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Welcome... to the Spring Term edition of The Fountain, which we have had redesigned to give a fresher, more modern look. It is still a work in progress and I would be grateful for feedback on the new layout and also an indication of the types of articles and news you would like to see included in future editions, alongside those which promote and celebrate the work of our young people.


IN THIS ISSUE... Welcome ......................................1 ‘Inspired to Teach’, ‘Inspired to Learn’ ....................2 German Theatre Production ........3 Year 7 Boys Rugby ......................4 Space Design Competition ..........5 End Polio ......................................6 Germany Trip ............................8-9

This is certainly an exciting time at the First Light ..................................10 College. Last month the few remaining hurdles to the school becoming an Science ......................................11 Academy were overcome and we are now submitting our plans for governance to the Department for Education. If all goes to plan, the College Commemorative Art Work..........12 should convert to Academy Sport ....................................13-14 status on 1st June 2011 and Charity Fun Run ........................15 governors and the senior leadership team are already beginning to consider how we may use the flexibility and additional resources that we receive by becoming an Academy. At the same time, we wish to maintain and develop the strong emphasis on supporting our local community and providing extensive enrichment opportunities for our pupils, areas of the College’s work which are highlighted in this term’s magazine. Over the past few months we have held a joint training day with our primary school colleagues, entered national science and film competitions, worked alongside the local Rotary Club to raise money for charity and with the South Cambridgeshire Decorative and Fine Art Society to mark the College’s 80th anniversary, while our sports teams go from strength to strength. Schooling should never just be about examination results, important though they are, and the extra-curricular programme at Sawston Village College reflects our commitment to providing a varied and diverse range of opportunities for pupils. I hope you enjoy reading this edition to find out more about these events and many others, all of which underpin our ambition to be an outstanding provider of education and learning for the whole community. Jonathan Culpin

Sawston Village College

‘Inspired to Teach, Inspired to Learn’

Teachers from our feeder primary schools joined Sawston’s staff for a conference style training day on 18 February 2011. Attended by 140 people, the event entitled ‘Inspired to Teach, Inspired to Learn’, was highly successful and productive. The main aim of the event was to improve the quality of teaching and learning for all pupils of all ages but with particular emphasis on progression from primary to secondary. Teachers looked at a whole range of important skills and teaching methods including teaching pupils with dyslexia, differentiation for different abilities and exploring creativity in the curriculum. The day began with a thought-provoking keynote address by Mike Gibbons, Chief Executive of the Richard Rose Federation and past leader of the DfE’s Innovation Unit. He praised the collaborative nature of the event and urged all teachers to work together to pool ideas and to share best practice. An awareness of the changing social and economic demands on young people is vital, argued Gibbons, if education is to prepare pupils adequately for an uncertain future. The afternoon session, following a lunch served by wonderful volunteers from Years 7 and 8, was delivered in subject based groups. This enabled specialists to focus on core skills, concepts and knowledge required for pupils to progress smoothly and effectively as they move through different stages in their academic careers. Teachers enjoyed the day but, more importantly, they left with a better understanding not only of the differences between the eight institutions but also the common language, common approach and common aim we all share: inspiring our young people to be the best they can be.

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German Theatre Production

Sawston Village College

On Thursday 10 February, in Period 2, everyone in Year 9 who was studying German went to see a play called “Dies ist für dich!” which means “This is for you!” It was performed by just two actors, and the entire play was in German! The stage was set out with many props, and we were told by the actors that they were in a ‘live TV show’ so we all had to behave nicely! They had chosen 6 people to come up on stage, but they had already decided who was going up, so it was a big shock for Lizzy, Olivia, Jess, Edred, Archie and Chris, when it was announced that they were going to be part of their show! They joined in with lots of the fun, and some of them even dressed up for a fashion show. Once Edred had won a quiz and Olivia had ‘helped’ with some cooking, the show finally came to an end with lots of laughter all round. The play was lots of fun, and easy to understand too, making it a great experience for everyone.


