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Despite his busy “Muslims are our biggest schedule, British Prime donors – they give more to Minister David Cameron charity than any other faith find out time to greet group,” said Cameron. Muslims all over the world to greet during of those who fought and died for our freedoms Ramadan. nearly 100 years ago. “I want to send my very Just days after Eid, we will be marking 100 best wishes to everyone years since the First World War. observing the holy More than a million men and boys from India month of Ramadan. This fought with our troops during that conflict and is an incredibly special many thousands of them were Muslims. time of year for Muslims They travelled across the world to fight to at home and abroad: defend our freedom guided and sustained by a time for charity, for their bravery, comradeship, and, above all, by their faith. contemplation and community. Charity is one of the things that Islam is all Their selflessness and their courage helped about. Here in Britain, Muslims are our biggest to secure the liberties we all enjoy today donors – they give more to charity than any so this Ramadan – and this centenary – we other faith group. We see this spirit of giving all will remember them and reflect upon their year round, from the mosques running sports sacrifice. clubs for local children to the Muslim groups Ramadan is a time for community. And there is selling poppies for Remembrance Day, to those nothing that exemplifies this more than those people from around the country who put their nightly iftars when the fast is broken, the dates wellies on, rolled their sleeves up, and went to are opened, and all that great food is served. help the families hit hardest by this winter’s Last year I was delighted to see how many community iftars were taking place across the storms. Ramadan is a time when that spirit comes to country in mosques and in community centres, the fore and I am so proud when I hear, every in parks and even in tents. year, about the millions of pounds raised for Again this year Government is supporting good causes for those less fortunate than us the Big Iftar programme with hundreds more here in Britain, and those who are suffering in communities, from Leeds to Luton, Woking to Manchester, throwing open their doors so that wars and in famines overseas. Ramadan is a time for contemplation to fast, people of all faiths and none can break bread and to pray, and to think deeply about others. and get to know their neighbours. So wherever This Ramadan, I hope that we can reflect upon you are this holy month I wish you Ramadan a key aspect of our shared history: the bravery Mubarak”.



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David Blunkett To Quit To Give Labour ‘A Break From The Past’

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YOU PAID £4M FOR PARKING Motorists paid more than £4 million to park their cars in Sheffield in just one year. Income from pay and display machines in the past 12 months hit £4,722,166. Figures show almost 25,000 parking fines were handed out to drivers during the same time period – racking up about £1.7 million. Sheffield Council says all parking income is used to pay for enforcement, improved parking facilities, public transport or highways. Most parking fines were issued in the city centre, where 14,600 fines were handed out. The remaining 8,366 tickets were given for breaches of parking permit zones across the city. The majority of illegal parking was also on streets, rather than in car parks. There were also 272 requests for cars to be towed away in the 12 months up to the end of April this year. The council says income from penalty charge notice income has remained ‘static’ at around £1.7m for the past few years. The council is also ‘in the process’ of installing parking machines that have the ability to calculate money received on a certain day. Fines are also issued to vehicles, rather than drivers, so it is possible a car was used by more than one individual who was fined over the last 12 months. Overall, motorists say parking in Sheffield is too expensive. Its the main reason people avoid going into town. Why pay when you can park for free at Meadowhall? And in Rotherham, 3,461 parking fines were issued, the majority of them to cars in on-street parking bays. Income from the fines was £202,327, all of which was used to pay towards parking enforcement. A ‘one off enforcement patrol’ on a Sunday also resulted in £630 of the total income.

Former home secretary David Blunkett is to stand down as an MP before the next election, saying he wants to give the Labour party a "break from the past". The 67-year-old, who has held his seat in Parliament since 1987, said standing down was "by far the most difficult political decision I have ever made, in a lifetime of extremely difficult decisions". "There comes a time when a fresh approach and the energy that goes with it outweigh other considerations and I believe that for the party and for the constituency, as well as for me personally, that moment has come." — David Blunkett Labour leader Ed Miliband said Mr Blunkett had been an "amazing asset" who would be "hugely missed" by the party. Mr Blunkett, who is blind, is one of Westminster's

most recognisable characters. He was first elected as MP for the Sheffield Brightside seat in 1987 and served as education secretary, home secretary and work and pensions secretary under Tony Blair. He resigned as home secretary in 2004 after a visa application for the nanny of Kimberly Quinn, a journalist with whom he had an affair, was fast-tracked. Mr Blunkett backed Labour to win next year's general election and said Mr Miliband was "committed to leading Britain through the challenges ahead". "He has been a friend to me during my time as leader. I have valued and counted on his advice and wisdom. Every Labour leader under whom he served would have said the same." — Labour leader Ed Miliband

Paul Blomfield MP Awarded Parliamentarian Of The Year At an event in Westminster early in June, Paul Blomfield MP was awarded Parliamentarian of the Year 2014 by the national charity Citizens Advice. Rt Rev John Gladwin, Chairman of Citizens Advice, praised Paul Blomfield MP for championing the need for better regulation of payday lenders on the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee to protect consumers. Paul Blomfield and Robin Walker MP jointly received Parliamentarian of the Year awards. A special award was also given to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Debt and Personal Finance, of which Paul Blomfield is Secretary, for the group’s work campaigning on the issue of payday lending and debt management companies. After receiving the Parliamentarian of the Year award Paul Blomfield said: “It’s a huge honour to receive this award from Citizens Advice. It’s a tribute to everyone who has campaigned to stop the payday loan rip-off and forced the Government to act. Ministers could not ignore the sustained pressure from debt

and consumer charities, churches, trade unions, MPs, Councils, and the thousands of people who signed our petition saying that the irresponsible behaviour and practices of payday lenders have to stop. “The new regulation of payday lenders

RECORD GROWTH IN JOBS SEES MORE PEOPLE IN YORKSHIRE IN WORK Local Liberal Democrats have welcomed the latest statistics released by the Office of National Statistics, which show a record growth in the number of people finding work. As a result there has been an increase of 36,000 people in work in Yorkshire and Humber. The new figures show that a record-breaking 345,000 people found work in the last quarter, most of which are in full-time employment. The total number of people out of work is now at its lowest level for more than five years. The latest figures follow statistics from April that show that Sheffield has a record number of people in work, with an increase since 2010 of 21,000 Sheffielders in employment. Cllr Colin Ross, Leader of the

Liberal Democrat Group on Sheffield City Council, said: “Today’s figures show that people across Britain, and in Yorkshire specifically, are seeing the benefits of an economic recovery. However, we know without Liberal Democrats in Government, willing to make the tough decisions to help build a stronger economy, this recovery would not be happening. “When you combine today’s statistics with news of a record number of people in Sheffield in work and the strong growth in manufacturing reported yesterday – you can see the progress that has been made in rebalancing Britain’s economy. There is a long way to go but it is clear that measures to help build a stronger economy are coming to fruition.”

is a big step in the right direction, but the campaign isn't over. Everyone who is concerned about irresponsible lending must keep up the pressure to ensure we get the regulatory framework right. We need a real-time database of loans to ensure effective regulation, we need restrictions on advertising, especially TV ads watched by children, and we need more funding from payday lenders for the free advice services that help people out of debt. Above all, the Financial Conduct Authority must police the rules and punish the payday lenders that break them.” Paul Blomfield was elected as the Labour Member of Parliament for Sheffield Central in 2010. He is a member of the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee and Secretary of the APPG on Debt and Personal Finance. Paul Blomfield MP developed the ‘Charter to Stop the Payday Loan Rip-Off’ which was supported by some of Britain’s biggest debt, consumer and anti-poverty organisations – including Which?, Citizens Advice, StepChange Debt Charity, Church Action on Poverty, and the Centre for Responsible Credit.

TAX ERROR MEANS 3.5MILLION WILL HAVE TO PAY MONEY BACK Debt fears over tax errors as 3.5 million will have to pay money back Millions of workers face having to give money back to the Government after inadvertently paying the wrong amount of tax. Mistakes by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) left an estimated 5.5 million underpaying or overpaying their tax through the Pay As You Earn System (PAYE) in 2013-14, according to the Daily Telegraph. Around 3.5 million people are thought to have paid too little and will now have to pay the money back over the coming years. Tax officials estimate the average error is around £300, the newspaper said. The 5.5 million errors for 2013-14 are higher than

the 5.2 million in the previous year, despite the introduction of a £270 million scheme designed to make the tax system more accurate. The PAYE system checks tax paid against tax owed at the end of each year, meaning underor overpayments can come about through changes in financial circumstances. The HMRC's new Real Time Information (RTI) programme allows employers to report wage changes on a weekly or monthly basis, theoretically making tax payments more accurate.

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CHICKEN Steak With Rice & Salad


Ramzan Mubarak

Double Pizza

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DON’T WASH CHICKEN Don't wash chicken splashes bugs all over the kitchen: Health experts' warning over food poisoning Campylobacter causes 280,000 cases of food poisoning in Britain a year Washing chicken under the tap can spread the bug more than three feet The bug is the biggest cause of food poisoning causing 500 deaths a year We should stop washing chicken before cooking because doing so can spread potentially fatal bacteria, health experts warn. Nearly half of Britons rinse their raw chicken and the practice could be behind thousands of cases of food poisoning, according to the Food Standards Agency. Research conducted by the FSA revealed that many cooks believe that rinsing cleaned the meat.

equipment in the process. And any bacteria left on the chicken were killed off during the cooking process anyway. Campylobacter is responsible for most cases of food poisoning in Britain every year, affecting around 280,000 people. And contaminated chicken is behind an astonishing four out of five cases. Some studies even suggest that the bug can be picked up simply by handling a packet of chicken at the supermarket.

The bacteria costs the economy hundreds of millions of pounds in sick leave and NHS treatment. Research conducted by the FSA found that 44 per cent of cooks always washed their chicken before cooking. More than a third of people surveyed said they did this to get rid of germs, with another third saying they thought that washing helped remove dirt. But the agency warned that washing could In fact, harmful campylobacter spread illness among those bacteria were often splashed on who came into contact with to kitchen surfaces and cooking campylobacter.

The most common symptoms in those who develop illness are abdominal pain, severe diarrhoea and vomiting. But it can have more severe consequences, particularly for children and adults over 60. They are most at risk of developing food poisoning due to their weaker immune systems. Symptoms for food poisoning caused by campylobacter bacteria will set in between two and five days after coming into contact with the germs. In the most extreme cases, dehydration can prove fatal if not treated quickly, and can also lead to the onset of reactive arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and Guillain-Barré syndrome, a serious illness affecting the nervous system. Despite fears about bacteria on meat, most harmful germs are killed by cooking thoroughly. Studies have estimated that food poisoning is behind 20,000 hospitalisations and 500 deaths every year in the UK. Research by consumer watchdog Which? previously found that washing raw chicken under a tap could spread bacteria up to 3ft from the sink. While chicken is behind most cases of campylobacter food poisoning, the bacteria is also found in untreated water, unpasteurised milk, undercooked chicken liver and liver paté.

Sheffield Jobseekers Hit By Benefits Mistake Vulnerable jobseekers in Sheffield have wrongly had their benefits stopped in the past six months, a new report has claimed. Sheffield Citizens Advice and Law Centre has published a new report stating it has dealt with individuals with learning difficulties and mental health problems incorrectly having their benefits stopped. The organisation dealt with more than 130 people facing problems caused by Jobseeker Allowance sanctions in the six months between October 2013 and March 2014. Its report said one woman with severe bipolar disorder who had recently been rehoused because of family abuse had her benefits stopped for 12 weeks for allegedly giving up a job voluntarily – despite the fact she has never been in work. Another case involved a man in his mid-50s with learning disabilities who cannot read or write being sanctioned for not doing ‘enough’ jobseeking, despite him getting regular

support from a local job club. The report also said one man had been sanctioned more than once because his Work Programme provider had sent incorrect information about non-attendance to the Jobcentre. Sheffield Citizens Advice and Law Centre is now calling for a parliamentary review of sanctions after claiming the current system is actually making it harder for some jobless people to find sustainable employment. For many the punishment, that is to say ‘the sanction’, is often out of proportion to the offence. The knock-on effects of these sanctions can be devastating and, for many, can outweigh the actual sanction itself with Housing Benefit and debt repayments being stopped or disrupted.” Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said earlier this year that sanctions are designed to encourage people back into work but are only used as a ‘last resort’.

Pothole Payout For ‘Model’ Councils England's "model" councils will get a greater share of a multi-million pound fund being set aside to repair the country's potholes. More than three million potholes will be filled in by March next year as part of the biggest investment in roads since the 1970s. The Government has set aside £168 million to mend the nation's broken roads, spread across 148 councils. The £168 million pothole funding was announced by Chancellor George Osborne in March's Budget, and is on top of the the extra £185 million the government made available that month to help repair local roads damaged by severe weather. Some £24 billion will be spent on England's motorways and A-roads between 2010 and 2021, the biggest investment in the road network since the 1970s.

