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The Lord’s Taverners Gift

Impington Village College receives new Minibus from the Lord’s Taverners

were introduced to several famous people who are all members of the Lord Taverner's. These included the current president Chris Tarrant (from “Who Wants to be a Millionaire�) and Colin Salmon (from “James Bond� and “Doctor Who�). They also kindly posed for photographs with us.

huge and quiet main reception, which walls were adorned with many pictures of sporting legends, especially tennis players and cricketers, and were taken to the new bright green bus. It looked fantastic, with its shiny new paint work and non leaking roof!

On Wednesday 29th June 2011 two students, Rachel Fox (year 10 ) and Alice Rush (year 8), along with four members of staff, Mr Difranco, Mr Morley, Miss Kittmer and Mrs Mee, went to the Hurlingham Club in London. This was for the presentation of a new mini-bus generously sponsored by the Lord & Lady Taverner's, the mini-bus will be used for various activities such as school trips and sports events. The mini bus is also specially adapted to accommodate wheelchairs.

There were other schools receiving a mini bus too, so while we waited we were treated to some sandwiches and goodies. Mrs Mee especially liked the fruit platter, even saving some on her shirt for the journey home. We then had a formal presentation of a large green key, which is a bit too We left school mid afternoon after big for the stanfinally rounding up Mr Morley. We dard key ring, so then battled our way through traffic it has been placed and finally reached London at on the wall in the about 5.30pm. Once we had Pavilion! During Girton Golf Club (88 x 50) 27/11/09 9:29 am Page 1 arrived we went through to the the evening we

After the official handing over ceremony we left the Hurlingham Club, with the students, Mrs Mee and Miss Kittmer in the mini-bus, and Mr Morley and Mr Difranco following behind. After taking the more scenic route out of London, we saw Sloan Square from all angles, Buckingham Palace both ways and the Olympic Village and Stadiums we finally made it onto the M11 and we arrived back at school at around 10:45pm. I think I can safely say that everyone had a fabulous time at the evening, not just the students, and felt very privileged to attend. By Alice Rush 8L1

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A note from the Principal:

In my article for ‘Imprint’ in the Spring Term, I wrote that I felt 2011 would be the defining year for education for the decade/s ahead of us; without wishing to congratulate myself, I think it has very much lived up to its billing. At the start of the year, just three of the county’s secondary schools were Academies, by the end of the year it will be 25, with IVC set to convert on 1 February 2012, leaving just two secondary schools still within the Local Authority. This is clearly a very significant change and no-one who works within education is quite certain of the long-term impact of all of this, but it is likely to affect schools from the curriculum offered to the length of the year and from the pay and conditions of staff to the relationships between schools as they work collaboratively to provide services for the children/young people in their care. There is now a new Head at Ofsted, Sir Michael Wilshaw, who is currently Executive Principal at Mossbourne Academy in Hackney, a school with exceptional achievements where the strictest regimentation is imposed on students and the highest expectations on all staff. In a recent interview in the Guardian (14 October 2011), he is described as arguing ‘strongly for a return to traditional subjects, strong discipline, extended school days and no excuses’. Interestingly, he has also commented that (44 ‘Occasionally I've King & Co. x 50) 24/11/09

That was 2011

been known to be a bit like Dirty Harry’ (BBC website, 1 November 2011). We wait and see how this approach will be modelled for his position at Ofsted. One new development that anticipates his arrival in January is the introduction of a new website for parents/carers to leave their comments about a school. We would very much welcome your honest and reflective feedback as part of this forum; as we also do at every Parents’ Evening. The website can be found at However, if you do submit your feedback, I would like to ask that you also share them with me. I cannot read minds (unfortunately!) and we very much need to hear your honest views on what we are doing here at the College – without the evaluation, we cannot be the great school we want to be. We also have a Government who has promised greater autonomy for schools, but also greater accountability. We have been told our focus should (rightly) be teaching (the White Paper from last November was called ‘The Importance of Teaching’) and the Secretary of State for Education is to increase power and responsibilities to schools, Headteachers and teachers. Balanced alongside this has been the introduction of new performance measures, such as the English Baccalaureate (not to be confused with the wonderful International Baccalaureate Diploma that IVC has successfully delivered for the past 20 years!) and other indicators which

