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Rabia Zia resigns PTI after corruption allegations !!! It is believed that Rabia Zia will join the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) with her colleagues Cricket hero Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) has suffered a setback as one of its founders in the UK has resigned from the party after levelling serious allegations at the party leadership, questioning directions of the party.

country. It is believed that Rabia Zia will join the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) with her colleagues. She denies discussing her entry into the PML-N with Punjab chief minister Shehbaz Sharif during his recent visit to London, but the PTI’s top leaders asked Rabia to explain if reports of such a meeting were true.

Rabia Zia, PTI’s former UK coordinator, led the mantle of Imran Khan’s party in the UK when only handful activists would turn up at In her resignation letter, Raparty’s events and there were bia Zia says that she worked not many buyers for Imran for the party believing that Khan’s political message. it will work to implement She worked hard to build up “the rule of law, meritocracy and accountability”, but she the party’s structure in the UK and helped Imran Khan became disillusioned because of “morally corrupt pracraise tens of thousands of tices”, allegedly promoted by Pounds through fundraistwo PTI’s leaders. ers and membership conContinued on page 19... tributions from all over the

George Osborne makes 'billion pound raid' on NHS

Health Service Journal investigation reveals the treasury has taken back £1bn earmarked for hospitals due to underspend

"The government is clawing back money from the NHS at the same time as it is handing a tax cut to millionaires and P45s to nurses", said Andy Burnham, the shadow George Osborne is taking back from health secretary. the NHS double the amount he said "The prime minister needs to be he would in the Budget. straight with the public on his Labour has attacked the Treasury for Government's record on NHS clawing back a billion pounds that funding. was allocated for health spending this year — double the amount it On the very same day he was said it would in the Budget. boasting to the Commons about increasing NHS spending, we learn The department of health confirmed that George Osborne has made that it had underspent its allocated another £1 billion raid on the NHS funding by £1.4bn this year, half budget." a billion more than it predicted in March. Continued on Page 19... While £400m will be rolled over for the department to spend in 201213, the remaining £1bn has been returned to the Treasury. Labour highlighted that the cash was being returned while there were 6,000 fewer nurses in the NHS since the coalition took power.

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Police in Sheffield launch their latest initiative “Mark Your Metal”

“Mark Your Metal” is the latest scheme to be piloted in several areas across the city to tackle theft of metal items from outside the home.

The scheme involves marking metal items with both address and postcode in UV marker, then applying a special sticker over the top to protect the markings.

Details of all marked property will be stored on a database. Officers will also visit scrap metal yards to inform them about the project and advise them to check for markings on any items brought in for payment, and inform the police if any item is found to display a sticker. Officers will then check if the item has been reported stolen.


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Inspector Jason Booth of South Yorkshire Police said: “We think this is an exciting opportunity to use a new product to mark those items which are stolen off people’s properties.This will allow us to identify those items and give us the opportunity to increase arrests for a crime many in Sheffield feel very Police officers and PCSOs, as part angry about” of their daily work will be distributing the stickers to residents and Anyone with any information marking their property, such as about metal theft is urged to call metal BBQs, garden furniture and South Yorkshire Police on 101 or ornaments, metal gates and rail- call Crimestoppers anonymously ings, garden tools and bicycles. on 0800 555 111. The stickers are a new unique innovative product, designed to help prevent property being stolen or identify stolen items from sheds and gardens. Once the sticker has been applied over the UV markings, they are extremely difficult to remove.

All Pakistan Federation of United Unions

The GCSE performance of Sheffield’s young people has received a major boost, according to figures published by the Department for Education. The percentage of young people achieving five GCSEs with grades of A*-C, including English and Maths, has risen by nearly six percentage points, from 49.4 per cent last year to 55.2 per cent in 2012. This compares to a slight drop in the national average figure, from 58.9 per cent in 2011 to 58.6 per cent this year. The figures also show a boost in the percentage of Sheffield’s young people who made the expected level of progress between the end of primary

school and sitting their GCSEs. 67 per cent of Sheffield’s young people made good progress in English in 2012, up two percentage points on last year and compared to a drop of four percentage points nationally. In Maths, 65 per cent of Sheffield’s pupils made good progress, up seven percentage points from last year compared to an improvement of less than four percentage points nationally. Sheffield has shot up the league table of 152 local authorities – from 139th last year to 112th in 2012. This is by far the biggest one year improvement in the city’s position ever recorded.

Clegg Campaigns to Get Sheffield Building

Woodcraft Brick Kiln Workers Children’s Schools

Last summer Sheffield Woodcraft Folk (a national cooperative youth movement, committed to “spanning the world with friendship”!) raised over £10,000 to bring a delegation from the APFUTU (All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions) Youth Wing over to Sheffield and to the Woodcraft Folk International Camp. While they were here we listened to Pirzada and Allena talking about the plight of the child labourers working in brick kilns and other industries, and of the efforts of APFUTU to campaign for laws against this and also to establish schools for the young children. As Pirzada said to us “If 60 people in Sheffield paid £5 a month that would raise the £300 needed to open and run a new school.” (one incredulous young person in the audience commented that we’d just spent £26 million re-furbishing High Storrs!). Sheffield Woodcraft decided to give the surplus fund we had raised for their visit to enable them to setup a new school and on April 11th four people from Sheffield attended the opening of the new school at Theekrian, Lala Mussa in Gujrat consisting of 2 classrooms and a yard. 41 new students were enrolled to start on 16th April. This is the second school, another is already being funded by Unison,

Outstanding Improvement in Sheffield ’s Gcse Results

North of the Tyne. While in Pakistan the Woodcraft Folk delegation visited a brick kiln “One of the most important elements of our visit for us was to see the brick kiln factories. There are about 40,000 factories in Pakistan, employing about 8million people (average 200 per factory)... We saw very young children aged two and three years working with their parents and older adults 70 years and over working. They would work around 10 hours per day, 6 days a week and should be paid a government decreed minimum wage of 520 rupees per 1,000 bricks produced. This would generate, per family an income of around £12 per month. ... APFUTU has led a prolonged legal battle to the Pakistan Supreme Court in 1988 resulting in the ruling that there would be minimum wage.... Despite winning this landmark ruling, progress is limited by inadequate enforcement. “(from report on visit).

So we are committed to campaigning in support of the work of APFUTU and raising the money required to sustain the school APFUTU have opening, and more if possible. You can make regular contributions by visiting on our website woodcraftbrickkilnschool or by setting up a standing order from you bank. Alternatively you can sign up a taxpayers form in order to generate 25% more through GiftAid. For further details you can contact Chris on Sharrow Community Forum Jumble Sale Old Sharrow Junior School, South View Road On Saturday 10th of November 2012 at 1pm For Woodcraft Brick Kiln Workers Children’s School in Pakistan Any donations from 4th of November, Must be in good condition No TV’s and Video’s For more info contact John on 0114 2554522 or Jhangir Ahmed on 07404 225184.

Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat Sheffield Hallam MP, has launched a campaign aimed at providing hundreds of new homes and jobs in his home city. Nick has written to Housing Associations in Sheffield and urged them to take advantage of a new £10billion Coalition Government offer to build new homes. Under plans announced last month, the Coalition Government is offering to issue guarantees of up to £10billion for building new rented homes, providing the assurance required for hous-

ing associations and others to invest. In addition the Coalition Government will build on the success of the Affordable Homes Programme and provide £300million capital funding towards providing up to 15,000 affordable homes through the use of loan guarantees, asset management flexibilities and some capital funding. Thanks to the Coalition Government 2011/12 saw an estimated 245 affordable rented homes built in Sheffield, the highest number for at least ten years.

Indo-Pak Cricket at the crease

For the first time in five years, the Pakistani and Indian cricket teams will face each other on the pitch in a bilateral series in India. This encounter between the two rivals is, of course, what fans in both countries most eagerly await, with contests between the neighbours regarded as being among the most intense seen on any sporting field. The news that the Indian home ministry has given clearance for the short tour to go ahead in December, following which the Board of Control for Cricket in India has declared that the tour is going to take place, will, therefore, delight even casual cricket lovers in both countries. A Pakistan-India contest, of course, draws millions to television screens. The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board has expressed the hope that hundreds of fans will be able to travel across the border to witness the three OneDay Internationals and two Twenty20 contests live. Who knows, politicians may step across too. The decision by the Indian home ministry, while important for Pakistan — which has not had the opportunity of facing

too many top-class teams regularly for the last few years — extends beyond sports. It comes as yet another indication that the ties shattered between the two countries as a result of the events in Mumbai in November 2008 are being repaired bit by bit; the shards picked up from the ground and pieced together once more. Cricketing ties play a key role in this, with diplomacy based around the game a part of history for both nations, helping build friendship even amidst fierce competition on the field itself. Perhaps, most crucial of all, the scheduled tour to India will help build in minds of the people the idea that things are getting back to normal. This is important for both nations and also the region. Once more, we see cricket play a role in what we hope will be a lasting peace, with the shared passion for a sport bestowed by colonial rule acting also to remind us of the many links we share in common as a result of the centuries spent as one country. We now need to live together peacefully as two separate nations as well.

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Big increases in Telephone Line Rental Charges SKY announced that it will increase phone line rental charges by more than seven times the rate of inflation from December. The line rental charge will jump from £12.25 to £14.50 a month – that’s 18%. Sky is also increasing the cost of daytime calls, from 7.95p to 8.41p a minute and its call connection fee will go up from 13.1p to 13.87p. Similarly, BT has announced a rise in line rental charges £14.60 a month to £15.45 from January 2013. And, BT’s call charges will also go up.

Full-price daytime calls will rise from 7.95p a minute to 8.41p and the call connection fee will rise from 13.1p to 13.87p. Virgin and TalkTalk have already implemented wayabove-inflation increases in line rental charges, but BT and Sky are the dominant domestic telecoms suppliers.” What is the justification for these inflation-busting increasing line charge rentals? One telecoms supplier – Primus – charges £8.25 a month. It uses the same infrastructure as the

other suppliers. Is it subsidising its line rental costs? So, why are the dominant suppliers charging nearly 90% more for that part of the bill which is inescapable? Secondly, increasing the line rental charges means that those who make the fewest calls – typically pensioners on the lowest incomes – are facing the highest percentage increases in their bills. That isn’t fair. Thirdly, in what the suppliers call a ‘highly competitive market’, how do BT and Sky

manage to arrive at exactly the same costs for daytime calls and connection fees? Is it coincidence? I don’t think so. These issues should be referred to the Office of Fair Trading and to the Competition Commission so that they can launch an investigation into the telecoms’ suppliers and, particularly, the nature and impact of these latest announcements of way-aboveinflation increases in line rental charges.

Action taken to keep Sheffield Moving

Work is underway along key traffic routes in Sheffield to keep traffic moving through the city. A major publicity campaign has been planned to ensure that motorists, local residents and businesses are aware of the restrictions on using bus lanes and tram gates. The aim is to help people avoid being fined and to keep traffic flowing along busy routes. Information will be publicised through press, radio and poster advertisements as well as leaflets and information on the Council web site over the coming months to explain the details to local people. The City Council has been implementing a programme of extending weekday urban

clearway times around the city the programme of re-signing fine in future as the restrictions since 2008. These changes work, with changes planned will be enforced. affect the times when parking on Broad Street, Chesterfield The parking restrictions will be monitored using a mobile camera mounted on a van that will initially be used on busier routes in Sheffield, including Ecclesall Road , Spital Hill and Owler Lane. The expansion of camera enforcement of bus lanes and gates is progressing at several sites, including Bolsover Street, London Road (bus gate at Asline Road) and South Lane. Camera enforcement of the tram and bus gates at Hillsborough halved the average inbound tram journey and loading on many of the Road and Attercliffe Road in times between 8 and 9 in the busier routes in Sheffield is al- 2012/13. There will be an ini- mornings following their inlowed. It is expected to take tial period when drivers will be troduction. up to two years to complete warned that they will receive a

Good Food Hygiene is Getting Easier to Spot

Have you ever wondered who keeps an eye on your health whilst you’re eyeing up the menu at a local restaurant? Ensuring what you eat is not only well-prepared but meets hygiene standards is the job of Michael Bluff from Sheffield City Council’s Environment and Regulatory Servicesteam. Michael and his team help to keep people safe when they eat out in Sheffield by making good food hygiene easier to spot. The recent launch of a new nationwide food hygiene initiative and website builds on the success of Sheffield City Council’s ‘Scores on the Doors’ scheme where Sheffield food outlets are inspected and then encouraged to display their food hygiene ratings. The new scheme will see food outlets, such as restaurants, takeaways and pubs, inspected by food safety officers from Sheffield City Council to check hygiene standards. Standards are then rated on a scale ranging from zero which means ‘urgent improvement necessary’ to a top rating of five. The business is given a certificate and food hygiene rating sticker to display and the ratings are entered into the website Over one million people every year experience food poisoning across

the UK, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) working in partnership with Sheffield City Council are working to reduce poor food hygiene in the city by encouraging residents to be aware of the rating system and asking businesses to promote good food hygiene. In Sheffield there are over 1,425 premises achieving the top rating of five. The public can use this information when deciding which food outlets to visit. For food businesses displaying a good hygiene rating makes good business sense and will help customers make informed choices about where to eat out in the city. The national rating scheme covers all food outlets, from restaurants, cafes and takeaways to care homes and department stores that sell food. Nasarat Mohammed who runs Chiney, Steaks and Shakes fast food takeaway in Darnall which achieved a top food hygiene rating, said: “We have been in business over 20 months and the Food Hygiene Rating is very important to us. It shows the standards of food we provide to our customers and the level of hard work that is put in to achieving this.” If you would like to use the food hygiene rating scheme to choose where to eat out in Sheffield please visit


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On the Green Buses

A fleet of green eco-friendly buses aimed at cutting carbon emissions and reducing fuel costs are to hit the roads of Sheffield. Sheffield City Council is today unveiling seven greener light commercial vehicles – the largest fleet of hybrid buses for a local authority in England. The mini buses will be used for home to

school special needs transport, including at Bents Green Special School. The authority estimates that, over their working life, the vehicles will see a 17 per cent reduction in both fuel costs and carbon emissions, saving the authority thousands of pounds in the process.

The West Bank’s Most Impressive Yasser Arafat Lookalike was poisoned, specifically by using the radioactive element polonium. Perhaps strangely, the new accusations did not cause much of a stir among Palestinians. Most have long taken it as unproven fact that their leader died of unnatural causes, poisoned by Israel with help from somebody inside Arafat’s circle.

Clegg Wearing it Pink in Fight against Breast Cancer

Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat Sheffield Hallam MP and Deputy Prime Minister, was backing the fight against breast cancer by taking part in Breast Cancer Campaign’s wear it pink day – and he is urging Sheffielders to join in. ‘Wear it pink’ is now in its 10th year and Friday 26 October 2012 saw supporters from all over the country in schools, colleges and businesses embrace the event and help raise funds to continue ground-breaking research. The Breast Cancer Campaign asked everyone to pull on something pink for the day and donate £2. You can visit wearitpink. for ongoing fundraising information. Nick said:- From visiting places like Weston Park Hospital here

in Sheffield, I know just how important it is to come together in the fight against breast cancer. A staggering one in eight women experience breast cancer during their lifetime. We can help improve their chances of survival by taking part in the Breast Cancer Campaign’s wear it pink day. Such a small effort on our part could make a huge difference.”

