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Pakistan’s changing Political Landscape Pakistan is gearing up for elections on 11 May. Pakistan can be an unpredictable place. But in a chequered history that has kept lurching from crises to coups, one event has kept coming back, with reassuring certainty - elections. By: Z Naqvi Since 1988 when martial law abruptly ended and a people who fought for democracy directed their energies and enthusiasm towards the battle for ballots. What boisterous campaigns there've been - massive rallies that packed stadiums and fields, convoys of vehicles snaking, horns blaring, through villages and down highways - a chaotic carnival in every constituency.

channels in all the languages spoken here. And social media provides the safest of places to argue and analyse, and of course to jockey for influence and joke. It wouldn't be Pakistan if they didn't. Another chance Many worry about "saving Pakistan" - from the blight of official corruption, growing

waited a long time for it to happen. Will it come, this time, from within the parties which traditionally dominated politics or will it usher in the rise of new political dynamic? Yet again, this is an election where people warn that Pakistan "at a crossroads", is facing a "last chance".

PPP is strong contestant in Sindh and MQM in Karachi, ANP in Boluchistan. Pakistan always seems to get another chance. And yet again, you sense that at least the people want to seize it.

Despite all the threats and disappointments,

But elections in Pakistan can't be like that anymore. It's simply too dangerous. Not a day goes by without a report of an attack by one of many armed groups on a politician, or a public space, or the police. Lets take a look at what it's like to campaign in "Elections 2013", and what it takes to win. The crush of massive crowds has mostly been replaced by "corner rallies". Politicians travel across the land in helicopters on carefully guarded schedules, rather than spontaneously weighing into the fray. Something has been lost. But something else violence and extremism, deepening divisions. every person I have spoken to - so far - told has been gained. A different kind of explosion That's on top of the age-old problems of me: "Yes of course I am voting!" has transformed the political landscape here. poverty and illiteracy. According to polls rating, PTI stands at the There's a dizzying array of television Everyone talks of "change". Everyone has top in Punjab and not far behind is PMLN,




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500 fewer Police on Sheffield Streets More than 500 fewer police officers are fighting crime on the streets of South Yorkshire now compared to eight years ago. Over the last decade, the number of Bobbies in the county has dropped from 3,216 to just 2,796. In 2005, the number of officers stood at a high of 3,338 – 520 more than today’s figure. But at the same time the number of civilian staff employed by South Yorkshire Police has risen more than fourfold – from 588 to 2,645, with a high of 2,896 in 2008.

lic but more so for the policemen and women on the beat as it questions the safety of officers. Obviously the public feel reassured when we see police officers regularly patrolling our streets. Although South Yorkshire Police continues to face challenges during this period of austerity, we can be reassured recorded crime in South Yorkshire is at its lowest level for 23 years.

A police spokesperson said: “The Chief South Yorkshire Police is recruiting an Constable is committed to retaining extra 110 police officers during this fiThese figures are shocking for the pub- frontline police officer numbers – and nancial year.”

Plans to Bring Empty Homes into Use A new scheme to bring long term empty properties in Sheffield back has been given the go-ahead. The City Council has been working with the owners of empty homes to reduce the number of empty properties in the city through a combination of support and advice. This has seen a considerable reduction in the number of empty properties in the city, but there are still many properties that may not be used again without the Council taking positive action. The new Purchase and Repair Scheme will enable the Council to bring these homes back into use. The Council will

target properties that have been empty for an average of two years and this will help to increase the range of quality, affordable homes in the places where people want to live. The Council will then refurbish the properties to the Decent Homes standards so they can be added to the Council’s permanent housing stock to be let at an affordable rent. The anticipated cost of the scheme is estimated at around £2.8 million, with approximately £538,000 being provided by the Homes and Communities Agency. The City Council’s Cabinet are being asked to give approval to bor-

row £2.26 million against the Housing Revenue Account at their meeting next Wednesday (10 April). This should allow the Council to purchase and refurbish 31 properties between 2013 and 2015.

UK’s crazy Insurance Claims Road users putting on makeup, changing CDs and arguing with their passengers have all contributed to traffic accidents, according to recent insurance claims.

off the road, causing the crash. [Mr Not A Celebrity] saw the accident and kindly agreed to be a witness." "The other driver said he was too busy looking at the map to notice that he had gone According to one of the the wrong way on a one-way UK's top insurance com- street." parison websites, one driver was involved in an accident "I was trying to swat a fly after claiming they saw an with the ice scraper and didn't unnamed celebrity walking see the other car." along the street. The "celebri- "The other driver said they ty" turned out to be a normal had just driven off the ferry member of the public. after a week in France, and forgot to drive on the left." Despite the humorous na- "I saw somebody getting ture of these claims, many undressed in their front winof these accidents betray a dow, and crashed through shocking ignorance of the their wall." Highway Code and basic driving skills, which only go "We were driving up to the to force up insurance premi- traffic lights just as they ums for other drivers. turned red, and pressed the accelerator instead of the It's almost as if some people brake pedal" pass their driving test and immediately forget the basic rules of the road. Ten of our favourite claims included:

"I saw a police car, panicked, and drove on the pavement by mistake." "I was driving along a country road and the pollen from a nearby field made me sneeze and I ended up in a ditch." "The other driver was too busy putting on their makeup to see me coming the other way." And our absolute favourite: "I was practising what I'd do in the event of a car crash, and crashed." With so much going on both in and out of cars, it's no wonder some drivers are so easily distracted. It's a shame, because these poor skills end up costing other drivers more through increased insurance premiums.

"I was changing a CD and I didn't notice the bend in the road. I ended up sideways in a field, and walked out through the hole where the windscreen was, listening to Led Zep" "I thought I saw somebody famous walking down the pavement, and took my eye

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IKEA Plans

A new Sheffield Ikea store could deliver £1.5 million to £2 million in business rates a year, according to Council estimates. The figures highlight further the benefits of Ikea locating in Sheffield. Under new Government funding rules, 50% of the business rates would go immediately to the Council to support frontline services. However, despite the obvious benefits the Council have been criticised for failing to demonstrate support for the proposals. Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Leader of the Lib Dem Group on Sheffield City Council, said: “These reports show the real positive impact an Ikea store could have for Sheffield. Under new funding rules, introduced by the Coalition, 50%

Kailash Restaurant

of these new business rates would go straight to the Council, which means £1 million to support local services like Stocksbridge Leisure Centre or local libraries. Yet local people and the business community feel like Labour politicians are drag-

ging their feet over Ikea. The Council need to be pro-active in supporting Ikea’s application to ensure it overcomes any hurdles, rather than constantly highlighting the potential drawbacks. Ikea moving to Sheffield will be a real boost for the local economy, creating 700 new jobs.”

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Brief News Community Star Awards Ali Qadar has played a very active role as a co-chair of the Common Ground since 2004. During his work he has enabled the community to come together and actively participate in local festivals, thus promoting community cohesion.

area has gone down especially within Asian children. We congratulate him upon receiving this community award.

Long Service Award

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright joined Councillor Harry Harpham and Inspector Paul Ferguson of South Yorkshire Police at the request of Taha Selah, Chair of Darnall Community Action Group, for a walk-about of the Darnall area of Sheffield.

dents had raised, such as unused buildings in the area that could potentially be used for community facilities. During the walk Commissioner Wright was also able to chat to residents and local business owners and find out

The tour was a result of initial conversations looking at ideas on how to improve community cohesion and facilities in the area, following a meeting with residents and the Darnall Community Action Group.

Mr Qadar has also played a very active and positive role as a school governor. Since his appointment as a governor, the amount of absences in schools in the

Ibrar Hussain received the Taxi Long Service award from The Lord Mayor of Sheffield for services to Sheffield’s taxi service. Councillor Ibrar Hussain

Commissioner Takes a Walk Through Darnall

has been a taxi driver since 1988 and is still going strong and a councillor since May 2000 to date in Burngreave Ward.

of Darnall for myself and see what the issues are that the community are facing. Although the area has experienced problems in the past due to community tensions, it’s Commissioner Wright said: “I good to see that overall crime is was happy to come and see more reducing and community projects such as ‘Darnall United’, which provides football sessions on a Friday nights staffed by youth workers, are having a positive effect on the area. what they would like to see in the area and discuss how community tensions between old and young people could be resolved.

“There is more to do in the area but it is encouraging that the community are involving themselves in identifying what the problems are and what can be done to overcome them.”

