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Maguire Group Inc. Corporate HQ 33 Commercial Street, Suite 1 Foxborough, MA 02035 Part of the Metric Engineering Group of Companies

Maguire... more than you know. More than Emergency Management Services... Architecture… Bridge Design / Inspection... Buildings Engineering... Civil/Site Engineering... Construction Management... Environmental... Geotechnical Engineering... Inspection… Land Development… Owner’s Services... Permitting / Planning… Program Management... Renewable Energy... Transportation Engineering... Water Resources... FEATURE FOCUS: Emergency Management Services • Disaster Response Debris Monitoring • Reimbursement Assistance

To learn how Maguire can help your Town or City • Recover • Repair • Remediate after a disaster AND be Reimbursed by FEMA or FHWA

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FEMA/FHWA Disaster Management Services and Contact Information for Maguire Group Maguire Group Provides Assistance with Emergency Management (EM) / Disaster Response Services • Local disaster recovery planning experts can assist regional efforts • Pre-storm/event EMS consulting - WHAT TO DO 72-12 HOURS IN ADVANCE OF EVENT: document existing conditions with digital photos, videos, paperwork, maintenance records; good equipment usage/operator logs; track labor hours by person for pre-, during & post-event

• Comprehensive preliminary damage assessments Pre-event / during event consulting

Post-event debris monitoring: QUANTIFY!

• Post-storm/event federal, state and local government coordination • Post-storm/event street-by-street assessment assistance (document!) • Debris monitoring • FEMA and FHWA reimbursement assistance

Post-event debris: first pass

Mobile Command Center

Post-event street-by-street assessments

Post-event equipment usage/user logs

Maguire Expertise + Experience = Your Peace of Mind • Experience with rapid preparation for/response to Hurricanes Bob, Ivan, Katrina, Rita and Ike, and Tropical Storms Fay and Gustav • Our Emergency Response Services staff are available to help prepare and plan, respond and recover – and help you get the full reimbursement from FEMA, FHWA and other agencies Our Emergency Management Team is ready to assist with ensuring the safety of the public during times of emergency and with recovery thereafter. We have the crucial experience in responding to disaster in ways that are funding-reimburseable – that is, the methods and mechanisms the government and federal agencies require when disasters are declared. Don’t wait until your submission is rejected to learn the requirements of FEMA and FHWA and other agencies -- and what to do in advance of an event. Maguire Group is a full-service firm with the resources to help your city, town or county recover, be reimbursed, and eventually rebuild.

Learn more about how MAGUIRE GROUP can help. Mr. Jared George @ 850.980.9700 or via e-mail at: Ms. Amy Grzybowski @ 401.871.3503 or via e-mail at:

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Read on... Maguire Group Inc. Corporate HQ 33 Commercial Street, Suite 1 Foxborough, MA 02035 Part of the Metric Engine...

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