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Universities set to lose £5.6bn as overseas applications plummet Maqbool Butt Page 27

Rise in tuition fees a key factor in growing financial threat as UK becomes a 'no-go zone'

Britain is gaining a reputation abroad for being a "no-go" zone to international students – risking the loss of billions of pounds both to the economy and to universities reliant on foreign students for the higher fees they pay. Restrictions on visas, the massive rise in tuition fees for European Union students at English universities and the murder of a student from India over Christmas are posing a threat to the future of universities, academics warned yesterday. At stake is not only the vast extra earnings they bring to the economy – estimated at £5bn a year – but UK universities' reputation as being world-class institutions in which to study. One estimate, in a report by the consultants London Economics, reckoned that Britain could lose out on nearly £8bn in income – £2.3bn lost to the economy and £5.66bn in lost fees revenue. Ministers have been anxious to crack

down on immigration and have issued fewer waivers for students. "The trouble is that the Home Office is more important than the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills [which is more welcoming to international recruits] in Government," said Sir Peter Scott, professor of higher education at London University's Institute of Education. "Also, is the media more interested in negative stories about immigrants or the positive impact of international students on the economy? Well, we know the answer." Dr Jo Beall, director of Education at the British Council, said that the UK was currently the second most popular overseas destination for students, behind the United States – responsible for 10 per cent of the market. However, the figure was declining "so we can't be complacent". The Latest figures from the Universities

and Colleges Admissions Service show the number of EU students applying to British universities has dropped by 11 per cent. They face the same fees increase to up to £9,000 a year as English students – and are finding it cheaper to study in their own countries. The number of international applications is still rising – at 13 per cent – but academics at the conference believe the constant clamour to cut down on visas will inevitably take its toll on the numbers. In numbers £830m Cuts to university teaching funds from central Government this year – reducing places by 15,000 9.9% Fall in applications to English universities this year as tuition fees treble 2.3bn Potential loss of revenue over next decade from fall in EU students put off by higher fees and tighter controls on study visas




News in Brief Manchester: Muslim Takeaways Attacked by Mob

Labour Party Candidate for Crookes Ward- Sheffield

Abdul Khayum JP has been selected as the official candidate for the Labour Party in the forthcoming local elections in May this year. He is a well known figure in the public arena, having worked in the Voluntary/ Public sector for the past 24 years. He has done a substantial amount of work on behalf of the Ethnic Minority Communities in Sheffield and South Yorkshire. Recently, his work with Sheffield’s communities was recognised by the Pakistan Muslim Centre and South Asian Project when he was awarded the prestigious ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’. As well as working in a range of different capacities, he has been an active member of Sheffield Labour Party for the past 15 years. He has already held a number of posts within the party as former Chair, and then Secretary of the Burngreave Branch, and Secretary of the Brightside and Hillsborough Constituency of the Labour Party. In the early 90’s he was instrumental in helping Sheffield’s Pakistani community realise a long-term ambition to lead and manage a large Centre, as the first Development Manager of the largest community centre of its kind in the City, the Pakistan Muslim Centre. He again worked tirelessly in neighbouring Rotherham to develop a similar facility, the Unity Centre, for

the BME Communities. Twenty years on, both Centres continue to provide community facilities for all. He went on to become Manager of the Alliance Housing Association which worked very closely with South Yorkshire Housing Association to help enhance and improve the provision of social housing for BME communities in Sheffield. In a voluntary capacity, there is a long list of the various organisations, across South Yorkshire that he has worked with, in his endeavours to ensure that statutory service providers are held to account when it comes to delivery of services to Ethnic Minority Communities. He was a founder member and first Chair of the City-wide Black Community Forum. He worked with S Y Police as Chair of the BME Advisory Group, helping to develop better strategies for policing in the County. He was also Chair of the Sheffield Unified Multi-cultural Education Service, which was set up to help the local Education Authority to develop more appropriate services for BME communities. After serving for 21 years, he is one of the longest serving school governors in the city having chaired the Firs Hill School Governors for 10 years. He is currently a Governor of Handsworth Community Sports College. As well as other directorships, he was a non-Executive Director on the South Yorkshire Probation Board, and is currently a non- Executive Director of South Yorkshire Housing Association as well as a founder Director of the Asian Business Development Network, a first platform for Asian businesses in South Yorkshire. He is also a Magistrate serving on the Sheffield bench for the last eight years. Other organisations that he has worked with include the Asian Housing Association, Sheffield Literacy Campaign, Racial Har-

assment project, Tinsley Advice Centre, and Open Forum for Economic Regeneration…… and of course on top of that, he runs a very successful business as Managing Director of Redlands Business Centre. If there is one thing that his work has given him is his substantial wide ranging experience in the areas of Housing, Community Development, Regeneration, and Education, Community Resources and the Judiciary as well as acting in a representative capacity and advocating for people. Abdul Khayum is very committed to working for local communities, always striving for better local services and a better quality of life for local people. He has a strong belief in social justice and he is very passionate about creating a fair and just society. It’s no wonder then, that he is so well networked and well known across the city. In an interview with ILM, he says he is delighted to have been selected as the Labour Party candidate in Crookes. As a Pakistani, Abdul Khayum is keen to demonstrate that as citizens of UK, all members of the community should endeavour to participate in every walk of life including the public life of the city. This includes politics which, he says, is an important and integral part of any modern democratic society. He says we are not just British citizens but part of the fabric of British society. He says, as a community, we are very fortunate to have made this country our home for the last 50 years or so. Britain has given us a great deal for which we should always be grateful, and we have also made a vast contribution to the socio-economic and political life of the country. However, in order to ensure that we become fully integrated, that we continue to develop, grow and prosper and that we enable our young people to take pride in who they are, and retain their cultural identity, we

must be more not less involved in all aspects of the life of this country. This is one reason why he decided to get involved in politics and joined the Labour Party in 1997. He says if elected as Councillor, his primary role would be to represent the interests of the residents of Crookes ward within the Council. However, in a wider context, being of Pakistani Origin, and with his background in working for BME communities, he would be well placed to help ensure that the Council fully takes into account the needs of these communities in the development and delivery of local services. He says given his longterm work advocating on behalf of local communities, he would see his election as natural progression, and if elected, he would be in a much better position to exert maximum influence on political decisions which ultimately impact on the lives of local people. He says one of his key priorities would be to make sure we do all we can to get young people into education, training or employment. He says there is a great deal of talent, skills and abilities amongst young people that goes to waste because there just are not the facilities, mechanisms or structures to help nurture and develop these talents in young people. Particularly, within the BME communities and more specifically the Pakistani community, under-achievement in schools, unemployment and involvement in drugs and crime is at an unprecedented and unacceptable level, and as parents, as responsible citizens and as community leaders, we cannot just sit back and allow these trends to continue. We all have a moral responsibility to face these challenges and tackle these issues head on. That’s the least we can do for the sake of our future generations!

Paralympic Torch Shines on Sheffield It has been announced today that the Paralympic torch will be visiting Sheffield in recognition of the importance of disability sport in the city. The flame will be collected from London with a miner’s lantern, and carried to Sheffield for a celebration at the Sheffield Fayre on 26 August. The city is one of 34 locations in Britain that will host Flame Celebrations as part of the London 2012 Paralympic Torch Relay. Aaron McKibbin, GB’s number one paralympic table tennis player, said: “I am so proud that the Paralympic Torch will be coming to Sheffield. I live to play table tennis. It has been my life for many years now, so it’s great for me to see disability sport given this high profile in the city. I look forward to celebrating the Games coming to the UK with our very own Paralympic party here in Sheffield!” Councillor Julie Dore, Leader of Sheffield City Council, said: “Dis-

ability sport is hugely important to Sheffield, and it is great news for Sheffield that we’ll be hosting the Paralympic, as well as Olympic, torch in the lead up to the Games. “We are home to many GB paralympians, including the whole Table Tennis squad. We have also hosted several elite sporting events, from the Goalball World Championships in 2010 to the British Open Paralympic Table Tennis event in 2011. On top of this, we will also be home to several international teams in the lead into the Paralympic Games. The Paralympic torch arriving in the city will be the ultimate celebration of Sheffield’s commitment to disability sport.” Gary Clifton, Major Events and 2012 Programme Manager for Sheffield City Council, added: “Sheffield is privileged to be welcoming the Paralympic Torch in August, it will finish off a great summer of sport for people to get involved in. This includes the Ol-

ympic Torch relay and Olympic trials selection events for swimming and diving in June, the pregames training camps in July and the Cultural Olympiade running throughout this period.” The London 2012 Paralympic Torch Relay will take place from 24 – 29 August 2012. Four separate flames will be lit in London, Greater Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff and will tour the country before they are united to create the London 2012 Paralympic Flame at Stoke Mandeville, the spiritual home of the Paralympic Movement. The Flame will then be carried on a 24 hour overnight relay to London and the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games. Director of Paralympic Integration at London 2012, Chris Holmes, said: “We are thrilled to announce that Sheffield will play host to a Flame Celebration. This new concept will involve people from all around the UK in the spir-

A mob of about 200 people attacked Asian takeaways in Rochdale in apparent race-related violence. Windows were broken, police officers pelted with bricks and several vehicles damaged in the violence on Thursday night after the group gathered in the Heywood area of the city. One officer suffered bruising. Police in riot vans filled the area and eventually dispersed the crowd, arresting a

35-year-old man and a 14-yearold boy. Officers were stepping up patrols in the area in case there is further unrest. A spokesman said police were “aware of the tensions in the borough that have come about because of an ongoing court case in Liverpool... We ask that the community acts responsibly during this difficult time.” The attack is related to an ongoing sex-grooming trial.

Internet Firms Spy on Personal Texts Sent on Smartphones

Top internet firms like Facebook, Yahoo and Flickr are able to read personal text messages and photographs sent via smartphones because many mobile phone apps give their developers the right to go through such content. Many phone users do not know that when they agree to the terms and conditions, they are actually giving developers the right to inspect their personal information. In some cases, the apps also get the right to collect whatever images the phone camera happens

to be seeing. Facebook, Yahoo, Flickr and Badoo have all admitted to reading users’ text messages through their Android smartphone apps. Many other apps -- some of them available for free -- also include in their terms and conditions the rights to access users’ personal data. Twitter has also admitted that it copied lists of email addresses and phone numbers from people who used its smartphone application and stored them on its servers without taking users’ permission.

Yahoo is threatening to sue Facebook for allegedly infringing more than a dozen patents covering how to personalise websites, serve adverts and run a social network. As part of a strategic review, Yahoo has decided it has failed to squeeze the maximum amount of value from its intellectual property and told Facebook on Monday that it believes Facebook should

be paying licensing fees. Otherwise, "we will be compelled to move forward unilaterally to protect our rights", a Yahoo spokesman said. Yahoo had grown to be one of the dominant internet companies before Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2005, but it has been eclipsed by its rival and other companies. Facebook said it has yet to fully evaluate the claims.

Yahoo may sue Facebook

it of the Paralympic Movement in unique ways relevant to the area. I know that people from Sheffield will get involved in this celebration and help ignite passion for the Paralympics across the UK.” Sheffield Fayre is a free community event open to all that attracts over 20,000 people. The fayre will include sport and cultural exhibitions and participation focusing on Paralympic sports. The first Paralympic Torch Relay took place at the Seoul 1988 Paralympic Games. This year 3,500 people across the country have been nominated to be torch bearers, and the three Presenting Partners, BT, Lloyds TSB and Sainsbury’s, are currently choosing the successful 620 who will carry the torch during community visits and the final 24 hour relay from Stoke Mandeville to London. The relay will also include nominations from the British Paralympic Association and the International Paralympic Committee.