The walk around the area was a chance for Commissioner Wright to gain an insight into the area and look at some of the issues resi-

Measles Under Control in Rotherham Despite the current national issue of measles spreading throughout some areas of the country, Rotherham’s Public Health team is reassuring residents that the illness is not an issue currently in the town. In the past 12 months, measles cases have in Rotherham have remained stable and low with only one case reported in 2012 and no cases reported during the first quarter of 2013. However vaccination figures reported by some practices in Rotherham at the end of August

2012 suggested that vaccine coverage among 5-18 year olds for those receiving two doses of MMR vaccine was only approximately 87%, leaving a large number of individuals susceptible to this infection. Rotherham’s Public Health Team are therefore urging all parents to ensure their children, regardless of age, to are fully covered and protected against this highly infectious and potentially serious infection. Measles is an unpleasant illness

which starts with a few days of cold-like symptoms and is then followed by a rash accompanied by high fever, red eyes and a cough. It can be particularly severe in babies under the age of one year (before they receive their routine 1st dose of MMR immunisation), teenagers and older people, especially those who have a weakened immune system. In these groups, measles can cause complications including pneumonia, ear infections, diarrhoea and swelling of

the brain. Around one in every 10 children who get measles are admitted to hospital and in rare cases it can be fatal. Measles in pregnant women can also be very serious and threaten the pregnancy. If anyone has any concerns about measles, they are advised either to contact NHS Direct on 111 or make an urgent appointment with their GP for a home visit, if you think you or your child has measles you should not visit your surgery or NHS Walk-In Center.

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Police Slam Door Shut on Doorstep Crime

Brief News Income Tax cut for 188,000 people in Sheffield Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat MP for Sheffield Hallam, has hailed the 6th April Income Tax cut as a giant leap towards the Liberal Democrat goal of a fairer tax system. On 6 April 2013, the Personal Allowance was raised to £9,440 – the largest rise in the Personal Allowance ever. This means that 188,000 ordinary basic rate taxpayers in Sheffield will

now see their Income Tax cut for the third year in a row. That will bring the total Income Tax cut since Labour’s time in government to £600. Thanks to this rise in the point at which you start to pay Income Tax, the number of the lowest paid people in Sheffield who have been lifted out of paying any Income Tax will reach 18,880.

2013’s greatest world woman inventor

An Iranian doctor from Mashhad Medical Science University received the Greatest World Woman Inventor Award at the 2013 Geneva International Festival for Inventions. Dr. Zahra Alizadeh Thani, who is a radiology specialist for cardiology, also received a gold medal and a special award at the 41st Geneva Festival in addition to her award as the world inventor. She has invented a device to determine the level of tightness of the heart. The device also makes it possible to determine

if the patient needs to go through angioplasty. Angioplasty is a procedure to restore blood flow through the artery. This is due to the arteries in the heart being narrowed or blocked by a sticky material called plaque, also known as coronary artery disease.

There has been nowhere to hide for doorstep criminals as South Yorkshire Police showed its support for national Operation Rogue Trader week in April. Three coordinated days of action by police, Trading Standards, HM Revenue, VOSA and other agencies involved a mix of targeted action and crime prevention advice, and the results are now in.

thos claiming benenfits while working. Rogue traders prey on the vulnerable and elderly so residents need to be extra vigilant and report suspiciaous vehicles or peope calling at their homes unnanouced. Be cautious of anyone who turns up on your doorstep without an appointment, whether they are trades people, salespeople or those claiming to be from a utility company or even the police. Here are There were 23 arrests made across the SYP’s top tips to stop you becoming a days of action – eight in Rotherham, victim of doorstep crime: eight in Sheffield, six in Doncaster and one in Barnsley. A further 11 people were reported on summons to court. Over 1,100 addresses were visited with officers giving advice about deterring doorstep criminals, distributing rogue • If you’re not sure, don’t open trader packs and checking properties to the door. see if they were insecure. • Always check a callers identity, ask for an identity card and look up the Stop sites were set up in key locations organisation to check the caller is genuwith police and other agencies making ine. Don’t use the number on their card. sure motorists were not using the road • Use the utility password network for criminal gain. scheme. Many service providers provide There were 598 vehicles stopped from password schemes, so sign up to these by Monday to Wednesday this week, lead- contacting your service provider. ing to 35 vehicles being seized – many • Don’t hand over a cash deposit. for having no insurance – and 106 fixed Avoid handing over money before work penalty notices being issued for more mi- is started. A reliable trader will never ask nor offences e.g. not using a seat belt, il- you to do this (even if they need materilegal tyres. als). Never agree to go with a trader to the The operation was aimed at targeting bank to take money out. rogue traders, bogus officials, pedlars and • Don’t sign anything on the spot.

Don’t feel pressured to agree there and then – if you are interested in what they are selling, you can ask them to come back at another time. • Be wary of special offers or warnings about your home. Don’t get taken in by sales banter or high pressure selling techniques. Don’t be hurried into a decision, even if there is a discount. • Read the small print. Always read documents carefully before you sign them and make sure you fully understand your rights. • Double check the facts. Make sure you fully understand the total costs of the transaction – including estimates, delivery and installation and the arrangements for after-sales servicing, such as the guarantees or warranties. • It’s OK to say no! Remember it’s your doorstep and your decision. If you feel pressured for any reason ask the person to leave. • Trust your instincts. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! To report any suspicious behaviour or activity call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. You can also report any dubious traders to the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 08454 04 05 06. If life is at risk or a crime is happening call 999.


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Experts agree that thoughtfulness not form is what counts. Learning to greet adults by looking and facing towards them is an essential courtesy. The importance of Ps and Qs (short for please and thank you) shouldn’t be overlooked. Thank you shows appreciation and Please acknowledges that up cant boss people around. The one vital rule is to always behave as you would like others to behave towards you.

SIGN UP FOR GARDEN WASTE COLLECTIONS                   Householders across Shef- lection citywide this year, part way through the col  are being encouraged but will not be providing lection season, the costs        field           to sign up for the popular a sack service. The charge being reduced according to



the age of 11. According to a UK psychologist manners equip a child with crucial social skills which studies

Yes, they are enormously important for unwritten communications, showing respect, and helping children to understand another show are more important person’s point of view, for success than passing which they should do by exams.

We Can Fix it !!! Screen Repairs From:-

Jaws dropped all over the country when David Cameron suggested that teenagers should stand up when an adult entered the room. Most parents would be grateful for a grunt of acknowledgment and a few inches of space on the sofa. So do manners still matters?

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garden waste collection for the service is £60 and residents will receive fortservice. nightly collections beLast year the Council’s tween May and November. waste contractors, Veolia Environmental Serv- People who need this services introduced charge- ice will need to sign up as able collections to the soon as possible to take 45,000 households where advantage of the full series free green bin collections of collections on offer this were previously provided. year. Householders need Residents in the remainder to subscribe to the service of the city were offered a by next Wednesday (10 chargeable sack collection April) to receive all collections. service.

the number of collections remaining.

Anyone wanting more information about the service should visit, phone 0114 273 4567 or e-mail .

Veolia are offering a But they will still have the chargeable green bin col- opportunity to subscribe

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Since Musharraf’s arrival in Pakistan, fate has been taking its course. One may call it ‘makafat-e-amal’ or ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’. When people see their adversaries facing problems, it is but natural that they rejoice, when in fact it is a time to reflect on the justice being meted out by Allah and the warning it contains. Over and over the Quran tells us that The Almighty has given us many examples to learn from in order to avoid the wrongdoings of those who have gone before us. He has also pointed out that only men of understanding will be able to learn from such examples. Musharraf’s arrogance reminded me of Allah’s edicts: Surely Allah...does not love those who are steeped in arrogance...Go now and enter the gates of Hell and abide in it forever. Evil indeed is the abode of the arrogant (16:23, 29). On the Day of Resurrection you shall see that the faces of those who had lied against Allah have turned black. Is Hell not vast enough to provide room to the vainglorious? (39:60). ...degrading chastisement shall be yours on this Day for you waxed arrogance in the earth without justification and acted iniquitously (46:20). ...they waxed proud in the land without justification and said “Who is greater than we in strength?” Did they not see that Allah, who created them, is greater in strength than they? They... denied Our signs and whereupon we sent upon them a fierce wind...(to)...make them taste a degrading chastisement in the life of this world. And surely, the chastisement of the Hereafter is even more degrading. There will be none to help them (41:15, 16, 17). O man! What has deceived you about your generous Lord? Surely the wicked shall be in the blazing fire. They shall enter in on the Day of Recompense and then shall never come out of it (82:6, 14-16). Stern indeed is your Lord’s punishment (for the wrongdoers and the arrogant) (85:12). not strut around the land arrogantly...Surely you cannot cleave the earth, nor reach the heights of the mountains in stature (17:37). Do not (contemptuously) turn your face away from people, nor tread haughtily upon

