffield City Council waved through the closure of two intermediate care homes, despite questions remaining unanswered over the proposal.

Sheffield City Council Labour Cabinet voted to close Hazlehurst and Sevenfields intermediate care homes, despite strong local opposition to the closure.

The mishandling of the closure opens fresh questions over the planned closure of three dementia care homes in Sheffield, scheduled for later this year. Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Leader of the Lib Dem Group on Sheffield City Council, said:

“Quite naturally, questions have been asked about the proposed 120-bed facility In particular, questions and Labour councillors have remain unanswered about failed to provide the answers. a planned 120-bed NHS Despite the complete lack of Sheffield facility. The new progress in locating a suitfacility, which was envisaged able site, Labour councillors to replace the closing homes, have ploughed ahead with has still not found a suitable the closure of the existing location. homes. Labour councillors at today’s Council’s Cabinet were unable to offer any guarantee of when the homes would be complete.

“Labour’s complete mishandling of the situation will be cold comfort for the residents of Bole Hill View, Hurfield and Norbury, who are next in Labour's firing line.”

crat Sheffield Hallam MP, met with Mel Ewell the CEO of Amey, the company selected as the preferred bidder to carry out Sheffield’s ground breaking highways maintenance project. The £2 billion project, due to start this Summer, will create up to 170 extra local jobs. The Project has been made possible by investment from the Coalition Government. Amey is set to create over 30 apprentice and graduate opportunities. They will also be seeking Sheffield businesses as their preferred supply chain partners, where possible. Nick said:“Refurbishing local roads, pavements and streetlights up to a decent standard has long been a top priority for local people. I know that Sheffielders across the City will welcome the end results of this project, which will be the largest of its kind in Sheffield’s history.

of extra jobs and opportunities for local young people. This £2 billion investment will be a real shot in the arm for our local economy.

“It is exactly these kind of infrastructure projects which are being prioritised by the Coalition Government nationally and I’m delighted that Sheffield is benefitting from this policy.” Mel Ewell said:"We’re extremely excited about delivering a major overhaul of Sheffield City Council’s road assets bringing them up to a standard appropriate for a modern European city. Today it has been good to meet with Nick Clegg and emphasise our commitment to Sheffield and its people.

“We’re pleased that through this contract we’ll be able to contribute to the social and economic regeneration of the city. In addition to creating 170 new jobs, we want to give young people careers and will do this through our “I’m proud to be part of the graduate and apprenticeship Coalition Government that schemes. Sourcing and partis providing Sheffield with nering with local suppliers, the investment to make this where we can, is also a key once in a lifetime opportunity priority for us. We’re looking possible. forward to delivering great infrastructure that serves the “Having spoken to Mel and needs of all those who use it the team I’m also excited by for years to come.”


British Troops To Stay In Afghanistan After 2014 Troops of Britain’s Special Air Service (SAS) will stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014 to conduct counter-terrorism operations against the remnants of Al Qaeda after British soldiers leave. Sources told the Daily Mail said members of the elite regiment will remain in Helmand province to help Afghan forces weed out the militants. Officials said a “great majority” of British forces would come home but the SAS and their naval counterparts, the Special Boat Service, are almost certain to remain after the deadline. The SAS and SBS have done valuable work uncovering Taliban

bomb factories and identifying the location of their leaders for many attacks. Britain is also running an officer-training school in the Afghan capital. Security sources said the size of the British deployment would depend on where Al Qaeda was operating in 2014. A senior British official said: “Our forces will not remain in a combat role in Afghanistan beyond 2014. The majority that remain will be in a training and mentoring role. But I wouldn’t rule out a small number of forces playing a counter-terrorism role if needed.”

Pakistan Power Shortfall Reaches 6,000 MW

Pakistan’s electricity shortfall has reached 6,000 MW, leading to an increase in unannounced loadshedding, the state-run power company has said. According to Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO), the current power generation is 10,814 MW while demand is 16,814 MW. Electricity production has de-

Hrithik Roshan Voted Ultimate Style Icon

creased due to inadequate furnace oil supplied to the plants, a PEPCO spokesman said. In Lahore and other major cities, residents remain without electricity for up to 14 hours a day while in the rural areas the situation is worse. Loadshedding has also caused water crisis in several areas.

Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan has been voted as the ultimate style icon in an online survey conducted by Yahoo! India, while Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan were declared the most stylish celebrity couple. On the list of ultimate style icons cricketer M.S. Dhoni features at number two and superstar Shah Rukh Khan is third. Hrithik got 18 percent votes, while Dhoni bagged 16 and SRK 15 percent votes, said a Yahoo! India statement. Totally, 1,223 respondents took the survey conducted in April. Three-fourths of the survey respondents comprised the youth aged between 18-34 years. Interestingly, 42 percent of the par-

ticipation came from users not residing in the top eight metros - clearly reflecting the expanding reach of the Internet in tier two cities, and the continued fascination of Indians with glamour and glitterati. In the poll, Amitabh Bachchan is declared the best power dresser and his daughter-in-law Aishwarya is named the best dressed celeb on the red carpet, while Malaika Arora Khan the most stylish celebrity mom title. Aamir Khan is declared the celebrity for whom technology and style go hand-inhand, Rekha with the traditional Indian fashion sense, Vidya Balan with the most unique fashion sense.

Labour Call on Clegg to Back Up Words with Action Labour Leader of Sheffield City Council, Councillor Julie Dore, has called on Lib Dem Deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield Hallam MP, Nick Clegg, to follow up on his word that the Government “are not going to do anything which simply willynilly exacerbates a north-south divide”. In a letter to Mr Clegg, Councillor Dore points to the fact that the actions of Mr Clegg’s Government, are strongly exacerbating the north south divide. As a result of the Government’s Local Authority Spending Review spending cuts have been targeted at councils in the north of England at the same time as wealthier councils in the south are receiving almost no cuts at all. Research shows that the level of cuts per person in different local authority areas is as follows: Sheffield -£123 per person Doncaster -£144 per person Barnsley -£111 per person Newcastle upon Tyne -£144 per person Manchester -£190 per person Richmond-upon-Thames -£4 per person Wokingham -£1 per person Windsor & Maidenhead -£5 per person East Dorset £0 per person

North Dorset -£3 per person Councillor Dore is calling on Mr Clegg to back up his words by taking action to reverse the unfair policy of targeting northern council’s such as Sheffield with such disproportionate cuts. Labour Leader of Sheffield City Council, Councillor Julie Dore said: “I find Nick Clegg’s comments unbelievable given that for the past two years he has been the Deputy Prime Minister of a Tory Government that is making the north south divide far worse. “At the same time as they are cutting services in Sheffield and other northern towns and cities, some of the wealthiest areas in the country in the south of England are receiving almost no cuts at all. “If he was genuinely interested in taking making sure his Government is not widening the north south divide, he would immediately review this policy and if he is not willing to do this we’ll know that his comments the other day were no more than empty words.”

Loh-E-Mubarak Surah -Al- Fatiha Today on Ilm News we are presenting Loh of Surah Al Fatiha. We always try to define those Amaal that can be easily understood and one can prepare these for himself. This shall be performed on Thursday (Nau chandi) of the new moon. The efficacy of this amal is incontestable. Those who are in search of employment and doing lots of efforts but not getting the job, those who are facing loss in their business or those who are facing some blockae in the day to day life or in success. Those are who dealing with difficulties in getting the promotion or having obstacles in education can use this Loh of Surah Al Fatiha. InshAllah this Loh will make you fortunate.

Loh. Fill a Naqsh in Square form with fire method (Murrabba Ateeshi). Recite Surah Al Fatiha 101 times daily at same time with Durood Shareef in beginning and end. This process will continue for 11 days and on 12th day give some charity and wear the Loh in your neck or tie to your right arm. INSHA ALLAH your purpose will be fulfill by the blessings of Almighty ALLAH .

Al Fatiha will remain 9360 but we know that Surah Al Faitha is called as ''Sabaa Samaani'' which means that if we omit Bismillah then how this Surah is called Sabba Samaani?. Therefore we will include 786 numeric values in 9360 to make a total of 10146. To fill these numerical values in Murabba Ateeshi. According to the method we will minus 30 from total 10146 then the remaining value will be divided by 4. After this division whatever numeric value we get will be placed in first box of the Naqsh and then we will add 1 to numeric value to every box. If after the division by 4 we get a remainder of 1 we will add 1 more to the total of box no.13. If by division with 4 we get a remainder of 2 will add 1 more to the total of box no. 9 and if we get a remainder of 3 we will add 1 more to the total of box bo. 5. We presenting here the Naqsh for our readers.

Now we are giving here an example so that readers of Ilm news can easily understand how to make this Loh. The numeric values of your name along with your mother’s name is 461. The numeric value of Surah Al Fatiha is 10146. The purpose here is Now we elaborate the method of ''increase in business'' and its nuthe preparation of Loh e Mubar- meric values are 1251. ak Al Fatiha. Some people can take an objecTake numerical value of Surah Fatiha according Abjad tion on my sequitur numeric vale Qamri. Also add the numeric ues of Surah Al Fatiha because values of your name along with often people write these values your mother’s name and also the as 9360. Now we would like to During preparation fumigate the numeric values of the PUPROSE clear here one thing that without Olibanum (Bukhoor). Every one for which you are making this Bismillah the six verses of Surah can make this Loh easily. If some

one wishes we can also prepare the Loh e Mubarak of Surah Al Fatiha for them. Kindly note that the Loh will be made on Silver or Gold plate.

