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Seven million working families welfare payments reduced, by an will lose money under Coalition average of about £215 per year in plans to cut the value of benefits 2015 –16. payments, economists have esti- And of the 14.1 million workingthree years in Dubai and take part in a forthcoming parliamentary age households where at least one mated. election. adult works, 7 million will see Iain Duncan Smith Comments The Institute for Fiscal Studies their payments cut. The average Parliament is due to be dissolved said that the changes set out on loss will be £165 per year, the IFS by March 16, after which an interlegislation to be debated in the calculated. im administration will takeBy: overZtoNaqvi - Commons will affect far more Around 3 million of the losing oversee the run-up to the election POLICE are bringing in millions The news came as separate reother personal injuries – despite to be held within 90 days. households would be affected by working households than workof pounds by passing on crash search by the company claimed falling accident rates,’ he added. A new world heaves into view this Poor families may have to pay hundreds of pounds more cuts of in accident child benefit, less ones. details to lawyers and insurance real-terms two thirds victims are Last year David Cameron promweek with sweeping changes in the "I have decided to return Pakiin council taxtofrom April but many have no idea about what is them about £75 percompanies year. The think-tank’s fields of welfare, health andwill tax companies, figures analysis show. has costing contacted by claims or ised to clamp down on a compenlow-income households Former president and chief of All stan within a about week to of hit thethem. forma-Up to 3million justice, Balls, the Labour shadow fuelledare a political row over the Ed lawyers Forces accepting ‘administra– sometimes within hours sation culture which had made Monday 1heApril be worse off as council tax benefit is scrapped, according to the Pakistan Muslim League Pervez tion of the interim government," Bedroom tax introduced tion fees’Benefits for handing over copies of accidents. Britain the ‘whiplash capital of said: “The Govern- Musharraf Welfare Uprating Bill, chancellor, Resolution Foundation think-tank. Some will have to pay nearly has announced to return told reporters in Dubai, saying he ofwhich reports on road traffic accidents. Some opportunistic claims manEurope’. £600 a year more, with single parents on minimum wage likely to Sunday believed this would take place on would limit annual in- ment’s myths about who will be back to Pakistan within 1 week The hit. aimThe is to tackle overcrowding and encourThe Metropolitan Police has reagement companies go to the From April it will be illegal to be the hardest foundation’s Gavin Kelly said: ‘Millions creases in many benefits to 1 per hit by their cuts to tax credits and after the installation of an interim March 16. age a more efficient use of social housing. Cricket poorestage households both in and and out of work – are ceived morethe than £5 million scene of the while others receive payment for referral fees in of England’s government. Working housing–benefit unemployment benefits have nowaccident, been exposed. cent, below expected levelinofthis already very close to the edge given falling wages, tax credits and League Askedwill if he planned to claimants run for deemed to have one spare bedroom way since 2009, while the Hamp- go to the hospital where victims personal injury cases and there While millionaires get a tax cut, Addressing an important press inflation. benefits. ‘Very few of those currently exempt from paying the president, "The housing will lose 14% of their housin social shire force pulled in more than are being treated. also be a cap on lawyers’ fees on Musharraf said: 2013 7 million striving working famiConservative ministers say the full rate of council tax and are expecting a large new bill to drop on to ing benefit those with two or more spare conference in Dubai Musharraf presidency will come at a later £480,000 since 2010. Fife ConManaging director John O’Roarke successful claims. their doormat this spring. it does, are going to find it bedrooms willWhen lose 25%. Anthey estimated 1m paying the for Davidhoundreal-termsmade cuts are needed to limit lies are calling next going back for the stabulary almost £2000,000. criticised the price ‘aggressive’ But 2-3 the months pendingimportant legislationstage. has Now I'm Page 22 households with extra bedrooms are paid houshard to cope.’ said that the time has elections and hope Cameron George Osborne’s for Pakistan the cost of benefits to taxpayers. The country’s 48 other police forcing ofand crash victims. prompted a whiplash ‘goldparliamentary rush’ benefit.council Criticstax say it is an policy well asing scrapping benefit, theinefficient government has come forwith patriotic Pakistanis. my party doesAswell." failure.” thathow the much 1 per cent esThey did estimate not reveal they economic ‘The heavy-handed tactics of the claims companies hounding as in the north of England, families with a spare handed responsibility for the discounts available to the less wellrooms outnumber overcrowded families by three made following a request “claims farming” people regardless of whether they Lib Dems have industry criticisedhas cap will save £1.9 billionunder over Senior off to local councils. But it has also told them to find savings He further talked of giving Pakista- Some media reports have said so thousands will be hit with the tax of to and one, the Information Act by resulted in record levels of comhave been injured or not, says George Osborne, the Chancellor, fiveFreedom years. Byof contrast, last year’s ten per cent banned them from penalising the elderly. Three nis a third political alternative for Musharraf, who faces the threat when there is no local need for them to move. car insurance company LV=. by for suggesting pensation claims for whiplash and andLV=. out of four councils forced hit to cut that cutting bene- good decision to increase benefits honest governance. of arrest in Pakistan onTwo-thirds charges have of been the people by the thediscounts, bedroomsays tax The Met said the money it made the Resolution Foundation. It means families with no one in work disabled. that he failed to provideare adequate 5.2 per cent will cost taxpayers fits will primarily affect claimants and hitherto exempt£465m from theatax willAshave to pay some of the is simply an ‘administration Savings: year. many as 660,000 security to former Prime Minister £8.7 billion over the same period. who do not work and do little to Pervez Musharraf said that his bill for thepeople first time –social typically between £96 and £255 a year. in housing will lose an average ofA cost’for providing copies of its party would take take an active Benazir Bhutto before her assasLabour have suggestions voted against single parent, working part-time on minimum wage and currently £728 a year. reports.‘Any thatthe the seek employment. part in the next general elections sination in 2007, will seek Saudi paying £173 a year for a modest home, will become liable for up cuts has in the which MPS soldCommons, these details areit Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime and would field candidates from help in obtaining guarantees that 1 April to an extraMonday £577 a year. If they live in a bigger home, their bill Minister, echoed those criticisms, says will primarily affect working untrue’ a spokesman said. all the constitutuencies across the he will not be detained.Thousands lose access to legal aid will rise by more than £600. families who receive benefits The Met’s own figures showlike it saying: ““I don’t think it helps at country. Councils which choose not to trim back the discounts have been "I don't see any reasontoBranded why made an average of benefit. £371 for eachall to try to portray that decision. Ensuring that Articles 62 and 63 byper Labour a "day from of shame" for the letax credits and child ordered find Ithe ten cent savings other services. gal aid system, the cutoff to claim legal aid will should be arrested," Musharraf ofIt the 13000that requests received estimated aroundit 2.5 mil- Why should the taxpayer pay are implemented is one of the Critics point out the changes come inofat£32,000, the same and timethose that a household income said. "We willmillionaires see whatbe will hapover last three where years. no-one more to sustain welfare payments demands of my party, he added. get a ‘huge tax cut’. Local government minister lion the households earningand between £14,000 and £32,000 will have pen when I land in theLewis airport ‘That lotofofamoney Brandon said the reforms to take a means test. would cut fraud and get people worksis–aout total offor 2.8adminmil- while at the same time earning Pervez Musharraf announced his take action according that." istration’ said a spokesman for into work.toRead He added: ‘We are ending More on Page 16...the something-for-nothing lion – will see the value of their less?” return to Pakistan after almost culture.’ LV=.

ON CRASHES ! Changes as Cuts & Reforms Take Effect

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Just a reminder that the dead- The scheme is really simple line for signing up to Switch and open to everyone. Households sign up with the Council, and Save is nearly here. who will run an online auction The snow and cold weather with UK energy suppliers. The is continuing and fuel use more households who sign up, is high. With the recent announcements that gas bills are set to rise, it’s timely to remind residents that it’s easy to switch and save money on their gas and electricity bills.

Sheffield is warming up to buying cheaper energy through people power. Sheffield City Council is asking residents in and around Sheffield to sign up, switch and save with the free-to-join ‘The Big Sheffield Switch’ that will mean that you could save hundreds of pounds a year on your gas and electricity bills.

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energy deal – even if they currently pay their energy bills by direct debit, cheque, cash or use a pre-payment meter. It also applies if you own your own home, rent from a private landlord, Sheffield Homes or another social landlord, have never switched before or whether you live in Sheffield or not. Households are under no obli-

“I am sure that residents will feel good too knowing that by signing up they are helping all other ‘switchers’ in the city to get even better value energy bills�. Further details about the scheme can be found at www. and on facebook.

Food Vouchers!!?? Local authorities across England are to begin giving out food vouchers in April. The Guardian reports that tens of thousands of people will receive the vouchers, which are being compared with the food stamps last issued in the UK during the second world war. Here's what you need to know about the scheme: Why are the vouchers being introduced? The system for providing welfare assistance to vulnerable people in England has changed. The government has abolished the centrally-run social fund, which offered individuals either cash grants of up to ÂŁ1,000, or loans worth around ÂŁ50 that could be repaid against future benefits. Instead, local authorities are now responsible for providing emergency assistance - and most are planning to run schemes based on food stamps or vouchers. How will the vouchers work? Most authorities have confirmed that they will issue vouchers in the form of payment cards - a modern-day version of the food stamp or ration book, familiar to a generation of people who lived through the 1940s and early 1950s. The cards will be blocked or monitored to ensure the holder uses them only to buy specific goods and services, such as food and nappies, and not alcohol, cigarettes or gambling. Will the same rules apply in every local authority?


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the more buying power the Council will have – and the better the deal for those who have signed up. The energy suppliers bid for the householders’ custom by offering their cheapest tariff and the best value providers will be chosen. The best deal tariffs will be offered to residents who have signed up and they will start to pay less for

gation and when they receive their offer they can choose to accept it or not depending upon whether it works for them. All residents will need when they register is a recent energy bill so that their annual energy usage can be worked out. They will find out just how much they could save after the auction on 8 April. Councillor Jack Scott, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Recycling and Streetscene commented: “We are delighted to launch ‘The Big Sheffield Switch’ that will help the many people in Sheffield who are worried about rising energy costs. Just by making a phone call or going online to register, households could save hundreds of pounds a year on their energy bills.

The deadline to switch is 8th April and fast approaching. Anyone can switch whether they haven’t switched before or haven’t switched for a while. We’d like to remind people to get friends and relatives signed up, especially those who don’t use the internet. It takes less than 3 minutes to sign up and at an average saving of £150 that’s around £50 a minute saved!

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their gas and electricity. It’s easy to register by going online at uk/cheaperenergy or calling 0800 915 9096. Anyone can register and switch to the new

No. Each authority has drawn up its own set of rules, setting out who will qualify for help and the conditions under which it will be given. For example, Bristol city council will restrict emergency payments to food, heating, nappies and toiletries, and has stated they "should not be used for cigarettes, alcohol or entertainment". If misuse occurs, the council will seek repayment. By contrast, Manchester city council is planning to offer low-interest loans of up to ÂŁ200 a year with a credit un-

ion, instead of vouchers. In addition, grants will be offered for things like furniture and cooking utensils, but on condition only that recipients agree to good behaviour. What is the difference between food vouchers and food banks? The vouchers will be issued mostly by local authorities. Food banks are largely independent schemes set by charities and voluntary organisations, which rely on donations from shops and members of the public. How similar is the new scheme to old-fashioned food

stamps? There are broad similarities, in that both allow the recipient access to a carefully-controlled amount of goods. The new payment card is based on the same principle as the old ration book: to monitor how and when the user can redeem the voucher for a weekly allocation of items such as food or toiletries. However food stamps were applied universally and followed the same rules across the country. The new vouchers will entitle individuals to different kinds of help depending on where they live and which local authority is running the scheme. This has prompted concern among some authorities that vulnerable people will end up having to move around the country in order to find the best help to suit their circumstances. Is the principle of rationing food necessarily a bad thing? No. There is a case to be made that controlling people's access to food has long-term benefits. Rationing was found to improve the health of British people during the second world war. It increased life expectancy and reduced infant mortality, because it ensured everyone - rich and poor - had access to the same nutritious, varied diet, together with the same amount of vitamins. Where can I find out more? The DWP website has further information and advice. Citizens Advice has details of how to get help if you are on a low income.

