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POLICE CASHING Hit By Benefits Cut' Musharraf announces return to Pakistan

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Seven million working families welfare payments reduced, by an will lose money under Coalition average of about £215 per year in plans to cut the value of benefits 2015 –16. payments, economists have esti- And of the 14.1 million workingthree years in Dubai and take part in a forthcoming parliamentary age households where at least one mated. election. adult works, 7 million will see Iain Duncan Smith Comments The Institute for Fiscal Studies their payments cut. The average Parliament is due to be dissolved said that the changes set out on loss will be £165 per year, the IFS by March 16, after which an interlegislation to be debated in the calculated. im administration will take over to Commons will affect far more Around 3 million of the losing oversee the run-up to the election POLICE are bringing in millions The news came as separate reother personal injuries – despite to be held within 90 days. households would be affected by working households than workof pounds by passing on crash search by the company claimed falling accident rates,’ he added. Poor families may have to pay hundreds of pounds more real-terms cuts in child benefit, less ones. details to lawyers and insurance two thirds of accident victims are Last year David Cameron prom"I have decided to returntaxtofrom Paki-April but many have no idea about what is in council them about £75 percompanies year. The think-tank’s companies, figures analysis show. has costing contacted by claims or ised to clamp down Up to 3million low-income households will Former president and chief of on Alla compenstan within a about week to of hit thethem. formaBalls, the Labour shadow fuelledare a political row over the Ed lawyers Forces accepting ‘administra– sometimes within hours culture which had made be worse off as council Pakistansation Muslim League Pervez tion of the interim government," he tax benefit is scrapped, according to the tion fees’Benefits for handing over copies of accidents. Britain the ‘whiplash capital ofreportersResolution said: “The Govern- Musharraf Welfare Uprating Bill, chancellor, Foundation has announced to return told in Dubai, saying he think-tank. Some will have to pay nearly ofwhich reports on road traffic accidents. Some opportunistic year place more,on with single parents on minimum wage likely to Sunday back to Europe’. Pakistan within 1 week believed this £600 woulda take myths about who claims will be manwould limit annual in- ment’s The Metropolitan Police has reagement companies go to the From April it will be illegal to be the hardest hit. The foundation’s Gavin Kelly said: ‘Millions after the installation of an interim March 16. creases in many benefits to 1 per hit by their cuts to tax credits and Cricket ceived morethe than £5 million scene of the while others receive payment for referral fees in of England’s poorest households – both in and out of work – are government. benefits have nowaccident, been exposed. cent, below expected levelin ofthis already to very credits and Asked if he planned runclose for to the edge given falling wages, tax League way since 2009, while the Hamp- go to the hospital where victims personal injury cases and there will While millionaires get a tax cut, Addressing an important press inflation. benefits. ‘Very few of those currently exempt from paying the president, Musharraf said: "The shire force pulled in more than are being treated. also be a cap on lawyers’ fees on 2013 striving working famiConservative sayConthe 7 million fullcome rate of conference in Dubaiclaims. Musharraf presidency will at council a later tax are expecting a large new bill to drop on to £480,000 sinceministers 2010. Fife Managing director John O’Roarke successful their doormat spring. When it does, they are going to find it paying the for Davidhoundreal-termsmade cuts are needed to limit lies are calling next going back this for the stabulary almost £2000,000. criticised the price ‘aggressive’ But 2-3 the months pendingimportant legislationstage. has Now I'm Page 22 hard to cope.’ said that the time has elections and hope Cameron George Osborne’s for Pakistan the cost of benefits to taxpayers. The country’s 48 other police forcing ofand crash victims. prompted a whiplash ‘goldparliamentary rush’ well as scrapping council tax benefit, the government has come forwith patriotic Pakistanis. my party doesAswell." failure.” thathow the much 1 per cent esThey did estimate not reveal they economic ‘The heavy-handed tactics of the claims companies hounding handed responsibility for the discounts available to the less wellmade following a request “claims farming” people regardless of whether they Lib Dems have industry criticisedhas cap will save £1.9 billionunder over Senior to local But it has also told them to find savings of He further talked of giving Pakista- Some media off reports havecouncils. said the Freedom of Information Act by resulted in record levels of comhave been injured or not, says five years. By contrast, last year’s George Osborne, the Chancellor, nis a third ten per cent and banned them from penalising the elderly. Three political alternative for Musharraf, who faces the threat car insurance company LV=. by for suggesting pensation claims for whiplash and and LV=. out of four councils have been forced to cut the discounts, says that cutting bene- good decision to increase benefits honest governance. of arrest in Pakistan on charges The said will the money it made fits will primarily affect claimants Resolution Foundation. It means families with no one in work that he failedthe to provide adequate 5.2 Met per cent cost taxpayers and hitherto exempt is simply an ‘administration security to former Prime Ministerfrom the tax will have to pay some of the £8.7 billion over the same period. who do not work and do little to Pervez Musharraf said that his bill for the first time – typically between £96 and £255 a year. A cost’for providing copies of its party would take take an active Benazir Bhutto before her assasseek employment. Labour have voted against the single parent, working part-time on minimum wage and currently reports.‘Any suggestions that the part in the next general elections sination in 2007, will seek Saudi paying £173 a year for a modest home, will become liable for up cuts has in the Commons, which MPS sold these details areit Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime and would field candidates from help in obtaining guarantees that to an extra £577 a year. If they live in a bigger home, their bill Minister, echoed those criticisms, says will primarily affect working untrue’ a spokesman said. all the constitutuencies across the he will not be detained. will rise by more than £600. families who receive benefits The Met’s own figures showlike it saying: ““I don’t think it helps at country. Councils which choose not to trim back the discounts have been Ensuring that Articles 62 and 63 "I don't see any reason made an average of benefit. £371 for eachall to try to portray that decision. tax credits and child ordered towhy find Ithe ten per cent savings from other services. are implemented is one of the should be arrested," Musharraf ofIt the 13000 requests it received estimated that around 2.5 mil- Why should the taxpayer pay Critics point out the changes come in at the same time that said. "We willmillionaires see what will over last three where years. no-one more to sustain welfare payments demands of my party, he added. gethapa ‘huge tax cut’. Local government minister lion the households pen when I land in the airport andthe reforms would cut fraud and get people ‘That is a lot of money for adminBrandon Lewis said works – out of a total of 2.8 mil- while at the same time earning Pervez Musharraf announced his take action according toHe that." istration’ said a spokesman for into work. added: ‘We are ending the something-for-nothing lion – will see the value of their less?” return to Pakistan after almost culture.’ LV=.


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Poorest families Fair Deal face new council for Sheffield tax blow Page 10

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Sheffield City Council’s wisdom has been called into question as new figures reveal plans to close Don Valley stadium will not save taxpayers’ any money over a two-year period. Proposals, which are set to be voted on by councillors this afternoon (Fri 1st Mar, 14:00), will see Don Valley stadium closed and the smaller Woodburn stadium re-opened.

However, if demolition of the site occurs this year the plans could cost taxpayers more than £500,000 in the next twelve months. Even over a two-year period the plan will not have saved any money.

Sheffield Hallam MP and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has again written to the Council asking them to reconsider their plans in light of the new figures.

“The athletics community are united in saying that not enough has been done to raise income from Don Valley. If we’re to preserve our legacy as a City of Sport and produce the next Jessica The Council has already been Ennis, we need to put politics criticised by the athletics aside and work together on a community, including Jessica Ennis coach Toni Minichiello, for failing attract major events and raise more income from the stadium.

solution for the future.

“When you consider that delaying the closure will actually save taxpayers money, there seems little reason to rush ahead with the decision.”

Cllr Joe Otten, Sheffield Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Culture and Sport, said: “These shocking figures reveal what a deeply cynical move the Council are taking by closing Don Valley stadium.

Union campaigns against mandatory CCTV cameras in Sheffield taxis Sheffield City Council made By: Z Naqvi the decision earlier this month, stating the cameras would help reduce abuse and violent attacks. The cameras would cost taxi and private hire cab drivers about £500 each. The GMB union said it had written to the council to suggest the cameras should be voluntary and said it would consider taking legal action. A union spokesman said: "If we cannot revisit this decision with the council we will consider a legal challenge once we have received advice

from our solicitors. "In any event we are also considering organising a large protest by both private hire and black cab drivers in Sheffield to show our dissatisfaction with this decision." Crime 'reduced' Hafeas Rehman, chairman of the Sheffield Taxi Trade Association, previously said cameras help drivers, but "shouldn't be mandatory".

"We're all adults. If anyone feels it will enhance their safety they should install one, but not have it actually forced on you just because people think it's a good idea,"

he said. The chairman of the council's licensing committee, councillor John Robson, said the results of a trial in 2007 were "overwhelmingly amazing". He said: "One in seven fares prior to the trial resulted in an incident - whether that was verbal abuse, threats of violence, physical assault, a dispute over the fare, people running off without paying or damage to the taxi. "During the trial that figure reduced to less than one in 100. Surely the figures speak for themselves."

Taxi Drivers Concerned over Imposing of CCTV in Cabs By: Z Naqvi

should those journies be recorded and listened to. What Taxi Drivers express Concerns right does anyone have to over Imposing of CCTV cam- invade one’s privacy? They eras in Cabs and mini cabs. feel that Sheffield City CounSpeaking to ILM News cil has no right to impose the numerous taxi drivers raised CCTV camers in their cabs their concerns about the and if it comes to that then the invasion of their privacy. Council should pay for them. Some said that they use their One suggestioon was that if taxi for private use whilst this is going to become mantravelling with their respected datory then the camera should famlies and felt that why only start when the paid jour-

ney begins and the meter is switched on and switched off when the journey, controlled by the driver as they are self employed and reserve the full right to run their own business and should not be dictated to. If you have any views about this issue then please send them at the above e-mail.


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News in BRIEF Sheffield Landlords Under Scrutiny

Private landlords in Sheffield will be encouraged to bring their homes up to scratch under plans to create a citywide accreditation scheme. Sheffield Council is concerned that the quality of some private-rented accommodation lags behind council housing, which is undergoing a £700 million revamp. Homes provided by private landlords is a growing sector in Sheffield’s housing market due to lack of new building and many people being priced out of buying their own home. Data from the 2011 Census, released late last year, showed the proportion of Sheffield people owning their own home fell 60.15 per cent in 2001 to 58.7 per cent last year. Nationally, 64 per cent of people owned their own homes, down from 68 per cent in 2001. Improving private-rented housing

is one of the priorities identified in a report by Sheffield’s Fairness Commission published last week, which aims to close the gap in quality of life between rich and poor areas. Coun Julie Dore said: “The plan would be that landlords have their homes inspected and given accreditation. When people are looking to rent a home, they will see which properties are approved under the scheme and choose those homes rather than others. But a chartered surveyor from Sheffield-based property firm ELR, said: “I don’t think the idea will make any difference. If it’s not compulsory why would a landlord sign up to have to pay another administration fee. There are less-scrupulous landlords out there but what’s the incentive to join the council’s scheme?”

28-year-old has failed the theory test 107 times,

A hapless learner sets new record for flunking the theory test. An unnamed 28-year-old has failed the theory test 107 times, and still hasn't passed. The determined Londoner has spent £3,317 trying to pass Many of us know someone who has struggled to pass their driving test. But spare a thought for the hapless learner who has set a record for failure. He has so far spent £3,317 trying to pass the exam, which costs £31 a time. The test includes a 57-minute multiple choice exam, with a pass mark of 43 out of 50, and a hazard perception test with a pass mark

of 44 out of 75. Once you’ve passed both parts of the theory, there’s still the practical to overcome. The practical test costs £62 to take on a weekday or £75 for a test on an evening, weekend or bank holiday. An AA Driving School spokesman said: ‘This is an unusually high number of test attempts, but it is important to remember that everyone learns at their own pace. Their determination to pass highlights how important learning to drive is to most people. 'It is a milestone that many people aspire to achieving because of the freedom and independence it brings.’

Horsemeat Alert and School Meals

Jayne Ludlam, Executive Director for Children, Young People and Families, “The latest information regarding cross contamination of meat has given rise Sheffield City Council, said: to the need for additional vigilance, al“Under our contract with Taylor Shaw, though as a company we do not use any very little pre-prepared food is used in of the products mentioned or indeed take the preparation of school meals. Dishes product from the named manufacturers. are made from fresh meat and supplies It should be stressed that there are no brought in two or three times a week to hygiene or safety issues arising from the make sure that there is as little frozen recent issues although the matter is exmeat product as possible. Dishes such tremely disturbing for religious complias Lasagne and Meat and Potato Pie are ance. always made by the cooks themselves to agreed recipes. The service is also regularly monitored to make sure this is carried out to the council’s expectations. “Most of the meat used in school meals in Sheffield is provided by Underwoods Meats of Rotherham and only British beef is used. Burgers and sausages are provided by Brakes, which has no connections with any of the companies involved so far. All suppliers are complying with the Food Standards Agency’s deadline to have tested all beef products by Friday 15 February. Taylor Shaw are keeping us informed of all developments.” Statement from Taylor Shaw (School Meals' contractor)

“All our halal meat comes from recognised suppliers within the relevant communities and as such we would expect the religious observance to be excellent. We have been in touch with all our meat suppliers and have spoken to them to ensure that they are complying with the Food Standards Agency deadline to have tested all beef products by Friday 15th Feb to ensure that the meat is of the highest quality and does not contain any cross-contamination. We have also asked our suppliers to respond to us as well with the findings. We will continue to be vigilant and review our processes so that if changes are required in our checks then these can be accommodated.”

“As a Company we take the provenance of our products very seriously. All our suppliers are required to undertake a rigorous due diligence process to ensure that all products are traceable and from reliable sources. The fact that we produce the majority of our meals from fresh ingredients supplied by UK butchers is reassurance as we are not using meat sourced USE OF PROCESSED FOOD from abroad.




Joint statement on behalf of Sheffield City Council and Taylor Shaw Ltd: “There is a national maximum level of prepared meat products that can be used on menus in schools, but the Sheffield specification is even stricter, which we test thoroughly and regularly. The majority of food from Taylor Shaw is prepared fresh on site each day and only 6 per cent of meals are pre-prepared. “Although we have been given assurances by our suppliers about the provenance of the pre-prepared food, we take the safety of the young people in our schools very seriously. In light of the ongoing revelations of illegal activity by unscrupulous people regarding the contamination of processed meat products, as a precaution we have taken the joint decision to suspend the use of all processed meat products in all school meals with immediate effect.” “We hope that this will reassure parents and carers who may have any reservations about their children’s school meals.” “We are aware that the Food Standards Agency are carrying out urgent investigations into meat suppliers nationally and we will monitor any feedback from their investigations before considering the reintroduction of any processed meat products in our school meals, in the future.” “We would advise all schools who do not have Taylor Shaw as their school meals contractor to adopt this decision.”

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Campaign Against UK Loan Sharks Launched

Campaigners have launched a "Sharkstoppers" movement to challenge pay-day loan companies that target Britain's poorest households, who fall victim as a result of massive government cuts. The British federation of trade unions, Trades Union Congress (TUC) as well as credit unions, advice agencies and housing associations joined the move to prevent the public from turning to unscrupulous loan sharks at the time of economic crisis. The campaigners promised to promote alternatives to loan sharks as well as warning British people about the industry which is now turning over £8.5 billion.