Sawston Village College

Year 7 Boys’ Rugby

When arriving at Sawston Village College in September, a number of Year 7 boys had never played rugby and thought it was just an excuse to “roll around in the mud”. After several PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs, a team was selected to represent Sawston Village College against other schools in friendly matches prior to the district tournament. The team developed their skills quickly, due to hard work and commitment to learning. This hard work helped Sawston Village College win 4 out of their 5 friendly matches. They played excellent rugby and began to bond as a team. That provided an excellent basis to build from for the upcoming district tournament. When the tournament arrived, the boys were excited and had high expectations. They did not disappoint and managed to win all 7 games in the tournament to be crowned district champions, playing superb rugby along the way and scoring numerous tries. Other PE teachers commented that the standard of rugby being played as being “outstanding”, and well above the standard expected from Year 7 boys. As a reward for winning the district tournament the Year 7 boys qualified to compete in the County tournament against all of the winners and runners up of the other district tournaments. The boys showed their dedication and commitment to Sawston Village College by turning up to compete in the tournament on a school training day. The teams arrived at the school early in the morning and were excitable and looking forward to the tournament. This was evident by the constant singing on the mini bus en route to the tournament. The team knew it would be a tough test, coming up against other champions from the County. The tournament was held at Ely Rugby Club on a cold and windy day. The step-up in standard did not affect the boys who after a slow start begun playing the rugby they knew they could play. The team was spurred on by parents and supporters that had taken the time and effort to travel and support the boys. This support was appreciated by all and helped Sawston Village College qualify from the group stages to play a hard fought game in the semi-final where we were narrowly beaten by the eventual winners of the tournament. Sawston finished 4th in the County tournament which is a great achievement for both the boys and the school, who will be hoping to retain the district title next year, so they can have another go at becoming County champions.

Year 7 rugby squad for both tournaments were: Jonnie Sleep, Connor Wells, Kieran Jones, Daniel Hague Lang, Louis Marshall, Tristan Tongue, Tom Cropper, Greg Christodoulou, Kieren Hatter, Miles Brown, Jack Tribeck, Oliver Borley, Toby Hardwick, Ben Middleton, James Dix and Christian Barnes.

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Space Design Competition

Sawston Village College

Over the weekend of the 5th and 6th of March Sawston Village College were competing in the UK finals of the International Space Settlement design competition. This was a nationwide competition involving 16 schools from across England, Scotland and Wales. The brief was to design a Space Craft, which could provide homes for up to 500 people for 80 days as it travelled to and from Mars. The competition was run by professionals from NASA, Imperial College London and the UK Space Agency and was very much grounded in the realities of life in Space. It was a daunting task, made even more so by the fact that our intrepid Year 9 and 10’s were thrown in with a group comprised mainly of Sixth Form students. However, our pupils rose to the challenge magnificently. Ben Gallienne and Alex Kerr took leadership roles in the group of 40 students and the rest got stuck in designing robots, spaceship outer-shells, living quarters and even artificial gravity simulators. Far from being suppressed by the older students from other schools, Sawston Village College lead the way in enthusiasm, creativeness, hard work and ingenuity. In fact despite a 6:30 am start from Cambridge they all worked late into the night and eventually had to be told to stop working and get some sleep! Sunday was when all the hard work from the previous day was presented to the judges, a panel including NASA experts, Imperial College professors and industry leaders. Our team did a fantastic presentation and managed to face the judges questioning with aplomb, but it wasn’t quite enough to win overall. The winning team will be jetting off to Houston in the Summer and we wish them all the best. For now, we will be perfecting our entry for next year’s competition. The Sawston team was Liam Godwin, Lars Mattes, Halimah Az-Zubair, Sarah Crossley, Ben Gallienne, Alex Kerr, Peter Noble, Luca Love, Robin Huedepohl and Rachel Whittle. Thanks also to Alison Jackson, Edred Whittingham, James O’Dell and Joe Fallon.


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Sawston Village College

End Polio

Thanks to Sawston Village College students 5,000 children saved from polio Sawston Village College pupils recently donated over £1,000 to the Rotary Club of Sawston District in aid of Thanks for Life - a campaign to eradicate polio from the world. The amount will enable 5,000 children to be immunised against this dreadful disease as every £1 purchases five doses of the special anti-polio vaccine. These children will be protected against polio forever.

Unicycling to End Polio Driving into Sawston on the morning of Friday 11th February, you might have been surprised to see two pupils unicycling to school. Charlie Gruby and Alice Gilderdale, two Year 8 pupils with a remarkable sense of balance, were raising money to eradicate polio across the globe. As part of wider events that day, the whole of Sawston Village College enjoyed a non-uniform day, in return for a donation of £1 each. The end polio campaign is supported by Rotary and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; it is hoped that with a comprehensive vaccination programme in these few countries where it remains, polio can become a thing of the past. Last year, in association with Rotary and OWL, crocuses were planted outside the Edinburgh Wing to mark our support of the campaign. The cold weather had delayed their arrival this year, but we can now see purple flowers emerging, the colour of the end polio campaign. There is now, too, a commemorative sign, planted by representatives from the pupil forum, OWL and Rotary, to remind pupils of the contribution they have made.



