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by: J3S

This Sunday, December 13th the TXU-Energy Fiesta Marathon will take place in McAllen, TX. It’s a 26.2 mile marathon beginning at 6:30am and one of our original MAGX girls Linda Garcia will be participating in a 4 woman team. The team consists of Linda Garcia, Ana Barrera, Glenda Chapa, and Raquel Barrera. MAGX is proud to be part of this team of amazing women, and we ask that everyone come out to cheer them on as they take part in this historic run in the RGV.

for more information log on to: or contact Veronica Galligan 956.821.9569



If you have ever wanted to become an actor or just study the art of acting your time has come. The On-Camera Workshop is now taking applicants and best of all it’s free! You will learn audition techniques, cold reading, scene study. The workshop is open to anyone who is serious about learning andis over 18 years of age. For more information you can call (956) 451-2235 or email

Harley Davidson welcomed Los Lonely Boys to a semi-grand, deeply appreciative RGV crowd this past November 20, 2009. Let me explain the “semigrandness” in a moment. Los Lonely Boys took no prisoners at the ex-Villa Real Convention Center.  The show ended up feeling like a huge private party for bikers, older Whities, and a healthy dose of beaners!   I feel compelled to reference the “Raza” pride present that night!  And what a party it was!  Did I mention free full bar (anything and everything), free brisket plates, and if you got there late, free concert?!  To say I took advantage of the free bar would be an understatement!  I will most definitely attend any and all Harley Davidson events from now on, and if you missed it, shame on you! The crowd was powerful despite the less than impressive few hundred people in attendance.  Perhaps there was a lack of advertising?  In any case, Los Lonely Boys pulled out more than an hour of “Texican” Blues.  These guys are a

true definition of the word: trio. Each member displayed superior command of their respective instrument.  The drummer often played his kit with one hand while grooving the congas on the other.  The bassist filled up the space on his six-stringer into thirty-two bass speakers!  The guitarist, while not completely original, interpreted the blues convincingly and authentically.  There is no denying his skills, but I craved more guitar licks that I hadn’t already heard from Jimi Hendrix and SRV. Their experience as a “jam” band is second to none.  A large percentage of the show was total band improvisation.  Still, I was disappointed in the crowd turnout.  The Boys made a humble impression on everyone in attendance.  They talked about Bar-B-Que, crappy family Thanksgiving gatherings, and the fact that they were all “cheap drunks.”  Good times!   And I give very special thanks to Harley Davidson for my hang-over.

The Jam X-Pert, Mike Mena




Hey, movie fans I’ve decided for this month like last month to come down from my pedestal of game worship and review a movie that touches a curiosity that is close to my heart and soul. Yes I have one just in case you were wondering, I just keep it hidden. Now seriously back to the review. I mentioned a curiosity that is close to me, that curiosity is extra terrestrials. And, this movie title The Fourth Kind is just about that. Well, let’s face it we are all intrigued by the concept of aliens and this movie is nothing different. The basis of this movie which stars one of the five hotties of the film industry in my opinion Milla Jovovich who plays the part of Dr Abigail Tyler who is a physiologist that resides in Nome Alaska with her two children, becomes involved when some of her patients while under hypnosis show signs of abduction and she as well video tapes the

sessions so they use this footage as evidence that the events actually happened. So without giving out to much of the story I’ll let you know the movie starts off slow but picks up throughout. Now the filming of the film is done by doing actually filming and using “archived footage” from Dr Abigail’s sessions as was mentioned earlier. Which is done very nicely by the way, they do a side by side comparison of the footage to show you the “actual footage” and the actors filmed to give it depth and validity. Now there are parts that will not scare you but they will freak you out, not because it happens on the “archived footage” but because it’ll make you question if this is actually real or is it another Blair witch project type of set up. This film almost makes you want to believe that there are beings from another planet. There is another deep sub-plot within


‘NUFF SAID I must say this game was designed well. I not only have played COD MW2 but I actually own the first one and let me say that this version is the latest is the greatest of the series so far. As, you all know this is a sequel to the aforementioned COD MW and the game play is pretty much the same in the use of the controller for both systems. Systems being PS3 and Xbox 360, so I’ll be explaining what I’ve enjoyed of the game which is the story line and the graphics of COD MW2. First off let me start with saying that this game’s graphics are great and I might even say better than the previous installment of the series. The graphics processor is pushed to the limits with this game by the use of textures and the mapping of this game is something that rivals the latest games. The audio as well is nicely done with voice talents from Billy Murray who reprised his role from the COD4 as Capt. Price. As well as the rapper named 50 cent who provided voice work of the Spe-


