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We’re counting down to our 1 Year Anniversary and will be

announcing the location of the official MAG X 1yr ANNIVERSARY PARTY next month. Not Only that but we have several changes in store for you guys next month too. But this month within the pages of Mag X is the Band tearing up this regions BODOG Battle of the Bands, STILLBORNE. Read up on them and their Touring Adventures. Also, the lovely ASIA DEVINYL is back within the pages of Mag X with her Top 10 Favorite Johnny Depp Movies. As you all may know, Johnny Depp is starring in the New Pirates of the Caribbean movie out July 7th. Our Resident Master DJ and Friend Dani Garza (See the March Issue) has a new Monthly column called “The Klubstalker” where he finds up and coming, über-talented Dj’s from the Valley Scene and Interviews them. Those of you into the Dance scene can find out where the most talented DJ’s are spinning your favorite ass shakin’ songs. We ate at Shenanigans Irish Bar & Grill in BrownTown this month and loved it so much, we wrote about it... ...and as usual, we have Komotaka answering your letters and belittling you, J3S giving you the scoop on Spidey 3, Leo watching too much T.V. (and telling you what doesn’t suck) and some other stuff that I can’t remember cause I pulled another all-nighter to bring you this issue. I’m gonna get some sleep now. See ya next issue! -Ramsey

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Love me long time!!

Email your answers to CONTESTS@MAGXONLINE.COM

Well it had to happen, we made last month’s answers sooo easy that we actually have a winner! I mean come on, we practically gave you the answers! Congrats to Dave (tonight a fi re/ December Drive) and Jessica. They won a new release DVD. This month we are taking no prisoner’s. Good luck, NO HINTS THIS MONTH!! BWAHAHAHA!!!! PRIZE: A new release DVD of your choice and a Mag X Mysteriously Mysterious Goodie Back with...Goodies inside!

1. John Constantine & The Vampire Lestat are both played by 2 different actors. Name the actor in his late 20’s that was the (physical) inspiration for both writers? 2. He plays a magistrate who gets his head chopped off, an unfair kin, and a terrorist. Who is he? 3. Who is found on mile 27? 4. what song does Charlie Brown sing? BONUS QUESTION: Which actor in M Night Shyamalan movies has starred in every single one? here are some choices: Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, or Bruce Willis

Send your answers to:


Hello there! We get alot of letters/email here at MagX but haven’t had time to respond to them. Luckily, Our buddy Black Mantis Komatoko the “Devourer or Souls” was laid off from his job at El Pato, apparently his mask was scaring the customers, so we hired him as our Letter answerer. Have a question that’s nagging the hell out of you? ASK HIM!

Komotaka is back! Many

have tried to go one on one with the Lord Master of the Flying Squirrel Twitching Monkeyhorny Chihuahua technique, and all have failed! Komotaka has time to answer more letters from faithful followers.

one can say Komotaka’s name the way Komotaka does. So to answer your question Komotaka is fi ne and Komotaka does not speak in the third person Komotaka’s just basically enjoys saying Komotaka’s name. So Komotaka’s reply to you is: DIE USELESS SCUM!

Dear Komotaka

do you like blondes, brunettes, or redheads? -Kelly Finally a question worth Komotaka’s attention. Well Kelly, Komotaka likes them all. Komotaka does not care about drapes matching carpets e likes drapes matching the linoleum floors. Get ready Kelly for I Lord Komotaka will lay on you a tortilla love slapping like you’ve never had.


I’m goin to Acapulco with my girlfriends family in August. Should I wear surfer shorts or speedos? -Nick Dear Di....err Komotka means Dear Nick, Komotaka will say this once and once only. The only one that has enough “Manhood” to Pull off wearing a speedo is Komotaka. He packs it like a horse.

Hey Komotakaaaaa,

Why do you always speak in the third person? Are you ok? -Janie Komotaka should destroy your useless existence for quesitioning Komotaka’s speech pattern. The reason Komotaka speaks this way is because no

Komotaka knows all! Are you manly enough to face me? Do you dare ask me questions? Are you not afraid of Komotaka’s Answers? Then email me with your silly questions and I will give you answers that will improve your meaningless lives. KOMOTAKA LIVES!!!

