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Darren’s Record Pike

On Thursday 6th January 2011 it was a cold day. Tom, my fishing teacher, Ryan and I went fishing on the River Cam at Newnham Rec. I set up my pike rod and cast out into the river; as soon as the bait hit the water a pike took the bluey. For two and a half minutes I was playing the fish. I landed the pike and to my surprise the fish weighed 10LB 6oz which is the school record for pike. By Darren Creek

Astronomy Club

the main attractions was Jupiter with its Galilean IVC Astronomy Club is moon, the Orion nebula and back and stargazing. Our the Seven Sisters cluster of first meeting, on the last stars. Friday of January 2011 was We a wonderful experience for hope to all of us. meet Pitch dark night on the again College field, no moon, no once a clouds. Looking south east month we had an amazing view of on the Orion constellation. Fridays Using telescopes, binoculars with and the naked eye we gazed clear on most of the Girton Golf Club sky. (88 Among x 50) 27/11/09 9:29 am Page GADGIT-MAT 1 (88 sky


while the winter time is still on. Please see Mr Doza if you would like to join our club.

x 50)



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A note from the Principal: 2011 – The Defining Year?

It is probably fair to write that the change of Government last May has brought about a period of unprecedented activity and adjustment across public services and it would appear that we are standing on what is probably just the tip of the iceberg. Of course, it is highly likely that any creed of Government would have had to take action to combat the reported deficit, so I am certainly not intending to be party political here. However, those of us who work in the public sector are girding ourselves for many challenges ahead. Although schools were relatively protected in the announcements amidst the Comprehensive Spending Review and it was reported that the schools’ budget is to receive a marginal increase (0.1%), there are a number of issues beneath this headline that will affect us greatly. We have already learnt that our ‘capital’ budget for the year (the funding we receive each year to maintain and develop our site) has plummeted from over £150,000 in 2010-11 to £28,000 for 201112, by no means adequate Kingeverything & Co. (44 we x 50) 24/11/09 for need to

do. Although there was a successful campaign against the proposed axing of the School Sports Partnership, the compromise will see a reduction in funding which will affect what can be delivered in the future. We are also set to lose over £100,000 in the funding we receive for our Sixth Form because the Government pledged to ensure there was parity between school sixth forms and other providers such as Colleges of Further Education and Sixth Form Colleges. On the surface, this seems fair; however, there are very significant differences (and costs) between these providers. We are therefore already looking at over £200,000 less funding for 2011-12. We await details of our budget for next year and there are likely to be further changes and reductions. Suffice to say, we will have to adjust what we currently do to manage this shortfall. However, these changes to funding are likely to be relatively incidental when compared to some of the changes proposed by the White Paper. The Government has declared

that it wants any school who wishes to change its status to become an Academy. Academies are largely selfgoverning institutions that receive their funding directly from the Government rather than the Local Authority. In September, three secondary schools declared their intention to become academies. Since the turn of the year, we have learnt that a further five local schools are consulting on change of status. If the majority of secondary schools become academies then the Local Authority will have further reduced funding to provide services they have traditionally offered; those that remain within the Local Authority will therefore be affected. A change in status is a significant event and not to be undertaken lightly. It is debate that IVC will have to hold this term. As I noted in my Impart newsletter, another sudden change was the introduction of the English Baccalaureate which measures the % of students who attain GCSEs at C grade or above in English, Maths, two Sciences, a Language and a Humanities (either History or Rothwell’s (44Heads x 50) 24/11/09 Geography). Many

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have expressed concern about this retrospective addition to the school performance tables. The response of some schools has been to manoeuvre students into choosing these specific subjects. At IVC we have always encouraged students to pursue subjects that interest them and are relevant to their possible career pathways. We are also fortunate because, as a Language College, we have also ensured that the overwhelming majority of students follow a GCSE in Language. However, although History and Geography are very popular, not all students who are capable of achieving a C grade in these subjects opt for them as they have other interests/subjects they wish to follow. We believe this is right and will continue to offer our flexible and broad curriculum.

