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Summer is coming to an end. We bid farewell to the steaming hot Texas summmer days with yet another swimsuit calendar. So Grab a thumbtack and pin the centerfold up on your wall next to last months and thank Exclusive Images, Mayre Hernandez, Antonio Von Marrok & Marla Vee for yet another great photoshoot. This month we feature MAGX model Jacqueline Mariie. The first half of the year is gone and cooler weather (yes!) and the holidays (yes! yes!) are just around the corner! See you next month! -Ramsey FOLLOW US, STALK US, TWEET US


I’m in pain. My body is riddled with big welts caused by paint impacting me at high velocity. It is the sweet, sweet pain of Victory! Yes, after getting rained out last month, we were finally able to have the MAGX/ KABOOM COMICS Paintball challenge. We marched out to DELTA PAINTBALL FIELD and stomped some ass! Aside from the 100 degree weather and a few heatstrokes, we had the time of our lives. If you haven’t been out to DELTA paintball field on Shary & 107 in Mission, you need to head out there this weekend. Drop by Green Beret in McAllen and Gear up first or it may be a little painful... unless you are into that sort of thing. For a play by play of the tournament and to find out how a 14 yr old whipped Kaboom Comics butt, read the story!






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8 0 1 W P ecan S uite A , M c A llen T X 7 8 5 0 1 / ma g xonline . com / editor @ ma g xonline . com


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What more can we say except FINALLY! All 6 installments of the EPIC Star Wars saga are coming to Blu-Ray in all their remastered HD sexiness. This past week at the San Diego Comic Con International, Lucasfilm was on hand to unveil above box

art for this collection as well as give us all the details we need to want to throw down the Benjamins on this highly anticipated box set. The box sets will come in 3 flavors. “The Complete Saga” comes with 9 discs including all 6 films, DTS-HD Master Audio 6.1 surround

tracks and more than forty hours of special features, including never-before-seen content from the Lucasfilm archives, and a disc containing about 9 Star Wars documentaries! Your other two options are purchasing the three original classics or the prequels collection.

THE DROIDS YOU’RE LOOKING FOR DAMN YOU MICROSOFT! This will be my third, yes, third Xbox 360. Simply because I MUST HAVE IT! The newest edition to the Xbox family is a beautifully painted is a beautifully painted Star Wars Edition 360, also known as | 8 | MAGX

every nerd’s wet dream. The Star Wars Xbox 360 package includes an Xbox 360S console with a custom R2-D2 paint job, lighting, and sound, YES SOUND! Also included is a limited edition C3PO controller, a StormTroop-

er white Kinect. and a copy of Star Wars Kinect of course. Icing on the cake is the 320 GB beast of a hard drive. It makes for the largest hard drive ever manufactured for an Xbox 360. (Hackers, hold your comments.)

SCAN & WATCH Trailer for Star Wars on Blu Ray

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Kaboom Inflicted some pain on MAGX, but it wouldn’t be enough to win the fight.

The challenge: My name is Ramsey. I am the Founder/ Publisher of MAGX. I issued a challenge to my friends a KABOOM COMICS in McAllen. The challenge was simple. We shoot paint balls at high velocity at each other and the team with the least amount of hits/welts after 5 rounds, walks away victorious. The losers will provide a $200 bar tab from local Rock & Roll bar SIMON SEZ to the winners. The preparation: We immersed ourselves in Paintball lore and trained long and hard for 3 months (OK, that’s a lie) to insure we would be the victors.

14yr old HENRY helped hand KABOOM their defeat! | 10 | MAGX

The battle: It was a hot day. Our teams walked on to DELTA PAINTBALL FIELD ready for war. The first battle was painful. Especially for me. While hiding behind a wooden building, I was momentarily distracted by a ricochetting paintball. While looking down to see if I was hit, Edgar from Kaboom snuck up behind me and shot me in the elbow point black. Ouch! The rest of my team also fell to team Kaboom’s

ferocity. The first 2 rounds went to kaboom. Round 3. We decided that we needed some sort of strategy. We split into 2 man/woman teams and ran for the bunkers, large holes in the ground surrounded by sand bags. We watched each others backs, worked as a team and took the round! Now here is where Kaboom says we cheated. One of our guys couldn't go on for round 4. A 14yr old boy named HENRY offered to take his place. Kaboom didn't complain at the time. They figured a 14yr old boy didn't pose much of a threat. Boy were they mistaken. With the help of Henry's eagle eye, Team Kaboom fell. They fell hard and quick. And they cried foul. Team MAGX was triumphant! Kaboom will get a chance to redeem themselves next summer at the MAGX vs KABOOM challenge 2. Till then? We hold the crown, bragging rights, and will be at Simon Sez enjoying out $200 tab courtesy of Kaboom Comics. Better luck next year guys! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

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At War With Androids is easily the hardest working band of their genre here in South Texas. Along with their incredible sound and stage presence, they’ve done an outstanding job promoting & establishing their name here in the 956. Working with AWWA makes perfect sense. Rock-solid logic.