Campaign StubinOut Shisha Earn £35K to to Stay theRent UK 7.8% RiseAims in Council

A major crackdown on shisha operating in first-floor premises olme. These bars are becoming popular with young adults aged smoking in Manchester’s curry and rooms with no ventilation. mile will be launched in the New Coun Rabnawaz Akbar, who rep- 18 to 25. There is a misconcepYear. Health bosses at Manches- resents Rusholme, said: “There tion that Shisha is not as harm2010, cigarettes nearly 15,700 MIGRANT workas it ter council will launch a public has been an idea that smoking ful as smoking were and given to ers willcampaign have to earn flavoured passes health to warn people shisha is in some way safer than can be fruitvisas overseas maids, nanat least £35,000 a about the dangers of smoking the cigarette smoking, but guidance through water first. However, wanies smoking and cooks. In year toPolice be allowed delivers pipes. have also vowed from the World Health Organisa- terpipe tobacco the same year, 1,360 to settle in Britain. to tackle law-breakers who are tion says it is just as dangerous as nicotine and high levels of toxic domestics The crackdown and the health impacts smoking shisha pipes indoors tobacco. “It’s also against the law compound foreign were given could slash the are comparable to thosetheofright cigaand say anyone caught will be to smoke inside.” to settle. Under number of fine. skilled We are awarenew that David Regan, director of public rette smoking. given a £50 rules, domestics immigrants bars have not been More than 30 of perthe bars – which health for Manchester, said: “We, some shisha the EU mitted to stay perwith outside the smoke-free provide Middle Eastern hookah along with Manchester coun- complying from will be allowed to manently by two pipes for people to smoke to- cil, are developing a campaign legislation and have been allowcometotobe Britain onlyin thirds.– have The opened Home in a quarter- which aims to raise awareness ing waterpipes smoked bacco to work for The foreign Office willof Wilmslow also spaces. cammile stretch Road, of the dangers to health of smok- enclosed public They will be tighten up regulaalso aims to reinforce in Rusholme, over the past three ing shisha and of being exposed paign then visitors. permitted to stay Shifor tions Shisha on foreign that smoking years. bars are legal but to second-hand smoke from shi- the message only six months and nannies, new pay threshold was early first sha in an enclosed public space sha pipes. “This will run are boundmaids by theand 2007 smoking The leave the withlaw theand visitor. And cooks Britain from recommended is against if you are in the New Year.byIn Government the last year, must ban andcoming can onlytooperate in areas they willdoing not bethis allowed to move outside the Under current advisers last year. The official caught you could rethere has been a rapid rise in the with three sides for ventilabeen in place since 2002, and ment costs without subsidy. Council house rents are to go another employer, notice extendof rules,But skilled workersby who have Migration Advisory Committee ceive ato fixed-penalty number of have shisha bars opening inis to tion. inspections council there ensure fairness in Rent levels to be equalised up by inflation-busting amounts their stay bring in their family. beenand here for five a backed the £35,000 figure, say- social £50,” he or said. Manchester, particularly in Rushstaff police haveyears foundhave housing, whether council 2015-16 or councils suffer across Yorkshire - some but The only exception will be any- People who receive home care in Britons are not eating enough virtual South automatic right to stay by ing it would reduce the numbers orone housing association homes. penalties. housing bossesAs blamed the rises working for foreign dip- Rotherham permanently. a result, the financial settling here from 60,000 a year notices Mobile CCTV is of a • sensible fruit andWarning-only vegetables nucan expect aused better servand welcomedespite step. We The Association Nonby Stun rents remain Harry Harpham, Sheffield Social on Government Sheflomats. Those willwell be below able to icenumber numbers applyingpolicy. to settle has Coun to 20,000. There will also be go glad out during thebeing initial period of (ANSA), councils the toare tritional advice widely in the future thanks across to they have finally seen Abattoirs an groundindustry market levels, and housing benCouncil cabinet member for field’s 42,000 council housesoared from 10,000 in 1997 to changes in rules to stop foreign stay until the diplomat's tour of breaking country. Sheffield City Counavailable, studymovement suggests. to A now traditional taking place. The ainitial body changes representing UK sense. willends. continue meetalso the be holds a 7.8Most per are centlowerrise housing, said: “We are doing efit duty Theretowill 84,000face in 2010. domestic workers from outside cilHalal has people decided it will not be ban review of eating habits 19 The 1800 across thewelcomed borough religious slaughter was in based slaughterhouses, costs for eligible tenants who what the Government says we -skilled an average of £4.87 a week. workers in lower-paid the EU remaining in Britain. In tougher rules to protect foreign who targeting taxis other sinEUmisconceptions countries put the in 14th getnews domiciliary care services andUK some pothe thatortheany proposed par- on Average rents in the city are have to do. “The increase will cannot afford to pay.” nannies and cangleexpect jobs.National groupmore butbill instead using the litical that the government is tofurreconUnderouttheatgovernment’s cuts toThe The Landlords Associaplace. motives. The analysis carried flexible and localThe was welfare of liamentary to ban religious Government said that work £4.87 per housecurrently £62.32 per week but maids from Ministers system to in tackle illegal parking sider proposals todue include hous- ised LHA, payments will beconfirm based onther tion (NLA) isbelieve urging landlords to hold out by the Inforsupport future to animals is aEuropean primary Food concern for slaughter ofthe animals inthanks the Nethrent rises are for the but what we can the sum is set to rise to £67.19. abuse. Both major the new £35,000 where it ishad causing specific probingfurther benefitsyears within its ‘universal 30th of local rents,two report thetenants rent levels of their list isthe mation Council (EUFIC). changes in been the delivery of theIt Muslims and Jews, and Kosher erlands withdrawn. before rent that wepercentile have frozen charges Council in Rotherham the domestic pay hurdle will lems with congestion and safety, credit’ system. This would have rather than the previous 50th perproperty to the Valuation Office It says thatmethods on average, Britons service that will be taking place dur- and Halal are both dewas withdrawn after a majority levels between council and wherever possible to ease the will have to pay a 9.45 per cent and their em- ingsuch ensure (VOA) only tothehelp local au- centile. Therefore, helping the seen LHA go directly as parking in expressed bus lanestheir or signed to tenants Agency eat 258g of fruit and the coming months. Rotherham to be(9.1oz) most compassionate of Dutch senators housing associations are equal, burden. There will be no inrise and people in Barnsley face ployer willpaybe Borough "brightestdetermine and theaverage mar- VOA arrive at an accurate figure as part of a single at reservations junctions, and onwritten zigzag lines vegetables a day, with Council all to the animal. It iscompared entirely incortohas the ban onto Halal bebenefits ‘selfaware fiathorities 8.8 per centBritain hike - with infla- crease in charges for commu- enabling housing tomade best" make outside schools. Enforcements ment, which they would then for rent levels could ultimately ket rents in their area. a European average slaughter of 386g service users about the changes, rect to equate religious and Kosher slaughter. nancing’. nity heating, or service charges tion running at 5.2 per cent. of the theirlandlord. rights which their is home. But the will implemented ascompanies follows; needintonumbers: pass on to benefit landlords if the have ten-Rents This vital in helping the local for (13.6oz). The average will see 15 care cruelty to UK animals. The also fact Anbe agreement could be made with furnished accommodation, Housing bosses say the increase and responsisalary figure could • with Jewish However, the government may providing ants receiving LHA. Landlords authority gain a full understandshort the 400gother (14.1oz) theConfirmed home com- isfalls there areofcountless real and services, Muslimmobile slaugh42,000 the number of council temporary accommodation and isbenecessary because of a longbilities. for CCTV willcurrent only nine. betheused atof acts now give people the option of re- pared can report theirWe rentsunderstand to the VOAhouses ing lower of the statejobs of the private minimum consumption recomto the The auof cruelty being carried out terhouses regarding length in Sheffield burglar alarms. standing Government policy to in which theincounhotspots, locations for enenforcement; ceiving the payment themselves, thority by budgets filling in the lettings infor-7.8% rented sector the area. Furthermended by the World Orthis willis result in ofon animals daily in Health industrial timebelieves thatwith an animal conscious rent rise in Sheffield that are tight.” increase historically low country hasit will a shortage forcement posted onthe thethat council’s Mobile CCTV will or it -going straight to their land- a more mation Minister and collection form and9.45% more, helpthe determine the Housing ganisation. Onlyincluding four European flexible service is farof • slaughterhouses, under before dying and number rent rise in rotherham Grant Shapps cil rents same level of house workers —toand website, signage in to of warn notof beso-called usedtarget: at ‘merciful’ thePoland train lord. emailing,theposting orHefaxing it8.8% amount of local housing allow- defended countries met this more responsive theplace needs in- initially the guise animals to be to ritually slaughtered. rent rise in Barnsley. policy. said: as those of housing association for (LHA) scientists in paid to ten- back to them. motorists, andand we will Mohammed notify taxi station to of allow a solution tomerit the ance is (577g), Italy (452g), Germany dividual clients go beyond methods stunning, which ANSA spokesperson properties, tothat cover manage- “The current rents policy has PhD-level associations of the hotspots; there beand looked at again. It follows the announcement ants on (442g) andtoAustria (413g). personal caresaid, provided inis the home. issues proper scrutiny attention. We Saleem “This a positive,

New Pay Threshold to Cut Migrant Numbers

Welcome Withdrawal of Proposed Better Care Being RolledReligious Out Slaughter Ban

Diets Mobile CCTVUK in Sheffield

Landlords Urged to Report Rents

The EUFIC report said: “A In addition, will: majority ofSCC Europeans do not would advise proponents of ani•mal Look to their expand reachwelfare WHO to recommendations turn focusthe to number ofevidence taxi ranks in theleads city on vegetables andactually fruit conwhere the where possible and allow taxis to sumption. “Consumption varies, them.” use bays inthat the evening withloading higher intakes in southern The few countries still ban to rank, if slaughter local businesses agree; compared to the northern rereligious in Europe are •mostly Tackle illegal gions.” traceable The EUFIC said parkthat to pre-World ing areas reserved taxis at highinIIintakes of fruitfor and vegWar anti-Semitism. night. etables wereSaleem associated with a Mohammed said “This “Theserisk measures have been delower of chronic tremendous success for diseases, our joint signed toWe address the issues raised particularly cardiovascular disefforts. said before and we reby the type Taxi and local ease, 2Association diabetes certain iterate again, we stand and united with Labour councillors and should cancers. the Jewish and Muslim communigive people confidence that moThe of report alsothe acknowledges ties the UK, Netherlands bile is there of to fruit keep the that CCTV the definition and and other countries. The reversal city and between improve road vegetables of themoving Dutchvaries decision shouldcounsend safety.” SaidforCouncillor Leigh example, some atries clearwith, message to everyone that Bramall in aunited statement. nations not including potatoes we will be and defend any or fruitattack juice.on all fronts.” unjust

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England Riots: Almost 1,000 People Jailed so Far

Labour tell Clegg to “Stand up for Sheffield”

The Hajj Exhibition Opens At British Museum

The British Museum in London has opened the first ever major exhibition on the pilgrimage, to give non-Muslims a glimpse of the heart of this world religion. “This exhibition is for everybody, Muslims and non-Muslims, everyone who wants to know more about this extraordinary phenomenon, which is one of the great religious manifestations of the world,” said Neil MacGregor, the director of

Almost 1,000 people have been sent to prison for an average of 14 months for their part in last summer’s riots, according to Ministry of Justice figures published last month. The official figures show that 1,483 people had been found guilty and sentenced by the

the museum. “Hajj is the only part of the practice of Islam that non-Muslims can’t see,” he said. “It seems very important to try to explore that experience and to understand what it means to Muslims now, what it has meant through the centuries and to understand how that habit of pilgrimage has changed the world.” It has taken three years and deals with museums around the world to bring together the exhibition.

courts by 1 February for riotrelated offences. This represents 55% of the 2,710 people brought before the courts so far. The MoJ figures confirm the punitive approach that the courts have taken towards rioters with the 945 offenders who have been jailed given an average of 14.2 months.

This is four times the average sentence length of 3.7 months handed down by the courts for The show usesin 2010. priceless artesimilar offences facts, video footage, personal auThe most common offences with dio recordings and photographs which rioters were charged were to explore the history, burglary (49%), violentjourneys disorand experiences of millions der (21%), theft (16%), robberyof pilgrims who travel from (2%). around (2%) and criminal damage the world to reach the holy city The vast majority of cases inof Mecca every year. that took volved disturbances The in Hajj exhibition is of the third place London. A total 1,896 the2,710 Britishpeople Museum in asoseries ofbythe have far of sacredinspiritual appeared Londonjourneys courts. that A included “Treasures of Heaven” further 301 have been in the and “Book of the Dead”, and West Midlands, 240 in Manches-is ter, 92 in Merseyside, and 64 in Nottingham. The majority of those brought before the courts have been under the age of 20 with 27% juveniles under 18. This is a younger age profile than is normally seen by the courts for similar offences. The overwhelming majority were male – 89% – and 41% of defendants whose ethnicity is known were white. A further 39% were black, 6% were Asian and 12% from a mixed race background.

It's Time for Britons to Learn English! A lot of young people in Britain are being expected by their employers to return to the classroom for unlearning the kind of language they use. Bosses say increasing numbers of young recruits are unable to communicate with customers in formal English. Instead they use "text speak" and litter emails with

abbreviations and obscure acronyms. Senior business figures are urging the British government to take action, as they believe social networking has created an underclass of prospective employees who lack the basic skills required to secure employment. Companies struggle to fill vacancies because school leavers

are unable to work as a team or communicate with colleagues and customers. Managers are also being forced to send "wakeup" text messages to young members of staff to ensure they get to work on time. Employers are taking action them- selves by sending young recruits on special training courses.