Bedroom Tax scam warning Councils are warning residents to be aware of a scam email telling people that the social sector size criteria, known as the "bedroom tax", has been abolished – this is not the case. "Bedroom Tax" was introduced by the government in April 2013 and was designed to allow people to only claim Housing Benefit for the number of bedrooms their household needs. The email says that if people have been affected by this and want to claim any money back,

they need to fill in the form attached to the email which asks for personal and financial details. People may also have seen a Facebook message which makes the same false claims that the "bedroom tax" has been abolished. Anyone who receives the email is advised to delete it immediately and not complete the form or provide any details. These emails may also contain viruses, so people should delete them immediately.

People who see posts or receive messages on Facebook are also asked not to share them. The social sector size criteria (Bedroom Tax) has not been abolished and tenants should continue to pay any rent not covered by their Housing Benefit. Like all scams, in order for this to work, personal details are needed, especially your bank account information so be careful who you give this information to."

Miliband To Set Out Benefit Cuts Plan For Young Jobless Unemployed youngsters should have their benefits withdrawn if they refuse to undergo training in vital skills, Ed Miliband will announce. The Labour leader is set to call for 18 to 21 year olds to be given a "youth allowance" instead of out-of-work benefits. But the money will require them to sign up to learn key skills and youngsters would not be eligible if their parents are relatively well off. It is a principle deeply felt by the British people that people should get something back for

all they have put in and not get something for nothing. The proposals, which will be revealed in a speech to thinktank the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), would also see Labour increase the rate of contributory Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) for those who worked for a significant period before they became unemployed. Prime Minister David Cameron has already suggested preventing under 25s from receiving benefits unless they are "earning or learning". But Mr Miliband will

propose scrapping out-of-work benefits for those aged 18 to 21 and replacing them with a "youth allowance" at the same value - around £57 a week. "The next Labour government will change the way JSA operates to make sure that someone who has been working for years and years and paying in to the system gets more help if they lose their job than someone who has been working for just a couple of years." — Labour leader Ed Miliband

Sheffield Speed Limit Plan Shelved Plans to increase speeds on a section of one of Sheffield’s busiest roads have been shelved – as it would save just seconds. Raising the limit from 30mph to 40mph on Penistone Road, between Infirmary Road to Capel Street, was agreed in principle as part of a £5 million scheme to ease congestion. However, cyclists’ concerns about the impact on air quality and safety were raised at a highways meeting in April and Sheffield Council officers agreed to look again into the benefits of changing the limit

before proceeding with the scheme. Now they have found only 20 to 30 seconds would be saved on journeys by the increase – and new regulations about the number of electrical connections needed in traffic signals would also increase the scheme’s cost by about £500,000. The road is used by about 60,000 people every day and is thought to be the city’s second busiest highway. The rest of the scheme – which includes a new bus lane, converting the Leppings Lane

roundabout to traffic signals, widening the carriageway and prohibiting right turns to create more green signal time – will still go ahead. Work has already begun on converting the roundabout, part of construction on a new Sainsbury’s supermarket and other improvements to Penistone Road. The council was awarded £3m towards the project from the Government’s Local Pinch Point Fund and another £1.24m comes from a bus initiative.

Ban All Sweet Drinks From The Dinner Table And Serve Only Water, Parents Told Parents should serve only water with meals and ban fruit juice and fizzy drinks from the dinner table to reduce children’s sugar intake, the Government’s chief obesity adviser has said. Professor Tom Sanders, from King’s College London, has called for drinks containing sugar to be removed from youngsters’ diets. Kids should be getting their fluid from drinking water. We need to reintroduce the habit

of people putting a jug of water on the table and drinking water with their food instead of some sort of fruity beverage. New standards for school meals have already started to restrict the amount of fruit juice that children can consume with guidelines setting the limit at 150ml a meal. But Prof Sanders attacked schools for not providing enough break time for children to eat proper meals. Doctors have previously

said they see obesity as the biggest challenge facing the nation’s health and have called for sugary drinks to be taxed. Pressure group Action on Sugar also fears that “hidden sugar” in food and drinks is at risk of contributing to the level of type 2 diabetes, with one in three adults now said to have the borderline-form of the disease. It’s a change of behaviour that we really need.

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Home of traditional desi khana

Saffron Peoples Choice Winner Olivers Awards Yorkshire Evening Post



Official Finalist Fastest Growing Business Biz Awards (b z)


Free Iftari Everyday

Best Indian Restaurant H2B Journal

o0o Best Traditional Takeaway The Leeds Guide

o0o Fine Dining Award H2B Journal

o0o Best Indian Restaurant Asian Express


Best Traditional Takeaway Leeds Guide


ffiliation Of Master chefs 5 Star Platinum Award

affron S Home of traditional desi khana SHEFFIELD 113 Psaters Lane.Meadowbank Rd Rotherham S61 1DL Tel:01709 550077 GUISELEY 6 The Green LS20 9BT Tel:01943 874411 MORLEY Dawson House Dawson Hill LS27 9DF Tel:01132 531253


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EDUCATION AND HIGH STORRS Transition from Y6 to Y7 special needs and anything else parents consider important. Secondary schools always have a number of different procedures, structures and rules, such as the times of the school day, what to do if the child is absent and how the school rewards system works, new parents and students should make themselves as familiar with these Students in secondary school are expected to as possible. take on a lot of responsibilty; they move from having one teacher for most of their lessons and We believe it is important for students and having those lesson in one classroom where all parents to take part in as much of school life their equipment is to moving between up to 5 as they can. For students there are usually rooms every day and having up to 5 different many extra-curricular activities and while teachers each day. This can be an overwhelming these will vary from school to school examples include; music lessons, book clubs, chess club, prospect for even the most mature Y6 student. sports clubs, concerts, school plays and charity Secondary schools will do their best to help events. For parents there is the opportunity to students and parents during this process. It is be involved in the school PTA (Parent/Teacher important the parents and students do their part Association) and for those who wish to be even more involved there is always the school’s too. be given a lot of information about all aspects of school life; uniform/dress code, behaviour, homework, equipment, form tutors, data and tracking, and the list goes on and on. There can be a lot of forms to fill in, money to pay, PE kit to order, questions to answer and so on.

As I sit down to write this month’s article, we at High Storrs are all recovering from the annual visit of Y6 students. On this day the school seems filled with a couple of hundred very excited and enthusiastic young students, eager to learn all about their new school. However, it is worth remembering that while this is an exciting time it can also be very stressful for Y6 students. They are preparing to move from their primary school which they know very well and where they are the oldest students to an unfamiliar school where they know very few people and very few people know them.

governing body. It is important to remember that we are only a phone call away if there are any problems or questions. All secondary schools want the children in their care to achieve the best grades they can, and also want them to be happy, healthy and safe. We will do everything in our power to ensure we achieve this and are always happy to support parents working towards this goal too. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact High Storrs School. (Tel no: 0114 267 0000, email enquiries@highstorrs.sheffield.sch. uk) Mrs Heggs and Mr Akram

Parents should take the time to look through new information with their child, make sure they know where key areas in the school are such as the dining room and the staff room and that they know the names of key people in This can also be a difficult time for parents, as school and where they should go to get help if they prepare for their child to take the next big they have a problem. They should also ensure that school has all the information they need step in their growing up. about their child; clear and up to date contact During this time, both parents and students will names and numbers, medical information, any

Ed Miliband Vows To ‘Defy The Odds’ Ed Miliband has insisted he can "defy the odds" and win next year's general election despite a set of disastrous poll results. A YouGov poll today found 60% of voters think he isn't up to the job of prime minister - of those 43% were Labour voters. The survey for Prospect magazine also found more people thought his brother David would make a better premier. Mr Miliband acknowledged he had a "tough fight" to return Labour to power after one term in opposition, but said he was "relishing" the battle over the next 10 months. "I knew when I took this job on that we were going to have

a tough fight, because we are trying to defy the historical odds, which are that governments who lose elections don't tend to be one-term oppositions. We are in a position to defy those odds." — Labour leader Ed Miliband The Labour leader's comments came as he launched welfare reform proposals which would see unemployed youngsters stripped of state handouts unless they agree to training in vital skills. Bidding to counter Tory jibes that Labour is the "party of welfare", Mr Miliband called for 18- to 21-year-olds to be given a "youth allowance"

rather than out-of-work benefits. The money would be conditional on them signing up to learn key skills, and they would not get it if their parents were relatively well-off. "I didn't take this job because I thought it would be a walk in the park, I fought for this job because I thought it was important and I thought I had something distinctive to say about how we can change this country, and I believe that more now than I did three and a half years ago." — Ed Miliband

BABIES LOCKED IN CARS RISK HIGHLIGHTED The fire service is highlighting the number of 999 calls it receives to free children who have become locked in cars, as it continues to draw attention to little known aspects of its rescue work. South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue (SYFR) says it has attended 27 separate incidents to rescue young children who have become locked in cars in the last 12 months alone. Typically, babies and young children become locked in

cars when vehicle doors are accidentally shut with the keys left inside. The fire service is normally called to release a child if there are concerns for its immediate

welfare, for example if the child is very distressed or during periods of hot weather. Rescues like this fall under the 1,400 ‘special service’ incidents that SYFR attends each year, including freeing people from road traffic collisions, water rescues, flooding, animal rescues and lift releases. That’s on top of the thousands of house, property and smaller fires it also attends each year. To avoid lock ins parents are advised to keep their car keys with them at all times

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EDUCATION AND HIGH STORRS Transition from Y6 to Y7 special needs and anything else parents consider important. Secondary schools always have a number of different procedures, structures and rules, such as the times of the school day, what to do if the child is absent and how the school rewards system works, new parents and students should make themselves as familiar with these Students in secondary school are expected to as possible. take on a lot of responsibilty; they move from having one teacher for most of their lessons and We believe it is important for students and having those lesson in one classroom where all parents to take part in as much of school life their equipment is to moving between up to 5 as they can. For students there are usually rooms every day and having up to 5 different many extra-curricular activities and while teachers each day. This can be an overwhelming these will vary from school to school examples include; music lessons, book clubs, chess club, prospect for even the most mature Y6 student. sports clubs, concerts, school plays and charity Secondary schools will do their best to help events. For parents there is the opportunity to students and parents during this process. It is be involved in the school PTA (Parent/Teacher important the parents and students do their part Association) and for those who wish to be even more involved there is always the school’s too. be given a lot of information about all aspects of school life; uniform/dress code, behaviour, homework, equipment, form tutors, data and tracking, and the list goes on and on. There can be a lot of forms to fill in, money to pay, PE kit to order, questions to answer and so on.

