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TONY HAWK! I can barely believe it. This is our 12th issue and I couldn’t be happier. With magazines practically falling out of the skies around here, and dying a painful death just as quickly, MagX has proven that it has STAYING POWER. We are greatful to all the readers and Advertisers who make this publication possible. In an effort to bring more exclusive and relavent content to the INDEPENDENT MAGAZINE COMMUNITY of South Texas (and worldwide on the Internet), we are stepping up our GAME and bringing you bigger names. Who better to illustrate that last point with than TONY HAWK: Pro Skater, Entrepeneur, and Super Dad! This month he took time out of his hectic schedule to tell us whats going on in his world. I grew up idolizing this guy and now we get to interview him! YES! Check out his myspace page and drop him a comment or two thanking him for acknowlegding our existance here in the deep South. Who knows, maybe his Skate Tour will make a stop down here if you do... The ever resourceful Leo Kray brings us an Interview with Rock, Punk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Metal Band (hed)PE. They sat down backstage at one of their shows and gave us an exclusive interview! Too lazy to read it? Check out the Video Interview online at Also gracing our cover this month is a great local band by the name of Driving The Nails. If you haven’t caught one of their shows, get your ass out to the next one. You won’t be disapointed. Oh yeah, and read about them in this issue too. Once again thanks for sticking by us. We are still planning our 1yr anniversary party. As soon as we settle on a location, we will let you know!

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Email your answers to CONTESTS@MAGXONLINE.COM It has been 12 issues! count them TWELVE. So that is the theme of this month’s contest. These are the simplest questions we could come up with. All you have to do is look through all 12 issues and answer the following questions correctly. the lucky winners get a the MagX mysterious mystery

1. Who is the first female to appear on the cover of MagX? 2. What rock band played at the VFW, signed autographs at La Plaza mall and is named after a video game system? 3. What issue has a pirate, La Migra and really good onion rings? 4. Name 3 movies from “YOU WILL NOT WIN THIS CONTEST”? (has to be 3 diferrent magazine answers) 5. Which issue has a “Santa Yoda”? 6. What issue has 3 mexican wrestlers?

LAST MONTH: 1. Sting (the Police) 2. Richard Griffiths/Uncle Vernon Dersley 3. Ivy Walker 4. God Save the Queen/Lost in Translation Bonus: M. Night Shyamalan

Send your answers to:


Hello there! We get alot of letters/email here at MagX but haven’t had time to respond to them. Luckily, Our buddy Black Mantis Komatoka the “Devourer or Souls” was laid off from his job at El Pato last week, so we hired him as our Letter answerer. Have a question that’s nagging the hell out of you? ASK HIM! On to the letters!

Editors Note: Here we are at end of our fi rst year, and everyone wants to know more about this mystery man named Lord Komomtaka! To answer some questions, YES he is a martial arts master, YES guys HE CAN KICK YOUR ASS, and YES ladies he does pack it like a horse! After all the fi rst 8 letters in his name spell B-L-A-C-K-M-A-N. Everyone will get to meet the “real” Komotaka very soon, but for now on to this month’s letters!

Dear Komotaka, My son Joey is turning six this august, can you stop by and do a magic show or some balloon animals? i can’t pay you but we will have pizza and cake. -Lisa Martinez Cake? How about I cake you full of chingazos! For wasting my time by reading this letter, I Lord Komotaka will be sending my son Taka Jr. to bitch slap the living hell out of all the kids . Komotaka only attends parties that have saki and strippers....and those chicken salad mini-whiches. Hey Komotaka, How about you and me covered in whipped cream and chocolate syrup? Then you can smother me with ice cream, yum.. how about it? -Cyndi Let it not be said that I Komotaka backs away from no challenge! But this letter just freaked the hell out of Komotaka. NO. Besides you sound like a fat girl.