Labour have hit out at Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg when on the same day as itunderstandwas revealed intended to improve unemployment hasIslam risen ingthat of the pilgrimage and to itsHowever highest level for 16 years, itself. the exhibition, the maininconcern of the Deputy organised partnership with the Prime Minister Public has been to critiKing Abdulaziz Library the skirts Labourover council in cise Riyadh, someabout of collections. Figures from thebinmodern problems the hajj the Office Nationalto Statisfaces. “Hajj:forJourney the tics indicate thatopened unemployment Heart of Islam” at the now stands at on 2.67 million26,and British Museum January increased 48,000 and runs untilbyApril 15. in the three months to December, with the pain being felt particularly hard in Sheffield and across the north of England. A string of recent reports confirm that the Governments spending cuts are hitting northern cities such as Sheffield the hardest, whilst at the same time many wealthy areas in

MUSHARRAF southern Tory heartlands are receiving minimal cuts. Council services are being hit hard and in Sheffield, Labour have been forced to take tough decisions in order to protect services for the most vulnerable.

Labour have also prioritised tackling youth unemployment through investing in the Sheffield Apprenticeship Scheme and maintaining programmes to support the local economy.

Delays Return To Pakistan “Days of landlords are numbered in Pakistan”

arraf, whoImran was to return Khan to Paki- Interior Minister Rehman Malik says: stan by the end of January, has said that Musharraf will be arFormer president Pervez Mush- 2013.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan vowed to bring the people out of the grip of the landlords and described the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) [PML-N] as “mafias”. Addressing a rally in Umerkot district of Sindh province, the cricketer-turned-politician said the days of the landlords, “who make people their slaves”, were numbered. Khan said the cruel system, where “the poor man is sent to jail while the one who loots the country becomes president”, would be put to an end by

postponed his arrival in view of the “emerging political developments”, his spokesperson said last month. He said Musharraf’s All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) said that the retired general has postponed his return on the advice of several senior party leaders. Musharraf had been living in exile in Britain and the UAE since he resigned from his post in August 2008, fearing an impeachment by parliament. He had announced that he will return to Pakistan between Jan 27 and 30 to lead his party in the next general elections to be held in

rested on his courts have hisreturn party.asHe targetted issued arrest for when him. PPPwarrants and PML-N Musharraf he seized power in 1999 said that Zardari and after he dismissed the elected Nawaz leagues were government Nawaz Sharif not of political parties but hours after“mafias”. he was sacked as the army chief. Ansaid anti-terrorism Khan both Presicourt has issued in dent arrest Asif warrants Ali Zardconnectionariwith 2007 assasandtheformer prime sination ofminister former prime minister Nawaz Sharif Benazir Bhutto. October last were onInthe same page year, a court warrant for in issued lootinga the nation’s his arrest over the killing of Bamoney. He said his loch leaderparty Akbarwould Bugti inbring a mili-a tary operation in August 2006. new system of justice Musharraf based has denied all charges. on local government

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Legal Corner

Q & A : Future Planning Mohammed Nazir Solicitor

Head of Property/Immigration, Wosskow Brown

No one has a crystal ball and it is very important to plan ahead. Our Private Client Department is not just for our elderly clients. Planning ahead for your future is just as important if you are in your twenties or sixties. We offer practical and cost effective advice What is a Lasting Power of Attorney and what it is used for? Lasting Power of Attorney is a document which allows you to appoint someone you trust as an “Attorney” to make decisions on your behalf regarding your welfare, money or property. Attorneys can make decisions for you when you no longer wish to do so or when you lack the mental capacity. As we are all living longer, sadly ill health and mental capacity is becoming an increasingly common situation faced by many. Mental incapacity is not just a problem for our elderly clients, as an accident could reduce anyone’s ability to communicate. By instructing us to prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney, you are in effect taking out an insurance policy for the future. We highly recommend that all of our clients prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney as no one knows what the future holds. What happens if I die without

a Will? If you die without a Will, this is called “intestate” which means you have no control over who gets what. By preparing a Will, you can ensure that your assets are distributed how you wish and try to prevent legal problems after your death by dealing with matters such as who should look after your children. We recommend that each of our clients have a Will. It is particularly important to change your Will if you have married, separated or divorced, if you are moving in with a partner or if your spouse or partner has passed away. Can the local authority use my assets to pay for any care home fees? Before you move into a care home, you will have a financial assessment with your local Council. The Council will look at your income and capital and decide how much you may have to pay towards your care home fees. If you have over £23,000.00 in capital, you could be assessed as being able to meet the full cost of your care. By leaving your share of any property in a Property Trust Will, you are in effect protecting your assets from care fees. I am named as Executor in a Will but I need help to deal with

matters Dealing with a loved one’s estate after bereavement is never easy. At Wosskow Brown we understand that this is a serious concern and we are here to help administer the estate should you need it. From the outset, we will be able to give you a realistic price so that you know how much it is likely to cost the estate, with no hidden costs or extra charges. My mother has dementia and cannot look after her affairs. What can I do? If your mother is not able to make a decision as to her wishes, we can apply to the Court of Protection for a Deputyship Order. At Wosskow Brown we can guide you through the whole process, including filling out the necessary paperwork. The Court will consider all the information and determine whether you are suitable to manage your mother’s affairs. This then means that you will be able to pay her bills, provide for her day to day needs and take care of any problems that may arise, which she cannot look after herself.

Sheffield City Council’s Free Insulation Scheme has come to Central Ward The free insulation scheme is now moving to Central ward (including Castle, the City Centre, Highfield and parts of Sharrow). The scheme has been running since March 2009 and working with Carillion Energy Services (formally Eaga Insulation) have signed up over 35,000 households across Sheffield. For more details on the scheme please see There are two ways households are eligible: 1) Area by area When the scheme moves to a new area of Sheffield 2) Priority customers. Homeowners, private tenants and pri-

vate landlords who have someone living in their property aged 70 or over or on income or disability benefits can take up the scheme now, no matter where they live in Sheffield. Eligible benefits include: - Council tax benefit (not including single person reduction) - Housing benefit - Income support - Income based jobseekers allowance - Attendance allowance - Disability living allowance - Disablement pension (must include a constant attendance allowance) - Child tax credit (when household income is £16,190 or less) - Working tax credit (when

household income is £16,190 or less) - State pension credit - War disablement pension (must include a mobility supplement or a constant attendance allowance) - Income-related employment and support allowance If a house is fully insulated it is can save the householder hundreds of pounds a year on their energy bills and can increase the thermal comfort of the home reducing health problems associated with cold damp houses. Call 0800 915 9096 (freephone) or 0114 203 9202. Lines are open 8amto 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Muslims pass on their Faith at Higher Rates than other Religions

Disclaimer Please note, these answers are for general information only and they do not amount as specialist advice. If you want to seek advice, please contact your solicitor.

Muslims in Wales and England are practising their faith and passing it on to their children at much higher rates than any other religion, a new study by Welsh academics has shown. The Cardiff University study, published

online in the journal Sociology, says that the proportion of adult Muslims actively practising the faith they were brought up in as children was 77%. That compares with 29% of Christians and 65% of other religions. The

study also found that 98% of Muslim children surveyed said they had the religion their parents were brought up in, compared with 62% of Christians and 89% of other religions.

‘£5.6bn Cash Stashed in UK Homes’

More than £5.6 billion in cash is stashed away in the UK’s homes, with one in 10 people believing their money is safer there than in a bank. Excluding the contents of

their wallets, people typically keep £218 at home, w h i l e around one in 33 people has more than £1,000 squirreled away in their house, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) said. This hoard, kept tucked under mattresses and in jam jars, is largely

unprotected, with even the top insurance policies only covering people for up to around £1,000, the FSCS warned. It suggested the large sums being kept at home could be attributed to 13% of those questioned believing their money is safer at home than in a bank or building society. The amount of cash people store at home has generally fallen, with Britons typically keeping just under £282 in the house when a similar study was carried out a year ago. The drop could be partly due to squeezed households having less spare cash generally.

Doctors Perform Quadruple Limb Transplant Turkish surgeons claim to have carried out the world’s first quadruple limb transplant on a man whose legs and arms were amputated when he was 13. More than 50 doctors were involved in the 20-hour operation to attach two arms and two legs to 27-year-old Sevket Cavdar. After the operation, surgeon Serdar Nasir said: “We have good results but maybe we will lose all of the limbs. “Maybe (we’ll) lose only one or two, we have to wait, but I think for now

we have good results.” The head physician at Hacettepe University Hospital in the capital Ankara has appealed for blood donations in case of complications. While the doctors are cautious, for Mr Cavdar,the operation is one which could change his life forever. The record breaking transplant follows another failed triple transplant two months ago at another Turkish hospital in the Mediterranean province of Antalya. Following that operation

doctors had to remove a transplanted leg after it was rejected due to tissue incompatibility. Subsequently all the limbs on Sevket Cavdar had to be removed due to life threatening complications. Last month, a team of doctors at Akdeniz University in Turkey successfully performed the operation on a 19-year-old boy whose face was burned when he was a 40-day-old baby.


Commission to Investigate Inequalities in City

Over a fifth of households in Sheffield are living in poverty and an independent commission has been set up to look into the causes and impact of inequalities in the city. Official statistics show that some parts of the city have become more deprived in the last three years and the gap between the wealthiest and poorest people in Sheffield has increased. Over 50,000 households are now believed to be living in poverty in the city. Inequalities between different groups of people are also a problem in Sheffield . For example, women have lower employ-

ment rates and more black or minority ethnic people feel unsafe when out in their local area after dark compared with white British people. The Council’s Corporate Plan has highlighted tackling poverty and increasing social justice as a key issue for the organisation over the next three years. The Council found that the best way to investigate is through an independent commission that can listen to people from across the city and produce recommendations for making future improvements. The Fairness Commission will operate using a

Parliamentary Select Committee model and stage a short, focussed inquiry that takes evidence from individuals and organisations in a public forum. The Commission kicked off its work on Tuesday (14 February) with an invitation to Sheffield people and organisations having an interest in these issues to submit written evidence on the causes of poverty and inequalities, and priorities for the Commission to consider. The Commission will also take oral evidence in public from a range of organisations in meetings held across the city over the coming months.

Thousands Rally Against US in Islamabad Thousands of people rallied in Islamabad last month to protest against US drone attacks in the country’s tribal regions and the government’s decision to restore supply lines for NATO troops in Afghanistan. Political and religious leaders lashed out at the US and held it responsible for instability in the region and terrorism in Pakistan. They asked the government to quit the US-led coalition and to form an independent foreign policy free of American influence. “Joining the US coalition against the so-called terrorism has promoted terrorism,” chief of the Jamaat-e-Islami party Syed Munawar Hussain told the

crowd at Aabpara Chowk, a busy marketplace in the heart of the capital. The rally was organized by Pakistan Defence Council (PDC), an amalgamation of nearly 40 reli-

gious and political groups. Several banned radical groups are also part of the PDC. Riot police were deployed to prevent the protestors from moving towards the parliament. No violence was reported.

Cuts to Children’s Services will Increase Health Inequalities A senior Professor Sir Michael Marmott has warned that the Government’s austerity programme could have disastrous implications for health inequalities. Professor Marmott identifies that Government cuts will impact on measures that affect health which identifies as employment, education, income and health, child development and environment. He points to cuts to Sure Start funding as impacting on good services for early childhood and warned that wider austerity measures such as the increase in VAT will increase child poverty and also lead to greater health inequalities with the most disadvantaged being greatest affected by the cuts. Government cuts to grants

specifically focused towards the needs of the most deprived authorities are resulting in the most deprived authorities facing a much more severe cut than the wealthiest areas in the country. Last year it was also revealed that the Government plan to redistribute NHS money away from areas with the greatest need by reducing the weighting given to health inequalities when allocating NHS funding. Labour Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families, Councillor Jackie

Drayton, said: The Government are cutting vital funds for children’s services which is hitting the most disadvantaged children and families hardest and impacting on services that tackle both education and health inequalities. It is already clear that child poverty will increase as a result of unfair tax rises such as increasing VAT and cuts to childcare and other support for families, this will only lead to worsening health inequalities. “We know that there are great inequalities in Sheffield and the reasons behind this are complex, Labour have set up a Fairness Commission to look at how the council can tackle poverty and inequalities and increase social justice in Sheffield”.

A Majority of Brits Failed Questions on the New Citizenship Exam The Life in the UK test features a quiz about our customs and history. But when 1,000 Brits were given three multiple choice questions for a new TV show, only four per cent got all three correct and 23 per cent got none at all. The poll also found that 59

per cent feel the biggest barrier to feeling British is not speaking English. The findings feature in Make Bradford British, which airs on Thursday 1st March at 9pm on Channel 4.


News in Brief


by: Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant: Mark Jenkinson & Son

MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR COMMERCIAL PROPERTY I have not talked a lot about commercial property before but as the economic climate gets more challenging businesses are starting to look at all their costs. Sometimes the one issue which does get overlooked is property. I remember when the market was at its peak and office rents were reaching the high teens and over £20 per sq ft in this area and a new concept was developing called “space planning” or “space audit”. Clearly the idea being to reduce fixed costs and work more efficiently. Space Planning Space planning in itself is a simple concept but it does need a professional mind to interpret need. Space planning in large organisations and the public sector is almost a recognised science. In a small office based business one needs to look at the staff numbers, how well the office is used, how many people are occupying the desks at any one time. You need to look at work practices. It is almost certain that not all your space will be occupied at all times.