As I sit down to write this month’s article, we at High Storrs are all recovering from the annual visit of Y6 students. On this day the school seems filled with a couple of hundred very excited and enthusiastic young students, eager to learn all about their new school. However, it is worth remembering that while this is an exciting time it can also be very stressful for Y6 students. They are preparing to move from their primary school which they know very well and where they are the oldest students to an unfamiliar school where they know very few people and very few people know them.

governing body. It is important to remember that we are only a phone call away if there are any problems or questions. All secondary schools want the children in their care to achieve the best grades they can, and also want them to be happy, healthy and safe. We will do everything in our power to ensure we achieve this and are always happy to support parents working towards this goal too. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact High Storrs School. (Tel no: 0114 267 0000, email enquiries@highstorrs.sheffield.sch. uk) Mrs Heggs and Mr Akram

Parents should take the time to look through new information with their child, make sure they know where key areas in the school are such as the dining room and the staff room and that they know the names of key people in This can also be a difficult time for parents, as school and where they should go to get help if they prepare for their child to take the next big they have a problem. They should also ensure that school has all the information they need step in their growing up. about their child; clear and up to date contact During this time, both parents and students will names and numbers, medical information, any

Ed Miliband Vows To ‘Defy The Odds’ Ed Miliband has insisted he can "defy the odds" and win next year's general election despite a set of disastrous poll results. A YouGov poll today found 60% of voters think he isn't up to the job of prime minister - of those 43% were Labour voters. The survey for Prospect magazine also found more people thought his brother David would make a better premier. Mr Miliband acknowledged he had a "tough fight" to return Labour to power after one term in opposition, but said he was "relishing" the battle over the next 10 months. "I knew when I took this job on that we were going to have

a tough fight, because we are trying to defy the historical odds, which are that governments who lose elections don't tend to be one-term oppositions. We are in a position to defy those odds." — Labour leader Ed Miliband The Labour leader's comments came as he launched welfare reform proposals which would see unemployed youngsters stripped of state handouts unless they agree to training in vital skills. Bidding to counter Tory jibes that Labour is the "party of welfare", Mr Miliband called for 18- to 21-year-olds to be given a "youth allowance"

rather than out-of-work benefits. The money would be conditional on them signing up to learn key skills, and they would not get it if their parents were relatively well-off. "I didn't take this job because I thought it would be a walk in the park, I fought for this job because I thought it was important and I thought I had something distinctive to say about how we can change this country, and I believe that more now than I did three and a half years ago." — Ed Miliband

BABIES LOCKED IN CARS RISK HIGHLIGHTED The fire service is highlighting the number of 999 calls it receives to free children who have become locked in cars, as it continues to draw attention to little known aspects of its rescue work. South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue (SYFR) says it has attended 27 separate incidents to rescue young children who have become locked in cars in the last 12 months alone. Typically, babies and young children become locked in

cars when vehicle doors are accidentally shut with the keys left inside. The fire service is normally called to release a child if there are concerns for its immediate

welfare, for example if the child is very distressed or during periods of hot weather. Rescues like this fall under the 1,400 ‘special service’ incidents that SYFR attends each year, including freeing people from road traffic collisions, water rescues, flooding, animal rescues and lift releases. That’s on top of the thousands of house, property and smaller fires it also attends each year. To avoid lock ins parents are advised to keep their car keys with them at all times

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Inspirational Nasheed Singer Launches New Album

Internationally renowned and Sheffield's very own Ahmad Hussain has released his hugely anticipated follow up album "My Beloved". The album is a tribute to his beloved mother as she was sadly diagnosed with cancer early last year. The album consists of 13 Nasheed's in multiple languages and the production of the album involved many musicians from countries around the world and from continents such as Asia, Africa and Europe. The tracks featured on the album are full of spirituality and with thought provoking lyrics, it is

sure to touch the hearts of all. Ahmad has also released another ground breaking Nasheed video entitled "Muhammad" (PBUH) which was shot on location in New York by a talented director from the USA. This follows on from his hugely successful videos "My Beloved" and "Ya Taiba" which has received more than a million views on you tube. Ahmad has also performed at many International events around the world promoting his message of peace, love and unity. One of his more recent and notable performances was

at the ICNA convention in the USA, which was attended by over 20 thousand people and had renowned and respectable scholars from the Muslim world. My beloved was released on June the 20th in the UK followed by an international launch and is now available at all reputable book stores and online through Itunes. You can connect with Ahmad Hussain on social media @ w w w. t w i t t e r. c o m / AhmadHussain w w w.fa c e b o o k . co m / officialahmadhussain

Stay Safe This Ramadan People are being urged to stay well this Ramadan, whether at home or away. As the holy month of Ramadan falls during June and July this year, Local Council P:ublic Health Teams are urging those taking part to take extra care whilst fasting during hot weather, either at home or if travelling away. Ramadan is a time of reflection, and many people try to adopt a better balanced life at this time, so it is a great time to change lifestyles and stop risky behaviours such as smoking. Staying healthy and hydrated is particularly important during hot weather. If you are travelling away to countries such as Pakistan, India or Saudi Arabia during Ramadan, make sure you have the correct vaccinations. You can also check with your Pharmacist, GP or Practice Nurse about extra provisions you may need to take such as water purification tablets, malaria tablets or diarrhoea relief. The biggest problem during this Ramadan, however, is dehydration as the fasts last from dawn to sunset which, at this time of year, means nearly 19 hours. People are being urged to

follow the advice below: - Drink plenty of water and avoid excessive amounts caffeine - Signs of possible dehydration which you should look out for are: If you produce very little or no urine; If you begin to feel faint, disorientated or confused; or If you have a persistent and severe headache. If this happens you must stop fasting and sip plenty of water. Do not take aspirin or paracetamol as this may aggravate symptoms of dehydration. Islam does not require you to harm yourself to fulfil the fast. If you need to break a fast due to health reasons, this can be compensated for by fasting once you are well again. Diabetics often wonder whether they can fast or not. Diabetics controlled by diet

alone can successfully fast, as long as they do not over-indulge at breakfast. Those taking insulin need to take careful advice from their specialist adviser, as it may not be possible to fast without considerable changes to your dosage regime. For those on tablets, the issue very much depends on which ones are being taken. The advice is always consult with your normal specialist adviser in order to take the safest course. Staying cool and hydrated is good advice for anyone, whether or not they are fasting, during a heatwave. In the event of hot weather, there are things that can be done to avoid suffering adverse effects, these include: Reducing the amount of physical activity taken Staying out of the sun at peak hours (11am-3pm) Eating more cold foods such as salads and fruit which contain more water at breakfast Splashing your face regularly with cold water Putting a damp cloth on the back of the neck Swilling the mouth with water (allowed during Ramadan)

Sheffield’s £165Million Obesity Timebomb A £165 million obesity timebomb could ‘explode’ with disastrous consequences for Sheffield’s health if urgent action is not taken to stop people getting fat, the council has warned. A Sheffield Council report says the city’s expanding waistline is putting pressure on spending, and officers have outlined a raft of proposals aimed at slashing a shocking ‘overweight rate’. Some 59.9 per cent of adults in Sheffield are overweight or obese according to the Child and Adult Weight Management Commissioning and Procurement Plan report. The document also reveals almost one in four – or 22 per cent – of all pregnant mums-to-

be are too fat, something which could increase infant mortality. And the 32 per cent of people aged 15 or over who are overweight is likely to be an underestimate the report states – which also reveals one in six reception-age school children is overweight or obese. The cost of treating the city’s resultant health problems could be as much as £165m per year by 2015, including £14.5m in estimated annual obesityrelated sickness costs and £11.5m spent directly treating obesity. The report has revealed a planned increase in spending on overweight and obesity services to tackle the issue, as well as a diversion of funding

from late intervention towards early prevention. Sheffield Council cabinet member Coun Jack Scott, who worked on the report, says action must be taken now or the city will face the consequences in the future. He said: “This is about preventing a ticking timebomb. If we did nothing it would be a disaster in the long term – we would have this explode on us.” Coun Scott revealed ‘ambitious’ plans to halve the number of overweight people in Sheffield in five years, focusing on stopping people getting overweight in the first place as well as educating parents.

New Ramadan and Eid ‘hashflags’ on Twitter Twitter has introduced "hashflags" for users observing Ramadan and celebrating Eid. It follows the popular country flags introduced during the

world cup in Brazil. Anyone tweeting #Ramadan or #Eid, in Arabic or English will see special icons – a crescent moon and Arabic calligraphy

next to the tags. Twitter said, ""More than 1.5 billion Muslims around the world will observe the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar as Ramadan, the month of fasting, and they will also gather on Twitter to share their celebration. In fact, based on our research, people sent more than 74.2m tweets about Ramadan from around the world last year."

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MY UNIQUE EXPERIENCE IN SHEFFIELD Ben Hansen “America and England, two Western countries whose primary spoken language is English. They can’t be that different, can they?” This is what I wondered before coming to England. America and England are very different, and I have learned that through different experiences during my time here. I attend a small private school in St. Paul, Minnesota. The cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, often referred to as the “Twin Cities” have a diverse demographic, but I quickly learned that the diversity of the Twin Cities does not compare with that of Sheffield. I am here in Sheffield for seven weeks this summer with a team of nine other people on a cultural exchange program. The amount of diversity in Sheffield amazes Ben and Raja me, and it has been a great joy to see and experience different graciously given me the born and raised in England, but opportunity to join him as he still have a close connection with cultures. meets with many Pakistani Pakistani culture due to their One of the cultures I’ve people he has spent years parents and other relatives. experienced more than any getting to know. One other unique experience other while in Sheffield is Pakistani culture. Through a In the last few weeks I have that I got to have just the other friend of mine, I have been able been able to meet and spend night here in Sheffield was to attend different events and time with Fayyaz Hussain, Chief attending a Pakistani musical meet a range of people from Editor at ILM News. He has event at Arooj Restaurant. We Pakistan, as well as many from been kind to allow a friend and were blessed to watch and listen the region of Kashmir. I have a I into his office, and we’ve had to a live musical performance particular interest in learning great conversations over tea. I from Raja Abidhussain. The about Pakistani culture because I have learned quite a bit about music was fantastic, and I really enjoy the variety in God’s world. Pakistani politics, religion, family did enjoy it despite the fact It has been a pleasure for me to life, and even learning what that I couldn’t understand the be able to experience a small bit different words mean. I am also words. I have learned much in of Pakistani culture during my intrigued by the love for poetry my first few weeks of different in Pakistan. I have even found I experiences with Pakistani time in Sheffield. prefer Pakistani tea over English culture, but I know there is yet The first, and I would say the tea I have tasted. I’ve also been more to learn. I am eager to most valuable, way I have able to talk with other Pakistani continue learning, and I look learned about Pakistani culture people that my friend knows forward to more experiences is simply through meeting and in Sheffield; some of them that will help me understand talking with many different have moved to Sheffield to do Pakistani culture in the future. Pakistani people. My friend has business here, while others were

Learning A Second Language ‘Slows Down Brain Ageing’ Speaking a second language can slow down the ageing of the brain, a study has said. The positive effects of being bilingual occur even if someone learns a new language during adulthood. The study is the first to examine whether learning a second language impacts cognitive performance

later in life while controlling for childhood intelligence. Millions of people around the world acquire their second language later in life. Our study shows that bilingualism, even when acquired in adulthood, may benefit the aging brain. Around 835 English native speakers were given an

intelligence test in 1947, at the age of 11, and then again in their early 70s, between 2008 and 2010. Of the study's respondents, 262 people knew more than one language - 195 of them had learned the second language before 18, while 67 had acquired the skill in adulthood. After analysing the data from the intelligence tests, the researchers concluded that those who spoke another language had better scores in terms of of intelligence and cognitive abilities. The benefits of being bilingual were seen both in people who acquired the second language early and those who picked it up later in life.

Destitute Britain UK Has Poorest People in Western Europe according to a new study. However, the lowest 20% in this country have an average disposable income of just £5,506 – the poorest in western Europe. According to the report, the plight of Britain's bottom 20% bears closer resemblance to the under-

classes of Slovenia and the Czech Republic than anything to be found among Europe's economic powerhouses. "Simply, for the millions of people comprising the poorest fifth of our population, life is much worse here than it is for the poorest fifth in virtually every other north-west European country - countries

we would like to think of as our equals," stated the study. Most people think our living standards in the UK are similar to economies like France and Germany, but being poor in the UK is more like being poor in the former Soviet Bloc than in Western Europe.

The Truth About Britishness The number of people who think you must speak English to be considered “truly British” has increased over the last 10 years, a survey has found, BBC reported. The annual British Social Attitudes report found 95% of people thought it was important to speak English to be British, compared with 86% in 2003. It also found 61% thought EU immigrants should have to wait three years before being able to claim benefits. Almost a quarter said the main reason immigrants came to the UK was benefits. NatCen Social Research has been running its report for 31 years. It surveyed more than 3,000 people to assess changing social attitudes in Britain. The proportion of people who said a person must have lived in Britain for most of their life to be

considered British went up from 69% in 2003 to 77%. The report found fewer people believed legal immigrants who were not British citizens should have the same rights as British citizens – dropping from 40% in 2003 to 27%. Some 74% said it was important to have been born in Britain to be considered British, while 28% of people outside London thought immigration was good for the economy, compared to 54% in London. The number of people who believe immigrants increase crime rates in Britain went up from 37% in 2003 to 43% in

2013. Other key findings include: Half thought the main reason immigrants come to Britain was for work, but 24% said the main reason was to claim benefits Around half (51%) said it was important to have British ancestry to be considered British, while 24% said you needed to be Christian Some 85% said it is important to respect Britain’s political institutions and laws to be “truly British” In Scotland, 62% thought an independent Scotland should keep the same King or Queen as England, while 79% of Scots said they should continue to use the pound The survey indicated almost 70% of people in England and Wales believed an independent Scotland should be allowed to share the pound.

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Aspirin ‘Is Wrong Drug For 200,000 Heart Patients

Doctors should prescribe newer medications rather than using the "smokescreen" of aspirin to treat a common heart condition, guidance released today advises. Aspirin had commonly been used to treat atrial fibrillation (AF), a heart rhythm disorder, which affects 1.5% of the population. The latest research from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) advises doctors not to prescribe it to AF patients but to use instead anticoagulant drugs which prevent blood clots forming.

