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Understanding requirements from clients

Client giving a brief description on the project, language pairs and target audience

In-house Domain related

Designing a correct work flow based upon clients input for this particular assignment: done by Sales Mgr and Project Mgr Document Review

Checking the document for readability and for ambiguous expressions

Preparatory Work

Fine Tuning glossary, translation memory and style guide: Provided by Client

Stage 1 Pre-QC

Source language is translated into the target language

Stage 2 Translation

Forward Translation

Translation check/ Proofreading

Post QC of Final Corrected File

Checking the translations for oversights, mistakes, syntax and grammar (done by the Client)

Visual Check and linguistic corrections by PM

Stage 3 QC

Corrected file is translated back into the source language

Stage 4 Post QC

Back Translation

Validation and Formatting

Comparing the content of final file with source file and formatting document as specified by client

Delivery and Certification

End-of-job. Documentation completion

Stage 5 Delivery

Translation Process  

Work flow for translation activity

Translation Process  

Work flow for translation activity