Work Practices If you have a mobile workforce do you need all the workstations. Many times I have seen office space which has a desk for every member of staff, yet not all of them are occupied, especially if your business is based on going out and meeting clients. Work Stations Look at your desk space and consider how you can make it more efficient, more adaptable, more of a work station than a desk. There are many other considerations but a short article as this will not be sufficient to go into detail. Work stations can almost be a work of art and space planners an invaluable expertise. Information Technology Many large organisations are heavily involved in home working initiatives. Clearly this has many benefits. Staff do not need to come into the office and improves work/life balance. Staff can work at times that suit them. Some people work better in the morning than the afternoon and vice versa. Technology is so advance that

it is not difficult to put in place practices that utilise technology. Storage This is another major need for business, in particular when you have a large number of files. File management through use of technology has reduced the costs of occupying valuable office space. Location The location you occupy – what is the reason for this? Do you need to be there? Can you be elsewhere? Could you possible share with others without compromising your independence. In this article I have merely touched the surface of this major subject. There are manyother considerations. As you probably gather, there is a great deal of sense in getting a space audit of the premises you occupy. It could potentially save you money and keep a member of staff in work, which will be good for business. As ever, if you want to contact me please call me on 0114 2760151/0787 901 5095 or through ILM.

Rise In Stroke-Related 999 Calls

More people are dialling 999 when they suspect a stroke following a campaign to highlight key symptoms, the Government has said. The Act FAST stroke campaign is intended to show how emergency treatment can reduce the risk of death and disability from stroke, which affects around 150,000 people in the UK every year. Last April and May, after the adverts finished running,

the NHS in England saw a 24% rise in stroke-related 999 calls, to 229,974. The Department of Health said there was also a 16% rise in stroke sufferers being seen more quickly. Introduced under Labour in 2009, the campaign has run on an annual basis, with new adverts planned to run from the end of this month to March 25. After the first 2009 campaign, there was a 16% rise in 999 calls, followed by a 20% rise in 2010. The campaign urges people to look out for the following signs and call 999 if they spot a single one: Facial weakness - can the person smile? Has their mouth or eye drooped? Arm weakness - can the person raise both arms? Speech problems - can the person speak clearly and understand what you say? Time - to call 999 for an ambulance if any one of these signs occurs. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said: “Stroke is the third leading cause of death in England each year and the leading cause of disability. The Act Fast cam-

paign has proved it works and we are confident the Act Fast campaign will once again have a very positive impact for people suffering from stroke. “Treatment for stroke is improving all the time, the majority of patients are being taken to specialist stroke units and latest figures show 83% see a stroke consultant within 24 hours. However, we are not complacent and are clear that more can be done to improve results for patients.” Jon Barrick, chief executive of the Stroke Association, said: “A stroke is caused by a blockage or a bleed in the brain, which cuts off the brain’s flow of oxygen and causes brain cells to die. Some people may be able to receive clot-busting treatments which can quickly restore the flow of blood to the brain and significantly reduce the amount of brain damage. “Recognising the symptoms of stroke and acting quickly is therefore absolutely vital. We’re for life after stroke and we know that these adverts save lives.”

Sheffield To Import 13,000 Tonnes Of Rubbish Sheffield City Council’s plan to trucks a year on the road. La- bour councillors are continuing to press ahead with their plan to axe weekly collections of black axe Sheffield’s weekly bin colbins would see up to 13,000 lection service, whilst reducing tonnes of extra waste a year recycling services at the same being trucked into Sheffield. time. It is estimated the move Extra waste would be imported would see 40 local jobs go. A in order to feed the incinerator, £250m national fund has been or ‘energy from waste plant’, announced to keep weekly bin which would see a reduccollections. However, the Lation in waste from Sheffield’s bour Council have so far refused households. The extra tonnage to bid for the extra investment. equates to around 1,000 extra

British Teachers want Toilet-Trained Pupils Many teachers in Britain are fretting and frowning to notice how parents are sending their kids to schools even without toilet-training. Teachers have reported a huge rise in primary pupils wetting themselves in class as they are unable to use

the loo. A whopping 62 percent of the staff noticed more toilet “accidents” in junior classes in the last five years, according to a survey. This statistics rose to 71 percent among those working with three to five-year-olds. One disgruntled teacher said: “Par-

ents do not spend the time toilet-training their children - they feel it is the school’s job.” When the Association of Teachers and Lecturers quizzed 900 members, most of them complained the problem was worsening.

Britain to Store Phone, Email Records of People The British government is planning to store details of phone calls, text messages, email traffic and websites visited online as part of its new anti-terror plans. Landline and mobile phone companies and broadband providers will be ordered to store the data for a year and make it available to the security services. The databases would not record the contents of calls, texts or emails but the numbers or email addresses of who they are sent and received by. For the first time, the security services will have widespread access to information about who has been communicating with

each other on social networking sites such as Facebook, The Telegraph reported. The Home Office is understood to have begun negotiations with internet companies in the last two months over the plan, which could be officially announced as

early as May. The plan has been drawn up on the advice of MI5, the home security service, MI6, which operates abroad, and GCHQ, the Government’s “listening post” responsible for monitoring communications.

NATO in Afghanistan to Last Till 2014

Donor Organs go Waste in Britain Dozens of donor organs including kidneys meant for transplant go waste every year in Britain because of damages caused while being removed from dead patients, according to a survey. Figures obtained by the Daily Express have revealed that in 17 months till September 2011, at least 85 donor organs were damaged. Nearly half of these were kidneys. The report said that loss of such large numbers of life-saving organs has fuelled concern that specialist teams sent to retrieve the organs were not always adequately trained to deal with the complex surgery involved. Transplant surgeons say there should be hardly any organs injured during the removal process and

many of those injured could be repaired. “Damage at organ retrieval is generally avoidable and there is good evidence that surgical damage to organs can often be repaired, and function as well as a non-damaged organ,” said Stephen Wigmore, professor of transplant surgery at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. “There is such a huge demand for organs we have to maximise the potential to retrieve them successfully,” he said. The National Health Service Blood and Transplant service, however, said “not all organs offered for donation are suitable for transplant”.

NATO forces would not end combat operations in Afghanistan until the security transition to local forces completed by the end of 2014, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said. Rasmussen, after a meeting with NATO defence ministers, said Thursday that

the coalition was sticking to its previously agreed roadmap, which was declared in November 2010 in Lisbon, to wind up operations in Afghanistan by the end of 2014. “That decision and that roadmap still stand. We are all committed to the principle: in together, out together,” he said.

“Until we reach that point, the role of our forces will gradually change from combat to support, based on security and the realities on the ground,” said Rasmussen. “But let me stress: we will conduct combat operations throughout the transition period.”



Exciting proposals to regenerate one of the key gateways into Sheffield was on display in the city centre recently. The displays were produced by students of the University of Sheffield’s Town and Regional Planning Department. They recognise the important historic role of Attercliffe in Sheffield’s industrial heartland and the continuing role that the centre can play as an important gateway into the city.

Proposals support the recommendations of Sheffield City Council’s new Action Plan for Attercliffe. These include enhancing the streetscene along Attercliffe Road, bringing vacant properties back into positive uses and improving the green spaces. They are also aimed at addressing the high levels of heavy goods traffic that currently uses Attercliffe as a through route to and from other parts of the city.


Nationally and locally: The median waiting-time for treatment is higher now than in 2009/10; The number of people waiting more than 18 months for treatment has increased by 43% in the last year; Twice as many people are now waiting more than 6 weeks for diagnostic tests – including for cancer and heart disease – as were waiting when David Cameron came to power.

10 Most Powerful Women in the World according to Forbes and BBC 10 Irene Rosenfeld CEO Kraft Foods – leader of the worlds 2nd largest food maker – in charge of 127,000 employees 9 Christine Lagarde Managing Director, International Monetary Fund – the 1st woman to run the IMF – overseeing bailouts of Greece, Ireland and Portugal 8 Michelle Obama US first lady – more popular than Barack – using her position to help end childhood obesity 7 Sonia Ghandi President of the Indian National Congress – hugely influential in this populous and rapidly ad-

vancing nation 6 Melinda Gates Co-founder, Co-chair of Bill & Melinda gates foundation – leads the worlds wealthiest private foundation – gives away billions to charity 5 Sheryl Sandberg CEO Facebook – has grown a 70 million user base into over 750 million active “friends” today 4 Indra Nooyi Chief Executve PepsiCo – overseas 300,000 staff and $60 billion annual revenues at Americas largest food and beverage business 3 Dilma Rousseff

News in Brief

EU Seeks Closer Ties with Pakistan The European Union (EU) adopted a plan to build a strong relationship with Pakistan. Welcoming the adoption, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said the five-year engagement plan will contribute to fostering peace and stability in the region. “The EU will continue to work closely with Pakistan as it seeks to address its economic and developmental challenges and provide security for its people,” the EuAsiaNews quoted her as saying in a statement. Both sides are already meeting at senior official level to

discuss implementation of the plan. Ashton said that during her visit to Pakistan in April, she will inaugurate a strategic dialogue, based on the engagement plan, together with Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar. The EU called for these measures in September 2010 following devastating floods in Pakistan. The EU remains committed to support Pakistan in providing assistance for recovery and reconstruction following the floods, added the EU foreign policy chief.

South Yorkshire Police Sheffield Police Awards

The successes and achievements of police officers, police staff and partners have been celebrated at a prestigious awards ceremony at the Sheffield City Hall. The Sheffield Police Awards took place last month.The event was also supporting the CHILDREN with CANCER UK charity. Sheffield District Commander, Chief Superintendent Simon Torr, introduced the event, followed by 20 awards presented by sponsors.


NHS Prescription Costs to Increase The cost of NHS prescriptions in England will rise 25p to £7.65 from 1 April, the government has announced. Charges for basic dental treatment will rise 50p to £17.50, with rises of up to £5 for more complex work. The changes in charges were outlined by Health Minister Simon Burns and will be put before Parliament soon. Doctors’ leaders say the current system is unfair and needs to be reformed in England. This latest announcement means NHS prescription charges increase again in England, while in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland charges have already been scrapped. But the cost of a prescription payment certificate (PPC), which is valid for three

months, will remain at £29.10 and for glasses for children, people on the price of an annual PPC will be low incomes and those with complex sight problems will increase by 2.5% overall. The announcement also means an increase in charges for dental treatment. The dental charge payable for a “band 1” course of treatment - examination, diagnosis and advice, includes X-rays, a scale and polish and planning for further work if necessary - will rise 50p to £17.50. Band 2 charges, covering fillings, root canal treatment and extractions, will rise by £1 to £48. For band 3 work, such as crowns, dentures and bridges, held at £104. Charges for elastic stockings and the cost will increase by £5 to tights, wigs and fabric supports £209. supplied by hospitals will also be increased. The value of vouchers

Property prices on the increase House prices have recorded their strongest monthly rise since July, official figures showed today. Prices in England and Wales rose by a "surprising" 1.1% in January to average £161,545, with monthly rises recorded for every region except the North West, according to Land Registry sales figures. London, which has had strong overseas buyer interest, recorded a 2.5% monthly house price increase to reach £351,305, the

leading to "pent up" demand from buyers. Lenders and estate agents have also reported an early spring boost caused by increased firsttime buyer activity in the rush to beat the end of the stamp duty holiday for this sector of the market, which ends next month. Ed Stansfield, chief property economist at Capital Economics, described the general house price increases as "surprising". However he cautioned: "To-

at 0.1%, to average £128,803, while prices rose by 0.2% in the East Midlands, to reach £123,142. Prices in Wales rose by 0.9% to reach £177,078. Ray Boulger, of John Charcol mortgage adviser, said that he had seen increased activity in the market this year, not just from first-time buyers. He said the widened availability of higher loan-to-value mortgages and the relative stability of house prices had helped to encourage the market.

biggest increase of the regions. At the other end of the scale North West saw house prices fall by 2.1% to average £109,866. The North East saw the second biggest month-on-month increase, with a 2.2% rise, but recorded the biggest year-on-year fall at 4.5% to reach £102,066. Analysts have suggested that property prices have held up due to sellers' reluctance to put their homes on the market as a result of the weak economy,

day's data does little to alter the bigger picture that outside the capital at least, house prices are broadly stagnant in the South, but continue to edge gradually lower in the Midlands and across northern England. "And with the data also suggesting that sales were little changed, at roughly half their pre-recession highs, the bigger picture still seems to be one of a very weak market." The West Midlands recorded the lowest monthly increase,

"Activity levels look like being better than we had anticipated," he said. "There clearly is pent up demand." The latest figures show that during November last year house sales generally increased by 3% to 57,967 compared with the same month in 2010. The number of properties sold for more than £1 million in November 2011 decreased by 4% from 524 to 528 in November 2010.