cial Ops and multiplayer modes by portraying one of the squad voices. So the audio is great on this game which I hope you will agree it’s the other half of a great game. Now that’s enough of the technical aspects of the game I will now let you in on the plot of the story don’t worry no spoiler on ending just a bit of the beginning. MW2 is set five years after COD4 and it seems that Ultranationalists have seized control of the land we know as Russia. And have declared Zakhaev a hero and a martyr. What a way to go huh. Now Vladimir Makarov, who was one of Zakhaev’s former lieutenants, starts a campaign that goes against Europe and begins by committing numerous acts of terrorism. Now when you start the game it begins in Afghanistan where US Army Ranger Private Joseph Allen helps in the taking of an Afghan city from the militants. As General Sheppard recruits Allen into his task force which is named Task Force 141 a group that is assembled by the best

of the best. Now there is more to the story line but I’ll say this last bit which is the reason I tried the game, now there is a scene where Allen is sent undercover for the CIA in Russia in order to get close to Makarov under the alias Alexi Borodin. Who in turn has to assist in a mass attack on an unarmed airport terminal the scene still brings chills to me for its realism and action packed scenes. But, I think I spoken enough of the plot I don’t think you want me to spoil it for you. I didn’t think so, well that’s all the time I have for this month but be on the lookout for my next review which I’ve decided to do on my newest obsession Dragon Age: Origins the latest from Bioware which I hope you’ll like reading about it as much as I enjoyed playing it. This is the game master Darth Chew signing off. And, as a post script I’ve completed my top five hotties in film list so hopefully you’ll get a chance to read it and give me your thoughts as well.

the film which I will not divulge because I’d like you to see this film and judge it for yourselves with your own opinions and you never know you might like it so on, that note I will not say how the movie ends only that it does have an interesting twist to it and you actually feel for Dr Abigail towards the end and you actually want to be there for her and try to assist her in especially how her life turns out in the end. But don’t take my word for again watch it and see it for yourselves and you might like what you see. And, of course seeing Milla is a good thing as well. Well, that’s all the time that I have for this month keep a look out for my next review and you never know you might find out who the other top four hotties of film in my opinion are this is Darth Chew signing off.

tech + sexy= TEXY By far the biggest expense for 3D viewing will be the glasses that are required to produce the illusion of a three-dimensional image. Those could cost up to around US$200 and won’t necessarily be bundled with a television. By selling the glasses separately Sony will be able to keep its 3D-compatible sets competitive with other sets while only requiring a higher outlay from customers who want to experience 3D content.

Sony expects that 3D televisions will make up between 30 percent and 50 percent of all sets it sells in the financial year that begins in April 2012, a senior executive said late last week. The goal further indicates Sony’s confidence in 3D entertainment ahead of a roll-out of the

Bravia TV sets and Blu-ray Disc players as well as adding 3D to the PlayStation 3. Sony’s plans for the latter two products are already becoming clear: the Blu-ray Disc Association is working on a 3D disc standard while Sony plans to add 3D to all models of the PlayStation 3 via

Yoshioka stressed that Sony has yet to determine the premium for 3D-compatible sets and whether it will bundle the glasses or sell them separately. Sony’s TV business has been losing money for six years but Stringer committed this month to turning a profit on televisions in the next financial year, which runs from April 2010 to March 2011. Success with 3D will be vital if Sony is to accomplish its goal of grabbing a 20 percent share of the LCD TV market within the next three years. The 3D-compatible sets will include a small piece of additional hardware that enables them to show 3D content but they’ll also work as conventional television sets, said Hiroshi Yoshioka, executive deputy president of Sony and head of the unit that

“Sony expects that 3D televisions will make up between 30 percent and 50 percent of all sets it sells in April 2012,” technology next year. Sony first announced its 3D ambitions in early September when President and CEO Howard Stringer said the company planned to launch 3D-capable

a firmware update. On the TV side, perhaps the largest and most important part of the picture, Sony hadn’t disclosed many details but now that picture is starting to come into focus.

includes its TV business, in an interview. Yoshioka didn’t elaborate on the additional hardware but said it would only add a little to the production cost of the TV set.

TIRED OF YOUR BAND? Are you sick of not being able to jam with the band of your dreams? Maybe the eBand JS-8 from BOSS is what you need. The unit can play tracks off of a USB stick or SD card, with the ability to change the pitch

and tempo of songs, as well as some audio engineering magic to kill the guitar or vocal parts. They can then plug your guitar in and rock out over the builtin speakers, and tap record to immortalize their roughly hewn

pentatonic scales up against the backing tracks. So if you’ve always wanted to jam “Stranglehold” with The Nuge now’s your chance. Pick up one of these, strap on your guitar, and play some REAL Guitar Hero.

