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Stadsschouwburg Utrecht is a leading theatre in Central Netherlands. Many events are accessible for non-dutch speakers. Have a look at our November/December selection.

Dance and ballet How high are your expectations of LOVE? | 6 Nov

phrases in Sierra Oscar Foxtrot Tango | 11 Dec

Musical and performing arts

Endless Song of Silence is an intimate choreography for ten dancers about love, hope and the irrevocable farewell | 12 Nov

The five musicians and clowns of SLĂ„PSTICK present a mix of music, theatre, show and vaudeville | 10 Nov

Experience the highlights, the brilliance and versatility of George Balanchine in Best of Balanchine III | 19 & 20 Nov

An artist in search of inspiration will do the craziest things, as it turns out in this enchanting solo The Artist | 1 Dec

Get ready for the eclectic onenight-only event Gender eclectic: changing perspectives, full of dance, performance and pop-up surprises | 24 Nov


Young dancers are challenged by four contrasting choreographic

Tender love music, merry folk tunes, dramatic duets, pseudo-religious music: Die ZauberflĂśte has it all | 26 Nov


MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019

Welcome to Utrecht

Photography Michiel Ton

The winter months are great for a walk around town, with plenty of stops to warm up with a cappuccino and cake, a steaming bowl of ramen or a big plate of Italian pasta. You can do just that in the small and charming district of Wijk C, a former working-class area in the centre of Utrecht. To learn everything about its history, go to the Nederlands Volskbuurt­museum. And end your day dancing to the tunes of a DJ in BUNK Hotel, or catching a live performance by in Café Stathe. You can also visit intimate theatre shows, watch an arthouse movie and discover new music at one of the music festivals in town. For the last weeks of the year, we’ve lined up ten wintry outings in and around Utrecht. What about a brisk walk in the countryside, a visit to the winter market in the authentic centre of the former fishing village of Spakenburg or a round of ice skating in the Railway Museum? It’s up to you! BUNK Hotel

Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht


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MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019

What’s happening?

November & December



Stamppot on the State yacht

A special 18th-century yacht is moored in the Veilinghavenkade harbour: the Utrecht State yacht. You can sail on it during the summer, and in the winter, it’s transformed into a cosy café where the crew cooks and serves your food. So what’s on the menu? A different stamppot every week, with exciting new ingredients. Stamppot is Dutch comfort food at its best: potato mashed up with vegetables. If you’d like to try it, book a table. You can also just drop in, but be aware that there are just a few tables. > Wednesday to Sunday from 13 November, Veilinghavenkade 14


Staffhorst Jenever

Time for a real Utrecht shot! The story of Utrecht Staffhorst Jenever began in 1861 in an off-licence and distillery on Oudegracht. The traditional family recipe is now in the hands of the fifth generation. Based on 100% malt wine and fresh herbs from the distillery garden, the recipe has been given a new lease of life. It’s a great drink, either for you or as a gift. > Staffhorst Jenever is on sale at Kwestie van Smaak (Helling 11), Bottles & Booze (Oudenoord 3) and Slijterij Besseling (Kanaalstraat 65).

Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht


Photography Angeliek de Jonge, Martijn Lammerts, Peter van Meir, Ivo Vrancken

Yank Turkish recording artist slash singer-songwriter ‘On 15 November, the Turkish Taksim Trio is coming to TivoliVredenburg. Their sound is a mixture of jazz, rock, classical music and Turkish traditional sounds. Check them out.’ Read all about Yank’s favourites on pages 14 and 15.


De Utrechtse Boekenbar

This independent bookstore/coffee bar owned by Utrecht-born Tim van den Hoed is all about books and people who love books. They don’t just sell good books and magazines (from serious literature and indie magazines to art, photo and cookery books), but you can also drop in for a cup of coffee. Handy, as it means that you don’t have to wait to start reading your latest purchase. De Utrechtse Boekenbar also organises loads of events, from exhibitions to poetry evenings. > Westerkade 2



MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019

What’s happening?

November & December


Arrival of Sinterklaas

On 5 December, the Netherlands celebrates ‘Sinterklaas’. As he is the patron saint of children, the celebrations are all about kids and they are traditionally bombarded with presents. On Sunday 17 November, Sinterklaas’ steam boat docks at the Weerdsluis after sailing through the Oudegracht from Ledig Erf. He will then mount his faithful horse Amerigo, to continue his way with his cheerful helpers (‘Piets’) until he reaches Domplein, where the children can enjoy all sorts of entertainment.

> 17 November, various locations



If you’re not quite at home in the world of classical music, go to the Pieces of Tomorrow Festival. The basic concept: classical music in a pop setting, where you listen with a glass of beer in your hand. The main auditorium features major classical works by Sibelius, Mendelssohn and Fauré, played by the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. The programme in the smaller venues varies from die-hard classical pieces to electronics with a whiff of pop. > 16 November, TivoliVredenburg

Photography Nelleke Poorthuis, Juri Hiensch

Pieces of Tomorrow Festival

Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht


Check out the International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region



The Dom Tower is currently undergoing restoration work but is still open to visitors. The view from top is as stunning as ever. But during the evening tours in December, the view is enhanced by all the festive street lighting in the city centre. The tour lasts 90 minutes and finishes with a mug of hot chocolate in the Michaëls Chapel. Tickets are on sale in the online shop (only in Dutch), under the heading ‘Lichtjes Kijken’. A special Christmas edition is planned for 21 December, with Christmas treats and carols. There will also be special tours for children on 21, 27 and 28 December. > 20, 21, 27 and 28 December, Dom Tower

The International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region (IWCUR) is located on the second floor of the Stadskantoor (Utrecht municipal offices). International newcomers and residents of Utrecht can visit the ‘expat’ centre four days a week. The IWCUR staff will assist you with all your questions and paperwork regarding your move to the Utrecht Region, including formalities with the municipality and the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). The IWCUR also provides information about housing, education, job opportunities, healthcare and more. You can also get a copy of MAG Utrecht there. > Monday and Tuesday (9:00 to 16:00), Thursday (13:00 to 16:00) and Friday (9:00 to 12:00), Stadskantoor (Stadsplateau 1)



MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019


A walk in

Wijk C


Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht

We start our walk at one of the latest additions to the district: BUNK Hotel 1 , a cross between a hotel and a hostel. You can’t miss the fact that it used to be a church: it’s obvious from the impressive organ, the rows of pews and the balustrade. If you want to spend a night here, you have the choice of a room or a pod (like in Japan). But it’s also a good place to chill, work or discover new work by local artists. We’re here for breakfast, which is served from 7 a.m. The menu varies from the healthy option to a serious cure for hang-overs. Now it’s time to learn more about the history of Wijk C. Walk to Waterstraat, where you’ll find the Nederlands Volksbuurtmuseum 2 . This museum is unlike any other: strolling past the old paintings, photos and objects, you actually feel two hundred years of history as you relive the day-to-day life of the average ‘man on the street’. The Protestant Jacobikerk 3 opposite the museum is open to visitors on Saturdays and Sundays, so you could pop in to take a look.

Black Brew

BUNK Hotel

ike r

but you come here for the cake bit. The delicious cakes, pastries and flans (which include pepparkaka, kladdkaka and smulpaj) are all inspired by Swedish recipes. Another option is Black Brew 5 , a living room café for coffee freaks and music lovers. They serve great espresso, latte and tea, and you can borrow headphones to listen to their everchanging vinyl collection. If you choose the latter option, you have the added advantage of visiting the

Jac ob

It’s time for coffee and cake. The coffee at Broodnodig Paardenveld 4 is good,




MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019

No Vintage Phobia


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No Vintage Phobia 6 vintage clothing shop next door.

Waku Waku

As Wijk C is a compact district, you can easily walk around it. If you start at BUNK Hotel, you can walk all along the canal. On Nieuwekade there’s a footpath underneath the Monicabrug bridge, which takes you to the other side of Sint Jacobsstraat. Turn right to stay on Nieuwekade, and walk towards Oudegracht. This is an excellent place to wander along the wharves in the winter sun. Head back via Lange Viestraat and Vredenburg. Another option is to wander the narrow streets of the district. And don’t worry: Wijk C is small, so you won’t get lost. If you’re feeling hungry again, try the dim sum at Dim Sum Bar Pacifica 7 , or Vietnamese street food at Kimmade 8 . Waku Waku 9 has a fully vegan menu. In the evenings, Wijk C is where you’ll find the real foodies. Kloek 10 serves chicken, which goes nicely with a cold, local draught

Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht

Jeu de Boules Bar




If you’re still feeling up for it, Wijk C is also an excellent place to spend your evening and night. How about a spot of pétanque at the local Jeu de Boules bar 14 ? Or you could finish the day where you started: at the BUNK Hotel. Their beer menu includes local draught beers as well as their own BUNK beer. They have quite a full programme here too: you could listen to the tunes of a DJ or a live band performance, attend a poetry recital, light show, the spoken word or a film evening. And last but not least, Café Stathe 15 often hosts bands playing live gigs. Or go for a drink at Café Willem Slok 16 .

beer. If it’s Italian pasta you’re after, go to Spaghetteria 11 where they can also provide a delicious glass of wine or a bottle of Sicilian beer. Whatever you do, leave room for the tiramisu. Piatto 12 also has an Italian menu, with all kinds of small dishes meant for sharing. And lovers of Asian food should try the Japanese ramen at Ramen Brothers 13 .


Photography Yara Jimmink, Fille Roelants Photography, Joep Siermann, Michiel Ton, Robert van Walsum




MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019

De Voorkamer


Q&A WITH YANK By Manon Marijs


Meet Yank, a Turkish recording artist slash singer-songwriter who moved from Istanbul to Utrecht four years ago. ‘Coming to Utrecht was a bit of an escape plan for me. My decision to leave Istanbul was based on how tiresome life was getting there. I also wanted to make sure I’d be able to continue to express myself freely.’ Here, Yank persisted his musical career; at first casually playing his flatmate’s guitar and writing songs. ‘But when she left with that guitar, I missed it so much I bought my own and eventually recorded my album I/I with it.’ Besides performing as Yank, he occasionally curates acts for festivals and also doesn’t shy away from collaborating with other artistes, such as Libyan legend Ahmed Fakroun. Yank jokingly refers to Utrecht as ‘a village that acts like a city’, because wherever he goes he is often met by familiar faces. The places he frequents revolve mostly around culture, arts and music.




> Follow Yank on Instagram (@yankmusic) or on Spotify (Yank)

Photography Juri Hiensch, Aziz Kawak, Peter van Meir



Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht

Try outs ‘When I just came to Utrecht, I wanted to perform at places where I could meet and interact with other artists and expand my music network. Cultural centres Moira (Wolvenstraat 10) and ACU (Voorstraat 71) both gave me this opportunity. Each Wednesday night Moira hosts Unplugged Sessions and welcomes artistes from various disciplines to perform in front of a live audience. ACU organises a similar evening called International Open Stage. These are the perfect places to try out new songs and gauge the audience’s reactions.’

Artistic experiments ‘In De Voorkamer (Kanaalstraat 225) newcomers and locals meet and engage with one another. They organise various events, from talks to film screenings and from language cafes to storytelling evenings. I am involved in the organisation of two monthly


alternating events called Open Stage and Mash Up. The last one is a kind of social artistic experiment, in which artists from different cultural backgrounds create music together.’

Open-minded ‘I was baffled when I first walked into Filmcafé (CAB-Rondom 90A). It’s huge! Besides the obvious fact that they screen films here, it is also a spot that is very open-minded towards unique and creative initiatives. This place is perfect for festivals or other spacious artistic endeavours, so if your idea resonates with Filmcafé, it might very well come to life there.’

Lombok festival ‘Le Guess Who? is the ultimate festival where you can discover new music. The line-up is full of artists you’ve probably never even heard of, but you’ll be amazed by their live performances. I played in Molen de Ster (Molenpark 3) at their satellite event Lombok Festival last year, which tries to carry out the diverse character of this Utrecht neighbourhood. This year it will be a part of their programme again, so make sure to head out to Lombok on 8 November.’





MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019

Theatre, music, art & more

Photography Tom ten Seldam


Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht




This multidisciplinary and international festival stretches ingrained norms on gender and identity in a challenging programme fuelled with urgency and joy. Drop by at different locations in the city centre for a variety of theatre- and dance performances, short films, exhibitions, installations and parties that offer you new perspectives on gender. > 22 to 24 November, various locations


MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019


PIE IN THE SKY Three acrobats test the limits of flapping objects inflated with air from ventilators. A musician blows extra air into the show using ventilators, tubes and valves. The acrobats are constantly challenged to find original ways of defying gravity. The whole performance becomes an acrobatic spectacle, packed with breath-taking tricks revolving around resilience and trust. Trust in yourself, trust in each other and trust in your ever-changing surroundings. > 7 November, Podium Hoge Woerd (Leidsche Rijn)


Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht




> 31 October to 2 November, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht


A three-day festival that zooms in on innovative productions by contemporary (inter)national theatre makers and choreographers. They include Omar Rajeh from Beirut, whose dance show #minaret (1 November) forms an appeal on behalf of devastated cities. He uses a drone flying above the stage and a live soundtrack to make a statement against the cruelty of war and the ideology behind it. In Crash Park (31 October), French director and visual artist Philippe Quesne constructs an uninhabited island complete with palm trees and rare animals. But the natural tranquillity is disturbed by survivors of a plane crash. Is this the end or a new beginning?



