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Maguire Group Inc. Focus on Land Development Services in the U.S. Virgin Islands infrastructure for the real world

Maguire Offers Key A/E/P/CM Services

From our 9 offices throughout the Northeast, Florida, and the U.S. Virgin Islands Headquartered in Foxborough, Massachusetts infrastructure for the real world

Land Development Land and Waterside Development • Critical Development Factors • Due Diligence • Site-Civil Engineering • Conceptual Planning and Design • Geotech / Foundation Engineering • Stormwater Management • Waterfront / Marina / Piers • Utility / Infrastructure • Erosion & Sedimentation Pollution Control Plans • Natural Gas Well Permitting / Site Design

Environmental Compliance • Phase I / II ESA and EIS • Permitting Strategy - Support • Environmental Management • Feasibility Studies • Expert Testimony - Litigation Support • Site Engineering • Natural Resource Evaluation • Environmental-Related Training • GIS and Spatial Analysis • Licensed Site Professionals

Hazardous / Solid Waste • Environmental Risk Management • Brownfield Redevelopment-Remediation • Remedial Investigation / Design • Landfill Management / Closures • Materials Recycling Facilities (MRFs) infrastructure for the real world

Land Development ď‚&#x; Market Sectors

Economic Development

Renewable Energy Siting

Retail Commercial

Business / Industrial Parks

Solid & Hazardous Waste infrastructure for the real world

Permitting / Compliance

Marinas / Piers / Waterfront

Land Development ď‚&#x; Retail/Business/Industrial Parks

Economic Development

Site Design for Parking / Traffic

Retail Commercial

Geotech / Wetlands

Specialty Manufacturing

Permitting / Compliance

infrastructure for the real world

Industrial / Stormwater

Land Development ď‚&#x; Environmental: USVI Services

Site Design / Engineering

Permit / Design Review

Environmental Compliance

WWTP Design infrastructure for the real world

Master Planning / Permit / Design

Permit / Design

USVI Projects Environmental Permitting and Other Services DIAGEO USVI Capt. Morgan Rum Distillery and Barrel Warehouse Port St. Croix, USVI

Diageo USVI is currently constructing a $265M state-of-the-art LEEDcertified Captain Morgan Rum Distillery located at St. Croix Renaissance Park (SCRG) and Port St. Croix on the southern coast of St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands. Maguire was contracted by Diageo USVI to provide environmental permitting services for the construction of the distillery and a barrel warehouse. Services include preparation and submittal of the permits.

infrastructure for the real world

USVI Projects Design & Engineering Services Private Island Development Little St. James, USVI

Maguire has been providing the key design components as part of the D-B team of Lafayette, Molyneaux and Maguire for the development of a $100M luxury, custom residence and associated supports buildings, including a 12,000-SF mechanical building to provide emergency power; primary power transformation distribution; and housing distribution for a reverse osmosis water system capable of producing 100,000 gallons of fresh water per day. Maguire completed utility master planning and upgrade design on this private 72-acre island estate that includes a 100,000-SF residence, a 20,000-SF indoor pool, a 20,000-SF library, a 3,500-SF office, and new roads/utilities. Phased build-out began in 2007 and continues at present. infrastructure for the real world

USVI Projects

Design & Engineering Services William & Punch Resort Casino St. Croix, USVI

Maguire is the lead civil engineering firm for the design of the William & Punch Resort Casino. The first phase includes 2 hotels, the casino, a golf course, and a marina. Other features include a designer golf course, hillside villas, and over single-family lots on a 650-acre site. Maguire is responsible for the planning, design, and permitting of all infrastructure including roadways, drainage, and water and wastewater collection and treatment systems. Maguire’s responsibilities also include layout/design of electrical systems, stormwater control systems, geotech engineering, and offsite improvements of roadways, water and sewer systems. Permitting is proceeding with USACE, EPA, U.S. Fish & Wildlife, and U.S. Marine Fisheries. infrastructure for the real world

USVI Projects Architectural Feasibility Study Enighed Condominiums St. John, USVI

Maguire Group has been assisting Enighed Condominiums, LLC with plans to develop and enhance the Enighed Condominiums in St. John. The project has involved a hotel feasibility study, design work for a residence, an architectural feasibility study, and design revisions to floor plans for a Clubhouse.

infrastructure for the real world

USVI Projects Civil-Site Design and Permitting Support Bethany Resort St. John, USVI

Maguire conducted permitting and site design for this $25M resort on St. John. Performed preliminary and final site design, drainage analysis, coordination of site utilities including stormwater recharge, wastewater treatment and reuse for irrigation, and land development permit applications and a CZM Environmental Assessment Report. Steep terrain required extensive retaining walls and careful site layout to optimize site views and land utilization. Maguire worked closely with developer and contractor to optimize views and locations of amenities. infrastructure for the real world