earth. Allah does not love the arrogant and the vainglorious. Be moderate in your stride and lower your voice. Verily, the most disgusting of all voices is the braying of the donkey (31:18, 19). ...does Allah seal the heart of everyone who is proud and highhanded (40:35). When I heard Musharraf, as a dictator, boasting about himself as a ‘syedzada’ and the fact that he had been inside the Roza Mubarak and Khana Kaaba, I couldn’t help remembering Allah’s warning: “Very well is your Lord aware of you since He produced you from mud while you were still in your mother’s womb and not yet born. So do not boastfully claim yourselves to be pure. He fully knows those that are truly God-fearing (53:32).” At the moment there are only two topics of interest in the country – Musharraf and the elections. As was expected, the interim government flatly refused to oblige the Supreme Court to invoke Article 6 against Musharraf. The president still seems to be calling the shots. The SC was not asking for any unconstitutional or illegal action since the Senate had already passed a unanimous resolution to arrest and prosecute Musharraf under Article 6 (treason). It seems the NRO is still reigning supreme. The wise old man from Gujrat, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, has come up with a new logic in Musharraf’s case. It looks like eight years of close association has left some traces. He has now said: 1) insulting an individual or an organisation could be dangerous; 2) prosecuting Musharraf under Article 6 could lead to dangerous consequences; 3) we should think of the future – there would be no victor; 4) this does not only concern Musharraf, it would open a Pandora’s box. In other words, Chaudhry Sahib feels that the courts convicting Musharraf for anti-state crimes would lead to disaster. On the contrary, I feel that we now have a chance to come clear. If we fail to do so now, then sooner or later there will appear yet another unscrupulous dictator. The past showed us that no officer or soldier raised a finger when Ayub Khan staged a coup. There was no

hue and cry when Gen Zia staged a coup against a democratic government, insulting and disgracing the prime minister (his benefactor) and had him hanged in a fabricated case. Only the late Gen Mohammed Iqbal Khan had raised a dissenting voice. In the case of Gen Zia, too, fate intervened. Musharraf too, behaving like Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq, staged a coup against his benefactor. Emboldened and intoxicated by uncontrolled power, he even attacked the judiciary and violated the constitution. The way he treated Mian Nawaz Sharif will remain a dark spot in the history of Pakistan and the army. Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif were both inhumanely treated by dictators and now Mr Kasuri is asking us to treat yet another dictator with leniency and respect. Did he ask Musharraf how he had treated Admiral Mansoor CNS and why he did not touch his own colleagues when they indulged in corruption of billions of rupees? Gen Shaukat, who had been allowed to visit Mr Bhutto once, told us about the horrible conditions under which he was being kept and he had even told Gen Zia that he would one day have to pay for it. Now is the time for Musharraf to pay for his wrongdoings in whatever way the courts see fit. Mr Kasuri is (literally) shedding crocodile tears and referring to Musharraf’s old mother. What about the ordeal that Nusrat Bhutto and Benazir went through when Bhutto was being tortured? What about the families of Mr Nawaz Sharif and the honourable judges when they were forcibly detained and deprived of their fundamental rights?

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Big Rocket Test

The private spaceflight company Virgin Galactic performed a landmark test flight of its SpaceShipTwo space plane at the end of April, lighting up the craft's rocket motor in flight for the first time.

The spaceplane being developed by UK billionaire Sir Richard Branson has made its first powered flight. The vehicle was dropped from a carrier aircraft high above California's Mojave Desert and ignited its rocket engine to go supersonic for a few seconds.

already taken hundreds of deposits. Virgin Galactic is selling tickets for the rocket ride at $200,000 per seat. The rocket vehicle is known as SpaceShipTwo (SS2). Although it has been in the air on more than 20 occasions, this was the first time its hybrid motor had been ignited. It was only a short burn lasting about 16 seconds, but it propelled SS2

beyond the sound barrier to a speed of Mach 1.2. Future outings should see progressively longer burn durations, enabling the plane eventually to reach sufficient velocity to climb more than 100km into the sky. The company is planning to launch its first suborbital SpaceShipTwo flights by the end of this year, and begin passenger flights in 2014.

Sir Richard's intention is to use the spaceship to carry fare-paying passengers on short pleasure rides above the Earth's atmosphere. His company Virgin Galactic has

Schools’ Caterer Scoops Award

The company which provides meals in most of Sheffield’s schools has scooped a coveted catering ‘Oscar’ at a prestigious ceremony in London.

months and the significant difference the service was having on local children. Councillor Jackie Drayton, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families said: “This is great news for all our children.

Taylor Shaw, the school meals provider for the vast majority of Sheffield schools, has tasted success as the “Since taking over the conUK’s leading contract caterer tract to provide food for our in the public sector for 2013. city’s schools, Taylor Shaw have not only offered great The award recognised the im- food and good value for monprovement of service in Shef- ey, but really integrated and field schools over the past 18 invested in our schools and

young people. This includes offering work experience placements and apprenticeship with their company, which is great to see. I really hope that this news will encourage even more parents to invest in school meals for their children.

A good, nutritious meal can make all the difference to how children achieve, which is something we all want.”

These honourable lawyers never shed a tear (even a false one) when I was illegally detained, gate padlocked, phones disconnected, no family allowed to visit, etc, etc. Is Musharraf more human than others that we should feel sorrier for him? It was nauseating to see Mr Kasuri’s theatrical press conference and reference to a bird feeding its baby. If cases are decided like that, then it is better to close down all the courts and let matters be decided by kind old grandmothers.

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ABDN are Breaking Barriers

Entrepreneur of the Year, Professional of the Year and Social Enterprise of the Year. The event has attracted sponsorship from Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Programme who is the headline sponsor, other sponsors include Sheffield Hallam University, NatWest Bank, Wosskow Brown, Finance Yorkshire and Mark Jenkinson and Sons. Irshad Akbar went onto state that by attracting these high profile sponsors it just shows there is a desire to recognise the contribution made to the UK economy by Ethnic The South Yorkshire branch of ABDN have Minority businesses. The speakers at the event will include James organised an inaugural awards evening at Newman Chair of the Sheffield City Region the Double Tree Hilton Sheffield on the Local Enterprise Partnership, Gazal Asif the 23rd May 2013. apprenticeship finalist and other successful This event will be a mixture of entertainrole models that can encourage and motiment, key note speeches and awards to a vate our South Yorkshire businesses to be number of high performing businesses. showcased and rewarded for what they have Irshad Akbar Chairman of ABDN-SY achieved. has stated that the key role of ABDN is ABDN are also supporting a local Charity to inspire entrepreneurial activity. ABDN in Sheffield as part of this event. This is the achieves this by recognising success Theo’s Sheffield Children’s Hospital Burns through events of the highest calibre in which role models who have broken barriers Charity. This is a local South Yorkshire charity supporting children through Shefare rewarded. ABDN stands out as a premier business network delivering activities field Hospital, it’s not well resourced and every penny counts to continue to offer chiland events that promote our 'outside-thedren support where often no other service is box' thinking. available outside of Sheffield and the South He went onto state that this is an opportuYorkshire area. nity to honour high achieving businesses For further information on sponsorship opespecially from South Yorkshires minority communities who have contributed tremen- portunities or to apply for awards contact Irshad Akbar on 07943422916 or dously to the South Yorkshire economy. He went onto state that Ethnic Minority due e-mail:to a number of factors are not recognised for their achievements. This event is an opportunity for minority businesses to shout about their success. There are six award categories Business of the Year, New Business Start up of the Year, Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Young

SHEFFIELD PARKING CHARGES Changes to on street and off street parking came into force in Sheffield this Spring aimed at simplifying and streamlining the current system.

parks will see prices reduced to encourage more visitors to under-used car parks, such as Carver Street, Rockingham Street and Workhouse Lane.

ing on Sundays will be introduced with a flat £1 all day rate. This will offer great value compared to private operators’ charges for Sundays.

A pilot scheme to support local businesses is also being consulted on in Broomhill that could see shoppers paying for on-street parking able to receive discounts from local businesses with the aim of boosting trade. City centre car parking will benefit as longer stays are allowed in all Sheffield City Council parking spaces. Most Council city centre off-street car

The Council will be removing time limits on its on-street parking spaces and having a simple 50p per half hour cost on spaces around the edge of the city centre. This will offer drivers more flexibility whilst helping deliver essential income. The cost for more on-street central spaces, where demand is greatest, will be ÂŁ1 per half hour. Low charges for Council park-

Permit renewals in the Peripheral (residents) Parking Zones (PPZs) are set to go up this month. A first residential permit will cost ÂŁ36 and a second permit ÂŁ72. First business permits will cost ÂŁ72 and the second ÂŁ144. The hourly cost of parking in these zones goes from 40p to 50p an hour.

