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President Zardari asks UN to criminalise blasphemy

P A G E 24

President Asif Ali Zardari, while addressing the UN General Assembly, expressed the strongest condemnation of the acts of incitement and hate against the faith of billions of Muslims of the world and the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He called upon the international community not to become silent observers and criminalise acts that destroy the peace of the world and endanger world security by misusing freedom of expression.

the Palestinian people and an independent Palestinian state. We also favor the admission of Palestine as a full member of the United Nations. “There are a lot of questions that are asked

about Pakistan. The people of Pakistan have already answered them. The politicians of Pakistan have answered them. The soldiers of Pakistan have answered them. We have lost over 7,000

of Pakistan these days,” President Zardari said. “I am not here to answer questions

Pakistani soldiers and policemen, and over 37,000 civilians.” Cont to page 8

He said Pakistan moved the United Nations to immediately address in earnest this alarming concern and the widening rift to enable the comity of nations to be one again. The president said globally Pakistan faced enormous challenges. "But with collective efforts and commitment we can provide a better future to our people. We must work to end poverty. We must work to protect the planet, and mitigate against climate change. We must ensure equal rights to all peoples, and protect the weak and vulnerable. We must pursue justice and fairness for all people. We must pursue the peaceful settlement of international disputes. We must save our current and future generations from the horrors of war," President Zardari said. He said Pakistan supported the rights of


100 Most Powerful Pakistani’s

The Pakistan power 100, the largest ever initiative of its kind promoting the most powerful and influential Pakistani men & women within Britain, Pakistan and internationally Pakistan Power 100 was launched at a star studded gala dinner in Central London on the 29 September at the Park Plaza Westminster bridge. This is the first time ever that such an initiative is being held in Britain and will, without doubt, catch the attention of the British and Pakistani people and the local, national and international media. Some of the well known names are, Abdul Satar Edhi, Imran Khan, Dr Liaqat Malik and James Cann.

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EU Asks Britain to Stop Using X-Ray Scanners An airport in Manchester, which was the only one in Britain to be using X-ray security scanners that reveal "nude" images of passengers, has been asked by the European Union (EU) to stop using them. The gizmos sparked fears that travellers might be ogled by staff after Manchester airport installed them in 2009.

A three-year trial of the devicesthat use low-dose X-rays to see through clothes- ends this month. Airport officials had expected to get the nod to keep using them after EU experts said the machines were safe. However, the technology was outlawed instead. The airport will now hire 55 staff to frisk passengers.

It will spend around one million pounds on new scanners that use radio waves. "The overwhelming majority of our passengers prefer body scanners to frisking. It's frustrating the EU has allowed this successful trial to end," an airport spokesman was quoted as saying.

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News in Brief '4,600 Criminals let off in Britain An astounding 4,600 serial criminals in Britain One-third of all those who were fined - a total of last year got away with just police cautions or 16,400 - were also hardcore offenders, compared warnings, prompting Indian-origin MP Priti Patel to just one in six in 2002, the data showed. to call on law authorities to end the "nonsense". Tory MP Patel called on Justice Secretary Chris According to statistics from the justice ministry, Grayling, and said the "disturbing figures demonone-third of all offenders in Britain now have at strate soft justice doesn't work". "Offenders who least 15 previous convictions, but more of them commit crimes again and again get away with a slap on the wrist," she was quoted as saying. get lenient punishments, The Sun reported.

Kashmir, a symbol of UN’s failure: Zardari

The issue of Kashmir was a only be arrived in an environ"symbol of the failures" of the ment of cooperation," Zardari UN, and a resolution could only was quoted as saying. be arrived in an "environment of cooperation", Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari told the UN General Assembly. Zardari affirmed Pakistan's resolve to support the rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, which has long been the subject of contention for both countries. "Kashmir remains a symbol of the failures, rather than strengths of the UN system. We feel that resolution of these issues can

One in Four British Families Keep Weapons A study in Britain has found more than a quarter of British homeowners keeping at least some sort of weapon for protection against intruders. Researchers found nearly one in 10 adults not feeling safe at home while 27 percent keeping a weapon 'just in case'. Over a third of those have something close at hand, with the most popular places being either by or under the bed. According to the poll by insurance firm Swinton, 17 percent of the people keep a weapon by the front door. The most common of the weapons being a baseball bat, followed by a heavy-duty torch. But one in ten has a walking stick as defence against intruders. Sports equipment, such as golf clubs, were also listed.

achieving them. On authoritarianism and terrorism, Zardari said his country's current troubles were "a product of dictatorships". "These dictators and their regimes are responsible for suffocating and throttling Pakistan, Pakistan's institutions, and Pakistani democracy," he said.

He said the UN represents people's "aspirations for peace and development", but that it needs The Pakistani president told the reform, and "must become more 67th General Assembly that his democratic and more accountcountry had undergone "un- able". precedented reforms", and also through many difficulties in


Greenlands Junior and Infant school are holding an Islamic awareness week on 22 October to 25 October 2012. We would like to invite you to our celebration of Islamic artwork inspired by the artist Zahir Rafiq. Both schools have also been involved in fundraising for St. Lukes Hospice. Fundraising has been supported by parents, children and staff, as well as local mosques and churches.

We would like to invite you to this event on Tuesday 23 October at 11.00am, where we will also be handing over monies raised to St.

Lukes Hospice. Please confirm your attendance by email or telephone 0114 2442189. We look forward to seeing you there. Jamil Akhtar Community Officer Greenlands Junior School Fisher Lane Darnall S9 4RP

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Pakistan Blocks Anti- THE TRUTH ABOUT CEREAL BARS Islam Youtube Links Pakistan blocked over 700 links to an anti-Islam film on YouTube that has triggered anti-US protests across the Muslim world, including Pakistan, officials said. The decision was taken after the Supreme Court issued orders to the state-owned Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to block links to the movie.

Regularity Authority to set up "standards of modesty" and submit a reply in this regard within two weeks.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry directed the PTA to take down all sacrilegious material that disrespects Islam or Prophet Mohammad in any way. He asked the PTA chief to submit a report about the action he will take following the directives.

The authorities had also told the public that any blasphemous material that comes to their attention must be reported immediately to the PTA through phone or email.

The government earlier had claimed that the PTA and the information technology ministry had blocked 122 anti-Islamic websites over the past few days.

The government clarified that it was not blocking popular websites YouTube and Facebook, but only The PTA director general told the apex court that almost 100 new clips of the anti-Islam film proliferated anti-Islamic material would be blocked. Officials say that obscene material will be blocked on case-to-case on YouTube every day. basis. Links to the anti-Islam movie were blocked He said that the PTA had written a letter to YouTube, amid series of protests across Pakistan over the past requesting the removal of such clips, but the video- few days. sharing website replied that it does not have any such agreement with the government of Pakistan. Justice Chaudhry directed the Pakistan Electronic Media

We eat cereal bars in the belief that they are One roasted nut bar was almost one-third healthier than biscuits and chocolate but fat, which included peanuts, Hazelnuts, vegetable they may not be so healthier after all. fat and harmful Consumer experts say that researchers fo- hydrogenated fats. cusing on 30 bars, including 7 specifically aimed at children – found many contained A children’s bar marketed as “great for high level of fat and sugar. your lunchbox” One bar contained nearly 4 teaspoons of contained 43.5% sugar (18 grams), which is more than a sugar. small 150ml can of cola (15.9 grams) and 20% of the recommended daily allowance for adult women.



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News in Brief Iran to boycott oscars this year Iran has decided not to send any film for the Oscars this year as a mark of protest against the recent anti-Islam film "Innocence of Muslims" which has sparked violence throughout the Middle East. The country initially decided to send Reza Mirkarimi's "A Cube of Sugar" as their entry for the Best Foreign-Language Film category at the Oscars this year but then decided to boycott the award ceremony. The country, till now, has been nominated twice in the category, that started 65 years back, including last year's winner - " A Separation". With the official deadline for foreign-language submissions Oct 1, more than 50 countries have announced their selections for this year's Oscars.


UK told to free Prisoners over human right violations Prisoners deemed "potentially dangerous" and who had been jailed indefinitely in Britain could now be set free after the European Court of Human Rights said it was a breach of their human rights.

Pakistan Youth can change Political Landscape

A staggering 40 million of Pakistan’s 84.3 millions voters are aged between 18 and 35 and have the potential to change the country’s political landscape.

That is of course if the youth go out and vote. The 18-25 age bracket consists of 16.2 million voters, constitutes the biggest chunk out of six age groupings.

Pakistan’s Election Commissions data shows that in the upcoming elections, the votes of the young will matter and will have the potential to change the country’s political landscape.

Yet despite the numbers, there is little to show that political parties, at least the older, more established ones, have done much to attract young voters. It has been found that when established parties have targeted the youth, it has been

through laptop schemes and other such gimmicks. There have been no solid policy drafts concerning issues the youth face.

opportunities. As well as these issues being addressed, politicians need to know that the young voters of today are well informed individuals, who will look for If political parties want to stay substantive solutions rather relevant to this huge block of than the glitter of promises voters, they will have to come and charisma of leaders. to terms with the demographic reality. The main problems Convincing young voter’s that face young people should that their voices matter and be reflected in a party manimobilising them is something festo, such as equitable access the parties will have to work to education, health and job harder at.

Revised UKBA Rules

From the 1st of October the rules have changed for anyone wishing to apply for renewed leave to stay in the country. The United Kingdom Border Agency has announced the changes for all applicants renewing when their leave has expired. Under the new rules applications for further leave will be refused if the application is made 28 days or

more after the previous leave has expired. This rule already applies to those who apply under the family migration route. All applicants under; The points based system, all working and student routes, Discharged HM forces and UK ancestry routes If the 28-day period has expired you cannot apply from within the

UK, but you must leave the UK and reapply from overseas. Rules regarding switching from a Tier 4 study visa to Tier 2 skilled worker visa remain unchanged.

If you intend to apply for a Tier 2 visa, you must have a valid Tier 4 visa when you make your application. If you do not, you must leave the country to apply.

Anyone Tier 4 student visa holder now wishing to extend his/her leave to remain in the UK by starting another course must ensure that their new study course of study begins no more than 28 days after the end of their leave to remain in the UK. Further guidance and guidelines can be found on the UKBA website.

The European court ruled that jailing dangerous prisoners indefinitely on the grounds of risk, without giving them access to rehabilitation courses was a breach of human rights. More than 6,500 offenders are currently in British jails without any fixed date for their release due to protection of public safety. The case came to the attention of the court after three Britons -- Brett James, Nicholas Wells and Jeffrey Lee -- were sentenced in 2005. The report said a failure to ensure the prisoners had access to courses in prison harmed their ability to show they were rehabilitated and able to be released. The judges said it was clear that "the delays were the result of a lack of resources". The British government was ordered by the court to pay 14,000 pounds in damages and almost 30,000 pounds in costs and expenses to the three inmates. James was jailed for two years for unlawful wounding with intent. Wells and Lee were jailed for serious violent offences.