Final British Black Cab Maker Files for Administration director Stephen Fry drives one, and so do Kate Moss and Prince Phillip. Arnold Schwarzenegger was so impressed with them that he had one shipped to California, and the late Stanley Kubrick had one as a London runaround.

London’s famous black cabs may soon become an endangered species, as the final cab maker Manganese Bronze files for administration. The automaker cites a £15 million financial gap. The last surviving black cab maker may go out of business, spelling the end for one of the most loved and easily recognized vehicles in British history.

In popular culture the black cab has appeared in everything from Bond films to the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, where the Spice Girls performed on the roofs of five black cabs -- a performance that might not have been as impressive if they had been standing on Peugeots.

The design and appearance of the black cabs, famed for their turning circle of only 8m, has been influenced as much by five-star hotels as it has busy commuters Manganese Bronze, which has and visiting tourists. been building taxis since 1948, has filed for administration, The taxi’s renowned maneuverciting a £15 million ($24 mil- ability is a direct result of that lion) hole in its finances, and equally iconic London fixture is desperately seeking a rescue the Savoy Hotel, located off The package from interested parties Strand down a narrow road with for fear of the company and its a tiny roundabout at its foot: a cars disappearing for good. black cab has to be able to enter the road and turn around in one No other type of taxi is as dis- motion in order to be called a tinctive or as well-known as the black cab. black cab, a fixture of London’s roads for over a century (the first Other manufacturers have been petrol engine cabs with meters moving in on the London taxi’s appeared in 1907) -- so popular turf in recent years, chief among and recognizable that they are them Mercedes, but even if the used as far afield as San Fran- cars it cisco, Kosovo, Baku, Singapore, develops to compete with black South Africa, Cyprus and Israel. cabs can pass the Savoy Test, it will take a long time before What’s more, they’ve proven Londoners, or anyone else for popular with celebrities who shun that matter, is prepared to call the limelight -- actor, writer and them black cabs.

Eight years after the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat died, he still remains a towering figure in Palestinian society. And he hasn’t completely disappeared. Decked out in green military fatigues and his trademark chequered black and white headscarf, Chairman Arafat saunters through the crowds in his local market, pausing occasionally to admire the cherry tomatoes or a nice looking melon. The man in the market is Salem Smeirat, something of a minor celebrity, as the West Bank’s most impressive Yasser Arafat lookalike. And this doppelganger is the “unreal deal”. He has the same slightly hooked nose, the pouting lips, the twinkle in the eye. • Salem Smeirat is 59 years old

and has six children. He began working as a lookalike in 2004 and is often hired to appear as Yasser Arafat (above left) at weddings and birthdays. His previous jobs include market trader and house painter. He lives in Ramallah, a Palestinian city north of Jerusalem Salem can often be seen at Palestinian festivals working the crowds.


The Israeli government has always denied the poisoning allegations. And it is hard to imagine that whatever the outcome of the latest investigations, it will end the argument. For most Israelis, Arafat was a terrorist who became an untrustworthy partner in peace. But for most Palestinians - at least in the West Bank - he remains a hero, a freedom fighter against Israel’s occupation and a unifying figure.

“It is no secret that Israel tried to kill me on many occasions,” says Salem looking pained as he lapses back into character. “Everybody loves Yasser Arafat,” he declared, pointing to his chest. Palestinians have an Arafat And it is true that you find few lookalike - but for many the real Palestinians, at least publicly, thing has remained irreplaceable. who speak ill of their former

His popularity never falters even now as authorities have plans to bring the actual Arafat back from the grave eight years after his death. The Palestinian Authority says it intends to exhume the body from its tomb in Ramallah to investigate whether he was murdered, after a television documentary reignited allegations that Arafat

Liberal Democrats Force Council Vote over Chaotic Parking Plan

Opposition councillors are forcing a vote on popular parking proposals at the next Full Council meeting of Sheffield City Council.

parking will be significant and Labour’s decision to ignore the growing warnings beggars belief. Right now, the real dis-

ruptions haven’t been felt but when they begin there will be a lot of public anger against their lack of foresight.

“I can only hope Labour see sense and support the Lib Dem proposals when it comes to the vote.”

Local Liberal Democrats want to see free and secure alternative parking provided to residents, who are severely disrupted by the Streets Ahead project. The ‘Streets Ahead’ project, which was secured by Liberal Democrat councillors and is backed by £1.2 billion of Coalition Government funding, began in August. However, Liberal Democrat councillors have raised concerns about the potential disruption to the communities with lots of on-street parking, with areas potentially disrupted for up to 20 weeks. Yet so far, Labour councillors have simply dismissed the growing concerns. Liberal Democrat councillors have now submitted a motion to the next Full Council meeting (7th Nov, 14:00) setting out their proposals to provide alternative parking for affected residents. Proposals include utilising unused land or existing parking bays from local retailers, pubs, or supermarkets. Cllr David Baker is the Sheffield Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Streetscene and is proposing the motion. He said: “The Streets Ahead project is a massive boost for the city and like everyone else in my area, I can’t wait to see the benefits for our neighbourhood. “However, the disruptions to on-street

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Malala: Symbolic of Education

This is not the Talibans first crime against education and awareness by terrorists; they have destroyed hundreds of schools and killed many children in different areas. Malala’s passion was to get educated and educate other girls of that area so they can defeat the real menace to Pakistan which is “illiteracy and ignorance”.

sRights Foundation in 2011 for being an inspiration to her friends by standing up against repression as her namesake did in Afghanistan in the 19th century. Malalai is not the only Pakistani female with this dream, there were many and history has witnessed many gems of educated women in Pakistan. Miss Fatima Jinnah, the sister of founding father, struggled day and night with Mr. Jinnah in the movement. Miss Jinnah is only remembered as a founding mother and a stateswoman of Pakistan, but not too many people know that she was also a dental surgeon.

She was honored with a first ever National Peace by the government and was nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize by advocacy group Kid-

She graduated from University of Calcutta; a highly competitive university which was recognized as “five star university” and “Center with Potential for

Malala Yousufzai, a 14 year old girl, was attacked by terrorists called Tehreek-Taliban-Pakistan in Swat. In 2010, she received the National Peace Prize for her struggle to get schools restarted in her area which were closed and destroyed by the Taliban.

Excellence” by University Grant Commission and National Assessment and Accreditation Council of India. Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan, another lady who struggled for Pakistan, was B.A in Economics and Bachelor in Theology in Religious Studies, later she obtained two Masters in Economics and another in Sociology. She was an Economics Politics and that’s why she was a Professor in Indraprastha College threat for a small group of terrorUniversity in Delhi. ists who don’t want to see women educated and accomplished. In Pakistan, the description of Currently, Hina Kher is the first Arts, Entertainment, Sports and female foreign Minister of PakiPolitics of does not complete stan. Karachi had witnessed the without women’s names. Benazir efforts of Nasreen Jalil, first feBhutto, the first woman elected male deputy Mayor while MustaPM of Pakistan, who was elected fa Kamal was serving as Mayor. twice but unfortunately was also She helped Kamal in transformkilled by a group of terrorists. ing Karachi to one of the best citShe was the most charismatic ies in Asia. leader around the world who was unbeatable if on the ground of In Literature with the long list of

UK Universities Slip in Rankings nine places to joint 110th. Leeds has dropped from 133rd to joint 142nd, Birmingham has fallen 10 places to joint 158th and Newcastle is down to joint 180th from 146th place. Outside the golden triangle of London, Oxford and Cambridge, England’s world-class universities face a collapse into global mediocrity.

UK universities have fallen down on the international league table, putting the nation’s reputation for higher education at risk. While the UK currently still has the second best university system worldwide, a number of leading institutions have tumbled down the rankings this year. The top 100 of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2012/13 includes just 10 UK universities, compared with 12 last year and 14 in 2010/11.

top 10, with Oxford taking second place, up from fourth last year. Cambridge was in seventh place, down one from sixth last year, while Imperial College London took eighth place, the same as in 2011.

Topping the table again this year was the California Institute of Technology. The UK has seven universities in total in the top 50 and 31 in the top 200, down one from 32 last year. Bristol University, which was 66th in the table last year, The latest table shows that the is 74th in this year’s table, while UK has three universities in the Sheffield University has fallen

Huge investment in top research universities across Asia is starting to pay off. And while the sun rises in the East, England faces a perfect storm: falling public investment in teaching and research; hostile visa conditions discouraging the world’s top academics and students from coming here; and serious uncertainty about where our next generation of scholars will come from, with a policy vacuum surrounding postgraduate study.

Welfare Reforms

The Welfare Reform Act became law earlier this year as the Government aims to create the right incentives to get more people into work, protect the most vulnerable in society, and make the benefit system fair for both claimants and the taxpayer. Two of the biggest areas affected by the Act include: •Housing Benefit, specifically new regulations in relation to under occupying within the socialrented sector •Benefit payments, including the need for all people receiving any type of benefit to have a bank account in order to receive their payments An important change will affect those people living in properties that are classed as 'under-occupied'. Under-occupied means those

households with more bedrooms than they require.According to a report released by The Intergenerational Foundation in 2011; more than a third of homes in England are currently underoccupied.

to be too large for their needs. Those living in housing provided by the Council or housing associations will specifically be affected by the current changes. The main exception to this will be households who are not of

than any of us to achieve the education by crushing the guns and bombs and suicide bombers. She is braver than any politician who moves around with high security measures due to immense threats of terrorism.

Urdu writers and poetesses like Bano Qudsiya, Parveen Shakir and Ismat Chughtai. Pakistan has a female English fiction writer Bapsi Sidhwa who received the highest Honor “Sitara-e-Imtiaz” in Arts. Bapsi had a long career of teaching to different foreign Universities like Rice University (Houston), University of Houston and Columbia University.

We have a faction of society which is supporting these groups by blaming geopolitics and with twisting statements, but they can no longer blow dust in the nation’s eyes. Now is the time for Malala Yousufzai is no lesser them to be on the right side of the than these renowned ladies of Pa- line otherwise we will be left with kistan. She is struggling harder nothing but stones and mud.

Blue Casting – Advertisement on Mobile Phones

Gone are the days when we only had a single TV channel and we were forced to watch the advertisements during short break of our favorite TV Show. But Cable TV now has allowed us a liberty to switch over to other channel with a finger touch on TV remote if not interested in those lame ads.

Just pay a little attention on that billboard up there right next to you. Does this billboard belong to that company whose message you have just received on your blue tooth mobile phone? If so, then you have been hunted by a latest advertisement system that is known as “Blue Casting”.

working-age. Restrictions on Housing Benefit based on the size of the accommodation have long applied to those people living in privately rented housing.

mounted on a billboard can detect every blue tooth mobile phone presented around 100 meters limit.

According to the blue casting company this system is safe for mobile phones, as it cannot transmit any executable files so there is no chance for downloading of Blue Casting system has been any virus or damaging software With the advent of new tech- introduced by a British Company from billboard to mobile phone nologies recently, advertisement industry is also equipping itself with state-of-art technologies to transmit their advertisement to their targeted audience. They have wisely used television (telecasting), radio (broadcasting), internet (web casting) and print media but their campaign is not over and they are still busy inventing new methodologies to reach out to their target audience. If you happen to pass by a big in which blue tooth devices are and no utilization of mobile billboard on a highway and re- installed in a bill board which phone network. ceive an unexpected message transmit message to every blue We are witnessing an overfrom a company on your blue tooth mobile phone found around whelming growth in use of motooth mobile phone “Would you that billboard, in which they (mo- bile phones in our country. like to see the advertisement of bile users) are requested to see A large score of our population, their products advertisement. their products”? no matter which class or profesYou will probably think that this If mobile phone user shows his/ sion they belong, now own a blue message is from your mobile her interest in watching that ad- tooth mobile phone or other dephone network that is showing vertisement then this billboard vices like iphones, ipads and lapthese paid advertisements to their transmits him/her an advertise- tops. This has created a big room subscribers for other companies ment containing movie clip, for new opportunities to use this or you probably think that per- picture, text, audio or mixture new way of advertising their conhaps there is a virus attack on of them and all is performed tent to a good number of people, your phone network. But Stop! very rapidly. Blue tooth devices especially youngsters.

Turning clocks back ‘depressing’

More than 60% of Britons are opposed to turning the clocks back, with almost half saying they feel “more depressed” in the winter months.

More than four in 10 (44%) say they leave the house less as the evenings draw in while 14% would participate in more winter sports if they had the extra hour

A third of people (33%) believe clocks should not go back at all, while 29% think the UK should adopt Central European Time, which gives two additional hours of daylight in the evening. From April 2013, working-age social tenants receiving Housing Benefit will experience a reduction in their benefit if they live in social housing that is deemed

Malala is the symbol of education for our society and a sign of bravery to be educated at any cost. Her efforts are a strong message to those terrorists that the real essence of Pakistani women is “Education”. She has highlighted the future of Pakistan and showed clearly that the country cannot be hijacked by a handful of terrorists.

Darker evenings leave 47% of Britons feeling depressed and of daylight. 27% believing they are more at The study also found that 21% risk of injury caused by of those questioned are already muggings and accidents. struggling to pay their winter

heating and lighting bills. Darker evenings will always leave people feeling more vulnerable but when the clocks go back, this change is exaggerated by what appears to be quite a stark loss of daylight. Darker evenings can lead to a higher incidence of crime and accidents. However, they are no reason to stay indoors or limit our activities. They just mean we need to be more vigilant and more stringent when it comes to personal safety, both in and out of the home.”