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US Calls For India-Pakistan Water Cooperation

20,000 Families in New Childcare Support

Pakistan Blocks Anti- THE TRUTH ABOUT CEREAL BARS Islam Youtube Links

More than 20,000 families in Sheffield are to get greater financial support for childcare thanks to a major new initiative. Liberal Democrat analysis shows that the £1 billion boost to help parents with childcare costs could benefit around 20,873 families in Sheffield. The Coalition Government’s scheme will save the typical working family with two children up to £2,400 a year. Local Liberal Democrats have welcomed the plans as much needed help for working families. Everyone knows that the cost of childcare is a big worry for many families. Almost a quarter Pakistan blocked over 700 links to an anti-Islam film Regularity Authority to set up "standards of modesty" of employed mothers say they would like to on YouTube that has triggered anti-US protests across and submit a reply in this regard within two weeks. work longer hours but can’t do so because of the the Muslim world, including Pakistan, officials said. The decision was taken after the Supreme Court issued The government earlier had claimed that the PTA and orders to the state-owned Pakistan Telecommunication the information technology ministry had blocked 122 anti-Islamic websites over the past few days. Authority (PTA) to block links to the movie. Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry directed the PTA to take down all sacrilegious material that disrespects Islam or Prophet Mohammad in any way. He asked the PTA chief to submit a report about the action he will take following the directives.

cost of childcare. Making sure all families, and mothers in particular, can afford to work is important to help build a stronger economy as well as deliver a fairer society. Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat MP for Sheffield Hallam and Deputy Prime Minister, said: “The rising cost of childcare is one of the biggest challenges parents face and it means many mums and dads simply can’t afford to work. This not only hurts them financially, but is bad for the economy too. “Extending support for working families on Universal Credit will also make sure it is worth working extra hours even if you’re on low wages.”

Families ‘Cut Back On Food In Order To Pay Rent Or Mortgage’

The authorities had also told the public that any blasphemous material that comes to their attention More than 5million families have been forced to England rose by an average of £300 from 2011 must be reported immediately to the PTA through cut back on food to keep a roof over their heads. to 2012 while wages stagnated, Shelter added. phone or email.

Four in ten budget their spending on meals to These startling figures show the daily heartache

The government clarified that it was not blocking meet rent or mortgage costs, according to Shelter. millions of parents are going through as they face popular websites YouTube and Facebook, but only Almost 3.4million families cut back on gas and the choice between putting food on the table and The PTA director general told the apex court that electricity for the same reason, the charity added. paying for the roof over their head. The effects of almost 100 new clips of the anti-Islam film proliferated anti-Islamic material would be blocked. Officials say Across the population as a whole, a third of peo- the recession, the rising cost of housing and cuts that obscene material will be blocked on case-to-case on YouTube every day. ple have cut back on food and a fifth have re- to the housing safety net have left many families basis. Links to the anti-Islam movie were blocked duced the amount they spend on household fuel. in a very vulnerable position. He said that the PTA had written a letter to YouTube, amid series of protests across Pakistan over the past The poll of 4,000 adults by YouGov also showed The average household spent £27.99 a person a few days. requesting the removal such clips, buttothe videodations foster cooperation by pacity. Scientific and policy col64 per cent of families with children struggled week on food and drink in 2011 – 12 per cent India and Pakistan willof both sharingifwebsite replied that ittodoes not have any suchto overcome laboration across national and to stay in their homes last year, compared to 57 more than in 2007, according to government figIndia and Pakistan benefit they work together agreement share with the of Pakistan.socio-economic, Justice per cent of people across the board. Rents in ures. en- disciplinary boundaries will be peacefully andgovernment conserve overlapping Chaudhry thewaters Pakistan Media vironmental, and political pres- essential, according to the study. the vitally directed important ofElectronic We eat cereal bars in the belief that they are One roasted nut bar was almost one-third Indus River is one of the most the Indus River Basin, accord- sures. healthier than biscuits and chocolate but fat, which included peanuts, ing to a new report. The study by The report says water shortages important water systems in the Hazelnuts, vegetable they may not be so healthier after all. researchers combined from US, could hit the subcontinent in a world. It supplies the needs of fat and harmful We have the first UKexperts prayersay room a motor- praying facilities atfats. service stations around the India and Pakistan was produced few years because growing pop- about 300 million people and Consumer thatatresearchers fo- hydrogenated by water experts from groups ulations and increasing develop- nourishes the breadbaskets of the way service station thanks a Preston based UK, often resorting to finding a bare clean patch cusing on 30 bars,toincluding 7 specifically that formed the Indus Basin ment are placing rising pressure subcontinent, watering fields in charity. The newatprayer room is available for in a car park or A children’s aimed children – found many contained on the Indus Basin, to the point India and Pakistan that constitute Working Group. marketed as “great for of fat and Muslims athigh thelevel M6 Hilton Parksugar. Services. Indian-Pakistani cooperation that water removals from the In- the most intensely irrigated area your lunchbox” But thanks to this innovative approach, the charwill result in more effective dus are outpacing natural rates of on Earth. A growing number of contained 43.5% One bar occupy contained nearly designated 4 teaspoons ity of aims The new facilities a special to acquire more locations at crucial momanagement of the basin's wa- renewal. Almost all of the ba- studies foresee increasing water sugar (18 grams), which is more than a sugar. room for prayer purposes equipped with ablutorway service stations around the UK. Let’s small 150ml can of cola (15.9 grams) and ter resources than confrontation sin's renewable water resources shortages in the Indus Basin betion facilities at the Services. Muslims have alhope to see more rooms like this around our 20% of the recommended daily allowance between the two nations. The are already allocated for various cause of population growth. ways beenforunable to find suitable washing and motorways very soon. adult women. report makes several recommen- uses - with little or no spare ca-

Prayer room at motorway services


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MULTI-MILLION POUND SCHOOL EXTENSION OPEN A £3.8 million extension has been completed at a Sheffield primary school to cater for the growing demand for pupil places in the city. An additional 150 places have been created at Owler Brook Nursery, Infant and Junior School in the north east of the city. It has changed from three to two forms of entry to take pupils from Reception through to Year 6. Previously the school catered for pupils up to Year 2 only. The main development is a new block close to the existing school. Formerly an area of disused land facing Owler Lane, this will now accommodate the school’s Nursery and Reception classes, and will include group rooms and a kitchen area. The new building is designed to work well with the difficult sloping landscape, and the interesting features include an elevated play deck enclosed by glass screening. This links directly to the improved landscape and play areas around the main school. Sessions were held with staff and pupils during the early stages of the design process and the plans were displayed in the school for everyone to have their say about the plans for the new building. Sue Bridges, head teacher at Owler Brook Primary School said: “The children, parents, staff and whole community are thrilled with the new building. Children deserve

to be educated in the best possible environment and this building really does the job. “The outdoor play deck provides fantastic opportunities for children to learn and explore. The re-modelling of the existing school has given us additional teaching and learning spaces, such as a state of the art Media Hub and a food technology room. This is the latest in a number of schemes to accommodate an increase in pupil numbers across the Burngreave and Fir Vale area. Whiteways Primary, Pye Bank Church of England Primary and St Catherine’s Catholic Primary have also been extended in addition to Owler Brook Primary School. Councillor Jackie Drayton, the Council’s Cabinet member for Young People, Children and Families added: “This is a wonderful extension for the school and I am sure the pupils, their parents, staff and governors are very pleased to have these extra places at Owler Brook, rather than having to transport their young children across the city to other schools – sometimes quite a distance from their homes. “We continuously monitor the need for school places in both primary and secondary schools. The rise in births over recent years has meant that extra primary school places are required to make sure we are offering families across

the city good local school places. Clearly as these larger year groups flow through the primary schools there will be extra demand for places at secondary schools in the future. Two new primary schools are being planned to cope with a mini baby boom in the north east of the city and has meant schools in the area becoming over-subscribed. The two-form entry primary schools will be built on Skinnerthorpe Road in the Burngreave/ Fir Vale area and on the former Watermead school site in the Southey/Longley/Shirecliffe area. The new schools are expected to open in September 2014. Demand for primary school places is growing nationally following the rise in the birth rate since 2002. Sheffield has followed this national trend and the Council has already undertaken a number of expansion projects, with over 2,500 primary places added to schools across the city in the last five years. Some increases to the number of places in secondary schools have recently been made at Fir Vale and Parkwood, with further small increases agreed at Tapton and Bradfield for the September 2015 intake. Plans will need to be brought forward in the latter half of the decade to provide further places as the secondary intake continues to grow.

Painkillers Harming Kidneys Kidney problems are common. And the number of people with serious kidney problems, such as kidney disease and kidney cancer, is increasing. Who's at risk of kidney disease? In many cases, the cause of chronic kidney disease isn’t clear, but it’s more common in people who have: •diabetes •high blood pressure •vascular disease (narrowing of the kidney’s blood vessels) •heart problems •a history of other types of kidney problems, such as kidney infections and kidney stones Kidneys are vital organs that remove excess water and cleanse the blood of toxins. When the kidneys fail, waste products and fluid build up in the body, mak-

ing you feel unwell, gain weight, become breathless and get swollen hands and feet. The kidneys also produce hormones that help to control blood pressure, boost the production of red blood cells and help keep bones healthy. This means that if kidney damage is severe it can lead to high blood pressure, anae-

mia and bone disease. Painkillers and stress-reducing medicines are the primary reason for kidney ailments in youngsters. Experts say young people are using painkillers rampantly these days, they take stressreducing medicines to deal with pressure and that wreaks havoc on their kidneys. Youngsters take painkillers owing to a fast paced lifestyle. They are prone to pop a pill to combat any kind of problem. And since they are constantly travelling, they do not consume the required amount of water. Highlighting kidney health, experts also dubbed diabetes and blood pressure as "silent killers of the kidney". It is not just older people affected by blood pressure and diabetes but the young generation is too now. People with blood pressure problems should get checked once a year for kidney disorders.

More Than One In Ten Crashes Involves Buses In Sheffield

Bus crashes made up 12 per cent of all road collisions in Sheffield over a 10-year period. There were 2,703 collisions involving a bus in the city between 2000 and 2009 – even though buses account for only three per cent of traffic. Bus pas-

sengers also made up 24 per cent of all passenger casualties. In total 86 per cent of collisions took place between 8am and 6pm on a weekday, peaking between 3pm and 4pm. There are more than average on a Fri-

Unsung Heroes There have been many people who have passed away recently and we pray that Allah (SWT) give them a place in Jannah, In’sha’Allah. There are many people who we have lost and take solace that they are in a better place and recently we lost a friend, Rashid Ramzan who is my unsung hero for this month. There are people who flit in and out of one’s life and leave a mark which cannot be explained rationally and Rashid was one of those rare individuals. One of the clearest childhood memories I have was of the accident that Rashid was involved in, I think I must have been about 10 years of age and remember family and friends extremely upset. At such a young age one does not understand the intricacies of

what has actually happened and what it means to the individual or the family. As the years moved on and as a young adult, I began to see Rashid walking with supports around the area. Whenever you met him he spoke to you with a smile and a twinkle in his eye that only he had. I remember offering him lifts in my car but he always refused saying that he had to continue to try and walk or else he would become fat like me! He always asked what I was doing and encouraged me to get an education, get a job, be good. He was somebody when you came across him you had time for, it didn’t matter what you were doing. The years moved on and I met him less frequently, a couple of times during Eid and he was still

the same caring individual, making sure you had food even if you were full to bursting! The loss the family is feeling is unimaginable, but one thing I know and to those people who I have spoken to, is that those who knew him a little or a lot have lost someone who is irreplaceable. Rashid is an example to us all for his tenacity, determination and encouragement. He overcame obstacles in his life that others fall far short off, his willpower was something to be admired and those that knew him better testify of his caring nature. Indeed, to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return. Our prayers are with you my friend, may Allah grant your family patience and grant you the highest level of Paradise, Ameen. Shahid Ali

Think Twice Before You Speak Once Speaking exists long before writing. Actually speaking is the second oldest thing after thinking, so mankind has been thinking for a very long time. Thoughts were there long before speech was discovered and for a very long time man had been thinking with complete silence until speech came along. Speaking is a means of expressing our ideas and thoughts. It is the most widely used type of communication. Sometimes the words may be correct and relevant, or correct in the sense, but out of context. We only need to look at people in the public eye, to see how closely each and every word they say be it in public or as part of their private life is scrutinised. We could be one of those people or at least we all know someone who speaks too fast for the brain to catch up with the words being uttered from their mind. Jumping the gun often leaves us feeling guilty afterwards, but by then the damage is done and it’s too late. There may be very few people in the world who have perfect eloquence, but we can all try to control our tongues so as not to land ourselves in trouble. But sometimes what is spoken may lead to disaster and destruction since there is a saying: “Words cut more than swords.” This is a very good saying because sometimes one can hurt another with a sharp tongue. A person can even murder another with words; in this case the murder weapon is a word. The sword may be used for destruction; but words can both lead to the destruction and also heal the deepest wounds. So, it is very important how we use words. If we hurt someone with a sword the pain is physical and it diminishes in the long run but if we hurt a person with words the pain is always intact there. An arrow cannot come back once it has left. Likewise, we cannot take back the words we have spoken.