Apna Mirpur Jewellers Expands

Apna Mirpur Jeweller open expanded into a double shop on Owler Lane, Sheffield. Lord Ahmed was the chief who officially cut the ribbon and was also the first customer to purchase gold. He wished Tahir Khawaja and Waseem Khawaja best of luck.


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Legal Corner

Q&A PROPERTY Mohammed Nazir

Head of Property & Immigration Wosskow Brown Solicitors LLP Questions and Answers – Legal tural defect. Also, make sure your solicitor Corner ILM Property Section has checked the searches and 1. I am purchasing a Leasehold preferably conduct a full survey flat, what are the legal implica- of the property. Once you sign the Contract, you tions of this? will not be able to change your Always make sure that the term mind even if there are problems of the Lease is adequate for the with the property or title. mortgage lender and ensure that it is according to the lenders re- 3. I am purchasing a property and would like quick complequirements. Most lenders prefer for the Lease tion. My solicitor has advised to have 100 years or more re- that the results of the searches are holding things up. Can I maining. Also, make sure you are aware complete before getting the reground rent charge, any service sults of the searches. charges and any other charges inYes you can complete the matter cluding Insurance rent. without the results of the searches 2. I am purchasing a property and an indemnity policy can be at auction, what implications put in place on your behalf. Howshould I consider before sign- ever, if there is a lender involved then they will need to accept a no ing the Contract? search indemnity policy. Make sure your solicitors have This insurance will then cover checked the legal pack and there you for any losses in case of any are no restrictive covenants and adverse entries. no problems with the property being on a short Lease or struc- 4. I am purchasing a property

and the mortgage lender has conducted a survey, is this survey sufficient for my needs? Your mortgage lenders survey is only for valuation purposes and cannot be relied upon for buying purposes. You cannot sue the lenders surveyor based on the lender survey as he only has a duty of care to the lender. Always have your own survey which will be according to your requirements. 5. Please advise what the difference is between the searches and the survey. Searches consist of various enquiries with various departments such as the coal mining authority, local council, water & drainage department etc. The survey is a detailed report prepared and conducted by a professional Surveyor about the condition of the property and about the structure of the property.

New York To Get World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel

The world's tallest Ferris wheel is to be created in New York - twice the height of the Statue of Liberty. Unveiled by the city's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, the attraction is planned for Staten Island. It will cost £142m ($230m) and measure 625ft (190m). Offering views of the downtown Manhattan skyline, the New York Wheel will be significantly bigger than the 443ft (135m) London Eye and the 541ft (165m) Singa-

pore Flyer. It is designed to carry 1,440 passengers at a time and is expected to attract 4.5 million people a year to what has been described as New York's "forgotten borough". Mr Bloomberg said: "It will be an attraction unlike any other in New York City. In fact, it will be, we think, unlike any other on the planet." While the privately-financed project faces various reviews,

officials hope to have the wheel turning by the end of 2015. Senator Charles Schumer said: "It's going to be a real icon. The Ferris wheel will be Staten Island's Eiffel Tower." The overall project will also feature the creation of a huge shopping centre and a 200-room hotel and is expected to bring in £308m ($500m) of private investment and 1,100 permanent jobs to the borough.

Free Speech and Double Standards A major mark of distinction of humans over other living things is the ability to speak. Speech is, after all, the most precious gift that God has given to our species. In Islamic logic, humans are described as "the speaking animal" and creatures in general as "the silent animal." Through speech, we can communicate with one another and articulate our ideas and feelings. Writing and drawing are dimensions of human ability to express his or her ideas and thoughts. Is freedom of expression absolute and unlimited? Can a person write, say, draw or paint whatever he or she likes? Or are there some limitations on that freedom? While speech is the most precious gift given to us, it also has the potential of hurting others. The key to success in character-building is achieving that proper medium in various virtues. When it comes to the virtue of speech, you have to train yourself "to think before you speak" and not "to speak before you think." This becomes even more important when you write or speak as a public figure. No right exists in vacuum; it is always coupled with an equal level of responsibility. In the words of Imam Ali, "A right is very vast in description. ... It does not accrue to any person unless it accrues against him also, and right does not accrue against a person unless it also accrues in his favour." In many civilized societies, saying or writing something that incites violence against an identifiable group, especially a minority, is illegal. Similarly, to defame a person's reputation is also illegal. Britain, for example, restricts the right of free speech on grounds of national security and prevention of disorder. Restrictions and limits are put on statements that hurt the sensibilities of certain groups in the West. Britain also has a blasphemy law which bans defamation of the Christian God but not of other faiths. Nonetheless, many European countries as well as Canada for-

bid questioning or denying the holocaust. In this backdrop, it is indeed very sad to see that the Europeans have no respect or any regard for Muslim sensibilities. Muslims' religion, culture, and their Prophet may be defamed in any way they like--all in the name of freedom of expression or free speech. They seem to ignore the present reality that France and Germany have millions of Muslims, and that Bosnia, a Muslim country, is as European as Spain or Croatia. Lack of respect for Muslim sensibilities was first visibly felt by the French ban on hijãb in public institutions and then the Danish cartoons, and today we see the widespread offence spread by a US made film. Let it be stated clearly that Muslims do not question the right of any writer or speaker, who adapts academic methods, to criticize Islam and Muslims. Articles, books, and speeches critical of Islam and Muslims are published at all the times. Caricaturing Muslims, even clerics and political leaders, is also common. But you never hear the Muslims protesting against them. However, the film and cartoons in question, were not of an academic nature and the fact that they were insulting is also beyond any doubt, especially those portraying the Prophet of Islam as a terrorist. They strengthened the subliminal stereotype in Europeans' minds that Islam is a religion of violence and that Muslims are terrorists. In the post-9/11 environment, it was surprising to see a relatively balanced reaction shown by the western political leaders at the time of this occurrence. Muslims have been truly hurt by the portrayal of their Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) as a man who promotes violence. The Prophet is the example par excellence of a perfect human being. Every aspect of his life is a role-model for Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad is the spiritual father of the Muslim

community and, naturally, no faithful child will tolerate the defamation of his or her father. So the reaction of the Muslims in the form of peaceful protest marches is very natural. And there is no law which disallows this kind of protestation, more so when we find out that such defamations were not done by mistake. To judge the Muslims' reaction by the current Christian attitude of not reacting against caricaturizing Jesus is nothing short of cultural imperialism. Of course, use of violence, burning buildings and vehicles as seen in some of the protest rallies that took place is not acceptable and has been rightly condemned by all senior religious and political leaders. The point to ponder in this entire sad episode is that no sense of remorse or apology was forthcoming from any government nor was any condemnation issued by the western political leaders until after mass protests started in the Muslim countries. The balancing act of defending the "absolute freedom of expression" and of the "responsible freedom of expression" only came about after Muslims started protesting. However, Danish Muslims' protest in Denmark had no impact whatsoever on the newspaper which printed the article. It is important to understand that the Muslims are not a bunch of lunatics who started expressing their anger right away. Initially, the Muslims in Denmark confronted this problem locally in a peaceful manner. Only when the newspaper as well as the government ignored their complaint, did they go outside Denmark to seek support from fellow Muslims. This clearly shows that Muslims are not just a bunch of over-sensitive people who go around protesting at everything. Only when they realized that their sensibilities are not respected in the same way as the sensibilities of others, did they feel oppressed by the double standard of Western democracies--and the oppressed have the right to complain.

Bradford Odeon plans are sought to save city landmark Mr Nicholson said Bradford deserved a "jewel in the city centre" Continue reading the main story Related Stories Derelict cinema scheme scrapped Hockney backs cinema rescue bid Plans to create John Peel Centre New ideas to regenerate Bradford's former Odeon cinema are being called for by the city's leaders after plans to demolish the building were scrapped. David Green, leader of Bradford Council, said there was "a blank sheet of paper" for any new plans. Langtree Artisan wanted to develop the site to create offices and apartments.

On Thursday the Homes and Communities Agency, which owns the building, said the developers had failed to comply with the terms of the development. Mr Green also paid tribute to the campaigners who he said had kept the Odeon "standing for many years". 'Reprieve' for building He added the council wanted to work with the building's owners, and individuals or groups that had a "viable" use for the building. Mr Green said he would like to see "as much" as possible "if not all" of the building protected. Mark Nicholson, of the Bradford Odeon

Rescue Group, welcomed the "reprieve" for the building and said the recently abandoned scheme had received "very little public support". Bradford deserved a "jewel in the city centre" for the building he added. Mr Nicholson said he would like to see it restored to its original use, as a concert venue. The building was opened in 1930 as the New Victoria, a cinema and theatre, and closed in 2000. Its landmark facade has been left virtually untouched.

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VictoryNews for Both Nations in Brief Council TaxTrue Bombshell Hits Vulnerable