Hey Komotaka, Who is hotter in a swimsuit? You or the MagX boys? -Erica I will say this once and only once, Komotaka is the hottest POA ever! Pitt, Depp, that one dude, and the other one all nothing compared to Komotaka I should change my name to Komohotta! Have you seen the MagX fools? They look like those shaved Egyptian cats with a spastic twitch! Komotaka grows tired of these letters! bring on the saki you MagX fools! Now!

san diego comic-con 2006 The San Diego ComicCon has come and gone and like always it delivered the goods to all movie and comic fans. Rumors were squashed, and new



SPIDER-MAN 3 First ever picture of Venom transforming! How cool is this pic folks? this movie just keeps getting better and better.

IRON MAN John Favreau ( Foggy Nelson /DAREDEVIL) has been picked as the director for the IRON MAN movie. Again not

one who loves vampires should check out this book. Starring Josh Harnett, and Melissa George (ALIAS) and produced by Sam Raimi.

ones began. Stars showed up and movie previews were oohed and aahed. These are some of the highlights from 2006. MagX had some friends at the con and this was their

BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT It’s official, the next villain for BATMAN is.... The Joker! Who will be played by Heath Ledger?! Still too early to get anymore info. But Bale, Oldman, Freeman, Nolan, and Goyer are all aboard for round

much info but check out the teaser poster! 30 DAYS OF NIGHT Steve Niles’ vampire blood fest is coming to the silver screen! Any


FANTASTIC FOUR & THE SILVER SURFER Part two of the first family of the Marvel

universe! Everyone from the first film is coming back (YES ALBA!) including DOOM. Plus add The sentinel of the space ways and this movie is gonna rock! That’s it for now, summer is coming to a close and our one year celebration is just around the corner...


The revolution has started, and now with the next generation is imminent, it seems but a few days go by without further new details arising. It’s exciting, but it can also be a little much to keep on top of. Mag X has rounded up info on the three next gen machines ourselves, and put it together in one easy to read article. XBOX 360


Released November 22nd, it wowed the masses. With new concepts such as advanced online gaming, Hi Defi nition support, hardware customization, and faster load times. The 360 instantly became a force to be reckoned with. The system would sell out before hitting the shelves! Quick Facts: Flashback: The 360 is

fully backwards compatible, that means any of your favorite X-Box titles are playable on your 360. DVD?: Yes. Progressive Scan DVD Playback is available instantly no longer needing any special add ons Communication: Full functional with any Windows Media Center computer. Memory: Internal and optional 20 GB hard drive, or use of Memory Units GEEK SPEAK: IBM Power PC Based CPU ATI Graphics 512 MB of GDDR3 RAM 2 Memory Unit slots 3 USB Ports Wireless Control Support Wi-Fi Support Semi Hi-Defi nition via Composite Cables

Launch Titles: Perfect Dark Zero Madden NFL 06

Kameo Call of Duty 2 Quake 4 How Much?: Premium System $399 Containing: Xbox 360 1 Wireless Control Composite Cables Remote Control 1 Year Subscription to Xbox Live 20 GB Hard Drive The Nintendo Wii

Little is known about Nintendo’s contribution except that the Wii as it is being referred to is slated to be launched October ‘06. Showcasing a sleek design and revolutionary control concepts, the system’s exact specs or even prices, are yet to be released. But Nintendo has revealed a secret weapon in this heated battle. Access to EVERY TITLE IN THE NINTENDO LIBRARY!!! Yes every title from the classic NES up until the Gamecube, for a small fee you can be playing all your favorite Nintendo classics. This system may very well bridge the generation gap. Launch Titles: Super Mario Galaxy the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Super Smash Bros. Wii Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

GEEK SPEAK: Cell Processor 3.2 Ghz RSX HD Graphics 1GB of DDR3 RAM True Hi-Definition through HDMI up to 1080p 5 Flash Memory Slots 7.1 Surround Sound Support Wi-Fi Support

Sony’s Playstation 3 At 2005’s E3 convention Sony Computer Entertainment of America dropped a bomb... and a lot of jaws! The most powerful gaming machine to be released or even imagined! Graphics so detailed and life like you would think you were in control of a movie. With the list


of add-ons and goodies for the monster keep growing many gamers believe that the wait will be well worth it. The gaming giant is said to be unleashed Quick Facts: Flashback: Any games from Playstation 1 & 2 are compatible with the PS3