You can change other’s minds with words by persuading them in the kindest ways which is more important and much more successful than constraining other’s will by force. But with your words also one should be so careful in order not to hurt any feelings or make false accusations about innocent people. Our tongue is a blessing from Allah (s.w.t). If you observe animals and human babies who are unable to speak, we realize the importance of this great tool of communication. We should be thankful to Allah for this ni’mah. The gratitude we should show for this exceptional blessing includes using it for the sake of Allah, in obedience to Allah, for seeking knowledge, for reciting the Qur’an and to enjoin good and forbidding evil. This also includes some limitations. Limiting the tongue is to restrain from telling lies, slandering, abusing others by your tongue, backbiting and using foul language. Allah says: Successful indeed are the believers. Who are humble (in khushu) in their prayers. And who shun vain conversation. (Muminun, 23:1-3) An effective way to attain khushu in prayers is to talk less. Allah (s.w.t) mentions about vain conversation, vain talk here is because the more conversations and talks in our lives get empty the more we get empty. And vain conversations hardens our hearth and we lose the desire to worship, unless we refrain our tongue from sinful talks, it gets more impossible to reach the khushu –fear of Allah- and each word coming out of our mouth is

day. The figures were in a Sheffield Council report published on the new Road Safety Observatory website. Sheffield is shown to have had 1,529 collisions causing slight injuries in 2011 – down from 2,124 in 2005. Fatal crashes dropped from 12 to nine in the same time period. An accident map showed many collisions occurred in and around the city centre, although there were

recorded in the very second we utter it. This is why Our Prophet gives the glad tidings that whoever is careful using their tongue in their lives they are granted Paradise. One should either speak a useful and good word or be silent which is better for him than speaking evil words. It is among the best characteristics of a Muslim to speak only the words of goodness and reconciliation. As our prophet says it is much better to remain silent if one cannot speak the word of truth and goodness. Whoever does not keep a check on his tongue will regret it since it is only us who is responsible of our actions and face the consequences of what we have done. Finally, as hadith says “Guard your tongue.” The reward of guarding our tongue is huge both in this world and in the hereafter. With the dua to guard our tongues and think twice before we speak once - Ameen.

also seven in Hillsborough, eight around the Northern General Hospital and four on Meadowhead roundabout in 2011 – the most recent year information is available for. In Rotherham there were 1,109 collisions with slight injuries in 2005, decreasing to 955 in 2011. There were four fatal collisions, down from eight. Fatal collisions in Barnsley dropped from 17 to 8 and those with slight injuries from 931 to 701.

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286 286 ATTERCLIFFE ATTERCLIFFE ROAD SHEFFIELD S4 7WZ 07951943395 07951943395 , 07855507125 , 01142 757 786

Page 5 5 Page Page 5

SHEFFIELD CHILDREN GOING HUNGRY A report published by the Children’s Society shows that large numbers of Sheffield children, living in households with incomes below the poverty line, are ineligible for free school meals. The Children’s Society has estimated that 8200 Sheffield children in poverty are missing out on a free school meal. Sheffield South East In this constituency, an estimated 2,000 children in poverty miss out on free school meals. That means 54% of children in poverty in the constituency miss out on free school meals. Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough In this constituency, an estimated 2,900 children in poverty miss out on free school meals. That means 38% of children in poverty in the constituency miss out on free school meals. Sheffield Central In this constituency, an estimated 1,700 children in poverty miss out on free school meals. That means 45% of children in poverty in the constituency miss out on free school meals.

school meals. Penistone and Stocksbridge In this constituency, an estimated 400 children in poverty miss out on free school meals. That means 23% of children in poverty in the constituency miss out on free school meals.

larly expressing their concerns to me about hungry children arriving at school and then having little nutricious food in their lunchboxes. It is having an impact on their education. A significant number of schools have now introduced breakfast clubs. I’m also aware that teachers are quietly finding ways to help families and children access food to stop them going hungry. We see the number of Foodbanks – and the number of families using Foodbanks – is increasing day-by-day.

Sheffield Hallam In this constituency, an estimated 0 children in poverty miss out on free school meals. That means 0% of children in poverty in the constituency miss out on free school Clive Betts added: meals. “However, I am aware that Clive Betts MP [Sheffield there are some families who South East] said: “This re- are entitled to free school port provides further confir- meals for their children, but mation that the economic re- are reluctant to apply. I apcession and the government’s peal to them to get their appolicies are really hitting low plications in now. There income working families the should never be any embarrassment about ensuring that hardest. children get at least one good •Lower income working meal a day.” households are being hit “I now think it is incumbent from all sides. Their pay isn’t on the government to give keeping pace with inflation. urgent consideration to the extension of the Free School •Energy and food costs are Meal scheme to all children rising even faster, and these in households with incomes families spend a higher pro- below the poverty line. What portion of their incomes on greater contrast might there be than between school-chilthese basics. dren going hungry and mil•The government is targeting lionaires getting an average its cuts’ programme on in- £100,000 tax cut?” work benefits and financial support.

Sheffield Heeley In this constituency, an estimated 1,200 children in poverty miss out on free school meals. That means 32% of children in poverty in the constituency miss out on free Headteachers are now regu-

SHEFFIELD SCHOOL DINNERS TOP CLASS! Burgers are back on school menus after rigorous testing revealed no trace of horse DNA at all. Sheffield City Council and school meals contractor Taylor Shaw took the decision to ban all processed meats from school dinners two weeks ago following the national scandal about traces of horse meat being found in beef products. Thorough testing has since shown no traces of horse meat in any food – halal and non-halal - served to Sheffield’s school children. Now it has been decided that all burgers should be made from freshly sourced local meat and prepared on site in school kitchens, where appropriate. Councillor Jackie Drayton, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet

Member for Children, Young People and Families said: “We have every confidence in our school meals contractors and their selected suppliers, but we take the safety of the young people in our schools very seriously. It’s great to be able to reassure parents that the meals served have maintained the high standards we all demand and will continue to do so.” The fresh meat used in Sheffield school menus by Taylor Shaw is supplied by Underwoods Meats of Rotherham. As part of the

Council’s due diligence checks, the School Food Service commissions an independent testing process every year through our Trading Standards Department. This test includes a check for any pork DNA in halal meat.

NHS Failings Cost 30,000 Lives Jeremy Hunt has said that tens of thousands of patients die needlessly each year due to the “shocking underperformance” of health services. The Health Secretary issued a warning that England’s failure to match the best in Europe means that 30,000 people a year die prematurely. He said that all middle-aged people should be offered regular health checks to spot emerging problems. He also called on the NHS to focus on the five biggest killer diseases - heart disease, cancer, stroke, respiratory and liver disease. Higher incidences of Alzheimer's

disease, cirrhosis of the liver and drug use disorders have also been blamed for the UK's worsening position. The public will find it scandalous that thousands of patients are needlessly dying because of a postcode lottery on prevention, diagnoses and care for those with often treatable conditions. Earlier checks and more co-ordinated care could lead to longer, healthier and more independent lives. A new approach has the potential to make the difference between life and death for thousands.” Deaths caused by heart disease have fallen by 40 percent but

other countries’ rates have fallen quicker and further. Mr Hunt wants to improve this figure, along with the amount of people who could save a life in an emergency. More people should learn lifesaving skills such as CPR and using electric-shock defibrillators, Mr Hunt said. These skills should be taught in schools and workplaces and defibrillators should be more widely available. People aged between 40 and 75 are recommended to undergo regular NHS health checks, but in some parts of the country less than half of patients are offered them.

Ayeda Sayed

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Packed and Gone Dr. A.Q.Khan

There is an old saying ‘bus ho chuki namaz, musalla uthaiye’. It is used to convey to the concerned person that there is nothing left to talk about and they had better leave. This saying aptly fits the circumstances surrounding Dr Tahirul Qadri’s ill-timed arrival and brief interference in political affairs. Dr Qadri landed in Lahore late last year, apparently uninvited by any political party, disturbed the whole atmosphere in the country and then threatened the rulers and all the political leaders with ultimatums and dire consequences. How he came to the conclusion that, as a foreign national, he could interfere in Pakistan’s internal affairs is anyone’s guess. After all, he is a Canadian national who has taken an oath of loyalty to that country. I found it beyond comprehension that a government, which goes out of its way to obstruct the judicial process and refuses to implement judicial orders, could facilitate Dr Qadri’s political activities. Rather than ‘controlling’ him, they ‘collaborated’ with him in his ‘cabin’ and obeying his orders and directives. We all saw how the most senior leaders of the ruling clique adopted submissive and overly friendly postures. The MQM leader declared Dr Qadri to be his elder brother and even ordered the MQM leaders in Karachi to obey the Doctor’s orders without consulting him. But then, sooner than expected, the whole game collapsed. While the MQM and Imran Khan’s PTI had not taken part in Qadri’s ‘long march’, the PPP created an impression that Dr Qadri was its con man to derail the forthcoming elections so that it could carry on in power. The JI, the JUF and the PML-N paid no attention to him or to his activities. Mr Ahsan Iqbal called him a capsule which turned out to have no effect and he may have been right, since Dr Qadri’s arrival and activities turned out to be no more than a temporary drama. There is an Urdu saying that when a jackal is doomed, it runs

towards the city and provides opportunity for its own demise. The same seems to have happened to Dr Qadri. Having gained some publicity and the attention of the rulers, he became too big for his own shoes and decided to take on the Supreme Court. This turned out to be his undoing. He was so sure of himself that he felt the honourable judges would behave as the rulers had done and would accede to all his unconstitutional demands. A few pertinent questions and strong remarks from the chief justice were enough to deflate Dr Qadri’s balloon but it was a bit too late for him to realise his mistake. Har chand Daag ek hi ayyar hey magar/Dushman bhi tau chhatey huey sarey jahan key hain (Though Daag is very cunning, his opponents are even more so). Had Dr Qadri had this petition submitted by a local colleague, he would not have faced this kind of humiliation. It will be better if he remains in his adopted country and concentrates his energies on his religious activities. Moving on let us review the performance of the outgoing rulers. Mr Bhutto gave the PPP their slogan of ‘roti, kapra, makaan’. Although Bhutto’s nationalisation policies played havoc with our industries and education system, his policy of the liberal issuing of passports to the common man was an excellent one. We are now reaping the fruits of that. However, Bhutto will always be remembered for laying the foundations of our nuclear weapons programme, which provided us with formidable defence. But now see who is leading the team; a gentleman having a very tarnished reputation for corruption. Thanks to the last five years of governance, we are now equated with the worst and most corrupt countries of the world. Name any evil and you will find it in Pakistan. Nonetheless our leaders still have the guts to boast about their performance. The harm they have inflicted to the country over the past five years, puts the worst periods of

the preceding 65 years to shame. Here are just a few examples: the price of the dollar increased from Rs60 to Rs100; petrol prices increased from Rs56 to Rs108; diesel from Rs39 to Rs115; CNG from Rs30 to Rs75; the price of motorcycles increased from Rs50,000 to Rs68,000; air conditioners from Rs15,000 to Rs40,000; flour from Rs13/kg to Rs37/kg; sugar from Rs21/kg to Rs65/kg; milk from Rs25/litre to Rs72/litre; cooking oil from Rs90 to Rs190, GST from 15 percent to 25 percent; tax on mobile calls and SMS messages from 15 percent to 21 percent; DAP urea from Rs1300/bag to Rs4700; the problem of loadshedding increased to almost five times as compared with the past; electricity prices rose from Rs2.13/unit to Rs9.38; gold from Rs20,000/ tola to Rs63,000. This is what the PPP’s democracy has done to the people. The common man is unable to sustain this inflation and is gasping for relief but our leaders console them by saying “Bibi zinda hai, Bhutto zinda hai”. While the rulers live in huge, castle-like bungalows, wear expensive designer suits and drive the most expensive bullet-proof cars, a large number of the people go without food, are deprived of a proper roof over their heads and no clothes to wear. Meanwhile, the leaders keep telling them that “democracy is the best revenge from you”. For God’s sake, enough is enough. ‘Bus ho chuki namaz, musalla uthaiye’ (It is over, now get lost). The government’s term is over, but the outgoing rulers are still demonstrating their expertise at using national resources to their own advantage. Funds are being distributed left, right and centre. The Supreme Court and the Election Commission seem to be powerless as it is not possible for them to be aware of each and every wrongdoing. The only consolation is that in the end, the rulers will pack up and go – a dream come true for all of us.