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True Victory for Both Nations What be the Government’s News in Brief Council Taxwill Bombshell Hits Vulnerable

2014: ‘Afghanistan is hurtling toward a devastating collapse’

WIVES JOIN HUSBANDS INvs UK TO AID INTEGRATION One Sheffield Many Cultures Festival Planning Proposals Might MeanElse to You? Lies Somewhere SULTAN DRACULA

As “D-Day approaches, the $60 up to the task. Because the strength than ensuring credibility of the poCity Council have an- shell on to vulnerable residents, would equalise this 20% cut billion Think Tank industry in of any dialogue depends on buy-in litical system and long-term stabil-Sheffield mission should doubled to fromcouncillors David Cameron Nick The that Local There is all noworking denyingbe that pressing TheAsgreatest enemy of knowledge across age recipients. Labour have and agreed nounced theyGovernment plan to“ cut America is in full gear. Policy from each of the major parties to ity.” 20ft and 26ft for a three-year Clegg that everyone should be sociation reports that it has reissues like Kashmir and the water isis not ignorance; it is the illusion of tax benefit for all work- to spend £3.5 million this year The Council has also confirmed decisions are important during an the conflict, the participation of Pa- NATO plans to reduce the 352,000-council period only. the istwo allowed to build large extenceived serious to the stand between states, but knowledge.” – Stephen Hawking. Iandsuethat SULTAN DRACULA: Newkistan, BooktheResinglelongtime paperback. The book will surprise readers no matter consideration being given refurbishing council offices ing age residents byobjections 20%, meanTaliban’s host man ANSF to a more sustainable election year, vs so whatever happens And Eric Pickles – support the sions to their homes without government’s proposals from the to solution of additional these issues liesCoaliin the can testify to the veracity of this statelease marks Bram Stoker’s Centenary It’s not just a story. It has been crafted to what they’ve seen the night before. provide to £400,000 on consultancy fees in ing a family in a Band A property in November will have a colossal and supporter, is essential. But the level of around 230,000 men, a British families, already facing difficult times due toboth a tion Government’s Environplanning permission. Currently, councils of all political controls hands of the governments onsevere ment, having lived for a long time One hundred years after Bram Stoker’s present a worldview. A Muslim worldview Who on earth is the author meddling with households experiencing one month. could pay an extra £3.76 a week. impact on the future of the war in nature and scope of Pakistan’s in- process that will release thousands financial crunch, may have further cope with much ment Secretary - has gone so homeowners build a singlethroughout England. sides. Alltothat lies in the hands of hit the under the illusion Ican knew India death, novel in anconsideration. age where there is scant to the Bram Stoker heritage? Not financial hardship who will be Despite thethat total cut received However, the Council have de-surprisof armed menliterature into the ranks of the volvement requires West Asia.(April, 1912), a new Dracula harsher times as they would have to spend more on far as to declare war on counstorey 10ft extension if they In other parts of the counpeople is to love and to spread love. and its people. As the bubble of illuhas been released mixing fact with fiction readers that reflectsunemployed, an Islamic some masculine ingly he’s British, but he is also tall,from darkthe Government being 10%, hardest by the Government’s cut. not to proceed with new of whom arecided food following poor harvest which has pushed up I cils opposing his planning freelivethe in legislation a beneath terraced property try,with have homes goteyes. their There isGovernment no lock without abeen key, critiand sion gradually sank my feet Ia and Book Title: Sultan vs. Dracula leitmotif. and An exThe have under pensioners powers topeople taxsensuous empty andtape likely to sell their skills to the Tali-gifted prices worldwide. The cost of basic food products isto for-all by urging residents one of 13ft if they live in a demeasures out and then realised believe the key to the lock between began to see the world from my own Publisher: Al-Oblong Books Headteacher, currently living Bradford, are protected which results in a cised for hitting hardest councils second homes, which the in Govban. Even maintaining a smaller rising because ofplanaIndia drought in thedeprived US poor crops sue they areand allowed to tached house – all without the tired massive impact on their andif Pakistan isnot greater undereyes. Today, I tell you my story, with Website: Sultan vs Dracula should help to get inside very sick and of the same old “Muslim in the most areas of the 20% reduction for the remainernment estimates would save ANSF will require that the United in Russia and eastern Europe. According to Jose build large extensions in their ning permission. These limits own homes that would result standing and trust between the people the hope that more of my compatriots Author: Razwan Ul-Haq the mind of a traditional Howmake do greater interest” story, with predictable ing working age recipients of country whilst authorities in the the authority £3.3the million. In ad- multiStates Muslim. and its allies Graziano Silva, of theofUN andcountry Agriback gardens. Inofa the provocative came about after coniftotheir neighbours were alonhead both sides theFood border. joinifme and stepTax forward forprevious a Da better, wealthiest areas Council Benefit. Sheffield dition this, while thewords Council Author’s Website: religious Muslims think? re-Afghanicultural characters: in other it’s not progressAre in Muslims developing culture Organisation, food prices could reach a intervention, Mr Pickles said sultations had determined that lowed to build large extensions peaceful world. is consulting on a scheme which will receive a smaller cut. crisis on a council tax bombtwitter @Islamic_Artist ally that alternative?stan’s Intelligent readers are toarranged marriages it’s deranged terrorism. economic potential weanpasses pointthe next yearbalance if harvests inworld the southern those whose were turned right to their homes without plan- this was about A better — plans wherehemisphere nobody dies Author contact telephone: 07773963502 quick to spot apologetics. Readers don’t Afghans off narcotics trafficking are poor. down shouldgovernments seek damages between individual freedom ning permission. What has rein war, and where work Once upon a time, I was also a vic(+44) want watered downand verbiage; they want to The book is a mirror to the mind of the generate the increased governAt awhere conference ontheir water resources, Da to against local authority.” and the point neighbours ally shocked people is that they sow seeds of love, rather than tim of the India-Pakistan rivalry fever. intoSweden hear what ‘the Muslim an issue’ really devout written without any editomentwith revenue needed to sustain the Muslim, Silva called on G-20 nations, producing up to 95 perA growing number of councils might reasonably expect their would have no right to object, protect their egos, is what we all want. The most evident symptom of this On the streets of Bradford, Muslim teenag- believes. rial censorship, and as such, it may rank as ANSF.” cent of crops hit by rises, take "coordinated led by several Conservativeviews to be taken into account. let challenging alone be consulted, onpieces exIf price we–want to to achieve such a world, fever is the ‘yeh khel nahin ers between 14-19, selected at random, were onethethe more popular ofslogan Much has been said and many action". A third of all food production is lost duelove. to controlled councils, including After all, any extension of most tensions which would block we must step forward and spread yeh jang hai’, heard on both sides of given three book choices. Two best-selling ories presented, but unlikely to sigpoor storage inimpact developing orMinister wasteseems in rich the countries Planning Nick homes will have some light to their own homes. Ifwhen As distant as this objective border India and Pakistan meet books (popular with their peers throughout through the is set to discuss food prices and a Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) patients with cancer nify anything. We may see a pro-Pakistan nations. The G20 Boles’itown counneighbouring properties, people don’t speak up now, the on mayLincolnshire be in our reach as each other on cricket field. I grew up practically, Britain) and a relatively unknown third ofapplication ofdecisions modern methods Imran Khan has been posed a partition of Afghanistan,founder is expected incil September whenand a report on – have criticised the move, like access to light and overgovernment will force through people step forward adopt this when the world was changing in the fering. A staggering 90 percent ditched the palliative therapy an honorary fellowship of curative andgrain proposals from the US to teach Pa-awarded supply due.mantra it willtolerance blight communiOne all person’s light is saying these changes. It will post-9/11 then be looking. of ‘love, and freeMuslims over isthe mainstream to go for a new story. & NUJ, Yorkshire people all communities and Pa-by the of UNISON Parkwood Academy school hasDracula of cost. Royal College of Physi- freeera. kistanfrom a lesson, the CIA chief ties, slash house prices and set another’s darkness. too late to complain. Once the dom’. world were to revisit their ideologies, backgrounds. The movement & the Humber TUC, Hope not been announced as the winner of cianssuccess. of Edinburgh (RCPE) in treus provoke Pakistan withgrate more wouldsuccessful argue it inteshouldthe be UK The is now reporting that theto Many UK’s training with a focus encourage An BBC innovative partnership neighbour against neighbour. Now, the Prime Minister has extension is built, it will be and understand them better. As I In angovernment age awhere Count Dracula can be seen non-party and urges Hate, Unite Against Fascism and June’s One Sheffield Many Cul- gration his contribution drones, andpolitical countless writers, writlimited to regional and security is-ishelping Kabul will collapse Just a recognition yearthere and for afor half on them to integrate into British life. between Bradford-based decided that limits ever.since I will still watch India vs Pakistan entered adolescence and the began to for assoon sexy teenagers, aand Muslim fantasy all books walks of to no Music Hate Racism. festival, which saw multo cancer services. The fellowing from useless thatlife have sues. But auto 2010, exclude comastures as toNATO, ISAF theInLove the scheme first launched, intopeople British society when they November thePakistan BritishOne educational organisation and building without planning perIt follows the announcement cricket with the same passion and form views independent of the media thor presents Count Dracula as the historic speak with one voice in opposing Sheffield, Many Cultures aims ticultural music and dance acts ship has been awarded for his Karzai pletely would be to encourage to meaning. US withdraws. in “The International 350 women have successfully to live in the UK.”will be making introduced a rule itcome a University Pakistan has Government and textbooks, my ideas of ‘India-Pa- patriotism; I will still celebrate with Count Vlad Dracula who impaled and slew bigotry andIntegrate prejudice. to promote the unity of partthe city from eight Sheffield schools enthe Shaukat his usual and Delhi willcontribution actspouses as a spoiler.” Crisis Group (ICG) says the Af-that passed the Englishthrough language Theracism, success ofspeeches the joining their helped 40 women join their kistan enmity’ started eroding. I un- jubilance if Pakistan wins and I will Muslim Turks. and celebrate the contribution of tertain a lively crowd in Barkers Khanum Memorial Cancer Hosreiterate its economic Onin thethe other TimesUK ar- scheme ghan policeacross and army are unpre-ners comes as aid. im- classes. UKhand, havea NY to pass husbands the UK. derstood that religion and patriotism still cry in the corner if Pakistan loses. Pool. Both the judges and the aupital and Research Centre. The The Taliban’s the otherEducating hand recently described facts that pared for security responsibility.” Pakistani women migration minister onDamian English language speaking QED-UK is the first UK or- anticle are better when utilised as breeding I will, however, always remember The story, though a fictional fantasy, is writdience showed their appreciation RCPE is a professional membertheirin posicurrent US policy is not concerned According ”frombytheand English Last language skillsled Sheffield ing next to nothing Greenhave has also urgedreiterated parliament listening test at a basic ganisationtotothe be report co-funded year Labour grounds for love, tolerance and free- that the true victory for both nations tenall from a traditional perspective to the schoolchildren taking ship organisation with tion–withdraw frommust Afghanistan about peace-making AfghaniBrussels-based group is stark in itslevel. mean there’s lessCouncil demand foraupmemthat education providers QED-UK, an in award the European Fund for theMuslim Intackle the problem City set a small dom, rathertothan nurseries for hatred lies somewhere else: when we are and holds back no punch with its heavily part, recognising the impressive bership of over 10,000 “fellows” without any conditions and we will stan at all. prediction the Western-backed translators when they visit the immigration responorganisation estab- take their tegration that of Third County Na- winning team of officers to help able to defeat the hatred and distrust andbring enmity.and brought just a array of talent on display and celcritical stance of the modern world. The auin 91 countries. you safe passage The for example. Senior Afghanistan analysts say giveseriously government in Afghanistan couldlished doctor, It means in lighttoofleave. in 1990 is supported by sibilities tionals to administer the ‘Inempty homes back into use. paltry 13 homes back between each other with love and ebrating the contribution of each Imran Khan founded Shaukat thor insists this should not be a worry, but a Russians took it and withdrew quihow the Afghanistan National the Se- London be on course what itlanguage calls a dev-UKBA. are more likely to gainwith private into use in a year. Metropolitan Uni- they tegrate UK’for English Theon team worked These attributes of love, tolerance understanding. community present. Khanum December 29, 1994. celebration of creative British talent. If NATO doesn’t take employment the ofcurity Malik, Forces (ANSF) are “overastating crisis The after 2014.? and contribute to to bring The Council offers a versityetly. scandal. Deputy CEO coursespolitical overseas. aim Adeeba sector home owners and freedom form the essence of IsThe Oneis Sheffield Manyis CulThe inspiration forLanthe hospital no Helsing, butof whelmed there is the will behosted bloodshed while and for fer, there The search aVan mediator long community at large. recently a the QED-UK, said:underprepared “For wom- QED-UK ofThere the freefor ten-week classes, of advice 609 longcentre term came emptyafter homes lam like allwide greatrange religions. Unfortu- Muhammad Talha Sami tures festival was organised and research Sultan, modelled on the actual Ottoman army retreats. rea- is the transition,” evenmarried as Afghan overdue. whoUniversity should beofit?enthe guage keyintotouse dealing dinnerthe with some of theThere wom-is no who are already hosted atBut Mirpur and has services to help back over an 11 monthvenom nately, been fed into the University student, Lahore, and backed by local people in- with the death of his mother, Mrs Sultan Mehmed Khan II. And Harem sonhave for us to believe that the Hamid Karzai “seems The simple answer is: any individwithUSproblems of alienation en who recently entered British Pakistani men, we Science and Technology, is to to President let the Pakistan” period. cluding faith leaders, Football minds andowners hearts ofrenovate, people over Shaukat Khanum, due to cancer. women, Sufi mystics and beautiful Arabic andatNATO won’t take theorsame more to interested in perpetuating his UK ual, or state thattohaswanted radicalisation and work came to- into con- or sell their properties. Mumtaz restaurant ensure they received the aid organization, married women seeking When Labour Unites Racism Divides, Northern The trust uses donations to last help60 years, which is not what our illustrations, there is a lot to discover in one route. to celebrate Inte- wards a harmonious own powerESOL by any the confidence of the parties and ishigh in Bradford quality andmeans Life inrather join their husbands in the UK trol the future. Lib Dems were do- fathers wanted. Refugee Centre, local branches founding

Food Prices to take Toll on Britons

Imran Khan Awarded Honorary Fellowship by: Royal College of Physicians

Sheffield Labour bring 609 Empty Homes Back into Use

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EU Wins Nobel Peace Prize For 2012

The EU is praised for bringing stability and democracy to the continent but the award is a surprise given its current woes. The EU has won the Nobel Peace Prize for its long-term role in uniting the continent, as the bloc faces its greatest internal crisis since it was established in the 1950s. The 27-nation group was praised for rebuilding Europe after World War II and for its role in spreading stability to former communist countries after the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall. The EU was praised for its crucial position in the transformation of a once torn Europe from a continent of wars to a continent of peace. Over a seventy-year period, Germany and France had fought three wars. Today war between Germany and France is unthinkable.

Twitter: “It is a great honour for the whole of the EU, all 500 million citizens.” But the award has sparked controversy, coming at a time when the EU is battling to solve the eurozone crisis and bridge deep rifts between a south drowning in debt and a wealthier north. It also sparks surprise in host country Norway, which itself has rejected joining the union twice, in 1972 and 1994. Threequarters of Norwegians say they are opposed to EU membership, according to recent polls. The EU won from a field of 231 candidates including Russian dissidents and religious leaders working for Muslim-Christian reconciliation. A prize, worth £750,000, will be presented in Oslo on December 10.

Despite recurring difficulties, the EU has become the biggest European Commission president common market in the world, alJose Manuel Barroso said on lowing free circulation of goods,

people, services and capital. And after centuries of war on the continent, Europe has been at peace within its borders, although its effort to stop war in former Yugoslavia - hailed by one minister as “the hour of Europe” - was a failure.