It is certainly an interesting time to be a school leader and I do genuinely look forward to the challenges ahead and working with all stakeholders within our wonderful community to plot our course those these waters, however choppy they appear to be! Robert Campbell Panther (Impington Principal

- S)



International Report

For the last five or six years, small groups of Sixth Form students finishing their IB diploma have spent a month in Bangalore, India, working as volunteers in a project for street boys. This year’s group is as diverse as all the others, including students from Italy, Poland, Germany and the UK; early this term they booked their flights, and are now busily preparing for their month’s work together with boys rescued from exploitative child labour or life on the streets. They have just received their tailormade programme for the month – and what an exciting combination of work and cultural enrichment they can look forward to; the programme includes instruction from the project chef in cooking curry, as well as visits to Hampi and other ancient sites when they are not working with the boys the project supports. Working with this United Nations affiliated project is a great way to finish their studies here, and to prepare for life at university – a fitting way to celebrate their hard work, their international friendships, their academic achievements and in fact all that makes Impington International Sixth Form the unique place it is. 4:48 pm Page 1 One very dedicated group

that continues to recruit members every year is the Amnesty International group; as usual they promoted Amnesty’s winter greeting card campaign, sending messages of encouragement to prisoners of conscience all over the world. This annual endeavour is the one occasion when the group include the whole College in their human rights action. Once again we were invited by Amnesty International UK to visit the Human Rights Action Centre in London, and fifteen of us spent a day in February learning about how the organisation operates to promote the observation of human rights for everyone in the world. At the time of writing, another sixth form international project is enjoying prominence – the link with schools in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. This project is nearing the end of its initial three year plan, and a group of Year 12 students has just returned from Kinshasa, the county’s capital, having spent the February half term week visiting schools there and working with students. This was the second student visit to the Menelik Education founCollacott (44 x 50) 24/11/09 dation PA there, and the third


T: 01223 511468 • M: 07931 246090 4



International Report n

time a delegation from Impington has been invited – in addition, a post-final exam IB student has spent a more sustained period volunteering there in much the same way as those who go to Bangalore – readers of this international report may remember previous accounts of the progress of this project. Our aim before ending is to raise enough money to bring two teachers to Impington for a fortnight, to demonstrate the reciprocity of our partnership; it is a fantastic experience for those of us who visit Kinshasa – lifechanging, even. We have felt from the outset that it would be appropriate for us to make the experience reciprocal: we are continuing to raise money to make this happen, so any suggestions as to how we may enhance our efforts would be welcome. Engagement with the wider, global community has been as lively and diverse as ever, then, in the International Sixth Form. The whole College reflects this global ethos, not least in the new Community Cohesion Strategy; this strategy has taken a year to develop, and has been

developed jointly by Impington and our cluster of partner primary schools – a unique endeavour designed to create continuity of global perspective and ethos, and a shared view of citizenship and inclusivity. All the schools share a statement outlining our determination to value all individuals and their cultures, to counter racism and intolerance vigorously, and to celebrate the diversity we are fortunate enough to enjoy in our area. Advised by the Institute for Community Cohesion, which advises the government and Ofsted on these issues, and in collaboration with Cambridge Race Equality and Diversity Service, we have developed a shared strategy that will contextualise all our school specific equalities policies.