Charges in Council on street parking bays (new prices as from April 15) Central Central Inner Inner Short Short zone zone zone zone stay stay (was) (new) (was) (new) outer outer zone zone (was) (new) Up to 1 hour 2 hours 4 hours 8 hours Evenings

• prevent reoffending; and effect and I’m sure that people will • ensure victims and witnesses come up with some great ideas.â€? get a better deal. Forms and further information are available to download from http:// Said Commissioner Wright: “I welcome these second round of and the closing date is 13 May, bids, aimed particularly at one- 2013. Only one application can off projects and crime prevention be submitted by any non-profit schemes. organisation to each of the Com“It may be that local people want missioner grant schemes and proto establish a group to produce posals which have match funding leaflets on various safety meas- will be looked upon favourably. ures or buy anti-vandal paint or The Commissioner will consult door locks, supporting the police with South Yorkshire Police bein their role. fore announcing the successful “We want to be able to reassure applications. residents and previous victims of For more information, please crime by using this money to good email

Broomhall 20 mph Expansion Residents in the Crookesmoor area of Broomhill celebrated as Sheffield City Council caved to local pressure and agreed to expand a proposed 20mph zone. The original proposals for a Steel Bank 20mph zone ended before Crookesmoor Road and requests to expand the zone to include Crookesmoor Road as well as Moor Oaks Road, Marlborough Road and Elmore Road were rejected by the Council. However, local pressure has forced the Council to u-turn and

roads including Crookesmoor Road and those below will now be included in the new zone. The zone will also border the new Upperthorpe zone on the opposite side of Barber Road. Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, local

Long stay outer zone (was)

long stay outer zone (new)

125 250 NA NA

200 400 800 1600

105 210 NA NA

100 200 400 800

105 210 385 765

100 200 400 800

(2 hrs after 1630)









(2 hrs)









Liberal Democrat councillor for Broomhill has led the campaign to expand the Steel Bank zone. He said: “I’m delighted that the Council have caved to local pressure and agreed to expand the proposed 20mph zone. The new zone has much more natural boundaries and is strongly supported by local residents. “Alongside the new 20mph zone in Upperthorpe, these measures will have a real impact in improving road safety and air quality in Crookesmoor and Broomhill.�

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* Latest OPTL System Installed * MOT for Cars and Light Vans

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200 400 800 1600

Shaun Wright, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner has launched the second round of the 2013 Commissioner Grant Scheme to help grassroots organisations tackling policing priorities. And he’s urging non-profit voluntary and community organisations to apply for grants up to £10,000. In order to be considered for a grant, the projects must target at least one of Commissioner Wright’s priorities outlined in the Police and Crime Plan: • reduce antisocial behaviour; • protect the most vulnerable people; • improve visible policing;


170 NA NA NA


Second Chance To Help Tackle Crime Prevention


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BE AWARE, BE VERY AWARE ! Minority Placement ( MP ) Draft paper leak from Right wing Conservative affiliated Think Tank (Forum for a New Horizon)

tos and religious insular activities. The document goes on to say that the aims of any UK government legitimately concerned with the rise in illegal immigration, the dissolving The solution to the UK’s ethnic & of sovereign borders and religious religious minority hegemony. extremism , should be the long term resettling of minorities within preTo the naked eye the bright streets dominantly ethnically white areas. and glossy houses of many a UK neighbourhood, or the gentile splen- This radical form of social engineerdour of suburbia, would never give ing is a necessary move by the state rise to a suspicion of dark forces and to stem the tide of immigration and shady powerful think tanks that have settling of foreigners within Britain, the ears of the governing elite. But with main concentration on Lonthat is exactly what is happening as don and other already ethnically top an undercurrent to our political dis- heavy areas. course. Information from the recent senses Through the leak of a draft paper by would reinforce the concerns of the a conscientious whistleblower the think tank and is being used as amclandestine policies of a right wing munition within Whitehall to propagovernment and its affiliates namely gate the report, as a necessary soluThe Forum For A New Horizon, tion to problems caused by the last have been formulating a policy to governments failure to tackle immiactively disperse the ethnic/religious gration. populations of the UK, to maintain It seems that the Tory led governwhat it calls “desirable dilutions” a ment will stop at nothing to appease euphemism for limiting racial ghet- the right wing, in their efforts to ac-

A disc can’t slip, but it can bulge, tear, wedge, rupture or collapse. Chiropractic care can help in all cases.

commodate the ever more xenophobic elements of their party. In times of economic uncertantity and hardship, history has recorded that societies have always turned to the easiest of scapegoats, minorities and those who are of a different colour or ethnic persuasion. Can any-

one ever forget the horrors of Nazi Germany, where the Jews were portrayed as the reason for Germany’s defeat in world war one, and then appallingly victimised as the subversive elements within German so-

Slipped Disc

do not require invasive treatment (injections/surgery) and can be treated conservatively with natural chiropractic.

Chiropractic: Pure and Natural The purpose of chiropractic care is to locate and correct areas of the spine interfering with the proper nervous system control of your body. Because the intervertebral discs are so close to the spinal cord and nerve roots, disc involvement is quite common in chiropractic cases. The type of chiropractic care leak out and come into direct contact with the nerves this is known as provided depends on the stage of disc decay. A disc care plan usually a disc extrusion. includes several different treatThe end stage is when the gel-like ments such as ice/cold therapies, center leaks out and breaks away massage, TENS, traction and spinal from the rest of the disc causing A Car Tyre adjustments. At the core of chirocontinuous pressure on the nerves The spinal disc is similar to a car practic care are spinal adjustments. and is known as a disc sequestratyre; it is composed of an outer Chiropractic adjustments help tion. tread like wall (annulus fibrorestore proper motion and position The end-stage of disc decay is sus) that houses a gel-like center of malfunctioning spinal bones, complete internal disc disruption, (nucleus polposus). The disc sits in where there are many tears of the reducing nervous system involvebetween the bones of your spinal ment. If caught before permanent outer ‘tread’. column. This creates the separation damage, disc tissue often returns between spinal bones so pairs of to a more normal size and shape Chiropractic First nerves can exit the spine and gives Chiropractic has been a natural by restoring proper motion and us flexibility for normal turning and solution helping millions with a position of affected spinal joints. As bending as we move around. you improve and the pain reduces variety of disc problems. Since we slowly introduce rehabilitation there are different stages of disc Changes in the Disc in the form of an exercise DVD. pathology, our chiropractors first Recurrent strains due to improper determine your level of disc decay. This will strengthen your spine and lifting and poor posture produce reduce the risk of further damage This is done at your first visit first a number of small tears in the in the future. Our aim is to help which involves a thorough review outer ‘tread’ of the disc. you manage your spine and prevent of your case history, a physical Later, these become larger and relapses in the future. and neurological examination extend from the outer wall into the and may include some diagnostic center of the disc. This allows the Frequently Asked Questions: testing such as an X-ray and or an gel–like center to bulge out like a Aren't disc problems simply the MRI scan. Once the level of disc blister causing nerve pressure and is decay has been established we will normal aging process? known as a disc protrusion. No. However, many disc problems decide whether you are a suitable When the outer most layer of the candidate for chiropractic care. The are the result of years of neglect. disc ruptures the gel-like center can majority (90%) of disc patients Many spinal problems are silent The most serious disc problem is a sequestrated disc in which the gellike centre ruptures and leaks out.

By: Jaan M Khan -

ciety, which needed to be cleansed and predominantly Muslim backand ultimately led to the Holocaust. grounds, with Muslim and Asian professionals now being found in all Britain’s long standing Muslim and the professions and increasing in arAsian minorities whilst establish- eas of the job market where historiing themselves as an intricate part cally they were scarce or underrepof the British way of life and soci- resented, like the media. ety should due to its size and history These communities still have a significant number of second and third generation citizens who are uneducated. This lack of education has stuttered young people’s participation in the important areas of society; where unbeknown to them their futures are being drawn up. Politics, The judiciary, and other areas all of which shape our society and direction are underrepresented and instead of being shaped by Muslim participants are increasingly having to deal with issues arising from now be a far more definitive force to Muslim communities and actions. be reckoned with. As long as this remains the state of our Muslim communities, then you Whilst these communities can will always be the end recipient of proudly state that a third of all Doc- other people’s policies. tors in the NHS are from Asian

by: Dr Qasser Razzaq Chirofirst Clinic until the advanced stages of degeneration. There are many cases of elderly patients who have maintained their spine throughout their lives who enjoy excellent spinal health and function. How much chiropractic care will be needed? Most ‘slipped’ disc patients are delighted with the results they get within approximately 4-6 weeks. Naturally, this varies from patient

to patient depending on the stage of decay and patients lifestyle. Once pain free our patients are prescribed a specific exercise program to help improve movement, strength, flexibility and coordination in their spine. This combined with periodic chiropractic checkups helps to significantly reduce the chances of a relapse occurring, something very common in ‘slipped’ disc sufferers.