Malala Sells Life Story for a Reported £2M The life story of a 15-year Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban will be published later this year, in a deal reported to be worth around £2m. "I am Malala" will be published in the autumn and will tell the story of Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by Taliban gunmen after she became an advocate for woman's education in the Swat Valley. She now attends a school in Birmingham. Malala said: "I hope this book will reach people around the world, so they realise how difficult it is for some children to get access to education. I want to tell my story, but it will also be the story of 61m children who can't get education. I want it to be part of the campaign to give every boy and girl the right to go to school. It is their basic right." The book is the latest stage of Yousafzai's public life which almost ended in tragedy. Malala began writing a blog on the BBC Urdu service under a pseudonym about life in the Swat Valley in 2009. The Taliban were expanding their influence and at times banned girls from going to school and the Pakistani army fought to re-establish control. Her real identity became known and she frequently appeared in

Pakistani and international media advocating for the right of girls to go to school. In October 2011, Archbishop Desmond Tutu nominated her for the International Children's Peace Prize and in December 2011 she was awarded Pakistan's first National

Youth Peace Prize. In October last year, gunmen boarded a school bus and asked: "Which one of you is Malala? Speak up, otherwise I will shoot you all". When she was identified, a gunman shot her in the head and the bullet passed through her head, neck and embedded itself in her shoulder. She was flown to England where she was treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Brimingham. Last month she had an operation to rebuild her skull and restore her hearing. Last month Malala

went back to school. In the book, Yousafzai writes: "I come from a country that was created at midnight. When I almost died it was just after midday. It was Tuesday, October 9, 2012, not the best of days as it was the middle of school exams, though as a bookish girl I don't mind them as much as my friends do. We'd finished for the day and I was squashed between my friends and teachers on the benches of the open-back truck we use as a school bus. There were no windows, just thick plastic sheeting that flapped at the sides and was too yellowed and dusty to see out of, and a postage stamp." Since the shooting, Yousafzai has been awarded several peace prizes and is the youngest person to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Ban Ki-Moon, the secretary general of the United Nations, announced that the UN will celebrate Malala Day on 10 November. The book will be a document to bravery, courage and vision. In her youjng life Malala has experienced so much so this story will be an inspiration to readers from all generations who believe in the right to education and the freedom to pursue it.

Burglars Use Detectors to Rob British Families of £1M Gold Burglars are using metal detectors to rob British Asian families of their gold in a series of ‘highly organised’ raids worth more than £1million. The criminals have been striking while families are out, snatching countless family heirlooms stashed in the houses. One victim, said he knew of at least six households which had

been fleeced of their gold on his street alone. ‘It seems too much of a coincidence for all of them not to be connected,’ the 41-year-old hospital consultant said. ‘They knew exactly what they were looking for.” Businessmen, restaurant owners and doctors top the list of targets but another of the victims in Cardiff said the thefts

may have been insider jobs. The latest thefts in the Welsh capital follow a string of other burglaries across Britain, where the gold status symbols often worn by British Asians at ceremonies have been taken. Crooks are looking to take advantage of the inflated price of the precious metal.

Theresa May Scraps Border Agency after Five Years of Failure After five years of failure, the UK Border Agency is to be abolished and its work brought back into the Home Office. Faced with a backlog of 320,000 immigration cases, which MPs warn will take 24 years to clear, home secretary Theresa May has decided to pull the plug on the service. ‘The agency struggles with the volume of its casework, which has led to historical backlogs running into the hundreds of thousands,’ she said, adding that the organisation has been ‘troubled’ since it was formed in 2008 and that ‘its performance is not good enough’.

As part of the overhaul, UKBA will be split into an immigration and visa service and an immigration law enforcement service. Mrs May added that proposals for an immigration bill to make the removal of illegal immigrants would also be brought forward. However, in a leaked memo to Home Office staff, permanent

secretary Mark Sedwill said when the UKBA is shut down, employees will ‘still be doing the same job in the same place, for the same boss’.

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The Game is On Now or Never for a Naya Pakistan The pretenders are all in position, old and new and the final game has begun – bar any last minute interventions, you never know this is Pakistan. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has come full circle from 30th October 2011 to 23rd March 2013. 700,000 members who have elected 80,000 candidates establishing the party at the grassroots level throughout Pakistan. The playing field is ready and the only remaining issue is the final team that comes out to play for PTI which is undergoing a stringent nomination procedure for all seats and the team will be ready when this article is published. Whatever the outcome, the next 6 weeks are critical for the outcome of Pakistan. Will it be out with the old and in with the new? Or will circumstances be such that this story takes another turn? This we will see. But one thing is clear that there are forces at work which are external, whether that be in UAE, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, America or even China, all have vested interests in the country and would hate to lose connections to the leadership that has bought them much favouritism in the country which ranges from development of mega projects to drone attacks and everything in between such

as telecommunications and food production. Standing on the stage on the 23rd March without a bullet proof, air conditioned container, no bullet proof screen in the open with ‘toofani barish’ coming down, I was proud that I am behind a person of integrity and honour who has come forward to serve his nation at its time of need. Imran Khan has made 6 promises to the nation, first and foremost is to remain truthful – how many leaders can say that or even promise that? PTI has launched its manifesto and reading through it, there are no promises of motorways or bullet trains (in a country that is lucky to have a train due to the British) but what PTI promises is something for the common man. A promise of developing an accountable system where law and order are applicable to all in the country, where taxes are paid by all, where there is no VIP culture, where ministries are reduced to an adequate number, where excessive government buildings which ooze of wealth and hierarchy are utilised appropriately for the people, where education is a key foundation, where a proper health system is developed and many more real issues will be tackled. These are not ‘hot air’ promises but real issues with

real solutions, all it needs is the will power from an elected incumbent to deliver and this is what Imran Khan will deliver. The status quo politicians are definitely stuck in the selfcreated delusion that they have done wonders in improving the lives of the people. Harping on about a motorway, 10 years on, which is still only used by the elite or higher income earning families is not progress, having no electricity is not progress, wake up people! The time has come friends! The facebook and internet Insaf warriors have carried PTI across the world, now is the time to make a real difference at the local level. Whether it is here in the UK or in Pakistan NOW is the time to take the lead. Knock on your neighbours doors, talk to people, and convince people! For a Naya Pakistan. Let's not waste time as time is of the essence, if you can enable 1, 10, 100 or more people to vote for PTI make it happen!!. Ring your friends in Pakistan, call the person who would least expect you to contact them and pass the message on. Do your bit - Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country! Shahid Ali – PTI Sheffield

LOCAL VICTORY AS 20MPH ZONE AGREED Road safety campaigners in Broomhill and Walkley are welcoming a new 20 mph zone as the Council agreed community proposals. The new zone, which was proposed by the soon to be abolished Central Community Assembly, will include Upperthorpe in Walkley and the Birkendale and Roebuck Road areas in Broomhill. The zone area was first proposed by local Liberal Democrat councillor, Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed. He welcomed the decision but called on the Council to go further. Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, local

Liberal Democrat councillor for Broomhill, said: “I’m glad the Council have approved these new road safety measures. 20 mph zones have been proven to reduce accidents in residential areas and I’m pleased that the local community have forced the Council to act. “However, I’d still like to see the Council go further by expanding the scheme across Crookesmoor. It’s really important that the local community keep up the pressure on the Council to ensure that vital road safety measures are agreed.”

Lord Nazir Ahmed Apologizes The British Muslim peer who caused outrage by alleging a Jewish conspiracy for his imprisonment over a fatal car crash offered an unreserved apology for his “unacceptable” remarks. Pakistanborn Nazir Ahmed was suspended from the opposition Labour party when the comments, made to a Pakistani television station, were published in The Times newspaper last month. Speaking in Urdu, the 55-year-old had attributed a judge’s decision to jail him for dangerous driving four years ago to pressure from Jews “who own newspapers and TV channels.” “I completely and unreservedly apologize to the Jewish community, to the judiciary, to the newspaper owners,” Ahmed said

in an interview with The Huffington Post. Ahmed was appointed in 1998 as Britain’s first Muslim member of the House of Lords—the second chamber of the British Parliament. He struggled to explain why he made the remarks, saying: “It must have been a twisted mind that said those things.” When he saw the video on The Times website, “I could not believe that this was me,” Ahmed said, adding: “I cannot honestly say why.” He apologized to his colleagues in the Labour party, from which he was previously suspended in 2012 for allegedly offering a bounty for the capture of U.S. President Barack Obama and former president George W. Bush. He denied

the comments and was later reinstated. “I’m particularly sorry to all my colleagues in the House of Lords and in the House of Commons, because one thing many of them know is that I’m not anti-Semitic or a conspiracy theorist,” Ahmed said.

The Importance of Manners in Society Have you ever encountered someone who talks so loud that you could hear him/her from another room, or a person who talks with his mouth full, kids that break everything in sight and disturb any one with in radius of 100 meters, or a neighbour who plays the music so loud that your walls shake? Whether we are adapted to such behaviour or we become so easy on manners, we tend to do nothing during such situations. The world is being overtaken by rudeness and we seem to choose not to comment or complement. Sometimes, you even hear things that should not be raised in front of everyone, issues that should only be discussed within the four walls of your room. The worst is that the people talking about such issues do not seem to be concerned about themselves or others. They may have their own explanation for such kind of behaviour

but it makes you wonder about what happened to basic sense of manners. A person standing next to you in a bus station will spit every now and then in front of you or even worse to the side where you are standing. A person will come to your shop with a lit cigarette in his hand or you enter an office, and meet secretary or the person in charge stuck to the phone. While you are trying to be polite and wait until he/she finishes, you will learn that the person is making plans for the weekends with friends or gossiping about other friends. Despite the fact that we seem to ignore such behaviours and get on with our businesses: the person does the same thing to the next customer who visits the place. When confronted by such bad mannered people, we may think that it is not our business to tell them how to conduct their affairs, but do we not have the obligation as the

07866 750 466

member of that particular society that has norms and manners? Besides, if we not criticize such people then who will? We seem to value personal freedom above the collective good or the need to live in harmony together. We should not be turned into a community that only cares about the freedoms of the individual – especially when these freedoms are used to disrespect others. Manners are ways of showing kindness and consideration. It is not how we eat or speak; it is about sharing, cooperation and respect to others. Politeness is not something that our grandparents used to do to avoid the consequences of being "out of line". Despite the fact that rudeness is becoming common, majority of us seem to have some kind of immune system to such behaviour and move on. We tolerate the annoying person chew-

ing gum behind us on the bus, so as to avoid embarrassment and confrontation in public. I have heard of someone who strangled a social worker who had been on the phone for over half an hour when a bunch of people was waiting for him outside his office. There are also kids that talk back to their parents, break and touch every thing that their hands can reach. In such cases, I would say all this is because of the way the parents raised their kids. If your parents teach you what to do and how to talk to elders, you will definitely raise your kids the same way, since we want our kids to be well- mannered and responsible citizens. On the contrary if you are one of those kids that talk back to your parents and are not scolded for things that are inappropriate , then the kids you are going to raise are going to be like you or even worse. Some may argue that scolding a


child repeatedly may frighten him/her but that does not mean children need not be scolded. The norms and manners that a child learns at an early age become not only a part of him/her but also a part of the wider world and that wider world develops a ‘norm’ in how to behave to others. As a result, parents need to know what manners have to be taught, and which behaviours amount to kids just being kids. Good manners are what make life easier and more pleasant. If someone opens a door for you, you will say "thanks". If you witness a person struggling you will ask him if the person needs a hand and help him. After all, we share this planet. Thus, it is only appropriate that we shared some simple approaches to living on it that benefit as many people as possible.