We have high expectations of love: ‘the one’ must be an attractive, ideal partner. But can you be half of a couple without losing your individuality? Based on a variety of different romances, this Club Guy & Roni production paints a moving, yet comical portrait of love in the 21st century, an era populated by a generation suffering chronic stress from having too many choices, fear of failure and ‘fear of missing out’. > 6 November, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

Photography Martin Argyroglo, Roos de Bolster, Martijn Halie


JAPANESE GIRLS In an ultimate attempt to exceed the limits of their identity, two Dutch performers try to capture a persona that couldn’t be further away from theirs: Japanese Girls. With colourful projections, personally composed soundscapes and life-size cardboard origami, they create their own magical, theatrical Anime. But what do they find? What do they stand to gain from a vain attempt to become Japanese Girls? And will they be able to find even a splinter of truth for themselves in this world of projections?

> 6 and 7 November, Theater Kikker

20 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019


LE GUESS WHO? Testing musical boundaries. That’s what this festival is all about. Over one-hundred-and-fifty artists from around the world will perform in pop concert halls, theatres, churches and vaulted basements. There’s something for everyone: from (free) jazz, avant-garde, folk, krautrock, psychedelic, drone, ambient and nonwestern music to every cross-over of these genres imaginable. There’s also a packed fringe programme with exhibitions, films, markets and free concerts in cafés, cinemas, galleries and town squares. Our tip: Le Mini Who?, the free version featuring over fifty up-and-coming Dutch bands. And don’t forget to go to Lombok Festival, with a (mainly local) line-up. > 7 to 10 November, various locations

Festivals & Events



© Maarten Eykman

The winter edition of the Koekoek030 festival tours unique locations throughout the city. The aim: to surprise visitors with a colourful assortment of local artists from the worlds of music, art and design. So on Saturdays and Sundays in November and December, you can look forward to encountering budding talent in unexpected venues. > every Saturday and Sunday in November and December, various locations

Photography Juri Hiensch, Maarten Mooijman


Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht




In the third weekend of November, Utrecht surrenders itself to an excess of sentimental songs. Many of the bars in the city will feature performances of tearjerkers and guilty pleasures, accompanied by the pitiful drones of tone-deaf audiences. Even if you don’t understand the words, you won’t miss the typical wavering voices. Admission is free (understandably!)

> 4 to 11 November, various locations

> 15, 16 and 17 November, various locations


FONTEYN WINTER FESTIVAL In mid-December, the Janskerkhof will once again become a haven for winedrinkers. Over eighty different wines will be served at the Fonteyn Winter Festival, all supplied by regional wineries and wine bars. Mobile kitchens provide delicious snacks to go with your wine and musicians and DJs will complete the warm, festive atmosphere. > 13 and 14 December, Janskerkhof




In November, Utrecht celebrates the feast of its patron saint, Saint Martin. As he is famous for having shared his cloak with a beggar, sharing is one of the main features of the festivities. On Friday, there will be light shows, music, song, dance, eating and performances around the huge Saint Martin’s fire on Berlijnplein in Leidsche Rijn Centre. Saturday is the day of the Saint Martin Parade through the city centre, which is buzzing with lights, lanterns and music. If you plan to join the parade or simply come and watch, bring some kind of light with you. It doesn’t matter what you bring, as long as it emits or reflects light. The full programme of all the festivities also includes a Saint Martin Concert and a festival about fulfilment.

22 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019

Beats In the mid-1990s, the United Kingdom was inundated with illegal raves, including seemingly endless supplies of drugs. In 1994, the government responded by introducing the Criminal Justice Bill, which made it illegal to ‘congregate around repetitive beats’. But this only led to widespread protests and even more raves. This film is about the friendship between Scottish teenagers Spanner and Johnno. Johnno is about to move out of town and wants to spend his last night sampling the anarchic, spaced-out world of raves together with his best friend. > Beats will be screened in the Louis Hartlooper Complex or Springhaver from 7 November


Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht




’t Hoogt on Tour: Twenty Feet from Stardom Who is behind those anonymous voices that guide huge rock stars while they’re on stage? In this documentary, the voices talk about their anonymous existence in the shadow of fame. An existence marked by abuse and plagiarism, but also by an all-encompassing passion for music. Twenty Feet from Stardom was awarded an Oscar for Best Documentary in 2014. And the soundtrack is obviously superb. > 13 December, Centrale Bibliotheek (Oudegracht 167)

Judy In 1968, when her career in the United States was on the decline, showbiz legend Judy Garland (Renée Zellweger) travelled to London for a series of sold-out shows in the The Talk of the Town nightclub. Judy had been surviving on drink and drugs since she first rose to child stardom, and she now hoped that the shows in London would be lucrative enough to ensure a stable life for her children in the USA. They turned out to be Judy’s last ever concerts in London: she died from an overdose in 1969. > Judy will be screened in the Louis Hartlooper Complex or Springhaver from 14 November


MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019

Kovacs & the Metropole Orchestra The gritty, deep voice of the Dutch singer Sharon Kovacs is often compared with that of Amy Winehouse, Beth Gibbons (Portishead) or Shirley Bassey. So it’s no surprise that this unique phenomenon drew the attention of the Metropole Orchestra. Three years ago, the orchestra and singer composed an adaptation of Kovacs’ debut album Shades Of Black, and this year they’ve done the same for her latest album, Cheap Smell. > 19 December, TivoliVredenburg


Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht

Holly Golightly The British singer Holly Golightly began her musical career in 1991 as co-founder of the garage band Thee Headcoatees. Four years later, she released her first solo album. She now has an impressive twenty albums to her name and worked with artists such as The White Stripes, Dan Melchior and Billy Childish. The recurring theme in Holly Golightly’s work is an infectious combination of country, blues and folk with swinging rock ’n roll, but without the frills. > 21 November, dB’s

Frontman of the afro-funk band Sinkane is the multiinstrumentalist Ahmed Gallab. He was born in Sudan, but spent his younger years in the United States. Dépaysé is Sinkane’s fourth album. Expect electro, free jazz, funk, krautrock and Sudanese pop: a bit of everything. > 2 November, EKKO

Where’s the party? DONDER OP! Thursday night is dance night: hard punk, rough garage and fresh indie, with the odd dip into electro, hip-hop and other genres. Grab a craft beer and get rocking. > every Thursday from 22.00, De Helling

YALLAH! YALLAH! It started two years ago as an experiment, but is now a national phenomenon: Yallah! Yallah!, a night of Arab pop music in all its glory. 15 November, EKKO

SKREAM After the success of the Open to Close tour with sold-out concerts in London and Barcelona, Skream is now making his Utrecht debut with an all-nighter. > 16 November, Club BASIS





Get lost in an absurd sound adventure MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2016



Warm at heart Stopcontact 29 november

Luckily, many top-quality mediaeval, religious works of art from the most northern and southern parts of Europe have been beautifully preserved. This is fairly unique, as much of the art from Middle-Europe has been far less fortunate. As they are so delicate, most of the spectacular and rare altarpieces dating back to the twelfth to fourteenth centuries have never been allowed out of their native country. But this exhibition is a once-in-alifetime opportunity to see works of art from Norway and Catalonia in Utrecht. > from 25 October, Catharijneconvent Museum

Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht


Exhibitions & Museums

Every first Thursday of the month, the Centraal Museum opens its doors to the public in the evening. On 7 November, the museum and mini-festival Le Mini Who? hosts a spin-off of the music festival Le Guess Who? The musical backdrop is the perfect way to see the Dreams Cast in Concrete exhibition in a different light. This exhibition features two utopian building projects with a turbulent history: the Kanaleneiland district (an urban area that was built in the 60s), and Hoog Catharijne (a shopping area that was also erected in the 60s). A couple of drinks from ‘Café Centraal’ obviously completes the late night experience. > 7 November, Centraal Museum


Photography Michael Buholzer, Alessa Joseph

ENDLESS LIFE Will it ever be possible to live forever? Modern-day artists and scientists address this question in the Endless Life exhibition. Work by (inter)national artists will be on display in the Buitenplaats Doornburgh priory in Maarssen, close to Utrecht. The interactive works created by well-known Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde gives a glimpse of how he envisages the future: a mix of technology and creativity, where the boundaries between science and the humanities are increasingly blurred. > until 29 March (Thursdays to Sundays), Buitenplaats Doornburgh (Maarssen)




28 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019 ROLLING AND JUMPING


‘Koro Koro’ (Japanese for ‘something that rolls’) is a magical game featuring clown-like elements, dance and music. The dancers and musicians walk around, roll and jump, improvising to the movements and sounds from their young audiences. This results in a moving, unique display of interaction. The show is specially designed for babies and tots from 6 to 18 months. > 17 November, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht


The programme of the Utrecht part of this new animation festival is totally dedicated to children (and their parents). You can watch animation films (including Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs, Mirai, Steven Universe), and there are programmes of short films for all ages (3+, 6+, 9+ and teens). Also, the new Oscar and the Hoo film will have its première and you can test new games and VR projects in the interactive Exploration Station installation. Kaboom has a special collaboration with Aardman Studios, the makers of Shaun the Sheep and Wallace & Grommit. You can make your own favourite animation character in the Aardman Modelmaking workshop, or visit Aardman films’ Scratch ‘n Sniff show, at which you not only see the films, but smell them too! > 9 to 13 November, various locations

Photography Saris & den Engelsman, Antti Saukko


Jan/Feb 2017 —MAG Utrecht





Never be surprised by an artist in search of inspiration. The acrobatic clown Thom Monckton is no exception: he does the craziest things to get his creative juices flowing. Monckton is flamboyant and slightly mad, argues with his materials and creates an enormous chaos in his studio. But once inspired, he certainly has brilliant ideas. Physical comedy, without the need for words, that steals the hearts of young and old alike. Not just for kids from 10 years old, but also for adults. > 1 December, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht



30 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019

Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht



Made in Utrecht


32 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019 NOEST

A second lease of life for

urban trees


Tom van Straaten, founder of noest, first encountered urban wood while working as a volunteer at the Utrecht-based wood workshop Tafelboom. The trees inspired him to create his own wooden products with a special story. Tom started out in his shed, but is now a sole trader working from a workshop he shares with other people. They share the machines, help each other out and swap ideas. Colleagues with benefits. noest has been edging its way to success for several years

now. Tom started his firm by simply making the odd chopping board for a friend, but has since designed a wide range of products, such as wooden keyrings (in the shape of Miffy and the Dom Tower), items of furniture, clocks and cufflinks. The products are all made of wood from urban trees which although having to be felled, have been given a second lease of life. Every product states exactly which tree the wood comes from and where it grew. Tom likes the idea of people walking around with pieces of authentic

Photography Tom van Straaten

By Quirine Reddingius

Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht


Find it on the map See page 64


Utrecht wood on their keyrings. ‘It’s largely thanks to those that noest became so successful’, he says. So if you’re looking for original Christmas presents, look no further than noest: flat baubles featuring the Utrecht skyline or the Dom Tower, or a 3D bauble in the shape of the Dom Tower. The 3D bauble comes in two parts, which you click into place. On one side, you can read the species, location and age of the tree.


Where to buy?

To buy your own piece of urban wood, go to the VVV Tourist Information shop 1 at Domplein 9 (open daily from 10.00 to 17.00).


Photography Albert Dros

34 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019


Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht




winter outings


36 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019 1


KROMME RIJN DISTRICT This area to the east of Utrecht is where the river landscape of the Kromme Rijn meets the Utrechtse Heuvelrug hills. It’s a fabulous place for a walk: along the Kromme Rijn, past the forts of the Dutch Water Line defence system, past the numerous castles on Langbroekerdijk or through the historic centre of Wijk bij Duurstede. The routes are available online.

Out of town

> every day, Kromme Rijn district




Out of town

Come and do some Christmas shopping on the attractive square in front of Zeist castle. The Christmas market boasts almost fifty stalls, mainly selling local products from Zeist and surrounding areas. A number of choirs will provide musical entertainment. > 7 and 8 December, in front of Zeist castle



WOERDEN WINTER FAIR Woerden (ten minutes by train) is another place where you can show off your skating prowess. The opening of the ice rink on Kerkplein also signals the start of the Woerden Winter Fair with a lantern procession. As well as shopping at the Winter Fair, you can attend workshops, listen to a choir and have your picture taken with Father Christmas and the Snow Queen. > 13 and 14 December, centre of Woerden

Out of town

Find it on the map See page 64

Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht






> from 21 December, Railway Museum




The whole family is welcome in the Catharijneconvent Museum in the Christmas holiday. The museum will be at its Christmas best, including fake snow, mistletoe and the scent of pine. There’s all sorts going on: from making snow while you enjoy a swing, to creating your own Christmas decorations. Learn all about the nativity story, with a special focus on the animals this year. And as always, there is an enormous eighteenthcentury Neapolitan nativity scene. Over sixty figures, all intricately finished to the finest detail, represent the inhabitants of an Italian village. You’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re looking at Joseph, Mary and the baby. > from 21 December, Catharijneconvent Museum


Christmas trees, thousands of fairy lights, the smell of freshly baked waffles and an oldfashioned carousel: from 21 December onwards, the Railway Museum is the best place to get into the festive mood. Manoeuvring between the trains, you can try your hand (or feet!) at the ultimate Dutch sport: skating. Hire a pair of skates and then treat yourself to a hot chocolate or mulled wine to warm yourself up.