Murabba Ateeshi

Naqsh Surah Al Fatiha



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Legal Corner

Immigration Updates Q&A Mohammed Nazir Solicitor

Head of Property/Immigration, Wosskow Brown

Immigration Updates with Q &A vate colleges and new standards have already been set up. Recently, the Government has The Government is also proposintroduced a new legislation to ing that people who have been abolish the Right of Appeal for living in the UK for more than Family Visitors. This will mean 10 years will no longer have the that the Right of Appeal will be automatic right to indefinite leave limited to rare cases and Family to remain. Visitors will be deprived of this Students will only be allowed to important Right. Once the Visa stay in this country for a fixed peis refused then you will have no riod of time and once they have completed their education they right to Appeal. The Government is also introduc- will have to leave. ing the immigration rules which The new measures mean migrants state that the Sponsor for Spouse wanting to enter the UK for more Visa Applications must earn than 6 months, from 67 countries £18,000.00-£25,000.00 if they with a high incidence of TB, will want to sponsor a Spouse from a need to be screened before they foreign country. This will be an- are granted a visa for the UK. My visa has been reother hardship for the Applicant Q of south Asian origin as they are fused on the basis that my accommodation is not big enough for already low earners in the UK. The Government are also think- my children and spouse who are ing about increasing the level of travelling from Pakistan? English requirement for Spouse A. If your children and spouse Visas. Spouses who are aiming visas have been refused on this to settle from foreign countries basis then you can ask for a suron a permanent basis may have to veyor to do a survey of the proppass a test with the standard being erty and then you can ask for a review of the decision by the Enhigher than the existing one. The Government is changing the try Clearance Officer. Please note immigration rules regarding pri- you should lodge this survey with

this review request. This should be asked for within 28 days of the refusal. Q I have not passed my English language test and my VISA is going to expire in next few months what should I do? A You should continue to try and pass your English test but in the meantime you should apply for extension within the time of leave shown on your passport otherwise your status could become “illegal immigrant”. Q Can I apply for a visit visa for a family friend? A Yes you can apply for this provided you can accommodate and maintain them without recourse to public funds. Q I have received a Notice of Appeal from Immigration Tribunal, can I attend it without my solicitor? A. Yes you can attend this hearing without your solicitor provided you can provide all information in the English language otherwise you can ask the Tribunal for an interpreter before attending.

Osteoporosis About three million people in the UK have osteoporosis, and every year more than 230,000 fractures occur because of it. One in two women and one in five men over the age of 50 will have a fracture mainly as a result of the condition. What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones become thin and weak, and break easily. It frequently goes undiagnosed until a fracture occurs, as there are no warning signs. The spine, wrist and hips are particularly vulnerable to fracture. Osteoporosis symptoms Occasionally a person develops a dowager hump or kyphosis at the top of their spine due to collapse of the vertebrae, and

notices they have lost height. But mostly the thinning bones remain hidden away inside the body, with no symptoms or signs to alert someone to the fact that they have osteoporosis, until a minor bump or fall causes a bone fracture such as a broken hip or a crushed vertebrae. The break that results can cause pain, disability and loss of independence, or even prove fatal, especially when it leaves an older person immobilised. Only one in three people return to their level of function after breaking a hip and one in five will require long term nursing care. It’s important to consider whether you’re at higher than average risk for osteoporosis, and seek help if you are.

Ask yourself the following questions: •If female, have you had the menopause? •Was it premature, before the age of 45? •Did you have an eating disorder severe enough to stop your periods? •Have you had low trauma or spontaneous fractures in the past? •Have you been told that previous xrays suggest thinning of the bones? •Have you lost height in the past ten years? •Have you been on steroids for more than six months? •Is there a family history of osteoporosis, easy fractures or ‘dowager’s hump’? •Do you have chronic illness, such as thyroid disease, arthritis or bone disease, renal disease or hormonal problems? •Have you been immobile for any reason? •Do you smoke or drink a lot? If you answer ‘yes’ to two or more of these questions, you may have osteoporosis or be at risk of it. See your GP who’ll send you for specialist assessment.

British Police To Be Trained To Spot Sorcery British policemen are all set to receive special training following a rise in witchcraft murders and attacks on children by their families and loved-ones across the country. Witchcraft abuse and female genital mutilation are most often carried out by the religious and superstitious in Britain’s immigrant communities. The Metropolitan police have admitted its officers are rarely able to spot the signs that a youngster is in danger despite dealing with 81 sorcery cases in the last decade. Its religious violence unit will now offer all the staff training in a pilot scheme that could be rolled out across the country fol-

of the Metropolitan Police’s Religious Violence Unit as saying. “We’re not naïve enough to think this is just happening in London. It is happening in Birmingham, it’s happening in Leeds, Manchester and other big cities across the country.” Following this, a new booklet is to be handed to all officers and new recruits will get extra training. The paperwork will spell out language they should listen for when they enter homes and how to judge whether any child is at risk. This summer the government will also send out similar advice to GPs, hospitals and schools to enable them to better spot the symptoms.

200 War Criminals Wander On British Streets There are over 200 suspected war criminals roaming around the streets of Britain, statistics have revealed. The authorities, however, cannot sent back these people, some of the responsible for atrocities such as mass murder and rape, to their home countries because of EU human rights law. These

fugitives -- many of them asylum seekers -- are mainly from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. The UK Border Agency has recommended action against 207 suspects in last 18 months. Only 12 have been deported. Campaigners are calling on Scotland

Yard for setting up a war crimes unit after the figures have been released under Freedom of Information rules. London-based pressure group Redress has said more robust action is required to stop war criminals “treating the UK as a safe haven”.

British Couples Find Kids Too Costly Rising cost of bills, petrol and food is making many British couples shelve their plans to start a family, says a survey which found four in 10 couples in Britain doing so because they view it as too much of an expense to afford. A study of 2,412 childless couples found they had decided to delay having children for an average of two years and three months. Many of the couples fear it could be four years before they might afford to start a family. A spokesman for Skipton Build-

ing Society, which carried out tures. People are earning less the study, said: “The credit than ever compounded by fears crunch has had a devastating ef- over job security.” fect on traditional family struc-

500 Body Parts Kept By British Cops EvenAfter Probe Police departments in Britain retained at least 492 human body parts, including brains, hearts and limbs, even after investigations were over, without telling the families of victims, an official probe has found. The Association of Chief Police Of-

ficers said the body parts were from murder investigations or cases involving other suspicious deaths that date back as far as the 1960s, the Guardian reported. Police said there was a legal requirement for them to retain human body tissue samples af-

ter post-mortem examination in murder cases. According to British law, body parts can be stored until a convicted prisoner has served his sentence. But the uncovered samples relate to cases no longer subject to investigation.

British Family System Now Exists In 35 Ways A study has found people in Britain having 35 types of family system in the country, a number which has risen by a quarter from a generation ago. The parenting site Netmums found the most common family system, however, remaining to be the “nuclear” which consists of a married mother and father and their biological kids. But it is on decline; making up only

lowing a spate of high profile cases. Last month a woman was jailed for life for torturing her teenage brother to death after accusing him of witchcraft. Magalie Bamu and her boyfriend Eric Bikubi inflicted over 130 injuries on 15-year-old Kristy Bamu over the course of a horrific four-day attack in Newham, east London. “We’re very well aware that usually the first person on scene is going to be the young cop with two or three years’ service who probably has no understanding of this whatsoever,” The Independent quoted Detective Superintendent Terry Sharpe, head

six in 10 families, down 16 percent from the last generation. Other family types in the country include unmarried parents living together (20.5 percent); single parent with kids (about 10 percent);. And “blended” families that exist as both biological and step-children living together (six percent). The study found one in 111 families was headed by gay, bisexual or transgen-

der parents, and the number of mixed race families doubled to five percent in a generation. The poll found break-ups meant one in 100 parents saying they had lived in four or more different types of family. It also observed the present-day families undergoing far more rapid change than ever.


SEIZED GOODS RECYCLED IN ACTION WEEK Equipment seized from noisy that are appropriate, and all other neighbours has been handed over items will be recycled.” to a recycling charity to coincide with national Noise Action Councillor Harry Harpham, the Council’s Cabinet member for In the last 12 months the Coun- Homes and Neighbourhoods cil’s Environmental Protection said: Service has investigated over “The noise nuisance service was 2,000 new noise nuisance com- set up to deal with noisy neighplaints. This resulted in over 140 bours who can really spoil their items being seized from people’s neighbours’ quality of life and so, homes when they continued to if the noise problems persist, we cause misery to their neighbours. will issue warnings and reserve the right to seize any equipment Items ranging from sound sys- used to cause the problems. tems and drills to TV sets and mobile phones that were plugged “We are pleased to be donating into docking systems were seized this equipment to such a worthy by Council officers following cause. complaints by residents at the It was seized from various propend of their tether. erties throughout the city as we continue to tackle noise nuisance A number of verbal and written and anti-social behaviour. We warnings were given to the own- believe that we are sending a ers of the equipment to give them positive message to local people every chance to curtail the noise that nuisance neighbours will not nuisance, but when there was be tolerated and formal legal acno apparent improvement, the tion such as this will continue.” Council obtained a warrant from court to seize the equipment. Residents who experience noise nuisance are able to report their The Council has donated the complaints, such as noisy parties, seized items to the local charity, ringing burglar alarms or noisy Sheffield Reclamation Limited neighbours and animals to the (Reclaim) to recycle the electri- Environmental Protection cal equipment. Service by calling 0114 203 7410. Darren Fitzpatrick, Managing Director of Reclaim said: “We The service also allows the public are delighted to be working with to phone the 101 non-emergency the Council’s Environmental number to report noise nuisance Protection team to help recycle outside normal office hours unwanted electrical equipment. between 7pm and 2am on “The trainees and staff of Re- Sunday to Thursday night and claim will benefit from those 7pm to 3am on Friday and items that can be re-used and Saturday.