Notification of Section 30 Dispersal Order Darnall, Sheffield The Darnall area in Sheffield will be made subject of a dispersal order aimed at curbing antisocial behaviour, after local residents have highlighted concerns to their local police team. As a direct result, South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield City Council have jointly agreed that a Section 30 of the Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003, shall apply to the Darnall area. Under the order, police officers and PCSOs are provided with additional powers to tell any groups of two or more people in a public place, who are likely to intimidate, harass, or cause alarm or distress to others, to leave the area and not return for up to 24 hours. Failure to follow such direction will be a crimi-

nal offence, which may lead to arrest and prosecution. The order will be in place from the 15 of October to the 11 of November 2012. Signs will be displayed in prominent locations outlining the areas covered by the section 30 order. Inspector Paul Ferguson from the Sheffield East Safer Neighbourhood Team said: "I am extremely grateful to the many people who have acknowledged that during this period there is the potential for increased disorder in the Darnall area. As the nights get longer, and the schools break-up, and the bonfire night and Halloween period approaches, there’s potential for a rise in antisocial behaviour and low-level crime. We accept there is a risk, but we are not

Jeddah Bans Shisha Smoking in Cafes

The EU traces its origins back to the 1950s when six countries, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, joined forces in the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) and the European Economic Community (EEC). It has grown in size over the years, reaching 15 members in 2004 when it embraced the first of the former Soviet states stranded for half a century behind the Iron Curtain. There are currently 27 member states. The EU is the first organisation, rather than individual or group of individuals, to be awarded the prize, since Medecins Sans Frontieres in 1999.

prepared to accept that the neighbourhood as a whole will suffer from the actions of a few. “The Dispersal Order will form just one part of the work that community leaders, partners and the police are undertaking to achieve the period of calm we all expect”. “I would also like to remind the young people of Darnall that, every Friday night, the all weather pitches on Woodbourn Road, play host to Darnall United, there are free football sessions. On Saturday 2 of November and Monday the 5th, there will be additional sessions. All who want to come together to play football in a safe and inclusive environment will be welcome."

A law against smoking the pipes, known in Arabic as shisha, in public places has been in place for years in some other Saudi cities, but it is only now being implemented in Jeddah, which is known as more socially liberal than the capital Riyadh. It’s a big problem for local cafes

where more than 80 percent of customers come to smoke shisha. More than 35 businessmen with investments in restaurants and cafes had complained to the city’s chamber of commerce about the ban, demanding it protect their interests. The pipes have been banned on

health grounds, alongside other forms of smoking, with the Health Ministry campaigning for tougher measures against the habit for years. Shisha smoking is popular in Saudi Arabia, but it is frowned upon by clerics of the austere Wahhabi school of Islam that dominates the world’s top oil exporter. In Nejd, the central part of Saudi Arabia where Riyadh is located and which is the heartland of Wahhabi belief, shisha smoking has long been banned in urban areas. The ban would be felt hardest by women, who would find it hard to frequent licensed shisha cafes outside the city limits in a country where only men are allowed to drive.

New Road Tax plan for Motorways and A-Roads

A proposal for a higher rate of road tax levied on major trunk route users seeks to help raise more revenue for the Treasury. Drivers who use motorways could be charged a higher rate of road tax than those who stick to slower routes. According to reports, motorists face a two-tier road tax under proposals being considered by the Government. It has been suggested drivers could be offered a lower rate of the tax if they agree not to use the country’s trunk road network of motorways and major A-roads. Those paying a higher rate of vehicle excise duty would be free to use any roads.

Proponents say a network of automatic number-plate recognition cameras could be used to catch any drivers who were using the motorways without paying the higher rate. A Department For Transport (DFT) said: “The department and Treasury are currently carrying out a feasibility study to review new ownership and financing models for the strategic road network. “This is looking at how best we can secure investment in the network to increase capacity and boost economic growth.” Governments have long sought to explore revenue generation options for road users. Money-

raising concepts raised by previous governments have included expanding toll booths across the motorway network and a system based on mileage. Could we see a replacement of existing motoring taxes with pay-as-you-go road charging. Road tax is currently paid based on a sliding scale of 13 bands from zero to more than £1,000 in the first year of registration. Drivers pay according to how much carbon dioxide their vehicle produces. Another option is to replace the annual road duty charge on cars with a one-off charge on new vehicles.

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Resources, Problems & Politics - Dr A Q Khan has been blessed with, not only manifold natural resources, but also with adequate manpower. This combination should have been enough to turn us into a prosperous, developed country. However, there is a kink in the cable, and a rather large one-the powerful, inefficient combination of politicians and bureaucrats. The political leadership of a country is supposed to provide the necessary guidance, funds, incentives and technocrats to facilitate industries.

Random thoughts

Having resources and developing them are two entirely different things. In developed countries, there are more resources, fewer problems, politics is transparent and honest and there are no hidden agendas. While resources are a divine gift, using them efficiently and judiciously is the responsibility of the people, especially the concerned technocrats. The Almighty has been extremely benevolent to us in providing us with tremendous resources, both natural and human, but consecutive inefficient and dishonest rulers have never made good use of them. There is a well-known Western saying: “The prosperity and progress of a nation is a reflection of the achievements of her engineering professions.” Efficient performance by technocrats – i.e., the proper application of what they have learnt, is the key to the development, progress and prosperity of the nation. There are many such examples. Pakistan

big and quick change could be brought about for the betterment of the country. Our hardworking expatriate community remits more than 13 million dollars annually, but we still to go round with a begging bowl and kowtow to the Americans for a paltry one billion.

There are vast opportunities for setting up industries but the rulers and bureaucracy together form the biggest hurdle, with the result that our entrepreneurs are setting up industries in the UAE, Malaysia, etc., instead. We import billions of dollars worth of consumables but don’t encourage people to set up factories to produce these items within the country to save foreign exchange and provide employment to the people. The Indonesians are manufacturing civilian aeroplanes while we are still importing motorcycles. While we import billions worth of sugar and fertilisers, no effort is being made to meet the demand locally.

Ours is a country where, even 65 years after its creation and in this modern age, sewing needles, good bicycle chains, motorcycles, etc., are not being produced. However, thanks to the vision of Mr Bhutto and Ms Benazir Bhutto, the seemingly impossible was achieved in the manufacture of nuclear weapons and missiles in a very short span of time and against all odds. The point here is that what is needed for achieving success is technical expertise (not intellectual dishonesty), far-sighted, capable leadership Unfortunately, successive government and a system of checks and balances and in our country never bothered much about industrial development. The reaviable continuous programmes. son for this is that neither politicians nor One can identify many gifts from the Al- mediocre bureaucrats can comprehend mighty. We have a large country spread the importance of this. Had they been out over thousands of kilometres. We able to do so, they would have identified have deserts, snow-covered mountains, important projects and put competent huge rivers and plentiful, regular rain- technocrats (not intellectually dishonfall (which is wasted by allowing it to est loudmouths) to push them through. run out to the sea unutilised), bountiful When it is in their own interest, our rulcrops, vast resources of sweet- and salt- ers and parliamentarians pass laws withwater fish, delicious fruits, etc. Had the in minutes, while matters of national/ political leaders used all these natural public interest lie in cupboards collectresources properly and efficiently, we ing dust. would have been a developed and prosperous country by now. If our rulers used Other than gas, our natural resources the right technocrats in the right place, a have not been utilised and benefitted

from and nothing concrete has been done so far. How could they? The fruits of such efforts take time to ripen and our politicians want to reap the benefits, if not yesterday, then today.

thing is for sure: if the present rulers manage to come to power again the country will be lost-disintegrated, denuclearised and destroyed, and a permanent colony of the US.

Once Nausherwan-e-Adil and his companions went on a hunting trip. They passed a small village where the king saw an old man planting a fruit tree which would bear fruit only after 20 years. The king stopped to ask the old man why he was planting a tree that would only bear fruit long after he himself was gone. The old man smiled and said: “We are now eating the fruits of the trees planted by our grandfathers and our grandchildren will eat the fruit of these trees.”

So what is the solution? There are many options, some of which may be outside the Constitution – e.g., the Supreme Court, with the backing of the army, orders the setting up of a caretaker administration of competent technocrats for at least five years in order to get the country out of the rut it is in now and place it on a solid, progressive path. I see few other viable options. It should not be too difficult to select about a hundred honest, competent technocrats with well-proven track records.

Let us not forget how we reaped the rewards of Ayub Khan’s excellent industrialisation policy, Mr Bhutto’s nuclear policy, Ms. Benazir Bhutto’s missile policy and Mian Nawaz Sharif’s decision to explode nuclear devices. The benefits accrued from these decisions will be ours to avail for all times to come. Unfortunately, the present rulers are doing nothing to remember them by except corruption, maladministration, loadshedding, unemployment, inflation, extortion, sectarian killings, kidnappings, murders and, above all, the selling of our national sovereignty. The country is passing through a most dangerous phase and the public at large is extremely worried about its future. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. In many other countries things can be changed through the holding of a referendum, but I am not aware of any such option here. However, one

I can identify quite a few myself. I had very close contacts with the army, air force and navy and some of their senior officers worked with me. They were competent, devoted and patriotic. I have also dealt with many senior bureaucrats who were very competent but never made it to the top because they did not curry favours. I have lived in Islamabad for more than 35 years and met people from all walks of life. I have no doubt that many of them could be brought together to save the country. Technocrats (barring a few intellectually dishonest boasters) have never let the country down. Since the political leadership is inept, the burden falls on the shoulders of technocrats. Email:

Peace March, Political Stunt and Killer Drones

You don’t have to be a PTI worker to see what Imran Khan’s peace march to Waziristan has achieved. Nor can you be so blind, unable to read and recognise the hypocrisy written all over FazlurRehman’s and Abdul Ghafoor Haidri’s statements calling Imran Khan an agent of the ‘Jews’ and by personally attacking his ex-wife and children. And guess what! FazlurRehman, selfproclaimed Pakistani pseudoliberals and US were all on one side, either due to being Anti-PeaceMarch or pro-drone or both. Not surprising actually!

which was later denied by the Taliban. The march was stopped near Tank and they were denied access to the area. It sounded amusing to some. The criticizer somehow overlooked that the mission was to highlight the issue with the help of the international activists which was symbolic as well as revealing. Do the noise makers suggest it should have been turned into a violent protest, to get to the area by hook or by crook?

parency project: importing cameras to the region to try to export the truth back out. Tariq wanted to take part, but I thought him too young.

The international media covered the issue for two consecutive days. This same media is used to brainwash people about the effectiveness of War on Terror and ‘accuracy’ of American drone strikes killing ‘militants’ alone. By raising the issue in an extra ordinary way this march has shown the people of these countries, the other side of the story. Clive Stafford Smith (who came from UK to attend this rally) writes in his article,

According to a major study released by Stanford University and New York University named ‘Living Under Drones’: “Drones hover twenty-four hours a day over communities in northwest Pakistan, striking homes, vehicles, and public spaces without warning.

Any independent unbiased activist, anti-war and anti-drone humanist would wholeheartedly appreciate this big step that was taken by Imran Khan. The march raised all kinds of lame arguments; before it was, Why-Islamabad-and-Why-Not-Waziristan, now the objection changed to Why-South-and-Why-not-NorthWaziristan. Some asked why invite Americans to protest in Waziristan and rather not go to “During the day I shook the USA and protest in front of the hand of a 16-year-old kid from Waziristan named Tariq Aziz. White House. One of his cousins had died in a A few days before the march, missile strike, and he wanted to the pseudo-liberal lot claimed know what he could do to bring TTP and Imran are friends and the truth to the west. At the Reso they will provide him security prieve charity, we have a trans-

Then, three days later, the CIA announced that it had eliminated “four militants”. In truth there were only two victims: Tariq had been driving his 12-year-old cousin to their aunt’s house when the Hellfire missile killed them both.” Afghans but not so for the rest of the world. It was effectively highlighted; no sane person can deny the fact. And how many Pakistani know where they operate from, how illegal they are according to international law and even US constitution and how they CANNOT operate without our government’s permission. ‘We condemn; you carry on’ policy of the Pakistani civil and military authorities is utterly disgusting. And now the whole world knows our leaders have made us a US colony where they are only puppets displayed to deceive us.

Their presence terrorizes men, women, and children, giving rise to anxiety and psychological trauma among civilian communities. Those living under drones have to face the constant worry that a deadly strike may be fired at any moment, and the knowledge that they are powerless to Some people labelled it as a protect themselves.” ‘political stunt’ risking the lives Drones are a familiar phenom- of people and activists from the enon for Pakistanis, Yemenis and world to gain votes? Not so

surprisingly, this does happen in Pakistan by the parties who have ruled us again and again so they painted their formula to label the march as a political drama. The silliest argument that really surprised was ‘Would this march stop the drones?’ If that’s the point then beware: All marches are political stunts, all processions are pointless and all protests are useless as they don’t change anything most of the time. The issue is national. There is a war imposed on Pakistan without declaration and one faction of intellectuals is bent upon legalising what the world holds illegitimate i.e. drones. The biggest ally is the major sufferer with innocent women and children being killed

in double tap attacks (targeting the rescuers) or left amputated with post-traumatic stress disor der; Attacks that are carried out on the basis of ‘local intelligence’ gathered by awarding a few thousand dollars and using locals to tag the target with a GPS device, make someone’s fortune and ruin someone’s home and family. The march has brought attention to the forgotten people of Waziristan living under the killer buzzes in fear, avoiding meeting with each other with confidence and trust due to suspicion and terror created by the US.

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Dual Nationals – Is their Patriotism in Doubt?

Lately, it has been discussed a lot in the Pakistan judiciary and media that Dual Nationals should not be the part of the Elected Assemblies. So now if a person is holding a dual nationality his patriotism is in doubt. What a joke? Factors We Miss While Discussing Dual Nationality Issue: There are couple of factors that Pakistanis are completely missing when they are thinking and or discussing the issue of Dual Nationality. To understand the complete concept, the constitutional writings and ground realities one needs to go back to early 70’s and before. When Pakistan came into existence its population was approximately 76 million combined (east and west Pakistan) and approximately 34 million in West Pakistan. By 70’s the population of Pakistan almost doubled to 66 million (west Pakistan only). The resources were limited and to find better living, people started moving out. Initially the biggest chunk moved to Middle East and some to other countries around the world including USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Turkey, Russia, South Africa, etc. Every country has their own laws for the people who are coming from other countries. Some only issued work permits, some issued resident cards to let people work in their countries, as those countries were and are still in need of talented and skilled human resource. For a shorter while one can stay in another country without getting into

the issue of Dual nationality, but as time passed and the Economic problems of Pakistan increased with the SIX folds in population growth, people started to acquire Nationality in different countries. Why Acquire Foreign Nationality? : Another very important reason that made people acquire the citizenship

now recognizes and allows its citizens to also hold the citizenships of 16 countries: 1. United Kingdom 2. Italy 3. France 4. Belgium 5. Iceland 6. Australia 7. New Zealand

consent of the people of the country and that has happened 18 times in the history of Pakistan (18 amendments). Why or Why Not to Allow Overseas Pakistanis: Let’s see why we should or should not allow the Overseas Pakistani’s to be the part of the electoral process. According to the Wikipedia, the

of other countries was the legal requirement of the country for example, in order to buy a house or to own a business. When we look at our constitution with the citizenship act of 1951, Pakistani’s cannot have dual citizenship. Since independence, the growth of expatriate Pakistani communities in the Middle East, Europe and North America has led to several changes in Pakistani nationality law. Although holding dual citizenship was not permitted under the 1951 law, the Government of Pakistan

8. Sweden 9. United States 10. Ireland 11. Netherlands 12. Switzerland 13. Canada 14. Egypt 15. Jordan 16. Syria Talking about the constitution of Pakistan, one must remember that the constitution of any country is the set of law to live by but is NOT a book from God that cannot have mistakes or incompleteness. Any constitution is written by human beings and they kept the ground realities of the time to write the constitution. Over time and with experience the changes are allowed with the

number of Pakistanis living abroad is almost 7million. The Pakistani diaspora refers to overseas Pakistanis, who are Pakistani citizens that have migrated to another country, as well as people of who are of Pakistani descent. According to the Pakistani Government, there are around 7 million Pakistani people living abroad with a vast majority of them residing in the Middle East, Europe and North America. Pakistan ranks 10th in the world for remittances sent home in 2012 at £8 billion. The above said 7 million Pakistanis who are living in all different countries have the strongest ties with Pakistan and probably love Pakistan more than anything. They are the ones who, (regardless of their second nationality) have to answer the questions of the people of the country they live in. Pakistani Organizations have been set up in these countries to support their communities.