Blu-Ray DVD!: What is that, you ask? It is the wave of the future, a disc with a capacity of up to 50 GB! Controls: up to 7 Bluetooth controls for wireless play Fully compatible with your Sony PSP Memory: USB drives, Sony Memory Stick, SD, Compact Flash

Lanch Titles: Ridge Racer 7 Stranglehold Transformers Metal Gear Solid 4 Killzone 2 WWE RAW ‘07

Madden NFL 2007 Tekken6 The staff here in Mag-X could not decide which system was best for us so we’re investing in all 3! Well the facts are here in your hands and the choice is yours, which will you choose?


This Month on W.T.F.I.O.? We take a look at Golden Globe Winner WEEDS making its highanticipated 2nd Season Premiere. “Super Size Me” creator Morgan Spurlock returns with his controversial reality TV show “30 Days” on FX. Plus we get to see just how crazy people from Finland really are with the United States premiere of “The Dudesons” on FX. councilman and one of Parker’s regular customers. Parker’s character finds unusual support and solace from an African American family as she begins to pursue her burgeoning business. Premieres Monday, August 14, 2006 @ 9pm (ct) only on Showtime. WEEDS Season 1 on DVD is Out Now.

SHOWTIME recently green-lighted 12 new episodes of the Golden Globe nominated WEEDS. One of the most talked about comedy series of the year, WEEDS debuted last August to critical raves. A Lions Gate Television production, the series stars MaryLouise Parker, Elizabeth Perkins, Tonye Patano, Romany Malco, Justin Kirk and Kevin Nealon. Created and Produced by Emmy® Award winner Jenji Kohan, premiered last summer. “WEEDS represents the best of what Showtime can offer a provocative, complex, richly textured show about contemporary family life that also manages to be incredibly relatable,” said Greenblatt. “And its execution writing, acting, directing, and production values are at the very top of the food chain. This show


makes our network shine. We were addicted the minute we saw the pilot.” “The critical and popular response to WEEDS has been tremendous and we’re thrilled to be moving forward with a second season,” said Kevin Beggs, of Lions Gate Television. “We’re extremely proud of our creative team headed by Jenji Kohan, and we salute our extraordinary cast.” WEEDS, a single-camera comedy that exposes the dirty little secrets that lie behind the pristine lawns and shiny closed doors of homes in the fictional town of Agrestic, California. Parker stars as a suburban mom who resorts to Selling WEED to support her family after her husband unexpectedly dies. Perkins stars as the uptight head of the PTA and Nealon plays a city

30 Days on FX The Critically praised FX original series, returns for it’s second season by addressing the sensitive issue of immigration when a member of the anti-immigration group the Minutemen lives with a family if illegal immigrants for on month. “The topics for this season of “30 days” are the most pressing issues facing our

country”, said executive producer R.J. Cutler (The War Room, Black.White), the CEO of Actual Reality Pictures. “While the media covers them in broad strokes,

30 Days presents these issues in real terms in with real people living well outside of their comfort zones. As with last season, we hope the series leads to discussion among viewers, who are sure to learn about themselves. Premieres Wednesdays July 26th @ 9pm(ct) only on FX. “30 Days: Season 1” on DVD is Out Now. The Dudesons: Jarppi, Jukka, HP, & Jarno have been best friends since childhood. The eternal ice & darkness of the artic winter taught these guys how to withstand pain and the nightless summers slowly damaged their brains beyond all hope. They spent their childhoods living in the countryside, playing with cows & wrestling with bears. Since 1993 Jarno has had the habit of carrying a camcorder with him & fi lming the guys crazy life. The fi rst video was released in 1997 & it served as a preview to the one-of-a-kind Dudesons stunts. In 2001, the Dudesons started airing in finnish national TV & quickly reached a cult status, eventually becoming the topic of discussions nationwide. The Dudesons DVDs released in Finland have all broken previous sales records

for extreme fi lms. The Dudesons highly positive energy & ingenious campaigns have resulted in a number of live performances at festivals & other events for the entertainment of their loyal fans. Follow these four friends as they travel from one comical disaster to another. As the accidents pile up, one after another, the Dudesons laugh their asses off & make others laugh as well, The Dudesons. This is their Life! The Dudesons on Thursdays @ 9pm (ct) only on Spike TV Check Out myspace. com/magxzine every month for more.