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MEASLES WARNING FOR PARENTS IN SHEFFIELD Parents should make sure their children have been given doses of the MMR vaccine. Parents in Sheffield are being urged to make sure their children are immunised against measles to prevent an outbreak of the virus here.

have had only one dose, can still be vul- where almost 1000 cases have so far nerable.” been reported. SPOTTING THE SYMPTOMS OF It is important that children receive two MEASLES doses of the vaccine. Controversy sur- The initial signs of measles include coldrounded the injection in the 1990s after it like symptoms, red eyes, fever and pale was wrongly linked to autism and bowel spots in the mouth and throat. The advice has been issued by public cancer. This is a highly effective, safe health authorities following concerns over the spread of the illness in other parts of the country. Nationally, measles cases are at their highest level for 18 years, and so far this year there have been six confirmed cases in Sheffield, compared to five for the whole of 2012. The South Yorkshire Health Protection Team, part of the Government’s new Public Health England body, says parents should be aware of the virus’ symptoms, and check that their children are up to date with their MMR - measles, mumps and rubella - injections. People affected by the highly-contagious condition should not go to A&E or their doctor’s surgery - instead, they should ring their GP to make arrangements to visit vaccine. Vaccination can be given later After a few days, a red-brown spotty rash without risking infecting others. on if missed at scheduled ages. will appear. This usually starts behind the ears, then spreads around the head Currently in Sheffield, we are not seeing If you’re planning a pregnancy and you and neck before affecting the legs and an increase in measles cases on a scale have not had measles, you should ar- the rest of the body. seen in other parts of the UK. Once range to have the jab before becoming The first MMR vaccination is measles begins to circulate in communi- pregnant. If you catch measles when given to babies aged between 12 and 13 ties, the illness spreads very easily and pregnant, it can be passed on to the un- months, and the second dose is given bethat is why it is important for families to born child, which can be harmful and fore children reach school age, usually check their children are up to date with even fatal for the baby. It is very impor- around three-and-a-half years. Babies their MMR immunisations, particularly tant that anyone affected by symptoms under the age of one are more vulnerable at the current time. Despite the increases stays at home until at least five days after to the measles infection as they are too elsewhere, measles is now relatively rare the rash starts, to avoid infecting others.” young to have had immunisation. Parbecause the vaccination protects against ents should speak to their GP to book an it. Those who have not had a jab, or who In a serious epidemic in South Wales injection.

Post Office workers announce new strike over plan to close 70 branches Union members vote to walk out on 7 May as company presses ahead with move to franchise out 'crown' branches to retailers Post Office workers on Tuesday announced plans for their fourth strike since Easter after the company confirmed plans to transfer 70 of its big high street and city centre branches to retailers. The Communication Workers Union (CWU), said the plan to franchise out 70 of the Post Office's 370 "crown" branches would "rip the heart out" of the network. Billy Hayes, general secretary of the CWU, said: "This is a seminal moment for the Post Office. Closure and franchising plans would decimate the remaining crown network, slashing it by over 20%." The CWU's 4,000 crown post office members on Tuesday voted nine-to-one in favour of a full-day strike on 7 May, the day after the May bank holiday. Staff have already held three strikes against the franchising plan since Easter Saturday, including a half-day strike on Monday. The Post Office, which is state-owned and receiving £1.3bn of taxpayer subsidy, said franchising out 70 of the crown branches was essential to securing the future of the service. The Post Office said it had already received 150 expressions of interest from retailers keen to run post offices services in their stores. Subject to a public consultation the crown branches will be transferred to the winning retailers before April 2015. The Post Office was, along with Royal Mail, part of the General Post Office until it was abolished in 1969. The Post Office became independent of Royal Mail, which the government is planning to privatise, in April last year.

Inspectors Praise Progress At Tinsley School was praised in the report, as was a significant jump in attendance as well. The leadership of Head teacher, Ms Webb – who joined the school two-and-a-half years ago – was described as ‘central’ to the good improvement. Tinsley’s governing body was also hailed as ‘ambitious’ and involved in helping the school move forward and progress in its achievements. Tinsley Junior School on Bawtry Road in Tinsley, Sheffield, has jumped from a ‘satisfactory’ to ‘good’ rating in less than a year since its previous inspection. But now the school has totally transformed with a glowing report from education watchdog Ofsted. Pupils were praised for making ‘good progress’ to at-

tain broadly average standards in The school was not yet outstandEnglish and maths, from a lower ing as some pupils lacked accuthan average starting point. racy in constructing sentences, did not have a thorough underTeaching was in some cases standing of some key maths vo‘outstanding’ with classrooms cabulary, and there were not run well and staff having high enough opportunities for pupils expectations of pupil behaviour. to work things out for themPupil behaviour, which has im- selves, according to the report. proved over the last two years,

BBC Asian Network Stands on Brink of Major Award The Asian Network digital station, which the BBC had earmarked for closure as part of a cost-cutting exercise, has been nominated for Station of the Year at the Sony Radio Academy Awards. The BBC planned to close the station three years ago because its low audiences meant that it was no longer cost-effective. The station was spared in

2011 following protests from prominent British Asians but its budget was cut in half. The station has been rewarded the quality of its output, and a rising listenership, with a nomination for the prized Station of the Year category at the radio industry's "Oscars". It will compete against Classic FM and Radio 5 Live at the ceremony in May.

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Clearly there are people who need to be convinced about the merits of such large retail projects. In the Sheffield experience there is a worry it will impact on the regeneration of the city centre, taking retailers to out of town locations, thereby affecting the viability of the city centre.

Over the last few weeks there has been a great deal of discussion around the construction industry and how this could stimulate regeneration and the economy and the Chief Editor has asked if I would comment on this subject. There are other reasons such as the impact on the environIt is quite evident that most ment, traffic congestion and city centres are suffering from the effect on small local busideclining economic activity. ness. I believe that these isThere are only a few excep- sues can be worked through tions in Yorkshire where this for the benefit of Sheffield's is not the case. Most peo- economy. ple will have witnessed this first hand, walking any High Why is it that so many of us Street. If you take Sheffield as an example, the regeneration of the city centre has been on the horizon for the last twelve years. For many reasons the start has been delayed, with Sheffielders asking if it will ever happen. Hopefully it will happen but possibly not to the expectations that were first hoped for. Firstly, in Sheffield city centre there are thousands of square feet of empty offices. Clearly if these could be filled with businesses it could not fail to regenerate the city centre. Secondly, there is the debate around IKEA and their wish to locate in Sheffield. It is clear from media coverage that the majority of Sheffielders want this development to happen. The positive benefits are that it will create much needed employment, improve Sheffield's retail offer and create an environment for further investors to locate in Sheffield. Investor confidence in a city is very important. Just look at Leeds and Manchester, where the retail offer is attracting not only shoppers but businesses to locate there.

into the city. Another major issue for Sheffield is that it does not have an airport. All the major cities in the country do have one. Communications with other major European cities is important as the city will be competing not only in this country but worldwide to attract investment. The world is a much smaller place and companies take decisions regarding the location of businesses on many variables. It is, therefore, important that any city recognises its potential and promotes itself on

“Unless the words are spoken properly…” Two thousand five hundred years ago, the disciples of Confucius asked him how he would start work and what he would do first if the authority and power was given to him to solve the problems of the country and put things in order. He said, “I would try to make people utter their words

properly”. When the disciples asked why he attached such a great importance to the language, he said: “If words are not uttered properly, the words that are heard do not correspond with our intentions. When the words do not correspond with our intentions,

the things that need to be done are not done. When the things are not done, art and morality are corrupted. When art and morality are corrupted, injustice becomes widespread and the people falter in confusion and helplessness without knowing what to do.”

Sir Winston Churchill to Appear on New £5 Banknote Sir Winston Churchill is to appear on a new £5 banknote set to launch in 2016, the Bank of England has announced.

sweat.’ The Duke of Wellington, is the only other prime minister to have featured on a banknote image – the old £5 phased out in the 1990s.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th century, the He replaces social reformer former prime minister will Elizabeth Fry as the current become the first politician of face of the £5 note. His leadthe modern era to appear on a British banknote.

ership and brilliant oratory were credited with helping to steer Britain to victory against Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany in WWII. He had two spells as the prime minister, from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955.