“It’s all up to the contents,” said Yoshioka. Sony’s 3D plans revolve around gaming, movies and sports. Sony is already working on gaming with the PS3 upgrade plans and its movies division, Sony Pictures, is already producing 3D movies. If history is any indicator, sports is an additional area where users are willing to pay a little more money for a better experience. -via EngadgetHD

5800 North 10th Street • McAllen, TX • 956.668.7427 by: Ramsey

The Place:

Dickey’s BBQ Pit is located at 5800 N 10th Street in McAllen TX. Their slogan? “SLOW SMOKED, SERVED FAST!” Their BBQ? DELICIOUS! On the wall is a huge Black & White picture of President Ronald Reagan with who I imagine is the infamous “Dickey” who’s BBQ recipes we thoroughly enjoyed that day. We were quickly greeted by a nice Lady by the name of Olga Gonzalez: Owner/Operator as soon as we walked in. She was busy making sure all the customers were enjoying their BBQ lunch experience, but sat with us for a bit and gave us the run down on the business, he food, a new location opening up soon in South McAllen as well as the 2 lb FULL HOUSE we were about to receive.

The Food:

We each gathered our little cups of BBQ sauce (mild and hot) and began sampling the meaty goodness that lay before us. The brisket, chicken, sausage and hot links were juicy and tender. The rib were great. The meat slid off the bone. Now, I’m not a big Turkey guy. I’ll have some on Thanksgiving and that’s about it. I was gonna pass on it but at my friends urging I decided to give it a try. I am glad I did. It was juicy and amazing and (sorry dad) the best turkey I have ever tasted. Was it Roasted or Fried? I forgot to ask. Sorry. You can ask them yourselves when you stop by. And you should! Soon!

The Price:

The FULL HOUSE with 2 lbs of Brisket, Ribs, Chicken, Hot Links, Polish Sausage and Turkey will run you a little over $20 or so. It’s not on the menu but you can definitely order it and it’s a great way to sample all of their juicy, tender meats. Now if you aren’t quite that hungry, you can get a great meal with a soda for about $7. I don’t know about you, but my trips to BBQ places usually result in a $13 or more tab so this was refreshing, especially in this economy. As an added bonus, you get FREE ICE CREAM CONES! WHOO! Old Fashioned Vanilla!

The Low Down:

We left with full bellies, big smiles, and ice cream mustaches on our faces. Dicky’s was affordable, clean, friendly, and best of all…TASTY!



It was about 1:05 on a typical Monday afternoon at MAGX, I was awaiting a call from a member of LMFAO, the Electro Hip-Hop duo that stormed the summer with their smash single “I’m in Miami.” The phone rings and I hear “What up playa pimp?” I don’t think I was fully prepared for what I was getting into. Researching the group the first thing I came upon was a short story regarding the name they chose so I decided to ask... Is it true that Grandma Goodfoot named your group? It’s totally true, it all came about through ichat. Grandma Goodfoot quite a crafty old lady. How was the halloween look alike experience for you? It was great. It’s something that lets you know your doing the right thing. When so many people wanna copy your image to celebrate a holiday it’s just wow. I almost wanted to dress up like Red Foo! Your new video for LALALA is awesome. Do you feel it’s important to have a sense of humor in music? It’s filled with prolific keytar playing, beautiful women and cool graphics. I think that’s one of the most important things in music even if it is a serious subject or something that hits you hard, it’s always good to add humor to it because I think it’s easier for people to understand when its funny. You gotta poke fun at yourself. If you have no humor you aren’t gonna have much fun in life. What was it like working with LIL

JON on the song Shots? It was fun everyone in Lil Jon’s camp is family they are all party animals. We had so much fun in the studio with Lil Jon we were drunk most of that song! We just took shots and hit record.

because about 3 days after we completed it the track was getting played all over the place. Is there anyone out there you’ve been really wanting to work with?

What do you have to say to the blog “The Sexist” which calls your song Shots a date rape jam. Which I don’t agree with btw.

Right now, it’s really about pushing ourselves and seeing how far we can take it creatively. If something comes our way we’re not opposed to it. We like keeping it in the cool. It’s hard doing songs with a person because we like to perform our songs live. You can’t really perform without the guest spots so we like to keep it in the house. Red Foo, Sky Blu.