38 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019 6



The authentic centre of the former fishing village Spakenburg is always worth a visit, but even more so on 12 December: from 3 till 9 p.m., the centre serves as the decor for a winter market. Combine a stroll around the pretty lights of the harbour with shopping for winter gifts and traditional products. Not forgetting the drinks and nibbles on the heated outdoor terraces, which you can buy from various food trucks parked on Spuiplein. > 12 December, centre of Spakenburg

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CHINA LIGHT FESTIVAL Metre-high illuminations transform Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen into a magical festival of lights. The perfect opportunity to wander around the zoo after sunset, admiring hand-made light objects made by Chinese artists. > from 21 December, Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen

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It may be cold outside, but there’s still the warm feel of the winter market in and around the Molen de Ster sawmill, in the Lombok district. A great place for Christmas inspiration. And of course mulled wine, hot chocolate and Dutch pea soup. The millers will be around showcasing some of the bread boards and other traditionally made sustainable products they produce. > 8 December, Molen de Ster

Photography Anna van Kooij, Billie-Jo Krul, VVV Kromme Rijnstreek, Marisa Broekhuizen, Korpadi Sign, Benito Sim, George Terberg


Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht




BIGGEST CHRISTMAS TREE IN THE WORLD From Saturday 7 December onwards, IJsselstein, some fifteen kilometres south-west of Utrecht, will revolve around Christmas, with an annual Christmas market in the historic centre and the festive switching on of the lights in the world’s biggest Christmas tree. The market sells Christmas articles and gifts and delicious treats. Celebrate into the evening when the Gerbrandy tower (a 372metre mast, which can be seen from far and wide) transforms into the world’s biggest Christmas tree.

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> from 7 December, centre of IJsselstein


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PICTURESQUE AMERSFOORT Ever been to the old centre of Amersfoort, with its narrow streets, old city gates and endless photogenic views? Winter is a great time to wander around the picturesque centre while stopping off to try chocolate in every shape and form. The chocolate route takes you past the highlights of the city centre and seven chocolate hotspots. A win-win situation if you ask us. Download the route online. > every day, Amersfoort city centre

40 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019


Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht


5× World food



By Manon Marijs


MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019

Also try MEZZE AAN DE BAAI Syrian Parkwijk 5 YUNAK Turkish Kanaalstraat 84 PAMPALINI Iranian/Persian Wittevrouwenstraat 14




In this lively Turkish kitchen you’ll be lovingly plied with all sorts of specialities. The ovens are ‘manned’ exclusively by women: Ana’s Kuzin means ‘mother’s kitchen’ in Turkish. This is the owner Gülnaz’s ode to rural Turkish cuisine, rich in vegetables and herbs and traditionally prepared by the womenfolk. You can put together your own lunch or dinner from dishes such as sarma, türlü and tavuk bundu. And the pud? Baklava of course! > Voorstraat 62





The Afghan pair Esmat and Salim started their career washing up, but soon found themselves climbing up the catering ladder. They now run their own restaurant: Sarban. The dishes you taste could come straight out an Afghan living room, which is logical, because they cook their traditional family recipes. The qabeli palauw, rice with carrots, raisins, pistachio and almonds, is to die for. > Oudegracht a/d Werf 161


When the Syrian George Badrah arrived in the Netherlands in 2012, he had no idea that he and Elias Marun, his dentist from Zeist, would eventually turn their love of Syrian cuisine into Op Saj; a restaurant serving typical Syrian street food. Most dishes are vegetarian and the staple is the crispy flatbread that’s baked while you wait on a kind of upside-down wok: a saj. Try the flatbread with spinach and pomegranate. Or the authentic shawarma. > Steenweg 1

Nov-Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht

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Are you one of those people who likes to see a long table full of Arab dishes from Egypt, Lebanon or Algiers? If so, there’s a former-bath house on Willem van Noortplein called BADHU, where you and your table-companions can try out flavours from different parts of the Arab world by sharing lots of small dishes. Mix ’n match, for example, a Tunisian fish dish, a Moroccan chicken tajine and a Lebanese pizza. > Willem van Noortplein 19




On the corner of Damstraat, you’ll find Cousina, which means ‘kitchen’ in Moroccan. The initiators, Yassine and Amin, want their restaurant to be exemplary for the multicultural Lombok district. Start the day with a Moroccan breakfast, or close your laptop and enjoy one of the specialities for lunch: Moroccan pancakes msemen (with cheese!) or bastilla, a savoury pie. The beautiful earthenware pottery around you is hand-made and for sale. > Damstraat 2


World food

Photography L.H. Hofland/ Het Utrechts Archief

44 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019


Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht


A cyclist

in the rain

The Dutch and their bicycles are inseparable, even in the rain. These cyclists on Maliesingel used an umbrella to shield themselves from the rain. The photographer L.H. Hofland probably used an umbrella as well to keep his camera dry. At the beginning of the 60s, Utrecht was buzzing with plans to fill in the canals around the city to build small highways to accommodate the growing number of cars. In the end, only the canal near the Central Station

was filled in. Almost 60 years later, as Utrecht tries to discourage the use of cars in and around the city centre, the canal is being dug out again. And the Maliesingel? It might be somewhat busier with cars now, but you’ll still see lots of people biking around in the rain with their umbrellas. > In collaboration with Het Utrechts Archief Expo. Visit them at Hamburgerstraat 28.





Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht


November & December

The Shape I’m In A shape is external form, yet we also use this word to describe our internal state of being. The dancers of Project [ ] (read: Project Blank) discover what it means to create shapes with their collective bodies, explore the shapes of their individual bodies and surrender to the shapes of their emotional conditions.

Cultural Events Calendar


Photography Rick van Woudenberg

> 2 en 3 november, Theater Kikker

48 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019


1 Friday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Free lunch break concert [12:30] Enjoy some free classical music during your lunch break. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Dutch Chamber

Orchestra and Remy van Kesteren [20:15] The highlight of this evening is an interpretation of a gruesome Edgar Allan Poe story. The creepiness of Poe’s stories and the almost heavenly sound of the harp go together surprisingly well. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Julian Schneemann [20:30] A group of three young singing talents unite to create a unique blend of folk, jazz and classical music.

MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Snarky Puppy [19:30] Snarky Puppy’s mix of raw jazz, rock, soul and funk combined with their endless energy have made them one of the greatest fusion jazz collectives in the world. DB’S > Sun Worship & Hypnodrone Ensemble [20:00] A line-up combining dark drones with fierce black metal. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Cécile McLorin Salvant [20:00] This jazz singer is only 29 years old, and already won three Grammy’s for Best Jazz Vocal Album. She knows incredibly well how to put her own jazzy spin on many different genres. EKKO > WHY? [20:30] Its combination of hip hop, avant-pop and psych rock and front man Yoni Wolf’s distinctive voice create a sound like no other. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Caroline Spence [20:30] This American singer-song­ writer has the voice of an angel and is one of the best-kept secrets of the modern country music world. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] Join the English speaking local guides for a free (tip-based) walking

Theatre Tips

Photography Joris Jan Bos, Florian Joahn, Steven Tips

FIELDS Theater Kikker > 7 November The talented choreographer Astrid Boons gets dancers to merge with their environment in this poetic and abstract dance performance. She creates images that stimulate all the senses. A game of dance, music and light. BEST OF BALANCHINE III Stadsschouwburg Utrecht > 19 and 20 November Het Nationale Ballet highlights the brilliance and versatility of George Balanchine with three choreographies: ‘Ballet Imperial’, ‘Symphony in Three Movements’ and ‘Who Cares?’. DANSDONDERDAG: DANSCLICK 21 Podium Hoge Woerd > 12 December DansClick 21 introduces a new generation of dancers: the winners of the BNG Bank Dance Prize 2019. They bring different choreogra­ phies into an original mix of styles and social statements.

tour through the city. In two hours, they will tell you about the history and hidden gems of Utrecht and provide you with insider tips on where to go next.

2 Saturday CLASSICAL MUSIC DOM CHURCH > Saturday afternoon concert [15:30] Enjoy a free classical concert. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Allerzielen (Dutch Bach Society) [20:15] Four soloists will take you on a journey about death and life after death, based on Bach’s work. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DB’S > Tribute to the 90s feat. Green Lizard feat. Rude Boy [20:00] The best of 90s alternative brought live by Green Lizard feat. Rudeboy, formerly of Urban Dance Squad. Support by Mikki Wood. PODIUM HOGE WOERD (LEIDSCHE RIJN) > Ghost [20:00] Lavinia Meijer is a world famous classical harpist, Michiel Borstlap is a top pianist in the international music world. In this performance they enter into a unique collaboration. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > The Musical Box

Presents A Genesis Extravaganza [20:15] The only Genesis tribute band approved by Genesis themselves. This night is all about the early years. EKKO > Sinkane [20:30] SudaneseAmerican musician who has a funky and danceable, guitar-driven style mix. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > A Balladeer [20:45] It’s a mystery why A Balladeer isn’t huge yet. His music is very appealing, and he has written so many songs that there’s something there for everyone. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Bohren & Der Club of Gore [20:15] Described as ‘doom jazz’, this German band knows how to mix slow jazz and a dark ambient style into a completely unique sound. PERFORMING ARTS THEATER KIKKER > The Shape I’m In [14:00 and 20:00] In this performance, you will discover what it means to create shapes with our collective bodies, explore the shapes of our individual bodies, and surrender to the shapes of our emotional conditions. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Fri 1.

3 Sunday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > National Allerzielen Concert [14:00] A concert for anyone who needs some support during a time of grief. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Silbersee [20:00] Two modern composers play their brand new compositions for the first time, both inspired by Luigi Nono’s ‘Das atmende Klarsein’.

Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DB’S > The Unknown Known [16:00] Album presentation by this Utrecht roots rock band. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Lisa Stansfield [20:15] Stansfield has been a true icon of British dance for more than 30 years. She’s known for the all-time favourite ‘All Around the World’ but her latest single ‘Never Ever’ is also worth checking out. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Kllo [20:15] This Australian duo makes melodic, dreamy electro-pop using a multitude of sounds suited for both the club and your living room. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Jessica Pratt [20:30] ‘Dreamy’ is probably the first word popping into your head when listening to Pratt’s music. For her latest album she traded in her lo-fi bedroom sound for a more professional studio sound to make her indie folk sound even more clean. PERFORMING ARTS THEATER KIKKER > The Shape I’m In [14:00 and 20:00] See Sat 2. GUIDED TOURS IN FRONT OF THE TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE > Gilde Utrecht guided walking tour [11:00 and 14:00] The guides show you the most beautiful spots of the historic centre. Tours start at 11:00 ( free, 1 hour) and 14:00 (€ 4/8, 1½ hour). DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Fri 1.

4 Monday

5 Tuesday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Calexico and Iron & Wine [19:45] American roots band Calexico is back in town, and this time they brought Iron & Wine along. After multiple collaborations it’s finally time for them to share the stage live. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Opeth [20:15] This Swedish metal band still knows how to keep its sound fresh, even after more than 25 years.

6 Wednesday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DE KARGADOOR > Jazz in the basement [19:30] Utrecht has a real jazz basement, in which you can listen to different styles of jazz and even play along. MOIRA > Moira Unplugged [19:30] Enjoy an evening of free music by up-and-coming local artistes. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Of Monsters And Men [19:45] Mainly known for their 2012 hit ‘Little Talks’, this Icelandic band has much more to offer. The perfect evening for fans of indie folk. DB’S > Palm Reader & Mary Fields [20:00] Post-hardcore brought to you by UK’s finest and Utrecht’s fiercest. EKKO > Judy Blank [20:30] Indie Americana troubadour from Utrecht is back with a new EP. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah [20:30] Nominated for two Grammy’s and two Edison Awards, Scott definitely belongs to the new generation of jazz. PERFORMING ARTS STADSSCHOUWBURG UTRECHT > LOVE [20:00] Inspired by the likes of Wes Anderson, these dancers and percussionists created a piece about modern love in all its forms. THEATER KIKKER > Japanse Meisjes [20:30] Colourful projections and lifesize origami figures merge into a contemporary intercontinental liveAnime epos about identity.


Pie in the Sky [20:30] An impressive acrobatic story full of breathtaking tricks that revolves around resilience and trust: trust in yourself, trust in each other and trust in an environment that constantly changes. THEATER KIKKER > Japanse Meisjes [20:30] See Wed 6. THEATER KIKKER > Fields [20:00] Choreographer Astrid Boons creates images that stimulate all the senses and lead to associations in this poetic dance performance.


