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OMG! What is happening to the world? Everything we’ve been told for the last 15 years about our world relying on the Internet for everything is finally coming true. 5 years ago I would have jumped for joy! Today? I’m worried. Google seems to be taking over the universe. I have a google phone. It contains all my contacts, text messages, emails, preferences, pictures and god knows what else. It’s all stored on googles network. They know where I shop, what I search for, my favorite sites, my favorite hobbies, who I’m talking to and what I watch (on youtube). They know pretty much everything about me. That’s a scary thought. Whether they begin to use the information they gather about us or not, it’s still a scary thought. Google has been busted with information they shouldn’t have and didn’t even know they had. Don’t believe me? Google it! (lol) Anyway, we post what we are doing, every minute of the day on our facebook statuses, MySpace’s & Twitter’s without giving it a second though. Well I’m giving it a second thought. I love technology but I have no interest in becoming a cyborg (anymore). Google to me is a “Skynet” (Terminator) in it’s infancy. Now, will I trade in my Google phone for a “JITTERBUG” phone that does nothing else except make calls? Probably not. I love my stupid phone. It does so many wonderful things... and that’s how they get you! Should you be terrified? NO. Should you be alarmed? Probably. This is the beginning of something we cannot control yet and don’t fully understand. Be warned and execute caution. I know, this isn’t WEIRD magazine, and I’m not trying to make you paranoid, just warning you. Next time you are about to post that status update on facebook... think twice. Google isn’t the only one watching.... - Ramsey 956-648-4464 P.S. Oh, yeah. Check out our story on the new GOOGLE TV. Coming soon... GOOGLE TOILETS!




On May 20, 2010 Google dropped a bomb on unsuspecting attendees. Introducing Google TV. An internet platform for your television. You would be able to either buy a Google TV ready set or you can purchase a seperate box top for your TV. Why should you do it? There are just way too many reasons for you to purchase this. This is true innovation in your living room.


LISTEN to podcasts TRANSLATE SUBTITLES to any language. DISHnetwork Integration FULL INTERNET support w/ flash! Personalized Programming and more!





“When a series of strokes left him with limited use of his right hand, he simply taught himself to use his left, and kept going.”

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enerations of artists owe much of the inspiration to put pencil to paper to one man. On May 10 of this year, that man died, leaving the light of creativity in this world a little dimmer in spite of all the lights that he ignited during his lifetime. Frank Frazetta’s work has adorned album covers, movie posters, book jackets and countless comic books and comic strips. Not a bad body of work for a kid from Brooklyn. Frazetta was born on February 8, 1928 and was attending the Brooklyn Academy for Fine Arts at the age of eight. His talent was recognized and for eight years cultivated at the academy. When the school closed in 1945 the young artist found himself in need of a living. He turned to his skill and unrelenting talent and, at the age of 16, was earning his keep by drawing for Westerns, fantasy, mystery and any other comic books that would pay for his work. His

drive and preference to maintain his own vision reportedly led him to turn down Walt Disney himself. Some of his work on Buck Rogers covers are said to have gotten him the gig of working on Li’l Abner while he worked on his own strip, Johnny Comet. In 1956 he married Eleanor Kelly who bore him four children, Frank Jr., Billy, Holly and Heidi. Eventually he and Harvey Kurtzman worked on the bawdy parody strip Little Annie Fanny for Playboy magazine. But it was his work for Mad magazine, a portrait of Ringo Starr, that got the attention of the movie studio United Artists who commissioned him to do the poster for What’s New Pussycat? Reportedly this one work matched his annual income to that point. Frazetta’s work included cover paintings for many comics and books in the ’60s but his work on the covers of Conan stories redefined sword and sorcery works. The influence of the genre can be felt still today as Peter Jackson and company cite Frazetta’s “The Death Dealer” as an influence in the look of the films in featurettes that accompany the extended editions of The Lord of the

Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring DVD. The film that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star, Conan the Barbarian, was virtually a Frazetta painting come to life. “Unrelenting” was a title clearly earned by Frank Frazetta. When a series of strokes left him with limited use of his right hand, he simply taught himself to use his left, and kept going. Early works with his left showed signs of the great effort he exerted to get the pieces right, but eventually it became hard to tell the difference unless viewing the original work with a learned eye. Eleanor, his wife of almost 43 years died on July 17 of 2009 and by December of that year the local paper said that the man of so much talent was “suffering from dementia.” On Monday, May 10 of this year, Frank joined “Ellie” in whatever awaits us on the other side of the horizon. Wherever that may be vibrant colors and images pulsating with life are sure to add light to those hallowed halls. The only real question is, “Will those images be painted right or left handed?” Truthfully, the answer matters not.