Is Teaching Public Service in School the Answer to Fixing ‘Broken Britain’? Ever since the riots blazed across UK streets and TV sets worldwide last year, debate has raged on the catalyst that sparked an estimated 15,000 individuals to become one angry mob. Around 70% of the London 2011 rioters were under the age of 24 so identifying a root cause could well help stop these scenes happening again. Discussions have been wideranging: some calling for extra support for parents in underprivileged areas, others asking for an improvement in the standard of schooling, more for the assistance for the long-term unemployed- a group growing in number on our little island UK. A number of voices - and loud ones - have called for the reintroduction of national service. When it previously ran in the UK between 1945 and 1964 over 2.5 million young men from across the country participated in mandatory military training. Did it stop because it wasn't working or there wasn't a need anymore? This proposed solution has undoubtedly caused a stir, but at the same time it has received great support, with many people agreeing that a return to national service would have a positive impact in modern British society. It's clear that many see it as the perfect way to reduce anti-social behaviour in the UK and prevent

a return of the deplorable scenes that engulfed our mass media last August. Would it work? In my eyes national service would only be a short term fix and is likely to cause more problems than it solves. While I do agree that we need to look at ways in which we can engage youth across the UK, I think rather than a return to military service, an introduction of public service to the national curriculum would provide a long term solution to this conundrum. This would address the recommendations in the recently published Riots, Communities and Victims Panel report, investigating the cause of the riots, calls for schools to assume greater responsibility in helping children build character. I firmly believe this can be achieved by engaging young people in public service. The investment of time, energy, and most importantly confidence in young people can't be underestimated. The introduction of a public service element within the school curriculum would certainly help provide young people with a social conscience; helping them understand the implications of their actions. This method although seemingly simple has had proven results. The values and lessons taught become engrained within the psyche of students and becomes

pertinent to their daily lives. We all act on the basis of our own understanding and experience of a situation, so those of us who have a broader understanding of different cultures, beliefs, and views and working to help them, are more likely to take into account the consequences of our actions. To resolve an issue it is important to first understand the perspectives of others; their background, their reasons, their response. The solution is not decided on who is the best at expressing their anger, but about trying to get the two sides to understand each other's opposing view and recognising that you can facilitate that. I firmly believe that by engaging with young people and encouraging them to explore alternative points of view and understanding they will be more aware of the consequences of their actions and are therefore less likely to react violently. While the introduction of public service may be too strong an answer, and not a possibility in some cases, I am sure there is room in the school syl-

labus to teach a higher level of awareness and understanding. This will undoubtedly help reduce anti-social behaviour and more importantly help ensure we're not having conversations on the UK riots of 2021.


PROPERTY CORNER by: Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant: Mark Jenkinson & Son


I have recently been at a conference for a few days. Apart from meeting a lot of my contemporaries, I returned with a sense of enthusiasm and forward thinking. So many influential people from London to Glasgow were thinking about improving our cities through regeneration initiatives. This could be a catalyst for growth. Cities across the country are going through similar experiences, a lack of developers coming forward for substantial development opportunities. There is clearly a sense of frustration. But it is arguably a good time to plan for the future. The population in most cities is rising, therefore, the need for housing, public services, retail etc is going to see a rise. The question is where is this supply going to originate from. The answer lies in many places – local/central government, funders, developers, entrepreneurs and many more.

ant on funding whether that is through the banks, equity partners or a combination.

cater for the demand for flexible living, very much linked to job opportunities. I did hear of a few ideas which are quite interesting Developers, we hear, are keen and indicative of regeneration/ to develop but combinations of entrepreneurial spirit of developeconomic circumstances can ers. be a challenge. Regeneration I believe there are many oppractitioners are becoming much portunities in the market place, more proactive as many statutory encouragingly there are forward bodies recognise the need for thinkers who have begun to bechanging cities. come more active. The outdated phrase, “the green shoots of Entrepreneurs are generally recovery”, if real or perceived, developers who have abundant is a judgement anyone reading ideas and expertise and are this article will have their own becoming much more tenacious views on. in their abilities to generate enthusiasm in the market place. Land, I believe, will play a major I have heard of many new ides role in future initiatives. There which gives me a great deal of are people moving into the marconfidence for the future. ket for land, and demand seems to be showing signs of rising. If we look at the example of Clearly this generally works its residential need and developway up from the south of the ment, many people will agree country. demand is higher than supply, Regeneration is arguably simply because the population is important for cities to compete rising and the need for housing in internationally. We are all Local and central government increasing. The questions many involved in the global market and have the statutory tools and a ask is why are house prices not cities are clearly competing with good understanding of their arrising? I cannot afford to buy each other. The future of the eas. Importantly they also have a house, why? The answer I economy, regeneration and delarge property holdings which believe lies in the thought that we velopment are very much linked. can be utilised for regeneration are witnessing a tenure adjustIt is a matter of when, not if, we purposes. Also they have the ment. People are now consider- see further positive activity. ability to support developers ing the rented sector as a first through the difficult process of choice rather than buying. As ever, if you want to contact an evolving regeneration process. me please call me on 0114 Over the next few years there 2760151/0787 901 5095 or Funders are important because will be new products coming through ILM. many, many projects are relion to the market which begin to

PakistanisWin GlobalAward ForFilm On Drones A short film on the US drone attacks in Pakistan, made by students of Iqra University, has won an award at an international annual film festival held in the US. The 20-minute film “The Other Side” was awarded the Best Audience Award at the National Film Festival For Talented Youth (NFFTY), held in Seattle. The short film was written and directed by Danish Ali along with five other team members.

The film revolves around the problems faced by families who idea of assessing social, psycho- have become victims of missiles logical and economical affects fired by the drones. This year alone, there has been more than 10 drone strikes, in which at least 83 people have been killed. However, the filmmakers were unable to attend the award ceremony as their visa applications were rejected. “If we had got the visa then it would have been easy for of the US drone strikes on the us to frame our point of view in people in the northwest tribal ar- front of the other selected youth eas of Pakistan. It identifies the filmmakers,” Ali said.

One In Eight British Adults Dies Of Alcohol One in eight deaths of British adults under the age of 64 is caused due to alcohol, an international conference on tackling problem drinking has been told. For every European, the social cost of alcohol abuse has been estimated to be 240 pounds a

year, with the annual bill for the National Health Service (NHS) alone being 2.7 billion pounds, the Daily Mail reported. Organisers have called for England to follow Scotland and set a minimum price per unit and also sought a ban on advertis-

ing alcohol. In Europe, alcohol consumption is more than twice the global average and represents the biggest addiction in Britain, greater than any illegal drug or gambling.

Francois Hollande Sworn In As French President Francois Hollande was sworn in as the new president of France Tuesday for a five-year term. He became the first Socialist leader to occupy the Elysee Palace in 17 years. On this occasion, Hollande said he was fully aware of the challenges facing France, including the debt crisis and weak growth. As the new leader wanted the inauguration ceremony to be kept a lowkey affair, he had invited just three dozen or so personal guests to join the 350 officials attending. Neither Hollande’s children nor those of his partner, Valerie Trierweiler, were there. Outgoing president Nicolas Sarkozy shook hands with his successor in the palace’s courtyard before leading him inside for a private meeting, at which

France’s nuclear launch codes were handed over. In his first presidential speech, Hollande said he wished to deliver a “message of confi-

dence”. “We are a great nation. Throughout its history, France has overcome the challenges it faced,” he said. “Each time, the people have prevailed while remaining faithful to themselves. My mandate is to bring France back to justice, open up a new way in Europe, contribute to world peace and preserve the planet.” During election campaign, Hollande pledged to fight record high unemployment, including hiring 60,000 more teachers in his term in addition to creating 150,000 state-aided jobs. He opposed a financial policy solely based on austerity, and planned to open negotiations on the European fiscal pact reached last December by adding new clauses focusing on economic growth and job creation.

Supermarkets ‘Using Dodgy Pricing Tactics’ Shoppers are being duped into thinking they are getting great offers from the major supermarkets when in fact many of the deals fail to deliver. The discovery has been made by the consumer watchdog Which? after trawling through 700,000 store prices. They found countless offers using "dodgy pricing tactics" which ended up more expensive than the original cost. They were surprised with how wide-spread this problem was... every supermarket, across a huge range of products. These practises are completely unfair. People with busy lives haven't got time to work out with a calculator whether a special offer genuinely is special. If you are putting things in your trolley that are buy-one-get-one-

free all the time you might think you are getting a good deal but you are not. One tactic involves products increasing in cost as a multi-buy deal starts. Asda doubled the price of a Muller Light yoghurt from 30p to 61p before putting on a 10 for £4 deal, making them more expensive than they started. Another tactic saw items on offer for much longer than at full price such as a Becks six-pack at Tesco which spent only 70 days at £6.79 but 190 days at around £5. The supermarkets say they do not intend to mislead but sometimes mistakes are made as they try to offer customers the best deal. In a statement, Tesco said: "We make every effort to ensure we act in

accordance with government guidelines on price promotions." And Asda added: "When we do get it wrong we put our hands up to say sorry and put things right as quickly as possible." The answer, says Which?, is for guidelines to be tightened. There are already rules that exist to protect the consumer, for example how special offers should be priced and presented on the shelves, rules that supermarkets are simply not complying with enough. That's why if they don't clean their act up the government needs to bring in tougher rules and properly enforce them." There are certainly great bargains to be had. The advice is to take a closer look to make sure the deal does what it says on the tin.


News in Brief Human Rights violations in Kashmir

The Health Benefits Of Chilli

Speaking in the House of Commons Dr Denis MacShane MP, former No 2 at the Foreign Office, blasted the Government for its silence on human rights violations in Kashmir. In a wide-ranging speech on foreign policy the Rotherham MP said Prime Minister David Cameron and Foreign Secretary William Hague “put no pressure on India to change its line on Kashmir.”