will be reported in the new League Tables in January, as well as a promised reform of the whole exam/assessment system. This all makes for interesting times. Those of us who work in education accept that change happens and that our domain currently sits within the realm of the political. Of course it means that it is often subject to the whims of the particular Secretary of State who is in post and unfortunately they are not often there for long. In the last 20 years, there have been 11 different Secretaries. Can you imagine a school where there is a change of Headteacher every 23 months? Fortunately, amidst all this change and upheaval, schools will continue to do what the vast majority of them do most of the time – ensuring that the young people in their care achieve the very best. IVC celebrated record outcomes for students at both GCSE and with the IB Diploma in 2011 and therefore we have very good reason to be proud of our work. However, no-one here is complacent, least of all me, and we will continue (in the words of Tennyson) ‘to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield’ in our quest to develop a truly great school. Robert Campbell Principal

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Proud sponsors of the arts in Cambridge At first glance the connection between a financial services company and an educational institution is not obvious until, that is, you look at the background and interiors of both organisations. Henry Morris, the founder and visionary of the village college, placed a special emphasis on the cultivation of cultural activities, the encouragement of local artists and the display of artistic work in the village colleges. He said: ‘The active practice and enjoyment of the arts is as necessary to people as food and air.’ This emphasis continues today under the excellent stewardship of the Principal, Robert Campbell, and the Faculty Leader for Art, Graham McGregor.

So there you have it. The founder of the village college and the founder of Money Matters Wealth Management both regard the arts as an essential part of the landscape of their respective businesses. It is no surprise therefore that we have got together to encourage the students to produce a work of art to enter into a competition for a cash prize.

The three winners will have their work professionally framed and put on open display at our premises on the Vision Park for a year until the next competition winners succeed them. Good luck to all students! Stephen Clifton, Director Money Matters Wealth Management

The competition will be open for all students. There will be three age categories: Key Stage 3 (Years 7 & 8), Key Stage 4 (Years 9 – 11) and Sixth Form. The closing date for entries will be the end of the first week after Christmas (Friday 6 January).

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Language College News 

After a hideously early start on the Wednesday day morning of half term 25 IVC and 21 Parkside Latin students arrived at Naples Airport to begin a five day adventure back into the ancient Roman world. As we had a huge number of growing teenagers our first stop was… LUNCH. While we were on our way to the restaurant the heavens began to open and by the time we had had lunch we were considering whether the ruins would still be there. This was to be the edge of the heavy rains in Italy that caused

flooding in several parts of the country and would also affect our travels. First stop was Herculaneum. This was the first of four ancient sites we would be visiting and despite the wet it was amazing. The site itself is a lot smaller than Pompeii but the condition of the houses, art and streets are great. With the poor weather we virtually had the site to ourselves and students and staff disappeared down alleys and lanes and into houses. Each corner offered something different or

The Pompeii Trip 2011

something that simply made you go ‘wow!’ or stand there thinking 'how can I photograph this'. After an amazing time we headed for our hotel in Sorrento, that would be our home for the next few days. Tuesday the weather had begun to

clear and we set off for Vesuvius. The massive volcano was clear to us from across the Bay of Naples,

our twisting coach journey providing amazing views and stunning photos. The coach took us most of the way up the mountain leaving us with the last 300m to cover on foot. After meeting our guide at the crater the students were given an insight into the history of the volcano though a few I think were more interested in the guide’s dog who had no fear of heights and

stood quite happily on the edge of the crater beyond the railings. The weather did however snuff our view. As we began to move around the summit thick cloud rolled in and our view disappeared.