Writer’s event with Ali Smith [20:00] The acclaimed British writer Ali Smith reads from her work and will be interviewed by dr. Agnes Andeweg. Part of the evening will be devoted to Smith’s novel Autumn, the selected novel for One Book One Campus.

8 Friday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Vocal Master­ pieces [20:15] Two highlights of 20thcentury choir and orchestra pieces by Francis Poulenc and Igor Stravinsky, conducted by Peter Dijkstra. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DB’S > The Aggrolites [20:00] One of the best reggae bands on the planet knows how to party. PARNASSOS CULTUURCENTRUM > Par­ nassos Open Stage [20:00] The best acts of the Parnassos Open Stage are back for this all-stars edition. Free admission. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

9 Saturday CLASSICAL MUSIC DOM CHURCH > Saturday afternoon concert [15:30] See Sat 2. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.


guided walking tour [11:00 and 14:00] See Sun 1. DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

11 Monday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Andy McKee [20:15] McKee’s guitar playing style is like no other. He is mostly known for his magnificent covers, but you should definitely not overlook his own material. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Bruce Hornsby [20:15] Mainly known for his 80s hit ‘The Way It Is’, this American singer/ pianist has much more to offer in many different genres. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Ibrahim Maalouf [20:15] Jazz trumpet player and composer Ibrahim Maalouf combines classical music, jazz and Arabic music effortlessly into one mystical sound. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Worry Dolls [20:30] This British duo makes clean country folk with perfect harmonies, similar to First Aid Kit. For this show drummer Finley O’Hara makes an appearance too.


CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Schumann Quartett [20:00] This promising young group of four is coming to Utrecht for the first time, playing string pieces by Debussy, Ravel and Bartók. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Herbie Hancock [20:15] It’s difficult to name a more influential modern jazz player than this piano player, band leader, composer and actor. LECTURES TIVOLIVREDENBURG > ILFU Book Talk: Jeanette Winterson [20:00] The British writer Jeanette Winterson will talk about her latest novel ‘Frankusstein’, which was published last June.

TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Charles Lloyd Quintet [20:00] Saxophonist Charles Lloyd is truly a living legend. Back in Utrecht for the first time since 1966, this is an opportunity you can’t miss. PERFORMING ARTS STADSSCHOUWBURG UTRECHT > Ayahuasca [20:30] Choreographer Gil Gomes Leal travelled to Peru in 2018 to experience the hallucinogenic ayahuasca drink for himself. He then created an experimental, self-reflecting hip hop dance piece based on his journey.


50 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019 12 Tuesday Sinfonietta & Music Theatre Orkater [20:00] This show is a combination of an string quartet with a theatre performance based on the novel Kreutzersonate by Tolstoj. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DB’S > B Boys [20:00] TivoliVredenburg and dB’s join forces to bring you the exciting post-punk sounds of B Boys. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > B Boys [20:45] This trio from New York makes aggressive post-punk music reminiscent of greats like Wire and Gang of Four. Last summer, they released their long-awaited album ‘Dudu’; a true post-punk treasure. PERFORMING ARTS STADSSCHOUWBURG UTRECHT > Endless Song of Silence [20:00] Nanine Linning Dance Company’s muchloved show that combines a conveyor belt with live video and ten dancers. LECTURES UTRECHT UNIVERSITY HALL > The scramble for the North Pole [20:00] As Arctic sea ice rapidly melts, tensions rise over the area’s vast resources. Political geographer Dr Duncan Depledge on a looming clash between East and West.

13 Wednesday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ MOIRA > Moira Unplugged [19:30] See Wed 6. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Ryan McMullan [19:45] This Irish singer-songwriter with the voice of an angel performed as Ed Sheeran’s and Snow Patrol’s supporting acts, and is now touring as a main act and selling out everywhere. DE HELLING > Matthew and the Atlas [20:15] Often classified as indie folk, but Matthew and the Atlas offers much more than that. Warm vocal melodies with influences of electronic music and alternative rock mixed in create a unique sound for sure. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Alice Phoebe Lou [20:15] This young South-African singer-songwriter just released her second album Paper Castles. An album with a surprisingly mature yet almost fairy-tale-like sound.

14 Thursday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DB’S > Micah P. Hinson [20:00] American Micah P. Hinson is one of today’s most prolific singer-songwriters. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > The Specials [20:15] This legendary ska band belongs to the English ska wave that conquered Europe in the 70s and 80s. They released their first album in 20 years in 2019: an exciting mix of funk and rock.

Exhibition & Museum Tips

Musical boxes

Utrecht Centraal


AT HOME IN THE BUURKERK Museum Speelklok > until 5 January Throughout the centuries, the Buurkerk church has had various functions. Since the 1980s , it has been home to the vast collection of selfplaying musical instruments of Museum Speelklok. This exhibition explains more about the history of this special place.


A SCIENTIFIC WORLD TO EXPLORE Utrecht University Museum > daily Put on a lab coat and carry out experiments or investigate the differences between humans and animals. Afterwards, head to the old botanical garden behind the museum. Every season has its beauty in this tranquil spot in the middle of city centre.

TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Electric Six [20:15] Maybe one of the wackiest collectives of musicians of this generation; their lyrics are ridiculous and their music combines all genres and more. DE HELLING > The Mountain Goats [20:15] Front man John Darnielle is not only a musician, but also a novelist. Their latest album In League With Dragons is a rock opera based on Dungeons & Dragons. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Heilung [20:15] This Danish band belongs to the pagan folk genre, meaning that their lyrics are about Vikings and instead of drums they use shields, swords and bones! A mystical experience that takes you back to the early Middle Ages. EKKO > OMNI [20:30] American trio that brings you lo-fi post punk. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Luka Bloom [20:30] TivoliVredenburg is almost a second home to this singer-songwriter. After so many shows his fans are still loyal, because Bloom always stayed true to himself. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Perforator [20:30] Six international composers wrote some basic chord schemes and melodies fitting on one piece of A4 paper. The rest is purely improvised in the moment. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Zuco 103 [21:00]

THE DEFAULT (SERIES) EXboot > until 24 November Expressively painted heads of selfcontained people of colour are playing the lead in Iriée Zamblé’s work. Iriée puts a magnifying glass upon some of the people that may pass us by daily. With the title, Iriée positions people of colour as a standard rather than an exception.

Dutch-Brazilian electro band Zuco 103 is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a new album and tour.

15 Friday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Free lunch break concert [12:30] Enjoy some free classical music during your lunch break. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Rousssel, Mendelssohn and Sibelius [20:15] The theme of this night is the feasting meal of a spider. This might sound slightly disturbing, but Roussel’s music is similar to the colourful style of Debussy and Ravel. Sibelius’s ‘First Symphony’ is the main meal this evening. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DB’S > Coilguns [20:00] This Swiss band has made a name for itself at the Roadburn Festival. The mix of metal, punk and hardcore stands out as extremely intense. DE HELLING > The Chats [20:15] This band started with three friends playing in pubs all around Australia, and after some years they still managed to keep this authentic vibe alive. Their catchy punk track Smoko was an international underground hit. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Taksim Trio [20:15] This trio merges traditional

Photography Ivar Pel


Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht

music from its home country Turkey with jazz, rock and classical music. Their most famous member is Hüsnü Senlendirici, one of the best clarinet players of this generation. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Cass McCombs [20:15] The music of guitarist/singer Cass McCombs is criminally underrated. This might be due to the fact that his music is so difficult to categorise: a mix of rock, soul and pop with thought-provoking lyrics. EKKO > Jo Goes Hunting [20:30] Multiinstrumentalist Jimmi Jo Hueting uses synthesizers, spacey guitars and drum machines to create a dreamy sound. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > A Song Journey [20:30] The collaborative project of one journalist and three musicians. Part of this performance is stories about the americana scene and part is covers of greats like Merle Haggard, Steve Earle and Bob Dylan. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

16 Saturday CLASSICAL MUSIC DOM CHURCH > Saturday afternoon concert [15:30] See Sat 2. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

17 Sunday

guided walking tour [11:00 and 14:00] See Sun 1. DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > The Lumineers [19:45] Mostly known for the catchy hit song ‘Ho Hey’, but this formation has much more to offer. Masterful song writing with lyrics that really bring your imagination to life. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Guy Davis [20:30] Multi-talented singer, guitarist, banjo player, actor and writer Davis just released his fourteenth album ‘Sonny & Brownie’s Last Train’, another modern classic.

19 Tuesday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Sigrid [19:45] Norwegian singer Sigrid’s music is contagious and high-energy. Her first full-length synth pop album ‘Sucker Punch’ was just released and is perfect if you need some positivity in your life. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Beverly GlennCopeland [19:30] At the age of 75, this Canadian musician is finally getting the recognition he deserves. His adventurous folk jazz style combined with his almost opera-like voice results in a one-of-a-kind sound. PERFORMING ARTS STADSSCHOUWBURG UTRECHT > Best of Balanchine III [20:00] In three separate pieces, the National Ballet honours the genius and diversity of George Balanchine.

20 Wednesday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ MOIRA > Moira Unplugged [19:30] See Wed 6. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > The Libertines [19:45] The dynamic between the two front men of The Libertines is what makes this rock band so special and creative and resulted in hits like ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ and ‘Time For Heroes’. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > The Bad Plus [20:30] Famous for their uplifting and exciting live performances, this is a jazz show you can’t miss. PERFORMING ARTS STADSSCHOUWBURG UTRECHT > Best of Balanchine III [20:00] See Tue 19.

21 Thursday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DB’S > Holly Golightly [20:00] Rhythm ‘n blues, garage and country by performer Holly Golightly and her band. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Mercy John [20:30] This Dutch singer-songwriter released his debut album in 2016 and immediately rose to fame in the Dutch roots scene. Three years on he is back with a new album that’s even more solid than his last.

TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Next Of Kin [20:30] Some of the best Dutch musicians have gathered to form Next Of Kin: timeless music inspired by the greats of the Americana genre. EKKO > Cosmosis: Mdou Moctar [21:00] The standard bearer of Tuareg’s new generation. PERFORMING ARTS PODIUM HOGE WOERD (LEIDSCHE RIJN) > DansDonderdag: Shake Shake Shake [20:30] A stirring concert that slowly derails in a dance performance. A rock and roll ritual, with music as an engine and inspiration as fuel.

22 Friday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Free lunch break concert [12:30] Enjoy some free classical music during your lunch break. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Kika Sprangers Large Ensemble [21:00] Saxophonist Kika Springers knows how to reach audiences everywhere with her melodic sound, melancholic harmonies and colourful arrangements. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Roctet Plays

Mendelssohn, Bach and Shostakovich [20:15] This collective consists of eight incredibly talented classically trained musicians. This group is so good that multiple composers have written compositions just for them, like Felix Mendelssohn. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DB’S > Mark Lada’s Golden Arches [20:00] Mark Lada, known as the wild front man of Traumahelikopter, takes a more poppy direction with his new band Golden Arches and sings in his native tongue. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Kronos Quartet [20:15] Undoubtedly the most famous music ensemble in the world of this time. A combination of young and old blood with many non-western musical influences explains why Kronos Quartet is so famous. EKKO > Iguana Death Cult [20:30] Lo-fi, fuzzy grooves and hypnotic surf melodies from Rotterdam. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > The Hillbilly Moon­ shiners [20:30] From Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ to your favourite Katy Perry hits, nothing is safe from the bluegrass touches of the Hillbilly Moonshiners. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

23 Saturday CLASSICAL MUSIC DOM CHURCH > Saturday afternoon concert [15:30] See Sat 2. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DB’S > Big Ass Metal Fest #31 [20:00] Utrecht’s only recurring metal festival brings you a heavy metal edition with


CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Hohe Messe - J.S. Bach [14:00] Written by Bach nearing the end of his life, these pieces sound surprisingly hopeful with magical choirs and festive trumpet melodies. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Eluveitie [19:00] This folk metal band combines heavy metal riffs with Keltic melodies and old instruments like the bagpipe. With special guest Lacuna Coil, this evening is promising to be a special one. EKKO > Doomstad #6 [20:10] Black metal, doom, sludge, stoner, drone... As long as it is loud, intense and very good. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Jack Broadbent [20:30] Announced at the Montreux Jazz Festival as ‘the new master of the slide guitar’, and this says a lot about the talent of Jack Broadbent. His sources of inspiration range from Robert Johnson to Radiohead, which results in soulful blues and folk compositions. GUIDED TOURS IN FRONT OF THE TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE > Gilde Utrecht

18 Monday


52 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019 Lovell’s Blade, Burning and Order of the Emperor. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Karsu [20:30] This half-Dutch, half-Turkish singer and pianist has played on stages all around the world and became a highly sought-after performer because of her unique mix of jazz, pop, classical and Turkish folk music. PERFORMING ARTS STADSSCHOUWBURG UTRECHT > Funk. IRC - All Styles Edition [19:30] Dancers of different urban styles compete against each other in electric dance battles. The audience can be in their seats or on the dance floor. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

24 Sunday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Ludwig & Lucie Horsch [11:00] The Netherlands has brought the world some of the best recorder players, Lucie Horsch being one of them. Her first album containing her rendition of works by Vivaldi earned her an Edison Classical Award. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > The Gelder’s

Orchestra with Boris Giltburg [15:00] Not many pianists dare to play Rachmaninov’s ‘Third Piano Concert’, but Giltburg is one of the brave few and he pulls it off incredibly well. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > De Staat [19:45] Maybe the best live band the Netherlands has to offer, and they are gaining an international fan base as well since supporting Muse on the European tour. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Hania Rani [20:30] This polish pianist/composer is an exciting new name in the neo classical scene. Her first solo album feels like taking a trip to a comforting, better world. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Jasper van ‘t Hof Blazers Quartet [16:00] Pianist Jasper van ‘t Hof keeps searching for new sounds and interesting collaborations. His latest work is a deep, emotional project made together with three saxophonists and a trombonist. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Florian Weber Quartet [20:30] German pianist Florian Weber was taught by none other than the band of Lee Konitz. For this tour Weber has gathered an international all-star group made out of trumpet player Ralph Alessi, bass player Michel Benita and drummer Dejan Terzic. PERFORMING ARTS STADSSCHOUWBURG UTRECHT > We Are Nowhere Else But Here [20:30] Nominated for ‘most impressive dance piece’ in 2018, this is a jewel. Like Edward Said, it asks if we can truly understand and accept the other.