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SCIATICA displaced, spinal nerve compression occurs and often causes sciatica. • Piriformis Syndrome; The sciatic nerve runs beneath the piriformis muscle. This muscle is susceptible to injury from a twisting action whilst carrying or lifting in an awkward position. This can cause cramping and spasm to develop in the piriformis muscle, thereby pinching the neighbouring sciatic nerve. • Trauma; Sciatica can result from direct nerve compression caused by external forces to the lower back or pelvic region. Examples include motor vehicle accidents, falling down, football and other sports. • Spinal Tumours and Infections; are other disorders that Common Symptoms Pressure on the sciatic nerve can cause any of the following signs may compress the sciatic nerve, but this is rare. Chiropractic: First and symptoms: • The pain is usually described as dull, achy, sharp, and Since there are many disorders that cause sciatica, chiropractors first toothache-like in character and maybe accompanied by intermittent shocks of shooting pain. • The pain originates in the lower back or buttock region and extends down one or both legs. • The discomfort can be minimal or disabling, and may be accompanied by burning, tingling, numbness or obvious muscle weakness. • Sitting and trying to stand up may be painful and difficult. • Coughing, sneezing, straining and movement of the leg often intensify the pain. Symptoms of increasing trunk or leg weakness, loss of feeling around the anal/testicular region or bladder and/or bowel incontinence are an indication of Cauda Equina Syndrome, a serious disorder requiring emergency treatment. If you are experiencing these symptoms please determine what is causing the sciatica. This is done at the first visit which involves a thorough review of your case history, a physical contact your GP immediately! and neurological examination and may include some diagnostic testThe Cause: Nerve Compression Sciatica is generally caused by pinching of the sciatic nerve. Lower ing such as an X-ray, MRI scanning, electrodiagnostic tests and/or back problems known to cause sciatic nerve compression include the blood tests. Once the cause has been established it is decided whether your case is suitable for chiropractic care. The majority (90%) of scifollowing: • Slipped disc; a disc can’t slip, but it can wedge, bulge, pro- atica patients do not require invasive treatment (injections/surgery) trude or herniate resulting in trapping/irritation of the neighbouring and can be treated conservatively with natural chiropractic. Chiropractic: Pure and Natural nerve and is the most common cause of sciatica. • Lumbar Spinal Stenosis; is a narrowing of one or more of The purpose of chiropractic treatment is to help the body's potential the nerve passageways within the spine and more often is the cause to heal itself. It is based on the scientific principle that restricted spinal movement leads to pain and reduced function and performance. of sciatica in mature patients. • Spondylolisthesis; results from a stress fracture often at The type of chiropractic care provided depends on the cause of the the 5th lumbar vertebra (L5) and is characterized by one vertebra patient's sciatica. A sciatica care plan usually includes several differslipping forward over the one below. When a vertebra slips and is ent treatments such as ice/cold therapies, massage, TENS, traction The term sciatica dates back to 1398 A.D., appearing to originate from the Latin word "ischiadicus" meaning "of pain in the hip". We generally use sciatica to describe pain that radiates along the path of this nerve from the lower back into the buttock and down the leg. A common misconception is that sciatica is a disorder; however, sciatica is really a symptom of an underlying problem. Since chiropractic care helps reduce nervous system disturbances; many patients who want a natural, drug-free solution that tackles the underlying cause of their symptoms have found chiropractic care very helpful.

and spinal adjustments. At the core of chiropractic care are spinal adjustments. Spinal adjustments help free restricted movement, restore misaligned spinal bones (subluxations) to their proper position and reduce nerve pinching responsible for causing inflammation, muscle spasm, pain, and other symptoms related to sciatica. Chiropractic care has produced results for millions of sciatica sufferer’s world wide. Frequently Asked Questions: How do you get sciatica? It’s easy to trace some spinal problems to an event, such as a car accident. Yet, sciatica is often the result of cumulative damage. Years of bad posture, poor muscle tone, excess weight or countless other causes sets the stage. Then, something simple like bending over and twisting can trigger an episode. Spinal decay can be another culprit. Instead of disc thinning that puts pressure on the sciatic nerve roots, arthritic bone spurs can intrude into the space normally reserved for the nerve. Can chiropractic cure sciatica? Actually, chiropractic doesn’t cure anything! Only your body can do that. The chiropractic approach to sciatica (and other health problems) is to help restore the way your spine works, reducing nerve irritation and revitalizing your own healing ability. How much chiropractic care will be needed? Most sciatica patients are delighted with the results they get within approximately 4-6 weeks. Naturally, this varies from patient to patient. Weakness and numbness can take longer to resolve. Once pain free our patients are prescribed a specific exercise program to help improve movement, strength, flexibility and coordination in their spine. This combined with periodic chiropractic checkups helps to significantly reduce the chances of a relapse occurring, something very common in sciatica sufferers. Dr Q Razzaq DC MRCC Chiro First Chiropractic Clinic 2-4 Abbeydale Road South Sheffield S7 2QN 0114 262 1999 w e

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Ronaldo Shows His Solidarity

The world's most expensive footballer Cristiano Ronaldo shows his support for Palestinians by refusing to exchange shirts with Israeli footballers after a Portugal-Israel match. On 22 March 2013, Portugal played Israel in a World Cup qualifying match. At the end of

the game, players on the two teams exchanged shirts, as is common practice on these occasions. Cristiano Ronaldo, the world's most expensive footballer, very pointedly walked past Israeli players who were offering to swap shirts.

It's not the first time Renaldo has shown his solidarity with the Palestinian people. According to some media reports, Cristiano refused to switch T-Shirt with Israeli footballers to record his protest against Israeli Brutality in Palestine. The Video also shows that how boldly he took this decision. This video is spreading massively on internet. On other hand, only few leading media channels reported this news. In November 2012, we learnt that Ronaldo had donated €1.5 million to Palestinian children in Gaza. He gave the Golden Boot he was awarded in 2011 to be sold at auction to raise funds for schools in Gaza. In 2011, he sold most of his sports shoes at a Real Madrid Foundation auction which was also dedicated to raising funds for schools in Gaza.

Ramadan season on Channel 4 Channel 4 will mark Ramadan with The channel said it was consulting ing prayers." daily broadcasts to mark the major Muslim clerics and other organisa- Other programmes announced durevent in the Islamic calendar. tions about broadcasting prayers. ing the broadcaster's spring/summer season launch include Do You Speak The broadcaster is "in discussions" Channel 4 intends to mark the month English?, a two-part series on the about airing morning prayers every of Ramadan with a special season one million immigrants in the UK day, between July and August. of programming which will include who cannot speak the language. hearing from a range of British MusBritish Muslims will also discuss lims on how they cope with daily life the physical and spiritual effects of during Ramadan and the physical fasting, every evening just after the and spiritual effects of fasting news. as well as marking daily early-morn-

UK Budget 2013:

What it Means for You British chancellor, George Osborne has said he is absolutely determinated to ensure his Budget drives economic growth in The UK. But it likely it will have little impact on UKs gross domestic product. Despite being forced to slash growth forecasts for the UK he thinks that the UK was making progress even in the wake of worse than expected global economic situation, as it had reduced the deficit as a percentage of GDP and created more than a million private sector jobs. Here is a simplified look at the Budget 2013 and what it means for us. Growth • GDP growth is expected to be 0.6% this year, the Office for Budget Responsibility now predicts. Its previous prediction – made in Osborne's autumn statement in December – was 1.2%. But this means the OBR still predicts the UK will avoid a second quarter of negative growth and thus a triple-dip recession. • The OBR predicts GDP growth in 2014 of 1.8% (down from 2%), then 2.3% in 2015 (same as previous prediction), 2.7% in 2016 (same) and 2.8% in 2017 (same). Tax • The personal allowance will be raised to £10,000 from next year, not from 2015 as previously planned. • Corporation tax will be reduced by a 1% to 20% in April 2015 to show "Britain is open for business". But the bank levy rate will increase to 0.142% to offset this reduction. • The capital gains tax holiday is to be extended. • New measures on tax avoidance and evasion will bring in £3bn in unpaid taxes. Deficit Deficit/budget deficit, is the difference between the money the government takes in each year and the money it spends that year. It can be measured in cash terms or as a percentage of national output (GDP). • The deficit is forecast to be 7.4% of GDP this year, George Osborne said – which is higher than the 6.9% forecast for this year in December's autumn statement. • The deficit is expected to fall to 6.8% next year, 5.9% in 201415, 5% (2015-16), 3.4% (201617) and 2.2% (2017-18). These figures are all higher than those forecast in the autumn statement. In December, the deficit was forecast to drop to 6.1% next year, then 5.2%, 4.2%, and 2.6% year by year, reaching 1.6% in 201718. • The deficit was 11.2% of GDP in 2009-10, so it has been cut by a third since then. Borrowing Government borrowing or the public sector net borrowing requirement, is the money the government has to raise in the financial markets to cover the deficit for that year and balance the books for that year. • Yearly borrowing is down £45bn since the government came to office, Osborne said. Borrowing is £114bn this year and is predicted

to fall each year from £108bn next year to £97bn in 2014-15, then to £87bn, £61bn and £42bn in the following years. But these figures were predicted in December's autumn statement to be £108bn this year and £99bn next year, and to drop to £31bn in 2017-18. Borrowing was £159bn in 2009-10, £141bn in 2010-11, and £121bn in 2011-12. Debt Net debt is the overall debt figure for the UK - not the yearly figure. Broadly speaking, if there is any yearly deficit at all, the debt will go up. • Public sector net debt will be 75.9% of GDP this year – then 79.2%, 82.6%, 85.1%, and 85.6% in the following years, before falling to 84.8% in 2017-18. These figures are all higher than those given in December's autumn statement. (The figures then were: 74.7% this year, then 76.8% next

year, then 79%, 79.9%, falling to 79.2% in 2016-17 and 77.3% in 2017-18.) • Debt was 57.1% of GDP in 2009-10, 66.5% in 2010-11 and 71.8% in 2011-12. National insurance • A new employment allowance will cut the first £2,000 from employers' national insurance bills. Around 450,000 small businesses – one third of all employers – will pay no employers' NI at all. Childcare • Tax-free childcare vouchers will be introduced, worth £1,200 per child for families with both parents working and with a joint income of £300,000 or less, and there will be increased support for families with children on universal credit. Pensions • The flat-rate pension worth £144 a week will now be brought forward to 2016 (from 2017). Bank of England • The Bank of England monetary policy committee is given an updated remit, but it keeps its 2% inflation target. Its remit will be updated to allow it to use "unconventional monetary instruments" to boost economic growth, while keeping inflation stable. The Bank of England: its remit has been changed to allow it to focus a bit more on growth. • Government departments' budgets are to be cut by 1% after an £11bn underspend this year, although health and schools are exempt. Money saved will be put into infrastructure projects. • Osborne wants £11.5bn of savings in the spending review for 2015-16, up from a previously announced £10bn. Infrastructure • Infrastructure plans will be boosted by £3bn a year from 2015-16.

Public sector • The public sector pay cap of 1% will be extended by one year to 2015-16. But military personnel will receive their full recommended increase in May. Environment • The government will take forward two major carbon capture and storage projects and offer new tax incentives for the manufacture of ultra-low emission vehicles. • There will be a "generous" new tax regime to promote early investment in shale gas. "Shale gas is part of the future," the chancellor said of the controversial fuel. • The planned 3p fuel duty rise expected this September will be scrapped. Social care • The cap on social care costs will come in in 2016 rather than 2017 and will be £72,000 rather than £75,000. The threshold for means-tested help for residential care will be raised from £23,000 to £118,000. That will also come in in 2016. Mortgages • There will be a new help-to-buy scheme for those struggling to find mortgage deposits. This will include £3.5bn for shared equity loans and a government interestfree loan worth 20% of the value of a newly-built home. • There will be a new mortgage guarantee, sufficient for £130bn of loans, to help people who cannot afford a big deposit. Alcohol • The planned 3p rise in beer duty has been scrapped and replaced by a 1p cut in duty on a pint of beer. • The beer duty escalator has been scrapped, but planned rises for all other alcohol duties will be maintained. Equitable Life • Help for Equitable Life policyholders will be extended to those who bought with-profits annuities between 1992, with payments of £5,000 and an extra £5,000 for those on the lowest incomes. Unemployment • Quarterly unemployment figures were also announced today: the jobless total increased for the first time in a year, jumping 7,000 to 2.52 million. All the increase was caused by more 18- to 24-yearolds becoming unemployed. The total is still 152,000 lower than a year ago. The unemployment rate remained at 7.8%, compared with 8.3% a year ago. • There were 993,000 unemployed 16- to 24-year-olds in the latest quarter to January (21.2%), up by 48,000 from the three months to October. The rise among 18to 24-year-olds was 53,000. The number of unemployed women increased by 5,000. • But the number of people claiming jobseeker’s allowance dropped in February by 1,500 to 1.54 million – probably due to a tougher stance by jobcentres. And the number of people in employment increased by 131,000 to 29.73 million from November to January, and is now 590,000 higher than a year ago. Economists have struggled to explain this apparent anomaly.