“Peter Jackson and company cite Frazetta’s “The Death Dealer” as an influence in the look of the films in featurettes that accompany the extended editions of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring DVD. “



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While touring with his band LIFE OF AGONY, ALAN ROBERT squeezes in time for another of his childhood dreams, COMIC BOOKS. MAGX got to speak with Alan about his interest in comic books and here is what he had to say. How did you get into comics and What inspired you to start a comic series? ALAN: I actually got into comics as a kid. My dad was a collector as a kid and he handed off boxes of silver age comics to me. I had the introduction of SPIDERMAN, Amazing Fantasy #15 & Amazing Spiderman #1 as a kid and I was blown away. I had the bug from then. I was a big punisher fan, especially MIKE ZECK’s artwork. I went to the School of Visual Arts in Manhatten to study cartooning and had Walter Simonson, (best know for his work on THOR) as a teacher and it was an amazing experince. Half way through, my band LIFE OF AGONY got a record deal and we went on tour and I put the comic stuff on hold until now. I’ve had the Idea and the name since back then. It’s been a long time coming. I can’t even explain the feeling that came over me when i held it in my hand for the first time. Who are your art and writing influences? ALAN: Growing up it was Mike Zeck, Frank Miller, now i’m into Ashley Wood and Ben Templesmith which you can kinda see in my style. I gravitate more towards the indie style books. Definitly anithing dark, bloody,

gritty. How do you manage to juggle between LOA, Wirehangers, and your new punk band SPOILER NYC? ALAN: I’m also a new dad so it’s a bit of a challenge. I don’t sleep much. But it’s ok, I’m doing everything I love. Dream project? ALAN: This is it. With comic properties making the jump to the big screen, Do you think we will see WIREHANGERS make the jump to the big screen? ALAN: I’m not focusing on that right now but that would be icing on the cake. I could definitly see it that way. What kind of feedback have you gotten from the Comics world? The music world? We’ve been getting a bunch of great reviews. Some of the first reviews were 9 out of 10 stars. I was really scared to read them. I expected to get creamed, but people have been really supportive.

WIREHANGERS at Get more info on www.wirehanger Y at ND LIFE OF AGON CHECK OUT HIS BA y on m/lifeofag MAGX • 12



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June 1st Alice in Wonderland

June 4th

Get Him to the Greek

June 8th Shutte Island

June 14th Mary & Max

June 18th Toy Story 3


We’re huge movie fans here at MAGX! 2011’s summer is going to be crazy with huge releases like XMEN: First Class, THOR, Pirates of the Caribbean, Green Lantern, Transformers 3, Captain America, Harry Potter! Unfortunatley we’re still in 2010, but thats not such a bad thing. Here are a few movies we are looking forward to catching while we wait for next year.

June 22nd HUNG Season 1

June 29th Hot Tub Time Machine

July 6th Brooklyn's Finest

July 2nd

The Last Airbender While M. Night Shyamalan’s track record lately has been sketchy at best, we are looking forward to this adaption to the hit aminated show AVATAR: The Last Airbender (No relation to James Cameron’s flick) .

June 11th A-Team

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June 25th Knight & Day

The series was a huge hit cause it was awesome! Don’t screw this one up Mr. Shyamalan or we’re gonna have to pay you a little visit! MAGXONLINE.COM


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John Simon is very proud of the fact that his little Rock & Roll Bar is still going strong. 15 years is quite a feat in the bar business. If we went by statistics, SIMON SEZ, The valley's home of Rock & Roll should not exist anymore. It isn't Downtown & It’s a little out of the way for some, yet SIMON SEZ lives on! We sat down with him to pick his brain a bit and find out what makes this little rock and roll bar such a diamond in the rough.

MAGX: How Did you get into the bar business & How did that bring you where you are today? JOHN SIMON: I went into business with the Abraham Log Cabin, 1st bar, did know a thing about the bar business. Buy a bottle of vodka, cost $5 bucks at a time, sell 2 drinks the rest is profit. We didn't know anything about liquor taxes, employee taxes, We were virgins, didn't know a thing. It only lasted 22 months. Then after that I got in with Magic & Mini bar. Then JT's. JT's is where I set my roots. I learned that thing, I worked, I

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managed that for 8 1/2 years. I was supposed to be getting a 1/3 of the profits, After 8 years, I asked for my 1/3 I was just getting 400 a week, never got a raise, I wanted a day off, I had to pay for it, so I tell the guy, “You know what you don't want to pay me I'm gonna get out of here.” “ Fine he says, go ahead you won't last a year. “ 9 months later they closed, 15 years later, I'm still here. Maybe that’s what it boils down to. I set my clients at JT's then they followed me here. They are now in their 70s. MAGX: Tell me about the 15 year Anniversary. JOHN SIMON: This year Ray Alvarado came up with the idea of a mural. Next day I called Ray, I have a great idea lets do the ceiling in the Hallway. Ray says “Better yet, lets do outside walls.