Cancer ‘will never be Eliminated’ There will never be a single cure widely differing diseases, with for cancer and although its in- widely differing causes, that hapcidence will gradually diminish over the next 50 years, it will never be entirely eliminated, according to Britain’s top scientist. Sir Paul Nurse, president of the Royal Society, said that scientific advances have helped to understand the fundamental mechanisms that turn a cell cancerous but because cancer is so many different diseases, a universal cure is not possible. “There’s never going to be a cure for cancer because cancer is a generic term to describe a set of

pen where cells divide out of control. And most of the time, cancer is a disease of old age,” Sir Paul said in the Radio Times. “We have repair systems working to repair all cell damage but over time, those damaged cells will ‘escape’,” he said. “Now this knowledge is fantastic ... It means we’re in a position where we could create drugs that will be more specific for a particular cancer. My view is that over decades – it could be 50 years – the incidence of cancers will gradually come down. It’s never going to be zero.”


Pakistan Lauds Oscar-Winning Filmmaker

Sheffield Labour Council back to ‘Favoured Areas’ with a Bang Labour controlled Sheffield of Sheffield can look forward cal people and their councillors City Council has confirmed it to a 13.5% increase in funding deciding where this investment will drastically change the way available for their Community worth nearly £1,000,000 will funding is allocated to local Assembly whilst others face cuts be allocated, the money will be spent on other priorities set by communities, reverting back to of up to 30%. Labour in the Town Hall. a ‘favoured areas’ policy which unfairly skews funding into a To add insult to injury, Lahandful of Sheffield areas at the bour councillors will also cease Table shows funding available expense of others. Under plans all funding for local highway for Sheffield’s seven Community revealed to opposition Liberal projects, local climate change Assemblies next year, compared Democrats by council officers, projects and small grants to local to funding in the present year. in 2012/13 the North East area community groups. Instead of loCommunity Assembly 2011/12 Pooled 2012/13 Pooled £ change % change Budget set by Budget proposed Council to be set by Council North East East South Central South East Northern South West Total

468,292 455,571 292,422 295,857 288,893 242,681 156,284 2,200,000

531,648 449,991 250,715 232,464 226,941 178,488 109,519 1,979,766

63,356 -5,580 -41,707 -63,393 -61,952 -64,193 -46,765 -220,234

13.5 -1.2 -14.3 -21.4 -21.4 -26.5 -29.9 -10

Beware Drivers! Police Watching You Mile Away Police have unveiled a laser speed camera that can tell if drivers are using a mobile phone or not wearing a seatbelt from nearly half a mile away, the Daily Mail reported. Officers say it will help in their zero-tolerance approach to motoring offences. But critics say Dorset police are using the equipment to “maximise the number of offences” simply to raise funds.

The 12,500-pound Concept II is fitted with laser speed-detection equipment and a powerful camera that can capture motorists in the “act” of using a mobile phone while driving or not wearing a seat belt. The resolution is sharp enough to pick out an unbuckled belt at ranges of up to 600 metres and records image and video evidence to DVD, the newspaper said. Project manager Brian

Austin said: “Bizarrely, officers at one of the sites in Dorchester were stunned to see a driver pass them while playing a harmonica using both hands. “He claimed that he thought he was driving while playing the harmonica quite successfully.” Officers will be able to use the pictures as evidence to secure a conviction.

Pakistani City Bars Kite Flying

Pakistan’s government honored the country’s first filmmaker to win an Oscar: the director of a documentary on the plight of female victims of acid attacks in this conservative society. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy won the prize for the documentary “Saving Face,” which chronicles a London-based plastic surgeon who travels to Pakistan to treat women who have had acid thrown on them. The attacks are often carried out by angry husbands or spurned lovers. While Pakistan’s media and political parties can often be sensitive to criticism, the prestige of an Oscar appears to have outweighed any qualms the government might feel about celebrating a film that shows the country in a bad light to international audiences. Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said that Obaid-Chinoy would receive a

civil award for her accomplishment. “The pride of Pakistan is in their artistes & intellectuals. Not in bombs and bans!” tweeted liberal columnist Nadeem Paracha. The director for her part praised the resilience and bravery of the women documented in the film during her acceptance speech in Los Angeles. She dedicated the award to all women working for change in Pakistan. “Don’t give up on your dreams,” said ObaidChinoy, who co-directed the documentary with Daniel Junge. Mistreatment of women is widespread in Pakistan, a conservative nation of some 175 million where most people are poor, only half the adults can read, and extremist ideologies such as that of the Taliban are gaining traction. In 2010, at least 8,000 acid attacks, forced marriages and other forms of violence against women were reported, according to The

Aurat Foundation, a local nonprofit. Because the group relied mostly on media reports, the figure is likely an undercount. The Pakistani government recently stiffened the punishment for acid burnings in a landmark set of laws passed by parliament. They mandated that convicted attackers serve a minimum sentence of 14 years, and pay a minimum fine of about $11,200. The laws also criminalized other common abuses, such as marrying off young girls to settle tribal disputes and families preventing women from inheriting property. Rights activists praised the laws but stressed their passage was just the first step, and likely not the hardest one. It could be even more difficult to get Pakistan’s corrupt and inefficient legal system to protect women’s rights that many men in this patriarchal society likely oppose.

Pakistan’s Peshawar city has banned the sale and flying of kites for a month -- because it is causing accidents. Peshawar official Siraj Ahmed Khan announced the ban, reported Dawn, which added that the decision was taken following complaints. Pakistan has seen many accidents involving kite flying. Last year, a three-year-old boy was killed when the string of a kite sliced through his neck in Karachi.

PIA gets Best Haj Service Provider Award Pakistan International Airline re- rangements at Jeddah for the through 273 flights to Saudi Araceived the Best Hajj Service Pro- convenience of Hajis. The airline bia, he added. vider Airline award at the Sev- transported over 110,726 Hajis enth Consumer Choice Awards Ceremony held at a local hotel recently. The award was presented to PIA Managing Director Nadeem Khan Yousufzai by Minister for Information Technology Sindh Raza Haroon. The ceremony was organized by the Consumer Association of Pakistan where 104 manufacturing companies and service providers of the country were awarded shields for their quality products and services. Speaking on the occasion, the PIA MD said that the airline had made special ar-


£352,000 Residents Parking Permit Hike Labour controlled Sheffield City Council’s decision to increase resident parking permit fees by up to 400% has been labelled a ‘betrayal’ by local Lib Dem councillors. In particular a Sheffield Labour MP has been caught red-handed, he still has details of his campaign to reduce the fees on his website. The now Labour MP for Sheffield Central, Paul Blomfield, had previously launched a campaign to reduce residents parking permit fees. The campaign from when the Lib Dems ran

the Council is still on his website, it states “No Ifs, No Buts, No Profits. Lower the Permit Prices”. Despite this Labour councillors plan to raise an extra £352,000 from residents and businesses within a residents parking permit area. A permit for residents’s first car will increase in cost from £10 to £20, for a second car will rise from £30 to £60. Charges for carers will double, permits for businesses will double in price, whilst visitor permits will have a 400% increase in cost from £2.50 to £10.

Rally to Demand Independent Status for United Nations The World Minorities Alliance in Pakistan has decided to take out a rally in Islamabad demanding independent status for the United Nations and recognition of Urdu as one of the UN languages. The worldwide members organization, say that for as long as UN Headquarters are located in the United States of America , the world body would not be able to work independently. Ironically those wanting to visit the UN need a US visa as if the world body was one of the serving states of America. They are demanded shifting of the United Nations Headquarters to independent soil where the world body should have its own currency, passport, airport and visa issuing authority and a reserved seat for minorities in the UN. A World Minorities Alliance spokesperson warned that if the UN was not given an independent status it would not be able to avert Third World War as the League of Nations failed to save 50 million live lost during the World War Two.

£16.4M to get Earning or Learning Liberal Democrat councillors in Sheffield have welcomed the announcement of £16,425,092 new Government funding to be targeted at unemployed young people in the local region. Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat Sheffield Hallam MP, announced the new fund to get unemployed young people. The move comes as just one part of the Coalition Government’s Youth Contract. For the first time funding will be targeted at 16 and 17-year-

olds with no GCSEs at A*-C who are at the highest risk of long-term disengagement. The new fund comes on the back of the announcement of a new Government-backed University Technical College in Sheffield. The Youth Contract, launched last November by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, aims to lift all young people out of unemployment. Key features include: • Cash payments to encourage employers to recruit young people.

• An extra 250,000 work experience places over the next three years. • At least 20,000 extra incentive payments worth £1,500 each for employers to take on young people as apprentices. • Extra support through Jobcentre Plus in the form of weekly, rather than fortnightly, signing-on meetings, more time to talk to an adviser and a National Careers Service interview.

Difficult for Britain’s Poor Families to Heat Homes Poverty-stricken families in Britain can now set aside only 60 percent of the money they require to properly heat their homes, a charity has said. It warned that low-income households are falling short of the amount required for annual bills by almost £450 a year, the Sun reported. The Barnardo’s charity said families need to spend an average of £1,165 a year to “adequately” heat their homes. But they can afford only 60 percent of that - around £723. The “fuel gap” of 40 percent is more than double the £200 shortfall recorded eight years ago. The charity said things were made worse by firms forcing customers who fall behind with bills to use pre-payment metres which cost even more.


Mobile Apps or Websites

Thousands of Fake Shoes Seized in Anti-Piracy Operation

By: Muhammed Shoaib, Chairman M S Marketing Services

The first successful experiment of using mobile phones was done by the American army in September 1940. I was really surprised to know this as it was even before I was born. General usage of mobile phones in public started in the late 80’s in Japan. I was working with a designer from Toyota Corporation Japan and according to him the Japanese started video calling on the mobile phone in early 1992, whereas in UK it started in 2003. At that time, in Pakistan, it seemed like a fantasy as the size of the phones in use was like a brick whereas his flipover phone was much smaller. The Smart Mobile Phone, which has now become a necessity, has facilitated many usages available at hand – not only it has replaced the (hard copy) daily diary but one can now download Applications commonly known as Apps on any subject and start using straight away. There are more than 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide and that figure is increasing rapidly not only in the western world but also in developing countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and even the poorest countries in the African continent. The basic reason is that the Internet is easily accessible almost everywhere. To capture the increasing market, broadband and cable service providers are competing with each other on faster access, competitive pric-

ing and overall better facilities. It is human nature that we want everything right now, faster and cheaper. It is progressively getting better for us as if and when (24/7) we require any kind of information on almost any topic or need we do not have to go to a library or any particular office and all we do is type few words in the appropriate search engine and through the internet the required information, and more, is easily accessible from the comfort of our home and or office. This is one of the reasons why the popularity of mobile phones and the Tablets is on the increase and are available on several platforms like Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows. The usage of various tablets is very rapidly increasing not only in the work environment but people are using them from home to access information as well as for all kinds of shopping. More and more people are going mobile and they like to buy through mobile and tablets. As we see the rapid growth in the sale and usage of smart phones, we realise the great potential there is for selling products and services to this market As mentioned earlier people like to buy ASAP and a business not having a mobile friendly website is not in an ideal position to sell in that market. If the website is not mobile friendly potential customers will not

be able to immediately access it through search engines. Also, in the current recession it is vital to increase the market and a website also enables the business to sell globally. To stay competitive in business, marketing consultants strongly advise to have a mobile friendly website where you can provide all the information about your business, perhaps including the facility to sell your products and services interactively through the internet. In the current economic climate, utilising latest technology is vital, particularly for marketing. It is one of the key differences why some businesses are flourishing and others are finding difficult to survive. Therefore your business should have its presence in every marketing channel. Latest technology is available to everyone and because of the internet it is very easily accessible and affordable. Whether you want to be a successful person or want to run a successful business you need to efficiently utilise the latest technology. If you want to know more about Smart Mobile phones or Tablets please visit: and if you want to have a mobile friendly website done for yourself or your business please visit:

cil’s Trading Standards and South Yorkshire Police Economic Crime Unit in a carefully co-ordinated operation at addresses across Sheffield. Working closely with the genuine manufacturer and border authorities, thousands of pairs of counterfeit Nike training shoes and other brands were tracked from their importation into the UK through to addresses in Sheffield. The fake trainers are believed to originate from China and brought into the UK for a sophisticated distribution ring around the country. Over £300,000 worth of fake The counterfeit sports footwear sports footwear has been seized was seized in a joint operation Two arrests were made and enin a crackdown in Sheffield. carried out by the City Coun- quiries remain ongoing.