Lies Somewhere Else

Sheffield City Council have an- shell on to vulnerable residents, would equalise this 20% cut noworking denyingage that pressing The Labour greatest councillors enemy of knowledge acrossis all recipients. have agreed There nounced that they plan to“ cut Kashmir water isis not ignorance; it is million the illusion Thelike Council hasand alsothe confirmed to spend £3.5 this ofyearissues council tax benefit for all workknowledge.” – Stephen Hawking. stand between the istwo states, but SULTAN vs DRACULA: New Book Re- single paperback. The book will surprise readers no matter consideration being given refurbishing council offices Iandsuethat ing age residents by 20%, meancan testify to the veracity of this statesolution of additional these issuessupport lies in the lease marks Bram Stoker’s Centenary It’s not just a story. It has been crafted to what they’ve seeninthe night before. provide to £400,000 on consultancy fees inthe to ing a family a Band A property families, facing times due toboth a ment, having lived British for a long timealready hands of thedifficult governments One hundred years after Bram Stoker’s present a worldview. A Muslim worldview Who could on earth author with households experiencingonsevere one month. pay is anthe extra £3.76 meddling a week. financial crunch, may have to further cope with much under the illusion I knew India sides. All that lies in the of hit the death, (April, 1912), a new Dracula novel in an age where there is scant literature to the Bram Stoker heritage? Not financial hardship whohands will be Despite thethat total cut received However, the Council have de-surprisharsher as they would have spend more love. on and itsfrom people. the bubbletimes of illupeople is toby love to spread has been released mixing fact with fiction readers that reflects an Islamic masculine ingly cided he’s British, but he is also tall, darktheAs hardest thetoand Government’s cut. Government being 10%, not to proceed with new food following harvest which has pushed up I sion gradually sank beneath my feet Ia poor There isGovernment no lock without abeen key, critiand Book Title: Sultan vs. Dracula leitmotif. and gifted eyes. ex- the The have under legislation pensioners powers with to taxsensuous empty homes andAn prices worldwide. The cost of basic food products is began to the world from results my ownin abelieve to the lock councils between Publisher: Al-Oblong Books Headteacher, currently living Bradford, cisedthe forkey hitting hardest aresee protected which second homes, which the in Govrising because of aIndia drought thedeprived US and poor eyes. Today, I tell you my with andin Pakistan is greater underWebsite: Sultan vs Dracula should help to get inside very sick and tired of the would same old “Muslim in the most areascrops of the 20% reduction forstory, the remainernment estimates save and eastern Europe. According to people Jose more ofinage myRussia compatriots andwhilst trust between the Author: Razwan Ul-Haq the mind of a traditional Muslim. How do interest” story, with predictable multicountry authorities in the ingthatworking recipients ofstanding the authority £3.3the million. Inthe ad-hope Graziano Silva,onhead of theofUN andcountry Agrijoinifme and forward for a Da better, both sides theFood border. wealthiest areas of the Council Benefit. Sheffield dition to this, while thewords Council Author’s Website: religious Muslims think? Are Muslims re- cultural characters: in other it’s notstepTax culture Organisation, food prices could reach a peaceful is world. consulting on a scheme which will receive a smaller cut. crisis passes on a council tax bombtwitter @Islamic_Artist ally that alternative? Intelligent readers are arranged marriages it’s deranged terrorism. point next year if harvests the southern A betterinworld — wherehemisphere nobody dies Author contact telephone: 07773963502 quick to spot apologetics. Readers don’t are poor. Once of upon (+44) want watered down verbiage; they want to The book is a mirror to the mind thea time, I was also a vic- in war, and where governments work At arivalry conference on of water Da to of the India-Pakistan fever. intoSweden sow seeds love,resources, rather than hear what ‘the Muslim with an issue’ really devout Muslim, written withouttim any editoSilva called on G-20 nations, producing up to 95 perThe rank most as evident symptom of this protect their egos, is what we all want. On the streets of Bradford, Muslim teenag- believes. rial censorship, and as such, it may crops hit by rises, take "coordinated fever is theofslogan cent ‘yeh of khel nahin If price we want to to achieve such a world, ers between 14-19, selected at random, were one the more challenging popular pieces action". A third of all food production is lost duelove. to yeh jang hai’, heard on both sides of we must step forward and spread given three book choices. Two best-selling poor storagemeet in developing countries or wasteseems in rich border when India and Pakistan As distant as this objective books (popular with their peers throughout through the is set to discuss food prices and a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) patients with cancer nations. The G20 each other on cricket field. I grew up practically, it may be in our reach as Britain) and a relatively unknown third ofapplication ofdecisions modern methods founder Imran Khan has been is expected in September whenand a report when the world was changing in the people step forward adopt on this fering. A staggering 90 percent ditched the of curative andgrain palliative therapy awarded an honorary fellowship supply is due. post-9/11 Muslims all over the mantra of ‘love, tolerance and freemainstream to go for a new story. & NUJ, Yorkshire people from all communities and by the Royal College of Physiof UNISON Parkwood Academy school hasDracula freeera. of cost. Thea movement the Humber TUC, Hope been winner of to&encourage cianssuccess. of Edinburgh (RCPE)world in were to revisit their ideologies, dom’. UK training with focus grate UK’s successful inte- notthe backgrounds. An announced innovativeas the partnership and understand them better. As I In an age where Count Dracula can be seen is non-party political and urges Hate, Unite Against Fascism and June’s One Sheffield Many Culrecognition for his contribution on helping them to integrate Just a year and a half since between a Bradford-based gration into British life. entered adolescence and began to I will still watch India vs Pakistan as sexy to teenagers, a Muslim fantasy au-2010, all walks of lifethe to scheme Music Hate Racism. tures festival, which saw mul- InLove to cancer services. The fellowfirst launched, Britishfrom society when they November the BritishOneintopeople educational organisation and form thor presents Count Dracula as the historic speak with one voice in opposing Sheffield, Many Cultures aims ticultural music and dance acts ship has been awarded for his views independent of the media cricket with the same passion and 350 women have successfully a University in Pakistan has Government introduced a rule come to live in the UK.” and textbooks, my ideas of ‘India-Pa- patriotism; I will still celebrate with Count Vlad Dracula who impaled and slew bigotry andIntegrate prejudice. passed contribution to spouses promote the unity of partthe city from eight Sheffield schools en- that the Shaukat the Englishthrough language Theracism, success of the joining their helped 40 women join their kistan enmity’ started eroding. I un- jubilance if Pakistan wins and I will Muslim Turks. and in celebrate contribution tertain a lively crowd in Barkers ners the UKthehave to pass ofUK scheme comes as im- classes.Khanum Memorial Cancer Hoshusbands across the UK. that religion and patriotism still cry in the corner if Pakistan loses. Pool. Bothis thethe judges au- an English language speaking migration minister Damian Educating pital Pakistani and Research Centre. derstood The women QED-UK firstand UKtheorare better when utilised as breeding I will, however, always remember The story, though a fictional fantasy, is writdience showed their appreciation RCPE is a professional memberganisation to be co-funded by and listening test at a basic Green has urged parliament in English language skills grounds for love, tolerance and free- that the true victory for both nations tenall from a traditional perspective to the schoolchildren taking ship organisation with less demand fora memQED-UK, an award that education providers must mean there’s the European Fund for theMuslim In- level. dom, rather than nurseries for hatred lies somewhere else: when we are and holds back no punch with its heavily part, recognising the impressive bership of over 10,000 “fellows” tegration of Third County Na- winning organisation estab- take their immigration respon- translators when they visit the and enmity. able to defeat the hatred and distrust array of to talent onof display and‘Incel-world. critical stance the the modern The au-is supported by sibilities seriously in light of doctor,infor 91example. countries.It means lished in 1990 tionals administer between each other with love and ebrating the contribution of each Imran Khan founded Shaukat thor insists this should not be a worry, but a the London Metropolitan Uni- they are more likely to gain tegrate UK’ English language UKBA. These attributes of love, tolerance understanding. community present. Khanum Decemberto29, 1994. celebration of creative talent. Malik, Deputy CEO versity scandal. employment andoncontribute courses overseas. The British aim Adeeba and freedom form the essence of IsThe Many CulThe inspiration the hospital is Sheffield no Van Helsing, is thesaid: “For wom- QED-UK recently hosted a the community at large.forLanof there QED-UK, ofThere theOne free ten-week classes,but lam like all great religions. Unfortu- Muhammad Talha Sami tures festival was on organised research came after Sultan, modelled theofactual Ottoman is the key tocentre dealing en who are already married dinner with some of the wom- guage and hosted at Mirpur University and backed by local people in- with Harem the death of his mother, nately, Mrs venom has been fed into the University student, Lahore, Sultan Mehmed Khan II. And Science and Technology, is to to British Pakistani men, we en who have recently entered with problems of alienation cluding faith leaders, Football minds and hearts of people over the Pakistan” Shaukat Khanum, due to cancer. women, mystics andtobeautiful wanted Arabic to ensure they received the UK at Mumtaz restaurant or radicalisation and work toaid marriedSufi women seeking Unites Racism Divides, The trust uses donations to last help60 years, which is not what our illustrations, thereinis the aNorthern lotUK to discover in one high quality ESOL and Life in in Bradford to celebrate Inte- wards a harmonious future. join their husbands Refugee Centre, local branches founding fathers wanted.

Food Prices to take Toll on Britons

Imran Khan Awarded Honorary Fellowship by: Royal College of Physicians

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Exceptions to Free Speech

Islamphobia is being disguised and defended as “Free Speech“. I wonder if the Nazis used the same excuse when they were spewing venom against the Jews. “Free Speech” is not sacrosanct in America or anywhere else in the world. There are exceptions. 1) In the US, one cannot shout “Fire” in a crowded theatre. It is not considered “Free Speech”. 2) In the US, one could not publish the detailed plans to create a Nuclear Bomb. That was banned. 3) While the details on creating a bomb does exist in the Encyclopdia Britanica, a US citizen was disallowed to put in on the web. 4) In the US for decades the Native Americans, women and African Americans had no right to any speech (even though the First Amendment was in vogue). 5) Anti-Semitism is not considered free speech and falls under a law unto itself. 6) hate speech is not considered Free Speech and is punishable under US law 7) Incitement to violence or murder is not considered Free Speech and is punishable under US Law 8) While derogatory comments against Black, Women, Jews, Handicapped folks, Children may be technically allowed, but no politicians or artist can really make them and survive politically 9) Paedophilia is not accepted as Free Speech and any communication encouraging it is not covered by the First Amendment 10) In Europe, anyone speaking against the Holocaust is gagged. Holocaust Denial is not covered under Free speech 11) Flying the Swastika is illegal is most European countries and is not considered Free Speech

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12) Almost all European and other countries have Blasphemy Laws–though they are not used to prosecute. The point remains that there are limits to Free speech

13) Bullying in schools in whatever form is not covered under the First Amendment and there are laws against it. 14) Most recently the French magazine was prohibited from publishing nude pictures of the Royal family. So there are limits to free speech Blasphemy Laws exist in almost all Western countries. In fact when British Muslims tried to invoke the UK Blaspheme Law, the courts there decided that British Blasphemy Laws only protected Christianity and other religions remained unprotected. Here are examples of enforcement of Blasphemy Laws in the USA Didn’t the National Portrait Gallery–heavily funded by the American taxpayer–just pull an item from a privately funded exhibit because it offended some Christians? In early December, an 11-second video clip of ants crawling over a crucified Jesus was removed after complaints by the Catholic League and a comment by then soonto-be Speaker of the House that the video was a misuse of taxpayer money. So if it works for others, all Muslims are saying is; a) “Elevate Islamphobia to the same level as AntiSemitism and give it the same protection” b) “Consider blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad, Moses, Jesus, David, and against Budha, Krishna and others as hate speech” and do not allow it. This is simple and should be considered as a legal basis to stop the agression against Islam.

Criminalise Blasphemy

He said Pakistan’s principled position on territorial disputes remained a bedrock of its foreign policy. “We will continue to support the right of the people of Jammu and Kashmir to peacefully choose their destiny in accordance with the UN Security Council’s long-standing resolutions on this matter. Kashmir remains a symbol of the failures, rather than strengths, of the UN system. We feel that resolution of these issues can

only be arrived in an environment of cooperation.” The president spoke against the spread and illegal trade of heroin and said despite the presence of international forces in Afghanistan, the size of the heroin trade had increased by 3000 percent in the last decade. “Terrorist activities within our region and indeed all over the world are funded and fuelled by the unrestricted production and sale of illegal drugs,” he said.