Aspirin has been a little bit of a smokescreen to anticoagulation. We now know it is not safer and it's questionable whether it has any effect at all. It is thought around 200,000 patients in England are currently on aspirin for their AF. Under the guidelines, patients should not stop taking aspirin automatically, but instead make an appointment with their GP to discuss their options. Seven thousand strokes and 2,000 premature deaths could be avoided if people with an irregular heart rhythm were diagnosed and medicated properly, research suggests, as just half of those who should be on anticoagulants are. Under new guidance a range of newer oral anticoagulants will be recommended.

‘It’s The End Of The World’: Social Media Mayhem As Facebook Crashes When the world's most popular social network crashes everybody panics. The site, which has 1.3 billion users around the world, went offline for half an hour on a morning last month. Within minutes, Facebook was a top trending topic on Twitter worldwide, with people jokingly asking: "Where were you when Facebook died?" The outage was reported around the world; in countries including Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and Holland. The panic was short-lived as after 30 minutes users reported

the site was functioning again. So far, Facebook has not explained why the problem occurred. Facebook crashed in the U.S. in February this year, after previously going offline for four hours in October last year due to network maintenance. The outage is expected to have cost the website hundreds of thousands of dollars. On another note, Facebook will pay a minimum $500 (£295) reward to anyone who can hack the site - as long as they don't disclose personal information about others and give techies 24 hours to fix the issue.

Safe Sunshine Delivers Vitamin D Boost skin such as people who are African, African-Caribbean, Middle Eastern or South Asian

Children and pregnant women are being encouraged to spend at least 15-20 minutes in the sunshine everyday to boost the amount of vitamin D they produce naturally especially between the months of April to September. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, adults and children at risk and everyone over the age of 65 in particular should follow the advice.

at risk of vitamin D deficiency and this is of particular concern especially for at-risk groups which include : • • • • •

Nearly all vitamin D is made in our body from sunlight and is vital to help the body absorb calcium and help make healthy bones and muscles. We know that some people are more •

All pregnant and breastfeeding women, Infants and young children under 5 years of age Teenagers Older people aged 65 years and over People who have low or no exposure to the sun, for example those who cover their skin for cultural reasons, who are housebound or confined indoors for long periods People who have darker

The guidance is that everyone should aim to get 15 to 20 minutes in the sun without sunscreen between 11am and 3pm everyday. We produce vitamin D in the summer months and store it in our bodies for the winter. If you stay indoors a lot, use sunscreen immediately or wear clothes that cover your skin, this can limit the amount you can produce and affect your health. On really hot days, people with fair or sensitive skin might need to be extra careful not to redden their skin.

A lack of vitamin D can cause rickets in children as well as cause bone pain and muscle weakness. Vitamin D supplementation is advised to all pregnant women, all children under the age of six months, and children considered ‘at risk’ under the age of two. These supplements help to reduce the risk of Vitamin D deficiency and are important but sunshine on a regular basis is a much more effective way of increasing vitamin D levels.

Children with darker skin may need longer in the sun without sunscreen to enable their body to make the vitamin D that they need. Babies under 6 months should always be kept out of direct sunlight.

Too Much Sleep In Middle Age ‘Hits Brain Power’ Having too much sleep in middle age could be as bad as not getting enough, say researchers. A study of almost 9,000 men and women found that people aged 50 to 64 who sleep for less than six and more than eight hours a night have worse decision-making ability and memories. But for older adults aged 65 to 89, brain power was only impaired if they slept over eight hours a night. And getting the right amount of sleep at an older age may prevent mental illness in later life such as

dementia. Sleep is important for good health and mental wellbeing. Optimising sleep at an older age may help to delay the decline in brain function seen with age, or may slow or prevent the rapid decline that leads to dementia. The amount of sleep people need and its effect on their health changes with age. Six to eight hours of sleep per night is particularly important for optimum brain function in younger adults. Results

were consistent with previous research, which showed six to eight hours per night was optimal for physical health, including lowest risk of developing obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Further research to better understand the links between sleep quality and our risk of dementia is needed before we can know whether improving our sleep quality could prevent the condition.

Royal Family Costs British Taxpayers 56P Per Person The Royal Family spent £36.1m of taxpayers’ money last year - a figure portrayed by royal aides as 56p for every person in the country. The Sovereign Grant, which is set at 15% of profits made by the Crown Estate, rose from £31m in 2012/13. Buckingham Palace was at pains to highlight how all of the extra money was spent on maintaining and repairing palaces and castles. The accounts show spending on property maintenance increased by £4.2m to £13.3m - a real terms rise of 45%

as the Royal Family attempted to tackle a “backlog” of restoration work. A total of 133 projects costing more than £3,500 were carried out across the estate. Kensington Palace’s Apartment 1A, which has been renovated as a new home for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, saw costs spiral to £4.1m from an original estimate of £1m. The accounts also showed the total cost of official travel fell by £300,000 to £4.2m. Travel costs incurred by the Prince of Wales amounted to more than £1m, including £434,000 on his visit to India with the Duchess of Cornwall in November, £255,000 for him to attend Nelson Mandela’s funeral in December and another £245,000 on a trip to the Middle East. The Queen, who topped the first Sunday Times

Rich List in 1989, is now worth £330m but that is only enough to see her ranked 285th in the latest Sunday Times Rich List for 2014.

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email: Society in 1947. The president of Pakistan is also the president of PRCS while the provincial governors are the ppresidents of the provincial organisations. The current chairman is Dr Saeed Elahi and there is a managing body, a secretary general, an assistant secretary general, a director operations, a director finance and supporting Recently, Dr Saeed Elahi, chairman PRCS invited staff. me to his office to update me on the work being done by them. Dr Saeed Elahi, is a former Punjab The mission and vision of the PRCS are: 1) To parliamentarian and was also parliamentary alleviate the sufferings of the most vulnerable secretary health. As a medical professional and populations by mobilising the power of due to his past experiences, he is very suited humanity and 2) to be the leading humanitarian for the job. I had met Dr Saeed at a fundraising organisation of Pakistan which is dynamic, function at Avari Towers, Lahore (generously self-reliant and committed to preventing and hosted by Behram Avari) for the construction of alleviating human suffering at national and a 200-bed welfare hospital being set up in Lahore international levels while at the same time acting in compliance with the fundamental principles by my colleagues and I. and humanitarian values of the Red Cross and The International Committee of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movements. (ICRC) was founded by Henry Dunant, a Swiss businessman, who was moved by the plight of Their core activities are: 1) disaster preparedness; unattended and uncared for wounded soldiers 2) disaster response; 3) health care; and 4) after a battle in Solferino, Italy (1859). His mission organisational development. Core priorities are: was to: 1) set up relief societies which could 1) capacity building in disaster management; care for the wounded in time of war and 2) to 2) extension of basic health facilities in remote formalise a set of rules for the protection of those areas; 3) extension of PRCS infrastructure throughout Pakistan; 4) enlargement of PRCS’s wounded in war and those assisting them. volunteer base; and 5) enlargement of first aid Dunant’s campaign resulted in a Geneva trained base. The priorities are: 1) extension of Committee ICRC in 1863 and the first Geneva emergency ambulance service in major cities; 2) Convention in 1864. Now the ICRC is represented awareness/prevention of HIV/AIDS and infectious in more than 80 countries. In 1919 the League of hepatitis B and C; 3) enlargement of safe, quality Red Cross Societies was created as a membership blood programme; 4) achieving self-reliance; and organisation and in 1919 it was renamed 5) image-building through befitting projection of International Federation of Red Cross and Red PRCS activities. Crescent Societies (IFRC). The organisation has 7 fundamental principles: 1) humanity; 2) The PRCS has a well-established and efficient impartiality; 3) neutrality; 4) volunteer service; 5) infrastructure consisting of 92 district branches, 37 disaster management cells, 103 health independence; 6) universality; and 7) unity. units, 7 blood banks, 109 ambulances, 253,000 The PRCS was first established as the Indian volunteers, 130,000 first aid trained staff, 443 Red Cross Society in 1920. After Partition, it trained disaster relief training members and was renamed as the Pakistan Red Crescent disaster preparedness stocks for over 35,000 The Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) is one of the foremost organisations providing humanitarian aid to the needy and disasteraffected people of Pakistan. I have been familiar with their activities for many years and used to visit their headquarters.

Angelina Jolie Made An Honorary Dame The “Maleficent” actress was among the stars it for all of mine.” recognised in Queen Elizabeth’s list of Birthday Jolie cannot be addressed as Dame because she Honours for her dedication to campaigning is a foreign citizen. against sexual violence and the use of rape as a weapon of war. The 39-year-old Oscar-winning beauty, who is the co-founder of the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PVSI), said: “To receive an honour related to foreign policy means a great deal to me, as it is what I wish to dedicate my working life to. “Working on PVSI and with survivors of rape is an honour in itself. I know that succeeding in our goals will take a lifetime, and I am dedicated to

Kids Eat FREE Crystal Peaks Delicious Kashmiri Cuisine

Children under 4 Eat FREE at aagrah Crystal Peaks Offer applicable to one child per one paying adult. 7 days a week.

families. The central head office and all the Then came the gigantic challenge of handling provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Kashmir, Fata, millions of Afghan refugees, the PRCS providing them with tents, medical care, food and etc. all have healthcare facilities. educational facilities for the children. This All this background information was given to me continues till today and there doesn’t seem an at the beautiful HQ of PRCS situated in the lush end in sight. In 2005 the terrible earthquake green area of H-8, Islamabad where I was received resulted in the death of almost 100,000 people by Dr. Saeed Elahi and all his senior colleagues. and millions were injured. Again the PRCS One of Pakistan’s famous journalists, analyst, came to the rescue. They looked after about writer and dear friend, Mujibur Rahman Shami, four million affectees and spent Rs7 billion on had also been invited as he was in Islamabad at supporting them. Then they had to jump in and help those affected by the terrible floods of 2008. the time. He has a great sense of humour. In 2009 the internally displaced persons from Swat and Malakand (due to army action) were efficiently and properly taken care of at a cost of Rs4 billion. In 2010, due to floods and landslides, almost 400,000 people were displaced with PRCS providing Rs60 million worth of assistance. They also provided assistance to the tune of Rs10 billion to the more than four million affectees of the last floods. All this humanitarian service is Dr Saeed Elahi introduced his senior colleagues highly commendable. to me. Notable amongst them were Dr Mahboob Sarker, secretary general, and Air-Vice Marshal Everyone will appreciate that, for such huge and Ateeb Siddiqui, assistant secretary general. The widespread services, huge amounts of funds air-vice marshal turned out to be an acquaintance are required. The government helps as much from my Kahuta days when I used be a regular as possible, but that alone is not enough. I am, lecturer at their facilities. He is an extremely therefore, requesting all well-to-do Pakistanis, amicable, refined and competent person (a great both local and expatriate, to help PRCS with drawback in Pakistan for reaching a top slot). He generous donations. explained the activities of the PRCS in detail. Here I would like to describe some of its achievements. Local transfers can be made to: A/c No. 1650500064,Askari Bank,G-8, Islamabad. Foreign The organisation was set up immediately after currency transfers can be made to A/c No. Partition and had to cope with the gigantic task 750500400084, Askari Bank, Aabpara Branch, of taking care of millions of looted, wounded Islamabad. These donations are exempted from refugees from across the border, most of them income tax. Dr Saeed Elahi and his dedicated coming to Punjab and Sindh. In 1965 and 1971 it team will ensure that the best use is made of all helped those affected by the wars with India, the donations. For further information, please go to families of those martyred and the prisoners of war. They did excellent work in Punjab and Sindh after the 1974 floods by providing medical care, Email: food and shelter. I remember one occasion in particular. He was part of a discussion panel in a TV programme when someone (one of Musharraf’s stooges) remarked that Dr A Q Khan claimed to have made atom bombs. Shami instantaneously quipped back: “No, he did not make it, you have made it.” The questioner’s face fell and he could not utter a word in response.

Drivers To Be Fined £10,000 Drivers caught speeding on motorways could be fined up to £10,000 under plans being considered by the Government. Magistrates would be able to issue fines four times larger they can at present, with maximum penalties for a range of offences including drink-driving and driving with defective tyres or brakes, socalled ‘level four’ offences, all increasing to £10,000. People convicted of criminal

damage, racially aggravated disorder or failing to provide a drugs sample could all be fined the same amount. Meanwhile, motorists who ignore red traffic lights or use their mobile phone while driving, both of which are ‘level three’ offences, could be given fines of up to £4,000 – up from £1,000 at present. Courts would also be able to levy unlimited fines for the most serious crimes dealt with by the lower courts, such as

arson, fraud and animal cruelty, which at present attract penalties of up to £5,000. The Government paved the way for the huge increase – the first in more than two decades – when it passed new legislation in 2012. Magistrates will be given “greater powers” they need to punish offenders. Legislation to increase the levels of fines will be laid before Parliament and will be debated before coming into force.