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Holocaust Memorial Day

Sawston Village College The 27th January was Holocaust Memorial Day, a national event dedicated to those who lost their lives during The Holocaust. This year, the theme was ‘Untold Stories’ and aimed to commemorate not only victims of The Holocaust but subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. Members of our International Forum were invited by Key Stage, the organisation in charge of Cambridge City Council’s event, to contribute to the memorial due to our link with the G.S. Shwemu School in Rwanda.

In preparation for the event, the International Forum attended a special lesson, looking at the atrocities of genocide and potential issues in comparing The Holocaust and Rwandan genocides. They also attended a symposium on 22nd January at Cambridge Central Library that consisted of a workshop led by Historian Sean Lang and a talk by Eva Clarke, a Holocaust Survivor. Forum members were incredibly touched by the stories they heard, and horrified by the impact that genocide can have on individuals, communities, countries and the whole world in the immediate and far futures. The forum then presented their learning at the evening Memorial at the Guildhall. Pupil speakers were joined by a group of musicians who performed a self-composed piece of music combining themes from Gorecki’s Third Symphony (written in memory of the victims of The Holocaust) with some traditional African Drumming to combine the impact of these two horrifying events. The music accompanied a moving film created by Jonathan Rolph in Year 10, about the untold stories we have learnt from pupils in our partner school. The forum is now looking at ways to move forward from these events and help ensure that they do not happen again.


Sawston Village College

Germany Trip

Sawston Village College Visits Gynasium Thomaeum in Kempen, December 2010 A group of Year 10 and 11 pupils went to Germany for 3 days near the end of the Winter Term and visited a German Grammar School in Kempen, accompanied by Miss Bell, Ms Bridstrup, Mr Woodcock and Mr Hunt. We arrived at the School on the Friday morning and all the German pupils were waiting to meet a rather nervous group of Sawston pupils. We were led into Thomaeum’s rather grand assembly hall, where we were given a very warm welcome from Edmund Kaum, the Head teacher. A number of our pupils gave presentations in German about Cambridge and Christmas in England to an audience of 100 German and English pupils and teachers. Many thanks to Will Hopper, James Jackson, Tom Hiom, Olivia Ashby, Eloise Long, Marie le Novère and Amalie Holt for putting all the preparation into this and for over-coming any nerves! The German pupils then took their English partners to a range of lessons, where we were all made very welcome and some of us were even involved in the lessons. Here are some of our impressions of the School in Germany:-

Olivia Ashby: I was expecting the school to be contained in one building and to be a lot stricter. The pupils have to stand up when the teacher comes in, but I was surprised how relaxed the atmosphere was. The visit was worthwhile, although a bit of a challenge! Jackie Garrick: I was expecting it to be similar to Sawston Village College, but they use chalkboards, the teachers just sit at the front and talk and the pupils have to write everything down. I was surprised by this and also that there are only 2 computer rooms in the school! It was really fun and interesting and great to practice my German. George Schwiening: I was expecting it to be just like a British school, but there some major differences: Their lessons are not based around ICT as much as ours and Science is not a compulsory subject, but they all have 3 English lessons per week. Most of the classrooms do not have interactive whiteboards. In PE they were all really keen and competitive. Michael Middleton: the school was more casual, as they do not wear uniform and it was smaller and not as well equipped as ours. The visit was fun, interesting, educational and great to practice my German.



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Germany Trip

Sawston Village College

We stayed in a hostel in the vibrant city of Cologne and spent a day sightseeing and visiting the Christmas markets, giving us all the opportunity to put our German into practice. Here are some of our impressions of Cologne and the Christmas markets:-

Michael Middleton: The markets were very beautiful and had a great atmosphere, but more importantly they sold lots of really good food! Georgia Godwin: The city was a lot larger than I thought and the atmosphere was exciting - the city had a real buzz. The cathedral was very interesting. Some of the people were unfriendly though! Charlotte Baker: (Cologne) was a lot bigger than I expected and I thought the atmosphere was really positive. The things the markets sold were really unique and fascinating. Jackie Garrick: I thought the markets were really pretty and beautifully decorated. Cologne was nice and it was interesting to see a tram.