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Language College News 

After a murky descent we headed for the main attraction, POMPEII!!! After entering by the Amphitheatre the students set off to see what they could see. A large pack joined me on a break-neck speed trip around the site to try and fit in as much as possible in the time we

By the end of the visit myself and The Five (the last survivors of the pack) had seen most of the site and regrouped with everyone else for the forum and photos with the famous plaster moulds and gelato.

Day Three’s morning was meant to be the Amalfi Coast but due to rock fall caused by the rain the road was closed. However after some quick reorganising we found an alternative: had. After the Amphitheatre we discovered a large number of the more luxurious houses were unavailable… and so were many of the baths, and smaller houses. This quickly was forgotten after discovering shops, bakeries, the theatres and many street fountains as well as hidden wall paintings and carvings. Some students attempted to find some Ancient graffiti though were only successful in finding more recent additions to the site.

Buffalo. Campania is famous for its cheese and so we visited a buffalo mozzarella farm. This was a great break from the old world and the students were able to see the famous cheese made mostly by hand by a family business. We were given a full tour of the farm

that also included the famous buffalo. As it happened this was also a brilliant start to the day as Paestum, or reason for being in Campania was just next door. Now for a student’s take on the day: “Paestum is an ancient GrecoRoman city, founded by Greeks in the 6th century BC. Over the centuries it became part of the Rome and was finally abandoned due to malaria in the 9th century AD. In my opinion, the most impressive set of ruins on the trip were here in Paestum. The Temple of Hera for example is the oldest of three large temples built around 550BC at Paestum. Sometimes referred to as a Basilica it was thought by early archaeologists to have been a

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Language College News 

Roman building, but as the history of Paestum revealed it was built by the original Greek colonists before the Roman empire. Also on the site were ruins of houses, smaller temples and alters, tombs and even a theatre.” Malachy Bell Yr10 Thursday was visiting the Isle of Capri, holiday location of the rich and famous, both now and in the Roman age. We headed up the hill from the port and then towards the Villa Jovis, home of the Emperor Tiberius for ten years. The grounds of the Villa providing amazing views and stunning ruins. Our final day was the Villa Oplontus. An absolutely stunning ruin, that has been cared for incredibly well. It was an amazing end to the trip and all the students

have expressed the same feeling. The villa was an imperial residence before the eruption in 79AD. The wall paintings and sheer size of the residence highlight this quite clearly with stunning wall paintings of animals, fish, birds and mythical figures. This was an amazing trip enjoyed by all. I look forward to the next

one and hope that all who were on it recommend it to those who would like to go next. Carl Rein

ket. And this is what our students had to say about it: “The journey was long but it was good to sit with our friends and see the path to France. The Eurostar was quick and enjoyable as our ears popped when we went down under the English Channel. When we got there I was amazed that I could see England from the road in France.” Hannah Mellul

“I had a really good time in Boulogne. At first I thought that it would be just like we were in England and that we would just walk around looking at buildings,

Boulogne – a lovely Day out in France

On Friday 24 June the Year 7 went on their – by now traditional day trip to Boulogne. It was an exciting opportunity for them to try out their French for real! The day included a trip around the old town, a visit to a bakery or sweet maker and a visit to a hypermar-


W! O N CT A ! E

Language College News

but it turns out that France is very different to England, also the weather and the location made a good change from the rain and normality … We went to a family run bakery where we learnt how to make croissants and baguettes.

They were delicious! When we got off the coach we ate our lunches and went to a quickly little park with sculptures of food that you could sit on. There were lots of different shops where I bought a French beret and some presents for my family.” Joe Watt “I remember entering France really well, it was a warmer climate and the weather was beautiful, the sun was out and fluffy candy clouds scattered the blue skies …. I found that the sporty sculpture things were actually really cool, I enjoyed spotting them on the way there …. The bakery smelt like bread. Seeing how the croissants were made was very interesting. I liked eating them!” Lauren Chapman

“The old town was one of the best parts of the trip because there were lots of sweet shops and stalls to buy things from. Everybody bought silly hats and came back from the high street looking very silly indeed!” Dylan Luetchford “When we arrived in Boulogne we first went to the big wall surrounding the town. Next we followed the wall into the town and were surrounded by pretty parks and shops … It was an extremely pretty town with loads to buy and see.” Lydia Prem