The second album from this low-key pop trio comes along at a time when the world may be a little tired of smooth British balladeers. I was skeptical at first, but based on the fact that Keane’s 2004 debut ‘Hopes and Fears’ was constantly playing in my head, or on the intercom, thanks to my wonderful day job, I thought I’d give


them a chance. Good thing, too, because ‘Under The Iron Sea’ has progressed both lyrically and musically. Growing up together in a tiny town in south England, it seemed there was nothing else to do except play football (soccer to us Americans) and make great music. These guys are all either 30 or approaching that milestone, so it’s no wonder their subject matter tends to run a tad deeper than would in your

average adult contemporary pop song.

Love, or lack thereof, is always a classic motivator, as are finding your space in life, war and the state of the world, all of which are tastefully touched upon throughout Under The Iron Sea. Maybe these are just topics I can respect and identify with, being at a similar age, but something just clicked. It didn’t hurt that the overall sound scape of this album is beautiful, ethereal even, built around

a piano and not a guitar. That little nugget usually gets them compared to (eek!) Colplay, but a more discerning ear might put them alongside early 90’s U2, with whom Keane toured, and gained worldwide recognition, a few years back. Lucky for them, and us. Track that has turned out to be my favorite, but probably will be no one’s else’s: Track # 2 “Is It Any Wonder?”

By: Dani Garza

Welcome to the first Klubstalker column based on the emerging underground club scene here in the Rio Grande Valley. Since I moved to the Valley in January, I have been to many club events in the Valley that have impressed me. So when Ramsey asked if I could do a monthly column after having been interviewed in this magazine (March ‘06 issue), I was more than happy to oblige. During one of the dj events, one of the local djs caught my attention with his skills in the art of mixing and producing electro dance music. I asked one of the local promoters, “Who is this guy spinning?” He responded, “That is Blazin’ Rey and can you believe he is still in high school”. For a senior in high school to spin as a talented veteran dj takes a lot of passion to perfect this craft. Now here I am conducting an interview with one of the best djs Texas has to offer…so let’s get started shall we. from funky-electro, to tribal house. Dj/producers I look up to are John Dahlback, Austin Leeds, Nic Fanciulli, Seb Fontaine to name a few. MagX: What do you think of the scene in the Rio Grande Valley as compared to Laredo, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio?

MagX: First, tell us what got you into dj’ing? Rey: What got me into dj’ing was actually seeing the hip-hop movie ‘Juice’. Seeing all those dj’s compete and making people dance. I thought it would be cool for a person to play what he likes and get a crowd moving. MagX: Not many people know this but you just graduated from Sharyland High School, how does it feel to be dj’ing at the Valley’s biggest club events at an age where it is illegal for you to drink? Rey: It feels pretty good. Many people get surprised when I tell them how old I am. I get many props.


MagX: Djs get the girls…you know that right? There is the saying in the industry, “Djs are a woman’s best friend”? Rey: Yea you can say that. I don’t know why... maybe ‘cause us djs gets them dancing and play good music? MagX: I heard you played in Mexico. Where did you dj at? Rey: I played in Reynosa...which was one of my first gigs at a small club called Agave Blue. MagX: Speaking of which, how many styles do you play and who are some of your influences? Rey: It usually depends where I play. I can go

Rey: It seems the RGV is getting to that point where it’s getting bigger than those scenes over there. MagX: What is the history behind AudioTek since they have been pushing out the best

club djs the Valley has to offer?

do residency there on Saturday’s?

Rey: These guys have been around for a long time. I’ve seen them attend some events I’ve played at. They have alot of talent. I’m sure they found that in me. They have treated me very well. These guys are very professional. I’m glad I joined this dj/promotion crew. They have really gotten my name out here in the valley and upper Texas.

Rey: I’ve known J-Gruv for a while now. I have done a few gigs and residencies for him as well. This night is an all electronic night. So he picked me up for it.

MagX: J-Gruv Promotions does a lot with a new club in McAllen called Onyx. How were you picked to

MagX: Now I have heard that you also produce music. Are you a solo producer or do you have people help you? Rey: I produce with my partner Fern Arguello aka Dj Afro Alien and I use Fruity Loops 6, Acid 6 software and use an M-Audio Oxygen 8 keyboard. We are known as Retrovox. MagX: Do you manage your own gigs or do you have somebody do that for you? Rey: In the RGV sometimes I get my brother to take care that, since he has so many connections. Gigs out of the valley...I get my fellow members of AudioTek to take care of that. MagX: Do you think promoters like J-Gruv, PartyMonster, AudioTek, MixMasters, and others are making the Valley