FREE BiRthday dinnER PREsEnt from AAgrAh

if it’s you’re birthday aagrah will give you a free meal at aagrah Crystal Peaks and complimentary cake with sparklers when accompanied by a minimum party of 10.

200 Waterthorpe Greenway, Crystal Peaks, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S20 8LY · For Reservations Call: 0114 248 2049 ·

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RCN 1037782Ê

Many of us will break our fast with luxurious food in the comforts of our homes, but millions around the world are forced to continue their fast due an absence of food, clean water and shelter. Families Relief have launched a special Ramadaan campaign to provide essential food assistance to the millions requiring urgent aid in these countries. Millions have been displaced in Syria, thousands have fled Burma, food insecurity is rife in Pakistan and millions of Gazans depend on food handouts. Donate today and provide families with food, clean water and medical aid

Food ParcelsÊ Parcels From OnlyÊ

By giving a food parcel today you are

£30Ê £30

bridging the gap between the health and nutrition to thousands of people suffering from severe devastating malnutrition.

Clean WaterÊ Water From OnlyÊ

£15p/mÊ p/m

Clean water is a luxury, but by donating to us, Families Relief will provide water to rehydrate thirsty families this Ramadaan

Medical AidÊ Aid Help restore good health and wellbeing

From OnlyÊ

£60Ê £60

by providing medical aid to hospitals to heal the sick and casualties of conflicts




0114 365 4454 or onlineÊ Northern Office - 133 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, S7 1FE | Tel 07791 389 596 Registered Head Office: Crown House, North Circular Rd, London NW10 7PNÊ

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Business Development Manager Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

Buying a business can be quicker, easier and less risky than starting one from scratch. It might also be easier to borrow money to buy a business with an established customer base, supplier network and healthy balance sheet. Why buy a business? People have different reasons for buying a business. Some want to be fully hands-on in the day-to-day management of a business, while others are happy to let others run the show, as long as profits are generated. Some want to buy

a safe and stable enterprise, while others enjoy the challenge of saving a sinking ship. For many investors, it’s all about the money: maximum return on investment as quickly and easily as possible. But if you don’t have the capital to buy that type of opportunity, you’ll have to set your sights lower, work harder and be prepared to wait longer. You might want to stick to a sector you already know or try something completely different. Buying in to a franchise might offer less risk – but less control and profit, too. Before buying a business you must consider whether ownership will satisfy your needs financial, lifestyle, professional and personal. Potential pitfalls of buying a business Consider why the current owner wants to sell. Maybe there are serious problems or signs of bad times ahead. Perhaps major investment

Email: is necessary and they have neither the money nor energy required. Maybe they’ve simply had enough and want to retire or do something else. Buying any worthwhile business will require significant capital, as well as money for professional fees and quite possibly additional investment. Buying a business can also be very stressful and time-consuming. There are other dangers, too. A change in ownership could severely affect staff morale or lead to longstanding customers going elsewhere. Sellers are also likely to keep problems hidden, which means potential buyers must scrutinise every aspect of the business in fine detail. Where to find businesses for sale With the moving times the best place to search for businesses for sale would be on the Internet. A simple Google search can throw up many leads, especially for agents in your area. Probably the best place to search is for businesses in the Yorkshire and Greater Manchester region, which features a huge range of available enterprises for sale. Business brokers can act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. They might be able to steer you in the direction of businesses for sale.

SHEFFIELD TRAFFIC CONGESTION AMONG UK’S WORST New research has revealed that Sheffield showed Here is a list of the top ten most congested the biggest increase in congestion across the UK, cities: with delays in the city now amounting to over 3 1) Belfast days lost per year. 2) London And drivers taking ‘rat-run’ short cuts could 3) Edinburgh actually be making their journeys slower, 4) Bristol according to a survey. 5) Brighton & Hove The figures compiled from TomTom's traffic data 6) Manchester have put Sheffield at number 8 in a list of the UK's 7) Leeds-Bradford most congested cities. 8) Sheffield But Leeds and Bradford had the largest decrease 9) Liverpool in time spent in traffic jams. 10) Nottingham

Crackdown On Fatty Foods Under New School Meals Guidelines A crackdown on fatty and sweet foods is being launched as part of new standards on school meals unveiled by the government today. Milk must also be available to primary and secondary pupils during the school day under the new rules which come into force in January. Pupils will only be offered two portions of deep-fried, battered and bread-crumb coated foods each week under the rules outlined by Education Secretary Michael Gove. These new food standards will ensure all children are able to eat healthy, nutritious meals at school. Crucially it must be achieved this

without any compromise on quality or nutrition. Pastry-based dishes will be subject to the same restrictions, schools will be completely banned from offering chocolate and confectionery in canteens and tuck shops, and salt will not be available for pupils to add to food after it is cooked. The revised school food standards will be mandatory in all maintained schools, new academies and free schools when they come into force in January. Hopefully these standards will preserve the nutritional gains that have already been made in school food while allowing greater flexibility.

Otherwise, speak to people in your local business network – friends, family, business contacts. Valuing a business To avoid paying over the odds, seek help from an accountant or business broker when valuing a business. The seller might have named their price, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it for less. When valuing a business, you must consider its history, people, premises, location, products/ services, turnover, profit, cashflow, debts, costs, assets (including intangible ones such as reputation and intellectual property), market share/customers, reasons for sale and any relevant legal or regulatory issues. If there are no major issues and a sale price is agreed, due diligence must take place. This involves checking information provided by the seller. There are three forms of due diligence: legal (ie confirmation that the seller has the right to sell the business and its assets and isn't facing any actions); commercial (ie verification of market position); and, perhaps most importantly of all, financial (ie that the business’ books are in order and claims made by the seller are correct).

IKEA WINS Sheffield is set to get its longawaited Ikea at last - as planners approved proposals for a £60m store in the city. The massive shop, earmarked for the old Tinsley Wire site in Carbrook, will be a ‘considerable asset’ to Sheffield, boosting the local economy, providing 700 jobs and attracting extra visitors. While officers admit the development will add to pollution, cause traffic congestion to worsen at busy times, and have a ‘marginal detrimental impact’ on city centre trade, the huge benefits of an Ikea have finally tipped the balance in the Swedish furniture giant’s favour. The approval comes over a year after the original application was lodged – and more than a decade since Ikea’s initial plan

for a store off the Parkway was rejected. But Ikea will have to comply with a raft of highways conditions before the shop opens, to meet traffic and environmental concerns. A contribution of nearly £2 million will have to be made towards building the Tinsley Link Road, and £360,000 towards improvements on the northbound slip road of junction 34 on the M1. The company has also offered funding of £1.5m for further highway works if journey time delays are ‘significantly worse than predicted’. A park and ride facility with 167 spaces for cars will need to be provided, along with electric charging points for customers’ cars and screens providing

visitors with information on pollution levels. All home deliveries made from the store to the S1, S2, S3, S4 and S9 postcodes must be made by electric vehicles. In total, 18 objections were received, including two from John Lewis, five from Meadowhall, and three from steel company Outokumpu. John Lewis claims an Ikea would draw trade from the city centre, while Meadowhall – in favour ‘in principle’ – objects on traffic grounds. Environmental health campaigners have also lined up in opposition. However, 160 representations were made in favour of the scheme, along with a petition signed by more than 500 people. The store is set to open next year.

UK Population Grows By Over 400,000 The population of the United Kingdom increased by more than 400,000 last year, according to the latest official figures. The Office for National Statistics estimated there were 64.1 million people in the UK in June 2013, a rise of 0.63% on the previous year. London saw a quarter of the growth in population. Experts attribute the growth to natural change like births without deaths and migration which showed a rise

of 46%. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the British population grew more last year than in any other EU country. While there were 212,100 more births than deaths, the figures show 183,400 more immigrants arriving in the UK than emigrants leaving. The estimated population increased in England by 0.7% to 53.9 million, in Scotland by 0.27% to 5.3 million, in Wales by 0.27% to 3.1 million, and in

Northern Ireland by 0.33% to 1.8 million. The estimates showed the population of the UK had risen by more than the average seen across the European Union, exceeding the growth rate in its four most populous member states. The ONS said the UK population had increased by about five million since 2001 and by more than 10 million since 1964.

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Islamic Relief Launches Ramadan ‘Pound For Pound’ Campaign Donations to Islamic Relief in the UK this Ramadan will be matched pound for pound by additional funding from the UK Government it has been announced. The charity’s new partnership with the Department for International Development was announced by its UK Director, Jehangir Malik last month. Mr Malik was speaking at the ‘Welcoming Ramadan’ dinner alongside leading political commentator and broadcaster Mehdi Hasan and the Bishop of Manchester, the Rt Rev David Walker. “Sudan is where it all began for Islamic Relief, because we were set up in 1984 to respond to the famine there,” said Jehangir Malik. “We are delighted to announce in our 30th anniversary year that our supporters can double their donations this Ramadan through match funding from the UK Government up to a maximum of £5 million, enabling us not only to assist poor communities around the world but also to improve health, education, water and earning potential for over 113,000 people in 54 villages in Sudan.” Mehdi Hasan, Political Director of the Huffington Post and a long-standing supporter of Islamic Relief, says: “You could say that the work done by Islamic Relief both at home and abroad, both with Muslims and

non-Muslims, shows British Islam at its best: selfless, generous, engaged, outwardlooking, community-minded. "Surveys suggest British Muslims give more to charity than any other faith group in the UK. The coming month of Ramadan is yet another opportunity for us to dig deep and donate to charities like Islamic Relief which do such vital humanitarian work in some of the poorest corners of the world.” The Bishop of Manchester, the Rt Rev David Walker, said: “The relief of those in need is a prime commitment held in common by the major world faiths. I am proud to be the guest of such a prestigious organisation as Islamic Relief, whose work is a powerful testimony to the generosity of Muslim people here and elsewhere.” British Muslims donate over £100 million to charity during Ramadan, and Islamic Relief receives around a third of its annual income during Ramadan. The aim of Islamic Relief’s new project in Sudan is to get beyond short-term fixes and help families rebuild their lives by making long-term improvements in the provision of clean water, education and healthcare, and by creating lasting opportunities for people to earn a living. Almost three quarters of the people in the West Darfur

and Blue Nile areas of Sudan can’t get clean water easily, so Islamic Relief will build 122 new water points close to people’s homes. Nearly half the population can’t get healthcare, so Islamic Relief will rebuild and stock clinics, train health staff and tackle malaria. Many children don’t attend school due to long distances and poor facilities – especially girls, who are kept at home to fetch water and often get married young. So Islamic Relief will rebuild and equip schools near to girls’ homes, train teachers and provide basic facilities like latrines and school meals. It will also train women and young people in new vocational skills to help them earn a living, as well as supporting farmers and livestock owners with training and equipment.

Bradfords Local Pakistani actors Nadeem Butt, Mohammad Rafique, Mehmood Sultan and Bollywood actor Aqib Khan who had worked together in 2011 in the Bollywood movie ‘West is West’. Now working together on the movie ‘Peace of Islam’. Shooting has been completed.

Thousands Forged English Results Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said about 48,000 immigrants may have fraudulently obtained English language certificates despite being unable to speak English. Brokenshire told the Commons that an inquiry into abuse of the student visa system had found evidence of criminal activity, which would now be investigated fully. Of the 48,000 certificates, 29,000 were invalid and 19,000 were “questionable”. Immigration Officers uncovered evidence of “serious concern” at some campuses, and the

government has downgraded Glyndwr University in northeast Wales from its status as a “highly-trusted sponsor” of student visas. In addition, 57 private further education colleges had also had their licences for admitting foreign students suspended. A further two universities – the University of Bedfordshire and University of West London – are no longer allowed to sponsor new students pending further investigations, which will decide whether they too should be suspended. Immigration enforcement

officers had started work to identify migrants who were in the country illegally as a result of the falsified language tests so they could be removed. Each year, around 100,000 non-EU students get their visas to stay in the UK extended. The Panorama programme broadcast in February sent non-EU students – who were already in the UK legally – undercover. They posed as bogus students with poor English, who wanted to remain in the UK to work illegally.