Six Billion Mobile Phone Users Worldwide

The world now has nearly as many mobile phone subscriptions as inhabitants. There were about six billion subscriptions by the end of 2011 - roughly one for 86 of every 100 people. China alone accounts for one billion subscriptions, and India is expected to hit the one-billion mark this year. 2.3 billion people - or about one in three

of the world’s seven billion inhabitants - were internet users by the end of 2011, but there is a strong disparity between rich and developing countries. 70% of people who use the internet live in wealthier, industrialised countries, compared with 24% who live in poorer, developing nations.

These overseas Pakistanis have even registered the political parties of Pakistan as Foreign Political party in different countries (where allowed, for instance PPP, MQM, PTI and other parties are registered in the UK). They celebrate every Pakistan Day with love, peace and harmony. Overseas Pakistanis are Better United : Overseas Pakistanis are more united as Pakistanis then Sindhi, Balouchi, Pakhtoon, Mohajir, Punjabi or any other sub division. Overseas Pakistanis have contributed to the betterment and brought an honor to the name of the Nation. Pakistanis have been serving in each and every industry around the world including Science, Technology, Manufacturing, Teaching and many more. Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Dual Nationality: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) states: (a) ” Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his/her country….” ( Section 21(1) of ICCPR). Overseas Pakistanis with dual nationality claim Pakistan as his/her country; and Pakistan also consider them as their citizens since they hold National Identity Card, Pakistani Passport and the right to vote in the general elections. Therefore, they have the right to be a parliamentarian in Pakistan. (b) “Everyone has the right to a nationality ” ( Article 15 (1) of UDHR. A Pakistani who acquires the nationality of a foreign country where he resides without surrendering Pakistani citizenship is doing so as a “privilege” to enjoy the benefits of the resident country where he/she currently lives. This does not take away his/her allegiance to Pakistan. Even though Pakistanis acquired the Nationality of other countries, their hearts are always beating for Pakistan, as that was the country which came into existence with the sacrifice of more than 2 million people.


A POEM By: JIM WAVERLY When the pulse of romance Begins to beat in you chest All of a sudden ... all of a sudden All things Which had previously seemed to be Absolutely impossible Suddenly seems to be A piece of cake Or tae use a Scottish term Nae bother at a ! As long as she stays close Close enough tae make me feel Tae make me feel ... what? Tae make me feel better? No Tae make me feel somthin? No Close enough tae make me feel That ah exist!!! Or that ah matter It’s been a wee while Since ah felt that ah exist Or that ah matter... Could it be that those days are over? Ah certainly hope so!!!

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Rotherham - A Top Performing CORNER

Local Planning Authority Commercial Property & Land Development

Summer in the Property Market

Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant Rotherham's on-going commitMarkMohammed Jenkinson & SonMahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant

The Government's aim is that no

Mark Jenkinson & Son ment to economic growth has application should be within a

In this article I shall reflect on LAND IS GOLD!! the positive aspects of property. Many you would ask ifthere there In the of last few months, are any. has arguably been a steady

increase in enquiries for It haswhether not gonethis unnoticed that land, is for resiwe have had a glorious or sporting dential, commercial gensummerIn which brought to erally. thishas article I us will the attention of the whole world talk about the economics of in a wonderful light. The eyes land. of the world were upon us and

certainly did not disappoint. Iwe have mentioned on a Clearly such tremendous why pubnumber of occasions licity has anand effect developing on all things owning British,isincluding land a goodproperty. idea, one only needs to look into the I have had enquiries economics and youfrom toomany will overseas investors, not all see that in the world of down supto the success of the summer, ply and demand there is anI would hasten to add. Many of important ingredient which thesenever peoplereally want change to investthat in will thissupply. country Itnot of the is is because a worldwide fantastic but concenmore so issue andreturns, not just because to it isWestern a safe investment trated econoin a stable country, where the mies.

Take for instance, London. In Population Trends the centre the capital you It has beenofargued by many would be very surprised to hear academics and professionals that values the increase. in the fieldare of on world populaThere are many investion trends thatoverseas we are living tors battling property, of therelonger, the for population the fore, seeing the inevitable rise in world is steadily increasing prices. An the interesting question therefore need for land is, happen if that to what housewould people is almost market disappeared, does certainly going towhich become not seem very If likely condia key issue. youiflook at tions ground continue as someonofthethe worlds major they are.the price of land over Cities

time in real terms has not

finite in supply and people's need for land is high as the population Agriculture of world increases, therefore, Asthethe population increases eventually leading an increase the demand fortofood is bein That demand chalwill coming everlasting always supply for leading lenge, outstrip the demand land to eventual in value toangrow foodincrease and rear cattle isetc arguably as cleara as nightissue folis arguably major lows keenofforfacing The are price agward thinking investors return-in ricultural land is reflected ing this market. thistodemand for food. I be-

lieve that over time the de-

Another keyland change demand for for that suchis uses veloping market place the is will rise,theand therefore housing. choices The we demand face asfortohoushow ing on the and more supwe isuse landincrease become ply is ratherhence limited thereof important, theaslaws are few new housing schemes planning. being built. Sticking with the metaphorical Resources summer theme, I believe we are changeis The need forseeing fossila fuels in tenure aspirations. for another key focusWhere for land many it was thethe aspiration use years throughout world, of buy their ownreliant home wepeople are tomuch more this now or changing to the Euroon island the substructure pean model renting. oil, coal, of land toofprovide

It is also and clearthe where people reduced, challenges have finances in place or access for emerging economies is to funding they are making hay. going to become ever more The market has many bargains. challenging. Investors are buying property to include office investments Economics at prices not which areanreflecting It does need econotoday's conditions, a mist to market tell us that supply is scenario they would notofhave finite, although some you anticipated the height the may argueatthat some of counmarket. is becoming tries areProperty reclaiming land accessible to that people chances of you losing property much from more water. Clearly is you have the importantwith in- gold, silver, iron ore, chemivarious ways does not con- if expensive andallfraught Iinbelieve the following is anand opportunity for developer – finance. happen. Many investors over- gredient many other natural difficulty. It only strength- Itcals siderations are a key infactor entrepreneurs at this seasunder property tell methe anecdotal products we usetoinlook everyday in pinning need ens the argument that land and and developthe housing another area that has market talesand of ending upappetitie in long legal life. Therefore needforto is an isimportant commodity for peoples for Land rental sector.theWith cutbacks beginnings of aare metabattles over property and giving seen understand economics whenthesome countries in- the land: public sectormore it is difficult renaissance. in up because they cannot afford to phorical ofthe land become imporvesting insummer such projects. The simple equation that land is for that market to be catered carry on the legal battles.

for through moreimportantly traditional tant and the more routes, therefore, there isthe arguso as we go through 21st ably a whole market develcentury andnew beyond. oping. I have seen that investors are looking at these opportuniServices ties. The need to build infrastruc-

ture for our needs is also

Another key positive has been land intensive, roads, railauctions. These a schools, normally all a ways, hospitals, clear of the sate the our barometer basic facilities weof take market. Roomsare up built and down the for granted on land. country goodour sales. If one have looksseen around surPeople are cautiously returning roundings and reflects for a tofew the market. moments our need for

land is intense and rising. I

Inwas terms of Sheffield, recently asked enquiries by somefor industrial onecommercial why is theand price of burspace haverising? seen an ial plots Theincrease. answer Good retail,economics. in particular againquality is simple along London Road, Ecclesall Road andmeans locations suchI as Page By no have touched Hall, are becoming popular. chalon all the conflicting Itlenges is clearand that needs the summer has for land, seen positive changes but Isome do hope I have given which me a great deal ofof you gives an understanding hope the future of theand properthe for value of land why tyour market, one land good summer needbutfor is only, does not make a decade. in my humble opinion, go-

been justified by recent planning statistics released by the Govone question, has ourBorough need ernment. Rotherham for landis ever Council one ofreally the top diminperformished?, the planning answer isauthorities almost ing local certainly goingaccording to be a to cauin the country the tious no. first ever set of planning league Controls on by land usage tables published the Governthrough politics and the ment. The Planning Guarantee planning Monitoringprocess Statisticstherefore 2011-12 become terribly important. reveal Rotherham was the 55th best planning authority out of 339 Therefore before you emacross the country. bark project it is The on aimany of land the table is to reimportant you are aware of a veal poor-performing planning few fundamental principles authorities, which the Governof development. would ment believes slow-upI economic always thatare you takeon growth. advise The figures based good professional advice, the number of planning decisions there is nowithin substitute for determined 26 weeks this, just as the economics the length of time stipulatedof by supply and demand areofimthe Government's as part last portant, these reforms. are backed up year's planning

planning authority's system for longer than 26 weeks, ensuring worth than land that allless applications, eveninifthe they city centre for development include an appeal, would be deuse, everywithin use hasthea value. termined 12 month 'planning guarantee'. InOutconclusion canplanning only of a total ofone 1,284 summarise that landto is an applications submitted Rotherimportant and valuable comham, some 1,270 - 99 percent modity, and I for one believe were determined within the 26 demand over time is going week period, placing Rotherham towithin be athemajor challenge on top quartile of all local supply, this is arguably goplanning authorities across the ing to see a rise prices, country. Forty five ofinthese were this may be hard to imagine major planning applications. going theseDirector difficultof Paul through Woodcock, times, but history is a reflec-for Planning and Regeneration tion of our desire land. Rotherham Boroughfor Council, The ownership of land can said the aim of the Government's be considered in the same reforms was to speed up the plancontext as gold, dianing process in the silver, hope of boostmonds etc, history is a clear ing regeneration.

witness of this. by legislation and planning policy so there is not a free Therefore the forward thinkfor all and land is used in the ing investor/developers are best possible way not only showing signs of return to for today but for future gen- the market, this is cautious but a good sign. erations. Clearly this of hasmiles an optimism, lier in the evenings. Lighting on thousands impact on value, of motorways, trunktherefore roads and The survey found 70% of the valuehas is not ing to rise, yes we will see land ever if you want toiscontact motorway network now unlit city streets beenuniform. turned off or As As ever, if you want we to coneconomic changes, have dimmed at night in order to save me me on at please night, call saving the Highways tact please call metoonsee 0114 an example landemissions, for ag- 0114 andmewill continue re- As 2760151/ Agency some £400,000 last year money and cut carbon 2760151/0787 or ricultural use going to be 0787 cessions but 901 ask 5095 yourself 9015095 carbon or through ILM. and reducing emissions. according to an is investigation. through ILM.

Job opportunities for recent graduates Opportunities for graduates The University of Sheffield is offering recent graduates the invaluable opportunity to add to their academic success through work experience. There are 15 graduate internships currently available at the University of Sheffield, offering a six month paid placement in a variety of departments focusing on a specific business improvement project identified by the department. Each position has specific essential and desirable requirements and applicants must possess a recent honours degree from the University. The closing date for applications is Tuesday 23 October 2012 with an expected start date of 3 December 2012. For more information and a full list of opportunities available visit careers/students/jobs

Lights switched off for 3,000 miles

The probe by the Sunday Telegraph found 3,080 miles of motorways and trunk roads in England are now completely unlit, with a further 47 miles - including a busy stretch of the M1 between Luton and Milton Keynes dark between midnight and 5am. And some 98 of 134 councils questioned (73%) said they had switched off or dimmed lights, or were planning to. All of England’s 27 county councils have turned off or dimmed street lamps in their areas, on the day the clocks went back, plunging the country into darkness ear-

However there are safety reasons why lighting needs to be available. The presence of lighting not only reduces the risk of traffic accidents but also their severity. Surveys have shown that the public are in favour of street lighting as a way of improving road safety and that, if anything, it needs to be improved in some areas. There are also suggestions that it increases crime. So it may save money in terms of energy but then you have to look at the cost in terms of security, safety and accidents, it may actually be more.”

Britain to Publish Criminals’ Photos on Web

Police in Britain will publish photographs of thousands of criminals as well as the details of their offences and sentences on a new website. By entering a postcode and at the click of a mouse, people can see pictures of recentlyconvicted criminals along with a summary of their crimes and the punishment they received.

is seen to be done in the truest sense,” he was quoted as saying. The scheme will go live on the website within the next few months.

It will be an extension of “In The Dock”, a pilot project launched last year by West Yorkshire Police. Around 3.3 million people have logged on to the website Police minister Damian Green in three months to find what ofsaid it will help act as a deterrent fences have been committed in to offenders. “When someone their area. breaks into your home or robs your local shop, you want to see them properly punished. Placing their pictures on our crime mapping site will ensure justice

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Can we be sure the world’s population will stop rising?

Forecasters expect the world’s population to reach 10bn by the year 2050 - but could the figure be a lot, lot higher? The United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA, recently published a report describing the world’s ageing population. “Today we have one in nine persons aged 60 or over, but by 2050 it’ll be one in five, and by that time there will be more older persons than those under 15 years.” The UN sees these statistics as a cause both for celebration because more people are living longer, and some concern because the change presents an economic and social challenge. We can be very certain about the numbers for 2050 because persons who will be aged 60 in 2050 are already born. This not speculation. There is, however, another side to the equation: the birth rate. Predicting how that will change is more difficult - and more interesting. For a long time statisticians have seen in the numbers something which they call the “demographic transition”, which happens when a society gets wealthier. If we look at the last 10 years or so, we see rises in fertility in the

most advanced countries. The demographic transition is a shift of birth and death rates from high levels to low levels in a population. And that usually is a result of economic and social development. “Typically we speak of four stages. We have the first stage which is high birth rates and high death rates. Then we have the second stage of high birth rates and falling death rates. “And then stage three, declining birth rates and relatively low death rates, and this is characterised by a slow growth rate of the population, the growth begins to level off. And then stage four is where you have low birth rates and low death rates, and consequently a low population growth.” So as countries get richer their fertility rates fall. But what happens next? Many statisticians assume that advanced nations will remain in periods of low population growth. But recent evidence suggests they could be wrong. The new change is not only due to immigration. Also the locals are changing. It’s no longer true at the global level because recent fertility trends are showing that

the future is much more uncertain than we thought. There may be a complete change in the ranking of fertility levels in the world.” Evolutionary biologists might not be surprised by this. The idea that as we get richer we have fewer children is, from their perspective, very odd. Normally natural selection produces individuals who are good at converting their resources into lots of fertile descendants. It’s a demographic paradox that in the past few centuries, developing societies haven’t been filled by families who raise as many kids as they can possibly afford. But forecasting population will always be a highly uncertain science. In 2004 the UN’s department of economic and social affairs tried to guess what the global population could be in 2300. It said the population would stabilise at around nine billion by 2050 and then remain at that level for the rest of the period. But that was just its medium estimate. Its high estimate was 36.4bn, and its low estimate just 2.3bn. In other words, when you look beyond existing generations, anything could happen.