The design features a renowned portrait of the Conservative MP in a defiant pose with the Houses of Parliament behind him. It will also include one of his most famous quotes, when he told MPs: ‘I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and

go to Leeds, Manchester and even Newcastle? The answer is simple. They offer a good retail experience and a vibrant evening environment.

the world market. Investors should not only be attracted to a city or region but actively helped with support. It is imperative on us all whether we are in the public or private In the economic climate we sectors to work together for are now going through it is the benefit of the city and the imperative that any city not economy. only hikes up any opportunities but actively promotes What attracts us to visit othitself. Sheffield is arguably er cities? Bradford, for its the fourth largest city in the Asian shopping experience country. and its “curry capital” fame. Manchester, for shopping, Does it feel as though it is? I the Curry Mile, China Town am sure everyone will have and more. Leeds, for its retail their own views on this. Fur- offer and vibrant city centre. thermore, many large cities Any city needs such attrachave other attractions beyond tions. retail, such as major venues. Sheffield has the potential Sheffield could have a good though its reputation as a retail offer in places such as sporting venue. This clearly Ecclesall Road, London Road needs to be built upon further. and a revamped city centre. Or the city needs to attract a Out of town shopping expemajor crowd-pulling facility riences such as Meadowhall, developments like IKEA and others could and should be considered a stimulant and built upon. Cleary these are mere views. I am sure people have equally valid ones but I hope we all become active in promoting and supporting our region and cities in a world market.

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Legal Corner

Britain: Stop Extra Aid To Pakistan Unless Tax Reform Britain should not increase aid to nuclear-armed Pakistan unless Islamabad tries to make its wealthy elite pay more taxes, British lawmakers have recommended. Britain is due to double its assistance to Pakistan to £446 million ($675 million) in 2014-2015, making it the biggest recipient of British aid. But parliament's International Development Committee said it was unfair for Britain to fund health and education projects unless Pakistan's new government, due to be elected in May, tackles "rife" corruption and tax evasion. "We cannot expect the people in the UK to pay taxes to improve education and health in Pakistan if the Pakistan elite is not paying income tax," the committee said in a report. "Pakistan's rich do not pay taxes and exhibit little interest in improving conditions and opportunities for Pakistan's poor." Citing figures from the Pakistan Board of Revenue, the committee said only 0.57 percent of Pakistanis paid income tax last year -- and that no one has been prosecuted for income tax fraud for at least 25 years. Less than 30 percent of Pakistan's members of parliament pay tax, it

Q&A PROPERTY Mohammed Nazir

Partner , Head of Property & Immigration Wosskow Brown Solicitors LLP Email: published on 28th January 2013 and is a guide for new residents. The test now lasts for 45 minutes and is a combased assessment which Stamp Duty Land Tax Form puter comprising of 24 questions. The pass rate is a minimum of The Government has recent- 18 correct answers. ly changed the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) relief for 4. At the end of the disadvantaged areas. This year the Government are promeans that any transaction posing to change the standconducted on or after 6th ards of the English Language April 2013, will not be eligi- Test for people applying for ble for relief in disadvantaged indefinite leave to remain and areas. All transactions over nationality. £125,000.00 will now be liable for paying SDLT. 5. From 28 October 2013, there will be two parts Immigration Update to the knowledge of language and life requirement, both of 1. Almost all of the which must be met by all apapplication forms have been plicants for settlement unless changed. Please ensure that the individual is exempt. Apwhen you submit any appli- plicants will be required to: cations you used the updated form. - pass the Life in the UK test; and to have a speaking and 2. The Government listening qualification in Enghas also changed the fee lish at B1 CEFR or higher, or structure of application and its equivalent; all applications made on or after 6th April 2013 will have - have the knowledge of lanto pay the new fees. guage and life requirement for naturalisation; 3. From 25th March 2013, if you are taking the - have the knowledge of lanLife in the UK Test, you will guage and life requirement have to answer questions for naturalisation as a British based on the new Life in the citizen will be the same as UK Handbook. This was that for settlement, and the


added. The committee said there was a "powerful case" for continuing aid to Pakistan, a country with "real poverty and serious security problems" as well as strong links to its former colonial power. But it added that past donations have often failed to reach poor Pakistanis because of corruption. Asked about the report, a spokesman for the Pakistani foreign ministry said it was "a matter of common knowledge" that "all political circles and non-circles have been emphasising the need to broaden the tax base". But Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry also told reporters the Pakistani government "would like to

focus more on trade and less on aid". Britain's international development ministry said aid to Pakistan was "predicated on a commitment to economic and tax reform". "We have made it clear to government and opposition politicians in Pakistan that it is not sustainable for British taxpayers to fund development spend if Pakistan is not building up its own stable tax take," a spokesman said. "Following the election we will make available practical assistance to the incoming government to help deliver reform of the Pakistan tax system and work with the IMF, but tax and economic reform must take place."

same English language qualifications will be accepted. English language qualifications A range of English language qualifications will be accepted as evidence that an applicant has met the B1 level speaking and listening requirements. Syrian nationals From 28 February 2013, the temporary concession for Syrian nationals will be renewed for a further year, until 28 February 2014. Syrian nationals with temporary permission to stay in the UK will continue to have more ways to extend their stay in the UK. If you are a Syrian national and your permission to stay in the UK (leave to remain) is about to expire, or has expired in the last 28 days, and you wish to stay in the UK there are now some new options available to you. Disclaimer: This is information only and do not act on this information as legal advice and always seek advice from your solicitor according to the circumstances of your case.

Tea, a tonic for high blood pressure You might have thought you were simply satisfying a thirst in that most British of ways. But drinking three cups of tea a day may also stabilise your blood pressure, researchers say. It not only reduces blood pressure, but also minimises the variability of readings taken at night. Experts say the benefits of tea are largely due to the flavonoid content – antioxidant ingredients that counteract cardio-vascular disease. Every day there are 350 preventable strokes or heart attacks in the UK due to high blood pressure. It has long been known that high blood pressure can significantly increase the risk of heart dis-

ease. Now wide variations in Although black tea was blood pressure are also rec- drunk in the study, other reognised as an important risk search suggests adding milk factor compared with read- does not affect the benefits. ings that show little difference over a 24-hour period. Experts say that consumption of black tea can lower rates of blood pressure variation at night time.’ A survey last week found tea is still the nation’s favourite drink, with Britons consuming 166 million cups of tea every day. A high blood pressure reading is one that exceeds 140/90 millimetres of mercury (mm Hg). The first figure, the systolic pressure, corresponds to the ‘surge’ that occurs with each heartbeat.

After Pakistan more Countries want to Censor Google Many other countries are queuing up to censor content on the internet like Pakistan did when it banned YouTube a couple of months ago on the blasphemous content.

are increasing gradually.

In its traditional six month report, which covers July to December of 2012, Google reveals that attempts by governments around the world According to a recent report is- to censor political content on the sued by Google the requests made internet are growing and have inby governments to remove content creased in 25% in just one year.

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ABDN Business Awards and Annual Dinner By: Amar Saleem

Business Development Manager Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Email: Sheffield will be host to the first ever Black Tie Asian Business Awards and Annual Dinner on May 23rd 2013. The event will be an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their recent successes by nominating themselves for an award to have a chance of been announced the winners at the event. The dinner will be held at The DoubleTree by Hilton (formerly The Park Hotel) and headline sponsor will be Goldman Sachs. There will be fantastic opportunities to network with business people and professionals from the whole of Yorkshire with the event likely to be a sell out. The calibre of sponsors which also include Wosskow Brown, Sheffield Hallam University, Mark Jenkinson and Son, QED Consulting and Henton and Co shows the confidence in the region for Asian businesses as a key contributor to the growth of the economy.

delivering an exceptional array of services, rather than replicating services that already exist. We establish links and networks which are mutually beneficial to both parties. Examples of such events include networking, skills workshops, business leaders’ roundtables and our annual dinner which promotes enterprise to a wide range of companies whether they are established or a start up. It is often said businesses from ethnic minorities struggle to reach out for support and we aim to bridge the gap by offering our expertise.

The award ceremony itself will have awards in 6 different categories and all businesses are welcome to nominate themselves in the categories they feel most appropriate, the application process has been made straightforward to encourage as many businesses as possible to apply, awards categories include ABDNs role is to inspire entrepreneurial business person of the year, female entrepreactivity. We achieve this by recognising neur and young business person. The event success through events of the highest calibre. is a must attend event for anyone looking to ABDN stands out as a premier business raise the profile of their business, network network delivering activities and events that with other businesses in the region and promote our 'outside-the-box' thinking. Our develop new business opportunities. There Network of Influence provides an exception- is now limited tables and individual spaces al and dynamic platform to our members and available at the event so please advise at the business community in general with real your earliest convenience if you would like tangible business benefits. A one-stop-shop to purchase a table of 10 for just £200 + VAT business concierge service caters for all the or an individual place for £20 + VAT. requirements of a business, from accountancy to marketing support, IT to HR and cost If you wish to apply for an award please visit reduction to corporate finance. If you are interested in atWe believe in gearing up our resources by tending the event then please contact me on working with key strategic partners and 0114 2018918 or

Kashmir Issue Finds no Mention in Pakistan Poll Campaigns Kashmir occupies much of Pakistan’s foreign policy space and remains an obsession with its security establishment and nonstate actors but the issue hardly finds any mention in the campaign for next month’s national assembly elections that may again return a hung verdict. Nor does India figure in the muted campaign of political parties whose candidates are mainly grappling with militant threats as the country goes to polls on May 11 to elect 272 members in a house of 342. Surprisingly, India and the emotive Kashmir dispute have not figured in the campaign of any of the parties though they are mentioned in their manifestos.