Thank You Texas! For threatening my freedom of expression... This is part triumph on my part and a public service announcement... enjoy! One Saturday morning not long ago I was driving near my house everything was going great that morning trying to get to the station to fi nish the new Skunky’s commercial. Sitting in the crappy Valley traffic as always. Behind some chick with her friend and a van load of kids going yes – 25 in a 40 hogging up the left

hand lane because she was too stupid to move over with the rest of the slow asses. So I decided to go in the middle “yellow” lane to get around her. What does this chick do she gives me a weird look and decides to throw her hands in the air in suggestion of telling me “What the ‘eff man!”. So being me, I decided to turn around put on the brakes and throw her up the center fi nger salute. Well I turn back around and decide that she probably didn’t get a good enough look at it because she was still going slow as hell. So I did the same thing

except this time after slowing down I threw them both out the window to give her a good look at them. Then my worst fears were met... sitting on her cell phone she decides to call McAllen PD. “Great! Today is starting off wonderfully! ” I think. Then I remember a news story I shared on my show about a guy who gave the bird to some construction workers and it wasn’t illegal as long as it wasn’t in a sexual nature. This chick then proceeds to follow me for 15 minutes across McAllen as I try to lose her. Just to be safe I take a detour and

who do I see... her with McAllen PD. The officer takes my info and tells me he wouldn’t be here if he didn’t have to and told me how stupid this was but he was just doing his job. He told me the detectives would contact me... because apparently there aren’t

enough major crimes to suck up their time. Finally McAllen PD calls me in to make a statement and tells me if the courts decide it’s worth their time they’ll contact me. Thankfully that call never came and I didn’t have to go ACLU on their ass. Throughout this whole ordeal I learned a lot about the Texas Legal System. Once that cop took my info I got on the phone with a bunch of friends from various Valley PD’s and a lawyer and got some advice, after hearing about the possibilities of going to jail and having a warrant out for my arrest because I gave someone the fi nger

who deserved it. Check out what they wanted to charge me with (From Texas Penal Code Title 9) “Offenses Against Public Order and Decency”: 42.01. DISORDERLY CONDUCT. (a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly: (1) Uses abusive, indecent, profane, or vulgar language in a public place, and the language by its very utterance tends to incite an immediate breach of the peace; (2) Makes an offensive gesture or display in a public place, and the gesture or display tends to incite an immediate breach of the peace. I really think this is absurd and defi nitely encroaches upon our fi rst amendment right of Freedom Of Expression. Get off your ass and write your representatives... and vote Libertarian! - Kain Like This Article? Catch the Kain Nation show on...

“For entertainment purposes only. The above opinions and thoughts do not any way reflect those of KFRQ, Entravision Communications Corporation, Magazine X or their advertisers. But we do hope you enjoyed them!”


“I created this project several years back with the intention

to confuse the mind and to show people what one man is capable of doing on his own. I write music to keep myself mentally sane but I also try to reach out to people with my music. I have been producing music for A Beautiful Lotus for about 4 to 5 years, in which I have played live in front of many different


people in many different places. I like to create a positive enviroment during my live shows because that is the type of person I am. I have fi nally come to show you what the electronic age has in store. I hope people enjoy my music as much as I do.”

grind.your.mind -sir lotus

HED P.E. MagX: Straight from the White Rabbit in San Antonio this is Leo Krayola & I‚m sitting down with Jahred from (hed) PE. HED-PE: How you doing brother? MagX: - Pretty good. HED-PE: Killer MagX: - I Love the New Record “Back 2 Base X” which is on the level I‚m currently into which is the whole New World Order & 9/11 Truth. HED-PE: Ohhh Shit, Don’t get me started. MagX: - What got (hed) PE into this Illuminati direction with the New Record?