This month on W.T.F.I.O.? (What the F*ck is On?), we take a look at ‘The Death of the Sitcom’ with HBO’s “Lucky Louie.” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” returns with Danny Devito on board. New DVDs available for the month of July, shows you MUST watch on TV, and the sad death of “Chappelle’s Show.” =o( & New “Reno 911” =o)

HBO strikes gold with “Lucky Louie”

“Lucky Louie,” which premiered last month and stars the balding redhaired comic (who was a character member of Conan O’Brien’s writing staff and an Emmy-winning writer for “The Chris Rock Show,” then made the 2001 blaxploitation spoof “Pootie Tang”) as a muffler-shop mechanic and family man. Louis C.K. wrote the show which centers on a middle-class couple with a kid, and his tiny, tough wife, Kim (played by Pamela Adlon), a nurse who serves as the family breadwinner. They have a 4-year-old daughter, Lucy (Kelly Gould), who, like non-TV kids, is sweet, fussy, a chatterbox or in tears, depending on the moment — and who in one scene last week plied her father with so many “why” questions that finally he answered, “Because God’s dead and we’re alone.” Which satisfied her. Louie is well intentioned but befuddled, and somewhat less than ambitious. The 12-episode season was taped in front of a studio audience, capturing guaranteed-real laughs. In fact, the series is pretty much all-natural, Louis vows. “I wear my own clothes on the show and I never wear makeup,” he says. “There have been times where I was up late with my kids, woken up at 4 in the morning by my zerosympathy wife, gone to the set, pumped myself full of coffee, struggled through the day, and did the show


that night.” He also will executive produce the HBO Independent Prods. project with his manager at 3 Arts Entertainment, Dave Becky. The pilot, which will be shot in front of a live audience, stems from Louis C.K.’s development deal with HBO. It is HBO’s first attempt at a traditional five-camera sitcom. Sundays at 10:30 p.m.(CT) on HBO.

The end of “Chappelle’s Show” When Dave Chappelle skipped town for Africa

last year, abandoning a lucrative $50 million television contract and his world wide popular sketch comedy show, he left behind an hour’s worth of unseen material in the Comedy Central vault. This summer “Chappelle’s Show” fans will finally be able to watch

the highly anticipated lost episodes, three of them to be exact. The show will be exactly the same, except in place of Chappelle will be co/stars Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings (a.k.a. Ashy Larry). Dave Chappelle isn’t too happy with Neal Brennan’s (“Chappelle’s Show” co-writer) decision to release the last three episodes. Chappelle was on the talk show circuit, accusing Brennan of abandoning him in his time of need. “How many times do you think he called his

sick buddy?” Chappelle asked Oprah, “If he was that concerned about me, I just didn’t get the call. I kept the same phone number.” Brennan, on the other hand, has this to say of his estranged pal’s exit: “I just figured, ‘oh the

show’s over,’ which obviously was hugely disappointing, sad and unfair, but there was nothing I could do about it.” But either way Comedy Central still owns the footage which will finally be aired July 9th on Comedy Central. Or you can purchase the “Chappelle’s Show: The Lost Episodes Uncensored” DVD, which arrives in stores nationwide

units sold. “Chappelle’s Show” returns Sunday, July 9th @ 8pm (CT) on Comedy Central. Check out new “Mind of Mencia” on right after “Chapplle’s Show.”

on Tuesday, July 25 and will also be available at

some respects, a parody of the long-running television show COPS. The show features the fictional members of a Washoe County, Nevada, sheriff’s department (based in Reno) being videotaped during the course of their duties, sometimes addressing the camera directly, as though being interviewed. The force also has problems with racism, unrequited attractions, promiscuity, passive-aggressive feuds, drug use, and other dysfunctional troubles that supply a lot of the show’s humor. It was nominated as Outstanding Comedy Series at the 2004 GLAAD Media Awards.