UK Joins Islamic Banking With Sukuk UK become the first country outside the Islamic world to issue sovereign Sukuk The British government has cemented Britain’s position as the western hub for Islamic finance by becoming the first country outside the Islamic world to issue sovereign Sukuk, the Islamic equivalent of a bond. The government confirmed that £200 million of Sukuk, maturing on 22 July 2019, have been sold to investors based in the UK and in the major hubs for Islamic finance around the world. The UK’s first sovereign Sukuk received very strong demand, with orders totalling around £2.3 billion, and allocations have been made to a wide range of

investors including sovereign wealth funds, central banks and domestic and international financial institutions. Investors from the major centres for Islamic finance in the Middle East, Asia and Britain were all represented in the final allocation. The profit rate on the Sukuk has been set at 2.036% in line with the yield on gilts of similar maturity. The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said: The issuance of Britain’s first sovereign Sukuk delivers on the government’s commitment to become the western hub of Islamic finance and is part of our long term economic plan to make Britain the undisputed centre of the global financial

system. We have seen very strong demand for the Sukuk, resulting in a price that delivers good value for money for the taxpayer. I hope that the success of this government issuance will encourage further private sector issuances of Sukuk in the UK.” By issuing sovereign Sukuk, the government has demonstrated that it is possible to create a successful British base for Islamic finance. Britain’s sovereign Sukuk uses the Al-Ijara structure, the most common structure for sovereign Sukuk, with rental payments on property providing the income for investors. The Sukuk is underpinned by three central government properties. Its issue will settle on 2 July 2014, and will be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Business For Sale Indian Takeaway • It compromises of two shop unit on a main road, only 1 unit currently being used and the other unit was used as a sandwich shop in the day. • The premises is situated directly across a pub and along side a ring road leading into the city centre and out from the city centre. • The place is surrounded by student accommodation, professional flats,local residents and the famous Real Ale drinking quarter consisting of about 7 pubs all within 1mile radius. • The business has real scope for progress under the right leadership willing to put a little extra time and effort. • The surrounding area has recently had an approval to build 200 new houses with gardens. • It's currently in the phase to complete a brand new hotel by Hilton which is to be completed in spring and that's being built round the corner as close as 100 yards or so. • The reason for the reluctant sale is due to personal family matters. • The rent on both shop is £10k/annum and the rates are currently exempt. • There is currently 8 years left on the lease which is extendable. • This is a great opportunity for someone who has the drive and ambition. Comes with all fixtures and fitting. • For more details ring Mr Khan 07786023520 Page 17

Autism An Invisible Disability Autism is a wide spectrum neuro-developmental disorder, in which growth and development of the brain for some reason is abnormal. It is characterized by delayed development or absence of communication skills and problems with social interaction. In addition to these characteristics there may be some behavioral problems and repetitive behavior observed in autistic individuals. A majority of Autism sufferers also have obsessions, which are reflected in their actions. The reason why autism is regarded as a broad spectrum disorder is that there are various symptoms and signs of this condition and also no two autistic individuals will have the same characteristics. In Pakistan many children that have delay in learning or problems with studying are autistic however due to lack of awareness autism in these children is never recognized or treated leading to several problems. Children are often scolded at or severely beaten when they get poor grades as in Pakistan people aren’t educated to recognize signs of autism. Sometimes sufferers of autism are beaten, chained up and taken to “Aamils and Pirs” due to the false belief that these individuals are possessed by evil spirits or demons however on the contrary these poor individuals are suffering from behavioural disturbances due to autism and need to be supported to cope with their condition. Therefore due to lack of awareness about this condition people suffering from autism can become victims rather than receiving any support from the community. In contrast developed countries have recognized autism as a disorder or development and a cause of speech delay and offer children specialist services in school to help them overcome the barriers in their learning and progress so these children grow up to be close to normal individuals.

such as lack of emotion, there are some positive traits often seen in autism. Aspergers syndrome which is a variant of autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) is characterized by difficultly in language, speech, communication, social interaction and expressing emotions but sometimes they have extraordinary intelligence especially in the subject of mathematics or science. Autistic individuals also may have extraordinary talent in the field of music or art hence they can be very creative.

use of simple language such an single words and gradually increasing the number of words used to form simple sentences children suffering with autism catch up with other children of the same age group. The following characteristics may be noticed during a child’s development. Speech delay:

Over reactive to loud sounds: The child may overreact to loud sounds becoming easily frightened and do not enjoy the sounds other children would enjoy. Avoiding social interaction: A child that avoids social interaction for example during stay and play groups may have autism. questions and either remains mute or repeats The child may refuse to sit down and avoid other the questions asked. This repeating of questions children. is called echolalia. If any of the above signs are present these may be signs of autism so act without delay. Do Lack of eye contact: contact your doctor or health visitor and ask for In autism there is usually no eye contact and the advice. Usually speech therapist, an educational child does not respond to various stimuli. Level psychologist and early learning teachers are of concentration and attention span may be involved to assess the child and help the child progress. If autism is detected earlier, with the significantly reduced. right support your child can progress and will be better equipped to cope with the challenges of Repetitive behavior: life. If a child shows repetitive behavior this may be

Betel Leaf to face Ban in UK

For years, Betel Leaves have been a staple in Desi cultures. Known as Paan, they are often chewed after dinner as a breath freshener. Paan holds a special place in the hearts of many South Asian people, however now we may be at risk of a paan ban in the UK. As reported by EU’s RASFF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed), paan is considered to be a major cause of salmonella in the UK. The betel leaves are mainly exported from Bangladesh, where they are revered for their relaxing sensation and are often consumed with betel nuts. In 2011, over 140 cases of

Lack of emotions:

If a child shows lack of emotion or dislikes being cuddled or held this could be a warning sign of autism. Autism may lead to clinging to someone If a child has delay in speech and does not say close such as mom, dad or a parental figure. words such as hi, bye or mom and dad then this may be an early warning sign of autism. Speech Preference to stay alone: What signs to look for: is often limited to single words and no sentences Autism is not curable but if it is picked up early are used. The child cannot respond to simple As autism leads to anxiety and fear, the child may prefer to stay alone or in isolation playing in a corner and avoiding people or situations where opportunities of social interaction may arise.

and the right kind of support is made available early then it becomes much easier to cope with the anxiety and stress caused by the difficulties posed to these individuals. The age when autism may be detected is usually 2-3 years. Autism varies from mild to severe. Early recognition helps prevent further learning delay and with the right support depending on the severity of autism these individuals can live like normal individuals. Autism may have an impact on learning which can be counteracted by offering specialist services such as audiovisual support Positive traits of autistic personalities: sign language and one to one teacher to pupil Where autism can lead to loss of certain behaviors learning. Often with lots of repetition and more

With Betel Leaves reported to be one of the main causes of Salmonella, the EU is pushing for a ban on paan which may affect British Asian communities.

an early sign of autism. Switching lights off and on, rocking back and forth, ritualistic behavior, spinning in circles can be suggestive of autism.

microbiological contamination in betel leaves were discovered by EU member states. The European C o m m i s s i o n notified Bangladeshi authorities to resolve the matter and make exported goods safe for consumption. The Food and Veterinary Office of the European Commission paid a visit to Bangladesh in February, 2013 to ensure that this had been met, but found that the safety regulations of foods had yet to be put into place. From the security footage they have concluded that the foods were not being handled appropriately because of a lack of suitable facilities. RASFF reports show that the level of pathogens on betel leaves have risen since 2011. In February 2014, the Commission placed an import ban on betel leaves from Bangladesh. This act is a temporary ban which will last until July 31, 2014. The EU will prevent Bangladeshi betel leaves from being

imported in all member states. Betel leaves from India and Thailand are also being checked to see whether they are safe. With the recent ban on Indian mangoes in the UK, the British Asian community are facing difficult times with the addition of the potential betel leaf ban. Other South Asian foods that are now banned include bitter gourd, snake gourd and aubergine. Betel leaves can be dated back over 2,000 years where in India they were offered to guests as a polite custom and called, ‘PaanSupari’. This is a custom that was brought over to England by the South Asian community. Imported mainly into the UK and Germany, interestingly from 2012, Paan exports have made a profit over £40 million due to its popularity within


South Asian communities. Many businesses could face a huge loss if betel leaves are permanently banned from the UK. But it could also disrupt the ordinary lives of British Asian citizens. The betel leaf has an important quasi-medical role in the British Asian community. Pure leaf on its own is reputed to have medicinal values to reduce cough and chest infection. Older generation Asians rely on the digestive qualities of the betel leaf as their ability to digest meat and spices decreased because of age. The EU claims that it will continue to investigate further and adopt stricter approaches, including sending inspectors to India to check crops for pathogens and pesticide residue.

I've been handed the task to write about our season so far. Now I'm not going to pretend and say I'm a writer so go easy on me. Where do I start? Well we've had our first cup for season 2014. The top 4 teams were invited to take part in Pakistan Muslim Centre's Silver Jubilee celebration. Allama Iqbal executive committee organised a special cup to celebrate this momentous occasion. We had a semi-final and final contested on the same day. Abbeydale v Sharrow and Al-Mahdi v Kashmir. Abbeydale and AlMahdi progressed to the final which was won by Abbeydale Cricket Club. They will now hold onto the trophy for the

next 25 years. Tahir Nawaz promised Abbeydale that his kids will return to take the cup at 50 year celebration, brilliant. So first trophy of the season to Abbeydale Cricket Club. We've had some suprise results in this league. The biggest shock was Hillcliffe beating Earl Marshall. I don't think anyone would have predicted that. Second big upset was Darnall taking all three points from Sharrow. We can't forget to mention Kashmir who stopped AlMahdi's winning streak of 8 games unbeaten. At times I wondered if they could go the full season without losing, however Kashmir made sure that didn't happen. With them taking three points it opened the league up and Sehnsa A have sneaked in and taken top stop. There are a few teams who now think they have a chance. Well it's all to play for, one hopes. I'll finish by mentioning Allama Iqbal cup final which will be contested by Al-mahdi and Kashmir on the 11 August. Good luck to everyone involved in this season, and Ramadan Mubarak to all.

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THE FUTURE OF RETAIL PROPERTY Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant Mark Jenkinson & Son There has been a great deal of talk about the changing High Street, with many people observing numerous empty shops in many town centres,suburban shopping centres and generally. What is the future for retail property?, the answer is not as simple as the question. I will endeavour to put across my thoughts in this article through my experience of working in the property market.

There are many examples of such areas in Sheffield, look at Ecclesall Road, Sharrowale Road, London Road, Hillsborough and many more. I have recently been involved in letting of properties for more traditional users, your local butcher, baker, fishmonger etc. It seems as though customers like buying from a local shops and the old tradition of shopping is going through a renaissance.

It is accepted that over the years, the number of empty retail units has seen a significant increase, just look around your own town and city the evidence is there for all to see. One of the main reasons given for this is the global recession we have seen throughout the world, where many small businesses have closed, this phenomenon is more prevalent in some areas than others. Another reason given is that competition from large retailers has been a contributing factor to such closures. I say a contributing factor because I do not feel that this is as significant factor, as history has shown independent retail traders do have a attraction, just look at London, and many other cities across the world where such retailers are doing well. There is a strong argument that they can co exist with the large retailers.

The traditions of the ancient bazaars or local shopping/socialising areas is as old as mankind, yes there is a strong electronic social media scene but the traditions of meeting in the High Street, Local Shopping Centre or Bazaar is well and truly alive. If you visit Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan, India and I could list a whole host of countries you will see the Bazaars or local shopping centres are well and truly alive. Coming back to this country you can see there are many coffee shops and cafes which are dotted around any retail parade and the numbers are rising whether they are national names or local independents. In turn this encourages other operators to return to the retail parade, in some areas you are seeing art galleries, jewellers, craft shops, dress shops, antique shops and many more returning to the street scene.


thriving businesses,with not only local people but people from outside the city shopping and dining in the City. I was talking to a local trader who said that not only does Bradford attract business from outside the City, but some of their indigenous businesses are now expanding with branches in other towns and cities. Another interesting observation was the development of Bazzars or shopping Plazas which are akin to the concept found in most Asian and Middle Eastern cultures. Many traders in the same location with the vibrancy that brings especially around Eid, even on a weekday evening the trade was very brisk. Clearly they have the pulling power to become tourist attractions. If you have been to Edgware Road in London or Wilmslow Road in Manchester you will see a Cafe/Restaurant environment which would not look out of place in a Middle Eastern country. In Sheffield take a walk along Abbeydale Road it seems to be going through a change with coffee and tea shops and many antiques stores.

