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An Event By Pakathon

MIT Enterprise Forum Of Pakistan KARACHI 10 MAY 3 PM-6 PM



What is Pakathon? Our mission is to connect entrepreneurs, researchers and technologists from Pakistan to those around the world to create projects and companies that can make an impact. We host events and meet-ups both online and offline to foster these connections because we believe that geographical boundaries should not limit us in realizing projects that can make an impact in Pakistan and the world.

Our Next Event: Pakathon Data and Design Connect We are now bringing Pakathon to Karachi and working with Pakistan’s leading organizations to solve their biggest data, technology and design challenges by providing access to the brightest minds across the globe. We picked organizations doing great work across a broad range of sectors, such as health, education and power, that lie at the core of Pakistan’s progress. This event connects these institutions in Pakistan to local entrepreneurs and problem solvers, and to global markets, ideas and capital.

HOW THIS WORKS? 1. Organizations provide us a problem they are facing. 2. The Challenges are publicized through the launch event in Karachi and through our chapters in Pakistan and North America. 3. Judging criteria is: a) Originality of solution b) Ease of implementation c) How well does the project solve the problem? 4. Winner is finalized by the prescribed deadline and prizes will be awarded to winning teams!

CHALLENGES Aman Health/Civil Hospital Challenge: Part 1: A solution to coordinate between major hospitals of Karachi. Updated on a day by day basis. Part 2: To devise some mechanism to alert staff of the Hospital in case of emergency through an automatic update on their mobile phone.

K Electric Data Challenge How do you optimize the efficiency of electricity distribution in a locality where electricity theft is a commonplace occurrence?

TCF Fleet Management How can you monitor designated geographic breaches in a fleet of vehicles Pan Pakistan including (but not limited to) vehicles stationed in remote areas with no access to cellular coverage?

NOWPDP For people with disabilities: How can we make our public spaces more accessible for the handicapped?

Engro Foundation How can technology be used to bring the cost of farmer education down?


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Register your team online. The ideal team will have 4-6 people from different backgrounds (technology, design, business, engineering and so on) and from different cities. If you do not have a team, don’t worry; you can use our facebook page to connect with and meet people by listing your idea and the skills you are looking for:

MAY 10 Launch event at Aman Foundation in Karachi, where representatives from organizations present their problems in detail and elaborate on judging criteria.

MAY 10 - JUNE 13 Teams will work on solutions to the problems. There will be opportunities to meet the organizations for assistance throughout the month. Teams with multi-city members should coordinate virtually to collaborate.

JUNE 14 Final submissions due.

JUNE 28 Closing ceremony, prize distribution and ideas discussion.

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MEET THE KARACHI TEAM Haris Amin: Amin is currently studying Computer Science at FAST; he is also President of the Rotaract Club of Karachi Cosmopolitan. Jehanzeb Chaudhri: Chaudhri is currently pursuing a Masters in Computer Science at IBA. He is particularly interested in Data Mining and is also working on his own tech start-up. Ruqayya Diwan: Diwan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Duke University and is now working as a Portfolio Analyst at Acumen. Mahak Jiwani: Jiwani, our designer, graduated from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and is currently working at Lowe & Rauf.

Ali Samir Oosman: Ali is an entrepreneur and passionate about the art of communication. He has co-founded a Karachi based tech-start up and currently works at the Aman Foundation, where he has served on a number of programs focusing Strategy and Program Development.

MEET THE BOSTON TEAM Zheela Qaiser: Qaiser is an entrepreneur and organizer. She has planned multiple events, campaigns and fundraisers and loves bringing people together for great causes. She is a graduate of Yale University. Asad Badruddin: Badruddin is a technologist, activist and writer. He has worked in tech startups like Twitter and done research on behavioral economics and Turkish politics. He holds a Bachelors from Tufts University.

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