Detox Diets May do you More Harm than Good

Real detox is a regular discipline with food rather than faddish pursuits If the latest detox diet your friend swears by is something you have been thinking of giving a try, it is time to first get your facts right. Quick-fix detox diets as recommended in several best-sellers and on the internet may do you more harm than good, nutritionists warn. We need to understand that detoxification is a process of eliminating toxins from the body and it is a continuous discipline, not a one-time wonder. A balanced meal is what would help you eliminate toxins from your body basis, not once a week or a month or a year. Detoxification means eliminating toxins – harmful chemicals – from the body and our body does this continuously through the colon, kidney, lungs, lymph glands and even the skin. Detoxifying your body continuously is part of a healthy lifestyle. This process helps the body function in a more balanced way. Eat a balanced meal – four-five servings of fruits and vegetables and lots of water. There are many easily available foods that you can include in your daily diet to ensure proper cleansing. Herbal concoctions like cinnamon, fennel, cumin and mint boiled in water, also aid digestion and clear your system. As environmental toxins and unhealthy foods like processed foods, build up excessive toxins in the body, high fibre food and water aid in a detox. Occasionally, in extreme cases – like someone with a gastro problem or a medical condition that needs assistance with detoxifying – two or three days of a diet are recommended which cleanses the system. However, such diet is to be followed for not more than two or three days at a time and it varies according to the individual's requirement and must be done only under supervision. According to nutritionists, most of the 'detox' diet programmes that recommend you adopt a certain dietary regimen for a couple of days to a few weeks, may not be good for your body. Even though such diets are becoming popular, there is not much scientific evidence to prove the health benefits of a detox diet

programme. The adverse effects, according to nutritionists could range from fluctuation in sugar levels to long-term effects that your body undergoes due to this yo-yoing. Unrealistic diet For instance, if you decide by yourself to go on a water only or

It is based on a raw vegan diet and promises to kickstart your weight loss programme. Then there is the Master Cleanse or Lemonade Diet. This strict diet is based on consuming lots of water along with a combination of maple syrup and lemonade. While promises cleansing,

a liquid diet, or any other crash diet, the first thing to realize is that it is unrealistic and cannot be maintained. Just as in any other crash diet, you would lose muscle and water and the moment you discontinue the diet, you will regain the weight that you lost rapidly during such a diet when you end it. The worst part is the deficiencies you create in the body due to these forced crash diets. In the long-run, your weight will start yoyoing, fluctuating. Various studies have shown that yo-yoing could cause heart and blood sugar problems in the long term. If this happens for a prolonged period of, say more than a year, it may not necessarily lead to obesity but would definitely lead to an increased percentage of fat, and other effects of malnutrition, like brittle bones, bad hair and bad skin. In the long run metabolism gets affected and when one starts to consume food again, in a sudden about turn, the extra calories would lead to fat and weight gain. Going for an un-supervised crash or detox diet could also cause dehydration. Some of the detox diets that have hit the popularity charts include the 28-day raw detox:

the diet clearly states that half of the weight lost as a result would be regained as soon as you stop it. There is also the Raw Food diet which involves consuming only uncooked food, and the Clean, Green and Lean, a four-week

programme that promises to eliminate toxins that make you fat.

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2 Cour ses for £10 .00 Every Sun - T hur

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A Letter to Foreign and Commonwealth Office from Cllr Shaffaq Mohammad Dear Cllr Shaffaq Mohammad, We very much share you and your constituents concerns about the situation in Rakhine State. The British Government has been a strong supporter of those in Burma pursuing democracy and respect for human rights and continues to be active in raising the serious issues affecting Rohingya communities in Rakhine. During their respective visits earlier in the year, both the Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister met representatives of ethnic communities in Burma, including the Rohingya, and heard their concerns first hand. The UK remains one of the most active and vocal members of the international community in raising these concerns with the Burmese authorities. We have repeatedly called for the government to put an end to the violence, to allow unhindered humanitarian work provided by the international community upon which many hundreds of thousands of Rohingya were dependent, to resolve the issue of nationality and to grant the full respect for human right to all the people of Burma, notably the Rohingya. In a statement on 10 June, the former Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Jeremy Browne expressed our deep concern about the hostilities in Rakhine state. In addition, Foreign and Commonwealth Office officials in Rangoon and in London, as well as through the European Union, have raised our concerns with senior members of the Burmese government, and with our international partners. Ministers also discussed the situation with Aung San Suu Kyi during her recent visit to UK. Ministers have also discusses the issues affecting the Rohingya with the Bangladeshi Prime Minister during their meetings in late July following reports that refugees fleeing the violence were being turned away when attempting to cross the border from Burma to Bangladesh. The UK continues to raise the situation in Burma at the UN Security Council. At our request, we have had three separate briefings in the last eight months from Mr Vijay Nambiar, the UN Secretary Generals Special Adviser on Burma. We have also strongly supported a UN Human Rights Council resolution on Burma this year, which included an extension to the mandate of the UNs Special Rapporteur for Burma, Mr Quintana. Mr Quintana visited Burma recently, travelling to Rakhine state to see the situation for himself. In a statement released on the 13 August, following Mr Quintana’s visit, the Foreign Secretary highlighted our concerns and stated that the UK stood ready to assist the government of Burma in its efforts to develop Rakhine state as Burma continues on its path to democracy. In the wake of the Foreign Secretary’s statement, the government of Burma announced that it would establish and independent Investigative Commission to probe the violence in Rakhine. The government also released a number of UN and NGO staff detained in connection with the violence. In a statement released on 20 August, we welcomed this development, but made clear that for the Commission to be credible. It needed to involve a consultative process with all of the affected communities. This includes the Rohingya people. Our attention is now focused on the upcoming UN General Assembly session in September. We continue to stress to the Burmese Government that unless they resolve the many outstanding issues, we will press for a UN resolution which highlights the strength of our concerns. We have not forgotten the many other issues that remain unresolved in Burma. As well as the ongoing ethnic conflicts already discussed, a significant number of political detainees remain in prison and legislative reform in a number of areas is necessary and pressing. We believe that should President Thien Sein accept the Prime Minister’s invitation to visit to the UK, it will be a valuable opportunity to continue the Prime Minister’s dialogue with the President and to stress the need to resolve the many issues outstanding. Yours sincerely Joseph Horbacki ASEAN and multilateral Team Foreign and Commonwealth Office

British Government Borrowing Hits New High

gross domestic product (GDP). However, widened budget Net borrowing by the British public sector reached 14.41 billion pounds ($23.4 billion) in August, compared with 14.36 bil- deficits have raised concern that the government could miss its defilion pounds in the same month last year, the Office for National cit target for the year. Statistics (ONS) said in a statement. Britain's independent Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) has The figure, excluding financial sector interventions such as the gov- set the government's borrowing target for the ernment's preferred measure, was the highest for any August since records began in 2012-13 financial year, which began in April, at 120 billion pounds. Economists said that target now looked unattainable. January 1993. The public sector current budget deficit amounted to 13.2 billion pounds last month, higher than the 12.8 billion pounds in August of last year. ONS data showed that public sector net debt was 1.03 trillion pounds at the end of August, equivalent to 66.1 percent of the

British public sector consists of four sub-sectors, namely central government, local government, non-financial public corporations and financial public corporations.

Parenting a Challenging Job Around three-quarters of British mothers who took part in a survey admitted parenthood was much more challenging than they had ever imagined. The first day at school, dealing with competitive parents and encouraging children to eat properly were some of the biggest challenges faced by parents. Sleepless nights, toddler tantrums and bed-wetting were also part of the list of the moststressful situations, said the survey of 2,000 mothers, commissioned by nappy firm DryNites. Sleepless nights were named the biggest challenge, followed by toddler tantrums, staying patient and keeping on top of the household chores. Nearly half- 48 percent- found their child's school years stressful, with 14 percent even believing they found it more of a challenge than their son or daughter did. There are some challenges you expect, like the sleepless nights and tantrums. But many cannot be prepared for how many stressful situations they will face over the years.

Human Excrement Found In Cigarettes

Human excrement, asbestos, mould and dead flies have been found in cigarettes being smoked regularly in Britain, the Daily Mail reported. Investigators working for the tobacco industry spent weeks rummaging through litter bins for cigarette packets to assess the scale of the black market. They found that about onethird of packets contained fakes or cigarettes brought in by smugglers. The survey in Birmingham by MS Intelligence, a Swiss-based brand protection company, found that 30.9 percent of packets were either bogus or purchased abroad. The UK Border Agency has also intercepted items contain-

ing asbestos, mould and human excrement. A haul in Derbyshire found cigarettes made from the remains of crushed flies. MS Intelligence carried out the research on behalf of a number of cigarette companies who are concerned that plans to introduce plain packaging will help black market tobacco barons flood the market with fakes, the daily said. Analysts collected 13,000 packets in Birmingham between April 3 and May 11. The Daily Mail said that most of the bogus brands originated predominantly from China, and some packets were almost identical to the real thing.

Smaller schools to be built under 'more for less' plans A new generation of schools will be significantly smaller than those constructed during the spending boom of the previous government, under blueprints based around a “more for less” approach. Space is being squeezed as officials look to spend on average one third less per building compared to those put up under Labour’s £55 billion Building Schools for the Future programme (BSF). They are also likely to look similar to reduce design costs.

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Apple Unveils Thinner, More Powerful iPhone 5

Apple introduced its new iPhone 5 – a lighter, thinner and more powerful version of its iconic mobile device, staking its claim to leadership in the red-hot smartphone market. Apple chief executive Tim Cook called the launch "the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since the iPhone."

been among the most keenly anticipated in the tech world, with rumours and leaks over several months about the new device from the biggest company in the sector. Schiller said the new, taller iPhone features a new design to nestle in one's palm to naturally

The company called the iPhone 5 "the thinnest smartphone in the world," with an anodised aluminum body that is 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than iPhone 4S. It features "diamond cut chamfered edges and glass inlays for a truly incredible fit and finish," an Apple statement said. At a packed launch event in San Francisco, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller said of the new iPhone, "It is an absolute jewel. The software and engineering that went into this product is the most challenging our team has ever taken on." Apple started taking orders for the phone on September 14 and began shipments by September 21 in the US, Canada, Britain, align with thumbs. France, Germany, Australia and Japan. The phone will be available in 100 countries by "Everything you do looks gorgeous on this the end of the year. The introduction has beautiful widescreen display," he said, de-

scribing the so-called Retina high-definition four-inch (10-centimeter) display used on other Apple devices. The new device features Apple's own new A6 processor, which according to Schiller doubles the speed for loading web graphics. Battery life, a key complaint of smartphone users, is extended to eight hours with mobile phone and browsing and 10 hours of Wi-Fi connections are used. Apple has also installed its own mapping software, upgraded its voice-activated assistant known as Siri and incorporated Facebook in the iOS software. Analysts expect Apple to sell tens of millions of the new iPhones in the coming months, luring in smartphone buyers who have been waiting to upgrade. As ever, the outlook is favourable for Apple, but before many even got their iphone home, Applehad to say sorry to its customers for defects in its new iPhone 5 Maps app. Apple made the apology after a wave of criticism over botched searches and errors on the new maps tool.