Let’s do Rock & Roll Heaven with the most recognizable dead R&R icons, with the clouds and all that stuff. We were originally gonna do the side wall, then we carried it to the front. And we are gonna do the ceiling next, a psychedelic “Rock & Roll Heaven” with black light effects. MAGX: How are you different from all the other place opening up around town? JOHN SIMON: We stay the same, we’re not like downtown with the Glitz & Glamour, we're still just a Rock n‘ Roll bar with a new coat of paint. We keep it clean, We a got some dust on us but we depend on the Rock Groups to knock it off. MAGX: What do you accredit your success to thus far?

1st & foremost, staff, and great bands. Some good, some bad, but I give every band a chance, if they suck, sorry guys, Constructive criticism. My Staff is great, they keep the Customers happy & coming back. We are a neighborhood bar, we get to know you, what you drink, what time you come in & Call you by name. We are a mix of everything, now with a Face lift for the 15 year anniversary. MAGX: How did the ROCK AND ROLL ICON mural come about? Ray Alvarado, deserves credit for that, but my Crew is the greatest. David Perez, our MacGyver, Rick Garza, Electrician. New shell, New look, same place, with great employees.

JOHN SIMON: The Customers



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“We stay the same, we’re not like downtown with the Glitz & Glamour, we’re still just a Rock n‘ Roll bar with a new coat of paint. We keep it clean, We a got some dust on us but we depend on the Rock Groups to knock the dust off.” -John Simon Owner: SIMON SEZ

WITH JOHN SIMON OF SIMON SEZ FAVORITE ALBUM COVER: Thats tough, I got 15000 albums. ELO - Eldorado with the wizard of oz theme, that’s a classic, I love ELO. FAVORITE FOOD: Ground beef, its perfect for Guerilla Cooking, you know what I mean? Throw a little bit of this, some mushrooms, and some chef boyardee! Favorite Cereal: Frosted Flakes, Cause " Their Grrrreeaaat!" MAGX • 18



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The People:

The biggest thing that makes a con is its attendees. If there is a buzz and people are having fun, the con will just keep getting better with every year. People make new friends and great memories.

MARK DEL BOSQUE creator of OMNICON gives us...




Halloween is over rated. It takes a real love for whatever your into to dress up in the middle of summer in a replica costume. People spend months hand-making their outfits and watching them is like seeing a walking art show. The only thing better than seeing a good cosplay is making one. All that time pays off when people line up to take a pic.



You would have to travel to every major city in Texas to see some of the products our vendors bring to our community.


Meet voice actors, Bands, and other talented people at OMNICON. They are here to meet you and welcome questions about what they do for a living and what they enjoy.




Big competitions and other events skip our community, so we make our own. Battles in Video games and other games heat up! You will see there is a strong following for competitive gaming.


We plan new and fun things to do every year. We give people a chance to jam like a rock star using Rock band. We create hours of fun with scavenger hunts and other games meant to make you laugh.





new favorites shows or re-watch classics in a theater setting with others who love the same shows as you.

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con is powered and inspired by true fans. Ask any staff memeber and they will tell you how much they enjoy everything Omnicon brings to the community.


The valley has talent and we like to showcase it by providing a place where local artisans can sell, display, or just advertise all their skills. Our Artist alley is the place to look for fresh new artists.

Every year we improve, expand, and evolve the Con into what the fans are wanting. So every year you will find something new to talk about, blog, and share with your friends. People plan to attend our con for a reason and its that same reason people regret missing it. MAGXONLINE.COM


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This month’s tip: 359 RULE So if things are working out for you and you do find Miss Right there are perks to being in a relationship. You’ll eventually have a time when you think the grass is greener on the other side tough. You’ll start to think you’re better off running around sowing your royal oats (Coming To America reference for those that know), but that’s not the case. You might be single for a long time, and, as far as women go you might have done pretty well for yourself. But it’s hard and tiring. You have to live by the 359 rule. There will be six times a year when you are tested. You will be tempted, everyone goes through it, but when you really think about it there‘s only probably six times when you could have really gotten laid. Six days of willpower is all it takes. So having sex 359 days versus six, having a girlfriend definitely has its upsides. That, my friends, is the 359 rule.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? GET IN ON THE DISCUSSION AT WWW.MAGXONLINE.COM