£400,000 To Make Us ‘Understand’ Labour’s Axe To Weekly Bins Labour controlled Sheffield City Council have revealed they will spend £400,000 on a communications campaign when they introduce their plan to axe weekly bin services. Labour councillors are continuing to press ahead with their plan to axe Sheffield’s weekly bin collection service, whilst reducing recycling services at the same time. It is estimated the move would see 40 local jobs go. Previously Labour councillors have claimed that there would be no money from Government and making the cut would save to help keep weekly collections

£2.4m in the next financial year. Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Sheffield City Council, said: “The people of Sheffield are not stupid. We don’t need Labour councillors to waste £400,000 on explaining our bin will be collected every fortnight instead of every week thanks to their unpopular plan. “This money should have been used to save some of the 550 jobs they have just announced will be axed, including the 40 jobs that will go thanks to their decision to axe weekly bins.

Being Christian Doesn’t Give You The Right To Be Off Work On Sundays: Devout Care Worker Loses Tribunal Christianity was dealt a blow when a devout care worker was told she had no legal right to take Sundays off. Celestina Mba, 57, lost her claim for constructive dismissal after a judge ruled her employer could make her work on the Sabbath. The Baptist mother-of-three claims she was forced from her job caring for disabled children after clashing with bosses over the issue. But the tribunal ruled that keeping Sunday as a day of rest was not a ‘core component’ of Christianity. Miss Mba had claimed that a Muslim colleague had been treated more favourably by being given time off for Friday prayers. This was denied by her employers. Speaking after the hearing, Miss Mba said: ‘I am amazed by this decision. I thought this was a Christian country and known for its welcome and hospitality to all people. I worked hard for years at my job, and to lose it because of intolerance towards my faith is shocking to me. For me, Christianity requires Sundays off. The Bible asks us to remember the Sabbath day and to keep it holy. It’s about much more than go-

Mba. Speaking after the case, Christian Legal Centre, which funded the claim, said: ‘We are extremely disappointed by this decision. Other faiths seem to be much more readily accommodated while Christianity is often ignored.’ In 2010, Nadia Eweida lost her appeal against a decision to clear British Airways of discrimination by stopping her wearing a cross visibly at work. Earlier this month, a High Court judge banned prayers at council meetings in Bideford, Devon, a tradition dating back to the era of Elizabeth I, and on the same day, the Appeal Court ruled that two Christian B&B owners broke the law by refusing to allow a gay couple to stay in a double room. Baroness Warsi, Tory Party chairman, said a ‘liberal elite’ was attempting to downgrade the importance of religion in public life. In a speech at Lambeth Palace, the Queen described the Church of England as ‘misunderstood’ grade the importance of religion and ‘under-appreciated’. in public life The panel also found there was ‘no evidence’ that Muslim colleagues had been treated more favourably than Miss ing to Church. I spend the whole day helping others in the community – some of whom have no one to be there for them.’ Baroness Warsi said a 'liberal elite' was attempting to down-


On-going Financial Challenge for Rotherham

Vulnerable people and front line services will be safeguarded by Rotherham Borough Council despite the constraints of a massive reduction in funding. That is the basis of budget proposals recommended to Full Council by members of the authority’s Cabinet after hearing that for the second consecutive year the borough is facing a significant budget challenge. Next year will see a budget gap of £20.4 million in addition to the £30.3 million reduction in the current financial year’s budget. These constraints in funding are greater than both the national and regional averages. Cabinet members agreed that the most vulnerable in society, local communities and vital front-line services will be supported within the budget proposals. As a result, a schedule of savings

and additional funding sources has been identified which include:* a total of almost £9.8million worth of savings across service areas * a further £2million specifically linked to reductions in staffing * 800,000 to be saved by freezing staff increments for a further 12 months * improvements in working practices in commissioning and procurement to achieve £2.2million in efficiency savings * using the New Homes Bonus to support the wider council budget in 2012/2013. Rotherham’s £213.290 million budget for 2012/13 will be used in providing vital public services, the priorities being: * Keeping both adults and children safe * Investing now in preventative

and early intervention services that will help us save money in the longer term * Supporting employment and jobs, promoting new business start-ups and stimulating the local economy * Working with other agencies (eg credit unions) to ensure people on low incomes are accessing the benefits and services they are entitled to and providing loans to those in danger of being made homeless * Protecting the most vulnerable in our communities * Continuing the capital investment needed for the future – in houses, schools, roads, customer services and town centre regeneration. In addition, for the second year running, there will be no increase in Council Tax.

Which Foods Cause Acid Reflux? Problems in the digestive system should not be neglected. There are different possible digestive system disorders or diseases that are most often neglected by many people. The most common digestive problem is acid reflux or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, mostly known as heartburn. Acid reflux can affect all ages from infants to young children and more commonly adults. This disorder should be given special attention because it can lead to more serious problems that may affect the respiratory system. Acid reflux is determined through the symptoms associated with it. Symptoms such as a burning sensation in the chest or throat, sneezing, or hoarseness should never be neglected because these symptoms are similar to heart attack. An individual with these symptoms should immediately consult a doctor to determine if they have acid reflux disease or symptoms of a heart attack. Once the doctor has diagnosed the individual with acid reflux, you should take proper medications to aid this condition and prevent further problems. Fortunately, advancements in medical treatment have been introduced lately, making it possible for individuals with acid reflux to undergo medical surgery, as such, providing a permanent remedy for acid reflux in a fast surgical procedure. On the other hand, natural remedies to rid of the problem are an option for those individuals unable to have surgery. As most people know, acid reflux or heartburn can occur at

any time but is likely to occur after having a heavy meal with high acidic foods. Individuals should avoid foods that are highly acidic to prevent this condition to occur. Especially fried and fatty foods should be avoided. These sorts of foods can lead to more severe symptoms that could affect the respiratory system. Even chocolates are considered a no-no for individuals with

acid reflux because chocolates are highly acidic too. If you have been diagnosed with acid reflux, try changing your diet by choosing the right foods and eating healthy. Exclude foods with tomatoes and citrus fruits because they are very acidic. Also, food with spices such as garlic, onions, red or black pepper and chilli powder can cause the condition to flare. Ginger, however is a natural remedy used to relive heartburn. Here are some foods that should

by avoided by individuals with acid reflux. Fatty foods like takeaway pizza, kebabs and chips are one of the risks in triggering this painful condition. Certain vegetables like cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and broccoli causes acid reflux also. Most of all, avoid caffeine found in teas, coffee, and soft drinks. Caffeine causes acid gastric secretion that can lead to the problem. There are other ways to aid the elimination of acid reflux; this is done by limiting your food intake. Usually heavy meals at one time can cause acid reflux so it is better to eat small portions of foods in every meal. Eating heavy meals can result in stomach problems due to foods unable to breakdown properly for stomach consumptions, therefore causing acid reflux. Acid reflux is a condition that needs attention. It can lead to worse conditions if unattended. Individuals should take preventative measures to avoid possible occurrences of acid reflux and avoid the foods that cause it. Learn to diagnose the problem and take preventative measures to limit and avoid occurrences.

Less Speeches and More Milaads The meaning of millads has somewhat vanished. The old time milaads were spiritual and religious affairs, as they should be, with intoxicating naats, salaams and nasheeds but now these gatherings are being overrun with speeches and news. Organisation has gone out the

window as everybody wants a piece of the action. These occasions are not the same as the jummah khutbah where takreers are of the essence. Everybody seems to want the stage at these events, and the meaning is dissolved with other affairs. I H Shah

‘Spy Cars’ On Sheffield’s Streets Sheffield City Council have forced through their plan to fit cars with cameras to drive around Sheffield’s roads issuing parking tickets, despite the fact there is no evidence the move would relieve local congestion. There is no material evidence that the move would relieve congestion and a major reason for the introduction of the policy is to issue fines to motorists who drive off after spotting an approaching traffic warden. In one London borough alone spy cars similar to the ones that will now operate in Sheffield handed out a total of 18,000 fines incorrectly, before the Council took them off the road amid protests from local people. The Economic and Environmental Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee heard that it could take up to five years to issue traffic regulation orders outside of all Sheffield schools, so that the Council can take action against unsafe parking.


Britain’s battle plan for war with Iran

BRITAIN is drawing up plans to send hundreds of troops and an extra nuclear sub to the Gulf as tension mounts with Iran. Defence chiefs are convinced the UK will be swiftly sucked into any new conflict with Tehran's fanatical regime. They say it is a matter of WHEN not IF war breaks out - with 18 to 24 months the likely timescale. The Army, Royal Navy and RAF will have crucial roles if hostilities are triggered by president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's nuclear stand-off with the world. The UK will first fly an INFANTRY battalion to the United Arab Emirates, our strong ally in the region. The move would be a public

show of support, demonstrating that Britain is ready to defend the UAE it it comes under attack from Iran. The UAE is separated from Iran by just 34 miles of sea across the Strait of Hormuz. The Royal Navy has already quietly gathered seven WARSHIPS in the Gulf. Tensions were ratcheted up by the announcement of US and EU sanctions on Tehran's oil to take effect in July. It will lead to Iran closing the Strait of Hormuz — cutting off much of the world's oil. Air strikes by Israel on Iran's nuclear facilities are seen as the most likely trigger for conflict. This is another display of utter propaganda. Iran and any other

country are well within theri rights to have a nuclear programme. America has been waging covert wars on Iran since 1953. They aren't developing a bomb, according to CIA and UK intelligence. The position Iran is in right now is to set its defences up from any attack as the US, UK and Israel are looking for a fight. Its none of our business what they do in their country. Once upon a time the UK was respected in the world but that is no longer the case because of un-noble wars. Is it because the US and UK have shares in the weapons companies they buy their supplies from.

Sheffield United Strengthen Ties with Indian Football SHEFFIELD United Football Club is strengthening its links with India’s leading Tata Football Academy (TFA) as European interest in the country’s football talent increases. The npower League One club established its partnership with the Jamshedpur-based Academy in 2010, providing advice and coaching to support the development of more than 35 of India’s top young players aged 16-19. Jamshedpur is the seventh largest city in India, which has an overall population of 1.4billion people. Despite the vast array of potential un-tapped talent, India continues to be ranked 158th in world football. The Tata Football Academy has been established for more than

25 years and is ranked as the best in India. However, English Premier League sides QPR and Blackburn Rovers are looking to build their links with India by establishing their own academies in the country following their recent takeovers by Indian tycoons. Sheffield United has a head start over their top-flight rivals having been involved in the development of football in India for the last two years and it is the club’s intention to help the Tata Football Academy retain its high-profile status despite growing competition. As the partnership between the Blades and TFA enters into its third-year, United have sent coach and former player Lee Walshaw to the Academy to

continue a new 12-month programme of activity to support the youngsters’ development. The partnership will also build relationships between the two organisations which could lead to mutually beneficial commercial opportunities. Dave McCarthy, managing director of Sheffield United FC, said: “We view our relationship with the Tata Football Academy as extremely important to the long-term future success of Sheffield United. Not only can we assist India to improve its standing in world football by supporting their development of players, but we are well placed to develop important commercial links into the football club. .

India removed from WHO list of Polio Nations

India marked a major success in its battle against polio Saturday by being removed from the World Health Organisation’s list of countries plagued by the crippling disease. WHO removed India from the list after the country passed one year without register-

ing any new cases. The milestone is a major victory in the global effort to eradicate polio and leaves only three countries with endemic polio —Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan. India must pass another two years without new cases to be declared polio-free. Prime

Minister Manmohan Singh praised some 230,000 volunteers who traveled across India to vaccinate children and said India’s success against polio ”shows that teamwork pays.” ”This gives us hope that we can finally eradicate polio not only from India but from the face of the entire mother Earth.” India’s success in fighting polio has been credited to a partnership between the government, the WHO, UNICEF and Rotary International, whose members have contributed more than $1 billion to the global eradication effort.

Meera gives in to her ‘Parents’ wishes Meera, who recently announced her retirement from the Pakistan film industry, is all set to wed Naveed Shehzad. The Lollywood actress, who even appeared on TV shows in the quest of finding a husband, has finally decided to give in to her parents’ wishes. Meera’s parents accepted the proposal of a Pakistani-American airline captain, Naveed Shehzad, who is also the actor’s family friend. “They are family friends from America, they have accepted our demands, hence the engagement is on,” the Express tribune quoted Shafqat Zohra Bukhari, Meera’s

mother as saying. Even Meera confirmed the news. “Shehzad is a family friend and I will be getting engaged to him on my family’s insistence,” she told.

However, Shehzad told the media that he has liked Meera ever since he “set his eyes” on her in 2009 at his sister’s wedding in New York. The pilot also says he prefers to

call Meera by her real name, Rubab. Shehzad also dismissed rumours that he had divorced his alleged first wife to marry Meera. “Rumours of me having kids or being married are simply untrue,” he told. Meanwhile, he clarified that the ceremony at Meera’s house was not the engagement but was just a ‘baat pakki’ and also added that the media would be informed about the ‘grand engagement ceremony’ which will take place soon and added that. “God willing, the marriage will be held by the end of this year,” he added.