A study by scientists has shown that capsaicin - the ingredients which give peppers their burning sensation - could be used in weight-loss surgery. The health benefits of the humble chilli pepper are seriously underrated - here's why! He accused the Conservative government of downplaying “the dreadful human rights abuses in Kashmir perpetrated by Indian security forces.” MacShane told MPs that the Conservative policy of sweet-talking India was a failure as Belgium exported more to India than Britain did and the Indian government preferred to buy fighter planes from France than from the UK. MacShane told MPs that William Hague had downplayed human rights and added “Pakistan is criticised, but the dreadful human rights abuses in Kashmir perpetrated by Indian security forces are downplayed and no pressure is put on India by this Government to change its line on Kashmir”.

Missing Person Appeal Dean Birkett

Police are growing concerned for the welfare of a man missing from Sheffield who could be in the Doncaster area. Dean Birkett, 40, a resident at Phoenix House on Graham Road, Sheffield, left the property at 6.30pm on Friday, 27 April. Dean was due to visit his sister’s address on Willow Road, Doncaster, by train but never arrived and has not been to other family addresses in the Doncaster area. The matter was reported to police when he failed to return to Phoenix House for noon on Sunday, 29 April. The only possible sighting since was in Doncaster town centre around 2pm on Tuesday, 1 May. Dean has been receiving treatment for a drug addiction. Enquiries so far have failed to locate Dean, which is why officers are now asking for the public’s help. Dean is white, about 6’ tall, medium build with short, dark hair receding on top. Anyone with information about Dean’s whereabouts should contact South Yorkshire Police on 101 quoting missing person number KX/2436/12.

It turns out there's some truth in the mantra "no pain no gain" after all. The heat from a chilli pepper comes from the nutrient capsicum.Much of the research about chilli's health-giving properties have concentrated on capsicum so it's safe to assume that the hotter the chilli

the greater the benefit. Recent studies suggest that nutrients in sweeter peppers promote similar health-giving properties too. So you don't have to be a 'chilli head' to reap the health rewards - just give the curries as much fire as you like using the peppers that you enjoy." While we're not suggesting ditching your weekly work-out for a spicy curry, several studies have shown that capsaicin can aid weight loss by giving our metabolism a boost. Chilli peppers increase the number of calories burned after eating. Suffering with the headache from hell? A hot curry might

just be the answer. Chillies can help with pain relief as they are anti-inflammatory and many varieties have analgesic properties. Those suffering from circulationrelated problems should also consider incorporating chillies into their diet. Chillies optimise your heart health by boosting circulation, making your blood less sticky and improving cholesterol levels. Chillies can also be used to relieve congestion - we have probably all experienced a runny nose after eating a curry! Forget expensive supplements - chillies are packed with some of the most important vitamins and minerals around. Chilli peppers have amazingly high levels of vitamins and minerals. They contain particularly high levels of the antioxidants vitamin A and C, many B vitamins and a wide range of minerals including iron, potassium and manganese.

Chilli peppers add pleasure to eating. While initially stimulating a pain receptor on the tongue, the feeling is pleasurable and releases endorphins. The Aztecs even regarded chilli peppers as an aphrodisiac. Chilli peppers are some of the cleverest vegetables around. Chilli pepper plants produce chemicals to protect them from being destroyed by bacterial and fungal infections. When we eat them we consume these chemicals and the plant confers anti-microbial properties on us - in other words they give us anti-bacterial and anti-fungal nutrients which help to keep us healthy. So how exactly should chillies be consumed in order to reap the health benefits? Fresh chil-

lies are best as many nutrients are lost in the drying process. When buying chillies, opt for crisp, luscious-looking veg if they're looking wrinkled or brown, leave them on the shelf. The good news is that while fresh chillies might be best, we don't have to start chomping on raw chillies in order to enjoy the health benefits. Chilli powder, chilli peppers and chilli condiments all have the same health benefits to differing degrees. Studies have shown that certain varieties of chilli peppers, such as the jalapeno, contain more capsaicin if they're grown in hot, arid climates rather than cooler, wetter ones, although soil quality can also affect the levels of capsaicin.

100 APPRENTICES NOW ON CAREER LADDER Over 100 young people from Sheffield have now started an apprenticeship as a result of signing up to Sheffield City Council’s 100 Apprenticeship Scheme. The success of the project has prompted Council Leader Julie Dore to release an additional £500,000 to support another 100 businesses to recruit apprentices. The programme prepares young people for the world of work, matches them to appropriate opportunities and arranges interviews and work trials. If the business wants to employ the apprentice following the work trial the Council will subsidise the salary of the apprentice for the duration of their apprenticeship and provides ongoing support to all parties.

to hear from businesses who would have the enthusiasm to provide an apprenticeship opportunity to a young person from Sheffield . Ezra Wells , 16 of Wisewood, was the 100th apprentice to join the scheme and is now working at Dearneside Fabrications, a leading architectural metalwork company based in Neepsend, where he is learning to be a Draughtsman. Ezra has settled in quickly with his new employer and said: “It’s a pleasure really. I wouldn’t expect for me, being this age, to have found such a good place and such a good career.

I’m going to make sure I work with no distractions, knuckle down on my studies, attend college, and make a go of this opportunity” The Council would now like Since being established in

1996, Dearneside Fabrications has become one of the leading architectural metalworkers to the UK construction industry. They have manufactured everything from bespoke feature staircases to football stadium roofs on numerous award-winning developments. Paul Muldoon, Managing Director at Dearneside Fabrications commented: “In ten years time our business will be founded on people we bring in now. Unfortunately the average age of skilled personnel on our shop floor is late forties and early fifties, and few people over the age of twenty want to come into our industry; it’s what’s known as a ‘dirty pastime’ and people are more interested in working with computers and sitting behind a desk.

how we want to, and train them in how the company works: Ezra and people similar to Ezra are the company’s future.” Cllr Dore added: “The new Sheffield Apprenticeship Programme is different in that it aims to encourage young people who may not have been successful in the past at gaining an apprenticeship, or are most likely to fall out of education, employment or training and are in need of support.

the last year. The programme will target those young people who are registered as being unemployed or not in education or training.

Apprenticeships are a proven route to sustainable employment; they benefit the young person as well as the employer and lead to sustained employment at the end of the programme. Young people taking part in the Sheffield Apprenticeship programme will work “I would like to encourage all towards an Apprenticeship businesses in the city to get in- qualification. volved and support our young people, to help equip them for For further information about entering into the jobs market." the Sheffield Apprenticeship Programme email laura.hay“We have made a commit- or call ment to take action to support 0114 229 6186. employment opportunities for young people, earmarking another £500,000 for the apprenIt’s good that we can take on ticeship programme to match people like Ezra, train them up the investment already made in

Are you what Rotherham Open Art Show 2012 is looking for? Are you what Rotherham Open The showcase is open to both Art Show 2012 is looking for? professional and amateur artists, who were born or who Artists from across South York- have lived in South Yorkshire shire are being invited to show and are aged 17 or over. their masterpieces to the world as entries for the long-awaited Concluding on Saturday Ausixth annual Rotherham Open gust 11, prizes will be awarded Art Exhibition are now being for the best exhibits in the show accepted. with a first prize of £200, second prize of £100 and the PeoThe celebration of local talent ple’s prize of £50. starts on Saturday June 23 and will be held in Rotherham’s Artists can enter up to two new art gallery, located at Riv- works, which must be originals erside House. and produced in the last 3 years.

Most art and craft, including 2D oils, acrylics, watercolours, gouaches, drawings, pastels, prints, collage, photography and digital art and 3D pieces, including sculpture, are welcomed.

est possible audience.

“We’re expecting hundreds of art works, but, unfortunately, we have limited space, so we can’t accept large sculptures, installations or performances and will only be able to display Cabinet Member for Lifelong a limited number of large 2D Learning and Leisure, Council- and 3D works. lor Amy Rushforth, said: “Over the years this amazing exhibi- “Please submit your entries by tion has recognised the fantas- June 1 to be in with a chance of tic talent and achievements of winning.” local artists and has helped to showcase their work to the wid- There is a non-refundable fee of

£5 per artwork. For more details and a full list of rules and regulations you can pick up an entry form from Clifton Park Museum. To request an entry form, or for any other questions, please contact Clifton Park Museum on 01709 336633, or email cliftonparkmuseum@rotherham.


Britons Pay Indians To Become Surrogate Mothers India’s surrogacy industry is being used by Britons to become parents, a media report said. There are now up to 1,000 clinics, all unregulated, in the country, many specialising in helping Britons become parents. Couples and single people are paying an average of 25,000 pounds a time to have children, getting around rules in Britain which make commercial surrogacy illegal. It is estimated that 2,000 births to surrogate mothers took place in the country last year, with most experts agreeing that Britain is the biggest single source of people who want to become parents in this way, The Telegraph reported. Britain may account for as many as 1,000 births last year in India. In contrast there were 100 surrogate births recorded in Britain last

year. An investigation by The Sunday Telegraph has found that women in India are being paid up to 6,000 pounds to donate eggs and carry babies, something British women are banned from doing. Indian authorities now believe the industry is worth as much as 1.5 billion pounds each year, is growing rapidly, and say it needs regulating urgently. Doctors who spoke to this newspaper told of British women who have babies through surrogates to avoid being pregnant and childbirth, raising fears of a “wombs to rent” culture. Bankers, senior civil servants, executives at multinational companies and even NHS doctors have become parents through surrogacy in India, according to British doctors.