I believe we are are witnessing a changing High Street, traditional independent traders are returning, which is good and with change comes a new sense of community spirit. Of course there will always be a role for the larger supermarkets, In the last few days which we have become used to,but there is still a I was in the City Of strong role for the independent trader. Bradford, as ever my attention is always It is clear that as we become more diverse the diverted to property. influences of other cultures will be reflected in I was pleasantly the High Street culture, which makes for a very surprised, if you walk interesting time for the retail property market. along many suburban shopping areas such I believe history has taught us that the Bazaar, as Great Horton High Street, Shopping Centre whatever phrase Road, Leeds Road and you use has reinvented itself many times over others you see very thousands of years and will continue to do so. few empty shops. In After all Shopping is a major pastime for many fact what you see are people, just look at the major centres across the

country. As a investor in retail property you need to be flexible in lease terms, work with a good Surveyor and Solicitor, and above all provide encouragement to a incoming tenant. In times where people are saying the High Street is facing challenging times, I believe it the renaissance of the new High Street, where landlord and tenants need to work together for the greater good. In conclusion I believe the High Street, Bazaar is here to stay and will become even stronger, the glass is certainly half full. Finally Ramadhan Mubarak to all the readers, I hope you have a highly spiritual month. Mohammed Mahroof June 2014

Why Shahrukh Khan rules Bollywood

Shahrukh Khan has surpassed 22 years in the Bollywood industry. Since his first film, Deewana in 1992, SRK has become the definitive King of Bollywood; making and breaking hearts and defining modern romance. We explore the reasons why King Khan rules all. As King Khan famously says: “Cinema in India is like brushing your teeth in the morning. You can’t escape it.” The King of Bollywood, SRK holds a dear place in all of our hearts. From romance, action, comedy and playing a creepy villain, there is nothing this man cannot do. On the completion of 22 years, we give you the reasons why he is the King Khan of Bollywood and why you cannot escape him. •King of Romance SRK is truly synonymous to romance in Bollywood. Whether it as an obsessed maniac lover in Darr (1993); the over the top lover in DDLJ (1995); the ‘I’m so cool that I will fall in love only once, but ends up falling in love twice’ lover in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

(1998); or ‘I will play violin till I make you finally fall in love with me and my sweater’ in Mohabbatein (2000), accept it he made you fall in love with love. •Railway Trains If it was not for the trains, we would not have had the classic, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995). SRK has an uncanny relation with trains. He stole our hearts when he lent his hand to ‘the struggling to catch the train’ Simran. He danced on the moving train on ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’, thesong which later almost became a train anthem. He fought with the villains on a train to save his ladylove in RaOne (2011) and also acted in a movie named after a train, Chennai Express (2013). •Self-Made Man SRK lost his parents at a very young age. It’s a regret that they didn’t live to watch their son grow into the King of Bollywood. Having no Godfather to launch him, SRK is a completely self made man and that’s what makes him special to his fans. Moving to Mumbai from Delhi, SRK worked in TV serials like Fauji and Circus in 1989, before he got an opportunity to second lead in Deewana (1992). Since then, it has been a no turning back for SRK. •Eyes, Hair and Dimples Undoubtedly the best features of SRK are his eyes, hair and his dimples. He simply hypnotises his fans with his magical eyes. If he sheds a few tears on

screen, you have to wipe your tears with a towel, napkins are just not enough. His long, windswept hair has always been a hit among his fans. He introduced the concept of hair gels to India with his hairstyles in KKHH. His deeper than the ocean dimples make his female fans go weak in knees. •Dialogues Over the years, his dialogues have been taken too seriously by his fans. If you’re from 90’s you have tried this trick at least once for sure ‘Agar vo tuje pyar karti hai, toh vo palat ke dekhegi’ and gotten disappointed because it obviously didn’t work with you. On an Annual Sports Day in school, if your team lost, you have at least once said this dialogue, ‘Kabhi Kabhi Kuch Jeetne Ke Liya Kuch Haar Na Parta Hai, Aur Haar Ke Jeetne Wale Ko Baazigar Kehte Hain!’ That’s the effect of SRK’s dialogues on his fans. •Raj and Rahul ‘Rahul – naam to suna hoga!’ SRK made the names Raj and Rahul so famous that it is hard to imagine a movie in which SRK is not named that. Thanks to the aunties who fell for his dimples and decided to name their child the same, in every lane of India you will find either a Raj or a Rahul, and sometimes even both in one household. •Trendsetter Talking about his style, one cannot ignore his signature pose of opening his arms in slow motion and looking into the camera, with eyes saying ‘I am the King’. Hearts stop beating, don’t they? SRK was also the first celebrity to enter the world

of advertising by endorsing for consumer products like Pepsi and Hyundai. He has never been bothered by all the criticism he gets of earning money in unusual ways like dancing at weddings, ribbon cutting and other social appearances. •Friends and Enemies They say, it’s lonely at the top. SRK surely is exclusion to that as the industry believes, being a part of SRK clan is a privilege higher than having an all expense paid, first class world tour. SRK is known to treat his friends like Karan Johar, Juhi Chawla and Hrithik Roshan to name a few, as family. In fact, Juhi and SRK also have a production company called Red Chillies Entertainment together, along with the IPL team Kolkota Knight Riders. However it’s not a shocker that he has more enemies than friends in the industry. The most talked about animosity in the B-town is that of Salman Khan and SRK, so much so that they don’t have many mutual friends. •Intellectual Charm SRK has a charming way to tackle tricky questions with his witty replies and brilliant quotes. Everybody loves to listen to SRK when he speaks. His cheeky sense of humour at awards functions and interviews is a delight to watch. SRK’s well read and clued up outlook reflects in his conversation, his interviews and speeches. One famous quote is: “I am like a Rolls Royce which can run without an engine, just on reputation.” You may love him or hate him, but you simply cannot ignore him.

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Mohammed Nazir

Partner , Head of Property & Immigration Wosskow Brown Solicitors LLP Email: QUESTION AND ANSWER REGARDING IMMIGRATION LAW

1. What are the requirements for applying for a visa for my children if I am a French national living in the UK and I wish to sponsor my children from Pakistan? All applicants are required to provide the following original documents: 1. A valid travel documents or passport/ previous passport(s) 2. One passport sized colour photograph which must not be more than 6 months old 3. If you are not a national of the country in which you are applying, evidence of your permission to be in that country e.g. a residence permit, visa, green card etc. 4. Evidence of how your trip is to be funded. 5. Evidence of your finances and employment which includes your total monthly income from all sources of employment or occupation or any other income from any other sources e.g. friends, family, savings, property etc. 6. Unless you are single, evidence of your marital status e.g. marriage/ civil partnership certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate. 7. You may be asked to provide written notification from the child’s parent/ legal guardian that they consent to the child’s visit. Evidence of your relationship to your sponsor e.g. sponsor’s birth certificate. 8. Evidence of your sponsor’s nationality e.g. a copy of their bio data page from their passport (the page with their photograph or a copy of their national identity card). 9. Evidence of your sponsor’s employment or other economic activity e.g. payslips, evidence of benefits, details of their studies in the UK and student identity card.

10. Evidence of your sponsor’s whereabouts e.g. payslips or tax documents specifying place of work, mortgage or bank statements showing their address, council tax statement, benefit book.

Also, there is an initial right of residence for 3 months, which means that an EEA national does not have to be exercising a treaty right immediately on arrival in the UK.

If the applicant is the spouse/civil partner of the In assessing an application from an EEA national’s EEA national or a dependant child of either the direct family member, the entry clearance officer EEA national or their spouse/civil partner is under (ECO) should be satisfied that: 21 then they do not need to provide evidence of financial dependency and therefore this should 1. the applicant is the family member of not be requested from the applicant. the EEA national (marriage certificate, birth certificate or other evidence of family link) 2. the EEA national is residing in the UK in 2. accordance with the EEA Regulations (as What are the details for the application process qualified person (exercising treaty rights) /requirements for a Spouse Visa Application for if more than 3 months) and the non-EEA a British citizen from India? national is joining them; or the EEA national intends to travel to the UK within 6 months You can apply on behalf of a spouse providing and will have a right to reside under the that you have been granted indefinite leave to Regulations on arrival, and the non-EEA remain or you are a British citizenship. You will national will be accompanying or joining the need to fulfil the following requirements: EEA national; and 3. if applying as a spouse or civil partner, 1. You must be earning £18,600 or you have there are no grounds to consider that substantial savings in your account for the the marriage or civil partnership is one of last 6 months in the sum of £62,500. convenience; and 2. You must have accommodation for the 4. if applying as dependent family members applicant whether rented or your own. (dependent children 21 and over and 3. You must provide your last 6 months bank dependent relatives) they are dependent on statements for the savings and the current the EEA national or the EEA national’s spouse account. or civil partner; and 4. Sponsorship undertaking. 5. neither the applicant nor the EEA national 5. Certified copy of passport of the sponsor should be excluded from the UK on the and his/her NADRA identity card if applying grounds of public policy, public security or from Pakistan. public health. 6. Certified copy of marriage certificate along with translation or original with translation. In assessing an application from an EEA national’s 7. The mortgage statement and Land Registry extended family member, the ECO should document for the accommodation. consider whether: 8. Tenancy agreement (if rented property) 9. Housing survey to confirm that the 1. the EEA national is residing in the UK property has enough space for the applicant. in accordance with EEA Regulations (as 10. Last 6 months wage slips along with qualified person (exercising Treaty Rights) if detailed job letter from the employer. more than 3 months) or has permanent right 11. P45. of residence; 12. Financial appendix form provided by the 2. the applicant is an extended family member UK Border Agency. as defined in Regulation 8 (see Section 13. If you are applying under the exemption EUN2.7 below for further information). rules of the income then the sponsor must 3. refusing the application would deter the provide the evidence of the receipt of EEA national from exercising his/her free disability allowance, carer allowance and this movement rights; evidence should be backed up with the bank 4. in all circumstances, is it appropriate to statement of the previous year. issue a family permit. 14. Completed application form along with photographs as per the guidance from the UK It is important not to test overall intentions in Border Agency. assessing applications for an EEA family permit. 15. If parties are divorced previously then

you need a decree absolute (original or certified copy). 16. Please make sure that the application is completed with the correct details of the sponsor and applicant otherwise it could affect the decision on the application. 17. If you are self-employed then your accountant should provide the latest one year accounts with the history of business and savings, current and business accounts for one year from the date of the application. 18. The applicant should provide the English language test certificates to prove that he/ she meet the language requirement as per the immigration rules. 19. TB Test of the applicant. 20. Evidence of contact between spouses should be provided e.g. emails, text messages, letters etc. Also evidence to show the authenticity of the marriage should be provided in the form of photographs or videos. Please note these applications are technical and complicated, therefore it is recommended that you consult legal professionals before you make any applications and in this article we have tried to provide general guidance. This does not amount legal advice as all cases should be looked at individually and on their own merits. 3. What are the exceptions of the £18,600 income requirement for the Spouse visa? In all cases the sponsor has to meet the income requirement of £18,600 however there are exceptions to this rule if sponsors are receiving one or more of the following: 1. disability living allowance; severe disablement allowance; industrial injury disablement benefit; attendance allowance; or carer's allowance; and can provide evidence that you are able to maintain and accommodate yourself and your partner, and any dependants adequately in the UK without recourse to public funds. They must have to prove that they can maintain and accommodate the spouse/dependants without recourse to public funds. Disclaimer: This is information only and do not act on this information as legal advice and always seek advice from your solicitor according to the circumstances of your case.

Website Offers To Keep Fasts And Pray Namaz In Return For Donation A website is offering to conduct prayers and keep fasts on behalf of Muslims. In return you can donate to their charity, which is a registered charity states that someone is able to pray for you, keep fasts and read the Quran. The money is then donated to poor people and help with projects in third world countries You simply log on, choose how long you want

someone else to keep a fast for and pay with your credit card. For one fast you must donate £6, a week’s fasting costs £36 and a month’s fasting cost £136. To have the whole Quran read it is £10 and one chapter £2. Meanwhile a year’s Namaaz (prayers will set you back £160. The website says it hosts ‘A service of carrying out devotional acts that could be for the benefit of

one’s loved ones or even when there is a birth in the family. “We have a dedicated team to perform these acts, which are fully accountable. “In fact once you choose a service, we will provide you with an email and/or sms (depending on your preference) to tell you when your acts has been carried out , and when photographic evidence can be provided e.g. feeding the needy – we most certainly will upon request." A spokesperson said, “The reason why we started this website was to make it easy for the people to perform deeds for their deceased/ those unable to perform them. These deeds are performed by the poor (we allocate them to East Africa at the moment working with reliable organisations such as Bilal Muslim Mission). The reason for this is to create an income stream for the poor whilst they

are performing good deeds for the deceased. From our website it can be seen that Good Deeds aren't limited to just prayers, fasting and recitation, rather there is also Qurbani ( lit. sacrifice) - where a goat or chicken is sacrificed and all the meat is given to the poor. “More recently we've started donation of Copies of the Quran to the poor, as we realised that there are many who can't afford a copy of the Qur'an. Our aspirations is to expand into different areas, such as digging of wells, constructions of orphanages, amongst other things - and people can do it in the name of their deceased so that they can have a continuous flow of rewards (Sadaqa Jaariya) whilst benefiting others. The result so far is that many orphans, widows and other vulnerable people have benefited from this site - and we hope to increase this so that more people can benefit.”