GUIDED TOURS IN FRONT OF THE TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE > Gilde Utrecht guided walking tour [11:00 and 14:00] See Sun 1. DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

26 Tuesday MUSIC / POP, JAZZ, WORLD TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Pussy Riot [19:45] This Russian art collective has appeared in the news multiple times for their activism. An empowering show against corruption and fighting for the rights of the LGBT+ community, this show really gives you food for thought. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > The Dire Straits Experience [20:15] Original Dire Straits member Christ White has brought together six worldly musicians to recreate the sound of the Dire Straits from the 90s, and they manage to so extremely well. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Dirty Dozen Brass Band [20:15] After two beats it will be very clear that this fun group is from New Orleans. They themselves call their sound ‘musical gumbo’, a mix of jazz, funk, bebop, rhythm & blues and soul. PERFORMING ARTS THEATER KIKKER > ALL. [20:00] Music theatre performance in which Lisa Verbelen tries to get a grip on something splendid. All by herself. A performance about the fact that everything in life is complex. LECTURES UTRECHT UNIVERSITY HALL > Benedict

Anderson’s Imagined Communities [20:00] What makes people live and die

for nations? Social scientist Dr Fenella Fleischmann explains the power of the imagined community.

27 Wednesday

MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ MOIRA > Moira Unplugged [19:30] See Wed 6. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Wardruna [20:15] This Norwegian band manages to captivate the audience every time with their hypnotising dark folk music with texts in the ancient Norwegian language. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > White Lies [20:15] A show dedicated to the 10th anniversary of their renowned album ‘To Lose My Life…’, but you can also expect performances of songs from their latest album. PERFORMING ARTS THEATER KIKKER > ALL. [20:00] See Tue 26.

28 Thursday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Dutch Wind Instrument Ensemble [20:15] Six short Charlie Chaplin films with live music composed especially for this night. This is an evening film music buffs can’t miss. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Film Concert: Under the Skin [20:00] A film about an alien femme fatale played by Scarlett Johansson, accompanied by live music composed by Mica Levi. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DB’S > Club 3voor12 [20:00] Monthly showcase by the leading music platform 3voor12. Free admission. DE HELLING > Big One - The Pink Floyd Show [20:15] Big One might be the best

Music Café Tips

INDIEXL PRESENTS: MAGGIE BROWN, CHARMLESS I, GRENADEERS Hofman Café > 7 November Alternative indie radio­ station IndieXL presents three live performances by indie bands Maggie Brown, Charmless I and Grenadeers. Free admission.

NIZAR ROHANA TRIO Molen de Ster > 22 November Nizar Rohana is a virtuoso player of the ud, the Arabian lute. His trio’s music is full of Arabic and Middle Eastern traditions, but is also influenced by jazz and western classical music.

MEVROUW TAMARA Molen de Ster > 19 December Mevrouw Tamara is a singer-songwriter from Utrecht. She wrote her new album mostly while being on tour abroad. At Molen de Ster, she will present her new music.

Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht

European Pink Floyd tribute band. The first half of the show will be dedicated to the psychedelic period before ‘Dark Side of The Moon’, the second half will be all about the classics after this iconic album. EKKO > One Louder: Chris Cresswel [20:30] Front man Cresswell of The Flatliners performs solo. PERFORMING ARTS DE KARGADOOR > Storytelling in the Basement [20:00] Storytelling has been enjoying a full blown revival the last few years in the Netherlands. And rightly so: we’re all full of stories and who doesn’t like to listen to a good one? Funny, sad, scary and sweet stories: that’s what this evening is all about. STADSSCHOUWBURG UTRECHT > Or Die Trying [20:30] Socially and politically engaged dance theatre with a hip hop attitude. An interdisciplinary show by choreographer and sociologist Alida Dors.

29 Friday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Free lunch break concert [12:30] Enjoy some free classical music during your lunch break. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Amsterdam

Sinfonietta Plays Bach and Henze [20:15] Ning Feng is a worldwide renowned violin player and plays Henze like you’ve never heard before. After many years the Amsterdam Sinfonietta has finally managed to get a hold of him and play together in Utrecht. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Huijnen & Hopman with Eva-Maria Westbroek [20:30] The main instruments of this evening of classical music are the violin and accordion: a unique combination, but one that works surprisingly well.

30 Saturday CLASSICAL MUSIC DOM CHURCH > Saturday afternoon concert [15:30] See Sat 2. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Nederlands

Kamerkoor and Edo de Waart [20:00] Edo de Waart is known in opera houses all around the world for his amazing leadership and interpretations of the works of Richard Strauss. Tonight he will conduct the Nederlands Kamerkoor once again after their successful collaboration in 2016. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Goran Bregovic and Noord Nederlands Orkest [20:15] In 2008 millions of Europeans saw Bregovic’ passionate mix of rock, classical and Eastern-European folk music during the break of the Eurovision Song Contest. Many tours followed, and this is one of them, together with the Noord Nederlands Orkest. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DB’S > Ballroom Blitz [20:00] DJ’s Kondratieff and Mis, Cris dare you to dance to their mix of alternative hits and floor fillers. Free entrance. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Amsterdam Klezmer Band & Amsterdam’s Andalusian Orchestra [20:30] Most of the Amsterdam Klezmer Band’s shows end in one big dance party. The Amsterdam’s Andalusian Orchestra has its roots in North-African folk music. This might sound like a weird combination, but somehow it works. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Ben van Gelder Paradís [21:00] A modern jazz interpretation of the story of Adam and Eve, played by Ben van Gelder, one of the most promising young saxophonists. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.


1 Sunday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Dweezil Zappa [20:00] American guitarist Dweezil Zappa has been touring the world without resting to keep his father

Frank’s music alive. Dweezil definitely belongs to the best guitarists in the industry, covering Van Halen’s ‘Eruption’ with seeming ease. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Jean-Michels Blais [20:15] This Canadian pianist and composer combines neoclassical, minimalism and avant-garde into his own style, inspired by artists ranging from Chopin to Yann Tiersen. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Leeroy Stagger [20:30] Starting as an ‘angry young man’ in the Canadian punk scene, Stagger has evolved into a singersongwriter with rock-’n-roll roots. PERFORMING ARTS STADSSCHOUWBURG UTRECHT > The Artist [20:00] A heart-warming physical comedy about an artist looking for inspiration. GUIDED TOURS IN FRONT OF THE TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE > Gilde Utrecht guided walking tour [11:00 and 14:00] The guides show you the most beautiful spots of the historic centre. Tours start at 11:00 ( free, 1 hour) and 14:00 (€ 4/8, 1½ hour). DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] Join the English speaking local guides for a free (tip-based) walking tour through the city. In two hours, they will tell you about the history and hidden gems of Utrecht and provide you with insider tips on where to go next.

2 Monday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Dhafer Youssef [20:00] Composer, singer and ud-player Dhafer Youssef is one of the most progressive musicians in the jazz world. He mixes components of old Arabian music with modern jazz into a unique, mystical sound.


Giddens with Franscesco Turrisi [19:45] You might know Rhiannon Giddens from the Americana quartet Carolina Chocolate Drops, but she also holds her own in her solo career. Her latest album ‘There Is No Other’ is a collaborative project with multiinstrumentalist Frencesco Turrisi.

4 Wednesday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Christmas With Kurt Elling Quintet [20:00] Kurt Elling has won an incredible amount of awards over the years, and for good reason: he is one of the most prominent and talented jazz vocalists of modern times. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DE KARGADOOR > Jazz in the basement [19:30] Utrecht has a real jazz basement, in which you can listen to different styles of jazz and even play along.


MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DB’S > Shabba Night [20:00] Reggae in its purest form presented by Shabba and his band Stontjie Crew. DE HELLING > The Bluebirds [20:15] Three Dutch singers who discovered their joint love for Americana and country music. Inspired by the likes of Dolly Parton, they recently released their debut album Sisters: a contemporary, well-crafted country album full of warm harmonies. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > San Holo [20:15] Maybe more famous in the States than in his own home country, this Dutch DJ/ producer is also a master of the guitar and knows how to use his knowledge of music theory in his own electronic productions. EKKO > Check 1-2-3 [20:30] Start your weekend with three up-and-coming Dutch bands. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Altin Gün [21:15] This interracial group has somehow managed to bring 70s Turkish psychedelic back to life and got multiple raving reviews. PERFORMING ARTS STADSSCHOUWBURG UTRECHT > Warm at heart [20:30] Three lonely musicians

get caught up in an absurd melodious adventure. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.



MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019

Movie Tips ‘T HOOGT ON TOUR: THE WINTER GARDEN’S TALE Metaal Kathedraal > 3 November In collaboration with Metaal Kathedraal and the Eastern Neighbors Film Festival (ENFF), ‘t Hoogt on Tour is showing the Ukrainian documentary The Winter Garden’s Tale. With English subtitles.

THE LODGE Louis Hartlooper Complex/ Springhaver > from 14 November A soon-to-be stepmom is snowed in with her fiancé’s two children at a remote holiday village. Just as relations begin to thaw between the trio, some strange and frightening events take place.

SORRY WE MISSED YOU Louis Hartlooper Complex/ Springhaver > from 14 November A hard-up delivery driver and his wife struggle to get by in modern-day England. To support his family, father Ricky invests in a delivery van to work as a package delivery company.

MOIRA > Moira Unplugged [19:30] Enjoy an evening of free music by up-andcoming local artistes. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Árstídir [20:15] For this Icelandic band, not instruments but vocal harmonies form the base of their sound. Their latest album is almost all in English, but the band still kept its recognisable Nordic sound. PERFORMING ARTS STADSSCHOUWBURG UTRECHT > Uiteen [20:00] Identical twins Sander and Arnout Brinks perform together as musicians every night, but their lives have taken different turns: one of them had a baby, the other one’s marriage stranded.

5 Thursday MUSIC / POP, WORLD JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Souad Massi [20:15] She sings in Arabian, French and English and plays folk, rock, fado, rai, African blues and even French chansons on her guitar. This makes every performance of Souad Massi completely unique. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Dawn Landes [20:30] This American singer-songwriter make easy-listening country folk in which her angel-like voice stands out.

6 Friday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Free lunch break concert [12:30] Enjoy some free classical music during your lunch break. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Edo de Waart

Conducts Mahler’s ‘Seventh Symphony’ [20:15] Mahler’s ‘Seventh Symphony’ is full of contrasting emotions, atmospheric sounds and irony. If you like some atypical classical music, this is the perfect outing for you. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Maarten Ornstein DASH! [21:00] DASH! is the dynamic free-funk trio made up of saxophone and clarinet player Maarten Ornstein, together with bassist Alex Oele and drummer Eric Hoeke. Expect an evening full of improvisation, seamless teamwork and lots of fun. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

7 Saturday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Davina Michelle [20:00] After her cover version of ‘What About Us’, P!nk herself said ‘now I know how it’s supposed to sound;. Since then Davina’s career has sky-rocketed and she has gained a following of over 600,000 people on YouTube. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Maria Emilia [20:15] Considered one of today’s biggest fado talents by many, even though she hasn’t released an album yet. Her first album is coming soon though, and will surely prove her reputation as one of the

fado greats. EKKO > Sons [20:30] Power pop meets hardcore by this foursome from Flanders. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Marillion [20:30] To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Marillion is re-doing one of its best concerts ever: their performance at the Royal Albert Hall, including the string quartet In Praise Of Folly and two more classical musicians. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.


