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Dear Parents and Carers It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the first “glossy” newsletter of the year. There will be three such editions in the year and, as you will see, it provides us with an opportunity to give you a lot of information in a colourful and well presented fashion. Importantly, these glossy newsletters are being produced for us free of charge. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the publisher, mags4schools, and the various advertisers for supporting the College with this. We should like to pass on our thanks to students from across the College who listened so attentively to a series of three assemblies held over the past few weeks. The topics we covered included: • Not letting difficulties prevent you from reaching your goal; • The need to go beyond satisfactory behaviour to good/outstanding attitudes to learning; • How all members of the College can contribute to the lifting of OfSTED ‘Special Measures’. You may have heard from your son or daughter that, as a follow­up, we then held our own ‘mock inspection’ to obtain a snapshot of students’ learning across the College. While the day confirmed that there are still areas requiring attention, we are very pleased to report that students’ attitude to learning was satisfactory or better in 94% of lessons, with 53% good and 18% outstanding. Our approach will be to emphasise these positives while continuing to make progress on addressing other issues identified by OfSTED. Year 11 students ended last half term with a very important two weeks of work experience. We are really pleased to report that we had many positive comments from the employers, indicating that the SNCC students were real ambassadors for the school. The Year 10 students will now begin to plan their work experience, which will commence at the end of March 2011. We would like to thank publicly the work of Mrs Timms, our Work Experience Coordinator, for all her hard work. She spends a lot of time working with the students individually to support them in finding their work placements. Finally, we have taken further steps to improve the condition and appearance of the building. The Performing Arts Area and the Post 16 Centre are the latest large spaces to benefit as we hope you will see if you attend any of the events that are held there throughout the year. As always, please do let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for improving the newsletter. Robert Whatmough Executive Principal

Scott Preston College Director

WINTER 2010 CONTENTS: P­16 Results Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Eco Garden Project . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Arts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 PE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Crest in a Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6&7 Attandance Trip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Instrumental Lessons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Catering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Fundraising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 School Clubs Timetable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Theatre Experience . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Year 7 Quotes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Something . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Something . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15

HOW TO CONTACT US: Barford Road St Neots Cambridgeshire PE19 2SH Tel: Fax: e: w:

01480 374748 01480 375150

NEWS – AUTUMN TERM 2010 Results Day Results day in August was a time of celebration for our Post 16 students. They achieved many good A Level grades, which reflected their hard work and commitment. Most students attended the day to collect their results and to confirm university places. Despite media reports of place shortages, all of our students that applied for a place secured one. Some students are taking a gap year ­ both here and abroad, with the view of going to university next year. Most students are either in further or higher education, training or full time employment, with (50%) embarking on university life. We wish them all the best.

Sarah­Jayne Rowe is off to Coventry University to study Occupational Therapy and is looking forward very much to the challenge of her new course.

A level Classical Civilisation This year SNCC has started to offer Classical Civilisation as an option for students entering the sixth form. There are a broad range of subjects that can be studied, but this year’s cohort has decided upon Homers Odyssey and Greek Tragedy. To help the students understand how different the ancient world was in comparison with our world today we spent a morning ‘living the life’. We dressed as Ancient Greeks, having researched costumes and hair styles. We then set out the common room to resemble a typical Greek home and constructed

a shrine to Hestia the Goddess of our home, after which we spent the morning attempting to master skills which would have been commonplace to the Greeks. We picked and carded raw fleece so that we could spin the fibres into yarn, we also made a piece of warm felted fabric which would have been suitable for a cloak (or himation). We finished up with a feast of authentic food that we had prepared ourselves and it has to be said that not all of it appealed to the modern palate! Our concession to modernity was to allow both sexes to work and eat together, though the students were well aware that this was not at all authentic. The experience was enjoyed by all and gave the class an important insight into the social and domestic structure of Greek life. Special thanks to Anthony Whitfield for his help with costumes and bread! Miss Dakin

• WINDOWS • DOORS • CONSERVATORIES • FASCIAS We make things a little bit easier Unit 10 • Levellers Lane • Eynesbury • St Neots • Cambs PE19 2JL •


ECO GARDEN PROJECT s reported in our July newsletter, Arts Week included work on our Eco Garden. Space did not permit a very full report on the students’ activities so we thought you might like to hear more about this wonderful project!