Britain to Launch High-Speed 4G Network

Britain has launched the superfast 4G service in select cities over the last week. The country’s first 4G network was launched in London and nine other cities. The 4G system allows smartphones, tablets and laptops to surf the web five times faster than the current 3G network. Users will also have to fork out hundreds of pounds for a smartphone that can use the

system, such as Apple’s iPhone 5 or Nokia’s Lumia 920. But the technology is so powerful that it burns through smartphone battery life, meaning handsets need to be recharged more often. Customers who upgrade to 4G packages will pay anything from 36 to 56 pounds a month based on the amount of data downloads they sign up for. This is some five pounds a month more than

what they would have paid under their existing deals for a similar package. The 4G technology makes it possible to squeeze more data into a smaller slice of the airwaves, which makes it cheaper to transmit vast amounts of information compared with 3G. Consequently, 4G actually costs less to run on a day-to-day basis.

Osborne Price Plea to Energy Firms

Chancellor George Osborne has urged energy firms to reconsider price rises that have sparked warnings of more households being plunged into a “long, cold winter”. Amid union and consumer group demands for Government action to tackle rising fuel prices, he said British Gas and npower should make sure the hikes were the “absolute mini-

mum” necessary. British Gas announced an extra £80 on to its typical annual dual fuel bill with an average increase of 6% affecting 8.5 million customers from November 16. Rival npower followed with an average rise of 8.8% for gas and 9.1% for electricity. Both companies blamed rising costs largely outside their control. But with food

and some mortgage costs also on an upward path, there were fears about how the elderly and hardup will cope with the latest rises. Mr Osborne, who is attending the IMF/World Bank conference in Japan, told ITV News the Government had programmes to try to help people reduce their household energy costs. Asked if rising energy firm profits were excessive, he said: “I think these energy companies should make sure they’re only adding to their bills the absolute minimum they need to add to continue investing in our energy supply and they’re not going beyond that.” The pre-winter move from British Gas comes months after parent Centrica posted a 23% rise in half-year profits at its residential arm to £345 million.

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Big B celebrates his70th B’ Day

India’s favourite film star Amitabh Bachchan turned 70, marking his birthday with a lavish celebrity party and drawing hundreds of fans to cheer their hero outside his home. Bachchan, the elder statesman of Bollywood, hit the red carpet with his family on for celebrations in the entertainment capital Mumbai, where he was joined by a star-studded list of 800 guests. Outside his residence in the

city, fans gathered to present flowers and chant “Long Live Amitabh!” but the birthday boy struck a modest note. “Birthdays are special for all... mine is no different... but (it) would never be the same without your love and affection,” he said to his more than 3.5 million Twitter followers. Among the film, business and political bigwigs at the party was fellow acting superstar

Shah Rukh Khan, who tweeted that he had “too much fun” dancing with Bachchan and his wife Jaya, who organised the bash. Known universally as “The Big B”, Bachchan made his name as the “angry young man” of Hindi cinema. He starred in more than 150 films including the 1970s hits “Sholay” (Embers), “Deewaar” (The Wall) and “Don”. Still acting in several films a year, he was voted “actor of the millennium” in a BBC online

poll in 1999 and became the first Indian actor to gain a lookalike at London’s Madame Tussauds waxworks museum. “I just feel that so long as I have life and I have breath inside me, I should continue to work,” he told the DNA newspaper in an interview marking his birthday. Bachchan’s legions of admirers monitor his health closely: he was discharged from a Mumbai hospital late in February after

undergoing surgery twice for an abdominal problem. He also nearly died following an accident on the set of the 1982 film “Coolie” where he ruptured his spleen during a fight scene. Fans at the time prayed for his recovery, holding vigils outside his hospital and making offerings at temples and mosques. The veteran actor is a ubiquitous figure in Indian life, hosting the local version of quiz show “Who Wants To Be A

Millionaire?”, supporting charity causes such as protecting tigers, and featuring in countless advertisements. He is set to make his Hollywood debut with a fleeting appearance in the new adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel “The Great Gatsby”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and due for release next year.

Notice Of Motion By: Cllr Mohammad Maroof

Mohammad Maroof a central ward councillor said that “it gives me a great pleasure and satisfaction that I am bringing the following Notice of Motion to the council on Wednesday 7th November on the demand of many of constituents to put a pressure on the government to revoke their discriminatory immigration policies. This Tory approach is not new to many of the families living in the UK, they can remember when previous Tory government introduced Primary Purpose Rule which kept families apart for more than ten years. I am grateful to the previous Labour government who abolished the Primary Purpose Rule soon after they came in power in 1997. Previous Tory government abolished the Right of Appeal against the visitor visa refusal in 1992 and the labour government reinstated full Right of Appeal soon after they came back in power. The Tories didn’t learn a lesson, they didn’t change, they are same old Tories. He also said that I am thankful to my colleagues who gave me support to bring this notice of motion”. Notice of Motion given by Councillor Mohammad Maroof and Seconded By Nikki Bond That this Council:(a) is concerned that changes to the immigration policy will be hugely detrimental to the multicultural vitality of Sheffield and the UK, and believes that changes to the minimum income threshold, right of appeal and student immigration would cause damage to the culture and economy of our City; (b) disagrees with the decision of the Government to scrap the full right of appeal for more than 80,000 relatives of British families who are refused entry to visit them each year; (c) notes that from 9 July 2012, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces and first cousins will no longer be considered to be family

visitors for appeal purposes; (d) is further concerned about Government intentions to remove completely the right of appeal against family visitor visa refusal decisions through a clause in the Crime and Courts Bill (House of Lords Bill 4 of 2012-13); (e) is worried that if this

believes these proposals, if implemented, would have a detrimental effect on the vitality of multicultural life in Sheffield; (j) views these proposals as a back door attempt by the Conservative party to bring back the Primary Purpose Rule which was abolished by the previous

Bill is passed in 2013, the family members (spouses, parents, siblings, children, grandparents, grandchildren, in-laws) will also lose the right of appeal; (f) recognises the importance of right of appeal: principles of equality, and respect for the rule of law demand an appropriate mechanism to check the actions of the entry clearance officers through scrutinising their findings, decisions and all of the relevant evidence upon which they are based, and that appropriate mechanism is a right of appeal; (g) opposes the proposal by the Home Secretary to impose a minimum income threshold of £27,500 to allow a British Citizen to bring their non European Union partner/spouse and family to settle in the U.K; (h) condemns the Liberal Democrats in Government for supporting the measures and doing a u-turn in their support of Article 12 of the Human Rights Act ‘the right to marry and found a family’ ; (i) supports the right of people to choose their life partner from anywhere in the world and

Government, thereby enabling families to be reunited who had been separated for more than 10 years by the rule; (k) supports the work of Paul Blomfield MP, in particular, his work on the Select Committee on Business Innovation and Skills towards taking students out of the net migration targets and reviewing the restrictive proposals on the new English test and the restrictive rules on post-study work, noting that overseas students contribute millions of pounds a year into the local economy and according to Professor Edward Acton (ViceChancellor of the University of East Anglia) the change could result in as many as 70% of these students being barred from entry to the U.K; and (l) resolves to write to the City’s six MPs requesting that they write to the Home Secretary to raise the deep concerns of this Council and on behalf of the families living in our City, further requests the City’s six MPs including Sheffield Hallam MP and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, to oppose the Bill.

Beware of unscrupulous agents: UKBA The UK Border Agency has warned visa applicants of the dangers of being misled by unscrupulous agents. The Agency said that it has sophisticated document verification procedures and if found to be false, an application would be refused. Also, the applicant would face a 10 year ban on travel to Britain and also further investigation. UK Border Agency’s regional director, Thomas Greig said they welcome genuine visitors, students and workers and are committed to ensuring the quality and availability of visa services for genuine applicants. “We will, however, not tolerate abuse of the UK visa system and we have a zero tolerance of fraud. I strongly advise anyone who wants a visa for the UK not to listen to agents who offer to sell forged documents or say that they can guarantee a visa,” said Greig. The common areas where forging takes place is false bank statements, education and language

certificates. The Agency also has made it clear that one need not use an agent to make a visa application. All the information is available free of charge on UK Border Agency and VFS Global websites: www.ukba. and If need be, applicants should

choose an agent carefully and if they are cheated, the matter should be reported to the police. “Do not believe agents who say that they can, in exchange for money, in-

fluence how fast applications are processed or the final decision. They cannot. Visa decisions are made only by visa officers who work for the UK Border Agency,” said the statement. Since Oct 10, 2012, agents are no longer permitted to collect applicants’ documents at the end of the visa process. Applicants can now track the progress of their application to know when their documents are ready for collection and on payment of a small fee, an automated SMS on the progress of the application is also made available. “Do not be fooled by impostors pretending to be officers from the UK Border Agency. Legitimate visa officers do not meet applicants outside their offices nor do they contact you to ask for money. Also, do not be fooled by fake websites designed to look like official government or VFS websites,” warned Greig.

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Who What Why: What is blood rain?

After a registered marriage, newly-weds Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor went in for an exchange of vows before hosting a grand reception that went on till the late hours. While there were rumours that a 'nikaah' was held, Kareena's close friend and fashion designer Manish Malhotra said that there was a simple exchange of vows between the two actors, who have been dating for five years. "They just exchanged vows at the Taj Mahal hotel in Colaba. There were no 'saath pheras'... They did not adhere to any particular style (of wedding)," Malhotra told media. The marriage at

Saif's residence here was a simple affair, but the post wedding functions at the South Mumbai hotel saw a host from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s wife Gursharan Kaur to Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi to actors Nandita Das and Imtiaz Ali, the Dawat-e-Walima (wedding reception) of star couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor saw the who’s who from politics and Bollywood in their related stories Saif, Kareena register marriage NEW BRIDE: Mrs Kareena Kapoor Khan Sealed with a kiss: SaifKareena’s big fat sangeet ceremony finery and the

host of B-town celebs like Shah Rukh Khan with wife Gauri, Priety Zinta, Karan Johar, Tusshar Kapoor, Salman Khan's sister Alvira, Anil Kapoor with daughter Sonam. Malhotra said that the 32-year-old actress wore Saif's grandmother's traditional gharara for the ceremony. The actor's mother Sharmila Tagore had worn the same gharara at her own 'nikaah'. She then passed it on to her son's new wife. Delhi-based designer Ritu Kumar was given the responsibility of restoring and embellishing the gharara. I worked on the antique Pataudi gharara that was restored by Ritu Kumar for Kareena's

wedding... we did the final fittings and added a bit of touch of embroidery here and there," Malhotra said. "When Saif and Kareena exchanged vows... she wore Sharmilaji's gharara for some time," Malhotra said. Later, Kareena changed into a Malhotra creation for the post-wedding party and Saif donned a Banarsi brocade 'achkan' by designer Raghvendra Rathore. "Kareena wore a burgundy color embellished gharara with maroon duppatta. I gave a very old world charm to all the ghararas. The party had 80-100 Bollywood Royalty: Saif Ali Khan and people and went on till 3 Kareena Kapoor on the occasion of their wedding as Nawab and Begum of am," Malhotra said. Pataudi.

DYSLEXIA: The Helping Hand

Dyslexia is an ailment that can be dealt with if proper attention is given to the child suffering from it. Understanding parents and proper education system can help the child reach new heights of success. Children are God’s precious gifts. They are the gems that are to be loved, nurtured, and carved to perfection. Every child is bestowed with certain special qualities. However, the moment parents realise there is something wrong with their child, they are overwhelmed with negative thoughts and dejection, completely losing the will to find any special attribute that their children might possesses.

Similarly, there are many individuals who are dyslexics but have proved that the ailment does not affect their lives negatively. If fully supported at an early age, children can regain confidence and reach successful positions. Children often begin to encounter multiple problems when their formal education begins. Problems can lead to changing school after school, which is an extremely disruptive and unpleasant experience. Every change was a new beginning which always ends in frustrating and hopeless circumstances.

Children can struggled to grapple with studies, and teachers can often not understand their problems and are unable to help them. Finally, his parents are often the ones who seek alternative evaluation as they best understand the problems faced by their child. They find their child was never dumb, stupid or lazy. He was Dyslexic. With the help of a remedial tutor they can successfully clear GSCE and ‘A’level examinations with grit and unwavering determination. From here on there is no looking Dyslexia is one such common dis- back. order that is often misconstrued and blown out of proportion. Dys- In order to understand the challexic children can fully integrate lenges that a Dyslexic child may into mainstream, at times proving face, it is imperative to fully to be far better than their counter- comprehend what this condition parts. entails. In layman’s term, the Did you know that Dyslexia was brain of the child with Dyslexia common in Thomas Edison, Al- processes information differently. bert Einstein, Picasso, and Leonar- Such children cannot be termed as do da Vinci? And even super stars lazy or unintelligent, just different like Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves from others. It is a disorder that and Vince Vaughn were Dyslexic can hinder reading, writing, spellkids yet they have become highly ing, and sometimes even speaksuccessful in their respective field. ing.

The earlier a Dyslexic child gets help, the better. Some of the indicators that parents should look out for are difficulty in reading, writing, spelling, sequencing, mathematics, memory, direction, time, speech, grammar, hyperactivity, behaviour disorder and problems with balance and co-ordination. Children might experience some to all of these problems in acute cases, however, rest assured, that all these can be overcome with proper guidance and help. In order to gauge whether the child is actually suffering from Dyslexia, certain tests are carried out by specialised institutions. At times, the child is not Dyslexic and only has eyesight or hearing problem due to which he or she is not able to comprehend the information meted out to them. Once the medical reasons are ruled out, it is then that the child is tested for Dyslexia.

work correctly, each eye must aim at the exact same point in space so that the images being recorded are identical. School-aged children can suffer from eye teaming problems in which they are only able to aim their eyes together correctly for short periods of time after which their eyes end up pointing at slightly different places on the page. The result is a vision that is blurred, scrambled, or double print leading to reading difficulty and distraction. Sometimes the protective nature of a parent keeps them from identifying and eventually solving the issue. The parents are more concerned about their image in the society which they do not want to spoil at any cost. They keep on thinking about what people will think and how their child will be labelled as having some mental disability. However, it is the child that suffers in the end. The first thing that the parents should do is to accept their child the way he/she is and be willing to help.

Our eyes are designed to work as a team, but each eye functions independently. When we look at something, the image is transmitted up the optic nerves to the brain, which combines them into a single The mainstream schools just have picture. For the visual system to to give remedial help, some extra support and show compassion. The good news is that Dyslexia is a problem that eventually fades away and the child with his exceptional capabilities shines through.