Leo Krayola sat down with Jahred Lopes of (hed) P.E. on a tour stop on their U.S Koast II Koast Tour with New label mates Kottonmouth Kings and spoke to them about the New Record, Back 2 Base X on Suburban Noize Records, Kabbalah, & the New World Order. Ready? Here we go...

HED-PE: To make a long story short I was into basically listening to allot of old 60’s rock n roll & 70’s punk like, the Clash & the Sex Pistols, Devo, even like Ray Charles & James Brown. Stuff like that but of course our stuff sounds more like, on crack, than that stuff. Like Curtis Mayfield & like that, we put punky jazz, metal, punky hardcore and that’s how the album came out and lyrically it was where I was just reading about & obsessed with the New World Order. MagX: I noticed that in your cd liner credits you give a shout out to Alex Jones & infowars.

com, do you know him personally? HED-PE: No, just because it was a big piece of the puzzle, you know getting onto that website www.infowars. com & having access to the alternative media. It was the 1st time I was exposed to stories that are generated by the government that come out on regular TV & stuff. You know the underground media is so interesting, & you know what they say, “Facts are stranger than fiction” MagX: I also no-

ticed that in the “Back 2 Base X” You mention the 72 Names of God which is a reference to Kabbalah, can you tell us a little bit about that? HED-PE: yeah well, I’ve been studying Kabbalah & it’s really involved & really sweet, it’s a really sweet philosophy. Um I don’t have much more to say then that cuz it’s so complex and I don’t want to misstate it, but you can go to or it’s very interesting MagX: What’s the next video going to be for “Back 2 Base X”? HED-PE: I don’t know, we’d like to finish “Sophia”. We did a little clip of that.

It’s one of my fav. Songs off the record, or we might do the really hardcore song N.O.C. I’m not sure we haven‚t made a decision yet, we still have allot of touring before we get to shoot another video. MagX: What’s behind the song “Sophia” cuz I understand it’s not about a girl? HED-PE: Oh, Sophie is a metaphor cuz Sophie in Latin means “Wisdom”/ Knowledge” so it’s like a love song of how fun it is to read & go online & feed you brain with interesting knowledge. Cuz knowledge is power.

you’d like to say to our readers?

MagX: How you enjoying life on your New Label “Suburban Noize Records”?


HED-PE: It’s great, it’s an awesome indie label. I’m having a great time there, they

are really good artistically & business minded which sometimes I’m not good at the business side. It’s different & I’ve never been in a position where my manager actually works at the label, but it works together so great. Usually you’ve got your manager trying to fight

the label to get you this & that you know. But with Subnoize it’s all in house & they are helping me put food on the table all the time so, that’s what really matters & I’m doing alot better now then I ever was on a major label. MagX: Any last thing

HED-PE: Yeah you can go to or MySpace. com/HedPE, www. & make sure to pick up our New album “Back 2 Base X” on Suburban Noize Records & also make sure to educate yourself, Ask Questions, and Demand Answers.

by Nadia Tamez

Driving the Nails‚

marriage of alternative and industrial styles is a refreshing break from the typical t-shirt and jeans bands that have been so prevalent on the local scene. Members derive inspiration from the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative, Killswtich Engage, and Lacuna Coil. Don’t be fooled into thinking that having a beautiful woman on


keyboards automatically equates to a pop/techno vibe. Driving the Nails have inspired mosh pits in venues from Laredo to Brownsville, sending audiences into frenzies with hard, fast tracks like: Slave and Nothing before calming the fevered pace of their live shows with their sinfully seductive rendition of Chris Issak’s Wicked Game. Their unique blend of musical genres has earned them a loyal

fanbase across the RGV, a first place victory in the 1st Annual Boys & Girls Club battle of the bands and a spot in the national BODOG Battle of the Bands in Dallas on August 23rd.

and hip hop into the newest songs I’ve been writing. I never took any music lessons while I was growing up so this allowed me to develop my own style over the years.

