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-welcome to issue 5 of Magazine XIssue 5 already? Time does fly when you are having fun... and at MagX, we make sure to have plenty of it. All work and no play makes for a Boooooring mag. Take the “Dead By Day” show on December 27th @ McAllen Nights, over 200 people packed into the club to watch the bands and the “HANGING” done by the torture masters over at Lucky 13 Tattoos and we had a blast! (a little too much fun according to some) The show was a huge success and everyone present had a great time. Look for more “Mag X Presents...” shows coming your way very soon. Starting February 1st, Mag X kicks off “Indie Rock Night” at Simon Sez in McAllen. The first WEDNESDAY of every month will feature the best Indie bands from The RGV and all around the nation. If you have or know of an indie band that wants to perform, hit us up at the Mag X Hotline 956.661.9595 and we’ll give you the skinny. and maybe the fatty. Gracing our Cover this month is none other than THE ATARIS. Don’t miss their show Jan. 19th @ the VFW on Business 83 & 2nd ST and make sure to come to the autograph signing at FLIPSIDE CLOTHING at La Plaza Mall that same day 4pm! All the Mag X crew will be there screaming like little girls and saying things like “I’ll never wash this hand again” and “Kris Roe, I want to have your baby.” Come join the fun at Flipside and then Go to the show at the VFW, party with Mag X, hten go home and shower cause we all have cooties.

Play our contest or DIE! Guess this months “MYSTERY CD COVERS” cor-

rectly and win a prize. But answer incorrectly and it may cost you your life! “So Brave knights if you do doubt your courage or your strength, come no further for DEATH awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth!” Oh, and if you guess that movie quote you get double prizes! email your answers to Remember, if you can’t find a MagX, you can always read it at All our issues are available online. While you are there, make sure to join the Mag X Community. See ya next month! -Ramsey

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Yes, we have more free swag for you. All you have to do is identify the CD covers correctly, and we’ll give it to you, You know you want it!

You must name the title and artist to win.

The BOOTY.... Courtes y


That’s Right....New music from Hawthorne Heights from their upcoming CD plus Silverstein, June, and the Audition. So what are you waiting for? Get crackin’ on those answers.

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����������������� That’s right, 2005 is behind us and we’re here to tell you what the best things to come out of last year were. You may agree or disagree but until you start working here, you’re gonna have to live with it. Let us know what your best of list consists of at in our forum.Enjoy! Ramsey Favorite CD: From First To Last – My teen angst has a body count Favorite Movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Favorite TV Show: LOST! Favorite Local band: Cajah! (R.I.P. Keanu Prophecy 2003-2005) Favorite Moment: Seeing that beautiful ghost lady in my room smiling at me. That was cool, freaky but cool. Zar Favorite CD: Terminal – How the Lonely Keep Favorite Movie: The Devil’s Rejects Favorite TV Show: Entourage on HBO Favorite Local band: the Braver Madison Favorite Moment: It’s a secret

J3S: Favorite CD: 30 Seconds to Mars: A Beautiful Lie Favorite Movie: BATMAN BEGINS (yeah, like that was a surprise) Favorite TV Show: SMALLVILLE on WB LOIS IS A MAJOR HOTTIE! Favorite Local band: Methmare Motorcade Favorite Moment: When I was told my mom would fully recover from open-heart surgery. Thank You Jesus!

Frank Favorite CD: 10 Years – the Autumn Effect Favorite Movie: Sin City Favorite TV Show: Lost on ABC Favorite Local Band: Solarium Favorite Moment: Live 8! It brought together over 1,000 artists on four continents to fight poverty. If you can I recommend the DVD! Leo: Favorite CD: Mindless Self Indulgence – “You’ll Rebel To Anything” Favorite Movie: “Family Guy Presents : Stewie Griffin The Untold Story” Favorite TV Show: “Starved” on FX Favorite Local band: “Bentsen Groove Lab” www. Favorite Moment: “Breakdancing for The Pope Clip”

Gizmo: Favorite CD: Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth Favorite Movie: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Favorite TV Show: Family Guy on FOX hands down! Favorite Local band: That Methmare band is neat-o. Favorite Moment: Day I was hired at Best Buy! Gamer Bob: Favorite CD: System of A Down - Mezmerise Favorite Movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Favorite TV Show: Criss Angel’s Mind-Freak Favorite Local band: Fed of Me Favorite Moment: Meeting the Freaks here at Magazine X