Sawston Village College

First Light

Sawston pupils enjoy star-studded event in Leicester Square Some members of Sawston Cinema Club got a taste of the limelight when they recently headed off to the Odeon in Leicester Square for the prestigious First Light Awards Ceremony, a ‘mini Oscars’ for young people, and an annual event which showcases the best of young people’s filmmaking nationally. Those attending had all been part of a filmmaking project at Sawston funded by a Studio Award from First Light. With this funding, four short films were made and it was one of these,‘School of Lego’, which prompted Sawston pupils’ attendance at the event, when this film was nominated by First Light in the best animation category nationally, one of a shortlist of four. While the film did not win its category, it did generate the biggest response of the day in terms of laughter and applause. Year 9 pupil, Peter Noble, who edited the film, said, philosophically, after the event,‘We didn’t actually set out to make the film to win awards. We made it to entertain and, judging by the audience response, we certainly proved we’d achieved that aim.’ Pupils were entertained to an after-party reception in Planet Hollywood and, in true Oscar style, went home with cinema goodie bags full of reminders of popular films. School of Lego has a review on the First Light Movies Facebook page: Nick Frost said about School of Lego: “Great use of Lego. Nicely directed, good shot choices. Good camera work. Funny. Clever. Great recorder version of the Emperor’s march.”

The School of Lego interview with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire went very well – Peter, Edred and Nick were excellent.



Sawston Village College

The College successfully received a £950 Partnership Grant from The Royal Society for the ‘Green Energy: Biofuels from Algae’ project.

Cambridgeshire Pupils Wowed at School Science Hubs In March we hosted the University of Cambridge Science Hub, which consisted of a series of exciting workshops, engaging pupils from across the region’s primary schools. The workshops were designed to bring science to life and they were led by academics from the University of Cambridge as part of the Science Festival. The workshops explored topics as diverse as life in far reaches of the earth to the emptiness of space. Pupils found out about living and working in the Antarctic, ancient Egypt, the gruesome science of food in ‘gurgling guts’ and what goes on inside a cell. There were a series of Cambridge Hands-On Science workshops led by students from the University (CHaOS). Eloise Froment, Head of Science at Sawston Village College, said: “This was a fantastic event which has enabled us to extend our community arm and support local schools. The pupils had a fantastic morning extending and enriching their classroom learning and experiencing things they wouldn’t be able to in the classroom. It is something we intend to run again next year, hopefully reaching even more schools.” Sue Long, Festivals and Outreach Officer at Cambridge University, said: “The hub events are designed to excite young people and give them some passion for science at an early age.”


Sawston Village College

Commemorative Art Work

South Cambridgeshire Decorative and Fine Society (SCDFAS) are currently working with Sawston Village College on a project to make a commemorative art work to mark the School’s 80th Anniversary. SCDFAS is funding the project as part of their ‘Young Art’ activities. The project, led by art teacher Helen Lanzrein, is taking place outside school time as part of the School’s Extended Activities programme. The aim is to make three large panels celebrating the School, its ethos and specialisms. The work, when finished, will be the focus of an exhibition scheduled to take place in the Michaelhouse Centre in Cambridge city centre in July. This exhibition will form part of the celebrations planned for the School’s 80th Anniversary year. Audrey Williams, Chair of SCDFAS, recently visited the project to see how work was progressing and commented: “I was extremely interested in all that the girls were doing and very appreciative of their engaging and obviously inspirational tutor, Helen. I shall think about them a lot and will look forward to seeing the project’s advancement.”




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Sawston Village College

New Sports Clubs – Funding from Sports Unlimited Sawston Village College has been successful in obtaining Sports Unlimited funding to set up a number of after school sports clubs. The funding is for an initial 8-week taster session with the aim of providing young people the opportunity to take part in new activities and hopefully they will continue after the initial 8 week block. The funding has been used to start up a Gymnastic Club for Years 7, 8, and 9 on a Tuesday night straight after school, with Heidi Morgan as the Instructor. The club started in October and has proven to be so popular it has how become a regular club. A boys’ Hockey Club has also been set up with the grant also on a Tuesday night for Years 7, 8 and 9 run by an outstanding international hockey coach Chris Marriott (used to be the Welsh National Coach). We are currently half way through the 8-week block, so still time if you would like to come and try. The Sports Unlimited funding has also supported the start of a Pilates Club on a Friday night, which has proven to be very popular with 15 pupils attending.