London Community Gospel Choir [15:00] Baroque meets gospel in this fan­tastic collaboration. Not your typical somewhat stuffy classical performance, but an afternoon of entertainment and fun. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DE HELLING > Against The Current [20:15] One of the many bands that gained fame through covers on YouTube. Its original work is the perfect blend of pop and rock, with Chrissy Constanza’s vocals adding even more flavour. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Maria Mendes & John Beasly [20:30] The first thing you’ll notice about this fado singer is the clarity of her vocals and the elegant way she pronounces her lyrics. Her music is perfect for fans of the fado genre and jazz lovers alike. PERFORMING ARTS STADSSCHOUWBURG UTRECHT > A bite at... Die Zauberflöte [18:30] With ‘Die Zauberflöte’, Mozart created a fairy-tale opera that both touches and entertains. Opera2day presents its own rendition of this masterpiece. GUIDED TOURS IN FRONT OF THE TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE > Gilde Utrecht guided walking tour [11:00 and 14:00] See Sun 1. DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

9 Monday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Van Swieten Society [20:00] An evening dedicated to classical guitar music from around 1800, with both new compositions in that style but also re-workings. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DE HELLING > Boris [20:15] This metal band from Japan is still going strong after more than 25 years. From doom to noise to sludge: name any obscure genre and Boris probably has at least a few songs you’ll love.

10 Tuesday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Melanie [20:00] Melanie was one of three female acts

Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht


that played on the original Woodstock Ffestival. Her voice is still as mystical and powerful as 50 years ago.

11 Wednesday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ MOIRA > Moira Unplugged [19:30] See Wed 4. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Andrew Combs [20:30] This singer-songwriter is often categorised as country, but his musical abilities reach far wider: Americana, pop and indie folk - just to name a few. PERFORMING ARTS STADSSCHOUWBURG UTRECHT > Sierra Oscar Foxtrot Tango [20:00] The young dancers of Nederlands Dans Theater 2 present their latest work in four parts.

19 oktober januari 2020

t/m 26


13 Friday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Free lunch break concert [12:30] Enjoy some free classical music during your lunch break. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Monteverdi’s Mariavespers [20:15] The Dutch Bach Society is celebrating Christmas with Monteverdi’s Mariavespers, maybe one of the most important liturgical works from the 17th century. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DB’S > Inferum, Hibakusha & Two and a Half Girl [20:00] An evening featuring

MUSEUM FLEHITE .NL AMERSFOORT three promising and loud Dutch bands that bring a special blend of math rock, metal and post-hardcore. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Nina Simone by Sabrina Starke & Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw [20:00] Because of the huge success of last year’s tribute to Nina Simone, this collective has decided to do it again, in TivoliVredenburg. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Son Mieux [20:15] This artiste writes his music in the middle of the night, which may be why his songs sound intimate yet expressive at the same time. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Mama Africa [20:15] From soukous to mbaqanga and bikutsi: all types of African music will be played during this groovy night. EKKO > Lightning Dust [20:30] This is the psychedelic, folky space rock side project of Black Mountain-members Amber Webber and Joshua Wells. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

14 Saturday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Messiah [19:30] A true Christmas tradition: the Messiah, with its most famous piece Hallelujah of course included, played by Utrecht’s

Philharmonic Orchestra. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Ives Ensemble [20:00] The Ives Ensemble will play a reaction to Schönberg’s Suite with three clarinet players, three string instrumentalists and a piano, and also a homage truthful to the original. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DE HELLING > Bokassa [20:15] This Norwegian band makes a high-energy mix of hardcore punk and stoner rock. Its debut album ‘Divide & Conquer’ captured even Metallica’s attention, resulting in Bokassa being the supporting act during the 2019 tour. EKKO > Mooon [20:30] Garage rock with a psychedelic touch by two brothers and a cousin from the south of the Netherlands. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Michael Prins [20:30] Prins is already a well-known name in the Dutch music scene because of his raw and real lyrics, but it’s time the rest of the world recognised his song-writing talents too. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Band With Benefits [20:30] In less than two hours party band Band with Benefits is able to play 80s hit songs, from Beyoncé to Toto to Bon Jovi, all seamlessly mixed. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Emily Jane


Tomorrow - Mahler: Totenfeier [20:00] This concert can be described as casual classic: no dress code, you can bring your beer inside and the host of this evening is a DJ. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Elisabeth Hetherington [21:00] Winning the Dutch Classical Talent Tour means you’re one of the best musicians in the Netherlands. Elisabeth Hetherington is one of these winners. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DE HELLING > Morrissey Indeed [20:15] This tribute band covers both classics from The Smiths - still one of the most influenetial indie rock bands of all time - and the solo work of Morrissey. The best of both worlds. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Balthazar [20:15] After a break, indie rock band Balthazar is back and better than ever. The latest album ‘Fever’ is the most energetic and creative yet. PERFORMING ARTS PODIUM HOGE WOERD (LEIDSCHE RIJN) > DansDonderdag: DansClick 21 [20:30] Introducing a new generation of dance makers: the winners of the BNG Bank Dance Prize 2019. They bring different choreographies into an original mix of styles and social statements.

56 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019 White [20:45] This American singer-­ songwriters seems to create her own musical universe instead of following genres. Her latest album is reminiscent of artists like Marissa Nadler and Chelsea Wolfe. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

15 Sunday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Residentie Orchestra The Hague [15:00] Conducted by Mei-Ann Chen and performed by Residentie Orchestra The Hague, this is guaranteed to be a perfect performance of Tsjaikovski’s ‘Swan Lake’. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > South-American

Baroque & Misa Criolla [20:15] Ramírez’s famous Misa Criolla is a

baroque piece with a South-American twist: baroque with a bite. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > BRUUT! & Anton Goudsmit [16:00] These artistes manage to take you back to the surfer music of the 60s with hits from The Beach Boys, Dick Dale and many others. They will also play own work. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Trio Brederode, Glerum & Scholten [16:00] Three curious musicians from different generations are gathering their talents to form a new trio, consisting of double bass player Ernst Glerum (1955), pianist Wolfert Brederode (1974) and guitarist Marzio Scholten (1982). TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Sólstafir Performing Köld [19:45] Icelandic postmetal band Sólstafir is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the album ‘Köld’

with an intense performance, including the hit ‘Love is the Devil’. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Noah Guthrie [20:30] His covers on YouTube landed this young singer-songwriter a spot on the popular show Glee. He is now touring the world with his band Good Trouble and will be playing his own work live for the first time. GUIDED TOURS IN FRONT OF THE TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE > Gilde Utrecht guided walking tour [11:00 and 14:00] See Sun 1. DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

16 Monday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Irish Christmas [20:00] A memorable Christmas party led by Fergal Ó Murchú, the grandmaster of traditional Irish music. Fergal has selected the best traditional instrumentalists from Ireland to truly make it an Irish Christmas. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Chilly Gonzales [20:15] This Canadian pianist/ entertainer plays jazz and classical music, but has also made rap albums and worked together with artists like Leslie Feist, Peaches and Daft Punk.

17 Tuesday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Christmas Choir Concert [20:00] The annual Christmas Choir Concert is back, this time with all-male choirs Hallelujah and Christian Male Choir Lelystad, and the ladies of the Urker Voices. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Ensemble Agamemnon [20:00] The musicians of Agamemnon share a love for the music of 17th century Italy and the Holy Roman Empire, playing pieces by Monteverdi, Schütz and Fux. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Mahalia [20:15] She’s just 21 years old, but it seems like she already has a whole musical career behind her: she used to play mostly indie-like songs, but now made the switch to soul and R ’n B, and it seems like she’s already found her own style. PERFORMING ARTS THEATER KIKKER > Portraits [20:00] Five female dancers and five male former prison inmates meet each other on stage. Portraits is a dance performance about feeling free and secure. It’s also an invitation to really see and feel each other.

18 Wednesday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ MOIRA > Moira Unplugged [19:30] See Wed 4. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Guy Verlinde Trio

Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht

[20:15] After his career with The Mighty Gators, Guy Verlinde changed his style and started writing acoustic blues with personal lyrics. Tonight he’ll play songs from his latest album All Is Forgiven together with Nils De Caster (violin) and Oliver Vander Bauwede (guitar). PODIUM HOGE WOERD (LEIDSCHE RIJN) > Summa [20:30] The iconic music of Arvo Pärt is an inspiration for countless people due to its timeless and superb quality. Silence is important in Pärt’s work. It is this ‘music of silence’ that choreographer Samir Calixto and the Amsterdam Cello Octet bring together to create ‘Summa’. PERFORMING ARTS STADSSCHOUWBURG UTRECHT > (Im) Pulse [20:30] A three-piece dance show from SALLY company Maastricht.

19 Thursday

20 Friday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Free lunch break concert [12:30] Enjoy some free classical music during your lunch break. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Christmas With

Mendelssohn and Mozart [20:15] Mendelssohn’s ‘Fifth Symphony’ and Mozart’s ‘Krönungsmesse’ share a certain confidence: both pieces where written in one session. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Danny Vera [19:45] An evening with songs in the style of Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley led by the likeable

21 Saturday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Ensemble Reso­ nanz [20:00] Bach’s Weihnachts-Oratorium is Christmas music with an intimate, cosy feel. Ensemble Resonanz put a twist on this classic composition by adding keyboards and an electrical guitar. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DB’S > Big Ass Metal Fest #32 [20:00] Utrecht’s only recurring metal festival brings you the album release party of Utrecht’s latest thrash and death metal sensation Shinigami. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > MY BABY [20:00] The power of this Amsterdam-based trio is almost spiritual. Dub, funk, gospel, psych, disco and blues: MY BABY knows how to mix it into a sweet, catchy sound. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Fluister: Christine Ott [20:15] French pianist and composer Christine Ott will play live alongside a showing of the documentary Nanook of the North. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

22 Sunday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Ciconia Consort & Peter Gijsbertsen [11:00] The real star of this show is the voice of tenor Peter Gijsbertsen. His vocal abilities reach far and wide and are a perfect match for the Victorian Christmas classics this show is all about. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > WeihnachtsOratorium [15:00] The six cantatas played this afternoon tell the story of Jesus Christ and his birth. Majestic and intimate, this is a piece no fan of classical music can overlook. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Dutch Wind Instrument Ensemble [20:00] This

concert is also the final round of a competition for anyone under 18. These talented young individuals will play pieces written by themselves, often kickstarting their professional musical career at this very show. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Clean Pete’s Christ­ mas Show [15:45] Last year’s Christmas show was such a huge success that Clean Pete has decided to do it again. Expect Christmas classics, Clean Pete songs, a string orchestra and a lot of snow. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Artvark & Apollo Double Quartet [16:00] This collective of eight saxophonists plays both classical and jazz and knows how to make every member shine individually as well as in the group. GUIDED TOURS IN FRONT OF THE TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE > Gilde Utrecht guided walking tour [11:00 and 14:00] See Sun 1. DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

23 Monday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Top 2000 Live [20:00] The Top 2000 takes place in the week before New Year and is a votebased ranking of the 2,000 best songs of all time according to the Dutch. This night the Top 2000 Live Band will play some of these classic songs live with The Voice finalist Tjindjara.

25 Wednesday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ MOIRA > Moira Unplugged [19:30] See Wed 4.

27 Friday CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Janine Jansen & Friends [20:00] Janine Jansen has invited many familiar faces to play the opening concert for the Internationaal Kamermuziek Festival Utrecht. Together they will play piano pieces by Schulhoff and Bartók. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ DE HELLING > Bömbers Feat. Abbath [20:15] After the death of front man Lemmy Kilmister, legendary heavy metal band Motörhead disbanded, but their music still lives on, partially due to tribute bands like Bömbers. Both the voice and the charisma of Abbath come very close to Kilmister. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Kraak & Smaak [20:15] This Dutch DJ/ producer trio has grown to international fame with their pleasant mix of dunk, disco, pop, house and downbeat. After travelling to festivals all around the world, they’re finally


CLASSICAL MUSIC TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Christmas With Holland Baroque [20:00] Holland Baroque’s Christmas tradition is back: an evening full of forgotten treasures from the Baroque era. This time together with Norwegian mezzo soprano Marianne Beate Kielland. TIVOILVREDENBURG > Christmas Movie Classics [20:15] This night is dedicated to all the truly classic Christmas songs from the best films in the industry, creating a warm atmosphere that’s perfect for the Christmas spirit. MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Kovacs & Metropole Orchestra [20:30] Kovacs’s raw and dark voice is often compared to Amy Winehouse’s, and caught the attention of the big Metropole Orchestra. After two collaborative albums they are finally performing their magic live in the Netherlands. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Dutch Student Jazz Orchestra 2019 [20:30] Thirty students from all over the Netherlands play soul classics, but also new soulinspired music of modern artists, led by saxophonist Nils van Haften.

Americana singer Danny Vera. DB’S > Les Robots [20:00] From outer space and catchy as hell, Les Robots redefine instrumental music. Somewhere in between Joe Meek and Booker T. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Steffen Morrison [20:30] This soul singer’s music is inspired by the likes of Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye, but also artistes like the Stones. Morrison rose to fame after his acclaimed 2017 hit single ‘Old Enough to Know Better’. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Vein Feat. Andy Sheppard [20:30] This Swiss group consists of just three members but somehow it feels like a whole orchestra is playing when they perform live. They will be accompanied by the talented saxophonist Andy Sheppard. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.