News in Brief Parking Fine Incompetence New shocking figures have revealed that the bill for Sheffield City Council’s parking fine incompetence has risen to £30,000. Figures released by opposition councillors have revealed that, in the last twelve months, 157 appeals against bus lane and parking fines were successful because they were “notcontested” by the Council. The penalty charge notices – worth up to £70 – could

have brought £10,990 into the Council. The revelation follows reports in June that the Council had lost £19,460 over six months because they had failed to respond to appeals within the required time limit of 56 days. At the same time the Council plan to increase their income by £20,000 by introducing carparking charges in Hillsborough Park, Graves Park and Millhouses Park.

Lawmakers with Dual Nationality Disqualified Pakistani parliamentarians holding dual nationality are disqualified by the Supreme Court The Supreme Court announced the judgment on petitions challenging dual nationality according to which all the members of parliament holding dual nationality have been disqualified. The judges had earlier said that dual nationality holders could not be given the authority to make laws. Lawmakers who have been disqualified include

Zahid Iqbal, Farahnaz Ispahani, Muhammad Ikhlaq, Ashraf Chauhan, Nadia Gabol, Amina Buttar, Zaheer Awan, Waseem Qadir, Farhat Muhammad Khan, Chaudhry Nadeem Khadim and Ahmed Ali Shah. The court directed the government to withdraw the amount spent on salaries and perks from disqualified lawmakers and deposit it in the national treasury.

Plans to cap tax relief Plans to cap tax relief on charitable giving have been scrapped in yet another government turnaround. They cancelled the planned 'pasty tax' and proposed increase on VAT for static caravans earlier this week.

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Commercial Property & Land Development Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant Mark Jenkinson & Son

LAND IS GOLD!! In the last few months, there has arguably been a steady increase in enquiries for land, whether this is for residential, commercial or generally. In this article I will talk about the economics of land. I have mentioned on a number of occasions why owning and developing land is a good idea, one only needs to look into the economics and you too will see that in the world of supply and demand there is an important ingredient which will never really change that is supply. It is a worldwide issue and not just concentrated to Western economies. I believe the following considerations are a key factor in under pinning the need for and peoples appetitie for land:

Population Trends It has been argued by many academics and professionals in the field of world population trends that we are living longer, the population of the world is steadily increasing therefore the need for land to house people is almost certainly going to become a key issue. If you look at some of the worlds major Cities the price of land over time in real terms has not reduced, and the challenges for emerging economies is going to become ever more challenging.

Agriculture As the population increases the demand for food is becoming an everlasting challenge, the demand for land to grow food and rear cattle etc is arguably a major issue facing us. The price of agricultural land is reflected in this demand for food. I believe that over time the demand for land for such uses will rise, and therefore the choices we face as to how we use land become more important, hence the laws of planning.

Economics It does not need an economist to tell us that supply is finite, although some of you may argue that some countries are reclaiming land from water. Clearly that is expensive and fraught with difficulty. It only strengthens the argument that land is an important commodity when some countries are investing in such projects.

Resources The need for fossil fuels is another key focus for land use throughout the world, we are much more reliant on land or the substructure of land to provide oil, coal, gold, silver, iron ore, chemicals and many other natural products we use in everyday life. Therefore the need to understand the economics of land become more impor-

tant and more importantly one question, has our need so as we go through the 21st for land ever really diminished?, the answer is almost century and beyond. certainly going to be a cautious no. Services The need to build infrastruc- Controls on land usage ture for our needs is also through politics and the land intensive, roads, rail- planning process therefore ways, hospitals, schools, all become terribly important. our basic facilities we take for granted are built on land. Therefore before you emIf one looks around our sur- bark on any land project it is roundings and reflects for a important you are aware of a few moments our need for few fundamental principles land is intense and rising. I of development. I would was recently asked by some- always advise that you take one why is the price of bur- good professional advice, ial plots rising? The answer there is no substitute for again is simple economics. this, just as the economics of supply and demand are imBy no means have I touched portant, these are backed up on all the conflicting chal- by legislation and planning lenges and needs for land, policy so there is not a free but I do hope I have given for all and land is used in the you an understanding of best possible way not only the value of land and why for today but for future genour need for land is only, erations. Clearly this has an in my humble opinion, go- impact on value, therefore ing to rise, yes we will see land value is not uniform. economic changes, we have and will continue to see re- As an example land for agcessions but ask yourself ricultural use is going to be

worth less than land in the city centre for development use, every use has a value. In conclusion one can only summarise that land is an important and valuable commodity, and I for one believe demand over time is going to be a major challenge on supply, this is arguably going to see a rise in prices, this may be hard to imagine going through these difficult times, but history is a reflection of our desire for land. The ownership of land can be considered in the same context as gold, silver, diamonds etc, history is a clear witness of this. Therefore the forward thinking investor/developers are showing signs of return to the market, this is cautious optimism, but a good sign. As ever if you want to contact me please call me on 0114 2760151/ 0787 9015095 or through ILM.

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creating a more positive image of Pakistan through social media

LAHORE AND ITS FOOD tasked to develop the Fort Road STREETS? Food Street. The committee arranged for a Creation of Fort Road Food loan from the Punjab Bank that Street is a part of the Punjab was facilitated by the governgovernment’s plan to construct ment. The CDGL has a ceremoaround 9 food streets in Gulberg, nial role in the management, Shalimar Town, Nishtar Town, with DCO Ahad Cheema the Samnabad, Allama Iqbal Town, first chairman of the commitWahga, Aziz Bhatti Town, Ravi tee, while a businessman, Habib Town and Data Gunj Baksh Khan, who owned property on Town. Fort Road, was made the president. According to sources in the HOW IS IT DIFFERENT CDGL, the food street was to be FROM THE DECEASED GA- launched on November 19, howWALMANDI STREET: ever, it will now be inaugurated In a bid to prevent the new food on Muharram 10. street from any untoward inci- As many as 25 buildings in a Vdent and political interference shaped street are being restored that caused the downfall of Ga- with the help of famous archiwalmandi Food Street, once tects and experts in fine arts. known as best tourist attraction “This is the first time that special in Pakistan, Fort Road Food by-laws and Standard Operative Street is a private initiative worth procedures (SOPs) have been Rs 40 million and is independent laid down to ensure the survival and autonomous of the Punjab of the food street,” said Finance government and the City Dis- EDO Moazam Supra who registrict Government Lahore. The tered the society. The Law Degovernment has also not paid a partment vetted the workability single penny for its development. paraphernalia, he added. HOW IT CAME ABOUT: To develop the Fort Road Food Street, a society consisting of all the residents of the area chosen for the street was formed under Punjab Co-operative Societies Act 1961. It was named the Society for Development and Management of Fort Road Food Street which constituted a management committee which was formally

NONPOLITICAL: Society for Development and Management of Fort Road Food Street President Habib Khan characterised the new food street as non-political, saying it would not be associated with any political party and would be run on purely commercial basis. “Being located behind the Badshahi Mosque, Roshnai Gate, Sikh shrine and in

Eid Mubarak to all Muslims from Ch M Zahur and Staff

the proximity of Mughal era historical buildings in walled city, the street presents a marvelous outlook combining history landscape and traditional food at one place for the visitors,” he added. “All sorts of services including water supply lines, drains, gas pipes and electrical wires had been under-grounded and upgraded and architectural features and exterior façade enriched with balconies is being rehabilitated to ensure original view of the buildings,” Habib Khan said. “We have also developed a mechanism to keep the food street self-sustaining. Numerous advertisement companies have contacted us to pay whopping amount to exhibit their products,” he added. In the backdrop of quality monuments Zeeshan Gul, resident at Walled city said that a V-shaped off-shoot of the Fort Road was chosen last year to build a replica of ill-fated Gawalmandi Food Street. “The plan had kindled a hope among the residents of adjoining areas that they would soon have business and employment opportunities. However, to their disappointment, a ban was imposed on converting buildings on Fort Road into eateries on the pretext of traffic issues,” he added. According to some residents, most of the selected buildings are either owned by multinationals or people close to the ruling party bigwigs in Punjab. Visit our Facebook page today and join in on our efforts to create and alternative narrative for Pakistan! Rehman Ilyas- Rehman can be reached at Fahad Shabbir-University of Sheffield’s Ambassador can be reached at

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Burial of Quran Pages

Salaam to All, For your attention, a letter from the bereavement services as many of you have requested information on this service. I would ask that your mosque/ organisation informs everyone at Friday prayers or otherwise and that you with this matter personally, collects all Quran pages etc and arrives at the said cemetery for burial. I hope this helps. Yours sincerely Ibrar Hussain JP Councilor for Burngreave Ward

TO ALL SHEFFIELD MOSQUES Bereavement Services have received a further request to bury used pages of the Quran. I have therefore arranged for an area to be prepared to receive items at Abbey Lane Cemetery on Wednesday 10 October, 1.30 – 2.30 pm. Please ensure that the material we receive is paper only. Please do not include other items such as plastics or materials. Unfortunately, these will be refused, as only biodegradable paper items can be accepted. Any other materials brought to the cemetery may incur charges for disposal. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter. Should you need any further information regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Gary Eyre on (0114) 239 6068. Yours faithfully Sue Nadin Bereavement Services Manager and Registrar

Keeping School Dinners Costs Down

Council leaders have stepped in and fuel costs this year - but Shefto keep down the cost of school field City Council has pledged to dinners to help parents while keep prices at last year’s level. times are tight. Both the Council and Taylor Taylor Shaw, which runs the Shaw see health and well-being school dinners programme for of pupils as paramount and mainthe majority of the city’s schools, taining the food standards and has had to implement a small rise quality of food play a key part of in cost, mainly due to higher food this. As a result the council has

Computers Lower Dementia Risk is currently expected. Some of dementia's early symptoms are forgetting names and appointments, losing things, difficulty performing familiar tasks such as driving, managing personal finances, mood swings As the world's population ages, with anger or rage, paranoia the number of people experi- and suspiciousness. encing cognitive decline and dementia will increase to 50 Previous studies showed that million by 2025. A Professor at cognitively-stimulating the University of Western Aus- activities decreased the risk of tralia undertook an eight-year dementia but there was little study of more than 5,000 men evidence on the likely effect of computer use over many years. aged from 65 to 85 years. Researchers found that the risk If their findings are correct, the of dementia was about 30-40 increase in the number of cases percent lower among older of dementia over the next 40 computer users than non-users years may not be as dramatic as and that their findings could not Computers do have their plus points, despite all the bad press -- the desk top, for instance, lowers the risk of dementia in the aged by a maximum of 40 percent, suggest latest findings.

be attributed to age, education, social isolation, depression, overall health or cognitive impairment. They found that computer users were younger than non-users, had completed at least high school, had a more active social network and were less likely to show evidence of depression or poor physical health. Older people should therefore be encouraged to embrace computer technology as long as they understand the dangers of prolonged physical inactivity and the many advantages of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, the researchers suggested.

agreed to bridge the gap in the price increase without passing this cost onto parents and carers. Drastic cuts by the Government are having a detrimental effect on us all, making us have to watch every penny we spend. But at the same time high quality foods and standards must be maintained.