The trade in illegal cigarettes and alcohol has been dealt a fresh blow in Sheffield with the latest in a series of prosecutions resulting from raids in 2011. The crackdown by officers from Sheffield Trading Standards was part of a sweeping enforcement campaign to stub out a deadly trade. Six traders appeared before Sheffield Magistrates courts recently (4 and 18 April) charged with offences under the Trade Marks Act, Consumer Protection Act, Food Safety Act and Children and Young Persons Act. Almost 50,000 cigarettes, 14kg of hand rolling tobacco and 32 bottles of vodka were ordered to be forfeited for destruction. Fines totalling £1,800

were made against the traders and they were ordered to pay £1,810 towards costs. Some of the vodka seized was found to contain chloroform and other industrial contaminants.

C r a i g Fisher, the Council’s Senior Trading Standards Officer said: “Everyone wants a bargain, especially in the current economic climate, but the potential health

War Against Cannabis Cultivation Continues Council tenants in Rotherham are being warned they risk losing their homes if they are found to be growing cannabis. Working in partnership with South Yorkshire Police, Rotherham Borough Council is continuing to step up action under the 1996 Housing Act in relation to the cultivation and production of the Class B drug, as well as its distribution. Since the beginning of 2010,

over 40 tenants across the Borough have been served with Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions and Notices of Seeking Possession (NSP’s) - the first step towards eviction proceedings - after they were found to be growing or distributing cannabis from their properties. Tenants are being warned they face re-possession proceedings and the potential loss of their homes. In addition, if there is

Britain Spent 50 Million Pounds On Sleeping Pills


a breach of the Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction, they could face contempt of court proceedings and could be fined and/ or sent to prison for up to two years. Tenants will also face substantial legal costs. In cases where there has been a substantial amount of cannabis discovered, the authority has applied for possession of the properties. This has resulted in over ten Suspended Possession

Orders and a further eight outright possession orders, where the tenant has been evicted. Rotherham Borough Council and South Yorkshire Police have also issued over 40 Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC’s) in relation to substance misuse and at this stage are advising individuals to seek help from supporting agencies.

risks far outweigh any financial savings. Purchasing it also does nothing to help legitimate businesses stay afloat. “In reality the cigarettes weren’t the bargains they seemed, as once again many of the branded cigarettes were found to be counterfeit. “This is not a victimless crime - cheap illegal tobacco has serious consequences for health, crime, the economy and young people in the area. “As well as making it easier for children to start smoking and making it difficult for smokers to quit, it is also linked to more serious organised crime.” Anyone with information on illegal tobacco sales are asked to contact Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555111.

The recession in Britain has made people more anxious and led to a rise in sleeping problems. The country last year spent 50 million pounds on sleeping pills. Data released by the National Health Service (NHS) Business Services Authority showed that 152 primary care trusts spent 49.2 million pounds on sleeping pills in 2010-11. NHS officials say the recession was likely to have made people more anxious. Sleep patterns can be affected by physical or psychological factors and the continued economic downturn is a likely cause for the increased use of sleeping pills because of the heightened stress, anxiety and worry levels people face as a result of job insecurity or money worries. They advised against long-term use of sleeping pills. Some sleeping drugs are only recommended for short term use because they can lead to psychological dependency and lose their effectiveness over time.

Ahmadinejad Wishes To Visit London For Olympics Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad expressed his desire to visit London for the 2012 Olympics, as he wants to be with the Iranian athletes to cheer them. “I like to be by the side of young Iranian athletes in 2012 Olympics, but they (host country) have problems with this issue,” Ahmadinejad said. In November 2011, two compounds of the British embassy in Tehran were stormed by Iranian protestors. The storming of the British embassy followed the Iranian high legislative

body Guardian Council’s approval of a parliamentary bill expelling the British ambassador as a result of the 2011 joint American-British-Canadian sanctions on the Islamic republic. A British flag was taken down and replaced by the Iranian flag by the protestors and the British government later recalled its embassy staff from Iran and closed its embassy in the Islamic republic. On Nov 30, 2011, British Foreign Secretary William Hague announced that all Iranian diplomats had been expelled.


Palestine And Western Duplicity By: Dr A Q Khan

a different matter altogether. On Sept 21, President Obama delivered a speech at the UN ridiculing the efforts of Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, by saying that he would get nothing through a UN resolution (the creation of Israel by a UN resolution was a different matter!), and that the Israelis and Palestinians should solve their disputes through the old mantra of negotiations. The Western countries have turned Israel into a nuclear and missile power and equipped it with the latest aircraft and tanks. The Israelis can pulverise the combined armed forces of all the Arab countries within a week. On the other hand, it is as if the Palestinians were equipped with catapults and stones.

After waiting for 44 years and trusting the hypocritical Western leaders, the Palestinians have had enough and their president, Mahmoud Abbas, decided to apply to the UN for the recognition of a Palestinian state. The request was submitted on Sept 23 and formally accepted by the secretary general the following day. A diplomatic storm broke out and the US and France openly opposed it. Other Western countries will probably join them at the time of voting. In 2009 President Obama gave a speech at Al-Azhar University in Cairo which was hailed by many as a milestone. He then went on to After the Second World War, all speak in Ankara. efforts of the Western countries The purpose of that exercise was have been directed at harming merely to take Muslims for a Islamic countries, Kashmir and ride, pretending to be their friend Palestine being the two most noand well-wisher. He has been table cases. For them Kashmiris saying all along that he is not an and Palestinians are not human enemy of Islam, but the killing of beings (since they are Muslims) millions of Muslims seems to be and hence don’t deserve any

sympathy. The Palestinians, on the one hand, have been told that they are unfit and incapable of ruling themselves, even though they are one of the most advanced and educated people. On the other hand, the semi-naked head-hunters from Papua New Guinea and East Timor and the underdeveloped, illiterate South Sudanese are considered to be qualified for self-governance. Since they are Christians, Western leaders considered it a crusade to help them. This same policy is being followed in Palestine. The Jews, who suffered so much at the hands of these so-called civilised Christians, who did not hesitate to call them dogs, are now perpetrating the worst atrocities on the Palestinians, who had nothing to do with the atrocities committed against them during World War II. The UN resolution of 1947 envisaged two states, Israel and Palestine. Israel exists and has usurped much of the land reserved for the Palestinians, but Western leaders, mostly bornagain Christians, have no compunction to ask Israel to allow the Palestinians to live like human beings. While the Jews were being persecuted in Christian countries, Turkey and other Islamic countries allowed them to live there

as equal citizens. Turkey is a notable example here. The Arabs, including the Palestinians, were simple people and not aware of the intrigues and cunningness of the West and were consequently cheated by them. Let us have a quick glance at the historical background. After many wars between the Crusaders and the Muslims, Salahuddin inflicted a humiliating defeat on the combined forces of England, France, Germany and other European countries. The treatment meted out to the wounded and captive Crusaders by Salahuddin is a golden chapter in the history of the Islamic World. Until World War I, things were more or less normal in Palestine but then Britain, as an occupying power, allowed thousands of Jews to come into Palestine and enabled them to buy and occupy large tracts of Palestinian land. Most of these Jews came from Europe. The Turkish caliph had forbidden the migration of Jews to Palestine and the purchase of land, but this changed with British occupation after World War I. Up to that time all Islamic countries, excepting Morocco and Mauritania, had been under Turkish rule. After World War I, the British occupied Iraq and Palestine and France occupied Syria and Lebanon.

nored the edicts of Allah that Muslims are brothers to each other and must solve all their differences through dialogue and consultation. The result is obvious. The Muslims were humiliated, lost sovereignty and became pariahs. Their downfall in Spain, Central Asia and the Middle East was due to in-fighting and intrigues. The Arabs played a very dirty and treacherous game during World War I. Sharif Hussein of Mecca, the governor of Hijaz under the Turkish government, was one of the greatest traitors the Arab World has ever produced. He, his sons and some others joined the British to stab the Turks in the back. Col T E Lawrence of the British army was accepted as their leader and they attacked the Turkish army and destroyed the infrastructure on the (false) promise that, after the war, all Arab lands would be turned into an independent Arab country. These scum of humanity attacked and murdered Turkish men, women and children in the Kaaba. They fired on the Kaaba and those in the forefront were Indian Muslim soldiers. Unfortunately, their descendants repeated the same abhorrent action by attacking Muslim women and children in Lal Masjid, killing almost 1,400 with phosphorous bombs. At that time Muslims totally ig- The Arabs destroyed the most

useful railway network between Turkey, Baghdad, Basra, Damascus and Medina. This network also joined Damascus with Beirut and Haifa. In 1919 the French army occupied Damascus, but the Arabs declared Syria to be an independent country and appointed Faisal, son of Sharif Hussein, as king. At that time Lebanon was a part of Syria. France separated the two and declared Lebanon an independent state. The reasoning was that it had a large Christian population, was very beautiful and highly fertile. Jordan was also a part of Syria. After removing King Faisal, the French appointed his brother, Abdullah bin Hussein, as the ruler of Jordan. He was a British stooge and immediately handed over the administration and control of the army to the British. In 1947, when the British Mandate expired, the Jordanians started an armed struggle to prevent Jews from occupying their land. However, they were no match for the Israelis who had been armed to the teeth by the British and French and had about 25,000 highly trained soldiers from the recently ended World War. The Egyptian and Syrian armies also failed to make any gains while the British- trained Arab Legion under Gen John B Glubb (better known as Glubb Pasha) occupied the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Labour Unveil Cabinet Labour Leader of Sheffield City Council, Councillor Julie Dore, has announced the new Cabinet to meet the challenges faced by the city and to take the council forward for the coming year. The Cabinet includes the creation of a new Business, Skills and Development portfolio to build on the council’s commitment to focus on the economy, be business friendly and focus on jobs, priorities outlined by Labour last year when they took control of the council last year. The proposals are cost neutral as the deletion of other Councillor posts finances the creation of an additional Cabinet Member.