The PML-N’s manifesto talks of making Pakistan a bridge between energyrich Central Asia and Iran and energy-deficit countries like China and India. It also speaks of linking India with Afghanistan and Central Asia and providing a land route from Iran to India. The PML-N further says it will make special efforts to resolve the Kashmir issue in line with UN resolutions and the 1999 Lahore Accord. The PPP, which sustained dialogue with India and normalised bilateral trade relations while in power, states in its manifesto that it will work to resolve all outstanding issues with India, including the “core issue” of Kashmir. “We will

not allow lack of progress on one agenda to impede progress on the others,” the manifesto says. Imran Khan’s party, widely perceived as being close to the powerful security establishment, says in its manifesto the resolution of the Kashmir dispute is one of Pakistan’s “core national interests”. It states that “progressive detente with India will benefit both countries if centred on conflict resolution”. The party also talks of a “bilateral strategic dialogue with India encompassing all aspects of strategic nuclear deterrence”. It seems foreign policy issues have taken a back seat in the ongoing campaign.

Bradford Register Office could be sold

Bradford Council may also vacate sites in Shipley, Silsden, Keighley

Bradford Register Office is one of eight buildings the Council could sell in a bid to avoid a multimillion-pound maintenance bill. The move could see weddings as well as birth and death registrations taking place at City Hall instead. The Council has also suggested selling Silsden Library and moving the library service into Silsden Town Hall. It also wants to sell off a disused Council office in Wesley Place, Silsden, one of its two museum stores at Saltaire Road in Shipley, a Council office at Kirkgate in Shipley and part of its Wakefield Road highways depot. It would also pull out of leased offices at Bradford’s Venlo Industrial Estate and the Victoria Arcade in Keighley. But there would be a £4.5 million investment in other Council-owned buildings, such as St George’s Hall and City Hall, Shipley Pool and Shipley Town Hall. A total of £350,000 would also be spent refurbishing the last remaining floor of Brittania House in Bradford. The proposals are the latest stage of a ten-year Council plan to reduce the number of buildings it owns, and improve its remaining sites, as it battles a £90 million backlog in maintenance costs. Councillor Andrew Thornton, executive member

for regeneration, said the efficiency drive was good news for taxpayers and so far hundreds of Council workers had been moved to offices based in city and town centres, which boosted their economies. Births, Marriage & Death Records Find Your Ancestors Online Today! He said a scheme to get more staff working in a variety of offices or from home, meant the office space the Council needed was reducing. He said: “The motivation has always been to make the absolute best of the buildings we want to retain, making sure we operate out of as few buildings as possible in the most efficient way and reduce the maintenance backlog.” On the plan to sell the Register Office and move the service to City Hall, he said: “The issue is that it’s not Disability Discrimination Act compliant. We are having a first look to see whether or not we can move the service, or what alternative use we could put the building to.” So far, the Council has sold 44 of its buildings, which has seen its maintenance bill cut to £64 million. The scheme, now entering its sixth year, has also raised £21.2 million from the sale of surplus properties and saved £3.8 million in running costs. The plan is due to be discussed at the next meeting of the executive on Tuesday, May 7. We want to hear about your memories of Bradford Register Office. E-mail

108 Fitzwilliam Road Rotherham S65 1PX T: 01709 85 33 55 Page 16

South Yorkshire Police launch the “Sheffield Second Hand Dealer Scheme” South Yorkshire Police in partnership with Sheffield City Council and second hand traders across the city, launch their latest initiative with the main aim to reduce the market for stolen goods.

and could be investigated for a criminal offence.

Inspector Jason Booth from the South East Safer Neighbourhood Team, who is leading the project said: “We will be working with business that buy and sell second hand Property that has a resale value, such as, electrical items, mobile phones, jewellery, items such as jewellers, antique dealers and precious metals and games consoles are be- pawn brokers. ing stolen by thieves, to sell on for a quick “The code of conduct profit. focuses around accurate record keeping and phoBusinesses purchasing Sheffield Secondhand Dealer Scheme tographic identification of second hand items may the vendor. It is important not even be aware that that the police are able the property they are to trace stolen goods and buying is stolen. return them to their rightful owners. To help protect businesses and dealers, and “Every second hand dealer/ to make it harder for business across the city thieves to sell the goods will be approached to join they steal, the Sheffield the scheme and sign-up Second Hand Dealer to the code of conduct. Scheme will be impleAlthough voluntary it mented cross the city to is anticipated that the help deter the selling of majority of businesses will stolen property. comply and sign-up to the scheme.” For those organisations that sign-up to South Yorkshire Police the scheme, a code of would advise people to conduct will be initiated make sure their property is that will bring some semarked, this is one way of curity measures around making goods less desirable to thieves. the buying of second hand property.


Shops who sign up to the scheme will display a sticker in the shop window and posters inside that say, “We don’t buy stolen goods”. Police and officers from Sheffield Trading Standards, will then make regular visits to the premises to offer support and inspect their goods and records. If stolen property is identified on their premises, the police will recover it. The business/dealer holding the property will incur a financial loss,

For more advice about protecting your property visit: protecting-your-property Anyone who has information about stolen goods should contact South Yorkshire Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

£1 Bradford Council offers for Odeon and Tyrls buildings backed by officers

The Odeon building Bradford Council’s executive is being recommended by officers to accept a deal which would see it buy the former Odeon and Tyrls police station buildings for £1 each from the Homes and Communities Agency.

progress. A report to the Executive, by Barra Mac Ruairi, strategic director for regeneration, warned that declining the HCA’s offer could result in the buildings remaining in their current state, which would “present a major reputational risk to the Council”.

Bradford Council had asked the HCA to sell them for the peppercorn price, and also The Council hopes if it buys the Odeon, a provide £4.1 million for essential work to number of developers will come forward prepare them for development. with “commercially viable” plans to give the building a new lease of life, while reBut although the HCA agreed to pay the taining all or part of its distinctive architecfull £1.32 million towards work on the ture. It could invite expressions of interest Odeon, it only offered £2.2 million towards from mid-June. work on the former Tyrls building, almost The Council’s plan for the former Tyrls po£600,000 less than the Council wanted. lice station building is to see it redeveloped Now senior councillors are being urged into grade A office space. to accept the offer, as £4.4 million in development cash is available from a The Executive is due to make a decision at separate source, the Regional Growth Fund its meeting next Tuesday. programme, which will allow work to

KNOWING THE BASICS Sometimes we commit mistakes and keep on doing them for generations and we always blame our luck and fate for the outcomes. We never want to know the three “W’s” i.e. first of all: What is the mistake we are doing, secondly When we did that mistake, and Where we were wrong …. And with that question marks and ellipses we pass on that experience of our lives to our children and on and on. If we want to achieve a certain goal in our lives then we have to start from the very beginning and basics of it. Our focus should be our perspective and we should keep in mind that no matter whatever people say about me and my goal I have to achieve my goal but by fair means that my religion teaches us. It is said about courageous people that a brave person is the one who lay the foundation of the bricks which others throw at him. This means that instead of getting upset about the people and their remarks about you and your goal you should keep on working hard and strive for your ambition like a lion. Now here is the point where we are doing a big mistake and that is to start something from the very basics of it. We want to achieve something in one GO, without struggle and in shortcuts. We, I mean the young generation want to put less effort and expect a lot when it’s time to get the outcomes. Sometimes we rely on unfair means and we get stubborn to achieve that thing by hook or by crook. And that’s obviously not our fault which is what we are taught to do by our environment and by our seniors. No one is bad, no one is a sinner and no one is an innate criminal, these are the circumstances and the surrounding that compels us to do so. We get so greedy for our goal that sometimes that greed enhances in us irrational behaviours. Let’s not confuse you and myself in between this wise talk and move on; what I’m here to emphasize. From the time I came to the UK, I have my own analysis about the children, youth and elders living here. It’s just my way of looking at things and say “ O this was the point where that person was wrong”, as I’m no other then an outsider so can’t point on somebody individually and don’t want to remain quiet as well because I want to satisfy my conscience that at least I took initiative not in an individual mannner but in a general way. Obviously, like other Pakistani girls I came to live in UK because an “Engraizi baabu” came to give his heart to a “Punjabi muttiyar”, and this leads my arrival in this “gorra” and very cold land far from sub-continent. After a few days of my arrival I was taken to someone’s house to meet them and here was the first time I nearly had a heart attack. The parents greeted us and they sat down where they were sitting before and then everyone got seated and I was left with

