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Maggie Xu Curriculum Vitae + Portfolio

Name: Maggie (Ran) Xu Address: 11G 32 Eden Crescent, Auckland Central, Auckland Telephone: (022) 5334420 E-Mail Address:

Personal Profile I am currently in the final of Master of Architecture at University Of Auckland. I have a passion for architectural design with strong conceptual as well as technical abilities. I am especially interested in contemporary and sustainable design and I believe architects play an important role in creating the built environment. I am a fast learner that helps me to use various computer software and I am also comfortable with freehand drafting. I also have experience and interest in furniture design and graphic design with handcraft and graphic skills.

Professional Skills -

Proficient in AutoCAD, 3DS MAX, Sketch Up Pro, Atlantis, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Known Rhino, Eco-Tech and Revit Experiences and skills in furniture design and graphic design Able to use craft machine/tools as and laser cutting machine Able to create and present design and planning solutions using construction drawings, physical models and digital renderings. Understanding of basic building codes and issues involved in space planning Understanding of various building materials and techniques


Strong interpersonal and communication skills An easy and outgoing personality A team player mentality Abilities of researching Imaginative Good time management Able to work in a high-pressure environment Flexible

Professional Education One year study of Bachelor of Design in Spatial Design at Auckland University of Technology (2008) Bachelor of Architecture Study at University of Auckland (2009-2011) Master of Architecture at University Of Auckland (2012-)

Award -

Scion Timber Design Studio Award 2010 Architecture At Zero Award 2012

Employment History AZ Architectural Services LTD Drafting 2011I have done some drafting job for AZ Architectural Services LTD since 2011. Works I have done includes: - plan, section, elevation and detailing in cad - 3d modeling in 3ds max & sketchup - client meeting - site visit Telephone 64 21 815238 Young&Richards LTD Drafting 2011-2012 I worked at Young&Richards as a drafting person since November 2011. Jobs I’ve done: - plan, section, elevation and detailing in cad - 3d modeling in 3ds max & sketchup - physical model - site measure Telephone 64 9 520 6444 O’ 2nd Sales Assistant 2009-2011 I worked at the O’2nd shop as a sales assistant from 2009 to 2011. I worked part-time during university and full-time during school holiday. My main duties including: - Advising customers - Selling goods - Auditing stock levels - Key-holder duties Address: 6 High St, Auckland Central, Auckland Telephone: 021-726658 San Michelle Bag Sales Assistant 2009 summer I worked full time at the San Michelle Bag Ltd as a sales assistant during the summer holiday in 2009. Address: Store S426, 80 St Lukes Road, St Lukes, Auckland Telephone: +64 9 815 6998 Big World Internet Café Reception and Sales 2008 I worked at the Big World Internet Café just under a year as a reception and sales assistant. I worked part time to support myself at university. I had also designed the poster and Internet cards for the Big World Internet Café.


Residential Project


Public Project

- Waiheke Library 2012 - The Loop Architecture At Zero 2012

Urban Project

- Heterogenesis City House-topia, New Brighton 2012

Installation Project

- Spider Web Collaboration between Dance and Archi-

Christchurch Art Centre Student Apartment 2011 House For Miss Little Sunshine 2010 Rietveld Style Room 2011 Bach On Waiheke Island 2009

tecture 2011

- Light Plus 2010 - Bar Table 2009

Conceptual Models

Christchurch Art Centre Student Apartment Project 2011 It is a student apartment on the Christchurch Art Centre site. The Apartment includes separated studios for girls and boys; shared lounge, kitchen, dining & living areas, public office, study areas and a courtyard at the centre of the building. This apartment also has sustainable features such as water tank, photovoltaic glass panels and natural ventilation systems.

House For Miss Little Sunshine Project 2010 This is a residential house designed for the family in movie “Miss Little Sunshine”. The site is located on 108 Carrington Road, Auckland. The idea of the house is based on inter-locking spaces which reflect the relationship in Miss Little Sunshine’s family. The house was designed with three block volumes with different materials to represent the differences of the family has very different personalities but they are bonded together by their home.

Rietveld Style Room Project 2011 A design based on the research study of Gerrit Rietveld’s furniture and architecture language.

Bach On Waiheke Island Project 2009 A Japanese styled bach on Waiheke Island.

Waiheke Library

Project 2012 The Artwork complex is located in a former building works depot and now houses the Waiheke Library. The building form is inspired by the image of peeling tree barks. The skin of the tree peels away layers by layers to form nature curves. The plan of the building peels out to create openings and spaces between layers; the roof of the building peels up and down to create volumes underneath. The building accommodates a public library and local council offices. It has several sustainable features such as accessible green roof, photovoltaic panels on the higher roof, rainwater collection system, auto-adjustable louvers that controls the amount of daylight in library.

The Loop Architecture At Zero 2012

Project 2012 The Loop project was a competition entry for the zero. It was a team project with three other students from university. My role in the group was to design, render and Photoshop the building. The main objective was to design a sustainable administration building for the University of California Merced in Merced, California. We designed a looped shape building to represent the recycle and reuse of energy. The key elements of zero energy building are passive solar, renewable energy uses, highly efficient HVAC and lighting technologies. The form of the building was based on a daylight study in SketchUp in order to maximise the daylight and reduce overheating; the water feature in the courtyard is connected to a underground cooling system throughout the building; the height difference of the looped roof provides a rain water collection system; photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof for solar energy.

8am, 21th Sep

8am, 21th June

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12pm, 21th Dec

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4pm, 21th Dec

8am, 21th Dec

Heterogenesis City House-topia, New Brighton Project 2012 This is an urban regeneration project in New Brighton, Christchurch. It involves extension and reconnection of infrastructures, design of a Machinic Heterogenesis city and Self-Generated Hetrogenesis mixed-use block. Machinic Heterogenesis is a term to describe the way that the machines which populate the universe connect with each other, mutually affect each other, exchange segments and then bifurcate into new machines. The strategies of heterogenisation in New Brighton also used the method of Machinic Heterogenesis, where the existential territories become diversified and heterogenised. The self-generated strategy implies an auto-relationship to the space itself.

Spider Web

Collaboration between

Dance and Architecture

Project 2011 This was a collaboration project between dance and architecture. We have produced a video of the collaboration: . The dancers performed in the space we architects built and lift their traces to form new spatial experiences. Pedestrians were forced to experience the space and traces we made. Different materials include fabric, fishing string and elastic web were used in the performance to create different qualities of space.

Light Plus

Project 2010 The design project employs stability intertwining with sustainability. The integration of sequence as it rise enables the sunlight to encounter with surrounding blocks, the design project grow through separate architectural scenes, episodes and narration that are reflected by a sequence of human situations and encounters. Instead of being external spectators, the inhabitants can experience an illusion of journey and progress through the labyrinth. The contradictory image of hard and soft elements reflects the idea of lightweight and clarity. The design engages sunlight as an element that is inseparable from everyday life, providing the necessity for the surrounding blocks due to the density of the structure as less shadow is cast through by pulling or pushing the timber frames.

Bar Design

Project 2009 This project was to design a bar table in my first year of university. It was designed and built in 3ds-max.

Conceptual Models

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Maggie cv&portfolio  
Maggie cv&portfolio