Mr & Mrs Tufail receive award for Voluntary work

Local Husband And Wife Mr Mukhtar Tufail & Mrs Iffat Yasmin were fortunate enough to be invited to a Garden Party hosted by Her Majesty The Queen's Honourable, Lord - Lieutenant, ' Jennifer, Lady Gretton, JP ' During the Party Her Majesty's Lord - Lieutenant, ' Jennifer, Lady Gretton, JP' presented both husband and wife with an award to endorse their personal , professional and voluntary achievements. Whilst both husband and wife are law graduates

from respective legal backgrounds, they have conspicuously volunteered and devoted a bulk of their precious time to charitable and civic causes thus warranting tremendous applaud from various professional bodies. Also in attendance was the nationally acknowledged and respected Honourable Judge Simmon Hammond, High Sherrif :Resham Singh Sandhu MBE. Romabbhai C. Barber MBE.Jaffer Kapasi OBE.Suleman Nagdi MBE. Manzoor Moghal MBE.

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Investigation Before Belief

Islam discourages following a faith blindly; in the Holy Qur'an, God encourages people to think and reflect, to investigate, and not to believe simply because someone says so. God has granted us brains to contemplate, investigate, research, and then to believe. The existence of God and His greatness can easily be perceived by a free-thinking mind contemplating upon the wonders of creation around us and the existence of the amazing soul inside us. The Prophets throughout history were instructors. They called people to free their minds of cultural traditions and see the logic of God's message. Here are a few quotes from the Holy Qur'an which demonstrate how important it is to think and then believe: (3:191) Those who remember God while standing, and sitting, and lying on their sides, and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth: "Our Lord! Thou hast not created this in vain!" (6:50) Say: "Are the blind and the seeing one alike? Do you not then reflect?" (16:11) He causes to grow for you thereby herbage, and the olives, and the palm trees, and the grapes, and of all the fruits; most surely there is a sign in this for a people who reflect. (16:44) With clear arguments and scriptures; and We have revealed to you the reminder that you may make clear to men what has been revealed to them, and that hopefully they may reflect.

(30:21) And one of His signs is that He created mates for you from yourselves, so that you may find tranquility in them, and He put between you love and compassion; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect. (2:164) Most surely in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day, and the ships that run in the sea with that which profits men, and the water that Allah sends down from the cloud, then gives life with it to the earth after its death and spreads in it all (kinds of) animals, and the changing of the winds and the clouds made subservient between the heaven and the earth, there are signs for a people who understand. (30:22) And one of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your tongues and colors; most surely there are signs in this for the learned. (30:24) And one of His signs is that He shows you the lightning for fear and for hope, and sends down water from the clouds then gives life therewith to the earth after its death; most surely there are signs in this for a people who understand. Many verses from the Holy Qur'an encourage people to think and ponder the creation, and they will find clear signs of God's existence. The Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) emphasized making education and learning an obligation on every Muslim, male and female

equally. The first word in the first revelation was Iqra, which means "read!" The level of investigation differs from one subject to another, and within each subject, there might be things that everyone can understand and also things that require more rigorous study to understand them properly. The same is true of religion. There are basic things which everyone can understand easily, as well as concepts that require prerequisite knowledge to raise the level of comprehension. In Islam, there is no such thing as "you should not ask", or "you are not allowed to know", or "just follow without any questions". These are wrong concepts. When it comes to religion and knowing God, every individual is responsible to do his own basic research, and in order to do know more, he must acquire more background knowledge. Finally, the more a person keeps his mind open for the logical possibilities and necessities, the more those possibilities might become realities, and the more he will become closer to knowing God. But if he blocks his mind from accepting the logical possibilities and necessities, he will stay in his blindness, surrounded by the curtains of his ego and stubbornness, and the consequences will be deprivation from knowing God.

Labour Seeking Sheffield Student Vote In Clegg’s Backyard

Opposition Labour politicians headed to Nick Clegg’s backyard to collect students’ signatures on a petition pledging they would ‘never vote Lib Dem again’ after the Deputy Prime Minister’s apology over the broken tuition fees promise. Shabana Mahmood, shadow universities minister, and Sheffield Central Labour MP Paul Blomfield headed to the University of

Sheffield Students’ Union to gain support from undergraduates, some of whom are living in Mr Clegg’s Hallam constituency. Around 300 students signed the petition – as Ms Mahmood revealed Labour had plans to reduce the £9,000 tuition fees for many students by increasing the fees charged by higher-earning graduates and increasing corporation tax on banks. She also said Labour may consider a wider levy on businesses to help cover some of the cost of higher education – because they benefit through having a more highly-skilled workforce. A remix of Mr Clegg’s apology for breaking his pledge not to increase tuition fees reached number 143 in the music charts recently. Ms Mahmood said: “The petition was really

Police And Crime Panel Representatives Confirmed South Yorkshire’s four local authorities have now confirmed their elected member representatives on the new South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel. The full list is:

(English Democrat) Cllr Patricia Bartlett Doncaster MBC (Conservative)

A chair will be elected at the panel’s first on October 15, where rules of procedure and panel arrangements will also Cllr Harry Harpham be agreed, setting out how the Sheffield CC (Labour) Cllr Helen Mirfin-Boukouris panel will operate and how it will discharge its key statutory Sheffield CC (Labour) functions. Two independent Cllr Talib Hussain members are also currently beSheffield CC (Labour) ing recruited to join the panel. Cllr Sylvia Anginotti It is intended that they will be in Sheffield CC (Lib Dem) place by the end of October. Cllr Jahangir Akhtar Elections for the police and Rotherham MBC (Labour) crime commissioner will be held Cllr Terry Sharman on November 15. Rotherham MBC (Labour) The panel will scrutinise and Cllr Ken Richardson support the commissioner in Barnsley MBC (Labour) their role of holding the chief Cllr May Noble constable to account and agreeBarnsley MBC (Labour) ing the police precept and police Mayor Peter Davies and crime plan. Doncaster MBC

popular with students and people were saying they were never going to vote Lib Dem again. “We have put forward alternative ideas which, if we were in Government, would reduce fees for many students to £6,000 a year, by increasing fees paid by the highestearning graduates and increasing corporation tax on banks. It is something we would want to do straightaway if we returned to government following the 2015 general election.” Ms Mahmood said Labour had been right to set a target of 50 per cent of young people going to university, which led to a mass expansion of higher education – but caused the financial problems resulting in the controversial increase in fees.

Labour gets Tough on Littering and Dog Fouling in Sheffield In the last month alone 105 tickets were issued over a 17 working day period. So far 60% of these have been paid and any outstanding fines will lead to prosecution. Only 78 tickets were issued during the whole of 2011/12, which is further proof that our tougher approach is working. Hot spots in the city have been identified through cross council and community assembly collaboration. The Environment Enforcement Team have been out on patrol engaging with dog walkers to educate them on the issues of dog fouling and the £70 fixed penalty fines that come with them to encourage people to help keep

the city clean. Councillor Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for the environment said: “A tougher approach definitely seems to be working. Despite we are determined to keep Sheffield’s streets and parks free from litter and dog fouling. We hope that through engaging with dog walkers and issuing fines to people who break the laws it will encourage people to help keep our city clean”.

10 Medical Reasons for Feeling Tired

Any serious illness, especially painful ones, can make you tired. But some quite minor illnesses can also leave you feeling washed out. Here are 10 health conditions that are known to cause fatigue. 1. Coeliac disease Is a type of food intolerance where your body reacts badly when you eat gluten, a substance found in bread, cakes and cereals. There are 250,000 diagnosed cases in the UK, but research suggests that up to 90% of sufferers don’t know they have it. Other symptoms of coeliac disease, apart from tiredness, are diarrhoea, anaemia and weight loss. Your GP can check if you have coeliac disease through a blood test. 2. Anaemia One of the most common medical reasons for feeling constantly run down is iron deficiency anaemia. It affects around one in 20 men and post-menopausal women, but may be even more common in women who are still having periods. Typically, you’ll feel you can’t be bothered to do anything, your muscles will feel heavy and you’ll get tired very quickly. Women with heavy periods and pregnant women are especially prone to anaemia. 3. Chronic fatigue syndrome Chronic fatigue syndrome (also called myalgic encephalomyelitis or ME) is a severe and disabling tiredness that goes on for at least six months. There are usually other symptoms, such as a sore throat, muscle or joint pain and headache. 4. Sleep apnoea Sleep apnoea is a condition where your throat narrows or closes during sleep and repeatedly interrupts your breathing. This results in bad snoring and a drop in your blood's oxygen levels. The difficulty in breathing means that you wake up often in the night, and feel exhausted the next day. It’s most common in overweight, middle-aged men. Drinking alcohol and smoking makes it worse. 5. Underactive thyroid An underactive thyroid gland means that you have too little thyroid hormone (thyroxine) in your body. This makes you feel tired. You’re also likely to put on weight and have aching muscles. It’s most common in women, and it happens more often as

you get older. Your GP can diagnose underactive thyroid by taking a simple blood test. 6. Diabetes One of the main symptoms of diabetes, a long-term condition caused by too much sugar in the blood, is feeling very tired. The other key symptoms are feeling very thirsty, going to the toilet a lot, and weight loss. Your GP can diagnose diabetes with a blood test. 7. Glandular fever Glandular fever is a common viral infection that causes fatigue along with fever, sore throat and swollen glands. Most cases happen in teenagers and young adults. Usually, glandular fever symptoms clear up within four to six weeks, but the fatigue can linger for several more months. 8. Depression As well as making you feel very sad, depression can also make you feel drained of energy. And it can stop you dropping off to sleep or cause you to wake you up early in the morning, which makes you feel more tired during the day. 9. Restless legs This is when you get uncomfortable sensations in your legs, which keep you awake at night. You might have an overwhelming urge to keep moving your legs, or a deep ache in your legs, or your legs might jerk spontaneously through the night. Whatever your symptoms, your sleep will be disrupted and of poor quality, so you’ll feel very tired through the day. 10. Anxiety Feeling anxious is sometimes perfectly normal. However, some people have constant, uncontrollable feelings of anxiety, which are so strong that they affect their daily life. Doctors call this generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). It affects around around one in 20 people in the UK. As well as feeling worried and irritable, people with GAD often feel tired.