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“Auchan, the hypermarket,was a very good experience for trying out our speaking. I had to figure out what everything means on the signs and how much I should give them … it was very challenging and exciting.” Jasmine Touchent “I really enjoyed stopping near the seaside. It was very warm and sunny … I also enjoyed watching how the sweets were made in the sweet factory. After that we got to buy them. They were very nice.” Alina Tunkevic

12:01 pm Thank Page You (I)

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Language College News

Matthew Clymow found out some facts about Boulogne: “Boulogne is at the mouth of the river Liane and is France’s biggest fishing port. It has been an important town and port since Roman times, when it was the main link for trade and military movements between Roman Gaul and Britain …. Later the medieval Counts of Boulogne built a castle on one corner of the old Roman fortifications, and the old town grew within the Roman walls.”

“I think the trip was well planned so thank you for organising this trip for the Year 7” Ben Frisk

YES, thank you to Mrs Moore and her team for a wonderful trip to France! Anna Marcus

And finally: “I would like to thank the teachers for organising it so we could all be together, we really enjoyed the entire trip.” Georgia Gray

“Of Mice and Men” or “Von Mäusen und Menschen” Working together in two languages – and merits all the way!

One of the first visits we had this term was the Gernsheim students’ return visit to England. They came here with their teachers at the beginning of October and spent a week exploring Cambridge and its surroundings. They also visited

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London twice as well as enjoying time with their English friends and trying to communicate in English most of the time.

Their week started with an interactive session on school life at IVC, prepared by my two German colleagues and myself. The German students were especially intrigued by IVC’s merit system and us teachers decided to use it for the week. Two Prime Plumbing 30/11/09 2:09 pm Page German

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During their two visits to London more students were awarded merits, the main criteria being to keep speaking in English! And the German students did well! However, the real test of their English came on Thursday when our German guests and their IVC partners in Year 10 had a joint project day. Miss Jagroo and I decided on a real challenge: the students were to study aspects of John Steinbeck’s famous novel “Of Mice and Men”, a set text in Year 10 and therefore no mean feat for the German students. After some initial vocabulary work with the students, Miss Jagroo led an inspiring session. She started with an introduction to the context and the main themes of the novel. (88 Having x 50) read 30/11/09 2:28 of pmthePage descriptions For all your plumbing, electrical, heating and general maintenance needs Call Chris on

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boys were the first ones to earn merits for their good answers in the quiz.

22a Cambridge Road, Impington, Cambridge CB24 9LR

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Language College News

main characters, both German and English students were given two tasks. They had to act out the main characters and produce an accurate drawing of the bunkhouse, the labourers’ living space. Working in two languages not only was fun but also proved to be hard work. After a lot of intense think-

ing, lively discussions about acting and drawing, the result was a number of truly interesting presenta-

tions which were shown during the good-bye party in the evening. The audience enjoyed watching the German students speaking English and our students speaking German. Needless to say, more merits were

earned!!! The evening finished with a wonderful buffet of typical English food laid on by the host families. Everybody agreed that it had been a successful week and preparations are well on the way for the next German exchange in March 2012 and a chance to earn more merits!!! Anna Marcus

Neha Aggarwal and David Warboys are the new Student Leaders for Languages. Both have always had a keen interest in languages: Neha is studying for her German GCSE and David has chosen French as well as Latin for his GCSE's. Over the coming months Neha and David are going to assist the Languages Faculty in promoting languages and language learning throughout the college 4:48 and pm inPage 1 informing our

students about other countries' cultures. We wish them all the very best in their new role. Anna Marcus

Student Leaders for Languages

Panther (Impington - S)


Saturday morning French classes with the Alliance Française. Come along to our special GCSE/AS/A level support groups! They will help you to develop your written and oral French at exam level.