Legal loan sharks are cynically trying to prey on the most vulnerable people but trade unions and other groups are campaigning hard to expose them and promote credit unions as the affordable alternative. Last year, pay-day lender and loan shark Wonga registered profits of £46 million by rippingoff people with a shocking interest rate of 4,214 per cent annually. Critics believe turning to money lenders is the last resort for people at a time when the British government is imposing indiscriminate spending cuts regardless of their impacts on the poor.

British GDP Shrank In Q4 Of 2012 Britain's economy contracted by 0.3 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012, according to gross domestic product figures by the Office for National Statistics. The contraction exceeded analysts' expectations and contrasted with Britain's 0.9 percent GDP growth rate in the previous quarter, when the country emerged from recession. Economists fear Britain could fall back into recession for the third time in five years if the economy shrinks again in the first quarter of 2013. The ONS said that output of goods and services in 2012 was largely unchanged relative to the previous year despite GDP growth in the third quarter, when

the economy got a boost from the London Olympics and festivities to mark the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. economists are not ruling out another recession and experts are forecasting the economy could shrink between January and March due to weakness in production, bad weather and bleak export prospects due to the ongoing eurozone crisis. Despite the weak economy, ONS data showed that unemployment in Britain fell to 7.7 percent in fourth quarter of 2012, down from 7.8 percent in the previous three-month period and the lowest level in nearly two years

Bradford Free School To Open In 2013 Bradford-based charity One in a Million has received assurances that their free school will open in 2013. The charity has received a letter from Lord Hill, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Schools, offering his full support for the project. In the letter Lord Hill describes the school as “aspirational and innovative” and that it would “add to the educational offer in Bradford.” One in a Million recently held their open evening and parents who attended were reassured by Lord Hill’s commitment. Over 100 parents attended with 81 showing a strong expression of interest for their child to secure one of the 50 places avail-

able at the One in a Million Free School. The shool has a commitment to arts, enterprise and sport and because of its innovative and cutting edge ICT solutions it will mean every student having access to an Apple iPad. The school aims to integrate the curriculum with enterprise opportunities for work placements with One In A Million’s partners across a wide range of roles connected to design, marketing, media studies and the school facilities will offer excellent catering training facilities along with music recording, drama spaces and dance studios.

£372,000 TO HELP PUPILS CATCH UP £372,000 will help Year 7 pupils in Sheffield who didn’t reach the expected level in literacy and maths when they finished primary school catch up with their classmates who did. Schools have received £500 per pupil who didn’t reach the expected level to help them through catchup classes and individual tuition. Evidence shows only five per cent of pupils who don’t achieve Level 4 in both English and maths at Key Stage 2 go on to achieve five GCSEs at A* to C, including English and maths. This extra money, announced

by Deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield Hallam MP, Nick Clegg in September at Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference, is to help these children catch up with their classmates. Schools are free to determine how best to use the funding, but Ofsted inspectors will consider how schools are using the premium when inspecting schools. They will also monitor how effectively schools report to parents on whether or not students are meeting national expectations.

Malala Says She Wants ‘To Serve’ and… I am getting better day by day. It's just because of the prayers of people. Because all people – men, women, children – all of them have prayed for me. And because of these prayers God has given me this new life … and this is a second life. And I want to serve. I want to serve the people. I want every girl, every child, to be educated."

Malala Yousafzai, the 15-yearold girl who was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan for advocating education for girls, has spoken out in two videos filmed before and after she had major surgery.

In a video recorded before she had two operations, she announced in English that she wants to help others. She said: "Today you can see that I am alive. I can speak, I can see you, I can see everyone

Britain’s Schools Could Be Worst In World Britain's schools are among the worst in the world for social mobility, according to a new study. They have some of the largest achievement gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged students, along with France, Germany and the United States. The warning comes from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, which says that school systems should provide ‘high quality’ educational opportunities for all students regardless of background. The OECD has published a new analysis of fair opportunities for pupils in more than 60 countries across the world. It compares the reading skills of teenagers

At the top end of the international spectrum, Shanghai in China, Hong Kong, Finland, South Korea, Canada and Japan combine both high results and high levels of fairness, with pupils succeeding regardless of background. The UK is ranked below average in the international comparison of social mobility, with advantaged pupils scoring around 92 points higher on their 2009 reading tests than disadvantaged teenagers. It belongs to a group of countries, including Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, Hungary, Belgium and the United States, that are successful in terms of above average results, but have lower levels of equi-

in Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) tests against levels of social equity. The report shows that across OECD countries, disadvantaged students are twice as likely to be among the poorest performers in reading compared to advantaged teenagers. On average, an advantaged teenager scores 88 points higher on the PISA reading test than a disadvantaged one - a difference that is equivalent to more than two years of schooling.

ty. Meanwhile, Russia, Spain, Croatia and the Czech Republic are relatively strong on equal opportunities but have low levels of performance. Bulgaria, Turkey and Kyrgyzstan perform badly in both equity and results. A long-term characteristic of the UK’s education system has been the polarisation between the results of rich and poor pupils. Lets hope a child’s education achievements should not be determined by their postcode or the wealth of their parents.’

A titanium plate was fitted over her skull and a cochlear implant fitted to help her hearing after her left ear was damaged by the shooting. The two operations together took about five hours. After surgery, Malala said: "I can also walk a little bit, I can talk and I am feeling

better, and it did not seem I had a very big operation." It has also been revealed that a fund would be set up in her name to help all children get an education. The first grant from the fund would go towards an organisation in the Swat Valley in Pakistan, where Malala is from, to encourage girls to go to school rather than going directly into work. Malala’s father, Ziauddin Yousafzai, runs a group of schools in Swat Valley. He said: “Malala and all other female human rights activists must be heard seriously and sincerely. If today, their voice goes unheard then coming generations will go without basic human rights and sublime values which men and women have been striving for centuries to achieve. We can’t compromise on the peace and prosperity of our future generations.”

Government Fails To Improve NHS Food Since 1992 the government has appointed a number of celebrities and celebrity chefs to lead failed voluntary initiatives to improve hospital food, wasting more than £54 million of taxpayers' money in the process, says a new report by food and farming campaign group Sustain. The report states that the government’s 21 “voluntary initiatives,” which researched the problems affecting hospital food, published recommendations and called on hospitals voluntarily to adopt them, have failed to improve on low quality, unhealthy and unpopular patient meals. Sustain estimates that these initiatives have cost more than £54 million of taxpayer’s money in the process. They have been roundly criticised, even by the government’s own advisors. The report criticises successive Health Ministers for persisting with this failed approach and continuing where their predecessors left off. The report records

every failed hospital food initiative launched by government since 1992. It also records all other projects to improve hospital food which have been launched by organisations and individuals outside government since 1992, including by celebrity chefs, charities and health and medical organisations. Despite the fact that some government voluntary initiatives, and all of the projects included in this report, have been successful in improving meals at a handful of hospitals, the majority of hospital food remains as bad as ever. This has been shown by recent surveys of patient meals revealing very poor quality standards. On behalf of the 89 members of the Campaign for Better Hospital Food, Sustain has called on the government to follow examples set by Scotland and Wales by setting mandatory health and sustainability standards for hospital food in England, rather than keeping a voluntary approach.

Rice With Negligible Calorie Count

Dogs In Britain To Have Microchips Every dog owner in Britain will have to put microchips on their pets starting 2016 under plans intended to cut a rise in stray animals. The microchips will be coded with owners' details, and people who do not comply could face fines of up to 500 pounds. Owners could also be prosecuted over an attack by their dog on private land. The microchip procedure involves inserting a sterile chip the size of a grain of rice between a dog's shoulder blades. Free microchips will be circulated to veterinary clinics, although it was not clear whether vets will charge for the service.

Government figures reveal that more than 100,000 dogs are dumped or lost each year, at a cost of 57 million pounds to the taxpayer and welfare charities. Eight children and six adults have been killed in dog attacks since 2005, with many of these incidents taking place in homes, according to figures from the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs. Last year, 3,000 postal workers were attacked by dogs, with 70 percent of the attacks happening on private property. But owners will be protected from prosecution if their dog attacks a burglar or trespasser on their land.

A new variety of rice from the UK is surprisingly low on calories - only 7.7 per 100 grams as compared to 350 for white basmati. Named Slim Rice, it helps you feel full while barely registering on your waistline. Regular boiled rice contains 64 percent water, while precooked Slim Rice is made up of 97 percent water and the Asian root konjac. Some nutritionists claim that vegetable extract konjac, also known as Moyu, can stabilise bloodsugar levels and prevent hunger pangs and over-eating. The unusual product smells strongly of starch and needs to be rinsed at

least twice under warm water to remove its distinctive odour. Advocates claim the rice, which is chewier than normal varieties, tricks your brain into thinking you have eaten a full meal. A single portion can create the sensation of being full for up to four hours. However, there may be side effects to konjac. It will make you feel fuller but doesn't do much for you. Konjac is an appetite suppressant and people will eat it thinking they will get slim but might not be aware they could be starving themselves of nutrients.

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News in BRIEF Amir Khan May Fight in Sheffield

Boxing superstar Amir Khan is set to fight in the UK for the first time in two years and the main event is expected to be at Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena, it was reported today.

Diaz, 33, would ensure Khan has another tough night as he attempts to rebuild his career.

Former world champion Khan, suffered back-to-back defeats against Lamont PeHe is said to be fighting terson and Danny Garcia Julio Diaz on April 27 - or who knocked him out in possibly a week earlier, on four rounds. April 20. There has been no official But he returned with a conannouncement but the story vincing win over Carlos is being covered on several Molina in Los Angeles, in web sites, including The December. Sun. Sheffield’s own Kell Brook An April fight in the UK has is the opponent fight fans also been hinted at on social would like to see in a Battle media sites closely linked to of Britain showdown. Khan, 26. Mexican-born American

Mohammed – The Most Popular Name for Baby Boys ahead of Jack And Harry Mohammed has become the most popular name for newborn boys in Britain. It shot up from third the previous year, overtaking Jack, which had topped the list for the past 14 years but was relegated to third spot. Olivia topped the list for little girls for the second year in a row, behind Ruby and Chloe.

The second most popular boy’s name, Oliver, was given to 7,364 babies. Harry and Alfie came in fourth and fifth place respectively. The official list, which covers all births in 2009 in England and Wales, has ¬Mohammed at number 16 but this does not include the many different spellings, which are all ranked separately. A total of 7,549 newborns were given When they are added in, Mohammed 12 variations of the Islamic prophet zooms all the way up to top spot for Mohammed’s name last year, such the first time. In order of popularas Muhammad and Mohammad. ity, the variant ¬spellings used during the year were: Muhammad, Mo-

hammad, Muhammed, Mohamed, Mohamad, Muhamed, Mohammod, Mahamed, Muhamad, Mahammed and Mohmmed. Since 1999 the number of babies called Mohammed, however spelled, has increased by more than half. In 1999 the name was given to 4,579 newborns. Going even further back, the single spelling Mohammed appeared at 73 in the list in 1964 and 87th in 1944. There were 706,248 children born in England and Wales last year.

New UK Citizenship Test Revealed An updated version of the Life in the UK test handbook has been released. The book will be essential for those taking the new test, which will be introduced in March. The Foreign Office said that the new handbook and test are part of the government's reforms to the immigration system to help reduce net migration while ensuring that the UK continues to attract the brightest migrants from across the world. The 'Life in the UK' test is taken by migrants wanting to settle permanently in the UK who already speak English to a sufficient standard. The test and handbook have been completely rewritten, removing questions on the practicalities of daily life such as public transport, credit cards and job

interviews. It will now focus on British culture, history and traditions as well as “the events and people who have helped make Britain a great place to live.”

Mundane information has been stripped out, about water meters, how to find train timetables, and using the internet. The new book rightly focuses on values and principles at the heart of being British. Instead of telling people how to claim benefits it encourages participation in British life. The government has made radical changes to the immigration system and is determined to reduce net migration from hundreds of thousands into the tens of thousands by the end of the Parliament. The latest figures show these reforms are working, with net migration falling by a quarter in the last year. Migrant groups have criticised the new subject matter, saying that it is too difficult.

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PIA introduces Boeing 777 Sheffield City Council South to Leeds Bradford Airport Community Assembly’s Shahid Ali Star Awards 2012 ILM NEWS - 3 Years on