Weird weather was predicted in the UK at the end of October which included “blood rain”. What is it? “Blood rain” a term used for rain carrying sand from deserts. When the rain falls it looks a reddish colour and when it dries off it leaves a thin layer of dust which can also be red, hence the name. It is capable of coating houses, cars and garden furniture. It is a rather grandiose term for fine desert sand particles that are whipped up by winds and mix with the moisture in clouds. •It is usually thought to be rain carrying dust from deserts

•Storms cause dust or sand to mix with clouds •It can leave a fine coating of dust when it falls •Different coloured sand means it can be different colours, including red Storms in the Sahara desert, which is around 2,000 miles away, are usually responsible for stirring up dust blown towards the UK. The winds arriving in the country were part of the band of warm air which brought unseasonably warm temperatures followed by rain in some areas. The rain and the fine layer of dust left after it falls can also be other colours.

The different coloured sands in the Sahara mean the rain and the coating it leaves can vary in colour. It can be reddish, but it is quite rare. It is more likely to be a sandy colour or brown. It’s not as spectacular as it sounds. “Blood rain” happens a few times a year in the UK, say experts. It is more common in southern Europe like Spain and the South of France, which are closer to the Sahara. But it can travel longer distances and fall in areas like Scandinavia. A well-documented incident of “blood rain” happened in 2001 in the southern Indian state of Kerala. In the middle of a monsoon red rain started to fall and did so intermittently for several weeks. The colour was strong enough to stain clothes. There were also reports of green, yellow, brown and black rains. There are very early recordings of “blood rain” in historical texts. It is mentioned in Homer’s Iliad, thought to have been written in the 8th Century BC. The 12th Century writer Geoffrey of Monmouth, who made popular the legends of King Arthur, also referred to it and the 12th Century historian, William of Newburgh. In earlier times it was believed the rain was actually blood and it was considered a bad omen. Often it was used in texts and literature to predict bad events. With the spread of modern scientific method in the 17th Century, it started to be explained in terms of rational causes. By the 19th Century, the idea of dust being to blame started to dominate.

Academically and professionally, such children have every capability to conquer new heights. Who knows, maybe your kid is the next Edison or Picasso.

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Charity begins at Home

There is no doubt that Mukhtar Tufail, the Chief Executive of The Sheffield, Rotherham and District Council of Muslims, (SRDCM) (Senior Legal advisor to the Anglo Asian Society), is a strong believer in the old English adage ... “ Charity begins at home”. So when his employers (SRDCM) instructed him to promote charity fund raising activities, it came as no surprise to those who knew him that he chose to ignore the normal journey some charities had recently adopted : ‘ Collecting locally and donating internationally ‘. Wanting to do something for people ‘more closer to his home’, Mukhtar decided to promote the Lord Mayor’s Charities appeal geared towards assisting people suffering from disabilities. But what made his, this campaign different to all previous efforts was the fact he majestically managed

to secure the support and enthusi- event, the Lady Mayor of Barnsasm of various regional football ley expressed how touched she was with the level of support. teams. His voyage to promote funding for the Lady Mayor Of Barnsley ( Cllr Dorothy Higginbottom ), ‘Charity for the disabled’ , was respectively launched in Barnsley with the full support of the entire Barnsley Football Club, and with backing of the Internationally respected Cricket Vetran Umpire, Harold Dickie Bird.

Harold Dennis “Dickie” Bird , applauded all parties concerned for steering this initiative. When asked what next? Mukhtar sheepishly responded “ I may not be able to secure Her Majesty’s, (The Queens) double to jump out of a plane; but I definitely want to make a synonymous impact on people’s mind “.

Mukhtar encouraged a local restaurant in Barnsley (The Original Dilraj-Indian Restaurant) to donate a week’s equivalent of tips . The manager of the Dilraj Restaurant ( Miron Rahman ) warmly presented a cheque for £200 to The Lady Mayor ( Cllr Dorothy Higginbottom ) in the presence of Harold Dennis “ Dickie ” Bird and the entire Barnsley Football Club. Taken in by the enormity of the

“I don’t want people to loose the enthusiasm and support which has surfaced during the recent Paralympics. We must all, collectively, ensure that this flame of understanding and compassion never extinguishes. Therefore, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Bradford’s Football Club’s are all duly in my sights for my next charity appeal “.

The Revolution of New Types of Businesses

Amar Saleem

Business Development Manager Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Email: The Revolution of New types of Businesses Everywhere you look these days, it seems, small business is big business. George Osborne has offered an array of tax breaks to encourage investors to plough money into early-stage companies. Meanwhile, Vince Cable is leading a one-man crusade to slash through the red tape blighting these very organisations. The issue the ethnic minorities have is that they seem to follow the trend of other’s rather then be innovative and creative and set new trend’s and create a new brand, especially in the area of technology which is fast moving in to 2013 and set to storm the arena of business. The mind need’s to be taking off the bread and butter of business and taken to a new level of thinking, everyone had an idea once upon a time the difference between success and failure was who was willing to take the risk and give it a try. The opportunities appear to be endless. Take digital music for example. The propagation of super-fast broadband is fuelling the growth of cloud-based streaming services, led by Spotify, which offer customers access to a huge library of music without the need to buy or download anything. Yet the market is still in its infancy. Rara, a new “ultra-simple” music streaming service, claims that 80% of consumers have yet to embrace digital music, or adopt existing services such as Spotify and iTunes, so there is

huge untapped potential. Following Rara’s lead, a wave of start-ups are shooting up in an attempt to cash in, and this trend will only continue as the technology improves. Or take pop-up shops, an opportunity perfectly attuned to the small business revolution. As more and more start-ups take flight, eager to try out new products and marketing strategies, demand for temporary retail premises can only increase. And then there’s m-commerce, the retail revolution precipitated by the rise of the smartphone. Although the mobile payments sector is still tiny in comparison with the more established e-commerce, it is growing explosively, with sales doubling in 2011 and set to quadruple by 2015. Young companies such as Square are enabling consumers to make credit card payments with their smartphones, and, as we’ll see later on, the app market is maturing into one of the world’s most lucrative industries. But not all the hype surrounding the start-up space is justified. Some opportunities, which have received huge coverage in recent months, may have already reached saturation point, or been superseded by new trends and technologies. Take bulk discounting, for example. 2011 was certainly the year of the daily deal, with sites such as Groupon, Huddlebuy and LivingSocial offering huge savings for consumers, and new custom-

ers for retailers prepared to shave a sizeable amount off their profit margin (although typically what they’d have allocated to marketing anyway). However, this market has become increasingly crowded, and several commentators believe that the appetite for daily deals (in the current format, at least) has started to subside. Meanwhile, with the sites typically taking up to 50% of the deal value, a number of small businesses have had their fingers burned by wildly underestimating demand for their deals. So, when planning your startup, it’s crucial to nail the exact type of business. To find a sector on the rise, and beat the rush. The task of finding the genuine opportunities can be fiendishly tough – not even the world’s most seasoned investors get it right every time. Of course, starting a business in these sectors is by no means a guarantee of success; nor can we be certain that these sectors will take off as forecasts and anecdotal evidence suggests. To succeed as a start-up, no matter what your specialism, you need the right business model, pricing, positioning, product or service, and a lot of hard work to stand a chance of success – and it’s crucial to thoroughly assess the viability of your idea before you take the plunge. That said, I hope these ideas will provide inspiration for anyone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur in 2012.

Labour Condemns Legal Loan Sharking

108 Fitzwilliam Road Rotherham S65 1PX T: 01709 85 33 55 108 Fitzwilliam Rotherham S65 1PX

Sheffield City Council Labour councillors support the national campaign to end irresponsible lending and urge the government to put a cap on the lending rates that can be charged for providing credit. The UK now has one of the highest levels of personal debt in the world – in April this year the British people owed over £1,460bn in private debt. The current economic climate is forcing more people to borrow than ever before as they struggle to make ends meet. The high street banks are restricting who they lend to which is forcing low income families into borrowing from payday lenders and other legal loan sharks. This unaffordable rate of lending, with some companies charging annual interest rates of over

2500% is forcing more families into poverty as they struggle to pay debts, rent, utilities and everyday living costs. Many benefit recipients will not be used to managing their finances on a monthly basis

and many will struggle and find themselves left short. This will force them into borrowing from legal loan sharks and getting into further financial difficulty. Cabinet Member for Communities and Inclusion, Councillor Mazher Iqbal, said:

“As a council we are very concerned for the financial well being of residents in Sheffield. We are committed to doing what we can locally to support responsible lending and will be encouraging benefit recipients to work with the Sheffield Credit Union to help manage their finances come next April. Irresponsible lending is part of the reason the country is in the mess it is in. If these companies are not properly regulated to stop them preying on struggling families the situation is going to get worse. We urge the Government to impose a cap and give local authorities more powers to protect communities from these lenders. Together we must protect the most vulnerable people from further financial hardship”.

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Infinity Consultants: A doorway of hope for the British/Pakistani/Kashmiri Community in distress

The Pennines and their abundance of water have always been at the forefront in the growth of the British textile and wool industry. A lack of labour after World War II led to an influx of Pakistani immigrants to the UK and now British/Pakistani’s have entered their fourth or fifth and perhaps even the sixth generation. Despite their separation from the country of birth of their fore fathers, most British/Pakistani’s share an affinity with Pakistan and colour the town green with flags whenever the Pakistani cricket team plays. This empathy is further strengthened by their ties of marriage, property and investments in Pakistan.

international commercial arbitrations. This has seen his firm Samdani & Qureshi gain the coveted distinction as a firm of integrity and one of the foremost in its field. He has seen firsthand that whilst the majority of the British citizens would prefer the sunny climes and beeches of the Mediterranean and Caribbean or invest in the Middle and Far East, the British/Pakistanis endure the heat and dust of Pakistan or ‘back home’ to place their nest eggs. This has, however, led to a multitude of problems.

A ‘doorway of hope’ to pursue their legal rights from the safety and convenience of their homes has up to now seemed a pipe dream. But this is no longer a dream. A corridor through which legal problems can be solved without the need to take precious time away from family and work to travel to Pakistan and pursue one’s legal rights in the Pakistan courts is now a reality.

Barrister Farrukh Qureshi seeing the difficulties facing his countrymen has established ‘Infinity Consultants (UK) Limited’. This firm, working For children who have grown up in under the auspices of Samdani & the British way of life, going back Qureshi, is staffed by experienced to Pakistan often proves difficult to and dedicated people motivated The early British Pakistani’s yearned adjust to and they feel a disconnectowards solving the problems faced to one day return to Pakistan and tion from the country. A holiday is by the British/Pakistanis. Whether spend their retirement in the sunny something that they can tolerate for a it is an issue related to property, diclimes of their homeland. But this few days, but a permanent settlement vorce, marriage, maintenance, child is not the case today. Equally strong is difficult. custody, will or inheritance help is links in the UK nurtured over several available and it is available now and generations make many Pakistanis They are often unaware of property today at your doorstep. Infinity face the difficult choice of staying that they own or are due an inheritConsultants UK aims to help and ‘here or there’. ance from. Hard earned money put acquaint the British/Pakistanis to Barrister Farrukh Qureshi, himself a into property or other investments realise their legal rights in Pakisecond generation British/Pakistani, in Pakistan are lost to dishonest and stan through its experience, legal, knows this too well. Being brought unscrupulous relatives or friends expertise and a vast and efficient up and educated in the UK he is well and threats to life are a reality in the infrastructure built up over a quarter known in both the UK and Pakistan event of a return to reclaim a lost as- of a century. and having practiced law for more set or inheritance. than thirty years, the last twenty five Controlling an asset or investment in Whatever the nature of your problem years through his law firm, Samdani Pakistan from afar is no walk in the contact Infinity Consultants UK now & Qureshi, based in Islamabad. park and travel is a luxury few can and you too will find that there is a He has provided legal assistance to afford on a regular basis. The result- solution to your problem. multinational Companies, and many ant headache is property either fall and www. European foreign missions and seen ing into disrepair or into the control engagement in several high profile of the infamous ‘Qabza Groups’.

‘Hunger Levels reach Alarming’ High around the World

20 of the world’s poorest countries have “alarming” or “extremely alarming” levels of hunger with Burundi the worst affected, followed by Eritrea and Haiti, according to this year’s Global Hunger Index ( which examines the problem of producing more food with fewer resources. The cat’s out of the bag and it looks ugly for India. The penury infested largest country in South Asia has 70% of the world’s poor residing in it. Half the population of the major cities lives, dies, procreates, and dies on the sidewalks. Its children are underweight, ranking below Ethiopia and Niger.

The Index bases its findings on: • the proportion of undernourished as a percentage of the population (reflecting the share of the population with insufficient dietary energy intake); • the prevalence of underweight in children under the age of five (indicating • the proportion of children suffering from low weight for their age); • the under-five mortality rate (partially reflecting the fatal synergy between inadequate dietary intake and unhealthy environments). According to press reports the 2012 Global Hunger Index (GHI) describes the level of hunger in Pakistan as “serious”. Neighbouring India which has touted its economic progress and other factors and Bangladesh under the Awami League lag behind with “alarming” hunger levels. Pakistan is a net exporter of food, leading with rice, fruit and vegetables and other grains. There is no reason for

anyone to be hungry in Pakistan. It is despicable that Pakistan even appears on the hunger index. The country has a huge base of productive arable land and a hard working people. It lags on the hunger index because of bad governance and lack of care by the rulers. There is plenty of food in Pakistan. The sad situation is that the ruling PPP has not made enough of an effort in providing the facilities to the rural masses who toil in the sun and rain to produce food. It’s a supply chain problem. There is plenty of food–the

problem is income disparity and logistics. Much of the food is wasted due to lack of adequate transportation. Pakistan’s ranking get pushed down because infant mortality. Pakistan could quickly rise to the middle and top of the list if a government pays proper attention to transportation and health facilities. Bangladesh, Pakistan and India should combine forces to tackle hunger by sharing seeds, and technology. About 12.5 percent of the world’s population, 1 in every 8 people, is chronically undernourished, according to new figures unveiled by the United Nations’ food agencies. Most of these poverty stricken people live in India. The U.N. agencies said 868 million people were hungry in 2010-2012, down more sharply than previously estimated from about 1 billion, or 18.6 percent of the global population, in 1990-92.