It’s probably some middle age mother whose daughter came to our show and got boned! The daughter knows we’re sexy dudes. So just deal with it. The song is not “Roofies, Roofies, Roofies” it’s “Shots, Shots, Shots” a celebration of a pass time the majority of us partake in. So seriously, don’t be jealous about the size of my package. You’ve done a multitude of remixes and guest spots with everyone from Kanye to Pitbull to Chris Cornell which have been your favorites? The Love Lockdown (Kanye West) is pretty amazing because how fast we were able to speed it up. After that all of our remixes have taken flight at that speed. It was pretty cool

How are things different touring now that your record (party rock) is out? It’s great because people know all the songs. When the record wasn’t out some people knew a few tracks off of myspace but now every song off the album when we perform they sing. Every song on our record is catchy and could be a single and I like that. How is the writing process for LMFAO? is it very planned or is a lot freestyle?

It’s more of an inspiration of the moment thing. Any situation could be a song, its really about what inspires us. Oh! that’s a great song! We don’t really like being those guys that are like alright we’re gonna right this bumpin’ jam and they gonna dance it in the club and it’ll be funny. Like for example we came up with I Am Not a Whore when we were at a club trying to pick up women. They would always compliment our hair and that’s where the conversations would end. So Red Foo one day was like I’m gonna accuse them of sleeping with me. He kind of shocked me because I was more than sure it would backfire. So I’m watching Foo and this random girl is like “I like your hair.” and he responds with “Just cause your flattering me with compliments I’m not gonna sleep with you, you can’t be grabbing my booty and such. So I’m here thinking that’s amazing he’s got a random chick touching his booty. I mean, he’s just kicking it true. We’re not whores but we like to do it. What can people expect from a headlining Party Rock tour?

A traveling drunk circus is what it’s best described as. We got a bunch party animals on this show Far East Movement, Paradiso Girls, and Space Cowboy. We also have a lot of magical pelvic thrusts going on. You haven’t seen thrusts like these. Elvis would die twice if he were to see the thrusts we messing with. What’s one thing you want people to come away with from listening to the record? We want them to definitely catcha a buzz but not a hangover. If you are the DD we want you to go away with 2 chicks on your arm. If your a girl then vice-versa. If you like dudes do your thing. It’s all about the party spirit. Just celebrate being yourself, if you wanna dress in marshmallows do your thing. This is your second visit to the Rio Grande Valley. What do you think of the region? It’s great, i think some of our drunkest moments have been there. No joke. The weather, the people, everything is nice. The ladies are crazy!





What made you want to come out on the Party Rock tour? Well we’re all pretty much friends. LMFAO did a remix of one of my tracks falling down. I mean LMFAO, Paradiso Girls and I are all party of Cherry Tree which our label. So it’s amazing to be part of all this, we all know each other and hang out. How would you best describe your style? I like to play anything and everything from The Strokes to Jay-Z to DMX. Whatever will get the party going. So I guess you could call my style Party Music. How Lady

did you hook up with Gaga?

I got introduced to her through Cherry Tree. We actually got signed around the same time. We ended up calling each other one day found that we had a lot in common. Next thing I knew I was in the studio we recorded Starstruck then she asked if I wanted to be on the tour. It’s been such an incredible experience. Has it changed your career at all? Absolutely. Of course, it’s a life changing experience. Just watching her write and perform has been incredible. She really is just something else she can write just as well as she can perform. Working with Gaga has taken me all over the world. What was it like collaborating with Gaga on the songs Monster and So Happy I could Die? A lot of fun! Is your song Boyfriends Hate Me, from personal experience? Ha ha! Kind of. it’s not really about me. I was at a club when we were shooting a video and I was watching a situation. I was just observing the club. It was like a one night thing this girl was talking to a dude then I think this was the next night and she was with a different dude so now the first dude is pissed. It was quite funny but that’s what inspired that track.

What can you tell us about Digital Rock Star? I’m super excited about it. RedOne produced this record and I feel like it’s just an awesome collaboration. Everyone involved has been super cool. It’s a very fun electro-hop album. You’ve done many remixes and reworks of songs, which have been your favorites? Pokerface for Lady Gaga is definitely my favorite.

How was the experience in remixing a Marilyn Manson song? Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand) (Space Cowboy Remix) It was super cool and great fun. It wasn’t the easiest song to remix, and you want him to like it. Because I mean it’s Marilyn Manson, you know? At times I would think to myself well what would marilyn want to hear? Then I was like well I don’t know but at the same time you gotta do what you like. It turned out well and he loved it. What do you think is a common misconception about DJs that you’d like to clear up? A lot of people think we’re ego maniacs I’m most certainly not egotistical. I guess that’s really depending on the DJ I don’t have many issues. I read you did a chart topping single remix of Prince’s I would Die 4 U only to have it not chart because of the label. Can you tell us about that? Yeah, it was back in 2004 there were apparently too many songs on my record at the time. It was an error by the label and it was a bit disappointing to lose

a chart position but at the same time that song was already famous within the club scene so it had already helped me get to many places. So all in all it was disappointing but it still helped my career.