News in Brief New Chief Constable Appointed leave West Yorkshire Police to take up the top post. He was one of three candidates in the running for the job, but was the only one left when the decision was made after the other two pulled out. Mr Crompton was Deputy Chief Constable at West Yorkshire Police and succeeds Med Hughes, who retired from South Yorkshire’s top poSouth Yorkshire’s new Chief licing job in October after Constable has been named as seven years at the helm. David Crompton, who will

London 2012 Venues Face Toilet Trouble

The organisers of the 2012 London Olympics are faced with toilet trouble ahead of the mega sporting event in July. According to documents obtained from the Olympic Delivery Authority under the Freedom of Information Act, test events at the new handball and basketball arenas were riddled with blocked toilet problems, the Daily Express reported. Plumbers were called out 32 times to the two test events last summer, including to one lavatory malfunction in the basketball stadium’s VIP loo. Much thought was put into the design of the Olympic Park’s thousands of toilets in an attempt to make the Games green. There are concerns that the green targets might be the

reason behind the blocked toilet problem. The loos have water-saving dual flushes, which, when used in large commercial environments where the drainage pipes are far longer and shallower than in domestic homes, are more prone to blockages. More positively toilet facilities are being built at London’s Olympic Park so Muslims will not have to face Mecca while sitting on the loo. The Olympic Delivery Authority has said it wants to produce an ideal venue for people of all cultures, faiths, ages and abilities for the 2012 Games and beyond. The Islamic religion prohibits Muslims from facing the Kiblah - the direction of prayer - when they visit the lavatory.

Ali Zafar receives Bollywood Award

Pakistani singer Ali Zafar he has been awarded with the “Superstar of tomorrow” award at the Stardust year 2011–2012 for his film – Mere Brother Ki

Dulhan. He has slowly been charming every bit of Bollywood through his talent and personality. Ali Zafar has previously been nominated in a lot of Bollywood award shows but this will be his first award in the Bollywood. Talking to ‘our sources’, he said he was not expecting that he would get a big award, adding he was very much excited after getting this. ‘I wanted to share my happiness with all’, he said. Ali Zafar further said he is singer and musician first and than actor. I cannot give up singing for acting, he added.

Sheffield is a City of Two Halves Huge differences exist between Sheffield neighbourhoods which are in the spotlight as officials plan how to make the city a better place to live in the future. Some 29 neighbourhoods are among the 20 per cent most deprived in England, due to poverty, high unemployment, take-up of state benefits and low incomes. In Burngreave, Manor Park and Manor Castle wards, 40 per cent of households are on housing benefits and 30 per cent receive other types of benefits. But Sheffield’s western suburbs - of Ecclesall, Fulwood, Bents Green, Dore and Totley - are all in the 10 per cent least-deprived locations in the country. Just 10 per cent of people in Ecclesall and Fulwood receive housing benefits and 5 per cent claim other benefits. Other areas of high deprivation are the Parson Cross, Batemoor, Jordanthorpe and Lowedges estates, pockets around the city centre, and Darnall. On closely similar lines are figures for life expectancy. Overall figures for Sheffield show early mortality rates for the city have halved for men since 1975 and reduced by 40

per cent for women. Average life expectancy now stands at 81.8 years for women and 78.2 years for men - however, there is a massive variation of almost 10 years between neighbourhoods. Male life expectancy is highest in Fulwood, at 83.27 years, followed by Ecclesall, Dore and Totley, and

lowest in Burngreave, 75.7 years. Women now live until an average of 86.78 years in Ecclesall, followed by Fulwood, Dore and Totley, but 77.25 years in Burngreave - which again has the lowest figure. Higher smoking and lack of exercise are also problems associated with less-affluent neighbourhoods that the authorities want to tackle. Other health challenges for Sheffield include that the overall population is expected to rise from 555,000 in 2010 to 600,000 by 2020 - with growing numbers of

older and younger people. Sheffield is becoming better-educated, with 58,500 university and 26,600 college students. Meanwhile, the proportion of residents with no qualifications has fallen from 16.6 per cent in 2008 to 12.4 per cent in 2009, and 27.7 per cent have a degree-level qualification. Officials say the proportion of residents with degrees is still below the UK average and some southern cities such as Oxford, Brighton and Reading, where 40 per cent of residents are graduates. However, the proportion of graduates staying on in Sheffield is the highest of any major UK city. There are 128 languages spoken by Sheffield’s schoolchildren - evidence of the city’s growing diversity, with people from ethnic minority backgrounds now making up 17 per cent of the population compared with 11 per cent in 2001. Make-up of households is changing, with 13 per cent of households being home to single people. Some 12 per cent of households have ‘high levels’ of benefit need, and 8 per cent are pensioners needing state support. There have been dramatic im-

provements in social housing, which have been renovated at a cost of hundreds of millions of pounds over the last decade. But private housing is a concern, with 45 per cent of private-rented accommodation classed as below modern standards, and 48 per cent of homes in the affluent southwest in need of modernisation. The city is likely to experience a shortage of housing due to the huge predicted population growth - which is set to be helped by plans to build 35,000 new homes by 2026. POPULATION change, the economic challenge, health inequalities and emergent health problems around mental illness and obesity are cited as issues in the State of Sheffield 2012 report. Future challenges are listed as creating jobs, responding to public sector cuts, youth unemployment and maintaining social cohesion in the short-term. In the long-term, the city must deal with population growth and change, create more housing, improve school attainment and become more resilient to global problems such as energy supply and climate change, the report states.

MY SPEEDING PENALTY It is well documented that speed contributes to a significant percentage of all crashes and a higher percentage of more serious crashes. Each year excessive and inappropriate speed kills around 1,200 people and injures around 100,000 and is the largest contributor to casualties on the road. I recently had the misfortune of speeding which was confirmed with a letter through the door one morning. However the police offered an alternative to a fixed penalty, a 4 hour speed awareness course. I took the alternative with nervousness not exactly knowing what to expect, but to my relief the course was a worthwhile eyeopener. The overall aim of the Speed Awareness Course is to explore and challenge the reasons why people speed and to help drivers develop a personal speed awareness strategy to prevent future lapses leading to misuse of speed. Attendance on a Speed Awareness Course is offered by the Police as an alternative to a driving conviction.

This offence is not recorded as a conviction and therefore motorists are not required to declare them as such. This should mean that attendance on a course would have

rural roads which result in 60% fatalities and 70% of crashes occur on urban roads with 34% fatalities. When I was confronted with these

are on average 10 changes to the Highway Code book per year? So for me that’s 200 changes that I haven’t studied or understood, and this could make all the difference

no impact on the driver’s insurance premium. This enables them to take advantage of correcting their errant driving behaviour and enhance their driving skills through educative means provided they have not attended such a course in the previous three years. 5% of crashes occur on motorways with 6% fatalities. 25% of crashes are on

figures I took a great interest in the course, which discussed a number of traffic calming measures that we often misjudge and the impact speed has on pedestrian fatalities too. I felt it was a great refresher in driving for someone who read the rules 20 or so years ago and never took another look at that “highway code” ever again. How many of us realise that there

for us drivers to be aware of hazards on the road. I would personally like to see a national programme rolled out across the country to educate all old and ‘tired in their ways’ drivers. Speed is controlled for a reason, let’s realise it and control it. ILM Writer


Pakistan Rugby League Moves Step Closer The establishment of Rugby League in Pakistan and South Asia has moved a step closer. The move is being spearheaded by former England RL international and British Asian Rugby Association (BARA) founder Ikram Butt who hopes to raise the profile of the game across Pakistan and India. At a recent meeting at the Pakistan High Commission in London Butt met with officials from the British Asian Trust, diplomats and MP Greg Mulholland, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Rugby League Group to launch the new Pakistan Rugby jersey as well as throwing his support behind the Prince of Wales’ Pakistan Recovery Fund aimed at assisting with rebuilding large parts of the coun-

try devastated by the 2010 flooding. Ikram explained: “We met at the Pakistan High Commission in London and talked about our support of the charity and the development of Pakistan Rugby League. We also discussed other objectives such as bridging the gap between British Pakistanis and Pakistanis living abroad. “We view the development of Pakistan Rugby League as a catalyst to further develop the sport in India and across the whole of South Asia. There’s clearly an appetite for it and we need to ensure that the right initiatives and planning are put in place. “We have a number of objectives with a second official Pakistan RL international planned for Dubai in

the near future. Watch this space!” said Ikram, recently awarded a Doctorate in Sport Science by Leeds Metropolitan University for his pioneering sport development initiatives within the UK and abroad. The High Commissioner of Pakistan to the UK, Wajid Shamsul Hasan lauded the efforts of Ikram and added “We are proud of the efforts of Ikram and will continue to support him in his endeavours of the development of Rugby League in Pakistan.” The new official Pakistan RL playing shirt features the Pakistan Recovery Fund on the chest with the Leeds Rugby Foundation’s logo also included on the sleeve.

Desecration of Holy Quran at Us Airbase President Barack Obama has apologized to Afghan President Hamid Karzai over an incident of burning of the holy Quran at the US airbase at Bagram in Afghanistan. The US president’s letter of regrets came only after violent antiUS protests in Afghanistan in which 14 people including two American servicemen were killed. It is not the first time that copies of holy Quran have been desecrated at a US military establishment. Stories of the antics of the US personnel in Abu Ghraib prison are still fresh in the minds of many people. Then there have been reports of extremely provocative acts by US military men to give mental torture to the inmates there; among other tricks they also desecrated the holy book. Most of the US military personnel are Christians, but that should not mean that they should dishonor the holy books of other religions. There must have been Muslims and Jews, Hindus and Buddhists too serving in the US forces. Even if the US military is not taught to respect religious books, they should be instructed in decent behaviour. The US is a secular state. But that is not in a negative sense; it is not an anti-religious state, but the one which al-

lows its citizens full freedom of conscience to practice any religion. That does not mean to deride the faith of others. The US is supposed to be highly tolerant society. But the way the US military personnel have been behaving in their camps and bases shows that they are not only provoking other people but violating their own country’s high traditions. President Obama’s letter of regrets to the Afghan president is not enough. As the president and commander-in-chief of the US forces, he should punish those who desecrated the holy Quran and caused so much

bloodshed and heart burn in Afghanistan by their irresponsible and inhuman act. Furthermore, the president should also offer apologies to the American Muslims and those of other countries for the incident. The US personnel should also be instructed as part of their military discipline not to desecrate holy books of any religion under any circumstances in order to avoid such ugly situation in the future. Obama was critisised by many of his opponents and countryment, saying his apology was a show of weakness and surrender on behalf of the US.


Truth without the Bitterness PAK-US Relations: A Very Analytical History The United States first established diplomatic relations with Pakistan on 20 October 1947. The relationship since then has been based primarily on US economic and military assistance to Pakistan which Pakistan never seems to get enough of. Pakistan is a major non-Nato ally of the United States, even though, for some odd reason, it keeps pretending that it is one of the biggest anti-US, super-duper power in the world. The United States is the second-largest supplier of military equipment to Pakistan and largest economic aid contributor but Pakistanis refuse to acknowledge this and insist that the equipment and the aid actually come from Saudi Arabia via Dubai on flying camels. In 1955 Pakistan became a member of the US-run Central Treaty Organisation (also known as Central Free Treats Organisation). The promise of economic aid from the US was instrumental in creating the agreement. Getting the enigmatic Coca-Cola formula was also a motivation. During the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965, the US did not provide Pakistan with military support as pledged. This generated a widespread feeling in Pakistan that the United States was no longer a reliable ally. According to the US it cut off weapons supplies because Pakistan military had started the war with India by using its soldiers disguised as Kashmiri Mujahideen. However, the Americans did consider nominating these Pakistani soldiers for the Oscars in the Best Character Actor category. They lost due to the obvious Christian-Jew bias in Hollywood. In 1971 Pakistanis were angry at the US again for not bailing them out from yet another war they started against India. Just why Pakistanis kept testing their friendship with the US by starting hopeless wars with India is anybody’s guess, but some experts believe Pakistanis found bullets and bombs better tasting than the Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookies the US send instead for the Pakistani war effort. In April 1979, the United States suspended most economic assistance to Pakistan over concerns about Pakistan’s nuclear program