-Geo of Dontgetemo Productions @geoo (on twitter)

How is the summer treating you guys? ITS FRICKIN’ HOT! (laughs) Explain the meaning behind At War With Androids and what brought you all to form? The name actually was inspired from watching movies like Terminator. I was thinking of names and it just kinda clicked. What brought us to form was all of us having that strive to make music that was more technical, progressive, and different from everything else. What sound are you all trying to achieve? We’re trying to achieve a unique sound so that we don’t sound like everyone else. We still use breakdowns and in some of our older songs, we use 2-steps. But we’ve come a long way from when we first started this band over 2 years ago. We are trying to incorporate complex rhythms, the use of different time signatures (aside from 3/4 and 4/4) and trying to make the music sound more progressive, while still maintaining a heavy sound. Our sound

has definitely changed and advanced over time. We even started incorporating 7-string guitars into our new material!

If you could pick a tour to be a part of, which would it be?

You have been playing a ton of shows lately, do you think it’s still necessary to play as many shows as possible?

Well we just recently played the All-Star Tour, complements of DGE. Another one would have to be Periphery’s tour, “Frak The Gods” with The Contortionist and The Human Abstract.

No, it’s not necessary. But we’ve been playing a lot of shows because we love to perform. We want to get as much exposure as possible and try to take advantage of every show opportunity that is offered to us. There’s no better feeling than knowing that people will go to a show to watch your band perform your own original music. What’s AWWA’s take on the current state of heavy music? When people say heavy, they sometimes think just breakdowns, but many complex artists use a variety of elements to bring together amazing music. For instance, Periphery, Veil Of Maya, Animals As Leaders, The Contortionist, Born Of Osiris. We do the same and put together mixtures of all.

Zeus, you have played with your share of local metal acts, how does this one differ from the rest?

maybe be signed.. to a label! Who recorded your demo and where can we hear your music? We recorded at The Attic Studio with our good friend Rolie. His studio is located in Hidalgo. Our music can be found on our Facebook page ( You can contact us to our Facebook or Twitter at ( if u are looking for a demo.

To be honest when they asked me to be in the band i was kind of skeptical about it. Haha! The music was very challenging to me and the guys are very great musicians. Coming from bands that are always in normal time signature and moving to a band that has complex breakdowns, fast riffing in odd timing was very hard! But i managed to learn and adapt to their style of playing.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

Where can you see At War With Androids in 5 years?

Before we go we just want to make a quick shout out to everyone who has supported us in the past and now. We thank you and appreciate every single one of you. We hope to see you all at our up coming shows!

We will definitely still be making music. but 5 years is a long time from now. So we would hopefully be touring the U.S of A and

I think as a band if we could collaborate with anyone it would have to be Periphery. They basically have everything in there music. The clean vocals, the guitar work the music in general is amazing. They can structure any style of metal into one and still make it sound heavy as fuck!!

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Every month, MAGX scours the app world to bring the latest & greatest! It’s a tough job, but we are up for the task! If you see a great app out there, let us know at




Popbooth is a fun and easy way to turn regular, boring phone pics into nice, retro-art using fun and filters. Download this hidden gem and enjoy converting all your old photos into some cooler even older looking photos. Cool features include vintage filters, pop art colors, and neato halftones.




This is a super app which has a multi-functional combination applying to life,travel, and military combat. It is a veritable Swiss Army Knife with a cool widget desktop, including eight functions: ruler, protractor, flashlight, compass, gradienter, vertical, wall picture, and telemeasurement.




This simple and addictive app displays a virtual cartoon mouth that moves in time as you speak. You have a wide range of mouths to choose from, including cat mouths, dog mouths, and scary ones like the aptly named “Helloween” mouth.