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Hay Fever Cases Soar Five Fold During Warm Weather The number of hay fever sufferers has risen five-fold over the past fortnight, with millions facing misery during the year's warmest weather. New figures show a massive rise in the number of patients visiting their GP to complain about the condition, with 11,873 people in England and Wales turning up at their doctors' surgery with symptoms the week before last, compared to 5,560 the year before. Those most affected by the polleninduced sneezing, runny noses and itchy eyes are children aged between five and 14, followed by 15 to 24-yearolds. There are ways sufferers could limit the impact. Each year, seasonal hay fever causes untold misery to thousands of people across the country, especially when we all want to enjoy the warm weather. Hay fever is awful but the

discomfort should only be temporary and there should be no long-term effects. Whilst in some cases it may be necessary to see a doctor, especially if the symptoms persist, there are many anti-histamine medications that can be bought over the counter at your pharmacist that should provide effective relief. Patients that suffer from hay fever can also take simple steps to help minimise their exposure to pollen, such as wearing a hat with a wide brim and sunglasses, and applying Vaseline to nostrils to help trap pollen particles." In many cases, an anti-inflammatory steroid or sodium cromoglicate nose spray, starting before symptoms begin and taken regularly, along with daily eye drops and antihistamine tablets, should suffice to keep hay fever at bay.

going out through an e-mail and text message service but this app takes things to a whole new level. It has proved extremely popular within a short space of time and we are hoping to develop it further in the coming year.” The App has already been launched in South Africa as well as the UK. There has also been interest from users in America. Mosques are able to send out notifications to all their subscribers regarding different programmes, events, fundraising, funerals, Eid, Ramadhan notices or even daily reminders. You then receive these as text alerts

on your mobile and can then review them from the Notifications tab in the App. As well as prayer times users are able to access a qibla direction (prayer direction) feature and an ‘Ask Imam’ section. The Ask Imam feature allows users to send their questions directly to their local Masjid for the Imam or Scholar to review and answer. All questions will remain anonymous, hence you are now able to ask your personal questions without having to speak face to face with your imams or scholars and benefit from their spiritual guidance. All mosques need to do is simply log on and register. And people can simply download the app. Whether you are travelling or not, My Mosque will list the Masajid nearest to you, their location and distance from where you are. You then simply subscribe to a mosque of your choice to receive all its information. Presently there have been 12,000+ downloads and over 180 mosques have registered. There are plans now for the app to also cater for live streaming of events at mosques. For further information you can log on to

Queen Buys New Luxury Helicopter For William And Kate Prince William is to get his hands on the ultimate boy's toy - a luxury helicopter paid for by the Queen. The six-yearold Agusta A109S Grand, which has already been dubbed 'Heirforce One' after the U.S. President's aircraft, has no previous owners and boasts a top speed of 180mph. It will be used to whisk William and his wife Kate between official engagements so they can spend as much time as possible at home with their son, Prince George. The Duke of Cambridge, who celebrates his 32nd birthday today, is a qualified RAF helicopter pilot. However, it is not clear whether he will get behind the controls of the

Augusta. The newspaper said the aircraft will be leased out by the Queen, with other members of the Royal Family able to hop on board. The monarch has leased the Agusta A190S because it is thought to be safer to use one aircraft rather than several on short-term leases. Prince William started his flying training in 2009 at RAF Valley in Anglesey, Wales, where he learnt to pilot search and rescue aircraft.

Britain is the 11th happiest country in Europe, according to new research. People living in the UK are slightly more content with their lives than average compared to the continent as a whole, according to analysis of European data by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Here 71.8% of adults rated their life satisfaction as seven out of 10 or higher in 2011 - compared to an EU-wide average of 69.3%. While 58.4% of people in the UK reported that they felt close to other people in the area where they live, this compared to an EU-wide average of 66.6% and was the second lowest of all 28 nations. The UK was also close to the bottom for how confident people are that they can get help in the event of a problem.

Lift Off For Nasa’s ‘Flying Saucer’ - The Ship That Could Send People To Mars

The New My Mosque App That Is Proving To Be Hit With Users

A new localised Mosque App has already had over 10,000 downloads since it was launched recently. The My Mosque app is the brainchild of three Muslim friends who came up with the idea in 2012. It took them over 18 months to develop the app which is available on both Apple and Android devices. The resulting App allows users to access up to date information of their local mosque including prayer times, news and events. They said, “We don’t think there are any apps out there for users that allow them to access so much information at the click of a button. Many mosques already have updates

Britain Ranked 11th Happiest Nation In Europe

With William and Kate stepping up their official duties in the next few years it is expected they will spend a lot of time in it.

Nasa will launch a flying saucer-style spacecraft later in an experimental flight designed to send astronauts to Mars. The same design of parachute, dating from 1976, has been used for all rovers and landers sent to the red planet so far, but Nasa needs to improve its technology if it wants to land heavier loads. The new flying saucer-style design has a supersonic parachute that is 33.5 metres in diameter - twice as large as the one that carried Curiosity. Because it is so big, it cannot fit into the wind tunnels that Nasa uses to test parachutes. It's very difficult to get to Mars, and two thirds of missions to the red planet fail. This would be the first step towards landing humans there. Weather permitting, a test flight will take place high above the Hawaiian island of Kauai. During the flight, a balloon will lift the vehicle to a height of 23 miles where it will be dropped. It will then fire its rocket motor to climb to 34 miles, accelerating to Mach 4. The environment at this altitude is similar to Mars' thin atmosphere. As it descends to Earth, a tube around the vehicle will inflate, slowing it down. A parachute should then pop out, guiding the vehicle to a splashdown in the Pacific.

About time! Apple iWatch 'on verge of production with October release' Taiwan's Quanta Computer will start mass production of Apple's first smartwatch in July. The still-unnamed watch, which Apple followers have dubbed the iWatch, will be the company's first foray into a niche product category that many remain sceptical about, especially as to whether it can drive profits as growth slows in tech gadgets. The commercial launch will come as early as October, the source said. It is thought the device will only be compatible with gadgets running Apple's iOS, like its flagship iPhone. Apple will introduce a smartwatch with a display that likely measures 2.5 inches diagonally and is slightly rectangular, according to Reuters. Its source added the watch face will protrude slightly from the band, creating an arched shape, and will feature a touch interface and wireless charging capabilities. Like many other smartwatches, Apple's watch will be able to perform some functions independently, but tasks like messaging and voice chat will require connection to a smartphone.

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1. Al-mahdi. CC 23 points 2. Sehnsa A.CC 23 points 3. Abbeydale CC. 21 points 4. Kashmir.CC 17 points 5. Sharrow.CC 16 point 6. Earl Marshall. 14 point 7. Millhouses.CC 8 point 8. Sehnsa B. CC 7 point 9. Hillcliffe 7 point Tahir Nawaz 10 Darnall.CC 7 point Captain of ,Al-mahdi CC

AISCL PMC .Cup Final 2014

Kashmir.CC Vs Al-mahdi. CC

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(Reg Charity No: 1139948)                                                         

                             5        250                                              1

                                 600                                                               2                                         50                                                   3                                  700                                                           4                                                  





                    RAMADAN                            2014 APPEAL Join with us and become closer to Allah in this blessed month to increase your blessings ÂŁ250 supports an orphan and brings you closer to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in Jannah ÂŁ600 supports a family with no income and is equivalent to increased blessings from prayers ÂŁ50 buys a sewing machine - an essential source of income for a widow or young orphan girl ÂŁ700 helps a derelict mosque prosper again and reinforces your iman for the here and after ÂŁ2000 helps finance the marriage of an orphan girl and you gain blessings for yourself and our family By making provision for Sehri and Iftar for the needy in the Holy month of Ramadan you can gain forgiveness and sawaab from those fasts and work towards a place in

Yorkshire Bank, Account Number: 19842710 Sort Code: 05 08 58 Alhabib Welfare Foundation is a UK registered international relief and development charity. It was founded by Molana Aslam Zahid who is the imam of Usmania Education Centre and the Vice Chairman of Jamiat Ulma-e-Britain. With your support Alhabib Welfare Foundation aims to help poor families, orphans, and widows across Pakistan and other countries around the world. We ensure 100% of your donation reaches the poor. Please donate generously on the above account number or online by visiting our website...

Molana M Aslam Zahid visited local Madressa during his recent visit to Bagh, Azad Kashmir...

Alhabib Welfare Foundation is relying on your support this Ramadan to help survivors of the Pakistan floods. Donate your Zakat and Sadaqa to us this Ramadan and we will use it to help orphans, widows and those who are in need.

The prophet saw said “Whoever helps any muslim and makes them happy in the process, they have made me happy. Whosoever makes me happy has made Allah happy. And whosoever makes Allah happy, Allah will provide a place in Jannah for him�. Come let us all help the poor, disabled, widows and orphans who desperately need our help,and gain the approval of Allah the Almighty You can give your Zakaat, Sadaqatul Fitra to help towards our ongoing support of these needy families. We invite you to come and be a part of a good and worth cause and gain nearness to Allah and the blessed Messenger (peace be upon him). We are offering you the opportunity to extend your good practice in the month of Ramadan by gaining sawaab for helping our fellow Muslims who need your help.



Molana M Aslam Zahid donated computers during his recent visit to Bagh, Azad Kashmir...

Orphans Widows Tel: 01142811927, Mob: 07894540303 Web:



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Public WiFi not Secure as you think The increase of broadband rollout and the growth of WiFi in public spaces is providing society with the huge benefit of access to the Internet quickly and easily. But not all WiFi is as secure as we might think it is. Europol’s Cybercrime Division warns that attacks are rising on public WiFi and are a major security risk. In the UK, key cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham are increasing public WiFi access, whilst restaurants, cafes and bars are also keen provide free WiFi to attract customers. For most smartphone users public WiFi is always seen as a great way of saving data usage included in their phone tariffs but if you are going to use public WiFi for personal transactions, sensitive data and banking, this may not be the best method. We are now seeing an increase in the misuse of wi-fi, in order

public WiFi and only use it for non-sensitive data activity if you are unsure about it’s security. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe when using public WiFi: Always use reputable internet security software on all your devices including your laptop, PC, MAC, tablets and smartphone. If a WiFi connection does not require a password, it is insecure. So, don’t send any confidential information over this network e.g. username, passwords, private data etc. Look for public places that do offer free WiFi but require a password which you obtain from them. Look out for the https in the web address in your browser and the padlock symbol when using websites for personal transactions. Always check your credit card or Therefore, it is important to be debit bills for any odd transacextremely vigilant when using tions, especially if you use public WiFi a lot. Always keep your device software up-to-date especially if security updates are available. Security using the Internet has been and always will be an issue as hackers find new ways of executing attacks but as long as you stick to the rules of keeping your confidential data secure, you can lower he chances of experiencing theft of your data. to steal information, identity or passwords and money from the users who use public or insecure wi-fi connections. The important thing is to distinguish if the public WiFi you are using is secure and not public. When you connect to it, if it requires a security access password, it means it is secure but if you can just connect to it with no password, it is insecure. Something known as ‘man-inthe-middle’ is being applied to commit these attacks on public networks. Where, the hackers capture data being passed between a user of the public WiFi and the Internet. Attacks of these kind are targeting people when they communicate with a bank, do online shopping or log in to social media sites.


An explosive matchup of our very own world-class fighter, Amir Khan is happening in May. The British superstar and former Unified Super Lightweight World Champion Amir “King” Khan will face current WBA International Welterweight champion Luis Collazo in the 12 round event. "I'm looking forward to fighting in Las Vegas once again, and my intention on May 3 is to make a statement that I belong on this big stage," said Khan. "Luis Collazo might be coming off of a big win, but I am in incredible shape and am ready for this challenge. A win on May 3 is what I need to prove that I truly am one of the best welterweights in the sport." A British standout who represented his nation in the 2004

Olympic Games, where he won a silver medal, Bolton's Amir "King" Khan (28-3, 19 KOs) went from local hero to international star when he won his first world title at 140 pounds in 2009.After five successful defences that included wins over Marcos Maidana, Paulie Malignaggi and Zab Judah, Khan lost his title by way of a controversial decision to Lamont Peterson in 2011. Winner of two straight over Carlos Molina and Julio Diaz since, the flashy, flamboyant 27-year-old boxer-puncher is now campaigning at welterweight, where he seeks championship gold once again.

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