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P ar i s Welcome to Disneyland Paris. If you love having fun this is the place for you. Keep reading to find out more so you will have a fun time. 1.

Get the ticket for the flight and for the hotel Royal Garden Hotel.


Go to the airport so you can go to Paris at 12:00pm on the 17 of September.


Mack shore you are 1st class.


Then tack a limo to the hotel. Then be present at your own privet pool.

Later stay at the Disney park for one or two hours. 5.

Wince you get to the park go to all of the big and colorful place there.


Then stay at fancy restaurant and go on a scary rayed and eat mussel and snail.


Stop at the Eiffel Tower and clime route to the top of the tower.

8. After go on the magnificent James Bond rayed. 9.

Afterwards go to you privet jet and go far up in the sky and, Sky dive bake into Paris .


Paris is great