Cabinet Member for Communities and Inclusion Mazher Iqbal

Leader of the Council Julie Dore

Cabinet Member for Homes and Neighbourhoods Harry Harpham

Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources Bryan Lodge

Cabinet Member for Health, Care and Independent Living Mary Lea

Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families Jackie Drayton

Cabinet Member for Business, Skills and Development Leigh Bramall

Cabinet Member for Environment, Waste and Streetscene Jack Scott

Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and Leisure Isobel Bowler



LIB DEMS UNVEIL NEW SHADOW CABINET TEAM The Liberal Democrat Group on Sheffield City Council their election for a new Shadow Cabinet. Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed was re-elected by his fellow councillors as the Group Leader. The rest of the Shadow Cabinet team elected are as follows: Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Leader of the Lib Dem Group on Sheffield City Council, said: “I’m proud of the strong team we’ve announced today, which compliments experience and youth. “Although the Liberal Democrats face a tough position politically, we will continue to do job we were elected to serve. It’s vital that this arrogant and dogmatic Labour Council are held to account. “We will continue to shine a spotlight on Town Hall waste and ask the difficult questions that Labour’s leaders want to avoid.”

Cllr Colin Ross (Deputy Leader) - Children, Young People and Families Cllr Penny Baker – Homes & Neighbourhoods Cllr Simon Clement-Jones – Finance Cllr Ian Auckland – Business, Skills & Development (including Transport) Cllr Clive Skelton – Health, Care & Independent Living Cllr Joe Otten – Culture, Sport & Leisure (including Parks) Cllr Alison Brelsford – Communities & Inclusion Cllr David Baker – Environment, Waste & Streetscene

Wonder Phrases • Is it a bargain if you buy a violin, no strings attached? • If you’re on a low carb diet, aren’t you going against the grain? • Is it the crack of dawn that causes daybreak? • Is it nightfall that causes the crack of dawn? • How come you have to write down something to write up something? • Is talking behind one’s back the same as talking in front of one’s back? • What’s the difference between new and brand new? • If a race is neck and neck, would that mean it’s a necktie? • Is it okay to use the AM radio after noon? • Why can you see stars out but not lights out?

Is Dr Afridi The Link Between CIA and Pakistan Terrorism? Details of Dr Shakeel Afridi’s conviction have lifted the lid on some alarming facts. Dr Shakeel Afridi has been convicted on four counts of anti-state activities and sentenced for 33 years in prison. Contrary to popular belief, working for the CIA to obtain DNA from Osama Bin Laden’s family using a fake anti-polio vaccination program as cover seems to be the smaller of his crimes, one that he’s not been convicted of yet. The 33 year sentence

awarded to Dr Shakeel Afridi is for maintaining links with an outlawed militant group, the Lashkar-e-Islam, led by Mangal Bagh and operating in Bara and Tirah valley of Khyber agency. He has been charged with providing financial assistance to LI and treating its injured fighters. More importantly, he has also been charged with facilitating the LI attacks on Pakistani security forces. Explaining Dr Shakeel Afridi’s links with the LI, the

order containing the detailed judgement said the Joing Investigation Team in its report maintained that he gave Rs2 million to the banned militant group while serving at the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital, Dogra, in Bara area and provided medical assistance there to the LI’s commanders Said Noor Malikdinkhel, Hazrat from the Sepah tribe, Wahid from the Shalobar Qambarkhel tribe and others. Lashkar-e-Islam is only one of the

many terrorist groups operating in Pakistan’s tribal regions, awash with funds and weapons coming in from Afghanistan. Many analysts and intelligence officials in Pakistan have long suspected the CIA to be aiding some of these militant groups, particularly those in Balochistan. Raymond Davis’s arrest last year lifted the lid off an extensive network of CIA operatives in Pakistan, many with links to banned militant outfits.

Pakistan released Davis after intense US pressure and in turn demanded the immediate pullout of many known CIA operatives and US military ‘trainers’ suspected to be CIA spies. Despite Dr Shakil Afridi being a Pakistani citizen, pressure is once again on Pakistan to release him into US custody, in order to keep the lid of CIA’s involvement in terrorism in Pakistan. With the relationship between Pakistan and the United States in a contin-

uous downward spiral since Raymond Davis’ arrest and subsequent release, the latest chapter in the not so secret war between the premier intelligence agencies of both countries has resulted in another setback for the CIA. It is high time Pakistan wound up CIA’s influence and terror networks on its soil, and make public the findings of the investigations of Dr Shakil Afridi’s links with militant organisations at the behest of the CIA.

Installation Of New Rotherham Mayor Rotherham’s new Mayor - Coun. Dave Pickering – has officially taken over! Coun. Pickering was installed as Mayor at the annual meeting of Rotherham Borough Council at Rotherham Town Hall on Friday, May 18. Elected onto the authority in 2002, the chair of the Rotherham Planning Board has lived and worked in the Rotherham Borough all his life. Apart from being a borough representative Coun. Pickering 1995, as well as being a governor is a also a Dalton Parish Council- at three local schools. He became Council. lor, a position he has held since

chair of the Rotherham Planning Board in 2007 after being the vice-chairman for three years. He is also a member of the Improving Places Commission along with being a member of the authority’s Fostering Panel and is an advisor to the Cabinet Member for Town Centres, Economic Growth and Prosperity. Sue Pickering, the new Mayoress of Rotherham, is a Fostering Social Worker with Rotherham Borough

Clegg Welcomes Record High For New Sheffield Companies Sheffield Hallam MP and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has welcomed news that the first quarter of 2012 saw a record high 903 new companies started in Sheffield. Analysis by company formation agency Duport. showed that Sheffield has had the best ever January to March for new start-ups since records began in 1889. Nick Clegg said “This is great news for Sheffield and a clear sign that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in our city. Sheffield is open for busi-

ness. Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government are doing all we can to get businesses going to create jobs and boost the economy. That’s why we are supporting companies in Sheffield through the Enterprise Zone, the Local Enterprise Partnership and the Regional Growth Fund. And it’s why we are investing directly in Sheffield through major projects like fixing our roads and bringing in the ground breaking new Tram Trains project.”


Police Well Behind the Game on Cyber-Crime goes to prove how profitable this crime is. Although there is no universally agreed definition of cyber-crime[1] - it can range from computer-related fraud to offences related to child pornography – we do know that it is increasing year by year, and that it is impacting on ordinary families, small and big businesses, and all public bodies. The estimated overall cost to the UK economy from cyber crime is £27bn per year, according to the first joint Government and industry report into the extent and cost of cyber crime across Dr Billings continued: the UK.[2] The UK is ranked “Every day, thousands of families and businesses in South fourth in the world for cybercrime, after USA, China and Yorkshire are the subject of atGermany.[3] tempted cyber crime. Whilst the government now At its very simplest, this takes the form of a phone-call purport- seems to be responding to cyberfraud against businesses, with ing to be from Microsoft or an GCHQ being asked to share ISP, claiming that they have identified malware on your com- tactics and technology, there puter which needs to be fixed. Of is little evidence of a serious course, the purpose of the call is response to cyber-crime affecting to take control of your computer ordinary households and small businesses.” either to introduce the caller’s Dr Billings said: own malware, for which they “As a Police and Crime Comwill charge a fortune to purport missioner in South Yorkshire, I to remove, or to steal informawould ensure that we were in the tion to enable other crimes. The vanguard of responding to this very fact that thousands of calls are being made each day simply growth in criminality. Dr Alan Billings, one of the candidates for the Labour nomination for Police and Crime Commissioner in South Yorkshire said today that the police must get ahead of the game in relation to cyber-crime affecting ordinary households and small businesses. Dr Billings says that, as Police and Crime Commissioner in South Yorkshire, he would be ensuring that South Yorkshire was in the vanguard of taking the issue seriously and in finding innovative responses to the challenge.

We must make best use of all the national, regional and local government resources, and the skills and knowledge of our local IT companies, ISPs and universities. Cyber-criminals are not going to be tracked and caught by traditionally recruited police officers whose skills and training are suited to neighbourhood policing, vehicle crime or the investigation of physical offences. We need specialists who know the cyber-world. So, we need to think outside the box. F or example, in our area, we have a small number of incredibly talented individuals who might never have thought of joining the police but whose IT skills are exactly what is needed in tracking and evidencing cybercrime. As Major General Jonathan Shaw (Assistant Chief, Defence Staff, UK) commented last week[4] - after the Serious Organised Crime Agency’s website had to be taken offline after being targeted by hackers - it is precisely this sort of initiative which will be need to be embraced if we want to catch the criminals and stay ahead of them.”