Imagine a monster. But more than just any monster. One of the most fierce and ruthless monsters, capable of becoming a threatening force to anyone in the world. The Golightly Project has been the one of the valley’s best kept secrets for about 3 years now. “It’s been a long ass journey bro, a wild trip, but we are here.” says Dewayne. After a long hiatus and their first Billboard single (Sweat it Out) they are ready to take on the world. The group formed about 3 years ago comprised of Dewayne Golightly from Kentucky and Jay “Jiro” originally from Brownsville. Dewayne informed us that this is actually the 3rd version of the project and is the one people have grown to know and love. Drawing inspirations from the likes of Timbaland, Jodeci, and Pharell the duo are set to unleash a record of epic proportions showcasing not only their talent but other locals that have yet to be fully discovered such as C-Styles, Young Blood and Freestal. We sat down for a brief Q&A with the members of the Golightly Project and this is what went down. What are your goals as far as your performances go? D: First things first is making sure that we have fun. Which is sometimes a lil more difficult than what is expected. I mean, because I don’t know, we are what? A hip-hop, r&b, dance group? But we end up performing for all different kinds of crowds man which is sometimes intimidating because we know they are not expecting us.  So, yes, to answer your question, having fun.  J: Being free on stage, singing live, holdin’ the mic, and watchin’ the audiences

reaction! I LOVE IT! If you could collab with an artist you respect, who would it be? D: Local? Hmm... the lead singer from Methmare is sexy. I would like to make a beat with Timbaland.  Just to vibe with the guy bro and chill man.  I would do a hook if he thought it was hott... i learned alot from listening to that guy man.   We heard you have a song that hit the BILLBOARD charts. Tell us about that. Yea, “Sweat it Out” made it on to the rthymic charts i mean, not much higher than 200.  But I don’t think any other local hip hop artist can claim that.  They hate on us kinda bad man, I still haven’t figured out the problem.  Oh, i don’t want to do music for free. Gotcha! haha   What’s with all the BEEF? Well, i lead you into that one huh?  I don’t think its just between rappers because you know I sing dude. I remember when Future was trying to beef with us.  BUT HE IS A RAPPER!  So I put my lil bro FreeStal on a track and that ended that lol.  Then Nune tried to start something, mainly because of C-Styles...  but my dad talked us out of releasing it (you know how preachers love peace lol).  I am saying though Ramsey, even the promoters hate on us.  I am sorry, just because the other locals fiend for concerts and will pay grands. NOPE that is not us.  We put on a good show man, we have made PROFIT AT EVERY CONCERT WE HAVE PUT ON!  People pay as much to see some of our shows as these bands that tour the states.  But like I said, we have a ton of haters.  I bet you the groups don’t want some locals out shining them.  We even had a promoter tell us not to out do

the main act. More than one actually.  Ugh!    When can we expect a CD to drop? I just figured Logic out, so I am doing about a song every two days, but I am working on Young Bloods album, Raul De la Garza’s, FreeStal’s, C Styles, and ours as well.  Man, I am working on Eddie’s (El Es), and on Rayne’s too. Hopefully by the end of January.  I want to be touring by spring. Any chance you may tour soon? D: Well, if J wasn’t so terrified about leaving the valley man! I am somewhat ready, just want to have a good hours worth of performing and I want a bad ass touring team.  I don’t want just our style, i want to mix the genres. I want people to show up and support music.  We tried to do that at the incubator (i was actually testing out some things to see how they would go) but through all the efforts, it was unfortunate that the groups still cliqued up.  but they all want my help! Go figure.  Wait, better yet GoPRO! J: We may drop somethin’ by this summer. Our goal is these tracks we plan to push and make sum noise with letting the people know that we are back! then hopefully we can begin a tour as long as Frank’s willing to manage it! (haha) and we will be on the top very soon. Where can people contact the Golightly Project? Follow us on Twitter. or add us on Myspace. or if you are sexy... you can hit J up on his cell phone, his number is 956 455 05 haha just kidding.

Fact: First waterproof wrist watch was invented in 1926 by Rolex. The codename for the project was “Oyster.”


Read the ENTIRE interview @


It’s 5 o’clock and you are ready for some alcohol-fueled stress relief. Or maybe a nice dinner out? These are some of the best places to visit and have yourself a great time. Cheers! COPZ LOUNGE


In Harlingen, it is law to party at Copz. Where else can you find great live music & drink specials. Play pool & watch live sporting events every single day of the week. FREE Wi-Fi Internet available. Stop by and tell Aaron & Michelle that Mag X sent you. That is the law!

Simon Sez is the home of Rock & Roll! Hundreds of Album Covers, Guitars & Rock & Roll Memorabilia line the walls and you will find live music (everything from original rock, classic, cover bands to touring bands) Tuesday - Saturday. Fun for all ages, as long as you are over 21!