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It’s no secret that everyone here at Mag X is addicted to the internet. We can’t go 10 minutes without checking our accounts, let alone all the other wonderful things the world wide web has to offer. So this month we bring you...

by: Frank X 1. - A great place to read about upcoming movies, read reviews on dvds, also some great comic strips. 2. - A site with an overabundance of fl ash cartoons, odd games such as: Whose boobs are these? and Stupid Movie Quiz. Quite the spare time killer. 3. - Home to some of the most hilarious and weird independently made home movies. Also serves as a free movies hosting site if you’d like to post some of your own videos on your myspace or blogs. 4. - This is home to some quite unique characters you can check out the latest Strombad adventures in reading through his e-mails they are quite hilarious. I recommend the “anime” episode. 5. - If you ever want to know whats up in the world of your favorite superheros this is the place. Whether they are going to be immortalized in an action figure or cross over to the big screen this website will let you know. 6. - The latest in video games is what they specialize in but they also have many reviews on the newest gadgets and accessories for your favorite consoles. Also, don’t forget to check out their “babes” section, in one word...DAMN! 7. - Do you want to know the truth?...” You can’t handle the truth!” Just kidding. This site could change your way of thinking. 8. - “the worlds largest free encyclopedia” because you never know when you’ll need some knowledge. 9. - Are you lazy? Then download the mag here. Don’t forget to join the community and socialize on the forums it can be fun! 10. - You online guide to the nightlife right here in the valley. Don’t know what to do tonight? Log on and check it out! It has the latest news on the hottest concerts, the best clubs, as well as some reviews on local bands. You are on page 11 •

k band, rnationally known indie roc For The Ataris, a 7-piece inte their fifth ng asi great year. They’re rele 2006 is shaping up to be a bia Re lum Welcome the Night via Co full length album entitled ase by rele have been promoting the cords in Early spr ing, and llura Co n Joh tour. Kristopher Roe & conducting an all- acoustic ing rry ca d ers] have been on the roa d [two of the original memb an wn do sit Kris was kind enough to their guitars since last fall. s. nd, music, and aspiration talk with me about the ba , which was last record, So Long, Astoria Its been 2 years since their t its sound tha ns releases. Kris Roe mentio one of their most popular from t ec m what listeners should exp is completely different fro record of e typ ome the Night is a new seven Welcome the Night. “Welc kes ma w no new members, which ns. ssio for us...we’ve encountered rcu pe d an ve a cellist, third guitar, e on of us playing music. We ha ry eve d an at truly represents each We pointed the band in wh of us.”

The band decided to embark on an allacoustic tour for various reasons, which has people all around the nation hoping on making a stop in their home town. “We decided to do the acoustic tour due to time off, it sure as hell beats crapping around at home. It gave us the chance for John & I to go out and play some new songs, and we’ve been receiving an amazing response. Since we can’t tour till the release of our upcoming record, we had time off for us to hit the road and give people an idea of what was in store for them.” Booking your bands’

own tour sure isn’t a walk in the park, which makes me truly appreciate what Kristopher Roe has on his mind by booking the entire acoustic tour on his own off of their myspace account. “I booked seperate legs for the tour, hitting up as much as we could. From the midwest to the eastcoast, we wanted to get back to playing VFW shows, and most of it was booked via” The band felt the need to perform at a more intimate level with the crowd, playing at smaller venues for a max crowd of 300 people per show. Elsewhere Kris Roe and

John Collura have stepped foot on stage, overwhelming responses have been seen all over the web, only making anxious fans asking for more. “Its been a great tour so far, can’t say enough good things, the kids have been amazing. We just loved cramming our guitars and amps in my car, a Dodge Neon. I even met my new girlfriend at one of our latest shows, which has made my 2005 moment of the year.” Regardless, the band will triumph through their acoustic dates (small towns included) and will keep fans on their toes once they tour as a full

band after the release of “Welcome the Night”. “We plan on finishing the record and go out and play these songs, true music and art that represents us, its a whole new beginning for all of us. We’re looking forward to go back to south’s been a long while since we played back in a skate park in San Benito. Hit us up on is” Check out The Ataris LIVE at the Nikki Rowe VFW & at Flipside Clothing at La Plaza Mall on Thursday January 19th. For more information, check out page 2 and

by: J3S

Tattoo Tips from

Before you get a tattoo...

1. Having an idea of what you want is generally a plus when deciding what tattoo you want. You don’t want something you will regret and having to get it covered up. 2. Know your personal limits, helps out in choosing size and location for your tattoo. You don’t want something you can’t handle. And have to quit halfway through. 3. It’s a good idea to visit different shops and look at each artist portfolios. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. A good shop will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have. 4. knowing what your artist is very important. Some specialize in B/W, color, or portraits. Some do it all.