One strand of this shared strategy is our commitment to collaborative work and activities – we plan, for instance, to hold a shared celebratory event annually in the summer term to showcase the various joint endeavours through the year; we aim to build on work of this kind that has been established over a period of years. One example of this is planned for the near Stebbings future, when DryRichard Drayton

Primary School hosts senior teachers from their Zambian partner school, and they will spend one morning of their visit at Impington finding out about progression through the key stages. Details of this visit will appear in the next edition of Imprint, as will a report of the European project visit to Spain later this term. Fiona Swanson Leader of Diversity and International Learning

IVC Parent Support Group for SEN and Additional Needs

IVC has a parent support group for parents/carers who have children with Special Educational Needs and additional needs. The group works closely with the College to tackle and solve any issues and to maintain IVC’s national reputation of being inclusive and forward thinking in relation to students with Special Educational Needs. The group gives parents a chance to meet with others to share and solve any concerns that they might have. The group meets every half term at IVC, dates will be published and all are welcome to attend. For more information, contact Lenja Bell: lenja@pinpoint(88 x 50) 7/12/09 12:52 pm Page

A caring and professional service at all times

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BTEC Art Textiles Visits n

Year 9 and 10 BTec Art-Textiles students have been involved in 3 exciting events:

Last term they visited the Knitting and Stitching Show in London and the Fashion Show at the NEC in Birmingham. At both events they were able to view current work by contemporary art-textile practitioners and interview them about the techniques they used and what had inspired them. They watched various fashion shows at the NEC. This helped them to get ideas and inspiration for their own hats once they were back at IVC. They have all created hats or fascinators based on the theme 'Water'.

Katana Haircutters (44 x 50)

They also attended a felt making Workshop run by Sandra Scott, who is a local textile artist.

embellishing/decorating later. They made the felt from

The students created 3D felt pots or bags for


10:45 am

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•Family or individual therapy can help to resolve conflict and make life better. •Hypnotherapy can help with weight, smoking, confidence, stress etc.

To talk about any of these or other issues please contact

01799 522415


Thomson Webb (44 x 50)


sheep's wool by using soapy water and lots of friction and rubbing (over half an hour) around a card base. They added colour based on their studies of Monet, in particular his water paintings. They also did dry felting using needles and Sandra's embellishing machine. They have since embroidered and embellished their bags/pots and put handles on. Most really enjoyed the sessions. Sandra said about the workshop: 'I have had the pleasure of working with a wonderful group of teen girls and a few boys last week and it was great fun. I was impressed with their positive attitude to the work they

were doing and the wonderful results at the end. The students at this school are very fortunate to have great teachers and fantastic art rooms.' Ms Aybak

Gifted and Talented Musicians and Dancers working together

Several musicians and dancers from Impington Village College were given the opportunity to work together as part of a creative project seeking gifted and talented students from Cambridge. Harry Pendred was chosen for his love of the Violin. Jacob Wright, Brima Fullah and Nathaniel Smith show cased their amazing ability to dance. Amalia Williams and Ben Carver joined the musicians for vocals and percussion. Andrew Bailey

also played the violin. Mrs Fadipe escorted the students for the day and commented, “The creative energy was everywhere. I was just a spectator but it was great to feel the energy and creativity going on around me. It was such a simple yet innovative idea to get musicians and dancers working together in unison.” The day resulted in a creative musical dance piece watched by professionals and parents. A documentary was made of the day and will be available soon to view.


Mrs Fadipe added, “I was so proud of our students. I was extremely impressed with them. I believe they have a promising future ahead of them. Well done!”

Mrs Fadipe is the Lead Teacher for Gifted and Talented Students. Please check the ‘Choose a Challenge’ board outside her room (K10) for information about competitions and future events. All students at IVC are encouraged to enrich and extend their learning.


Language College News

Our Japan Trip: Kyoto in the Spring

‘There, there is nothing else but grace and measure, Richness, quietness, and pleasure.’ Charles Baudelaire Friday 18th February: breakfast in Heathrow, lunch in Rome, arrival for lunch the next day in Kyoto… Jet-lagged? No! Our group of 8 sixth-from students and two accompanying teachers was so happy and excited to be in Japan, we started our programme as soon as we arrived! And what a programme that was! Kyoto – which translates as capital in Japanese, the former capital of Japan, still has the grandeur of the

cultural capital of the country, the country of the rising sun… and a lot to offer!