Change 4 Life Badminton Club A new government initiative is to set up a network of Change 4 Life sports club in schools based on seven Olympic and Paralympics sports. The sports are badminton, boccia, fencing, handball, table tennis, volleyball and wheelchair basketball. Sawston Village College has been selected to set up a Badminton Club, which is held on a Tuesday after school with a top badminton instructor Helen Critchell from Cambridge Badminton Academy. The club is open to all in Years 10 and 11 and pupils are welcome to come and try. The aim of the club is to engage young people in sport and also develop a sense of belonging within a club setting and encourage the regular participation that is associated with community club membership. Pupils will also have opportunities to develop leadership and coaching skills.

Young Ambassadors Sawston Village College is fortunate enough to be part of the National Young Ambassador Programme through the Cambridge School Sport Partnership. This programme is underpinned by the inspiration of the 2012 Olympic Games. Two young people in each secondary school are given the opportunity to be champions in PE and school sports within their school and local communities. This will help to increase participation and to promote and advocate the ethos and values of the Olympic and Paralympics movement amongst young people. Georgia Southby and Nathan Pilkington have been selected to take on this role of Young Ambassadors, as they have demonstrated exceptional sporting talent and committed leaders. Part of their role is to promote the ethos and values of the Olympics and Paralympics games to local primary schools through school assemblies. On Friday 11th March the Young Ambassadors presented an Olympic assembly to all the children at Babraham Primary School.


Sawston Village College


New Junior Sports Leaders Award A new Junior Sports Leaders Course started after Christmas with an amazing response of 40 pupils from Year 9 taking part in the programme. The aim of the scheme is to develop essential life skills such as organisation, motivation, communication and working with others. The award is practical and candidates learn by doing. The assessment is made upon a candidates ability to lead and demonstrate their leadership skills for a certain period of time. The Sports Leaders course has been successful in obtaining funding from the Judith Parnwell Award to purchase equipment and help fund future events for the young leaders. The young leaders have already been demonstrating their leadership skills, by umpiring primary school netball competitions at the College, helping out with Year 7 football fixtures and refereeing the Year 8 football league, which started in March.

Sawston Village College

Hospitality Suite

Hospitality Suite is Now Open for Business At long last the new hospitality suite has opened. It has been a long time in the planning, but all of the facilities are now up and running. The suite consists of a new Design and Technology room, housing twelve new cookers with induction hobs. There is also a Hospitality room containing domestic and industrial cooking facilities. Changing rooms have been built into the suite, where catering and hospitality pupils can change into whites for practical tasks. A café area has been incorporated where pupils will be able to cook and serve for a variety of customers. The pictures show the first official event in the Café. Year 10 pupils produced an array of homemade cakes and drinks which they served to an appreciative group of customers.

Sawston Village College

The Spanish Play

The Spanish play was all about a teenage girl and her life with her neighbours. It was set in Spain. I really enjoyed the play as it was nice to hear Spanish speakers speak their own language. It was spoken clearly and they used actions to communicate with the audience. The play was clearly targeted at a teenage audience. I liked the way they used the space on the stage and performed with only two people, although acted three characters. Overall, I found it a very successful performance and some of the humour was amusing. by Louisa O’Grady Year 9

Please mention this publication when contacting the Advertisers. It is through their generous and continued support that this Magazine is brought to you at no cost to Sawston Village College. We hope you will support these local businesses in appreciation of their commitment to the College.

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Charity Fun Run

Sawston Village College

Sunday 15th May 2011 Join over 1,200 and contribute to the Rosie Maternity Campaign and other local charities Welcome to the growing number of entrants and supporters of this popular annual Cambridgeshire event. Join over 1,200 entrants and the increasing number of sponsors and advertisers that the Rotary Club of Sawston District brings together each year to raise funds exclusively for local charities and organisations at the Sawston Fun Run and Walk. The event held on 15th May at Sawston Village College will be a great family event with many attractions as well as the charity walk and run.

The course, of 7.7K (4.8 miles) around the residential areas of Sawston, is flat and suitable for all ages and abilities and walkers, wheel chaired entrants, fun runners and running clubs are all expected to take part. Entries will be accepted during February when on line facilities will be available from this site and entry forms will be available in late February from branches of Cambridge Building Society and Sawston Village College.

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