“Chappelle’s Show: The Lost Episodes Uncensored” DVD is a one disc set featuring all three lost episodes and over an hour’s worth of bonus material from the third season. The release contains the following bonus material: extra unaired sketches, never before seen performances by John Legendand Dead Prez; “The Fabulous Making of Chappelle’s Show” documentary; audio commentary by series collaborators and cast members Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings and series co-creator/ executive producer Neal Brennan; blooper reel and deleted scenes. •”Chappelle’s Show Season 1” DVD is the top selling TV on DVD release with over 3.5 million units sold. “Chappelle’s Show Season 2” DVD is the third highest selling TV on DVD release of all time with 2.5 million

“RENO 911!” Season 4 The folks that brought you “The State” and “Viva Variety!” are back for some law-enforcement mayhem. Reno 911! is, in

For More W.T.F.I.O including Trivia and DVD Picks Check out the Community Forum. Got Comments? or Suggestions? Hit me up on or

A lot of things piss me off but the worst by far are valley drivers. My thoughts are if you complain about driving in the valley you are part of the solution and if you think otherwise you’re part of the problem. I’m not the best driver but it’s because I’m forced to drive like shit. Why the hell does someone think it’s alright to drive twenty in a forty? This I would really like to know. And if you’re driving twenty in a forty and the guy in the other lane is as well why the hell do you honk at me when I go around you in the bike lane because you are driving too slow? You’re the one that is taking thier sweet ass time. Cmon man the sign is right there... push on the gas a little bit and let’s all get where we need to go. Do you not how to read a speed limit sign or do you have zero common courtesy for others? I think I have some basic categories slow drivers fit in. don’t even realize they are on the road... who knows? It’s even worse when their forehead is at the same height at the top of the wheel. Cmon you can’t even see! Get a phonebook or something to sit on and one of your granchildren to work the pedals so you can get wherever the hell you are going.

1. The I’m On The Phone Driver

This guy decides his cell phone conversation is pretty damn important and he needs to take the call right then and there. Well buddy I can talk on my phone while I drive and maintain the speed limit. If you can’t multitask then why the hell don’t you hang up the phone and drive before I decide to ram your car? That will give you something to talk about. This pisses me off even more when there is literally someone in the passenger seat to relay the conversation so you can pay attention to the road.


2. The Old Guy

This driver is towards the end of their reign on earth. Yes it’s sad that they are old. Seriously if you can’t drive you shouldn’t be driving. Ride the bus... get a

ride. Just stay off the streets. I don’t hate old people and some old people still can drive like they were twenty or thirty. But you have these old people who shouldn’t be on the road at all, maybe they

3. The I’m Just Slow Driver

This driver just doesn’t care. He goes at his own pace while everyone wants him to hurry up and drive like a normal human being. It’s even worse when you have these drivers next to eachother taking up both lanes. Why don’t you both go twenty in the same lane so the rest of us can go the speed limit. It’s like you’re totally unaware and don’t care. It’s even worse when I pass your ass and then you decide to speed up. This assclown then looks at you like you’re crazy for wanting to go the speed limit and makes you look like the douchebag.

4. The I Don’t Know How To Plan Driver

This guy decides it’s okay to be on one side of the street before he makes his move. Then whenever his exit or wherever he is going comes up he decides to cut off all the other lanes of traffic. Dude you know where you want to go why the hell weren’t you in that lane a mile ago? It’s not like it suddenly appeared out of thin air. If you truely didn’t know where you were going your ass should learn how to read a map. They are in the phone book for Christ’s sake. The police in the valley definately need to start pulling over these idiots who can’t seem to grasp the concept of a speed limit. This is a daily occourance and something that definately pisses me off and makes the road rage come out of me. I’m not trying to go over the speed limit(usually)

but if I’m sitting behind you for thirty seconds and your ass doesn’t speed up I’m going to give you a dirty look because you deserve it. Get out of your own little world, put down the makeup, call them back later and just push on that pedal. If you’re all pissed off at me after reading all this you should really learn how to drive or get off the road before I decide to introduce you to one of my fingers because you deserve it. If you have some compassion and know where I’m coming from then you’re all good. - Kain

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So the story goes like this. We heard about this new place in Brownsville that everyone is talking about called Shenanigans Irish Pub and Grill. No we’re not Irish, but we like to drink like we are, so we drive our rowdy butts to Brownsville to check it out. Immedietly I love the Place! Beautiful Girls everywhere. From the servers to the customers, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Our lovely waitress comes over, takes our order, brings us our drinks, and we head to the back room to play Darts and this addictive Video Bowling game while the Chef prepares our meals. Shenanigan’s has 25 Ice Cold Beers ON TAP plus enough liquor to put Metallica in a coma. J3S wins a few games of

darts and the Food is ready. Wow. I had The Steak which was smothered in cheese, mushrooms, and Bell Peppers as well as Cleavon’s Bacon Wrapped Shrimp. Lets Start with the shrimp. 8 huge shrimp wrapped in Bacon and served Pippin’ hot. DAMN! This seemed more like an entree than an appetizer. Words cannot describe the deliciousness that is Cleavon’s Bacon Wrapped Shrimp. Thank You Cleavon, whoever you may be. On to the Steak. It was tender, delicous and like I said before...smothered in cheese. A BIG plus in my book! The Rib Eye was cooked to perfection with lots