The school is working towards the Eco­School status. We won £7000 from the Luminus Group to change an area into an environmental garden ­ £6000 for the garden and £1000 for an environmental activities day. Our year 8 Opening Minds students have been working on the garden since we won the money. So far the students have: • Planted a herb garden. • Celebrated the Eynesbury Giant and made a head from soil using lavender for the hair and planting an alpine face. The eyes are tile mosaics donated by Tops Tiles. • Been working with Matt Hall (Huntingdon District Councillor Ranger) and have built willow fences and planted an allotment garden. • Been instrumental in making plans for the green shed, which is now built. The £1000 was given by Voice your Choice and was spent on the Environmental Day on 8th July, during our Arts Week. The students have: • Worked with Jonnie Barton, a local artist, to paint an environmental butterfly mural. The idea came from a whole school competition won by Tia Wybrow. • Worked with Max McMurdo to build an abstract sculpture made from tyres, donated by CMS tyres hire. • Worked with Matt Hall (HDC Ranger) to build a wildlife pond. • Worked with teachers on a workshop ‘Trash for Fashion’ to produce costumes from newspapers. • Worked with the Ranger and teachers to make bird boxes and mini beast hotels which were needed for Pocket Park. The garden is in the early stages but has inspired students to care for the wildlife and their own environment. Many students are now gaining qualifications through an Environmental award from ASDAN. Some fantastic pictures of the students working on the Eco Garden are shown here.


ARTS NEWS – AUTUMN TERM 2010 dance, drama and singing. Each workshop was hosted by current West End stars. The whole day provided the opportunity for students to truly experience the commitment, skill and enjoyment of working with professional practitioners.

Fresher’s Fair 2010 All Students were invited to sign up to Clubs and Activities being hosted throughout the year on Friday 3rd and Monday 6th September. There is even more choice this year with Clubs from ‘Mathematical Knitting’ through to Brass Band and the all new Arts Editorial Team. See the Extra Curricular Timetable for more details.

Creative and Media Diploma at SNCC The Year 10 Creative and Media students got off to a flying start. Within the first week, students were visiting their local town centre to research and investigate the Creative and Media activity in St Neots. Armed with digital and video cameras, students collected evidence, spoke to local shop keepers and the public, to evaluate the range and styles of events on offer.

‘Little Shop of Horrors’ Open auditions were held for all years in the first week back after the holidays. This year’s Christmas Production is ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. Rehearsals are now well underway and the production promises to be yet another extravaganza. Please see dates of performances below. Tickets will be available later in the term through the Box Office.

Setting standards for the future, Creative and Media Diploma students also visited Longsands College on Thursday 16th September for TV Studio Training. The new TV recording studio enabled students to become News and Weather reporters for the day. They were able to use the new BIONX IMAC software in conjunction with the green screen, to create and record near professional bulletins on current events.

BTEC Art Exhibition On Wednesday 30th September the Year 10 BTEC Art and Design group put on an exhibition of the work they have done so far on the course on the theme of Natural Forms. The students who exhibited were: Zoe Breedon, Kirsty Cavanagh­ Cole, Sam Drennan, Josh Gresswell, Connor Hart, Jack Housden, Tammy Lee, Sarah Noller, Lee Smith, Michael Smith and Jack Wheeler. They produced 3D and 2D work on the theme of Natural Forms and showed many skills in making and drawing, which were appreciated by the many visitors that came to see the exhibition on the Wednesday evening. The exhibition was a great success with many people from within the college community and the wider St Neots community coming to see the work on show and expressing their enjoyment of seeing such great work from the students. Congratulations to all the students involved and very well done for putting on a great show of art work after just four weeks on the course.

Max McMurdo also visited on the 14th October to work with the students on creating their own Eco – Artefacts. At the start of the day, students went rummaging for their own recycled materials. By the end of the day, students had assembled their own magnificent sculptures that had strong messages for becoming an Eco­School for the future.

DATES FOR THE DIARY: 11th November

HSEP Musical Theatre Day


16th – 17th November 8th – 11th December



Year 9 Arts Options students were invited to Hemingford Grey Golf Centre on Monday 11th October to take part in this annual HSEP event. Students participated within three workshops that explored the disciplines of musical theatre,

13th – 14th December 16th December



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Creative and Media Diploma students visit to Cambridge London Theatre Musicals Trip Christmas Production ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ Yr 11 GCSE Art Mock Examination Christmas Concert

Please mention this publication when contacting the Advertisers. It is through their generous and continued support that this Magazine is brought to you at no cost to the St.Neots Community College We hope you will support these local businesses in appreciation of their commitment to the College.