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Coping with alternate US warns Israel off pre-emptive strike on Iran week Collections

Arab spring has left US-friendly rulers in region nervous about possible impact of an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear programme. General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US joint chiefs, meets Israel's defence minister, Ehud Barak, in Tel Aviv. US military commanders have warned their Israeli counterparts that any action against Iran would severely limit the ability of American forces in the region to mount their own operations against the Iranian nuclear programme by cutting off vital logistical support from Gulf Arab allies. US naval, air and ground forces are dependent for bases, refuelling and supplies on Gulf Arab rulers who are deeply concerned about the progress Iran has made in its nuclear programme, but also about the rising challenge to their regimes posed by the Arab spring and the galvanising impact on popular unrest of an Israeli attack on Iran. The US Fifth Fleet is headquartered in Bahrain and the US air force has major bases in Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Senior US officers believe the one case in which they could not rely fully on those bases for military operations against Iranian installations would be if Israel acted first. "The Gulf states' one great fear is Iran going nuclear. The other is a regional war that would destabilise them," said a

source in the region. "They might support a massive war against Iran, but they know they are not going to get that, and they know a limited strike is not worth it, as it will not destroy the programme and only make Iran angrier." Israeli leaders had hinted they might take military action to set back the Iranian programme, but that threat receded in September when the prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, told the United Nations general assembly that Iran's advances in uranium enrichment would only breach Israel's "red line" in spring or summer next year. Israel's defence minister, Ehud Barak, said this week in London that it was the Iranian decision this year to convert a third of the country's stock of 20%-enriched uranium into fuel (making it harder to convert to weapons-grade material if Iran decided to make a weapon) that had bought another "eight to 10 months". Barak's comments appear to signal that Israel's new red line is an Iranian stockpile of about 200kg of 20%-enriched uranium in convertible form, enough if enriched further to make one bomb. Western diplomats argue the benchmark is arbitrary, as it would take Iran another few months to enrich the stockpile to 90% (weapons-grade) purity, and then perhaps another year to develop a warhead small enough to put on a missile.

Sheffield Lib Dem Leader, Shaffaq Mohammed, has admitted that he has had no problems adjusting to the introduction of alternate week bin collections. In an interview on BBC Radio Sheffield Councillor Mohammed revealed “We’re coping alright, I’ve never said that we’d struggle … I’m ok with it.” Labour have made it clear throughout that the reason for moving to alternate week collections is the massive cuts that the Government are imposing on the council, leaving a £170 million gap over four years. Moving to alternate week collections, which is successfully operated by the majority of councils in England and Wales, saves the council £2.5 million every year. The Lib Dems have also dropped their commitment to reverse the change, pressed on the issue several times Councillor Mohammed refused to say that they would propose to reintroduce weekly collections in their budget this year.

Promoting Education And Human Values BY JAVED ZAHEER, FREE EXPRESSION AWARD WINNER True leadership anywhere, everywhere and at any time is always confronted with serious challenges from those who are committed enemies of mankind. Yet such people are never deterred by any sinister conspiracies, cowardly attacks, threats, hurdles, obstacles and setbacks. True leaders, no doubt, are great people. They boldly and bravely accept and face all challenges and remain prepared for worst-ever difficult times. In any case or situation or at any time or before anyone, they never let down their people and always try to fulfil all the promises, pledges and commitments they make. This is their quality, character and identity. Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year-old brave daughter of Pakistan, who is campaigner for girls’ rights and education, is one such hero. She was shot in the head by those who are human beasts, criminals, crooks, cowards, corrupt, traitors and conspirators. The Taliban group, which always promptly and without losing any time makes the claims and takes the responsibility, claimed the responsibility for this attack. It is being strongly condemned and severely criticized for this cowardly act by Pakistanis and the whole world. Some are suspecting foul play and holding the US and Allies responsible for this attack through their mysterious Taliban group so that they could gain sympathy of Pakistanis and the world, put pressure on Pakistan’s military, rulers and politicians to do more including major military operation and justify their operations and attacks including Drone attacks in which thousands of innocent people including women and children

have been mostly mercilessly killed. Interestingly, Pakistanis and most Muslims in the Muslim World really love, like and respect the country and the good, loving and caring people of US and Allies. This is why they all crazily want to go there by any means and at any cost. But they don’t like and trust the policymakers, rulers and military of US and Allies and hold them responsible for the mass killings and destruction in order to achieve the vested interests. This is all mainly because of the infamous but notorious U-Turn Policies of the US. This is why US and Allies have lost trust, confidence and respect. If they keep working with the crook, cruel and corrupt rulers, military generals, bureaucrats, leaders and people then they will always be disliked and hated and never trusted and respected. They will have to seriously review and sincerely make positive changes in the policies in order to gain the trust, confidence, love and respect of the people. They must deal with true leaders and good people to help them become rulers, policymakers and politicians. Malala Yousafzai gained prominence in 2009 by writing a diary (BBC Urdu video Schools Dismissed) about life under Taliban militants who had taken control of the valley. She earned the admiration of many across Pakistan for her courage. She was encouraged and supported by her father Ziauddin Yusufzai, mother and BBC Reporter Abdul Hayee Kakkar. All the four are also being suspected by many of being very close to the US and Allies and working for their vested interests. The connection issue is becoming a hot issue. The media is splashing exclusive news with pictures about the

connection issue. It is being termed as a well-planned drama of the conspiracy plan. Courageous Malala Yousafzai was just 11 when she started her diary, two years after the Taliban took over the Swat Valley and ordered girls' schools to close. She wrote under the pen-name Gul Makai for BBC Urdu and exposed the sufferings. She won a national award for bravery and was nominated for an international children's peace award. By her true leadership character, attitude, actions, deeds and tremendous positive contributions, Malala Yousafzai and many others like her, who are risking their lives and struggling, helping, supporting and serving the people with the spirit of service to humanity, are proving to the world that neither Pakistanis nor Muslims are terrorists. Instead they are victims of global terrorism and international conspiracies. This is a loud and clear message: Target the real terrorists instead of labelling the Muslims as terrorists. The world leaders and people must come forward and practically act to help and support such courageous people. It is never too late. Ignorance or refusal would certainly lead to torturous punishment in the form of painful pricks by the conscience. They will always regret and can never sleep, live or die peacefully. This is for sure. It is the issue of mankind and humanity. Recently a couple from Pakistan visited Toronto, Canada. They were introduced to me by Shahid Hashmi, a renowned and respected community leader and a distinguished personality, who is also their relative. The couple has dedicated their lives to promoting human values and committedly serving the people

through education in order to ensure better future and quality of life for children, people and Pakistan. As part of their important role of promoting human values, the couple, Syeda Fahim Iqbal Jaffrey and Muhammad Fahim Khan, adopt poor and deserving kids and children who are ignored by the parents. They help, support and groom them so that they become good, responsible and respectable member of the society and community and have a bright future. The focus is on their character, welfare and education. Also, they help in the release of innocent people who are in jails. Many Canadians and others, including distinguished personalities, very much impressed by the couple’s intentions, commitments, determination and contributions are showing keen interest in practically helping and supporting them in promotion of their education projects and adoption of deserving bright children for their education and future under supervision of The Fahims School System. The couple assured them that their help and support would prove a great blessing and help for the deserving children and innocent persons and maintenance and expansion of the education and charity projects. They are expecting help and support from maximum number of people. The practical help and support would greatly help them to continue their mission of building the future of new generation through education. The objective is to make them very good human beings. In short, the couple, Syeda Fahim Iqbal Jaffery and Muhammad Fahim Jaffery, are dare-devils and true patriotic people who have risked their lives, devoted their time, energy and resources and

dedicated themselves with commitment and determination to practically help and support the deserving children and people of Pakistan. The challenges are really tough and times very difficult. It is hard to survive or stand before the corrupt lobby but they are doing their best. With the help of sincere and good people and leaders of anywhere, they are sure of achieving aimed and greater success. This is their level of trust and confidence in good people and leaders. Instead of merely sympathizing, crying and rendering lip services, we need to practically act and help promote the sacred vision and mission of Malala Yousafzai and people like her. Syeda Fahim Iqbal Jaffery and Muhammad Fahim belong to people of great category. Their tremendous contributions and meritorious services speak for themselves. We must help and support them in turning the sacred mission into reality and successfully achieving the mission of promotion of education and charity. The scarred vision will always keep us in the dark and prove dangerous. That is why we need to fully support the sacred missions of good people. CONTACT FAHIMS: Those interested in practically helping the couple, Syeda Fahim Iqbal Jaffery and Muhammad Fahim Khan, their education and charity projects and the deserving children and innocent persons could contact them on telephone (021-34978627) or email: or The address is: Head Office: A-295 Sardar Ali Sabri Road, Block-5, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan.

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Legal Corner

Q&A PROPERTY Mohammed Nazir

Head of Property & Immigration Wosskow Brown Solicitors LLP Property Q & A Q. My solicitor has advised me that a SDLT return will be submitted once I have completed the lease of shop for a term of 10 years. What is this SDLT return? A. The SDLT return is a stamp duty land tax return which is part of the stamp duty tax system and your solicitor cannot complete the registration of the lease without a certificate issued by HM Revenue and Customs. Q What is the difference between registered and unregistered properties?

to the property is held within the title deeds. These documents are of significant importance and at the time of registration, the Land Registry require sight of them to inspect and note them in their records.

or not? A. It is only necessary to register a lease of more than 7 years with the Land Registry. A lease of this nature can be noted against the Landlords title as an agreed notice.

Q I have lost my title deeds Q. What is Adverse what should I do? Possession? A If your property is regisAdverse Possession means tered at the Land Registry then the A. office copy entries (proof of own- someone occupying land belongsomeone else, withership) can be obtained from the ing to Land Registry. If your property is out permission. If someone does not registered then your solicitor this continuously for a number of can reconstruct the title and regis- years (normally 10 or 12 years) ter the same at the Land Registry. then, in certain circumstances, the The reconstruction process of the land may become theirs title is quite complicated and once Disclaimer it has been completed the Land Registry may grant a possessory Please note these Q & A are just title which is an inferior title as for the General information only and does not amount legal advice. compared to title absolute.

Cllr Jhangir Akhtar hosts Eid Party

Cllr Jhangir Akhtar hosted a party for the Eid festivities at Choudhry’s Orient Express in Rotherham. The guests of honour were Lord Nazir Ahmed and the Lord and Lady Mayoress of Rotherham, among a host of other local dignitaries. The evening was a celebration of the efforts of the people of Rotherham and local Councillors over the past year who have enjoyed success in Rotherham. Cllr Jhangir Akhtar made an opening speech highlight-

ing some important issues affecting the Sheffield and Rotherham community. He talked about the recent EDL marches in Rotherham and how the people of Rotherham had acted in a highly civilised manner and no trouble or clashes had occurred. Cllr Mahroof Hussain reiterated the on this issue. Lord Mayor praised the Holy Prophet (pbuh) on the issues Islam teaches us to care for our neighbours and respect for all especially for women.

He thanked the people of Rotherham for their cohesion they show on a number of issues Rotherham has been facing lately. The gathering at the event was mixed and Lord Nazir explained the meaning of Eid ul Azha to all who joined in the celebratory dinner. Cllr Jahangir congratulated the great achievement by the charity ‘safe@last’ who recently raised over £1500 climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

A. The details of registered properties are held electronically at the Land Registry and you can obtain copies of ownership and related title plans directly from the Land Registry if required. An unregistered property hasn’t been Q. I have been granted a registered at the Land Registry, six years lease of my shop should therefore all information relating I register it at the Land Registry

Strengthening Partnerships

A leading UK charity is calling to strengthen partnerships between the UK and Pakistan to help deliver education reforms in the country. QED-UK works to improve the social and economic position of disadvantaged ethnic minorities. It spoke out in support of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown as he urged Pakistan’s leaders to use the Taliban shooting of 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai as a catalyst to speed up education reforms. Malala was singled out by the Taliban after becoming a vocal campaigner for education for girls. The teenager was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen last week and has been flown to the UK for medical treatment. Dr Mohammed Ali OBE, CEO of QED-UK, said education is the key to Pakistan’s problems: “It’s shocking that a young girl can be shot by armed men simply for wanting to go to school. Our thoughts are with Malala and we’re eager to support the British government and private sectors to play a role in addressing these issues. The country faces huge problems in education for girls and boys as the population is set to explode over the next few dec-

ades.” Dr Ali’s concerns are reflected in the 2009 report Pakistan – the Next Generation, commissioned by the British Council. The research found Pakistan at a critical point, with its population forecast to swell by 85 million, from its current 180 million, over the next two decades. David Steven who co- wrote the report said if the next generation fail to get jobs and are poorly educated, Pakistan faces a ‘demographic disaster’. Dr Ali said: “The fear is disaffected youth in a country already besieged can only be a foundation for future unrest. Pakistan can’t move forward without education. It’s a very tragic situation.” Pakistan has never had such a high proportion of young adults: half of its population are aged under 20, with two-thirds still to reach their 30th birthday. The report notes however, many young Pakistanis are “passionate believers” in education but are let down by terrible facilities. Pakistan’s state education system is riddled with ‘ghost schools’ – essentially institutions which exist only on paper due to rampant corruption – crumbling infrastructure and under-motivated teachers.

A quarter of the survey respondents were illiterate. Gordon Brown, who is now the UN’s Special Envoy for Global Education, is launching a petition in Malala’s name ‘in support of what Malala fought for’, saying it is time to ‘fight harder for Malala’s dream to come true’ as 32 million girls across the world are currently not attending school. QED-UK already works to build links through education, delivering British-led training to women in Mirpur to help them learn English before they settle in the UK with their families. Dr Ali said: “We were the first British organisation to deliver the Integrate UK programme in Pakistan. We should build on knowledge and networks in both countries to help deliver good quality education in Pakistan. At QED, we’re eager to do all we can to help achieve this mission.” A spokesman for Mr Brown said his aim was to get governments, international non-governmental organisations and businesses to agree practical proposals to turn the promise of universal education into reality.

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Rabia Zia resigns PTI after corruption allegations !!!

“The lawlessness in the party is demoralising to the extent that I am now unconvinced that PTI can deliver what it has been promising,” she says and adds the final straw for her came when during the recent party elections for the UK, decisions were implemented from Pakistan and groupings were encouraged. She says that when she protested the decisions taken by the party’s Pakistan leaders, she and her six colleagues were suspended “to silence and defame us as we had highlighted what they had

done with PTI in the UK”.

She alleges that this “illegal suspension & open maliciousness of its own party workers was also observed by the CEC & the Chairman and for 5 months nothing was done”.

ignored and Imran Khan did nothing to redress the wrong or get the decisions implemented.

She concludes: “I have decided to part ways with the party which cannot hold people accountable within, provide the rule of law She said after her campaign and Justice to its own die within the party, Justice hard ideological workers, Shaiq Usmani was appointed constantly takes ‘U turns’ to review the PTIUK elecand lacks democracy & tions who noted that the collective decision making elections were “rigged & power – this has resulted manipulated and that our in its inability to correct all suspension notice was ilwrongs.” legal”. But his findings were

George Osborne makes billion pound raid' on NHS

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The British Medical Association, engaged in a bruising fight over pensions with the government, was also highly critical. Dr Paul Flynn, chairman of the BMA consultants committee, said the government had claimed "abolishing inefficiencies (would) free money for re-investment in the NHS — not just to hand it back to the Treasury.

for their patients, and who are also being threatened with cuts to their pay and conditions."

"This NHS is in robust financial health. We are investing an additional £12.5bn in the NHS and £1.6bn of surplus from 2011/12 has been made The figures had emerged available to the NHS to help from an investigation by deliver high quality, sustainthe Health Service Journal, able health services for which had claimed that £3bn patients. of NHS surpluses had been returned to the Treasury. The amount spent on frontline services in 2011/12 A spokesman said that the increased by £3.4 billion and This is extremely galling for actual figure was £1bn from we have reduced inefficient staff who have been working department underspending spending, saving over £1.5 hard to make savings while rather from the NHS directly. billion on bureaucracy and maintaining quality of care IT."

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