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Department for Education quality checked tutors Key stage 1-3, GCSE, A Level - all subjects covered as well as 11+ and common entrance exam prep. All tutors are CRB, List 99 and GTC checked and have been personally interviewed.

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Language College News

International Languages Week

Friar Tuck?

Well, not quite! Some of you may already know that Paul Birch, our Senior Science Technician is an expert on fireworks – occasional “booms” on the science lawn speak for themselves! At this time of year, as well as being involved with firework displays throughout the Cambridge area and beyond, he takes part in some very ancient rituals down in Sussex! Both East and West Sussex have a great number of “Bonfire Societies” who celebrate with fireworks and fire during the months of September, October and November. These festivities do not just commemorate Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, but go much deeper and darker, involving the burning-at-the-stake of seventeen Protestant Martyrs in the

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town of Lewes between 1555 and 1557. Lewes is the epicentre of all Sussex Bonfire activity and holds its own parades on November 5th. The other societies start their celebrations at the end of September and there is one, or more, somewhere in Sussex every Saturday until the last parade on the third Saturday in November. Many villages and towns in Sussex have their own Society (Lewes has seven!) and each has its own unique costume. Every time there is a parade, members from other societies take part. Members dress up and form a flaming, torch-lit procession through the village or town, usually ending in a firework display. Some of the costumes are amazing! It is common to see Aztecs, Native Americans, Cowboys, Romans, Monks and Blue Faced, Kilt Wearing

Scotsmen in most parades! Societies march in ranks, in strict order, most carrying a flaming torch - with one member at the front, holding the society banner.

mind, as he has the right build for the good Friar, but is not prepared to shave the top of his head to achieve the full effect!

Paul is a member of the Battle Bonfire Society. Battle (or as most members call it, Battel – the old spelling) is very close to Hastings and the actual site of the famous battle! Their costume isn’t Norman or English soldiers from the battle, as you might expect, but rather “prison convicts�. Paul hasn’t made a convict costume yet, so wears a Monk’s costume that a friend made out of an old, wool blanket. Members in odd costumes have to march at the back of the society ranks. Many people call out “look, it’s Friar Tuck� as he goes past! Paul doesn’t

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12 Extra Curricular Clubs Lots of new and exciting after school clubs have run this term with many students taking advantage of the excellent coaches the South Cambs School Sports Partnership has to offer. KS2 Athletics Hub Club The autumn and winter months are not traditionally known for athletics however, around 20 children from the Impington Family of Primary schools signed up for the club in September. The weather was great for the first half term which allowed the students to use the field and practice outside. During the second half of term the group came inside and focussed on skills and fitness training in preparation for the spring and summer season. This club is part of Cambridge & Coleridge Athletics Club, for more information please contact; Caroline McGinnis Year 7 Trampolining In its fourth year Trampolining continued to be a popular choice for Year 7 students. 26 students take part every Friday after college from 4-5pm. These sessions are run by Impington Sports Centre. The students focus on developing their basic skills and linking these to form routines. They also take

Sports News

part in a variety of fun activities and trampolining based games.

Year 10 Leadership Academy Tuesday 13 September saw the launch of this years South Cambs School Sport Partnership Leadership Academy, with Leadership Academies established in each of the 9 village colleges across South Cambs. With a total of 190 Leadership Academy and Academy+ members (Leadership Academy+ members from Granta School). A Leadership Academy conference was held on 13 September for the new recruits: to inform them of the expectations and purpose of being a Leadership Academy member; to begin the deployment of young leaders into supporting school sports activities; and to inform them of the training opportunities available to them, with many of the courses linked to National Governing Body qualifications in coaching and officiating, thereby developing important skills and gaining valuable experience of different careers in the sporting environment. The students took part in a basic coaching workshop during the afternoon which allowed them to umpire/referee, learn the rules of the sport and how to use the whistle effectively. Training courses are available to non-Leadership Academy students (subject to availability) and for further details please contact sspad-