PE AT SNCC Year 8 Girls Hockey On 22nd September we had our first match of the season and what a lovely way to start it off! Great weather and great teams to play alongside. Captain of the Hockey team, Lucy Inskip, was a strong leader and she encouraged her team throughout the fixture. Thank you to the parents that came and supported – we loved having you there! On 29th September we had a very wet match! However, the girls played their wet socks off and were BRILLIANT! We got our first goal of the season and we enjoyed every minute of it. Fantastic effort all round. Well done girlies, see you all at training!

Year 5 & 6 Athletics Festival Monday 13th September 2010 At St Neots Community College

BANG... Straight into the festival season we go – kicking off with a small Athletics festival at St Neots Community College! A great way to start the season, new leaders, new Year 5 and 6’s and a beautifully cloudy day, with a dash of rain! Welcome September! Lots of running around, throwing and team events took place during an afternoon of Athletics. Both Middlefield and Eynesbury C of E Primary schools enjoyed an afternoon of fun packed activities lead by St Neots Community College sport leaders.

Football Kits Our thanks go to St Neots Football Club who have kindly donated two full football kits to the school. They are a home kit and an away kit and will be used by the Years 9 and 11 teams.

A fantastic effort by all that attended, even though the sun didn’t shine! Well done everyone!




St Neots Auction Centre, 75 New Street, St Neots, PE19 1AJ 01480 474550


CREST IN A DAY n Thursday 23rd September, Dr Lucy Spokes and Jane Bushen from the Cambridgeshire STEM (science, technology , engineering and maths ) team came in to work with 20 Year 9 and 10 students with the aim of achieving a bronze ‘CREST in a day’ award.


The day began with an introduction to the ‘infrastructure challenge ’. Students were reminded of recent disasters, both at home with the flooding in Cumbria and overseas in Pakistan. Students were asked to think about what was essential immediately following such disasters and came up with the ideas of clean water, transport and bridges amongst many other thoughts. Their ideas were investigated throughout the day in the form of three challenges:

went round in circles(Mrs Ford’s and Miss Purdie’s did this!).Students could see how important it was to follow instructions to get their hovercraft airtight enough to move. Challenge 2 related to the need for clean safe drinking water and also brought in the idea of wealth being poorly distributed across the world and aid being vital to a country’s recovery from a disaster. Each group was given a different country ­ some very poor, some very rich. The equipment tray contents varied according to the wealth and literacy level of the particular country. Poorer countries received less equipment, less instructions (often in gobbledy gook) and definitely lots less money compared with the richer countries who received a full set of instructions and a starter set of equipment.

Challenge 1 related to the need for transport and this was a structured activity where students had to follow instructions to build a hovercraft, the idea being that the hovercraft could travel across both land and water. Once built, the hovercrafts were tested and modified and students enjoyed seeing whose hovercraft could move the fastest and whose

DANCE DANCE DANCE We specialise in • Street Dance • Latin American • Rock and Roll Classes for all ages are held at venues in St Neots. All teachers fully IDTA qualified and CRB checked. Tel: 01480 352248 or 07500 875060 (Katy)


CREST IN A DAY Challenge 3 was much more open ended and was related to replacing bridges swept away by floods. Students were reminded about the bridge in Cumbria which was swept away and left the residents with a 90 mile round journey instead of a 15 second river crossing. Students worked in bigger groups to promote team work and build a bridge which would be tested to destruction – something that the students found a bit difficult having worked so hard to build! The strongest bridge held 9 Kgs before it buckled. The students also benefited from short talks by the visitors about their careers in the field of science and the many