Pakistan International Airlines snacks to delicious meals. Compre(PIA) has announced the introduc- hensive in-flight entertainment with By: tion of Boeing 777 operations on the latest films, music and games their non-stop services from Leeds will also be available. At the start of this month I tion over those who offer up one talk toBradford me thatAirport way.”(LBA) a good thing. For example, way of to IslamaPIA has introduced thereminding Boeing 777yourself not pay ILM to publish their South Community Assembly was invited by Nasir Mir their work and their selves Especially if this criticism is this criticism: that the criticism was a good piece or for ILM to cover an bad. This larger aircraft, renowned aircraft due to the high demand hosted a Community Star Awards Restaurant) to attend in to our judgment. We thrive made in public, as onand spaciousness, from travellers thing for you, aand way on(Apna Wednesday 12 December for itssuch comfort in Bradford theof keep- event. on behalf on negative criticism, which radio. “The same old people are ing yourself humble thea celebration Town Hallevent reception room. will offer enhanced cabin facilities surrounding Yorkshire region who - not of evening Pakistan was Tehreek-e-Insaf, is fun to write and to read. writing theseats same old cocky. I have been a party to many The enjoyable and providing 35 business class wantthings", to fly to and from Pakistan years ILM. But the bitter truth we crit- You have toand defend yourself, can be read: “We need to Learn from the criticism. critiquing conversations thecelebrating room was 3full withofdignitaries 294 in economy. from their local airport. The airline andAsother The attendI satparticipants. there a number of ics must face is that, in the and attack Passengers the attacker … increase theand variety of con- After seeingoncriticism in a with ILM, where they have in both economy will introduce the aircraft the exance wasitbywas invitation. Dinner times mentioned thatwas grand scheme of things, right? Wrong. By attacking about positiveLBA light, and thanking listened patiently at times business class willtributors benefit and fromwrite isting twicea weekly schedule served the formal event. peoplebefore criticised ILM and the average piece of junk is the attacker,increased you areleg stoopvariety of setopics.” That’s the and critic, don’t just move and explained their point room and a wide on a Wednesday Saturday. Awards werewho presented Lord the people bought by it tomore meaningful than our ing to their lection level. Even if the just from one example of refreshments lights of course on and go back to business of view. I have found them Mayor councillor John started Cambell. gether, when it first criticism designating it so. person was mean or rude, — you can do that with just as usual. Actually try to willing to listen and it is The Awards were given for outand continue to do so. But there are times when a you don’t have to be the about any criticism. Some- improve. That’s a difficult where they asked me to standing volunteering work. critic truly risks something, same way. You don’t have times it’s just someone hav- concept for some people, write monthly in the newsFor a monthly community and that is in the discovery to commit the same sins. Be ing a bad day, but many because they often think that paper. ILM is the sum of 5 Awards were presented for Ennewspaper to be still going and there’s at least a grain they’re right matter what. parts from at a large number of vironment Volunteer Category. 3 defense of the *new*. the better person. A ground breaking times initiative develbeing involved in such an no incident. To book a place the event, which Awards presented for Learnafter 3were years is an achieveThe world is often unkind of truth in the criticism. contributors and behind the Roads Partnership will be held staff, at thewho Lifewise Ceningment Category. 7 Awards in itself and thewere com-preto new talent, new creations. Below are oped somebyofthe theSouth at- Yorkshire Safer The Safer But no one is alwaysis right. scenes we should Roads Partnership is being offered working with Safety 1st Driving tre on Thursday 4 April, starting sented for Young Volunteer Catmitment and dedication by The new needs friends..…” tributes a person should have Thank the critic. Even if You, in fact, may be wrong, appreciate and encourage. at egory. Awards were voluntary sectors. He is trustee to help older people to continue deliver entertaining 10am, call 01709 832 455 or email the 8contributors andpresented the whenof receiving criticism: someone is harshAcademy and rude,to and the an critic may be right. forteam Community Leader Category. 7 Sheaf citizen advice bureau and driving safely. and informative presentation at the who bring it together Tootrustee many times we takeMental crit- Health thank them. They might So see if there’s something Finally one of the ripples Awards were presented for Health of Sheffield The free course, being held at the event as well as offering on the road uk. Places allocated first is worthy of praise and recicism as a personal attack, as Listen carefully. In any have been having a bad you can change to make that will ILMbehas causedoninaour and Wellbeing Category. citizen advice bureau. ognition. But the constant an insult who weofare. But situation or maybe justsessions. a yourself better. alongsowith Lifewisecarefully Centre in day, Rotherham on 4they’re driving Attendees willAnd also then come,community first served basis book the earHe is to also chair Sanitation in the listening themecouncillor of criticismAli is one that reit’s Developing not. Well, perhaps a key skill. If you negative person in that change. Actually radio disappointment. fraternity is a ‘media April, aimsignore to support older drivers be general. able to talkmake to a range of agencies ly to avoid Former Qadar World. someHe alsoisserves I would like toinexplore. times is, but we don’t have you're so, and your that attitude strive to to dooffer better as a com- revolution’ in the Pakistani ceived the award the Community as it a committee member for critical Abbey- comments, by providing them But witheven advice will of be on hand advice Leader Category. Chair of South daleitCommunity Trustitand to take that way. Take as commitdoomed to vital repeat the same tailored gratitudetowill probably catch of municator. You'll end information meet on a variety related topics such as:up be- community in Sheffield. Community Assembly Councillor tee member on actions Sheffield I was watching a movie with a criticism of your or Children mistakes. their needs. Driversthem off-guard. Thanking a ing glad you made the extra will also be able Cate said Ali has played Hospital advisory myMcDonald child called ‘Ratatouille’ product, not Parents your person. If group. critic can actually win a few effort. I have seen increasing ento take advantage of a practical in•general health and wellbeing; a very active a co-chair community recently androle in as it the Char- of youHe doisthat, you can school detach governor The first step is the most dif- of them over. All because of Many of the criticisms made thusiasm and commitment Common Ground since 2004. for Hunter's Bar junior school. car mean coaching brushact upof onsaying •eyesight eyeinhealth; acterrole ‘Anton Ego’, offers upHis yourself from the criticism ficult, as it can thatsession one a to simple thankandare regards to ILM itself, from participants that has active has brought all sections their driving skills. Data shows that •vehicle maintenance; the following at the climax emotionally and see what must "suck up" one's pride you for the criticism. It’s un- but year on year the newspa- been developed over the of the community closer and played Talking to ILM news Ali Qadar said aged 60+, expected, are over and repre•motoring of active the movie. enjoyed it should receive the award and but admit drivers, one's responsioften appreci-mobility per hasaids; been developing of- last 3 years and I hope that very role inI the community he isbe please sented in collisions ated. when compared •alternatives fering to car new travel, with adand think youalso may find aitposButwas the way that manto note that bility work-related insights, new ar- ILM does go from strength cohesion. Ali has played disappointed therein one's relevant a school was only one Asian and Muslim errors. It can be proportion seen as anof older drivers on vice on public ticles and giving to the transport options;a platform to strength and establishes itive role into histhis capacity governor and other community and was awarded the certificate. y ofwho us handle the criticisms opportunitytheto road. improve Even if the critic for emergency people to express With—older drivers more •thedoesn’t role of the servicesthem- greater routes into commucharity work. ways, the work thatHe more members of “In many wehopes see asthat personal at- and without thatto constant take injured, your “thank in selves and traffic their views. likely be seriously the in you” the event of a road colli- Con- nity and encourages younger AliofQadar is chartered Muslim Community and improvement, ethnic a criticwho is easy. We risk actacks is by attacking back. weaims aretojust adrivers goodavoid way,the it’s sion. still good trary to some peoples belief participants to contribute course help countant by profession playing minority community will sitting receivestill. Improvement is to do — for yourself. It’s a the contributors actually do over the next year. very little yet enjoy aisposi“I’m not going to let somepain, suffering and inconvenience of very active role in community and similar achievement awards.

Senior Citizens Drive Safe

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New Challenges for Family Firms Tough times have hit the high streets and are posing new challenges for small firms. But, they can create opportunities too, says Muhammad Zahur – and he should know. Mr Zahur was one of the first Asian chartered accountants to have his own practice in Sheffield and has developed a diversified portfolio of businesses spanning successful care homes and property. He heads Altman Smith & Co, the London Road-based chartered accountants whose clients are primarily small firms and include a fair proportion of small and independent retailers. Having been with the firm for more than 40 years, Muhammad Zahur has seen a recession or two and has, himself, been prepared to seize the opportunities they offer. Clients for the core accountancy business have mostly come as the result of personal recommendation and are spread throughout Sheffield, Rotherham and Chesterfield. They also include companies in Nottingham and Derby, and even as far away as

London. “The business has grown steadily over the last few years,” says Mr Zahur, whose son Amir Zahur, also works for the busi-

ness as an accountant, while his daughter, Sadaf Zahur, is a doctor in London. “We have all kinds of clients. A whole range of retail clients, taxi firms, people with properties, driving instructors and all sorts of people. “We have specialised in small retail stores and independent retailers. We do act on behalf of some international firms, but the majority are small firms and self-employed people.” Mr Zahur says the retail market has changed significantly over

the last few years. “Old, established businesses are finding it tough. Some are closing down, but new ones are springing up in their place, people are trying their luck and, hopefully, with new management and ideas they will be more successful,” he adds. It’s a recipe he followed himself, when the opportunity to acquire Ash House Care Home in Dore arose around 20 years ago. The UK had been through a recession and that, combined with the introduction of new standards for care homes, had prompted a number to close down. “We bought it, refurbished it and it’s still there,” says Mr Zahur, for whom the home is more than a business. “We go there and talk to the residents. I know them and their relatives. It gives me a lot of pleasure,” says the man who has also helped to raise money and provide expertise for a small care home in Jhelum, in the north of the Punjab, in his native Pakistan.

Council Of Mosques Clashes With Halal Food Authority After Pork DNA Scandal A Council of Mosques has called for a boycott of Halal Food Authority (HFA) products. The HFA meanwhile hit back stating they still have one of the ‘most stringent and well regulated auditing systems for accreditation of halal meat'. The Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM) has called for an investigation into the Halal food industry following reports that Halal food with traces of pork DNA was supplied to Muslim prisoners. While praising the Ministry of Justice’s decision to stop food from the said supplier, LCM wanted to stress that the Muslim community of Lancashire was deeply concerned at the ir-

regularities in the Halal industry and reiterates the need for proper audit trails to ensure meat and chicken products are authentically Halal. The Halal Food Authority said they wanted to reassure the public that no pork meat was found in halal products meant for prisons in England and Wales. They said, County Tyrone family owned food company McColgan's Quality Foods and distributors 3662 withdrew products as soon as traces of pork DNA were found, for some meals that were still in the distribution chain and had not reached its intended destination. The Halal Food Authority has

been accrediting producers, manufacturers and processors of halal meat and poultry for nearly two decades contractually. HFA claims to make full use of the scientific and modern methods of analysis and validation. This includes protein based DNA testing. But the HFA has been linked to controversy in the past with its approval of stunning in the slaughter process. Under Islamic law, Muslims are strictly forbidden to eat pork, as is the consumption of meat which has not been slaughtered in a way that is prescribed under their dietary requirements.


Baroness Sayeeda Warsi has said that anti-Muslim prejudice is being caused by an “underlying, unfounded mistrust” and a “misinformed suspicion of those who follow Islam.” The UK’s most senior Muslim politician delivered a speech to the Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks (MAMA) project, in which she spoke of the “negative perception” Muslims face. Lady Warsi mentioned a recent online YouGov survey. Just 23% of those polled thought that Islam was not a threat to Western civilisation, while only 24% thought Muslims were com-

patible with the British way of life. Nearly half of those polled thought that Muslims were not compatible. The same number thought there would be a clash of civilisations between and Muslims and other Britons. This is despite research showing that 74% of people claim that they know nothing or next to nothing about Islam, while 64% say what they do know is solely acquired through the media. Lady Warsi warned that this mistrust could grow further. “I don’t have to remind anyone what happens when an unfounded suspicion of one people can es-

calate into unspeakable horror. I have often said that an attack on a church is an attack on a gurdwara, or a mosque, or a synagogue. Likewise, I believe an attack on a Muslim is an attack on a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu or a Sikh. An attack on one faith is an attack on all faiths. And an attack on faith is an attack on freedom.” Lady Warsi concluded her speech with a plea for all UK citizens to come together and fight this prejudice. “After all, anti-Muslim hatred is a form of prejudice. And there should be no place in Britain for this prejudice. I believe things can be better. I think more can be achieved and I know we can lead on this issue. As a Foreign Office Minister I know we are respected the world over for our robust stance against hate crime. Our religious freedoms are the envy of the globe. Let’s strengthen that reputation by proving that we once again can rise to the challenge and stamp out this new and rising form of prejudice.” Lady Warsi had previously hosted a meeting of representatives from the Vatican, the United States and Canada on the freedom of religion and belief.

Random Thoughts Dr. A.Q.Khan Recently President Zardari officially took possession of ‘Bilawal House’ in Lahore. From all reports, it is just as grand as a palace of any Middle Eastern ruler. I received an SMS about this palace a few days ago. How much of it is true, only insiders would know. According to the information received, it stands on 200 canals of land, has been built in the record time of less than a year, has 20 drawing rooms, three conference rooms, facilities for staff and residences for servants. The grounds are said to have five bomb-proof bunkers, two helipads, a runway for planes and a mosque. The whole is surrounded by a 22-feet high, three-feet-thick RCC wall. There is sufficient space and facility to accommodate 10,000 people at any one time. It is also reported that this grand palace was built, fully furnished and the garden landscaped by property tycoon Malik Riaz Hussain, who then gifted it to the president. The cost is reported to be about Rs5 billion. Gifted or not, is it going to be added to President Zardari’s taxable income. Will he have to prove where the money for maintaining and running it has come from, like us lesser mortals have to do? Reading about Bilawal House, I was reminded of a story I read long ago. A certain king, probably in Persia, built himself a splendid palace. There were coloured marbles, crystal chandeliers and decoration pieces from Germany, tiles from Samarkand, carpets from Afghanistan, Bokhara and Persia and the designers and masons came from Samarkand. The pillars were decorated with gold leaf and the bathroom fittings were also made of gold. A huge amount was spent on its construction. When it was completed, the king invited rulers from neighbouring countries and threw a lavish party. After feasting he showed his palace to his guests. They were all totally overawed by

the splendour of it all and appreciated everything. He then asked them if they could point out any defects so that he could rectify them. All but one dervish-looking ruler applauded everything. However, the “dervish” king remarked that there was a hairline crack in one of the walls. The host, not all too pleased, asked for it to be pointed out to him. To which came the reply: “You won’t be able to see it. It is the crack through which Hazrat Izrail (AS), the Angel of Death, will enter into this palace to take away your life. You will then be buried under a mound of earth and reduced to a handful of dust to be blown away by the wind. This palace will then be of no use to you.” All those present were stunned, but could do nothing but agree. The Almighty has warned those living in palaces in these words: “Wherever you are, death will find you out; even if you are in towers built up high and strong” (4:78.) At another place we are reminded: “Don’t you see how your Lord dealt with the people of Aad of the city of Iram, with lofty pillars the like of which were never produced before in all the land. And with the Thamud people who cut out huge rocks in the valley (Petra in Jordan) and with Pharaoh, Lord of Tents. All these transgressed beyond bounds in the lands and heaped therein mischief upon mischief. Therefore did your Lord pour on them a scourge of diverse chastisements.” (89:6-13.) And in Surah Yasin it is written: “Don’t they see how many generations before them We destroyed? Not to them will they return. But each one of them – all – will be brought before Us for judgment.” (36:31-32.) And listen carefully to what has been said in Surah Momin: “Do they not travel through the earth and see what was the end of those before them? They were even superior to them in strength and in the traces they have left in the land. But Allah did call them

to account for their sins and none had they to defend them against Allah.” (40:21.) See how our rich and mighty are intoxicated with their power and wealth and are ignoring the stern and clear warning given by the Almighty. In Surah Qaf we read: “But how many generations before them did we destroy for their sins – stronger in power than they? Then did they wander through the land. Was there any place of escape for them?” (50:36.) In Surah Talaq we are reminded: “How many populations that insolently opposed the command of their Lord and of His apostles did we not call to account, to severe punishment? And we imposed on them exemplary punishment. Then they tasted the evil result of their conduct and the end of their end was perdition. Allah has prepared for them a severe punishment. Therefore, fear Allah, o you men of understanding.” (65: 8-10.) All the Surahs quoted are to remind the rich and powerful (and ignorant) rulers and citizens to pay heed to what the Almighty has warned of in unambiguous terms. We have the example of Qarun, whom Allah punished for his arrogance and ingratitude for all the wealth with which he had been blessed (Surah Qasas 28:7684). When requested to be grateful and give thanks to Allah, he replied: “All this has been given to me on account of a certain knowledge that I have.” There are more recent examples too – i.e., King Farouk, the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Qaddafi, Marcos, etc. The present rulers should realise that their lofty, fort-like palaces, bullet-proof vehicles and their army of security guards stand no chance against the Angel of Dealth, Hazrat Izrail (AS). He comes at the appointed time and nothing and no one can change that!

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Inspirational Blind Sheffield Pupil Nominated For Award

to run a monthly stall at Tapton School in Sheffield, giving up his own lunchtime, and has so far collected more than £1,000. Tahir, of Pitsmoor, went blind at the age of five because of rare genetic condition optic atrophy 1 and also has a moderate hearing loss.