Future of ‘Big Four’ Accounting firms in Question, smaller firms to benefit By: Amar Saleem

Business Development Manager Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Email: A UK competition probe could define the future of the "Big Four" accounting firms after the European Union delayed its reform of the multi-billion euro sector until after it reports.

change auditors every 10 years or explain why not, something Britain's Financial Reporting Council regulator is already working on. Barclays bank has used the same auditor, PwC, since 1896. Smaller auditors KPMG, PwC, Deloitte and hope the UK watchdog will Ernst & Young check the books require tough measures so that of nearly all blue-chip comefforts by the Big Four to water panies in the world and many down the EU law will be harder policymakers want this "olito justify. gopoly" cut down to size so that the EU's 8,300 listed companies Industry officials hope the have more choice of an auditor. Competition Commission, seen The Big Four are also under as independent and respected, the gun for giving clean bills of will come up with effective health to banks just before they ways to boost competition as had to be rescued by taxpayers EU lawmakers are heavily in the 2007-09 financial crisis. lobbied and struggle to find a consensus. Lawmakers want But the delay by EU lawmakers more time to depoliticise the is leaving smaller auditors wor- debate. The auditing market ried that a rare chance for real has been stagnant for a decade change may slip away. The EU with the gap between the Big parliament and member states Four and the rest remaining are approving the law to make "huge" though officials from it easier for those smaller firms the top firms say competition such as BDO, Grant Thornton between them is fierce. The Big and Mazars to build up market Four, in revenue terms, have share and even other smaller become bigger than many of local organisations who lose their clients. business to the big players. KPMG had a European The lawmakers will delay apturnover of 4.6 billion euros proval until the autumn so they in the year to Sept. 2011 and can examine the initial outcome employed 32,800 staff - without of a UK Competition Commis- counting its operations in sion probe into Britain's audit Italy and France. Fee income market, due around October. last year in all of Europe for The longer wait has generated BDO, the fifth-largest auditor, even more uncertainty for the was under 2 billion euros. In industry, ratcheting up lobbying Germany, just two of the Big by the Big Four and their rivals Four dominate auditing of the to levels lawmakers say they larger companies and Brown have not seen before. said even a merger of BDO and Grant Thornton, the sixthThe Big Four hope the Compe- largest firm, would create a tition Commission will require group that was still only a third only modest "remedies" in the of the size of the smallest of the UK, such as pressure on the Big Four. country's top 350 companies to

In a bid to create more competition the EU draft law proposes "pure audit firms" or splitting up an firm's auditing and advisory services if they have more than a certain market share. There is a proposed ban on many advisory services that can be offered to a client who is being audited. Users of auditors would also have to "rotate" or switch to another firm after six to nine years, a step the United States is also considering. Smaller auditors say it is difficult to justify expanding their operations unless there is some regulatory intervention to attract bigger clients. Few expect the Big Four to be split up and many of their smaller rivals don't see this as a silver bullet in any case. Instead smaller auditors want to make joint audits mandatory or at least create strong incentives for companies to have them. This refers to two auditors checking the books of a company, with at least one of them from among the smaller auditors. France has mandatory joint audits, allowing auditors like Mazars and Nexia to gain more experience and market share. Big Four officials scoff at what they see as "self interested" attempts by smaller rivals to promote joint audits to win more business, but some EU lawmakers are trying to insert mandatory joint audit provisions into the draft law. This is raising hopes among smaller firms who see it as the best way for investors and big companies to become more comfortable with lesser-known auditors.

Lib Dems Hail Historic TramTrain Investment For Sheffield

Local Liberal Democrat councillors have welcomed the announcement of a ground breaking green transport project in Sheffield, which will see the Government invest millions of pounds in South Yorkshire.

Tram/Train will explore the possibility of trams travelling both on the heavy rail and light rail network and would be operated by Stagecoach Supertram as an extension of their existing Supertram route.

Government funding for the Tram/Train project, which would link Rotherham Parkgate to Sheffield City Centre, was announced today (17th May) by Lib Dem Transport Minister, Norman Baker MP.

The project aims to deliver three services an hour between Sheffield City Centre and Rotherham Parkgate.

The investment was secured following lobbying by Deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield Hallam MP, Nick Clegg.

Cllr Ian Auckland, Sheffield Lib Dem spokesperson for Transport, said: “I’m delighted that plans first drawn up when Liberal Democrats ran the Council are now being brought to fruition by

Liberal Democrats in Government.

“Thanks to the lobbying of Nick Clegg, millions of pounds are being invested in our local public transport. Lib Dems in Government are putting their money where their mouth is by supporting this project, unlike the Labour Government, who failed to stump up the necessary cash. “The tram/train project will bring new jobs to Sheffield and put South Yorkshire on the cutting edge of sustainable and green transport.”


ANIMAL PRODUCTS USED IN CHOCOLATE BARS Some of the UK’s best-selling chocolate bars, such as Mars and Twix, will no longer be suitable for vegetarians

Have you picked up a Mars, Snickers, or Twix chocolate bar lately? If you have, this is news you'll want to read about. Mars has just announced that its products will now contain animal products, according to BBC News. If you are a vegetarian, this is bad news for you if you live in the UK.

it's unclear if this will impact the of whey. The natural rennet is United States. Since the com"produced in the inner mucosa pany originates in the United States, I assume this information will probably affect us here.

It's ok to go out and buy the candy bars right now if you are a Vegetarian. The candy bars that are currently being sold do not contain the product as long The makers of the Twix and as the "best before date" is up Snickers candy bars say they to October 1st. Candy bars with now are changing the ingredidates after October 1st will conents to an animal product called tain the product. The company rennet. The Vegetarian Society is just started using rennet on May in shock over this decision. They 1st of this year. made a statement that simply said this decision was "incomWhat is rennet? It is a chemical prehensible". This announcethe comes from calves' stomachs of the fourth stomach" of young ment was made in the UK and and is used in the production calves. This next part is not for

the weak of heart. If you are easily grossed out, then stop

reading right now. What they do is take a calves

cleaned and dry stomach, slice it into small pieces, and then put it together in a saltwater, vinegar or wine mix. After several days they somehow get the rennet animal product. And this is what is going into the candy bars as stated by the Mars company. This product will also be found in Bounty, Minstrels and Milky Way products.

developed the recipe for M&M's during the civil war. He noticed soldiers eating chocolate with a sugar coating, which helped in preventing the chocolate to melt in the sun. The M&M's candies were then first introduced and sold in the United States in 1941.

Sources: "Mars starts using animal prodThe Vegetarian society made ucts" " another statement saying "Mars hi/business/6653175.stm" products are very popular with "Rennet Wikipedia, the free enyoung people and many will be cyclopedia" "http://en.wikipedia. shocked to discover that their org/wiki/Rennet" manufacture now relies on the Mary Bellis "The History of extraction of rennet from the M&M's Chocolate" "http://instomach lining of young calves". man named Forrest Mars Sr. tors/blchocolatemms.htm"




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An evening of entertainment and enlightenment for the whole family to enjoy with thought provoking speakers, world renowned nasheed group SHAAM and a 3 course meal. Eyewitness Account of Gaza Crisis | Light Entertainment Documentary SPEAKERS INCLUDE Sister Lauren Booth (Sister in-law Tony Blair, Press TV) Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam (Al Kawthar Foundation) Qari Muhammad Ismail (Jamiaat Ulama Britain) Sheikh Zaffar Ullah (Imam Hanafia Masjid Trust) Abdool Kadir (Families Relief) Speakers will vary from events for exact speaker details please see website

TICKETS Adult £15.00 Child £10.00

Early Bird Discount available until 01/06

TICKETS HOTLINE 0114 43 88 047 | 07791 38 95 96 Northern Office 133 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, S7 1FE

SHEFFIELD Saturday 16th June 2012 @ 6:30 PM

BRADFORD Sunday 17th June 2012 @ 12:30 PM

Arooj Banqueting Suite Attercliffe Road, S9 3RR

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fishermenÊloseÊlivelihoodsÊ dueÊtoÊfuelÊblockadeÊ

threeÊchildrenÊburntÊtoÊdeathÊ tryingÊtoÊstudyÊbyÊcandleÊlightÊ

Over the past few weeks the situation in Gaza has worsened, with the blackouts and severe poverty affecting around 1.6 million people The fishing industry has been paralysed due to the lack of fuel since the middle of MarchÊleaving an additional 40,000 individuals reliant on food handouts. Infant and children in hospitals face extreme risks due to the power outages which have already left several dead. Hospitals are in desperate need of fully fuelled generators. Schools and houses are left in great danger trying to live by candle light and are in need of gas lamps for their safety.

Help us provide the hospitals with extra generators and fuel, Families and Schools with Gas Lamps to avoid fires, and much needed medicine to the under stocked Hospitals







Families Relief – The charity for Families around the world| Northern Office - 133 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, S7 1FE Registered HO - Crown House, North Circular Rd, London, NW10 7PN | Registered Charity Number 1037782

Gaza has been at the heart of Families Relief since 1995 until today when we are one of the most recognized charities delivering humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. With our full time office in Gaza City our staff has firsthand experience of working under extreme and volatile conditions and our local office is dedicated to provide the ongoing support and aid that is vital for the people of Gaza and Palestine. Around 1.6 Million people are permanently denied their basic rights including freedom of movement, the right to a decent living, work, health and education which we all take for granted.

Donate via phone today on

0114 43 88 047 Donate via SMS, by texting

GAZA11 £10 to 70070 Donate online today at


5 For Life! More Ways To Take Charge Of Your Health It is useful to divide our attitude to health into five categories: 1. Body health – including building up a good relationship with your doctor. 2. Genetic health – being aware of our family history and getting screened regularly when appropriate. 3. Emotional health – acting on stress triggers and accepting responsibility for personal happiness instead of expecting others to make us happy. 4. Environmental health – looking at how we can improve our surroundings. 5. Mind health – developing a positive outlook and learning to meditate regularly.

Following are some real enemies to our health and the ways how to slow the ageing process Maintain Your Ideal Body Weight Even better, maintain a slim waist, which is a better indicator of risk. Women need to take action if their waist is larger than 80cm, men if theirs exceed 95 cm. The highest number of people aged 100-plus in the world are found on the island of Okinawa, Japan. The major principle of their eating practice is known as hara hachi bu, which means eating until you are 80 per cent full. Have No Addiction If you smoke, you aren't healthy. If you use any illegal drugs whatsoever, you aren't healthy. Cigarettes contain 48 serious poisons. With each cigarette you run the risk of rupturing a fatty plaque in one of your arteries or inducing lung cancer. Alcohol is a poison that wreaks havoc with every cell especially your liver, heart and brain. Any person who claims illegal drugs are harmless has probably had their brain affected by illegal drugs. Problems range from marijuana's contribution to serious mental illness, to cocaine and related substances causing heart attacks, stroke and sudden death. Eat Good Quality Natural Food The 10 per cent of the population who consume two to three pieces of fruit and three to five serves of vegetables daily have the lowest rates of cancer and heart disease. Consider the 'human interference factor' and choose foods that have been fiddled with as little as possible by the time they reach your mouth. A study in British Medical Journal reviewed 27 different trials and confirmed there is no evidence that following a low-fat diet will prolong life. The saturated fats found in meat, dairy and coconuts are neutral – they don't hurt or help us. The monosaturated fats in olive oil and avocado and the omega-3 fats in fish and nuts are beneficial.

spending half your retirement going to the doctor? Just look for opportunities to move. Take your ageaway from 220 and that is your maximum heart rate. Try to get to 60 or 70 per cent of that.