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Exporting Your Products and Services

Amar Saleem

When I first arrived in Sheffield (in September Lumphammer and his of 1993), my life was in a state of flux. I had girlfriend was happy just suffered the loss of my 10 year-old son. to be known as “his incredible travelling companion’. I had been to London to visit with Mary, the Circus Dancer (who I had met at the The kind man, who had picked us three up, Edinburgh Festival Fringe where I had been apologised to me for only going as far as performing music and poetry in the street), Sheffield (where he dropped me at 4.30pm in and I was bewildered with grief. the afternoon at the Post Office on Attercliffe Road. I hitch-hiked out of Brent Cross in London in an attempt to return to Edinburgh, where I was I made me way into the City Centre by homeless. using the path alongside the canal and arrived at Orchard Square fountain at 5.30pm, where A man driving a red van picked me up there as a group of ‘punk – style’ late teenagers were well as 2 young persons who had been trying sitting. to get to Nottingham (where they both lived). To be continued.... The young man (after I had asked him for his name) told me that his name was Captain

My Best is yet to Come: Sridevi More than 265 films in her oeuvre but Sridevi, the reigning queen of the 1980s and 1990s who is back after a 15-year gap with "English Vinglish", says she is yet to deliver her best. The "Hawa Hawaii" girl, who did scores of films in the south before making her mark in Bollywood with critically acclaimed portrayals in diverse films such as "Sadma" and "Lamhe", has won four Filmfare awards - Hindi movies "Chaalbaaz" and "Lamhe", Tamil film "Meendum Kokila" and Telugu venture "Kshana Kshanam". But she's not completely satisfied. "There is a lot more to do," the 49-year-old actress

says. She is ready for another stint as the lead in "English Vinglish", releasing Oct 5, playing an Indian housewife in the US struggling to overcome the language barrier and identity issues. Acting is her forte but direction is a complete no, says the actress who is married to director-producer Boney Kapoor. The couple has two daughters, one 15 and the other 12 years old. She may be returning to the arclights after 15 years but doesn't want to tag it a comeback movie. "I never felt I was out of this industry. I don't term it as my comeback. Even

when I used to go out, my fans used to always ask me, 'When will we see you?' I am so glad and thankful to my fans that I was always there in their hearts and they never forgot me." The actress belies her age and looks absolutely fit. The secret, she says, is just being happy."Love gives me the energy. There is no secret; whatever you are inside that will reflect on your face. Just be happy and positive. Every morning just look for the basic things. You have to be happy from within and enjoy. Exercise, yoga, and systematic life definitely helps you, but basically you have to be happy."

Business Development Manager Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Email: Exporting Your Products and markets, including market reServices search. After completing your market research, you can draw Although your business may up an export plan defining how have an established UK market, you will enter the new market. there's often no reason why it couldn't successfully compete Consider whether you have: overseas too, growing your revenue and profit. But before you •a marketing strategy that instart, you need to have sound corporates international trade knowledge of your would-be development markets. You also need to con- •the necessary financial resourcsider whether your products are es right for each target market and •the right people to develop the whether you have the necessary new export markets resources to start exporting. •adequate knowledge of the requirements of your chosen Before you commit to exporting market - eg modifying packagyou need to honestly assess your ing to meet local regulations and export potential - both in terms standards of the readiness of your business •an understanding of export and of your product or service. payment mechanisms and export finance It's essential to carry out detailed market research to identify and Then assess whether your prodevaluate the target market. uct is suitable for export. Consider: Examine: •product standards and regula•the industry structure tions in the overseas market •the predicted demand for your the British Standards Institution product or service offers help for exporters •competition and how you plan •the costs of adapting your prodto fit into that marketplace uct or service •any modifications required to make your product or service There are a number of elements saleable you need to consider to sell successfully overseas. How you The UK Trade & Investment organise your sales presence in Accessing International Mar- export markets is one of the key kets programme can provide decisions. Depending on your support and help in planning product, you may be able to sell your entry into new overseas directly. For example, you might

be able to sell over the internet or by exhibiting at local trade shows. Many businesses look for a partner who already understands the local market. For example: •You can sell to a distributor who then sells your products locally. •You can use a sales agent who sells products on your behalf, or puts you into contact with potential customers on a commission basis. •You can enter into a joint venture with a local business. This gives you a share of the management and profits of the joint venture, but is a more complicated and expensive option. •If you want complete control over sales, you can set up your own local office. This is the most expensive option. Either way whichever method you choose it is most certainly an avenue that is worth exploring as many companies have grown through International Trade, you may have a unique product which may have a niche in a certain country and until you try you wont know. Some of the best known brands globally have become experts in selling they're products all over the world and through it become household brands, there is nothing stopping you doing it.

Bradford Protest at Anti-Islamic Film Senior Muslims in traditional religious dress gathered Centenary Square, Bradford, on 28th September, for a peaceful protest against the American-made film about the Prophet Muhammed.

he said. "It’s about registering our hurtful feelings that we all feel and that our beloved, beloved Prophet has been insulted in a dis-

graceful manner. "We are here to show that we are not the troublemakers, we are the peace makers."

As they sat ringing the paved area, police kept a low profile as uniformed officers mixed and chatted with community leaders. Organisers, the Council for Mosques, expected thousands but half-anhour into the rally the crowd was still only in its hundreds.

108 Fitzwilliam Road, Rotherham, S65 1PX

It opened with a recitation from the Holy Koran and before speeches began there was an impassioned appeal to everyone to keep calm. The speaker emphasised the protest was not about creating chaos. "It’s not about creating trouble,"

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The Rise and Rise of the Muslim Fashion Industry In recent years the growth of Muslim fashion has sparked, which is spanning the globe from Indonesia to California. It is a marketplace that is growing so rapidly and in which countries, designers and trends are developing faster than you can say ‘hijab couture’. The Olympics have just passed and a number of Muslim women, including those observing modest dress, from all over the world have taken

part, and include several medallists. It’s no surprise then that Muslim-friendly sports-

wear continues to grow in from Islamicallypopularity. styled wedding outfits. Or even go An American Muslim design- to online retailers er aiming to bring her faith to which specifically the catwalk was showcased cater for Muslim as part of New York Fashion brides. Week in 2011. Earlier this H e a d s c a r v e s year she established a Mus- come in all sorts lim modelling agency called of shapes, styles, Under Wraps. fabrics and prices. However, Of course this created a de- they bring with bate in Muslim and wider cir- them the need cles on a question discussed for accompanyhere by ing accessories: “Can modesty and mod- undercaps as a eling mix?” But it’s a perti- ‘base’, pins and nent development, particu- clip for securing, larly when considering the and brooches and rise of the Muslim fashion. other decorative Muslim fashion blogging items. But that’s also continues to grow. not all that the pasBlogs list clothing, design- sionate hijabista ers and fashion events and needs. cheekily asks “what colour is your hijab?”. Muslim fashion is a grass roots The internet is a showcase movement, and is for “hijabistas from around taking off so vigthe world.” orously because We’re still in full flow of of the growing wedding season in most segment of young parts of the world, but Muslims you we what should a bride do if have identified as she wants to be modestly the Muslim Fudressed and fabulous on turists, who believe that faith the big day? To answer this and modernity are compledilemma, bloggers and de- mentary. signers are springing up to address the idea that The The products they consume Bride Wears Hijab. Brides- must be modern and cutting to-be can gain inspiration edge, but must also assist

Watchdog to Probe Petrol Prices The British Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has announced it will launch an investigation into the prices of petrol and diesel to see whether a fall in oil prices is being transferred to customers. The OFT issued a call for information on Britain's petrol and diesel sector, saying that its review will address competition issues and worries about price coordination. The retail road fuels sector in Britain is estimated to be worth around 32 billion pounds. Britain's petrol prices rose by 38 percent between June 2007 and June 2012, and

diesel prices by 43 percent over the same period, according to the OFT. The body said that in light of continuing public concern about pump prices, it is asking the industry, motoring groups and consumer bodies to submit pricing information. The OFT will explore a number of claims about how the road fuels sector in Britain is functioning, including whether reductions in the price of crude oil are being reflected in falling pump prices. The findings are planned to be published in January 2013.

them in attaining the religious life that they aspire to. And that sentiment certainly seems to sum up the whole of Muslim women’s fashion: it is on the move, and that move is growing wider, more popular and into the mainstream.

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URDU A TRUE TREASURE Aah! The beauty of Urdu language. I think Urdu must be the richest and the most respectful of all languages. It has adab (etiquette) and softness. I simply love Urdu and consider myself unfortunate to not have been a formal student of this language. Specially when it comes to poetry, no other medium can match up to the eloquence of Urdu. This medium is powerful and articulate, the speaker leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Just sample this:

Simpler translation is that you have to prove your point in an intense manner. Immigrant parents often struggle with personal issues, from serious to frivolous ones. But (I don’t believe in blood run- one that matters a great deal is ning around in veins, the blood how to keep children connected is not blood unless it drips from with the native country's culture, its people and its language. your eyes!) “Raghon mein daurhte phirne ke hum nahin qaayal, Jo aankh hi se na tapka to phir lahoo kya hai?”

Even if a child's conversation skills are adequate, teaching the native language to basic fluency in reading, writing and simple comprehension remains a challenge for immigrant parents. Urdu is our mother tongue and a vital part of our identity. We need the language to be able to communicate within our so-

ciety and to better understand our people, culture and history. If our children learn urdu, they will be able to enjoy and appreciate the rich urdu literature, urdu humor and other forms of entertainment. Children who are not taught their native language can often suffer from identity loss, alienation from their parents and grandparents or others from their home country. Being grounded in one's roots gives children confidence, makes them smarter and brighter to learn everything else as well. We should enable our children to enjoy the treasures of knowledge and literature in urdu; it would be a shame to deprive our next generation of all that

India, Pakistan ink Visa Pact

India and Pakistan recently signed an agreement that will ease the visa restrictions on people from both countries. The agreement was signed between Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Indian External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna. "This is the sign of friendship," Malik said after the signing ceremony. Before the signing of the agreement, Krishna held talks with his Pakistani counterpart Hina Rabbani Khar. Thanks to the agreement, senior citizens, aged 65 and above, in India and Pakistan can now walk across the border between the two countries and need not go through the hassles of getting a visa from embassies in New Delhi and Islamabad. Senior citizens will be granted visas on arrival at the Attari and Wagah border in India and Pakistan respectively. There was no such provision available for senior citizens of both countries. Under the new arrangement, senior citizens will be granted a visa on arrival valid for 45 days. Many sen-

ior citizens in the two countries have been witness to the 1947 partition in which millions of people were uprooted after India's independence and Pakistan's creation. The new visa regime will see several changes aimed at easing controls. There will be a single-entry visitor visa for a maximum period of six months but the stay cannot exceed

three months at a time and for five places (currently limited to three places). Group tourist visas, for groups of 10-50 people, has also been introduced for the first time. This will also be available for students provided they do not seek admission in the other country. Also, the business visa has been separated from the visi-

tor visa. The business visa will have to be issued within five weeks. People aged more than 65, children below 12 and eminent businessmen are exempted from police reporting. Another simplified rule will allow people to enter and exit from different check posts and change their mode of travel. This was not permitted earlier. Under a new category, a visitor visa for a maximum of five specified places may be issued for a longer period of up to two years with multiple entries to senior citizens (above 65); spouse of a national of one country married to person of another country and children below 12 accompanying parent(s). Also, a transit visa will now be issued within 36 hours instead of 72 hours. Under the existing visa agreement, the single entry visa is issued for three months for meeting relatives, friends, business or other legitimate purposes. However, the visa can be issued for a longer period not exceeding a year owing to the nature of work or business.