A remarkable young fundraiser who runs a successful charity stall at his school – despite being blind – has been nominated for a top award. Tahir Hussein, aged 16, was

put forward for the High Sheriff of South Yorkshire awards for raising cash for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in North Anston. He has bravely overcome his own difficulties

He said: “It makes me feel very happy to be nominated. “I feel I’d be achieving a great thing.” Tahir chose to help Bluebell Wood as the hospice had aided another visually impaired student at Tapton, on Darwin Lane. He is hoping to go on to college and work in the charity sector in the future.

Natural Cleaning Treatment for Kidneys

Years pass by and our kidneys continuously filter blood by removing salt, poison and toxins in our body. With time, the salt accumulates. Our kidney must themselves undergo cleaning treatments, so how are we going to overcome this?

salts and other accumulated poisons out of your kidney by urination. There should be a Then filter it and pour in a clean bottle and keep it inside a refrigerator to cool.

it in small pieces and put it in a pot and pour clean It is very easy. First take a water. Boil for ten minutes bunch of parsley or Cilantand let it cool down. Drink ro (Coriander Leaves ) and one glass daily to remove wash them clean. Then cut

noticeable difference as your body will be invigorated. Parsley and coriander are known as good cleaning treatments for kidneys and the remedy is natural!

114-year-old Japanese woman named world’s oldest

A 114-year-old Japanese woman was recognised as the world's oldest female, making the Asian nation home to the longest-living woman and man on the planet. Misao Okawa, a descendant of kimono merchants in the city Osaka, said she was "very happy" at receiving the honour -- and a certificate to prove her longevity -- from Guinness World Records. "I'm happy. I'm feeling good anyway," Okawa, sitting in a wheelchair surrounded by relatives, told media as she closes in on her 115th birthday. Okawa was born on March 5, 1898 and married in

1919. She had three children, two of whom -- a son and a daughter -- are still alive and in their 90s. The centenarian, who has four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, reportedly never had any major health problems but broke her leg at a comparatively young 102 years old. Her certificate was issued after a 115-year-old Japanese woman, who became

the world's oldest female in December, passed away in January near Tokyo. She claimed the title after the death of an American woman also aged 115. The world's oldest living person is a 115-year-old Japanese man who lives in Kyoto, not far from Okawa's hometown in the western part of the country, which has long been known for the longevity of its citizens.

Nobel Nomination For Malala Malala's name has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. This might be more positive for the Nobel committee, after recently giving the prize to the drone-happy Obama and then last year to the European Union(!).

ket statements - both good or bad - about religions. The way people inhabit and interact with religion is complex, and it is the specifics that matter. And there really isn't much redeemable

about those Taliban who found any kind of justification (religious or tribal or political) in attacking a 14-year old girl.

A win for Malala may restore some of the lost lustre of the actuality of the Peace Prize. In the mean time, she has made her first public statement since life saving operations and has mentioned the establishment of a fund dedicated for girls' education. In many instances, this kind of coverage overwhelms the subject in the middle. But it is different with her. She has always been confident and self-assured. Often people focus on the religion of her attackers. But, religion plays a major role in her life as well and it is that that she credits for her well-being. This is the reason why it doesn't make much sense to make blan-

If you think you are affected by the High Speed Rail Link (HS2)

If you think you are affected by the High Speed Rail Link (HS2)

UKBA ‘Endangering Pregnant Women’

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) is endangering the health of some pregnant asylum seekers and their babies by relocating them. The report to investigate the health impact of dispersal and relocation on pregnant women seeking asylum and new mothers, found that women were moved against medical advice and too close to their due dates.

sometimes made to give birth without birth partners after being moved. It also found that women were also being moved to new accommodation several times. One woman was moved six times during her pregnancy and once after delivery before she found settled accommodation.

The report has highlighted that asylum-seeking women often have high-risk Women were also being pregnancies. This is due to moved away from the fa- serious health conditions ther of their baby and were that are often related to

having fled torture, sexual violence or female genital mutilation in their home countries. Many women suffer from serious mental health conditions, including severe depression, flashbacks and suicidal thoughts. But UKBA relocations were separating women from specialist treatment and monitoring, it said. A UKBA spokesperson said that the sample size was small and the conclusions made ignored recent policy changes.

Please contact our experienced team, who will be able to help... Please contact our experienced team, who will be able to help...

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New age Terrorism in the 21st Century. This is how the story unfolds. There are three highly unemployed individuals, with serious social issues. They live in a place called Birmingham, but secretly detest this and really want to live in Birminghamstan. Because everybody hates them and they were bullied at school, they want to blow the country up. So they decide to do a dress rehearsal, and as fans of the famous Stanislavsky Method School of acting, they fully engrose themselves in their characters. They start by wearing Middle Eastern Robes and dress to mingle into the Western society and have long beards, to portray the image that they are secularists. Having figured the dress code they mobilize learning, for that oversubscribed B-Tec diploma in poisons, firearms and bomb making. As internationalists they opt for travel abroad to the renowned academic Institution in Northern Afghanistan The College Of Mud And Dopes.

Three Kangaroos now travel to the UK, looking to show off their newly gained expertise. Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khaliq and Ashik Ali set about raising funds for their mission by that time honoured historical method of deception and fraud. Wiser now after their training they target the Muslims, those fools who have a religious duty to give to charity and as an article of faith donate 2.5 % of their yearly income to assist the hungry and needy of the world.

Muslim Aid now de-frauded to the tune of £12000, they can capitalize on their masterplan. Quick call the Hedgehog aka Rahim Ahmed, that highly unemployed financial genius, who can turn the mere £12000 into millions on the Foreign Currency Markets. After swiftly playing the FCM, the Hedgehog is down losing over £9000. In a hastily aranged board meeting The Kangaroos and Hedgehog decide to drown themselves in debt, by borrowing to make up the deficit.

enough people. That is when they reached the historic decision that there mission will be the 911 of The 7/7 bombings and put their plan in motion by blowing up chickens with rucksacks stuffed with explosives on their backs. Unaware by the Elite kangaroo squad, the cameras had long been rolling to record their explosive debut into the Terrorists Hall Of fame. After being some what innocuously picked up by the police, they are guilty as charged with doing nothing…that is nothing to remember. They plead remembering nothing, Islamaphobia, Zionist conspiracy and violation of their human rights to freely kill anyone they want. By Jaan M. Khan

The Kangaroos now High on a borrowing APR of 80%, discuss the faults and errors of the There they meticulously craft their notorious 7/7 Rucksak Bombers. skills, gaining the privilege of After many diliberations and long being sent to Pakistan for a special arguments into the night they PE and Silly obstacle course. unanimously conclude that the As fully fledged graduates our problem was that they didn’t kill

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wealthy southern towns hitting the cities with the and cities as the coalition highest levels of deprivahelp their own. tion with the biggest cuts, this is not fair. Sheffield is bearing the brunt of the cuts losing "At the same time they £200 per person by are giving tax breaks to 2015, amongst the high- millionaires, poor and est in the country, whilst vulnerable families will more prosperous areas be hit by changes to like Windsor, Guilford benefits, including the and Wokingham lose bedroom tax - this is not

local labour party supporters and concerned Sheffield residents. Sheffield has faced £140 million cuts over the last two years, with £50 million more this year and for years to come. Northern cities like Sheffield are facing unfair cuts compared to

less than £40 per person. fair. Leader of Sheffield City "Sheffield Council is Council, Councillor Julie facing huge cuts to its Dore said: budget which is also impacting on these "We fully support the families. We are not askFair Deal for Sheffield ing for special treatment campaign which is sup- from the government ported by many people - just a fair deal for our and groups across our city." city. This government is

Spiritless people are more likely to die of heart disease or stroke, giving the expression 'bored to death' a whole new meaning When our lives are filled with routines and monotonous meetings, we can all fall victim to the effects of boredom. But is boredom necessarily a bad thing? Psychologists reported that staring into space at work can have a positive effect on creativity by giving the mind a chance to wander. This is not the first time that boredom has been linked to boost in creativity. Some neuroscientists suggest, boredom is good for children because it encourages them to use their imaginations and develop a sense of identity from having to find things to do.

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Sheffield City Council has added its support to the Fair Deal for Sheffield campaign after a 7500 petition brought by Rev Irwin came to the Budget Council meeting. The campaign asking government for a fair funding settlement is supported by voluntary, faith sectors, local MPs,

Warning! Boredom Can Kill!


Ear Rings

Sheffield Council Calls for a Fair Deal for Sheffield


BRADFORD BD9 4QQ 01274 547 801

201 QUEENS ROAD HALIFAX HX1 4NE 01422 329 139

are bored, which makes them less anxious and more motivated, and they perform better in tests and tasks. It boosts fitness Find yourself fidgeting and drumming your fingers on the desk through boredom? It could have a positive effect on your fitness and weight. A 2008 study by nutritional scientists monitored the daily movement patterns of obese and lean women. They found the lean subjects fidgeted more often – in the process burning around 300 extra calories a day.

their skills and therefore are able to perform their jobs with little stress. They have more sick days than those without underload syndrome. It triggers depression An American study found that boredom was linked to low mood. Psychologists at Harvard University tracked the mental states of more than 2,000 people with the help of a mood-tracking iPhone app called Track Your Happiness. Their results revealed that those who were able to stay focused on a specific task were usually much happier than those who let their minds wander through boredom. Episodes of mind-wandering tended to precede bouts of low mood, but not vice-versa, suggesting the former caused the latter. It makes you eat junk One in four office workers complaining, of 'chronic boredom' turn to coffee and chocolate to lighten their day. The most significant cause of boredom was an undemanding workload.

It keeps weight off According to nutritionists, eating the same food every day leads to fewer calories being consumed overall. It boils down to human beings having a habituation threshold. The same is true for food. Eat Boredom thresholds vary from the same thing more than once a person to person, but just why is not known. Men are more likely to complain of boredom than women. Boredom has implications for your health, too, and can even be harmful. Here we review precisely how good – and bad – boredom can be for you. It's bad for your heart People who complain of high It helps improve memory levels of boredom are two-and-aWhen compared how well 40 week and it will become so famil- half times more likely to die from people recalled details of a dull iar you won't want to gorge on it. heart disease or stroke than those two-and-a-half minute phone On the downside, if you restrict who are satisfied with their lot, message, those who'd doodled your diet too much, you'll get in- researchers at the University Colthroughout retained more infor- sufficient nutrients. lege London reported two years mation than those who tried to It increases infections ago. sit and listen. Doodling may be People who are bored by their something we do because it helps job are more prone to 'underload' In their study they found those to keep us on track with a boring syndrome – the term for a collec- who complained of boredom task. It eases anxiety A little bit of tion of symptoms including de- were nearly 40 per cent more tedium can be a good thing, par- pression, headaches, fatigue and likely to have died by the end of ticularly if you are stressed. recurrent infections. the investigation. Why? Probably because their boredom leads We all need down-time, away Boredom has the same effect on them to take up habits such as from the constant bombardment the body as stress, raising levels drinking and smoking. Over of stimulation. There's no need of stress hormones, which has a time, this leads to weight gain for a frenzy of activity at all times. negative effect on health. High- and other risk factors for heart Some people tend to experience fliers are most vulnerable to this disease. mindful introspection when they because they have perfected

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Students Warned Over Money Laundering

Students and other people on low incomes are being warned that they could be duped into laundering money for fraudsters. New figures released by Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK) highlight the spread of a scam which recruits ordinary members of the public, through illicit job adverts, to money-launder thousands of pounds to criminal gangs abroad– the proceeds of which fund an international trade in drugs, people trafficking and terrorism.

person’s ability to obtain a mortgage and insurance, and even a prison sentence of up to ten years. Demonstrating the scale of this activity, additional research shows that these offers are received by around 15% of adults in the UK – with fraudsters specifically targeting people on low-incomes, such as students, those on benefits and new entrants to the UK.

Of those who have received such an offer, a fifth (21%) admitting to having considered The fake job offers, often made online using accepting the work, and 6% went on to voltitles such as ‘Money Transfer Agent’ or ‘Pay- unteer. Enlarging these figures nationally ment Processing Agent’, turn participants across those with internet access, this could into so-called ‘Money Mules’. The recipient of the offer is invited to receive money into their bank account and transfer it to another account, retaining a cut for themselves. In reality, the money received is stolen, often the result of fraud on accounts, and is then laundered to overseas bank accounts. This activity is illegal and carries a number of consequences, including freezing of customers’ bank accounts, difficulty in opening new accounts in the future, which affects the

give rise to 380,000 people becoming unwitting money-launderers. The figures show that students and new entrants to the country were most likely to consider and accept such an offer. Almost half (41%) of new entrants to the UK who were approached considered the work, with one in five (20%) going on to accept it. Of the students who were approached, almost half (47%) considered and 19% accepted the work. These figures are reflected across the UK adult population, including those who have not been approached, with almost a tenth admitting that they would consider ‘Money Muling’. Demonstrating an under-estimation of the seriousness of this offence, only 15% correctly identified the ten-year maximum custodial sentence available to the courts in prosecuting offenders. Crimestoppers is running a campaign in universities across the UK, warning students not to be fooled into getting involved. The campaign tells them: "Don't be a mule.”

Britain’s Ratings Downgrade Described As ‘A Humiliating Blow’ Britain’s opposition Labour Party has described the UK’s loss of its AAA credit rating as a “humiliating blow” after ratings agency Moody’s cut the country’s top rate to Aa1. Shadow chancellor Ed Balls attacked the Conservative-led coalition government’s economic policy and its devastating austerity measures, urging the Chancellor George Osborne to "kick-start our flat-lining economy". This is the first time since 1978 the country’s rating has been downgraded. Growth will remain sluggish over the next few years. "This credit rating downgrade is a humiliating blow to a prime minister and chancellor who

said keeping our AAA rating was the test of their economic and political credibility”, said Balls. However, the Chancellor Osborne warned that Britain's situation would get much worse if the government abandoned its "commitment to deal with that debt problem". "What is the message from the ratings agency? Britain's got a debt problem. I agree with that. I've been telling the country for years that we've got a debt problem, we've got to deal with it”, he said. "We've got to take tough measures to do that and I think people understand that."

Osborne claimed that the UK was still able to borrow money "very cheaply with very low interest rates" from investors all around the world. The UK's net sovereign debt was the equivalent of 68 percent of the country's annual economic output, or GDP, at the end of 2012. The country has experienced a double-dip recession since 2008. It grew in the third quarter of last year, boosted by the impact of the Olympics, but shrunk again by 0.3 percent in the last three months of 2012.

US Seeks Pak Support

The United States is seeking Pakistan’s support to secure Afghanistan as it prepares to pull out from the war-ravaged country by the end of next year. The issue came up when the new US Secretary of State John Kerry called President Asif Ali Zardari to show his interest in continuing close ties with a key ally which shares a long and often troubled border with Afghanistan.

standing relationship” with many Pakistani leaders during these visits, and he used the phone call to “underscore the continuing importance of an effective, strong, and mutually beneficial US-Pakistani relationship”.