Look For Happiness & Reduce Stress This is the most important principle of all. To achieve contentment and peace in your life do as follows: • Lead as simple an uncluttered life as possible. The more choices you have to make, the more stress is caused. • Don't allow mobiles and emails to keep you on call 24/7. • Try to be healthy emotionally, rather than practicing 'woundology' – maintaining and letting yourself be defined by an emotional trauma from earlier in life. Do Three To Five Hours A Week Of Testing Exercise • Make meaningful connections with friends and family so that you The second best drug on the planet is exercise. Three to five hours feel supported and loved. of exercise per week where you achieve that hot, short-of-breath • Show appreciation to others and take time to value small actions. stage. What's the point of working yourself into the ground and then

Fines For Rubbish Offences Are Slashed Families who put their rubbish out too early, overfill their bins or fail to recycle will now face smaller fines. The Government has cut the maximum penalty councils can charge from £110 to £80. However, the move is likely to disappoint critics of the socalled “bin police” who want to see charges scrapped altogether. Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, said as recently as February that the Government was “stopping the levying of fines by overzealous bin bureaucrats”. Following plans first announced in the waste review last year, the fixed penalties local authorities can hand out have been lowered from £75 to £110 to between £60 and £80. Those who pay early will have charges reduced. Ministers also claim residents will no longer be penalised for

5 Tests Everyone Should Have One way of improving the nation’s health would be to provide medical rebates for preventative health measures, including all the following tests: • Coronary calcium scoring. The best current method for determining the degree of coronary atherosclerosis (when the arteries become clogged with cholesterol, calcium and cellular waste) and therefore coronary risk. Every man over 50 and woman over 60 should have one. • A range of blood tests, including cholesterol, blood sugar levels, kidney and liver function, blood counts, vitamin D levels plus C-reactive protein and homocysteine (also indicators of cardiac risk). • Skin cancer check – the only way to be screened for possible melanomas. • Blood pressure. For those over 50 it’s by far the most important cardiovascular risk factor. • Colonoscopy. The most accurate test for bowel cancer screening. Everyone should have a colonoscopy at least once in their life and if you have a family history of relatives suffering bow3el cancer before age 65, you should start having them at age 40. • Breast self-examination. Women should also perform this test regularly.


making an occasional mistake, but will only be fined if they are causing “harm to local amenity”. Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman, who is in charge of the changes, said: “The threat of a £110 fine for a simple mistake such as putting your bin out an hour early suggests the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. “This is the first step towards a return to common sense. People should The Duke of York, Prince Andrew recently paid a visit to Sheffields be encouraged to do their bit by largest mosque, Medina Masjid. He was warmly welcomed by the putting out their rubbish in the right way, but hefty fines are not the way to do it.” According to figures previously obtained by the Sunday Telegraph, almost 5,000 fixed penalty notices worth £215,955 were issued between May 2010 and April 2011 for offences such as using the wrong sacks for recycling or overfilling wheelie bins.

community as he was introduced to children, members of the masjid and important members of the community. He highly appreciated the history of the masjid and the great environment.

Regular Cup of Coffee Can Help You Live Longer There have been millions of studies done on coffee and caffeine, and their real and potential effects on our health. But now a study from the National Cancer Institute suggests coffee, regular or decaffinated, may actually extend the lives of those who drink it daily. In the study, researchers determined that men who drank 2 to 3 cups a day had a 10 percent chance of outliv-

ing those who drank no coffee, while women had a 13 percent advantage. They compared coffee drinkers against non-drinkers to determine whether coffee can delay the risk of dying from ailments such as heart disease, diabetes or respiratory illness. Researchers also suggested green (unroasted) coffee beans might be the weight-loss pill that has been sought for so long.

ILM News correspondent Zeeshan Naqvi interviewing Pervez Musharraf in Manchester uk


Olympic Torch is on its way to Rotherham The Olympic Torch has headed off on its journey around the United Kingdom so its not long now before it will be hitting the streets of Rotherham. The relay began on recently from Land's End and Day 39 of its journey will see it travel from Sheffield to Cleethorpes with Rotherham being a key point along the route.

once-in-lifetime visit."

will not be accessible during that period. Other roads will remain open although some minor delays are expected where the torch relay convoy crosses junctions and roundabouts.

Along with the actual Torch Relay itself, Rotherham schools are getting involved by not only lining the route at various points but also by taking part in a School Sports The on-street parking bays Festival being hosted at Clifton on Doncaster Gate will be Park from 10am to 3pm. suspended until the torch relay has passed by. Around 1,000 young people are Visitors to Clifton Park are reminded that the Clifton Park Museum car park will be closed to the public. The Park's car park, which is accessible from Doncaster Road, will be open but is expected to fill up very early due to the number of visitors. All Saints Square and Clifton Park will be the main focal points for visitors but there is the chance to see the relay all the way along the route from Westgate right through to Thrybergh.

On Tuesday June 26, after a visit to the Magna Science and Adventure Centre, the Torchbearers will take the torch along Westgate (from 8.51am), then down Church Street past Minster Gardens, through All Saints’ Square (at 8.59am), along College Street and Doncaster Gate to Clifton Park (9.03am), along Doncaster Road through Dalton and then Thrybergh (9.34am) before leaving the Borough and heading off towards Doncaster.

expected to take part in a variety of events to celebrate all manner of sporting activities. Schools have already been at the heart of celebrations to mark the arrival of the Olympic Torch. The Lighting the Flame project continues to make its way around every school in the Borough, taking a torch created by students and staff at Thrybergh School.

The actual Olympic Torch route does mean there will be some minor changes to traffic Councillor Roger Stone, arrangements around the town Leader of Rotherham MBC, centre on the morning of June said: "Now that the Torch is 26. There will be a road closure on British soil the excitement on High Street, Church Street, and interest is starting to build Upper Millgate, Market Street, across the country. The Torch is Bridgegate and College Street just days away from Rotherfrom 7.30am to 9.30am. This ham and we'd urge everyone also means that the disabled to come along and see it on its parking bays on College Street

The Tuesday town centre Street Market will also take place with its usual amazing range of stalls and goods on offer. Councillor Stone added: "We are expecting a large number of people to come into Rotherham to see the torch and would urge those travelling into town to get there early to make sure they get a vantage point." "We realise that there will have to be some minor disruption but we are doing everything we can to keep that to a minimum and we hope that everyone feels as we do that this will be a fantastic day for Rotherham." If you want to folow the Torch Relay across Britain and for full details of the route please visit the LOCOG website at

£4 million in fake coins seized in Britain Fake coins with a notional were seized Wednesday dur- identify where the coins were value of more than 4 million ing raids. Officers have yet to pressed. pounds have been seized from a freight container in one of the biggest hauls of its kind in Britain. The blank coins - ready to be turned into 1 pound coins - were discovered within a 40foot freight container. Detectives said it was a “significant blow” to the criminal gang behind the scam. The coins


We Need Your Help Water Relief is a non-profit organisation working to provide clean drinking water around the world. In just one country like Bangladesh 110,000 people die each year due water related illnesses, and yet Bangladesh is covered in water but much of it is unfit for consumption. We are aiming to set up water recycling stations producing 2000 litres per day upwards around slum areas of Dhaka and in the south of the country , using the latest cost effective innovation in energy free

water re-cycling we can clean that very water so enabling poor locals to access clean drinking water for years to come. We did a project in Rajanpur Pa-

kistan during the 2010 Floods. We found locals in a village outside Rajanpur drinking water from stagnant ponds infested with bacteria and parasites. Two children died only days before we arrived there and the local doctor reported that 80% of his patients came to him with water related illnesses. After installing a water purification system called Hi20 we were able to pump the pond water into the system to produce 2000 litres of clean drinking water every day. Nearly 2 years on we are a

happy to report that incidences of water related illnesses have dropped to a virtual zero from those who drink the purified water processed through the cleaning system Water Relief installed, and it uses no energy which is vital in countries like Pakistan where the power supply can be unreliable. Pakistan has many other areas where poor villagers and locals have only unclean water to drink, it’s easy to see what can happen to those people if they don’t get clean water- especially

the children- Diahorea is the bare minimum, but also Cholera, Tyhpoid, E-coli and Parasites are just a few well documented Illnesses and infections, there are many others. Just imagine a pregnant mother having to drink such water! Water Relief uses 100% of all project funds raised towards the project they were raised for without any deductions; all UK based project workers working for Water Relief are volunteers. The latest Water Re-cycling/ cleaning method we use is called Hi20, this energy free system can process from 1000 litres per day upwards (depending on configuration), it can last for up to 25 years and has very low maintenance costs (mainly

Ron Foster. Ron along with his key colleague Mr Chris Barker have over 40 years of excellence in Chemical Engineering

and Manufacturing, they produce many well known products you see on the shelves of DIY stores for large companies under branded names. Ron has in the past also produced coatings solutions for the Ministry of De-

labour for cleaning the system fence, Volkswagen, Honda and once per month).It uses anti- Pfizer but to name a few. bacterial anodes which kill all Please Visit our website at Water Relief A4 flyer

24 May 2012 14:14:17

bacteria in water, the anodes have a chemical coating which Help us to Help you to Help can last up to 25 years. those in need. The Hi20 is an invention brought to the world by Mr





















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June Edition 2012  

Ilmnews paper

June Edition 2012  

Ilmnews paper