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ALAMO Wal-Mart Expressway & Ceasar Chavez BROWNSVILLE AV Lopez Barnes & Noble Bennigan’s Ben’s Liquor Store Bicycle World Bigo’s Blue Shell B’s Hobbies Collectibles Bucana’s Night Club Buffalo Wild Wings Burger King C & C Wings Chapa’s City Kart Cobblehead Courtyard Inn Dark Secrets Novelties Dark Side Of The Moon Day’s Inn Ferrell’s Liquor H & H Liquors Hermes Music Hurricanes Joe’s Bar & Grill Lopez Super Market Lotus Inn Motel 6 New China Buffet Oyster Bar Pokey’s Planet Powerhouse Gym Quizno’s Rack Daddy’s Rudy’s Bar-B-Q

MAGX • 30

Shenanigans Spanky’s Burgers Sportman Club Stickman’s Bar & Grill Stilettos Cabaret Taco Bell Tide Water BarB-Q U-Mix Coffee Bar Wal-Mart Wing Stop Yamaha DONNA Texxx Adult Video Valley Girls EDINBURG 107 Food Mart American Audio & Tint Chap’s Bar & Grill Ciro’s Colimas Restaurant Cornerstone Grill Crucitas Kitchen Cyber Comix Dairy Queen Delia’s Fast Eddies Flaming Heart Tattoo Holiday Liquor Illusion’s Ink Addictions Moonlight Café New Home Curcitas’s Buffet Oriental Café Pan American Library

Choice Quick Wok Skin Deep Tattoo Skates & Boards Taco Bell Tico’s Restaurant Top Video Trevino’s Video Mart Wille’s Bar B Q HARLINGEN America’s Big John’s BarB-Q Booters Bar (Wild Bills) Brisas Car Wash Car Wash, Car Wash Cherry John’s City Light Bar & Grill Comics unlimited Copz Lounge Eight Ball El Loco Tattoo EZ Rims Gotham Comics Henry Party Supplies Hop & Shop Hot Topic (In The Mall) Kujo’s Krazy Tattoo Las Cazuela Lone Star Long John Silver Mares Tires & Wheels Mr. Music (In the Mall)2 Reilly’s Party Time Liquors

Pokeys Planet Sam Goody ( In the Mall) Sauza Restaurant Sound Advise Taco Bell Taqueria Jalisco Valley Girls Vela’s Restaurant Wal-Mart Whispers Yen San McALLEN Barnes & Noble Big Boys Toys Car Wash, Car Wash4 D M Powers Tattoo Studios Deli Salads Extreme’s Flavors Flamingo Bowl Free Spirits Fuddruckers Golds’ Gym Hasting (Hard Back Café) Hermes Music Hobbies & Heros Holiday Liquor Under World Boutique Hungry Howie Pizza Iguanna’s JJ’s Party House Louies Comics Switch foot skate shop Lucky 13 Mac’s Newsstand Maragarita’s Master Piece Café4

Melhart Music Memes’s Records & Videos Myth Adventures Newmans R.G.V. Video RA’s Sport Bar Republic of The Rio Grande S.T.C.C. Library Simon Sez Skin Deep Tattoo Skunky’s Smoothie King Sport Clips Sun Palace Restaurnt Sunny Bunz Taco Rico Tacofe Taquitono Tequila Jacks Liquor Store The Gallery The Peace Pipe The Pump The Smoke Shop Thristy Monkey Ticket Zone Tico’s Top Video Truck Toys T-Shirt Express Vermilyen Tattoos Western Beverage White Buffalo Wine & Spirits MISSION Casa Del Taco Church’s Danny’s Restaurant Finish Line Jitter Café

K.F.C. La Paletera Lone Star Bar-B-Q Michallita’s Restaurant Mission Fitness Center Pizza Di Roma The Peace Pipe Quick Wash Quick Wok Quiznos’s Skean Dhu Tequila Jacks The Bean Cuisine The Car Spa Valley Bowl West Side Liquor Store OLMITO Texxx Adult Video PHARR Buena Suerta Tattoo Flores Kung Fu Academy Free Spirits Glick Twins KFC La Mexicana Smokey’s Bar-B-Q Stilettos Cabaret Subway Tex-Mex The Music Center Yamaha PORT ISABEL Castaway’s Dairy Queen Doubleday Bar Passions Wal-Mart

VSAN JUAN Dairy Queen Junior Supermarket1 Powerhouse Gym Smokey’s Bar-B-Q SOUTH PADRE Ace Hardware ACE Tattoos AmberJacks B & S Kites Ben’s Liquor Bigo’s Coral Reef Bar Daddy’s Dairy Queen Dirty Al’s Inkredible Tattoo Kelly’s Irish Pub Padre Island Brewery Palm & Laguna Palmetto Inn Peggy’s Tattoos Pizza Hut Psychadeli Rovan Restaurant Surf Up Tom & Jerry WESLACO Holiday Liquor Keno’s Café Pokey’s Planet Red Pepper S.T.C. Top Video Wal-Mart


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MAGX #55 July 2010  

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