Originating in Europe and making a huge splash over seas, Spotify let’s you pillage through music. No joke, it’s as if they let you into the iTunes servers and let you search and listen to anything, anytime, anywhere. Spotify’s free service gets you unlimited streaming to your computer. For a few bucks a month you can stream 320kbps quality, sync playlists, and make music available offline on any mobile device! | 14 | MAGX

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DIGITALISM How’s the world of Digitalism going at the moment? Very good, thank you. We’ve just released our new album about a month ago with some really cool reactions, and we started the new live tour after we’ve been DJing for two years. It’s great to play live again, we feel like we have to get rid of lots of energy. There’s a lot of excitement out there. I noticed there are shows hitting Texas in three different cities next month.  How does it feel to know that fans will travel hundreds of miles, even crossing international borders, to catch Digitalism live? That’s crazy! It’s a big honour. You know, it’s good to see that our music brings people together somewhere. We already had cases of people planning their vacation around one of our gigs. When we know about anyone doing this in advance, we usually plan something special for them then.     Elaborate if you can on your sound and your approach to creating your unique blend of punk infused electronic music. Our sound is heavily influenced by soundtracks, post-punk, 90’s hiphop and of course classic underground 12” electronic music. We’re very cinematic, which comes from scores for 1980 computer games and also classical soundtracks like from Ennio Morricone or Vangelis, John Williams, that we used to listen to when we grew up. For us, life is a big thing happening that you need a score to. The dance formula came into our lives in the early 90’s with a

weekly radio show on a local station, playing the week’s top 20 dance records, which was really old school house back then. A few years later we were DJing and selling records ourselves, so we are also deeply rooted in the DJ culture. Our production process has always been very DIY, because we had to learn everything ourselves and didn’t have enough money to afford any fancy gear at the start. That way you have to think about how to achieve certain sounds or results, it makes you very creative. When you hear guitars or drums in our songs, lots of it is never what it seems in the first place. We do everything our own way, that’s probably the punk aspect of our music. Also, we like doing daft things, which probably comes from all the hiphop stuff that we used to collect. What inspires you to create an electronic instrumental like “Blitz”, and then turn things down to the acoustic guitar and vocal driven track “Just Gazin’” off of your new album I Love You Dude? It’s all about the waves everywhere. In songs, in albums, in DJ-sets or concert set-lists. When it’s peaking at some point, you want to let the people take a deep breath just to raise the energy again afterwards. If you have high-energy throughout a long period, it’s just annoying. We wrote all the album songs separately and without any context to each other. “Blitz” was already finished about half a year before “Just Gazin’”, and by the time we worked on the latter, we totally felt like making something slow and beautiful. When we worked on the tracklisting, we wanted to


make sure we have that contrast between those songs on it. Any special rituals or practices you do before you go on stage? Stretch a little bit, high-five everyone and have a vodka. How does it feel to be given the opportunity to remix songs for electro-rock pioneers like The Cure, Depeche Mode, and Daft Punk? Also, are there any other artists you would like to collaborate with? Of course that’s great. It was funny that we had to send Robert Smith all our stems over to prove that we actually re-played “Fire In Cairo”. The replay was too good. As for Depeche Mode, that was probably one of our favourite remix works, just totally different to the original. We didn’t think they’d use it. Now they even put it on their Best-Of Remixes compilation, that’s an honour. But the times have changed a bit. Nowadays, there’s more and more digital-only releases, and every platform ideally wants their exclusive material, so labels tend to release remix packages with like 20 versions. It’s an overkill and makes the art of remixing a bit less special.   Many of my musically declined friends have heard your music through various mainstream video games and even car commercials, turning them on to electronic music through your songs and the media. What’s your opinion on the state of electronic music and its role in the media and how much do you think using these various media outlets to promote your music has helped you? You know, we think it’s great that nowadays people who

don’t only go to clubs or follow the latest underground trends can access electronic music too. The media have totally picked up this style of music, and made it more accessible for everyone. In the past, we had lots of people telling us they don’t know us but they know “that one song”, and they came to our show because they liked it. That’s great. What’s the one song that you can always rely on to get the crowd going? There’s a couple of records that we keep on bringing with us since we can remember, including some old Vitalic stuff for example, but really the highlight always seemed to be our song “Pogo”, whether in DJ-Sets or live. But we tend to play that towards the end, and that’s not even really clubby.   Any favorite clubs or cities to play in while on tour? This time we’re excited about all the cities that we’ve not played in for a while. We’ve been to California and Chicago last year, but there’s so much more.   Any plans for Digitalism after your North American tour? More touring! We’ll go to Australia and Japan and then on a big European tour.   Thank you for your time from your Rio Grande Valley fans, and we are looking forward to seeing Digitalism live at the legendary Stubbs BBQ in Austin August 8th! Thank you very much! Looking forward to Stubbs!