58 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019 performing at home again. TIVOLIVREDENBURG > Christmas With Kees van Hondt [22:00] An interesting mix of pan-European folk music, polka pop and more guilty pleasures, Kees van Hondt is back at TivoliVredenburg yet again to celebrate Christmas in his own unique way. GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

28 Saturday GUIDED TOURS DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

29 Sunday GUIDED TOURS IN FRONT OF THE TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE > Gilde Utrecht guided walking tour [11:00 and 14:00] See Sun 1. DOMPLEIN > Free Walking Tour Utrecht [13:30] See Sun 1.

30 Monday MUSIC / POP, WORLD, JAZZ TIVOLIVREDENBURG > The Dutch Queen Tribute [20:30] A collective of some of the most talented Dutch musicians who share a love for Queen will definitely rock you this night dedicated to one of the best British bands of all time.


MOVIES CENTRAL LIBRARY UTRECHT 8 NOV > Julie & Julia [20:00] Frustrated with a soul-killing job, New Yorker Julie Powell (Amy Adams) embarks on a daring project: she vows to prepare all 524 recipes in Julia Childs’ landmark cookbook, ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’. Intertwined with Julie’s story is the true tale of how Child (Meryl Streep) herself conquered French cuisine. 13 DEC > Twenty Feet from Stardom [20:00] Who are the nameless voices that accompany rock stars on stage? The background singers of major artistes look back at the early days of pop and talk about their anonymous existence in the shadow of fame. METAAL KATHEDRAAL 3 NOV > The Winter Garden’s Tale [16:30] In collaboration with Metaal

Kathedraal and the Eastern Neighbors Film Festival (ENFF), ‘t Hoogt on Tour is showing this Ukrainian documentary with English subtitles. LOUIS HARTLOOPER COMPLEX/ SPRINGHAVER FROM 7 NOV > Beats [time tba] Two teenage boys in Scotland risk everything to attend an illegal rave, hoping for the best night of their boring lives. FROM 7 NOV > The Report [time tba] Idealistic Senate staffer Daniel J. Jones, tasked by his boss to lead an investigation into the CIA’s post 9/11 Detention and Interrogation Program, uncovers shocking secrets. FROM 14 NOV > Judy [time tba] Legendary performer Judy Garland arrives in London in the winter of 1968 to perform a series of sold-out concerts. FROM 14 NOV > Sorry We Missed You [time tba] A hard-up delivery driver and his wife struggle to get by in modern-day England. From the director of I, Daniel Blake. FROM 14 NOV > The Lodge [time tba] A soon-to-be stepmom is snowed in with her fiancé’s two children at a remote holiday village. Just as relations begin to thaw between the trio, some strange and frightening events take place. 19 NOV > Cracking the Frame: Barbara [19:00] Film about Barbara Rubin, one of the more influential unsung heroes of the New York experimental film scene of the sixties and a true feminist pioneer in cinema and art. PARNASSOS CULTUURCENTRUM 14 NOV > Parnassos Bios: Frozen [19:15] Are you a Frozen fan? Then come to our cinema evening with a Frozen singing workshop in advance, so you know all the lyrics and sing along during the film.

Festivals & Events

KOEKOEK030 – EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY IN NOV AND DEC VARIOUS LOCATIONS > [various times] Unique locations in Utrecht will be transformed into a pop-up stage for musical acts. There will also be exhibitions of young, talented artists and designers from Utrecht. SPRING IN AUTUMN – 31 OCT – 2 NOV STADSSCHOUWBURG UTRECHT > [various times] Featuring productions

by contemporary (inter)national theatre makers and choreographers. STREEKBIERFESTIVAL – 31 OCT - 3 NOV VARIOUS LOCATIONS > [16:00] Local craft beer festival in several bars. SINT MAARTEN – 3 - 11 NOV VARIOUS LOCATIONS > [various times] For more than a week, Utrecht revolves around the patron Saint Martin with activities for kids, concerts, lectures, a huge bonfire and a festive procession of lights through the city centre. LE GUESS WHO? – 7 - 10 NOV VARIOUS LOCATIONS > [various times] The go-to event for experimental musical thinking. KABOOM ANIMATION FESTIVAL – 9 - 13 NOV VARIOUS LOCATIONS > [various times] The programme of the Utrecht part of this new animation festival is totally dedicated to children (and their parents). You can watch animation films, short films for all ages (3+, 6+, 9+ and teens) and test new games and VR projects. LE MINI WHO? – 10 NOV VARIOUS LOCATIONS > [12:00] Free spinoff festival of Le Guess Who? Festival with the best bands from the Dutch underground music scene. DANCING ON THE EDGE FESTIVAL – 14 NOV HET HUIS UTRECHT > [various times] Festival that moves between different borders, bodies, histories and (pre) conceptions. In its working processes and programming, it attempts to challenge singular narratives and identities in representation as well as dominant power structures and (post) colonial relations. SMARTLAPPENFESTIVAL – 15 - 17 NOV VARIOUS LOCATIONS > [various times] Ballad weekend: you’ll hear Dutch tearjerkers in lots of venues around the city. PIECES OF TOMORROW FESTIVAL – 16 NOV TIVOLIVREDENBURG > [19:00] This festival can be described as casual classic: no dress code, you can bring your beer inside and the host of this evening is a DJ. SWEAT ‘N WILD FESTIVAL – 16 NOV DB’S > [time tba] In remembrance of the Boothill Saloon, this festival will bring you an entire day of great (hard) rock bands. MEGA VINYL & CD FAIR – 16 AND 17 NOV JAARBEURS > [10:00] For vinyl lovers and musicians: buy records, attend book presentations, watch live performances and visit exhibitions in the field of music. COUNTRY & CHRISTMAS FAIR – 19 - 24 NOV DE HAAR CASTLE > [10:00] Shop for exclusive Christmas presents and drink glühwein in a fairy-tale setting. WHAT YOU SEE FESTIVAL – 22 - 24 NOV VARIOUS LOCATIONS > [various times] This multidisciplinary and international festival questions and stretches the ingrained norms on gender and identity in a challenging programme fuelled with urgency and

Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht

Various Tips WRITER’S EVENT WITH ALI SMITH University College Utrecht > 7 November The acclaimed British writer Ali Smith reads from her own work and will be interviewed by dr. Agnes Andeweg (University College Utrecht). Part of the evening will be devoted to Smith’s novel Autumn.

Photography Sarah Wood, Annemiek van der Kuil

STORIES Molen de Ster > 17 November An afternoon of storytelling with a mission to connect humanity, heal and transform the community, through an uplifting, thoughtprovoking, soul-cleansing entertainment experience. STORYTELLING IN THE BASEMENT De Kargadoor > 28 November The revival of storytelling in Utrecht! Because who doesn’t like to listen to a good story? Funny, sad, scary and sweet: that’s what this evening is all about.

The best names from the chamber music scene come to Utrecht to perform their music in a variety of ways, be it in the afternoon, evening or late at night. Programmed by world-famous violin player Janine Jansen.

Exhibitions & Museums

BUITENPLAATS DOORNBURGH UNTIL 29 MAR 2020 > Endless Life Artists and scientists reflect on the extension of life. What will our world look like when death is no longer an established fact for everyone?

CATHARIJNE CONVENT MUSEUM PERMANENT > Museum collection Get an insight into the Christian art and cultural history of the Netherlands and its influence on Dutch society. PERMANENT > Rembrandt and the Golden Age Meet Rembrandt’s predecessors, followers and contemporaries through 16th- and 17th-century masterpieces from the museum’s collection of bible paintings. UNTIL 26 JAN 2020 > North & South Both in the far North and far South of Europe, medieval masterpieces have survived that are remarkably similar despite the great distance that separates them. These rare works of art from the period 1100-1350 have travelled from Catalonia (Spain) and Norway to Utrecht. An absolute ‘must-see’, because art from this early period has hardly survived in Central Europe. CENTRAAL MUSEUM PERMANENT > Lights on Wood Interactive lighting installation on the Utrecht Ship. PERMANENT > Rietveld and Van Baaren collection The French and Dutch paintings from the Van Baaren collection are juxtaposed with furniture pieces by Gerrit Rietveld. PERMANENT > The World of Utrecht This exhibition is as wide-ranging as the title suggests. It not only draws liberally from the museum’s extensive collection, but the exhibition themes date back to the start of the Common Era and stretch all around the world. All disciplines rub shoulders in this exhibition: modern art, city history, fashion and costumes, old art and applied arts. PERMANENT > Studio Dick Bruna Dick Bruna’s studio (he’s the creator of Miffy) has been moved from its location in Utrecht’s inner city to Centraal Museum. The studio now has a new and permanent place on the top floor of the museum, which exudes the same atmosphere as Bruna’s studio at present. 7 NOV > Centraal Laat Every first Thursday of each month, Centraal Museum opens its doors in the evening. This time, there’s a collaboration with Le Mini Who?, a spin-off festival of Le Guess Who?. The current exhibition Dreams Cast in Concrete will be musically supported by different acts throughout the museum. UNTIL 19 JAN 2020 > Dreams Cast in Concrete Exhibition about two utopian construction projects with a turbulent history: Kanaleneiland and Hoog Catherijne. Both projects were once presented as solutions to the problems that Utrecht was facing, yet within a few decades seemed to be a


joy. Drop by at different locations in the city-centre for a variety of theatre- and dance performances, short films, exhibitions, installations and parties that offers you new perspectives on the theme of gender. FONTEYN WINTERFESTIVAL – 13 AND 14 DEC JANSKERKHOF > [16:00] The Janskerkhof square will be the décor of a festival with over 80 wines, food and live music. DISNEY ON ICE – 21 - 29 DEC JAARBEURS > [various times] Enter a winter wonderland beyond imagination with all the famous Disney characters. KERSTIVAL – FROM 21 DEC CATHARIJNE CONVENT MUSEUM > [10:00] The full Christmas experience with workshops, tours and the 18th-century Napolitano nativity scene. WINTER STATION – FROM 21 DEC RAILWAY STATION > [10:00] The museum is transformed with hundreds of shiny lights, music and food. And you can also ice skate between the authentic trains. INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL UTRECHT – 27 - 30 DEC VARIOUS LOCATIONS > [various times]


60 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019 symbol of problems rather than solutions. DOM CHURCH PERMANENT > Visit the church The cathedral is open to the public 7 days a week. PERMANENT > Dutch Museum Churches Discover the hidden treasures of the Dom Church with an English audio tour. DOM TOWER PERMANENT > Tour of the Dom Climb the 465 steps of the Dom Tower and learn everything about its history. Xxxxx DOMUNDER PERMANENT > Secrets of Domplein Discover 2,000 years of history underneath the Domplein square. Explore the archaeological findings, dating back to the Roman Castellum ‘Trajectum’, with an interactive flashlight. EXBOOT WEDNESDAYS TILL FRIDAYS & SUNDAYS > Monthly changing exhibition This exhibition space used to be a boat for window prostitution. Every month, the boat is filled with new art, performances and installations by upcoming talents. Free admission. 4 - 24 NOV > The Default (Series) Expressively painted heads of selfcontained people of colour are playing the lead in Iriée Zamblé’s work. Iriée puts a magnifying glass upon some of the people that may pass us by daily. With the title, Iriée positions people of colour as a standard rather than an exception. EXBUNKER SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS > Monthlychanging exhibition Former WWII bunker, now filled with new art, performances, installations and other expressions made by up-and-coming talent. Free admission. 4 - 24 NOV > as a man i hate flowers In her work, Ischa Kempka reflects on today’s society and the way in which people present themselves online. Texts she reads online are a starting point to make (ceramic) sculptures, drawings or video works that form a protest against the big wor(l)d. FOTODOK FROM 15 NOV > Joint Memory. Photographic Fragments Exhibition about our collective memory around various historical events and the influence of photography in this process. The exhibition presents projects that investigate these - hidden - events and how they are constructed by means of images in family albums, mass media, social networks and archives. DE HAAR CASTLE 1 NOV – 31 DEC > Visit De Haar Castle De Haar Castle is the biggest and most

luxurious castle in The Netherlands. A visit will take you back to the glory days of the castle and will show you the splendour that surrounded the international rich and famous in the early 20th century. UNTIL 15 DEC > Bon Voyage! Greetings from the golden age of travel Baron Etienne van Zuylen and Baroness Hélène de Rothschild allow visitors a glimpse of their travel history and take you back to the glorious days when travel was the ultimate form of luxury. KUNSTLIEFDE UNTIL 17 NOV > Schepsels & Creaturen: special creatures in art Mystical figures originated from human fantasy. What drives us to create these creatures? Where do they come from and what do they stand for? 23 NOV - 29 DEC > Present! Art and design for the holidays Looking for a special gift? Kunstliefde has a wide range of art and design by Utrecht artists, young talent and promising designers: paintings, drawings, graphics, images, ceramics, photography, design...all very affordable. MOLEN DE STER EVERY SATURDAY > Visit the mill This mill in the Lombok district is a traditional working sawmill. The volunteers put the mill into action and explain its history. Free admission. MUSEUM HOGE WOERD PERMANENT > Visit the castellum Discover everything about Castellum Hoge Woerd, a contemporary reconstruction of the Roman fortress that once stood here. MUSEUM SPEELKLOK PERMANENT > The musical tour This tour takes you to the wonderful world of self-playing musical instruments, surprising you with cheerful tunes emanating from all corners of the museum. EVERY TUE TO SUN > Musical tour with live music Tour that will take you through the wonderful world of selfplaying musical instruments. Let yourself be surprised by the cheerful tunes from all corners of the museum. UNTIL 5 JAN 2020 > At home in the Buurkerk, a thousand years of history under one roof In this exhibition, a wealth of stories from the history of the Buurkerk - home to Museum Speelklok will be unveiled. NEDERLANDS VOLKSBUURTMUSEUM PERMANENT > Museum collection The Dutch museum of backstreets and working class neighbourhoods will show you the two hundred year-history of the day-to-day life of the man in the street. QUINTESSENS GALLERY 3 NOV - 13 DEC > Aujourd’hui Recent paintings, glass, ceramics and design by