no space and their daughters were so busy in watching TV that they weren’t bothered to look around them. But I was bold enough to say “I’m a guest in your house will you let me sit”. When I saw this I thought that was not the fault of those girls. They are never told to stand up for their elders and guests because their parents sat even before us. This is not that they are not greeting us nicely but this is lack of basics and this is what is called as ignorance. From the very first day if mother of the house have taught her children to stand up that look you dad is here, your uncle is here your aunt is here or even stand up for me; they would have given me a seat. When my father used to come home as soon as we would hear the horn at the gate we were on alert and stand up before hand because our mum told us to do so. And we were born with the commonsense that we have to stand up; it was like a lion has come to his kingdom. And moreover our religion teaches us to show respect for our guests and elders. Our Holy Prophet Hazarat Muhammad (PBUH) would not only stand up but also spread Their shawl Mubarik for the guests and even their daughter Fatimah (RA). My sister when she reached thirteen was told by my father look I know that it’s ok if you don’t cover your head infront of me but its just a way of showing me respect so if you will I will be proud of you and she did and is doing it till now as a gesture of respect; so by observing my elder sister I started doing it too automatically. So what my parents did they taught everything to my elder brother and sister and we followed it because we saw the basics around us. Whereas parents here I have observed are sending their children for a few hours to the Masjid for Quran , making their girls to do hump like scarves and getting very happy that our children are going to talks (where they go and play with their so called iphones and come back with very little knowledge) and saying that our kids are very NICE but we are not giving them basic knowledge of how to greet their elders and even their own fathers. Even I have seen mums here saying to their husbands infront of their children go upstairs and sit as there is no space in living room for you. If she is saying this to her husband, infront of her children then why should she expect her kids to respect their parents. My daughter is nearly two and when my husband comes from work she stands up do “Assamumm” (asalam o alikum) and goes to shoe rack to give her daddy his slippers. And this is what I was taught and I’m inculcating same values to my daughter.

BY : Zainab Nadeem when they come home and want to sit with their family, even children say to them “you can’t understand what’s on TV so dad you go and rest, you don’t know”. And this fumes me with anger that you are saying this to your father; a man who spent his whole life to earn bread and butter for you so that you can know everything. Another thing which I want you to think upon is that poor children after school are sent to Masjid for a long time. And this is again done by our mums. They have to stay there for few hours because there are hundreds of children in one class and every child has to wait for his turn and that turn consists of only 5 minutes. What Imam sahib is doing they are teaching the students to read their lesson by moving to and fro (a mere practice of Jews), mostly it’s like cramming your lesson when you don’t know where the actual word is written. My suggestion here is why don’t mums take initiative and question themselves that do they know how to read Quran with tajweed. Why don’t they take tajweed classes and teach their children. In this way their children instead of sleeping in Masjid can get a nice nap after school and their very own mothers are their enlighteners for Islam and Quran. I’m very proud to say that my mum taught me how to read Quran and Salaah. And by doing this you can think of your mum as a complete guiding figure with the view that my mum knows everything. Whenever something bad happens or we don’t like anything why people here say specially the youth that “this must be done by a Pakistani”, why we are people who are born here, living here as Pakistani. When you are doing well you are a British and when there is something troublesome then it’s a Pakistani thing. Let me clear this that youth here is pure British (Pakistan have already lots of burdens, she can’t take the privilege of naming young people under Pakistani) and elder people who spent eighteen years of their lives in Pakistan and came here to earn and living here for last 40 to 50 years then they are not at all Pakistanis.

They are migrants. And I’m not saying this: but your own Gora sahib says this in their books. My humble request is that Please Pakistan is going through a lot because of the corrupt leaders and it can’t take blames upon blames of even its undone things. So if you have never been to Pakistan and don’t want to go then don’t make Pakistani as a swear word because for us who got everything from Pakistan; it’s very hurtful. If you are a British, be a British and if Migrant then remain one. Im not finished with my obserPoor fathers here are so busy they vations yet …. Still lot more to hardly get time to spend with their come. kids. They are doing extra shifts to give their children good living and education and then in the end

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ILM Sports News Amir Khan talk to ILM NEWS after fight

By: Z Naqvi - Whilst speaking to ILM News, “Amir Khan said he knew he would be in a tough fight after overcoming another setback to defeat Julio Diaz on points in Sheffield”. Khan was floored by a left hook in the fourth round but dominated for long periods before Diaz came on strong, rocking the Briton on several occasions and winning the last three rounds.

and put on a great performance. Julio came to win, I was happy with the way the crowd supported me all the way." Virgil Hunter said Khan needed to be at his best to beat the former twotime champion. "I came to win, he was very determined and it took the smarts of Amir to pull this fight out," he said. "I'm proud of the decisions he made, particularly when he went down.

Scores of 115-112, 115-113 and 114113 were a fair reflection of the battle Khan had to come through to pick up "He fought a smart, intelligent fight the win. and it goes to show when he's in a crisis like every single fighter is go"It was awesome to come back home ing to be in, he made sound and put on a great performance." decisions. Amir Khan "He was tough, he's been in many "These are the lessons you want world title fights," he said. "He him to learn. He's been in a situation wouldn't take a step back, he's got a where he's thought this thing out and lot of experience and he knew what not fought with his heart, but with his to do. brains. "He caught me while I was offbalance, I kept moving to re-compose myself and we'll work on it in the gym. "It was awesome to come back home

"It's going to make him tougher to beat and I'm pleased with the decisions he made against a tough fighter who gets all the credit."

BBC outbids Sky for rights to Champions Trophy 2013 Rugby League World Cup

After seeing most of their sporting portfolio disappear, the BBC have finally outbid Sky for a big event. Organisers of the 2013 Rugby League World Cup have announced a four-year broadcast deal with the BBC and Premier Sports.

The BBC will show all England games live, starting with the opening ceremony at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium on October 26 and the clash with Australia, as well as a quarter-final, a semi-final and the Old Trafford final on November 30. Coverage of the Four Nations Series in 2014 and 2016 and the next World Cup in 2017, due to be held in the southern hemisphere, are to be incorporated into the deal.

ished Grand National now being broadcast on Channel 4. The National had been considered to be one of the BBC's few remaining sporting ‘crown jewels’, alongside Wimbledon, the Six Nations rugby and the Olympics. Sky Sports, who dominate coverage of

Premier Sports say they will have live coverage of all 28 World Cup games, nine of which will be exclusive to the satellite football in the UK, snatched the premium broadcaster, including three of the quarter- rights to Formula 1 from the BBC in 2012 - although the BBC does still get to show finals and a semi. half the races. The deal, announced at a seminar at Old Trafford, leaves Super League broadcast Last year, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club partners Sky Sports out in the cold - a role warned the BBC that its dwindling interest in golf could threaten its hold on future TV reversal from the norm. The BBC have been used to losing their coverage of The Open, while in May it lost sporting rights packages at a steady rate its rights to the French Open - the second over recent years, with even the long-cher- Grand Slam of the tennis calendar.

Champions Trophy 2013 will begin on Thursday, June 6, 2013 in England as per cricket schedule announced. ICC Champions Trophy 2013 is an international tournament to be organized by England. Champions Trophy 2013 will consist of 15 ODI matches to be hosted by England in June 2013. The ICC Champions Trophy 2013 tournament will comes to end on Jun 23, 2013. The Champions Trophy 2013 tournament is a part of Future Cricket Tour Programs (FTP) prepared by International Cricket Council (ICC). England will host the Champions Trophy 2013 tournament, beginning on June 6, 2013. In Champions Trophy 2013 tournament, first ODI match would be between India - South Africa on Jun 6, 2013 at 10:30 local time to be played at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff. Champions Trophy 2013 Schedule is available with full fixtures and time table for ICC Champions Trophy 2013. Champions Trophy 2013 is available in PDF Format for download. ICC Champions Trophy 2013 is also available in Excel (CSV) format. You must open this file in excel only. Ticket can be purchased online

Sheffield United ready for play off

Chris ready to pore over play-off Sheffield United winger Jamie Murphy tests Yeovil Town s defence Sheffield United manager Chris Morgan has vowed nothing will be left to chance as he prepares his squad for their League One play-off semi-final with Yeovil Town, writes James Shield. And Morgan, whose team finished a place behind the visitors in the final rankings, warned it would be a grave mistake to under-estimate the threat posed by Gary Johnson’s side. With United and Yeovil returning a win apiece from their two meetings last term, Morgan said: “We’ll sit down and go through the DVD’s of both those matches. We’ll look at absolutely everything and leave no stone unturned. “We’ll examine the areas where we feel we can exploit them and we’ll also look at improving upon those areas where we could have done better against them. “It’s all part of the process. We’ll go into detail and make sure we’ve got all the bases covered.” The 35-year-old, who steered United to fifth in the table after taking charge following Danny Wilson’s departure three weeks ago.

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