Hi my name is Josefina. I’m a 21 year old female vocalist/guitarist from Brownsville, Texas. I am the front woman for the band ANYthing GOES. Music is my life. I started playing guitar when I was ten years old. My mother handed me an old Yamaha classical guitar along with a sheet of paper

that had a few of the basic chords. “Here you go, learn it,” She said. After that, I was on my own. It took me a while to figure out what I was doing, but eleven years later I’m ripping it up baby. My sound has evolved over the years from basic rock to metal to blues to punk. Now I’m even mixing reggae

Our mission here at ANYthing GOES is to combine genres in such a way to catch the public’s ears (and eyes). I believe that its time for music to evolve to the next level. There are so many chord progressions and styles that have been overdone, hence what I’m trying to do is combine otherwise contradicting genres in such a way so that they compliment each other. If this sounds like your cup of tea then you should definitely check out our next show - LEOS LOCOS. Are you a LEO? Do you know a LEO? This is your Birthday bash of the century! Its at Buffalo Wild Wings in Brownsville and there will be no cover! Live performances from ANYthing GOES and The Fisherman. This is going to be a HUGE event and it’s a MUST SEE says ME! EVERYONE WILL BE THERE! Will you? For updates, hot pics, and ANYthing else my lil’ ol mind can conjure, go to: www.myspace. com/ugottaseedis



We have a new feature! It’s called The vault. Mag X Inherited a vast collection of 70’s and 80’s music on Cassette Tape. For you Young’ns, thats the Media Format the preceded CD’s. We thought it would be fun to reach into our huge Cardboard Box (That we refer to as “THE VAULT”) and review whatever tape comes out. Email: and let us know what you think.

By: Fred Puente

To paint a picture I walk inside my doorway much like the kid from Dazed and Confused, get into my room pop in THE GODZ 1987 album MONGOLIANS into a tape deck and connect the headphones. Laying down listening to the hissing in the foreground, I’m hit by a steady kick drum and smooth rhythm guitar followed by THE GREATEST opening lyrics by far. “I got my fist


in the air, got my pants on tight, put the pedal to the metal.” A pick scrape attacks my right ear followed by a low end rumble from the band. An instant smile to my face, “Criminal Mind” is now a legendary track in my book. Far from falling short of expectation THE GODZ next track MONGOLIANS made my upper lip stiffen. I stood up in power stance, fist pumping. Mongolians

had my leg shaking like a passionate fat man doing his favorite jazz number. Shit you not! Mongolians is a must cover if any band were to cover a GODZ song. The Soulful Rock & Roll Blues number named “BURNING BRIDGES” has got to be a source of Axl’s snake dance. I don’t know how, but they managed to get a beer in my hands. It’s just one of those songs you must drink a beer to, unwritten law, I swear it! Oh ”MISSISSIPPI”... what a wicked bass line to start it off wet, raunchy and full of attitude, just the way I love my women! (I know I’m shameless.) M-I-Double S-I-Double S-I- Double P-I is the best Mississippian blues

song ever written. Side Two Is indeed side two of the album I can describe it as “Using a hint of glitter” (not in a bad way.) Eric and the boys of THE GODZ never lost the basis of their music on this album, which is a means for a good time. I originally thought the album

could’ve done without “TIMELESS” but as I finished up the album it is in fact a necessity, the glue for the album, if you will. “CHEST FEVER” was indeed written by a man. It’s a smooth song with a bit of growl. It’s enough to make a woman close her eyes, bite her lower lip and dance a little dance. Giving us guys a chance to catch a little Chest Fever, kudos guys. Being into the album as much I am at this point “I’LL GET YOU ROCKIN” makes the whole album for me. It showed me what THE GODZ are about. Overall, Mongolians is a good album. It’s not for everyone, but you don’t open up for KISS along with Cheap Trick in ‘77 by being half-ass. Indeed Mongolian is a Treasure in the Vault.