Smoking: YES! Cover: NEVER Hours: Mon-Fri • 4-2am Sat-Sun • 6-2am copzlounge

Smoking: Yes. Food: Snacks Available Happy Hour: M - F 4 - 7pm Cover: Special Events only Hours: Mon-Sat/4pm - 2am Website:

401 W. 77 Sunshine Strip Ste E Harlingen, TX • 956.440.9400


2600 N 10th St, Hidalgo, Tx 956-843-6688 Home to RGV teams Killer Bees, Dorados, & the Vipers. And THE place to watch major recording artists. everyone from Mana’, to WWE, to STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, to Brad Paisley have rocked the Arena. 2009 will bring even more big names (GEORGE STRAIT!!) to Dodge and we along side the whole Valley are waiting for them.



2021 Orchid Ave Mcallen, TX 78504 •(956) 682-2005 Every friday when the sun goes down, thats when the children of the night come out to play. You will find them at Metropolis on the second floor. New wave, 80’s, alternative, techno, & industrial blast through the sound system as black masses dance & swirl seductively through the blackness while DJ Hexpheratu spins all the best tunes. Smoking: Yes. Cover: $5


2007 Orchid Ave • McAllen 956.686.9688


2451 Pablo Kisel Blvd Brownsville, TX (956) 986-2337 “Get up, stand up. c’mon throw your hands up”... to the best damn pub & grill in Brownsville. If you are looking for a great place with over 25 beers on tap, Table Toppers, delicious food and the gorgeous Shenanigans girls? Then there is only one place to go, SHENANIGANS! Try the Irish Car Bomb, it gets the job done. Smoking: Yes. Food: Yes.American & Irish. Happy Hour: M - F 4pm - 7pm Cover: Special Events only. Hours: Mon-Sun/11am - 2am Website:


2518 W Business Hwy 83 956-631-8848 Drive west down Bus 83 before you get to Shary Rd & you will find one smoking, scorching hell of a bar. SMOKIN ACES has been rocking & rolling its patrons since day one. Rockn-Roll, metal and now even some country are enjoyed along with 46 beers on tap. every night you are dealt a great hand at Smokin Aces.

MUSIC: An artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner.

It’s midnight on a Friday night. The party is just beginning. Follow your heart to Downtown McAllen where there’s always something to do. CINE EL REY

The absolute best place to throw a bash. A true Texas landmark. Put the Grand Ole Opry & The Apollo together and you get an idea what Cine is, we challenge anyone to find a better sounding venue in the valley. Smoking: Outside 956-971-9825 cineelrey


216 South 17th Steet McAllen, TX 78501 • 956.627.2471 Austin Style Bar (think 6th St.) The dive certainly does not live up to its name. It’s a great place to hang out & watch sports on the big screens. Or listen to some great local music. Hungry? Make sure you try the sushi, its some of the best in the valley. Smoking: Outside. Happy Hour:5-7 Cover: No Hours: M-F • 3-12 SAT • 5-1 * Closed Sun 956-627-2471


214 South 17th Steet McAllen, TX 78501 • 956.664.BREW R&B is McAllen’s Blues bar. Every week you can catch acts Aaround town. 3 Flat screens play sports, movies, concerts & the atmosphere is great and features a raised table area on either side so you always have a great view of the bands! If you are feeling brave, ask for our signature drink “THE MAGX BOMB.” You won’t regret it!



1701 Chicago Ste. 2 • McAllen,TX 78501 • 956.457.4292 Right in front of Chicago St. Scream Factor X on (Chicago st.) is where you’ll get lucky. Adult DVD’s toys for grown up girls & boys & some of the most amazing hand made wooden bondage accesories in Texas. Stop by & tell Isabel & Brandon you wanna get “Lucky” Also featuring 3 for $20 DVD’s.


200 S. 17th • McAllen,TX 956.994.0199 An upscale looking bar that can handle its own against any rock bar when it comes to music. great drink specials with a killer VIP area on the second level. Smoking: Outside. Cover: Set Days Reservations: 956.994.0199


1100 Austin Ave - Mcallen, TX 78501 Not only is The Old Ice House the largest night-club of McAllen’s Entertainment District, it is also the most upscale with a lavish and contemporary interior. Features include five levels with DJ and live music, a glass-top wine-cave and valet parking. Smoking: Indoor smoking area and outside. Call to reserve your VIP area and bottle service 956-213-8260

NIGHTLIFE: Is the collective term for any entertainment that is available and more popular from the late evening into the early hours of the morning.