Tradition In fact, we had the pleasure to visit Kyoto and its temples, Kyoto and its gardens, and experience the tradition of a tea ceremony served by Geishas, some meditation in a zen temple, the fun of Japanese paper making and even had a lesson with a Japanese chef in traditional sweet making…

Nature Kyoto in the spring, with plum trees already in blossom… lovely! Gorgeous traditional Japanese gardens but also




Language College News reindeers and monkeys! One day was spent in the nearby city of Nara where we had a picnic in the park, surrounded by reindeers, literally forming a circle around us, memorable… Another day was spent hiking in the Monkey mountain, feeding the angry and cheeky monkeys…before going for a walk through a bamboo wood, breathtaking.

Art Kyoto, the capital of modernity and tradition… as epitomized by its manga museum, a sweet world of fantasy… and its kimono fashion show, so chic!



Performing arts were on the programme as well: karaoke evening and a traditional Kyoto dance show. Kyoto-shi Kyoto-shi, Kyoto city: so many restaurants, fresh food markets, antique markets, video games arcades, amazing shops and a cat café where you have your drink surrounded by cats, playing, running around or just sleeping on your lap… And much more! Kyoto is an experience for all the senses… Ms Ferguenis.


Language College News

On Monday 7th Feb, Year 12 French students undertook a visit to Lille, N. France. There were 8 students and Mr Dos Santos. We stayed for 3 days in a hotel just outside Lille, which had rock solid mattresses and interesting bathrooms!

The French Trip to Lille


them in English. After that, we followed students around their normal lessons, studying subjects such as Economics, Biology, Maths, and French. All the lessons were conducted in French, so plenty of us got lost while trying to understand the teachers! We had lunch in the school canteen which consisted of burgers, chips and Coke as it was American week! The school day started at 8am and finished at 6pm, so by the end of it, we were all exhausted.

We arrived around 3pm on the Monday, and headed straight to the centre of Lille. We explored the centre of the town and looked around some of the local shops. In the evening we went to a local restaurant ‘Flunch’ for dinner and after that we went to the cinema and saw the French film ‘Rien à déclarer’.

Wednesday was an early start again as today we were off to Paris. Catching a train to the ‘Gare du Nord’, we met up with Mr Dos Santos’ friend Sophie GilbertDesvallons (who used to be a teacher at I.V.C) and her baby Sasha. They

On Tuesday, we spent the day at the local high school ‘le lycée Louis Pasteur’. The first lesson was with Mme Pinchon who was an English teacher. We had to bring newspapers from England and the students had some from France from the last Friday, so we had to compare them, us speaking in French and



Language College News

showed us around all of the hotspots in Paris. Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-ElysĂŠes, and the Louvre. It was great fun and Henry got very attached to Sasha over the day! We ate dinner at a pizzeria in the Parisian district of Chatelet.

seeing. A few of us met up with some of the girls from the school and they showed us some kooky shops in Lille. After lunch, we headed back to the train station to catch the Eurostar back to London.

We all got a lie in on Thursday morning and then went into Lille for some last minute shopping and sight-

Overall, the trip was a great success and we all had a lot of fun times, and have



a lot of good memories. Thank you Mr Dos Santos and Mrs Moore. By Amelia Farmer

n Extra Curricular Clubs Lots of new and exciting after College clubs have run this term with many students taking advantage of the opportunities available. Year 8 Trampolining This term saw the start of a Year 8 only trampolining club. The club runs on a Thursday after College for an hour. It was regularly attended by 30 students from Year 8 who refined their basic skills and developed their confidence in overcoming the challenge of learning new skills. KS4 Badminton Club Having successfully won a Sport Unlimited bid to run badminton club for KS4 students badminton club was able to start this term on a Thursday after College. Attendance has been good and students have been able to play matches against friends and set up some competitions. If anyone else is interested in attending

Sports News

please come along as this club will run until the end of the Summer Term.