13 Table Tennis and Badminton Competition On Tuesday 1 November Impington Village College attend the South Cambs School Sports Partnerships Olympic Count Down Festival at Cottenham Village College. Boys from Year 10 and 11 took part in a doubles Badminton competition or a singles Table Tennis competition. Participants were; Jake Lawrence, Ben Wisbey, Stephen Smith, Dan Shipp, Reuben Knightley, Nick Clymow, Andy O’ Connor, Andrew Bailey, Howard Leek, Callum Ferguson, Tom Hopper, Daniel Assadi, Zak Watt, Harry Wilde and Nat Smith. Overall Ben Wisbey and Jake Lawrence came 5th in the doubles Badminton competition and Howard Leek came an impressive 2nd place in the singles Table Tennis Competition. KS4 & 6th Form Studio Fitness A new and exciting opportunity for year 10 – 13 students started in September due to Impington Village College securing ‘Sportivate’ funding. The studio fitness classes take place in the new fitness studio and are led by Sam Eggar. These classes aim to give students a ‘taste’ of classes that they might like to attend once leaving IVC in the hope that they will continue to be healthy, active people. The classes take place on Wednesdays from 4-5pm. For more information please contact Mrs Clifton Young Ambassadors 2011 Our new Year 10 Young Ambassadors are Ellie Course and Joe Biggs. They will take over

9CN N K U   %CX GPFK U J *QWU G  %CODT K FIG 4QCF  $CT V QP  %CODT K FIG %$ #9   OK PU  H T QO ,    /

from Katie Newton and Will Blackwell. Their role this year will be centred around the promotion of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. They will deliver assemblies, run activities for primary and KS3 students and lead at after school activities.

Year 6 Invasion Games Festival On Tuesday 4 Oct around 190 children from Impington’s feeder primary schools attended the annual Invasion Games Festival for Year 6 children. Activities included football dribbling skills ‘swervy slalom’, rugby skills – ‘pass and move’ hockey skills ‘ through a target’ and netball skills ‘shoot and score’. Half of the Year

Sports News

10 sports leaders ran the activities which were designed to be fun yet challenging and the other half were the managers of each team consisting of children from at least 2 schools. This gave the children an opportunity to meet new people and work hard as a team to gain stickers for fair play, co operation and effort. The aim of the festival was to develop the children’s skills in a safe and enjoyable environment. Year 3 Invasion Games Festival On Tuesday 18 October around 180 children from Impington’s feeder primary schools attended the annual Invasion Games Festival. Activities included football, rugby, hockey and netball skills. Half of the Year 10 leaders managed a group of up to 16 children and rewarding their efforts with stickers whilst the other half ran activities

for the children making sure their instructions were clear and simple. The sports leaders were full of enthusiasm which resulted in the children enjoying the morning. The emphasis of the festival was on taking part and all who attended had a fun and enjoyable time. Badminton The inaugrial Year 7 intra class badminton tournament, hosted by the year 9 BTEC pupils, was won by Samuel

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Bailey from 7R1. He will now need to train hard over the coming year in order to retain his title for the next with everyone putting their efforts into topling him and gaining his crown in Year 8! The highest placed female competitor was Serena Ramjee from 7L3 who was runner up. Badminton is a popular club and runs throughout the school year either during lunchtime or after school, depending on the term. U16 District Hockey Finalists Year 10 and 11 girls played superbly in the preliminary round of the District Hockey Tournament in late September. Without any practice, due to work experience, the girls played fast and attacking hockey against Melbourne, Chesterton, Bassingbourn and Comberton. They managed to win three of these matches and drew 0 – 0 in the fourth. Player of the day was Shamieka Lynch who scored all the goals. She showed pace down the right wing and fantastic timing to slot the goals in. In the finals the girls came up against much stronger opposition, meeting teams from St. Bedes and St. Mary’s. The girls narrowly lost against St. Mary’s but were beaten convincingly by eventual winners St. Bedes. The girls learnt the hard way that you can’t leave players unmarked when defending in hockey. Players of the match were Sophie Thompson and Katie Newton., supported by Iona Tripp and Natalie Warboys. Shamieka Lynch did have the satisfaction of scoring again in the final match. SQUAD: Katie Newton, Sophie Thompson, Grace Barker, Naomi James, Ini Bello, Shamieka Lynch, Iona Tripp ( Capt), Natalie Warboys, Rebecca Page, Maddy Milham, Zoe Henderson, Lily Harvey, Frances Pulford