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Generally at this time of year people are becoming more optimistic with the weather getting better (notwithstanding the last month) and the days getting longer. There is the age old question - similar to people talking about the weather - "is the property market improving". In the last few Springs ,there has been a great deal of positive thought that this will be the year the market improves and to some extent it has. This year the optimism is certainly returning with tempered with caution. Which is a good sign that the foundation of the recovery is getting stronger. If you look at each sector of the market,which I will do as follows: RESIDENTIAL: It is clear that this is the market which we are all familiar with. The signs are very much there that good properties in sought after locations are still selling well. In fact some people argue there is a shortage. If you look at the residential development market,building new homes is beginning albeit on a small scale. The government in the recent budget has announced support for the construction industry. Opinion as ever is divided but the trend certainly is in the right direction. At the front end of the market in the auction room it is abundantly clear that investors are turning back to property and in some cases paying almost the same prices as pre-recessionary days. A word of caution here though is that one good day does not make a summer but a beginning. On the rental side of the residential market, rents are holding strong with demand. INDUSTRIAL: The market for industrial properties has remained fairly even. Good quality accommodation on flexible terms is certainly at-

tracting tenants. As people look showing signs of improvement. to start their own businesses this sector of the market is strong but AUCTIONS: it is argued that there is a lack of The auction room can arguably good quality accommodation. be considered a barometer of the Sometimes the difficulty in market. The last few months in the market is the price,where our auctions the room has been vendors expectations are still full, with results on the strong high,but the quality of product side. Clearly if you buy at aucdoes not match tenants' require- tion you need to have done your ments. It is clear this is a chicken homework and taken the necesand egg scenario. But enquiries sary advice from professional advisers. remain fairly strong. It is clear demand is returning. What is needed is more good This market is again one where quality stock. there is divided opinion. Some people arguing that there is not GROUND RENTS: enough good quality accommodation of sufficient size. Others This market is more for the proargue there is an oversupply of fessional buyers, who understand the legal technicalities and office accommodation. are able to invest for the long Whatever your opinion it is quite term. More and more buyers are clear that this is very much a getting involved in this sector of challenged market,with some the market. vendors turning office accomIf you wish to get involved in modation into residential. this market then please take legal If you are looking for offices advice and a Chartered Surveythen this is probably a good time or's advice,before embarking on to enquire as you are likely to get this market for investment. a good price. OVERSEAS INVESTMENT: RETAIL: It is becoming more and more A fairly good market exists for evident that we are seeing overgood quality retail properties seas investment coming into this in the right locations,in Shef- country, particularly in London field - Ecclesall Road, London where the market is strongly Road and surrounding areas are driven by overseas investment. still strong. Although vendors This is now moving into cities have to be flexible with their like Manchester, Birmingham demands. The same will apply and Leeds. But without doubt the in other towns and cities,where market in London is extremely people are looking to start their strong. own businesses. Retail investments are still very popular with As the world becomes more of investors. In fact there is a short- a village, the property market age of good quality investments is shrinking and is accessible to coming onto the market,with more people. vendors holding onto properties Generally speaking one could for future growth. argue the Spring market is beOn a recent letting I was in- ginning to show signs of more volved in, there were over thirty sustainable growth. It is slow enquiries. We had many offers to but more solid. Arguably this pick from. Clearly this is not a could be a year that starts to be the turning corner for property. isolated occurrence. The signs are certainly there. Therefore, it can be concluded that this market is arguably OFFICES:

The Messendger Of Allah (Pbuh) In The Eyes Of International Intellectuals And Writers The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was sent for all mankind, regardless of nation or race. He was sent as mercy to the worlds which came throughout his life in his sayings and his deeds. He worked with full devotion and dedication to build the human race on the best moral and civilization levels. He fought and rejected all racial, religious and national barriers to bring people together. His struggle to raise the status of humanity has made him worthy of appreciation and respect from people all over the world, especially intellectuals who understand what the Holy Messenger stood for. Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy, said:

“No prophet earned the respect of his enemies except Muhammad, which made many of them embrace Islam.” Napolean Bonaparte is quoted as saying: “I hope the time is not far off when I shall be able to unite all the wise and educated men of all the countries and establish a uniform regime based on the principles of Qur'an which alone are true and which alone can lead men to happiness.” English writer George Bernard Shaw said: "I have studied him- The wonderful man-and in my opinion-He must be called the Savior of humanity.

And the French Philosopher, Lamartine said: "Mohammad (PBUH) is the Philosopher, Orator, Apostle, Legislator, Warrior, Conqueror of fantasies. In all standards by which human greatness is measured, we may well ask: Is there any man greater than Prophet Mohammad?!'' As for the eighteenth century poet and writer Voltaire, he said: “The laws that Muhammad brought along conquered and educated the soul, for the beauty of that Shariah and the simplicity of its authentic rules attracted many nations to the religion of Muhammad and drove them to embrace Islam.” Syed Iftikhar H Shah

What You Should Know Before Your Next Flight Ever worry about someone opening an aircraft door at 30,000 feet? Pearls of wisdom are being shared by pilots, flight attendants and cabin cleaning crew on the social-news website, Reddit, much to the delight of travelers who don’t often have such a frank exchange with the people who know the skies the best. Bathrooms Airplane bathrooms can be unlocked and opened from the outside. All of them. Every pilot and flight attendant knows how, and probably a number of the passengers do, as well. So be careful. Cabin lights When taking off and landing at night, lights are turned off in the cabin to allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness. In the event of an evacuation, you’ll be able to see better. Blankets, pillows, magazines

The pros say don’t use the blankets and pillows if they aren’t wrapped in sanitary plastic, unless you enjoy sharing unknown pieces of humanity with random strangers. Also, the magazines are probably the dirtiest things on an airplane … Opening doors mid-flight Ever stood next to the emergency door and worried about some maniac yanking it open at 30,000 feet? Relax. Individuals simply don’t have the strength to open a door in-flight. Try it and you may freak out your fellow passengers, but at high altitude that door simply won’t budge. It’s not just a case of strength and air pressure, but one of design. Aircraft manufacturers use these days makes it impossible for a passenger to open a door while in-flight. Flight deck visits Think flight deck visits are verboten

after 9/11? Not so. “It’s OK when the plane is on the ground, it’s the best part of my job, especially when the passenger is interested and has lots of questions,” says one pilot. You can ask during boarding to take a peek in depending on how busy we are, but it’s better after landing when everyone is disembarking.” What they won’t tell you during emergencies “If we’re not going to make it, we’re definitely not going to tell you,” says one flight attendant. “The last thing we need before we die is a riot.” “Do not remove your shoes during take-off or landing. If something were to happen during take-off or landing and you’d need to evacuate the plane, you wouldn’t want to be running on the runway over debris and burning fuel in your socks, now would you?”

Register to Vote Day - “It’s your vote, don’t lose it” With only a month to go before local elections in parts of England and Wales, the Electoral Commission has launched a national campaign to encourage people to register in time to have their say at elections on Thursday 2 May. The government has launched this campaign to urge people to take a few minutes on Register to Vote Day to go to and make sure they’ll

be able to have their say. Those particularly at risk of missing their chance to vote are people who have moved house recently, and who mistakenly assume they are automatically registered at their new address because they pay council tax. The two processes are completely separate. The Electoral Commission campaign, with the slogan “It’s your vote, don’t lose it”, encourages

people to visit the website www. to register to vote ahead of the 17 April deadline. The campaign will run across television, radio and online from Register to Vote Day until 16 April. People can call the Commission’s information hotline on 0800 3 280 280 or contact their local authority electoral registration office.

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Legal Corner

Q&A PROPERTY Mohammed Nazir

Head of Property & Immigration Wosskow Brown Solicitors LLP

Sale of Property

A The Overriding Interest Form is a new form introduced into the Conveyancing process. It gives information to the purchaser’s solicitors as to whether there Q What is a fixtures and are any additional arrangements or rights that have fittings form? been created over the propA A fixtures and fittings erty in recent years. form is one of the important documents when you are Q. What is the meaning selling a residential property of Vacant Possession in a and it provides information sale agreement? of what items will be left in This is a very importhe property. Please fill this A form in very carefully as it tant clause of the sale agreebecomes part of your sale ment and it means that once your solicitor has received contract. the purchase funds, you will Q. What is a Property In- hand over possession to the purchaser and there will be formation Form (PIF) no occupiers, items or rubA This gives details of bish left at the property. If your property and contains you do not provide vacant information and changes possession then potentially to the property in the past. you are in breach of contract This form should be com- and the purchaser can ask pleted very carefully and in for damages and gain posfull as this information is very session through the Court. important. If you are not sure about anything you should Q. What is a redemption speak to your legal advisor figure and what is its imbefore you hand over this portance in the sale process? form to the purchasers. A redemption stateQ What is an Overriding A ment is information from the Interest Form? existing mortgage lender detailing the amount outstand-

ing on the property. You cannot proceed without an updated redemption figure. Your solicitor will need this to complete the sale of your property as they have to give a promise to the purchaser’s solicitors to clear the property from financial liability. In new sale contracts the vendor is also bound to clear any financial charges on the property but it also depends on the wording of the sale agreement. Q. What are early Repayment charges ? A. If you pay your mortgage within the fixed period then you have to pay the adiantial money its called early repayment charges. If the fixed term for the interest rate has passed then there should not be any penalty.

Disclaimer: This is information only and do not act on this information as legal advice and always seek advice from your solicitor according to the circumstances of your case.

A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN With the wedding season fast approaching, you may be worried, as finding that perfect outfit and where to look is never easy. Head over to Janan, in Bradford to find a piece which will not compromise on style, and leave you looking flawless. You can be assured that your chosen outfit will have the exclusivity factor and be stamped with originality. Janan features an array of exclusive designs all under one roof, stocking the likes of Junaid Jamshed, Needlez, Sana Safinaz, Maria B, Gul Ahmed and many other renowned designers. In addition to stitched suits Janan sells top quality, designer loose fabrics so that the creatives among you can use to craft fashion masterpieces of your own. Our unstitched designer collection consists of Shwet, Me, Roma Couture, Violet and many more. Janan bridal suite includes an exclusive new bridal range featuring a variety of different styles and cuts, promising something which will cater to each individual’s requirements. Whether it be a traditional outfit or a simple piece you are looking for, Janan has the right style to accompany your preference.

That sense of creativity is brought over to their bridal range. Incorporating a selection of diverse looks, the new bridal range offers designs which are on trend and come with a range of colours to pick from. At Janan, they aim to look after the traditional bride’s needs, as well as those who are after a more modern look. That quality runs throughout all their clothing. Using an extensive variety of materials and techniques, their pieces will have you standing out from the crowd. The traditional Lengha is a key piece, but has been given an updated look. The use of an over-coat on top of a blouse, allows the Lengha to not only look elegant but also be comfortable to wear. With a major focus on how the outfit will fit within this new range, net is a key material used to add texture and flare, which creates an aesthetically pleasing shape. Attention to detail is also another key element within the bridal range. Whether it is the fit of the garment, the embellishment, or the embroidery, you can be sure that each aspect has been taken into careful consideration. Floral motifs, beautiful stone work and thick borders are representative

of the bridal range at Janan. Accessories, handbags and shoes are also catered for, with their experienced in-house personal shoppers always ready at hand to give you direction and any advice. The best of menswear is also catered for in-store and online, with a wide selection of Sherwani’s and matching accessories to complement each piece. With varying price ranges, there is a suitable outfit for those with different budgets. All of the outfits at Janan are tailored to the highest level, with an immaculate finish. Janan also offers the traditional men salwar kameez from everyday wear to occasional. Junaid Jamshed mens collection for men features smart semi formal and casual salwar kameez, followed by a range of jubbahs. Janan assures you with varying price ranges; there is a suitable outfit for those with different budgets. All of the outfits at Janan are tailored to the highest level, with an immaculate finish. After all of your shopping is completed, Café Janan is the ideal place to unwind and relax.