News in Brief Action taken to keep Sheffield moving

Work is underway along key traffic routes in Sheffield to keep traffic moving through the city. A major publicity campaign has been planned to ensure that motorists, local residents and businesses are aware of the restrictions on using bus lanes and tram gates. The aim is to help people avoid being fined and to keep traffic flowing along busy routes. Information will be publicised through press, radio and poster advertisements as well as leaflets and information on the Council web site over the coming months to explain the details to local people. The Council want to avoid having to fine motorists if possible, so have planned a targetted publicity campaign to supplement the on-street signs to ensure they are aware of the restrictions. The public should carefully check the signs for the times that they are allowed to drive in bus lanes and bus gates or when

they can park and load. The City Council has been implementing a programme of extending weekday urban clearway times around the city since 2008. These changes affect the times when parking and loading on many of the busier routes in Sheffield is allowed. It is expected to take up to two years to complete the programme of re-signing work, with changes planned on Broad Street , Chesterfield Road and Attercliffe Road in 2012/13. The expansion of camera enforcement of bus lanes and gates is progressing at several sites, including Bolsover Street , London Road (bus gate at Asline Road) and South Lane . Camera enforcement of the tram and bus gates at Hillsborough halved the average inbound tram journey times between 8 and 9 in the mornings following their introduction.

Fraud-Busting Exercise

There will be no hiding place for benefit cheats in Rotherham this month as the local authority takes part in a national data-matching exercise this autumn. The 'National Fraud Initiative' is run once every two years by the Audit Commission and requires local authorities, such as Rotherham Borough Council, police and fire authorities, to download and share different sets of information and data. Under the Audit Commission Act of 1998, Rotherham Borough Council is required to provide housing rents data along with housing benefit claimants, payroll, student loans and pension payroll. This data, such as payroll and housing rents, is then cross-matched to identify possible incidences of fraud or overpayment. Examples of such matches are council tenants with council properties in two different authorities or a public sector

employee claiming housing benefit but tailing to declare an income that would preclude or reduce entitlement to benefits. The last National Fraud Initiative in 2010/11 helped trace almost £229 million in fraud, error and overpayments in England. Coun. Jahangir Akhtar, Deputy Leader of Rotherham Borough Council, welcomed the initiative. He said: "Although we are obliged to take part in this scheme it is well worthwhile because such schemes do have a a positive effect on benefit fraudsters. Since the initiative began in 1996, the programme has helped identify a massive £939 million in fraud or error and as a result the initiative has attracted international recognition. More importantly it means that more money is going to the people who really need it."

Taxi Gone Green!

With media focus predominantly being on more greener ways of travel and emitting less carbon dioxide into the air, the latest news of a new more economical way of conducting business is a taxi. Rotherham has just taken delivery of its first (green) hybrid transportation vehicle for K2 TAXIS 'the Prius Hybrid'. Mohammed Yousaf is founder of the business which has been established for over 27 years. The Prius Hybrid is a five door hatchback powered by an electric motor at low speeds which means zero fuel consumption and zero emissions making it the greenest taxi in Rotherham. We all care about our environment and as new green technology emerges it is clear that the new hybrid system is the new way to go - this is just the beginning of a new eco friendly era for

Rotherham! The Hybrid Prius is the greenest car on the road and customers will find the latest shape Prius Hybrid more safe, comfortable and roomy as well as cutting our any carbon footprints. Unparalleled are its environmental benefits as it replaces our fleet of diesel cars. We hope this move to the Hybrid vehicles encourages other local businesses to invest in Hybrid vehicles as this is the future of the transportation industry. The Hybrid Prius makes both an environmental and economic sense. We are informed that our Rotherham Council is also considering introducing a convoy of Prius vehicles hopefully this will add a boost for locals to increase the green spirit in Rotherham. Feel free to contact Mr Yousaf by calling 07533485076 or email:

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England National Champions

Abby’s Diner Crowned UK Champions 2012 ing 3 sixes in the first over. After 5 overs AON were cruising with 50 runs on the board and all 8 wickets in hand. At the 10 over stage they were on 85 for 2 and it looked as if they were heading for a score of around 160. Abby's Diner took the pace off the ball Abby's Diners - The In reply the Abby's Diner run in the second 10 overs and AON chase was well thought out. only managed to get 137. Road to Lord's They played risk free cricket Abby's Diner started their LMS and after 10 overs they were 50 This still looked to be a comjourney by entering the local for the loss of 1 wicket. They petitive score. In reply Abby's Rotherham league. They quali- increased the tempo in the 11th Diner were 14 for 2 and at this fied for Rotherham finals day and defeated Global XI in the final to secure a spot in the regional finals. They made it through to the West & South Yorkshire regional final where they oversaw a young but talented Barnsley Griffins side. By winning their regional final they became one of 13 teams, from all over the country, who qualified for for national finals weekend at Neston CC! Well done to The Abby's Diner - England National Champions of 2012. They go on to play the Australian National Champions at Lord's in the 2013 LMS World Champs opening match!

Abby's Diner arrived at the LMS national championship full of confidence but quickly realised the level of competition had gone up a few notches. Their opening match against AZ Sports was one of the outstanding games of the tournament! AZ Sports, from Guildford, batted first and posted a competitive first inning score of 140 on a wet wicket. In reply Abby's Diner run chase never really got going and they lost wickets at regular intervals. AZ Sports dropped a few vital catches that could have closed out the game but good sides don't give up and Abby's Diner found a way back into the contest. A dramatic final over left Abby's Diner needing one run off the last ball to win the game. They scrambled through for extremely tight single. All 8 AZ players went up for the appeal. It was referred to the third umpire! The green light was shown and Abby's Diner had scraped through to the National 1/4 finals. In the 1/4 final they came up against the 2011 champions, Team Manchester and Mr Ghafar, won the toss again and elected wisely to bowl. Team Manchester Skipper, Mohammed Ali, was run out in the first over and Team Manchester were immediately on the back foot. The Abby's Diner opening bowlers consistently hit good areas and took 3 more early wickets. Team Manchester were under pressure for the first time since the 2012 World Champs semi final in Cape Town.Team Manchester's were guilty of not adjusting to the conditions and it was only Imran Mirza who offered any resistance. Mirza showed

his class playing a lone hand but when he was dismissed they were bowled out for under a 100. Yawar Saradar bowled a brilliant spell upfront and was quickly becoming one of the stars of the tournament.

over and won comfortably in the end, much to the delight of the Yorkshire supporters on the Neston CC balcony! Yorkshire had beaten Lancashire for the first time in LMS history. The favourites and defending champions had crashed out of the tournament to the better team on the day! In the semi final Abby's Diner came up against a very strong AON All Stars side from London. The AON All Stars were still buzzing from their 1/4 win over the Speedline Super Stars. Speedline Super Stars from Milton Keynes struggled to 99 all out. In reply AON were cruising but collapsed to 80 for 7. In any other format of the game Clemens Louw would have been left stranded and Speedline Super Stars would have been through to the semi finals. But with LMS cricket the Last Man Stands. Clemens was alone at the crease and had 23 balls to score the 20 runs required to win the game. He held his nerve and saw AON through to the semi finals with some superb hitting down the ground! The semi final between AON and Abby's Diner was another cracking game of cricket that could have gone either way. AON batted first and Khalique Ahmed came out firing, smash-

and this was a huge wicket for Abby's Diner. This brought the South African, Russel Collet, to the crease. Collet, who had smashed 52 runs off 10 balls in the 1/4 final, quickly took the game to Abby's Diner. He was particularly severe on anything short and hit four huge sixes in the first 5 overs. Sam Trail fed the strike to Collet and when Old Seagullians reached 60 in the 6th over Collet had scored 45 of the runs.

Old Seagullians looked to be cruising to victory but with the score on 65 in the 7th over Collet was caught on the long off boundary. It was a brilliant innings of 47 from 21 balls but in hindsight Collet will regret the shot he played to get out. Taking a few more balls to get to his 50 might have been the better option. Despite this Collet was the outstanding batsman of the tournament and deserved

the LMS UK batting award for 2012. He had played his team into a winning position and had done his job. Old Seagullians lost too many wickets in the middle overs and ended up being bowled out for 120 with 3.5 over still to go. Naveed Sajawal and Rhaman Attiq were the stand out bowlers for Abby's Diner in the final and deserve a lot of credit for getting Abby's Diner back into the game. In saying that it was a brilliant team effort from a team in their debut season of LMS. They have lots of options in the bowling department and big hitters all the way down the order. For Mr. Ghafar and his team it was a brilliant end to an incredible journey this summer. They now go on to play against the Australian champions at the opening match of the 2013 world champs at Lord's. Star bowler Yawar Saradar was interviewed after the game and said the team is looking forward to the 2013 season. He said they will be going all out to ensure the LMS World Championship trophy is won by a team from England for the first time ever!

point it looked as if it could be an All London final between Old Seagullians and AON. With knowledge that both openers were back in the hut, AON, went for the kill and it almost paid off but Johny Younis and Taz Tahir were dropped before they reached double figures. Younis and Tahir took full advantage and both went on to retire, hitting 50 not out off 31 balls.The retirement of Younis and Tahir resulted in the run rate dropping and AON managed to take the game to the last over. Abby's Diner knocked off the winning runs with a few balls to spare and were through to the grand final against Old Seagullians.

The Grand Final Abby's Diner batted first. They got off to a slow but steady start and at 50 for 1 after 8 overs it seemed like they were on target for a score of around 130. But Zaheer Suliman in particular was in destructive form at the back end of the innings. He smashed it to all parts of the ground in the last 7 overs and Abby's Diner ended up setting a target of 156. In reply the Old Seagullians skipper, Ali Baird, was removed early doors by Yawar Saradar. Ali had played superbly in the semi final against MK united

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