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Here is a police composite sketch of a possible flasher at the McAllen Convention Center. if you see this man, run and call 911, because you may see more than you wanted from him. Last seen driving a Grey Ford F-150





Frontwoman Krysta from IWrestledABearOnce has to be part animal. Her screams come from the depths of hell while singing beautifullly too. IWABO delivered a pummeling set to a sea of thousands at Las Palmas Racepark. As each selection got more and more brutal, the crowd was ignited into mayhem. MAGX was on hand at the All Stars Festival and witnessed our metal and core community come out in the thousands to mosh, dance, and have a great time.

free music

SCAN THIS TO DOWNLOAD A FREE ORIGINAL TRACK FROM DJ SKOOTR. The Dog’s House is a pure House music affair. Listen to it in a relaxed state over a pair of headphones and be magically transported to the most beautiful parties your brain can imagine. Enjoy your trip.

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Valley favorites, the Young Maths, will be releasing a limited edition version of their “Errorrs” EP pressed on clear vinyl! The album will be available August 13, via Fall Back Records. Pre-orders are now available and are selling fast. Visit Fall Back Records for more information.


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AV Lopez Barnes & Noble Bennigan’s Ben’s Liquor Store Bicycle World Bigo’s Blue Shell B’s Hobbies Bucana’s Night Club Buffalo Wild Wings Burger King C & C Wings Chapa’s City Kart Cobblehead Courtyard Inn Dark Secrets Novelties Dark Side Of The Moon Day’s Inn Ferrell’s Liquor H & H Liquors Hermes Music Joe’s Bar & Grill Lopez Super Market Lotus Inn Motel 6 New China Buffet Oyster Bar The Green Dragon Smoke Shop Powerhouse Gym Quizno’s Rack Daddy’s Rudy’s Bar-B-Q Shenanigans Spanky’s Burgers Sportman Club Stickman’s Bar & Grill Stilettos Cabaret Taco Bell Tide Water Bar-B-Q U-Mix Coffee Bar Wal-Mart Wing Stop Yamaha


Texxx Adult Video Valley Girls


107 Food Mart American Audio & Tint Chap’s Bar & Grill Ciro’s

Colimas Restaurant Cornerstone Grill Crucitas Kitchen Cyber Comix Dairy Queen Delia’s Fast Eddies Flaming Heart Tattoo Hippie’s Smoke Shop Holiday Liquor Ink Addictions Moonlight Café Monster Carwash New Home Curcitas’s Buffet Oriental Café UTPA Library Choice Quick Wok Mala Compania Tattoos Skates & Boards Taco Bell Tico’s Restaurant Top Video Trevino’s Video Mart Wille’s Bar B Q


America’s Big John’s Bar-B-Q Wild Bills Brisas Car Wash Car Wash, Car Wash Cherry John’s City Light Bar & Grill Comics unlimited Copz Lounge Eight Ball El Loco Tattoo EZ Rims Gotham Comics Henry Party Supplies Hop & Shop Hot Topic Kujo’s Krazy Tattoo Las Cazuela Lone Star Long John Silver Mares Tires & Wheels Mr. Music Reilly’s Party Time Liquors Pokeys Planet Sam Goody Sauza Restaurant Sound Advise Taco Bell Taqueria Jalisco

Valley Girls Vela’s Restaurant Wal-Mart Whispers Yen San


$1.50 Cleaners 2 Brothers Comm. (Verizon Wireless) A Cut Above Adam & Eve Alhambra Ambiente Bad Bob’s Bar B Q Bar 201 Bel Ange Salon & Spa Best Video Bicycle World Big H Customs Billy’s Bar B Q Blimpie Blue Shell Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Breadsmith Brewski’s Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Wings & Rings Buffalo Wings ‘n’ Rings BV Tronix Casa Petrides Chicago East Cold Stone Creamery Costa Messa Couture Revolution Cycle Stuff D Tronics Home Entertainment Deli Salads Dickey’s BBQ Dirty Bottle Doggie’s Don Juan’s Restaurant Double Dave’s Pizza Dynamic Fitness Academy El Divino El Molcajete El Pastor Restaurant El Rey Cine Elite Cuts Extreme Fitness Fast Eddies Feldman’s Feldman’s Feldman’s Flamingo Bowl