of mushrooms. usually, I’m not a big fan of Bell Peppers but it added a great flavor to the steak. It was served with a side of Veggies. I stole some Onion Rings from J3S’ plate and I have to say that those were the best onion rings I have ever tasted. Overall, the food was amazing. I am definitly coming back. J3S: Ok, my turn, I also tried the shrimp and steak which were fantastic. But i’m a burger guy, That is my meat and potatoes, pardon the pun. First thing I noticed is how HUGE the patty is! Juicy, super fresh and full


of flavor and spices. exactly the way a burger should be. They even added an extra slice of ham to the burger which actually gave it a nice flavor. The plate came with the veggies on the side, and some truly great onion rings. The O rings were perfectlly done as well, crunchy on the outside. nice

and chewy on the inside. So if you are in the mood for great food and drinks, check out Shenanigan’s Irish Pb and Grill in Brownsville. It really is as good as we say it is. It’s located at 2451 Pablo Kisel Blvd. Tell em’ MagX sent you!

This month we sat down with local favs Stillborne who is one of the few bands from the RGV to advance to the next round of the BODOG Battle of the Bands. After chasing their van down the freeway in a Border Patrol chopper we cornered them by the river and asked them a few questions. MagX: You all came from two successful bands, what made you all come together? Stillborne: After we saw our bands going down we just wanted to continue what we loved doing. It is as if it was bound to happen. We just got together, Matt, Ernie and I, jammed out and after


a couple of practices, we completed about four songs. We kept on doing what we were doing, had a couple of line up changes on the way and now were here better than ever. MagX: What do you all do to stand out in the RGV scene? Stillborne: The valley has more of a punk and hardcore scene as oppose to what we play so thats one. But if you see us live, you witness what were about. It all comes from the heart and good ol’ practice. MagX: How did you all develop your sound? Stillborne: A lot of practice. We went from

practicing maybe only once or twice a month and just winging it at shows to practicing everyday and playing a lot of out of town shows we always try to better the songs a little here and there. MagX: Describe Stillborne, using only food. Stillborne: Chicken wings and beer, the perfect combination any time of day we’re simple yet complex, beer has a lot of stuff in it, like this band, and it’s all a perfect combination. Above all that wings are delicious to eat, just like us. MagX: We heard you all had a run in with the Border Patrol coming

back from Laredo, what happened? Stillborne: You cant help not getting stopped by La Migra driving a 1988 F150 Econoline, low-rider looking van full of Mexicans and equipmentso yeahthey let us go after we showed them our green cards. (all laughing)

They never get old. MagX: Did any of them influence the band at all? Stillborne: They have, somewhat if you listen to our music you hear a hint of those bands in it but in the end we are Stillborne and thats what you hear when you listen to us.

MagX: What albums have you guys been listening to as of late?

MagX: Do you draw inspirations from things other than music?

Stillborne: We love the latest Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, and Nonpoint cds from last year. They are complete albums that you listen from start to end, repeat all, and then listen to it again and again, and again.

Stillborne: Everyday life man. We look at everything with different angles and perspectives thats what we write about and what drives us to play. But don’t forget to add lots of beer and other enhancers as

well. MagX: Your name Stillborne, How did you come up with it? Stillborne: Honestly? Alright. Matt has some boxers that had a litter of puppies and unfortunately one was born dead. The vet said it was stillborn. We thought that was a good name but to change up so we wont sound evil, we added an e at the end. We look at it as everything in life is still meant to be borne no matter what happens in life. We once heard what borne meant and it goes something like that.


MagX: Recently, you all have been playin the Laredo scene, How is it over there? Stillborne: It is a totally different scene. Not everyone wants to hear the same style of music everywhere they go. Without bashing the hardcore scene, some people actually want to understand the words and lyrics that are being sung. We keep it different we have hard-hitting, heavy songs but we can also tune it down a notch and bust out a few slower songs for the ladies out there to enjoy.

MagX: You all recently advanced to the next round in the BODOG battle of the bands, what did you do to prepare for this upcoming challenge?

Rabbit in San Antonio and manthat tops it too, those people are crazy out there and very supportive of our style and music. That one ranks up there too.