Climbing Club In conjunction with Cambridge Regional College students from Impington Village College have been attending climbing sessions after College on a Thursday. Teaching Assistant, Mrs Mee has ensured that all students who signed up for the club attend the sessions led by CRC instructors. Students have been set challenges and team building work throughout the sessions and they have learned to boulder, climb and abseil. Change 4 Life: Youth Sport Trust and Various Governing Bodies of Sport On Wednesday 2 February representative from the Youth Sport Trust, Ministers from the Department for Health and Governing bodies from handball, volleyball, table tennis, wheelchair basketball, fencing, badminton and boccia attended a Conference at Impington Village College. The conference was held in the new Sports Centre Conference room. The representatives covered several workshops and listened to talks from



Rob Campbell, Katie Jarvis and Emma Clifton. They also discussed ways in which their communication and work with schools could be made more effective. At the end of the conference they visited the ‘Change 4 Life’ Table Tennis club currently running at Impington Village College. For many this was their first experience of a ‘Change 4 Life’ club. From this they could see that these clubs are making a real difference to students would not normally choose to go to the more traditional, competitive after school clubs. Everyone left the conference talking very positively about the way the C4L programme is working and about the College. DISTRICT, COUNTY and ANGLIAN CROSS COUNTRY For the second time in three years Impington won the District Cross Country Championships, held on Royston Heath. With boys and girls competing from Years 7 right through to Year 13, the students performed exceedingly well on a very demanding course which was both hilly and muddy. All the boys teams won their categories, with the girls doing their utmost to finish in


Sports News


At the County hampionships the students again gave their all in the competition against Ely, Huntingdon and Peterborough. Finn Barnes and Thomas Heylen won their age groups and Zoe Griffiths was again second.

They therefore qualified to represent Cambridgeshire in the Anglian Championships along with : Conor Wolfe, Jazz Huber Luke Scott, Dan Cade, Lucy Field, Emma Leeding, Rebecca Dobler, Jonathan Escalante – Phillips.

Clarke (Y10), Dan Cade (Y10), Adam Tapley (Y11), Jazz Huber (Y11), Luke Scott (Y11), Jonathan Escalante – Phillips (Y13), Lucy Field (Y13) Rebecca Dobler (Y13), Emma Leeding (Y13), Sarah Waters (Y13), Frances Wolf (Y13), Harriet Johnson (Y13)

the highest possible position so that we could claim a team victory. The Inter girls came third. Our District Champions are Finn Barnes (Y7), Thomas Heylen (Y8) and David October (Y11). Runners up in their age groups were Zoe Griffiths (Y7) and James Tapley (Y9). These students together with the following also qualified to run for Cambridge in the County Championships held in St. Neots: Jack Heylen (Y7), Jake Partridge (Y7), Connor Wolf (Y7), Joe McDaid (Y7), Laurence Harper Scott (Y9), Adam Corcoran (Y9), Alice



Anglian Cross Country Results ( from fields of approximately 65 athletes)

Minors(Year 7): Finn Barnes and Zoe Griffiths – 7th and 19th Juniors (Year 8/9): Thomas Heylen – 5th

Intermediates(Year 10/11): Dan Cade – 38th

Seniors(year 12/13): Rebekah Dobler – 42nd Lucy Field – 47th Emma Leeding – 56th Jonathan Escalente Phillips – 24th DISTRICT HOCKEY CHAMPIONS The Year 7 hockey teams were tremendously successful last term. The A team won the District hockey tournament with the B team finishing runners up in their tournament. The A team outplayed all the teams they met and conceded only one goal in the whole tournament thanks to the goal keeping of Steph Clarke and the strong defending of Zoe Lander and Imogen Reeves. Up front the attack from Isis De Chastelain, Zoe Griffiths (Capt), Debbie Johnson and Serena Ramjee was relentless with the opposition

Sports News

being totally outplayed by the pace and accuracy of the girls.