Students were given a time scale to produce a working filter but no further instructions; all they knew was that each group was a poor or rich country. The poor countries quickly worked out that they would need the richer countries help and set off round the room to bargain with them. There were at least two types of aid needed, financial and instructions. One group representing Great Britain particularly impressed our visitors by ‘sending’ a telegram to the rest of the world with the full set of instructions to build the water filter. Apparently no other group in any other school has done this in the time the scheme has been running! Mrs Ford and Miss

other opportunities open to them with good science grades. We received many compliments from our visitors about our students’ behaviour and they way in which they engaged with the activites and worked in their teams. They were a credit to the school. Purdie chose to buy the resources rather than handing over money to countries where they felt the money may not otherwise have been used correctly. In the end all countries had the resources and instructions to build a working filter – shame this doesn’t happen in the real world! Filters were tested to see which group could produce the cleaner looking water although it would of course still have microbes in it as the activated charcoal which a real filter would have was not suitable for use in a school laboratory. www .lifesur uk

Once the students have completed a small booklet in addition to their participation in the day, they will be awarded their bronze CREST award. We hope a number of them will go on to work for their silver award. A great day was had by all. Mrs S Ford Miss L Purdie

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NEWS – AUTUMN TERM 2010 Drayton Manor Attendance Trip above for the whole year.

As part of SNCC’s drive to improve College attendance we know how important it is to reward students that have worked really hard throughout the whole academic year and attended almost every single day!

At the end of the Summer Term, students who achieved 98% attendance and above for the whole academic year were rewarded with the opportunity of going to Drayton Manor Theme Park for the day! This was made possible by a generous donation of £400 from the PTG. This meant we were able to subsidise this trip so the cost for students was reduced.

Throughout the year students have been encouraged to attend College regularly in positive ways. This is done by a weekly Tutor Group competition to win chocolates and the distribution of Attendance Certificates for students that achieve 100% and 98% attendance. This also includes a draw to win vouchers which is done every half­term. In addition to these we wanted to reward students who had 98% attendance and

40 students attended the day at Drayton Manor and all said they enjoyed their day out of school and would make a significant effort to attend school in 2010/11 academic year so that they could come again!

Instrumental Lessons

We are still able to offer a few places for instrumental lessons on the following instruments – Guitar, Drum and Piano/Keyboard. If you would like your child to undertake lessons through the school, please collect a letter from Miss Bromley and return the payment before the end of term.

PAYING FOR SCHOOL TRIPS AND EVENTS Please remember to complete the consent forms fully with all relevant details, particularly medical information and contact telephone numbers. Student names must be written on the reverse of cheques. Be aware that until a trip is confirmed as going ahead no money or cheques will be banked and no credit cards will be processed (all credit card details are kept securely and destroyed after use).

WINNER OF THE CAMRA MOST IMPROVED PUB 2010 • Open 10am (11am Sunday) ‘til late Monday - Sunday! • LIVE MUSIC Wed, Fri, Sat • ROCK & ALE Every Weekend

Tel: 07951 785678 • New St., St Neots, PE19 1AE • 8

CATERING AT SNCC College Catering We have spent a considerable amount of time over the past few months talking to CCS, our catering providers, to look at the whole issue of catering at the College. Students have been involved in sampling food and making suggestions for improvements to the food offer. To continue this process, CCS have recently sent out a questionnaire to all students in years 7­11 to find out more about what they like about the catering and if they have any suggestions for the future.

There will be an opportunity for prospective students to see the food on offer at our Open Evening on Thursday 21 October and to ask questions of the catering team. A main meal is currently £2.15 which includes a main course with dessert which I think you will agree represents excellent value. There is also a varied choice of jacket potatoes, pasta bar, salad bar, sandwiches, Ginsters pies and ‘grab and go’ pizzas and burgers.

The quality and range of food has noticeably improved, particularly the main meals on a day to day basis. We also have a new Chef Manager who joined the team in August. He is very keen to listen to what students would like and to make improvements – within the realms of healthy eating of course!

We encourage students to try our catering facilities as the process is easy, given our cashless catering system. Parents are able to send a cheque in to credit their child’s account or students can input money into the machines themselves. The use of cashless catering ensures that queues are kept to a minimum and the food that students purchase is therefore fresh and hot! Miss Greaney

Vericool Cashless Catering – A reminder to students and parents If your son/daughter has any problems with the machines reading their finger print please ask them to go to reception to have their finger rescanned; if they have any other coin machine problems please ask them to come to the Finance Office. A reminder that the cashless system does not take coins lower than 10p in denomination, please send your son/daughter in with the correct monies. We accept cheques in the Finance Office if you wish to send in larger amounts of money. We can also set daily limits for your son’s/daughter’s spending. Money is banked daily so therefore the Finance Office does not carry a regular supply of change. If parents have any queries in regard to the cashless catering service please contact the Finance Office at the school main number, 01480 374748. For information on Free School Meals please call 01480 372307 or contact the Cambridgeshire County Council Website.