NEW HISTORIC WEDDING VENUE FOR ROTHERHAM Couples looking to get married or form a civil partnership in Rotherham will be able to make their vows in the atmospheric surroundings of Clifton Park Museum in the future. The elegant dining room in the Grade II listed

building - with its views over the adjoining park - will provide a beautifully-historic back-drop to couples who want to make a bit of history of their own. Rotherham Borough Council Cabinet Members agreed that the 18th century

house - the former home of the Walker family - will be the new ceremony venue for the borough. It will replace the current ceremony room at Rotherham Town Hall, which has been used temporarily since the closure of Bailey House to public use. Councillors said Clifton Park Museum was a fantastic place in its own right and will provide a wonderful back-drop to these hugely important occasions. From December 1 this will be Rotherham's ceremony venue but until then they will honour the existing bookings at the Town Hall.

WELCOME HOME Sheffield Rotherham and District Council of Muslims- Chief Executive ( Mr Mukhtar Tufail ) welcomes Women’s ( England ) Cricketer of The Year , ( Pride of Barnsley, England and Yorkshire ) Katherine Brunt home. Katherine has just returned from a successful tour of India where she performed outstandingly on behalf of The England Cricket Team. Welcoming her home, Mr

Tufail presented her with a lolly which was manufactured in his parents original home town of Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.( Pakistan.) Speaking on the occasion Mr Tufail said “I wanted to welcome Katherine back in style. She is a great local and international role model. She has done wonders in putting women’s cricket on the international map, including influencing various women’s school and

colleges in Mirpur Town. The British Asian Community like their counterparts abroad, are faithfully involved with the cricketing world. Katherine Brunt holds a celebrity like status for all the right reasons. Her unequivocal performance and contributions to the cricketing world have to constantly be endorsed in order to maintain impetus amongst the cricketing world“

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Many Muslim women in the UK have been diagnosed with low Vitamin D. Being less exposed to the sun’s rays have left many with a painful deficiency which manifests itself in later life. What does vitamin D do for the body? It’s been known for many years that vitamin D is critical to the health of our bones and teeth, but deeper insight into D’s wider role in our health is quite new. Vitamin D works in concert with other nutrients and hormones in your body to support healthy bone renewal — an ongoing process of mineralization and demineralization which, when awry, shows up as rickets in children (“soft bones”) or osteoporosis (“porous bones”) in adults. Researchers are discovering that D also promotes normal cell growth and differentiation throughout the body, working as a key factor in maintaining hormonal balance and a healthy immune system. It assists in

the build-up and breakdown of healthy tissue — in other words, regulating the processes that keep you well. What’s more, evidence from studies tracking the prevalence of disease by geography and nationality shows clear links between vitamin D deficiency and obesity, insulin resistance, heart disease, certain cancers, and depression. Since most of these problems take many years to manifest, vitamin D deficiency has been overlooked by many providers for a very long time. Your body can’t create vitamin D on its own. Instead, it’s designed to make it through sun exposure. In theory, you can make an ample supply of vitamin D with as little as a couple of hours per week in the sun — provided the UVB rays are strong enough. You can also ingest D through food, especially fatty fish like wild–harvested salmon. Plus, lots of foods are fortified nowadays, so vitamin D deficiency should be an

easy problem to solve, right? But the truth is, we’re just not getting enough, and so many of us aren’t even close. Healthy sunbathing — is it possible? Our bodies are remarkably efficient. During the summer months, even as little as 15 minutes in the sun (without sunblock!) in the early morning and late afternoon is enough for most light-skinned individuals to create an ample supply of vitamin D. Skin with more pigment (melanin) like us Asians may require up to 40 minutes. But sunbathing is something we definitely don’t do so this is out of the question. What you can do to prevent vitamin D deficiency • Allow yourself limited, unprotected sun exposure in the early morning and late afternoon (40 minutes for dark skin) — particularly between May and September. • Its the long bones in the arms and the legs that do most of the work converting sunshine into vitamin D. • Eat a diet rich in whole foods. Nutrient-dense, fatty fish like mackerel and sardines are good sources of vitamin D. Egg yolks, fortified organic milk and other dairy products, and some organ meats (like liver) are also reasonably good natural sources of D. • Take a top-quality multivitamin every day to fill in any nutritional gaps, preferably one that includes fish oil.

TaxReforms : cont page 1 Family law cases including divorce, child custody, immigration and employment cases will be badly affected.

condition, but on how your condition affects you, so narrowing the gateway to the PIP.

It will contain two elements: a daily living component and a mobility component. If you score sufficient points, a claim can be made. Assessments will be face-to-face rather than based on written submissions, starting in Monday 1 April Council tax benefit passes into local control Bootle benefits centre, handling claims across the north-west and north-east. Council tax benefit, currently a single system Monday 8 April administered by the Department for Work Benefit uprating begins and Pensions, is being transferred to local councils with a reduction in funding of 10%. Council tax benefit is claimed by 5.9 million For the first time in history welfare benefits and tax credits will not rise in line with low-income families in the UK. The new onus on councils has come at a time when local government funding, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, has fallen by 26.8% in two years in real terms. A Guardian survey of 81 councils last week found many claiming they face difficult cuts, with almost half saying they were reducing spending on care services for adults. This also comes at a time when 2.4m households will see a council tax rise. Savings: a minimum £350m from £2.2bn legal aid bill.

Savings: up to £480m a year, but depends on decisions of local councils. Monday 1 April NHS commissioning changes for ever An NHS commissioning board and a total of 240 local commissioning groups made up of doctors, nurses and other professionals will take control of budgets to buy services for patients. They will buy from any service providers, including private ones so long as they meet NHS standards and costs. Strategic health authorities and primary care trusts disappear.

inflation and will instead for the next three years rise by 1%. Had there been no change benefits would have risen by 2.2%. Disability benefits will continue to rise in line with inflation. Savings: £505m in the first year, rising to £2.3bn in 2015-16. Nearly 9.5 million families will be affected, including 7 million in work, by £165 a year. Monday 15 April Welfare benefit cap

The most popular of the welfare reforms will begin on 15 April in the London boroughs of Bromley, Croydon, Enfield and Haringey. The intention is that no welfare claimants will receive in total more than the average annual Monday 1 April household income after tax and national Regulation of financial industry changes insurance – estimated at £26,000. Other The Financial Conduct Authority and Pruden- councils will start to introduce it from 15 July tial Regulation Authority, housed in the Bank and it will be fully up and running by the end of September. Some estimate 80,000 houseof England, replace the Financial Services Authority. The Bank promises these changes holds will be made homeless. The DWP says around 7,000 people who would have been do not represent the death and Easter resuraffected by the cap have moved into work rection of the same body. A new, proactive and a further 22,000 have accepted employsupervisory approach towards the City is promised, focused on outcomes rather than a ment support to move into work. Households where someone is entitled to working tax tick-box culture. It has powers to prosecute, credits will not be affected. throw people out of the industry and withdraw a bank's licence. Above all it monitors Savings: £51m over three years. risk to the financial system as a whole. Costs: £1.4bn, mainly in redundancies, followed by savings as high as £5bn in 2015 owing to fall in staff numbers.

Saturday 6 April 50p tax rate scrapped for high earners

28 April Universal credit introduced

Announced in the 2012 budget. George Osborne said the 50p rate, introduced in April 2010, caused massive distortions in 2010-11 and raised only £1bn, rather than the £2.5bn forecast by Labour back in 2009. HMRC found £16bn was deliberately shifted into the previous tax year, largely by owner/directors of companies taking dividends in the previous year when the highest rate was still 40p. Labour claims 13,000 millionaires will get a £100,000 tax cut.

The new in- and out-of-work credit, which integrates six of the main out-of-work benefits, will start to be implemented this April in one jobcentre in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester. The aim is to increase incentives to work for the unemployed and to encourage longer hours for those working part-time. It had been intended that four jobcentres would start the trial in April, but this has been delayed until July, and a national programme will start in September for new claimants. They will test the new sanctions regime and a new fortnightly job search trial, which aims to ensure all jobseeker's allowance and unemployment claimants are automatically signed onto Job Match, an internet-based job-search mechanism. Suspicion remains that the software is not ready.

Monday 8 April Disability living allowance scrapped

108 Fitzwilliam Road Rotherham S65 1PX T: 01709 85 33 55

The personal independence payment (PIP) replaces the disability living allowance and, according to the DWP, is not based on your

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Do we know enough about the importance of Thalassemia. The disease effects many in the Pakistani Community and it has a important relationship to firstcousin marriages. In our society first-cousin marriages are very common. A result of this is that many genetic disorders are passed on from one generation to the next. And this causes a difficult life for the children stricken by thalassaemia as a result. At the same time, the parents go through a lot of mental agony which they must face in the form of treatment for the children. Marriages between first cousins and close family members is a largely ignored subject and one which many do not want to face or even talk about. There are dangers and serious repercussions of marriages between cousins. This custom seems to be taking ever deeper roots in conservative communities in Pakistan, and the number of children afflicted with genetic disorders has grown. Research done at the University of Health Sciences, Lahore indicates that there is a more

than a 50 percent higher risk of inherited disorders like thalassemia, deafness, blindness, mental disorders, diabetes and muscular disorders in children born to first cousins. Though more common in first-cousin partners, marriages within the same community also carry a higher risk. According to research, more than 80 percent of all parents in Pakistan are first cousins, seven percent are related by blood, about six percent belong to the same caste and only about four percent marry outsiders. In many countries, first-cousin marriages are forbidden and children of these marriages stand at 20 percent risk of having genetic problems. Dr Aslam Khan at the UHS in Lahore, carried out his research in Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot and Shaikhupura districts, in which 9,503 parents were involved. Of these, 44.1 percent were first cousins, 14.7 percent were relatives and 41.2 percent were unrelated. He found that, in the case of thalassemia, 44 percent of the afflicted children were from first-cousin mar-

riages. Of the 206 families interviewed in Lahore, 89 percent were first cousins. Out of the 720 children born to them, 318 were afflicted with thalassemia. Many of those who don’t have the disease are carriers and can pass it on to their offspring. Considering these figures, it seems imperative to have premarriage screening of couples in order to indicate what risk they carry of passing on defective genes and what precautions they should take. Here in the UK research carried out in the Pakistani community found that more than 700 children were born with genetic diseases every year to parents who were first cousins. These children were ten times more likely to inherit disorders than the general population. These included infant mortality, birth defects, learning difficulties, blindness, hearing problems and metabolic disorders. Unfortunately, despite mounting evidence, the Pakistani community was not willing to acknowledge the risk, take preventative measures or, sometimes, even discuss the issue. Thalassemia is the most common genetic disorder in Pakistan and a major public-health problem. With medical advances and improving medical facilities, children with the disease live longer now than they did in the past, and more problems develop as they get older. There is no cure for this disorder but it can be controlled through public awareness.