USVI Projects Environmental / Design Services Cruzan Rum St. Croix, USVI

Maguire was contracted to assist Cruzan in constructing a vinasse evaporator system (VES) as a first-step environmental compliance improvement to its distillery in St. Croix. The second step is a facility expansion to increase production as well as the expansion of the storage capacity at the Cruzan port facility at Molasses Pier. As part of this improvement and expansion project, Maguire was contracted to provide both permit preparation as well as limited design services.

infrastructure for the real world

USVI Projects M/E/P and Design Services The Residences at Ritz Carlton Condos St. Thomas, USVI

Maguire Group provided full MEP design services for two mid-rise residential condominium buildings and for a spa facility at Great Bay on the eastern tip of St. Thomas. Having worked on projects of this nature and complexity before, Maguire has developed an expertise in the design requirements of this type of project, particularly while working in the Virgin Islands. These projects require extensive coordination with the client/architect and the assigned contractors to review the MEP design and determine or, if necessary, resolve areas of concern. During construction, Maguire committed to prompt shop drawing review and periodic site observations to assure that design intent and code compliances were being met. infrastructure for the real world

Buildings A&E Services  Services / Client Sectors A&E Services • • • • • • • • • • •

Client Sectors

Architectural Design Condition Surveys Comprehensive Facilities Assessments Structural Engineering Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing Engineering HVAC Engineering Fire Protection Site / Civil / Geotechnical Engineering Program / Project Management Owner’s Project Management Construction Administration / Inspection

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Academic: K-12 and Higher Ed Commercial & Manufacturing Facilities Correctional Facilities Healthcare Facilities / Hospitals Housing/Dormitory Facilities Intermodal Transportation Facilities Military Facilities Mixed Use, Offices and Business Parks Parking Garages / Structures Public Safety Facilities - Police and Fire Retail / Mall / Hotel Facilities Training Facilities Vehicle Maintenance Facilities Warehouse/Industrial Facilities

infrastructure for the real world

Buildings: Client Sectors

Mixed-Use Offices / Other


Military / Federal

U.S. Postal Service


Parking Facilities


Public Safety

infrastructure for the real world

Buildings Client Sector: Retail / Hospitality / Casino

Retail / Mixed-Use Renovation

Hospitality / Hotels


Destination Resorts

Retail / Mall

infrastructure for the real world

Buildings Client Sector: Commercial / Industrial / Office

R&D Labs

Engineering / Design Envelope Evaluations

Feasibility Studies/ Site Selection / Design

Historic Office Conversions

infrastructure for the real world

Mixed-Use Office / Assembly Facility

Interior Design

Buildings Client Sector: Commercial / Industrial / Office

Mixed-Use Renovation

Accessibility / Code Upgrades & Repairs

Multi-Purpose Office Design

Energy Conservation Design

Manufacturing / Labs/ Offices

infrastructure for the real world

Buildings Client Sector: Parking Facilities / Garages

A&E Services

Security Design


Urban Renewal / Brownfields

infrastructure for the real world

Fast-Track / Historic District


Buildings Market Sector: Healthcare / Hospitals

VA Healthcare

VA Healthcare

Expansion  M/E/P Systems

VA Healthcare

Roof  M/E/P Systems

infrastructure for the real world

Buildings Market Sector: Academic ď‚&#x; Higher Education

Student / Activity Centers

Convocation Centers

Condition Surveys

Classrooms / Administrative

infrastructure for the real world

Utility and Roadway Systems

Alternative Energy Services

University of New Hampshire

Buildings Market Sector: Academic ď‚&#x; K-12 Education

Gyms / Locker Rooms

Addition / Renovation

Science / Labs

Renovation / Interiors

infrastructure for the real world


Dining Facilities

Buildings Market Sector: Public Safety

Feasibility Studies

Rehabilitation / Renovation

Existing Conditions Surveys

New Facility Design infrastructure for the real world

Site and Needs Studies

Combined Fire / Police

Buildings Market Sectors: Post Office / Municipal / Military



Energy Projects

DPW Facilities

infrastructure for the real world

M/E/P Systems

Military / Bases

Buildings: LEED / Sustainable Design

LEED Silver Certifiable

SPiRiT Award

Sustainable Design

Rainwater Harvesting infrastructure for the real world

LEED Gold Certifiable

Solar Thermal Systems

Transportation Services Highways and Roadways • Design • Transportation Studies • Corridor Studies • Development / Environmental • Drainage Master Plans • Geotechnical Engineering • Hydrology / Hydraulics Studies • Mass Transit Facility Design & Development • On-Call Services • Construction / Program Management