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FUNDRAISING AT SNCC Sixth Formers Turn Out For Charities Our Sixth Form students took part in fund raising for two national charities in September. The Macmillan Coffee morning raised £45 by selling homemade cakes and biscuits during the “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” to provide for cancer support. The following week Jeans for Genes Day

allowed the students to pay £1 each for the privilege of wearing their jeans to school. They raised the commendable sum of £76 to help support medical research into finding cures for various genetic disorders, such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

Thank you to all who donated funds on Friday 22nd July in support of Rachael Royal. She worked tremendously hard during Year 13 to organise fundraising activities and raised over £4000 for her Gap year in Thailand. This experience will be invaluable as she goes to teach English as a volunteer in a Thai school. The support that students and staff gave Rachael was truly appreciated and reminds us of the supportive community we belong to. The college was able to present Rachael (via her father) with a cheque for £500. Miss K Paul Director of Post­16

• Theory test training • Full instrucon for the praccal test • Intensive courses • Block bookings (discounts available) • Pass Plus new driver training • Refresher courses



You need to sign up for clubs with the member of staff running the activity If you have any questions please see Miss Hardy YOU MUST REGISTER WITH THE MEMBER OF STAFF RUNNING THE ACTIVITY/CLUB


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday




Lunchtime 1.30pm

Beat the Prof Board and Card Games ­ MR BADMINTON CLUB ­ ALL STUDENTS (sports hall) BW

KS3 Art Club – A4 Year 2 7 and 8 Drama Club

Key Stage 4 & 5 Art Catch Up – Art 1 GCSE MUSIC SUPPORT – P2

After School 3.30pm


Yr 7­13 Youth Group Coffee Bar until 5.15pm Y11 evening Coffee Bar 7.00pm­9.15pm Arts Award Clinic 3.30 ­4.30 pm

HOMEWORK CLUB until 4.20 pm – Library

Lunchtime 1.30pm


Year 7 and 8 Drama Club – D2 Animation Club – P7

Young Carers Club (Alternate Weeks) Key Stage 4 & 5 Art Catch Up – Art 1 GCSE MUSIC SUPPORT – P2

After School 3.30pm


Band – PA Area Yr 7­13 Youth Group Coffee Bar until 5.15pm Y11 Evening Coffee Bar 7.00pm­9.15pm Arts Award Clinic 3.30 – 4.30 pm

HOMEWORK CLUB until 4.20 pm – Library GCSE Improvers/Revision – U15 International Homework Club – Leaner Support

Lunchtime 1.30pm

GIRLS NETBALL – YEARS 7 & 8 (sports hall) LD

BRASS BEGINNERS – P1 Arts Editorial Team – P4 Film Club – Longsands (contact PH)

Key Stage 4 & 5 Art Catch Up – Art 1

After School 3.30pm


Yr 7­13 Youth Group Coffee Bar until 5.15pm Y11 evening Coffee Bar 7.00pm­9.15pm SHOW SINGING REHEARSAL – P2

Statistics Club – Yr 10 / Yr 11 – MATHS HOMEWORK CLUB until 4.20 pm – Library

Lunchtime 1.30m

GIRLS BASKETBALL–YEARS 8,9,10 (sports hall) LD, BW


Key Stage 4 & 5 Art Catch Up – Art 1 ASTRO CLUB – S5

After School 3.30pm



HOMEWORK CLUB until 4.20 pm – Library GCSE English A/A* Improver/Revision ­ U15 International Homework Club – Learner Support

Lunchtime 1.30pm


GLEE CLUB – P2 Woodwind Club – P1 – After Oct Half­Term Key Stage 3 Art Club – Art 3 Spanish Film Club – M2

Key Stage 4 & 5 Art Catch Up – Art 1 CHRISTIAN UNION – S5 HOMEWORK CLUB – Library



After School 3.30pm


ELECTRICAL WHOLESALER TO TRADE & INDUSTRY A wide rage of quality electrical products and services. Please ask our friendly, dedicated staff about opening an account.