The phone call was made hours before president Obama announced his plans for ending the war in Afghanistan. Kerry also underlined the issues on which the United States Kerry emphasised “our shared interest in re- and Pakistan had common interests. gional stability, including a secure and peaceful future for Afghanistan,” said a State Department spokesperson. Kerry acted as US President Barack Obama’s unofficial envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan when he headed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and often visited the two countries to supplement the administration’s efforts for resolving difficult issues. The state department said Kerry had “a long-

These include fighting terrorism and extremism, supporting democratic civilian institutions, and supporting Pakistan’s efforts to increase economic growth. In his annual state of the union address to the US congress, Obama announced that 34,000 soldiers will come home from Afghanistan within a year, and that Americas “war with Afghanistan will be over” by the end of 2014. Obama also said US forces will move into a support role this coming spring while afghan security forces take the lead. Of course, it is the Pakistani governments responsibility to move forward and provide all conveniences to establish peace in the region, but who will provide security for Pakistan?

Titanic II to be Constructed in China

A full-size working replica of the Titanic is to be built in China following an historic agreement between an Australian entrepreneur and a Chinese shipyard who are poised to sign a deal. Titanic II is due to be completed by 2016. She will then be sailed to the UK and prepared for her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York - a repeat of the 1912 journey which ended in disaster. The ship will be 270 metres long and 53 me-

tres high with nine floors and 840 rooms. It will accommodate 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members. The liner will be equipped with advanced technologies, including the latest life-saving and communications systems to meet the requirements of modern navigation. The company building the ship has received inquiries from potential passengers around the world, with some offering up to $1m (£640,000) for a chance to be on the maiden voyage in 2016.

The original and 'unsinkable' Titanic set sail from Southampton on April 15, 1912, bound for New York City. She hit an iceberg in the Atlantic and sank, killing 1,523 passengers and crew. Maybe the Titanic II project should be a chance to prove that the 'Made in China' brand does work. It is indeed a challenge for China to fulfil a flawless construction mission as the world watches.

News in BRIEF

£500,000 for Bus Lane Signage A Freedom of Information request has revealed that Sheffield City Council will spend nearly £500,000 altering bus lane signs across the city, after Labour councillors decided to increase restrictions by a total of one hour a day. The news comes at a time when the Labour run local authority is proposing to close libraries, leisure centres and the Don Valley stadium to save money. The move will cost local taxpayers £490,000 to change the signage. In the morning bus lanes and gates will operate from 7.30am instead of 8am and in the evening they will operate from 4pm instead of 4.30pm. Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Sheffield City Council, said: “Sheffield’s Labour councillors have already come under fire for wasting £4.7 million on consultants, agreeing to spend £2.2 million on Town Hall meeting room re-

furbishments and shelling out £500,000 a year of local taxpayer’s money on trade union officials. “It is absurd to spend nearly half a million pounds on changing bus lane signs whilst threatening to close community facilities like libraries and leisure centres. Increasing these restrictions is not only a waste of money, it is unnecessary tinkering that will drive away trade and harm local businesses. “At a time when money is tight, the last thing Sheffield needs is Labour councillors in the Town Hall wasting our money on these kinds of ludicrous projects.”

Sheffield Cabbies Lose Out in Bid to Raise Fares

TAXI drivers in Sheffield have been refused permission to put up their fares – and were warned an increase could have ‘priced them out of the market’. Sheffield Council’s licensing committee rejected the application by Sheffield Taxi Trade Association for a 10 per cent increase to meet rising fuel, insurance and running costs. Coun John Robson, committee chairman, said: We recognise and have a degree of sympathy that costs have increased, but there’s a feeling among members that the trade needs to absorb cost increases as best they can. While committee members had every sympathy with taxi drivers, who like most members of the public are hard-working and doing their best to earn a living in the current climate, everyone is suffering and there

cannot be exceptions.” The last increase the council approved was a rise of more than 4 per cent in October 2011. Hafeas Rehman, association chairman, said: “The drivers will be very, very disappointed and some will be very angry. We didn’t apply for an increase last year because of the fact that everybody is losing jobs and so on, so we gave it a rest last year. We could have done with a slight increase to meet the increases in costs.”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters Democracy is good for whom? Is it good for the Muslim countries??? Western world is ‘using’ this word ‘democracy’ to create lawlessness in the Muslim world and we are playing in their hands by killing one another against our own faith and destroying our countries.

Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Mali and others, which have gained nothing. Only few people, who are power hungry in the name of democracy, have destroyed their own country because they are paid by western powers to do just that!


I only want to ask you brothers and sisters look at Iraq, Egypt, We are putting ourselves 30 to Libya and others! Where are they now? What they were 40 years behind in the modern -------- 15 years ago. Today they world. We know we had bad are in the Stone Age again. This rulers. Some were OK, they is very high price of democracy took their country forward but were let down by their children. to pay for. I have been to Iraq, Syria and Egypt and I feel sorry Only this I can see is we are to see what has happened to going backward. Our social them; they are worse off now system is going down we are than ever before. NO Jobs, NO killing each other as we are Buildings, NO Social System fighting between ourselves. and NO Law & Order; only We are destroying the foundaDEMO and CRAZY??? tion laid by our grandparents to Zero. Look at the state of

By: Syed Iftikhar Shah

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Pakistan says to protest to India over new Kashmir killing

The Pakistani army said on Wednesday it will protest to India over the killing of a Pakistani soldier in Kashmir, the fifth fatality in hostilities between the nucleararmed neighbours this year. Indian troops shot dead the soldier at a

the disputed Himalayan territory, Pakistan’s army said in a statement. The Indian defence ministry declined to comment.Two Pakistani and two Indian soldiers were killed in early January in the worst outbreak of violence in Kashmir since India and Pakistan agreed a ceasefire nearly a decade ago. Government spokesmen on both sides have sought to play down the deaths and insisted they would not derail talks meant to improve relations between the two countries.But a new visa regime, that was hailed as a sign of thawing ties before the latest fighting, hit teething problems on Tuesday. Pakistani senior citizens were turned away after turning up at the Wagah border post on the first day the scheme was to come into effect. position called Kundi during firing from “The visa on arrival for senior citizens, the Indian side of the Line of Control in which was to start from January 15, has



PTI has grown in the United Kingdom over the years, Imran Khan vision of change has appealed many overseas Pakistani’s and they are naturally attracted to PTI. I was very lucky to work with bunch of enthusiastic individual, they worked so hard in media and public gatherings that during 1 year, our paid membership grossed 150 and have huge support bas in the region, we tried to connect other elected bodies of Yorkshire and Humber. Keeping the promise of democratic and modern part, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf is again going through intro party election process, we met with active mem-

now been put on hold, owing to technical issues,” a senior Indian home ministry official said. In a sign of the emotion the attacks have evoked in India, nine Pakistani hockey players who were signed up to play in a private league are being sent back home following protests over the Kashmir violence.India and Pakistan have fought three wars since their independence from Britain in 1947, two of them over Kashmir. India-Pakistan ties had improved after nose-diving in 2008 when gunmen killed 166 people in Mumbai in a three-day rampage India blamed on a Pakistani militant group. Firing and small skirmishes are common along the internationally recognised 740km (460-mile) Line of Control despite a ceasefire that was agreed in 2003.

bers in the Yorkshire and Humber region and launched UMEED panel, the panel consists of very enthusiastic and visionary individuals across the region. We are the party of change and change we need in our leadership to bring fresh ideas for this whole important stage in our national political history. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf will participate in upcoming general election with the viDr Ehtsham sion of change and hope for new Pakistan. I am sure the UMEED panel will reflect ul Haq PTI’s vision in exemplary manner and will reach out every individual in the region who supports our vision and will give I request all member to support our UMEED panel. them an active sense of ownership.


High Speed Railway (HS2) Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant Mark Jenkinson & Son

High Speed Railway (HS2) communities come to terms your property. Also home with the potential fall out of Is It A Positive Or Negative this announcement. As with any major infrastructure project Connection For Property? there will be people who are In the last few weeks there has going to be less enthusiastic, been a great deal of media de- and with good reason as they bate around the plans for a High may have their property affectSpeed Rail system. Some peo- ed wholly or in part. ple are very excited. Others are looking at this with a great deal What To Do if Your Property Is Affected of trepidation. On the face of it, it is quite exciting, improving links between 1.Firstly check whether your us, other cities and the capital. property is affected by the proIt brings the rail network into posed High Speed Link. the 21st century, creates jobs and economically would be 2.If the answer to question 1 is hugely beneficial in bringing yes, then you could be suffering investment into the country and Blight. This basically means you may be unable to sell your the regions. There is also a further debate in property as there would be very Sheffield as to the location of few buyers. the new railway station which is planned for Meadowhall. 3 Blight means you are possibly Many analysts argue that this entitled to serve a Blight Notice would be detrimental to Shef- asking for the property to be field city centre, a centre which immediately purchased as it is is already facing challenges. likely to be purchased under a The arguments for locating Compulsory Purchase Order. close to Meadowhall are that it will benefit the adjoining towns 4.Indications are Blight Noticof Barnsley, Rotherham and es could be served as early as Doncaster. Arguably whatever Spring 2013. the location of the new station, it does have the potential of 5.Alternatively you may be improving the economic well included in a Compulsory Purbeing of the region, both in the chase Order long and short term. Clearly if you are affected, then 6.Compulsory Purchase means this will be a difficult time as you will get market value for

loss, disturbance payments to cover your relocation costs and all your professional fees for your Solicitor and Chartered Surveyor. A business will be entitled to claim loss of profits, relocation expenses, and in the worst case scenario, total extinguishment of the business. 7.Employ Professional advisors who have experience in Compulsory Purchase. Another question that we have been asked is, is it going to improve property values in and around the area of the new rail system? This is very subjective but any major new infrastructure project anywhere in the world arguably does have a long term benefit. Clearly when you are initially affected it is not immediately apparent but a few years in the future the benefits become more evident. If your land and property is in such a location please take advice as you may be pleasantly surprised by your property's future potential. Please note this article is a mere overview, so please ensure you take professional advice.

Wrestling to be dropped from 2020 Olympic Games Wrestling is set to be dropped from the 2020 Olympic Games to make way for a new sport. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recommended its dismissal after assessing the performance of all 26 sports at the London Games. "The news from the IOC is extremely disappointing," said British Wrestling chief executive Colin Nicholson. Bulgarian wrestling federation president Valentin Yordanov has sent back his Olympic gold medal from the 1996 Atlanta Games in protest at the International Olympic Committee's recommendation to drop the sport from the Games. "As a sign of protest I am returning my gold medal, won at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, to the headquarters of the International Olympic Commit-

tee in Lausanne," seven-times world champion Yordanov wrote in a letter to IOC president Jacques Rogge shown at an emotional news conference. There is a slim chance wrestling may win a reprieve when the IOC meets in September to ratify its choice. Modern pentathlon and taekwondo were thought to be the sports most at risk, but wrestling was the surprise choice. It will now compete with with seven other sports baseball/softball, squash, karate, sport climbing, wakeboarding, wushu and roller sports - for a place in the 2020 Games. Wrestling, which combines freestyle and Greco-Roman events, was included in the inaugural modern Olympics in Athens in 1896. It has been in every Games since, apart from Paris in 1900. At last year's Olympics, it

featured 344 athletes competing in 11 medal events. Before making its decision, the IOC's programme commission assessed each sport by looking at such factors as TV ratings, ticket sales, anti-doping and global popularity. Who struck wrestling gold at London 2012 • Russia: 4 golds • Japan: 4 golds • Iran: 3 golds • Azerbaijan: 2 golds • USA: 2 golds Golf and rugby sevens will be part of the programme for the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro after winning inclusion in 2010. The IOC will also decide in September whether Istanbul, Madrid or Tokyo will host the 2020 Games.

£260,000 “FLUSHED AWAY Labour councillors have been accused of “flushing away” taxpayers’ money by closing seven recently refurbished community toilets in Sheffield. New figures show that, in the past five years, over £260,000 has been invested in the seven public toilets, which are now earmarked for closure

by Labour-run Sheffield City Council. Three toilets have had over £70,000 invested in recent years with new buildings at Rivelin Post Office and Abbey Lane costing £70,000 and £73,000 respectively. Chapeltown toilets received a complete refurbish-

ment at a cost of £80,000 as recently as 2010. Liberal Democrats are challenging the decision to close the seven toilets, which will save an estimated £68,000. The saving compares to the £80,000 equivalent salary of a recently appointed “Director of Integration” .

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‘All flash and no cash?’

Being Asian means a whole host of things to us; in the way we like our food spicy, our genetic makeup, but also the exaggeration gene. In other words we become in a heightened state of elation in order to get the better over the next person. We can see this come into full effect at the very mention of money. How many of us would admit to having this gene as I have seen it over and over again in my Asian counterparts.

Even in these testing times, when we are as skint as the next person, we still give the impression that we have money stashed under the mattress. Of course we secretly suspect others to have that secret stash. But thats not the only exaggerated signal we like to give off....we like to blow our money too. Be it for the extrvagent showpiece in the home, or for the numero uno wedding, with helicopter landings and an entourage of several limousines for the arrival of the groom!! We have an inbuilt ability to exaggerate earnings, to fabricate assets in the hope and belief that it will enhance one’s self worth and leave their peers feeling impressed and hopefully inadequate. If one de-

clares the purchase of a 38-inch tel- into debt. evision, the other will announce the acquisition of a slimmer 42-inch One gentleman only ever offered screen. Cuban cigars to guests, giving the impression that he lived a lavThe fact that it barely fits on the ish lifestyle whereby this was the wall is irrelevant. Size matters. norm. When alone, however, he Even charitable contributions are smoked only the cheapest brand. A clear exercise in demonstrating one’s self importance in front of one’s peers. There seems to be a competitive obsession within the culture to publicise all manner of concoctions. For example, our children, according to their bragging parents are always top of the class. A patent fabrication. And they always seems to attain three A’s in their A levels. If you’re going to exaggerate, at least deliver a believable story. often in competiotion with one another, when a person tells us how generous they have been, another will in response inflate his cheque amount. But the desire to elevate oneself in company by professing such things remains customary. Such antics are for social benefits, to impress other people with the belief that they will receive more respect and to portray the rich factor, even if it means, ironically, running

Such inventive people are adept in turning all manner of conversations into one that revolves around themselves and their alleged financial achievements. They seem to be incapable of any other kind of dialogue from which we cannot escape, just to enhance their social standing. Are Asians all 'flash and no cash'?

Homes in Liverpool For Sale For £1 Liverpool City Council is offering homes in the city for just £1 – providing you can give them a total makeover.

lion contract to renovate the area, which included bulldozing the houses. However, the council pulled the plug in November, leaving the homes The Victorian terraced houses empty and boarded up. in the Granby area of the city were bought for up to £70,000 The idea is to allow people as part of the Labour Govern- who may be excluded from ment’s Pathfinder scheme to mortgages but have construcregenerate struggling areas of tion skills to play a part in the the country. regeneration of their communities. The council was in talks with a developer over a £25 mil- Successful applicants will

need to refurbish them to “a reasonable state of repair”, and they must be warm, weatherproof and have “reasonably modern facilities”. The owners must also live in them for a minimum of five years and not sub-let during that time.