the artist duo Ravage (Clemens RAmeckers and Arnold VAn GEuns). RAILWAY MUSEUM PERMANENT > Trains over time Visit the completely renewed museum hall and watch the historical trains bring railway history to life. PERMANENT > Loaded trains Exhibition about the deportation of Jews by train during World War II. RAUM 1 NOV – 31 DEC > RAUM Exhibitions Come and visit the biggest playground for design, art and technology in Utrecht. You’ll discover amazing art objects and installations built on the biggest town square of Utrecht. RIETVELD SCHÖDERHUIS WEDNESDAY TO SUNDAY > Visit the Rietveld Schröderhuis Utrecht architect Gerrit Rietveld designed this whole building along the lines of the Dutch artistic movement De Stijl, known for its geometric shapes and primary colours. Reservation is compulsory. SALON VAN WELEER PERMANENT > Salon van Weleer Visit the Salon van Weleer for the Tearoom of Yesteryear (a unique Salon, live games Scriptorium, Purgatorium and Reliquiarium. SLOT ZUYLEN SATURDAY AND SUNDAY > Visit Slot Zuylen This castle is situated on the river Vecht in the tiny village of OudZuilen near Utrecht, The Netherlands. Whilst retaining many of its medieval castle-like features it was converted into a country mansion in the 18th century. SONNENBORGH MUSEUM & OBSERVATORY PERMANENT > Bringing far away close by Climb the stairs to the observatory and wonder at the starry heavens. Learn all about the stars in de sky and the weather in one of our exhibitions, tours or lectures. Or take a virtual journey through the universe in the planetarium. HET UTRECHTS ARCHIEF PERMANENT > Utrecht starts here! The exhibition takes visitors on an interactive journey through the city’s history, based on accounts given by residents. UTRECHT BOTANICAL GARDEN UNTIL 3 NOV > Tropical Butterfly Festival Visit the beautiful tropical butterflies in the glass house. UTRECHT UNIVERSITY MUSEUM PERMANENT > Oude Hortus Beautiful garden in the middle of the city centre. Relax and enjoy the surroundings, or have a cup of coffee or lunch in Café Ginkgo, from where you have a great view of the garden.

Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht



EXHIBITIONS, MUSEUMS AND OTHER ACTIVITIES MIFFY MUSEUM > Step into the world of Miffy and her friends [permanent] Ten rooms, each dedicated to a different subject, invite young children to discover the world around them step by step. MIFFY MUSEUM > Projection ‘Miffy lives

here’ [until 27 Jan from 17.15 to 23.00] Cheerful and wintry animated projection, displayed on the façade of the museum. The animation lasts 13 minutes and is shown in a continuous loop. MOLEN DE STER > Arts and crafts club (6+) [every Wednesday from 14.30 to 16.30] The Arts and crafts club in Molen de Ster is an opportunity to make crazy, bizarre, beautiful and impossible artworks.

ArcheoHotspot [every Wednesday-, Thursday, Friday- and Saturday afternoon from 12.00 to 16.00] Archaeology comes to life in Museum Hoge Woerd. Contribute to the ongoing research by helping the (voluntary) archaeologists. MUSEUM HOGE WOERD > Archeology Day [13 Oct] Castellum Hoge Woerd will be transformed into an archaeological excavation site, so roll up your sleeves and get digging. RAILWAY MUSEUM > Tech lab (6+) [permanent] How does a train get electric power? And how does a train brake? The Tech lab answers many of these questions. Find out how everything works yourself by doing all kinds of experiments. SONNENBORGH MUSEUM & OBSERVATORY >

Bringing far away close by [permanent] Climb the stairs to the observatory and wonder at the starry heavens. Learn all about the stars in de sky and the weather in one of our exhibitions, tours or lectures. Or take a virtual journey through the universe in the planetarium. UTRECHT UNIVERSITY MUSEUM > Down to the bone [permanent] At first sight, humans look very different from sharks,


crocodiles or horses. How are humans and animals similar, and how do they differ? UTRECHT UNIVERSITY MUSEUM > FungiLAB [permanent] Visit the brandnew FungiLAB to recreate a fungus or become world famous by discovering a new fungus in your own backyard. UTRECHT UNIVERSITY MUSEUM > Youth Lab [permanent] Put on a lab coat and carry out experiments to discover more about your sense of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste. DE VRIJSTAAT > BEEST [until 1 Dec] Fur, feathers, animal prints: we like to wrap ourselves in beastly outfits. Why? What does such a leopard print, ( fake) fur border or feather do to you? Search for answers to these questions together with artists Reindert Kruse and Bert Feddema.


Koro (6 to 18 months) [10:00 and 11:15] A magical and interactive dance show with live music for little ones.

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What we leave behind A realtime timelapse

Photography: Julian Maiwald

"A hypnotic spectacle" NRC ★★★★

21 - 24 nov 2019 in Utrecht Tickets on

Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht


Visitor information Tourist Information Centre At the foot of the Dom Tower, you will find the Tourist Infor­ mation Centre. They are happy to help you book your tickets, tours and accommodation, and tell you about all the things you can do in Utrecht and its surroundings. Also make sure to check out the store, where you can buy all kinds of lovely souvenirs.

Must-sees & must-dos

> open daily from 10:00 to 17:00, Domplein 9

For more tourist information, must-sees and must-dos in Utrecht, go to

Getting around THE U-OV DAY TICKET > The U-OV

day ticket (Dagkaart) is ideal for travelling to various places in the municipality of Utrecht, including Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht Science Park and De Haar Castle. It is valid for one day (€ 6.20), 2 days (€9.25) or 3 days (€ 11.85). Buy your ticket at the U-OV Service Store in the main hall of Utrecht Central Station (trains). Children up to the age of 4 can travel for free on U-OV buses and trams. OV-CHIP CARD (OV-CHIPKAART) > The OV-chip card (OV-chipkaart) is a public transport card which is accepted by all operators in the Utrecht region. You can buy an anonymous OV-chip card for € 7.50 at the ticket vending machines at Utrecht Central Station or at the U-OV Service Stores in the main hall of the station. You can also get a card at the Tourist Information Centre. Please ensure you have enough credit on your OV-chip card before

you travel and remember to always check-in and -out on the bus, train and tram platform using the OV-chip card. UTRECHT REGION PASS > In addition to providing access to the entire public transport system in the Netherlands, the Utrecht Region Pass enables you to travel to most places of interest in the Netherlands. You can book the travel pass online, collect it when you arrive in town and start travelling straight away. Check for more information. You can collect the pass at the Tourist Information Centre. BICYCLE RENTAL > Cycling is the easiest and fastest way for getting around town. There are several bike rental spots in the city centre. Bikes are also for rent at the Tourist Information Centre. Most bikes cost around € 10 per day (excl. deposit).

Free city tours For some inside information you won’t find in a guide book, join a free walking tour. The 3 hour Utrecht Free Tours starts every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 12:00 at the Dom Tower. Just look for a guide in a red shirt or sweater. The 2 hour Free Walking Tour Utrecht starts every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 13:30. The guide will be standing at Dom square holding a white unfolded umbrella. From Wednesday to Sunday, you can join the Orange Above Tour at 10:30 for free. Meeting point is the rabbit statue at Neude square. On Saturdays, the Tourist Information Centre organises a guided tour in English at 14:00.







MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019

1 BUNK Hotel Catharijnekade 9 2 Nederlands Volksbuurtmuseum Waterstraat 27 3 Jacobikerk St. Jacobsstraat 171 4 Broodnodig Paardenveld Paardenveld 5 5 Black Brew Willemstraat 55 6 No Vintage Phobia Willemstraat 57 7 Dim Sum Bar Pacifica St. Jacobsstraat 323 8 Kimmade Oudegracht a/d Werf 61 9 Waku Waku Vredenburg 28 10 Kloek Vredenburg 31 11 Spaghetteria Korte Koestraat 4 12 Piatto Vredenburg 34 13 Ramen Brothers Willemstraat 9 14 Jeu de Boules Bar Paardenveld 3 15 Café Stathe Rozenstraat 15 16 Café Willem Slok Korte Koestraat 2 1 TivoliVredenburg Vredenburgkade 11 2 Dom Tower Domplein 21 3 Podium Hoge Woerd Hoge Woerdplein 1, Leidsche Rijn 4 Stadsschouwburg Utrecht Lucasbolwerk 24 5 Theater Kikker Ganzenmarkt 14 6 dB’s CAB-Rondom 100 7 EKKO Bemuurde Weerd WZ 3

8 Catharijneconvent Museum Lange Nieuwstraat 38 A 9 Centraal Museum m s Agnietenstraat 1 t e r d am 10 Buitenplaats Doornburgh se st Diependaalsedijk 17, ra at Maarssen w eg 11 Louis Hartlooper Complex Tolsteegbrug 1 12 Springhaver Springweg 50 13 Centrale Bibliotheek Oudegracht 167 1

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Tourist Information Centre shop Domplein 9 Vleu


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9 12 10


1 Kromme Rijn districte g 2 Zeist castle Zinzendorflaan 1, Zeist 3 Woerden 4 Railway Museum 5 Catharijneconvent Museum Lange Nieuwstraat 38 6 Spakenburg 7 Ouwehands Zoo Grebbeweg 111, Rhenen 8 Molen de Ster Molenpark 3 9 IJsselstein 10 Amersfoort


14 4

1 Vreden burg

Hoog Catharijne

5 8 3


1 Ana’s Kuzin Voorstraat 62 2 Sarban Oudegracht a/d Werf 161 3 Op Saj Steenweg 1 4 BADHU Willem van Noortplein 19 5 Cousina Damstraat 2


Central Station


Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht

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City centre








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Wilhelmina park











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Zocher park




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Centraal Museum


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Map of Utrecht





All locations 2 1 7

66 MAG Utrecht — Nov/Dec 2019

Check out online Buitenplaats Doornburgh Catharijne Convent Museum Centraal Museum Country & Christmas Fair Dancing on the Edge Festival dB’s Dom Church Dom Tower (VVV Tourist Info) DOMunder EKKO EXboot EXbunker Fonteyn Winterfestival FOTODOK Free Walking Tour Utrecht Gilde Utrecht De Haar Castle De Helling Het Huis Utrecht Hofman Café ’t Hoogt International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region Kaboom Animation Festival De Kargadoor Koekoek030 Kunstliefde

Le Guess Who? Louis Hartlooper Complex Metaal Kathedraal Miffy Museum Moira Molen de Ster Museum Hoge Woerd (Leidsche Rijn) Museum Speelklok Nederlands Volksbuurtmuseum One Book One Campus De Oude Hortus (University Museum) museum-garden De Paardenkathedraal Podium Hoge Woerd (Leidsche Rijn) Quintessens Gallery Railway Museum RAUM Rietveld Schröderhuis locations/rietveld-schroder-house Salon van Weleer SANAA Gallery Sint Maarten Utrecht Slot Zuylen Smartlappenfestival

Sonnenborgh Museum & Observatory Springhaver SPRING in Autumn Stadsschouwburg Utrecht Streekbierfestival Theater Kikker TivoliVredenburg Tourist Information Centre Het Utrechts Archief Utrecht Botanic Gardens Utrecht University Hall Utrecht University Museum De Vrijstaat What You See Festival

Nov/Dec 2019 — MAG Utrecht

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Photography Chiel van Diest


This unique hotel is right in the centre of town, just a stone’s throw away from the Dom Tower. The old municipal palace, built in 1642, has been meticulously renovated by lover of antiques and monuments, Bert Degenaar. The fifteen rooms are divided over four floors, all of which are accessible via the stately staircase in the hall. No two rooms are the same: each one has its own colour combination, unique antiques and beautiful paintings collected by Degenaar over the years. > Hotel Beijers Achter Sint Pieter 140

Welcome to de Bijenkorf, Utrecht’s finest department store Home to exclusive brands such as See by Chloé, Balenciaga, Céline, Isabel Marant, NARS and Charlotte Tilbury. Sint Jacobsstraat 1A, Utrecht city centre For opening hours, more information and other store locations:

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MAG Utrecht #18: November & December 2019