The B team, led by Amanda Tirrell, also played extremely well with a high work rate. They were unfortunate to lose to St. Mary’s to a goal which was scored in the dying seconds of their final. The success of both teams bodes well for the future when the girls move on to the 11 a side game. BOYS HOCKEY The U16 boys hockey team outplayed the opposition from Cottenham and Swavesey to reach the finals of the District Boys Hockey tournament. Captained by Daniel Ravenscroft, with brave goal keeping from Ben Clilverd, and strong attacking play from Rhodri



Furlong, the boys earned their place in a final against Soham. In the final, despite an end to end game the boys lost 2-0 to a team who were well organised and had played together for a longer period of time. Hopefully we can go one better next year as our


team consists mainly of Year 10 students who will qualify to play the same tournament again next year. INDOOR ATHLETICS PLUS On Friday the 4th of February 12 Year 7 students attended and took part in “Indoor Athletics Plus” at

The Roy Burrell Awards

On Monday 28 February the annual Roy Burrell Awards took place at Perse Girls School, Cambridge. The awards recognise the achievements made by Year 11 students who attend all of the Cambridge and District Secondary schools. Prizes were awarded in many different sports ranging from horse riding to table tennis and football to tang soo doo. The evening culminated with the award for Top Boys and Girls Performance and Team of the Year. Impington’s own David October won the Top Boys award for representing the county at Cricket, Rugby, Football and Cross Country. He also competed in the English Schools Athletics competition in the long jump, triple jump and 4x100m relay. At the same time he

Sports News


Chesterton Sports Centre. We had a great day with the students taking part in jumping, throwing, sprint and relay events. The students were full of enthusiasm and eager to compete both individually and together for the college. They competed against a variety of schools with the opportunity to meet

new people. Rhianna Andrews and Rhea Pandey came top in their groups and received special recognition during the day. The students were great sports and spectators cheering their team mates on! Also cheering their TA’s to victory in a teacher’s relay race. Well done Impington!

was district sprint champion and district cross country champion. This year he has secured a two year scholarship with Ipswich town football club. We hope that David continues to thrive and enjoy sport and we wish him all the best for the future. Impington students won the following awards:

Adam Tapley and Emily Dickson Triathlon - Adam Tapley Golf -Zak Cooke Orienteering -Caitlin Campbell Rugby - Callum Traynor and Hugh Pritchard Equestrian - Emily Dickson Swimming - Chloe Solomu, Dominic Pulford, Hannah Priest and Adam Tapley Football - Damon Witt, David October and Joe Peacock Netball - Emma Hanson and Emma May Outstanding Leadership - Toby Barker and George Kohler

Athletics - Hannah Priest, David October and Amber Gaylor Cross Country - Luke Scott, Amber Gaylor, David October,


Impington’s Farmers Market

Have you ever visited Impington Farmers’ Market? If you have you probably still go regularly and buy your favourite local foods, and this year we celebrate our sixth year of being at the College. Once you have visited a market you can’t help to be impressed by the range of traders selling their own produce, the quality is superb and price are no dearer than the equivalent product in your local supermarket. At our market at Impington we have beef grazed on the backs in Cambridge, free range eggs, ducks and chickens from Cottenham, bread from Cambridge, pies from Newmarket, vegetables from Riverdale Farm and so much more including the freshest fish you can buy which comes directly from Lowestoft that morning. In all there are around 20 stalls and samples are always available for you to try. Refreshments are served throughout the morning, and we always have a few gift stalls to browse over in the prom. We hope you will visit us sometime soon on the third Saturday each month. There is always free parking available. See our website for full details at Impington Village College, New Road, Impington CB24 9LX Every third Saturday 9.30 until 12.30

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Impington Village College Magazine - Spring 2011  
Impington Village College Magazine - Spring 2011  

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