Clegg Corrected By Council Chief Exec Over False Claims Lib Dem Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has been issued with a damning letter by Sheffield City Council’s independent Chief Executive, spelling out the untruths he has recently made about the council’s budget. In recent weeks Clegg has been caught misinterpreting Sheffield City Council finances in a desperate attempt to deflect attention away from the huge cuts that his Government are making to Sheffield. Sheffield City Council has to save £50 million next year, in addition to the £140 million it has had to cut over the past two years, whilst some of the wealthiest areas in the country receive almost no cuts at all.

and essential Town Hall maintenance. The letter also points out that contrary to Clegg’s claims Sheffield City Council has the lowest useable reserves of any large local authority in England and also corrects incorrect Lib Dem claims on consultant spending. Councillor Bryan Lodge, Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources said:

At its February meeting Sheffield City Council instructed the Council’s "It is a damning indictment of the unChief Executive to write to Mr Clegg truths that Nick Clegg has been telling correcting inaccurate claims he has that we have had to instruct the Chief Executive to write to him to correct the misinformation that he has been putting out in recent weeks. "The fact is that across the country cities like Sheffield are being forced to make unprecedented reductions to services because of the massive cuts that Nick Clegg is responsible for. At the same time as we are being forced to make these cuts some of the wealthiest areas of the country are receiving almost no cuts at all. Instead of conmade on a number of issues. tinuing to try to mislead the people The letter corrects Clegg’s inaccurate of Sheffield about council spending, claims around the council’s work to Nick Clegg should stand up to the Tosave money on accommodation costs ries and give Sheffield a fair deal."

Twenty houses will be initially be offered to residents. Last year, Stoke-on-Trent City Council offered a similar scheme.

Doctors from abroad must take English Test Doctors will be banned from working in the UK if they cannot speak English in an attempt to cut down on serious blunders. New checks will be introduced to make sure all NHS doctors can speak English well enough to treat patients, the Government has announced.

of-hours shift in the UK. The Doctor accidentally gave the pensioner 10 times the recommended dose of the painkiller diamorphine. The locum was struck off the medical register in the UK, but still practises in Germany, despite admitting death by negligence in a German court.

so-called "performers lists" of 51 Primary Care Trusts, allowing them to work in the UK. Of those, 657 doctors, or 83%, hadn't had their English skills tested.

From April 1 there will be one national list which every GP will have to be on before treating patients. There will also be It comes five years after a 70 Last year, research by Pulse a legal duty to ensure those on year old patient was killed by a magazine for GPs found that it have good English. German doctor on his first out- 792 EU doctors were on the

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Legal Corner


Playground News

Mohammed Nazir

Head of Property & Immigration Wosskow Brown Solicitors LLP Questions and Answers Q: I am a British National. Which forms should I obtain and fill from the UK, if I am sending documents to my Wife for her visa? A: You should fill the Sponsorship Undertaking and APPENDIX 2 (VAF 4A NOVEMBER 2012) and other documents as per your solicitor’s advice. Q My visa has been refused on the basis that my accommodation is not big enough for my children and spouse who are travelling from Pakistan. What can I do? A. If your children and spouse visas have been refused on this basis then you can ask for a surveyor to do a survey

of the property and ask for a review of the decision by the Entry Clearance Officer. Please note you should lodge this survey with the review request. This should be asked for within 28 days of the refusal. Q I have not passed my English language test and my VISA is going to expire in the next few months - what should I do?

A Yes you can apply for this provided you can accommodate and maintain them without recourse to public funds. But there will be no right of Appeal in case of refusal. Q I have received a Notice of Appeal from the Immigration Tribunal, can I attend it without my solicitor? A. Yes you can attend this hearing without your solicitor provided you can provide all information in the English language otherwise you can ask the Tribunal for an interpreter before attending.

A You should continue to try and pass your English test and in the meantime you should apply for an extension within the time of leave shown on your passport otherwise your status could become “illegal immi- (This is for information purposes only and does not amount to grant”. legal advice. Q Can I apply for a visit Always seek legal advice from your solicitor before you provisa for a family friend? ceed.)

During the visit to Pakistan Chief Editor of ILM NEWS had various meetings with the prominent politicians, amongst them was Senator Mushahid Hussain, Senator Hassan Hassani, Senator Zahid Hussain, alongside the businessman Qazi Munir and others and exchanged views on the current affairs on situation in Pakistan.

Yorkshire used to have about fifty Adventures Playgrounds, mostly established in deprived urban areas. Sheffield had a network of five of their own. Just two of them are left: in Sharrow (Highfield) and Pitsmoor. They are places of great activity, community cohesion, wonderful places for children of all ages to let off steam after school, play creatively and hang out with staff later in the evening. The massive cuts in Sheffield mean that the council (Activity Sheffield) are currently proposing to withdraw staffing from these places, as well as Verdon Recreation Centre in Burngreave. The Playgrounds currently have around 25,000 visits each per year, they are already well used but could easily attract even more people as they have enormous potential for citywide use. Without staff these sites will no longer be family friendly, safe places, we have seen it before where they have been taken over by anti-social behaviour. The communities are very concerned that these vital sites have quietly been holding our communities

together and their withdrawal could have hugely negative consequences. For generations children have grown up in these playgrounds, parents have supported each other whilst chatting and watching their children play, and youngsters have come to be in a safe place in the evenings. Sharrow and Burngreave are in the lowest 10% of living environments in the country (including the availability of places for sport, green spaces and air quality) Highfield Adventures, Pitsmoor Adventures and Verdon Rec serve 6340 children between the ages 5-14, 5314 of these are BME. 40% of the children in the areas live in poverty. How can it be alright to take away these sites from these communities? There has been a huge reaction from the Sharrow and Burngreave communities, and over 4000 people signed the petitions campaigning to keep the Playgrounds staffed. As a result the council has had to set up a Scrutiny Committee to further discuss the issue. The Friends of Adventures community group believe that

Activity Sheffield (the Council) should keep core staffing at the three sites and not turn all their staff into ‘mobile’ staff. The playgrounds with their unique type of play and the accessibility to all families, provide a service that mobile workers could not. By the time this article goes to press, the Public Meeting will have been held at Madina Mosque. Isobel Bowler, Cabinet Minister, will have spoken and the community will have shown their strong support for the Playgrounds. The Council’s Scrutiny Committee meeting will have been and gone. Hopefully all the hard work done by so many in Sharrow and Burngreave will have resulted in the Council redirecting remaining staff so that they keep a core staffing at Highfields, Pitsmoor and Verdon Rec. Please support the campaign by joining our email list on or like us on Facebook ‘friends of adventures’. We hold meetings most Tuesdays at 6pm and Thursdays at 9am at Highfield Adventure Playground and we welcome everyone. A central ward Labour councillor said ''Highfield Adventure playground have been here since long time which played an important role for local communities and children of all ages. Sheffield City Council is facing unprecedented and unfair cuts from Lib Dem Tory government and we have to find Fifty million ponds saving in this year"s budget only and cuts to many services are unavoidable. However, I am campaigning with the friends that council keep core staff at Highfield Adventure Playground and fully support their arguments''

Consultation On Foreign Language Interpreters On Driving Tests A public consultation on the use of foreign language voiceovers and interpreters on theory tests and practical driving tests has been launched. The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is reviewing the level of foreign language support available to candidates in response to concerns about potential road safety implications and the risk of fraud, as well as the cost of providing translations. Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond said: “We want to ensure that all drivers have the right skills to use our roads safely and responsibly. We also want to keep test fees to a minimum for candi-

dates, and I am not convinced that providing translations is the most effective use of resources. There is a potential road safety risk of drivers not understanding important traffic updates or emergency information, but allowing interpreters on tests also presents the risk of fraud, for example if they are indicating the correct answers to theory test questions.” Currently people whose first language is not English or Welsh can request pre-recorded voiceovers for the computer-based car and motorcycle theory tests in 19 different foreign languages. Candidates can also use approved

interpreters on theory tests, usually if a voiceover is not available in a candidate’s native language, or where a candidate speaks a dialect that would make a voiceover difficult to understand. Interpreters can also be used in practical tests to translate the examiner’s instructions. Candidates have to pay for interpreters themselves, but the cost of developing and updating voiceovers for the theory test is met by DSA. Any change to the current arrangements will be subject to the outcome of the consultation.

Clerics Draw Up Pledge On Pupils’ Extended Breaks A minority of Muslim parents need to take their children’s education more seriously, according to a senior Islamic scholar. Parents should not take their children out of school to go on long trips to India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, even at times of bereavement, a cleric, Mufti Shams-Ul-Huda Khan Misbahi has said. “The damage this does to children’s education is horrific,” said the scholar, known as Mufti Sahib. “I appreciate that it is a tiny minority, but this practice needs to stop.” Mufti Sahib, said the effect of taking children out of school for long periods was devastating to

their future prospects. He said: “I would say that taking children abroad during term time, even if it’s a family bereavement, as distressing as it may seem, is not a good idea.” And he said teachers or other public sector workers shouldn’t feel worried about respectfully voicing their concerns about such trips. He said schools need to get their point across if they see any issues related to education among children from any minority ethnic group and they should not feel afraid that they would be labelled as racist or prejudiced. He advised raising such concerns

in a professional, sensitive manner and urged any Muslim parents on the receiving end not to feel insulted, but to see the advice as a blessing. Other clerics came together to sign a pledge in which the scholars promised to educate parents in their communities on the importance of avoiding term-time holidays, helping children with their homework, reading their school reports and attending parents’ evenings. Copies will be sent to schools to demonstrate how seriously the scholars are treating the issue of education.

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Worlds First 3D Drawing pen Launched A pen that can draw in the air? This is the world’s first –and only– 3D drawing pen. It workswith a plastic that cools off rapidly, allowing the user to create 3D objects. Come September, the world’s first 3D printing pen will go on sale for $75. The pen, called the 3Doodler, essentially allows you to lift your flat sketches off the paper — or, if you wish, to actually draw in three dimensions. 3Doodler is a Kickstarter project, and in under 24 hours it has obtained more than $500,000 in pledges — significantly more than its $30,000 target. The target price is $75 for a September 2013 release. The inventors say they have already located a Chinese manufacturer who is capable of meeting these targets. The final device should 24mm (1in) thick and weigh less than 200g, with an external power brick that accepts 110-240V.

Fair Deal For Rotherham Citizens Despite Budget Constraints Strong financial management and tight spending controls will be needed over the years ahead if Rotherham Borough Council is to do the best it can for the people of Rotherham. That was the message from council leaders when members of the authority's Cabinet recommended this year's budget proposals. Significant reductions in funding by Government together with major changes to the welfare reform system mean that Rotherham faces a budget gap of £20.2 million in the coming financial year. This has resulted in difficult decisions and some hard choices to be made in decid-

ing how Rotherham's budget of £221.474 million will be spent and how best to lessen the impact on hard working individuals and their families as well as protecting the more vulnerable members of society. The budget priorities include: * Making the safeguarding of children a top priority * Continue the investment in preventative services and early intervention * Reduce the time taken to provide new packages of care and supply equipment, assistive technology and adaptations

* Continue to promote new business start-ups and help stimulate the local economy * Help Rotherham's Credit Unions in the financial support to local residents * Continue to invest in infrastructure, such as houses, schools and roads, across the Borough.

Hair Dye Could Cause Cancer

Women who regularly use permanent hair dye may be putting themselves at increased risk of bladder cancer, new research findings suggest. The study is the first to show that how often you use hair dyes affects your bladder cancer risk. The investigators found that women who used permanent hair dye at least once a month were twice as likely to develop bladder cancer, as women who did not use permanent hair dye. They took cigarette smoking a known risk factor for bladder cancer - into consideration in their calculations. But they said

it was premature to make any recommendation about stopping the use of permanent hair dyes. Those who reported regular use of the hair dye for at least 15 years were more than three times as likely to develop bladder cancer as non-dye users, concluded the study. Even some hairstylists and barbers were 50 per cent more likely to have bladder cancer than those who did not experience occupational exposure. The measure of exposure could be due to frequency of use and duration of use, which is misleading. The most important factor in ex-

posure to hair dye could be the shade you use. All of the shades use essentially the same chemicals, but there’s quite a lot more of them (the chemicals) in dark brown and black than there are in blonde. Previous studies’ by the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society failed to find a similar association between hair dye use and cancer risk. The bottom line is the new study findings should not affect people in their decision as to whether to use hair colour or affect the hair colour industry in considering that they sell safe products.

A Piece Of The Pi

Google is so confident in security on the company's Chrome operating system its offering $3.14159million in cash rewards for successful hacks of the system at this year's Pwnium hacking contest. The figure is a nod to pi, an irrational number that has intrigued mathematicians for thousands of years. Previously the tech giant has offered reward of $1 million and $2 million to crack its systems. The most likely outcome is that multiple hacks momentarily compromise the system with several contestants earning up to $100, 000 each, or $150,000 should their hack survive a system reboot. For a hack to count,

it must be delivered via webpages on a basic-model Samsung 550 Chromebook over a Wi-Fi connection. Google calls Chrome OS its most secure operating system its market share is so small it hasn't

European Spies To Be Able To Snoop On Emails A European spying agency will soon get powers to access a vast range of personal information, including medical data, criminal records, emails and website visits, a media report said Sunday. The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) will co-ordinate a network of specially created security agencies in each EU member state who will have unprecedented powers to demand data from public bodies and internet companies. British privacy laws have till now protected citizens from intrusion into their personal lives, but MPs and privacy-rights groups have warned that such new powers may pose a threat to individual

security. This represents a dangerous escalation in the way that cyber security is being justified as a reason to monitor us all. Britain's own draft bill for surveillance of citizens, the Communications Data Bill, has come to a halt in the face of fierce opposition. Now, information on National Health Service trusts, police forces, councils, Google and Facebook could be shared with other European agencies. Under the European proposals, agents will be able to force disclosure of personal data where they suspect a company or public authority has been the victim of or is unable to prevent online hacking or any other cyber crime.

yet faced a real world field-test. However the Pwn2Own prize for cracking the Chrome browser is $100,000 but only $60,000 for Firefox and $65,000 for Safari. Internet Explorer running on Windows 8 wins $100,000 and IE 9 on Windows 7 nets $75,000. Pwn2Own winners also get to keep the contest provided laptops. Pwnium hasn't said whether winners will be able to leave with their Chromebooks but as they only run $450 its likely the company won't lose sleep over the losses. Google has never once paid out the full amount offered for a Chrome browser crack.

Raids Across Europe Against Human Trafficking At least 26 people were arrested as dozens of coordinated raids were carried out across Britain, France and Belgium against a human trafficking network. UK Border Agency (UKBA) officers raided 35 addresses in England and Scotland, while 40 raids were carried out in France and Belgium. Addresses in Sheffield were raided as well as other locations around the country. More than 150 UKBA officers joined the crackdown on gangs trafficking illegal migrants. Many of the immigrants were reportedly from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

Sheffield MP Opposes Tory Plans To Force NHS Privatisation Through The Back Door Paul Blomfield, MP for Sheffield Central, challenged the Health Secretary in Parliament about Government plans to force NHS privatisation through the back door. At Health Question Time Mr Blomfield challenged Jeremy Hunt to hold a full debate and vote on his new NHS Competition plans, which the Health Secretary refused.