under the Foreign Assistance Act. The Pakistan government, then under the benevolent dictatorship of General Ziaul Ghaznavi, retaliated by banning the sale of Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookies and publicly flogging over 200 young men just for the heck of it. However, since God works in mysterious ways and (according to the Pakistan Ideology) is more akin to listening to the prayers of pious military generals, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan forced the US to rethink about its Pakistan policy. The Russian invasion of Afghanistan (inspired more by smuggled John Wayne movies than Karl Marx), highlighted the common interest of Pakistan and the United States in opposing the evil Soviet Union. In 1981, Pakistan and the United States agreed on a $3.2 billion military and economic assistance program aimed at helping Pakistan deal with the heightened threat to security in the region and its economic development needs. The deal was code named ‘LOL!’ The poised, pious, powerful Zia regime distributed the military aid among the Pakistan military, Afghan mujahideen, enterprising gunrunners, drug barons, university students and wedding planners; whereas the economic aid was used to develop Pakistan’s economic infrastructure by building madrassas, madrassas, madrassas and mosques. Pakistan with US, Saudi and divine assistance armed and supplied antiSoviet fighters in Afghanistan, eventually defeating the Soviets, who withdrew in 1988 but left behind a number of bored Arab, Afghan and Pakistani fighters. These fighters wanted to recreate Afghanistan not like what it was just before the Soviet invasion but what Afghanistan was like on the eve of the first Bronze Age. After the Cold War Prior to the September 11 attacks in 2001, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were key supporters of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Taliban were a large group of herdsmen who were convinced that goats were more valuable than women and sheep had more feelings than human beings. By 1996 they were ruling Afghanistan. The Pakistan-Saudi support to these unkempt herdsmen was an

integral part of the Pakistan military’s “strategic depth” objective vis-a-vis India, Iran, Russia and the Vatican City. After some reckless piloting by some Arabian camel jockeys who went on joyrides on planes, eventually ramming them into New York’s World Trade Centre, Pakistan, led by General Puppu Musharraf, reversed course and dumped the herdsmen after he was put under pressure by the US. US president, George W. Wuss, had threatened Musharraf, growling that the US would bomb Pakistan back into Stone Age if he didn’t dump the herdsmen. What Wuss didn’t realise was that a back-to-Stone Age scenario was exactly what the herdsmen and their supporters in Pakistan were working for. Hee Hee. Nevertheless, imagining an age when the military was made up of club carrying half-naked ape men, and when macho men and

aid is used in growing juicy grass which a majority of Pakistanis eat so that their military can keep eating cake. In June 2004, President George W. Wuss designated Pakistan as a major non-Nato ally, making it eligible, among other things, to purchase advanced American military technology and Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookies with extra icing. Pakistan has lost thousands of lives since joining the US Error on Terror. Most were killed by the irritated Taliban herdsmen (approximately 35,000) and some by American drone attacks (approximately 9000). But many Pakistanis believe most were killed by the drones (approximately 2 million) while the rest by innocent men with an abnormal combustion condition in which normal, peace loving and pious men suddenly combust in and outside mosques, shrines and markets. This condi-

petite women didn’t have a uniform fetish, and when Coca-Cola was yet to be invented, Musharraf joined the US in its “Error on Terror” as an ally. Having failed to convince the Taliban to hand over Osama Bin There Done That and other members of al-Calendar, Pakistan provided the US a number of military bases for its attack on Afghanistan, along with other logistical support such as double-talk, half-baked cakes, diarrhea pills and a pair of poodles. Since 2001, Pakistan has arrested over 500 al-Calendar herdsmen and handed them over to the US, but they have kept the more muscular and pious looking ones for themselves, lodging them on the mountains of Pakistan’s rugged rock ‘n’ rolling tribal areas to tend to the military’s strategically depth sheep. In return for its support, Pakistan had sanctions lifted and has received about $10 billion in US aid since 2001, primarily military, whereas rest of the

tion is blamed on the tempered polio drops these poor souls were given in childhood by Zionist agents masquerading as NGO workers. Ruing its strategic mistakes in the area, new US president, Barack Obamarama, conceded that the US had made the mistake of “putting all its eggs in one basket” in the form of General Pappu Musharraf. In Pakistan, Musharraf was eventually forced out of office under the threat of impeachment, after years of political protests by lazy lawyers, confused civilians, overexcited politicians and bored mullahs. With Obamarama coming into office, the US promised to triple non-military aid to Pakistan to $1.5 billion per year over 10 years, and to tie military aid to progress in the fight against militants. This has rubbed the military in the wrong way which, along with its allies in the shape of fat pious men, has claimed that such

non-military progress in Pakistan is against the Pakistan Ideology. The military might have a point here because some extremely brilliant media men such as the scholarly and judicious Sangsar Abbasi (author of the acclaimed books, ‘Jews Must Die’ and ‘The Wonders of Flogging Women in Public on the Pretext of the Shariah Wah, Wah, Wah’) have warned that non-military progress in Pakistan can lead to moral corruption and obscenity in the society and all that juicy grass that most Pakistanis eat will go to waste. The purpose of the new aid is to help strengthen the democratic government led by President Asif Ali Bhutto Zardari Bhutto and to help strengthen civil institutions and the general economy in Pakistan, and to put in place an aid program that is broader in scope than just supporting Pakistan’s military. BLASPHAMYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Sorry about that. Present US-Pakistan relations are a case study on the difficulties of diplomacy and policy making in a multi-polar world (especially by men with assorted bipolar disorders). The geopolitical significance of Pakistan in world affairs attracts attention from both India and China (and for some odd reason, from Surinam as well), making unilateral action almost impossible from the US. This was explained in an article titled ‘Grrrr…’ by an American policy expert. In February 2011, the US administration suspended high-level contacts with Pakistan after ‘The Everybody Loves to Hate Raymond Davis’ incident occurred. Raymond Rambo Davis, an alleged private security contractor and Sushi expert, was on an American diplomatic mission in Pakistan when he shot dead two Pakistani locals and claimed that it was in self-defense after the two attempted to rob him. Pakistan acted tough on Davis despite US demands for him to be freed because he enjoyed diplomatic immunity. However, the Pakistanis eventually let the bugger go when the US promised to increase its supplies of Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookies, but this time according to the dictates of Islamic law. That’s why Betty Crocker cookies now have the word ‘Ha-

lal’ inscribed on them. On May 2, 2011, shortly after 1 am the head of al-Calendar, Osama Bin There Done That was killed by a United States special forces unit led by an army of T-1000 Terminators, in the Pakistani city of Abburstabad. The operation, codenamed Operation Neptune Spear and Other Phallic Symbols, was ordered by the United States President Barack Obamarama. Numerous allegations were made that the military of Pakistan had shielded Osama Bin There Done That. Critics cited the very close proximity of Bin There’s heavily fortified compound to the Pakistan Militancy Academy, I mean, Pakistan Military Academy. US government files, leaked by Trikileaks, disclosed that American diplomats had been told that Pakistani security services were tipping off Osama Bin There Done That. Most Pakistanis were scandalised. They were sure that the American accusations were part of a huge international Reptilian conspiracy funded by western multinationals, Jewish bankers and Congo bongo players against the Pakistan military and its fat pious allies. Al-Calendar threatened to kidnap Betty Crocker and subject her to the torture of listening to Ali Azmat talk about the political, social, cultural, scientific, spiritual and psychological Zionist plot behind Einstein’s E=MC2 followed by hours and hours of taped Deepak Chopra lectures. Nevertheless, Pakistan remains to be a major non-Nato ally as part of the US Error on Terror. A leading recipient of US military assistance, Pakistan expects to receive approximately $20 billion, slurp. Perhaps, if the US simply reduced this aid to a couple of stacks of West Virginian grass for Pakistanis to eat? However, in the aftermath of the Osama incident, Pakistan Army cancelled a $500 million training program and sent all 135 US trainers home, but not the hundreds of Uzbek, Chechen, Afghan and Arab trainers training Pakistani herdsmen in the tribal areas of Pakistan. But who’s counting.

by Nadeem F. Paracha


Hadi Elected As Yemen’s New President

Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi was elected as Yemen's new president with 6.6 million people voting in his favour, said the country's Supreme Committee for Elections and Referendum. Hadi, 66, who was the sole candidate in the election, will lead Yemen's transitional government for next two years. The new president has pledged to carry out reforms during his transitional term and is set to launch a national dialogue with all political factions in Yemen after he takes office. He also vowed to combat resurgent Al-Qaeda off-shoot, AlQaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). The early presidential election came as part of a negotiated settlement initiated by neighbouring oil-rich Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Under the Gulf-brokered power transfer deal signed by Ali Abdullah Saleh and the opposition

in November 2011 in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, the outgoing president handed over power to his deputy, Hadi, the only consensus candidate in Feb 21, 2012 poll, in return for immunity from prosecution. The election's aim was ending one-year-old massive protests against Saleh, the longest-serving president of Yemen, ruling from 1978 until 2012. Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh stepped down after 33 years at the helm, making him the fourth veteran Arab leader to fall in a year of mass pro-democracy demonstrations that have rocked the region. Standing before a crowd of parliamentarians, tribal leaders and foreign dignitaries at the presidential palace in Sanaa, Saleh formally ceded power to his deputy Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi, pledging to support his efforts to “rebuild” a country still reeling from months

of violence. “I hand over the banner of the revolution, of the republic, of freedom, of security and of stability… to safe hands,” said Saleh as he stood beside Hadi and gave a farewell speech carried live on state television. Hadi will serve for an interim twoyear period under a Gulf-brokered transition plan signed by Saleh last November after 10 months of protests demanding his ouster. Hadi cautioned that the past year of turmoil that has crippled the economy and unleashed nationwide insecurity was not yet over, and appealed to Yemenis to “cooperate with the new leadership” to help the country emerge from the crisis. Presidential and parliamentary elections will be held at the end of Hadi’s two-year term. Saleh is the fourth Arab leader to fall since the beginning of the Arab Spring revolutions that forced the resignation of veteran leaders in Tunisia and Egypt, and led to the gruesome death of Libya’s longtime dictator. Saleh got the best deal in return for stepping aside: he and his closest aides were granted immunity from prosecution for alleged crimes committed during the brutal crackdown on dissent which left hundreds dead and thousands wounded. Hadi now faces monumental security, humanitarian and economic challenges that if not resolved, could threaten to derail the political settlement.


Dementia is a brain disease which often starts with memory problems, but goes on to affect many other parts of the brain. It causes changes in mood, judgement, personality, and makes it difficult to communicate or cope with day to day tasks. It usually gets worse over time, which means that you have to rely on other people more and more. Dementia can rarely start as early as 40 and affects about one in every 20 people over-65 have dementia. By the age of 80 about one in five are affected. Types of dementia Alzheimer’s disease is the most common dementia. Damaged tissue builds up in the brain and forms deposits called ‘plaques’ and ‘tangles’ which cause the cells around them to die. It also affects chemicals in the brain which transmit messages from one cell to another. Vascular dementia, where the arteries supplying blood to the brain become blocked which leads to small strokes when parts of the brain die as they are starved of oxygen. Lewy body dementia is caused by small protein deposits in the brain, and symptoms closely resembles Parkinson’s disease Fronto-temporal dementia is caused by damage to the front of the brain and is more likely to cause personality change Many other illnesses can cause dementia. Physical illnesses which cause memory problems include: •Kidney, liver or thy-

roid problems. •Shortage of some vitamins (although this is rare). •Chest or urine infections can lead to confusion and can be treated with antibiotics. •Rarer conditions such as Huntington’s disease, which causes dementia in younger people. Depression can cause a “pseudo-dementia” which can get better with antidepressants and talking therapy. Symptoms of dementia The condition usually develops slowly. Three main types of symptoms can appear: •Cognitive problems – it gets

harder to understand, remember, think, do sums, learn new things, talk or make judgements •Functional problems – it gets hard to do complicated tasks. As time goes on, it gets harder to do the basic task of looking after yourself, like washing and dressing. •Emotional problems – your mood can change, you may lose control of your emotions, stop doing things that you enjoy and stop seeing people. Treatment of dementia If you are worried about your memory, see your doctor. He or she can carry out a simple

memory test, examine you physically and order blood tests. You can be referred to a specialist team to test your memory in more detail and arrange a brain scan if needed. There are no cures, as yet, for many of these conditions and treatment depends on the diagnosis. A group of drugs called acetyl cholinesterase inhibitors may slow the progression of Alzheimer’s dementia and Lewy Body dementia and another drug called memantine, a glutamate blocker, may protect brain cells against damage. In Vascular dementia and possibly Alzheimer’s, other drugs may be of use in slowing the damage to brain cells and hence brain function, including: •Aspirin •Medication to control high blood pressure •Cholesterol lowering treatments such as statins There is a small amount of evidence that the herb gingko biloba and possibly also vitamin E may help delay progression of the disease It’s also important to stop smoking, eat healthily and take exercise. Discuss any concerns you have with your doctor, mental health nurse or social worker. Charities such as the Alzheimer’s Society are also a very useful source of advice. They can help you understand more about the illness with advice about medication, care options, benefits and legal issues.








Memebers of Muslim League Nawaz are cutting the cake upon celebrations of Kamran Micheal becoming Senator from the minorty seat

in March











PHDA, AGM will be held at Pakistan Muslim Centre (PMC) Woodburn Road, Sheffield, S9 3LQ on Monday 26th March 2012 at 18:30hrs sharp Food will be served after the meeting Please attend the meeting for information on BIG changes on the Association Muhammed Yasin - Chairman, PHDA - Sheffield



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