Oh yes! He’s the winner of more competitions than we can count, the inventor of numerous tricks including the infamous “900.” He’s Video Game Designer, oh yeah and he’s only the biggest skater of all time! Hold on to your boards faithful readers, as we bring you a Mag Xclusive Interview with the birdman himself...

MagX: First off, you are a phenomenal skater what influenced you to persue a career in it? Tony Hawk: The idea that skating is limitless. No matter how far you get, there is always something new you can learn. I never imagined making a living at it, I just wanted to keep

getting better.

careers out of it.

MagX: Did you have any idea it would get so big?

MagX: What was the feeling like when you finally hit the big 900?

Tony Hawk: Not at all. Skaters were outcasts when I was growing up. It was the furthest from cool you could get. Even the best pros were barely making

Tony Hawk: Relief. That trick had plagued me for the better part of 5 years and I had proactically given up on it when I finally made one. MagX: How many injuries have you had? and if you can describe them. Tony Hawk: broken elbow, broken ribs, fractured pelvis, frac-


tured skull, multiple sprained ankles, torn meniscus (both knees), hundreds of stitches, many broken teeth and too many concussions to remember. MagX: Your company Birdhouse endorses many skaters, what do you in particular look for in skaters when choosing them for endorsements? Tony Hawk: Diversity, style, consistency and personality. You gotta be able to get along with these guys as well as skate

with them since we travel together so much. MagX: What other thing do you find yourself to be good at other than skating? Tony Hawk: Being a dad! MagX: Do you pre-

fer street or vert? Tony Hawk: Vert because I grew up skating in empty pools. Street skating didn’t exist in the form it does now, so you either skated pools or did freestyle... and the freestylers were dorks. MagX: What advice can you offer a young child getting into skating? Tony Hawk: Be patient and only do it if you enjoy it. MagX: You have a very successful video game franchise named after


you, what were your initial thoughts when creating it? Tony Hawk: I wanted to make a game that was true to the sport and fun to play for the traditional videogamer. Mission accomplished. I am proud that we MagX: Did you think it would be as successful as it was? Tony Hawk: Not at all. I couldn’t believe it when we got to make a sequel. MagX: Anything new to look out for in the Tony Hawk or

What does Tony Hawk Listen to when he’s ripping it up? Birdhouse world? Tony Hawk: Project 8 and Downhill Jam coming out this year... our best game(s) to date. MagX: Any hopes of you coming down for a skate

clinic or maybe your Boom Boom Huck Jam tour? Tony Hawk: We were just in San Antonio and Arlington for BBHJ, so hopefully you can catch us when we come back next summer.

People love to draw on their bodies. As kids, we use markers. As adults we use a needle with a motor attached to it. This column is here so YOU can show off your body art and the story behind it. Every month we will feature one of YOU guys (and girls). If you would like to be in a future “SHOW US YOUR TATS!!!” column... Email us at

It was a spur of the moment

type deal where I went in and just wanted to get tattooed. When he asked me what I wanted I knew I wanted a slogan of some sort. This ‘slogan’ actually has deep meaning with me so I figured why go with anything else. He did such an awesome job, barely any pain, and absolutely no scaring. Every time I pass a mirror or look behind me I just want to ‘hug it’. I love it with all my corazon.

I got this “flying heart” because

the drawing itself has been with me since I was 15. When I first saw it I fell instantly in love with it. The girly faced heart with the frightening wings and devil horns. It reminds me of me and having it put on my leg not only feel great but it gives me something to be proud about, kind of like, “Yeah, I put it there. What of it?”


I am an Aquarius and have always

loved the water. I was one of those kids who would fill up the bath tub just to go swimming. Mind you I am very short so it was farely simple for me. I choose to stick it somewhere where it’d be a surprise. “THE CROTCH” as I call it is Just something that wouldn’t be seen unless I let you and yet it still had an emotional meaning to me. “Killing two birds with one stone”, I always say.