108 Fitzwilliam Road Rotherham S65 1PX T: 01709 85 33 55

Speaking after Health Questions Paul Blomfield MP said: “The new NHS Competition regulations that Jeremy Hunt is introducing will force local doctors to open up nearly all of the NHS’ services to private companies. Shamefully he is forcing them through Parliament by the back door without proper scrutiny. His refusal to hold a full debate and vote is undemocratic and

just goes to show that you cannot trust the Tories on the NHS. Last year Tory Ministers promised to keep the NHS public, today their privatisation plans are being exposed. I hope people will join

the campaign to keep our NHS public.” Challenging the Health Secretary in the House of Commons Paul Blomfield MP said: “On 13 March 2012, the former Secretary of State said of the Health and Social Care Bill: “There is absolutely nothing in the Bill that promotes or permits the transfer of NHS activities to the private sector”. However, the new NHS competition regulations break those promises by creating a requirement for almost all commissioning to be carried out through competitive markets, forcing privatisation through the back door, regardless of local will. Will the Secretary of State agree to make the regulations subject to a full debate and vote of both Houses?

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Coalition U-Turns: again and again and again!! Every coalition U-turn: the list in full postponed until summer 2013 following public and scientific opposition. As Michael Gove backs down over Owen Paterson, the environment his plans for GCSEs, we list every secretary, blamed the rainy weather, about-face since the Conservative- time-consuming legal challenges, Lib Dem coalition government took and the Olympics taking up police power in 2010 resources for the delay. Michael Gove, the education sec- 19 October 2012: energy tariffs. Afretary, has abandoned his plans to ter telling MPs at prime minister's replace GCSEs with a new English questions that "we will be legislating Baccalaureate certificate (EBC). so energy companies have to give The U-turn is the latest in a long line the lowest tariff to their customers", of reversals from the coalition gov- Cameron was forced to admit the ernment, including about-faces on next day that he had only raised an the "pasty tax" and "caravan tax" af- option for inclusion in the energy bill. ter the 2012 budget. Below is a list of The government is now expected to all the coalition's U-turns so far since demand only that firms limit their tarthe Conservative-LibDem coalition iffs to four and tell customers which government took power in 2010: one is cheapest for them. 2 October 2012: West Coast Main2013 line. The government scrapped its 7 Febuary 2013: GCSE replacement. decision to award the West Coast In September 2012, Gove said he Mainline rail franchise to FirstGroup wanted to replace what he saw as after admitting there were "signifidiscredited, grade-inflated GCSEs cant technical flaws" in the process. with a more rigorous qualification Up to that point two transport secreto be assessed by exams only rather taries had insisted the bidding process than coursework or modular ele- was robust in the face of threatened ments. This English Baccalaureate legal action by Virgin Trains. Certificate (EBC) was opposed by 11 September 2012: payments to the Liberal Democrats, teaching un- victims of minor criminal assaults. ions and famous names in the arts The Ministry of Justice had wanted world, who felt their subjects would to limit payments under the criminal be downgraded, and concerns were injuries compensation scheme so that also raised by exams watchdog Of- only seriously injured victims would qual and the education select com- be eligible, but after critics claimed mittee. Gove scrapped the plan to the move would leave victims unable replace GCSEs with the EBC five to seek redress for attacks the plans months later, although many of his were scrapped. other planned changes to GCSEs will 27 June 2012: fuel duty rise. The govstill take place. ernment backed away from a planned 3p increase in fuel duty in the face of 2012 opposition from motoring organisa30 November 2012: flood defences. tions and business groups. The U-turn Devastating flooding across Britain led to a disastrous appearance on the forced David Cameron into a partial BBC's Newsnight from then-TreasU-turn over deep cuts to spending ury minister Chloe Smith, who was on flood defences. An extra £120m unable to explain which departments would allow 50 delayed schemes would contribute to an underspend to go ahead, although hundreds of that would pay for the change. She projects remained without financial was moved to the Cabinet Office a support. The government cut flood few months later. defence spending on entering office, 31 May 2012: charitable donations. slashing it from £665m in 2010-11, to In the 2012 budget, George Osborne, £540m for each year until 2014-15. the chancellor, announced he would 28 November 2012: payday loans. cap tax relief on charitable donations In the face of possible defeat in the at £50,000 or 25% of income. This Lords, the government agreed to was greeted by protests from charichange the law to give the new Fi- ties, which warned they could lose a nancial Conduct Authority (FCA) significant proportion of their income powers to set a cap on exorbitant in- and suggested the policy went against terest rates charged on payday loans. the principle of Cameron's "big socieThe government had said a cap could ty". It was scrapped two months later. harm the interests of users of payday 30 May 2012: buzzards. The enviloan firms. ronment department had planned 23 October 2012: badger cull. A con- to destroy buzzards' nests to protect troversial planned badger cull aimed pheasant shoots. The proposal caused at curbing the rise in bovine TB was uproar among conservationists, who

said the government itself admitted it was based only on anecdotal evidence. 28 May 2012: pasty tax. Also in the budget, Osborne announced plans to charge VAT on food designed to cool down, such as sausage rolls and pasties, prompting protests in Cornwall, claims that ministers were "out of touch", and embarrassing photoopportunities and press conferences as politicians of all stripes rushed to prove they loved eating pasties and sausage rolls. The plan was scrapped two months later. 28 May 2012: caravan tax. The budget also levied VAT on static caravans. Again the government was accused of being out of touch with ordinary people, and was subject to fierce lobbying from the Caravan Club. Two months later the new VAT rate was cut from 20% to 5%.

tions, but Gove backed down a few months later following protests from headteachers, and admitted there was a perception that Ofsted was becoming "an arm of the Spanish Inquisition". 21 March 2012: video games tax relief. In the March 2010 budget, Labour promised the same sort of tax relief for the video games industry that the film sector gets, but this was scrapped when the coalition came to power. Two years later Osborne changed his mind.

28 May 2012: secret courts. A government green paper on keeping evidence from the security services secret was watered down following opposition from the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg. 15 May 2012: Scottish independence referendum. Scottish Tories were furious after Cameron said he was not "too fussy" about the date of the referendum – in effect disowning the previous Conservative line that a plebiscite must be held within two years. 9 May 2012: Joint Strike Fighter. The coalition had replaced Labour plans to buy a jump jet for the Royal Navy's new aircraft carriers, instead plumping for a "cats and traps" model that could catapult and recover a version of the Joint Strike Fighter. But the JSF model the coalition wanted became beset by delays and technical problems, meaning the government had to revert to Labour's plans. 5 May 2012: unannounced Ofsted inspections. The chief inspector of schools announced in January 2012 the introduction of no-notice inspec-

plans the following year. 23 November 2011: chief coroner. Kenneth Clarke, the justice secretary, scrapped plans to abolish the post of chief coroner after a year-long campaign to save the post by the Royal British Legion. 23 November 2011: Youth Justice Board. The board was supposed to be scrapped in the government's "bonfire of the quangos", but in the face of opposition ministers changed their minds. 17 November 2011: NHS waiting times. Andrew Lansley, the thenhealth secretary, had criticised waiting time targets as unnecessary and bureaucratic, but in the face of evidence that waiting times were creeping up he introduced a new rule to halt the growing number of patients not being treated within the 18 weeks guaranteed under the NHS constitution. 14 July 2011: coastguard centres. The government had planned to reduce the number of coastguard centres from 18 to eight, with only three open 24 hours a day, but partially back-

2011 1 December 2011: Disability Living Allowance. The government announced plans in the 2010 spending review to cut the "mobility" part of DLA, worth £51 a week, for those in residential care, but after criticism that this was "callous" dropped the

tracked, changing the plans to ensure 10 would stay open 24 hours a day. 22 June 2011: BBC World Service. William Hague, the foreign secretary, partially reversed huge cuts to World Service funding by announcing an extra £2.2m a year for the BBC's Arabic Service. A report on the Foreign Office website: "Massive U-turn on BBC World Service funding." 21 June 2011: sentencing discounts. Cameron abandoned plans to offer a 50% sentence discount to offenders who submitted early guilty pleas after tabloid criticisms of "soft justice". 13 May 2011: circus animals. The government replaced a proposed ban on wild animals in circuses with new licensing conditions. 17 February 2011: housing benefit cut. The government announced a 10% cut in housing benefit for anyone unemployed for more than a year in the June 2010 budget. Clegg feared that private sector landlords might be reluctant to rent to jobseeker's allowance claimants if their housing benefit was at risk, and the following spring the plans were dropped. 17 February 2011: selling off the forests. "We got this one wrong," said the environment secretary, Caroline Spelman, when she abandoned plans to sell 258,000 hectares of stateowned woodland in England only one month after they had been announced. 12 February 2011: Financial Inclusion Fund. In January 2011 the government said it would axe a £27m-ayear scheme paying for specialist debt advisers. Campaigners said this could lead to ill or vulnerable people lacking help dealing with serious debt. A month later the government said the service would continue for another year; it has now been replaced by the Face to Face debt advice programme. 9 February 2011: military covenant. In June 2010 Cameron said a promise of duty of care in return for the military's sacrifices would be enshrined in law. But the armed forces bill eventually published required the Ministry of Defence only to produce an annual report on the covenant. 2010 26 December 2010: Bookstart. Writers such as Philip Pullman and Andrew Motion protested in December 2010 after the government announced plans to scrap a scheme providing free books for children, and a few days later the plan was abandoned. However, two months later it was announced that Bookstart would lose half its funding.

20 December 2010: school sports. In October 2010 Gove announced that the education department would no longer fund the £162m-a-year school sport partnerships. After heavy criticism from headteachers, Olympic sportspeople, Labour, young people and others, two months later Gove backtracked and said he had found £112m to keep the system going. 25 November 2010: domestic violence. Theresa May, the home secretary, announced in July 2010 she would abandon a scheme to remove violent partners from the family home. After pressure from charities she performed a U-turn four months later. 16 November 2010: photographer and camerawoman on the public payroll. Andrew Parsons was Cameron's personal photographer before he became prime minister, and Nicky Woodhouse made "Webcameron" videos for the Tory website, but there was an outcry when they were placed on the public payroll when the Tories took office. Cameron defended this as a cost-saving measure, but a few days later decided the Conservative party would pay their salaries. 12 November 2010: rape anonymity. In the coalition agreement in May 2010, the Tories and Liberal Democrats had suggested extending anonymity in rape cases to defendants. After protests from women's groups, who said it would have sent a message to juries that victims in rape cases should not be believed, five months later the government said there was not sufficient evidence to justify the move and scrapped it. 9 September 2010: NHS Direct. In August 2010 the Department of Health said the NHS Direct service would be scrapped. A month later Lansley said the department just meant the phone number. 8 August 2010: free school milk. Anne Milton, a Tory health minister, suggested withdrawing the scheme that gives free school milk to underfives. The idea was quickly stamped on by No 10 – presumably because of its echoes of Margaret Thatcher's scrapping of free milk for seven- to 11-year-olds in 1971. 5 July 2010: dissolution of parliament. In what was greeted with delight by the media as the first big U-turn of the coalition, the government's plans to block the dissolution of parliament without the agreement of at least 55% of MPs were altered to allow a simple majority of MPs to trigger such a dissolution.

Ready to wear Branded Lawn Suits from Sana & Samia and Ayesha Somaya and Sapphire Lawn Suits from Sania Maskatiya will be available soon!!! For more information & orders... please contact: Ayeda Couture


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HELPLESS NOT STUPID BY JAVED ZAHEER, FREE EXPRESSION AWARD WINNER, DEDICATED TO SERVE, CREATE AWARENESS Don’t feel bad or get mad and react in the same manner when arrogant, crazy and senseless people consider and call you stupid, idiot and a fool. If you can manage, handle, help and support them then go ahead. If you can’t, don’t mess to make it worse but avoid and just pray for the poor souls and leave them to God or those who can really handle properly. This is what they deserve the most in such pitiable condition. However, the situation differs when it is said and done deliberately and cunningly in full senses. At a seniors gathering recently, one of the members, who like most others who boast and claim to be highly literate, experienced, well-connected and try desperately to promote themselves from team leader to community leader, knowingly, unknowingly or jokingly, gave a nasty comment: “All those who consider themselves as exploited ones are STUPID”. Such comment about people who deserve priority attention, help, support and promotion, exposes the type and calibre of most community leaders, their character, intention and mindset. This is a common problem with people who are self-proclaimed leaders and consider themselves and pose as heavyweights and champions of everything including community and humanity. In reality, these exploiters, opportunists and hypocrites are rotten eggs of the society and community. They are cunning and cruel and only interested in their vested interests and can stoop to any lows to achieve them. Yes, they are the ones who think that the exploited, helpless and innocent people are stupid, idiot and fool. They keep preying on them and playing with them. They act as quicksand and prevent the people from reaching the true leaders. We have to, should and must

MQM supported PP for democracy: Altaf

Chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Altaf Hussain has said that his party supported Peoples Party in Sind for the restoration of democratic system in the country. Addressing the meeting of MQM’s Labor Division in Karachi Altaf Hussain said that if MQM had not supported the Peoples Party it would had been hard for the PP to complete four months.