Little End Road • Eaton Socon • St Neots • PE19 8JH • • 01480 405050




WEENEY TODD During the summer I was given a great opportunity by the Music Department to go to Comberton Leisure to work on a Start­Arts Academy production of Sweeney Todd as a lighting technician.

s well as running the lights, I worked with the technical team of four students and two adults, who also made the props, advertised the show, made the effects, made the set and costumes and managed back stage. As the lighting technician, my job was to organise the lights so we knew what we had, set them up for the show, programme them and control them from a balcony above the audience. I also, for the last two days, sat in the balcony with a map of the plug locations and helped tell the team where to put lights. On the team were also the sound technician and the props team of three people. One made the props, with my help, and costumes and was also back stage management. The props makers also gave out the right props to the right people on the night and one made the effects­ gore, blood, etc.


At the show I got to work with professionals and use advanced equipment and got to see what it’s like to be a professional in technical theatre. This was the same for the acting cast and music department. In addition the technical team were also introduced to advertising the show, which meant calls and interviews with local radio shows and a TV news team. The biggest part of the props production was making a giant face puppet as a character, making the stage, which was two storeys, and filming and assist­directing the trailer for the show. This was filmed in a studio with a set we made. We put on two performances after only nine days of preparation and they were a great success. So great in fact, that there will be more performances just before half­term, on 21, 22 & 23 October. In all, this was a rare and great experience – one that I will never forget. For more info go to our Facebook page – Start Academy I. Euan Davies Year 11

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YEAR 7 Our new Year 7 students have settled in well. We asked for their thoughts about SNCC and here are some of the quotes received:

I like it here because we have better classes and teachers

“I like it in my PE class because we can play proper games. In primary school we did the same things”

“In this school I have loads more friends”

My best mate is here. There is more space than primary school

“In my old school you could not get as much food and at break you could not get any food”

I enjoy doing Practicals in Science because in my old school we didn’t do the sort we do in SNCC “I have nice teachers – in primary school I had a bad teacher”

“I like buying food from the cafe. In primary school you got what you’re given

“More freedom to go where I want and no yucky school dinners. I like being in different classrooms”

I have more friends and it is more challenging

“I like having more than one teacher because if you don’t like them you only have to be with them for one hour”

This school has helped my handwriting improve and we made a lot more friends

there are more clubs “I don’t get bullied here. It’s bigger here so that’s better and the teachers are nicer here. Nicer friends here”

I like being able to make new friends

I like science better because you get to do much better investigations and you get to use Bunsen burners and I have made more friends

I think you’ll agree there are some lovely comments!


From Taps to Bathroom Suites NO CALL OUT CHARGE Call Michael on: 01480 212738 • 07891 084787

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VISITING BANDS WITH A MESSAGE Following the excitement of seeing ‘The Wanted’ (No 1 in the charts and the ‘best boy band of the moment’ as quoted from Heart FM) in June, ‘Be Your Own Boss’ came to perform to Year 9 and 10 on 30th September. The band came with strong messages and personal experiences of knife crime, anti­ violence and anti­drugs. The live experience was hard hitting and engaging to support the Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship curriculum introduced in September. ‘Portlan’ (finalists in Britain’s Got Talent) came to perform on 17th September. Talay Riley has written for Westlife and Robbie Williams! Pictures courtesy of Gemma Foulkes, year 11.




ur Opening Minds students were very busy last term with some lessons focusing on issues raised by the World Cup such as: fair trade, why big companies use third world countries for manufacturing, workers’ rights and conditions, and comparing their lives to their counterparts in Africa.




The students also helped to organise and advertise the ‘Kits 4 Kids’ campaign around school (featured in our July newsletter), writing to local clubs and promoting awareness. They managed to collect over 100 pieces of kit to send out to Kenya via a charity named Kit Aid who specialise in this area.





As well as donations from the students, there were donations from local clubs such as Alconbury FC, Eaton Socon FC and Eynesbury Rovers – thanks go to Dean Hewick­ Hill in year 8 for organising this. We also had a donation from Peterborough United Girls Centre of Excellence. If anyone would like any further information about the work of Kit Aid or how our donations will be used they can visit Mr Andy Truett



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St. Neots Community College - Winter 2010  

Termly Magazine produced by Mags4schools for St. Neots Community College