Smoking: Outside. Cover: No Hours: M-F • 3-12 SAT • 5-1 * Closed Sun 956-627-2471



ALAMO Wal-Mart Expressway & Ceasar Chavez BROWNSVILLE AV Lopez Barnes & Noble Bennigan’s Ben’s Liquor Store Bicycle World Bigo’s Blue Shell B’s Hobbies Collectibles Bucana’s Night Club Buffalo Wild Wings Burger King C & C Wings Chapa’s City Kart Cobblehead Courtyard Inn Dark Secrets Novelties Dark Side Of The Moon Day’s Inn Ferrell’s Liquor H & H Liquors Hermes Music Hurricanes Joe’s Bar & Grill Lopez Super Market Lotus Inn Motel 6 New China Buffet Oyster Bar Pokey’s Planet Powerhouse Gym Quizno’s Rack Daddy’s

Rudy’s Bar-B-Q Shenanigans Spanky’s Burgers Sportman Club Stickman’s Bar & Grill Stilettos Cabaret Taco Bell Tide Water BarB-Q U-Mix Coffee Bar Wal-Mart Wing Stop Yamaha DONNA Texxx Adult Video Valley Girls EDINBURG 107 Food Mart American Audio & Tint Chap’s Bar & Grill Ciro’s Colimas Restaurant Cornerstone Grill Crucitas Kitchen Cyber Comix Dairy Queen Delia’s Fast Eddies Flaming Heart Tattoo Holiday Liquor Illusion’s Ink Addictions Moonlight Café New Home Curcitas’s Buffet Oriental Café

Pan American Library Choice Quick Wok Skin Deep Tattoo Skates & Boards Taco Bell Tico’s Restaurant Top Video Trevino’s Video Mart Wille’s Bar B Q HARLINGEN America’s Big John’s Bar-B-Q Booters Bar (Wild Bills) Brisas Car Wash Car Wash, Car Wash Cherry John’s City Light Bar & Grill Comics unlimited Copz Lounge Eight Ball El Loco Tattoo EZ Rims Gotham Comics Henry Party Supplies Hop & Shop Hot Topic (In The Mall) Kujo’s Krazy Tattoo Las Cazuela Lone Star Long John Silver Mares Tires & Wheels Mr. Music (In the Mall)2 Reilly’s

Party Time Liquors Pokeys Planet Sam Goody ( In the Mall) Sauza Restaurant Sound Advise Taco Bell Taqueria Jalisco Valley Girls Vela’s Restaurant Wal-Mart Whispers Yen San McALLEN Barnes & Noble Big Boys Toys Car Wash, Car Wash4 D M Powers Tattoo Studios Deli Salads Extreme’s Flavors Flamingo Bowl Free Spirits Fuddruckers Golds’ Gym Hasting (Hard Back Café) Hermes Music Hobbies & Heros Holiday Liquor Under World Boutique Hungry Howie Pizza Iguanna’s JJ’s Party House Louies Comics Switch foot skate shop Lucky 13 Mac’s Newsstand Maragarita’s

Master Piece Café4 Melhart Music Memes’s Records & Videos Myth Adventures Newmans R.G.V. Video RA’s Sport Bar Republic of The Rio Grande S.T.C.C. Library Simon Sez Skin Deep Tattoo Skunky’s Smoothie King Sport Clips Sun Palace Restaurnt Sunny Bunz Taco Rico Tacofe Taquitono Tequila Jacks Liquor Store The Gallery The Peace Pipe The Pump The Smoke Shop Thristy Monkey Ticket Zone Tico’s Top Video Truck Toys T-Shirt Express Vermilyen Tattoos Western Beverage White Buffalo Wine & Spirits MISSION Casa Del Taco Church’s Danny’s Restaurant

Finish Line Jitter Café K.F.C. La Paletera Lone Star Bar-B-Q Michallita’s Restaurant Mission Fitness Center Pizza Di Roma The Peace Pipe Quick Wash Quick Wok Quiznos’s Skean Dhu Tequila Jacks The Bean Cuisine The Car Spa Valley Bowl West Side Liquor Store OLMITO Texxx Adult Video PHARR Buena Suerta Tattoo Flores Kung Fu Academy Free Spirits Glick Twins KFC La Mexicana Smokey’s Bar-B-Q Stilettos Cabaret Subway Tex-Mex The Music Center Yamaha PORT ISABEL Castaway’s Dairy Queen