Franco’s Electronic Freedom Fitness Frederick’s Boutique Free Spirits Fuddruckers Game Stop Golden Dragon Golds’ Gym Gombada’s Sandwich Shop Gordita Dona Tota Grease Monkey Green Beret Guitar Center Guitar Center Hacienda 17 Bar Havanna Club Havok Records Hayashi Hillbilly’s Hobby’s & Heroes Hobbytown USA Holiday Liquor Holiday Wine Hooters Hungry Howie Pizza Inferno Club Irish Pub (3) Jack in the Box’s Java Girls JJ’s Party House (3) Just A Cuts Kai Kato Sushi Bar Kolache Factory Kumori Kumori Sushi Bar L & F Distributor La Casa Del Taco La Justica La Paletera La Terraza Last Pocket Le Peep Restaurant Le Rouge Little Ceasers Logan’s Restaurant London Grill & Tavern Lone Star Bar-B-Q Lotus Lucky 13 Lumen M & M Customs Mac’s Newsstand Master Piece Café McAllen Motor Sports McAllen’s Cigar Bar Melhart Music Memes’s Records & Videos Meson Del Taco Mesquite Grill & Bar Metamophis Hair

Studio Mezzanine Monterrey Morados Bar Mundo Power Plate Myth Adventures New York Deli Newman’s Octopus Tattoos Orlie’s Accessories Osuka’s Parlays Sports Bar Perfect Ink Pick A Salad Picosito’s Mexican Cuisine Picosito’s Pow Wow Puff-N-Stuff Quiznos R.G.V. Video Ramos Bar-B-Q RDS Guns Red Robin Rio Tires & Wheels Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Russo’s New York Pizzeria Schlotzky’s Deli Shoney’s Simon Sez Sinugba House Skate Shop Skin Deep Tattoo Skunky’s Smoke Shop Smoothie King Soundwaves Sport Clips Sports Authority Sprint Store Starbucks Starbucks Subway Sun Palace Sunny Bunz Super Cuts Taco Cabana Taco Palenque Taco Rico Taco Rico Texas Road House Thai Red Chilis The Armory The Brass Chair Barber Shop The Gallery The Gallery Bar The Gallery Lingerie The Gym at Uptown The Ice House The Office The Peace Pipe

The Red Barn The Smoke Shop The Vitamin Shoppe Tico’s Toucan Lounge Tropic Tan & Massage Truck Toys Ultimate Hair Cut Experience Underworld Boutique Up In Smoke Shop Up Town Café Uptown Fitness Valley Vinyls Vermilyen Tattoos Vice Videomatic Vintage Room Volta Disco Western Beverage Whispers White Buffalo White Buffalo #2 Wing Stop Wireless Toys Woodlands Xotic Hair Studio Yoko’s Zarah’s Restaurant


Casa Del Taco Church’s Danny’s Restaurant Finish Line Jitter Café K.F.C. La Paletera Michallita’s Restaurant Mission Fitness Center Pizza Di Roma The Peace Pipe Quick Wash Quick Wok Quiznos’s Skean Dhu Tequila Jacks The Bean Cuisine The Car Spa Valley Bowl West Side Liquor Store


Texxx Adult Video


Buena Suerta

Tattoo Free Spirits Glick Twins KFC La Mexicana Smokey’s Bar-B-Q Stilettos Cabaret Subway Tex-Mex The Music Center Yamaha


Castaway’s Dairy Queen Doubleday Bar Passions Wal-Mart


Dairy Queen Juniors Supermarket Powerhouse Gym Smokey’s Bar-B-Q


Ace Hardware ACE Tattoos AmberJacks B & S Kites Ben’s Liquor Bigo’s Coral Reef Bar Daddy’s Dairy Queen Dirty Al’s Inkredible Tattoo Kelly’s Irish Pub Padre Island Brewery Palm & Laguna Palmetto Inn Peggy’s Tattoos Pizza Hut Psychadeli Rovan Restaurant Surf Up Tom & Jerry

WESLACO Holiday Liquor Keno’s Café Pokey’s Planet Red Pepper S.T.C. Top Video Wal-Mart

AND IF YOU STILL CANT FIND ONE? READ IT ONLINE! Log on to: to read all 5 years worth of MAGX! | 30 | MAGX

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MAGX #69 AUGUST 2011  

The RGV's #1 Music, Art & Entertainment Magazine.August Issue featuring Digitalism, At War with Androids, The Young Maths, MAGX Model Jacque...

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