Traffic • Capacity Analyses • Identification of High Hazard Intersections • Parking and Circulation Studies and Design • Signal / Signing Studies and Design • Traffic Counts and Calming Studies • Traffic Impact Studies • Traffic Signal and System Studies/Design • Transportation System Management (TMS)

Bridges • Award-winning Design • Inspections / Rating / Repairs • Replacement / Rehab Design and Engineering infrastructure for the real world

Transportation: Market Sectors


Roadways/ Highways

Construction Inspection / Management infrastructure for the real world

Railways / Mass Transit

Traffic / Planning

Transportation: Bridges ď‚&#x; Roadways

Pedestrian Bridge Design

Bridge Inspection / Rating

Bridge Design Interstate/ Highway Design


infrastructure for the real world

Transportation: ACEC Award-Winning Design

infrastructure for the real world

Water Resources Services Water Engineering • Water Supply, Storage, Treatment, Distribution and Piping • Groundwater Development • Pilot Plant Design / Studies • Wellhead / Watershed Security • Reservoir Dredging • Dam Inspections and Restoration • Pumping Stations • Permitting • Contract Administration

Wastewater Engineering • Facility Planning • Wastewater Collection / Treatment • Enhanced Nutrient Removal Systems • Solids Handling and Disposal • CSO Projects • Sewer Systems Design / Engineering • Odor Control • Hydraulic Modeling • Pumping Stations • I / I Investigations and Remediation • Contract Administration and Inspections

infrastructure for the real world

Water Resources: Market Sectors

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Water Treatment Facilities

Municipalities, Local Water Resource Boards

infrastructure for the real world

Water Resources Services


Hurricane Barriers infrastructure for the real world

Dams and Locks

Water Resources Services

WTP Design`

WWTP Design

Sanitary Pump Stations

Water Distribution Modeling infrastructure for the real world

Flood Control

CSO Services

Water Resources: Award-Winning Design Services

Massport’s Prescott Street Pump Station: n f r a s t r u cProject ture 2010 CMAA iBuilding of the Year for the real world

Construction Administration and Owner’s Representative Services Construction Administration • • • • • • • • • • • • •

OPM / Owner’s Rep Services

Contractor Schedule Review Construction Progress Monitoring Documentation Control Change Orders Claim Mitigation - Resolution Field Inspector Coordination Payment Reviews As-Built and Manuals CofO Requirements Building Systems Startup CofW Provision - Oversight T & M Activities Monitoring Start-up, Testing and Turnover

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Mass. General Law C149 / §44 Building Committee Liaison Public Officials Interface Public Meeting Presentations Owner’s RFP Preparation Proposals Evaluation CM@Risk Services Permitting Process Assistance Consultants’ Invoice Review Permit Planning Utility Providers Coordination FFE Procurement / Move-in Assistance

infrastructure for the real world

Construction Administration and OPM /Owner’s Rep Market Sectors

Fire Stations


Police Stations


Public Safety Complexes infrastructure for the real world

Owner’s Project Management Oversight Management



Pedestrian / Bike Paths

Land- and Water-side Improvements infrastructure for the real world


Office Conversion / Parking Garage

Emergency Management Services Capabilities / Services

• • • • • • • • • •

Emergency Planning Mitigation and Preparedness Response / Recovery Planning Hazards Mitigation Capability Assessments Debris Management Modeling: “what if” scenarios GIS Data Development Situational Awareness/ Readiness Policy & Strategy Consultations

Market Sectors • State DOTs • State Port Authorities • Regional Port Authorities • State Emergency Management Agencies • Regional Emergency Management Agencies • Cities and Towns • Water Treatment Managers

infrastructure for the real world

Emergency Management: Recent Northeast Disasters

Maguire Group’s Emergency Management Services group can help cities, towns and counties recover every eligible disaster-related dollar through assistance with disaster recovery and relief programs

Spring Floods 2010

infrastructure for the real world

Northeast: Thomas Hevner, P.E.

USVI: Eric Douglas, P.E.

Vice President | Land Development

USVI Location Manager

33 Commercial Street, Suite 1

1142 King Street

Foxborough, MA 02035

Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI

Office: 508.543.1700 Ext. 387

Office: 340.713.9331

Direct: 508.851-1387

Fax: 340.773.5361

Mobile: 401.447.7204

Fax: 508.543.5157

David Westcott, AICP Planner / Environmental Scientist Office: 401.272.6000 Ext. 222 Fax: 401.272.9185 infrastructure for the real world

Maguire Group's US Virgin Islands Capabilities  

Maguire offers full-service design, engineering and permitting support throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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