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How to Wirelessly Connect Your MacBook (laptop) to the Projector Please make sure the Projector is turned on and Document Camera is turned off! 1. Double Click on the Easy MP icon on your desktop

2. Select the name of your projector by clicking on the box to the left of it. If you are in doubt about which projector, look for the name on a tag on the cart. Be sure to only select this projector! Then, click Connect.

3. You should see your screen displayed. If not, go to the projector and click on the source button. It will look for the connection. You can freeze the image being displayed to the students and do something else on your monitor with the pause button. Then click the play button when you want them to see your monitor again. Please be sure to disconnect the connection when not in use.

Finally, please turn off the projector when it is not being used, especially when leaving the room. This will save electricity, the bulb, and the planet.

Wireless Connection Tutorial  

How to connect your MacBook Pro to the LCD Projector