Sports News

Year 8 Hockey Reigning District champions, the Year 8 hockey team, are looking good to retain their title. To extend the stronger players several members of the team helped a Year 9 team to win against Bottisham early in the season. They then moved on to win convincingly against Cottenham and Swavesey. Zoe Lander, as ever, holds it all together at the back with the strong support of Imogen Reeves and Steph Clark in goal. This enables Isis De Chastelain, Zoe Griffiths, Serena Ramjee and Debbie Johnson to push up and attack teams relentlessly, scoring plenty of goals. Find of the season was Celia Jones as GK. After a shaky start as replacement for Steph Clark who was injured Celia then played out of her skin stringing together an amazing set of saves against Swavesey. Daily Mail Cup: Impington v Hichingbrooke Tuesday 13/09/11 Match Report Impington’s first game of the Daily Mail Cup was a difficult one against seasoned opposition, Hinchingbrooke, with many debuts within the squad. Nervous excitement was running through the team, not helped by Hinchingbrooke being nearly an hour late. Once the game did start so did the rain that had been threatening all afternoon. Hinchingbrooke scored their first try

on 15 minutes, but missed the easy conversion under the posts. IVC showed courage and fought to get in the game, their first try scored by Stephen Latchem but the conversion was narrowly missed by dependable Munya Jiri, the scores now level at 5-5. With 5 minutes left before half time Hinchingbrooke scored again but good work by winger Cameron Downes forced the touchdown in the corner resulting in their second missed conversion. After a half- time team talk of Churchillian standards from Mr. Baldwin IVC were now thinking positive. Impington’s second try came soon after the restart. Sam Crack ran down the middle with magic feet and good strength to put it between the posts. An easy conversion for Munya. IVC were winning 12-10. After a lot of resistance from IVC, Hinchingbrooke managed to get another try. IVC were losing but wouldn’t give up and waited ‘til the last play of the game to get the winner. Cameron Downes just before the final whistle dived over the line to seal the win. IVC had won 17-15 and are through to the next round. After a year of dedicated training and coaching from Mr. Baldwin IVC had shown they were capable of beating a higherclass of opposition than they had played before and are fired up for the Daily Mail Cup. By Stephen Latchem (Man of the Match).


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Youth Games Plus 2011 June 10th 2011 Impington took a team of 40 athletes to the sixth Youth Games Plus event in St. Ives. During the opening ceremony

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Da Silva, Emily Smith, Molly Kohler, Paige Wiles, Mary Ellen

Dove, Rachel Fox, Courtney Wylde. In the athletics competitions we danced and sang to warm ourselves up for the sports ahead. We then took part in Athletics, Boccia, Cricket, Netball and at activities at the Taster Village. The boys novice cricket team captained by Marick Mills won the

same age band. Harry Ball and George Howe also won bronze in their age categories. The Boccia teams were outstanding as always with our novice and advanced teams both winning their

Daley Middleton was the star performer, winning the KS5 competition with ease. Jack Clapson was third in the

event for the first time. Team members were: Ephraim Scott, Sydney Kitchener, Seb Mayers, John Padley, Jack Jenkins, Ashley Flack, Mitchell Whitley. A girls netball team of Years 8 – 12 came a creditable third. Hollyoaks (180 were: x 50)Lohanny 7/12/09 9:46 pm Team members

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respective events. We also achieved a second in the advanced competition. The team members were: Advanced Winners: Jason Rolph, Kelsey Newton, Thomag Grice. Novice Winners: Josh Haynes, Jack Merridale, William Whitticase. Advanced Runners Up: Alice Rush, Bobby Thomas, Irving Mccormick.

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