“I have been drawing and painting for several years now

but I have only barely begun to exhibit my artwork. I have participated in several art shows since 2005 including the 2005 and 2006 International Art Show at The Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts where I have received an honorable in the


following categories: acrylic and oil, mix media and pastels. In May 2006 entertainment writer Sarah William wrote an article on the scoop section of the Brownsville Herald about my contribution to the local art scene. In April 14, 2006 at Imagenes Art Studio Spring Art Show I exhibited a series of 12 paintings on the bird flu topic called “ Alternative Media”. I have also exhibited my artwork at the, 2005 Latin Jazz Festival, Amigos Artistas Art in the Park Art Show, and more than several alternative shows at the Brownsville 77 Flea Market.

As far as I can remember, drawing is something that has always come natural to me. I can express

my ideas and emotions without thinking too much about the images I create. It

doesn’t mean I don’t have taste or direction because I do. I like to follow certain styles and techniques to keep my artwork original and to my standards. When I started painting I felt I was able to take my drawings a step further. It became unnecessary to create an image. The violent strokes of paint alone express the thoughts and emotions. One painting can take a few minutes to several days. Sometimes I may take a while due to the media I am working with. I like painting with all media. I like overlapping oil, acrylic, crayon, spray paint to permanent marker on any surface canvas,

paper, cardboard, plywood, rough or smooth surfaces. To me art has no limits.

You can visit my blog: www.theartworkofgabriel-trevino.blogspot. com where I have posted several pictures of my paintings and information about my artwork.”

MagX: How does White Buffalo set themselves apart from the competition? WB: We simply offer great work at great prices. We also welcome and great everyone who walks in our doors. No prima-donna or rockstar attitudes here, just friendly hellos and thank yous. MagX: How important is it that the client get to know their artist before hand? WB: It’s a very important factor. More so the artist’s work or him/her personally. We always try to advise the customers as to what will look best on skin. Checking out portfolio’s and other customers help works too. MagX: Cleanliness is the key to tattooing,


what extra precautions do you all take to ensure sanitation?

act. No particular favorites so long as it’s loud fast and heavy!

just picking what’s on the walls.

WB: We use pre-sterilized needles and tubes for each customer. Everything is opened in front of the customer and disposed of after each session. The area is then wiped down with a disinfectant to make sure it’s clean and ready for the next customer. We don’t work on people who are under the infl uence of alcohol or drugs either. The shop is also cleaned and moped on a daily basis.

MagX: What are the more common tattoos and piercings that people have been getting lately?

MagX: What infl uenced you guys to be-

MagX: What will you hear walking into to White Buffalo? WB: METAL! Speed, Death, Thrash, and Classic to be ex-

WB: Tribal work, portraits, and way too many stars! As for piercings I’d say the nose and the “monroe” have been the “in” thing lately MagX: Which tats/ piercings are the hardest to do? WB: Any tattoo in which the customer moves is a chore in itself. it’s tough to cut smooth lines on a moving target. Know what I mean? Certain areas like the neck are kind of tricky. MagX: What does White Buffalo specialize in? WB: We are pretty much balanced, I’d say. We do everything from portraits to coverups and everything in between. Custom work is always best though, it means so much more when it is planned out to the customer’s specs and ideas as opposed to

come tattoo artists? WB: It was the permanence of the tattoo, is a choice you make on your own volition, it’s one thing you will take with you. I’ve been drawing and painting since I was kid so the transition to tattooing was a natural one. A living breathing canvas proves to be more of a challenge then any other artistic medium. MagX: How has tattooing changed over the years? WB: The cleanliness and sterility of the pro-

cedure is way above par than in the past. There are also great amounts of talented artists constantly pushing the envelope of creativity. Defi nitely a plus for customers plenty of choice as far as style goes. MagX: What are some common misconceptions of tattoos? WB: They aren’t just for deviants anymore! People from all walks of life come through our doors. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, police officers you name it. Everyone should get at least one, come on in!

MAGX #12 August 2006  

Featuring an exclusive Tony Hawk, Driving The Nails Interview, HED P.E. Interview and more! Featured Song by: Methmare Motorcade Song: Dark...

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