Stillborne: The battle of the bands weve been in. Weve been in about 5 or 6 battles and have only lost onceour very first onewe lost by three points to a band that had been around forever and we had only been together for only about 2 months. That was a cool experience for usknowing we could compete with the top bands of the valley. We just came back from playing at the White

MagX: How bad was your first show as Stillborne? Stillborne: Ha ha, What a question to ask. Our very first show was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! We were all anxious to get out there and play after not playing for a couple of months after what happened to old bands so we were just far beyond drunk. We wanted to have fun but just drank too much before the show.

We played 3 originals and 1 1⁄2 coversyeah 1 1⁄2. Lol. But you can still say it was alright after being together for only 3 weeks. If you were there, you MUST remember our drunken show. MagX: Anything you have to say to your competition at the Bodog Battle? Stillborne: BETTER GET READY YOU WONT KNOW WHAT HIT YOU.

Pirates of the Carribean sails into theatres everywhere on july 7th. And everyone’s favorite pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow is back for more swashbuckling adventures. In honor of Mr. Sparrow, MagX has asked good friend and fellow Johnny Depp fan Asia DeVinyl to give us her “Johnny Depp’s Top 10 Movies!”

7. Blow It is no secret that I have an obsession. My gushing adoration for Johnny Depp is deep, real, and ridiculous. My friends and family buy me Johnny memorabilia, but always with a good natured teasing jab, that Ive come to expect. It started when I was a kid, with Nightmare on Elm Street, 21 Jump Street, and Tiger Beat centerfolds on my bedroom wall. Im not the stalker type mind you, but I will always be there, at the theatre on opening day. I respect Johnny not only for his acting talents, which on several occasions have left me in my seat after the credits have finished in a state of Wow., but also for his unconventional choice of roles. So, when Magazine X asked me to submit my Top 10 Johnny Depp Movies list, I jumped at the chance! But as it turns out, it was a lot harder than I had expected. How do I choose only 10? And worse yet, how on earth do I RANK them?! My picks change from day to day! All of his performances are Number 1, but for a myriad of different reasons. So, without further agony, here is my list Well, todays list, anyway!


10. Benny & Joon

6. Finding Neverland 9. Sleepy Hollow

4. Once Upon a Time in Mexico

3. Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl

5. Ed Wood 8. Edward Scissorhands

1. Cry Baby

2. Don Juan DeMarco

But wait! What about Secret Window! And Whats Eating Gilbert Grape! And Donnie Brasco! From Hell? The Libertine! Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? And DEAD MAN?!? you might be screaming at me right now. And to that I answer:

I feel your pain. XOXO, ~Asia DeVinyl

first movie?hmmm....Don’t forget our contest this month, you might just win a DVD, till next month, a thousand thanks again to the Goddess of Goth and Glamour Asia DeVinyl!

Have you seen the preview?!!? (spiderman. All I can say is WOW! It was way to short, but it looked awesome. The latest news from the SM3 camp is that yes, there will be 4 villains in the upcoming film slated to hit the theatres in 2007. the villains will be Venom, sandman, Green Goblin II or Hob-Goblin and ???. plus new info on the return of Ben Parker? Wait didn’t he die in the


Jes is not a pirate, but still runs around the office with a parrot on his shoulder. Yes he has issues. Asia DeVinyl should be cast as Mrs. Sparrow in PotC 3, “The Wedding of Jack Sparrow”.... check her out @ asiadevinyl

Continued from PG 10 ...more known to the world club scene? Rey: Yes. With the djs they are bringing, they are definitely spreading the word on how the valley is. I hear those same djs that come down, want to come back! MagX: Name some of the big dj’s you have played along? Rey: Bryan Cox, Dave Aude, Dj Diamond, Kid Icarus, Mixin Marc, Josh the Funky 1, Dj Empress MagX: What do you want to tell your fans and friends out there in the region who are reading this? Rey: For those who

have been supporting me through the years and diggin my music… Thanks! MagX: How many years do you want to be doing this? Rey: For the rest of my life. I’m not going to stop! MagX: Well I thank you for your time and patience and I hope this interview helps get your name out even more and I hope some day we will be spinnin together. Anything else you would like to say? Rey: Yeah, visit and listen to me online at: www.myspace. com/reyaguilar1 for new mixes and original work.

MAGX # 11 July 2006  

Stillborne, Johnny Depp Featured Song Dark Days By Methmare Motorcade 2010