Doubleday Bar Passions Wal-Mart SAN JUAN Dairy Queen Junior Supermarket1 Powerhouse Gym Smokey’s Bar-B-Q SOUTH PADRE Ace Hardware ACE Tattoos AmberJacks B & S Kites Ben’s Liquor Bigo’s Coral Reef Bar Daddy’s Dairy Queen Dirty Al’s Inkredible Tattoo Kelly’s Irish Pub Padre Island Brewery Palm & Laguna Palmetto Inn Peggy’s Tattoos Pizza Hut Psychadeli Rovan Restaurant Surf Up Tom & Jerry WESLACO Holiday Liquor Keno’s Café Pokey’s Planet Red Pepper S.T.C. Top Video Wal-Mart

Sometimes a few pages is all it takes. Everyone needs an escape from reality. So go ahead, indulge. Comics Unlimited

Myth Adventures

Comic Books, Trade Paperbacks, Toys, Statues, Card Games, Anime, Manga, T-Shirts, Posters. Your ONE stop comic shopping for the Harlingen Area Comics, trade paperbacks, toys, shirts, cards, manga, anime & videos. On the corner of Tyler & Harrisson, you will a store of UNLIMITED goodies. Subscription service available.

Comic Books, Trade Paperbacks, Toys, Statues, Skateboards & Equipment, Card Games, Anime, Manga, Role Playing Games, T-Shirts, Posters. McAllen’s oldest & largest comic book & hobby store. Comics, toys, card games, statues, trade paperbacks, skateboards, shirts, D&D. When it comes to selection, no one beats Myth Adventures. You name it, they have it. Layaway & subscription service available.

1418 E Tyler • Harlingen,TX 956-412-7808

Cyber Comics

4201 W. University Dr. Edinburg, TX • 956-316-2526 Comic Books, Trade Paperbacks, Toys, Statues, Card Games, Anime, Manga, T-Shirts, Posters, Art Supplies. Putting the “BLAM” back in comics! Located off 107 & N. 10th. Cyber Comics offers a HUGE gaming area as well as comics, toys, & cards. Great in-store special. Subscription services with free bag & board.

Hobbies & Heroes

5401 N 10th Mcallen,Tx Ste 27 856-668-9700 Comic Books, Trade Paperbacks, Toys, Statues, Sports Cards & Memorobilia, Card Games, Anime, Manga, Role Playing Games, T-Shirts, Posters. Located on N.10th, Hobbies & Heroes is a sports fans dream come true Comics, toys, trade paperbacks & sports cards. Subscription service available. Need sport memorabilia? H&H is your sport collectibles HQ

C O M I C S + C O L L E C TA B L E S

4617 N. 10th McAllen,TX 956-687-3104

Superhero: is a fictional character of “extraordinary or superhuman powers” dedicated to protecting the public.


4500 N 10th Mcallen, Tx 956-972-1276 Comic Books, Trade Paperbacks, Toys, Statues, Card Games, Anime, Manga, Role Playing Games, T-Shirts, Posters, CD’s, DVD’s, Video Games, and much much more! Hastings is truly a one stop shop for anybody in search of endless entertainment.


Art is always a constant reminder of a point in time. Tattoos are no different. The permanence is their beauty.



2520 W Pecan • 2128 S. 17th St. Mcallen, Tx PH: 956-631-8282 • 956-994-8282 Established in 1996 with 2 locations to serve you. Tattoos, cover-ups, piercings, (5) artists (Frank,Billy,Willie & Joey) with their own unique style to choose from.

TRUE TATTOO 905 W FM 495 San Juan, Tx PH: 956.781.9999

Truly one of the most beautiful tattoo shops we have ever set foot in. Headed by artist Spike & piercer Ashley, True Tattoo simply delivers quality art and piercing at a great price. Stop by and make an appointment with the lovely Paloma.


314 N. 2nd St. • Mercedes, Tx PH: 956-565-1516 If you’re ever in Mercedes or just want a great f’n tat. Look up Dan and the crew over at Customs Tattoo on 2nd street. You won’t be disappointed! Like the name says, these tattoos are hot, fresh and made to order!


1122 N10th Unit F • McAllen,TX PH: 956-686-7890 WWW.MYSPACE.COM/POWERSTATTOOS Specializing in: Custom Tattoos Color, Glow, & Black & White. 20,000 designs, Real Life Portraits Cover Up Work, Body Piercing & Jewelry, Permanent cosmetics 100% inspection from health dept. on last visit.

Tattoo: is a marking made by inserting ink into the layers of skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons.

FLAMING HEART TATTOO STUDIO 624 N. Closner Blvd. PH: 956-287-9777

Check out one of the oldest studios in Edinburg. Come over and see Chris for some amazing color and line work.


MAGX #49 December 2009  

LMFAO, Dickies BBQ, Los Lonely Boys, 3D TV, DJ Space Cowboy, Lady Gaga's DJ, The Golightly Project. FEATURED SONG BY: METHMARE MOTORCADE SO...

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