PMC’s another Milestone A 24Hrs Radio Station Listen to:-


THE LORD, THE JEWS AND THE CONSPIRACY By Jaan. M. Khan There is this great movie script for a conspiracy thriller. The plot unfolds something like this. Let’s take an Earl of the British realm and call him Lord A. Let’s take a dodgy foreign semi- political criminal organisation and give them an abbreviated title for example MQM and finally a slur against histories most victimised religious group who happen to be now one of the most influential lobbying groups in the western world ( visa a vi Britain and America) the Jewish community. Stick all these ingredients in a bag give them a good shake and hey presto you have the Vindaloo of hot international thrillers. The recent unfortunate events which have led to Lord Ahmed giving a full and unreserved apology for blaming Jewish owned media organisations for his imprisonment, should now let this matter be resigned to the dust bin of history. I say this because too many in the Muslim and wider non Muslim community, together with conscientious media sceptics, of whom there are many after the recent exposure of the appalling antics of the press in the hacking scandal and subsequent reform of the press. The interesting question is not what was allegedly said, but what were the British Times paper doing scrawling through dusty Pakistani Urdu television channel archives? After all it does beg the question is this the normal and standard pass time of the British press? Is this the nature of pursuing what is legitimately in the public interest? There are more pressing concerns around the globe, like International wars, starvation, poverty, dictatorships, the list goes on and on. The singling out of one of the few Muslim Peers in the British Isles, with an alleged antiSemitic statement, in a foreign land and language, would have (apart from cob webs), the fingerprints of a sinister criminal organisation all over it. Is it a case of life imitating art, as in our fictional movie plot, or something a little more malevolent? In a recent interview Hamilton Fabian, the Leeds North East MP who happens to be Jewish himself, when having the allegations against Lord Ahmed put to him, stating that although he would be appalled by any such statement, he has never found Lord Ahmed to be in any way Anti-Semitic in his dealings with him as a long standing friend and colleague. In fact to echo Lord Ahmeds’ words in his statement in

which he stated that he should have dealt with the facts and not the conspiracy. Lord Ahmed is a founding trustee of The Joseph Interfaith Foundation a joint national Muslim and Jewish foundation, dedicated to fostering constructive and realistic dialogue between Britain’s Muslim and Jewish communities. The Foundation made the following statement upon Lord Ahmeds’ recent resignation as a trustee.

by Lord Ahmed for which he has now categorically apologised or in any way seen to be seen as an apologist for him. But the facts remain that this particular interview in a foreign language press, made some time ago, with the scrutiny on the two sentences which attracted such controversy, should now emerge in the British press is suspicious. What greater sin can public figures do in the modern media, other than be accused of any kind of “ We wish to acknowledge anti-Semitism. A sure way of and thank Lord Ahmed for the subverting and destroying any great support that he gave and career. work that he did for the Foundation during his trusteeship”. The emphasis now needs to be on the method by which Now the irony of all this is the Times paper acquired this all the more further enhanced tape. Which individuals or by Usam Hasan, a re-formed what organisations have asformer extremist, writing in sisted them in the acquisition. the guardian who spoke of a What motivates these people, particular sermon he gave in a was money handed over and London mosque a decade ago, ultimately who seeks to benefit where he was speaking about from this whole torrid affair in unethical economic practices Anglo-British Pakistani politiby implying that the Jews were cal circles. over –represented in the global The actual content of the statement if made in English would of course not have even mentioned the Jews. This is because the Urdu language does not have a word for Zionists. And that is in my opinion where the crux of the matter lies.

banking system. In a congregation of over a thousand people, it was one Lord Ahmed who rebuked him, showed him his latent anti-Semitism and the error of his ways. Advice which Hasan admits set him on a new path and changed his life.

Lord Ahmed was following a long line of politicians from all backgrounds and political persuasions, who have made objection to the policy of Zionists and their affiliates. Be they in their sustenance of the State of Israel or their well known mercurial powers of lobbying and influence. Lord Ahmeds assertion and again I state this is only my humble opinion, was actually about these forces at work. The background of Zionists are mainly Christian or Evangelical or ethnically neutral. In this context the unfortunate use of the word Jews for the language of the hosting media, would now be set to undermine his standing in the western media world.

Now this needs to be mentioned in order to illustrate my point that upon examination the works and deeds of this man do not paint a picture currently or historically of an Only in this context can one anti-Semite or for that matter fully understand retrospecany sort of racist. tively Lord Ahmeds shock and horror at being confronted Lord Ahmed has engage- with the transcript of what he ments all over the world and actually said in that Pakistani frequents Pakistan regularly, Television interview, as he acplaying host to the media at knowledged in his interview all times. If he was harbour- with Medhi Hasan, in The ing anti-Semitic or other racist Huffington Post UK. tendencies then believe you me there would have been P.S Disclaimer. For all the many opportunities for these observant amongst you, will to surface. realise that the MQM organisation mentioned in the openInstead of which he has trod- ing paragraph of this article, den that most difficult of paths should not be confused with not only appealing for inter- any existing Pakistani affilifaith understanding, but active- ated organisations and does in ly taking steps to promote this. no way represent them or any So thereby lays the dilemma. other. In order to distinguish The facts on the ground as re- this from them the name was corded by history, or the media spelt back to front for the purportrayal. I am in no way here poses of this article. justifying the comments made

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Start Your Own Business By: Amar Saleem

Business Development Manager Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Email:

By Amar Saleem Business Development Manager Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Start Your Own Business If you’re thinking of starting up a business, you’ll first need to come up with a realistic idea that you can turn into a product or service. You might have already come up with an idea for a business you think there’s a market for, or invented something you think people will want to buy. Test your business idea with potential customers to check if there’s real demand for what you’re planning to sell. This lets you find out about any problems and fix them before you've wasted too much time, effort and money. Identify potential customers. Talk to them and find out about their needs.If you can, make a basic version of your product or service (a ‘prototype’). Work out the cheapest and quickest way of making something that lets you find out if you’re meeting a real customer need. Test it with them and get feedback. Find out what they’d be willing to pay for it. Try out different prices with different customers in a consistent, realistic way to see what people will really pay. Can you make enough money for a return on your investment? If there are other businesses competing for your market, think about what will make you different. Can you provide some-

thing better than what’s already Whether you’re making a product available? and you need raw materials, or A business plan is a good way to supplies and equipment to run your sum up: the customer need you’re service, many businesses need to aiming to meet and how your busi- work closely with suppliers. Search ness will meet that need while online and talk to other businesses. making a profit. It should clearly Draw up a list of potential supplishow the results of your customer ers. Get estimates, then go and talk research, and that you’re able to to them so you can: Negotiate pricexplain how you can turn your idea es, start to develop relationships into viable business before you in- and get a sense of which suppliers vest lots of time and money. Your are reliable and trustworthy plan can also be a very helpful tool You’ll need to agree on payment to convince other people of the val- terms with your suppliers, and get ue of your business. This includes them in writing. This includes your potential partners and sources of ‘trade credit’ period (how many days you agree to pay invoices funding. within), and whether they can ofMany businesses start with just one fer you discounts for things like person, known as a ‘sole trader’. If buying in bulk or quick payments. you set up as a sole trader you’ll be You’ll also need to find suppliers self-employed, which means you’ll for the equipment you’ll need to be your own boss. You’ll also be run your business, including your responsible for: managing your IT systems. own time, looking after all of your company’s admin and accounts and You can also attract customers and taking risks with your own money, increase awareness by setting up a particularly if you’re leaving full- website for your business. Search time employment. Whether you online for resources, as well as loset up as a sole trader, partnership cal web design and development or limited company, your business companies you can work with. is likely to involve working with You may also be able to sell your more people to develop and sell product or service directly through your idea - including partners, sup- a website. There is also fantastic resources to market your business pliers and distributors. through social media such as FaceFinding a co-founder with relevant book and LinkedIn. skills and knowledge that are different to yours lets you focus on You’ll need to decide which legal what you’re best at. For example, structure is right for your business you might be selling a product you before you register and start tradinvented, or a service that uses a ing. It’s important to understand particular skill or talent you have, the different risks and benefits bebut not have any hands-on expe- fore you choose - whether you set rience of running a business. If up as a sole trader, limited comso, you might want to work with pany or partnership affects: the someone who has business and amount of financial risk you’re takmanagement skills, and can look ing on, the way you’ll need to pay after things like financial planning tax, and report to HM Revenue & and recruitment. Consider work- Customs ( HMRC) and Companies ing with several partners in a team. House (for limited companies and You’ll be able to share responsibili- some types of partnership) how ties including risk, getting funding, much control you have over how your business is run. expertise and sharing contacts.

Mushtaq Tufail from BBC Radio Sheffield Speaking to members of the community outside Darnal Bangladeshi Community Centre at the launch of Darnal Community Action Group.

BETRAYAL OVER 260% PARKING PERMIT HIKE Drivers in Sheffield have accused Labour politicians of betrayal as they face a 260% hike in parking permit charges. A first permit for residents is set to increase to £36 next year, from just £10 in 2011/12. A second permit will rise to £72 from the previous charge of £30, while charges for businesses will rise from £20 to £72. The decision to hike the charge follows a high-profile campaign by Sheffield Labour MP, Paul Blomfield, against parking permit profits under the headline, “No Ifs, No Buts, No Profits. Lower the Permit

Prices.” Local Liberal Democrats opposed the latest round of hikes at Council’s budget meeting on 1st March. The new charges will take effect on 1st April. Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, local Liberal Democrat councillor for Broomhill, said: “It disappointing to see that, having campaigned against parking permit profits, Labour politicians are looking to fleece local motorists yet again. Not only will this hit residents across Broomhill but small businesses in the area as well.

UK Muslim Helpline Reveals Majority of Attacks on Women More than 630 incidents were logged during the first 12 months of the helpline, launched in an attempt to quantify the scale and nature of anti-Muslim violence in Britain. Some of the most egregious attacks recorded include a family being forced from their Nottinghamshire home, a five-year-old girl knocked over by a hit-and-run driver and a Somali lady who had dog faeces placed on her head by a white man while shopping in south London. The attacks, collated by the helpline, Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks), show that Muslim women were targeted in 58% of all incidents. The majority of physical assaults committed in the street were on women wearing Islamic clothing, with most victims describing the nature of the attacks as seemingly "random”. High-profile female targets have included communities minister Lady Warsi who was threatened online by an English Defence League (EDL) member and journalist Jemima Khan, whose 14-year-old

son received anti-Muslim comments on Twitter. Of the perpetrators, the majority were subsequently found to have had links to recognised far-right groups such as the British National Party (BNP) or the EDL. So far, informa-

tion provided to the helpline has led to the arrests of 21 far-right EDL supporters, with more than 40 incidents reported against EDL leader Tommy Robinson alone. Members of the BNP or EDL were involved in 54% of all incidents, of which three-quarters were committed by men. The average age of perpetrators were between 21 and 30. The results follow a report by

think-tank Chatham House which identified a considerable Islamophobic sentiment in the UK, detecting a "wide reservoir of public sympathy for claims that Islam and the growth of settled, Muslim communities pose a fundamental threat to the native group and nation.” The majority of incidents received by the helpline related to what it described as "abusive behaviour” with 74% of recorded incidents occurring online. And these non-violent incidents also have a profound impact on peoples lives. There is a call for police and politicians to do more to tackle this prejudice as more and more people are becoming the target of vicious and violent abuse. During 2011 2,000 hate crimes were recorded against different faiths in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by police with officers at the time admitting that they were unclear how many were against Muslims because separate figures were not recorded.

A True Inspiration - Abdool Gooljar Abdool Gooljar, President of the Islamic Society of Britain. Twenty years ago it attracted 30 people. Last month the launch of Islam Awareness week in Sheffield pulled in 350 with 70 others turned away. What was then an idealistic splinter group is now part of Sheffield’s mainstream culture. Most of that growth is down to one man – though he would be embarrassed by being given the credit, even as the event celebrated its 20th anniversary. Abdool Gooljar is President of The Islamic Society of Great Britain, a tireless worker for community relations and a man who knows, first hand, the pain of racism. Thirty years ago racists almost drove him to take his own life. He had been abused, threatened and vilified by staff at his workplace in Sheffield Council’s social services department to such an extent he seriously contemplated suicide. Rather than let the racists destroy him Abdool set about trying to improve relations between races and religions. He is President of the Islamic Society of Great Britain and a man with interests in all areas of public life. He is on first-name terms with rabbis, bishops and politicians, speaks on Islam in Christian churches, clubs and schools, and works tirelessly for religious tolerance and har-

mony. “We still have to break down the fear of the unknown that exists on both sides of the community,” he said. “You can still go in to areas of the city that are anti muslim and people will abuse you and call you terrorist and tell you that you are responsible for bombing innocent people. We need to keep telling people that Muslims hate violence and that terrorism is an act of evil and goes against all we believe in. “We need to

reach out to such people rather than just having dialogue with those that accept us. “We are making some progress but there is a long way to go.” Abdool arrived in Britain in the early ’70s from Mauritius where his family often struggled to find one meal a day. He wanted to make a difference and improve his life. The progress made in the

last 20 years is not lost on the man largely responsible for building bridges between faiths and communities, bridges that were severely tested by the destruction of the World Trade Centre in New York, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and the London Underground bombings of July 2005. “Islam awareness week is very important to me and to many Muslims and other faiths in the city,” added father of five sons Abdool. “When I look at my past and what I have been through – the 9/11 attacks, the 7/7 bombings, working against racism and Islamaphobia I am grateful for the chances I have been given and for the help I have received from other faiths and particularly the bishops of Sheffield. “There is much more to Islam than the images and reports of conflict that we see from around the world. The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people. Islam is about peace, the word Islam derives from the word peace. “The past 20 years have brought a lot of happiness and some pain but Sheffield is my home and will live and die here. I want to help build a Sheffield of peace and harmony where people feel at ease with one another.” ‘I want a city of peace and love’

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