remain alert, united and committed to protect all good, innocent, deserving, helpless and exploited people from all such evils and devils in disguise, who are harming and damaging the community, society, system and the country in reality. All those engaged in serving the people in any way must come forward and act to protect the people. We cannot expect any good thinking, constructive approach and positive results from the Charia (Mentally Sick), Chirandi (Troublemaker) and Jahil & Makkar (Illiterate & cunning) characters and hope that the leaders, parties, groups and bodies of all levels---municipal, provincial and national---would keep them away in the best interest of the people and parties. Is there really a dearth of good people and leaders in the community and country that nuisances are made volunteers, members and leaders? Unfortunately, instead of being monitored and controlled properly so that the people and their interests are protected and not harmed, they are cleverly used and cunningly let loose on the people. Is this not why both the people and the country are suffering? Yes, it is. The Muslim Community is playing an important constructive and positive role and contributing tremendously towards progress, prosperity and stability in western countries. The number of Muslims, Mosques and Madrassas is increasing rapidly. This is because of good character of Muslims and the rights, freedom and facilities enjoyed in these countries. More Muslims are becoming Practicing Muslims and teaching and training their children as well. What the community and the people in general urgently need is a good and true leadership for better performances, contributions and results. Despite the lacking in most fields they are doing well and good. The cunning exploiters, opportunists, professionals and hypocrites are definitely NOT but certainly yes pose as reli-

gious leaders, scholars and pious persons. They act as mafia, use mosques and madrassas for their vested interests, prey on the worshippers and innocent people and play with them. They do not enjoy trust and confidence of the people, who understand their nature, character and the dirty game very well. Just construction of large and beautiful mosques and collection of money/donation in the name of or for their maintenance/facilities only is not sufficient. The mosques and the donation boxes become a source of lifetime earnings for the mafia. This is exactly what they are interested in and want. The mosques must be used purely as a place of worship and centres of excellence to properly guide Muslims and promote and spread message of Islam and humanity. Look what Allah says about the wrong-doers in the Holy Quran. Sura 9 - Al-Tawba (MADINA) : Verse 19: “Do you consider the providing of drinking water to the pilgrims and the maintenance of Al-Masjid-al-Harâm (at Makkah) as equal to the worth of those who believe in Allâh and the Last Day, and strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allâh? They are not equal before Allâh. And Allâh guides not those people who are the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong-doers).”---Translation Eng-Dr. Mohsin Even people booking and buying land for graves in the cemetery have been allegedly cheated in some countries. They are approaching those involved in dealing of the land for grave and cemetery so that they could get back the difference in hundreds (Their hard earned money) but have faced disappointment till now. On the one hand such swindlers acting as community and religious leaders fool the people by saying that they consider the gay and lesbian as sinners on religious grounds but on the other hand they are found to be their best friends, partners and committed team mates. They cleverly use religion for this purpose and

play with the people. If they think it is right then they should give valid reasons to convince the people. It is very simple, Muslims definitely have a problem in becoming gay or lesbian because the religion strictly forbids them and warns them of Wrath of Allah (The Almighty) but they have no problem in working with gay or lesbian in the best interest of the community, people and country. They can never practically become part of gay or lesbian class or support and promote them for this very purpose. The parameter for judgment of a good person, true leader and believer is described by Allah (The Almighty) in the Holy Quran as follows. Sura # 103 Al-Asr (Verses 1-3): “By the declining day, (1) Lo! man is a state of loss, (2) Save those who believe and do good works, and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to endurance. (3)”---Translation by Pickthal. We can easily recognize and identify the Fake & Cunning Mullahs, scholars, leaders and persons in general by carefully reading and understanding Sura # 107 Al-Maun (Verses 1-7) in the Holy Quran. It clearly tells us about how to judge people and protect our prayers in order to become a good and pious person and a practicing Muslim (Believer & Worshipper). “Hast thou observed him who belieth religion? (1) That is he who repelleth the orphan, (2) And urgeth not the feeding of the needy. (3) Ah, woe unto worshippers (4) Who are heedless of their prayer; (5) Who would be seen (at worship) (6) Yet refuse small kindnesses! (7)”. In order to serve humanity in reality and the people in the best possible manner we have to become: 1) Good human being first and then 2) Good Practitioner. Only a Good Person can please Allah---The Almighty by serving all people---irrespective of caste, creed and religion---in the best possible manner.

US makes hydrogen-powered Phantom Eye drone Phantom Eye -- an unmanned, hydrogenpowered drone that can stay aloft for as much as four straight days -- completed its first autonomous flight at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., following a series of test drives on the runway earlier. It can also fly at 65,000 feet at approximately 150 knots and carry up to a 450-pound payload, thanks to a 150-foot wingspan and two 2.3-liter, four-cylinder engines that give

it 300 horsepower -- 150 from each engine. The Phantom Eye is also a green aircraft. With a liquid-hydrogen propulsion system, it has excellent fuel economy. And its only by-product is water. The maker says the altitude and endurance are clear advantages for reconnaissance and surveillance missions. “This day ushers in a new era ... where an unmanned aircraft will remain on station for days at a time providing critical information and services,” said Darryl Davis, president of Boeing Phantom Works. This drone is the latest in a series of Boeingfunded rapid prototyping programs, which include Phantom Ray -- Phantom Eye’s big brother, which is arguably even more ambitious. Fighter-jet sized, the Phantom Ray will be able to stay aloft for a whopping ten days

and will be able to carry a payload of more than 2,000 pounds. In addition to intelligence and surveillance, Phantom Ray will be useful in electronic attacks and suppression of air defenses. Both UAVs are creations of Boeing’s Phantom Works home to other cutting-edge autonomous technologies such as Echo Ranger.

Pakistan’s Triple Front

by Munir Akram

a friendly government in Kabul; or to work with others for genuine national reconciliation in Afghanistan. The choice is obvious. Without peace in Afghanistan, there will be no peace on Pakistan’s western border regions. But the choice is not entirely Pakistan’s. Other powers may decide to play the “hard game”. Pakistan’s internal turmoil and strategic confusion may encourage India, and some of its friends, to shut out Pakistan’s legitimate interests in Afghanistan and to persist in alleged interference in Balochistan and complicity in cross-border attacks against Pakistan. Islamabad must make clear that its desire to contribute to genuine peace in Afghanistan is accompanied by a determination to respond vigorously to threats to its security, territorial integrity and vital interests. The eastern challenge is by far the most pervasive. The recent outburst of war talk from India should be a wake-up call for those among our leaders who naively thought that bonhomie and unilateral concessions by Pakistan are the path to peace with India. The reality is that Pakistan and India have an adversarial relationship rooted in history; epitomised by Kashmir and other unresolved disputes; and manifested in the wars fought and their ongoing military rivalry. On more than one occasion in recent years, Pakistan would have been attacked by India were it not a nuclear power. This strategic capability remains vital for Pakistan’s security. The current and prospective chaos in Pakistan could create a justification and an opportunity for those who have plans to neutralise this capability. Without a serious dialogue on their disputes or their military relationship and nuclear doctrines — and with an uncontrolled arms race propelled by India’s Great Power ambitions — the danger of a Pakistan-India war happening sooner or later, and escalating to the nuclear level, is very real. It is time for those who wish to avoid an epic catastrophe — particularly the US which has done the most to feed India’s delusions of grandeur — to bring the Indian hawks down to earth. It is only through a sincere and sustained dialogue, based on mutual respect and reciprocity, that Pakistan and India can address their deep differences and manage their difficult relationship. Indian arrogance and belligerence and Pakistani turmoil and pusillanimity are a recipe for eventual disaster. Today, more than ever, Pakistan needs wise and honest leadership to face its triple-front challenge.

PAKISTAN is at another inflexion point in its eventful history. It confronts strategic challenges simultaneously on three fronts: internal, western and eastern. The internal challenge is most palpable: economic stagnation; growing poverty and inequality; looming financial collapse; pervasive corruption; regional disaffection and endemic terrorist and sectarian violence. A political system controlled by feudal and money power appears impervious to cleansing change. In the coming days, three possible scenarios could unfold. Optimistically, the strict and fair implementation of the constitution’s Articles 62 and 63 could result in the election of new, honest and competent representatives. But the odds are that the entrenched system will beat back reform. Either as a consequence, or anticipating this, Pakistan may experience yet another military intervention to impose change. If business continues as usual, the country confronts the real prospect of economic collapse and popular revolt. This will intensify the threats from the western and eastern fronts. Afghanistan is the second front. US President Obama is determined to withdraw quickly from “America’s longest war”. Unless managed well, for Pakistan, an Afghanistan without America could be as bad as one with the latter. One factor in determining the future conditions in Afghanistan is whether the US leaves behind troops there and how many. There is an internal debate between the US generals, who want a large rump presence not only to train Afghans but to continue to conduct counterterrorism operations “against Al Qaeda”, and the White House, which does not want to throw good money and lives after bad in Afghanistan. While a continued US military presence may help to prop up the regime left behind in Kabul, it would probably foreclose any possibility of a peace deal with the Afghan Taliban during and after the US withdrawal. Also, both Pakistan and Iran will construe this as posing a threat of future intervention. Despite hopes engendered by recent informal engagements and Pakistan’s release of Taliban prisoners, the prospects of peace talks and a settlement between the US and the Taliban are not bright. Differences on both process and substance are too significant. The best one can hope for is a truce during US withdrawal. The real negotiations for the future governance of Afghanistan are likely to take place among the Afghan parties after America has left. Pakistan will need to make a stra- The writer is a former Pakistan tegic choice: whether to revert ambassador to the UN. to a frontal endeavour to secure

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The Gem. ‘ They ‘ say that diamonds. . . are a girl’s best friend . . . and they may well be in South Africa ~ ( where there’s quite a lot o’ them ) : BUT : if my best friend were to be a diamond . . . then he ( or she ) would huv tae be a metaphoric diamond , for surely a boy , ( or a girl’s ) best friend ... is a boy or a girl’s best friend because friendship cannot be bought neither can it be sold and ah sometimes find masel’ wonderin’ whit the world might be like if friendship were to be valued . . . jist a wee bit higher . . . than ‘ a ‘ diamond . . . (From WORDIC MEANDERINGS of a mainly light ~ hearted NATURE) by ‘ Jim Waverly ‘

US Seeks Pak Support The United States is seeking Pakistan’s support to secure Afghanistan as it prepares to pull out from the war-ravaged country by the end of next year. The issue came up when the new US Secretary of State John Kerry called President Asif Ali Zardari to show his interest in continuing close ties with a key ally which shares a long and often troubled border with Afghanistan. Kerry emphasised “our shared interest in regional stability, including a secure and peaceful future for Afghanistan,” said a State Department spokesperson. Kerry acted as US President Barack Obama’s unofficial envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan when he headed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and often visited the two countries to supplement the administration’s efforts for resolving difficult issues. The state department said Kerry had “a longstanding relationship” with many Pakistani leaders during these visits, and he used the phone call to “underscore the continuing importance of an effective, strong, and mutually beneficial US-Pakistani relationship”. The phone call was made hours before president Obama announced his plans for ending the war in Afghanistan. Kerry also underlined the issues on which the United States and Pakistan had common interests. These include fighting terrorism and extremism, supporting democratic civilian institutions, and supporting Pakistan’s efforts to increase economic growth. In his annual state of the union address to the US congress, Obama announced that 34,000 soldiers will come home from Afghanistan within a year, and that Americas “war with Afghanistan will be over” by the end of 2014. Obama also said US forces will move into a support role this coming spring while afghan security forces take the lead. Of course, it is the Pakistani governments responsibility to move forward and provide all conveniences to establish peace in the region, but who will provide security for Pakistan?

Allama Iqbal Sunday Cricket League Sports Presentation

The AISCL sports presentation for season 2012 took place at Pakistan Muslim Centre in the presence of some distinguished guests including Cllr Mohammad Maroof, Sheffield City Council, Mohammad Ali, Chairperson, Pakistan Muslim Centre, Steve Maddock and Michael Heseltine of the Last Man Stands Cricket League. It was attended by Captains, Secretaries and members of the Clubs in the League. The evening was introduced and conducted by the Allama Iqbal Cricket League Secretary Syed Zeeshan Haider Naqvi and started with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by League Official (Fundraiser) Zahid Saleem followed by a Naat confidently recited by Mohammad Jawaid Khan, Captain of Eagle Stars, Rotherham. An overview of the last season was presented by Zeeshan Naqvi highlighting achievements, successes and also the issues which needed to be addressed to improve the League. He also stated the purpose of the Sports Presentation and introduced Bilal Jamil, who has joined the League as a new committee member. Afraz Khan, the League Treasurer then talked point by point, about the Rules and Regulations of Allama Iqbal Sunday Cricket League taking questions which were responded to by the League Officials. The issues discussed included prompt start of the matches, appeals procedures, standard of the cricket balls and their provision and shortage of umpires. Steve Maddock then spoke about the Last Man Stands Cricket League in this area, praising the participation, competitive spirit, performance and achievement of Asian Teams against tough competition. He particularly applauded the honours achieved by Abbey’s Diner Cricket Club of Rotherham who in their debut season had earned through perseverance and teamwork the respected title of Champion of LMS UK 2012 and are 4th in England and 11th in the World rankings. On the way to this achievement in the National Finals weekend at Neston Cricket Club they were the first Yorkshire winners of the ‘Roses Match’ when in the quarter final they convincingly won against a Lancashire team: Team Manchester, the 2011 Champions.

They are now looking forward to contest with the Australian National Champions in the 2013 LMS World Championship opening match at Lords on 25th August 2013 and the team is committed to going all out to ensure the LMS World Championship trophy is won by a team from England for the first time ever! Steve with his colleague Michael Heseltine beside him also encouraged wider participation by saying that their League is still welcoming new teams for the season. Ibrar Khan the PMC Representative presented the accounts and also highlighted the issues with regards to lack of qualified umpires for the league. Players were encouraged to avail the opportunities being facilitated by the League in coordination with Association of Cricket Officials, England and Wales Cricket Board, for training as umpires and

On a serious note he is anxious that no man of his colour representing Yorkshire; when he was playing he thought he was good enough! He emphasised that the League, the Teams and the players have potential which needs to be exploited through encouragement, support and facilitation. PMC Badminton club captain, Ibrar Hussain and his team mates were presented with a special trophy recognising and appreciating the promotion also of their second team to the premier division. Ibrar highlighted that it is an honour for both the teams to play at the highest level in a Yorkshire League. This is the first time that not only one but two teams of Pakistani origin members have made it into the Premier Division of Yorkshire League. He stressed that we have a lot of talent in our community and organisations

before, through and after

Tahir Nawaz (Abbey Diner) (from right) recieving AISCL Cup runner up 2012 placque from Ibrar Khan

the cricket season. He was sure that Bilal Jamil’s addition to the committee will add another dimension in the running of the League. He was pleased that monies had been raised through Badminton activities for good causes such as supporting St Lukes Hospice’s work. It was delightful, he said, to be with them all, at the presentation that evening particularly at the PMC. He warned that though these are tough times, it is important to keep

Javed Khan (Eagle Stars CC) in the middle recieving AISCL league Winners trophy season 2012 from Cllr Mohammad maroof and Ch M Ali, from right Rizwan Ali, Liaqat Khan, use their off-days and available time like PMC should encourage and to enhance their own League which support youngsters so that they can is also monetarily rewarded. prosper further. Councillor Mohammad Maroof Bilal Jamil, the new Committee pointed out the financial situation Member introducing himself talked which was affecting every proviin a jolly manner about good food sion and along with the forced cuts and good cricketers which runs in the challenges of difficult decisions the blood with a patriotic streak. He being dealt with by the Sheffield himself is a talented cricketer whose City Council. He emphasised the heroes are Waqar Yunus and Wasim importance of playing an active part Akram. in the protests against cuts and lack of finance and at the same time the League enthusiastically continuing to make its case, wherever possible for support and funding.

Zeeshan Naqvi (Al-Mahdi XI CC) in the middle recieving AISCL Cup Winners trophy season 2012 from Sam Gittens and Anjum Iqbal, from right Rafaqat Khan & Khalid Rehman.

Zeeshan Naqvi briefed about the future plans for the League which include its own website, opportunity for blogs as well as chat room InshaAllah! He then invited Mr Mohammad Ali to wrap up the proceedings of that evening. Mr Ali, Chairperson, Pakistan Muslim Centre passing his congratulations said that the event was recognition of the hard work done by all players and the League Committee

together for the passion of cricket and to ensure that children are playing on sports field away from streets and drives. He finished with the hope and looking forward to when someone from these grass roots progresses and goes further to play at higher levels to make us even more proud InshaAllah! The presentation evening culminated in everybody enjoying generous helpings of delicious Biryani and lovely Halwa hosted by the League officials.

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