For any further question

(956) 661-9306

a glimpse into the mind of the artist... through our own means of expressing ourselves with as Tex n, Alle Mc from ls produce music unlike “Astate of Silence hai style, and when combined...we n ow y ver our ds hol us of h unique sound. Eac any other. ourselves by recording/proover a year, and have proven for ne sce sic mu al ion reg national acts. We’ve been in the while per forming alongside of s ade Dec of sh Cra d itle ent ducing a 6 song EP ks, thick bass, and With melodic guitar, catchy hoo wn into one, we give rhy thmic drum patters all thro h the anticipation you a high intensit y show. Wit stage, we are able brewing in us before we hit the e when you see us to throw it all back into your fac live. a set lineup for the We’re cur rently searching to get singer we are curband, with the removal of our frontman. rently looking for the next new nds, explosive live With the help of our fans + frie nd we seem to break per formances, and unique sou the stage.” new grounds everytime we hit saheadk7@gmail. Contact Dusty or Robert at Me . com for singer tryouts/booking

<< From Left to Right: Aaron, Will, Roper, Eddie, Dusty, Jacob

a glimpse into the mind of the artist...

Jose - Vocals Andy - Guitar Memo - Guitar Brandon - Bass Adrian - Sticks

“A Better Transit was formed on accident in the fall of 2004. Originally, we were

We went on to record a five song EP with pro ducer Charlie Vela in his recording studio November of 2004. The EP was entitled Eyes Over Buildings due to a trip we took to Vancouver Once the new mem once. We were on the ber was added, the balcony of the apartband decided a ment with our guitars, new name would be and we wrote a song, a good way to star t also entitled eyes over fresh. A Better Transit buildings, gazing down came up when we all on the buildings below realized we did not us and in awe due to want to do any thing the overwhelming sight else but music; we felt s. it was a better way for to our eye us to live life. The release of the EP

four members and were known as fallen hero. One day we jammed with a friend at practice and we felt an overpower ing vibe.

was on February 27th of 2005, which was also the bands first show as A Better Transit. We’ve been playing ever since and have encountered a great amount of loyal fans. We love making music for ourselves and showing it to people and have them receive the same reaction we did when we wrote it. That’s our motivation. For bookings, please call Brandon at 956.279.3668

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By: J3S

Hope all our readers are doing well, and that the hangovers are gone. Well, at least till this weekend. 2005 was a great year for comic book movies, It was a good year for movies period. Devil’s Rejects, Star Wars E:3, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, King Kong, Saw 2, The Producers (mmm Uma), Excorcism of Emily Rose , Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Corpse Bride, The Island ( mmm Scarlett) , BATMAN BEGINS, Sin City, Fantastic Four, The goddess Jessica Simpson in a tiny pink bikini., Plus we got to see Jessica Alba in three, count them three fi lms, and 2006 looks just as good. X-MEN 3, Underworld 2, GHOSTRIDER, SUPERMAN RETURNS….summer will be a great time for all the geeks. But we’ll get to that and so much more next month...

This month let’s talk about near and dear to all our hearts. We here at MagX love our comics, and no other comic is more worshipped and loved than Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin, his pet tiger Hobbes, the mom, the dad, Suzie, Mrs. Wormwood, Rosalyn the babysitter, Spaceman Spiff, Stupendous Man, Aliens, Dinosaurs, Snowmen, Transmogrifiers, and Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs. Sitting down,and opening the comics page everyday, reading Bill Watterson’s masterpiece was a true joy. In a sea of comic swill that was both outdated, mediocre, and just plain boring (except for Peanuts) Calvin and Hobbes was and will always be the best Sunday comic strip ever created. And now fans of Watterson have rejoiced worldwide! The Complete Calvin and Hobbes was released shortly before Christmas, This massive three volume hardcover slipcase has every single installment of the newspaper strip. Packaged along with great extras like a 14 page intro by Watterson. Even though this volume sets you back a hefty $150.00, it is well worth the price. This truly IS the complete Calvin and Hobbes, it has everything you could possibly ask for, minus the pissing Calvin. Next month get ready for major changes that will blow you away... or at least Blow!!!!

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MAGX #5 January 2006  

The Ataris Featured Song Dark Days By Methmare Motorcade

MAGX #5 January 2006  

The Ataris Featured Song Dark Days By Methmare Motorcade